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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  June 30, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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segment. i know you've done news for so long, you could have a career in the sportscaster pre- >> press in washington, "america's news headquarters" continues,. >> thank you for watching. chris: president trump steps into north korea. and agrees to resume nuclear talks with kim jong-un. a historic hand site. and a promise of renewed negotiations paid. >> this is a very positive day in a very positive event. isaac is good for the world. >> while the u.s. and china agree to new talks to in trade war. >> we are going to work with china on where we left off to see if we can make a deal. >> what does it mean for the u.s. economy and national security. we will ask the president economic advisor larry kudlow, live on "fox news sunday".
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democrats take the debate state for the first time in light off the party 2020 front runner pre- >> i do not praise racist. >> you've agreed today that you are wrong to oppose in america. >> i did not oppose an america. >> how badly has joe biden been damaged and is the field will be too far to the left. we will have an exclusive interview with democratic party chair tom perez. we will ask the panel who won the first debat and how it will reshape the democratic race. the power player of the week, the new archbishop of washington on moving beyond a crisis in the church. >> the past is real, it's painful, but the future is also possible and hopefully very positive. >> all right now on "fox news sunday". chris: hello again from fox news
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and washington. president trump has wrapped up his trip to asia. with a handshake with kim jong-un, a walk into north korea and an agreement to revive nuclear talks. all this just a day after hitting the reset button with china. in the ongoing trade war between the worlds two biggest economies. in a moment we will speak with the president top white house economica visor leave larry kudlow but first white house correspondent john roberts report from south korea on the dramatic development. >> the two leaders walked right up to the line between north and south, they shook hands and then president trump stepped into history becoming the first sitting american president to walk on north korean soil. >> this is a historic moment. reporter: after a follow-up to document the moment, the president and kim jong-un walked back into south korea. with a diplomatic journey without presidents.
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>> a lot of progress has been made. a lot of friendships have been made and we liked each other from day one. that was very important. >> president trump said the invitation to meet kim was on a whim tweeting that he planned to visit the pmc with south korea president, with him like to join them. the meeting was supposed to last just a few minutes but it stretched to more than an hour. >> i enjoyed being with you and thank you very much. >> the last meeting in hanoi in february ended badly after president trump rejected kim's offer to shatter the nuclear facility and instead only verifiable and irreversible denuclearization would lead to sanctions being lifted. in the and propped today they agree to restart talks that a been suspended since annoyed. >> today's meeting was a gamble, it could've yielded nothing and they still lead nowhere. but making history president trump hopes to shake something
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loose. >> south korean president had high praise for president trump today saying he hopes the president will finally be the one to bring peace to th korean peninsula. we're still a long way from that but president trump is in no hurry same better to get it right then to russia. chris: thank you. if the hand shake with kim is the image from the strip, the most important development may well be the decision of president trump and president xi to resume trade talks. to discuss that, let's bring in chief white house economic advisor larry kudlow. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank you chris, i appreciate it. >> what has the u.s. and china committed to as a resume the stocks and is there a deadline for how these talks will go on? >> first point is to resume the talks as president xi continuing
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the talks which have been interrupted for a while. it is a very big deal. i think that is a banner headline from this. i think everybody is going to be pleased at that, no promises, no deal made, no timetable, i want to emphasize that, president said several times, this is about the quality of the deal, no timetable, no rush, he is comfortable where he is in any case. i think coming back we will resume the talks, the two teams will begin together in tariffs will not be race, there will be no lifting of tariffs, on the remaining 300 or $325 billion and that is an important concession by president trump. and we also expect the chinese, while the talks are going, we expect the chinese to begin large-scale purchases, imports of the u.s. agriculture products and services. so new talks, no new tariffs and
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agriculture purchases and the rest of it is going to go on for quite some time. >> are we talking month or yea years. chris: you said the two nations were 90% on the way to deal before the talks broke down, have the agree to keep the commitment they already made or are we starting from scratch? >> the president mentioned in his press conference, and elsewhere that he would like to go back to where we left off in early may wherever he was. that 90% of her was fair although the last 10% could be the toughest and there is no guarantee that the deal will go through. it is very important from the american side in relationships with china have to be rebalanced.
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it is been very unbalanced in recent years. as you know, we have had tremendous problems with intellectual property theft, forced transfers of technology, tariffs, nontariff barriers, various cyber hacking going on and other issues. those have to be remedies. that is a very important point of these talks pre-however, long that may take is impossible to predict but we would prefer to go back, i don't know what the chinese site is going to say and we won't know until ambassador lighthizer executive management get back together with the chinese conference. one thing that we do know is the big u.s. concession is that president trump has agreed to lift his band into allow u.s. companies to sell some products to the chinese telecom giant huawei. here is what president trump said about huawei last month.
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>> huawei is something that is very dangerous. what they have done him a security standpoint, from a military standpoint is very dangerous. >> why is the president agreed to do business again with the company that he says is an extension of chinese intelligent and a lot of people say if huawei products go into other countries it will allow chinese to spy on people using their products. >> that very well may be. let's be careful here. the president's announcement at these meetings and he was very clear to say that american companies can supply huawei with various products and services, provided that there is no national security issues or problems so the commerce department has already offered a number of general services licenses for some sales to
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huawei. on the other hand, i think commerce will probably go back after the president decision and take another look. maybe open it up, there's a lot of technology services. you can really find on general markets and we don't think have any national security applications, and i think there's a good chance the commerce department and secretary will open the door on that and grit new licenses pray. chris: let me interrupt, there are a number of senate republicans who are concerned about the idea of opening the door and to some degree lifting the band, i want to take a look at what some of them have said. >> huawei is a communist party controlled say surveillance agency failed as a telecommunications company for. >> of our allies decide to trust huawei they are deciding to trust the chinese government
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with their data. chris: republican senator marco rubio tweeted this after the president's announcement this weekend. if president trump has agreed to reverse recent sanctions against huawei he has made a catastrophic mistake. larry, senator rubio said that the senate will put in place all of the sections despite what the president has agreed to with, he will put in place although the sanctions as a vetoproof majority. >> i appreciate that, by the way i appreciate the national security concerns. and president shares that point of view. this is not a general amnesty. rahway will remain on the entity list where there are serious export controls and any national security suggestions there will not be any licenses. having said that i think all
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that is going to happen is the congress department will grant some temporary additional licenses or the general availability, for example, some of the chipmakers in the united states are selling products widely available from other countries and they don't think there's any national security the president will be meeting with senators and others in our own principles are going to be meeting to take a look at this. this is not a general industry, they will remain on the embassy list in the national security concerns will remain paramount.. chris: i want to squeeze two questions in. as you well know, the democrats held two debates this past week and they said for all the president bragging about a strong u.s. economy that it is not working for all americans.
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take a look. >> when you have an economy that does great with those with money and is not doing great for everyone else, that is corruption. and simple. we need to call it out, we need to attack it head on. >> how do you respond to that? >> i just do not understand. in general, i hear some of it, i see the policies, i see some of the narratives. i don't understand what planet they are describing. the united states economy is booming and is running roughly 3% average since president trump took office to a half years ago. on this business about baptist tradition, the blue-collar workers, the nonsupervisory workers have done the best. they are the ones running wages at three and half percent. their gross and income wages is exceeded the growth of the supervisors, the unemployment rate is low, we just had the best june stock market, the dow
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jones and over 80 years. that is going to full of the 401ks, middle-class folks, everywhere. chrisi don't understand, these e factual issues. i understand there's a political spin, but these are factual and measurable areas and i would say i do not understand the narrative, we are in a strong prosperity. chris: let me interrupt your campaign speech. >> is not a campaign speech. i am citing facts and figures. chris: allingham saying, i don't think there's any question, he would agree and i will be talking with tom. later about the economic record. but there is clearly a stark income inequality in this country.
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there's a time when we have three people in this country, more wealth than the bottom wall 500,000 people are sleeping on the streets today, we think it is time for change, real change. >> i got 30 seconds for an answer. if president trump is reelected in 2020 what specifically will he do to reduce, not eliminate but to reduce the huge gap between the wealthy and the poor in this country. >> what we're doing right now, the blue-collar work recovery, the fastest increase in jobs, the fastest increase in wages, those are facts, this goes on for many decades, i do not know what some of the candidates are saying. i don't know what the factual basis is. it's a strong and durable prosperity cycle, i will make this morning, some of the
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policies i heard are only debates, in my judgment, we do great damage to the prosperity and jobs and income and wage cycle, somebody has to do a little bit of fact checking on what some of these candidates are saying. i would civilly say this, the economy is strong. >> they get free time. always good to talk with user. we will bring in our center group to discuss the presidents meeting with kim jong-un, it is plain to restart trade talk with china. back in a moment. is that net carbs or total?...
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>> i think that relationship that we've developed has been in that so much to so many people, it was an honor to be with you and always proud to step over the line. >> president trump meeting with kim jong-un after making history as a first current president is that for north korea. it is time now for the sunday group, former republican congressman, columnist for the hell, fox news correspondent julian turner and former democratic congressman donna edwards. julian let mr. with you, what you make of the presidents meeting today with kim jong-un, it was obviously a great picture but how much does it with the ball in terms of getting north korea to denuclearize customer. >> i would say five years from now, if were looking back on the events of last night today.
11:20 am
this becomes a moment that really turned a page in history book. this becomes, will be sitting at the table saying this is a masterstroke. but waking up this morning, this is the biggest risk of administration in its biggest possible overturn he can make to the north korean dictator. i had i hate to disappoint you with the center, it's too early to say. if this turns into a next up even many negotiations resumed, then i would call this a success. >> if you on the national security council for bush 43 and obama, do you think in your old job on the national security council in the bluffs the come to you should he do this or not, of course we don't know the result, would be wrist afterward the risk or not. >> probably not. i would also say based on every single national security source i've got, and this ministration this was entirely president
11:21 am
trump's idea, virtually 0 advisors, it was something he felt that his team was stonewalling on and i think he got there and he says great, they are not getting it done, i'll get it done myself. that is how it and pulled straight. >> i want to switch to what i think, we all agree we can be more certain is about the summit, the decision by president trump and president xi not to escalate the trade war but to keep it where it is. and to resume negotiation. larry kudlow made it clear that they don't know what is going to happen and how long it will take. but the question i do have, we do know the president has agreed to partially lift his band in the american companies sell some products, chinese telecom away. a lot of republicans senators and members of the house, your >> we had briefly years about
11:22 am
what huawei was doing. i think the senator is on the right path. i think larry kudlow will help alleviate a lot of the concerns. of course selling information or services into, but you have to go to the commerce department in order to get that license in as long as it's not national security, that will alleviate some concerns. but the president gave up a lot undoing them but i think overall the market will appreciate what is going on here and i do think the president is moving in the rejection. integrate combination with the progress with china. if you're openly going to get adela north korea it's going to have to involve the chinese. they're going to have to be involved in that decision print. >> the deal to lift at least part of the band on selling goods to the chinese telecom huawei, huge giant telecommunication company in the
11:23 am
chinese very upset when they banned all sales of u.s. technology to them. that apparently was the price that the president had to pay to get the chinese to resume the talks. too high of a price? >> maybe. when she open the door it is hard to closer. there is a very fine line even the technology of figuring out what eventually might have national security implementations and whatnot. i think it sends a confusing message to the allies because were trying to get our allies to hold the line when it comes to huawei. i don't know that they know where they stand. chris: we were telling the european allies, don't even do business with huawei, don't buy their products because it'll put a foot in the door for them to spy into countries. in other have to look and say then why are you opening your doors to huawei. >> and we were telling that to the south koreans as well. >> is extraordinary how much news there was from just this week. i want to turn to a third
11:24 am
subject that came from the presidents trip from asia. he met with russian president putin and the two of them talked about reporters and meddling in the 2020 election. take a look at the conversation. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> get rid of the reporters, fake news and don't meddle in the election. is this just trumping trump and not wanting reporters to tell them what to say or do you see his by play there putin is more serious than that. >> it's both trumping trump in more serious. >> it is damaging, it is yes to both. it seems like so many people, especially trump supporters, basically excuse his behavior
11:25 am
when he turns to the fourth of july into a term probably, is just trumping trump. but when you snicker with putin about a free press and about a free election, i think it is damaging, it's a sad reminder of how russia is once again poised to interfere in the 2020 election and not seen any consequence and turned of the leader standing up and saying this is unacceptable. i think it's damaging to excuse behavior that contradictory to american values paper this week said, democratic values are obsolete, outdated. and we don't have anybody to say we believe that elections and democracy are valuable and it's why america is a shining beacon to the world and instead he acts as if our credit behavior, putin kills his political opponents and we are playing footsie. it is definitely damaging. we have to wrap up the segment.
11:26 am
do you see the joking about the reporters and what some people are saying is almost a green light interfering in the 2020 election. is a serious or other trump critics just never going to like him and reading too much into it. >> i think the latter part is very true. the president is taking the series stance, remember all the interference in the complaint that the democrats have don don. that was on barack obama's watch. i think he is dealt with in very serious, but some of the banter in front of the press, i think is done in a lighthearted way. >> , you to agree to disagree. [laughter] everybody agreed to disagree. it wouldn't be a pain otherwise. chris: we will see you later. up next fireworks at the democratic first debate in 2020. harris taking on the race, we
11:27 am
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chris: the democratic candidates squared off for the first time in two nights of debates. it produced a number of consensus moments and raised new doubts about the party front runner. democratic party tom paris joins us to discuss the race of work this stands now. welcome back to fox new "fox nes sunday". i want to start with the confrontation thursday night from joe biden and kamala harr harris. >> there was a little girl in california who is part of the second class to integrate her public school. she was bused to school everyday. and that little girl was me.
11:31 am
>> you mischaracterize my position across the board. i did not praise racism. >> do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose busing in america, do you agree? >> i did not oppose busing in america. what i opposed was busing order by the department of education, that's what i oppose. >> how badly was joe biden who is the democratic front runner damaged by the confrontation? >> voters will look at everybody's record, and the reality is, every single democrat running for president on the issue of civil rights is so far ahead of where this president is, whether it's fighting for voting rights or fighting to make sure -- >> let's not get off joe biden. >> that will be up to the voters to decide, we have another debate coming up in a month, their all every sigel day, and what voters will do and the
11:32 am
reason i'm excited about what we had last week, i think voters saw we had a deep bench and are focused on issues of healthcare, making sure this economy works for everyone. those of the issues and enemies. >> we will get all of that. biden thought he had been damaged, he tried to repair what had gone on thursday night with kamala harris. let's take a look at that. >> just like senator harris, but we'll know that 30 seconds or 60 seconds on a campaign debate exchange can't do justice to a lifetime committed to civil rights. >> he said he never opposed voluntary busing but that badly distorts his actual record. i want to take a look at this, in 1975 biden supported an anti-busing measure from then segregationist. in 1976 he entered a block justice department from seeking busing orders in the court to
11:33 am
desegregate schools. and biden said this in an interview and 75. i oppose busing, it's a concept that the utility of which has never been proven to me. biden's record against busing is clear. >> biden overall record on civil rights is clear. in the democratic party overall record on civil rights is clear. and what i always want, when i was running for office and i know what these candidates want, they want you to look at the totality of what they've done and their career. of fighting for voting rights, fighting to make sure we hold police department accountable. fighting to make sure that women have equal pay for equal work and we passed the violence against women act. vice president biden another democrats have been leading the charge. we have an assault with this president on the basic course of civil rights. that is what this is about. that is what this campaign is
11:34 am
going. chris: i am talking about the fight for the nomination within your party and the question is, is the democratic party going to nominate someone who opposed the main tool at one point to desegregate a look schools -- >> that is going to be up to the voters and they will look at the totality of everybody's record, what they said, what they have done and who is fighting for them. and on all the issues whether it's economy, civil rights, every democrat has the backs of people and that is what voters will see. chris: does it bother you personally, you're the chairman of the party. does it bother you personally that he opposed the main tool to desegregate schools. >> it is up to the vice president to explain his position. it is up to the vice president to explain everything he has done in his career. that is what he did friday and that is what he will continue to do because i know how well, he has fought for equality and
11:35 am
opportunity and look at what happened with gay marriage. chris: not in this case he didn't, voters will have to look at the totality of the vice president record. in every candidates record. i invite them to kick the tires on all her candidates. the difference between us in this president is not in date on the issues of civil rights. the party of lincoln used to be the party of civil rights in the party of lincoln is that, it's a democratic party fighting to make sure that everybody has an opportunity to realize the american dream. chris: let's turn to a key moment in this week's debate. >> rager hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. [applause] chris: every person on that stage, all ten of them said that they would provide health insurance coverage for people in this country illegally either under obamacare or medicare for all, whichever they supported. no talk about preconditions, you
11:36 am
have to be working in this country, you have to be paid in taxes, the basic point was, you are in this country legally or illegally you get health insurance coverage paid. >> and its insurance program, there to pay into it. immigrants including undocumented pay billions of dollars in taxes. and that's the reality. and what democrats also said which is far different from the republicans, if we have a pre-existing condition, you should be able to keep her coverage. democrats believe that healthcare should be available, affordable quality healthcare should be available to everyone and thanks to obama, lbj, medicare and medicaid where 90% of the way there. we are having a discussion about how to get the final. chris: we are talking about whether or not people in the country illegally should get government benefits. remember when president obama told congress back in 2009, here it is. >> those who claim that the reform efforts would it reinsure
11:37 am
illegal immigrants. this too is false. chris: republican congressman joe wilson was called out and quite rightfully so for shouting out in a speech to a joint session of congress, you live. the fact is, ten years later joe wilson is right, about where the democrats are now. >> democrats believe you should be able to buy into a new health insurance. >> were in a different era. what we're doing right now is the right thing to do. >> why is a different era from 2009. >> i live in a community where if you're pregnant woman in your undocumented, we provide you with access to healthcare because we believe that having good prenatal care is an essential healthcare issue, it's an essential issue of economics and in its essential issue of morality. the party of lincoln is dead, and one of the things that died
11:38 am
with compassion. this is not hand out, this is allowing people to buy into an insurance program. people who pay billions of dollars in taxes, again i think that is often left upright. >> another proposal that was widely supported in the debates this week, i changed to the immigration laws. >> went 70 comes across the border, not to criminalize desperation, a civil violation. >> as a civil matter, it's important to make this, i did not understand till i looked into it. people come across illegally would still be able to be deported. but you would be removing if you follow what mr. castro says, you would be removing at least the prep of legal action. doesn't that provide a magnet for people to come into the country illegally because the
11:39 am
threat of legal action and jail time is removed. >> here as we were having this discussion about 1325, the reason for having -- that is a part of the law the secretary castro was referring to. the reason for having this discussion is because this demonstration absolutely abused it, it established the so-called zero-tolerance. the problem with the president is all he wants to do is look tough, he does not want to be effective. we zero-tolerance policy which sounds tough had absolutely cataclysmic impact. that resulted in children being put in cages. if you had exercise the discretion properly as prior presidents have done, this would not happen. the reason we are having this discussion, 57% of all federal cases, criminal cases that have been filed in the last two years have been for entering the country illegally. i welcome a discussion about priorities, that's what democrats want to have. we believe we can be a nation of law and immigrants. we believe we can provide effective due process to people, we believe the reason why this
11:40 am
is happening is because and honduras and guatemala and el salvador, the countries are falling apart, the people coming to the border now are families with children, the worked priority of this ministration, the chaos of their policy, that is why we have had this discussion. we should be focused on violent felons in this ministration is focused on separating children from families. i welcome the discussion about a coherent -- i wish the president would stop tweeting and start solving problems. chris: it's a discussion that will continue. thank you for coming in today. please come back. up next, donald trump was a favorite target for democrats especially on night two of the debate, how well did they do, making a case for a one term presidency. the sunday panel returns next. ts available 24/7. it's not just easy. it's having-a-walrus-in-goal easy!
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>> i agree that everybody -- my time is up. chris: joe biden with an abrupt end of the civil rights effort, a lot of folks on twitter have fun with. we are back with the panel, congresswoman edwards, how badly do you think vice president biden was damaged this week, both by that exchange that he had with, harris and many more so that all the reporting that we've done since about his record on civil rights especially on bussing back in the 70s. >> it's tough to know at this stage. it was not good by any stretch of the imagination by joe biden. but this is the beginning of what a long process it will be competitive. i saw a handful of candidates who really should be on the
11:45 am
stage and i feel like biting will be part of that, he will have to work hard to hold the front runner status. >> during the heat, a lot of this i didn't know or i forgot, during the heat of the battle over bussing in the 1970s, the situation was so egregious with the segregation in the schools in delaware of biden's own state, the court ordered that black kids from the inner city of wilmington should be bust out to the suburbs and white kids from the suburbs should bust into the inner city. a lot of folks who did not know his record, now do know it. what a great will that hurt his standard in the black community. >> i think it was known by a lot of people. this is a totally different state she is running for president now.
11:46 am
and so much is he's running for president as an extension of the fact that he was the first vice president with a black present. and so much of joe biden support right now in the polls which had a 30% compared to, i think it's more 10% higher than bernie sanders, is based on black support and going to south carolina wary of a large black electorate in the democratic party. it's very important, i think it's so important that the civil rights icon, jim clyburn, making deals with segregation was necessary to gradual civil rights advancement and it is not fear to go back and say we have a black lives matter stated, anybody playing around with racist is an unacceptable person. an older black leader in the country do not take that
11:47 am
position. >> unit is nelson mandela. sometimes you have to negotiate print. >> let's turn to another issue. all the focus on biden there has not been a much attention to the democratic attacks on donald trump and the debates this week. take a look at this. >> the american people understand. trump is a phony, a pathological liar and a racist and he lied to the american people during his campaign. how strong do you think, this gives back to the issue is discussing with larry kudlow. for all the presidents talk about the strong economy that it is really working a lot better for the wealthy, the top 1% that it is for all the working people donald trump said he is going to protect. >> either democrats talking to democrats, there is no doubt they could go to the ends of the earth earth and they will continue to do that.
11:48 am
but they're very ineffective. i think after the two nights of the debate the president is stronger politically than he has ever been before. hit a great time and north korea at the summit. in the economy is doing well, they can try to draw all the stats, but larry kudlow will come back with other stat and i think most people across this country when they see the debate and they see everybody raising their hand in the priority going to illegal immigrants and giving them free healthcare as opposed to the hard-working americans, that does not resonate with america. >> you think the trip administration is doing a good job with delivering on healthcare for americans. -- we see democrats raising your hand in unison that they want to get free healthcare to illegal immigrants, that is nothing about homeless veterans -- i think there is no plan after talk of repeal and replace of obamacare -- everybody,
11:49 am
democrats all want to get rid of private insurance. that is not -. chris: let me get julian into this. you hear what larry kudlow says, the numbers, facts are facts. unemployment rate is low. gdp growth is strong. wages are rising. it is true but not working for working america. >> i think it's really tough, it's kind of the same argument that mitt romney made in 2012 running against president obama when the obama economy was recovering quite well from the financial crisis. he tried to say, things are going well but they could be better. it did not work then and i don't think it'll work now partially because unappointed numbers are so low. partially because that's a difficult argument to make to the market people. the numbers do not lie at the end of the day. >> what is true, and in empirical fact that there is significant gap in incomes
11:50 am
between the lowest income earners in the 1%. i think we voters show up on election day, they will be paying attention to their wallets into whether their families are making progress or not and i think it is going to be a strong democratic argument -- it is not at all, part of the reason that you have inequality is because wages have been going up in this part of the economy is stagnant for 20 years. where families are struggling to meet basic needs. those things over the long-term for democrats will play out in the economy. the economy is not the stock market for most americans. >> we are talking about on a plum as well print. >> unemployment at low wages is really great. i think that americans understand if you're unemployed
11:51 am
and making $7.35 an hour that is not putting food on your family stable pre- >> income redistribution is not the winning formula. >> democrats argued that they want to raise taxes, get rid of this -- they prioritize illegal immigrants, they want to get rid of 180 million people have private healthcare and transfer they want to get rid of that, they want to raise taxes, they laid out on the table, they want to raise taxes, that is income redistribution. >> they want to make sure that the people at the top are paying their fair share so that it really does benefit working people. that is really pretty simple. >> more government and more taxes. >> iraqi people understand that if you have people at the bottom who are not making a fair wage and cannot take care of their families that attended the data actually hurt you and trust me,
11:52 am
all the millionaires and billionaires that can afford to give up a little bit to make sure that the market people have healthcare and childcare in the things that meet their everyday needs. >> more government and more taxes is not what i'm looking for. >> healthcare when you talk about paying for school, tuition debt, i think the american people should say something is wrong because the average families are struggling despite all the talk of a great stock market. stock market is not doing it for most people. >> i am glad we settled all that, nothing more to discuss. unfortunately we have a year end have to discuss it. thank you opie and we will see you next sunday. up next the power player of the week. washington new archbishop on the nation's capital after a series of deeply troubling scandals. let's be honest. it's kind of unfair that safe drivers have to pay as much for insurance... as not safe drivers! ah! that was a stunt driver. that's why esurance has this drivesense® app.
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a new leader trying to help washington heal and move on. he's our power player. >> the past is real, it's painful. but the future is also possible and hopefully very positive. >> i resolve to serve faithfully the spiritual needs of this local church. >> a new archbishop of washington and he's talking about a deeply painful time for catholics here. in february, longtime cardinal, theater was defrauded. after being found guilty of sexual abuse. last year his successor resigned. he failed to respond properly to abuse allegations. >> how do you help priests keep
11:57 am
their trust in the church? >> i have to be a man who is committed to telling people the truth. as best as i know. >> what you say about the the trail? >> i get is horrific. it's just an egregious betrayal of trust that has deeply wounded this local church. >> what you say about the failings? >> following the disaster, the issues that cardinal faced for magnified because they were already shared with the committee that was deeply wounded. >> in memory. speaking. >> holding listening sessions with priest.
11:58 am
discussing all the church scandals. >> they tested your faith in the church as an institution? >> they haven't tested my faith, they tested my patience. >> as head of the nations capital, gregory has to deal with subjects beyond the region. his support path to citizenship as part of comprehensive immigration reform. a time when people crossing the border illegally is highly charged. >> when you hear the president talk about an invasion, does it disturb you? >> anyone who denigrates the people who seek a better future, a more positive way of living further family can denigrate them as one. >> is in sixth grade when he transferred from public school. he decided to convert to catholicism and become a priest. >> i thought about becoming a priest before i thought about becoming catholic.
11:59 am
it would be helpful to be catholic i was a priest. >> if you're interested in being a preacher, we have to take this step-by-step. you can't steal first base. >> the archbishop of washington is traditionally elevated to criminal. gregory would be the first african-american cardinal ever in the u.s. he says he's in no hurry to change the color. >> i think you would be very disappointed if he struck me here and i got a bad case of scarlet fever. my first concern before i think about a color that i might wear is to care for the people that are here right in front of me. >> he spent 14 years as archbishop of atlanta and thought that would be his final assignment. as he says, the holy father had other ideas. that's it for today. have a great week.
12:00 pm
we'll see you next. >> have a great sunday! [cheers] maria: good sunday morning. sunday morning, thank you for joining us. straightahead right here, republican house minority leader kevin with reaction this morning to trump historic crossing into north korea. secretary trade, the president. 2020 democratic presidential candidate of all how is here. partisan of california is here. cochairs bernie sanders campaign. also had, advising president trump


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