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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 14, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the cost is very strong and the reward is very great. give me a kiss somebody. >> laura: she liked being happy and making other people happy and she sure did. may she rest in peace. someone else finding the bright side. shannon bream and the fox news @ night. >> shannon: total class. >> laura: you know who is left dehavalinat 101. >> shannon: thanks. tonight with onight with shannon: we begin tonight with a fox news alert the news from william barr making good on the promise to investigate the investigators, naming a us attorney, a hardcharging bulldog to get to the bottom of the origins of the investigation into the trump campaign and rod
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rosenstein on fired fbi director james comey. wait until you hear what he is saying tonight. another escalation in the trade standoff with china as the president finds an unlikely ally in the senate. and exclusive with mike pence talking religious freedom, iran and north korea. welcome to fox news at night. donald trump citing optimistic about a potential trade deal with china despite a day of escalation and more threats on both sides. lawmakers are weighing in with some support for the president that might surprise you. kristin fisher has the latest. >> reporter: the worst day for stocks since january. he announced today he is meeting with chinese president xi jinping and vladimir putin at the g 20 summit at the end of
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june and as china retaliated with $60 billion worth of american drugs, donald trump believes the us has the better hand. >> this is a very positive step. i love the position we are in. >> three days after tariffs on $200 billion with the chinese products, donald trump is considering more tariffs. >> i haven't made that decision yet. and additional tariff, that is a tremendous amount of money. >> a dramatic escalation in the trade dispute between the world's biggest economies. china's retaliatory tariffs, 600 points slide. it is dangerous territory heading into 2020 especially since these tariffs are hurting one of the president's core constituencies, farmers, and his democratic rivals know it. >> the president has nothing but increase the tariffs.
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>> we have to have our allies with us. >> republican senator tom con from arkansas says he has spoken to farmers in his state and they are with donald trump. >> soldiers, sailors and airmen make around the world, they are willing to make the sacrifices in a short-term, hopefully in the long-term to ensure our prosperity. >> to help ease the burden donald trump opposed $15 billion in aid for farmers and they need it. the chairman of the american soybean association says some in farm country getting grimmer by the day, patience is waning, finances suffering and the stress of months for living with the consequences of these tariffs is mounting but despite the blowback the president's hard-line has been praised from some unlikely circles. chuck schumer urging him to hang tough on china, don't back down, strength is the only way to win with china. in terms of timing donald trump
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said this two hours ago, we should know in 3 to 4 weeks if trade talks with china are successful. >> brand-new tensions with iran in the wake of explosions racking commercial ships off the coast of the united arab emirates. trace gallagher is on the case tonight. >> reporter: some european countries including britain and germany have made no bones about the fact that they would like to salvage the iran nuclear deal and do not want to see conflict. britain's foreign secretary warning is us iranian tensions rise there is a chance of accidental conflict. >> there is a real concern that escalation that is unintended with much more serious situation. >> the british foreign secretary
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didn't offer examples of unintended risk but did call for a period of call and his warning comes as saudi arabia sent two of its oil tankers along with thinkers from norway and the united arab emirates received 5 to 10 foot holes near or below the waterline. one of the ships was taking saudi oil to the us and american military team's initial assessment is iranian or iranian back proxies are responsible which led donald trump to issues this warning. >> we will see what happens with iran. it would be a bad mistake if they do anything. if they do anything they will suffer greatly. we will see what happens with iran. >> senior national security eric schmidt tweet the white house refused military plant against iran including sending as many as 120,000 troops to the middle
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east in the echoes of the iraq war. the us deployed an aircraft carrier strikeforce and bomber task force to the middle east to counter any threat from iran. air force central command released video of b-52s taking part in exercises in the region. he is acting defense secretary patrick shanahan on his iran concerns. >> throughout the middle east, cyberactivity, airtime activity. there is significant threat. >> reporter: recent developed in iran, mike pompeo canceled his planned visit to moscow to meet with his european counterparts in brussels though the state department says mike pompeo will meet with vladimir putin tomorrow. shannon: two standups tonight, china retaliated with new
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tariffs promising girls are coming and new tensions with iran. let's bring in the cohost of the 5 right here on fox news, juan williams and senior from administration advisor christian whitten, great to have you with us tonight. i will start with you. there are democrats who say this president is pushing us closer to a war in the middle east, to a conflict, potentially military conflict with iran. they say he is to blame for the tensions. what do you say? >> the iranian's are to blame for the tensions, they are the ones who may be attacking oil transport in international waters. iran has been on the march recently. we've not gotten a lot of support from our european allies but we have unified support from our allies across the middle east. what we have is appropriate show of force to around -- reminder and of the consequences of war. the president has been proceeding with this.
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shannon: a lot of folks think they are provoking to get an overreaction from the us to draw us into something mike pompeo, the president, keep saying we don't want to happen. >> they are first and foremost aggravated that we pulled out of the iran nuclear deal and then the fact that our allies, our european allies did not back us. they tried to have a separate deal with iran and you have the steps we have taken with regard to israel and the courts, benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister, said he sees iran as a continuing threat and wants to up the ante. from our side of the fence iran could see us being very aggressive and i would throw in we have been similarly aggressive in trying to disrupt the previous principles of the relationship with north korea and actions by kim jong un developing a short range missile does not strike me as positive
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and does not strike the iranian that is positive. shannon: there are a lot of intertwined conversations. we will talk about that later on in the show and i want to read this from politico, trump's china graduate match may be spinning out of control. trump loves a booming stock market which he tracks obsessively but he loves his power to unilaterally impose tariffs. is winning tough concessions from china as key to his 2020 reelection bid. folks telling him not to back down on both sides of the aisle, including the senate's top democrats. >> a big change from administrations of both parties, obama and bush administration, going back to the 1980s of really appeased china, the
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economic liberty would lead to political liberty, quite the opposite has happened. they are robbing us blind, stealing intellectual property, waging economic warfare, flooding america with fentanyl and the list goes on. president roosevelt went to congress after pearl harbor, he didn't say let's declare war on japan, he said i want you to recognize a state of war exists with japan. china has been at war with us economically for decades and donald trump and democrats in congress are waking up to that fact. shannon: a lot of questions for folks out there, is this an impulsive decision ratcheting the tariffs and they say they will do the same. steve bannon, former white house aide with the trump campaign said it is not about trade, it is about a fundamental restructuring of the economy, he says trump thought this through and markets will respond more positively so it's not a knee-jerk reaction. >> i hope that's true but the appearance at the moment is the president really thought the
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chinese economy in the midst of transition, not going well in terms of their stock market and he thought he had leverage and could force a deal now. basically he disrupted the principle set if you want to go back, talking about bush, the chinese have been sheeting forever and ever but go back the last two administrations, what they tried to do to get china to engage in a more limited way, the whole thing is open, let's talk about all that is going on with regard to trade. if he has thought this through his he said he has done he comes up short because you can see the chinese responding in an aggressive manner. the stock market is not responding well and american consumers when they realized the tariffs amount to taxes on what we buy is going to be a huge political cost. >> it the long game or the short
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game, great to see you in person, thank you both. attorney general william barr's new point man for the deep state investigation. rod rosenstein and chained. former deputy attorney general comes out swinging after james comey calls him week. >> he is acting as a partisan pundit, selling books and earning speaking fees while speculating about the strength of my character. drivers just wont put their phones down.
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investigators. that is what davidson starts us tonight. >> john durham is a hard charger, william barr want him to look at the origins of the russian investigation following release of the mueller report. republicans made it a point of wanting to investigate the genesis of the russia probe and it appears that will happen. during, currently us attorney for the district of connecticut but has quite a resume that goes back decades. he was called in as a special prosecutor to investigate the fbi relationship with whitey boulder was revealed to be an fbi informant was durham spent time investigating alleged improprieties at the central intelligence agency. this announcement comes a couple hours after deputy attorney general rod rosenstein took a swipe publicly for the first time on camera at james comey.
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now that rosenstein is no longer with the justice department he could speak more freely and that's what he did in baltimore before the annual meeting of business advisory group. he didn't waste time going back in time. he says comey made a serious error. the prior fall regarding hillary clinton. >> the clearest mistake was the director's decision to hold a press conference about an open case, to reveal his personal recommendation about the case and to discuss details about the investigation without the consent of the prosecutors and attorney general. >> reporter: comey it was out of his opera two month sat down for a townhall last week when he took a shot at rosenstein. >> rod rosenstein -- >> tonight rosenstein had his chance to fire back. >> he seems to be acting as a
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partisan pundit, while speculating about the strength of my character and the state of my immortal soul. i kid you not. speculating about police prosecutors. eyewitness testimony. >> in june 2017 rosenstein oversaw a fisa warrant to survey carter page. he defended those actions and they are reviewing those fisa practices. shannon: the legal eagles are here to discuss national security attorney bradley maas and former chief assistant us attorney andrew mccarthy. welcome, gentlemen. late developments tonight. you happen to know the us attorney that william barr has said this is the guy that will look at the origins of why they started digging into the trump campaign. what can you tell us?
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>> a very accomplished prosecutor, somebody who has a lot of respect from people on both sides of the aisle. he was originally brought in to be an in-house special counsel and he did have the investigations. attorney general holder brought him in to do the rest of it and they were very pleased with his performance. he's not a partisan guy but a no-nonsense professional prosecutor. shannon: us attorney durham, the inspector general, they are looking into the origins of the fisa warrants and who started this whole thing. this is the appropriate level of staffing to get it done. >> trump and william barr going you can run an investigation,
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everybody can run an investigation. it is getting ridiculous. the fbi did not choose who donald trump would have around him. he chose to have two white-collar criminals with ties to the kremlin. he didn't choose to have george papadopoulos have a couple drinks and run his mouth to the australians. george papadopoulos and donald trump had him on that staff and chose to do that. they ran the investigation based on what they saw the beginning. we thought over 108 pages of the mueller report, had nothing to do with the steel dossier despite all the claims about that. it had to do with basic standard fbi surveillance and investigative techniques when they saw what was going on. shannon: the fbi talking to the new york times, even if they were comfortable with everything they do they are talking about information like maybe there were people we sent in to talk to people, tried to pull some
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information and embed themselves in to these conversations so even though we haven't heard of that until now they are trying to get ahead of these investigations. >> sure and i would almost say that is standard. you will see that regardless of ideological affiliation or whatever parties in power there is always going to be a preemptive attempt to spin things but what did you see from those leaks? they had the initial part of george papadopoulos talking and they sent in someone to get more information. in reality is that what you normally see? i will defer to andy at the end. shannon: a lot of people were key players saying they were not explained the roles and connections to the fbi and other things that were part of this that were mentioned in the mueller report but we never found out their connections or publicly disclosed those, they
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might have intel connections all over the place. they were popping up in conversations and places around the world to talk to him. >> there are two levels to look at this on. one is, it is one thing to say there was appropriate reason, enough smoke to do an investigation or at least kick around a little bit and there is a next level of this -- send in confidential informants, fisa warrants. do we have enough evidence for that? or not? did they push the envelope and use these techniques? if as brad says everything is on the up and up and there's justification for it the investigation will show that. one thing i would point out is there's a paper trail here and there's been one person in the government who has got the power to release all the documents who for 21/2 years is not done it.
12:24 am
shannon: do you think he will? >> he keeps saying he will. he doesn't. you have to wonder, if he doesn't then you wonder if the paper trail is all it is cracked up to be. shannon: as recently as a week ago saying that to katherine herridge. thank you both tonight. fox news confirming a report that former department of homeland security leadership pushed back on a white house plan for mass arrests of migrants. we are told that used to neilsen rejected a proposal to arrest thousands of parents and children in 10 major us cities in order to deter further illegal immigration. next up, the debate over congresswoman rashida tlaib's reaction to this. >> a calling feeling when i think of the holocaust and the tragedy of the holocaust. my dre.
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>> his buildings are
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>> the biggest polluters in new york city. cut your emissions or we will cut something you really care about. >> will presidential bid, bill diblasio rallied support for the city's green new deal inside trump tower. democrats threatened to hit the company with millions of dollars in fines if they don't cut greenhouse gas emissions. he faced the crowd of raucous protesters, he shouted his speech at times. congresswoman rashida tlaib under fire from republicans for comments about the holocaust. she says her words are being twisted as donald trump says she has tremendous hatred of israel. mike emanuel with all the controversy tonight. >> the first palestinian american elected to congress and she was coming from a place of
12:30 am
love but her comments about the holocaust of caused a backlash. >> a calling feeling i tell folks when i think of the holocaust in the tragedy of the holocaust and the fact that was my ancestors, palestinians, lost their land and some lost their lives, their existence was wiped out. >> donald trump bounced on twitter, she obviously has tremendous hatred of israel and the jewish people imagine what would happen if i said what she said it says? >> it is completely unacceptable and she should apologize for it. >> there's been no apology and she's firing back at her critics writing policing my words, twisting and turning them to incite a taxonomy will not work. there is pressure on nancy pelosi to respond. >> the what she does. this is her caucus and she understands there are a lot of distractions and she's not going to fall for every distraction but she's clear where she stand
12:31 am
against anti-semitism. >> he has gone off script to 4. >> reporter: calling for donald trump to be impeached and just like when fellow freshmen omar was accused of anti-semitism democrats on the defensive. >> everyone, we all need to understand words matter and we need to be careful because often they can be interpreted in a way that is very hurtful. >> reporter: some senior republican forces say the gop should sit back and let these newly elected democrats to make errors with the hope there will be a price to pay in november 2020. shannon: nancy pelosi is standing by rashida tlaib saying she was unfairly taken out of context. was that you should she be careful knowing she's under
12:32 am
scrutiny these days? okay, let's start there. jason, taken out of context or should she know people are watching and looking for anything she might say that is viewed in a negative light? >> we have seen a rise in anti-semitism. synagogues being shut up, violent attacks against jews have doubled in the past year and now we have a congresswoman who can't open her mouth without saying something that offends jews and israel. i won't say those things are connected but her comments are not helping matters. i would like to see democrats get to a point where they are not going on television saying this is what she really meant. they police their own and she gets that message, we are not there yet. shannon: when you hear just one phrase of that it makes a
12:33 am
different impression than when you hear the whole thing. he went on to talk about how she felt the palestinian people paid a price by allowing jews to have a safe place to go but she was moved by the fact that they had a safe place to go. a senior writer says this. she says she got a calling feeling not about the holocaust but how palestinians gave refuge to jews from it. this is a historical -- getting the british to hold jewish immigration, hitler's ally, it isn't anti-semitic. she may have rewritten history a little bit but he didn't think she was trying to say something positive about the holocaust. >> absolutely and that is quite clear. when she uses the word holocaust and immediately says the tragedy of the holocaust and a number of times in the 7 minute clip which everyone should listen to, she emphasizes over and over how horrible the holocaust is, what a great injustice it was, the tragedy of it as a jew myself i can tell you this isn't someone
12:34 am
i think is contributed to those attacks on synagogues. i think we have a domestic terrorism problem in this country fueled by white christian men but that's not what is going on here. the ahistorical interpretation is important, she supports a one state solution which is the same supposition is hamas. she's not advocating violent means to attain it but this is an extreme position that goes beyond bds and was omar supports or bernie sanders or others in the far left of my party. i'm happy to have a policy discussion about that but taking the quote and twisting it like lynn cheney who tweeted out and put period at the end of the word holocaust and continues -- >> also rewriting history. >> that we all agree on. >> they were a pogrom in palestine in the late 1920s before -- >> no disagreement from me on
12:35 am
that. she is calm because -- the burning and murder of 6 million jews, it is being manipulated. >> those the argument the palestinians were providing some sort of refuge to jews. >> it's not anti-semitic and that is the charge. >> i would say white christian men in this country do not have a market, a corner on the market of the mystic terrorism. we see all kinds of issues and i think it is unfair to say this one particular group that is responsible for that. >> the predominant group behind shootings in churches, in synagogues, that is who is committing those acts, not every single one. shannon: just to be fair. >> a number of people do commit crimes. i'm trying cannot to blame whatever anti-semitic attacks
12:36 am
happen on synagogues on rashida tlaib. >> so regularly misinterpreted on these comments. you see a pattern here? this is a politician, someone who knows words matter and yet she can't seem to open her mouth without saying things that offend israel and jews. why is that? >> the comments omar has made as well, the last one where she was taken out of context her comments about 9/11 when they tried to make it into the fact that she didn't care about 9/11 when she said some people did something and an entire religion got blamed, democratic leadership came to her defense for good reason as well. if you're going to call someone an anti-semite and make a case against them in their policies, and these things are actually payment. >> it is not a 1-off thing, not a 1-time thing and people have gone to them from the jewish community and other places to say we need to counsel you to think about how you say these
12:37 am
things. when there are multiple things said by multiple members of congress that is where it blows into this kind of conversation. >> it is important, a one state solution is a dangerous idea in the middle east. shannon: it will continue after this commercial is my one on one with mike pence to talk about the friction between religious freedom and the lgbt community and the latest foreign-policy moves. >> trump really believes chairman kim wants to negotiate. he may not want to negotiate right now but he believes the time will come. [music playing] (vo) this is jerry.
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jerry has a membership to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo. discuss foreign policy hot s >> i sat down with mike pence to discuss foreign-policy hotspots like iran and north korea but we started with religious freedom and why he believes it is under assault. >> donald trump believes chairman kim wants to negotiate.
12:42 am
he may not want to negotiate right now but he believes the time will come. christians face greater persecution around the world than any other religious group but we have seen acts of violence across faith communities, burning of churches in louisiana, christian churches in eastern mosques, two synagogues in the united states and while we condemn those universally the truth is we live in a time where religious freedom and religious faith is come under attack and often ridiculed. >> what does that mean in 2019 when you talk about people of faith feeling and enshrined first amendment that there would be an issue about that?
12:43 am
>> the american people cherish our freedom of religion. the constitutionally enshrines that in the first amendment but says there can be no religious test for public office and yet we've consistently seen any erosion of respect for religious belief in the public square and it's one of the reasons donald trump and our administration takes a strong stance to defend religious liberty. shannon: the other side of this conversation, they say, one piece in reaction to that, an opinion piece in usa today said you use coded language, basically cloaking discrimination against to the lgbt queue community and other people who are hurt by these policies. where is the middle ground? is there middle ground? >> the first amendment itself ensures that we all have a right to our own beliefs and without those beliefs according to the dictates of our conscience which is ironic that some of the people that speak most loudly in favor of tolerance are often the
12:44 am
least tolerant of sincerely held christian religious beliefs. first amendment contemplates tolerance is a 2-way street that is how america is always worked. >> is there a space here? it seems the two sides are really far apart on some of these issues. where is there space to find coexistence? is that possible? >> it is all directed to the principle that here in america we have freedom of religion, freedom of conscience and that means every american out to be up to live their lives according to the dictates of their conscience and also every american should aspire to show respect for religious views or personal opinions or views of anyone in society and that is honestly what i have seen a road it. >> have even surprised by the personal attacks you and your wife are faced, someone who is
12:45 am
part of the 2020 field who when you are both in indiana you saw there was a good relationship and maybe it sounds different on his end now. he had critical things to say when it comes to your faith. >> pete buttigieg and i had a good relationship in indiana. i wish him well. if he wins the party's nomination there will be a lot more to say about it. what was troubling to me was his assertion and others assertion that is critical of people of our religious beliefs broadly in reference to the mike pences of the world. every american cherishes the right of each of us to live out our faith and our beliefs and it was disappointing to hear that but just as disappointing when
12:46 am
joe biden referred to me as a decent guy and those who differ with my conservative values and had to recant that. this is part of the season we are in. shannon: a couple foreign-policy issues. a number of democrats saying this administration is pushing us towards a with iran. we don't want a war but we will defend our interests. how would you respond to the critics, the president campaigned, being pushed by more hawkish members. >> what donald trump has done is reset a failed policy towards iran in the last administration.
12:47 am
until iran stops supporting hezbollah, terrorist organizations in the region, stops sowing violence in yemen and elsewhere, we will continue to stand firm with a new alignment across the region that began with the president's first trip to riyadh in 2017. that arab countries are working with us. >> several missile launches in the last week, where do we stand in negotiations? >> i will say we have been monitoring closely a series of missile launches by north korea. one thing the american people can be confident of his we will not repeat the mistakes of the past. for decades our objective is to achieve denuclearization of the korean peninsula.
12:48 am
we will stand strong on sanctions and enforcing sanctions, working with our allies. donald trump believes chairman kim wants to negotiate. he may not want to negotiate right now but he believes the time will come that we will have opportunity to sit down with north korea again and when they embrace a future of nuclear weapons the president will make it clear that there is a brighter future for all the people of north korea that we will stand firm until they choose that future without nuclear weapons. shannon: our thanks to vice president mike pence. 5-4 decision on the supreme court, brett cavanagh raising advice because of where he landed in that split up next. >> tech: you think this chip is nothing to worry about?
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>> shannon: president shannon: donald trump's latest step in court appointee fighting with the justices to greenlight a class-action lawsuit against tech giants apple. david fund has more. >> you ready for high-stakes trial putting apple, the most valuable public us company against a group of consumers. at issue is whether apple can be sued over allegations it has an illegal monopoly on the sale of its iphone apps.
12:53 am
>> a lawsuit against consumers will not help the reputation. >> financial and legal stakes are was, to billion apps sold to the popular apps store. the company charges a 30% development, it mirrored the pipeline between developers and consumers but the us supreme court's divided 5-4 majority concluded otherwise. brett cavanagh wrote, quote, the plaintiffs seek to hold retailers to account if the retailers engage in unlawful anticompetitive conduct that harms consumers who purchase from those retailers. that is why we have antitrust laws. his four conservative colleague slammed his legal reasoning with a lot of appointee neil gorsuch trading the high court should have respected antitrust and, quote, not begin whittling away. the latest complex path the 114th justices charted since barely surviving senate
12:54 am
confirmation last fall after he was accused of sexual assault in high school. his first term on bench he has seen as mostly reliable conservative but not in complete lockstep with his right-leaning colleagues. >> are you saying even if the method creates gruesome and brutal pain you can still do it because there is no alternative? >> brett kavanaugh expressed doubts about the death penalty and against the trump administration on efforts to block medicaid funding for abortion. john roberts so far has been closely aligned with brett kavanaugh and the two may be setting up a shaky center of the bench. >> there are many issues where he has the potential to be the swing vote. you will see a concerted effort in many cases by lawyers to pick off that vote from brett kavanaugh. >> it is important to note this ruling simply allows the lawsuit to move forward before lower court if apple were to lose their antitrust law entitles
12:55 am
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...can have many different prices? that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price! shannon: a couple midnight hero's tonight. today in michigan, sophie cliffman met doug harvey, a 95-year-old army veteran. his unit liberated the concentration camp where sophie was held during world war ii. he survived auschwitz and bergen-belsen, with her sister they ended up settling in the detroit area. the rest of their family was killed during the war. he told harvey, quote, you gave me my life. harvey said he is her hero. for us, they are both our midnight hero's.
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survivors, one saved the other and they are finally meeting. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent your evening with us. good night from new york, i am shannon bream. >> it is tuesday, may 14th and this is "fox and friends first". happening right now 4:00 on the east coast of fox news alert. the president may be considering sending more than 100,000 us troops to iran. the new warning from the white house after several explosions cripple ships in the middle east. the green new deal taking center stage for 2020. >> unlike the president of the united states, you know that climate change is not a hoax.


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