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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 29, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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[laughter] that's all for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. just just with judge jeanine is next remember, i am watters and all the noise, outright lies spewed will only insure
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president trump's reelection. the two conventions were as different as night and day. not just in terms of enthusiasm. but in terms of focus. the democrats criticized the united states as a racist country. the republicans focused on the greatness of americans from tall walks of life focusing on the future. at their convention the democrats blamed america for all the wrongs that exist. not one person condemned the anarchy and chaos in cities burning across america. none of their speakers mentioned the lives destroyed by leftist lootsers and anarchists. not one mentioned how to end the anarchy. bottom line, their message, hate
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donald trump, blame the pandemic on him, and defund the police. the republicans were busy identifying the enormous gains to the economy and the safety and security of americans under president trump. recognizing america's greatness, focused on fixing the bad that happened in the past. learning from it and making it better for everyone. while still honoring america. retired police captain david dorn's widow ann spoke of her tuesday individual killed at the hands of looters who live streamed his death as he bled out. >> my hope is that having you relive it with me now will help shake this country from this nightmare we are witnessing in our cities and bring about positive, peaceful change. we need to come together in change and remember every life is precious.
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judge jeanine: and mark and patricia mccloskey who testified their lives spoke of their pain as well. both dornan the d both dorne and the mccloskeys called for peace. bottom line. the left' blames america first, the right puts america first, and they want law and order back in america. that's bent message we chose to bring us out of the biden years. president's speech was a litany of the successes his administration achieved and compelling armed why joe biden
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cannot be elected president. president trump: make no mistake, if you give power to joe biden the radical left will defund police departments all across america. they will pass federal legislation to reduce law enforcement nationwide. they will make every city look like democrat run portland, or , oregon. judge jeanine: the left intimidated, threatened peaceful individuals as necessity left president trump's acceptance speech. they were threatened and tirrified. >> in the minutes before the police with the bikes showed up we were encircled and surround, pressed up against two cops who we were vowrnlgtded by people --
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surrounded by people screaming in our faces yelling they were going to f us up, screaming, "say her name." judge jeanine: vernon jones and scores of others were terrified as they tried to walk to their cars or home. the chaos by the left where there are too few police deployed to handle predictably violent situations will only increase across america with the absence of noticeable law enforcement. this has to stop. remember from seattle to mill what yomilwaukee and portland ad chicago. joe biden had nothing to say. neither did anyone at his convention. believe me, you don't want to live in joe biden's america. that's my open. if you like my open, you will love my new book, "don't lie to
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me," available for preorder now. breaking tonight, president trump telling reporters on board air force one this evening that he will travel to kenosha, wisconsin to meet with law enforcement after last week's police shooting and ensuing protests and riots. joining me now with reaction to my off, the president's son eric trump. good evening. you spoke at the convention. and i spoke directly to your father. your message to your father which i thought was touching when you said you missed working with him every day. it was more -- it was stronger than that. what was the message? >> there were a lot of messages in there. but i'm proud of the fighter he is. i do miss working with him every day. we are pretty much inseparable.
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but he's in d.c. and i'm in new york. think about what the man had to face. he had to face a radical democratic party. people who tried to impeach him. and weaponized doj. a media that's 96% negative coverage. and he's still winning. the man has more backbone than any person i have met in my entire life. if you want to look up somebody who is a fighter and has fight in them and has backbone, the likes of which very few have seen before, that's donald trump. quite frankly, it's that backbone saving this country. without that fighting spirit this country wouldn't stand a chance. judge jeanine: during the democrat convention, it didn't
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matter where the looting and burning and chaos occurred. not one democrat could talk about it. but now all of a sudden the numbers seem to be good, i understand, for your dad. now all of a sudden joe biden wants to come out and start campaigning. and your father tweeted today. i think we have it here. the tweet is, now that biden's polls are dropping fast. he agreed to get out of his basement and start campaigning in 10 days. sadly, that's slow reaction time for a president. our beloved usa needs a much faster, smarter and tougher response than that. get out there today, joe! he didn't even go to his convention to accept the nomination. does he have the stamina to actually do this?
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>> 670 days since he was in wisconsin. 670 days since joe biden has been in wisconsin. 171 days since joe biden has been in michigan. a state he has to win. i am glad you are saying that about law enforcement. it breaks my heart to see what's happened. first it was seattle, portland, minneapolis, chicago. and new york. but why is no one talking about the fact that you don't see republicans protesting and picketing their convention. why is it it only goes one way. the democratic party makes republicans to be such terrible people that aren't sensitive and cling to their guns. they say they are violent people because they enjoy a second amendment. why don't you see republicans in
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delaware intimidating people as they are leaving that convention hall? it's rather remarkable. now he's behind be law enforcement. yet he single police union in this country -- and they don't typically endorse people. they have all come out in support of my father. in wisconsin one of the big police unions endorsed my father and i accepted it on his behalf. they put on the handcuffs. these men and women are the greatest people we have in this country. they are silenced and harassed and intimidated and bullied. it's horrible, judge. >> i think in the end that the more this is going on, people literally having lunch outside are being approached by these protesters. and threatened that if they don't raise their fist or say a name, they won't get out of
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their way. this is not the america i think any of us want to live in. >> he single one of those people will go out and vote. every single time one of these lunatics takes a bat and breaks somebody's car window. you just took somebody who might have been on the other side of the political aisle, and you turn them. people love law enforcement and they are not into anarchy. judge jeanine: one of the most heartbreaking moments for me this week at the convention was hearing kayla mueller's grieve-stricken parents talk about their daughters murder at the hands of. >> i is. >> we put all our faith in the government but the government let us down. if donald trump had been president when kayla was captured, she would be here today.
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judge jeanine: how minority leader kevin mccarthy joins me now. the pain was palpable in the parents of kayla mueller. the father said if donald trump was president when she was taken, they would have their daughter back. >> when you listen to what they talked about, where president obama was given the knowledge of where they were, but he waited and she was moved. president trump believes in keeping americans safe. and that means against isis or' whether it's be safe on the streets of america. president trump named the mission after their daughter. and made sure they would pay the ultimate price for what they did. i talked to president trump
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about this. he called them ahead of time telling them the dates. they said that's the date of my daughter's birth. he said exactly. he called them up when they found the location and said the mission is on. judge jeanine: our thoughts and sympathies and compassion go to the families. there apparently was no bump after the democrat convention. do you know if there was a bump after the republican convention? >> the president continues to move up. he's moved up about 4 points. the contrast of what you saw between two conventions. it was remarkable being reminded about how great america is. it's remarkable the difference and the hay trad -- and the hatn the democratic convention. the real people in the
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republican convention. the real people who are extraordinary and believe america is exceptional. it's okay to love america and understand it's exceptional. and it was resounding message that came from he walk of life that watched as president trump reached them, the voice no one else would listen to. and he would always fight for them. judge jeanine: some of the democrats. it's amazing when you think about it, congressman. it was during the trump years that optimism was so high and people felt good about their personal situation. and a lot of that has been affected by the pandemic. this week nancy pelosi said some strange things. i think we have the sound here. >> we take an oath to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and
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domestic. sadly the domestic enemy to our voting system and our honoring our constitution at 1600 pennsylvania avenue with their allies in the congress of the united states. judge jeanine: what do you think of that, minority leader? >> this is no different when four years ago they called us deplorable. they called the president, they had called you, they called me, they call everyone who believes like the president. now we are a domestic even be any? it's not just to re-elect this president if you don't win the house as well. people need to go to take the we need to retire nancy pelosi. she led impeachment and wasted the majority. she says americans are domestic enemies because they don't think
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like san francisco. now joe biden who won't leave delaware. it's socialism versus freedom. judge jeanine: with the announcement just made that the president will be going to kenosha, wisconsin tuesday, what do you think will happen there, the shooting there and kyle rittenhouse also charged with a couple of counts of homicide. >> i think what you will find is people will cheer the president coming. joe biden waited all this time, night after night when it comes to portland or chicago. being voiceless when it came to their convention, not mentioning what happened. president trump believes in safe streets, safe neighborhoods. he's showing up at a place where joe biden has not been at in
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almost two years, long before covid. this is the type of leader we want for the free world. the president was down looking at the hurricane. the president went to north carolina where the convention was. this president is on the move every single day. i have never known a man who works so hard, and he does it for no pay because he loves this country and he loves their people, and elliston all and stand up -- and he will listen to all and stand up. judge jeanine: can joe biden's one-issue strategy work in november? peter navarro joins me live to explain. guys, times are tough.
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[♪] judge jeanine: the democrats working overtime to politicize the pandemic. how will this shape out during the election.
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let's ask peter navarro. good to have you back on. you are going to hit it already. even before i ask you a question. look, well, joe biden blames everything on donald trump and says that the -- you know the pandemic will be the undoing of president trump. what say you? >> joe biden is riding a mule into a box canyon. i think there will be three issues in this campaign. i think there will be three issues. there will be jobs, the economy, but the problem biden has is we have the greatest jobs president and trade negotiator in history. he gets pummeled on that. you have 10 democratic mayors. and the thin blue line. president trump will win on law and order.
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what the biden crew is doing is making a bet on blaming the pandemic on the president. here is the problem. rasmussen poll comes out late july. what it says is fully half already -- half of america blames china for the virus. this is ebb more interesting. 53% of americans want china to pay reparations for all the costs they are imposing on this country. that's up from 43% in march. that number will just keep rising. as an economist, let me tell you what the back of the envelope calculation looks like if we start assessing china with the cost of the pandemic they infected this country with and killed 00,000 americans. -- 200,000 americans. if you look at the loss in the
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gross domestic product be that's 20 trillion gdp. the country values the life at $10 million and soon to be 200,000 americans dead. you addn. up the pain, suffering and damage as a lawyer, we'll lose the equivalent of an entire year, $20 trillion because of the chinese communist party. jean westward * wha r. judge jeanine: what do we do? >> biden is in that box canyon. if he tried to raise that issue he has to acknowledge the chinese communist party caused the pandemic, not president trump. if he doesn't raise the issue, he has to contend with the american people who are mad as hell at the chinese communist
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party. by the time labor day rolls around it will be up to 60%. by the time election day rolls around it will be 95%. the only people who won't be for it is joe biden and nancy pelosi. the other issue in terms of joe biden ignoring china pummeling our economy on the one hand and trying to blame the president for the virus, there are are important questions about the origins of the virus and how china is using the virus. if you look at what they are doing. they cut a deal with the philippines to take over the south china sea. sqthey squashed hong kong and invaded india. it speaks to the fact that maybe they intended all along to spread this virus around the
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world. but we know now that there is a high likelihood that it came from one of two virology labs in wuhan. was it genetically engineered? is it weaponized? judge jeanine: peter, i'm going to interrupt you now. they y lied about it. okay? and they blocked wuhan from going into the rest of china and let it all out to the rest of the world. peter navarro, i didn't ask you one question other than the first one. >> one quick thing,. judge jeanine: make it quick. >> biden has been silent and accepted china doing this to the american people. it's a box canyon, he's on a mule, and he's doomed. judge jeanine: thank you for that visual.
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can america embrace the left mob's mentality? congressman matt gaetz and leo terrell are next. will discuss that, the
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[♪] ashley: live from america's newsroom, i'm ashley strohmier. president trump getting a firsthand look at the damage from hurricane laura in louisiana and texas coming on the 13th anniversary of katrina. one maybewood streets were blocked by downed trees and houses battered by the storm. the latest death toll rises to 16. damage estimates are in the billions. dem tray toarts in ke more -- demonstrators in kenosha, wisconsin today. protesters chantingy "no justice no peace." as blake remains in the hospital paralyzed from the waist down.
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>> i'm walking from an event in here i was attacked by a mob. this was a mob. most of them were black. i'm a black life. they were willing to fight me or attack me, i am black. black lives matter has not come out and said look, stop attacking people for their first amendment right. judge jeanine: chaos after president trump's speech thursday and there was georgia representative speaking about his experience with the mob. want to talk about right now. matt and host of the leo turow show. it's amazing about what we just saw his democrat representative whose black being attacked by white individuals protesting and telling him black lives matter but ignoring which is kind of
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indicated, what you say? matt: the wrong thing, they will cancel you online. this is a sign of joe biden's america, america in surrender, we surrender our streets to the mob where we surrender our trade policies to china and the rest of our lives offer government. joe biden wants the government so week it can't protect people who want to be able to walk ho home. you can make operating a business or opening a school illegal. judge jeanine: leo, the fact that this is a congressman, -- georgia. they are yelling at him black lives matter. what did they think, that because he was walking out of a republican event that he wasn't entitled to walk out without being threatened?
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leo: this extreme side of the democratic party is a cancer. they hate anybody, it doesn't make a difference what your color is, if you're pro- america, pro- god, pro- country, pro- trump you're going to be attacked. it doesn't make a difference if you're black, white, asian, young or old. joe biden has made a deal with this extremist group. you have the president talking about law and order. group does not want and order, they want chaos. the president is going to go to wisconsin to talk to law enforcement. joe biden will have to get permission from antifa, extreme black lives matter. black lives is a joke because they only care about those individuals who they can make a profit from. they don't care about her losing her husband or the black milwaukee man whose a trump supporter who got assassinated. this group is chaos. it is a cancer on this country. have to vote republican and democrats have to vote for donald j trump. judge jeanine: congressman, the
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whole idea of frightening peop people, like saying you can't come out of your homes or do this and you can't do that because of the pandemic and now we are hearing staying home was not the right idea to begin with. that's another issue but this is another thing where people are being frightened. when there's beer, there's control and that's what they are trying to do. isn't it? >> yes, the lockdowns and rides are connected. joe biden said he would lock america down again, we've seen that can have the tendency to lead to even more civil discord and maybe that's what joe biden really wants because you saw on the republican convention, our desire to build america up, not burn her down, he saw during our convention, the celebration of american life of american success, law enforcement. our military, borders, culture but the democrats want to make
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is ashamed of america. it's not a country with loving so they can replace our country with something are more dangerous and radical. changes for the regular folks who want to walk engaged in free and open their commerce. judge jeanine: leo . leo: what hurts me as an american and former democrat is the democrat playbook was to allow american cities to burn. as you said, the polls have said the american public is fed up with it. they know that are going to allow that to happen and that's why the polls are shifting to presidential but it hurts me as an american that they would sacrifice cities, individuals, murderers, arsons to win an election. they were called because the american public rejected that. judge jeanine: it's even worse, they didn't just sacrifice, they
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were silent about it. it wasn't until they saw the numbers go up president trump that they said they ought to make out a statement. this is not what america is supposed to be like but congressman, you work in washington. washington police with the d.c. police were not there. this is what we are seeing. we are seeing police not being deployed and are so many people i knew were at the president's acceptance speech who were harassed and menaced. i could name five people right now who called me afterward. they were petrified. this is the mayor saying they can be deployed. matt: defunding the police is not just a political slogan or #, it's a policy being implemented around our country and democrats cities by democrat mayors and it's a policy making americans less safe. all for the sake of openness. i'm not here for that and joe biden is barely awake so he'll
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let them take over, hurt our country and if we lose america, the sad thing is, joe biden might not even notice. judge jeanine: all right. leo, last seven seconds. leo: very simple, do not believe anything that comes out of kamala harris' mouth and joe biden's mouth regarding their support for the police. they have lied, abandon law enforcement in this country, they want to destroy law enforcement. do not believe them, believed president donald j trump. judge jeanine: thanks so much. next, herchel walker ways in sports stars boycotting games. still ahead. also one of the highlights of the rnc when pam bondi spoke. she joins me live rest of the speech, taking down joe biden at the convention.....
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judge jeanine: my next guest, joe biden's credibility at the convention. pam bondi. good evening. you were on fire at the convention. why do you say the bidens are essentially a crime family? pam: after biden profited millions from the ukraine by oligarchs who owned the company and joe biden as the prosecutor fired who was investigating his sons company and he bragged about it because he thought he could get away with that. no one is above the law and hunter biden stayed on until the day, the week his father announced he was running for president.
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china, same thing and profited millions, follow the money is what we said. his brother, joe biden's brother james biden profited in iraq. one building houses in iraq, with no experience in iraq nor the housing industry. it goes on and on. judge jeanine: the incredible part of all this is that the new york times is a washington post said this has all been debunked and they criticized you for what you said. the truth is, and never really has been an investigation and the wall street journal did an editorial in the the project is a scandal for which the family hasn't paid a political price. we should be investigating this. pam: hopefully justice is looking into it. i think they are looking into a lot of things that's been going on so we will have to say see what happens.
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>> with respect to the fact that the sun made all that money, i suspect there would be other agencies in addition to justice, treasury as well as other departments, correct? pam: they said no, was a dormant investigation and joe biden happened to have this prosecutor fired, you know why it was dormant? oligarchs fled the country and he was in norway. guess who was with him, under biden. judge jeanine: amazing. absolutely amazing. good for you. i want you to listen to some sound, this is new york's attorney general talking about president trump. >> i'll never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate president. we must do our jobs to ensure the man currently occupying the
9:46 pm
oval office is held accountable to any and everything he's done. >> he built his wealth off the backs of new yorkers. >> focus on donald trump, we need to follow his money. need to find out where he's laundered money. judge jeanine: as an attorney general, what are your comments, the one who said she wants to take down the nra talking about the president and his family. pam: she's doing this currently while her city, her state is in shambles. while her governor is begging people to move back to new york. she's out there still, to this day, trying to take down the trump family. when you saw that first would be played, she was running for election in. she ran on a platform of going after the president and his family she's done that nonstop.
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it's embarrassing, as a former attorney general that one would behave that way. i think she needs to be looked at. at minimum, she needs to be disqualified any cases involving that family. she made a comment saying they are going to know my name, laughing about the family. it is despicable. judge jeanine: pam bondi. we'll see. thanks so much for being with us tonight. protested boycotts extend to the sports world. herchel walker will is back with his take on athletes who refused his take on athletes who refused to play the sport.
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let's former football player, herchel walker sounding off at the rnc this week. he joins me now more. good evening. all right, good evening. herchel, you made quite an impression at the rnc this week when you said we can solve anything with closed fists. we need an open hand. do you think your fellow sports
9:52 pm
players feel the same way about walking up the court and not playing ball? herchel: right now it's pressure. judge jeanine: we are going to be right back. guys, are you tired of frequent nighttime bathroom trips? well, force factor prostate helps reduce urges to urinate, plus fully empty your bladder and promote a normal prostate size. don't settle. choose force factor prostate, from the #1 fastest-growing men's health brand at walmart.
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judge jeanine: sorry about that. we had technical difficulties. herschel walker is now on the phone. i want to continue with the question that i was asking you and that is do your fellow sports players, do any of them feel pressure to not play and are there those that would rather play and not get involved in some of the pressure to walk off the court? >> well from what i found out there are many that would rather play on the court that right now
9:57 pm
it is kind of tough because of the pressure of some of the superstars. if they do anything outside of that they are afraid of and that's the reason i said politics shouldn't be in sports. there's no doubt each player has a voice in and therefore should be heard but it's kind of tough when the pressure is put on the team and it is a team but some people may disagree with the overall message. judge jeanine: are there those on the team that feel that the contents of what they say is pretty much controlled by fellow players? >> well i think sometimes they have felt that because you have some of your superstars and they don't want to get the majority of the publicity so those players have to go along with the protocol.
9:58 pm
otherwise right now i think that's a problem in this society right now. if you don't agree with someone you get labeled as something so right now no one is speaking out in this is such a great country. i'm here to encourage people to speak out. right now is the time you have to speak out and it's time you have to get to the voting booth and the time you have to make a decision and you have got to make your mind up what you want for this country. judge jeanine: well and certainly this election is an indication and will be an indication of what people want what this country. you made this incredible statement he said he can't solve anything with a closed fist. you have to have an open hand and i know you spoke at the republican convention. you think they still have their is closed? >> there is no doubt they have their fists closed. i believe in the convention and i was totally embarrassed and totally totally upset. i could not believe what
9:59 pm
happened. i want to apologize to senator paul because i got my family safe and got them to the card to the hotel and i know he wasn't far behind me. i didn't even go back to. i didn't even think about it. my hat is off to the police for the restraint that they have on the kinds of attacks they get in i cannot believe people have the restraint to do that think the mayor, the governor they need to be to blame. if anyone is injured right now they need to be to blame. i hate to say it and i'm not that type of person but you cannot have too continues to have this push you and push you in shout in your ear. they are things that are uncalled for. judge jeanine: herschel walker we are coming up to the end of the show great thanks so much for being with us and thank you all for watching.
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you can pre-order my book dull lie to me. it's on amazon and my web site jeannine pirro abdicating for truth justice and the american way. justice has been served and greg gutfeld is coming up next. see you next saturday same time, same place. greg: there were two conventions going on this week trader republican one reminding us why america matters. >> i believe america is an exceptional nation founded on three principles equality, freedom and opportunity. >> our family went from cotton to congress and one lifetime. and that is why i believe the next american century can be better than the last. greg: be a radical for freedom
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and be a radical for liberty. be a r f


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