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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 28, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> jesse: get jasper on that. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: thank you, jesse. president trump accelerates the successful event of taking on the leader vices. he says he's not necessary but he's doing it anyway. your 401(k) is likely soaring the s&p 500 hits a record high for the first time since july. we will take a close look at the u.s. economy. this is "special report" ." ♪ could even, welcome to new york, i'm bret baier, a tourist leader targeted by u.s. special upper said forces, the head of isis ended up detonating a suicide vest to avoid capture. a successful mission by the army.
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if a victory lap that continues today on to chicago. the commander in chief saying the video of that operation may be coming out soon. meantime democrats on capitol hill, their leadership was kept out of the loop on the operation. it was made to protect against leaks specifically from house intelligence committee adam schiff. on the investigation front, general barr defending in the russia program, the meanwhile correspondent covering it from the lawn. >> we have an exclusive interview with the attorney general coming right up in the status of the jerome investigation. but first, president trump praising military special operators for taking out a target that he has wanted to get for years. >> it was a friendly crowd for the presidents event in chicago. today applauding the chief staff of isis leader.
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>> he was a stick and depraved man and now he is dead. he is dead. he is dead as a doornail and he didn't die bravely either. >> democrats complained that president trump had it informed congress the raid was about to happen. in a statement, speaker pelosi saying the house must be briefed on this raid which the russians and not the top congressional leadership were involved of in the strategy of the region. democrats insist the so-called gang of eight and the bipartisan house and senate leadership and chairs and ranking leaders of the intelligence committee should have been told. president trump told senator lindsey graham who had gold golfed with and richard burr ahead of time. on the way to check out this month this morning he explained why he didn't tell the democrats. >> they were talking about why he didn't give the information to adam schiff. the answer is because i think adam schiff is the biggest
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leaker in washington. you know that, i know that, we all know that, i've watched adam schiff leak. he's a corrupt politician, he's a leaker like nobody seen before. >> and chicago today, attorney general are, with fox news producer interview, spoke for the first time about john durham's now criminal investigation into the origins of the russia pro. >> i understand he's making great progress. he's a 35 year veteran of the department. he was selected by two democratic attorney general's to do sensitive investigations for them. >> asked about democratic criticism, they investigation and the political retribution for the mueller report, barr said the reputation speaks for itself. >> we will see and we will let the chips fall where they may. we know john durham's reputatio reputation. we will see how it turns out.
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>> barr pointed to full cooperation from the fbi. >> one of the reasons mr. durham is able to make the kind of progress he's making, is because director wright and his team at the fbi have just been outstanding with the support and responsiveness. they've given to mr. durham. >> barr bravely said, this failure of leadership of the fbn 2015, he feels that that has been rectified. >> bret: john roberts, north long, john, thank you. years of searching, he led to the mission to kill him in syria. it may not have happened without the courage on the ground. correspondent benjamin hall is in northern syria tonight with the latest details of how the mission came together. >> the raid that killed him was months in the making and involved significant intelligence. including a rare informants at
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the heart of isis. the commander of the democratic forces in northern syria, they told how they tracked him. >> we have an informer inside of isis who told us he moved west to and to a specific house. we told american intelligence in may 15th and together set up the secret fell and it sent americans in it. >> they talked about the tunnel under the compound and how many people where the baghdadi and he was planning to move. he had been there for months. that's when the u.s. carried out the attack. this rare informants was in the compound at the time of the attack and brought out safely by the americans. the general also opens up about the u.s. were doral and the deals with the syrian involvement. >> we have no choice to involve and they were able to protect us. >> fox news saw this and numerous violations firsthand. >> where watching syrian
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government forces taking up their positions right opposite and the kurds say they just can't push back. what we are seeing, the partnership now in action. we can see the turkish tank just up and there forces are clear and coming towards us. our natural gun battle is beginning as well. you can hear. it sounds like air strikes. >> they also talked about the future, he said it wasn't too late for the u.s. to come back and protect to the kurds. >> our relationship with president trump depends on him opening his promise to protect us. >> just hours after the raid that killed baghdadi, another agent was three hours away that killed his successor. we also hear from ncf forces that we may well see more isis leaders killed or captured in the coming days. bret. >> bret: benjamin hall live in northern syria early tuesday
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morning, benjamin, thank you. if one member of the team on special operations forces, that went into syria he is back on all four of his or her legs. president trump tweet in an unclassified picture of a canine, the military working dog slightly wounded during this operation and we are told and he is recovering at an undisclosed location. the k-9 has returned to work and his name remains classified but we are told he may answer to good dog. break into nights, house speaker nancy pelosi is going to hold a vote on impeachment proceedings and a change to what she said about perform in verbal consent had calling for up-and-down oats to proceed with investigation. the constitution does not mandate such a vote but they will not hold one and no doubt as to whether her words and the trump administration they will hold documents or continue obstructing the house. congressional correspondent mike emanuel reports on the speaker's sudden in tactics.
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>> we are not here to talk about, we had to find the truth and support the constitution of the united states. this is not a game for us. this is deathly serious. speak out speaker nancy pelosi has done a 180 announcing a thursday vote for the next phase of impeachment. the resolution is included to start public hearings in the november. it's a remarkable change for the speaker who has argued there is no need for a floor vote. republicans have repeatedly attacked to the process and refused to cooperate because there has been no vote authorizing the inquiry. the clock running, the first witness of this week was a no-show and house intelligence, adam schiff, is furious. >> he is also very plain additional and powerful evidence of obstruction of congress. >> charles kupperman noted president trump's interest in maintaining executive privilege. if speaker not allowing to the
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white house to maintain us in the games, so we press forward. >> to morrison and alexander with this national security council. from the pentagon, and catherine and chris from the state department. the leading republican say there's nothing fair about this probe. speak out the real key here is this is not of a gas, these arew depositions designed to get the outcome that is predetermined. speak out democratics want to hear from a former member from resin charms inner circle john bolton which is supposed to be a legal battle. it's become an effector with legislative days between now and the end of the year. i thoroughly think of was that the house impeachment "before thanksgiving with the hope the senate would act by the end of the year." >> speaker pelosi admitted that democrats were conducting a unauthorized impeachment proceedings and refusing to give the president due process and arguing the closed-door depositions are secret, shady,
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and illegitimate. bret. >> bret: thank you, let's bring in reported to take out r of isis, senator, thank you for the time. >> good evening, bret. >> i want to get you the reaction to move forward with the votes on the investigation formally. what's your take on it? speak out we have to wait and say with a resolution, she's gog to really give the president due process and have a fair outcome. we all know there's nothing that rises to the level of impeachment and we have been calling for a better process that's consistent with the last three instances of this sort of investigation. they're trying to get it out them and they're not interested in the truth. lastly, this is another example, brad to come out just the sheer obstruction the president and duard the washing to they said that the campaign r the impeachment of this
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president has already begun. >> bret: is there any chance nancy pelosi gets the vote on articles impeachment and moves through to a senate trial. is there any chance in your mind that the president could be convicted? >> not a chance. zero, you've already made up your mind. i've seen the evidence, there is nothing that rises to the level of impeachment. this is a clear example of the continued obstructionism to try to undo a duly elected president from 2016. >> bret: when you hear that romney, the others of your colleagues that say they haven't decided yet and they want to see that evidence. how do you reach your conclusion? >> i've seen the evidence that leads to what we've seen so far and there's nothing that's arisen to the level of impeachment. i can't answer for my colleagues in the senate but i will say this, they are denying the absolute truth that this president is getting results in fighting for the people back home.
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nancy pelosi is responding to here, it's the outcry and the better part of the country outside of washington, d.c., where people are saying, look, this process is unfair. if by her calling for this vote, she's admitting that the process has been unfair for the president. >> bret: is there a chance of a government shutdown during the impeachment effort? speak out we ar that. the democrats are holding the nda and also appropriation. there denying our military, veterans, and active-duty people 3.5% raise, there denying departments of defense already wants to stop spending $4 million containing the resolutions, they are forced to continue spending that that this is an outrage and american people should not accept this. the democrats are obstructing the president right now. something they funded for every president funded for, and this is what it's all about. they want to deny the president of the well and in soulful in ,
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denying our military. of >> bret: the nationals and te astros, what did you talk about when you sat next to the president? >> i'm on that span, but i cheered on the braves all night. >> bret: there's this moments when the president was acknowledged. it goes on to lock him up chance in the nationals park, what's his reaction to that? >> he makes a comment, 100% of the people cheered him when he got into politics, and that's about what i heard last night. they showed how out of touch this town is, bret. they have no idea how this president got elected. i got elected in the same vein and people in america are upset with the fact that this town is just totally dysfunctional and ignores the interests of the rest of the country. if this president is finding for
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the rest of the country and getting results. that's what i hear, i traveled all over the country and that's what i'm hearing loud and clear. the polls will never pick it up like they did in 1916, but i promise you that's deluded for the people in the bigger part of the country. >> bret: i want to ask you about the ice is rated, but two other things that you mention they are, what about the u.s. n, the prospects and how important is that as a possible? >> i hear intonations from the house and pelosi has known that she has gone too far and they need to get something done. here's the problem. by not passing it, if you were to put that on the floor of the house an indication the bill with the past, it's $180,000, and economic value, it would pass in the house they put it up there. i'm hopeful and i think there's some reason to believe that they may be feeling pressured to get that done before christmas. >> bret: i've heard you talk before as a business man about
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about being disappointed to see how government works and i'm just wondering considering your background, are you convinced the u.s. economy is on solid footing today? >> i really do, here's why, or of the last two and have eight years, we spent about three and have $6 trillion to get into the back into the economy. we moved to pullback and regulations that allowed us to produce more gas than any country in the world, the tax bill that makes it competitive for the rest of the world and the bipartisan bill to free up capital in these community banks. the results are outstanding i would say this is the best economic turnaround in u.s. history and the reason i'm optimistic about it continuing, it's got the direction that were heading, there's plenty of cash in the system and i'm just bullish on the fact with immigration trade and infrastructure coming, they make and people see that this agenda of president trump is working. >> bret: senator, quickly,
3:16 pm
about the isis raid to, the suspects will isis raid to come up president getting some on capitol hill saying that he said too much about the raid and other democrats saying they weren't briefed about the raid and other people saying he is touting himself too much in this. they point back to this tweet from 2012, where donald trump at the time said stop congratulating obama for killing bin laden, the navy seals killed and lauded. your thoughts on that? >> yesterday was a great day for america and the world are special forces with our partners took out the founder of isis. if any other president was in office, we would be advancing le we had when bin laden was taken out. the problem right now is i believe the president's strategy has not changed and there's a lot of disinformation in the last couple weeks. we are there to defeat isis and continue to do that we took away their territorial account
3:17 pm
earlier this year, denied them access to resource and we continue to do that and it's a tactical situation. we took out their leader and the leading candidate for his success. this is a great day for freedom and for america and the world. remember, we will be back on the ground with the kurds working side-by-side. nothing changed there and we were never not on the ground working with the kurds and syria and that's the biggest and misinformation i believe that has come out. remember who the sky was, this is a guy who took 20 people come up with them and jumpsuits on the beach in libya, and beheaded them. he's also the guy that poured gasoline on night captured pilate in a cage and lit him up. he's also the guy that killed thousands of people by beheading them, christians and muslims alike in iraq and syria. this was a great day for america and are part of the president and are special for us and our defense department for making this happen. >> bret: david perdue on capitol hill, we appreciate your
3:18 pm
time. i'm next, brit hume is here on the big stories of the day and the impeachment inquiry and ice is under attack. here's some fox affiliates across the country coming tonight. in st. louis, the fate of the abortion clinic is in consideration. the member of the states administered of hearing commission open proceedings today whether the clinic can keep it abortion license. it really is not expected until february. march 13, a judge has overturned an emergency rule banning the sale of flavored vapor juices saying the utah department of help overstepped its authority. the temporary order lifts the band until a junction hearing in november. this is life from in chicago, the big story there tonight, the city school district announces a tentative deal with the union representing schools as negotiations continue. the service employees international union represent the staff and includes security guards and classroom aides.
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details of tentative deal have not been released and the union says their members will not return until the teachers are also reaching an agreement. that is tonight's love look with "special report"" we will be right back. ♪ ♪ yeah that's all me. ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin ♪ that's my new plan. ♪ nothing is everything. keep your skin clearer with skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months. of those, nearly 9 out of 10 sustained it through 1 year. and skyrizi is 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. ♪ i see nothing in a different way ♪ ♪ and it's my moment so i just gotta say ♪ ♪ nothing is everything skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches or coughs, or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine.
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>> bret: as we just told you, there will be a vote and impeachment proceedings and the new leader of isis. get some analysis from brit hume. nancy pallone nancy pelosi's -- >> she's taking away the argument this thing is tainted because the process of illegitimacy and is in part because there's not a full house votes to commence the impeachment inquiry. there isn't yet either, this vote i gather is to prove the next steps and investigation the house and other authorized in the first place. that's what they would argue. there is a real judges of this of course are people like david for two and fellow republicans in the senate. they're going to be indisposed to vote to convict and anyway the investigation tends to be seen as unfair and tainted will
3:24 pm
make it easier for them to vote no. >> bret: i was struck by the fact that he suggested that the u.s. military's positioning and syria has not changed. with all the back-and-forth, we are still on the ground working with the kurds and some big point of contention because some of the information with his raid came from the kurds on the ground working with special ops forces. your thoughts on that the fallout? >> it does seem, brats, you not going to be able to pull off operations like this when you are not present in the region. i know that the special forces have actually carried out the raid and flown in from elsewhere. it's our presence on the grounds and being established there, the intelligence was gained allowed it to happen. it's an example, you don't have to have massive forces on the ground but if you've got -- if you need to kill a terrorist and
3:25 pm
try to eliminate his operations you need to be there. you need to have people and allies willing to say it, okay, we want to do on your airplanes helicopters. we will go with your raid and by the way, we've got good information that this is where the sky is. it does seem, you can argue this a lot of ways and certainly one way to argue we need a continued presence in syria. i guess purdue is saying we still need it. it sounds like he's pulling out of there, but not so far. >> bret: not so far, all right, thank you. freshman congresswoman katie is resigning amid a ethics probe whether she had an appropriate relationship. she's done on the claim but admitted to and apologized for the relationship with a campaign agent, explicit photo of hail service online and to the
3:26 pm
conservative side even what she calls a spear campaign which by her husband who she calls abusive. they too are going through divorce proceedings. she is pursuing legal options over the photos and publication. >> the coordinate campaign carried out by the right-wing media and republican opponents enabling and perpetuating my husband's abuse by providing him a platform, is disgusting and unforgivable. they will be held accountable. >> bret: the california democrat has not given a timeline for her resignation. i'm next, a record high on wall street, ahead of a busy week in the financial world. if we will talk about that's come up first, beyond our borders, protests and iraqi security forces with at least three demonstrators dead and wounded more than 100. thousands of student defied a government order and took to the streets are fueled by anger and corruption economic stagnation and poor public services. security forces responded with tear gas and stun grenades. at least 72 processors have been
3:27 pm
killed nationwide antigovernment protest resumed on friday. the european union has agreed to delay brexit by three months until january 31st, 3 days before britain was do to become the first country to leave and 28 a nation blog. if british is bound by law to accept the e used terms. they called the delay unwanted and he said he would try to secure a general election in december. peaceful demonstrators packed the streets of chile demanding better living conditions and response to recent protests have turned violent there. killing at least 20 people. at the chilean president asked all his cabinet members to offer the resignations as he prepared to shake up the government in response to the public outcry. just some of the other stories beyond her our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ (dad) i think it's here.
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♪ >> bret: technology and health care companies let the market higher today, the dow up 133, s&p 500 caves and 15 finishing at a new record close. the s&m finished 83. at record high today, the federal reserve interest rate decision on wednesday, judd numbers on friday, big week, the ongoing negotiations with china here to put it in perspective. if fox business, good evening. what drove her to an all-time high? >> its accommodations of love things that you talk about and
3:32 pm
certainly china was a positive with president trump coming out. early in the day saying he might very well be on her way ahead of schedule getting phase one of the china trade deal. one thing that's been helping stocks that this mission of the federal reserve might give and the fed isn't widely expected to cut interest rates on wednesday and the third time this year they've done that but the big question for investors is what's next. the chairman and the federal open market committee have planned for the future. will they keep cutting, because they are worried about economic slow down and perhaps, that might happen but there are now more investors saying it might be time for a timeout of sorts. i grant interest rates don't need to go much lower because the economy remains relatively strong. we will see about that wednesday and the corporate earnings, huge weight, biggest one we've had to come a hundred 50 companies above the s&p 500 reporting this week so far they have been strong and ten of top
3:33 pm
analyst expectation. of course, google parent company alpha by just reported its biggest this po was somewhat mid sales and records in the company's cost on the rise and talks a little bit lower tonight. >> bret: you mentioned concerns about the slow down it's halloween we come what's the deal with that? >> we always spend a lot on halloween. at the thing is this year, these numbers projections, we might spend a little bit less than last year. at the project $1.8 billion will be shelled out and all the halloween regulars the customs, the candy and every thing else and that happens it with more the second year in the row the numbers have gone down. not the end of the world and something to watch though especially you were talking about this earlier since the american consumer has held up relatively well. if manufacturing for example have started to slow down. of >> bret: extreme to watch it that's allowed that. >> i love candy corn. >> bret: i'm next, california
3:34 pm
is burning and millions without power and hundreds of thousands being told to evacuate it but as we head to the break, we bring you this news and sad news. two former lawmakers have died. john, the longest serving african-american member of congress and the founder of the black caucus died in detroit on sunday. he served in congress for 53 years before settling down in 2017. today, for my democratic senator kate hagan passed away in her home and she was elected to the senate in 2008 and defeating elizabeth hole. in 2016, she contracted a tickborne illness that caused brain inflammation that became difficult for her to speak and walk. >> she wanted a ady. but one thing we could both agree on
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♪ >> bret: wild fires burning
3:39 pm
northern california wine country and in the wealthiest of wealthy westside of los angeles neighborhoods. millions do not have power tonight, when hundreds and thousands are being told to leave their homes and some have no houses left. national correspondent looks at the fires and some of the residents, famous ones are forced to flee. speak of the of emergency in california as ferocious winds drive reaching wildfires at both ends of the state. los angeles, thousands forced from their homes early monday including nba start lebron james and former governor, arnold schwarzenegger. as the forest fire erupted towards the saint geddes museum, he because the freeway to shut . eight homes were lost. speak out you never know when the wind will take it and shove it over to your home and thinks
3:40 pm
will explode. get outside, they effectuate en order, don't wait. of >> they attacked the place from the ground and the air hopg to gain control before the winds flare up again tuesday night. >> all around us. of >> northern california, drivs is a small fire burn down both sides of the freeway. the fire was quickly contained. the fire and wine country is in its sixth day burning near the sides of our lender for loan though michael mike or linda for the period of nearly 100 homes and structures lost and some 80,000 more still in the danger zone. >> as we get towards the end of the week, it's in their favor but no rain remains in the forecast. >> conditions in l.a. are improve and but up with of
3:41 pm
diablo wins returning tomorrow morning and tomorrow night likely here in los angeles the speculation is in report say the flyer may have begun when high winds downtown and knocked it down a tree branch snagging a power line. they continue cunning car this time of year. >> bret: william, thank you. ♪ from her price former vice president east of the front runner of the raid. correspondent peter doocy looks at the biden campaign strategy and new questions about his age and office. of >> joe biden and since he's not too old to be president but 77-year-old admitted to, "i'm such a old guy and that's why i'm running. not a joke, but age comes experience. speak up when you consider a one term pledge? >> it doesn't mean i'm not going to make that judgment. of >> joe biden! >> they announced two senior
3:42 pm
staffers to focus on super tuesday and advertising the slated contests. three days after south carolina, the so-called biden firewall where he campaigns this weekend. >> we are constantly hearing about black people being pulled over for retrain traffic stops and end up dead. if i were your daughter, what advice would you give me the next time i'm stopped by the police? >> if you're my daughter he would be a collocation girl and you want to be a so mike would not be pulled over. >> dumpling the fact that barack obama has not endorsed in. >> i think he's not endorsing him. >> bernie sanders is playing up the recent endorsement from the member of the squad, creative >> we deserve someone who writes the bills.
3:43 pm
for the front is, the aren't about the demurrer democrats, t what they don't like. >> he's an idiot. >> biden is the best known democrat running but people watch a lot of tv and seeing a lot more of a different democratic party. they analyzed ad spending and found 78% of all the 2020 presidential campaigns that have been aired so far have been for tom steyer. >> bret: thank you. if next up, the panel joins me to talk impeachment in the investigation and vesta gators and special operations. musical muse go ♪ (dramatic orchestra) performance comes in lots of flavors. there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that
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♪ >> bret: >> john durham the attorney and i understand he's making great progress. you know he's at 35 year veteran of the department, great reputation for nonpartisanship, he was selected by two democrats attorney generals for the investigation for them. one of the reasons mr. durham is able to make the kind of progress he is making is because director ray and his team at the fbi have just been outstanding with the support and
3:48 pm
responsiveness. they have given to mr. durham. it was to be on attorney general and the exclusive interview with fox talking about john durham, e of the investigation and the bee and where it's heading in democrats saying this as "a witch hunt." >> bill barr on the presence we have isn't weaponizing the justice department to go after the presidents. once again, the mistreating that he is merely a tool of the president and not the representative. of >> that's wrong and no basisr that i act on behalf of the united states. >> bret: let's start there with the panel, ari fleischer, democratic strategist, bill mcgurn, and mainstream columnist. okay, let's start there because not a lot of coverage about what is happening with these investigations on the investigators.
3:49 pm
he's out saying, listen, before you make any judgments pick about is doing this. wait for the facts. >> when he got appointed to investigate donald trump, he's a man of integrity. same thing about bill barr bill barr. if bill barr is a man of integrity as well and it doesn't matter if you support or don't support the man being investigated, if the person with an vesta get in is doing it with integrity, the fbi has the best ability to surveillance campaign. for the trump campaign, no result, with their overzealous agents and overzealous people that went too far, we need to know as a country. >> bret: i i have been surprisd by some of the words used, but some tv personalities, chuck todd and the back-and-forth with senator ron johnson called a fox conspiracy.
3:50 pm
it talking about the investigation of the investigators, there could be a lot here we just don't know yet. >> i have no problem investigating the investigators i've said that a lot. but i have a problem with, one of the reasons i'm on board with saying he he should recuse himself, the attorney general is one, he said basically the fbi responded. it's not like he's being nonbiased, and this is why there are many of my side of the aisle, democrats that feel he is not the people's attorney but rather the president's attorney. in addition to the outcome of the timing of this, why does it happen to be no and some say it's because they wanted to be diversion and diversionary tactic from the inquiry going on. of >> and you could flip it around, he could be a diversiony tactic from the investigation. >> i think the effort is to discredit bill barr by before he comes up with the report. the idea he should recuse himself is nonsense, the attorney he has on the case is an excellent reputation. look, the one thing i think we
3:51 pm
should all be frustrated with is how all these things taken from the special counsel for almost two years, waiting for the inspector general. if i think when we see the inspector general's report, we will know why the u.s. attorneys investigation move to a criminal stage. it's frustrating to have the entire country weighed on these reports. >> bret: some frankly don't know that that is going on and that's been recovered in other places. nancy pelosi's effort to know move forward with the votes? is surprised by that? 's considering she said it was unnecessary now you need to do it, and she's doing it now. >> we did not have this all going on in public, they moved in the needle in favor of impeaching the president and removing the president. i think she's doing this right to go reasons, one, she's a popular opinion knowing her reasons, and two, she has a really difficult time right in front of her. remember, most of the exception of two of the democratic
3:52 pm
candidates will have to be in a senate trial. if they are sitting senators and that's going to be a problem when you look at right now, and everyone says i'm i side of the aisle, they're going to be doing this before i think skipping and give the senate a couple weeks to get ready for the trial. all of a sudden, during february, i could prove difficult and it could be helpful to people for a judge and joe biden. >> bret: democrats are saying, listen, this is just an effort to call republicans bluff that no longer can you talk about process and we will not have to talk about substance. >> is a seldom fundamental amen value, and will be be about fairness. you had a secret impeachment process, secret witnesses secret transcripts all started by a secret whistle-blower. that's not wholly conduct things to be fair to anybody in this country. this is a little bit of
3:53 pm
retroactive makeup and they recognized they do have a problem. it's not a process problem. it's a fundamental american process. >> bret: if she gets the vote and moves forward and to be able you have to provide the documents. >> i don't like it does for practical reasons, and theory, it coded. look, i think she has done this because senator graham resolution condemned the house for its behavior to kind of highlight and going up in a few minutes. it says the more unfair than impeachment is, the process, the better it is for trump because it makes it much harder in the senate. it gives the case for the impeachment and not to take the american people. i think it's a little bit late that she is recognizing that this does not help her. and she wanted to be enforced, they would be go so my going to the courts and they're not going
3:54 pm
to the courts. the contemporary resolution and they are not going to the courts and they want the resolution quickly and they're not going to the courts. >> bret: the room follow-up from the killing of the isis leader, the overall view. this weekend. >> first of all, this is a foreign policy win for trump without question. this is access for the world. i was unhappy with some of the graphics and description and the possibility of a video coming out. we have three children killed along with that and i'm happy, one-sided, seems to think that this guy is dead and therefore isis is dead along with him. it is not the case. >> attribute to our military, first and foremost, our military and get the job done anywhere in the world and that's what i concentrate on here. >> bret: all rights, panel, welcome back a man and his priorities go viral. want to see this as if you hav.
3:55 pm
the first lady and the president handing out candy to children participating in the halloween festivities at the white house. the most apposite popular costs year with the dinosaur. we will be right back. ♪ what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> finally tonight, taking one for the team. at last night's world series game, walking back to his seeds with a bud light in each hand. the ball comes hurdling to him. but his chest in front of the ball, barely dropping an ounce of beer. got to keep that ball. the moment quickly goes viral, even catching the attention of bud light. the beer company praised adams as a hero. they plan they reach out to adams, repay him for his
4:00 pm
unshakable protection for his beverages. given the circumstances. i've had one of those beers to watch th. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. here is martha. >> martha: good evening in new york, i am martha maccallum. this is "the story." i'll be joined by kayla muller's parents. the mission that killed abu bakr al-baghdadi was named in kayla's daughter. a brave young woman who was helping refugees in syria it was later killed and tortured by this evil ices leader who is nothing fully dead. also on the story tonight, will be joined by white house counsel to the president kellyanne conway. bret baier is here tonight as well and geraldo rivera, all on the mission


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