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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 2, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> thank you for watching. steve, great to see you again. go watch us on radio. fox nation. >> sandra: we'll see you later here, brian, thank you everyone. house speaker nancy pelosi is facing fierce backlash after she is caught on camera visiting a san francisco hair salon that was closed because of coronavirus rules. the top democrat walks through the salon with wet hair monday and seen without a mask on her nose and mouth. salons have been closed since march and just reopened for outdoor services yesterday. more on all of that in just a few moments.
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meanwhile 62 days until the election. later today president trump and joe biden are set to delivering dueling speeches. the former vice president will speak on school reopenings while the president goes to wilmington, north carolina to honor their legacy. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. north carolina shaping up to be a major battleground. 15 electoral votes up for grabs and the polling shows the race is virtually tied. >> sandra: president trump getting a look at damage on the ground in kenosha, wisconsin yesterday. the president slamming the riots there as anti-american. >> president trump: violent mobs demolisheded or damages 25 buildings and these are not acts of peaceful protest but domestic terror. my administration coordinated with the state and local authorities to very, very swiftly deploy the national
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guard, surge federal law enforcement to kenosha and stop the violence. >> sandra: great to see you, kevin cork. what will we hear from the president today? >> as you can imagine he will celebrate america's greatest generation and the city of wilmington, north carolina. white house staff will tell yo that all politics is local. i have covered three administrations and heard that. it is true it's impossible to extract politics from any presidential trip so to that end the president makes his way to the tar hill state. a pivotal state in 2020. he won the state back in 2016. this particular trip a chance to not only say hello to the folks in wilmington but help december designate it as a special city during world war ii. i should also point this out.
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his last trip to wilmington was in 2016 when he was campaigning to become president and today he will be joined by the interior secretary for establishing heritage city programs. a very interesting day. >> sandra: the president is fresh off of his trip to kenosha, wisconsin yesterday. how was his trip on the ground being received? >> he wanted to go there to thank law enforcement and national guard personnel for helping to tamp down the unrest in the city following the shooting of jacob black but important to make sure he draws a distinction. the people at the white house have said for quite some time this is a law and order president. this is a law and order presidency and in fact you have seen him tweet that several times. the trip yesterday to say thank you but also to draw a distinction between his campaign and posture and that of the former president joe biden, who is criticized on
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twitter without doing or saying enough about the violence. he has had a couple tweets about joe biden this morning. he said joe biden is not on the side of law enforcement and that was spectacularly evident on my successful trip yesterday to kenosha. he went on to say we solved the problem quickly. there was very much appreciated by the people of wisconsin. joe biden wouldn't know where to begin, a bad record. i mentioned the battleground state of north carolina. he won that one closely in 2016. ditto for wisconsin, an even tighter battle. all politics is local but all trips are presidential politics. >> sandra: another busy day at the white house. kevin corke, great to see you this morning. >> trace: portland's mayor, ted wheeler says he will move after a demonstration outside his condo building turned destructive late monday night. police declared a riot after crowds broke windows and set fires both inside and outside
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his building. wheeler emailing his neighbors saying it would be best for him and everyone else if he finds a new home. we'll have more on this coming up. >> sandra: meanwhile chicago police confirmed an f.b.i. warning to area law enforcement in a pact among street gangs to shoot any cop with a weapon drawn on any subject in public. it mentions more than 30 gangs who have been actively searching for and filming police officers on the job. two were shot over the weekend. it is unclear whether that attack has any connection to the f.b.i. warning. >> trace: fox news alert. a san francisco business owner is accusing nancy pelosi of a double standard after video emerges of her visiting a hair salon monday despite local ordinances keeping indoor salons closed because of the pandemic.
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william la jeunesse. what is her explanation? >> she claims she did not know that san francisco businesses were closed and getting her hair done was illegal. >> it's at it is ridiculous. the stylist knew and i think nancy pelosi knew. >> security video shows her inside san francisco salon on monday in violation of state and county rules that forbid salons or barber shops from being open and she had no mask in violation of state and county regulations. she walks around in a robe followed by her stylist and she has criticized president trump for failing to impose national regulations to control this type of behavior. moments after getting her hair done she appeared on msnbc to blast republicans for not wearing masks in their outdoor
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gop nomination. >> no mask, no distancing and the rest. he slapped science right in the face. what a bad example that was. >> here she blames the salon claiming they told her one customer at a time was allowed in. the owner said not accurate. pelosi's stylist rents space there and may or may not have said that. it was a slap in the face just feeling she can get her stuff done and no one else can and i can't work. >> it is like oh, you're a politician or a doctor or a lawyer or a tech person, you get to continue on your merry way and live your life the way you want to live it. the rest of us are shut out. >> other businesses in san francisco have been prosecuted for allowing people inside and working. no one is above the law according to the california gop chairman who wants the d.a. to investigate.
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trace. >> trace: we'll hear more on this. william la jeunesse live in los angeles. thank you. >> sandra: let's bring in bill mcgurn. former chief speech writer for george w. bush and fox news contributor. good morning. you don't have to look far in the social media atmosphere to see how much attention this nancy pelosi story is getting. of course, the white house is teeing off on it this morning. here is mark meadows earlier. >> this is typical washington, d.c. they get on national tv. they preach to the american people that it should be one way and yet in private when the cameras are not rolling and in this case i guess the cameras were rolling, it shows a very different story. it is the same thing whether it's in san francisco with her going into a salon, or in the privacy of a negotiating room, it is time she gets serious about helping the american people. >> sandra: president's press secretary put this out. do as i say, not as i do, madam speaker. bill, a lot of reaction.
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>> yeah. look, it highlights what people feel. we're always told we're in this together and we're not in it together. i mean, i'm fortunate enough i can do my job and get paid from home and there is just a little inconvenience. but i walk down the main street in my town in new jersey in the suburbs and people are really hurting. the businesses and so forth. so it really grates. it's not a big deal she got her hair done but et greats. we're told we're all in it together and we're not. seems to be not enough sympathy or recognition about how much harm is being done to these small business people and people that are out of work this way. i also think there is a lot of debate over masks and all this behavior. and so much of the resentment is not over wearing the mask or something, but the way we're sort of ordered and treated by decree from our various
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governors. a lot of the successful countries like hong kong and taiwan they treat them more like citizens and appeal to personal responsibility. i don't think we should be surprised when these things break out. the idea that nancy pelosi didn't know what the law was, much less that she cared. that's ridiculous. >> sandra: it's a tough story. you read through what happened and a lot of people haven't dug into the details of the story. the salon owner said people rent chairs in her salon and it is not her to control what they do. she got a text message that she grabbed an image of that stylist saying i have nancy pelosi coming in 2:45 tomorrow and that's how all of this went down. there is a lot of reaction still pouring into that. there is also a lot of reaction to joe biden. you have a new piece in the "wall street journal." your op-ed is biden the new humphrey? you're talking about the impact the rioters and unrest in our
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streets are having on this election and you said the problem for mr. biden isn't so much the rioters themselves. the likelihood they aren't voters at all. the refusal of democratic politician including district attorney to withhold law breakers accountable is hurting biden's case. explain, bill. >> the last bit was about senator chris murphy. he tweeted a short list of things he said were bad in a tweet. looting. he retracted his tweet. this is a real problem. rioters are a problem and i think had there not been so much support from democrats, it
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wouldn't be such a problem for joe biden. he denounced the riots but people see the mayors egging them up and district attorneys letting them go and they hear the same grievances. the rioters and the democratic party share a lot of the same orthodoxy about systemic racism, police brutality. i think that's joe biden's problem. they don't look like they condemn the violence. they are frequently abetting it. ted wheeler you mentioned. he joined protestors outside the federal courthouse building. >> sandra: then you have the president and former vice president holding dueling messages this afternoon. the former vice president will talk about school reopenings. the president still going to be honing in on his law and order message and you really wonder if that law and order message
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is resonating with voters. we have the biden campaign coming up to respond, bill. but this is a message you saw him on the ground in kenosha yesterday pledging money for police there. helping small businesses. is this working for the president and his campaign? >> well, we know it's working because the democrats wouldn't be addressing it now. joe biden did not mention this at all during his convention and if he thought it was a good wedge against donald trump, he would be using it. he is only addressing it now because as don lemon said it is showing up in the polling as the race is tightening this is a big weak spot for joe biden. that's what i wrote about in my column. in 1968 nixon ran on law and order, too. but the real analogy is humphrey whom he ran against. humphrey had a divided party split between labor and the anti-war movement there and it really handicapped his ability
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to denounce the violence in a persuasive way. >> sandra: i want to get a response from speaker pelosi's team to all the reaction to her appearing in that salon. there is an official from drew hammel. she always wears a mask and complies with local covid requirements. the business told her they were allowed to have one customer at a time in the business. the speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by this establishment. we'll leave it at that. more reaction coming in on that as we go through the morning. bill mcgurn, great to have you here this morning. thank you. >> thanks. >> trace: incumbent senator ed markey defeated joe kennedy in the primary in massachusetts winning by double digits riding a wave of support from liz warren and alexandria ocasio-cortez. kennedy's defeat ends an eight
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decade winning streak for the kennedy dynasty in massachusetts. >> sandra: president trump and joe biden ramping up efforts in the upper midwest highlighting the region as a crucial battleground. could those states decide the 2020 election? ed rollins will join us live just ahead. positive news on the coronavirus front. another possible vaccine. >> we're one day closer every day to the day we have that vaccine in addition to the therapeutics we have and put this coronavirus in the past. r ? given my unique lifestyle, that'd be perfect! let me grab a pen and some paper. know what? i'm gonna switch now. just need my desk... my chair... and my phone.
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ toi'm releasing a plan to save lives in the months ahead.irus. we need to increase federal support for testing, doubling the number of drive-thru testing sites. we absolutely need a clear message from the very top of our federal government that everyone needs to wear a mask in public. every single frontline worker
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should have the personal protective equipment that they need to be safe. we need to support schools and childcare programs so parents, if and when they can return to work, are confident that their children will be safe and cared for. and finally, we need to protect the populations most at risk: our seniors, vulnerable populations with pre-existing conditions. we need real plans, real guidelines, with uniform nationwide standards. it's a simple proposition folks, we're all in this together. we gotta fight this together. we'll emerge from this stronger because we did it together. i'm joe biden and i approve this message.
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>> sandra: many covid-19 patients are experiencing their symptoms such as aches and loss of smell for months instead of weeks. the study also says about 1 in 5 negative tests are false negatives meaning many people who believe they are virus-free could be spreading it unknowingly. >> you know me. you know my heart. ask yourself, do i look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?
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really? >> trace: former vice president joe biden breaking his silence on urban violence. both he and president trump addressed the growing problem this week but with very different approaches. each candidate blaming the other and his party for the unrest. are the strategies resonating with voters? let's bring in howie kurtz fox news media analyst and host of "media buzz". interesting, howie, as i read your column in you point out no matter what the issue is, joe biden leans on his familiarity saying whatever trump says bad about me, you know me better than that, right? >> right. this is a guy who has been in politics for 47 years. his greatest strength and weakness. people know uncle joe and amtrak joe. when he asked the question he is saying come on, this is all malarkey to use his phrase. the fact he has been around so
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long means he has plenty of baggage. controversial record for the president to shoot at. we have the president wanting to get biden to his turf, the law and order turf making him talk more about urban violence. cities run by democrats and not about the coronavirus which the biden campaign would love to make the top issue. >> trace: i want to play the sound bite from president trump talking about the violence and get yourself response on the other side of it. watch. >> president trump: we should talk about the kind of violence we've seen in portland and here and other places. it is tremendous violence. you may have protestors but you have some really bad people, too. you have anarchists and the looters and rioters and agitators. >> both candidates are pointing the finger at the other one. the president loves this battle. this is his turf, he wants joe biden to talk about the violence of the american cities he thinks it is a winner.
6:22 am
when you say it the trump's fault and happening in democratic cities, the whole idea of this is look, come over on my turf and we'll fight. >> a lot of this is base politics. when joe biden has a new ad denouncing violence in cities he is playing on the president's turf. he is giving a speech about covid-19 and schools trying to get back on his preferred turf. the president prefers to talk about agitators and anarchists and looters and rioters and suggesting that the trump supporter in portland charged with homicide in those two fatal shootings may have been acting in self-defense. joe biden prefers to talk about racial injustice and police misconduct and went a whole convention without mentioning the riots. it is a clash of cultures and it has a lot -- it will have a lot to do with the outcome of this election because it is such a visceral issue. if people don't feel safe or
6:23 am
their families are safe almost every other issue becomes second endear. >> trace: i found it interesting at the same time the president is kind of back to his old ways. put this on the screen. you quote here as for trump, he is again going full blast on controversial comments and tweets that he had been disciplined enough to put on hold during last week's convention. >> yeah. president of the united states was very disciplined last week because the republican convention, well-produced. had a lot of women and african-americans to paint a picture a kinder, gentler trump and now that that is over with he is not only hammering away at a law and order issue, which is perfectly legitimate. retweeting controversial videos and insulting certain people. not any surprise. this has been the president's style that works for him with his supporters. it is interesting that as "politico" put it he is back to
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being twitter trump as opposed to convention trump. >> trace: we talk we're teasing ahead saying the coronavirus numbers are better these days. a big topic. 180,000 americans dead, a big topic but losing a little steam, howie. and people wonder if the economy starts and continues going up and the coronavirus numbers continue going down, then it becomes problematic for the democratic party and you may hear and see a lot less of this attack on trump for coronavirus or no? what is your thought on that? >> i don't think the democrats will let the issue go. they'll play the tape of the early trump saying it will go away. gone by april and summer. if the coronavirus numbers continue to go down and economy continues to bounceback it would be good for the country. forget about politics for a moment. with schools reopening and some close to close or change plans
6:25 am
because of covid-19 being exposed to hundreds of thousands or millions of students, i don't think it will fade as a political issue and i don't think the biden campaign as much as playing defense on the question of urban violence wants it to fade. >> trace: that's a fair point. howie kurtz, thank you. >> thanks, trace. >> sandra: thank you. cancel culture comes to d.c. could the city really change the name of the washington monument? plus a change of address for portland's mayor. why he says he is moving. ♪ i'm moving out ♪ ♪ i'm moving out [ engine rumbl] [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right?
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>> techand your car., we're committed to taking care of you >> tech: we'll fix it right with no-contact service you can trust. >> tech: so if you have auto glass damage, stay safe with safelite. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> trace: top stories, speaker nancy pelosi under fire for getting her hair done at a shuttered hair salon in san francisco. no mask. it was with a stylist who rents a chair in the salon. the owner called the speaker's visit a slap in the face. >> sandra: joe biden bringing in $300 million last month shattering the record of president obama in 2008. the fundraising split between the biden campaign and the dnc. >> trace: elvis presley's graceland vandalized with black
6:31 am
lives matter graffiti. elvis's estate declining to comment. >> president trump: lots of bad things are happening to this poor, foolish stupid mayor. all he has to do is call and within 10 minutes their problem will be over. as you know, they have to call us. they have to call and request help. all he has to do is call and the problem will end. >> sandra: that was president trump talking about portland mayor ted wheeler who says he is moving out of his home after weeks of protests outside of his condo building. police are investigating the weekend shooting death of a supporter of the right wing group patriot prayer. matt finn is live in portland this morning for us. good morning. >> this is the first morning in a few days we aren't waking up to the news of another riot here in portland. portland's mayor has now reportedly told his neighbors that he is moving out of his own home because of the damage and fear that riots and protest
6:32 am
have brought to his neighborhood. it comes after a riot on monday night in which police say demonstrators set fires outside the mayor's condo tower and inside an occupied building and burglarized a building to use furniture for fuel. 19 people were arrested in an unlawful assembly outside of the mayor's condo building with 114 units. portland' mayor writes to his neighbors it would be best for himself and everyone's safety and peace he finds a new home writing in part i want to express my sincere apologies for the damage to our home and the fear that you are experiencing due to my position. it is unfair to all of you who have no role in politics or my administration. oregon state police tell fox news that it is working with the u.s. attorney's office to review arrests that its own state troopers made in portland to bring federal charges against potentially criminal rioters. deputies are assigned to portland and new officers will
6:33 am
continue to be assigned and cross deputized by u.s. marshals. this means that state police can bypass the county's district attorney mike schmidt who has chosen not to prosecute for some rioters. in a statement police write osp is not criticizing any officials and we respect the authority of the district attorney but to meet the governor's charge of bringing violence to an end we'll use all lawful methods at our disposal. this morning police continue to remain tight lipped about a suspect in the death of 39-year-old aaron danielson who was shot dead in the streets of portland saturday. local reports have identified a shooting suspect. the police will not confirm. that shooting victim was believed to be part of the group patriot prayer that was in town for a pro-president trump caravan over the weekend. sandra. >> sandra: matt finn live on the ground in portland for us.
6:34 am
a task force commissioned by washington, d.c.'s government has recommended renaming nearly 50 sites in the cities targeting monuments, schools, parks and buildings because of their namesakes. washington monument and jefferson memorial were named before being removed from the list. they are out of the d.c. government's control. tom cotton said instead of removing monuments d.c.'s mayor should focus on protecting citizens by harassment and threats by the liberal mob. >> trace: the upper midwest becoming a critical battleground for president trump and joe biden with both campaigns spending heavily on television ads in states like wisconsin. the president visited kenosha yesterday. the former vice president hasn't visited the state in more than 650 days. let's bring in ed rollins
6:35 am
serving as chairman of the great american pac. joe biden standing with white vote rs in the upper midwest is being hurtt by the surge in violence and trump's focus on law and order. >> the key to law and order is wasn't something the president planned on six months ago. it is just there is terror in the streets. when the mayor of the district of columbia she hopes it doesn't end up being a race war with outside agitators coming in and causing problems you begin to worry. the president i think is making every effort to safe these local law officials. i'll give you national guard troops and whatever you need and to a certain extent that's a positive things. most americans stand behind their police departments and saddened by the cases of these individuals murdered by cops in the line of duty or not in the
6:36 am
line of duty but -- bottom line here is states like midwest states like wisconsin, minnesota, others are very much good people who are law and order abiding people and the president's message is loud and clear. >> trace: the "washington post" had an article on biden resetting violence across the country and reads the unrest in kenosha and portland oregon appear to have caught the biden campaign offguard. advisors say his speech on monday reset their effort. the question is did it reset the effort, ed? when you are a democrat -- >> the first step. he has been in hiding and made two national speeches. he needs to be on the campaign trail if he wants to be a viable candidates. the democrats saw they had leads in polls and assumed the president was in trouble and hide biden for whatever reason in delaware. they need to get out and campaign aggressively as well the president. the president will be out every
6:37 am
single day doing something somewhere. when you look back on the history of the last election, you have to understand it will be 30 million more voters this time than there was last time. 77,000 votes decided this margin in michigan was 10,000. the margin in pennsylvania was 44,000. wisconsin was 22,000. so shifting those 77,000 votes would have given biden a landslide victory or hillary. my sense he will spend a lot of time in those states. 8 tore 10 states in play including a state like minnesota. we haven't won since 1972. we hadn't won wisconsin and michigan until last time. so my sense is you can't sit in delaware. i will concede delaware to biden today but you have to get out there and campaign hard if he wants to be a competitor. >> trace: we mentioned that joe biden hasn't been to wisconsin in 650 days despite the fact the democratic national convention was supposed to be or held there. you talked about this a little bit. i want to put up the three
6:38 am
closest states in 2020 or in 2016 the three closest states and how they measure up now. in july joe biden in pennsylvania was up by 7 points, right? he is now up by 4.7. in july wisconsin up by 6 1/2, now 3.5. in july michigan up by 7.5, now 2.6. that is significant decline in 60 days, ed. >> well, the reality is people in those states pay attention to politics. wisconsin is an active state. it has had a republican and democrat senator for a long time. it has had three, four very close governor races over the last 5, 10 years and you have to get out there and tell people you care about them and talk to them about their problems even though you are limited by the virus and you have a different kind of campaign. being there, getting local media. sitting down with business and community leaders is what both sides will do. the president went in there
6:39 am
yesterday promised aid to local businesses, which was very important. he will be all over the place. he is a tireless campaigner. a different kind of campaign. biden needs to get out there if he wants to be a viable campaign. >> trace: the a.p. said last week biden spent $18.3 in ads. president trump spent $1.6 million. always great to see you. thank you. >> sandra: tough news for the new york city restaurant scene. >> is there a way we can do something safely with indoor dining? so far we have not had that moment. i do expect and pray for and expect a vaccine in the spring. that will allow us all to get more back to normal. >> sandra: big question becomes can restaurants old -- hold on for that long? some americans already casting their votes. the state of the race and
6:40 am
whether president trump's law and order message is working with voters.
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6:45 am
president trump expected to visit wilmington, north carolina today to commemorate this important date in u.s. history. >> sandra: the first mail-in ballots for the november election making their way to voters this week. joe biden on the campaign trail. dnc war room spokesperson lily adams joining us now. thanks for being here. we have some of the polls we've been watching in recent months tightening a bit. i'm sure you have seen that as well. so what is the strategy on the part of your party to maintain the lead that joe biden has? here is the real clear politics average of polls showing that biden is leading 48.9% to president trump 42.6%. >> well, look, i think we always knew this would be a close election. it's what the biden campaign and dnc have prepared for. what you are also seeing is a steady lead for the vice
6:46 am
president and also seeing high favorability ratings for he and kamala harris. i saw a poll out today that says he has a 2 to 1 advantage with with suburban women, a demographic that president trump has tried to make inroads with now. we feel good as ballots are starting to hit. voters see a failure of leadership from this president and ready the make a change in november. >> sandra: we know that we have seen the ads increase substantially. so far the biden campaign has spent more than a million dollars in 15 states. 10 of which voted for donald trump in 2016. the trump campaign is putting out new ads. this one in minnesota blasting joe biden on rioters. watch. >> lawless criminals terrorized minneapolis. joe biden takes a knee. the weak response from biden and radicals like ilhan omar has led to chaos and violence.
6:47 am
>> sandra: biden is now talking about violence but didn't at some time. is this message too little to late? >> there is a recent poll out this morning that says that the american people trust joe biden on the issue of public safety by eight points. the reason is that they've seen a contrast this week. joe biden saying there is no place for violence from anyone in this country and president trump failing to do the same. he literally has been asked multiple times about a supporter of his who crossed state lines with an ar-15 and killed two people and at one point defended that. a double homicide. so i think voters know -- >> sandra: to be clear he said he will let the investigation play out. lily, the questions about joe biden. what is his message? the president is coming out with a strong law and order message. he visited kenosha yesterday. you saw that. joe biden was not talking about
6:48 am
this for a while. he is now. is that because you saw this as something that is working for you or was it not working to avoid talking about it because it was happening in democratic-led cities and states? >> i would say he did call out violence after the murder of george floyd. he did it again as you saw in pittsburgh this week. and was unequivocal in saying there is no place for violence. look, i think this is a place of advantage for the vice president. you are seeing that borne out in polls to demonstrate the leadership that they haven't gotten from this white house who fomented the hate and division in the country. this is a biden/harris sit down. zblie really believe that the vast majority of the am people are truly decent. i think they're angry and fed up and looking for authenticity
6:49 am
and some honesty. >> we're better than that. >> sandra: the criticism of leadership of president trump. what's the solution that's being offered there? >> well, i would just say that vice president biden and kamala harris have offered solutions to the crisis this country is facing. donald trump has offered none. >> sandra: what is it >> covid. >> sandra: it's a law and order message. what's the solution being offered? >> vice president biden has laid out a plan that not only gives more resources -- he advocated more resources for community policing and also offered there need to be standards to make sure we're holding law enforcement accountable as well. dount have to take my word for it. look at the polling. the polling shows that voters believe that vice president biden -- >> sandra: the solution. two months out to election day. joe biden is using the violence in streets and towns and cities across america to his advantage
6:50 am
politically. so i'm wondering what the message is to the american voter how he is going to solve that problem? >> i think you saw it in pittsburgh yesterday. not only is it to demonstrate leadership and call out violence from anyone anywhere but lay out a plan on public safety to get more resources to law enforcement to do their job well. >> sandra: thanks for coming on. have you back soon. >> trace: the rescue of a woman trapped near the top floor of a burning new york city apartment building is caught on camera. see what rare tactic firefighters used to save her. or powders. try the cooling, soothing relief of preparation h. because your derriere deserves expert care. try new soothing relief.
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>> trace: good news regarding the search for a covid-19 vaccine. a third candidate has now reached the final testing stage. jonathan serrie is live in
6:55 am
atlanta home to the cdc. how confident are scientists that this vaccine will work? >> this vaccine created a robust immune response in all participants in very limited trials they conducted so far. now what astrazeneca wants to do is enrolling 30,000 adults multiple locations in the u.s. to see if they can create similar results on a wide scale as they evaluate the vaccine for safety and effectiveness. 2/3 of participants will receive the two-dose vaccine and 1/3 receive two doses of a placebo. astrazeneca says it could have results to october to present to u.s. regulators for emergency use authorization. earlier president trump suggested a vaccine could be ready before election day but the fda commissioner while acknowledging the pressure to get a coronavirus vaccine to the american people quickly says politics will not play a role in regulatory approval.
6:56 am
take a listen. >> our decision at fda will not be made on any other criteria than the science and data associated with these clinical trials. >> the trial is being conducted through operation warp speed. trace, back to you. >> trace: there will be immense pressure. jonathan, thank you. >> sandra: house speaker nancy pelosi taking heat over that visit to a hair salon. why one san francisco business owner is calling her out and how pelosi is responding this morning.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
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>> president trump hitting the campaign trail traveling to wilmington, north carolina. >> not delaware where joe is following his visit to kenosha, wisconsin where he vowed to help law enforcement and rebuild destroyed businesses. >> nancy pelosi under fire for her trip to the hair salon despite local ordinances keeping them closed and then making them go outside. >> can you explain why the president would retweet a theory over 9,000 people have died in covid-19? >> 180,000 plus deaths are real deaths from covid-19. >> president trump: i get along with him. every once in a while he comes up with one where i'll say where did that come from? >> sandra: more on all those stories this hour.
7:01 am
first former vice president joe biden today launching a new attack against president trump accusing his rival of not helping schools reopen safely during the pandemic. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," happy wednesday morning. i'm sandra smith. hi trace. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. democratic challenger is set to give his second campaign speech in three days aiming at the president's handling of covid-19. we'll hear from president trump later today when he visits north carolina. biden's running mate kamala harris also blasting the president's response to the virus in a campaign video. >> people who before the pandemic were hard working, had a job, again had dignity, are now, because of this pandemic, driving up or standing in food lines for hours and when you have a president of the united states who is just dismissing it like it's something he can
7:02 am
flick away or magically wave a wand instead of stepping up to say my people are in crisis and i need to step up to take care of them. >> sandra: peter doocy is tracking the biden campaign for us live in wilmington, delaware. what does the biden campaign say he would do differently than president trump regarding school reopenings? >> sandra, the biden campaign now says that they think they have a more clearly-defined plan for parents and superintendents than president trump does. >> he is barreling forward trying to reopen schools because he thinks it will help his own reelection. it is clear that donald trump doesn't have a plan. i mean, he hasn't gotten the virus under control in the community. he hasn't issued detailed political guidance. >> the biden campaign says president trump doesn't want to reopen schools because they think it would help him politically even though two
7:03 am
months ago he made clear on twitter schools must open in the fall. and biden's campaign now is pushing today that he is focused on reopening schools safely and as we try to get more information about what exactly that means, remember, he did say a few weeks ago he would shut down the country again if that's what scientists recommended. sandra. >> sandra: as we know the former vice president and president have dueling speeches happening this afternoon. what do we know about joe biden's event today in delaware? >> sandra, this event represents the first time in several months that the former vice president has had multiple events out of the house in the same week. we know that while he was down yesterday, the former v.p.'s wife, dr. jill biden was out and about touring a nearby school looking at socially distanced desk and learning rooms. we expect biden to get a
7:04 am
briefing today before his remarks. this is the same setup the campaign has used when the former vp has taken questions from the press. the last time he did that was july 28th. we hope today, 2 is the next day. >> trace: president trump winning the latest legal battle over his tax returns. delaying the release of those filings until a new hearing september 25th. the manhattan d.a. subpoenaed the tax returns as part of an investigation into hush money payments made to two women during the 2016 election. court filings suggest it may go deeper into the trump organization's business practices. >> president trump: i'm committed to helping kenosha rebuild. we all are. we will provide $1 million to the kenosha law enforcement so
7:05 am
that you have some extra money to go out and do what you have to do. you took a rough -- it was a rough week. >> sandra: president trump making that pledge during a visit to kenosha, wisconsin yesterday. the president getting a firsthand look at the damage from protests over the police shooting of jacob blake and announced $4 million to help local businesses rebuild on the ground there and $42 million to support public safety statewide in wisconsin. all this as president trump blamed domestic terror for the unrest. garrett tenney is live in kenosha where president trump pushed his law and order message. how is the president received? >> we didn't see any of the kind of unrest that some state and local officials were concerned the president's visit would cause. while there were some protestors that were out to welcome the president, they were easily outnumbered by the hundreds of folks that lined the streets to welcome president trump to kenosha and to thank him for his support. the president was visiting a number of businesses that were
7:06 am
destroyed during riots last week. at one of them he met with the owners of a century-old store and told them he is committed to helping kenosha rebuild. >> i just appreciate president trump coming today. everybody here does. we're so thankful that we have the federal troops in to help. once they got here, things did calm down quite a bit. >> president trump: we'll work with you and help you, okay? we'll help you rebuild. it is a great area and a great state. this should never happen. a thing like this should never happen. >> during the trip president trump announced $4 million in federal aid to help the city rebuild as well as $1 million for kenosha law enforcement and $42 million to support statewide public safety. the president's focus of the trip was to thank law enforcement and repeatedly denounced the violence and destruction calling it domestic error. he did not meet with the family of jacob blake whose shooting by police a week ago sparked
7:07 am
the violent unrest. this is what he said when asked what his message to the blake family would be. >> what would you say to them in terms of the pain they're going through and the questions they have about what happened? >> president trump: i feel terribly for anybody that goes through that. it is under investigation. the big thing happening right nou. i guess it's under local investigation and bill you are also participating. but it is under your local investigation group unit. and i hope they come up with the right answer. it is a complicated subject. >> the blake family held a counter event of their own during the president's visit. community celebration at the site where jacob blake was shot. it included a voter registration booth where they are encouraging folks at the protests to get out and vote this november. >> sandra: garrett tenney on the ground for us. >> trace: fox news alert. chicago police releasing
7:08 am
surveillance video showing people ransacking an electronics store on the city's west side in may. the video shows dozens of people running through the shops, some breaking locked cases and taking items from inside. authorities posting screen shots of 23 suspects from the surveillance footage asking for the public's help identifying them. >> to my family, the kennedy family, whose name was invoked far more often than i anticipated in this race. to my mom, my dad, my twin brother, and the rest of a rowdy bunch of crazy cousins. you all are my heroes. you are my role models, you are my example. >> sandra: congressman joe
7:09 am
kennedy conceding to senator ed markey in a heated senate primary race the first loss in massachusetts ever for the kennedy dynasty. molly line is in boston. what kind of history was made last night? >> it is pretty unique here, a kennedy losing a statewide election in massachusetts. unprecedented. at the same time, we have an incumbent senator, ed markey, who won his primary. that holds with more than a century of history. the contest was not even close. joseph p. kennedy iii nearly 40 years told from a diplomatic family, the grandson of rfk was backed by speaker nancy pelosi who chose him to deliver the democratic response to the 2018 state of the union address of president trump. this race not his to win. he called senator markey to concede. >> i called senator markey to congratulate him and pledge my support to him and his campaign
7:10 am
in the months ahead. the senator is a good man. you have never heard me say otherwise. >> senator ed markey won the race. he spent 40 years in washington liz warren endorsed markey as well as congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez of new york, with whom he sponsored the green new deal. the backing helps him build momentum in the homestretch. >> i extended my respect and congratulations for a campaign that has been fierce at times but always fueled by a shared commitment to the people of this great commonwealth. >> one more thing to note here. the primary election unique. more than 1,250,000 people participated in the election. most of them did so before the
7:11 am
polls opened yesterday morning either via mail-in vote or during that early voting window. >> sandra: molly line from boston for us, thank you. >> trace: the house speaker nancy pelosi caught on camera getting her hair done at a salon shut down by the pandemic. why at least one business owner says that is a double standard. plus nearly 100 straight nights of protests in portland having a massive impact on the city's businesses. a store owner tells us she is afraid of the ongoing violence. that's next. >> president trump: we could solve that problem in less than an hour in portland. i hope they call. eventually they'll call and we'll just eventually have to do it ourselves. at today's record low mortgage rates. with newday's va streamline refi, there's no appraisal, no income verification and no out of pocket costs. let newday help you use your va benefits to save $250 a month,
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7:16 am
what's sexually harassing her. it sparked calls for the military take change the way it handles report of sexual abuse. >> president trump: portland probably would be so easy. maybe that would be the first one because i see it every night it's on the news. it's burning. we're ready, willing and able to send in a massive group of people that are really highly trained and we could solve that problem in less than an hour in portland. >> sandra: that was president trump on the unrest in portland as the city nears 100 straight nights of tensions as businesses suffer from the ongoing violence there. our next guest her store was broken into during a riot and police told her they couldn't do anything about it. let's bring in subway franchise owner stacy gibson. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> sandra: incredibly tough time i'm sure as a business owner on the ground there. one of your stores was directly
7:17 am
near that shooting. how is this time for you as a business owner? >> it's an incredibly challenging time. one of these things we're trying to stay open day-to-day, keep our employees safe, and it's becoming more and more challenging at this point with the shooting being so close and not knowing when this is actually going to end. we're reducing our hours again, of course, that is even harder for us to continue our recovery as we are trying to here. it is just an incredibly frustrating situation for myself and many other business owners down here. >> sandra: you heard the president offer as a solution to the problem to send people in to take care of it. what would you want to see as a business owner greatly affected by this ongoing violence in your city? >> we just want to see some action here. this is just so hard for so many of us. trying to recover from the
7:18 am
pandemic and then this continued violence. we need to come together and find a way to stop the violence without additional violence here. i don't know how that can happen. everybody needs to work together. that's the main thing here. and at this point it's just a big fight between everybody and we just need to put egos aside and come together and just get this resolved so we can all move forward as a country. >> sandra: one of the hardest parts for you is keeping people employed and making those paychecks. you mentioned how -- we spoke during a commercial break how so many of the people working four are young people and they feel scared to come in. >> they do feel scared to come in. a young man was robbed at our store. it affects people so differently. and he was just traumatized by that. he will never come back. the young lady that we just lost is just uncomfortable. her parents don't feel comfortable with them coming down here and working and i
7:19 am
can't blame them. we are doing everything we can to try to keep people safe. having additional staff on. but during the robbery it was 4:15 in the afternoon. how does that -- that's the middle of the day in downtown portland where it is brazen really, to be honest. it is shocking that would even occur. >> sandra: i'm sure you have constant conversations with other business owners affected by this, stacy. what is your take on what is happening there? we just talked about it being 100 nights of unrest, tensions, violence in the streets there. when you talk about this with the other business owners, what is happening? >> well, it's hard to say. we all support protesting. there is no problem if you want to do peaceful protesting to get change. that's the goal. when you start adding the violence and everything else the messages are lost. how do we get through and go back to what the real problems are? how do we address those and try to get resolve and things done?
7:20 am
the violence is just a distraction and it takes away from the messages that we do need to address. and that's the hard part. as a business owner we just want things resolve but right now it's just such a distraction and it is becoming -- it's just so frustrating is all i can say. it is one day after another. we want to see an end to it. that's the main goal right now. stop the violence. make it end today so that we can just all move on and recover. this is so not necessary. >> sandra: you are dealing with so much right now. what would be your message as you try to survive as you just mentioned it is covid, the violence in your streets and city. what is your message as far as how much longer you can hang on? what this has done to your business? your ability to retain employees? final thoughts.
7:21 am
>> there is a lot of the businesses down here that are never going to reopen for a variety of reasons. it is a huge challenge. people are afraid to speak out down here because of fear of attacks or somebody not agreeing with that. we can't hold on much longer. not many of us. some of us are already gone. we're doing the best that we can. why would we want to stay in portland when things can't be controlled and we can't feel safe and we can't provide a safe environment for our employees? it -- we all need to figure it out and make the city safe like it was. that's the goal here is just come un, work together and come up with a resolution here so we can continue and try to recover. >> sandra: i know it's tough to talk about. thank you for sharing your story. we acknowledge businesses like yours are the engine of our american economy. thank you for coming on. our best to you and give us an update soon. thank you. >> trace: stimulus talks hitting a brick wall on capitol
7:22 am
hill. could it lead to a government shutdown? dr. fauci knocking down a conspiracy theory. what he is saying about the wild claims going around. >> so the numbers that you've been hearing, the 180,000 plus deaths are real deaths from covid-19. - i'm norm.
7:23 am
7:24 am
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>> trace: bottom of the hour. time for the top stories. demonstrators in portland, oregon targeting the city's mayor starting a fire inside his condo building. the mayor says he will move for the safety of his neighbors. >> sandra: nancy pelosi facing backlash after getting her hair done at a san francisco salon breaking the coronavirus safety regulations. her team said she followed the rules as they were explained to her by the salon. >> trace: president trump offering federal assistance to help businesses rebuild in kenosha, wisconsin after touring damage caused by riots there and promising millions for law enforcement.
7:28 am
>> sandra: meanwhile on capitol hill senate republicans are unveiling a new coronavirus relief bill. white house chief of staff mark meadows was on earlier blasting house speaker nancy pelosi over those stalled negotiations. listen. >> it's been the president who continues to reach out over and over and over again. and we agree on a lot of things. let's go ahead and get a stimulus check into the hands of the american people. let's do enhanced unemployment. but nancy pelosi continues to make sure that she stands in the way of not just republicans and main street americans, but even a lot of her democrat members are asking her to come back to the table. >> sandra: all right. chad pergram is live in alexandria, virginia. more on the coronavirus talks in a moment. first, chad, what are the chances of a possible government shutdown? >> halloween falls in october
7:29 am
but in washington, d.c. and capitol hill halloween often comes in september because the deadline to fund the government is september 30th. this year you have the double whammy, the possibility of a government shutdown paired with no coronavirus relief with a pandemic. it's a real problem on capitol hill. there are a lot of people on both sides of the aisle starting to get very worried. here is the vice president, mike pence. >> we're not going to allow democrats in congress to use the coronavirus bill to basically bail out badly-run democrat states around the country. >> the house and senate are only in session together for a few days this month and why there is talk of doing a stopgap spending bill to avert a shutdown and may try to add coronavirus relief to the package. steve mnuchin testified he supported coronavirus relief
7:30 am
but not $2.2 trillion offered by the democrats. they remain hundreds of billions apart on funding for state and local governments. the democrats turned the table with the administration with that issue yesterday. >> you are not agreeing on city and state funding but you are in essence defunding the police and the fire departments. >> let me be clear we're not defunding the police or fire. we give complete flexibility on the money that every state has. they can use that money right now. >> sandra: house speaker nancy pelosi and steve mnuchin spoke by phone yesterday. how did that go? >> it's a good sign they're talking. they haven't talked in a while. pelosi seems to work better with mnuchin than white house chief of staff mark meadows. they talked last thursday. the talks went know where. pelosi carved deals with mnuchin but still they remain miles apart on money for schools and testing.
7:31 am
sandra. >> sandra: okay, chad. thank you for all that. chad pergram. >> if you look at the people who have died of covid disease, the point that the cdc was trying to make is a certain percentage of them had nothing else but covid. that does not mean that someone who has hypertension or diabetes who dies of covid didn't die of covid-19. they did. let there not be any confusion about that. it is not 9,000 deaths from covid-19, it is 180 plus thousand deaths. >> trace: dr. fauci trying to dismiss conspiracy theories that a twisting a cdc report to claim that only a fraction of reported covid-19 deaths are caused by the virus. he said the staggering numbers we're seeing are accurate. more than 6 million u.s. cases with deaths nearing 185,000.
7:32 am
the school of public health contributor. the coronavirus was listed as the only cause of death for 6% of covid death certificates. 9,000 people in the united states died solely of coronavirus but the numbers are misleading. >> well, that's right. you know, conspiracy theorists have postulated it shows that other co-morbidities were the cause of death. when we fill out a death certificate we have to list the main cause of death and covid-19 was listed. it only means in 6% of cases there was not another primary cause of death. it just supports the theory that if you are young and healthy it is hard for this virus to really hurt you. >> trace: that is the good news. i want to put that up. you have the national center for health statistics says quoting here the data are consistent with cdc guidance that those with underlying
7:33 am
medical conditions are at great every risk for severe illness and death from covid-19. that's important. if you don't have an underlying condition, the odds of this disease killing you they are very low. >> trace, i've asked doctors and hospital leaders across the country since the beginning of this pandemic have you ever seen somebody under age 50 die from covid-19 with no underlying medical conditions? the answer so far has been no. there are probably a few but rare events. what we're learning from the data and cdc report last thursday is that in about 90 plus percent of cases there is at least one of the conditions of the metabolic syndrome. diabetes, obesity or hypertension. that's a fundamental problem. that's our battle. that's the reason that our per capita death rates are so high in the united states compared to other countries. we have higher rates of those metabolic syndrome components. >> trace: another bit of good
7:34 am
news the "wall street journal" says the summer surge is easing quoting nobody is suggesting the u.s. has achieved herd immunity and declare victory. americans will have to behave for many more months but worth taking stock of progress. these are the numbers, hospitalizations percentages dropping. texas down 62%. florida down 60. california down 45, these are all very encouraging indications. talk about that? >> i think people are getting religion on the importance of taking precautions. people know of somebody, a loved one or friend that has had that terrible feeling of having trouble breathing. not being able to breathe is one of the worst feelings patients have ever described to me. i think we're seeing people get religion, take precautions and it does work. we doctors are also getting better, trace, between less
7:35 am
aggressive ventilator management, other medicines and convalescent plasma. we're seeing the death rate go down 50% or more. therapeutics are on a race to beat out vaccines. therapeutics will come before a vaccine and bridge us to a vaccine. getting that death rate in the fatality rate below seasonal flu hopefully. >> trace: you have improved greatly on this. dr. mccrary. always great to see you. >> sandra: call it a bad hair day. house speaker nancy pelosi goes in for a blow-out and security video shows her inside a san francisco hair salon and also not wearing a mask. bill mcgurn reacted to that earlier today as pelosi's apparent violation of the city's covid-19 restrictions sparked some fierce backlash. >> it is not such a big deal
7:36 am
she got her hair done but it grates. we're told we're all in it together and there seems to be not enough sympathy or recognition about how much harm is being done to these small business people and people that are out of work this way. >> sandra: salons in san francisco are only allowed to operate outdoors. meanwhile white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany mocked the house speaker in a tweet saying do as i say, not as i do, madam speaker. a spokesperson responded writing the speaker always wears a mask and complies with local covid requirements. this business told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business. the speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by this establishment. more on that coming up. >> trace: the dow still making gains this morning after the s&p and nasdaq opened at record
7:37 am
highs. charles payne here with more next.
7:38 am
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so you can... retire better >> trace: fans finding ways to honor chadwick bozeman in the wake of his death. they call for a con federal monument in his hometown to be replaced by the star. the confederate monument stands outside a courthouse in anderson, south carolina. >> sandra: fox news alert now with a quick check of the markets. domestic stocks powering higher today looking at the dow up 246 points. the s&p 500 and nasdaq record highs this morning. you know who is fired up about that? making money host charles payne. he joins us now. charles, good morning to you. looking good. i know you are excited about this record-breaking stock market. tell us about it. what's driving the u.s. stock market to all-time highs? we're still in the middle of a
7:42 am
pandemic and a lot of people are struggling. >> they are struggling but again the market is telling us that in six months, 12 months, 18 months things will be substantially better. the irony. since this began with the stock market just about every economic data point has come in substantially better than expected. today it was factory orders. yesterday manufacturing. we already know about the housing boom. so it's already predicted that this rebound would be much better than anybody on wall street had anticipated and it continues. so it's one of those things -- by the way, it is news on individual companies as well. the news is coming out. these companies are surviving. the macys of the world are up today. the other stocks changing our lives they are leading the way as well. >> sandra: i saw the macy's online sales doing well. a lot of people are shopping
7:43 am
from home. new jobs data. a 428,000 jobs were added during the month. 950,000 was expected. this is considered a pretty big miss. does it concern you about our jobs growth that we're seeing right now? >> it is a yellow flag. some of the estimates i saw were as high as 1.17 million. here is what bothers me. when you look inside this report the weakness came from small businesses. and i've been so frustrated with congress and not approving additional fiscal aid. the country needs another nudge. we have millions of people out of work. we still have millions of businesses that will not come back. if we had a vaccine tomorrow morning those businesses would not come back. there is still a part of the healing process. part of the reason the market has been able to rebound and some of this data has come in much better than anticipated was how quickly the federal government along with the federal reserve got money out there.
7:44 am
now they're playing politics. i'm afraid they'll let this thing cool off a little bit and start to turn lower before they want to act, a big mistake. >> sandra: you have the upcoming town hall this afternoon on the fox business network. you are calling it america invests together, a virtual town hall. you have dave port noy joining you. america invests together. tie that to the record breaking stock market we're looking at right now with the dow now back near 29,000, the s&p and nasdaq hitting all-time highs and how much the average american is actually benefiting from this record rise. you talk about it all the time. you say a lot of people missed out on this. it's a democrat talking point to say this record-breaking stock market doesn't do anything for americans. many are invested in this market. how do you respond to that? >> well, two ways. more than half of americans are directly invested in the market.
7:45 am
retirement fund, individual stocks and so forth. right there you have over half the country. the other half you know what? you want to make sure this stock market also reflects the -- your business. if your business isn't doing well, then you may not have a job. let's remember the greatest down turns in our economy have always begun with the stock market collapsing. any politician out there that would suggest there is no connection between the stock market and main street is out of their minds. in the meantime, you know, i encourage people, you know this, sandra, not to invest in the market per se but own great american companies. what is one company that everyone found out about this year? zoom. everyone watching this show. you didn't hear about it. the first time you told a friend to get on zoom, the first time you set up your own zoom gathering and the first time you suggested to someone this is a pretty good app? the stock is up almost 400% this year. anyone watching that could have
7:46 am
been part owner of that. it is part of your life. connect these dots, own something. make sure you have a ceo and a bunch of employees going to work for you every single day and you can do that via the stock market picking the right stocks and >> sandra: did i mention he was fired up, folks? at 2:00 p.m. on the fox business network. a snapshot what your town hall will be about. >> a lot of questions and answers. dave portnoy. ifm owe calling 2020 an individual investor revolution. wall street hates it. every revolution has a hero. dave is one of the heroes of this revolution. we know there will be ebbs and tides, the market corrects from time to time but if you want to talk about taking control of your own economic freedom dave has many people following him. i want to know what he has
7:47 am
learned about the market. the slings and arrows he has had to endure and where he will take it from here and add my 35 years experience helping people every single day in the stock market. >> sandra: always fun to watch you, charles. we'll be watching at 2:00 p.m. today for the town hall. thank you, charles. >> trace: they're trying to bounce back from the economic devastation of the pandemic. new york city restaurants might not have indoor dining anytime soon. what the mayor is doing that could put thousands of jobs on the line. >> is there a way where we can do something safely with indoor dining? so far we have not had that moment. want to brain better? unlike ordinary memory supplements... neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance.
7:48 am
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7:51 am
>> sandra: facebook and twitter removing a network of accounts linked to russia attempting to
7:52 am
meddle in the presidential election. there was information from the f.b.i. the russian accounts in question reportedly had a small audience with content that targeted left-leaning voters. all right. so that's a report at this point but that is what is happening apparently based on those russian accounts, trace. >> trace: the trick is trying to get the other accounts set up around the world by russians also shut down. that could be a much bigger problem. >> sandra: a conversation we'll see continue on. 62 days out? all right, trace. >> i do expect and pray for and expect a vaccine in the spring. that will allow us all to get more back to normal. but i will absolutely tell you, todd, we'll keep looking for that situation where we can push down the virus enough where we would have more ability to address indoor
7:53 am
dining. we'll have more to say on that in the coming days. it would take a huge step forward. >> trace: mayor bill deblasio showing cold water on hopes that indoor dining could return to new york city soon suggesting only the development of a vaccine for covid-19 could make that happen. it is interesting, sandra. i want to read this from a democratic congressman. the covid-19 infection rate in new york is as low as it has been since the beginning of the pandemic and max ro*ez says come the fall when the temperature starts to go found if this is not fixed you'll see the majority of our restaurants go out of business. this is as serious and personal as it gets when you open a restaurant. it is not a 9 to 5 that your life and workers are your family. you invested everything in it. this mayor is actively try to kill them. he is right. it gets colder in new york city, people can't dine outside. they can't dine inside. that's bad news for the restaurant industry.
7:54 am
>> sandra: and you have the fact that you've got westchester county, upstate new york open for dining indoors for quite some time and you've got the point that people are leaving the city. they were traveling out of the city and now moving out of the city. this is an incredibly difficult time for these business owners. you think about the thousands and thousands of restaurants here in new york city just the heartbeat of this city and for so many of them to face what could be an end to their business if they can't soon open their doors. they are struggling, trace. >> trace: they are. you look at the theater districts. the restaurants are shut down. don't have outside dining because there is no theater. the problem becomes how do you get the businesses back on track? charles payne was talking about the fact job numbers didn't come in strong. the majority is because small businesses aren't doing well. that's the whole crux of this is trying to motivate and get
7:55 am
-- propagate this movement so small businesses can keep going. i want to read the "new york post" editorial quickly. it says deblasio pretends restaurants are very optional activity. not for the people whose income depends on them. why not see if indoor dining can work? if virus cases spike, stop indoor dining until the numbers drop. give the industry a shot at survival. >> sandra: poll the "new york post" had this morning a survey saying half of new yorkers think that new york city is falling apart. trace, i come into the city every morning and you do still see the streets empty. so many of those restaurants that tried to survive have had to close their doors. there are questions about safety. so if you are eating outside are you safe to do so? it is a tough time for a city that so many of us love. tough times all around. >> trace: it really is. the whole thing is you look at this and these pictures of people dining outside.
7:56 am
some people, friends of mine who live there say it's fun to dine outside. super fun and like paris. dine outside. it has been fascinating. yet when it gets colder you can't dine outside. it would all end. >> sandra: until the temperature drops 30 or 40 degrees and we have a different story. fox news alert. president trump preparing to leave for battleground north carolina set to speak later today. joe biden gearing up to give a speech of his own in delaware. we'll have more on those dueling speeches next. what we're doing. we put our arm around the veterans. when i think of the veteran out there that needs to refi his home, he may want to purchase, we can help them and provide that financial solution for they and their families. it's a great rewarding feeling. everybody in the company, they have that deference and that respect and that love for the veteran that makes this company so unique.
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8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. a live look at the white house this morning as the president gets ready to leave for battleground north carolina and around the same time that he delivers his speech, we will also be hearing from his democratic rival joe biden. this on the heels of the president's visit to another key swing state yesterday sko*n where he met with law enforcement with kenosha. far from the only city rocked by riots. the president talked about the feds cracking down. all the cities seeing this chaos share a common thread. democrats. >> president trump: we've already conducted more than 1,000 arrests in our first month in chicago. we went to chicago very recently. that has been a disaster, chicago, total disaster. with again radical left democrat. it's all democrat. everything is democrat. all of these problems are democrat cities. we don't want to say it but it is. the top 10 are democrat.
8:01 am
>> sandra: welcome back to "america's newsroom" on this wednesday morning. i'm sandra smith. hi, trace. >> trace: good morning. i'm trace gallagher. 61 days until election day. as this violent chaos continues to unfold, new polling shows the race is tightening where it matters most. president trump is now within striking distance in all the major swing states. we'll explain and break down the latest numbers in just a moment. but first team fox coverage of today's dueling speeches. hillary vaughn live in wilmington, delaware. we begin with kevin corke. >> the president making his way to wilmington, north carolina. the trip is as much about stage craft and ceremony as it is about smart politics. it is to mark the anniversary of the end of world war ii. the president tweeted about this not terribly long ago. he said this. we'll soon be heading to wilmington, north carolina and then we'll be going to battleship north carolina. look forward to seeing all my
8:02 am
friends. the president going into north carolina back in 2016 as you remember where polling suggested hillary clinton was poised to turn the red state blue. it was a trump team that sailed to victory. today a chance to celebrate the city's place in history as it becomes an american heritage city for all the hard work done by america's greatest generation in world war ii. now, yesterday the president was also in another battleground state in wisconsin. another state he won in 2016. this time he was there to thank law enforcement for their efforts in helping to tamp down the violence in kenosha sparked in the aftermath of the shooting of jacob blake. the president's law and order message which you and sandra have spoken about this morning is in sharp contrast to that of his 2020 opponent say white house officials being the former v.p. joe biden about whom the president tweeted this
8:03 am
not long ago. he says joe biden is not on the side of law enforcement. it was very evident on my successful trip to kenosha. we solved the problem quickly and very much appreciated by the people of wisconsin. joe biden wouldn't know where to begin. bad record. white house officials also telling fox news that this afternoon's remarks over in north carolina will be watched in person by several members of america's greatest generation. a dwindling amount of war heroes who helped secure the end of the second world war. as you can well imagine we'll be here for you for all the live coverage. trace, back to you. >> trace: kevin corke live on the south lawn. thank you. >> sandra: the president is sticking to this issue of social unrest and support for law enforcement. former vice president joe biden plans to lay out his plans to fight coronavirus and how to safely get kids back to school. hillary vaughn joining us from wilmington, delaware. news from the biden campaign
8:04 am
just announced that jill and joe biden will be traveling to wisconsin tomorrow. they will be holding a community meeting in kenosha. in their words to bring together americans to heal and address the challenges we face. they will also make a local stop. we're just getting that information now, hillary, good morning. >> good morning, sandra. we are. of course, this new plan to visit tomorrow by joe and jill biden follows after biden issued a statement this morning slamming the president's own visit to kenosha yesterday. now we're learning that biden will decide to show up there tomorrow. both president trump and democratic nominee joe biden are in wilmington today but in two different states. trump is campaigning in wilmington, north carolina today, a key battleground state. and biden is staying close to home here in wilmington, delaware where he lives. biden blasting trump's swing state stop saying this in a statement today.
8:05 am
instead of providing north carolina the roadmap and resources needed to protect small businesses, schools and families he has criticized local leaders and threatened educators for listening to public health experts. president trump approved billions of dollars for state and local governments that could funnel that money to school districts if needed. trump said he wants schools in the fall and blames local democratic leaders for not doing it. >> president trump: we're opening it up to record numbers despite the fact that the democrats are keeping their states shut down and hurting people that live in those states shut down as long as possible. but now biden wants to do another blanket shutdown. >> biden does support a second shutdown if doctors tell him to telling me two weeks ago that president trump should do what doctors tell him even if it means putting the country back in nationwide quarantine.
8:06 am
today biden is signaling that schools should also listen to doctors, too. biden's wife is a teacher herself and received a briefing yesterday on school reopening and she responded in an interview today, a photo of a crying kindergartner frustrated with distance learning at home. her response was not get students back in the classroom but instead make online learning more enjoyable. >> my message is when joe biden is elected that he won't be sitting there crying. he will be sitting there with his laptop with a smile on his face. >> biden today will unfail his plan to reopen schools. we already know that step one for him is getting the virus under control, which he says at this point it's not. sandra. >> sandra: hillary vaughn and also on that breaking news that the bidens will be traveling to wisconsin tomorrow. thanks, hillary. >> trace: let's get to the polls. biden holding a healthy 6% lead
8:07 am
nationally in the real clear politics average. if national polls meant anything at all we have had president al gore and hillary clinton. the electoral college is the only thing that matters. a handful of states pick a president. the polls out of those states show which way the race is headed. in the battleground states the average shows biden losing a lot of his lead. most of the numbers fall within the margin of error meaning it is a statistical tie up for either person to win. let's bring in polster kristin soltis anderson and fox news contributor. he comes to the battleground states. the comparison from joe biden in 2020 to hillary clinton in 2016. significant in some cases. let's begin in wisconsin. in wisconsin 2016 hillary clinton led at this point led by 11.5 points. you swing ahead to joe biden. he has a 3.5 percentage lead.
8:08 am
significantly lower. move to pennsylvania. in 2016 hillary clinton had an 8.2 advantage as of august 2016 and joe biden now has a what, 4.7 point advantage. finally michigan, hillary clinton was up by 9 points in august. joe biden up by 2.6 points. that has to be for the biden campaign a little bit concerning, kristin. >> certainly. you are seeing these polls tighten in the very states where the trump campaign is betting it all and saying this was our path last time and it will be our path this time. the polls in 2016 we now know with the benefit of hindsight were wildly overestimating hillary clinton's vote share in those states. i would be stunned if at any point she was really up by 11 points there. so on the one hand pollsters will say we've gotten things
8:09 am
better now and understand more and getting it more accurate and why you'll see a tighter race. but certainly if you are the biden campaign while these national numbers look great you have to make sure you aren't losing ground too much in the very places where you want to put those states away so you can lock down this election. >> trace: i want to key on something you said there. you say the pollsters will say we've gotten it down. we're better now than 2016. have they gotten better, kristin? if they have, how? >> one of the big things that the polling industry did after the blowup of 2016 was say why did those polls in those blue wall states get particularly off? it was because voters who don't have a college degree were being systematically left out of polls. you were talking to folks who the ended to like hillary clinton a lot more often than you were talking to folks who liked donald trump. now the polling industry has said we're better about that and making sure we get folks
8:10 am
from all walks of life. what it doesn't account for is the chance there are folks who simply said i'm not taking polls anymore. because both republicans and democrats walked away from 2016 feeling burned there is still the risk there are response rate problems where you might have some folks being missed. which is why even though you see biden doing well and ahead in the polls, i am still uncomfortable saying this race is done. there is still a long way to go and lots of ways that trump can build up his numbers. >> trace: if it comes to battleground states. trump versus biden in the battleground states, you can see the former vice president is leading in all of those categories but boy, it is -- except for north carolina but boy, it is getting closer and closer. you look back a couple of months ago and it tinkers away a little bit each day. >> the numbers are not going to swing as much as you may have remembered in 2016 because in 2016 you had some third party
8:11 am
candidates and a lot of voters that were undecided. i think 1 in 5 voters were undecided. we don't have third party candidates in the mix this time and people now how they feel about donald trump whether they love him or don't. far fewer people are on the fence this time around. >> trace: always good information. thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra: a member of the iconic political family loses a statewide race for the first time in eight decades. is the kennedy dynasty coming in an end? a top white house health official pushing back against reports he is advocating for a controversial approach to viet the coronavirus. new polls show biden losing support to president trump. can he make up ground from his home in delaware? news that he will be traveling to wisconsin tomorrow. to severe psoriasis,
8:12 am
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>> trace: for the first time ever a member of the kennedy family loses a statewide race in massachusetts. congressman joe kennedy iii
8:16 am
conceding the state's democratic primary to ed markey last night. he congratulated the senator and paid tribute to his family's legacy. >> to my family, the kennedy family, whose name was invoked far more often than i anticipated in this race. you all are my heroes. >> trace: there is a chance a member of the kennedy family could serve in congress next year. amy kennedy daughter-in-law to late senator ted kennedy is running for a house seat in new jersey. >> sandra: white house coronavirus advisor dr. scott atlas denying a "washington post" report that he suggested the trump administration carry out the strategy to herd immunity. he insisted to tucker carlson last night that is just not
8:17 am
true. >> there is news, opinion, and overt lies. there is no advising going on from me about wide open and pursuing herd immunity strategy. i have never said that to the president or never said it to the task force. no one has ever said that to the president. >> sandra: griff jenkins is live in washington what more do we know about who said what? >> it appears it is exactly that, sandra. he said, they said. in the white house to drive the point home this quote directly from dr. atlas that says there is no policy of the president or this administration of achieving herd immunity. there never has been such a policy recommended to the president or to anyone else from me. that's a lie, he says. now, for our viewers, he became a new white house coronavirus advisor just last month. a senior fellow at stanford university. advised lawmakers and
8:18 am
presidential candidates on healthcare in the past and testified before congress and advocated for schools and businesses to reopen but he is a neuroradiologist, not an epidemiologist like dr. anthony fauci who dismissed this approach outright. >> the best thing to do is to try and avoid infection as opposed to wanting to get infection so that you can get herd immunity. avoiding infection is what you want to do. >> to be clear herd immunity is controversial because to achieve it, it would require allowing the disease to spread to most of the population to build resistance while trying to protect vulnerable groups like seniors. the post article claims atlas is pushing the sweden model heavily criticized. the prime minister denies it's a herd immunity strategy but they remained largely open avoiding lockdowns and school closures and have some of the
8:19 am
highest infection of death rates. advising such strategy poses a potentially high risk. we'll see where the story goes. it may pass as you said in a they said he said or we could hear more about it. the president has been bringing dr. atlas to the coronavirus briefings lately. maybe he will take more questions. >> sandra: griff jenkins live from washington for us. thank you. >> trace: democratic presidential nominee joe biden redirecting his campaign message as president trump hammers his point on law and order. many democrats are worried biden is starting to lose ground in several key swing states with images of violent protests across the country. headline today reads biden adjusts strategy in midwestern battlegrounds to blunt trump's law and order focus. let's bring in former pennsylvania governor ed rendell and former chair of the dnc and long-time friend of the former vice president.
8:20 am
always good to see you, sir. you are among those who apparently is concerned about the violence across the country and how it could impact joe biden's campaign. you told the "washington post" i'm quoting here what we were afraid of is moderates saying i hate donald trump but i need to be safe. i have to hold my nose and vote for him. your thoughts on that, sir. >> well, that's correct. that's a legitimate fear. donald trump knows he can't win this election on a referendum. if he was running yes/no as sometimes is the case in political elections he would lose in my judgment 58 to 42, a massive landslide. so he has to make this about a choice. to do that he has to shift the attention to vice president biden. try the socialist, wild spending and given joe biden's history as a moderate it will a tough row to hoe. the next thing is with all the
8:21 am
external things like riots every night in portland and things like that gives him an opportunity to deliver the law and order message. president trump can do that very effectively. the problem is, he is the president and it is happening on his watch and he has had 3 1/2 years to take steps to abate problems like this. number one. and number two, we all -- >> trace: number one, governor, in all respect for number one you had a lot of conservative pundits who say yes, he is the president. it is on his watch right now but all of these riots are happening in democratic states with democratic governors and democratic mayors and it is a hard sell for joe biden to say this is all on the president when these states are being controlled by democrats. >> right, but the president sets the tone for the entire nation. secondly and most importantly, joe biden has had a terrific record on being pro-law enforcement. ironically the trump campaign
8:22 am
criticized him for being too tough in the crime bill back in 1994. so we were hopeful that the vice president would take a stand and make it crystal clear that protests do not allow you to set fires or allow you to destroy property or allow you to loot. he did it very, very well in his speech in pittsburgh on monday. it was terrific. i was hoping that one speech at 2:00 in the afternoon or an ad getting that message across. a new ad that is out today is excellent. >> trace: let me get your thoughts on joe biden in getting out and campaigning. he said after labor day he would do it. i hasn't done much this week. even some democratic congressmen, andy levin said i don't need biden here on november 2. i need him here. i'm pushing for him as early as possible before all the absentee balloting gets going.
8:23 am
and he is in michigan saying look, you know, the former vice president needs to come here and campaign. your thoughts on him staying home. >> the campaign has heard that loud and clear. he can campaign and do town meetings in an absolutely safe way. social distance the audience. let the campaign let no one in without a mask and take questions directly from citizens. it is one thing to do it virtually. not bad to do it that way. there is nothing that compares with your presence with eye-to-eye contact. i think he understands that. will go out and do it. he is very good on the stump. i love him on the stump. >> trace: former governor ed rendell great to sigh. we were showing joe biden live pictures of joe biden and jill biden at a school talking with students. you saw them masked up there. we'll dip in if the former vice president says anything
8:24 am
newsworthy and we'll bring it to you. former governor, thank you, sir. >> sandra: the breaking news we brought you a short time ago former vice president joe biden and his wife jill biden just announced they will be visiting kenosha, wisconsin tomorrow. all of this, of course, just a day after president trump visited the city and toured the damage from recent protests. peter doocy is live in wilmington, delaware with details on that and considering you are covering the campaign you are packing your bags i assume as well, peter. good morning. >> looking at flights just off camera right now, sandra, to the greater milwaukee/kenosha area. the campaign is telling us it will include for the former vice president and his wife a community meeting in kenosha and then some sort of a local stop, times and places still yet to be announced. we know that the president -- the former vice president is trying to counter program what trump did yesterday and that began with a statement last night. joe biden put out a statement
8:25 am
about trump's visit to kenosha which focused heavily on praising law enforcement and what they have had to deal with in the last week, plus since a police-involved shooting that left jacob blake in the hospital still. here is what biden said last night. trump failed once again to meet the moment. refusing to utter the words that wisconsin and americans across the country needed to hear. the split screen here based on everything we've heard in the last few days is president trump has focused on law endorsement. we know in the last couple of days biden and kamala harris spoke to jacob blake's father for about an hour. his father was very complimentary of the words that biden and harris had for them during the difficult time for the blake family and this is going to be an opportunity for biden after months of very,
8:26 am
very limited out of the house campaigning to show something that they really tried to highlight throughout the course of the primaries, that biden's greatest strength as a politician is as a healer. so we'll see. sandra. >> sandra: bidens hitting the road. we'll wait to see if he takes questions from the reporters when he hits the road as well. peter, thank you. >> trace: another fox alert now. any moment we expect the president's departure from the white house as he gets ready to head off to the battleground state of north carolina. he could make some comments before he leaves and if he does, we will bring those to you. tention veterans, today's all time low mortgage rates just dropped even lower. veterans who refi now can save three thousand dollars a year. with newday's va streamline refi, there's no income verification, no appraisal and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $3000 a year.
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8:31 am
>> trace: top headlines at the bottom of the hour. less than two hours away from dueling speeches from the presidential contenders. president trump is headed to north carolina where he and rival joe biden are statistically tied. joe biden is speaking at around the same time from his hometown in delaware. he is spending the day focused on the coronavirus and getting kids safely back to school. >> sandra: we'll be watching for that. the feds now say there is a stockpile of ventilators. they canceled some of the remaining orders for the machines which helped some coronavirus patients to breathe. the government reporting it has nearly 120,000 ventilators, the max that can be stored. >> trace: three months of protests becoming more violent has portland's own mayor looking to get away.
8:32 am
he says he is moving after rioters set off fireworks near his home and tried to burn his condo buildings. they turned on him in recent days demanding he resign as the city cracks down with a new show of force. oregon state police are deputized by feds opening those arrested to federal prosecution which carries a much tougher punishment. matt finn with more. >> jordan state police tell fox news right now it is working with the u.s. attorney's office to review the arrests that its own state troopers made here in portland to potentially bring those federal charges against anyone who might have participated in violent or criminal riots here. deputies have been assigned to portland and they will continue to come to portland from around the state. it means that state police can bypass portland's district attorney mike schmidt who has chosen not to prosecute some of
8:33 am
the demonstrators arrested for alleged criminal or violent behavior. osp is not criticizing any officials and we respect the authority of the district attorney but to meet the governor's charge of bringing violence to an end, we will use all lawful methods at our disposal. portland's mayor ted wheeler has told his neighbors he plans to move out of his own home because the protests and riot-out side his condo building have brought damage and fear to his neighborhood after police declared a riot monday night outside the mayor's building that has 114 units. rioters set fires outside the tower and inside the apartment building. they burglarized a business to use furniture for the fire. 19 people were arrested. the mayor writes in an email to his neighbors it would be best for everyone's safety that he finds a new home. he wrote:
8:34 am
this morning police have yet to identify a suspect in the shooting death of 39-year-old aaron danielson who was shot in the chest and killed on the street saturday. local reports have identified a shooting suspect but police will not confirm. that shooting victim was believed to be part of the conservative group patriot prayer that participated in a pro-president trump caravan over the weekend, trace. >> trace: matt finn, thank you. a dog with a nose for cash, customs and border patrolling saying a canine found $27 million in undeclared cash on a ship in puerto rico. the dog sniffed out 34 boxes. the agency took the cash. so far no arrests have been made. a popular social media trend turned deadly last week after a 15-year-old died while doing
8:35 am
the benadryl challenge. the fad flaring up on tik tok drives users to take several doses of the anti-histamine benadryl in order to hallucinate. an expert says taking too much of the drug could lead to heart attacks or seizures. three other teens have also been reportedly hospitalized. ♪ >> sandra: there is a live look at the san francisco area. nancy pelosi and her trip to a san francisco salon. it was all caught on camera. there she is there with wet hair as she walks her way through the salon. seen with no facemask violating san francisco's coronavirus regulations getting a wash and blow-out inside of a shuttered salons there. salons in san francisco are only allowed to operate
8:36 am
outdoors. brian kilmeade is joining us and part of "fox & friends." great to have you here this morning. i saw you tee off on this on "fox & friends" this morning and you had a lot to say. what are your thoughts? >> here is my problem. not only is it a double standard for you to go indoors to get her hair cut or styled. what she does without a mask and just condemning the rnc not spreading out the way they should. with your business background you can appreciate this. i think about all the salon owners. i know how small their margins are and they want an opportunity to be successful and grow their black book. instead they're told to shut it down for 7 or 8 months and told as of monday or september 1st, you can open up for outside. really? they told you what to do, how to do it successfully. where to mask and how to deal with your customer base that you are hoping still wants to come back to you.
8:37 am
now you go outside. the speaker goes across-country in her airplane for free burning jet fuel which i think she is offended by and land and gets her hair done to get back and not do a deal to help out the rest of the country in terms of another rescue package. i think of the those of hair salons going under from san diego to san francisco because she is part of the electorate, the brain trust that decides it is just too dangerous. >> sandra: you can't imagine she and her team were happy when the video was unveiled. they put out a statement. once it was shown to the public brian and this is how it reads. her spokesperson said the speaker always wears a mask and complys -- this is what they said. the speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by this establishment. doesn't she have an obligation
8:38 am
and responsibility like all of us to know what the rules are? we all know. we walk into a public space and keep our mask on even if it's a restaurant where you can sit inside. you don't take it off until seated. our team dug up the rules from the california department of public health. you have to wear the mask inside to enter indoor public space. she wasn't. >> one of the salons you rent a chair. they hire these people and they are in my salon. you rent the chair and pay a portion to the owner. the owner is outraged. her business has ground to a halt. just changed erratically. what will i do when i get a call from the speaker's staff she wants to get a haircut? outraged at the double standard but wonders do i have the power to make a stand here? those aren't the rules one at a time. you haven't told the owner of that salon that. she is going around it. here is the question.
8:39 am
when nancy pelosi meets with the press is she going to get 25 questions on this topic like they do to the president? no matter what the issue is, they'll get a personal issue and ask 27 different ways. one press member will follow up on the other. will they be as relentless with her as they are with the president? she is on the democratic side as powerful as that is in the opposing party. >> sandra: you also look at the video and think well, there is nobody else in there. is there a case to be made? there was the other person with her that was wearing a mask. the rules also clearly state regardless of whether anyone from the public is present at the time, you still have to wear the mask indoors. finally this is the salon owner. i want to get this in here. we have been shut down for so long. most of the small businesses. it is a feeling of being deflated. helpless and honestly beaten down. the fact they did this and she came in is like a slap in the face. final thoughts. >> my final thought is this.
8:40 am
we're also hearing and simulcasting in new york. in manhattan we had on a woman today who just wants to open up indoor dining to keep her business going. there were 25,000 eateries. the same thing. people shut down dining and get a paycheck like the mayor and governor but at the same time they don't care your business is going out of the business. the same attitude and sickening and shouldn't be tolerated. >> sandra: great to have you here this morning, brian. we have to do this again sometime. >> i'll see you in the hall. >> trace: breaking news. joe biden and wife jill headed to kenosha, wisconsin tomorrow after the president's trip there. we'll see what the white house has to say about biden's planned visit. deputy press secretary brian morganstern joins us on both topics next.
8:41 am
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>> president trump: if it weren't donald trump's america to just use the expression as i'm president, you would have riots like you have never seen. the democrats have lost control of the radical left. they have lost control of these people. >> sandra: that was president trump saying the violence in major u.s. cities would be worse if he were not in office. the president will take his law and order message to north carolina today as his campaign launches new ads in five key early voting states. the ads calling out democratic nominee joe biden's response to all the unrest. bryan morganstern, press secretary, joins us now. welcome. first off, what comes to mind is the news we got a few minutes ago joe biden and his wife will be traveling to kenosha tomorrow following the president's visit. what's the white house response to that? >> too little too late. it is unfortunate that violence
8:46 am
and rioting and the president trump taking that seriously is finally what will get a democratic presidential candidate to visit the people of wisconsin. it is sad that that's what it takes. we're glad the democrats are finally taking it seriously. it's just that president trump has been speaking about this for months. he has been talking about federal support to restore safety in the streets. he is standing up for people who want their communities to be secure so they can go about their day and run their businesses. the fact that joe biden is now months later finally acknowledging it after their entire convention ignored it and after the president visited this city to highlight the damage done and to highlight the federal support, finally now the vice president biden will visit. it is unfortunate that politics seems to be the motivating factor for them as opposed to president trump who is just trying to help citizens secure their communities and restore safety in the streets. >> sandra: we didn't hear from democrats on the issue of
8:47 am
violence in some of these american cities for a while. joe biden is now talking bit and talking about it a lot and pointing fingers at president trump. is that something that -- you can tell me what the president is saying about that. the common thread we heard from the president when he visited there. this is happening in democrat-led cities. but you have robert wolf earlier saying when do you start to point out the fact this is happening under the trump presidency? >> the president has been one of the loudest voices in our country standing up for law and order and safety in the streets. the democrats have been ignoring it. to now blame the president who has been offering federal resources, offering law enforcement, national guard, whatever it takes, listening to law enforcement. to blame him for the violence as kayleigh mcenany said at her briefing the other day it's like the arsonist blaming the fire chief. it makes no sense. the president will continue to visit the communities that need
8:48 am
help. his visit yesterday was impactful. this is an area that hasn't voted for a republican presidential candidate in nearly 50 years. there were trump supporters lined along the streets for 15 miles pleased he was there. grateful he was there showing his support and offering federal resources to restore safety. >> sandra: a couple things i want to end on. the president and these min i strokes. now they say, this never happened. what is the president saying about this this morning as we continue to see that reported by various news outlets? >> you know, it's amazing what certain people will stoop to to just make up events that didn't happen. this has been addressed well in the past. the president had a physical. i think there were a couple different visits to complete the physical. there is no merit to this motion that the president was suffering from any difficulties.
8:49 am
he is fine. i think that he made that clear. >> sandra: real quick nancy pelosi reaction from the president on this visit to the hair salon. we just did a report on it. >> the ultimate hypocrisy. for someone to be out lecturing the american people about how we need to shut down our country and you can't do business and you have to always be socially distanced and wearing a mask. look, the president is encouraging people to be careful. take precautions. wear a mask if you can't distance and wash your hands. the hypocrisy is offensive to people. she got caught red-handed. the people know that people who say one thing and do another probably shouldn't be trusted too much. >> sandra: all right. brian appearing from the white house for us this morning. thank you very much. >> trace: thanks, sandra. we now know what poison was
8:50 am
used on russian opposition leader and the signs of where it came from point to moscow. ♪ limu emu & doug
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>> well, looking at the white house. the president is about to leave for north carolina. that's a battleground state. the president leads in south carolina but it's within in the margin of error. he want to go down there and get robu robust support from north carolina today. >> yes. the president is going to be making this trip at the same time that joe biden will be traveling to delivery a message. a duelling message, from the
8:55 am
democratic candidate and the president. >> the germans say there is no doubt that lexi navalny was poisoned by the same poison used on a russ an spy a couple of years ago. what does this late discovery tell us? >> this was attempted murder as angela merkel said and carried out on behalf of the russian intelligence. this was a nerve agent developed by the russians and was used in 2018 on a former russian spry. lexi navalny is one of the most prominent critics of vladimir putin.
8:56 am
he is in berlin and they are not sure he will recover. but he is stable. the last time it was used in 2016 russian diplomats were expelled. if there were any doubt that opponents of vladimir putin are targeted, that's by the way side. they hope that navalny himself can make a full recovery. >> russia will deny this. ja min thank you. >> we'll be right back. benefit lets you easily refinance to a lower rate? one call to newday can save you $3000 a year. with newday's va streamline refi there's no income verification, no home appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. it's the quickest and easiest refi they've ever offered. call newday now.
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>> that's it for us. a busy morning in america's newsroom. >> great to see you, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> ♪ >> fox news alert. president trump and democratic nominee joe biden both hitting the trail with competing campaign speeches. with two months until election day. the president living for wilmington, north carolina to speak on the battleship north carolina and designate wilmington as a world war ii heritage city. biden will speak in delaware. on the heels of a visit to kenosha where he said t


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