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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 18, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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in the moments we might have once taken for granted. we are seeing that her differences are precious, and our similarities infinite. they have shown that the heart of this nation still beats with kindness and courage. that is the soul of america, joe biden is fighting for now. after our son bo died of cancer, i wondered if i would ever smile or feel joy again. it was summer, but there was no warmth left for me. four days after bo's funeral, i watched joe shave and put on his suit. i saw him take a breath, put his shoulders back, and walk out into a world for our son.
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he went back to work, that's just who he is. there are times when i couldn't even imagine how he did it. how he put 1 foot in front of the other and kept going, but i've always understood why he did it. for the daughter who convinces her mom to finally get a breast cancer screening, and this is where she drives her to the clinic. for the community college student who has faced homelessness and survived abuse, but finds the grit to finish her degree and make a good life for her kids. for the little boy whose mom is serving as a marine in iraq, who puts on a brave face in his video call, and doesn't complain when the only thing he wants for his birthday is to be with her. for all those people, joe gives his personal phone number two at
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offense, the ones he talks to four hours after dinner, helping them smile through their loss, letting them know that they aren't alone. he does it for you. joe's purpose has always driven him forward. his strength of will is unstoppable, and his faith is unshakable. because it's not in politicians or political parties, or even himself. it is in the providence of god. his faith is in you. yes, so many classrooms are quiet right now. if the playgrounds are still, but if you listen closely, you n hear the spark of change in the air. across this country, educators,
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parents, first responders, americans of all walks of life are putting their shoulders back, fighting for each other. we haven't given up. we just need leadership worthy of our nation, worthy of you. honest leadership to bring us back together, to recover from this pandemic and prepare for whatever else is next. it leadership, to reimagine what our nation will be. that's joe. he and kamala will work as hard as you do every day to make this nation better. i have the honor of serving as your first lady, i will too. with joe as president, these classrooms will bring out with laughter and possibility once again. the burdens we carry are heavy,
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and we need someone with strong shoulders. i know that if we entrust this nation to joe, he will do for your family what he did for hours. bring us together, and make us hole. curious forward in our time of need. keep the promise of america for all of us. >> hey, everyone. i'm joe biden. as he heard tonight, you see why she is the love of my life, the rock of our family. she never gives herself very much cut it, but the truth is, she is the strongest person i know. she has a backbone like a ramrod. she loves fiercely, cares deeply, nothing stops her when she sets her mind into getting something right. for all of you out there across
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the country, just think of your favorite educator who gave you the confidence to believe in yourself. that's the kind of first lady this jill biden will be. i love you. >> go to to join our campaign. >> think you all for watching, i will see you soon, thank you. >> martha: we will see him on thursday night when he accepts the nomination. if you heard earlier, he got the delegates votes, went over the top he was invited to speak on thursday night. it's hard to imagine up more powerful advocate for him then his wife, jill biden. that was a strong speech. we finally got to the point in this process where there was something, she started out a little bit downbeat in terms of everything that's going on here to she had a hopeful message that i think we had been waiting to hear over the past couple of days. >> bret: chris wallace,
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obviously jill biden hit those marks. at the dismount didn't seem to translate, it was a little awkward when joe biden came in. i think jill biden made the case in that classroom, as a teacher and the concern about covid that seems to be going through this night. >> yeah, i thought he said president, too. i think that's a little -- we shouldn't be measuring the curtains in the oval office quite yet. there was a theme, here. if the theme was a return to normalcy, if you will. both in a political sense and a personal sense. but the jill biden, she was saying that joe biden grew up in a middle-class circumstance, he had tragedy in his life, he has soldiered through it, and he will restore the values that you
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treasure -- that americans treasure, he will restore them. you heard it in the political speeches, it started with bernie sanders. he said a lot of things that donald trump has done, he called it authoritarianism, but that they are not normal. you heard from michelle obama last night about chaos, and you heard from bill clinton tonight about chaos. i think if you're looking for bold, new ideas, you are not going to get them from joe bid joe biden. again, i think almost of the emotional centerpiece was that tribute to john mccain in the sense that after these four years, the people are hungry to go back to the old way. it sounds odd, because we always talk about a new chapter. go back to the old way, go back to reaching across the aisle and working together, and i think that's what you heard tonight. >> i think it was tough to hear. he may have been saying jill biden's husband, but it was garbled. just extrapolating, there.
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to chris's point, biden seems to be using 4 47 years in washingtn as an asset. they are dropping names, saying that all of this time matters because the relationships, but is not the bold, big change that progressives have been calling for, like aoc tonight. >> i think this speech tonight by jill biden was tremendously effective in the sense that it didn't have a hard angry edge that we heard last night from michelle obama. she highlighted things about joe biden's character and temperament that were touched on by others, which are real, and which both parties have recognized in him for a long time. he is a very decent guy, he is a nice guy. he is an unforgiving guy, and to the strength of that he showed it in recovering from the
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tragedies that he's had in his life is a meaningful quality. if the ability he has to deal with others, to make friends, to do business with political adversaries is a valuable qualiy as well. at that came through with her. she came across as very likable tonight. >> martha: there is that moment though, that has been talked about through this entire primary process, where you are not sure that joe biden is going to stick the landing. as she was super confident, and she pulled off that whole speech. she had all of those marks with the camera turns and everything. and then joe biden at the end, did he say this, did he say that, the hardest parts of this process i had for him. >> i think if you have been in your home for several months, you're trying to work from home, trying to do birthdays and anniversaries and weddings on zoom, he refers to himself as
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jill biden's husband, cut end of like peter mcmahon with his wife. it's a thing that they have, jill and joe sound similar. i think there's a lot of love between the two of them. it appears in his eyes, and she is a self-described introvert. heard book talks about how hard it was for her to get over that, her shyness, so she could give the speeches. what it took for her to give the speech, it was really driven by the love of her husband. she is a different type of person, she was an educator, she was a second lady, she worked at the community college. she said if she were to become first lady, she would work those years as well. >> i think that you have to add them up. right from the start, you had a number of women led by yates, the former deputy. you have to remember michelle obama last night, and then cindy mccain's voice
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speaking so clearly, and then you get to jill biden. the refrain, i think is pretty clear. if they are speaking to american women. if they are in terms of understanding what those women are going through. that's why she walked into the high school classroom and said, this room is quiet. i think lots of families are concerned about the fact that their kids aren't going back to school. she is going on a very emotional, family level, speaking to those women. she says joe biden is the kind of person you can relate to, that you can's trust. she talked about him as a man of faith. it acting in terms of the critil operation, trying to win, someone who has faith. when their son died, she was a mage to watch him. that was very good. she watched him shave, and then put 1 foot in front of the other and step back into the world.
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step back into the world to work for moms, single moms, families. that is pretty effective. i didn't think that she was flawless in the delivery, it looks like didn't amateur. it was an amateur who has authentic. >> when she said how do you make a broken family hold, that sort of a metaphor of what everyone is going through. i think the setting is perfect, she is natural in the classroom and school setting. >> bret: the message discipline that strings throughout, concerned about covid-19, that is clearly a focus for this party and making sure that they translate that they can handle it better. we are going to see where tomorrow goes. that is kamala harris' big night. this is been night too, we will bring you night three and four, thank you for watching. i am back tomorrow 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> martha: we are both back,
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"the ingraham angle" is up next. >> this is to be 21 from washington tonight, day two of the democratic national convention has come to a merciful end. if everyone from aoc to joe biden, stacy abrams, some other featured guest as well. it just under an hour ago, joe biden officially clinched the nomination. it was right for saturday and night live. we break down what you may have missed with ben shapiro, mike huckabee, raymond arroyo and a lot more. also, her ad went viral for good reason. tonight, republican kimberly clay sik is here exclusively to tell us why she thinks she made baltimore an example to the other democrat run cities.
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first, another night of democrats doing everything in their power to avoid telling you what their real plans are if the country picks joe biden. they trotted out old familiar faces in a desperate attempt to reassure midwest voters that biden will govern as a moderate. however, after watching tonight's speakers line up, every american should be alarm alarmed. it was a who's who of failures. it each of whom have done immense damage to our country. let's start with this blast from the past. >> joe biden was my first and most effective supporter. he understands dignity, rights, and vision. more than ever, that's what we need. >> god bless them, but are they really trying to hearken back to the days of double digit unemployment, inflation, and
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jimmy carter? what does that say about their platform today? his biggest accomplishment was getting ronald reagan elected president. tonight's lineup was kind of a time warp amalgam. it's what it would've looked like if both parties held a joint convention in 2004. first up, john kerry is still reporting for duty. >> the eight years of the obama-biden administration, we lead by example. if america deserves a president who is looked up to, not laughed a at. >> laura: it john kerry is best known for windsurfing, sending cash to iranians, and secretly advising the murderous regime behind the back of the president and the state department. sure, he really cares about america. wait, there's one more. another night, another former republican.
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>> i support joe biden because beginning on day one, he will restore american leadership and moral authority. he will be a president who knows that america is strongest when we lead to both by the power of example and the example of our power. >> laura: his endorsing biden is the most unshocking thing to have happened in the last year. he backed obama twice, and hillary in 2016. he is a nice man and it patriot to country, obviously. talking about the example of our power, really? while america has turned away from the enter bench nest of yesteryear, you remember the ond trillions of dollars and some thousands of america's 23rd death? is this how joe's foreign policy will be shaped? the race to the bottom didn't end there.
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a former general sally yates made an appearance. >> i was fired for refusing to defend president trump's shameful and unlawful muslim travel ban. that was the start of his relentless attack on our democratic institution and countless dedicated public servants. >> laura: attacks on our democratic institution? this is a woman who president trump fired for putting open borders above the american people. she helped to weaponize the doj against to be trump campaign. last but not least was bill clinton, who uttered the one of the least aware lines of the night. that is saying something. >> at a time like this, the oval office should be a command center, instead it is a storm center. it is only chaos.
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>> laura: i don't think you should ever talk about the oval office. he turns the oval office into a playboy mansion, he shouldn't be lecturing americans about what it should symbolize. he forever disgraced the office with his political arrangements after he left the white house. it just today, a new pick was revealed, showing bill clinton getting a massage from one of jeffrey epstein's accusers. so i asked, are these really the luminaries that democrats think best represent their party? do you americans really want that close to power again? if so, than the choice in the november should be an easy one. we go back to the days of economic calamity, and endless words? or do we want to continue the unprecedented prosperity, strong borders, and american renewal of the trump era? here with reactions,
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mike huckabee, and ben shapiro, editor in chief of the daily wire and author of "how to destroy america in three easy steps." it was kind of like an old home week. i think they had some focused group that shows the midwest is terrified of aoc end of the gang, and terrified of the riots and the ludi. it they wanted to bring back the year 2004 are sold, or go back to 1978 to reassure americans? >> they put out their greatest hits album tonight. that's the best way they can look at it. if america was electing somebody to be nice, they would elect joe biden. he would be the better on the ballot. this is about very serious policies that determine the future of our country. if you like the idea of open borders, bigger taxes, more
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statism, government control of your lives, abortion funded by taxpayers, if you like a surrendering to china, we will be happy and keep putting back sheesh in the hands of politicians, then the democrats are your choice. if you like surrendering, and delivering cash, and if you think somehow we'd be better off in this country if we let mobs run freely in our cities and beat this not out of innocent people driving through street, the democrats are your choice. if you think that america deserves better than that, and we ought to build an economy that is based on unabashed capitalism -- if you think that the values of these countries should value every single human being, if you think we should control our burgers, and to the other things, then president trump should be reelected in a landslide. that's what the american people will be deciding on. not the sweet packages we saw tonight and videos, but whether
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or not this country moves to the far, far left with the green new deal and it's nonsense, or if we have sanity and policies. >> laura: bill clinton have one of the least aware -- but this moment might match it. elizabeth warren it participating in the dnc's native american caucus. >> supporting the democrats so that we can all continue our work for indian country. it is more important now than ever. >> you have always truly been an incredible friend, and more than kind in terms of your work with me and with the country. we all know where your heart is at. >> laura: but do we know where that legacy dna experiment is at? what was that all about? >> a lot of high cheekbones going on right there.
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that was very exciting stuff. we note the aficionado was definitely the person to bring into that particular convention amalgam. bizarre night for the democrats. i thought joe bide joe joe bides great for her husband. all they had tonight was a bunch of retread hypocrites who didn't do a wonderful job. hearing bill clinton talking about the uses of the oval office is aware look. it's weird to hear from the me to party. it's weird to hear john kerry as the broker, one of the most historic middle east peace deals between israel and the uae. it is very weird -- he was the worst secretary of the life, including hillary clinton. cell yates literally described herself as astonishment that
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obama knew anything about the michael flynn case. she was being brought out to talk about challenges to america's institution. it was a very strange evening. if this is about the best they have, it doesn't recommend a lot. all it really says is they are trying to avoid the implication that aoc is a rising star. she hit every single term on my bingo card, which was an impressive achievement. >> laura: the biggest threat to america's security, china, was referenced so quickly, i could barely even get what it was. trump is helping china -- it was absurd. that in and of itself, the fact that they didn't address china had on tonight in their big foreign policy group or not, i think that told you everything you needed to know about joe biden and why china wants him to be president so badly. >> i think that's why john, the
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director of national intelligence has said the biggest threat to interferences china, not russia. i think he is right. the reason joe biden and the democrats are not going to push back against china is because, let's face it, joe's got some issues here. he has a billion and a half dollar deal that his son got with china. the fact is, the establishment politicians, there are some republicans in this too, let's not act like the republicans are pure. a lot of them are also beholden to china -- to the multinational corporations that have made a bunch of money losing and costing americans there jobs and their future so that china could get rich and handful of corporate snobs can get rich. president trump has had the guts to stand up for america and americans, and that's why they are not going to talk about china, but president trump will. he needs to come and thank god he is, because somebody is finally standing up for the
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united states of america. we won the biden administration, god help us if it happens, they are going to lift all of the tariffs and not ask for anything in return. thank you for joining us tonig tonight. >> we have shown that the heart of this nation will beats with kindness and courage. that is the soul of america, joe biden is fighting for now. it is not in politicians or political parties, it is in the providence of god. his faith is in you, and us. >> laura: faith is in you? they are trying hard to sell it, but does it work? is joe biden really the faith and family values candidate? he claims to be a practicing catholic, but at the same time he is pro-abortion. he has been accused of being a little too handy with women, and now there is the explosive new claim from joe biden's
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ex-husband that she had an affair with the senator joe biden in the 1970s. from 2020 campaign senior advisor raymond arroyo they were really selling this tonight, faith, family, country. you almost wanted to hear lee greenwood playing in the background. our people actually going to buy this given joe biden's positions on key issues, or is it just being a nice person, and that's all that really matters? we go i think they really are trying to sell this, you know, joe is a good guy type of narrative. it let me tell you something, they might've forgotten that they took -- the democrats took got out of their platform not too long ago. let's remember, when it comes to joe biden, he has been one that has flip-flopped on so many of these issues. he has supported the hyde
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amendment at one point, then abandoned it which allowed for taxpayer abortions. he has been extreme on the issue, especially on allowing for late-term abortions. it is all because he is in the pockets of planned parenthood, the largest abortion provider. let me tell you something, i'm catholic, as someone who is very strongly pro-life and my convictions, you would need to stand for life. the thought is something that i always admired president trump. he has been the most pro-life president we have seen in our lifetime. he has taken very bold steps in ensuring we protect the unborn. i remember, i was there in the office when he signed the letter to congress saying, we will veto any legislation that would include pro-life provisions. i think there is a stark contrast year, i think people have to remember that even kamala harris went after the
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knights of columbus, enter anti-catholic bigotry needs to be exposed. >> laura: here's how dmc tried to paint biden as a champion for women. >> joe biden has been fighting for women his entire career. as senator, he worked for the violence against women act. he will codify roe v. wade, and make reducing mortality for women of color a top priority. >> laura: there something quite amazing about talking about infant mortality in the same paragraph as support for planned parenthood. >> joe biden has always try to have it both ways, here. in his memoir he says, and i as much a cultural catholic as i am a theological one. if it's not the prayers, it's not the ten commandments, it's a culture that i'm holding onto. this is why bishops have denied him come human. you can't go out and
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continuously defy church teachings on some because basic is life. this is a candidate who is going to have planned parenthood fully funded, he wants to codify roe v. wade, as you heard from that lady, and the processors of the poor, he claims he loves the nuns, but he vows to take them to court to get to know him to pass contraceptives onto their employees. there is a big continuity here. that's not his personal piety, nobody doubts that. he might be more personally piles, but that's not why they vote. they vote because they are following a moral code that you agree with, not that they personally hold and then vote or legislate an entirely different direction. at that sort what's happening. >> laura: a mercedes, they didn't really talk for the second night in a row, much policy at all. it's like hide the ball, hide the policy.
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>> you keep: pollen out there, they are somehow reassured you put all of these old guys out here, and you think we're going to be reassured. after all of the messes in the middle east -- they couldn't really talk policy, foreign policy. instead, they resorted to a string of -- >> i know joe biden cares about the struggles, and that's why trust them to fight for us. >> he has the heart and the compassion for this moment. >> we need a president who will restore the soul of america. we need joe biden. >> laura: mercedes, again, orange man bad. that's all of their posters. that's all it is. take away the trappings, and the bad music -- that's it.
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joe biden nice and orange man bad. that's it. >> i feel like i am in a kindergarten class. it's like can we care and share and to be kind? what the american people are not seeing is the fact that their policies are detrimental to our country. in fact, they are dangerous. because we had the biden record, the mere fact that they said he can go into situation room and make good decisions is just crazy. it was in the situation room where he was wrong on usama bin laden. he has made these decisions time and time again, where he was in favor for the iranian nuclear deal, which of course, was supporting a country that supports terrorism. it has been one bad policy decision after another. i would remember the red line in syria where they didn't act, and then the syrian civil war only got worse. this is what needs to be exposed, it's what joe biden
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cannot be trusted with any of our foreign policy decisions. he's made bad decisions time and time again. it to bring out secretary john kerry to even try and have to find him, they obviously didn't tell the full story each of the american people. >> laura: stylistically, at the very end, the big reveal was for joe biden to walk into the classroom. your take on that moment? >> that felt like one of those saturday morning infomercial blocks. you were waiting for sally struthers to come out and say, won't you help these democrats? you have carter, he of mccain, you have kerry. this is a loser's convention. please help them. this is clear, this is an an empathy play. he is a family man, now with jill's ex-husband questioning when they might have met, with
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their conditions of their meeting and possible affair, all of this is thrown up in the air. i think that is going to have to be scrutinized in the days ahead as donald trump's relationships were scrutinized, i think you have to be fair, here. on the hole, this is an empathy play. that is not policy, and that's not what americans are looking for it now, but we will see. >> laura: he did say lady lady lady? >> i'm joe biden's husband is what i heard. >> laura: it's thank you, it was great to see you tonight. the big news is, what didn't they mention? there wasn't a peep about the s&p 500 closing at a record high today erasing all of the losses from the coated lockdown. likewise, no one mentioned that the housing market is on fire.
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a whopping 22.6% last month, which was above expectations, and of course there wasn't a word about the skyrocketing number of murders and democrat-controlled cities. murders are up 21.9% over last year. schumer didn't mention that during his stand up. chicago seeing their homicide spike 35%, and murder shot up 11% milwaukee where there is a big convention. there was 17% increase in d.c. joining us now, it seems like, to meet, it seems like a mistake for democrats not to even acknowledge -- passing acknowledgment of the unprecedented crime wave that is overtaking cities combined with the antifa and the blm activists
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who have gotten mixed up in all of this writing, and antipolice stuff that's going on. no mention at all. >> obviously they're not going to talk about the stock market or housing or anything. at the way that they -- on the other side of it they have really driven the social justic, systemic racism and go. this push for equity and equality and all of that, they run a risk of voters tuning in, especially not hard-core democrats but independents and moderates and a disconnect between what they sing on television at night and what they've been seeing online during the day. it's been a really, really awful bloodied summer of violence and looting. without even acknowledging or
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passing word to denounce violence or looting, i think they do run a risk. that is a message that president trump and republicans are going to push very hard it during their convention. it will be a stark contrast. we want heard from alexandria ocasio-cortez. she did the big nomination of bernie sanders. she had 60 seconds, but if you are a lobbyist in a biden administration, who is going to have more influence, do you think? aoc or john kasich and colin powell? >> it really depends on who'd the lobbyist wants to do that day. i just want to come back to something that i think has been mentioned across your show so far, but it just strikes me. when we look at trying to win this election, that's what were trying to look for, the signs of whether or not the democrats
8:37 pm
actually can win this election, you hear so much emotion today. lots and lots of pesos. some of the, even genuine. you didn't care much logos, not much of substance, and you didn't see does she see the rejects, colin powell, sally yates, who was fired for opposing something that the president of the united states was elected to do just very recently after she decided it was on her to stop it from happening. of course, bill clinton. they put bill clinton up on the stage. when you look at all of those three things, you see that they just purely are focusing on the emotional side of things, that is a misjudgment. it's a dangerous misjudgment by the democratic party. have to look at the consultants and people running their campaigns, but they just don't get it. it they don't understand that this country wants to see action
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right now. it is action action action. if the rnc is going to learn many lessons, it is to get away from the telethon style format, and look for a more action based format. >> laura: i want to talk to you about that, given the polls are tightening across the country right now, what can the republicans learn given what we've seen with just the mechanics of how this is going as a virtual convention? it's my understanding that the trump campaign, at least they haven't told us, where exactly the president is going to be giving his address from it. at the white house, but where? is it inside, is it -- it seems like there's a lot of kind of may be too much fluidity and what they have planned for next week, i'm a little concerned. somehow this stitch it together zoom video stuff gets really old
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really fast. >> it does, it's tough. if both parties are operating under extraordinary circumstances. at the democrats are actually technically pretty good at the stuff. they've got the backing of hollywood, and they can make these slick productions. even with all of their wizardry, it still comes off synthetic and forced. i want to say one more thing, you talked about this last time, one of the reasons were singing the democrats so heavy on the anti-trump stuff is, that is what animates their base. they are voting against trump that rather than for joe biden. that is the dynamic they are playing on. it is not going to be enough? there is no policy or vision to go along with it, it didn't work for democrats in 2004 when they tried to down george w. bush, it didn't work for republicans in obama. hitting the opposition only gets you so far. i think democrats are leaving an opportunity for publicans to
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step in and fill that fish and void. spew and i think jill biden talking about how under joe biden administrating, kids would be laughing and playing again in school, and i'm thinking, every democrat has kids out of school. right now, it's a democrat states that have the most stringent rules and regulations in place. new york, new jersey, massachusetts, had some of the worst covert losses. i'm not getting how we wave a magic wand, and joe biden is going to open the schools, that doesn't even pass a straight face test. they are the ones closing the schools. thank you for joining us tonight. all of the presenters did their best to ignore the violence and the decay of all of the chaos in all of the american cities. it doesn't take a detective to figure out why, because, it's a perfect time for the g.o.p. to start taking advantage of this.
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my next guest is work thing to do just that. if she has gone viral for taking her message to the streets of baltimore. >> you care about black lives? the people that run baltimore, don't. i can prove it, walk with me. if they don't want you seeing this. i am a kim klacik, this is baltimore, the real baltimore. at this is a reality for black people every single day, crumbly infrastructure, abandon homes, property, and crime. they've been run by the democratic party for 53 years, what is the result? baltimore is one of the top five most dangerous cities in america. at the murder rate in baltimore is ten times the u.s. average. go to any baltimore neighborhood and asked this question, do you want to defund the police? >> no. >> no. >> absolutely not. >> i think if we defund the police, it's going to be worse.
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i'm opposed to that. >> what are you going to do that for? why? how do you defund your city, your community, families are losing people. >> they think they can control us forever, that we won't demand better, and that we will keep voting for them forever. despite what they've done for our families and our communities, are they right? >> laura: joining me now is a woman you just saw, kim klacik, congressional candidate for maryland's seventh district. kimberly, this now has over 5 million views on your twitter page. what has the response been from the people involved in baltimore? >> think you first of all for having me, lord. was just sitting here last summer talking about the video that went viral, because president trump retreated. were talking about the same thing, the same problem. i've been noticing, a lot of people have been commenting, saying, she is not lying about
8:43 pm
what's going on here. i'm so thankful that so many people took notice, and they've been retreating it, even the president retweeted it today. people are really thinking, hey, you know what, if we vote republican, could things change? i want to get an office and show people that you have a better quality of life, it is possible, especially if you vote republican. >> laura: it seems like the message of hope used to be what the democrats stood for. back in 9092, he was the man for help, hope and change. the last few days, there's been a lot of depressing, dark fear-based messaging. i didn't see a lot of hope from either day, frankly. >> absolutely not. i saw the speech that michelle obama gave, and she talked about how even she is a victim, being black in america from her mansion in martha's vineyard. it's always about victimization.
8:44 pm
i know for a fact in baltimore city, so she where i was in those videos, billions of dollars of federal funds were sent to that area, and here it is in 2020, it has a make it to the ground. from what i can see, the democratic party loves to leverage the urban struggles and annually ask for more federal funds, but then they don't remedy the problems and say, this is what were going to do. no one follows up on it. i think people expected at this point. i think now were at a point where people are saying, maybe i won't vote down ballot. maybe i'll look at other options. going through the city, just talking to the people about what the issues are. ask them, why haven't you ever voted for republican or something different? a lot of people will say, you're the first republican i've ever met. we have to stop writing off the cities that we think we can't win and really get in there and roller sleeves up, and let them know their options.
8:45 pm
>> laura: you can't win if you don't show up. in a very simple commercial, simply worded, and beautifully shot. of course, you look great in it as well, which always helps. it was beautifully laid out. i'm curious, who had the idea for the layout of the commercial? just the stylistic look of it? >> luckily this is something that we have been working on for over a year. if you go to my youtube channel you will see where we have many videos we go out and interview people, kind of like the man on the street interview style. i would show people just exactly how bad it is. we have over 7,000 vacant homes. there aren't any career opportunities. as a member of congress in november, i want to bring opportunities to the area. baltimore city has the second largest port in the country, we
8:46 pm
could utilize that. we relied on other countries for pte, why not bring that billion-dollar medical industry back to america, and right back through the baltimore port? >> have you heard from governor hogan? >> not yet. we are hoping he will reach out. we've been trying to reach him. >> laura: the republican governor of maryland has not reached out to you after this video? >> not yet. >> laura: has the rnc reached out to you to speak? >> absolutely. they have and asked me to speak, but they did reach out and congratulate me on the video and say they are there to help. >> laura: kimberly, you should be appearing at the rnc next week. i hope they are watching, because if they haven't figured this out yet, i don't know what to say. kimberly, best commercial i've seen in, could be ten years. fantastic job, we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you, laura.
8:47 pm
>> laura: it it is abundantly clear that the democrats can't compete on policy. that's why they spent all night invoking their favorite bogeym bogeyman. >> we need to end systemic racial injustice. >> fight systemic racism in our economy. >> face on racial and economic injustice. >> we proudly represent -- racism -- >> laura: joining me now, congress racially quality chair, author of "how trump is making black america great again." how can democrats tackle racial injustice when they willfully ignore the horrific levels of violence that are destroying our cities right now, especially in minority neighborhoods? >> it is a bloodbath.
8:48 pm
young black or brown men have a better chance of survival in the streets of kabul, afghanistan, or iraq than they do the streets of baltimore, chicago, or my native new york. it's an absolute disgrace. of the reason they are on these nice sounded terms like systemic racism is it gives no culpability or responsibility for the conditions that most black people find themselves in in these urban centers set up in control did not just by democrats today, but for decad decades. for a lifetime! it's a disgrace. they run against this really evil sounding word called systemic racism. >> laura: is stacey abrams made appearance tonight and others spoke about the importance of having an empowered black woman in america today speaking and connecting
8:49 pm
with others. anything positive there you found? >> she wasn't able to convince the people of georgia that there was something positive she was offering. let me say this quickly, systemic racism is a useful term when you don't want anyway of there being an objective measure of whether you're making progress in solving the problem. the problem solving class greatly benefits from poverty, from ill education, and now bring systemic racism to the front, they get their volvos, their ski trips to aspen, all of this for decades to come, and we the taxpayers are left with the bill. >> laura: the old july was repeated tonight about the postal service and trump doesn't want you to vote, and they are trying to suppress the vote. again, it's the same thing we heard in 2016, i guess slightly
8:50 pm
outdated with the fake post office early. speak of the fear that democrats have, liberals have, is that president trump before the crisis, and even now, he is doing better than most republicans have in black and brown precinct. if this president approaches anyway for 13% of the black vote, there is nothing that the democrats can do to win this election. at this president is fully capable of achieving that. picturing his economic message that he brought, he brought recovery to these communities of color, he will bring it back. >> laura: thank you very much, great to see you, tonight, as always. coming up, stacy abrams, i said, she is spreading conspiracy theories about your right to
8:51 pm
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♪ statement of course tonight's lineup at the nc speakers wouldn't complete without the democrats opposed child for voter oppression, stacey abrams. she used her time to claim your right to vote is being taken away by donald trump an and i mn old g.o.p. >> we do not elect saviors. they cast their ballots for those who see our struggles and vote to serve. who here are dreams and work to make them real, who defend our way of life by protecting our right to vote in a time of voter suppression at home and that authoritarians have brought up by joe biden will be a champion for free and fair elections. >> laura: here to respond as georgia senator kelly loeffler.
8:57 pm
why does he keep getting a free pass to spread these conspiracy theories? >> look, laura everyone who wants to vote in this election who is eligible to vote will get to vote. it is really an excuse why she lost the election in 2018 and she is creating a road map of excuses for biden when president trump gets reelected in november. he is going to get reelected because he knows how to create jobs to lift everyone in the economy up. he knows how to steam at the law enforcement and strengthen the military. he helped americans be safe and secure. that will be completely evident when we get our chance to be onstage next week. that is what americans want. that certainty, that security in their communities and their jobs. this is a distraction to talk about voter suppression, to talk about the united states postal service here they are distracting from their lack of a platform that lifts all americans up.
8:58 pm
>> laura: here is what she said last night on msnbc, watch. >> what biden can be hidden in plain sight what they have been operationalizing for 20 years. he decided to do it on steroids in front of the cameras. they are trying to force people in early voting on election day because they have a plan for 50,000 people to service whole intimidator is to show at the polling places and do it so well which is scare people out of voting. >> laura: i mean, this is just the wackiest thing i've ever heard. i remember years ago but the new black panther party that was playing games at the polling stations, as i recall. but suddenly there is a thousand magical people showing up to intimidate people? she keeps getting away with this and people keep talking about how elegant she has. >> bit is absolutely fact free. none of that is true. it is a fiction that would explain why she lost other than
8:59 pm
the fact that georgia elect of the governor kemp and rightfully so. he is leaving the state out of the pandemic and helping our state grow during a challenging time. what georgians want to hear about and i've been around the state talking to georgians. they want to know when kids can get back to school. when will pay her child certain how do we get the economy back on their feet. they are thanking me every day for supporting president trump in an effort to get the economy rebuilt. they went there is a lot of fearmongering, racial fearmongering, virus fearmongering and now voting fearmongering. thank you so much, great to see you, senator. if you can believe that the most cringeworthy moment of the night involves joe biden himself during his crowning moment. >> delaware is proud to cast its 32 votes for our favorite son and our next president, our friend delaware's joe biden.
9:00 pm
♪ [applause] >> laura: they kept plaguing the music over joe biden when he spoke about four seconds. it is tough. that is all the time we have tonight shannon bream and fox news at night takes it all from here. >> i do love that song, laura. >> we kick it off tonight, thank you, nate two at the democrats virtual convention wrapping a time ago and joe biden is officially the party nominee. speakers tonight for bill clinton and john kerry, sally yates and casting the election as a chance to get rid of president trump as the trump campaign says the accusations or distortions have the president's actual record. democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez cleaning up shortly after she spoke and confuy


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