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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 16, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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government and the people's respect for it. >> sean: so dumb, but it's fair. unfortunately that's all the time we have left. we will never be the rage hate-trump media mob ever. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. laura ingraham. are you in l.a.? >> laura: i am in the swamp. >> sean: you complain when i say laura ingraham from the swamp. where are you? laura ingraham in the swamp. >> laura: i am where i am, not a school is where you are. hannity, great show tonight as always. you are killing it. i love it. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. we have two big exclusives for you tonight. last week congressman devin nunes sought criminal referrals for improper behavior during the mueller probe and tonight we have a first look at how far they go. congressman nunes is here with details. plus "the ingraham angle" is a
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first media outlet to get its hands on a brand-new report from the doj. i love this. how many illegal aliens are in our federal prisons? why didn't we know this before? how did they get there? exclusive details ahead. they will shock you. muslim reformist doctor has written a piece on congresswoman ilhan omar that is ripping up the internet. her can't miss message to the freshman congresswoman enrollments. but first, unapologetically american. that's the focus of tonight's angle. as democrats tiptoe through the minefield of controversy brought on by their most outspoken new stars, we are reminded again of one of the main reasons trump won and is still looking pretty good for 2020. unabashed and americanism.
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>> america is the greatest fighting force for peace, justice and freedom. in the history of the world. we are not going to apologize for america. we are going to stand up for america. no more apologies. >> laura: no more apologies, no more groveling, no more self large letting ourselves on the world stage as a certain previous administration had done. >> in america, there is a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where americans showed arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive. >> laura: i actually think that apologies arrogant but trump is different. he goes over to europe and he says hey, we value our alliance.
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we love you guys, but it's time for nato members to stop free writing on the american taxpaye taxpayer. >> i have been very, very direct. nato members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligation obligations. but 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying. this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states. >> laura: imagine that. an american president in europe standing up for you, looking out for your hard-earned money. of course the foreign policy elites back home, they shuddered and they fumed, sputtered upon hearing all of this. preferring of course this approach. >> the united states will be willing to acknowledge past errors where those errors have been made. the united states is still working through some of our own darker periods in our history.
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each country must work through its past, and reckoning with the past can help us he's a better future. >> laura: seizing a better future is exactly what president trump has begun to do for america. but not by marinating in guilt over past wrongs in public but by growing the economy, real help. the obama crew said he couldn't do it, but with a crack team of dedicated pros, trump renegotiated old trade deals to make them more pro-american worker. and he's holding trade teachers like china accountable. it's about time. can you imagine kamala harris, cory booker or pete buttigieg speaking as triumphantly, as unapologetically about american dominance in manufacturing as trump? >> today, jobs are coming back and pouring back frankly like never before. companies are coming back into
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our country. they want the action. production is ramping up in the biggest way. the awesome m1 abrams tank is once again thundering down the assembly line. >> laura: trump is also unapologetic about the government's duty to enforce our borders. and also to tailor immigration to america's needs and values. by contrast, the democrats recoiled from such terms as american sovereignty, and they push instead for abolishing i.c.e. and even abolishing the classification of illegals as illegals. >> we are standing on native land and latino people are descendants of native people. we cannot be told and criminalized simply for our identity or our status. great neck. >> laura: period.
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again, they feel angry about america's past and present. america acting in america's interest, no, you can do that. the president was particularly incensed last week when footage circulated a freshman congresswoman ilhan omar referring to referring to 9/11 as an occasion where some people did something. so he retweeted omar's video and then he included clips of the planes going to the world trade center towers. the left, they weren't upset about omar's original comments. they are mad at trump, claiming he is the problem endangering this woman's life. >> donald trump is trying to incite violence and to divide us. >> she does not deserve the kind of vicious, hate filled attacks that she's experiencing, threats on her life. >> this is an incitement to violence.
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against congresswoman omar, against our fellow americans who happen to be muslim. >> laura: i am just glad someone found beto. i haven't seen them in a while. in a local interview in minnesota yesterday, trump was characteristically unapologetic when asked if he had second thoughts about criticizing omar. the president replied no, not at all. well, she's been very disrespectful to this country. she's been very disrespectful frankly to israel. she has someone that doesn't really understand i think life. real life. what it's all about. it's unfortunate. she's got away about her that's very, very bad i think for our country. i think she's extremely unpatriotic and extremely disrespectful to our country." disrespectful to our country. well, i think a lot of americans grew that. like obama before her, omar reflectively apologizes even in
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tone ridiculing america for being worried about al qaeda. >> when i was in college, i took a terrorism class. every time the professor says al qaeda, he sort of goes like, his shoulders went up. al qaeda. you don't say america without intensity. you don't say england without intensity. you don't say the army with an intensity. >> laura: yes, because we actually recoil at evil. america and britain, we don't believe are evil, congresswoman. so we bristle at -- something is off about that. we bristle about it. got to be clear here. she's not alone. the democratic party is becoming infected with this self-loathing quality, meaning more of its members today feel guilty about america's past and they want to turn that guilt into the ultimate expiation for our sins,
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the sins of colonialism, racism, misogyny, et cetera, et cetera. keep going. and they feel justified in tearing down history and attacking religious symbols with deep historical roots, and even refusing to participate in patriotic displays. 2020 is shaping up to be a showdown between more traditional america and this new kind of twisted vision of america. no matter who the democratic anemone is, this is the ideological struggle before us. it's hard right now to imagine the american people would not again embrace the true audacity, the unapologetic nature of trump. his unwillingness to bow down to the media and political correctness of the moment and his determination to protect the honor and the people of this
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country. his habit of standing up to the political elite and refusing to back down. there are words for this approach. we used to call it american leadership, and maybe we still do. that's the angle. joining me now with reaction is conservative commentator and filmmaker to mr. sousa and chris hahn, former aide to senator chuck schumer. dinesh, today's democratic party seems to have a completely different vision for america than those of just, i would go back just eight or nine years ago. how did we get to this point where democrats are so self-loathing, they are not going to condemn omar but they will condemn the president for criticizing her. >> well, it seems, laura, that under obama, we had a sort of cleavage between the people who
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affirmed american exceptionalism, what makes america unique, and obama himself who led the movement to say there's nothing exceptional about america. kind of a denial of american exceptionalism. i think today the debate has moved so that in a strange way, both sides, the right and the left, embrace of american exceptionalism except that the right, led by trump, affirms that what makes america unique is good. america is uniquely good. whereas the left takes the opposite view. they accept american exceptionalism but they say america is exceptionally evil. we are worse than other countries because we are more capitalist and we are more unequal and we have more guns and we are the most racist. so in a strange way, there is an agreement on the uniqueness of america. the disagreement is whether we are uniquely good or uniquely bad. >> laura: chris, today nancy pelosi reacted to alexandria ocasio-cortez in an interview.
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she's always being asked about one of the freshman congresswoman because they are out there a lot on social media. they have quite a following. this is what went down in the interview. >> you have these wings, aoc and her group on one side. >> that's like five people. this glass of water would win with ed d next to it in the district and not to diminish the exuberance and the personality and the rest of alexandria. >> laura: basically anyone with a d after his or her name could get elected in this districts. don't make too much of them. is that what's going on here? they are trying to put a little bit of a distance between omar the democrat party? >> i think if speaker boehner or speaker ryan would've treated the extremes of their party the same way nancy pelosi does in hers, they might have done more for the country than they did. instead, they were utter failures. i think what she said was absolutely right. we have new members of congress,
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mostly young, who have a lot of exuberance and big ideas. should they be as jaded as we are in our older age? i don't think so. i hope not. and i do think that over time they will learn to moderate their positions and try to get things done in the direction they want to move. i also find it very interesting that there's been a couple attacks tonight from the right on mayor pete blue judge and trying to call them extreme. he seems pretty milquetoast to me other than the fact that he happens to be gay. it's interesting to see. he is rising the bolognese getting attacked. i guess he should be happy. i don't know. >> laura: middle-of-the-road. i don't know what the green new deal support is. i don't know what wanting to completely rewrite sections of our constitution. that's not milquetoast at all. people say we want to rewrite the constitution to "save america." >> a lot of people say they want to rewrite the constitution including the president of the united states when he was running for president.
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he was very much against the electoral college and now that he worked out for him, he's all for it. >> laura: have seen this since we were in college. the left wants to inoculate people from criticism because they are a member of a particular minority group or a group that perceives itself to be aggrieved in the moment. whatever group that is. chris raises the sexual preference of the mayor of south bend. i don't hear anyone talking about it except him, frankly. but what is your take on where we are now with the criticism of these freshman congresswoman. they are getting annoyed themselves. they think they are being criticized only because, you know, omar is muslim or aoc is latino. instead of on their ideas which i believe in most cases are ludicrous and dangerous to the country. >> well, i think that there should be legitimate debate on the kind of issues that are
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raised by ocasio-cortez or by or -- omar. you can have this debate because the moment you criticize them they begin to scream and say you're only attacking us because of the color of our skin or you're only attacking us because were muslim. if someone said what omar did and if that person wasn't muslim, i think it would still have been extremely controversial. why? because her statements left genuine doubt -- if a reasonable person were listening to her, let's say for mars with no background, they would not be able to tell if she was on the side of the victims of 9/11 or the perpetrators. there was a kind of ironic dismissal of what happened on 9/11 and some people are legitimately outraged about it. this is an assault on the country as a whole. the suspicion of anti-americanism seems to have some legitimate basis and then look at the way the left is protecting her, circling the wagons and making it look like trump was the bad guy even though nothing could be more accurate than the commercial
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that merely juxtaposes her actual words with what happened on 9/11. >> laura: propagandists for home, chris? you just came on the show when you said -- hold on, hold on for you just said that boehner would've been more successful if he didn't listen to i guess the tea party more traditional conservatives. boehner is working like for lika pro-pot group. he completely ruled out for money for pot. don't say that boehner is some great savior for the republican party. >> no, no, no. i said he could've gotten more things done if you would've taken the extremists in his party and put them to the side the same way nancy pelosi did. >> laura: do you mean donald trump who won the presidency? donald trump won the presidency and he didn't like trump. get out. that's ridiculous. donald trump won, chris. he won. get it? >> we are talking about what i find preposterous that that there is an environmental
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crisis. people are talking about the green new deal. at least people are throwing ideas out there. i would like to see the right come back with their own ideas and we can meet in the middle like we used to do in america. instead we demonize -- guys like dinesh demonized guys on the left coming up with ideas instead of coming up with their own ideas. >> laura: are you saying, chris hahn, the idea that the left, having been the victim of this and i don't whine about it because it's the way it is in the arena, they are the biggest demonized is out there. they want to run people off the airwaves. they want to play their editing game. this is what the left does. we want to debate issues. you want to debate the green new deal, we'll do that all day long about which car gets to be thrown in the trash e. >> unless someone comes up with another idea. >> laura: the left plays this game all day long. don't criticize me. i am a person of this background or this background. >> i haven't heard that one. >> you could be called every name in the book.
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dinesh, close it out. >> right after trump's election, there was a big discussion on the left about how to treat trump. there was the affirmation that trump cannot be allowed to be normalized. in other words, we can't have normal political debate in this country. why? because trump is sort of like hitler circa 1933. we've got to treat him as the demonic person he is. when we have a panel, we would don't want a single trump stir on it. we've had three years of accusation and investigation and no real debate and i think that's been the fault of the left coming out of trump. trump has been trying to put issues on the agenda, even trump's trade policy. have we had a real debate about it? no, because of this atmosphere of intimidation, accusation, investigation and that's about it. >> laura: chris, real quick. we've got to go. >> has been a lot to investigate. not only the president but some of the people in his cabinet who are no longer with his cabinet.
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he now has a cabinet that's mostly acting -- if he really loves the country in the constitution, he would appoint people and left the senate confirm them the way the founders intended. >> laura: all of us got our licks in here but i am all about having a debate about big ideas. but don't tried to claim that the right is the only hard ballplayer in the room, chris hahn. that's a joke. the left is in the demonization game. they called trump a traitor for two years. lies, lies. we've got to go. we've got to go. my next guest is an american muslim doctor. she says congresswoman omar is an embarrassment and a disgrace to the muslim community. joining me now is a member of the council on foreign relations and a counselor at the usc showa foundation. doctor, you also say that omar is not the victim. she portrayed herself to be. great to have you on. why's that?
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>> it's diabolical that she commits yet another violent against the families of survivors of 9/11 and the families of victims of 9/11. foremost i am a physician who takes care of people that have survived or had diseases complicated by the world trade center attack. that was devastating remarks that i heard while i was in africa in rwanda commemorating a genocide there. she is depicting in this diminishment what i would describe as a profound denial of 9/11. as you know, at work a lot with anti-semitism, and it reminds me of the mentality of holocaust deniers or, as we've seen in rwanda, someone denied the genocide they are too. this denial raises in me a couple questions. does she really think 9/11 was not an islamist jihadist attack which came from within the muslim fold. the koran tells us, islam tells us, we must be strict and
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observing justice, even if it means bearing witness against ourselves, against our kin. it tells us we have to do that with impartiality. we cannot be biased. if we have certain prejudices. she harbors prejudices. she diminished the worst attack on this country since pearl harbor and she does an assault on my patients, all families who are grieving for their survivors. it's despicable. worse is that opponents, when they're in her party are not are shielding her from the kind of criticism she deserves. >> laura: dr. qanta ahmed, were going to have an entire hon just the conversation of islam and the world today, especially its role in america. this conversation should focus on the facts just laid out a whole bunch of them. we really appreciate your being with us tonight. thank you so much. >> thank you, laura, and if i can say this observation of denying 9/11 was made to me when we discussed it in rwanda with muslims, with african muslims.
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>> laura: got it. we're going to keep this conversation going but we appreciate you joining us. appreciate you joining us. up next, just how far will bill ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> five of them are straight up
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referrals, they named someone a name specific crimes. those crimes are lying to congress, misleading congress, leaking classified information. five of them are those types. there are three that i think are more complicated. >> laura: that was my next guess, how's intel ranking member devin nunes, talking about the eight criminal referrals he sent to attorney general bill barr alleging multiple violations during the mueller investigation. we have an important update. sources familiar with the matter tell fox news that the referrals include conspiracy, go beyond the eight individuals, and will look at the steele dossier's origins. joining me now on these developers, congressman nunes. congressman, good daddy with us tonight. you say that you looking for answers. >> great to be with you. >> laura: three key questions in the mueller report. what do you want to see
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addressed specifically? >> what i'm going to be looking for is there's three specific areas where i think there was some type of set up involved. first is with general flynn. general flynn was supposedly entrapped, was meeting with a russian woman. i want to know what really happened there because we are just now finding out about this and we need a lot more information. what really was general flynn doing. it's a big deal if somebody within our intelligence agencies were accusing a three star general of some type of russian claims. it's serious stuff. the second big question is joseph messick, it's how this whole investigation started started. mueller describes him as some type of russian asset of some kind. if joseph was a russian asset, we have big problems with our british and italian allies because he seems to be pictured
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with every british and italian person that we know of. that is something that we all want to know about. and he set up papadopoulos. the third issue is the infamous trump tower meeting. when you hear the democrats talk about that there's evidence in plain sight, the russians that are involved in the trump tower, the infamous trump tower meeting in new york, i call them the fusion gps russia. fusion gps was the company that was working for the clinton campaign and the democrats and somehow glenn simpson meets with them before and after and he's actually -- these are russian studies doing work for. come on. if mueller can't get to the bottom of this and answer this for the american people, i don't know what the report was really for. >> laura: so on thursday, the democrats are going to complain invariably, as they have before, inevitably, that the report contains redactions. isn't it the case that ranking
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members with a certain clearance level can go read the unredacted report in what's called a skiff, a secure area. so pelosi and other words and schiff and others, obviously you can, go read the whole report. if they think the redactions are wrong, they can actually make a fuss about those. isn't this whole redaction debate kind of ridiculous? >> yeah, so what you are referring to is the gang of eight. the gang of eight is made up of the democrat and republican leader in the house and the senate and then the chair and ranking member of the senate intelligence committee on the house intelligence committee. i would see no reason why we couldn't go into a skiff at the department of justice. we've had to do it many times over the course of this investigation over that last 2-plus years. go over there and read whatever is redacted. at that point if there was something that they really wanted out, they could put it out. remember what's happened over
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the last two and half years, laura, what you had is you had leaks, leaks at the highest level coming from someone within the fbi or the department of justice or just making something up that the media would jump on. i hope that we don't have that problem. i hope we don't have an issue where there is redactions where you have people leaking, this is what the redactions really mean. whatever happens on thursday, donald trump is a free man. there is no evidence whatsoever of collusion. they try to frame him on obstruction of justice, and they didn't get him on that either even though they tried. this thing is over on thursday for the american people, but the democrats in congress are going to continue to try to investigate and my guess is their friends in the media will play a part in it. >> laura: no, no, no. they're going to go nuts. they're going to go crazy on thursday. all the way through the second and third week of easter. congressman, today three top republicans in the senate demanding information on the handling of the clinton email
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probe. in a letter to the doj, senators grassley, johnson, and graham wrote now that the special counsel investigation is concluded, we are unaware of any legitimate basis upon which the department can refuse to answer the judiciary committee's inquiries. this is something you are interested in as well, correct? >> very much so and also don't forget it was the mueller investigation. mueller himself did not allow us to see certain documents that we wanted to see over the last two and half years. we have to come on your show. i would subpoena rod rosenstein and then we get ms. big fight. eventually we have to go to the department of justice. there are several documents that at the end of the day they fell back to this is the special counsel. sorry, you can't see it. want to see those documents too. that's why go back to what i said at the beginning of this piece. there are some really serious unanswered questions that the
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american people need answers to and if they're not in the mueller report, hopefully attorney general barr is going to give us those answers. >> laura: if people were convicted or forced to plead guilty when prosecutors had exculpatory information or investigators had exculpatory information on them, whether it was flynn or papadopoulos. maybe even, you know, carter page. the surveillance of him and roger stone. everyone has to know about this. congressman, thank you so much. we really appreciate it. up next we have another "ingraham angle" exclusive. minutes ago the doj released its first report on illegal immigrants in the u.s. prison system. how many are there and what are they doing in prison? what kind of crime? what kind of crime? the with instant confirmation... i got it! what? what? l.a. bookers book apartments and vacation homes as easy as hotels. ridin' scooter! l.a. baby! l.a. baby!
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common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and decreased appetite. these can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. i choose once-weekly trulicity to activate my within. if you need help lowering your a1c, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> newcomers bring vitality encouraging optimism and determination to make the future better. >> we are not going to treat migrants like criminals. we are going to treat them like human beings. we are going to let them claim asylum. >> laura: while democrats are singing kumbaya about illegal immigrants, "the ingraham angle" is getting you exclusive new details about what they are doing once they cross the border. just moments ago, the department of justice released a brand-new report on the federal prison population and its illegal immigrant inhabitants. we are the very first media outlet to get our hands on this new data and we are looking at
11:37 pm
it all for you, and a lot of the details will shock you. joining me now is the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia. zack, it's great to see you. the doj found that out of the nearly 60,000 known or suspected illegal immigrants in our federal prison system, 60% had already had a federal removal order filed against them. so, this is only federal prisons. people should understand these are not state prison populations, which are significantly greater. >> exactly, laura. one of the most important things of this report is that we have data. as a you know, we've got to have data to solve a problem and the numbers i thought that were stood out most to me were the fact that 20% of people in custody are criminal aliens. and marshall custody, 38%. >> laura: explained what that means. >> that means that you are
11:38 pm
sentenced to a period of imprisonment that is so short you're not going to be transferred to the bureau of prisons. so when you talk about the number of individuals who are detained pretrial, 38% of which are criminal aliens, that's staggering amount of our federal resources being used on one problem. >> laura: and yet the headlines are often reading like this. reports find that immigrants commit less crime than u.s.-born citizens. so everyone sits back and says that's a relief. but is it a relief given these numbers? tens of thousands of illegal immigrant criminals and federal prison custody and the cost of the taxpayer. we don't often talk about it, the human carnage in the case of violent crime. but the cost, what is it for inmates? >> one thing the report wasn't able to do was to really quantify it. the one figure that i saw was that it cost about half a
11:39 pm
billion dollars annually for the marshall service to cater to the illegal alien population in their custody. it's a tremendous amount of money. read the same time, the resources at a time when we need that marshall's hunting down fugitives, providing security at courthouses, doing what they do best. the fact that we're spending this much in the midst of an opioid epidemic of violent crime rates rising in certain places, this one problem, it's just really staggering. >> laura: we're not talking just about minor offenses either, are we? the numbers from the doj tonight revealed that 46% of illegals and federal prisons are there on serious drug trafficking or other drug related offenses. >> that's really important point to make, reading between the lines of the report, some of the finer print in the lower paragraphs, they talk about how those are drug trafficking offenses. not talking about the nonviolent possession, these are drug traffickers. a lot of times those are people walking across the border.
11:40 pm
>> laura: what are the other types of crimes that are involved in this population? >> the crime that i have encountered most recently in the eastern district of virginia runs the gamut from individuals who have legal -- illegally reenter the country. they have been deported, reenter the country, came back. all the way i have to harden ms-13 members who are engaged in racketeering enterprises. it's the population of criminal aliens and the offenses they commit, it is similar to that of our general population. >> laura: the money that we devote to this, the apprehension of the housing, feeding. the processing of people and our prisons today is staggering. people kind of forget, it costs real money to do this. people talk about enforcing the border because all his money. not enforcing the border cost human lives, the time of law enforcement officials and all the resources on top of tha
11:41 pm
that. we've got to know the actual dollar figures. it can't be that hard to ferreting out. >> i don't know if you've experienced this but whenever i issue a press release, some comments that we get back as why aren't you deporting them? imagine if folks knew they could sneak into the country illegally, commit crimes, and their punishment would be to be deported. these individuals do need to serve prison sentences that they earned. unfortunately that's at taxpayer expense for the answer isn't just turn these people around and send them back if they're caught committing crimes. i agree with you that it's expensive. the money would be better spent securing our border. >> do the time, deport them, secure the border so they can't come back. >> a lot of the individuals are multi-time reactions. >> laura: i'm so glad that you did this report and i'm glad we had its night before any one else. this issue is near and dear to my heart and i think all of our viewers.
11:42 pm
thank you to to for your servio the country. as the world mourns the tragedy at the historic notre dame cathedral, my next guest says it's a lesson for those who are trying to erase history and our own country. who's idea was this?
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: hundreds marched in the streets of paris today to ask for the intercession of notre dame, our lady. the cathedral named in her honor was heavily damaged by fire yesterday but it is structurally sound. print president macron vows it will be rebuilt, as donations pouring from around the world. amid the tragedy at notre dame, there is a lesson to be learned. joining me now is victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution. victor, you say there's an irony
11:46 pm
in the history here in the aftermath of this architectural tragedy, tragedy in terms of what we've lost in history. what is the irony? >> after 800 years, we were the steward of this iconic representation of western civilization, catholicism, christendom. in all the years, 2019 at the height of our sophistication and technology, i'm not blaming the french were anybody, but were found wanting and we didn't protect this icon. we don't build them anymore. there's great churches and cathedrals that go up all over the world but laura, they are in poland. they are in cairo. they are in the ivory coast, brazil, india. it's almost as if the places that are less affluent without the technology of western europe and the united states are like we used to be. they still believe in transcendence. they still believe in something other than this world, and so it's going to be very hard in our society to have her build a
11:47 pm
cathedral again, much less to repair them because we don't believe in what they represente represented. it's ironic because we don't like the past. we are at war with the past. we tear down monuments. we don't build cathedrals. we race names. christopher columbus. you don't live up to our standards of race, class, gender, moral superiority. shame on you. >> laura: we will wipe you out. >> you don't have a reference. we are not good stewards of the inheritance that were bequeathed to us. >> laura: and rolling stone today, this was what was written. "any rebuilding should be a reflection not of an old france or the france that never was, a nonsecular white european france but a reflection of the france of today, a france that is currently in the making." kind of an interfaith, very large gathering house? victor, is that what the new cathedral will be?
11:48 pm
>> yeah, the person who said that course, they could be saying to the german army you shall not pass at the very down. or they could have been in the french resistance in world war ii and say were not going to let the nazis take over the beauty and wonder of france. this is the france of madame curie and this is the france of the enlightenment. for this ignoramus to say that modern france is so much greater than its checkered past, he's a creation of french intellectual excellence and beauty and cultural superiority in many ways. we owe -- much of the world owes a lot to france and that was embodied with the notre dame cathedral. it's embodied in the louvre, the french academy. he should really be ashamed of himself because he's a pygmy and he's really sitting on the shoulders of giants whose names we have forgotten in this period of intellectual -- >> laura: victor, we talk about this a lot. we are almost out of time.
11:49 pm
university spend an enormous amount of time, student time and energy and tuition dollars, tearing down western civilization. the music wasn't so great, architecture, history riddled with racism and classism and all these other things. all day long oncologist, we hear western civilization, bad. then people cry when they see this spire collapse in the flames. that can never be rebuilt as it was built. we don't have the wood. we don't have the artisans. it can be rebuilt but it will never be what it was. they spent all day trashing western civilization and now people are rightly mourning it but it's an imbalance. final thoughts real quick. >> because they feel something. they feel there is a spiritual loss, cultural loss. but they are too timid or cowardly to articulate it because to articulate it would not be politically correct. beauty that transcends things. they can feel it.
11:50 pm
they just want to want to admit they feel it. >> laura: they don't want to admit the god thing. victor, thank you so much. breaking development
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
>> the efforts that i've had on criminal justice reform that
11:54 pm
were ones celebrated by many in his county that are now being attacked because of one case and one celebrity. i think we have to ask ourselves what is this really about? as the first african-american woman in this role, it is disheartening to me. >> laura: that was cook county prosecutor kim foxx who dropped charges against hate crime hoax or jussie smollett. she claims actions were racially motivated, big shot, but breaking to make him text messages reveal her true motives. trace gallagher is life in our west coast newsroom with the latest of elements. >> these text messages were obtained by fox news and in the them, kim foxx acknowledged that she had recused herself from the case, but clearly she was still heavily involved. in fact, right after jussie smollett had been charged with staging a hate crime hoax, fox sent a text to her top deputy saying that compared to r&b star
11:55 pm
r. kelly, smollett had been overcharged. "with four victims, ten counts? washed up celeb, 16? meaning counts. just that we can charge something of a mean we should." he responds "agreed. we can take a hard look at how we chart of the cases and get it to something that covers what needs to be covered without being excessive and ultimately pointless." and on the day the charges were dropped, she texted that she had just spoken with police superintendent eddie johnson. "laugh out loud, he's at the police recruit event, needed to know how to answer questions from press. told him essentially deferred prosecution. paying 10k restitution to the city and completed community service. he was told we were just dropping the case. he seems satisfied with the explanation. eddie johnson was furious with the decision, as was rahm emanuel, who is administered and is now suing smollett for $130,000 to cover the cost of the investigation, and while these text messages have been released, the states attorneys
11:56 pm
office is refusing to release internal files because a judge ordered the case sealed despite very strong evidence against him, jussie smollett maintains him, jussie smollett maintains is do your asthma symptoms ever hold you back? about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. .. prevent severe asthma attacks, improve breathing, and can lower oral steroid use. fasenra may cause allergic reactions. get help right away if you have swelling of your face, mouth, and tongue, or trouble breathing. don't stop your asthma treatments unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection
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or your asthma worsens. headache and sore throat may occur. haven't you missed enough? ask an asthma specialist about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help.
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>> laura: quoted in rolling stone today, a harvard >> quoted in rolling stone today at harvard architectural historian said the following. the building was so overburdened
12:00 am
with meaning that it's burning feels like an act of liberation. fits with what we started the show with. a self loathing liberalism. loathing the past, western civilization, that is all-time we have, check my podcast, shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert, new republican efforts to investigate the investigators and get to the bottom of how robert mueller's russia investigation got started. katherine herridge is minutes away. the president dares bernie sanders, the taxes he would have and declares the democratic establishment is trying to shut him down. we will debate his taxes and the democratic civil war over


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