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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 29, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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that is where he was working. >> the max 737 debacle has cost boeing $9 billion and counting, harris. >> harris: douglas mcgough way, thank you for watching "outnumbered overtime," i am harris faulkner and here is dana. >> dana: breaking details that killed the leader of isis and the successor as the president fights a photo of canine involved that has everyone talking. hello, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ more on the latest developments on the isis raids but first at this hour a lot of moving parts in the impeachment investigation. house democrats preparing to release a guideline for a formal inquiry minutes from now. tomorrow a house committee will vote on those roles and thursday the entire house will vote to authorize the next phase of the investigation which democrats say would ensure transparency.
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all of this happening as the national security official on that july phone call with president trump and ukraine's leader is testifying on capitol hill right now saying he was concerned about what he heard. congressman michael waltz a member of the house armed services committee joins me from the hill. let me first ask you about impeachment. we talk to you last week when you and a few of your colleagues tried to get into that hearing. you were trying to make a point that the transparency was something you were concerned about. does this new move by the democrats help answer some of your concerns? >> well, i don't think we know yet, dana. we don't know if this new move will codify what is already going on with pelosi and schiff 'and we don't know if it will address our concerns. i can tell you talking to the republican members in the hearing today that they were not allowed by schiff to even question the witness that was they were, the colonel that was they are. in other cases if they want to go back and read testimony to
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have one of his staffers looking over their shoulders. so look, the bottom line is, the rules are being made up by two people. speaker pelosi and adam schiff. and they are the farthest thing in this town from honest brokers when it comes to the president. i don't know if we can undo the damage that is already been done, even if they do address the basic concerns of having council president, being able to call your own witnesses, and having an open and transparent hearing. the other thing i found out last week, dana, all of the testimony is unclassified. there is no reason to have it down and that secure room except to control the information coming out. i still haven't been allowed the sitting member of congress asking for three weeks now following the rules to steve's testimony from three weeks ago which apparently painted a very different story. so i am very concerned. >> dana: do you feel some feel some vindication that the point that you are making last week seemed to have the issue, forced the issue or the speaker to
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change her mind? >> harris: again, dana, this is not about us. i want to make that point loud and clear. this is about the millions that i represent and the americans all over the country who have questions about whether this is a fair process. so if they were moving in that direction and i say if, that is a good thing. but i don't know that we can undo the damage. >> dana: well we will keep an eye on it and of course, we will keep talking to you as well. and before you were a congressman, all sorts of things in your life including serving our country. at one point, you were detail from the pentagon over to the national security council. before colonel who is a witness today, what do you think about the smears against him and his character? is there a way to reasonably question his points without smearing his character? >> luke come i think there is too much smearing going on. what i'm trying to get at is the substance of what is being said
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and i am rightly frustrated that i'm not allowed to have access to it. he is entitled to his opinion. he certainly brings expertise. dana, you and i know there are differing opinions how the president approaches foreign policy. you know, all right, that is all over the national socratic counsel and interagency. he is certainly entitled to his opinion, but that is about it. >> dana: just about the process of things and you worked at the national security council, do you think you follow the process as far as we know he was on the call and have concerns, took it to the national security council, is that all seem like it is supposed to be done? >> well, i think so, we are in unchartered territory here, but what bothers me about the way that schiff is running this, the president can't have his counsel they are to understand what is going on. and that is just a basic fairness issue. >> dana: let m me also ask you about syria, a wonderful story about the canines help, but i
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also wanted to help you you wrote a book called "warrior diplomat" the next step is there a role for diplomacy going forward? we will get a lot of intel from this rate and the killing of baghdadi. what next on the performance he front? >> well come i mean come i think we saw diplomacy at play to enge the syrians, the turks, and the russians and get them to basically step aside in terms of their sophisticated air defenses and getting in, to get and baghdadi was huge win for diplomacy, right? that we didn't have to fight our way to get him. going forward, the international community engaged in the safe zone to keep the kurds and the turks apart. i'm happy with where the president is ending up in keeping the presence in syria to keep isis 2.0 from returning again. but this is a great day for america, great day for freedom, and we should all be celebrating. let's all take a pause from this partisan divide to celebrate the
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great victory. dana, i am sure jasper would have gone after baghdadi the same as the canine would have. >> dana: the bravery of our canines trained in the military, just incredible, and i know you relied on them for your safety as well. in the field. congressman michael waltz, pleasure to have you, thank you. >> all right, thank you so much, dana. >> dana: fox news learning about the details of the military operation in syria, targeting leaders of isis has a congressman and i were talking about. u.s. troops remain in northern syria to protect oil fields and national security respondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon with these developments, jennifer. >> dana sr. u.s. officials tell me president trump tweeted that baghdadi's number one replacement is also dead, he was referring to an operation that occurred after the baghdadi compound raid. that is when u.s. forces targeted the so-called isa spokesman, the kurdish at ds leader that tweeted out days a
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ago. he was killed abu al-hassan al-mujajir hours after baghdadi was killed. this individual i was told is more than a spokesman. i'm also told the killing of the two top isis leaders in syria is significant because beneath them are much weaker successors in the killing of the top two leaders will leave a leadership vacuum inside isis in syria. intelligence from baghdadi's compound is being exploited. baghdadi's number two living two hours from the baghdadi compound in the islam providence also miles from the turkish border. the kurdish general who leads the searing democratic forces, who the u.s. has partnered with to defeat isis told our own pinhole that kurdish intelligence, kurdish intelligence had a source inside baghdadi in the inner circle in the compound who led u.s. special operation forces to the compound. according to matt bloom, the source was one of the two adult males captured alive and mentioned yesterday at the
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pentagon. >> there were two adult males taken the objective come alive in our custody. >> we expect a briefing with the commander, general frank mckenzie at the pentagon on wednesday. they hope to release drone video from the raid. there are issues with the classifying those videos. one of the photos that was declassified, that of the belgium dog who chased baghdadi down the tunnel and entered when the terrorists blew himself up. we know the dog's name which remains classified to protect his army handler. the dog was injured, but returned to duty, dana. it was likely wearing a camera when it followed baghdadi down that tunnel. d't expect those images to be released, dana. spun thank goodness for that k-9. i have one question for you, jennifer. last week one of the concerns and fake chaos before the cease-fire, there were isis prisoners that might have escaped. do we know anything more about
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that. >> it is our understanding the kurdish freighter basically kept those prisoners inside the prison as they stood guard. they didn't leave, and for the most part, there were 100 prisoners released, a third of them recaptured, and so for the most part, the 10,000 are still under guard in those prisons. >> dana: all right, that is welcome news, jennifer griffin, thank you. up next, joining me to explain why he thinks president trump praise for the handling of the baghdadi situation and also why things would be much different under invited administration wow!
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>> dana: the takedown of isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi. nen saying the president deserves credit for ordering the operation.
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he questions the former utor andsident joe biden would fellow american enterprise, george w. bush and a friend, the most important title of old. i want you to listen to former vice president biden on msnbc earlier today. >> the president of the united states precipitously withdraws troops in the same area where we need people on the ground that the reports i have read in the major press is that he made it much more difficult for the forced to do their job. he pulled off and spite of his actions. >> dana: he wrote about what he would have done if you were in the administration in this case, what do you think? >> first of all, president trump does deserve credit for this operation. it is a high risk mission and into al qaeda territory to get baghdadi. a million things could have gone wrong and trump would have taken the blame but he did it anyway. we should be asking ourselves, the president since he's running
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for president, joe biden, would he have ordered the same mission? the answer is probably not. the reason we know that is because he opposed the mission to kill usama bin laden. he was the only member barack obama's national security team who said to the president, don't do it. he recalled in a speech obama turned to him in a sit room, joke, what do you think? mr. president, don't go. the reason he gave, the reason he gave had nothing to do with national security or operational control, it had to do with politics. if this goes wrong, you will say goodbye to a second term. so this guy said he would be a better commander and chief at the moment we had the mastermind of 9/11 in our sights ready to kill him, he wouldn't go and the reason was politics. that is the kind of leadership joe biden is, the guy who proposes the bin laden operation to criticize the guy who authorized the baghdadi operation? that is pretty rich. >> dana: i wonder also if he had congratulated the president, thanked him, it would not have
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hurt his feelings at all. and listen to another 2020 democratic contender, kamala harris last night. >> that press conference was extraordinary. you you would have thought he was talking about and given commentary on a video game. and every step becomes clear, i just clearly does not fully appreciate the job which must be done with integrity, must be done in a way that it is solemn. >> dana: i know we are in campaign season, but i wonder about these kinds of attacks when they have not sat in that seat and i they haven't been commander-in-chief and president has and kept the come -- the country safe. >> it is awful. this is a moment we should put aside politics and celebrate the fact the number one terrorist in the world is dead. that should be something that every american is celebrating and donald trump deserves credit for launching that mission. you go back to what biden said earlier, you precipitously withdrawing troops from syria
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come i agree with that criticism but joe biden is the guy who advised obama to pull all troop. he gave a speech where he said it was the proudest moment of his life to bring all those troops home. that is what led to the rise of isis. >> dana: for secretaries disagree, gates, clinton, john kerry on that one. >> harris: all military commanders. >> dana: the 2020 democrats in the debate they have had so far to the extent they are up and questions about foreign policies. we talk a little bit about immigration and nuclear power, elizabeth warren comes to mind and leading the middle east, not having troops there, but we really haven't had a big discussion about who would keep you safe? do you think we might see that if that debate comes up? rico i think donald trump has a strong case to make he would keep us safe because he is doing things the democrats that they wouldn't. look the worst thing about trump's policy, withdrawing all the boots on the ground in syria and abandoning the kurds which
11:18 am
are all bad things, they expect same things the democrats would do. there are no democrats saying we should keep an enduring president small but during president in syria -- presence in syria, they all want to get . all they are doing is criticizing trump style and sang the press conference was on presidential. what are you doing differently? are you going to say keep troops in syria not to just protect that well but as president of the united states? the worst part of trump's policy, they will replicate in the best part for donald trump's policy they will not replicate. >> dana: a pleasure to have few, marc thiessen check out his podcast from a fantastic. i always listen to moment it comes out. >> thank you, what the hell -- >> dana: the news podcast, not about me. the grandfather who was holding his granddaughter out of a crew sit ship and he is charged in her death. will those charges click? we will talk to a lawyer about
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hey. ♪hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today. >> dana: a toddler's death aboard a cruise ship now even more heartbreaking as the grandfather who was holding the child before she fell out of an open window is now charged with negligent homicide by puerto rican officials. joining me now is andrews goldman, an attorney and law professor.
11:23 am
not enough? that he has to be punished as well? the toddler's death? >> it is silly. these charges should have never been broke. a classic case of overreach. everybody agrees this is a tragic, tragic accident. there is no intent. there is no desire to harm this child. it is the grandfather who did this. he's already in the ultimate prison. and now you file charges, it is ridiculous. >> dana: take a listen to the family attorney michael winkleman who was on earlie now to charge him for this which in their eyes is unnecessary. they didn't want to press charges. they didn't want to see him charge. everybody agreed it is in extent and so they are left by the authorities decided to prosecute. >> dana: why do you think they decided to prosecute, andrew? >> i have a theory on this, right? royal caribbean facing massive lawsuit from the parents. royal caribbean wants these charges to be filed against the
11:24 am
grandfather because they will play pin the tail on the grandfather to slither off of the hook with respect to liability, right? what cruise will window has a window wide open and the children's play area? did the grandfather make a mistake? of course he did but you don't have that window open and you have puerto ricans with catering to a royal caribbean. i think royal caribbean is a bad actor in this event. >> dana: do you think the family would be able to get these charges dropped? >> i don't think so. i think prosecutors are going for the throat of these charges. i think there will be age trial and that is the good news. if that any appearance on that jury, wait a minute, this guy loved his granddaughter. there is no way he would intentionally do this. i will bet everything i've got he's found not guilty. >> dana: this trail would take place in puerto rico? >> it will be in puerto rico and it will be likely a jury trial yes. >> andrew stoltmann if you will
11:25 am
stick around with us we have another story to get to a former boston college student who allegedly urged her boyfriend to kill himself. now, she is charged with involuntary manslaughter and his suicide. molly line has a story from boston, molly. >> dana, the south korean woman was indicted by a grand jury and her boyfriend suicide and the investigators say he was suffering unrelenting abuse, documented extensively and text messages that she alleged to have sent telling him to kill himself. prosecutors want to see the former boston college student returned to the united states to face justice. it was on the morning of his graduation date, may 20, 2019, alexander, 22 leapt to his death at a parking garage as his family waited to watch him walk in the boston college ceremony slated to begin a little bit more than an hour later. prosecutors say, 21 was there and prior to his desperate jump, the couple had exchanged more
11:26 am
than 75,000 text mode sent by you who repeatedly urged to go tight and insisting that she has family in the world would be better off without him said to prosecutors. the couple's relationship stretched 18 months but prosecutors say the abuse became more frequent, more powerful and more demeaning in the days and hours before his death. >> what i can tell you is there are any number of ways that we can try to extradite her back from korea. there are also ways to look at potentially interpol red notices, but we are influenced in the ways that she doesn't want to do so voluntarily. we are hopeful, but cautiously optimistic that she will return on her own. >> dana: now, this case bears similarity to the case of michelle carter, the massachusetts woman convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 15
11:27 am
months in jail for urging her boyfriend to kill himself through a slew of text messages, killed himself in 2014. and released earlier this year, carter is now appealing her case to the u.s. supreme court. dana. >> dana: molly line, thank you. let's bring back attorney andrew stoltmann on this one. what do you think of these charges? appropriate to charge her with involuntary manslaughter here? >> absolutely. if what is alleged to be true or believed to be true, what a wretched human being. you have the gold standard for evidence, right? you have text messages. >> dana: 75,000 text messages. >> 75,000 text messages and over half of those were allegedly encouraging him to kill himself, to do bodily harm. this is a wonderful prosecution if the allegations are true, she deserves to go to prison and to go to prison for a long time.
11:28 am
>> dana: he committed suicide on the morning of his college graduation on a day that should have been one a celebration for him and his family. absolutely horrendous. what do you think about the chances of getting her to be basically sent to the united states for this trial? >> well, that is a $64,000 question because the extradition will be very, very difficult. i don't think they will be able to get her back here, but if they do in this case is tried a dumb act right in front of the jury, they will hammer this individuals assuming the text and emails exist. >> dana: do you think the laws need to change to keep up with the new technologies, like there is a text message saying, it case that seems like the courts are trying to play catch-up. >> yeah, i would like to see a new federal, even state statute specifically covering this. we have heard of so many instances where people are being cyber bullied, where they are being harassed, the attacks via email. i think we need a new statute covering this as a specific
11:29 am
crime to make it illegal so prosecutors don't have to cobble together different things. unfortunately, this is happening more and more and his tragic. >> dana: before it is glad to have you on with your thinking on this, thank you. >> any time. >> dana: wildfires creating havoc in california. the flames forcing hundreds of thousands of people to leave their home. the forecast warns there could be more dangerous. we are on the ground with a look at the devastation as the fire is burning on both ends of the state. and as prayers the canine that killed the isis leader, to try to care for other military service dogs @cs saturdays happen. pain happens. aleve it. aleve is proven stronger and longer on pain than tylenol.
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with the newday va streamline refi, you can refinance at near record low rates with no income verification, no appraisal and nothing out of pocket. ♪ >> dana: fox news alert on new concerns the wild firefight across california. forecasters warn of hurricane strength winds as flames out of control from los angeles. dozens of people forced out of their home. millions without power. we have team fox coverage from in los angeles, let's start with dan springer live in the
11:34 am
northern part of the state and healdsburg commit dan. >> take a look at destruction all around me. what a working farm. a couple dozen vehicles destroyed and the fire and a lot of other farm equipment. this is a critical 24-hour period we are entering because the winds are expected to be stronger tonight between 40 and 50 miles an hour wind gust but not as strong as sunday morning but plenty of strong enough to pick the spiral. we just saw a crew in this area doing mop up work and we are hoping to get this area from flaring up when the winds pick up later tonight. the crews made good progress yesterday as the winds were quite a bit lighter. the fire spread little containment jumped to 15%. the big effort now of course to keep the flames from crossing to the west side of highway 101 into an area heavily populated and has not burned in decades. the beleaguered -- cutting power to 6,000 customers and 29 california counties. the nation's largest utility
11:35 am
admits downed power line started to cofires in the east bay sunday and a big transmission tower likely started the massive kincaid fire. the residents are upset about that, but they are also complaining about the power shut off and new fires. >> it feels like it's out of control. the same thing is happening over and over again. you know commit is like i know everybody has tried to make improvements, but obviously it's not working. some mandatory evacuations were lifted yesterday, but those residents were told to be ready tonight if this thing explodes again with the high winds. dana. >> dana: a terrible situation, thank you dan springer, william la jeunesse covering southern california and joins us live in the brentwood neighborhood of los angeles, william. >> dana, eight homes destroyed and several others damage. i can show you how the fire started here right across the street. you can see the getty museum,
11:36 am
well, the fire literally climbed up this hill right here and destroyed and took the houses out along tiger tail road right here. 9,000 people right now remain evacuated in this area with a fire 5% contained but hoping to improve that for the high winds arrived tonight. >> we will see winds gusting up to 70 miles an hour, and as we have seen in northern california and experience can pick up and r ponds. >> you get this pumper truck right here in the wild lands, the firefighters you can see hand crews coming down here, dana. they don't want to come back here tonight when these flames return, but literally they are trying to douse these hot spots. also turning over some of the soils so when the winds come back they don't rekindle the fire and reignite members. the cause of fire right now unknown but the investigators
11:37 am
are looking to an area where winds appear to have snapped a tree branch knocking out a power line that may have caused the fire. why the concern? look here come a woman in the backyard of sacramento catches a live wire and starts a fire. what is evidence here, the controversy in california has pg&e in the north and edison in the south considering cutting power to millions tonight. governor newsome critical sink these companies will be fined up to $100,000 a day for not following protocol. pg&e, they are in bankruptcy spending $2.5 billion to meet the states 2045 green energy mandate. republicans say that money can be better spent on bearing the electrical lines and clearing brush. that is the political backdrop to the story, but of course, right now people are concerned about the high winds turning tonight and into tomorrow. >> dana: william la jeunesse
11:38 am
in los angeles, thank you. democrats taking next steps to impeachment against president trump into the open. as we wait for details on the house resolution, laying out guidelines for the investigation, just minutes ago senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he will make sure that president gets the same due process that nixon and clinton receive. mcconnell also said this. >> it strikes me that there is no small amount of irony associated with the fact that the president is apparently being impeached and the house, and at the same time. the democrats are filibustering the defense bill, say they are going to filibuster the defense bill which we will vote on later this week. which will provide for the assistance to ukraine. >> dana: the deputy press secretary, george debbie butte cashed up george w. bush, the former obama campaign regional director, good to have you both, can i have you listened to congressman jim joro talked about these developments
11:39 am
today and get your reaction. >> people have said that today is the first time we will get to hear from someone who was actually on the protocol. that is not accurate. we have already heard from him to come at this is the third and we heard from president trump and president zelensky, we have the call transcript on aid and the call. no quid pro quo and we've had two people on the call. president trump and president zelensky signal pressure and no one was pushed. >> dana: the republicans are coming due process, it is not fair we cannot get in there. the speaker is feeling a little bit of pressure and deciding they will formalize and have an impeachment inquiry vote possibly as soon as thursday. >> they should be doing this. it's been a joke up until now. i think it is giving donald trump the ability to say washington and the mainstream media are out to get me. so they will have this vote. it will be a sham. the democrats will move forward with impeachment and absolve the president. it will backfire. it might seem kind of bleak right now, but i think election is not this november but next
11:40 am
november. a lot of things are going to happen between now and then that will put the president and the republicans and a lot stronger position. >> dana: someone who was there for the last impeachment newt gingrich, listen what newt gingrich said last night on "hannity" about this process. >> if they come up with a piece of junk on thursday, the same blood he whitewashed the way we have seen it already with schiff, then it is a joke. it will be of no value command every democrat who votes for it, i think, will face a real risk back home. >> dana: rob in the bar for a substance is pretty high for the democrats. do you think they will meet it? >> absolutely, dana. we must bring it. we started this process and our faces fatigued. look at what happened at the mueller investigation. we know from the offset when we went down this path, we had to have something concrete to deliver where it would backfire.
11:41 am
that is why nancy pelosi delayed this as far as she could do. so she felt she had no other options. so absolutely correct, we must bring it, dana. >> dana: who were also there and 78, and people, or fatigued back then. news cycle so quickly now. how long do you think they can sustain public interest even if it is a democratic base? >> i think they have already lost public interest in this. i think robin is right, they are doing this for their base. that is exactly why they are doing it and it will back part fire because the people in the middle see this for what it is. it is a sham behind closed doors. thirdhand account, secondhand accounts, the president, and they end absolved by the senate. it will be like the mueller report, robin, them mueller report said the president didn't do any wrong. it is helpful for the president and for republicans. >> dana: last were to come up robin. >> public opinion is shifting towards removal come as we have
11:42 am
seen so there is an appetite, it better be there or we are in trouble, dana. >> dana: robin you are always a little skeptical and we appreciate it. thank you. some facebook employees taking aim at mark zuckerberg over the handoff policy for political ad content on the social media site. why they are calling this policy of his a threat to the company. ♪ is that net carbs or total? eh, not enough fiber. chocolate would be good. snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress. i need all the breaks i can get. line? liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. that's a lot of words. only pay for what you need.
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♪ >> dana: facebook about the social media giants handoff on political ads. the fox network joints may come and i see you have the blue memo which i appreciated. >> 250 employees sent the letter.
11:47 am
we don't know what color they were wearing, ceo mark zuckerberg said the social network with the politicians lie. pretty strong statement and advertisements, and they want facebook's policy to change. so they sent an open letter, to mark zuckerberg. here is how it starts "we are proud to work here. but then it goes down to address concerns and they say they want to raise these concerns before it is too late. they say free speech and paid speech or not the same thing. so the letters about a page and a half, and it includes several improvements. i will give you the top three, number one holding political ads to the same standards as other ads. that is pretty straightforward number to code changing the design of political ad so they e more easily identifiable. so some users, the employees have said really have trouble distinguishing political ads from organic posts. they say, listen, political ads should have a clearly different designs with a standout and people just know what they are looking at.
11:48 am
as for the third point, restricting targeting for political ads. facebook right now does restrict ad targeting for housing, for education, for credit categories because of past abuses, discriminatory abuses so why not add political ads to that mix? now, i don't want to underplay this letter at all. i want to point out it was signed by 250 employees and facebook has about 35,000 employees. reportedly, dana, there are more that sympathize with the logic of their argument which is essentially as per brands in ordinary use are subject to third-party fact-checking why aren't political ads? a person of facebook rather, did respond and the quote is, the company appreciates its employees voicing their concerns but the company is committed to not centering political speech, dana. >> dana: that was about six weeks ago and it's getting attention. thank you so much. so climate change activists are sounding off about streaming
11:49 am
services. researchers estimate every 30 minutes on apps like netflix and hulu with much carbon dioxide into the environment and driving for miles. brent larson and the fox news headline 24/7 anchor, you knew. >> i want to point that out. you know, at some point, right, they would make something so unenjoyable feel like a horrible thing on the environment. that is their argument, when you watch streaming video on the internet, you are probably thinking rightfully about the device in your hand, the device sitting attached to your tv. you are not thinking about these massive server farms placed all over the country and all over the world that do require a lot of electricity. to not only keep the functioning but to keep them cool. we have seen creative uses of putting them under water which keeps them cooler naturally. so that is the culprit there. the server farm and the energy that it requires, more data equals more energy. the report even goes on to say if you are watching, streaming
11:50 am
netflix on your phone, if you are doing it over cellular networks come with a 3g, 4g network which will be pretty slow, that is even worse because it takes more energy to get tha. >> dana: what do they suggest? how would we ever see the climate change documentary? if we are not watching? [laughter] >> how will be get informed about what is next? >> dana: how will we know all of the things we are not supposed to do if we can't stream. >> very good point at that point is not mentioned in their survey, what do you do? now, they don't talk about the technology companies that are working on making the carbon footprint zero or near zero. apple has been near zero for quite some time now where they are basically saying, we are going to do everything we can to offset whatever we have to. >> dana: so you want to be able to have devices, that last longer without having to charge them more often. >> harris: right, right but
11:51 am
scolding is for watching stuff. >> dana: i will be watching the season of silicon valley. >> the other thing they don't mention from okay a half-hour of netflix is four hours of driving but what if you have to drive four hours to the movie theater and you have three people in the car? there you go. you just undid all the damage. i'm not sure anymore. >> dana: brent larson, thank you so much. >> thank you dana. >> dana: mississippi woman missing for days to send a distress signal. she got lost in the sequoia national park after texting with her daughter last thursday. the national guard aircraft spotted her spelled-out message on monday and the ground team then tracked her down into steep terrain for miles from her car. she was combed the area for the 56-year-old but didn't have much to go on until they saw her sos. everyone is talking about a courageous combat canine to help track down the leader of isis. cofounded a group with the fearless animal and a special
11:52 am
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>> dana: a new study shows a daily dose of ibuprofen could make your day brighter. taking two painkillers a day can help reduce symptoms of depression. the drugs were 79% more effective than a placebo. the data is leading scientists to call for trials on possible overthe counter treatment for mental health. one daring dog is being hailed a hero today. the president tweeting out a picture of the combat canine injured in the mission that killed the leader of the isis terrorist on saturday. my next guest co-founded an organization to honor past military dogs and care for current ones. joining me is president of the united states war dogs association along with military hero dog laka. how important are these dogs to our mission? >> well, they're quite important. they're our first line of defense. they lead the way.
11:57 am
they're probably one of the greatest assets we have in the military today. >> dana: i know it cost around $283,000 to train these dogs. i would think that is worth every investment. how many years are they able to work in combat? >> they can work anywhere from six to eight years in combat. they retire when they're about anywhere from eight to ten years old. and most of them retire because of age or they have health issues. >> dana: what kind of focus and training do they have to have? i was thinking about the raid that took down baghdadi. might have been so chaotic and so loud. the focus to be able to use these dogs in that situation. what do you think about the training? >> their training is quite intense. they're constantly training. before such a mission as this one in syria, they would train with the troops for weeks ahead of time.
11:58 am
so they were in total sync with their human counterparts. >> dana: if we can go back to his shot, i'd love to get a picture there. laka, off to the side, tell me a little bit about her. >> laka was a bomb detection dog in kuwait. and she came back to the states about five years ago. i adopted her four and a half years ago. she's doing pretty good, adjusting to civilian life. she likes it on the couch. >> dana: sounds like jasper. ron, tell me, how many dogs are out there, military dogs, if somebody wants to take care of one of these dogs in their retirement, how would they do that? >> they could contact lackland air force base in san antonio texas where the majority of the military dogs are adopted out. and we also have a kennel out in
11:59 am
magnolia texas, our caption, miss canine rescue. they can be googled. and we have a number of military and also contracting and law enforcement dogs in retirement that are waiting to be adopted out. >> dana: do these dogs ever, after they finish working and they're retired, do they like to relax? we know laka likes to sit on the couch. but are they able to relack or do they really want to work? >> most of them want to work. they're working dogs. they served six to eight years in the military working. they just want to continue working. we don't suggest, once the dog is retired, they should be retired and they shouldn't be really worked in any manner that the military would work them. that would be like using a bite sleeve to have the dog bite the sleeve. >> dana: do they easily bond with a new owner? >> yes, eventually they will bond just like their original handler they had. they will form a bond with their
12:00 pm
new owner. >> dana: ron aello and laka and mystery person there off to the side, thank you very much for joining us. it's an amazing story. i'm dana perino. here's bill hemmer. >> bill: afternoon, everybody. thank you, dana. we begin. lawmakers for the first time hearing from an impeachment witness who was actually on the july phone call between president trump and ukraine's president. good day, everyone. i'm bill hemmer. this is fox news reporting. we are also waiting for the house to release a resolution that outlines the guidelines of the impeachment inquiry before lawmakers vote on it earlier this week. details on that in a moment. first a military office in the national security council is telling house committee members about what he calls his concerns about what he heard during the conversation between the president and the ukrainian president. his name is alexander vinman.


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