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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 25, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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remember all the women and men who put their lives on the line for us every single day. we remember them every day and every night, thank them for what they do. that's all the time we have tonight, thanks for watching a special edition of the ingram angle on the road. have a merry christmas and happy new year, shannon bream takes it all from here. mike: breaking tonight, staying on offense while talking to be armed forces, donald trump railed against nancy pelosi saying she hates republicans and all the people who voted for him in the election, the new swipe at a democrat in the house comes after a christmas eve message for the troops. in bethlehem thousands of christians gather in celebration at the traditional birthplace of jesus. we have a live report from there in a moment. we begin with impeachment limbo and the politics of frustration, richardson is in west palm beach, florida following the president.
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good evening. >> a presidential holiday tradition, donald from calling american servicemembers stationed around the world today and focused on events here in the united states. speaker of the house who led the effort to impeach him. >> he hates the republican party, she hates all of the people who voted for me and the republican party. >> nancy pelosi is stalling the president's senate trial holding on to the house past impeachment articles to compel republicans to allow witnesses to testify. >> hard to imagine a trial not having documents and witnesses. if it doesn't have documents and witnesses is going to seem to most of the american people that it is a sham trial. a show trial. not to get at the facts. >> democratic senator chris
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murphy tweeted, quote, today republican say we should observe the clinton impeachment rules and open the trial without agreement on witnesses. then, when the trial begins they will tell us how different this is than the clinton impeachment and we can't have witnesses. republicans call impeachment a political charade. >> these were bad people, these were evil people. >> the president addressed federal officials who prosecuted his former advisers, refused to rule out a pardon for roger stone, a court convicted him for obstructing a congressional investigation and lying under oath. >> it is tough what they did to roger stone compared to what they do to other people on their side. it is very tough when you're fisa court is involved. >> the fisa court can improve federal wiretaps in a secret judicial process. earlier this month the justice department inspector general criticized investigators use of the courts to secure wiretap of carter page, former trump campaign official. the president also touted an updated trade agreement with mexico and canada and limited phase i deal with china which he
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said he could sign very shortly. mike: many thanks. tensions rise ahead of apostle christmas gift from north korea. one leader who seems optimistic as donald trump who is using his own favorable interpretation of what that present may end up meeting if it comes at all, those comments after chris's message from american forces stationed around the table. lucas tomlinson reports from the pentagon. >> the commander-in-chief started his christmas eve thinking us forces deployed around the world. >> americans consolidate christmas in safety. >> iranian missile parts earlier this to the marines in afghanistan's roman province of the coast guard air station in alaska. when you're after donald reported all 2000 american troops out of syria fewer americans accelerating christmas there, currently some 500 remain after some convincing by talk
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pentagon brass. >> they are here to defeat the remnants of isis, looking for isis sleeper cells and partnering with commandos in syria. >> christmas abrasions on land and sea is the uss abraham link in order to the middle east in may 2nd tonight iran sales and to the south china sea, the pentagon is keeping an eye on north korea, the president is downplaying the idea of a potential christmas gift from kim jong un. >> maybe it's a nice present, maybe he sends me a beautiful vase. as opposed to missile test. >> christmas eve in the us, now past 8 am on christmas day and north korea, north korea fired off a missile with two years ago that came close to the international space station. bsa a's warning against any civilian air traffic lying around north korea. >> thanks a lot.
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let's bring in our panel, the publisher of the federalist, katie pavlovich, news editor at town, merry christmas, happy hanukkah, great to have all of you, your thoughts as we look ahead, the president clearly has impeachment on his mind. >> he has a lot on his mind, whether he's making light of the north korean missile or trying to talk about roger stone and other issues, the national security of the united states is how he responds to the test and also mentioned us mca and signing that deal, you seem distracted by impeachment but the promise of other important issues on the table but he's thinking about them all. >> donald trump spoke about nancy pelosi and get you to respond. >> is doing a tremendous disservice to the country, she's
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not doing a great job. we had 3 democrats come over to our side. the decision will be made by mitch mcconnell and he will make it and has the right to do whatever he wants. >> your thoughts? >> nancy pelosi tried to portray herself as a fair arbitrator of what is going on in the house, she was overseeing this, made the statement earlier in the year this had to be bipartisan, we want to work with republicans, clearly that has been completely pushed to the side in terms of what has happened in recent weeks, now republicans voted for impeachment, even skeptical republicans said the call is not perfect it not vote for impeachment so she's put that argument aside and she argued this is about the constitution, there are many things in the constitution she's required to do, one is to end the articles of impeachment to the senate for a trial and every united states citizen is entitled to a speedy
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trial in the constitution so she keeps claiming this is not about politics, this is not about democrats going after the president but doing the right thing but if she continues this game of withholding the articles to try and get what she wants in the senate after the house did not do all the work that they think the trial should include, her game is exposed is not have much stand up. >> democrats the power in the house and have very little in the senate so pelosi may be trying to help with the leverage for chuck schumer. is it working? >> it's not going to work. the fact is democrats who were in difficult districts to win, districts that voted for donald trump in 2016 are concerned about what's going on here, they took a hard vote but wanted to move on from that, want to go back to the districts and say yes, i voted for impeachment because i thought what he did was wrong but i just proved i could work with him on trade
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deals, prescription drug costs and other issues going into an election that will be tough all across the country and for those democrats pelosi's game doesn't serve them. what it does serve is the interests of democratic donors and the hard-core of her base who use this is increasing likelihood of new information coming forward that could potentially break this thing wide open, not going to happen. >> then there's the issue of north koreans who seem to have an awareness of the american holiday calendar. as for the commander-in-chief he doesn't seem to be showing them he is sweating it at all. >> i may get a nice present, you never know. >> kim jong -- rob: the imposed a deadline for the united states to remove the sanctions, otherwise he would respond, his credibility is on the line and i have little doubt he will do something. it appears and icbm test in the united states would be careful about what response we take, there's a range of options, we
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are not going to telegraph which when we might choose. >> it's very alarming, the most predictable thing after watching this country for a long time is they don't like to be ignored, they don't like to be off the tv pages, they want to have the focus of attention on them and there hasn't been much going on with diplomacy between mike pompeo, donald trump, and kim jong un so i think if there is a gift of a rocket launch or long-range icbm i think it is very important because you have other allies in the region, south korea, japan, will measure the solvency of our alliance with japan and that alliance is geared around dealing with the rise and emergence of china so this is an inflection point. of a rocket test happens and if donald trump is blasé about it and does not respond it really harms our relationships with the asia-pacific region and gives a green light to china to
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misbehave. >> that is true and china has been assisting north korea in getting around sanctions imposed by the un, by the united states and that's one issue. the south koreans have been meeting with the north koreans and doing things the united states has not been in terms of how we increase leverage on north korea and whether they are giving too much and to return for nothing. the president has been successful in preventing these testings for a while now but if it goes forward their need to be consequences. the united states took away their joint military exercises with south korea as a way to move forward but if yavanovitch moves forward the president has patience but not as much is yavanovitch. >> there were short range missiles. keep in mind it is straightforward to set off a nuclear test underground, to
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combine those two things are difficult and hitting what you want is difficult. across the country working americans will feast in ways that north koreans can only dream of under kim. this is an attempt to distract from what he has done and to beat his chest in the only way he can. mike: we will get back to you later. let's take a look at midnight mass in bethlehem where it is already the early hours of christmas day. good evening, trey. >> reporter: in bethlehem it is now christmas and there are participants inside the basilica, the nativity participating in that midnight mass attended by the palestinian president and other senior palestinian officials following a day filled event in bethlehem and also jerusalem.
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there were boy scouts, bagpipe players and people from all around the world attending bethlehem to mark this occasion. they want to see the tree, the lights and all the holiday cheer around here. earlier in the week fox news had an opportunity to look at a new relic that arrived in bethlehem from vatican city. take a look. >> reporter: bethlehem is marking the christmas holiday with a new arrival from the vatican, a piece of the crib jesus supposedly laden. >> first time after 1400 years that a piece of the original crib comes back to bethlehem. >> in the days leading up to christmas thousands of gathered at the church of the nativity in bethlehem to celebrate the birth of jesus and offer prayers of peace for the region.
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a small piece of wood that is symbolic to christians across the globe, they believe it provides evidence that jesus was born in bethlehem. those participants still taking part in the midnight mass as we speak. in the backdrop of all this, the israeli-palestinian conflict continuing, many in the region hoping for a christmas miracle that would see some progress in the peace talks that are trying to be formed by the trump administration, so far no clear progress has been made for the deal of the century peace plan. >> on a short trading day the markets finish mixed, the dow lost 36, the s&p dropped a fraction, nasdaq gained 7 finishing at another record high, the 30th high closing of the year. new york's governor reject a bipartisan bill with the condemnation of the president and his judicial appointments. nobody likes a tight squeeze.
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♪ >> mike: president views views a wave of >> the president views a wave of judicial confirmations as a signature accomplishment but tonight is backlash against the conservative appointments to the nation's courts. david fund has the story.
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>> this week we confirmed 13 more highly qualified brilliant federal judges to interpret the law as written. >> go to speech about donald from you hear about his judicial appointments. >> president obama gave me 142 openings. >> according to federal statistics is coming to office the president has installed 187 federal judges on the bench. today there are 78 vacancies. with 30 nominees pending. many of those judges from supreme court pick to the records of come under scrutiny. >> we have to start putting judges on the bench to fill vacancies so that we can reverse the horrific nature of these trump judges. >> now new york democratic governor andrew cuomo says those trump appointed judges in his home state will not be able to perform it does. he just vetoed a bipartisan bill that would have allowed federal judges to perform marriages in new york. 's veto message cuomo stated,
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quote, i cannot in good conscience support legislation that would authorize such actions by federal judges who are appointed by this federal administration is cuomo says donald trump does not embody who we are as new yorkers. there is also new backlash from lambda legal about a new report that claims one third of more than 50 circuit court judges nominated by donald trump, quote, demonstrated history of anti-lgbt q bias. lambda legal content the american justice system is indisputably in a state of crisis. the president made no secret that not only are judges a top priority for him, he wents voters to care as well, he puts judicial nominations from lower level federal benches to the supreme court front and center in an upcoming election year. >> thanks a lot. of next to look back at the events leading to donald trump's impeachment. queen elizabeth will give her
12:20 am
annual christmas address and admit it was a bumpy year for great britain. except of the message suggest she's referring to brexit and the royal family setbacks including prince andrew's interviewer he defended his friendship with jeffrey epstein. after the message was accorded the queen's husband, prince philip, was hospitalized as a precautionary measure. in hong kong a not so silent night for protesters, demonstrators war santa hat and smashed shop windows, police responded with tear gas and arrests. the protesters are grading greater democratic rights and will likely continue to demonstrate into the new year. in syria eight i did after a missile hit a school building. of division activists that happened in the northwestern part of the country. government forces have captured a key village held by al qaeda insurgents. the reinforces launched the offensive after weeks of attacks that displace tens of thousands
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♪ >> mike: the investigation into russian interfere education into russian interference has hung over the trump presidency since the beginning and it is over. bret baer look at how it started and where it may go as we head into the new year.
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>> so help me god. >> well before inauguration day the russian scandal that would follow him throughout his candidacy and into the white house and 3 years of his presidency was set in motion. in july 2016 an official counterintelligence probe was opened into russian interference in the election after an australian diplomat, alexander downer contacted the fbi about an encounter with trump campaign advisor george papadopoulos in which downer said papadopoulos told him the russian government could assist the trump campaign with damaging information about democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. with that information the investigation launched. the gears were then in motion and the question had been planted. were individuals with the trump campaign coordinating with the russian government in its interference activities. >> paul manafort has resigned as campaign chairman of the controversy over some consulting work. >> the days after his victory
12:26 am
donald trump began -- >> decision day for donald trump, the president-elect makes his first major national security pitch delighted conservatives and enraging democrats. >> early december 2016 one of those choices, new national security adviser michael flynn, met with trump's son-in-law jared kushner at trump tower. they later exchange texts and phone calls amid the obama administration decisions to impose sanction and russia in retaliation for hacking the dnc. donald trump raised vladimir putin's decision to not retaliate tweeting i always knew he was very smart. at the beginning of 2017 in intelligence report the director of national intelligence stated vladimir putin ordered and influence campaign aimed at the us presidential election with the intent to help president-elect trump's election chances. >> if there's any evidence
12:27 am
anyone affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the russian government in the course of this campaign what will you do? >> i'm not aware of any of those activities. >> any contact between the campaign, this is ali distraction and part of a narrative to delegitimize the election and question the legitimacy of this president. >> reporter: the white house announced flynn's resignation, the related conversations with the ambassador. >> the fbi as part of the counterintelligence mission is investigating the russian government's efforts to interfere in the presidential election, that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump
12:28 am
campaign and the russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and russia's efforts. >> what threat do you believe russia presents to the democratic process given what you know about russia's behavior of late? >> the greatest threat of any nation on earth given their intention and capability. >> >> a bit of a stunner on a tuesday afternoon, the president has fired james comey. >> there is no good time to do it and in fact when i decided i said to myself i said this russia thing with trump and russia is a made-up story, it is an excuse by democrats for having lost the election they should have won. >> in response within days rodriguez and stein appoints robert mueller to serve as special counsel to take over and continue the justice department investigation.
12:29 am
>> there is no collusion between myself and my campaign but i can speak for myself and the russians, 0. >> of the comey's firing a meeting between donald trump and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov in the oval office race even more eyebrows. >> was he telling the russians that firing comey was taking off legal and political pressure? >> that's not my interpretation of the conversation. i think what the president was trying to convey to the russians is i'm not going to be distracted by this -- all these issues that affect us domestically. >> reports the special counsel's probe, whether donald trump and tech the - attempted to obstruct justice donald trump tweets, quote, i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director, witchhunt. it became a family affair amid
12:30 am
news coverage in 2016 meeting between donald trump junior, jared kushner, paul manafort and russian lawyer, a statement that he and the russian lawyer had primarily discussed a program about the adoption of russian children. >> did you meet any other person from russia? >> i probably met with other people from russia, not in the context of a formalized meeting. why would i? in the scheme of things how busy we were it was more important, this was a courtesy to an acquaintance. >> reporter: michael flynn pled guilty to making false statements to the fbi admitting he lied to fbi agents during his interviews about before donald trump took office. estimator begins democrats continue to raise alarm bells. adam schiff tells reporters at a breakfast, quote, if you want to blind yourself you can look the
12:31 am
other way. in march, michael horwitz launches an investigation into alleged surveillance abuses by the doj and the fbi during the 2016 presidential election. james comey talks about the controversial text messages between peter stzrok and lisa page in which they revealed to call the president alone some human, an idiot and wanted clinton to win the election. >> if you knew back then when you are in charge of the explanation and saw those texts the, the level of animus they had against donald trump what would you have done? >> i would have removed them from contact with significant investigations. >> a number of for trump officials face consequences which manafort, papadopoulos, former trump lawyer michael cohen among those who received prison time. jeff sessions was shown the door in november. just hours after the midterm elections, donald trump's attorney general is cleaning out
12:32 am
his desk at the president's request. in february william barr was sworn in as the new attorney general. weeks later delivered a summary of mueller's report which stated the investigation found no evidence that the president, any of his aides or any american coordinated with the russian government's election interference. democrats fired back. >> there is ample evidence of collusion in plain sight and that is true. the concern for most people is is he compromised by a foreign entity whether it is russia or anyone else? >> one of the problems that allowed the media to go so far off the rails is those two cable networks but also newspapers pretty much prohibited dissent from ever being heard so they constantly fed each other these conspiracy theories and told each other they were on the right track every time they advanced it further and never had to confront anybody who
12:33 am
questioned or challenged them in any way. >> in april a redacted version of the report is released and while it confirmed extensive efforts by the russians to middle in the election, quote, the investigation did not establish that the trump campaign coordinated with the russian government and election interference activities. in may william barr testifies on the report before the senate judiciary committee. >> i have people in the department helping me review the activities over the summer of 2016. >> days later he assigned john durham, united states attorney in connecticut to open a separate investigation into the origins of the trump russia investigation. robert mueller speaks out tearfully emphasizing his report did not exonerate the president. >> if we had confidence that the president did not commit a crime we would have said so. >> give me an example other than donald trump were the justice department determined and investigated person was not exonerated, their innocence was
12:34 am
not conclusively determined. >> this is unique. >> reporter: the past fall the investigation led by durum and attorney general william barr transformed from administrative review to a criminal inquiry. that change grants durum the power to subpoena witness testimony and documents, convene a grand jury and file criminal charges. the white house and congress anxiously await the results of the investigation. a justice department inspector general report the origins of the russia investigation came out. >> these guys are to be concerned so many basic and fundamental errors were made by 3 separate handpick investigative teams on one of the most sensitive fbi investigations after the matter was brief to the highest levels in the fbi. >> i was wrong. i was overconfident in the procedures the fbi and justice built over 20 years.
12:35 am
it is hard to get a fisa. i was overconfident because he's right, there was real sloppiness. 17 things that should have been in the applications or discussed or characterized the family. >> bret baer, fox news. shoppers across the country racing against the clock to get last-minute gift, we go live to the windy city to check on the grounds.
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♪ >> mike: last-minute shopping is a fun adventure for some. mike: last-minute shopping a fun adventure for some, a nightmare for others. but because of the counter set up this year was a short season and a day may have snuck up on you. the hustle and bustle, good evening. >> reporter: big crowds on michigan avenue, we have been talking to christmas shoppers all day, some tell us shopping as a family is an annual tradition, others tell us they
12:40 am
are looking for last-minute deals when they procrastinated. the national retail federation estimates a strong finish to the holiday shopping season kicks off with a bang over black friday weekend with 190 million shoppers, a 50% increase from last year. the national retail federation estimates the average american shopper will spend $1050 on holiday shipping this year and far from the average shopper jolly old saint nick himself agreed to a quick sitdown interview with us telling special report he has a big night ahead but also looking forward to some r&r. >> we have some questions for you. you see so many pictures on social media of kids crying. what are the thoughts running through your mind when they start crying on their lap? >> they are afraid of center. my guess is they look at him on
12:41 am
tv or in a book he is this big. >> reporter: we talked to a bunch of last-minute shoppers and a lot of parents say they're running out get toys as well. does that assist you in your efforts? >> it does immensely. it gives me more time to go other places. >> reporter: what does santa do tonight when he goes back to the north pole? >> take a break, get in the hot tub. >> reporter: it is nothing like the north pole in chicago. almost 50 ° outside and that weather is consistent across large portions of the midwest. instead of drivers having to fight through ice and snow this warm weather might encourage them to go to the store. >> well done on the escalator, merry christmas. shopping is part of the modern celebration of christmas but the meaning is much older and
12:42 am
deeper. religion correspondent lauren green looks at the original story. >> reporter: the bright lights of today's christmas traditions are stark contrast to the dark first christmas, the birth of jesus. in so many ways a study in opposites, ideas about beauty and authority differ from god's. >> the real authorities in that manger. >> reporter: in his book the characters of christmas father dan darling takes readers on a journey through the nativity narrative shining a light on the people and places who may not be so well known or understood. example while mary and joseph's journey to bethlehem is part of every childhood nativity play, to under the chain of being pregnant but not properly what is sometimes forgotten and joseph's honorable role as often overlooked. >> is a very noble character to parent a child that is not his
12:43 am
own. he would also bear some shame because he didn't put mary away as an unwed mother. >> the wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and murder. frankincense, symbol of beauty and murder of the prophet of god and death and then there are the shepherds, the first one, the angels tell of the miraculous birth was they are more than extra is filling out a scene. >> throughout the scriptures the main metaphor god uses for his leadership in the kind of leader he is as a shepherd david says the lord is my shepherd, god calls himself a shepherd of israel, jesus called himself the good shepherd. >> reporter: like the lights of christmas the characters who surround the story are there not to shine a light on themselves but point to a beacon in his light can be seen to life.
12:44 am
>> donald trump and milania are at church services this christmas eve in west palm beach, florida. next of the panel joins me to talk to thousand 20 as donald trump touts his own. what happened to the real men of america? before we suffer a full-on masculinity crisis, unleash your potential test x180 ignite from force factor. boost testosterone to fuel desire and build lean muscle in the gym. plus burn fat and improve performance. now available at retailers nationwide. it's finally time for... geico sequels! classic geico heroes, starring in six new commercials, with jaw-dropping savings. vote for your favorites at: ahhh, which way do i go?! i don't know, i'm voting for our sequels. with geico, the savings keep on going
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>> all o >> all of those candidates who say we don't need bold idea, you don't have to energize young people, you are not going to have the kind of turnout you need to defeat trump. >> is what won't work. we are not going to beat donald trump with an equal and opposite donald trump. >> more than any reason running for this operation, this office, to be resentful and angry with the republicans. >> my poll numbers are the highest they have ever been. mike: let's look at the real clear politics averages nationally and in a couple critical early states. nationally joe biden leading the pack. a lot of this race will come down to early states, pete buttigieg, the mayor of south bend leading in iowa, bernie sanders with a narrow lead in
12:49 am
new hampshire. let's bring in the panel, katie pavlik and steve clemons, the state of the 2020 race. >> a polite support the democratic party with elizabeth for bernie sanders, her numbers with a bit, bernie surging and those that identify with more of a centrist traditional lining up behind biden who is not beating pete buttigieg. you have an interesting contest in both wings of the party and nothing to resolve those wings. >> based on early polling there is no clear nominee. pete buttigieg and bernie sanders have moment going into iowa and new hampshire but hit a
12:50 am
brick wall in south carolina. that is what the biden campaign is banking on, they're worried about iowa and new hampshire but there's a momentum issue. elizabeth ward had a moment she was gaining momentum, desperately trying to hold onto that. you saw her attack pete buttigieg in the last debate because she wants to gain momentum in iowa into new hampshire but when it comes down to where this goes democrats are having a hard time figuring out where they will be able to solidify their support against donald trump. and manufacturing jobs, gas and oil and they say i am a democrat, vote local for democrat but didn't just vote against clinton but for donald trump and plan to again and how to get those voters back. mike: a big issue will be the economy. listen to this. >> it is time for a wealth tax
12:51 am
in america. wealth tax in america. >> the economy is on fire. she will treat it like a 4 alarm fire and bring the trucks and hose it down. i don't think we want to hose the economy down. mike:your thoughts? >> biden has continued to skate above the fray by having well-built of support he had in a lot of communities particularly among african-american voters. the real thing democrats need to deal with is the possibility that doesn't come up all that often that they should wrestle with seriously, bernie sanders could go further in this race than they would like to think. he does excite a lot of young people. he has been one of the boldest and most consistent progressives in the country over the past several years, a lot of built-in respect in the community. often times in this process his chances were played down by washington conventional wisdom
12:52 am
that looks at bernie as the cranky old grandpa when he is a lot more support than that. rob: you have us mca which could help nancy pelosi to go home and say we put something across the finish line it gives donald trump something to run on. what about usmc a? >> both sides when. labor unions were satisfied with what they got. this article of donald trump say it is not that different from what we had in the past but the business community, those people in cross-border trade have a lot invested in the canada and mexico relationship. donald trump can deliver for the business community, nancy can deliver for the labor community, it is a win on both sides. >> it makes it easier for the senate in 2020. senator joni ernst is getting a lot of pressure for us mca,
12:53 am
she's getting attacked and can deliver on something the president is pushing through and in all these counties the president will be campaigning in, democrats are trying to take back, to force democrats to give him a win on the economy which is that something to argue against. >> it would be nice of the christmas dinner table tomorrow to have families with divisions on both sides come together to celebrate together as one. that is something i'm hopeful for the we will see more of in the new year. mike: the traditional holiday greeting with a not so traditional twist. (danny) pet care ain't easy. 12 hours? 20 dogs? where's your belly rubs? after a day of chasing dogs you shouldn't have to chase down payments. (vo) send invoices and accept payments to get paid twice as fast. (danny) it's time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you. ♪
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just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free. >> finally this christmas eve time for a yearly tradition from the regular anchor of the show,
12:58 am
bret baer. >> we have been doing this holiday greeting from my family to yours, almost a decade. >> merry christmas and happy new year. >> you can see it now. >> wish you a merry christmas. >> daniel is 41/2 now. my lovely wife amy i won't tell you how old she is. >> eight years, it is fair, balanced and unafraid.
12:59 am
>> 3, 2, one. >> wishing you american -- >> it is an amazing new year. >> keep it fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> during the second take we surprised the boys with their christmas gift from santa and mrs. clause, a goldendoodle puppy. i hear some bells. >> your boys have been good this year. >> the newest member of our family. were not sure of the name. it is a girl. it is a girl. how about merry christmas. >> merry christmas, happy new year. mike: the newest member of the
1:00 am
bear families named coco. extremely cute. thank you for inviting us into your home. merry christmas, happy hanukkah, good night from washington, see you tomorrow night. >> welcome to a special edition of tucker carlson, we try to content ourselves with covering the news today or the month, an awful lot going on in this country in the world, long-term changes are taking place the completely rearrange the nation and you deserve to know a lot more about them and why they are happening. part of the reason is powerful people want them to happen, people who are not widely known in this country but ought to be. one of our jobs is to tell you


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