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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  April 16, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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program today and gave all of us a lift, thank you. and thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm dana perino and don't forget story time at 3:30 p.m. eastern today streamed live on, facebook, and youtube. >> bill: dana, thank you. i'm bill hammer. we are hearing from the white house the president about to share his ideas on how america can reopen as we hear details on that, here is where we stand. the president is talking with governors at this hour as historic job losses piled up by the millions. more than 22 million americans are now filed for unemployment in the last month alone. that has now run out of money. republicans and democrats had a stalemate. talking to new york city mayor bill de blasio about that in a moment but we begin with the top republican house minority leader kevin mccarthy and sir, thank you for your time. you are at a stalemate, how
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come? >> we are not on a stalemate on the republican side. the only problem here is democrats are denying the ability for small businesses to get their loans from the fda to pay their employees. we have the speaker being a late night tv, more important showcasing her gourmet ice cream than securing the funding. we now ran out of money, $350 billion. more than 1.6 million small businesses out of 5,000 banks got this loan. but as of today, we ran out of money and now we are in jeopardy of all the other loans that are in their because we requested last week to move it. a one-page bill, just provide another $250 billion which would allow small business to keep paying for their employees, that becomes a grant. but speaker pelosi and chuck schumer said no. >> bill: okay, so speaker pelosi said the following in part. she is looking for help for the
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under banked small businesses and others struggling to access ppe. looking for a desperate state local government money at hospitals on the front line of the epidemic. your response on that? >> she's just not being truthful because what she requested was to make it more burdensome for small businesses. right now, it's only two pages to apply. she now wants more data on you before you can apply so she makes it harder on a small business. is a one page bill to move forward, but she said no. hospitals, we just moved out $30 billion to hospitals and we have another 70 sitting there. there is no other fund that is out of money except small business. she is the only thing holding it up. in she sent an individual to the floor in the senate to object. had they not objected, this would have passed unanimous consent. the democrats are objecting. just as she held up the cares act for that one week to put in more money for the kennedy center and wanted to change for
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a green new deal, she's trying this exact same thing but she had 5 million more reasons today why not to play politics. those are people who applied and unemployment. now we are up to 22 million americans and nancy pelosi is spending the time behind a very expensive refrigerator bragging about her gourmet ice cream. >> bill: so a few things here, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is about to speak on the floor so we make it interrupted here. and in fact, we are. >> this morning, the program ran out of money. and shut down just as i warned a week ago. even now, senate democrats are still blocking funding. every senate republican was ready to act today. but democrats would not let us reopen the program.
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so look, mr. president. it's absolutely surreal to see democratic leaders treat support for workers and small businesses is something they need to be goaded into supporting. this really should be above politics. 5 million more americans lost their job just last week. that makes 20 million layoffs in just one month. americans need democrats to stop blocking emergency paycheck money and let this job saving program reopen. i hope our colleagues will come around soon. >> bill: there is the message, i saw a number a bit earlier today that they have processed 14 years of money and loans and a 14 day time frame. that is just staggering. i think the question is how high
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is the pile going to be ultimately and can you tell us what is the status of ongoing discussions and negotiations with speaker pelosi and senator schumer as of this hour? >> to be frank, i don't know why we're having a discussion. there is a need out there like we've never seen in this century. we have a program that's working using five different avenues to provide it from community banks, from credit unions, from thin tech. and you know who the monies going to? the worker in our restaurants in the worker in our dry cleaner, but the democrats are saying no. there is no excuse for this. i don't understand how democrats can stand up and say no. they don't even have to come to washington to pass this. can pass by unanimous consent. just turns from there. mitch mcconnell saying he had that happen just as he asked a week before. in the house, the republicans would allow it as well but nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are denying it. just as they held up the cares act. this is not a time for politics.
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one matches back to the question, what is the status of discussions? >> as far as i know, the speaker is back in san francisco in her house in napa. mcconnell and i are both here, i know the staff had met with secretary mnuchin yesterday, but they haven't come back with any answers. we put an offer on the table again, let's fund another $250 billion, no policy changes whatsoever, replenish money that has been used to keep the workers keep being paid through to paying their rent, paying utilities. that becomes a grant. it's a very successful program helping those who almost needed the most, the small businesses. that's the only place we are looking at this moment. >> bill: in the meantime, the $350 million is accounted for. thank you for your time today. we will fall away. there's news this hour, come on back.
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kevin mccarthy, the republican from california. here locally in new york, the mayor at the epicenter of the country pleading for more help as well. he is asking for billions of dollars of federal government. new york city mayor bill de blasio was back with me. thank you for your time. i heard you say you need a bailout. i think everyone does. how big, mayor? >> right now, i have counted for and very sorry to say the seven and a half billion dollars in lost revenue that we now know is going to hit this city and you know what that means? we cannot provide the basic services. this is the city with the best police department in the country, best fire department. we are one of the capitals of this country in terms of economic power and economic impact and all that we do to help the american economy be strong but we are not going to be able to provide basic services in this city because we've got nowhere else to turn to get that kind of money and
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the federal government has done all sorts of things to help which i appreciate. i want to see that help for american working people for sure. at $58 billion to the airline industry and here is the largest city just trying to get by. and i think the stimulus that's being discussed right now by congressman mccarthy, i think it is absolutely right to put the money in for localities and states that are suffering and don't have another place to tu turn. >> bill: just so i've got the number right, you're looking for a $7.4 billion from washington? >> yes, because that's exactly the amount of revenue that we are losing in this crisis. we have half a million unemployed people and we cannot provide basic services unless we have the budget to do it. >> bill: a bit earlier today, said it extends for another month. what is the logic for 30 more days? i think about 30 days prior and
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how little we knew about this and now we are forecasting for another month. how come? >> that's a great question. >> bill: understanding how we are starting to reopen things. >> i spoke to president trump yesterday on this very topic and i said to the president i want to reopen as much as you do, but we have to make sure we do it the right way. , god forbid, we take our foot off the gas the wrong way, we will have the same problems that parts of asia had were suddenly the disease had a resurgence and we reset back and your economic recovery doesn't happen. takes much longer. so here we are in the epicenter, we've got to make sure that the number of cases actually goes down for a sustained period of time, the number of people in icu we see fewer and fewer. our numbers are not changing that much for the better. we have seen some improvement. >> bill: i heard some good news from the governor today.
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he talked about net change and hospitalization is down, talk about intubation's down, he also said we can control the virus and we can control the spread. i think all of that is really good news rated earlier today, talked about keeping the swimming pools closed for the summer, keeping the beaches in new york closed for the summer. at what point do you arrive at the point where you can talk about opening things and giving people a little bit of hope? >> the hope is getting it right. new yorkers have done an amazing job doing the social distancing doing the shelter in place but here's what i said to president trump and vice president pence. i said who we need to get it right. you've got one chance to get it right and that's the president was, one chance to restart the economy the right way but if we rush when we are still in the throes of this crisis, if we let people come back together and start gathering again, there are lessons again from around the world and from our own path that
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show us when you take that foot off the gas to early, you could have it spread again. so my point would be show consistent process, start to drive it down to the point that we can contain it, we have a small enough number of cases to actually know and quarantine people again the right way. we are testing widespread so we can drive it back once and for all and if we don't, you don't want to see a boomerang effect. >> bill: i entirely agree with you. when you wake up in the morning, where do you see the silver lining? where do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? >> i do see it first of all because i've seen the social distancing in the shelter in place is working. that's why we have seen any progress at all and i think if we are tough about it and strong about it and disciplined about it, americans are ready to do this, we can drive it back in the course of months. i've said i want school opening in september, i want everything up and running. i don't want a false start.
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so my point would be prove it with a tough disciplined approach, get people's expectations lowered a little bit because i think some people think we're going to have all their teams back right away and we'll all go to the stadium with 50,000 people right away. that is a false hope and not fair to people but the but the end of the tunnel is in the summer as we go into the fall, we can get it right but a lot of discipline and i'll tell you one thing, if cities like new york city do not get enough help to get back on her feet and have basic ability to function, you will not have a national recovery. you can't do it without the economic leaders of this country. >> bill: i am hearing july in that answer. >> july and august are the months where we have to begin to get back to normal but i'm telling you why i said september for schools, close down schools now, it's not safe, get ready to come back in september between now and then, we have to drive the disease down to the point it is truly contained and we have very few cases. that's what i think is going to tell us that we are truly back
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to normal. >> bill: thank you for coming back today, appreciate you. we are talking about new york, we get this from ohio moments ago. the governor in ohio says he is starting a plan to reopen the economy in that state on the 1sa press conference just a moment ago, the ohio governor mike dewine saying he will start to reopen in about two weeks, slowly begin lifting the restrictions in the era of what he calls a new period in the fight against covid-19. keep an eye on that. meanwhile, new questions about how this all started, when did china know and when did it know it? we have exclusive coverage about the point. how do you do that? what does that look like in a time of crisis? we will talk to the dnc communications director on that and more as we continue.
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and without spending one dollar out of pocket to get it done. it is the quickest and easiest refi they've ever offered. one call can save you $2000 a year, every year. >> bill: fox news reporting there is increasing confidence that it can be traced to a lab in wuhan china. in julian turner reports live outside the chinese embassy today in washington. >> fox news can now confirm two important pieces of this coronavirus puzzle, investigators looking into whether or not this virus was released by an employee of a lab
12:18 pm
in wuhan china out into the general public accidentally back in december. our sources telling us today that this scenario is looking increasingly likely. now, the chinese foreign ministry is responding directly to fox news is reporting on the story. here's what their spokesperson said. >> translator: the head of the w.h.o. has stated many times there is no evidence at the new coronavirus originated in a laboratory. many prominent medical experts in the world also believe that the so-called laboratory has no scientific basis. >> secretary of state mike pompeo caution fox news last night there's still a lot to learn a before investigators can conclusively say the coronavirus was released from a lab and didn't originate in a wet market as china has claimed. the white house trade advisor peter navarro says one of the reasons china's government delayed reporting the virus during the early days of the outbreak was to buy time in
12:19 pm
order to stockpile medical supplies and ppe. take a listen. >> it was going systematically around the world vacuuming up all of the personal protective equipment that people in america and milan and everywhere else we need to defend themselves and they bought over 2 billion masks between january 24th and the end of february alone. >> something else we are digging into an outcome the safety protocols inside that lab, our sources are telling us now in addition to those two state department cables which include complaints and warnings from u.s. officials about safety practices, and may be the case that the slab was operating below those safety levels and was approved to be operating at which is called biosafety level 4. >> bill: thank you, outside the chinese embassy in washington. back in january before president trump starting accusing china of a cover-up, he praised the chinese government
12:20 pm
for being transparent. at jennifer griffin has more on how we got to this point from the pentagon today. >> when president trump pulled out of the transpacific trade deal soon after its inauguration, critics accuse the president of seating ground to communist china, a rising superpower seeking to fill the vacuum as it withdrew from the world. the initiative was supposed to win the hearts and minds of countries seeking cheap loans and help rebuilding aging infrastructure. president trump played hardball with china on the one hand starting a trade war but also cozied up to china's president praising the communist dictator. >> we have a deal with china. i just spoke to president xi last night and we are working on the problem, the virus. is a very tough situation, but i think he is going to handle it. i think he's handled it really well. >> today, his defense secretary and secretary of state have struck a very different tone.
12:21 pm
>> i find it hard to trust whatever comes out of the chinese communist party and they have been misleading us from the early days of this virus. i don't have much faith they are even being truthful with us now. >> they were days that went by from when the chinese communist party there knew about this virus before they told the public at large. in a lot of cases, a lot of movement, a lot of travel around the world before the chinese communist party came clean about what really transpired there. >> senior u.s. officials say china is on a charm offensive offering to send supplies but some of those planes are coming back half empty. the state department says china may now be conducting small nuclear tests in northwest china putting china's foreign ministry on defense. they say that these are unwarranted accusations and that the u.s. has ulterior motives. the worldview of china has changed since the pandemic,
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>> i know this sounds sort of strange, but he is doing exact thing that we teach our kids not to do, blame somebody else. >> bill: joe biden accusing president trump of not taking responsibility over the pandemic. the former vp also criticizing the president last night during a virtual town hall for not wearing a face mask. communications director for the dnc. i have a number of questions to go through, let's figure out how much ground we can cover.
12:27 pm
would joe biden where a face mask first? yes or no. >> he said that already. the vice president understands that we need to take the guidance of health professionals and what he has said in various town halls before this is that when he is leaving the house, he has a face mask on. he follows the guidance health professionals and that's exactly what he would do if he were president as well. yes, that's what he said. he said when he leaves the house. >> bill: i just want to be clear on that. what is the conversation inside the party like at the moment? is the dnc going to hold a convention? >> right now, first of all, there's been a lot of enthusiasm in our party and just look at the endorsements over the last few days and what the dnc announced a few weeks ago is that we are moving our convention from july to august to not only give ourselves more time to plan, but also to listen to the guidance of health professionals. uni and the rest of this country
12:28 pm
don't know how long this will last a we are going to put contingencies in place and the convention team is using the next few weeks in order to make sure that they are following the guidance of health professionals that have a number. >> bill: so as of this conversation, you plan on doing it still in august, correct? >> that is correct read and let me remind, we must have a convention. we need to do the business of nominating joe biden. in we have to have a candidate to take on donald trump and that is part of our role. >> bill: how do you campaign against the president? when everybody's in their basement? >> right now, we are using a lot of digital organizing. and we saw a very early on as of a few weeks ago, we started digital organizing and moving all of our organizers to digital organizing but also training people on mind and we got great enthusiasm so we have to keep that organizing a training but
12:29 pm
also, we are encouraging people to vote by mail wherever they can. so we have started text messaging campaigns in places like florida and georgia which will be to go critical states in the general election and have already reached 2 million voters, a million in florida and a million in georgia. >> bill: okay. this is a campaign like no other. i think you would agree on that. south korea voted yesterday. they had 40 million people go to the polls wearing face mask and gloves. do you see that happening here in november? >> i don't think we know what will november will look like but we believe the government should do is they should encourage states to make sure they have contingency plans. you are a governor right now and you are looking at your state election in november, you are looking at ways where you should be looking at ways to implement things like vote by mail and other reforms to make sure that regardless, people can have their voices heard.
12:30 pm
>> bill: i think the south koreans prove they can do it even during this pandemic, that was the extraordinary thing about that. >> i believe that governments and governors have led the way during this pandemic. i think there were a lot of governors who understand their states and are listening to health professionals, so i think that a lot of them are looking into this and figuring out how they can get the funding from the federal government in order to have things like vote by mail and extend access in november. >> bill: one last point here, tara reid has made a devastating allegation against joe biden and this allegation goes back more than 25 years. do you think he has addressed that sufficiently? >> first of all, we should always listen to accusers and accusers should be heard but the campaign has addressed it and the campaign has said there is no truth to it. one thing i also want to point to is joe biden's record when it comes to fighting for women's rights whether it was the
12:31 pm
passage of the violence against women act for his entire career, he has a record and he has a record compared to donald trump of fighting for women in making sure. >> bill: would you expect him to address it again? >> i think it has been addressed and i'm sure that joe biden in the campaign will continue to address it as questions come up. but i believe what the campaign has done on this and there are further questions, i'm sure they will address them. >> bill: communications chair for the dnc, thank you so much for coming back. we are waiting for new guidelines from the fed about when the government will reopen. the president talking with governors, all 50 states at the white house. what we are learning from his plan to get back to business. plus, is testing the biggest hurdle to getting back on track? dr. marc siegel has a view on that coming up next. t? ok here you go...
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>> bill: president trump right now holding a video call with numerous governors from across the country. we are told there are guidelines being drafted to help reopen the country. chief white house correspondent john roberts from the north lawn fills us in on those details. what are you learning, john? >> we are learning those guidelines have been drafted and revealed tonight at 6:00. right now, the president is walking the nation's 50 governors through them. the theme of these guidelines is opening up america again, some specific medically-based metrics for reopening the country and here is part of what the president is going to be looking at tonight for at least 30,000-foot level. this is going to be a governor led initiative, it will be data driven and layered. this won't be a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all approach, it will be specifically tailored not just state-by-state but county by county. they will continue shelter in place orders while others will be able to open sooner i'm told. the white house says have all
12:37 pm
signed off on the guidelines, all three of them agreeing that this is the way forward. this is what the president said just before he got on the call with the governors as he was outside on the south lawn just a little while ago. we met will be informing them, and i think they'll be very happy with what we're doing. they want to win this war and we're going to win it very big and hopefully very soon. >> 30,000-foot level in a conference call, the guidelines are recommendations for governors to draw their own plans as we said some states will be able to open much sooner. others are going to take a lot longer that you can expect new york city is going to take a lot longer. the buck is going to stop with the governors that this thing is going to be data driven, not date driven and it will be ultimately up to the states to determine what is appropriate
12:38 pm
for them and the federal government will be following along all the way. >> bill: very interesting, said just last hour they are working on the plans as you are reporting there. what's the tone the president will take on this? >> the president will say clearly the country has been through an up evil the likes of which we haven't seen in a long, long time, but he will also pay tribute and recognize and salute the people who have helped us get through all of this. the doctors and nurses and first responders, all of the people on the front lines, the people who have managed to get supplies to where they need to be, the businesses that have stepped up. just a little while ago when the south lawn, the president paying tribute to the truckers of this nation who have kept the wheels rolling all through this crisis delivering medical supplies, food and other items to where they needed to be. listen to what the president said. >> for days and sometimes weeks on end, they leave their homes and deliver supplies that american families need and count
12:39 pm
on during this national crisis and at all other times, they are always there. their routes connect every farm, hospital, manufacturer and community in the country. in the war against the virus, american truckers are the foot soldiers who are carrying us to victory. they've done an incredible job. we had no problems, it's been just great and we want to thank you very much. >> this really is a watershed moment in this crisis, the president helping as of tonight some states are going to be able to start to move toward the end of the tunnel and we can really begin to finally turn a corner on this crisis that has gripped the country for so long. >> bill: thank you for that. a gruesome discovery at a nursing home in new jersey. investigators uncovering the 17 bodies in a makeshift morgue meant for four people. it happened that a long-term facility in andover and it is
12:40 pm
not clear how many of those people died of covid-19. the governor phil murphy has asked the state attorney general to investigate. the biggest obstacle of getting things back to normal is a shortage of testing. dr. marc siegel on the best chance we have to make that happen. also with pro sports on hold, the nba is offering a very different type of competition. i will talk to one of the players today who has made it the final four. state farm is announcing the good neighbor relief program we're returning $2 billion dollars to our auto policyholders through may 31st. because now, more than ever, being a good neighbor means everything. like a good neighbor, state farm is there.
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>> we rapidly develop the most expensive and accurate testing system anywhere in the world and have completed more than 3.3 million tests. today, we have authorized 48 separate coronavirus tests and the fda is working with 300 companies and labs to widen our capacity. >> bill: this is a very critical thing here, president trump touting the progress made, a lot of health officials warned we still need to make it more widely available. this is the key to reopening things. dr. marc siegel now, fox news medical correspondent. i understand you have some new news today from the cdc. what did they tell you about testing?
12:46 pm
>> i interviewed dr. redfield of the cdc yesterday and he told me that they're going to start expanding these surveys around the country to ten different states using blood centers where you go to give blood. blood donation centers, 20 of them in ten states to figure out what the penetrance is into the community. in other words, how many people have antibodies and how many don't. up until now, we've been talking mostly about the tests you do this way and president trump when he says 3 million have been tested, he's talking about diagnostic tests but now we are moving into the idea of surveillance. who had it? who's over it? potentially, he was immune to it but the problem is that 90 different companies are asking fda for emergency approval for their tests and we don't know how accurate some of them are we still don't know whether they prove immunity or not. all the proof is that you've been exposed to covid-19 which is extremely useful information. >> bill: you raise a lot of good points they are. what about the abbott lab test
12:47 pm
you had the other night on tucker? you got the results back in five to 13 minutes. can that be produced on a mass scale back >> yes. in abbott's reporting they are going to be gearing up to that. abbott is also going to be doing an antibody test but abbott is definitely going to be gearing up to be doing millions of those tests instead of 55,000 a day which is all they can do now. that's to be expanded to my that's the wave of the future in terms of diagnosis. there is no doubt the point of care is the way to go rather than waiting for your result, having to have her transported to a lab. you can do it right in the doctor's office and in the hospital and we can see who has covid-19 and we have to isolate that person versus who doesn't have it and who can go home. it's a pretty accurate test according to dr. redfield of the cdc. >> bill: seems like we are waiting on this stuff. we talked to professor from rutgers university yesterday.
12:48 pm
they've got the saliva test where you can drive through in edison, new jersey. have you looked into that, does that show much promise on a mass scale? >> i like that a lot. he can do hundreds of thousands of tests in new jersey. but i like about that test as it is self-administered but the tests you saw me do on tv the other night with a nasal swab could be self-administered too. the key to saliva over a nasal swab is can i self administer this test so a health care provider doesn't have to suit up? we are having such shortages of personal protective equipment that self administering is the way to go. what i don't know about the new jersey test them i think it's phenomenal, i don't know how quickly that can be expanded around the country. that site at rutgers can do 100,000 tests, they can probably do 100,000 tests a week. again, that is still not enough. i want to give you an idea of the scale i am talking about here. the president 3 million tests
12:49 pm
will be diagnosed 650,000 patients with 3 million tests. we did 50 million tests or 100 million tests, imagine how many cases of lowly symptomatic or asymptomatic patients we are missing. i am suspecting that there is well over a million, even 2 million in the united states that have covid-19. i want to know who they are. of that's how we figure out how to reopen society. >> bill: so it is mid-april. how can you forecast at what point we are up to speed her up to scale that would be appropriate for the medical community? >> abbott says they can get their antibody test out of a rate of 4 million tests in april, 20 million by june. the fda approves ten different antibody tests, i'd like to see to the point where we can be doing 50 million tests a month of antibodies. people who have antibodies.
12:50 pm
that's up to speed. that's where we can really make a determination. this outbreak where this pandemic decreases over the more months and then comes back in the fall, i guarantee you were going to be ready by the fall. no question that we will have this in place by june or july. i have the same optimism we will have it in place by may. >> bill: i don't mean to interrupt you, i have 15 seconds left. do we need a national manhattan project or the equivalent of that to get this done? >> while, yes. i want this to be the number one priority. we reallocated $2.2 trillion already. let's see a lot of that go to get this testing up here now. may, not july, absolutely. >> bill: we could do it. put it out there. thank you, marc siegel. nice to see you. thank you for this afternoon. in a moment, the stage is set for the semifinals of the nba
12:51 pm
horse challenge. in a moment, i'll talk with a woman who's taken on the mend. plus, a new way to return to action. with that not be good? is there light at the end of this long tunnel? e up, and morte rates are at record lows. that's good news for veterans with va loans. that's me. by using your va streamline refi benefit, one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 a year. that's me. there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. that's me. put your va home loan benefits to good use. call my team at newday usa. there will be parades and sporting events and concerts. to help our communities when they come back together, go to and respond today to make america's tomorrow brighter.
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>> bill: some fun stuff. only four players remain in the horse challenge for the nba. one of them is right there. out of illinois, at their best in the nba. she has passed her to get to the challenge after knocking out chris paul with a free throw bank shot. in chicago, how are you doing? job well done. what is your secret? >> the sitdown shot is my secret. i don't think they were expecting that. that was exciting. >> bill: when did you come up with that? >> i think it was the day
12:56 pm
before. everything happened fast. i was a kid making up shots that day. >> bill: that's what we're doing right now, making things up. the next challenge will be tonight and your competition. >> the chicago bulls. >> bill: not to give anything away, but what are you thinking right now about how you can beat him? >> i don't know if anyone watched his last competition. i've just got to keep control and as close to the ground as possible. >> bill: you have to control the game. >> i think i've got a good shot. >> bill: do you practice for this, or is it mostly mind gam games? >> a little bit of practicing. it depends. you've got to keep control and shoot the shots. >> bill: you grew up in illinois, just outside of chicago. when you are young and playing
12:57 pm
in the yard, how many times did you play horse? >> oh, my god, probably every other day. two brothers, one sister. we go out it. >> bill: who won? >> the girls of course. >> bill: it gives us a bit of your spite from everything that's going on. how have you been able to process all of this? you want to be on the court, and that's not happening. >> it has been tough. i'm used to going from overseas straight to the wnba. it has been strange, but i'm trying to make the best of this time off and appreciate that i'm able to be home and talk to my family. >> bill: my best to your family and good luck tonight. we will cheer for you. if you win, come on back. >> deal. thanks for having me. >> bill: good luck, thank you. more updates from the sports
12:58 pm
world. health officials give the okay and possibility of the teams playing in arizona. nhl is exploring ways to come back to the ice. the league is putting safety first. also, there are reports the nfl is considering kicking off in september on time, even if that means playing in empty stadiums. and from the pga tour, the plan is to begin the tournaments in june, but they will not be open to the public. we will see if that schedule holds. one note of this channel not reporting, republican from arkansas has been talking about this story back in january. i talked to him a short time ago on my podcast. he had very strong language directed at the chinese government. >> this is an example of chinese treachery. i believe that senior chinese leaders made a deliberate choice in january that if they were going to suffer in this virus,
12:59 pm
the world is going to suffer with them. they were not going to see if their economy collapsed by 25% or 35% while the united states and japan continued. >> bill: you can hear more of that interview, the full interview by developing the podcast which is available online right now. the senator did not hold back. he believes, and he says as you heard in part, they are, that the chinese government believes that they were going to suffer that the rest of the world would pay a similar price. we challenge him on that claim, and he backs it up, and you can hear his commentary online. in the meantime, we are here monday through friday. do not miss what's coming up at 6:00 east coast time. two hours from now, we will see that president's force team. at the moment, john roberts reporting with dozens and dozens of governors across the country.
1:00 pm
they are trying to come up with an idea of how they can reopen the country. this is a sticking point for a lot of governors. how they do it, and how they do it safely. details are not forthcoming on fox. see you tomorrow. >> the new york pause policies to close down policies will be extended in coordination with other states till may 15th. i don't want to project beyond that period. that's about one month. one month is a long time. >> neil: stay at home, stay a little longer. how about two weeks longer? i am neil cavuto and this is "your world." we are not ready to go back to everything as normal at the end of this month. try the middle of next month, and we will get back to you on that.


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