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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 28, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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you were a champ today, by the way. >> melissa: think you're putting up with me. i have a complaint once, have i? not at all. >> bill: no, actually. which means he will come back tomorrow. >> julie: i will and five seconds when you're off there. "outnumbered" starts now. see you tomorrow. >> harris: fox news alert, nevada gets prosecutor's decision to drop all charges against dr. jussie smollett for allegedly staging a crime. president trump tweeted, "the feds are looking to the case." the fbi's never viewing the circumstances. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. town hall editor and fox news contributor, katie pavlich is here. fox news analyst and cohost of benson and arif on fox news radio, marie harf. in the center seat, sirius xm patriot radio host and a host of "reality check" on fox nation, david webb. we see that number but he never believes this. >> david: actually, today, i'm
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melissa francis peary [laughter] >> melissa: he didn't steal mine, i'm here! i've got them! >> harris: ladies, let's roll. the president weighing in on the growing controversy in chicago. over the move by cook county state attorney's office to drop all 16 16 felony charges againt "empire" actor, jussie smollett, for allegedly orchestrating a hate crime. they reportedly reviewing that decision at the fbi. the president treated to, to review the case in chicago, it is an embarrassment to our nation!" the city's mayor, rahm emanuel, and police superintendent eddie johnson, both blasting the decision. they are saying justice was not served. now the embattled state attorney is defending the move to drop the cart don't like. watch. >> he was charged with the class for felt dumb i felony. it is never wrecked on my
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background. they are not happy in every decision we make. i think the notoriety around this case has somehow cast an unreasonable expectation that the police department and us will agree on every case. >> harris: for in his life. matt? >> harris, the president says there will be a federal view of the smollett case. chicago's mayor says the actor is a liar and the top cop says this was a hoax. this morning the cook county state attorney kim foxx is defending her office's decision to suddenly drop this case. she said her office could have gotten a conviction in the smollett case but it likely would have resulted in the same outcome -- smollett forfeiting his bond, and community service. they chose to avoid the time in court in what she calls "alternative prosecution." >> i look at similarly-situated people charged with the same level of felony, without a background, i believe in this
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case justice was appropriate. again, i did make the decision, but it was availed to the prosecution model that anybody else without his riches, without his fame, were also revealed to. >> the national national district attorney association, which says they represent 2700 prosecution offices around the country, released the letter heavily criticizing kim foxx. writing in part, "when a chief prosecutor accuses him marcel, the recusal must apply to the entire office -- not just the elected or appointed prosecutor." "also, prosecutors should not take advice from politically-connected friends of the accused." expunging the record at this immediate stage is counter to transparency." there was an internal memo from kim foxx's office asking the state attorneys to locate any case is to smollett's that would bolster her stance that dropping
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charges like smollett's is not as shocking as it might seem. a portion of the memo reads, "nobody is in trouble, we're just looking for further examples why we come as prosecutors, use our discussion in a way that restores the victim but charges minimal harm to the defendant in the long term." she says since they are being asked for similar cases, or offices looking for those cases to provide to the public. >> harris: thank you very much. we bring it out to the couch now. david webb, do you think politics have anything to do with this? >> david: i would say there is a lot of smoke there. a lot of communication between people that would have an interest in this case. we can't forget -- and i've brought this up before -- the very time this broke, kamala harris, cory booker, and cosponsored by tim scott, they were pushing antilynching bill in the senate. kamala harris used in her argument on the floor. politics had a clear role to play in this. >> harris: marie? >> marie: i don't think we have any evidence of that.
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>> david: i go by her argument. >> marie: we have no evidence that the argument, probably on c-span, affected in any way with the cook county prosecutor did. you can have the suspicion, but we have to let the evidence drive us where we are here. >> david: the first part is suspicion, the first part is an allegation, the first part is circumstantial. that's how the process works. >> marie: but you have no evidence that politics played a role here. >> david: we have the text messages -- >> marie: let me finish my argument here, david. i have no idea why they decided to drop the charges. none of us do. we don't have hard evidence as to why. we just have suspicions. look at, every day in this country there are miscarriages of justice. in many places, for many reasons. i'm a little perplexed by the fbi's not being brought in to investigate this. >> harris: because of the letter. >> marie: if you want to talk about -- >> harris: marie, we were talking about it before. no, seriously. >> marie: i understand that, but the idea that the letter is
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a federal crime according to many legal experts it would not have resulted in charges. i'm not saying it crazy democratic argument here. >> harris: no one said that! >> marie: the fact that president trump treated it also gives it a partisan -- >> harris: don't take it personally. katie? >> katie: the fbi has been looking into where this letter came from since it was sent. since the evidence of the letter was found in the apartment of the brothers who are of nigerian descent who are wrapped up in this whole thing. there is plenty of evidence according to the prosecutors who dropped this case that jussie smollett orchestrated a hate crime against himself. the politics of this have been because of jussie smollett, since the beginning. he is the one who said two man attacked him and were wearing maga hats and screamed "this is mega country." he was the one with the noose
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around his neck. he was the one who brought republicans and conservatives into this, not president trump. he smeared all of them. now there's bipartisan outrage by people like rahm emanuel and david axelrod saying this is a miscarriage of justice, and bipartisanship for once, in a very long time, that this is a huge problem based on the facts of the evidence. the prosecutors are saying he's guilty, he lied, and it we are dropping all the charges. >> melissa: can i just say that if this crime of was alleged in the fbi didn't get involved, how could that stand? >> david: ferguson. >> melissa: would you expect the fbi to get involved immediately with this kind of a crime customer i would come i'm sure they did. >> david: look at the allegations in ferguson and what played out. the instant insertion by eric holder went there. >> melissa: i don't think we have to bring that kind of stuff into this. we can look at this on its own. with this kind of a crime, i would think the fbi would get involved.
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it's serious no matter who did it. >> harris: part of the politics that some critics are looking at and saying, "did it play a role?" it has to do with the fact that the former chief of staff for michelle obama was texting with kim foxx, who then recused yourself. after those communications, reportedly, with the family of jussie smollett. that is also the genesis of the political point in all of this. i want you to listen, though. i had a guest on yesterday who is a former u.s. attorney. he actually served with ag william barr under president george w. bush. he was kind of spirited about where you think chicago is right now. look at this. >> this is open warfare between the chicago police department and the d.a. office, which cannot be good for the people of the city of chicago. frankly, i have not seen anything like this before. >> harris: so, marie, do you think there is some merit to looking into the genesis of why the charges were dropped?
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there is a push to unseal the case right now, which is sealed. >> marie: sure, i think we should look into it. the text messages that sheena chen, you mentioned -- what she was saying, the content was she wanted the fbi to be brought into handle the case. she thought cook county was not handling it in feared way. if the fbi now is looking at whether this occurred, who sent the letter, and why the charges were dropped, that's fine. but we should not pretend that the president tweeting about it doesn't give it another partisan cast. i would also say that the amount of hate crimes that don't involve celebrities, when there are miscarriages of justice happening around the country that don't get fbi investigations directed by the president -- >> david: this is ridiculous. i'm sorry, the celebrity caused this. the celebrity inserted the hoax,
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inserted the president, insulted tens of millions of americans, painted a picture of maga, racist, like it's supposed to be the new white hood. >> melissa: let's all be honest for a second grade the reason why everybody's talking about this is because it's totally bizarre. it has been bizarre from the beginning paid all the different twists and turns have been unexpected, and we are glued to it because it doesn't make any sense. it still doesn't make any sense. nobody wants there to be various systems of justice around the country, and it feels like friends or money or celebrity played a part. >> harris: we know that. >> melissa: we don't know. that's why we are interested and that's why we are all asking the questions. rahm emanuel was among those asking the questions. the chicago pd, everybody's asking, "what that happened her here?" we should find out. >> harris: the black leadership network reportedly is asking the questions too. they caught our attention at first because it was a hate crime.
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>> david: a legend. >> harris: alleges hate crime, thank you. and political. legitimately, we are covering this and purged to find it would happen. obviously it's a hot talker. we will move on. president trump once again threatening to close the nation's southern border. warning that countries like mexico and honduras are doing nothing to stop the flow of migrants into our country. whether the growing crisis bolsters the president's emergency declaration. we will talk about it. republicans in the house intelligence committee are recommending that chairman adam schiff stepped down as chair over his repeated claims of trump-russia collusion, falling apart after robert mueller's findings. but schiff is not backing down. the battle ahead. >> you might think it's okay that the campaign chairman offered polling data. campaign polling data, to someone linked to russian intelligence? i don't think that's okay. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug
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9:17 am
somebody that are incredible people, but at the top they were not clean, to put it mildly. what they did to our country was a terrible, terrible thing. i think brennan is a sick person, i really do. i believe there is something wrong with them. >> harris: in the meantime, republicans on the house intelligence committee releasing a scathing letter calling on congressman schiff to stare stepped down as chairman over hs repeated claims of evidence of russia collusion. he double downs on his he double down on his allegations leading to this exchange on the committee today. it was something. listen. >> your willingness to continue to promote a demonstrably false narrative is alarming. the findings of the special counsel expose you to having abused her position to knowingly provoke false information. >> you might think it's okay that the campaign chairman of the presidential campaign would offer information about that campaign to a russian oligarch in exchange for money or debt
9:18 am
forgiveness. you might think that's okay, i don't. >> melissa: i guess, katie, the issue for republicans in this letter was they said -- and everyone has shown the clip. adam schiff went out on television again and again and said he was privy to special classified information as chairman of the house intel committee that showed again and again collusion between the president and russia. he made claims that the president was basically treasonous, again and again, and we were going to see the evidence. and now -- i don't know if he was lying or if he had that evidence from mueller or what, but we don't -- no one has seen that evidence. what does that mean for his credibility were his position on this committee? >> katie: just like john brennan and james clapper, adam schiff was in a position of trust. he is in a position of trust, with his access to classified information. for him to say, threw it out there, that there is evidence -- and then when asked to provide it, "i can't talk about it
9:19 am
because there's an ongoing investigation." and out of the investigation is over, after years of adam schiff saying that mueller is the guy, he will finish his report and we will take the findings and look at them, now he is saying, "look, there is still collusion." and he still won't provide evidence of that. so he's either lying or he knows something that mueller didn't now. >> melissa: david, i don't know if you notice -- the talking points of shift, and we heard this in the response that adam schiff provided and also nancy pelosi said earlier. even something donna brazile said here on fox news. it went from "we have evidence of to "russians came and offered information and the term campaign didn't report it." even donna brazile said when she was in the al gore campaign she was offered dirty information all the time. and you have to report it. is that tantamount to what they were saying was the crime before? >> david: it is tantamount to a deflection.
9:20 am
schiff went to chuck todd in march of 2017. he said he had seen evidence, back to your point -- if you have clearance and you go out on media, especially, and you state that you have seen evidence, that right there brings your ability to keep that classification into play. the second part of this is he was either lying in march of 2017 or he's telling the truth now and he has shifted the narrative to the does this dealings were he now goes nowhere. now that the collusion has been debunked. frankly, i'm leaning more to liar. he's a harvard i've been educated guy. this is not some dumb he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> melissa: marie? >> marie: i think adam schiff did a good job in his response today. it's something i've been saying. laying out what we do know happened. we know that the trump team was willing to accept help. i want to see mueller's report, as i said yesterday, to see how he dealt with that. we know there was this meeting
9:21 am
in trump tower and that paul manafort gave polling data to russians. there are things that we know happened. they may not rise to the level of the criminal conspiracy trade as an american who has worked on the presidential campaign, offend them disturbing. i think schiff did a good job responding, saying that if the republicans are comfortable with all that behavior that we've been able to talk about publicly, that's one thing. but the challenge, melissa, there's a lot of -- >> melissa: there is comfortable versus illegal versus treasonous. there's a big difference. >> marie: there's a colloquial definition of collusion which, quite frankly, i would still use for some of the things that we know happen. >> katie: mueller is not using it. >> marie: but we haven't seen mueller. everybody is telling me to move on. >> melissa: no one is telling you to move on. >> harris: i agree with you, today what we saw adam schiff do which i thought was very deft of him was to move the line away from collusion. he has to move away from conspiracy because the findings show that crime was not committed. when he did say that i thought
9:22 am
was interesting was compromise. was the president compromise? >> david: it's not provable. >> harris: what we didn't know at that time -- and i hear you -- we didn't know was that the report was north of 300 pages. it was whittled down to four. even before the show we were talking about it on the couch. david, you agree that in order to show and move on -- and who is saying this? president trump. show it. let us see it. we have to take out names -- >> david: rule six outlines it. >> harris: north of 300 pages, down to the findings of a man who has not just been ag once, but twice. this has to do with putting to bed now this new line of argument from adam schiff, which is a compelling one, about compromise. was the president compromise? if 300 plus pages can put that to bed, can we all move on? now i will say. can we all move on?
9:23 am
>> david: there's an important point here, and i've heard this from people writing about obstruction of justice. whether you write a summary, finding, or conclusion, a prosecutor -- which is what mueller is -- can do that. you have to believe one or two things. either william barr is lying to the american people in his summary -- >> harris: no one is saying that, by the way. >> david: but let's say on the table is either that william barr is lying in his summary findings about no collusion by trump over at -- >> melissa: oversimplifying is what we are saying. >> harris: i want to make it clear nobody has said that. >> melissa: we will all feast on those 300 300 pages whenevey are given to us. >> harris: you think? [laughter] >> melissa: a push from the left to impeach the president as democratic leaders say they would prefer to focus on their agenda, whether this points to a
9:24 am
big divide in the country. plus, the president again threatens to close the border as the top border official says the migrant crisis has reached its breaking point. how big a political issue this could become. >> two weeks ago i testified in congress that our immigration system was at the breaking point. that breaking point as arrived this week at our border. ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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>> harris: fox news alert, president trump again threatening to shut down the border, tweeting, "mexico is doing nothing to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our country. they are all talk and no action. likewise honduras, guatemala, el salvador have taken our money for years and do nothing. the dems don't care. such bad laws. it may close the southern border!" all this, as dhs secretary
9:29 am
kirstjen nielsen has aimed at setting migration at its source. the president is warning -- his warning, rather, comes as the nation's top border officials say the migrant crisis has reached a breaking point. and that there needs to be legislation that sticks to stem the tide. speak on monday and tuesday, we started the day with over 12,000 migrants in our custody. as of this morning, that number was 13,400. a high number for us is 4,000. a crisis level is 6,000. legislative relief, changes in the law, and closing vulnerabilities in our legal framework is the only way this flu will be reduced. >> harris: underscoring the crisis, a reporter of "the washington post" tweeted photographs of what he says are migrants detained under a bridge in el paso, texas. because border patrol apparently has nowhere else to house them. katie, i'm going to come to you
9:30 am
on this. you and i have lived in a border state. we have seen this go back and forth for years. your take on where we are now? >> katie: it's just incredibly frustrating to watch congress not deal with this issue. we can talk about car brands of immigration reform, all this stuff, it doesn't address the issue. you can see this photo, it's absolutely humanitarian crisis. we talked to the agents on the ground, they're doing the best they can to deal with the humanitarian side of this by taking care of children and sick parents. there is no else to put them. instead of changing the law, which would stop this at its source with the asylum claims and with being able to deport central americans right away, they are saying they will put him under the bridge like this. this is not humane. it's the only choice they have. they also want to build new facilities. instead of stopping it they are expanding it. meanwhile, all these people will be in line for years to get processed through the immigration court system. in that time, they will disappear into the country. and they won't be able to be found ever again.
9:31 am
the numbers that we are seeing now are going to total up to 1 million by the end of the year. filling stadiums and stadiums full of people. it's unfair to put border patrol and i.c.e. agents into this position because they are being accused of being inhumane, when congress isn't changing the laws that allow them to do the job is. >> harris: marie, you couple that all with a couple other facts. border patrol as a hiring retention problem right now. an incredible problem. we are seeing a couple of members of congress, crenshaw and mcsally -- rather, senator and representative -- work together on trying to get legislation to help the border patrol higher fast. they've got north of 2,000 positions. you couple that with the number of people coming over now that are unaccompanied minors, and what our reporter, william la jeunesse, called a conveyor belt yesterday. where these children are taught with these bad guys. >> katie: not their parents.
9:32 am
>> harris: other parents, they are seeing that. and they are returned to their countries and used again to come north. >> marie: i think trying to tackle the problem at the root in the countries they first leave from is really important. that something needed administration has tried to do, seeing that secretary nielsen is trying to work on that is a really important piece of it. it's easier to try and stop it out the source than to deal with it when they come here. those photos that "the washington post" reported tweeted out, those were shocking and heartbreaking. i think one thing it said to me on a humanitarian level, like you said, one thing it says to me is the trump administration -- zero tolerance, whatever you want to call the policy -- has not served as a deterrent. more people are coming. jeff sessions and john kelly used to say, and kirstjen nielsen has said, our language and our policies are supposed to impart serve as a deterrent. we see that's not happening. congress, katie, his rate. congress needs to do something and i met a 0% chance that they will
9:33 am
>> harris: they seem to be politically constipated on this. they say they have ideas but we don't see them. >> david: marie does this pivot that it immediately has to go to trump or whatever. i lived in texas. >> marie: he sets the policies. >> david: the policy issue is not a stop in the country of origin are at the border, it's that you must do both. i've had several long conversations with a colombian senator about the problems in her country and the people who are passing through to come here. they are not stopping it there. so we have to close the border, stop the problem, send that back so the children that are being used as tools for human trafficking are not reused and re-abused. you can't just do one or the other, and it's a fantasy to believe that guatemala, el salvador, colombia, even in
9:34 am
venezuela -- over 1.3 million who have crossed into colombia. all of them are suddenly going to sit there. this latest caravan, there are seven imported cubans living mexico because meo mexico. they are now making their way to aborted. speech of the most compelling thing i heard from kevin from br patrol, when he was saying thatt 40,000 kids to come over the border and be intercepted or encountered this month. that is the largest number ever. and he said that he is afraid something horrible is going to happen to one or more of those children. >> harris: we've lost three already. >> melissa: that tragedy would focus the nation's attention. we don't want to see that happe happen. if nothing else, that possibility and the humanitarian crisis should focus everyone away from the politics of this and on some sort of solution. >> katie: can i say one more thing about the kids, the 40,000
9:35 am
that come here? if you come as an unaccompanied minor you are now up with a sponsor. the last bill that president trump signed with the national emergency allows for amnesty for anybody who says they will be a sponsor. they don't have to be their parents or a family member. there was a whistle-blower named jason piccolo who i interviewed a couple months ago who worked for the obama administration in 2014. he blew the whistle about these kids being placed with traffickers in the united states, saying that they were sponsored. that there is such a backlog with the 40,000 kids, they don't have the proper time to do the vetting. to the folks that they are sending them to. the abuse continues once they are inside the country. and yet all the focus has been about ripping children away from their parents when border patrol is trying to make sure these kids are not being placed in a traffic to an abusive situation. which ends up being the situation most of the time. >> harris: and it comes back to what i was saying to marie about the hiring. getting enough eyes on this situation. when you have any agency that
9:36 am
has that many openings and they were doing the sort of thing, it's a recipe. it's top down like toxic and a recipe for disaster. let's pray it doesn't continue. how democratic leadership is working hard to tamp down talk of impeachment to come at the risk of that issue overshadowing their addenda and turning off voters. a new push is raising questions of just how successful their efforts really are. we will debate the impact, next. >> something that i have to take an oath to uphold, and i expect everyone including the president of the united states to abide by, no one including himself is above the law. ♪ [applause] can get you $54,000 or more to pay off credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can help veteran homeowners when other lenders won't. home values are rising.
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♪ >> we didn't run on impeachment, we didn't win the house of representatives on impeachment. we are not focused on impeachment. >> i think impeachment is a very
9:41 am
divisive issue in our country, and we shouldn't impeach a president because of a political reason. we shouldn't not impeach a president if the evidence is therefore impeachment. but that's not where we are. >> marie: that's house speaker nancy pelosi and other democratic leaders this week trying to tamp down the specter of impeachment on the mueller findings. it looks like their success may be somewhat limited as a fresh push emerged yesterday. rashia tlaib revealed a resolution to investigate whether president trump committed impeachable offenses. when asked if there is a divide between democratic leadership and its members, tlaib responds -- >> there really isn't. one of the things leadership consistently says to all of us, especially new members, is represent your district. this is something that i think, for me, as an attorney, as somebody really truly believes in this institution and believes in a transparent process, i cannot continue to look the
9:42 am
other way. >> marie: tlaib circulated a letter earlier this week looking for colleagues to comes will not cosponsor her impeachment resolution. it calls for investigating whether trump is evolved on mike violating the emoluments clause of the constitution by taking money through his businesses from foreign entities. we saw this with the republicans, too. it's hard to herd cats when you have a diverse carcass. [laughter] i love cats, i don't see that negatively. they represented for kinds of districts. there are progressive democrats and a lot of moderate democrats who won 2018 based on health care, not impeachment. what you make of it? >> melissa: i don't know why we talk about all democrats need to row in the same direction. it's not like it's at all necessary. it seems like nancy pelosi is fine with that. whatever if the duke to win your own district. we saw that in the last election. she can stand at the front and say that impeachment is off the table, that can be the official
9:43 am
word of democrats, but those that are in districts where impeachment and pursuing the president to the ends of the earth got them elected can continue to do that. frankly i think it's a smart move. >> marie: harris, i see you have the house resolution highlighted there. [laughter] >> harris: i do! >> marie: what's going on? >> melissa: i love your reading glasses, i live for those things. >> harris: thank you. al green submitted hr 257 yesterday. i just thought this was interesting. we never hear this set down mike said out loud. "these we paid out of the house of representatives, such sums that are necessary, to assist the committee in conducting this inquiry." "any of which may be used for the procurement of staff or consulting services." they put this resolution out here. [laughter] >> harris: that's not what i read it! if enough people from the lifeboat to this and it comes forward, this is part of what the market people are then
9:44 am
married to do. i just wonder, when you have someone of the speaker and you've got james clyburn, the majority whip, and you got steny hoyer -- when you have the top leadership in the house thing impeachment is not where we want to focus -- talking to hakeem jeffries, number four in the house. this is not where we want to focus. we want to do health care. the new couple lucy rolling out her health care as this resolution is being rolled out. if that's not oppositional in the house, i don't know what is among democrats. >> marie: katie commits interest income of the 2020 candidates also don't want to roll it out. to melissa's point, i'm okay that there are sometimes differences. i don't think it will get enough votes to pass. >> melissa: it's okay, but we have root >> katie: it's okay, but we have an election commit. they will use the impeachment talk to their benefit. it'll be interesting what he has to say about this, because the politics of the russia thing change. it was all about collusion, there was a cloud over the
9:45 am
presidency about menu what would have happened. the summary, not the full report yet. the president can say, the democrats put out this narrative for two years another want to do it again leading into 2020. let's not forget that the president this week also rolled out his own health care comment comments. >> marie: i was wondering with the last thing was going to be. >> harris: pre-existing conditions. >> katie: 's willing to go back to the issues and fight on the issues. we knew nancy pelosi would have trouble keeping the caucus together. it seems like this morning chad pergram asked her on capitol hill about impeachment and her answer was, "that's not an important question, let's move on." they will keep pushing this. it's too republicans benefit that they keep doing that. that's -- >> david: i hope it keeps going. i will go back to melissa on this. all the democrats don't have to row in the same direction, but what they're doing is wrong in a circle and that circle is circling a drain. the party is literally taking
9:46 am
itself out of a national party to more of a regional party. this is what's going to happen if they keep going. >> marie: 2018 showed the opposite, david. >> david: it didn't turn over legislation at the state levels. those push up into national politics, has become a more regional. >> marie: state legislatures had not one in decades. they extend the mapping to south carolina and oklahoma and texas and places they haven't -- >> david: and they lost in michigan, wisconsin, and other states. >> marie: they won in michigan and wisconsin, what are they talking about? in 2018 they won in michigan and wisconsin in pennsylvania and iowa. >> david: the nation is still trending to the right when you look at the maps. you have urban centers that carried, states like california, illinois, new york, and others. they are not carrying. they're only curing those areas. >> marie: that's not what's
9:47 am
happening in 2018, but we will focus on 2020 going forward. first, the clock is ticking on tax day. brand-new polling that shows how voters feel about taxing the rich and the divide when it comes to political leanings. how these might affect the 2020 elections. that's next. ♪ [music playing] (vo) this is the averys. this is the averys trying the hottest new bistro. wait...and the hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the averys their first home.or this is jc... (team member) welcome to wells fargo, how may i help? (vo) who's here to help with a free financial health conversation, no strings attached. this is the averys with the support they needed to get back on track. well done guys. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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>> melissa: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first, let's check in with harris and see what she's got cooking for "outnumbered overtime" just a few minutes away. >> harris: i'm going to work on the mezz, guys! democrat adam schiff is being demanded to resign as house ill intelligence chair now that the mueller report is done. they are also threatening release the fisa warrant use to investigate the term campaign. i will talk about whether these are the right moves or what should come next, with john soo soon. ken paxton will join me on the president pressing republicans to come up with an obamacare replacement. senate minority leader chuck schumer vows to force a vote to get the g.o.p. on the record. all of that at the top of the hour, just a few minutes away, 327. melissa customer asked >> melissa: can't wait. thanks, harris. >> katie: tax they just two
9:52 am
weeks away and new fox news polling shows a change in how americans feel about taxes. it's not what they pay, is that the rich don't pay enough. there's also a role reversal and how the parties do their taxes. democrats say their taxes are too high, 59% print up ten points from lester. but the trend is going the other way among the g.o.p. 59% of republicans of their taxes were too high last year and now only 50% feel that way. leslie, you are melissa, you are the many gal. >> melissa: is interesting you would ask that, because i did go and consult the irs in bloomberg to go through those numbers. i didn't find what you said but i found that the bottom 50% pay 3% of the taxes. so for those -- it's interesting, your perception that you are paying too much that you want the rich to pay more. the bottom 50% are paying only 3% of the total bill.
9:53 am
in my mind, i know the top 5% pay 55%. i understand that wealthy people make more money so they are paying more, and that's how those ratios seem to not go together, but it just looks like -- i want every one of the top and the bottom, all the way through, to pay less taxes. because if you like the government is totally inefficient with our money. you give it back to people, they spend it, they invested. it makes the economy bigger. >> katie: this is certainly the something the president has talked about since the past tax reform. something certainly will talk about in the 2020 campaign trail, a counter to what elizabeth warren's income for the tippy top. was your perspective on people think the rich need to pay more taxes customer account out of the benefit from that? >> david: i want democrats to keep doing this. i want them to keep going out there wanting to tax money away from everybody. more and more americans interested in something that, melissa, i will finish your words.
9:54 am
those people who make money do something important with it. they invest it in the markets, and businesses, in venture capital. they buy goods, products, and services that actually drive the economy, including the manufacturing economy that has to replace the products. whether it's a computer, a house, a refrigerator. >> katie: these numbers show that people want more taxes on the "rich, close with that's not really defined. >> marie: the fox news polling doesn't back up what they're saying, it does the opposite. >> david: i like following tracking polls. given very little credibility no matter how much statistical modeling they claim. because i've actually worked for the census bureau and run things like consumer expenditure surveys, consumer price index surveys. let me tell you something, those tell you a different picture of what americans really do and pay for. >> katie: mary, there is this battle between allowing people to keep more of their own money in the paycheck and democrats campaigning out "the rich" for all these big projects they want
9:55 am
to push through. whether it's medicare for all, the green new deal. this poll is in favor of that democratic argument. >> marie: i think there's a sense, when democratic candies have been other targeted voters, the people feel uneasy. they feel like the rules aren't the same for the rich and for the middle class. whether you think that's true, there is still that sends out there that the rich get away with things and that they don't have the same benefits. when trump says we are going to make the corporate tax cuts permanent but not the middle tax cuts, the middle-class tax cuts, that plays into that narrative. >> melissa: tax cuts for everyone! i want everyone to pay less. >> katie: i would say the rich are paying a lot, but that's it for now. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ me you should come to newday usa first. there's no money down, it's the best vehicle that a person who served in the military or is serving today has today to have a new home. if we can possibly get that veteran in a home we're going to do it at newday usa.
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>> melissa: think you should david webb. have you got a final thought for us customer it was a spicy hour here on the couch! six it gets a little spicy. final thought? join me on fox nation. making money, we will talk
10:00 am
economics and money. >> melissa: and benson and r. you want to plug yours they're all back here at noon eastern tomorrow. for now, here's harris. >> harris: president trump and his allies are going on offense following the completion of the mueller report. details new details and are breaking about the special counsel finding spirit let's goe 26, and harris faulkner. the president says he was the target of treasonous fbi officials and he says he wants to release portions of the surveillance warrants the fbi used it to investigate campaign. president trump now getting to the bottom about how that rush of collusion investigation began. sparks flew from the word go at the hearing. republicans on the panel demanding committee chair adam schiff to resign. >> there's different word for that than collusion, it's called compromise. that is the subject of our


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