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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 4, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PST

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you. rob: trying to get fox news voter analysis on the dog. jillian: thanks for our coverage. "fox & friends" is going to continue with that. rob: super tuesday. what do they call wednesday? wacky wednesday? jillian: "fox & friends" starts now. rob: see you later. >> it's a good night. >> super tuesday for nothing. just a few days ago the best pundits had declared the campaign dead. i'm here to report we are very much alive. [cheers and applause] >> when we began this race for the presidency everybody said it couldn't be done. tonight i tell with you salute confidence we are going to win the democratic nomination. [cheers] >> and we are going to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of this country. [cheers and applause]
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>> no many how many delegates we win tonight why have done something no one else thought was possible. in just three months we have got from 1% in the polls to being a contender for the democratic nomination for president. [cheers] >> my name is elizabeth warren and i'm the woman who is going to beat donald trump. [cheers and applause] >> i'm in this race because i believe i will make the best president of the united states. >> you don't get what you you don't fight for. i am in this fight. [cheers] >> there are four candidates remaining in the race like. >> hello. >> we're still here, guys. we're still here. steve: live from new york, it's a post game show. it's a wonderful wednesday after a super tuesday and it was a super tuesday for joe biden who four days ago
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politically on life support. yesterday he had a really good day. ainsley: he won nine of the 14 states. and it worked. amy klobuchar and mayor pete endorsing him. it worked. pete: an brian: by the way beto o'rourke in texas. joe biden comes back and takes texas who would have thought while texas has people waiting in line for hours in order to cast a vote that really mattered. steve: it's the hand of joe biden. he's alive. he's alive. take a look at how the candidates did yesterday. it's now a two-man race biden vs. bernie. biden won yesterday in massachusetts which is a slap in the face to elizabeth warren. he won in minnesota, tennessee, oklahoma, north carolina, virginia, arkansas, alabama, and texas. ainsley: bernie wins in utah, in california, that had all of those delegates 415, colorado and vermont,
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which is his home state. brian: after south carolina it became clear that joe biden could dominate the south. winning by a wide margin. arkansas pretty impressive. when you see what he did in virginia coming out of nowhere when bloomberg seemed to look to finish a solid second behind bernie sanders and then come back to take texas. even if you look at california where joe biden had almost no presence and no spending, he is roughly within 9 points in california. a state that every democrat is going to get anyway. so it's pretty stunning to see these types of results. it goes to show you i think overrule bernie sanders, the story is joe biden getting democrats behind him. the other thing is, people really started to look at what bernie sanders is going to do. if you are in texas and you say wait, somebody in my family is involved in the energy business where weather it's fracking or working on a platform or in office and that guy is going to destroy your business and bring in socialism and have
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unaffordable programs? i think people finally sobered up the math doesn't work and the programs from r. unplymouthable. ainsley: won in the south and won in the rust belt area and bernie won mostly on the west coast except for his state of vermont. we do want to mention that bloomberg got american samoa which is a territory in the middle of the ocean. brian: only cost him a billion dollars. steve: american samoa 18 hours from mainland, u.s.a., bloomberg had seven full-time staffers on the ground there do you know how many people voted? 170 in that state. take a look at the delegate count. biden is on board. he is close to 400 with 381. we are going to put a graphic up for you. bernie at 337. bloomberg at 37 and elizabeth warren who has got to be wondering today blornlt she and bloomberg continue has 43. brian: there is going to be a emergency meeting with the bloomberg people at some point.
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and you have to figure that he is going to hang it up. i can't see a reason for him to go forward. so bloomberg, if you do the calculus and do the exit polling, a lot of the bloomberg support would go to biden. however, the wild card is elizabeth warren who did terribly in an embarrassing poor in her own state. the thought is if you support warren you support sanders. if she gets out and there is pressure -- the sanders people evidently are ticked off at the warren people why don't you do what klobuchar did for biden and beto did for biden and mayor pete did for biden. she didn't do that and if she get out, the thought is that will be some momentum for bernie for march 10th five more states. steve: did you say moment, i'm thinking joe memntum: we are in three of the super tuesday states vermont, tennessee and texas. pete, what are people
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thinking on this wednesday after a super tuesday. pete: we are going to find out because it was a big day for bernie sanders in his home state. you have to win your home state and he did. he didn't win it as big as he did in 2016. he got 85% of the vote then. and then you go south of here into massachusetts and joe biden had a shocking upset which no one saw coming. none of the polls had him winning that state up until election day which is the only poll that matters. elizabeth warren coming in third. you have got to think it's not just a reality check time it's a pulse check i agree with you guys i don't i dt know where her candidacy goes from here. talk to the folks who voted and get their reaction this morning. ainsley: sounds good. check in with dean cain live in brentwood, tennessee. >> only 5:00 a.m. here and we have an an absolutely packed house already. joe biden swept the house cleanly and won here in tennessee. we are going to get some reaction from a lot of these folks. we obviously had a tornado here yesterday, a number of tornadoes here. the very resilient
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tennesseans are doing fine. unfortunately a loss of life and certainly affect the people's attitudes but they are very resilient here and moving past the race talk to the voters if we get their attention in just a bit. brian: i'm sure you can. left the polls open because of the natural disaster that took place. ainsley: check in with todd piro in midtown bar and grill in houston, texas. hey, todd. todd: yesterday we told you about those polls that showed sanders crushing it. this morning the narrative has changed significantly. when the delegates are settled out to meet up, you are not going to see a huge delegate increase for biden over sanders. it's going to be slight but it's not about the number of delegates in that spread. it's about the momentum. brian alluded to it earlier. not only did joe biden take the south, but he took texas which some consider part of the south regardless.
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it is a huge momentum swing for antisocialism in the democratic party. it's going to be interesting to see how this race goes from here, guys. back to you. brian: antisocialism but not antisocial. that's why we have him in the diners. thank you, todd. todd: excellent point. brian: griff does not like people and does not like. ainsley: griff is in los angeles where griff they had to keep the polls open in some of those areas right because they had some glitches? griff: good morning, brian, ainsley and steve. they did. they were literally voting here on the campus of ucla until 5 minutes until midnight. they celebrated. look at this video. they had a congo line celebration for the last video. >> many of the students wearing, surprise, bernie sanders t-shirts. they each had what they were calling a pizza fairy because pizzas kept showing up. the story is joe biden and the night belonging to biden. interestingly enough, you had sanders in vermont but biden out here in los
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angeles celebrating both claiming a sort of victory last night. listen to what they had to say. >> we are going to win the democratic nomination and we are going to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of this country. [cheers and applause] >> just a few days ago the press and the pundits had declared the campaign dead. this campaign will send donald trump packing. >> this campaign is taking off. >> let me show you the latest california numbers with 66% sanders a little shy of 33% at least 72 delegates. biden just under 24%. with 21 delegates. bloomberg just over 15 with 8 delegates. warren at 12.2 with 7 delegates. and you, of course, the question you guys have been asking all day which is what does bloomberg do now? did his big bet pay off. kevin cheeky his campaign manager was addressing reporters about a
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reassessment. listen. >> we have not voted yet we have in the had to assess. most democrats in this case understand our number one objective is defeating donald trump and all of us are supporting the nominee. griff: where does this leave elizabeth warren as well in the other question she sent out an owe mail to supporters saying in part, quote: there are six more primaries just one week away and we need your help to keep up the momentum. i'm not sure whether or not that's a clear indication she is staying in. it's certainly asking for money to do just that of course we do have more primaries coming a week from yesterday. guys? brian: griff, idaho, michigan, missouri, north dakota and washington. significant states. steve: that's why they call it mini super tuesday just a week later. obviously the president was taking in all of the activities yesterday and he put two tweets out that we are going to highlight on this wednesday morning. ainsley: he said elizabeth pocahontas warren other than
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mini mike was the loser of the night. she didn't come close to winning her home state of massachusetts. now she is just sit back with her husband and have a nice cold beer. brian: i don't think he was done yet. the biggest loser tonight by far is mini mike bloomberg his political consultants took him for a ride, 700 million washed down the drain and he got nothing for it but the nickname mini mike and the complete destruction of his reputation. way to go, mike. exclamation point. steve: some say mike bloomberg weared all the men pennies on the dollar taxes would be if bernie sanders were president of the united states. speaking of bernie, here is what rush had to say about that. >> if bernie sanders wins the democrat nomination and all bets are off because the he is the party and he is going to start installing people in the institutions they want to remain the political elite. they want to remain in
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charge and they know they are in charge when republicans win the white house. when the wrong democrat wins it, they do not want to happen to the democrat party. it can't be bernie. it can't be a pro-avowed socialist and communist. that just exposed them way too much to the truth of what their party is. brian: mike bloomberg got into this race because he thought bernie sanders was a disaster and obviously joe biden had really struggled and has been struggling on the stump sips he got in the race. in november he said i have a shot here. biden ended up getting his feet in south carolina. he spent a lot of money did mike bloomberg and he got on the ballot for the first time yesterday and it was a disaster. in terms of money spent, i know he is not going to feel it. but according to the "wall street journal," it is significant. ainsley: according to the "wall street journal" he spent $215 million just on super tuesday ads. i read he spent a billion
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dollars so far. a billion. how much he is worth. >> 56 billion. ainsley: maybe he won't feel it at all. steve: ultimately if i am joe biden and i'm waking up today. i'm thinking i'm going to call 1-800-flowers and send jim clyburn down in south carolina something really nice. ainsley: james carville the democratic strategist sent some message to clyburn thank you so much for saving the democratic party. brian: they say he spent $170 million on super tuesday states. 28 million in virginia alone. and he just dumped. ainsley: he is going to have to get out because it's just money wasted at this point he won't be able to win. steve: he is averting people from voting for joe biden hot party elders say is the only way to stop bernie sanders. brian: here is the good news. the good news is you can't buy an election. tom steyer and mike bloomberg are proof of that. steve: meanwhile there is
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other news. dean cain mentioned this is a moment ago. fox news alert. emergency in the state of tennessee after the nashville tornadoes left at least 24 people dead. brian: look at this video, it shows homes and businesses left in ruins. ainsley: live in nashville where dozens of people unaccounted for. grady? >> good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. and there is still no power here in east nashville. one of the harvardest hit areas by the tornadoes that moved through here it left dozens of buildings destroyed in its wake and sadly two of the 24 people who passed away did so just a few blocks from here. in putnam county about 70 miles outside of nashville, that's where the majority of deaths were reported. and search and rescue crews have been working through the night looking for signs of life among the debris. those searches continue today as you said dozens of people missing in nashville. the cleanup started as soon
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as the sun came up. strangers helping their neighbors trying to get things back to normal, listen. to see it like this you never think you are going to have to. >> no. it's a hell of a neighborhood though. so, we're going to be fine. we are going to be good. the neighbors are great. it's a hell of a place to live. you know, we work hard. we party hard we're going to take care of each other. >> and police in this area have ramped up patrols overnight and for the next few days. several counties put curfews into place as they have to worry about looters. the president plan as visit here on friday. steve: he does, indeed. grady, thank you very much. a desperate situation out there. continuing on on this wednesday, we have heart-stopping video two new jersey troopers saved a driver, seconds before a tractor-trailer exploded.
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the entire rescue coming up. you are not going to want to miss it. ainsley: and another eventful night for joe biden with more gaffes, and a protest. >> this is my little sister israeli and i'm jill's husband. oh no, you switched on me. this is my wife. this is my sister. >> carley shimkus has that and other top trending stories from super tuesday. that's coming up. brian: they don't like milk. (howling wind) (howling wind)
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ainsley: super tuesday delivering a big win to bernie sanders in his home state of vermont. steve: so what are the voters saying there? pete hegseth is talking to them live at erika's american diner in fairfax, vermont. all right, pete. pete: well, good morning, guys. as elizabeth warren learned if you can't win your home state, you are in a world of hurt. bernie sanders at least last night did that here in vermont and we're talking to some voters who went to the ballot box. first we are going to talk to david. david, good morning. >> good morning. pete: thank you very much for your service. vietnam veteran as well. really appreciate it. you are a republican who voted early for bernie sanders. why did you do that? >> did i that because i thought that would be -- i would like to see him win because i thought trump could take him out eyesier easir than biden. pete: your plan recall worked in vermont but not overall on super tuesday. what's your reaction to joe biden having a super night. >> i don't really like that. i wish he wouldn't have done well either. in may i think trump is going to take them both out.
3:22 am
i just hope all the republicans and the people that support trump will turn out and maybe we can even win the house back. pete: we shall see. thank you very much, david. appreciate it. ann maria, how are you? >> good. pete: good to see you again. >> thank you. pete: your reaction to bernie's results? >> it wasn't a surprise here in vermont. he won. pete: was it surprise how well biden did even up here winning massachusetts? >> yes. i honestly thought elizabeth warren would have done better. pete: okay. i think a lot of people thought that way. if you can't win massachusetts you are in trouble. command sergeant major how are you doing? >> not bad at all, pete, you? pete: anybody can do the morning. >> thank you for your service, pete. pete: likewise yours. >> we live in the bernie town here and i was happy to see joe biden win for the simple reason i hope if he gets the nomination that first of all he forgets about when his debates are going to be. he seems to forget quite a bit lately. that should be a no-brainer
3:23 am
yeah, i'm just glad to see that biden had an opportunity to take it and i'm hoping to see the debates with, you know, the president trump and him will go toe to toe. pete: it will be interesting no doubt. thank you very much. again. pete: a year ago i saw you in st. albans here in vermont. we interviewed you a year ago you called it was going to be joe biden would be their nominee. he is not there yet but he did have a good night last night. what did you see a year ago that others didn't? >> no competition bernie is crazy. his ideas are ridiculous. and biden has been there enough to be a politician. pete: he is a politician and he rose from the dead last night. so we have are talking to folks all morning long here in vermont and getting reaction to the voters as we do. back to you guys. steve: pete hegseth working the counter at erika's american diner in vermont.
3:24 am
brian: the u.s. strikes the taliban after afghan forces come under attack. there was 43 attacks yesterday. the latest on this situation coming straight ahead. steve: super tuesday teased up socialism vs. biden's establishment that campaign setting up an epic battle heading into the convention. we have an all-star panel to talk about the coverage and they are coming up next. ♪ i want it all ♪ i want it all ♪ and i want it now ♪ i want it all of 1, 2, 3 medicines with trelegy. ♪ ♪ trelegy ♪ 1,2,3 ♪ trelegy woman: with trelegy and the power of 1, 2, 3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works three ways to open airways, keep them open and reduce inflammation, for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma.
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jillian: good morning to you. we are back with a floater. overnight the u.s. launches a first airstrike against the taliban since signing a peace deal. it was meant to disrupt an attack on a security check point on n. afghanistan. the strike coming one day after president trump said he had a very good talk with the taliban leader. leaders head to the white house today how to track passengers during the kron outbreak. experts say they are about a month away from the vaccine. people have died all in washington state. in seattle, an amazon employee is quarantined after testing positive. in new hampshire a second person is infected after a patient breaks their isolation. steve? steve: all right, thank you, jillian. meanwhile it's a battle between the revolution and the establishment. joe biden seizing momentum over the last four days with a string of victories across
3:29 am
the south yesterday on super tuesday. but it was senator bernie sanders who struck delegate gold thanks to a big win in california. where do we go from here? let's bring in our media and polster panel joe concha styrene left. maslansky and president lee carter center square and real clear politics president tom bevan. >> good morning. steve: what's your headline on this winning wednesday after super tuesday. >> obviously big night for joe biden. think back where he was a week ago. steve: he was dead. >> unthinkable that he would have this kind of bounce back. and things really couldn't have gone any better for him in terms of the way things worked out. winning not just in the south but also in places like massachusetts and minnesota. maybe even maine. and getting to that viability in california which he was not at just a couple of days ago. that's going to help keep bernie sanders delegate hole out of california down a little bit and set up a real two-person horse race. steve: at least bernie sanders correctly identified his wife.
3:30 am
lee, what's your headline? >> my headline i was really surprised how many of the voters were for mayor pete and klobuchar actually turned to biden. what that suggests to me is that supports for moderates and support for somebody that they believe is going to win that is not bernie sanders is that solid. voter turnout was huge last night. it was bigger than 2008. and with the candidate that people aren't that enthusiastic about, what's that saying is people are going to come out to go against donald trump. that's how hard people feel they have to fight against it. and usually what we are seeing in voting is that we don't have somebody who is going to go and vote against. these people are there to vote against donald trump not necessarily for joe biden. steve: joe, your ears are going to be ringing all day joe momentum, joe concha what's your headline. >> biden should be sending flowers. elizabeth warren should be getting those flowers. she pulled during that debate in nevada that changed everything. we talked about this on the show just two weeks ago. after that performance by bloomberg, where he couldn't put the toothpaste back in the tube in terms of who he
3:31 am
was, the bottom line was warren took out bloomberg the way christie took out rubio and that took bloomberg off the equation for biden voters starting to go the other way that cleared a lane for him and it was the perfect political storm for joe biden. it's not like he has done anything too different, steve. it's more the fact that everything came together to your point, buttigieg, klobuchar, and bloomberg being out of the equation gave biden a clear lane to be happy for. steve: since you are from real clear politics, let's talk about some of the voter analysis from fox news. bernie's crowd under 30 for the most part did not show up. only one in 8 of the people who voted yesterday were under 30. what happened? >> bernie has been saying that he has created this revolution and energizing. it appeared that way when you look at the crowd. the actual numbers don't support the idea he is expanding his appeal and base. he performed way worse this time around than he did four years ago. now, obviously different circumstances it wasn't a two-person race. but, still, disappointing for sanders.
3:32 am
he did not energize voters the way he was saying that he was doing. steve: lee, do you so much polling as well. according to fox news voter analysis. late deciders bought into the idea that joe biden was still viable after he won the single state of south carolina. >> he won and he won in a big way. i think that what people are looking for. and if you talk to voters. some voters are saying i just don't know who to vote for. about a month ago. there was a poll that came out. emerson poll said 52% of democrats didn't know who they were going to vote for. what you are looking at polling. exit polling 1 in 4 decided the last 24 hours who they are going to vote for. support was soft. people are looking to see where the momentum was. who you this they thought mostlily to win and that's who they voted for. i don't see people saying i voted for biden because he is going to do this for me. they voted for biden i think he is the one that is going to win. that's a different equation. happen with john kerry and john mccain.
3:33 am
people who didn't generate that kind of enthusiasm among their base. steve: super thursday as joe biden referred to it. since you are a media reporter, how the media hit bloomberg. watch. >> intense america on mike bloomberg toe bow out of the race to clear a path for joe biden. >> made a bet that joe biden would self-destruct before this super tuesday. he lost that bet. he t. seems pretty clear that he is going to have a decision to make. he is not getting very good return on his investment. >> we will go back and listen to mike bloomberg who is fair to say not having the night he thought he paid for. steve: what do you make of the media reaction? >> oh, boy, he is a man without a party and without a media right now. steve: he is so rich. does he need a party or media? >> no, look. he spent more than half a billion dollars. $500 million to become the mayor of american samoa, that's basically what it bought him now at this
3:34 am
point. the only two questions left, steve, is when does mike bloomberg drop out and when does elizabeth warren drop out because at least you could say about the senator from massachusetts she just didn't have it in her d.n.a. to be president. i didn't mean that. steve: i know what you meant. tom, looking forward, mini super tuesday is next week and there are a bunch of her states. joe biden didn't run away with it. it is now a two-man race because joe biden came between bernie's revolution and taking over the democratic party. >> yeah. and joe biden did all this without basically having any infrastructure or spending any money. this was all momentum. steve: joe momentum. >> i like that. >> beerch ha bernie has ton of y and infrastructure. joememtmm will it last two
3:35 am
primaries day. bernie is expected to do well in some places. it's going to be battle. it's not over. steve: all right. great panel. on this winning wednesday. >> thank you. steve: a delivery man trudges through snow to pick up a fallen american flag. his patriotic deed caught on camera as everything is and now of course it's going viral. we will tell you more about that. plus, we will have breakfast with friends all across the country after joe biden's super tuesday comeback. coming up, we will check in with superman after super tuesday. ♪ when it's time for leaving ♪ i hope you'll understand ♪ ♪
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and yes we'll take care of you, no matter what. call 1-800-aspendental today. steve: back with the big results from super tuesday. the a.p. has declared joe biden the winner overnight in the great state of texas. ainsley: it is the second largest prize behind california. brian: i think this is the biggest story to come out of last night. casey stegall joins us in dallas with more on biden's
3:40 am
major win. casey? >> yeah. ainsley, brian, steve, good morning to you. what a difference a day makes on monday we did a live shot right around this time talking about this new poll that was out showing bernie sanders with a double digital lead here are in texas ahead of super tuesday keep in mind that was a poll that was taken when you still had klobuchar and buttigieg nut race. much more narrow when it came to picking candidates yesterday. no less, bernie sanders not coming close to pulling off a win here in texas. look at the numbers. >> former vice president joe biden taking this state with a margin of about 4%. it looks like biden taking the 34% of the vote roughly close compared to bernie's nearly 30%. mike bloomberg walking away with 15%. you see there. elizabeth warren with 12%.
3:41 am
but no delegates. so, joe biden's last-minute campaign push on the ground ahead of super tuesday very much paid off. that's what we were talking about yesterday. they say that about half of the voters polled say that they made up their mind at the last minute. either in the last few days or in the last few weeks. so, here is part of biden's victory lap speech in california last night. >> just a few days ago, the press and the pundits have declared the campaign dead. [cheers] south carolina say about it. we are told when it came to super tuesday it may be over. it may be over for the other guy. >> we need a movement and are developing a movement of black, white, latino, native measure, asian-american, gay and straight. [cheers] >> bernie sanders hitting on diversity there. something that a lot of
3:42 am
analysts ahead of the election thought would propel him to victory in texas and california. especially in these two states when you consider a large and growing subset of the electorate is hispanic vote. the hispanic voters. so, that was -- may have paid off and pushed bernie to a win out in california. but, certainly not in the lone star state joe biden emerging the victor on super tuesday. brian: big thing too is the lines. people in particular people waiting forever to vote. >> right. yeah. that's right. it's crazy. normally sort of doing mop-up coverage as we call it on the day after. we got all of the precinct numbers in. everything is reported. they had to keep a lot of polls open much later because there was such a line 7:00 p.m. local when they closed. so the people that were in line had to wait two, two and a half hours just to get through.
3:43 am
so, massive turnout as those final numbers are reported and we kind of compare and contrast those hot previous years it looks like we nearly broke records if we didn't break records. brian: it accept bare wassing. steve: casey stegall what he has revealed is mop-up coverage from texas. brian: exactly. ainsley: thanks, casey. now let's go to tennessee where dean cain is talking to voters at the farm land cafe in brent wood, tennessee. dean, we have been praying for those folks there. >> yeah, ainsley. obviously we had some tornadoes rip through here yesterday and there was at least 25 people were killed. awful situation. but tennesseans are extremely resilient and it's 5:40 in the morning here. an hour earlier here. and this place is packed and talking to voters and finding out what is going on. my friend johnny made. this is he a fox news fan and a heck of an artist. and you are also a business owner. so are you surprised at all
3:44 am
by the results of the election joe biden winning in tennessee? >> i'm not really surprised, no. that's not the ultimate result. the result is going to be trump is going to clean house. [cheers] >> it's trump friendly territory for sure. you are a business owner. what issue speaks to you the most? >> about. dean: in this election what issue? >> trump is obviously a business owner. he knows how to run a company. and i feel like that it's better to have somebody run the company -- i mean, run the country that has run companies before and knows how to deal with people, with employees. and it makes a tremendous difference. dean: you are happy with how is he running the economy so far. >> absolutely. dean: excellent. all right. we are going to switch over here real quick. i will check my notes here. we have so many people here right now. i'm going to go to my friend
3:45 am
ron here who is a vietnam veteran. are you surprised that joe biden took tennessee? >> no. no. because bernie is way, way out there in left field. dean: and you don't think that a socialist has a shot? >> not in this state it doesn't. [laughter] no way. dean: fair enough. you are a veteran. how do you think president trump is doing with our military? >> outstanding. he supports our military and our police. i'm just so pleased with that. dean: outstanding. all right. i want to turn my-to-my friend here. william, you are of the younger crowd here. you know, from looking at age here in this room. [laughter] you are 22 years old? >> yes, sir. dean: are you surprised at all that joe biden. >> a little bit. obviously they are the two. biden and bernie are the two in the front. i just think that, you know, everything i'm hearing, as a young adult right now online and everything, it's just
3:46 am
bernie, bernie, bernie. everybody is endorsing him and my friends same way. so it is a little like jarring to see that but it doesn't bother me. dean: what's the big issue for you in this election? >> that trump wins, honestly. [applause] dean: fair enough. fair enough. last but not least, we have a quick minute here. are you surprise you had to see that joe biden won tennessee by the amount that he won? >> no. i pretty much expected that. it's pretty conservative state except for my county, davidson. we are a business owner, and we have to go out on the open market and buy our healthcare insurance. my biggest concern is healthcare. my premiums before obamacare were $540 a month. and now they are almost $2,000 a month. so we have got to go find new insurance. we can't afford it. my two friends here with me today both lost their insurance because of the
3:47 am
affordable care act. dean: healthcare is a big issue for you. >> yes. dean: you are on team trump as well. >> absolutely. because his tax cut was wonderful for our business. dean: there it is. in this diner at least it's pretty straight clear that breakfast -- making breakfast great again right here. [cheers and applause] >> ainsley, steve and brian back to you. brian: i have never seen more people do more interviews with people without moving. [laughter] dean: we set it up just right, brian. dean: he doesn't want to move anymore. yesterday you were jumping around. today you are so exhausted. ainsley: it's great. you have your notes in front of you and interview everyone. steve: good camera work. dean: difficult sit here all day. steve: as long as they got coffee he will be there. ainsley: we are proud of where we are from our state that one man behind is you like socialism does not belong in this state. and the whole crowd goes
3:48 am
crazy. keen dean he means it. ainsley: i know. american feeling. thank you so much, done. steve: now i'm hungry again. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with news. jillian: good morning to you. following a number of stories. let's begin with this. the mother of one of the intern terrorists admits to destroying evidence. she will plead guilty today sledding a map believed to planning attacks. christmas party in 2015. both killed in shootout with police. the mother believed the map was connected to the shooting. she could face 20 years in prison former illinois governor rod blagojevich could soon be disbarred. his law license should be revoked. weeks after president trump commuted his 14-year prison sentence. blagojevich's license has been suspended since 2011 when he was convicted for trying to sell barack obama's senate seat. he now has 21 days to appeal or he will be disbarred.
3:49 am
blagojevich has said he is not interested in practicing law again. so, stay tuned for that a patriotic act caught on a veteran's home surveillance camera. watch as a propane delivery man trudges through snow to fix an american flag on a home in maine. you then see the delivery man brushing the know off the flag before carefully placing it back in its holder. this video is going viral. send it back to you. >> and the whole time he had his hose over his shoulder to do both things at the same time. very nice. good for him. ainsley: another eventful night for joe biden who staged a big super tuesday comeback. >> this is my little sister israeli and i'm jill's husband. oh no this one. you switched on me. this is my wife. this is my sister carley shimkus is here but the gaffe with the protest. the other top trending
3:50 am
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3:54 am
>> by the way this is my sister valerie and i'm jill's husband. you switched on me. this is my wife and this is my sister. they switched on me. steve: everybody makes that mistake. right? joe biden celebrating his major super tuesday surge but not without making another mistake mixing up his wife with his sister. ainsley: oh, gosh, here with reaction lighting up social media 24/7 reporter carley shimkus. >> all the news that happened last night. all the big moments. this is the one going viral on social media. i have to say i think this was a little bit understandable he didn't look behind him so he didn't know they switched sides. there must be a lesson in there somewhere. next time you grab a woman by the arm and call her your sister. make eye contact first. steve: exactly. there was one other thing that happened at the same podium that is extraordinary. >> absolutely. this was a moment that a lot of people are talking about these animal right protesters stormed the stage while joe biden was making a
3:55 am
victory speech in los angeles. and then simone sanders senior advisor she had been on the fox news channel a whole bunch. viewers are familiar with her. she just comes out nowhere and flies on stage and rips one of protesters off. such a power move. afterwards, she tweeted. this she says i broke a nail and look at joe biden standing in between her husband, yeah. >> absolutely. >> and. brian: jill had to jump up. >> it was ridiculous. these animal rights protesters. brian: against milking cows. ainsley: let dairy die. steve: i welcomed you by tapping your elbow as people say you should during the krokrohn crisis. that's why michael bloomberg. carley: michael bloomberg was having a bad night before returns came in video went viral.
3:56 am
his campaign posted it on snapchat first and it was supposed to be light hearted thing it shows him eating a piece of pizza. you could see it right there. communal pizza. steve: this is normal. >> then he starts licking it must have been really good. the president tweeted about it mini mike don't lick your dirty fingers both unsanitary and dangerous to others and yourself. hopefully he washed his hands after that. brian: so much going on amazing the president was able to comment on that. carley: that one was getting a lot of traction. steve: thank you very much. brian: joe biden making a huge comeback. donna brazile will be here live to talk about where it goes from here. is it his to lose? ♪ ♪ when did we introduce siracha? not soon enough. these are our sales... by product, by region... ...set against evolving demographics.
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but scrubbing still takes time. now there's new powerwash dish spray. it's the faster way to clean as you go. just spray, wipe and rinse. it cleans grease five times faster. new dawn powerwash. spray, wipe, rinse. >> democrats. a lifelong democrat. a proud democrat. an obama-biden democrat. get back up and take back this country united states of america. there is not a single thing we can't do. god bless you and may god protect our troops. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> we're taking on the political establishment. cheers] >> you cannot beat trump with the same old, same old kind of politics. let's go onto the white house. thank you. [cheers and applause]
4:01 am
>> i came here because winning in november starts with florida. [cheers and applause] and i'm the nominee. let me make you this promise. we will beat donald trump here in florida in swing states around the country. [cheers and applause] >> [inaudible] our democracy, our very future hangs in the balance. decide to fight back. me, i'm in this because i'm fighting back. >> thank you very much for being here and standing with me here tonight. brian: those are the candidates left in the fray after super tuesday. ainsley: i love. this i love politics. it's just ramping up now. super tuesday was yesterday. biden was the clear winner. he won 9 states. and bernie right behind him. steve: it is now a two-man race. let's go ahead as you come on in to the mezzanine level. welcome to the post game show on this winning wednesday after a super tuesday.
4:02 am
where we look lack at the map of the united nations much america. yesterday if you are just getting up biden won the commonwealth of massachusetts. he won minnesota. he won tennessee. i'm going to keep talking until they put up the map. vermont, north carolina, the commonwealth of virginia. arkansas, alabama, and texas. and then when it comes to the bernie column which is to the lef left plaintiff biden. ainsley: bernie didn't wins a many states but he did get california which 1415 delegates com -- 415dells. brian: i will list all of bloomberg's wins american samoa. wrap it up. warren blank, gabbard blank. gabbard did get one delegate in american samoa we are wondering if she will make the next debate that was the metric last debate. brian: and if you look -- go inside the numbers and some of the biggest surprises it has to be texas. for joe biden not ton in
4:03 am
front in any of single poll in texas. walk ahead all those delegates even though it's not winner take all so impressive. ainsley: why were you shocked with this state. brian: bernie sanders was leading in every single poll and you look to texas and california where bernie sanders put in all those resources, especially california, and even joe biden was within 9 points in california. i think he spent like 200,000s dollars there. and bernie sanders had 23 offices. it's because bernie sanders' message. i believe it's his interviews and his debates. they are exposing his programs that are implausible, inexrens cybil and not for this country. ainsley: he got california and the democrats in utah. colorado. they are very, very left. he got that left. and then he also got vermont which is his state. but then joe biden got the southern states and he got the middle of our country. government the rust belt area. steve: it all changed when joe biden said it's all going to start for me with the super result from south carolina and he was
4:04 am
absolutely right. the endorsement of james clyburn changed everything at the same time simultaneously people were going wait a minute, is bernie sanders the frontrunner? the socialist really the best thing for our party? and obviously yesterday it became two-man race on the democratic side. meanwhile, we are fanning out all across the country. having breakfast with friends in super tuesday states, including vermont, tennessee and texas. brian: still got to unwind what happened in virginia especially to mike bloomberg. griff jenkins is live in los angeles where it was a big night for bernie sanders in california. but do we know for sure, griff, if he is going to take all the delegates? does he have that wide of a margin? >> he will -- good morning to you. he will not take all of those -- we don't know that right now. and we suspect it will be proportional across the 53 congressional districts here. that's how the delegates are broken down. but, you know, as you were mentioning, steve, the shifting trajectory of this
4:05 am
race in south carolina has been absolutely a surprise. as have been the lines here in california. look at these aerial shots we have got for new southern california here in los angeles. ucla campus. students here until midnight. all the down to san diego lots and lots of people turning out. big story was the dominance by joe biden winning 9 of the 14. both candidates, sanders and biden claiming a form of victory last night. listen to this. >> we are going to win the democratic nomination and we are going to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of this country. [cheers and applause] >> just a few days ago, the press and the pundits had declared of the campaign dead. this campaign will send donald trump packing. >> this campaign is taking off. griff: let me show you how it's breaking down delegate-wise and percentage-wise in california. 52% reporting.
4:06 am
sanders 32% of the 415 delegates. biden just under 24. 21 delegates. bloomberg under 15% 8 delegates. warren just over 12% 7 delegates. let me take to you texas, the other big prize worth 228 did he goes. you have biden. 56 delegates, sanders just under 30% at 50 delegates. bloomberg just under 15% with 4 delegates and warren just 11.6 with zero delegates. here's the magic number. 15%. and in any congressional district have you got to meet that to take any proportional delegate for texas and california. we will see how it goes. meanwhile the big question is whether or not bloomberg's gamble paid off. is he paying upwards of a million or more dollars a delegate. probably bigger than that. yesterday his campaign manager told reporters about rumors of a reassessment. who knows. and then there is finally what about elizabeth warren? what does she do now? she sends out a fundraising letter late last night which says, in part, there are six
4:07 am
more primaries just one week away and we need your help to keep up the momentum. so clearly at this point, both are in, we will see what the day brings. brian, ainsley, steve? brian: it will be crazy. i'm sure the bloomberg people, griff, want him to stay in because is he writing big checks to everybody. he has a tremendous staff. ainsley: aides are saying is he considering ending his campaign. not very smart to spend all of that money going forward. steve: let's see what he does. he will let us know. griff, thank you very much. there at the ucla campus. brian: we will see what he does in another debate. er time he take as debate stage he loses more of his reputation. ainsley: he might drop out before the next debate. steve: seen the numbers and analysis with donna brazile in a moment. first having breakfast with friends from coast to coast in the super tuesday states of vermont, tennessee and texas. let's check in quickly pete who is live in fairfax, vermont. pete: good morning, guys. room full of great vermont folks here. they know crazy bernie. he has been around here for
4:08 am
decades. not surprised he won his home state. there is some surprise though that when you go a little bit south down to massachusetts elizabeth warren at best managed third place. putting her campaign on life support. so we are going to ask these voters, some of which are republicans who voted either for bernie because they want him to win to lose to the president or for biden because they think he would be more mothere or less formidable to go up against the president. we ask him and confiscate as much vermont maple syrup ascii bring to the couch for you guys. ainsley: jug? that's a biggest jug of maple syrup. pete: not going to work as a carry on. brian: emptied the whole tree. steve: go to tennessee and dean cain is live in brent wood in nashville. dean: good morning, guys. tennessee was hit with a tornadoes, a number of tornadoes on super tuesday unfortunately there was about 25 people confirmed killed in that. but tennessee is a very
4:09 am
resilient state and these folks are certainly resilient. joe biden, the big winner here in tennessee. taking 42% of the vote and 28 delegates. mike bloomberg visited -- four times but still only took home 16% of the vote. seven delegates. bernie sanders 25%. so not a big surprise here for the voters. we have a packed house here and we are going to be talking to voters all morning long seeing what issues they think are important. this particular spot is very trump i heavy. guys? steve: thank you, dean. ainsley: check in with todd piro in houston, texas. good morning. todd: good morning, ainsley, steve and brian. throw out the polls, it does appear a big-time upset here in the state of texas. it does appear that the voters, the democrat ones at least here in the lone star state decided they could deal with biden's gaffes vs.
4:10 am
bernie's give aways. and it really does expose what we talked about all morning long. we have been talking about it for a time now. socialism. would it play in the south? would it play in texas? based upon the way the map looks following super tuesday bernie has a long way to go to really convince these areas that socialism is the way to go. joe biden showing his meddle, proving his meddle and winning here for super tuesday. guys, back to you. brian: thanks, todd. bring in donna brazile. dnc interim chair. i know this is a unique time when you come in and say you have never seen anything like this before. >> look, i cut my teeth in grass root politics. i spent most of my adult life on the ground. joe biden never visited half the states he won last night. think about that. spent no money. he was left for dead a week ago. he goes to south carolina. that's his firewall. and essentially he wakes up on sunday morning in church
4:11 am
in alabama and sweeps the south. i have never seen anything like it in my life. steve: he swept the south because of the james clyburn endorsement and he won big. ainsley: i'm from south carolina he was going to win anyway. that was nice of james clyburn to do that but they love him there. and most of the voters. >> right. steve: he was ahead by 20 and then only 4. >> do you know what james clyburn said a week ago. i teach on wednesday. excuse my teaching clothes, i will be the professor. james clyburn said i am with him. but more importantly he is with us. i heard that where i was that morning. my family heard it in south carolina. my family heard it in louisiana and mississippi, alabama, the point i'm making is that joe biden resonated with the majority of voters. you also saw a huge double turnout in states like virginia. north carolina, and by the way, this wasn't just a presidential day. you saw democrats and republicans, too. nominate candidates who might control the balance in the united states senate.
4:12 am
huge victory for joe biden. but it's not over for bernie sanders. i have to say that. steve: sure. two man race. donna, don't you think people as they wake up today realize the democratic party, you know, they went into the voting area and they realize, okay, my choices are joe biden. the establishment candidate or the socialist. they are going we are democrats. we are not socialists. >> no. they went in there and by the way in many of those states, as you all know, there is no party registration like in texas. so they didn't go in and say i have a choice between apple and whatever. they went in and said i want someone who can beat donald trump. i know saying that on this early this morning without my coffee, they are looking for a leader of a country. and that's why they chose joe biden. ainsley: are you saying bernie will not meet donald trump? >> look i think in states where bernie won yesterday, including california. they believe he has a path. the number one issue for democrats yesterday was healthcare, healthcare, medicare for all might not be a popular idea with many
4:13 am
republicans but it's a very popular idea with many democrats and independents. brian: hurt hispanics too in particular. he has the african-american vote. i shouldn't say the black vote caribbean americans say what about us. he has the black vote locked up. i get it. what do the people in new hampshire, nevada and iowa not realize? how come they had a totally different take on the biden candidacy from what we have learned in super tuesday? >> look, the voters in those early states, what they they attempt to do is look at the candidates, look at the issues and say okay, give this woman, give this man, give him a pass. but you know what? when you come to southern states and western states, they want to look at more than just your record. they want to look at your vision. i think what we saw yesterday is the long view. not just the short view but the long view. brian: can you bring us behind the scenes and tell me what pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar, and beto o'rourke on that stage on monday, what happened? who put their hand. steve: who called? ainsley: behind the scenes? >> i know all three
4:14 am
candidates. i also know terry mcauliff, bobby scott and many of the other democrats who said you know what? it's time for me to tell my constituents where i'm going to -- what i'm going to do on election day. and by the way, i'm so glad i don't vote until june 2nd. it's like victoria. i'm going to keep my secret. steve: what when they chart the history of this race, two weeks ago joe biden was dead. and it's all about michael bloomberg because joe had made so many gaffes and it's like he really can't lead us. but then we saw michael bloomberg and he stunk up the place with the debates and suddenly it's like okay, bernie is ahead. this is a crazy race. >> it's predictable process we're looking at right now. it's like president trump. it's built into the sauce. people know president trump so i don't like that tweet but i still like president trump. with joe biden it's like he forgot my name but so what. he knows exactly what i need in order to be a successful human being. i mean, look, people like
4:15 am
joe biden but i have to tell you bernie still has grassroots support. he has an infrastructure. and whether you like him or dislike him, a lot of people support him because he this believe that he has a vision for the country. and socialism to them it's not about a give away. it's not about a take away. it's about making sure there's a fair playing field for all americans. that is what bernie sanders is about. now, let me just say this because i don't want to be a bad girl today. i was a bad girl yesterday. i'm a hot sister. brian: right. what are you talking about? what were you bad about? >> michael bloomberg, i have got to be a bad girl first. how much money can you spend and not get a delegate? well, he got four, five, right? five in american samoa. huh? that means next week in the northern -- what that island is called virgin islands? bloomberg has to reassess this morning. elizabeth warren also needs to figure out if she has a path. brian: you know she doesn't.
4:16 am
real quick, here is mike bloomberg saying talking about his future. read between the lines with this if you would. >> and tonight we proved something very important. we proved we can win the voters who will decide the general election. and isn't that what this is all about? [cheers] >> now, my fellow candidates spend a whole year focusing on the first four states. i was out campaigning against donald trump in the states where the election will actually be decided like wisconsin and michigan and pittsburgh and ohio and north carolina. and across florida. [cheers] steve: he is talking about mini super tuesday which is next tuesday. >> you know what mississippi -- michigan is the big state next week and following week, of course we have florida and a couple of other states and next month we have pennsylvania and another group of states. i don't know if he has a path. we know he has the resources. we know he has the infrastructure. but democratic voters took a look at him and although he came out with a lot of delegates last night. i don't see a path for
4:17 am
michael bloomberg. ainsley: what about joe biden why all the gaffes? steve: joe biden. >> that's joe biden. love him or leave him. i believe most americans love him. i have seen candidates who cannot some time articulate the kind of vision that we want to hear. but, guess what? people love him. he is like the uncle you want to keep in the house. steve: he is giving us something to talk about. brian: mike bloomberg leaves, who benefits? >> biden but also possibly bernie sanders. steve: yeah? >> there are people out there who also believe that bernie sanders has a path. brian: he is nothing like bernie sanders and he hates bernie sanders as a candidate. brian: with climate big gulf. >> second big issue. michael bloomberg and bernie sanders. brian: do you think warren leaves and. >> i hope she doesn't leave right away but she has to figure out if she has a
4:18 am
path. steve: you mentioned the president in tweeting and in the last 20 seconds he just tweeted this out, so selfish for elizabeth warren to stayed in the race. she has zero chance of even coming close to winning but hurts bernie badly. so much for their wonderful liberal friendship. will he ever speak to her again? she cost him massachusetts and came in third. he shouldn't. >> he should be tweeting this morning hey suburban voters i haven't forgotten about you. i really need you. i will see you soon. brian: isn't he right about very selfish elizabeth warren? >> selfish, no. this is an opportunity for her to say that look, i didn't do well in my home state. brian: at all. >> maybe i could do better in michigan. i doubt it but let's see what happens. brian: klobuchar and pete buttigieg says what's good for the party. elizabeth warren says what's good for her so the president is right. >> no. it's early. the president can't decide -- she has been running for the last two years. he has been in the race for at least five years. give her an opportunity to assess this race and see if she has a path for victory. steve: she is on short turn
4:19 am
around from late night duty last night. ainsley: and she is teaching today. >> i'm teaching today at georgetown. ainsley: thanks, donna. brian: coming up straight ahead. super tuesday vote of socialism. democratic establishment lifting so-called moderate joe biden over bernie sanders. what do last night's results mean for the general election? we have a former president obama advisor and. they both won't talk at the same time. ♪ big time ♪ our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence... we can spend a bit today, knowing we're prepared for tomorrow. wow, do you think you overdid it maybe? overdid what? well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement. at outback, they're for steak and beer. walkabout wednesdays are back! get a sirloin or chicken on the barbie, fries,
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4:24 am
what are the voters staying. pete hegseth is talking to them live at erica's american diner in fairfax, vermont. pete, bernie won his state and elizabeth warren did not win hers? steve: i got a pint sized maple syrup. ainsley: cute little one. pete: it is a little guy. that's been the talk of the diner this morning is bernie his future where is he going from here. of course he won vermont. look down south in massachusetts and elizabeth warren may have taken that for granted and came in third and her candidacy is saying life support is generous. talking to the folks and wanted to get their takeaways last night. bob and kitty met in north dakota when he was serving there. she is from north dakota and now they have lived in vermont 39 years. bob, what's your take away last night from the results? >> bernie losing like a whipped puppy, he dropped his pants and got beat. i'm happy for it. you know, he is just, you know, you don't need people like that in congress or
4:25 am
being a president that want to sell out america. he hates americans. he hates america. can he say what he wants, but he is -- giving everything away that's ridiculous, you know. and you can't do it. you just can't give everything away. pete: people that know bernie the most sometimes like him the least. kitty, what's your thoughts from last night? >> from last night i knew that bernie would win but i'm really happy that biden won overall because i don't think biden can beat trump and i am a trumper. pete: the hat gives it away. how in the world did we know? a couple more folks here chuck and chuck. they didn't know each other before they got here but they both did the same thing. will you explain what you did yesterday walking to the polls? >> well, we have always voted republican and we took the democratic ballots since it's an open primary here and both voted for joe biden. pete: no overall strategy. >> no i wanted to stick it
4:26 am
to bernie mainly. i hate him. pete: biden had a big night. what do you make of that? >> it was pretty good for him. i don't think it's going to do him any good in the long run like a lot of people say he can't string two sentences together half the time. i'm overall satisfied with last night's results for old joe. pete: there you go. chuck 2.0. what do you think from last night. >> i think that that election proved that this country is not ready for socialism. pete: you guys have seen that with bernie, him wanting to project that. you are glad to see that rejected nationally? >> yes. absolutely. pete: thethea how are you doing. >> good. pete: your big take away from last night? >> it's a scary thing to think that joe might be the candidate. it's a good thing for us, i think. he is not a strong person or
4:27 am
a leader compared to donald. i have a list of the many things that donald trump has done. pete: you have a list and we have no more time. i will check it out in the break for sure. guys, back to you in new york. a lot of folks here that know bernie and are happy they did not do so well. brian: preparing for your hit. steve: plus a couple revealed they were part of operation chaos republicans voting for a democrat in this case joe. pete: that's right. open primary. ainsley: thank you, pete. brian: meanwhile, coming up straight ahead. we had a fox news alert. at least 24 dead after devastating tornadoes tear through tennessee. dozens still unaccounted for. we got a live report from the scene next. onso, and there's more to me than hiv. there's my career,... my cause,... my choir. i'm a work in progress. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. prescription dovato is for adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine.
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ainsley: we have a fox news alert. a state of emergency in tennessee after tornadoes leave at least 24 people dead there incredible video shows homes and businesses just left in ruins. grady trimble from fox business is live in nashville with more on the destruction and how we can help. good morning. >> hey, good morning. and amazingly in this neighborhood this is what it looks like after a day of clean up. this roof came flying off of a building about a block and a half from here. and landed right in front of this home. part of the roof actually inside the home. the home itself is gutted.
4:32 am
this is east nashville. one of the hardest hit areas here. and it just completely ripped through this neighborhood. we talk to neighbors though who were in their houses at the time this storm ripped through in the middle of the night. and they -- amazingly, survived. nobody in this area was seriously hurt or killed. although about four blocks from here, five blocks from here a couple was walking home from work at a bar and they were hit by flying debris. can you see that there was debris pl flying all over the place. this car, it looks like part of a utility pole i believe lodged inside the door there just the splinters sticking out. inside the car you see more debris that shattered the windows there are still tens of thousands of people without power this morning. and can you see why. there are still utility poles down. crews haven't been able to access areas like these. roads are still closed as they try to restore power to the homes in this area. but, frankly, there is
4:33 am
nobody living in their homes in this neighborhood at this time because of you who bad the damage is we talked about what it was like for the people who were in their houses when these tornadoes came through. >> to see all this devastation is very upsetting but then, on this kind of other hand you have all of these people our neighbors, people four community and people outside of our community came, in showed up with gloves and they are ready to work. it kind of puts things in perspective. >> and i also talked to people who just came in to the area to try to help. there were people who didn't even know anyone who lived here just lending a hand. they were grabbing debris and piling it on the road like you see here. just want to put up a graphic really quickly that shows you if you want to help people affected by these storms there is a loft rebuilding that needs to be done. text this number and help out i do want to mention in putnam county 70 miles away
4:34 am
that was one of the hardest hit areas. crews were searching through the night for any survivors amongst the debris. still about 38 people missing in that area. they are going to continue searching today for anybody who might still be out there. ainsley: okay. thank you, grady. look at the bottom of the screen it says text relief 2020 to 41444 if you want to help the tornado victims. thank you, grady. all right, brian, down to you. brian: thank you, ainsley. bad night for socialism as brian exceeds expectations winning more than bernie sanders big time who was the clear frontrunner in the race. >> told when you got to super tuesday it may be over. it may be over for the other guy. we are very much alive. make no mistake about it, this campaign will send donald trump packing. [cheers and applause] this campaign is taking off. brian: the road to the nomination is shaping up to be a two-man race between biden and sanders. are democrats in a battle
4:35 am
between capitalism and socialism? how will last night's results set up the general election? here to discuss it all former economic advisor to president obama robert wolf and former senior economic advisor to president trump still advising him today steve moore. welcome, guys. are you ready? >> i'm ready. brian: donna brazile told us one of the biggest nights of her career the results last night. what about for you? >> absolutely. massachusetts, minnesota winning texas. i mean, it was crazy. and no one would have expected it i have to tell you i said yesterday he would win texas and sweep the south. people don't realize right after clyburn came in that was like ted kennedy with obama. he settled everything and then you had klobuchar, beto and mayor pete come in. he brought a different -- they all brought a different momentum and it all just came together. >> brian, the highlight of this is capitalism vs. socialism. as a republican i'm not happy biden won. as an american, i think it's a good thing that the
4:36 am
democratic voters rejected socialism yesterday. bernie sanders in my opinion has crazy ideas about raising taxes to 67%. having the government take over the healthcare system. brian: i will give you an idea of the states that bernie has won. still getting the final tallies in. virginia, north carolina, biden has won i should say. north carolina, alabama, tennessee, oklahoma, arkansas, minnesota, massachusetts, and texas. you were shocked by massachusetts, right? >> i am. boston-strong. we were expecting bernie and biden we just wanted to get to the 15%. what happened is the people said who is most electable? and they went in and said i'm for this guy. and that's what happened? brian: steve, you have a different take. you believe it's the interviews and debate that exposed berni bernie sanders' beliefs? >> yeah, i do. i think this turning point because, remember, two weeks ago, robert, people were saying biden is dead. you know. brian: because he has been terrible for 11 months. >> i think the turning point was. this remember that interview he had on "60 minutes" when
4:37 am
he said favorable things about castro and cuba? i think for the american people, that was just a wake-up call. wait a minute, you are praising this tyrant and so i think that was a problem. and i think the other thing is i think robert is right. i think there was a wake-up moment for democrats saying you know, bernie is just not a guy who is going to win. they were worried, robert about the down ballot impact of a bernie. it's not over though. he and i disagree. i don't think it's over. you do. >> i think biden will be the nominee. i think it's over. but what you and i spoke about the day after warren really did the bloomberg takedown. once he was no longer the back stop for democrats, you had to go back to biden that was the biggest move. he became the only moderate in the lane to win. brian: just to say if you don't think it's over, you don't think it's over. it's because warren could get out and they have the same followers, you would think. the same ideals, ideally they would go to? >> well. brian: they would go to bernie. >> bernie.
4:38 am
here is the other thing. bloomberg, this is so interesting. everybody is saying bloomberg is going to buy this election. he spent half a billion dollars and got 10% of the vote. i work on the trump campaign four years ago, people don't realize trump didn't spend hardly any money and, yet, he, you know, rose. brian: he is rich but didn't spend. >> exactly. he was smart. >> we are glad you can't go buy an elections. we feel good about it. that's a good thing. people go in and you can't buy my vote. i love that. brian: reinforces democracy. anyone can win and achieve. doesn't matter how know or what you have. steyer blowing up before super tuesday. >> can i add for my confidence i don't walk off the stage? it's mainly because georgia, florida, mississippi, it will not be close. all the other places will be relatively close. >> all the predictions we have been making, brian, since the start of this will be wrong. we thought three weeks ago biden was dead. this thing is still going to be a contest between these two. as i mentioned. brian: you are very happy
4:39 am
with them. idaho, michigan, missouri, mississippi, north dakota and washington are next on the 10th and a debate in between. >> bernie will do good that night. brian: good to see you get along. coming up straight ahead, president trump sweeping super tuesday and now says he is ready to take on whoever the democrat nominee is. a live report from the white house after the break. plus, we are having breakfast across america in super tuesday states. we're going to check in with dean cain in tennessee and todd piro. we just want to find out what they're up to ♪ shake, rattle, and roll ♪ you never do nothing to save your doggone soul ♪ ♪
4:40 am
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4:44 am
bernie sanders 382. elizabeth warren who is still in it to win it with 50. michael bloomberg said the same thing he is at 44. tulsi gabbard has 1. ainsley: a big day yesterday. lots of delegates up for grabs. and biden now -- he took nine states out of the 14. and bloomberg won american samoa. brian: right. ainsley: people are wondering is he going to get out because he spent a lot of money. brian: i would not doubt announcement could come today they have a major meeting reportedly. president trump is showing no fear after last night's super tuesday results. steve: the president is welcoming all challengers as joe biden and bernie sanders become the clear democratic frontrunners. both of them. ainsley: our chief white house correspondent john roberts is live at the white house as the president weighs in. john? >> ainsley, steve, brian, good morning to you. the president up late last night watching what was happening on super tuesday up this morning commenting about it. taking aim at the democrats, trolling them with particular attention on mike
4:45 am
bloomberg who spent $1.25 million per delegate, more than a half a billion dollars to win american samoa. the president tweeting, quote: the biggest loser tonight by far is mini mike bloomberg his political consultants took him for a ride $700 million washed down the drain and got nothing for it but the nickname mini mike and the complete destruction of his reputation. way to go, mike. this about elizabeth warren this morning who came at a n. a distant third in her home state of massachusetts. so selfish for elizabeth warren to stay in the race. she has zero chance of even coming close to winning but hurts bernie badly. so much for their wonderful liberal friendship. will he ever speak to her again? she cost him massachusetts and came in third. he shouldn't. i was speaking with some members of the trump campaign this morning. not worried about biden gaining momentum. reminding that four days ago everyone agreed biden was a terrible candidate and that nothing has changed since then. establishment democrats they say ganged up to help biden and have created a deep
4:46 am
divide in the party by doing so. i asked president trump about that yesterday on the south lawn as he was departing for the national institutes of health. listen here. >> democratic establishment trying to take it away from bernie sanders? >> well, i think there is no question the establishment, the democrat establishment is trying to take it away from bernie sanders. there is no question about that in my mind. whoever it is, i don't care. i really don't care. whoever it is. we will take them on. >> and the president tweeting about it this morning saying, quote: the democrat establishment came together and crushed bernie sanders again, even the fact that elizabeth warren stayed in the race was devastating to bernie and allowed sleepy joe to unthinkably win massachusetts. it was a perfect storm with many good states remaining for joe. in our 6:00 hour, you heard a customer in that vermont diner say that he thinks the president would do better against bernie sanders than joe biden. but, in some ways, steve, ainsley, and brian. biden win might benefit the president because, remember, back in 2016 when hillary clinton took it away from
4:47 am
bernie, a lot of bernie sanders voters came out for the president on election day. the president, i should mention, also taking aim at his former attorney general jeff sessions who didn't win his senate primary outright and now goes to a run-off. check that one out on to waiter. it's particularly hot. steve: it is. he talks about that's what happens to an attorney general who would not help him out. all right. john roberts, thorough report from the north lawn. thank you. brian: tommy tupperville expected to win against doug jones. ainsley: dean cain live at the cafe in brent wood, tennessee. hey, dean. dean: you called it a wonderful and winning wednesday. i'm calling it a wild wednesday. i'm sitting here with voters. no one is so surprised about biden taking tennessee. but, they all have their own issues and their own candidates. i'm going to speak first
4:48 am
right here to what is your name? >> sarah. dean: sara, what is your big issue and which candidate do you support the most? >> my biggest issue right now is with the economy. it's doing very, very well. i own a business and we do search and staffing so executive search. and when the market is good, business is good. and trump's presidency has done wonders for tennessee. so, i will be voting for him in november. dean: he carried the state big time in 2016? >> he did. dean: we're going to switch now and go to jeff. you are clearly a veteran. a submariner as you see. what is your issue and who is your candidate? >> trump obviously. there is no other candidate as far as i'm concerned. and the economy is what it is. just to have people have jobs. dignity of a job is very important. and more people with jobs. less government spending and more tax revenue. dean: have you seen the
4:49 am
change since president trump has came in office. >> absolutely every category. dean: brilliant. moving to sandy. your big issue is education. >> is education. i'm concerned that our kids are not learning the reading, writing and arithmetic that we used to learn and they don't understand civics and therefore they don't understand the whole process of voting and how we actually get bills passed and what presidents can and cannot do. dean: basic civics, there you go. >> basic syncs. dean: show you one thing brian kilmeade. my friend david here, he is a fan. you took a picture with him. brian: really? all right. as opposed to the old brian kilmeade? >> brian never changes. brian: all right. thank you. ainsley: i love that he brought it. he brought it to the diner. that's sweet. brian: there to intimidate dean. maybe it did. steve: maybe he thought you were going to be there. brian: 7:49 on the east coast. a fox news alert. total devastation. buildings are flattened.
4:50 am
homes are destroyed as powerful tornadoes claim at least 24 lives in tennessee. steve: senator marsha blackburn that state and she joins us on what's being done to help the victims coming up next. indshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, you get a strong repair that you can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. stay two nights and get a free night for your next stay. one night, two nights, free night. book now at finding the right words can be tough.n it comes to autism, finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum.
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4:53 am
ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. a state of emergency declared in the state of
4:54 am
tennessee after a nashville tornado kills at least 24 people, including children. businesses and houses as you can see left in ruins this morning as thousands remain without power today. tennessee g.o.p. senator marsha blackburn joins us now with an update. good morning, senator. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. very busy there. >> thank you. ainsley: we are praying for y'all. >> yes. ainsley: how can we help? >> thank you. ainsley, i tell you what, there is really a need for help for volunteers in these communities for clean-up. last night i was working with the governor. i talked to the president. i talked to the president's team. we are looking forward to having the president in here is what i think people really need to understand about this. this tornado was on the ground for a 50-mile stretch. we know that 24 have lost their lives. we know that there are still several dozen that are missing. they are trying to find
4:55 am
those individuals. we know that putnam county is the county that was hardest hit by this storm. and people are in need of resources with getting the work done, tarps for houses. moving debris. and it is neighbors helping neighbors right now. ainsley: i know the president will be there on friday and you will be meeting with him. how about biden winning your state last night. were you shocked? >> no. we had expected that biden, pardon me, would win the democratic primary. the point is you have got a slate of socialists running on the democratic side. the democrats are still shopping for who they want. [applause] but the point is this: you had donald trump getting just under 400,000 votes and joe biden -- biden and sanders together didn't get as many votes as donald
4:56 am
trump. [laughter] tennessee is trump country. [cheers and applause] and people are just grateful that president trump is going to be coming here on friday and assessing the needs and working with the governor. i will tell you what, i got off the phone last night about 10:00 with the governor. he and his team are doing an incredible job of managing this situation and carrying forward with our super tuesday yesterday. ainsley: all right. senator, thank you so much. all right. >> thank you. up next. k every night. right after dinner. definitely after meatloaf. like clockwork. do it! run your dishwasher every night with cascade platinum. a load with as few as 8 dishes, is all it takes to save water. an energy star certified dishwasher uses less than four gallons per cycle. while handwashing uses that, every two minutes.
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savin' in here. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. >> it's a good day. a few days ago, the campaign did of report. we are very much alive! [cheering] >> when we began this race for the presidency, everybody said it couldn't be donald. i can tell you with confidence, we will become the democratic nomination. we are going to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of this country. [cheering] >> how many delegates doing tonight, we've done something no
5:01 am
one else that was possible. in just three months, we've gone from 1% of the polls to being a contender for the democratic nomination. [cheering] >> my name is elizabeth warren. i'm going to defeat donald trump. [cheering] >> i believe i will make the best president of the united states. [cheering] you don't get what you don't 54. i am in this fight. [cheering] ainsley: we are still here. >> he still here and so are we. bernie sanders had a pretty good day as well. they are not the front runners, for the most part. a win in texas and all across the south. scoring 66 delegates alone.
5:02 am
at least nine and 14 states that have primaries. ainsley: thought of them clued virginia. alabama, he one over 63% of the votes. in tennessee, biden 141%. in oklahoma, 40% in arkansas, biden got over 40% of the vote. minnesota 38% and 38 delegates. >> losing in our home state, biden scores 34 delegates, main is still to close with 24 delegates up for grabs. bernie sanders taking it but not unexpected. seventy-two delegates from california, senators in the home state of vermont was 50%, also taking colorado. twenty delegates for bernie. bloomberg got american symbol.
5:03 am
almost all of delegates. as a look at the big picture. ainsley: 4534 biden. 38230. fifty-one. and one for cabot. >> remember the magic number is 1991. those are the numbers, let's see what you think about what happened yesterday all across. we are having our first with friends including vermont and tennessee and texas. he's going to be asked, on the big night for not bernie but biden. >> yeah that's right, good morning. if you take that away from the results, understand this, this has fundamentally changed the direction of the space. good for the reasons she gave us but it wasn't surprised that in
5:04 am
california, driven largely by young people. look at these long lines all over socal. people were lined up here where i am. people were here just minutes shy of midnight after polls open up. 7:00 a.m. many on campus celebrating wearing bernie sanders teachers. let's take you inside california's numbers. delegates, 15. that will be divided up. sanders at 33%. seventy-two at this time, that number will grow. biden, 24% with 21 delegates. bloomberg@50% with eight delegates. one warren over 12% and seven. look at that change in the direction, 4534 joe biden compared to sanders coming up 382. we are going to talk about that between now and next week.
5:05 am
in the victory party, sanders and vermont and biden here in los angeles. both claiming victory. listen. [cheering] >> in november, we will have the greatest higher voter turnout in history. let's go on to the white house. >> our agenda is bold, healthcare is affordable for anybody in america. >> questions are whether or not they are mike bloomberg will continue to get more of his have ability or more dollars in this race and kevin asked whether or not they will reassess. some questions representing florida last night, finally the final question is, what about warren? what is she do now? she put out a fundraiser last night, asking for money.
5:06 am
there are six more primaries, just one week away. we may need your help. to keep the momentum going, i'm not sure i should divide momentum considering she would need a win in these states. steve: thank you. brian: . steve: let's look all across the country. pete is in this morning and vermont. democrat tennessee and taught in texas. we start with mr. vermont. hey, pete. >> i like that. we are in bernie's backyard. it's no surprise he delivered here. i wasn't surprised by that but they are surprised what happened in the state south, massachusetts, warren was if not when, supposed to come] biden was in full effect not just in the south but in the northeast. joe biden putting fernie back in
5:07 am
massachusetts and elizabeth effectively out of the race. we'll talk to voters in the price here, we are going to talk to voters themselves later this hour. democrat why don't has been reshuffled. >> now it's going to tennessee. >> i'm here at the breakfast, it's so crowded here in full of people, it's amazing. there were tornadoes here yesterday just outside of national now. these people here are extremely resilient. the entire south was taken by joe biden including currency where he won by 42% of the vote. sanders 25% and bloomberg came up with 16%. nobody was shocked by joe biden winning here. this state is pretty securely
5:08 am
red. the president 1008 and 2016 by a lot. they are very much for president trump. ainsley: let's go to texas. brian: taught has been assigned there. >> would socialism when the day here in texas? the answer to that is a resounding no. joe biden with a big upset, when you saw the polls in for the day prior to the footage judge, klobuchar endorsements, biden was not doing well. once the endorsements came in the moderate wing of the democratic party galvanized around joe, texas is firmly in joe biden's hand. we have a newspaper, sanders,
5:09 am
biden in texas clearly printed before the results were confirmed. joe biden is your texas winner. brian: thank you so much. karl rove is here. his president and now fox news contribute or. where's the losers last night? >> elizabeth warren, came in third in her own home state. people who know you best don't like you for most, she not only lost massachusetts, which he represents, she lost all, where she was born. neither one of them work particularly hot. ainsley: why? >> massachusetts said no and they decided they didn't want their out own state victor. i think it's more they didn't like her because we tend to vote for our home state. brian: not to rain on bernie
5:10 am
sanders by getting 50% in the state you represent in congress and house in the senate for 20 some odd years, 30 years, not exactly the best pay. brian: does elizabeth warren get out today? >> i don't think she's stubborn enough to stay. she's clearly embarrassing herself. brian: let's talk about spoken joe, four days ago joe biden and fenty one in south carolina. his that would turn it around for him? they were close, he was ahead by four in south carolina before but then boom, he's out of the game. >> he had also been working hard there but we've seen 72 hours in american politics that we've never seen before. the guy who's flat on his back, desperate to have open, only chance to be in the game is to win. he wins overwhelming. then goes on to galvanize it and
5:11 am
you saw in the late, you see it by comparing the early vote in texas, 1 million voted early. you see what happened on election day, they movement toward biden. these endorsements, he didn't have any money for tv. ainsley: who came up with the strategy? get out of new hampshire. >> sometimes lightning happens. remember one thing do together most of the states which he won big. that is the african-american vote. significant part of all of those, alabama, texas, virginia, north carolina, tennessee. african-american democrats. brian: i'm sure it's a lot more today and he had no momentum. he's not inspiring, he doesn't have a great message. >> just ask chuck wallace about that.
5:12 am
[laughter] brian: >> i suspect he'll do well next week because it's got industrial states in the midwest like michigan and missouri in which there are large african-american populations or more traditional democrats. brian: the african-american demographic with joe biden did very well with. bernie sanders outraged to the latino community. >> let's not kid ourselves. we are focused on biden led a great night but the guy was having a better morning because the results are coming in in california. let's go to the board. poor man's docket calculator, it's complicated but it projects with the delegate count might be. the numbers there, that's generally the associated press and i made a little calculator
5:13 am
that roughly tells you what's going to happen. over states, what goes to biden and sanders, they might have 13% statewide, above 13%. if you look at it this way, before california, 457 biden delegates, after taking into account california isaac 32, sanders is at 324 before you add in california. 564 in california. before california, biden leading by about 134. probably overstated a little because there are going to be votes for bloomberg and warrant an individual congressional districts. after california, for yesterday's super tuesday tricks 268 delegates. when you got 3000 -- 3971 delegates and that suggests across outcome. brian: the late deciders seems to go heavy for joe biden.
5:14 am
devon think that's pretty clear, bernie sanders has the vote, joe biden has the african american vote and i don't seem to be overlapping. they need to be running on roads, i don't seem to be kicking from each other. >> i think that's right. if it's an electorate that's more latino like florida or arizona, met expect sanders to do better. while fluid white state like colorado or african-american like michigan and missouri. ainsley: quote trump to better with african-americans? you've got 8% in 2016. >> some of us were in iowa and i happen to have for breakfast and lunch the day after the super bowl with democratic consultants and to a person on ask about the
5:15 am
super bowl and there were two ads, one with the traditional market rally and another was an emotional spot, it woman had been so affected personally, alice johnson, by the criminal justice reform major and everyone of them said that worries us a lot. it may not be much, same as bush in 2000 but they are aiming for 12, that's doable. we got six 100% and 13% nationwide. if you are able to take african-american vote, which is in democrat hand and move three or four or 5% -. brian: let's talk about mike bloomberg. if there's something new to learn here, we will, he spent how much money? what if you get? steve: it's like that old time, you can't buy love. he does get a seat at the table. 92100 delegates after last night.
5:16 am
brian: that's how much he spent on yesterday's ads. >> at the 200, that's for television advertising, that's not digital advertising. another couple hundred million, in november and december, $20 million a month. charlie it was more in january and february when all is said and done, the bill for this will be over $800 million. ainsley: just say 1 billion. >> is not pleading, he disclosed and gets more back there. i don't know, if i were him, i would say don't run but what's the logic of getting out now? why not stay in another week or two and get yourself a bigger donor of delegates? steve: pennies on the dollar compared to what bloomberg's
5:17 am
taxes would be if bernie sanders were elected. thank you very much. brian: how you get to the airport, i don't know. >> i don't know. i was realizing it grew overnight. who was feeding my board? i told him not to. [laughter] ainsley: a serious story to talk about. tornadoes claimed the lives of at least 24 people in tennessee and new video are merging, firefighters and a 7-year-old boy. we will have a live report to tell you about this story. ♪
5:18 am
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5:20 am
[ fast-paced drumming ]
5:21 am
[ fast-paced drumming ] joe biden takes texas, cracking of at least 56 delegates.
5:22 am
>> one of the voters there saying? breakfast with friends at the barr and grill in houston, texas. out imagine it's in midtown. >> ironically, yes in midtown. the big talk of the day, a month a lot of people is the fact that this was an upset according to a lot of the pundits. joe biden feeding bernie sanders. brian: why did you expect him to win? >> i thought he was always going to win the south but i wanted to know what happened the last couple of days that he and amy switched. as burning, burning, bernie in one day, two people flock and biden sweeps. brian: they saw super tuesday coming. they are anti- trump so they make their move. what does it say about socialism in the state of texas? does avid future? >> i don't think it does. i think it does election is speaking for that. they're not ready for sanders
5:23 am
and his policies and i was surprised by biden went because he's out here campaigning a lot. buttigieg and klobuchar helped with that a lot. steve: the socialism of the future here in texas? >> i don't think so. i'm surprised sanders has gone much support as he has here in texas but i don't think texas is ready for socialism. steve: break and gary,. >> the last couple of years have been off the charts when it comes to your business. talk about that. >> got a couple of them waiting on me, everything around houston, you drive around and see them. >> what is the result about socialism here? >> on think it's going to be an up site for injustice.
5:24 am
i think we need to save our money and pay our bills. >> what you think about socialism here in texas? a referendum against it. >> i don't care much for socialism, trump is a% we are voting for in the one we like. i'm thankful for god that we have a good president and i hope it stays that way. >> imagine president trump, let's create a matter. joe biden in a trump november 3. >> trump will win all the way. >> no transfer biden. it's going to be trump all the way. he's got a good record to run on. >> i put them at a big table, we delivered opinions. new york city. >> it's a big roundtable. good discussion. >> thirty-six minutes after the show, she not only lost her home
5:25 am
state of massachusetts, she came in third period is it time for her to drop out? ♪
5:26 am
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5:28 am
5:29 am
24 people lost their lives, doesn't unaccounted for at this hour after devastating tornadoes hit tennessee. brand-new video you're showing for the same time, a fire chief rescuing a 7-year-old boy in the middle of the night. chief carried the boy to safety, surrounded by live wires. this is live in nashville with more and how you can help. >> it's unbelievable when you see the destruction here this morning. this is after a day of cleanup. this used to be dollar store. it is completely public. you can see the brick walk there, the bricks came toppling down when the wind came through this area. this debris was strewn all over the street here. i want to show you this piece of metal, it gives you an idea of how strong the winds are. it spent right in half there. the wind tore everything up in the wake of destruction in its path.
5:30 am
i come across the street this way and show you, there are even more businesses over here on this side. a similar situation, we were told somebody saw this right after the tornado moved through, water was spewing through the building here. we are not far from a neighborhood. we talked to people in their homes fast asleep but moments notice to take cover when the tornado moved through. listen. >> it sounded like nobody took off 2-ton pickup truck and do it against our building. that's when i knew something was going on. >> a little bit going into shock, i think. i would describe it like the titanic. so about so loud. reporter: crews are here trying
5:31 am
to salvage what is left, like these chairs here and decide what to do with that building. when something like this happens, a lot of people across the country want to help. there is a way to do that, the united way set up an easy way to help. text relief 2020 to 41444 and united way access the money will grow directly to the victims. the president will be in tennessee friday, this is likely what he'll see as there are at least 24 people dead here dozens still missing. the search for the people continues today. brian: terrible. thanks so much. meanwhile, steve. steve: bernie sanders one his home state of vermont big yesterday but elizabeth warren, not so lucky in massachusetts where she finished third period that's embarrassing. joining us right now, cliff, we got miranda. if you cannot finish even second in your home state but she didn't first, is it time for her to say i tried my best but it's
5:32 am
time to call it quits? >> that's a big message from people who know you best. he's represented that state for seven years. they obviously don't think she has what it takes. i think that is embarrassing. joe biden didn't open a single campaign, you didn't have advertising in that state and he still one. that tells you elizabeth warren, there's something missing in her campaign. what she's doing, she's hurting bernie sanders because she's the other side of the socialist story. you think she would drop out for his sake but her campaign is saying if she dropped cap, it's disillusioning young women. steve: meanwhile, joe biden didn't spend a lot of money because he didn't have a lot of money, unlike bloomberg because he only picked up delegates from american samoa where he apparently had five or six or seven permanent full-time on the ground staff members there.
5:33 am
they are reassessing whether or not he should go forward. >> as president trump tweeted, he's been completely ripped off. the political consultant, they saw his money coming, and shows you in politics, you need more than money. unique personality. joe biden, he's not the joe biden he used to be, obviously. anyone who sees him up close and personal, i saw him and thought he didn't have what it takes but obviously, now, he's a great retail politician. repair joe biden to michael bloomberg, joe biden is smiling, hugging people, cuddling babies. is it generally warm people one person who loves people. you can't be a ripoff become the president of the democratic country. spewing a month ago after joe
5:34 am
biden's case, people in the democratic party are going, this has to be somebody better. he showed up on the debate stage and man, he stunk. >> it's actually quite heartening, you can't just bite the presidency. you can't buy the democratic nomination but i wouldn't write michael bloomberg off quite yet because he may want to stay just to see if joe biden implodes. as we all know, that could happen any moment. the moment he stood on stage, he got mixed up between his wife and his sister. steve: it happens. [laughter] >> bloomberg may want to hang in there because otherwise, if biden does blow out, they are stuck with bernie sanders. i think the democrats who have
5:35 am
seen into state by, who would rather actually lose with joe biden honorably by sanders and his socialist. steve: right now, it's a two man race. bernie and biden. >> that's right. biden is helpful but they can't take him in a witness protection forever. steve: thank you. still ahead on this wednesday a couple of super tuesday states, we will check in and vermont into superman, super tuesday tennessee. next. ♪
5:36 am
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here's the way it looks right
5:40 am
now, joe biden surprising almost anyone appalling. biden 453. sanders with the surgeon california. followed by warren, bloomberg and kelsey. bloomberg and warren have to do some soul-searching. ainsley: a long way to go but yesterday was important. steve: 1917 a great movie. brian: haven't seen it yet. ainsley: a great year. [laughter] ainsley: meanwhile in texas, associated press declaring joe biden the winner there overnight. steve: the second biggest surprise behind california. live from texas with more on the biden bounce. >> i like that. the biden bounce. that brilliant mind of yours.
5:41 am
here's the deal, monday we were talking about how the polling suggested biden was in -- behind bernie sanders and he had a double digit lead here in the lone star state but look at the numbers now. you can see it did not shake out that way when you see former vice president joe biden one by about four points. really come from behind with 34, nearly 34% of the vote compared to 30%. then you have michael bloomberg walking away with about 15%, 12 for elizabeth warren. joe biden's last minute campaign push in the last-minute endorsements on the ground ahead of super tuesday very much paid off. especially when you consider half of voters oppose here, they made up their mind within the last few days. here's part of biden from a victory lap speech. >> just a few days ago, the press declared a campaign dead.
5:42 am
i was south carolina, they had something to say about it. maybe it was the other guy. [cheering] >> we need of movement in developing of movement, a black, white, asian american,. >> we talked about california and texas, the polling suggested bernie have a strong pull in california. he won that state but the polling looked like it may go to sanders here in texas. that turned out not to be the case. interesting 2020 it's shaping up to be. steve: thank you for the live report. surprising and shocking. ainsley: next up, erica's american diner in fairfax, vermont. >> good morning.
5:43 am
we are talking to voters after every big political event. i've got a lineup for folks who voted in the primary last night, i will get their reaction. the key question is, what's the biggest take away? >> bernie will bankrupt us and joe biden, i'm concerned about his mental state. >> i think we are headed towards the convention, they need to reevaluate her in this race. >> i was glad to see biden do well and look good doing well. i thought i would vote for him but i cannot see of social candidacy. >> thank you. >> a trump supporter but kudos to america for coming to terms that socialism is up terrible thing. >> i'm thinking president is going to get coca sleepy joe and that's what he wants to do.
5:44 am
>> thanks for your service. your big take away. >> i think biden is surging and president trump will do very well against biden in the future. >> how about you? what you take away? >> i think the country is finally starting to realize bernie's project seems to add up enough money. i think we are moving away from socialism quickly. >> socialism is the universal thought, probably, always her name? take away. >> the moderate show there are a lot in this country and socialism what work. >> money one the state of vermont. but it's good for trump. >> i can confirm maple syrup is a good yummy here in vermont.
5:45 am
ainsley: i could see that. yet. >> thank you very much. steve: now we turn to tennessee. ainsley: hey, dean. >> we are not drinking maple syrup straight from the carton here. i have a lot of people here talking to us, nobody was surprised joe biden one here. bernie sanders, i'm going to talk to these guys real fast and talk about the top issues. what's your name? >> i am alisha. >> we'll talk about that another time,. >> my big "issue is" immigration. i'm a naturalized american citizen. i want everybody to do the same thing i'm doing. what i have done. no freebies for anybody. citizens first. that's why i love trump.
5:46 am
[applause] >> what is your name? >> jody, my top issue would be education right now to educate good history, socialism and communism. it's creeping into our life way too fast. that and to educate our youth about drugs. >> fair enough. education for year. what's your name? >> doug, my top issue is conservative judges appointed, stop judicial activism and overturn roe v. wade. >> there you go. this gentleman is air force, his callsign. batman. superman. [laughter] real quick, an informal poll. we have a huge number of people here. how many think joe biden will win the general election? we've got one. how many think donald trump will win? [cheering] that's a really big consensus.
5:47 am
we'll see what happens in the general. otherwise, back to you. steve: he's got a polling apparatus. good job. ainsley: superman talks to batman after super tuesday. steve: imagine that. coming up, joe biden with a big super tuesday come back. it stunned just about everyone. what does this mean as we get closer to the convention? another host of states, we are breaking down the delegate! henry for a preview of coming to jackson's and 12 and half minutes here on the fox news channel. brian: is a very super tuesday for me. that's the have been at fox biden sets up an epic showdown of like to can convention. joe biden one big but there are still counting votes in
5:48 am
california. laura trump joins us live to get trumps view on what this means. containing the coronavirus, charles payne on huge come back on wall street this morning. don't forget about the deadly tornadoes in tennessee. the covenant will join us with the latest details.
5:49 am
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right, take a look, this is the current delegate count, keep in mind from the nomination just short of 2000 delegates. right now, joe biden. about 450. bernie, a little under 400. warren at 50. bloomberg at 44 and tulsa gabbert caught one from american samoa last night. ainsley: elizabeth warren came in third in her state. according to some aides, they are telling the media he's considered dropping out. steve: thought could happen as early as today. carl didn't think it was likely. he told us earlier, look at the totals from a factor in bernie sanders having a big morning, he's more likely in california going to pick up additional delegates. going to the state we witnessed last night, the thing that
5:53 am
stands out in massachusetts, texas blows me away. not that the character of texas surprises me, a modern candidate but all the polling has sanders and front. bloomberg making progress. the polling had biden losing for dinner. he is up there in virginia. ainsley: the post of junk donald trump was going to win. brian: we look at the last six months, joe biden was nowhere and 48 hours, things changed. steve: what we've learned in the last four years, it's become harder and harder to pull the audience because we can do fox news water analysis, people leaving. we asked them questions if they extrapolate that. ainsley: the polls were done before the primaries.
5:54 am
that's when biden picked up on that. steve: there with the people who had done the early voting so they missed joe biden winning south carolina. they missed him giving the big endorsement. carl rove was with us about an hour ago, he broke down the delegate map display on fox and friends. >> for california, 457 biden delegates. after you take into account california, 632, sanders is at 324 before he had california. 564 in california. in other words, before california, bidens leading by about 134. probably overstated a little because there are votes for bloomberg and warren an individual congressional districts that after you bring in california, for yesterday's super tuesday, streaks 268 delegates. when you've got 390079 delegates
5:55 am
in 1900 needed to win, that suggests a close outcome. steve: bernie sanders outreach paid off in the latino and hispanic populations like california. >> next up is going to be idaho, michigan, mississippi, north dakota and washington. biden will do well and come back to bernie on the 17th of st. patrick's day. arizona, florida, ohio and georgia. ainsley: his campaign is the blunted. judge judy said he's a joke. is so excited that jim endorsed biden because he said it's the democratic party. steve: i don't see how they, biden and sanders have a clear edge. he's on the cover of the new york post.
5:56 am
a week ago, he was clinically dead and yet, here he is. he's smoking joe. brian: the daily news is still printing the other thing, today, warren and bloomberg could change it. bernie benefits and bloomberg drops out, everybody thinks i will help. steve: i think either one drops out today. ♪
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