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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  May 12, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> that she watch her, she catches it once in a while and she can tell it's me. she does is sit there and transfer anything. >> larry kudlow with chris law iwallace. >> and chris wallace, what is next for the two largest economies. >> i happen to think tears our country, a great powerful picketing everybody stills from including china. president trump raising tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars on chinese goods and threatening more as china vows to retaliate. how the moves will affect much of what you buy with larry kudlow and chief white house economic advisor. then the showdown between the president and congress escalates. house democrats demand to see the formal report in the president's taxes.
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and trump advisors. >> there may be some other contempt of congress at the same time. >> we will sit down with congressman in 2020 the candidate seth moulton. plus joe biden bided his lead over the democratic field. we will assess sunday panel if he has the power to win the nomination. in a power play of the week, the son of a famous investor on being a farmer, sheriff and crusader at the border. >> i like doing things that are different and adventurous. >> all right now on fox news sunday. hello again and happy mother's day from fox news in washington. president trump shows no signs of backing off his trade war with china after negotiators fail to strike a deal. on friday, he more than doubled tariffs on some 5000 categories
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of chinese products. including furniture, electronics and other consumer goods. the president is threatening to impose tariffs on essentially all remaining imports from china, that's another $300 billion of product. training is now for an exclusive interview, to discuss what happens next. president trump top white house economic advisor, larry kudlow. welcome back to fox's sunday. >> thank you chris. happy mother's day. >> i'm not sure we need to say happy mother's day to each other. >> i want to start to something you said a couple weeks ago when he said energy deals with china. >> i think round about the seven nearby. maybe even the 5-yard line looking into the ends of. chris: what your line are we are now and what set us back? >> we may still be on the fiber the seven but as i said in the clip, it's a tough insureds to
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get. the situation for us, from our standpoint, we were moving well instructed talks and i think that is the case we will continue as the president suggested. in history on friday. the problem is, two weeks ago in china there was backtracking by the chinese and we covered the same ground this past week with lighthizer ammunition. you cannot forget this, this is a huge deal. the broader scope and scale and to countries they've never had before. we have to get through a lot of issues for many years, nonreciprocal, unbalanced in many cases, unlawful and we have to correct those in one of the second page right now is we would like to see those corrections and an agreement which is codified by law in
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china, not just estate counsel announcement, we need to see something much clearer and until we do with the keeper tariffs on, that part of the enforcement process as far as we are concerned in as president said, things seem to be taking too long and we cannot accept any backtracking, we are representing the united states, the economy, farmers, autoworkers, manufactures, these are crucial to this discussion. we went to be assured as we can become a we don't take the chinese have comfort enough, we will wait and see, the talks will continue and i will say this as a deterrent meeting in japan, toward the end of june next month, the chances the president trump and president she will get together at that meeting are probably pretty good. you pointed out the president to be on friday, with news that the talks, negotiations had ended
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without any deals. they rose on the kind of optimistic tone from the president and from treasury secretary miniature. the president was much more combative in a tweet yesterday, i want to pick us up on the screen. i think that china felt they were being beaten so badly and the reason negotiations that they may have well it around for the next election 2020 and have a democrat when. people have come far worse for them, if it has to be negotiated in the second term. that's a lot tougher than the president was talking about, that is his view, we think sometimes china may be misinterpreting u.s. politics, i don't want to go deep into that but i think there's always an issue there. intellectual property theft has to be fixed, forced technology transfer and ownership of american companies has to be fixed. cyber intervention has to be
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fixed. tariff and nontariff barriers have to be fixed. in a have to be very rude strong enforcement provisions. some of the chinese officials have said both in beijing and here that the agreement was to unbalanced. , no, the relationship has been to unbalanced. because of these problems of unfair and unlawful trading practice we have to have a very strong agreement to correct, to right these wrongs before we will be satisfied. chris: i want to go to a quick checklist. on where we stand right now. do you expect china to react tally for increasing tariffs and hostile customer. >> i think i do. it's interesting the expected countermeasures have not materialized, we may know more today or even to work tomorrow, i reckon they will, we will see
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what they come up with but so far we have not heard on the basis. >> our new talks at this point, talks will continue, or new talks scheduled with china? >> not yet but the chinese have invited lighthizer to come to beijing and secretary clinician also, no concrete definite plan yet, and let me repeat, the strong possibility that the two presidents will be in japan. >> how long before president trump makes good on his threat to impose 25% tariffs on all the rest of chinese imports with the final 30 $300 in chinese good. >> clearly larger process up on the website what happens on this if i get this right, we will have announcements, hearings, we will have public comments, how long is it take, a couple of months and there about.
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>> it could be through for weeks, your syndicate take longer. >> among the things it's a 60 day public commentary or something like that. call it a couple months, call it three months, i don't know. i'm in of course the president is going to have to make the final talk about who pays for the higher tariffs on chinese imports. here's what. >> that is untrue. it is not china the pictures. it is the american import, the american companies that pay what in effect is a tax increase and often times passes on to u.s. consumers. >> burnout. in fact both sides will pay.
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of course. chris: the tariff on goods coming into the country, the chinese are not pain. >> nobody chinese will suffer gdp losses. >> yes to some extent, both sides will suffer on this. chris: i wonder pickup of both sites, let's look at one that projects what the customer of all u.s. tears, look at this, this study found the current tariffs, all current tears cost an average family $757 a year end cut u.s. employment by 900,000 jobs. in the study found, if the
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president were to impose that 25% tariff extended on all chinese imports including the 500 billion plus the cost of retaliation, it will cost american family of four, $200 a year, and the american employment by over 200 jobs and cut gdp growth by more than 1%. >> our work, i think is a pretty poorly under wildly exaggerated numbers. i would suggest if you go to the whole vote, 200 billion we reckon it would be about two tens of 1% of gdp, a very modest number, in terms of possible job losses were way below that number. and i want to know, the united states economy is a loan, there come anyway better on growth, jobs, growth, unemployment,
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productivity. i will note, this is part of your lightning round bullets, maybe the toughest is on farmers, the agriculture sector, we have helped them for our loss experts and we had $12 billion and we will do it again if we have to innocent numbers show. chris: are you reading upside down? >> are very good at it. we will do that. again, and raising economy weighted traffic prosperity cycle because of our policies of lower taxes and deregulation and i might add trade reforms, we will be in very good shape and by the way, something else the president has said, let me add this on, the tears themselves
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are producing a big increase in customs duties, pitstops something as of magnitude in the last 12 months will help finance farmers and i will be the transition. you have to do what you have to do. we have had unfair trading practices of these years and so in my judgment, the economic consequences are so small but the possible improvement in trade and experts in open markets to the united states, this is worthwhile doing. chris: the last thing i want to talk about, i'm not questioning the wisdom, no questioning that there has been in an unequal ad fair plan. he clearly had an expectation, he got tougher china on tariffs and they were going to cave in theirs were to be a deal and everything was going to be great
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and he opposed every the president was 20 reset the relationship. that is no longer so clear. i guess the question, how long is president trump prepared to wage district were returnable clearly has cost to the american economy and american businesses. >> can i substitute trade negotiation or trade for. after all, we're talking -- >> is not a negotiation, were taking action. >> it is in negotiation, in particular action. chris: intimate question. >> one of the things i've learned, on the basement truck, tariffs are part of negotiations and they show that we do need an
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business. chris: how long is he prepared to continue this effort and keep her son christopher. [sobbing] i would not put a timetable on the as he is. we are continuing our discussion and that is a good thing, the negotiation over time, stop go, stop go, the speed may be faster, maybe slow, is not at all unusual. chris: are you suggesting there might be a point where he says this is it worth the economic cost and political cost opposed back? >> i don't want to second-guess corporate timetables. chris: did not ruling it out? >> i think economic cost argument in this in the gains of a good deal that opens up china except the legal trade, those gains are used so that the cost benefit analysis that i really like. politically, i think the country is completely behind the president in a tough approach to china, in effect, you know
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leading democrats such as senator schumer and others as president in this battle i think sometimes you can do the right thing in a sense, this is a bipartisan policy. it is long overdue. let me repeat my point. worth doing, we have to change the relationship between the two companies for the benefit of the united states and workforce and branches and farmers and so forth. we have to do this. the president is fun. chris: thank you. take every time, i must say, i hope you enjoy your conversation as much as i do. we will be tracking the next steps in negotiation. chris: coming up bringing the sunday group to discuss what this all means for american business, investors and consumers. what would you like to ask the panel about the escalating trade worker china. just go to facebook, trade
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kristen solstice anderson, what seems to be the trade worked with china and how worried are the republicans at the could have a real impact and not an exaggerated impact but a real impact on the american economy and american consumers and businesses and especially as i pointed out, american farmers. >> i think this is becoming the top issue of concern in much republicans and is awful to him talk about will the report and everything else, it is a focus for mostly has been in the treetops. in what the extended debate might look like.
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you saw this week markets not responding well that this could be more significant trade war. but more important, and what the markets may say, what are individuals and households feeling when it comes to this, with consensus, this will her individual household. people are feeling and their
11:24 am
household. you think the president has done a good job on the economy. it's a big potable string. if that friend turns back be a m in 2020. >> i want to turn to another foreign-policy issue, that was north korea which had two separate tests of short range missiles, a total of five short-range missiles fired within five days. here was the reaction from the president. >> we are looking at it very seriously right now, they were smaller, short range missile. nobody is happy but we are to get a good look and we will see. chris: what do you think this says about the state of president trump's diplomatic efforts to get kim jong-un nuclear d nuclear is. >> was the china trade talks, i considering, iran, venezuela, i think the president's foreign policy strategy is always
11:25 am
inherited in a difficult situation, and we come in here, i'm going to undercut the pillars of existing policy, void up, create drama and make them mad, i'll get a deal, i'm a great dealmaker. when we come to north korea for fire in theory, little rock man, we fell in love at the june summit and i think north korea is closer to having a nuclear weapon as japan and south korea today than we were to and half years ago when the president came to office. in all these situations it looks like ignoring president and saying i'm coming in here and establish a new american -- sort of american first policy, has not paid out an advantage into the american national interest. chris: i want to pick up with you, there is no question that donald trump spent a lot of
11:26 am
politicakimjong-un, this is thet of the united states and travel halfway around the world to negotiate with kim, that was a big concession on his part, big boost to the prestige. what is the feeling in the white house right now about continuing to do business with kim? >> there is always a lot of skepticism, it was not just inside the white house, inside the state department, pentagon, skepticism that this is work. i spoke to someone who would spend a lot of time for the president and discuss this with the president and they said, they're not even in demonstration anywhere, and they said if they were not clear, the president does not like to be humiliated and if kim jong-un does escalate to break his promise under promise with the president, you can go from love letters to conflict in a very short space of time. this is not a normal president who does things in small increments. he goes as fire in theory to
11:27 am
literally saying the phone left, i think we go right back to where we were in 2017 and people should prepare for that. >> in china played a key role, because they have the most at leverage over north korea and at the moment they are not exactly open to helping us. >> it so interesting, the possibility of miscalculations, one of the things we hear, there is a lot of reporting that when the chinese saw the president constantly with the federal reserve chairman to lower interest rates that the chinese viewed that as an indication of weakness on the part of the president that he was worried about the strength of the u.s. economy and therefore they had a stronger negotiating position. >> yes, every tree he does, they sort of blur, their reading every tweet with gnostic wisdom,
11:28 am
i think they're reading too much into a lot o. >> he believes they are misinterpreting a lot of american politics right now and i think this is the perfect example, all this at a north korea, we are seeing the frustration that they were for the negotiating partner, mike pompeo, and i think they thought they would get everything for free and when they don't get it, all the sudden your contraception. chris: panel, we have to take a break and we'll see you a little later in the program. when we come back the president showdown with house democrats is testing the nascent internation system which is in balance, we will ask democratic congressman seth walton about that and his run for president in 2020. all of that next. uh-oh, looks like someone's
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chris: democrats took control of the house and the 2018 midterms they gained subpoena power.
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they try to use the power to look into the president's conduct in business dealings the president's lawyers have called an all-out political work. joining me now massachusetts congressman in 2020 democratic presidential candidate seth moulton congressman welcomes boxing sunday. >> it's great to be here. i'm not going to wish you a happy mother's day but i will wish my mother happy mother's day and my wife liz, it's her first mother's day ever. to my mom, liz into my daughter and me. i love you. chris: you want to do a seth to fundraising? i'm just teasing. in the rain i wish you every happy mothers day. >> before we get to all the questions about the house and my house, after president trump, raised tariffs on chinese goods on friday morning you treated this.
11:33 am
i want to put it on the screen. whether it's farmers or federal workers, americans and their paychecks should never be used as pawns in a negotiation. but do we need to get tough with china, they been taken advantage with unfair trading practices for decades. >> we absolutely need to get tough with china. it's not just on trade. as a rising threat the china is turn national security. they are stealing american ideas and american military secrets to the internet every single day. we need a strategy, i listen to mr. cutler's interview, i don't think this administration has a strategy, they clearly do not know what this means to american families. 200700, you put the number of the board, dollars a year, that matters to american families. we asked, tell matters to american soybean farmers when they cannot sell their soybeans. chris: how do you get tough if you want use tears? >> you have to have a conference of strategy. i'm not saying tears should not be an option on the terrible.
11:34 am
we build our alliance in the specific. i'm calling for using the nato model in the pacific the president has been doing the exact opposite, he is been undermining phthalates across a period it means using institutions like the wto. it is not perfect, it will not solve every problem but every place the obama ministration has brought before the pto before china, everything has been in our favor. the simply line when he said the wto does not work, we need to have a plaintiff strategy for china because they are a massive threat. but just tariffs like a culture because it makes the president look tough? that only hurts american families. >> let's turn to the battle, the escalating battle between the house and the white house over the russian investigation and where it goes from here. the president is fighting all subpoenas for documents in current and former advisers to
11:35 am
testify before congress and the house democrats are fighting back either in one case voting, and a committee for contempt of congress and others threatening to vote. he was the president's reaction to that. >> with all the transparency we finish no collusion of obstruction. then i get out in the first thing they said, let's do it again. i said that's enough. we had to run a country. chris: does president trump have a point customer similar investigation one for 22 months, i cast in cloud over the presidency and country fruit almost two years. nobody on your side is going to be satisfied with the motor investigation, but why not go on and deal with pocketbook issues that affect people's lives. voters are going to decide in little over a year end the 2020 election whether they want to keep them or not.
11:36 am
>> don't think that we cannot do both. that democratic house is been passing a lot of legislation that is important to american families. it is also our constitutional responsibility to hold the ministration accountable. that is written into the constitution. the fact of the matter is, this investigation is exactly what you turn to first. it's investigation about russia. whether you're a democrat in the house or the biggest trump support in america, every american should want to know why vladimir putin wanted trump elected president. chris: the house democratic are not about russia, thereabout term, use o your subpoena bar, , is not about russia, it's about trump. >> we need to hold the trump administration accountable because after duty. your rain criticizing us for not focusing enough ownership. that is what administrates to
11:37 am
talk about national security. democrats should be meeting on national security will we have a president who's literally causing up to some of the worst dictators in the world. some of the biggest enemies. i do think that you're right, that should be the focus, because that is the unmistakable conclusion of this report. obstruction and everything else, those are really important. what russia meddled in the selection, do not get me wrong, 2020 is will consist administration has done nothing to stop them or deter them. chris: one more question and we will move on which is your campaign for president. chris: we saw two approaches this week, to the russian investigation for the two top leaders of the house in the senate. let's take a look. >> every single day, the president is making a case, he is becoming self impeachable. >> it in her case). chris: there's an argument that
11:38 am
they will be in a stronger legal position to get access to documents, to get access to former advisers of the president if you were to open a formal impeachment proceeding, not saying you will impeach the president to open it in sequel that under the impeachment which is good to talk about the constitution, it's in the constitution impeachment. do you support the customer. >> i do. i think we made a mistake as a party in waiting until thermal report came out. the fact of the matter is, this is our constitutional duty, a lot of people make the argument that it is not a political opportunity for us to proceed with this. to have this debate. don't forget congress is two things, debate and then vote on them. i am not seeing we should vote on impeachment, we don't have the full will the report but let's have that debate. i called out for your girl and we should be discussing it because it's a constitutional duty. politics aside, how much is doing the right thing by the constitution. chris: you got into this
11:39 am
democratic presidential race pretty late. april 22. your third term congressman, forgive mr., with almost no national profile, what makes you think, it will explode after your parents here today. what makes you think that you have a realistic chance of winning the democratic nomination. >> the most important thing to democrats is beating donald trump in bringing the country together. the hardest job i've ever had in my life is leading american troops in combat. it is bringing together a diverse group of americans with different religious backgrounds, political backgrounds, different political beliefs and getting knighted behind the common mission to serve her country. that is exactly the kind of leadership that we need from the next president of the united states. chris: i'm going to get into foreign policy, what weeks you think -- politics is practical, tough, what makes you think you one of -- you 22 in the field
11:40 am
operatives lot people more known then you. >> i'm the only one for that experience of uniting americans in the most difficult circumstances imaginable. i'm also the only one in this race that is taking on donald trump on issues of security on strength, on what we need to do to make america stronger, what it truly means to be a preacher. i do not believe that we can win this race if we do not challenge donald trump, not just on the job as president, but in this job as commander-in-chief. and we have to challenge them there if we went. chris: briefly, we are running out of time, what is, you say the national security defense, foreign policy, what is the molten policy? >> we need a new generation of arms, we need to be challenging china on developing artificial intelligence on building a cyber walk to protect america, not building a fifth century portable, they did that 32000 years ago about building a wall.
11:41 am
we need a new generation of alliances because we need to make neato or relevant for today. because russia is attacking us to the internet not by tanks in western year. we need to make sure we have a new generation of leaders. i think it's time for the generation that went to rock and afghanistan to take over the sinister. chris: i have a minute left, the dnc has sent a june 12 deadline which is a month from today. for deciding who is going to be in the first set of two debates at the end of june, here are the criteria. candidates must raise money from at least $65000 or have at least present impulse. if you do not qualify, and you don't end up getting on the debate stage for the first debate in june, doesn't that
11:42 am
kill your candidacy before triggering customer. >> no it doesn't, were on track to meet those goals, you asked earlier, you said that i got to the streetlight. i did. the reason i got in the race late is simple, have a seven -month-old daughter, leaving her home to hit the campaign trail is not an easy decision. i've never even been a father before. but there's a personal reason i'm doing this aside from trump in the policies and everything else, i want my daughter to grow up and do everything that he could to serve his country. chris: congressman thank you, thank you for coming in. we will be watching how the campaign goes, safe travel on the campaign trail. as of the chapters joe biden's polls remind him of his own campaign back in 2016. we will ask her sunday panel about the democratic front runner first weeks from the trap trial next. next big thing: performance organics. this new organic collection of soil and plant food is what you've always wanted. no compromise.
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>> we are now in a period we are now in a constitutional crisis. >> iv him all the time, i come to washington and now i have to be him again. over nothing, over hoax. chris: president trump on house judiciary committee jerry nadler, two longtime adversaries battle a number of house democrats demand for more information and we are back to the panel. your former boss, senator mcconnell made pretty clear what the republican strategy is on this whole investigation which is case) one, can he make the stick into, how angry are him and some of his republican senators at the fact that the colleague, richard burke, the chair of the intelligence committee has called subpoena don junior to come back and
11:47 am
testify. >> there is no question that it is case) the idea determine nadler in the stuffers herself rolling around the building can come up with a substitute case the ball mother could over two years and $35 million, is ridiculous. we find herself now, and you hear chairman natalie talking about a constitutional crisis, what a nondramatic nonsense. where were at, the chairman last week said that he had not taken time himself to go down and read in unredacted report that is totally available to him because he cannot share amongst his colleagues, it's a good thing he is not running the intelligence committee, this is absolutely not about politics. chris: broke a dawn junior, the senator intelligence committee is very different trigger. what they're looking at, is how and why the russians decided to protrude our election to determine how we can never ever
11:48 am
experience again, in terms of the president's family, we all agree were off around we need to be harassed over the last two years, my hope is to figure out a way to take care of this quickly and stop calling people up -- police with respect to donald trump junior, there's some compromise and the most likely scenario is he will not exercise his rights but force congress the republican-led senate to hold in contempt in the idea to inflict as much physical pain as possible on the republican. chris: you think the republicans would do that? he seems to be out by himself. you think it republican majority would vote don junior in contempt of congress customer. >> adele. we are looking for information
11:49 am
report. >> the number say democrat want to impeach the president, pelosi was holding them back, now or in a situation over the last week or so that it's a president, who seems to with his blanket refusal to cooperate with the congress saying the political operation under legitimate oversight. he is creating a crisis, he is forcing it towards the courts, he sees political advantage in saying this is grievance, harassment, don junior never testified to bubbler, when he went up to the hill apparently he said things that were not true about the construction of a
11:50 am
chapter. there is every reason to invite him back, not a democrat, a legitimate requirement, but your case closed, if case is closed, according to mitch mcconnell, why not give the democrats what they want, give them a report -- if you picture on don again and tell him to make a statement. chris: i've three minutes in one somewhat warmer scepter, joe biden has clearly opened up a sizable lead in the democratic presidential race. take a look at the polls in the latest realplayer politics average of both, fighting leads but most 321 over bernie sanders national polls, almost two to one in new hampshire and neroli and iowa. how real is biden's lead at this point and how do you explain it? >> he is a formidable front runner, there is a long way to go into the primaries over the being out front by this kind of
11:51 am
emergent is very valuable. it's notable who he took the butcher from which is bernie sanders. in many polls early in the process you would see joe biden voters say bernie sanders was a second choice in bernie sanders and joe biden was a second choice. joe biden is a more established guy, bernie sanders is on the left. but really both of them have appealed to the kind of union type worker, someone, the type of voting you find in the blue wall states. it makes sense that joe biden would be able to draw some of the share from bernie sanders, the question heading into 2020, can he rebuild the blue wall for the democrats and do so while maintaining excitement and enthusiasm. chris: pennsylvania, wisconsin, president trump is taking joe biden searcy, he continues to hammer him in the former vice president fires back. >> one of the democrats today
11:52 am
said that he, it's a he, sleepy person. [laughter] said that he heard from a lot of foreign leaders that they want him to be president, of course they do so they can continue to rip off the united states. >> folks, above all else, we must defeat donald trump. chris: how preoccupied is the president with joe biden at this point, how searcy does he and his political advisers do they taken? >> they taken very seriously. since i have some of these advisors, they're actually surprised at how much of a lead is opened up. they were always worried about fighting an election. but the consensus that he can have no prayer of getting the far left democratic primary. maybe he could get through the democratic primary. >> i think a lawful lot of this in the two candidates bernie
11:53 am
sanders and joe biden. chris: i agree with that and i explained before he got in, but now he's in, his lead is because he is casting the rates as him again strong. >> i think he's at a high watermark in the whole goal of the biden campaign is to hold on for dear life. we sell within climate change. chris: the numbe the power playf the week, the son of billionaire warned buffett on what he has been given and what he's giving away. ♪ ♪ ♪
11:54 am
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chris: a beer company use used to run ad what is they called the most interesting man in the world. we have surprisingly candidate for that in real life. he is our power player of the week. >> i do things maybe a lot of people don't want to do. i would be first one to parachute out of the airplane. i would be first one to go into rib bell territory. i like doing things that are different and adventerous? chris: howard buffett has led a varied life. he has done construction, worked for a candy company and has been ago bring business executive and is now a farmer. for two years he was the sheriff of make con county illinois. there is something else we should mention. he is one of billionaire warren
11:57 am
buffett's three children. which means he gets a lot of money for his own foundation. >> we get stock from my dad. somewhere $185 million today. we try to give away what we bring in. chris: any idea how much you have given away over the years? >> $1.4 billion. chris: he focuses on improving food and water access in other countries and stopping international conflicts which takes him him to interesting pl. >> i got hit in congo with a rocket. chris: he take him to survey farms his foundation own on the southern border and get briefings from local sheriff. >> they will get the other criminal element to come to
11:58 am
sector b. chris: he has written a book on the 50-state border crisis. >> we are in a fight. if you had 70,000 u.s. citizens dying any other way, any other place, people would be up in arms over it. chris: buffett has definite ideas how to win the fight. he says our border patrol needs to act more like a military less like a bureaucracy. he says we need to do more to fight drug addiction. he is giving more than $60 million for drug treatment in miss new hometown of decateur, illinois. chris: what do you think of president trump's border policy. >> you can put a wall out nowhere where people are not crossing. you can put a wall sofar away from areas where border patrol agents are stationed you can't apprehend anyone. it is not a simple solution. chris: back in 2006, warren buffett said he would give away 85% of his fortune. howard agrees with his dad. >> you give people things, they
11:59 am
don't appreciate them. they don't work hard for things. they don't earn things. there is such a thing as unearned entitlement. chris: there was a quote from your dad i love. i want to give my kids enough so they can do anything. i don't want to give them so much they could do nothing. i wanted to own a airplane or yacht i may notable able to afford to keep them up. i don't want any of those things. i'm happy to do what i do in my life. chris: when warren buffett leaves as chairman of berkshire hathaway. he will take over as non-executive chairman. he won't run the place but continues the buff full culture. see you in new hampshire for our regular program. sunday 7:00 p.m. eastern we'll hold a town hall with the big surprise so far in the democratic race, mayor. pete buttigieg. that is 7:00 p.m. own the fox news channel. that is it for today.
12:00 pm
all you moms have a wonderful day and a grate week. we'll see you next week on "fox news sunday." ♪ ♪ paul: welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. thetl battle between president trump and congress heating up this week as the house judiciary committee voighted to hold his attorney general william barr in contempt for proviewsing to provide lawmakers with the full mueller report. the president asserting executive privilege over the unredacted report and underlying evidence. fighting congress on another front as well with treasury secretary steve mnuchin telling lawmakers he would not comply with a request for six years of the president's tax returns. prompting a subpoena friday from the house ways and means committee. democrats are objecting and declaring that the nation is in


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