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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 29, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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supporters to go to his website, trigger a and said his book triggered to senator mitt romney with several top democrats. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> our hope is to seize this moment, that abu bakr al-baghdadi has been killed and we are hoping they have information, who killed kayla and where is she buried? heather: the takedown of abu bakr al-baghdadi giving new hope to the family of kayla mueller. jillian: family's praise for the president with another high profile g hardy killed by us forces plus a mainstream media announcement of a monster for his controversial confrontation. rob: that kentucky teenager got a second chance to clear his
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name and hold news organizations accountable for that story. a nightmare on elm street. jillian: surprising number of people too scared to live next to trump supporters. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ i may be crazy ♪ but it just may be a lunatic you are looking for ♪ turn out the light ♪ don't try to say things ♪ jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. i just learned -- rob: just 17 years old. jillian: i am 17 years old. rob: thanks for getting up with us today.
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carley: parents of isis hostage kayla mueller speaking out in the wake of abu bakr al-baghdadi's death. rob: great news for them, his death. griff jenkins has another isis major target is dead. >> reporter: not just one operation. fox news confirming abu bakr al-baghdadi's number 2, isis's spokesperson was killed in a separate operation by us forces in syria as we hear powerful words from kayla's parent having endured the worst nightmare and getting some closure with hopes that more information will come. >> the reaction to the president speaking kayla's name was tears. our hope was to see this moment and this moment is the fact that abu bakr al-baghdadi has been killed, several others have been captured. we hope they have the
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information that is who killed kayla, where was she killed and where was she buried? >> reporter: new information was uncovered from electronic data to document and video recorded during the raid by defense secretary mark esper who said the mission isn't over. >> reporter: the security situation in syria remains complex. our mission in syria today remains the same as it was when we first began operations in 2014 to enable enduring defeat of isis. >> reporter: the president releasing this photo of a hero dog that helped killed the world's most wanted terrorist. he was slightly wounded but is recovering. former vice president biden refusing to give donald trump credit for the victory writing i am glad donald trump ordered the mission but as more details of the raid emerges clear the victory was not due to donald trump's leadership, it happened
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despite his ineptitude as commander in chief. the president says some of the raid's actual footage, we will see if that happens. heather: we will see if that happens. appreciate it. kim jong un texas police officer rushed to the hospital in critical condition following a shooting overnight. the suspect opening fire after a traffic stop turned into a chase just north of dallas. they eventually pulled over and two people were tasting into custody. they are both in the hospital with gunshot wounds but police say they did not shoot them. a bit of a mystery right now. there conditions are unknown at this time. a desperate manhunt underway in georgia for prisoner released by mistake. tony mendez was convicted of sexual assault and has been on the run since friday. georgia's the public of corrections deployed its fugitive unit at us marshall to track munoz down, serving a life sentence in 2015.
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jillian: a suspected gunman at a homecoming party is arrested. brandon gun dollars is charged with capital murder. his bond was set at $1 million was a witness says he shot off a party at texas a&m commerce after a game of dice. police believe he was targeting one person. two people were killed, 12 others injured. a separate arrest has been made in a shooting at a candlelight vigil for those victims. patrick lovely is accused of trying to get away from police. it is not clear if he is the gunman in that case. classes are canceled today and tomorrow giving students time to heal. turning to a fox news alert, thousands of people forced to evacuate as fierce windss fuel more than a dozen wildfires across california. rob: that is the getty fire in los angeles near the 405, swelling to twice the size of san francisco.
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>> my god. no way. >> right behind my house. that house burning there. carley: these videos look like hell on earth. wind tornado coming close to a bunch of firefighters battling the flames. rob: in the north a bigger fire, the kincaid fire could continue to burn for weeks. at this point only 15% contained. these fires are unbelievable. you can see the kincaid fire from space. we get the windss, in the fall, hasn't rained since spring. carley: santa ana windss, every year this time. >> we have had fires burning in heavily populated areas so this will be a situation we will watch for the next several days. today we have red flag dangers from northern california through
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central california towards southern california including la, santa clarita towards reading reading and santa rosa. this will be an ongoing situation. this is the relative humidity showing outright is in the area as we get through the afternoon and this evening. we will deal with those winds, more on onshore flow in the overnight tonight into wednesday. that will be good news for southern california but very dry for northern california. no rain in the forecast. north and east of that we are getting snow. very strong wintery conditions across portions of the rockies towards the great lakes and the northern plains so that is the next weather major and we have potential for showers and thunderstorms across the gulf coast but those fires will be the big weather story the next
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couple days. rob: air quality in san francisco and la, they are keeping kids home. >> they have smoke advisories. carley: a national security council expert will testify on the hill in the democrats impeachment inquiry. army lieutenant colonel alexander vinman will express concerns over the call between donald trump and ukraine after deputy national security adviser charles cover men ignored his subpoena to testify. house intelligence chair adam schiff says he may be held in contempt. >> i think we can infer from the white house opposition to doctor cuperman's testimony that they believe his testimony would be incriminating of the president. >> he is willing to testify if the courts rule he must comply with the subpoena.
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rob: nancy pelosi announces a vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry against donald trump on thursday. senator lindsey graham defending the president and comparing the upcoming vote to on ringing a bell. >> he did nothing wrong. i've seen no evidence of misconduct by the president at all. this whole thing is a sham. if you going to start this process in the intel committee it is incumbent on every american who knows who the was lower is because without the whistleblower there would be no inquiry. rob: the president tweeting the only crimes in the impeachment hoax were committed by shifty adam schiff. carley: newt gingrich is questioning the motive behind the impeachment inquiry. rob: according to him it is because house democrats are still upset about donald trump's 2015 victory. >> this is a sore loser impeachment. has nothing to do with facts,
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nothing to do with actions. 70% of people favorite impeachment favored it the day after the election and adam schiff and nancy pelosi represent the first time in american history we had sore losers who decided they would try to unlock the election by making stuff up. if you go back and listed everything adam schiff has said for three years that was false the we now know was false, it is a stunning comment on how bad this system is and kevin mccarthy is likely to be the next speaker of the house because i think nancy pelosi trying to pay off the left, beat 30 or 40 democrats. carley: she will eliminate any doubt to the legitimacy of the process but added the formal vote has no merit. rob: monday night football, the pittsburgh steelers even racing a 14 point deficit to take down the miami dolphins.
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>> underneath, running free. inside the ten, touchdown. rob: scoring 27 unanswered points after being down 14-0. capping off the rally, pittsburgh wins, dolphins 27-14. carley: it could come down to today, houston astros looking to capture the second world series title, the washington nationals in a huge game fix, two stars pitching tonight, justin vernon lander, so far neither team has been able to win at home. we will see what happens just after 8:00 on fox. rob: washington goes into houston and wins the world series, seven straight away games, can you imagine that? carley: never happens.
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rob: fox news alert, a double dose of death after military raids results in the deaths of abu bakr al-baghdadi and his potential successor. what happens now? who takes control of this terror group? joey jones, there are two key isis groups to consider. the veteran marine joins us live. carley: a car pinball in its way through a quiet neighborhood in the middle of the night. we will tell you about that next. ♪
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technician julie jones, thanks for coming on. we got great news about abu bakr al-baghdadi and then better news about next in command is killed. that has to hurt their ability to recruit. >> it shows the level of intelligence and information we were able to gather and conduct this operation, you have to believe they were conducting jointly were planned jointly. what does this do for isis? first thing it does is a moral victory for us, gives are fighting men and women in understanding that we can still accomplish it even when politics back home money the waters, debate where troops should be and things like that, still, she our mission. carley: a caliphate, the leader, the spokesman, the terror group has been heavily crippled over the last year but there are still supporters and one name that keeps popping up to be a possible successor is an iraqi
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militant named abdullah. how important with the next leader of isis be to the organization's future? >> i don't know much about this person. another one, between the two of them they are the strongest candidates to take over what is essentially isis, the most organized and well-funded part of isis. there are groups around the world that have not taken up the mantle of isis and hear themselves to it and taken of the ideas of isis and they may not have direct organizational communication with isis but are conducting terror around the world. we talk about fulfilling this mission. understand this was an idea that existing people's heads usually where people are oppressed or there are civil wars raging and they see it as a sign of hope.
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best thing we can do is kill those who enact terror and keep an eye on these places and understand in 2019 it is not the result of the american people remedying this problem for other countries, we have to make sure it doesn't find its way here. rob: the president make the point about other countries getting involved and working on these problems. look at how much progress has been made in the last four years, the territory isis controls, a nice little swath, they had a lot of territory and lost it all by october 2019. is it strange to you the right after the us announced the pulled out from syria we get these major victories of killing abu bakr al-baghdadi and his successor? the timing of that is very interesting to me and i don't know what to make of it. >> i don't think we have information to know what to make of it. there is a strong case the two things -- donald trump denied the fact -- he is our president, believe him or don't -- as far as the amount of area they controlled, the other thing to understand is afghanistan, the taliban has controlled 3% of
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afghanistan and 50% of afghanistan in the same year. the reason why, a lot depends on villages pledge allegiance to something like this was the potential for isis to control large portions of syria again is still there because you have the sdf and asad regime that are not exactly friends and isis is a product of those civil wars and fight so something we have to continue to look at. if we can't understand and follow it, try to keep the country safe in the meantime. carley: there newsagency made statements about the tax in syria and egypt so the fight continues. we appreciate it. rob: the president slamming the city of chicago for its violent reputation. >> it is embarrassing to us as a nation, they are talking about chicago. afghanistan is a safe place by comparison.
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rob: that could be about to change, the executive order donald trump assigned to solidify his stance as a law and order president. carley: the deadline to update your device or it will be dead. here, it all starts with a simple...
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hello! -hi! how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] wifi up there? -ahhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. >> we are going to learn how many people were arrested at the southern border over the last year. border patrol commissioner mark morgan and deputy commissioner robert perez will reveal the total number of apprehensions from a news conference. it is the highest since 2007,
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illegal immigrants taken into custody. >> a federal judge opening a defamation lawsuit against the washington post. nicholas sandman sued for $250,000 accusing the paper of negligently covering this interaction with a native american man outside the lincoln memorial. the video went viral with many accusing the teen of beingnfron man. sandman included other cnn outlets like cnn and nbc, his lawyers will join the 7:00 hour of "fox and friends" to discuss the ongoing case. the story still going on. rob: a foxbusiness alert, update your older iphone or ipad, taking a chance of getting it kicked off line. carley: apple's new morning. >> reporter: people using iphone 5s.
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even though they haven't been sold since 2013, apple putting out the warning that if you do not update your older iphone or ipad you could be kicks off line, no more browsing, checking your internet, any of those. you've got to update to the ios 10.34 which includes the 4s, the older generation ipads, all of this because of an issue stemming from the gps that only happens every 19 years. it happens back in april causing some of the devices to lose track of time. get that update before midnight sunday, november 3rd. rob: todd is rocking like the eiffel tower. food delivery drone, tell me about this.
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>> they have unveiled this in detroit, made some changes. it can deliver a meal for two. it can go up to 12 miles, features 6 rotors. what is interesting is the drone will pick it up from the restaurant, take it to and uber staging area. from there and uber driver will deliver it to you to go the last mile or so but they are looking to test this in san diego. we are seeing more companies jumping on the drone bandwagon, ups and fedex trying to do this as well. carley: very futuristic. rob: 26 after the hour. if you wonder where president obama stands in the 2020 contest his former running mate has the answer.
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>> why hasn't president obama endorsed you? you serve together for eight years? >> i want to turn this on my own. >> that he offered to endorse you? >> we didn't even get there. i asked him not to and he said okay. carley: why wouldn't he want the former president's blessing? our next guest to work on obama's campaign citizen about allegations of a rigged system among the dnc. ♪ (engines rev) the only thing better than horsepower... more horsepower. (engines rev) if we were for everyone, we'd be for no one. with dodge power dollars, more power means more cash allowance. purchase now and get $10 per horsepower. that's $7,970 on the srt challenger hellcat redeye.
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2:31 am
alexander thenman will express concerns about a between donald trump and ukraine. carley: boeing's ceo on capitol hill facing questions on the 737 max jet. and it was involved in two fatal crashes. rob: the president vowing to serve and protect those who keep us safe. and executive order help law enforcement officers speaking at the police chief's convention. commission to help our men and women in blue. >> to recruit, retain, higher train and provide safety and the well-being of law enforcement officers.
2:32 am
rob: the order will look at key policeing issues like drug abuse, homelessness and mental illness. despite the president -- eddie johnson boycotted the speech citing the city's core values and his own personal beliefs. donald trump slamming johnson at the event. >> more than anyone else this person should be here because maybe he could learn something. since eddie johnson has been police chief more than 1500 people were murdered in chicago. >> johnson pushing back against those remarks shortly after the president's speech. >> we are making measurable progress in creating safer neighborhoods and building world-class police department the entire country can be proud of.
2:33 am
rob: the president calling empire actor jussie smollett after all charges were dropped in his alleged hate crime hoax. the president covered many topics, the key take away is the executive order. the police division -- >> attorney general william barr, the inspector general's probe of the russia investigation. a fox news exclusive, and the personal lawyer. >> that is completely wrong and there is no basis for it. i work on behalf of the united states. >> john durham is leading the criminal probe. william barr says he's making great progress. >> one of the reasons mister drum makes the kind of progress he's making is because director ray and his team have been outstanding in the support and
2:34 am
responsiveness, to mister durham. >> he took a swipe at former director james come for his failure in leadership at the fbi. >> the justice department is appealing the federal judge's ruling to help secret grand jury evidence robert mueller's investigation. he was order to turn the material over by tomorrow but the department argues there is no guarantee that the evidence will stay confidential if that happens. the house judiciary committee once the information for the impeachment inquiry. the committee with order to respond. >> former vice president joe biden explains why barack obama hasn't endorsed him yet. >> why hasn't president obama endorsed you? you serve together but we use? >> i want to turn this on my own. >> did he offer to endorse you? >> we didn't even get there. i think he thinks it is better for me.
2:35 am
find me a national poll. >> why wouldn't joe biden's blessing? former obama campaign field director, thanks for coming back to the show. it seems like fake news to say you wouldn't want president obama to give you an endorsement. explain how that is possible? >> i know that sounds strange but it is common practice in a democratic primary to withhold endorsement just because we don't want the appearance of anything being unfair particularly after the debacle of 2016. joe biden feels he wants to earn this himself, the feeling as if you were to ask for the endorsement and get it it would
2:36 am
give them an unfair advantage, it may work against him and not in his favor. >> let's talk about where joe biden stands. he considers himself the front runner but recent polls show a year poll shows elizabeth warren 7 points ahead of biden but who do you consider the front runner right now? >> the real clear politics aggregate poll, the top polling shows that -- i really do think warren has the enthusiasm behind her, $8 million in his war chest to elizabeth warren's 25 million, that doesn't bode well for joe biden. >> an interesting line, i want to read it to you, mister obama
2:37 am
offered a pointed reminder according to two people with knowledge of their comments, they needed to make sure mister biden did not embarrass himself or damage obama's legacy during the campaign. it seems the former president is worried about joe biden and doesn't have confidence in this. >> there is no way to take it other than that. it sounds like president obama is worried he may see something or do something that embarrass the obama biden legacy and as we have seen the last couple weeks with all this coming out about hunter biden it is not looking good for biden, and that translate not well to president obama.
2:38 am
>> hillary clinton potentially jumping into the race that bill clinton's former advisor said she feels she was born to be president but may wait until joe biden drops out as well. do you think hillary clinton could potentially get into this thing? >> there is always a possibility with hillary clinton. let's be honest here. the one thing i love about what she said is politics, you should get into politics because you feel that calling. if she feels that calling i understand but i don't think voters have much to do with this but she's welcome to throw her name in this. >> that is one thing about becoming president. it is called the voter. rob: the fbi and npd on high alert.
2:39 am
the death of abu bakr al-baghdadi raising fresh fears at home about retaliation attack in new york city, potential targets. people from around the world descend on new york for sunday's big new york city marathon. >> right behind my house. >> as raging wildfires force evacuees from their homes in california we are live on the ground where authorities are trying to keep up. -excuse me. uh... do you mind...being a mo-tour? -what could be better than being a mo-tour? the real question is... do you mind not being a mo-tour?
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rob: thousands forced to evacuate as serious santa ana winds fuel a dozen wildfires across california.
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carley: the giddy fire swelling to twice the size of san francisco. rob: we just learned the major fire to the north of san francisco could burn for weeks. carley: claudia cowan at the internet center in santa rosa. >> reporter: they are placing progress around the southern blaze and hope to boost that number even more today. fire conditions shift in this favor. >> more of a fuel fire, fuel driven fire and wind driven fire. and getting more aggressive. that was an advantage.
2:44 am
>> reporter: the kincaid 5 overnight, 74,000 acres, 113 mi. , an area bigger in size than tampa, florida since it began a week ago. this fire has destroyed 57 homes and still threatens 97 other homes and businesses and 100,000 people remain evacuated. having burned 600 acres including eight homes, crews are bracing for an extremely could fire condition tonight and tomorrow with guests of up to 70 miles an hour. the fear, santa ana winds in the south, diablo wind around the bay area will bring hot embers and spark new fires in northern california, calling for more planned power outages. pictures of the intense firestorm show drivers almost getting engulfed, smoke and ash filling the sky but amid the chaos and devastation, one photo going viral. instead of canceling, katie and
2:45 am
curtis went ahead with their wedding on saturday night at the sonoma county vineyard as fire flickered in the distance wearing breathing masks, they say this will always be a reminder of all the people who helped them pull off their special day. this will be a critical day for firefighters. they have a small window of opportunity with much-needed progress before that was in the area tonight. rob: that is unbelievable, appreciate the reporting. it is day 2 of the "fox and friends first" week where we are trading tricks for treats. rob: first we check in with steve doocy for what is coming up. >> i'm wearing it. >> i can't dress up like a dog,
2:46 am
the dog involved in the raid that ended up killing abu bakr al-baghdadi. the headline is 0. we will talk about the dog. the president talking about it yesterday. on the show today judge andrew napolitano on the couch and jim jordan talking about nancy pelosi putting everybody on the record regarding impeachment, marco rubio and second lady karen pens, stay tuned to talk about that. in his first tv interview a true american hero shares his story. ezra may severed his own leg to save the lives of his crewmembers. the claim what happened that led to that. a crazy accident that led to a store you are not going to forget. carley: i got chills from you teasing it. ♪
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>> the us is on alert for revenge attacks following abu bakr al-baghdadi's death. license could target the marathon this weekend. the terror group urging sympathizers online to attack people in the streets. three terror attacks in the city have been linked to abu bakr al-baghdadi, the most recent was a pipe bomb explosion in the subway two years ago. >> the washington post referred to abu bakr al-baghdadi as an austere religious scholar in a now changed headline, also a new piece for one of the columnists, slammed the president for
2:51 am
calling the isis leader a coward writing, quote, the assertion that abu bakr al-baghdadi died as a coward was in any case contradicted by the fact that rather than be captured, he. himself up. that line has been deleted. that was removed because it wrongly conveyed the impression i considered abu bakr al-baghdadi courageous. he was a sick and depraved man. >> we are considering our celebration. todd: joining us so you don't eat candy all night is -- thanks for coming back today. we want to start. >> at 6:00 am. why not? we have this.
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what is it? has two parts of the the brother, a lightly sweet and sparkling red wine. it is two parts and one part club soda. you get legalese from a can and you make it nice and creepy. that is adorable. we will skip that now and go on to the food. when it is done, they go out and have candy, natural and organic tacos and burgers, hot dog spiders and jack-o '-lantern burgers that you want to do, a
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cookie-cutter, pumpkin cookie cutter and freehand jack-o '-lantern. what i have done here, got breadsticks from the freezer section and you slice the tips with tomato or hotdogs. little fingernails -- >> if i was a kid and had these options i would not have wanted it. and then, i made them into eyeballs, deviled egg and then little eyeballs. >> that is how opinion, i wrapped it in a crescent roll and put it here. >> just in jacked up with sugar enough
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rob: welcome back. you can say this is millennial madness in full swing. one in three millennials say they are okay with communis communism. 30% have a favorable view of communism ugov poll: comments pouring in online over this one. gilbert writing on instagram. god help them. we are doomed and b.c. writing pretty scary millennials have not a clue. carley: if you were surprised about that one, take a listen to this. you won't believe who a quarter of americans are apparently afraid to live next to. nearly 26% feel safe with trump supporters as neighbors. the concern ranking number seven out of the top ten neighbors deemed unsafe.
2:59 am
another 38% felt unsafe living next to people who fly confederate flags in their yards. we asked for your comments. many disagreeing. rob: one viewer tweeting because someone is a trump supporter doesn't mean they are scary. this type of nonsense needs to stop. >> i would feel unsafe living next to anyone who is not a trump supporter. rob: i bet you a dollar not one of them can give a specific reasonable. all right. threw have it. time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. the children's hospital of philadelphia getting in the halloween spirit. staff dressing up the babies in the intensive care unit. include a pug, aliens from toy story. wonder woman and even anna from -- anna and elsa from quiet pennsylvania street turns into demolition derby all caught on camera. suspected drunk driver slams into at least seven parked cars leaving thousands of
3:00 am
dollars in damage. he tried to get away but caught. rob: packages scattered across a highway. the mail truck driver swerved into a semi along the shoulder in florida. he did suffer injuries. it was all junk mail thankfully. we got to go. bye. ♪ ♪ brian: a wonderful story. sleeping baby. we have a lot of breaking news in the planet earth. ainsley: yes, we do. the simple things. gosh, those days are wonderful, aren't they? let's dig in. steve: indeed. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. three hours. starts right now with this. the man likely next in line to take over


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