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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  July 9, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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pennsylvania and trust his judgment. >> dana: you guys are good on the time. colin reed, zach friend, love to have you. thank you for joining us. and we thank all of you for joining us. i am dana perino and i will see you on the "the five." in a few minutes. >> you choose to get back to us. >> dana: domain thank you, dana. ♪ >> bill: and bill hemmer. good afternoon, everybody. we have two main events, first left, joe biden making his pitch on the american economy and 1.3 million americans file for unemployment but meanwhile screen right, the president signs an executive order and boosting economic opportunities for hispanic-americans. we are waiting to see if he talks about the supreme court ruling which allows manhattan prosecutor to pursue president trump's financial records. although experts say it is highly unlikely that will be before the election now less than four months away.
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every angle covered some analysis, peter doocy reports with the team and kristin fisher has a reaction from the white house. that is where we began on the north lawn with you, kristen, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, bill, there is a lot of headlines to come out of the supreme court rulings today. when his two justices that president trump neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh, they both ruled against president trump today. and so during this briefing with the white house press secretary that wrapped up a few moments ago, i asked kayleigh mcenany if president trump had spoken with her about that and if he was not happy with justices because he put out seven tweets into hours after the rulings came down made it very clear he was not happy so here is how the press secretary when i asked her what the president thought about justices for search and
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justice kavanaugh. >> that justices are entitled to their opinion, but with justice kavanaugh who a new york state court case a unanimous agreement it should be remanded to d.c., to the district court where the president may raise constitutional legal arguments. that language made it very clear that this was a win for the president. >> dana: kayleigh mcenany is saying this is pretty clear this is a win for the president, but you know based on a lot of other statements, including the tweets from president trump himself, it certainly doesn't feel like he thinks this is entirely a win for him. he clearly was not happy with how the supreme court ruled today. the other topic that came up during the briefing today was the white house has pushed to reopen schools this fall and in particular, the new cdc guidelines that mike pence said yesterday will be coming out next week. but the head of the cdc this morning said that there would not be putting out new guidelines. they would only be putting out some additiona additional documo
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better inform students and educators. i asked white house press secretary if she can explain that discrepancy and here is how she replayed. >> the cdc noted the additional guidance and the vice president noted as well but we are on the same page with dr. redfield who said to come i don't want this guidance be a reason for schoolo reopen. he said these were not meant to be prescriptions. they are guidelines. and state and local governments, that is what the guidelines look like. because of the press secretaries of the white house and the cdc are on the same page but the head of the cdc definitely changing its two and a little bit from yesterday and today, and that we will wait to see if the president will speak and we will hear from him in person for the first time. >> kristin, hang with me for a moment because we expect this event and the road garden and we are told in a minute here we will see the president take a question on the supreme court. this is before he goes into the
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rose garden. so this will be just outside the oval office. he was asked a question. he answered one of them and follows on the tweets that he was describing a moment ago. after this, we will see on the rose garden executive order for hispanic opportunity in the u.s. that will go to amplified the administration with school choice and new career pathways with apprenticeships and work-based learning initiatives. this will be a focus for the president after this spirit also establishing the hispanic prosperity initiative that improves access to educational and economic opportunity. so the report wa reporters were allowed in and this was a playback tape and he was asked one question about it. he took the time to welcome i guess answer that one. we will see you what he says in a moment. we are also hearing that joe biden will start in a moment so all likelihood we will go from this event to the next one.
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>> reporter: any reaction to the supreme court? >> we are starting all over again, and so a point of being satisfied. this is a political witch hunt like we've never seen before. it is a pure witch hunt and a hoax just like the mueller investigation was a hoax and i won. this is another hoax. this is purely political. i win at the federal level and we won decisively. so they send it to new york. you know what is going on in new york. everybody is leaving. it turned out to be a. they have to do something about it. people are leaving new york, this is a political witch hunt that continues even before it got here when obama and biden and everybody else was spying on
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my campaign illegally. illegally spying on my campaign. and that is a very great crime. the biggest political crime in the history of our country. and i want to thank the hispanic-americans for being with me. you are great people. thank you very much. >> reporter: what about justice kavanaugh? >> bill: on and on they scream but he basically said he was satisfied. he called it witch hunt from the beginning. kayleigh mcenany said the case was being sent back to the lower court. while that is happening at the white house, we will delete more for the executive order with hispanic-americans that will follow in a moment. but first, here is joe biden near his hometown where he was born, scranton, pennsylvania. we drop in now. >> 130,000 lives. three times a week i'm on the phone with national folks, the docs the head of cdc in place as
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before. the expectation is, they may get as high as 200,000 before it is over. and so no signs of slowing down. an economic crisis and almost 18 million americans out of work. some of the greatest pain on small businesses of color. the national reckoning on the issue of racial injustice is also long behind the united states of america, long played our country. this comes on top of a wide economic inequity and a mounting climate crisis. each of these, each of these crises is an enormous challenge. this testing our patience, resilience, our commitment to our core values. our commitment to one another. but each of these also presents tremendous opportunity for the nation. an opportunity to prepare now
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for the future threat we know are just around the corner. an opportunity to address fundamental inequities of the nation. the growing gap between the very wealthy and everyone else. it is an opportunity to finally and fully live up to the words and the values enshrined in our founding documents of this nation. and we are all created equal. we are entitled to be treated equal the rest of our lives. not just created equal. we are treated equal. we all know the stakes could not be higher. that is why at no time the divisive politics we are hearing more about today. donald trump may believe that pitting americans against americans will benefit. i don't. we have a health crisis, and economic crisis, a racial justice crisis, a claimant
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crisis. we need to come together to solve these crises. to solve them as americans. this is our moment to imagine and to build a new american economy for our families and for our communities. an economy where every american, every american has a chance to get a fair return for the work they put in, an equal chance to get ahead. my grandpa up when i lived with him down in greg ridge used to talk about everybody, everybody, joe, deserves a shot, just a shot, everybody in economy that is more powerful, we can build precisely because everyone will be cut in on the deal this time as we rebuild the middle class. this time bringing everyone along, everyone. the economy that says investing
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in the american people and working families is more important than the $2 trillion in tax breaks for handed out to the super well laid. donald trump loves to talk and talk and talk, but after three and a half years of big promises, the american people have to show for all of the talk? he promised a health care plan, but never even offered his own bill. as he continues to try to wipe out obamacare in the middle of a pandemic. instead, he has fought repeatedly to take health care away from tens of millions of people who didn't have it before and over 100 million people was covered because they had pre-existing conditions now that they couldn't have gotten coverage for before. he promised an infrastructure plan to deliver, to deliver jobs
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and opportunities where ranked 23rd in the world in terms of transportation infrastructure. what happened to all of that? promised to bring back jobs to manufacturing. it was a recession even before covid-19. he promised to buy americans and then ended up with federal contractors double the rate of off shoring jobs in his first 18 months. i'm going to change that. we are going to double the foreign tax, the tax on foreign profits so we don't encourage people to leave and build abro abroad. and when it comes to covid-19, after months of doing nothing other than predicting the virus would disappear or maybe drink bleach may be okay, simply given up.
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he's waved the white flag. he's walked away. and his failures come with a terrible, human cost and deep economic coal. time and again working families are paying the price for this administration's incompetence. there is no other way to say it than incompetence. small businesses ended up with the short end of the stick as well. less than one-third of the massive amounts of money for stimulus that congress has passed and the front reserve has been made available to the private sector. less than a third of it. two main street businesses. a big businesses. the wealthy. trump's and powell's. they have been the big winners. and senator casey can tell you, the oversight, the inspector general to make sure where that money went.
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i am the guy with the responsibility of handing out $84 billion in the recovery act and the financial recession. i met once every two weeks for the inspector general's. everything was open. what are we finding out now? that large chains and hotel chains and chains of restauran restaurants, they divided all the restaurants up and treated them as individual restaurants. they are already making hundreds of millions of dollars. the mainstream, mom and pop businesses, they didn't get the money. the truth about this crisis, donald trump is almost singularly focused on the stock market, the dowel, the nasdaq. not you, not your families. if i am fortunate enough to be elected as president, i will be laser focused on working
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families. the middle class families i came from here in scranton, not the wealthy investor class. they don't need me. the working families do. and this may be, should be coming in my view the guiding principles. we must reward work is much as we reward wealth, but now, we just award excessive wealth. you know, you see growing up rich and looking down on people is a little bit different than how i grew up, up here. and here, nobody fought and understood, nobody thought but also new the wall street bankers and ceos didn't build this country. didn't build it. if you just look around your neighborhood where your kitchen table is to see who built this country. it is my grandfather at his
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kitchen table, i learned money doesn't determine your worth. he would say, joey, no one in the world is more worthy than you and everyone is equally worthy. my dad used to have an expression and the people who follow me, i know they are tired of me saying it. but he meant it. i never understood it as well as i have the last 15 years. he said, joey, jobs, a lot more than the paycheck. it is about your dignity. it is about respect. it is about your placing in your communities. it is about looking a kid in the eye, honey, it is going to be okay and mean it. you know, mr. president, over 50% of america people think their kids will never, ever reach the level they have. folks, we know who built this
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country. hardworking folks like you grew up with. you know who built the middle class? unions built the middle class. that is why we have the middle class. and joey, your label from belt buckle tissue soul. i take pride in that because only way i dad would say you deal with power is with power. with power. corporate america, i come from the corporate state of the world, delaware. the only way to deal with abuse of power is with power. in labor, unions are the only ones that have the capacity to do it. if it is raining outside, come on, guys. i don't want anybody out there. you guys, are you in the rain? where is that not rain?
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i thought that was rain. it is? guys, come on in. don't stay out there. look, determine an station, resilience and grit, to get up r how many times you get knocked down. respect for hard work and for the people to do it these are the values that i grew up with an all if you have grown up with. these are the values that i will take with me to the oval office. i will get more help in the mainstream business and entrepreneurs and more corporate america. they would do half of the jobs in america or small, business jobs. even back as early as may, some estimates found that more than 100,000 small businesses have been permanently shut down. more closed and it's been devastating. some enough is enough.
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it is time to reverse the priorities in this country. time to help small businesses. hope folks manage their way through a pandemic. and let's help many of would be entrepreneurs get out from underneath their debt so they can start businesses. and it is time corporate america pay their fair share of taxes. we thought in their administration we should lower the taxes in the high 30s to 28%, but lower 21%. i will raise it back up to 28%. provide hundreds of billions of dollars. to invest in the growth of this country. in the days of amazon paying nothing to federal income tax will be over. let's make sure that the workers have a power and a voice. it is way past time to put an end to the error of shared
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capitalism. the only responsibility that a corporation has is the shareholders. that is simply not true. that is an absolute farce to have responsibility to their workers, their community, to their country. that is not a radical notion. these are basic values and principles that help build this nation in the first place. now the challenge is to take these fundamental values and apply them to a new economy. we have to build in the years ahead. folks, it's not just to build back but we have to build back better. that is what my plan is, to build back better. it is bold, it is practical, and it is focused on building an economy for the future, not for the past. and it responds to the five truths laid out in this moment of crisis. the first is that have seen in the course of this pandemic that we need to strengthen our
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industrial base as long-term sources of middle-class job creation. that's use this opportunity to take bold investments in american industry and innovation so that the future is made in america. all in america. i do not accept a defeat as you, the forecast of automation and globalization mean we can't keep wealthy jobs here in america. and create more of them. i do not buy for one second that the vitality of american manufacturing is a thing of the past. american manufacturing was the functioning or small democracy in world war ii. it has to be part of the engine of new prosperity in america now. so today, i'm releasing a group and the press adds, how to create millions of good paying union jobs, doing technology that we need now and we will
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need in the future. and it starts as a pretty basic idea. when philip federal tax money, we should use it to buy american products and support american jobs my plan would tighten the rules to make this a reality. it goes further, during my first term alone, we will invest $400 billion to purchase products and materials our country needs to modernize our infrastructure, replenish critical stockpile and enhance social security. that is how much the government will spend on buying products, the federal government. these funds will provide predictable demands for products made by american workers and supply chain like this one right here. for the american industries. we will purchase clean energy
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technologies like climate change, through the materials and products like those produced, stockpiles of critical goods and equipment. advanced technologies to modernize our government and enhance our national security. to ensure the future is made in america, we need to win not just the jobs of the day, but we have to invest with the jobs and industry of tomorrow are going to be. the chinese are spending multiple billions of dollars trying to own the technology of the future while we sit with our thumb in our ear. and a very trade practice. curbing the thread of intellectual property. by countries like china. america cannot sit on the sidelines and erase the future. that is why i'm proposing a dramatic research and development investment of $300 billion in my first four years alone to sharpen america's competitive edge in the new industries where global leadership is up for grabs, like
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battery technology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, clean energy. that is the future. and this money will be used purposely to ensure all of americans are in on the deal. including communities that historically have been left out. black, brown, native american entrepreneurs, cities and towns everywhere in the region and the country. all told, this will be a mobilization of r&d and a way not seen. since the great depression of world war ii. bringing back the jobs that have been less this year my plan will create 5 million, 5 million new, good paying jobs. as experts have looked at it in manufacturing, innovation, and we can create them right here in the united states of america. the second thing we have seen the importance of a more resilient economy for the
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long term. our president wasn't prepared for this pandemic. he ignore the details previously warned that our administration left behind. the threat of a pandemic we told him was coming. we gave all of this to his administration in transition, but he shut it all down. he shut down the pandemic office we had inside the white house. he praised the chinese government even though the virus was coming to because he was so afraid they would walk away from his trade deal. that cost a significant amounts of money as well. let's not get caught flat-footed again. that's get prepared to meet the challenges of the climate crisis. that means investing in infrastructure, clean energy, creating millions of good, paying union jobs in the process. next week, i will be thing out and update of a blueprint with modern, sustained infrastructure
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and clean energy economy. and how to make sure that the communities have suffered the most from pollution or the first to benefit from this investment. how to strengthen the union movement and how to make sure the unions are building america, just like they built the middle class. third thing, we have seen in this pandemic the immense burden on working parents, especially women, who are caring as if they find themselves in a position where they are working, attempting to work from attempting to take care of their children who are young. at the same time, their aging parents need help. and they are suffering from disabilities. it is especially hard in this crisis. let's face it. it is always hard. let's make it easier for child care, to care for the aging moms and dads. let's offer more pay, more economic stimulus to american
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workers, often women, women of color entrusted to help teach the youngest in care at the same time. donald trump has no idea what it's like to be a single parent who is barely getting by and trying to find child care. he doesn't have a clue. what it is like to provide for an aging parent. that is understandable, but it is unconscionable that he doesn't even try to understand or empathize with the struggling of so many millions of people out there. like a lot of you, and i will bet there is a lot of you in the audience, including the press, you understand it personally. i understand it. i know how hard it is to be a single dad who has to work with two young sons at home. i know what it means to bring your aging parents in your home in the last months of their lives to care for them as well.
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i have done both, and i had a great help. i had a really close family. not a u.s. senator making $42,000 at the time. it was hard but it is so much harder for me to make ends meet. the weeks ahead i will be laying out a plan to mobilize american talent and heart to build a 21st century caregiving educational workforce. the fourth -- many americans and small business owners but there lives on the line to put their country going. we need to treat these folks and their families as essential and not just in times of crisis but all times. we call these workers the essential workers. i think the blinders have been taken off for the american people. those who can afford to stay at can stay in place.
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they look out there and realize, the grocery store clerk and stacking the shelves. that nurse's aide, trying to find protective gear to take care of someone on a ventilator. that truck driver that has mail delivered to the person. this workers, we clap for them as they come down the street. the first responders. and it's not only time we clap for them but that we pay them. the idea that everyone is not worst a minimum of $15 an hour? or to spend time with front-line workers and then told them they shouldn't have the right to organize and become part of a union? organize for better pay, paid leave or benefits from working conditions where insist that they have safe and sanitary conditions of working. maybe it is possible for him to ignore it, but i can't and i
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won't. and it's not just enough to praise these workers, we need to pay them. let's finish the job of obamacare by ensuring everyone has access to quality affordable health care. let's lower the cost of prescription drugs and stop the surprise billing and provide public options for covering the millions of americans who are without health care by adding it to obamacare. let's make everyone come ensure everyone has access to good education, regardless of their zip code. this triple the amount of money we spend on title i schools. title i schools, you have 18 of them, 18 of title i schools in scranton and ben woody. and that means a very low tax basis. so we are having trouble keeping teachers. i triple the amount of money we spent on those from $15 billion a year to $45 billion a year. and the teachers most schools, $60,000 a year. making sure that every single
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solitary child age three, four, five is able to go to school, not day care. all of the data shows in the studies show it is you are the university of pennsylvania or anywhere around that that increases 58%, the chance the child will go all the way through and graduate without having any trouble. imagine what a big difference it will make. i think because of this pandemic, everyone has a renewed appreciation of just how hard the teachers work, how important their job is. let's give them the resources and support they need to get through this crisis and empower the next generation of american ground breakers. let's pay them. these are not somebody else's children. they are all our children. they are the children, those children are the kite strings that hold our national ambitions of loss. and our teachers, our teachers are critical.
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and finally, and the seemingly horrifying clarity of systemic racism and the need for conference agenda for racial equality in our country, it's not just about police reform. it is about dealing with the deep wound of systemic racism in this nation. so we need, we need dedicated to close the wealth gap and expand affordable housing and invest brown and black and api, native american entrepreneurs. make real the promise of educational opportunity. for too long, the battle for racial equality has divided america. it should be used now to unite us. donald trump cynically claims he is defending the american's heritage by the confederate flag and public monuments of generals who rebelled against them are treating us against the united states of america. people who tried to permanently rip this nation apart.
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do you think donald trump has any idea 360,000 pennsylvanians for the site of the union defeated the flag, that confederate flag? including more blacks soldiers coming from the state of pennsylvania, any other state in the nation? do you think he has any clue that 33,000 pennsylvanians died in the civil war, against everything that flag stood for? i see different american. one despite all our flaws and shortcomings and feelings is still after more than two centuries dedicated to equality, liberty and human dignity. the challenge we face today are among the biggest in our history. we have to come together in this country to solve it. there is no other way. i got criticized during the primary by saying i was running for three reasons, restore the soul of america, number two rebuild the backbone of the
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middle class and number three, unite america. i was told you can't unite to it. you can't unite america, then we are done. i have long said america is best to react as one nation, one america. that is the tragedy of donald trump being president today. he is exactly the wrong person to lead at this moment. he will not bring this country together. he is trying to drive us apart, to keep his base in place. he will not be present for all the american people. his base, he believes is elected president only by his base and will not appeal to the best instincts and the rest of us and to survive the worst moments of our past. i have no illusion how tough the road ahead is going to be for our country. i am an optimist. for one reason above all others, i know the history of the heart of this country.
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if given a chance, just a chance, ordinary americans can and have done extraordinary things. and they will never, ever let their country down, given half the chance. they won't let it down now. only thing they that can tear america apart and i mean this sincerely, no foreign country, t the way he cuddles up to -- i shouldn't even get into this -- but cuddles up to vladimir putin and others. they can't tear us apart. the only entity, the only thing that can tear america apart is america itself period. so we just need to remember who we are. this is the united states of america. there is not a single thing, nothing, not a single thing we have ever failed to do when we decided to do it together. that is what this is about.
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doing it together. we have a great opportunity to build back and build back better. god bless you all, and may god protect our troops. [applause] >> bill: time for this one moment in case the vice president takes any questions. does not appear to be the case. they are done in pennsylvania. very interesting scene today. this is about a two and a half hour drive from this home in wilmington, delaware and by my watch the furthest he has gone from home since about the first part of march and the covid crisis. around the country and around the world. the one fact he had, $400 billion invested to modernize the infrastructure, and suggested he had more planes in the future given blueprints. well that is happening, the president to come out, back in jail behind bars, we are watching that command the judge
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in michael flynn's case refuses to dismiss the charges against flynn. he wants the whole district court to hear flynn's case. this is all happening right now and we bring in jonathan swan national border for acting chair, welcome back to our program here. there is a lot we can go after the moment we have come of the big supreme court ruling from earlier. we might get more comments from the president in a moment but what did you think joe biden a moment ago in dunmore, pennsylvania? >> well, it was pure and economic populist speech, as you can hear. the one big issue with president trump maintains a strong advantage over joe biden is the economy. consistently in polls, voters are telling pollsters they trust donald trump more than joe biden up with the economy. so biden's team is planning a series of speeches today being the big cookoff, to try to chip away at that advantage that donald trump has on the
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economy. and what he's trying to do, as you saw watching that speech, he is trying to take back with the democratic party used to have, which was the mantle of economic nationalism. the party that will protect your jobs, save the union, buy american products, use the ways of the federal government to purchase foods. this is a very -- actually come a very old-fashioned message. but he saw how effectively donald trump deployed that message and use that message in 2016 to defeat hillary clinton. and so this is joe biden trying to win those blue-collar workers. >> bill: a blueprint for how to create blue-collar jobs in the unions repeatedly. in a moment, jonathan the president will be in the rose garden. what do you pick up so far? we heard from him early in the hour and he was basically satisfied, his words about the supreme court ruling and went on to call it a political witch hunt. >> well, frankly he should be
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fairly satisfied. because it could have been worse for him. this could have been a ruling in which congress got their hands on his financial records and documents. and then it would have been public in about 2 minutes. i probably would have had them by now. this is the speed at which things leak out of congress. so with the outcome ends up being and we should say, we don't yet know exactly how fast this will proceed. but the outcome ends up being his financial records do not become public before the election, which seems the morally endemic more likely outcome, that is a political victory for donald trump. >> bill: jonathan thank you for that. there is a lot moving and i appreciate your patience, thank you very much. jonathan swan from of the executive order of the president signing for hispanic-americans that really goes to the economic needs of that part of the population. it's called the white house hispanic prosperity initiative. and we begin now.
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>> president trump: but i do want to thank you all for being here as we probably launch the white house. hispanic prosperity initiative. we are excited. very excited. [applause] thank you. with this very exciting new effort, we will deliver a future of greater promise, opportunity and freedom for our nations really it is a treasure. you are a treasure. they hispanic-americans and the hispanic-american community is a treasure. thank you. [applause] we are thrilled to be joined today by secretary of education, betsy devos, thank you, betsy, thank you. [applause] secretary of commerce, wilbur, thank you, wilbur. secretary of housing and urban development ben carson, thank you, ben. small business administrator, thank you, jovita. very popular.
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and representative mike garcia. thank you. [applause] thank you. congratulations, mike. that was a big win. the biggest and 22 years, they say. first time in 22 years. that is a good one. you have something special going, thank you, mike, great job. yesterday i was delighted to host my friend president lopez from mexico here in the white house. and affirm the close and continued friendship between the united states and mexico. it has never been better. the executive order i will sign in a few moments will expand the efforts across all the federal government to deliver educational and economic opportunity for hispanic-americans. [applause] at the heart of the strategy to create a prosperous future for every hispanic-american as well as all americans is a great
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family of education. we are going to have a tremendous program. we have. we are a believer in choice, choice. the other folks don't believe in choice. an choice is a great civil rights issue may be the great one of our times. i am going to fight to ensure every hispanic-american parent has the freedom and the right to send your child to the public private charter faith-based home or independent school of your choice. [applause] and school choice is an incredible issue in many ways. it is a political issue, i agree. most people agree with us here the smart ones definitely agree with us. but it is also a moral issue, and it really is a fundamental issue of civil rights. no american student should ever be trapped in a failing government school, which has happened so often for so many years. it's one of the problems you see when you see these cities going
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up in flames. one of the more successful educational models is the charter school, which has been under ceasing attack from the radical left. charter schools, chortles endemic chartered schools are under attack and you know why they are under attack. more than 1 million hispanic-american children currently attend charter schools and nearly one in three charter school students is hispanic-american. i'm proud that under my administration, we delivered $1.5 billion for public charter schools. that is a record. [applause] as long as i'm president, i will never let your charter schools be taken away from you, be taken down. i will never let you down. i will never let hispanic-american or any american down. that i can tell you. [applause] under her leadership, the
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hispanic-american high school graduation rate has reached an all-time high in the history of our country and the dropout rate has reached an all-time low in the history of our country. [applause] we have also delivered $1 billion grant for minority serving institutions, including hispanic institutions of higher learning. our new hispanic prosperity initiative will also expand access to trade schools, something that has been really badly missing, trade schools. so important. workplace learning and vocational education so important, vocational. when i was young growing up, used to see vocational school, edison vocational school. that meant people with a great talent but a talent different than history and math and other things. but they have the same talent and far greater than many of the 80 students have studied other
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things. vocational school. great people, great talent, and they do very well, they do very well. through our pledge to the american worker, we have already made available 16 million apprenticeships and creating opportunities for the jobs of tomorrow to bring jobs and prosperity to the most distressed communities, we created nearly 9,000 opportunity zones here that has been a great success, a tremendous scott of south carolina has helped so much. which has already brought nearly $100 billion in investment to neighborhoods where millions of hispanic-americans live. and you see it, so many of you already today. speaking to you, you said that what a difference that is made. before the plague of china came in, you know what that is. the china virus before it came in and hit us we achieve the lowest hispanic-american unemployment rate and the lupus poverty rate ever recorded in the history of our country come
12:45 pm
ever recorded. [applause] and we are getting back to it very quickly. we achieved the highest ever income for hispanic-americans and many other american groups and communities. we built the greatest economy and history, not only for our country, but for the world. and by far, china had the worst year in 67 years. they were not happy with what was going. they were going the wrong direction and then the plague came in. but together we will do it again and we will do it very quickly. we are already doing it. we will achieve a swift, full and complete recovery for hispanic-americans and hispanic-american community. and we are doing it very, very rapidly. the hispanic focuses on sheltering the most vulnerable, including all americans and nursing home residents while allowing those at lower risk such as young and healthy children in many cases, the
12:46 pm
immune system so powerful so strong. but the young and healthy to safely work at school. we have to open our schools. open our schools. stop this nonsense. we open our schools. germany, norway, so many countries right now. they are open, the schools are open and they are doing just fine. they are opening in the fall. so we have to get our schools open. we have to get our schools open and stop this political nonsense. and it's only political nonsense. it is politics. they don't want to open because they think it will help them november 3rd. i think it's going to hurt them november 3rd. open your schools. at the same time, we are unleashing the scientific brilliance of our people. we have multiple, effective therapies in use already with more being developed.
12:47 pm
you have to see some of them. the results are looking incredible. and we are on track to produce a vaccine in record time and very, very soon. it will be announced i believe very, very soon. so we have therapies and we have vaccines. utilizing these advances in the skill of our doctors and nurses, we have dramatically reduced mortality rates. we have among the lowest mortality rate anywhere in the world. we've done a great job, whether it is ventilators or anything you want to look at testing. we test so many people. we have more cases. everybody said we have so many cases. that is because we test so many people. we are up to approximately 40 million tests, going up to 45 quickly. we have test other countries don't have test like we do. so we show cases and other don't show cases. but what we do have is perhaps the lowest but among the lewis, perhaps the lowest mortality rate, death rate anywhere in the world.
12:48 pm
and that is a tremendous sign what we are doing and what doctors have learned here are the kind of things we are using. it is an incredible number statistically, an incredible number. a policy of never ending lockdowns month after month would ultimately do more harm than good to public health and so bad for our children. as a result, it really is more loss of life. we can't do that. we have to get back now. we did it right. we saved millions of lives by what we did. we shut it down. we saved millions of lives. we put a ban on china, heavily infected, i put a ban on europe early, both of them very early. we saved millions of lives but now it's time to get back to work. a lot of people were against those bands, and how they admit, most of those same people admit that man was the greatest thing and saved so many lives. crucially, we realize that the health of the nation's economy
12:49 pm
is fundamental to the health of its people. the last two months, we have begun the fastest economic comeback in history, including an increase in hispanic and american employment of more than 2.1 million jobs, a record appear at the hispanic prosperity initiative will help build this program. i will be naming a leader of incredible vision, former lieutenant governor of new mexico, john sanchez here and i know he is here. john, i would love to have you come up and say a few words, please. thank you very much. >> john: thank you mr. president. what an honor it is to be here with you and everybody else in her nation's capital. from a young boy who grew up in absolute poverty, the youngest of eight kids with a single mother come i can understand what it is for the challenges facing all families but especially hispanic families in this country. but because of her leadership through personal responsibility,
12:50 pm
stay in school and get a good education, we have lived the american dream. as a young boy, used to go search for cardboard boxes from the grocery stores because we didn't have the souls, mr. president on our shoes. we would hope and pray it would not rain so the cardboard would not melt on the way to school. here are now almost 50 years later, i stand to the most powerful man in the world and the most powerful city in the world with the white house and all of you fine folks. today, i have lived the american dream. a look at my brand-new, black shoes. that is the american dream. [applause] mr. president your leadership when it comes to job creation, education reform to my choice when it comes to education will allow this country to fulfill its american dream. i am honored to be here with you mr. president. your great leadership making america great. we stand with you. we will keep america great under your leadership. god bless you. thank you very much. [applause] >> president trump: good job, john, very much, great honor.
12:51 pm
i will also be appointing the ceo and president of goya foods come up bob, please, please. [applause] >> good afternoon, mr. president, good afternoon everyone. it is such an honor and such a blessing to be here in the greatest country in the world, the most prosperous country in the world as we continue to grow. that is what we are here to do today. our company was founded in 1936 by my grandfather who left spain at only 18 years old. he did not know where he was heading, but he was heading and looking for opportunity and prosperity. he found it in this great country. today, our company is a multibillion-dollar company with thousands of employees and with facilities all around the globe. we have a tremendous group of
12:52 pm
what we call the great goya family. these are people whom i told the earlier, we have gone back to work but never stopped working. because when i asked our group, our family, this is going to be a tough thing. he said, luke, bob, if we don't do it, nobody will. they stood up and worked and continue to work day and night to provide much-needed food and nutrition to this today, it gives me great honor -- either way, we are all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like president trump who is a builder. if that is what my grandfather did. he came to this country to build, to grow, to prosper. we have an incredible builder, and we pray.
12:53 pm
we pray for our leadership, our president. and we pray for our country that we will continue to prosper and to grow. today, i have an announcement to make that they wanted to share with all of you. there is a great need today in food banks around the country. food is being depleted. hopefully as the summer ends, we have new crops. right now, there is a shortage. our employees and partners we have in the industry wanted to donate 1 million cans of chickpeas and 1 million cans of food. these are products made in the united states. producers rice mill and arkansas donating food.
12:54 pm
again, all of our products, a lot of our products are grown here in the united states made in america. we are very proud to give back to this nation to the food banks which are going to be needing some of that important food. in particular at this special time, we wanted to make that. god bless you all. we hope that we continue to prosper and grow in this great country and give thanks to god. like you very much. >> president trump: that's very nice. we are also grateful to be joined by future commission members standing behind me. mario rodriguez, steve cortez, cassandra, chris garcia, and david, alfredo ortiz.
12:55 pm
thank you all very much for being here. thank you. speak to we have been watching this event and participated at the possibility of more reaction to the supreme court ruling. with 20 minutes of joe biden taking -- the rose garden and beautiful today sunny executive order for hispanics of america. gentlemen, we brought you into a talk about some different topics. this is right up your alley when it comes to his hispanic-americans. remark on that in a few moments we have here. >> hispanic people generally are entrepreneurial. they are fantastic business builders. ronald reagan said of hispanics, they are republicans. they may not know it, but they are naturally republicans because of their entrepreneurial spirit. they are builders. people who love to be in business. and i think it is an interesting
12:56 pm
contrast. the president's approach to the hispanic economic opportunity initiative with the black lives matter, you know, one very solemn, in many ways negative -- this is bright and cheery and expressing optimism about the future of the country. i think that it is a very bright moved by the president. you know george w. bush got 44% of the hispanic vote in 2004. i think it is very possible that this president by reaching out to hispanics like this can make significant inroads into that population for november. >> bill: we shall see. we heard joe biden talk about unions before that. something happened in new york city that is making headlines. they painted the black lives matter on fifth avenue immediately outside of trump tower. bill de blasio, the mayor was there to make comments and help
12:57 pm
paint it. what is the effect for an image like this for the next several months? >> give me 30 seconds. i oppose that sign. the black lives matter organization does not care about all black lives. they don't care about police officers who are killed. they don't care about black on black crime at all. i don't care about school choice. it is a very extreme organization that only cares if a police officer is involved in a killing. what bothers me more than anything else, you look at their manifesto, it is extremist. i submit to you the following. donald trump has supported historical black colleges. donald trump has signed an executive order -- a lot of black americans such as myself will be voting for donald trump this year because the democratic party has been hijacked -- >> bill: do we have the sound bite for the mayor, bill de blasio? he's looking for a $7,000 to help new york.
12:58 pm
>> we are saying that black lives matter in new york city. anna black lives matter in the united states of america. let's show donald trump what he does not understand. let's paint it right in front of this building for him. >> bill: how was i going to go for the dollars out of d.c.? >> i would hope that the request was not affected by what was a shameful, spiteful act. it bill de blasio really knew exactly what he was doing, sticking it to trump. if he really cared about black lives, playing all of what leo just said, he would have posters all over new york city of all the slain toddlers, teenagers and pregnant women who have been killed in the cross fire in the inner-city violence. this is not a caring, sincere gesture. >> that was nothing more than a publicity stunt. it means nothing. it doesn't protect
12:59 pm
african-americans or americans in general. it is a publicity stunt. it means nothing to me at all. >> bill: it will be there for some time. at, they talked with a blm rep from philadelphia. i thought this was interesting. play this year. >> one other thing that we are demanding is that the funding over five years to the complete abolition. we don't want to see any police in our community in five years. in the five years gives time for the communities to begin to build what is needed instead of police so that we are not looking to leave a vacancy around the issue of safety. >> the fund and move them out of the community if you can do it. >> there has never been an organized society in the history of the human race that did not have a police force. to keep order. it is so sophomoric and ill-informed it is pathetic.
1:00 pm
>> she is scary. she is out right scary. the lady doesn't know what she's talking about. >> bill: i have to run. back tomorrow at 3:00. it has been an interesting day already, hasn't it? here is neil. >> this is a political which are not the likes of which nobody has seen before. it is a pure witch hunt. it is a hoax. >> including the president's appointees had declared that he has not been above the law. >> congress has brought oversight authority. it is supposed to be used for legitimate legislative purposes. >> the supreme court agrees that the president doesn't have the right to hide his financial records. >> bill>> neil: a very taxing dr the president of the united states. a grand jury can go ahead and subpoena f


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