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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 27, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the documentary come out and the 75th anniversary of vj day. i will see you back tomorrow night at seven, tucker carlson is on next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," this evening we want to tell you a story about collusion, actual collusion that's currently in progress. there are no shadowy hackers or imaginary rendezvous' in prague in this story, there's not a single russian spy or secret sex tape, there's nothing shadowy about the collusion were going to tell you about the takes place in the open on live television. this is a story about where your news comes from. this past sunday we learned the trump campaign did not collude with the government of russia, the investigation spent two
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years exhaustively looking into the question. this is good news for america, we don't have a spy in the white house. but it was apocalyptic for the democratic party and the press agents in the news media. these are people who would stake their reputations and fortunes on the collusion hoax and they were stunned. befuddled politicians tried to figure out what to say about the news, viewers of liberal media outlets didn't want to hear anything about it. huge numbers of them quit watching immediately. last night, cnn's 8:00 p.m. show lost nearly 50% of its viewers. for progressive channels, this was a catastrophe, something had to be done. into this disaster stepped the speaker of the house nancy pelosi. on monday just hours after the collusion story collapsed, she announced the democratic party would be switching gears. going forward, democrats would focus intently on health care just like she disingenuously claimed they always have. >> have republicans helped the
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democrats shift the focus? >> we've never taken our focus away. i hope it focuses the press on these issues. >> tucker: i hope the press focuses on health care -- and she didn't have to ask twice. at cnn they were paying close attention to every word she uttered. to jeff zucker and the anchors who work with him, she isn't just a politician, she is the leader of the party. there party. the party under whose banner zucker said he may someday run for office. when america's most powerful democrat speaks, cnn listens with pen in hand, these are marching orders. the network swung into action immediately. the rundown's of every prime time show were scrapped and rebuilt. if gone with the segments about office towers in moscow and carter page spying and nonjunior going to prison. in their place come along editorials about health care. the health care plan is sensible
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and necessary, the republican plan cruel and heartless. between 7:00 p.m. and midnight last night, every show on cnn followed nancy pelosi's instruction, every single show talk about health care and every single one that channeled nancy pelosi's views on health care. she could have been writing the scripts, maybe she was. nobody hit that topic harder than an anchor called quest promo. he's the son of the former democratic governor of new york and the brother of the current democratic governor of new york. his instincts are so obviously political. last night the governor's brother met his talking points as if off a cue card. close your eyes as we play this and imagine you are listening to a 32nd attack ad on the radio during campaign season, see if you can tell the difference. >> the president said the g.o.p. will be known as the party of
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health care, it seems to me he left out a word based on his administration's latest move with the aca. president will make his party about removing health care. this president and his party have no plan to provide care to tens of millions if the aca is gone, why? welcome to the new normal. >> tucker: they are taking your health care away! if you're waiting to hear for the "paid for by the kamala harris for president campaign" they let it out. don lemon isn't nearly as political as the governor's brother is, he's the local news guy at heart -- the former weekend anchor at a station in birmingham. he has a very sweet gang and he knows it. when jeff zucker cause and tells him to talk about health care, he does. >> why is his justice department
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saying the affordable care act should be struck down? the president has said again and again he wanted to protect pre-existing conditions, is this yet another lie from the president? >> tucker: yet another lie on health care! at no point did any of the anchors mention what was so obvious. they went from the russia conspiracy network to extend an advertisement for the affordable care act as written by barack obama. the viewers must have wondered what was going on. where's my segment about how don jr. is going to prison, i want to hear more about that. but no, on nancy pelosi's orders it was health care week, they were back at it this morning, starting at 6:00 a.m. every single show on cnn's morning lineup all through the day regurgitated her talking points to the word about health care. republicans will make you sick, only democrats will make you
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well. every single show made that point. if you were stuck in the airport it was like living in north korea, a speaker bolted to the wall above your head blaring an endless loop of propaganda you can't turn off. >> house speaker nancy pelosi and congressional democrats, just the opening they needed to. >> it puts health care at some level of uncertainty and also jeopardy. >> what would happen, what would millions of americans lose? >> just to be clear, republicans do not have a plan to replace obamacare. >> the fate of health care for nearly 20 million americans insured through obamacare and medicaid expansion hangs in the balance. >> as of this moment, republicans have not offered a single new alternative to obamacare. >> some people characterizing this as a gift to nancy pelosi going into the next 2020 election. >> get rid of obamacare says the trump administration, what's the plan to replace it -- we don't
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know says the trump administration. >> simply repealing obamacare without republicans coalescing behind an alternative would throw the health care system into chaos. >> that is laughable. >> you read my mind, i wanted to get your response to the president saying we would have a plan. laughable, noted. >> tucker: laughable. we have no idea what they have been showing, we had to turn it off at 4:00 p.m. if we had to guess, health care. we have a news alert now, according to our producers who are monitoring the situation on cnn and msnbc they're talking about health care, right now. health care. pelosi's orders. what does that tell you? it tells you where your news comes from. democratic officials pick the topic and the story line, their servants in cable news dutifully repeat it to the word all day long.
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cnn is not a news outlet, it's a super pac. unregulated campaign ads 24 hours a day, someone ought to call the fec about it. joe concha writes about media for the hill newspaper, thanks a lot for coming on. the next day cnn scrapped its lineup and does health care in every single hour. could it be more obvious. >> it appears synchronized swimming is more than a lip export. apparently it's played a nonolympics years as well. that is called the pivot, the pivot would be made and sure enough here we are. i would say if you were to tell me this a couple days ago and i don't know about the dnc or nancy pelosi or telling a network what sort of narrative they should go with and then it hit me. the wikileaks stuff of 2016, you had emails around this
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completely. you had reporters talking about quote approval and going to their source is saying is this okay if i use this or i don't use this? is sharing stories in advance was another example. keying up stories and narratives and talking about which reporters are the best to go to for that from the dnc and advising campaigns on strategy. does this sound crazy? maybe not, we've saw this happen once. there is no reason to think it is in happening again based on what you just laid out. >> tucker: you've been around tv a long time, you know tv crews don't want to talk about health care, they want to talk about sex scandals. cnn needs something new to talk about, they can't keep telling the same lies about collusion. they wouldn't naturally all pick health care. the democratic party has decided health care is the story of the day.
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isn't this unregulated campaign activity? >> it shows are very competitive with each other, they are competitive about guests and who has the better show, it doesn't really work like that at a lot of networks where different producers say what are we going to do that is different from other shows that makes us unique and make more people watch us? to see that sort of echo chamber, that is why cnn didn't average more than 540,000 viewers, it's a 40-year-old network with big brand names and a crazy news cycle where you are talking about michael avenatti getting arrested, the mueller report, how anybody isn't rising in ratings when it's just been nuts, gift wrap for any cable news network to only average 503,000 viewers, that's almost impossible to do unless your viewers don't trust you anymore based on all the speculation that you did recklessly and randomly over the last two year
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years. >> tucker: if a prime time show loses 50% of its audience in one day, either there has been a power outage and half the country or something is really wrong. they must be worried about this. >> they have to be worried about this. i've seen purges before, ten, 15% drops. but to lose that sort of audience, there are so many things to talk about. i do a talk radio show in new york and we can't get to everything we want to because it's been that insane. they were promised something for two years, you're going to get collusion between trump and trump campaign officials in russia. you work for 2 years, you get your paycheck and it bounces. instead of contrition, you see the head of the titanic, the captain saying the orchestra did a great job playing the music while the ship was going down. >> tucker: they told you you were getting a pony for
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christmas and they gave you a bag of hair and you're disappointed, i think the reviewers are disappointed. joe concha we are never disappointed with you, great to see you tonight. jussie smollett got off completely for faking a hate crime, his sentence was a few hours of volunteering for jesse jackson, it's a miscarriage of justice obviously, who's responsible for it? george soros is involved, details when we come back.
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♪ >> tucker: it's been a little over 24 hours since prosecutors in the state of illinois dismissed all charges against actor jussie smollett for his bogus hate crime. as time passes, that decision looks more and more inexplicable, maybe even excusable. today, chicago police released their investigative files which were extensive and they revealed several pieces of evidence supporting the view that smollett lied and it's a hoax, that's what they believe and have said publicly. new reporting indicates the state's attorney did not
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properly recuse herself as she claims she did and may have still unethically influenced the case. we have more tonight from chicago. >> the chicago police union tells fox news had planned on filing a complaint with the chief judge here because it feels kim foxx did not properly recuse herself by having a special prosecutor appointed. apparently this case instead ended up in the hands of her right-hand man. she didn't submit paperwork formalizing her recusal, her office hasn't responded to multiple requests for clarification. this email obtained by fox news circulated around her office today asks assistant attorneys to locate any cases that bolster her stance that dropping the charges is not as shocking and disappears. a portion of the email reads and nobody is in trouble, we are looking for further examples of how we as prosecutors use our
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discretion in a way that restores the victim but causes minimal harm to the defendant in the long term. kim foxx defended her actions saying there is confusion because people don't understand the intricacies of the judicial system. >> there are some people who are never going to be satisfied unless mr. smollett spends many nights in prison and there are others who believe that charging of 16 counts of disorderly conduct was excessive. >> messages indicate during the investigation, she recused herself and michelle obama's former chief of staff tina chen convinced foxx to ask chicago's police superintended to turn the investigation over to the fbi. she messaged foxx, i wanted to give you a call on the behalf of jussie smollett and family, she responded spoke to the superintended, i convinced him to reach out to the fbi to take over the investigation.
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he is reaching out now and will get to me shortly. smollett has maintained his innocence and thanks the state of illinois for their action. >> tucker: thank you very much. mark morgan is a former deputy fbi director and he joins us. thank you very much for coming on. is it normal in cases like this for michelle obama's chief of staff to get involved behind the scenes? >> absolutely not, in my 25 years of law enforcement, i have never seen this. this is a miscarriage of justic justice. chicago should be outrage, the police department should be -- and they are outraged. it's not just for this indefensible decision but it's also for the way they did it. i have never been in a situation where investigators in the prosecution team didn't have a symbiotic relationship. they would have talked about this and talked about the decision but they did none of that. they disrespected the police department by not doing that and
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they found out about the same time you are i did, it's absolutely absurd. if i was a chief i would be demanding the state's attorney give those hardworking detectives an apology. >> tucker: her position appears to be i don't care what you think there's nothing you can do about it if you don't like it, of yours. is there anything anyone could do about it? >> having already seen the illinois attorney general step again, he can go in there right away. i have been told the fbi's taking a look at that, we have to be careful with that. i'm assuming if i was there, i would be talking to the chief of police and going through some of these facts that we have outlined here and say what are our options here? don't forget you still have that letter. the fbi is still investigating and it's not done yet. >> tucker: i don't think anyone is calling for life in prison for jussie smollett and 16 felony charges may have been
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too many, it sounds like too many to me. but this is grotesque and it suggests that people who have connections who know michelle obama for example or are on tv shows get treated very differently from those who don't have those advantages, is that your take away? >> you can draw no other conclusion. think about this, now we have a new bar. if you're in chicago and to make any false claim, think about that. all you have to do is fork up ten grand and you are scot-free and you don't have to admit any guilt, that is new bar. >> tucker: a broader question, kim foxx had said his 18 hours volunteering for jesse jackson's fake charity, the rainbow push coalition, enrich the community, does that sound plausible? >> i don't want to talk about the community service. what is not plausible is they gave him -- he did the community service before they made the decision. >> tucker: aren't you supposed
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to admit your guilt? you aren't supposed to stick to your fake story mp wing wow impugning entire groups of people. >> she's false when she said people wanted him to go to jail and the police didn't want him to go to jail forever, what they did want during a plea deal was for him to say i did it and i'm sorry. if that would've been part of the plea deal, i think they would've been okay. >> tucker: i think most people would've felt you made the point, stop lying, it divides the country. great to see you. jussie smollett's case has lots of connections to prominent people, we mentioned barack and michelle obama, this is not speculation also george soros. states attorney kim foxx dismissed the charges and received more than $400,000 in donations from foundations controlled by left-wing billionaire george soros.
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prosecutors who are interested in social justice in many cases more than they are interested in protecting the public. michelle malkin has been following this story for quite some time, it hasn't received a lot of attention because it has profound implications. >> it certainly does, george soros has a plan, he always has a plan and he has executed it very efficiently and now we are seeing the fruits of it. this campaign to fund far left-wing prosecutor candidates and local district attorney's office is across the country has been in operation for at least four years publicly. probably a long time before tha that. it's of a piece with a separate plan that the alliance had to put secretaries of state and office too. this is involved in many cases as in chicago, far left
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candidates like kim fox primariing incumbents who are also liberal but not liberal enough. the incumbent was somebody who the far left and black lives matter and a lot of the identity politics groups were satisfied with because she didn't act fast enough on one of the police shooting cases involving a young man named look juan mcdonald who was shot. this is interesting because we have kim foxx who was supposedly put there as a progressive to serve the poor and underrepresented minorities who didn't have a voice in cook county and who is she carrying water for? minority liberal elites in the establishment of the crook county political machine tied to people like tina chen and the obama's. >> tucker: that's such a smart point and i'm glad you made it. she wasn't even helping a poor
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person, she's helping hollywood -- the most entitled person in america. joe biden wants to be president of the united states and in 2019, that means hating yourself and doing so loudly. we got the tape, it's hilarious but also a little creepy. alexandria ocasio-cortez says people are dying every day, we need to pass the green new deal to save them. we've got numbers on that, they are interesting. stay tuned we're paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions? americans shouldn't have to choose between buying medication and buying food for our families. it's time for someone to look out for us. congress, stop the greed. cut drug prices now.
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>> tucker: joe biden is at the top of the democratic party for an awfully long time. if you are under 45, since before you were born. he was elected to the senate at the age of 29, he ran for president twice and made it to vice president of is now making one last try for the highest office in america. the problem is over the decades the democratic party has changed a lot, it doesn't like people like joe biden anymore. he's the wrong sex come out wrong age, he's got the wrong skin color. if he wants to win he has to demonstrate he hates himself profoundly and everything he stands for. he definitely wants to win so is doing that. at an event in new york, he spent quite a bit of time attacking himself for the color of his own skin, criticized his role in the anita hill hearings which he described as a bunch of white guys interrogating a black woman. then he went further, he said
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the main problem with america is people of a certain skin color and the institutions they created. as big of a court of common law it said they had to do some thing about the extent of the debt. they said no man has a right to chastise a woman with a broad figure than the circumference of his thumb. this is english jurisprudential culture, a white man's culture. it's got to change. it's got to change. >> tucker: for the record since this is a fact based show, the story you just heard, the story of the rule of thumb is a crock, it's fake, the internet invented that. joe biden would know that because he's an idiot and he doesn't read, he wouldn't care if he didn't know it, he would say anything. for a second consider what he just was claiming. english jurisprudential culture is holding america back. is that true?
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it's the opposite of true, our english common law tradition is why you are entitled to a jury trial, it's why you get a defense attorney, it's why the police need a search warrant to search your house. these are the best things about america, the things that keep the country for your and fairer than the other place. the rest of the world understands that very well. is there another place on the planet that joe biden would rather face trial? how about malaysia? how about jordan, how about even italy? it would be fun to ask him a question, who's got a better judicial system? the united states with its racist english traditions or somalia that progressive he didn't of future, you have 30 seconds to answer and remember ilhan omar is watching so choose your words carefully. the radical youth wing of the democratic party is getting more intense. the hysteria is being channeled
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to the cult of climate change. at a congressional hearing yesterday, young pioneer alexandria ocasio-cortez repeated her claim that global warming is basically like world war ii. they are the same because people are dying! >> it makes me feel as though our efforts have been effective at the very least indents and sing between the dangerous strategy of climate denial which we know is costing us lives, at least 3,000 americans in puerto rico, hurricane maria. you want to tell people their concern and desire for clean air and clean water is elitist? tell that to the kids in the south bronx who are suffering from the highest rates of childhood asthma in the country. tell that to the families in flint whose kids have their blood ascend big and lead levels, their brains or damage for the rest of their lives, call them elitist. you're telling them that those kids are trying to get on a plane to davos? people are dying! >> tucker: she's upset because
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she is and she knows it. kirsten gillibrand of new york and elizabeth warren of massachusetts both compared the green new deal to here's a new one, the moon landing. >> we need to pass a green new deal! this should be our nation's moon shot. >> this is not the first time america has faced a so-called impossible challenge. if president kennedy challenged our nation to lead the space race and less than seven years later, neil armstrong set foot on the moon. >> tucker: there is literally nothing this country could do that's more significant, more morally vital then passing the green new deal. with that in mind, it's fascinating that neither kirsten gillibrand nor elizabeth want to any other democrat voted for the green new deal when it was just put up for a vote. why didn't they? may be part of the reason is
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nobody is dying from global warming, they are dying from lots of other things but nobody is dying from global warming in this country, it is a sham to select a rush investigation before it in the next investigation after it. nathan roman is founder of -- to a process question, obviously the green new deal is the most important thing we can do, pick another cliche, i'll agree. democrats had a chance to vote on it but they didn't and they said we are devoting on it because we don't have the hearings about the science, they don't have the science, why are they making the claims in the first place, i'm hopelessly confused. >> you know as well as i do this green new deal, the thing that was put forward is not actually a bill. it is a nonbinding resolution. to say it failed or it died, this is the beginning. they are going to be putting together a number of different packages and how do we revamp our economy and repair our infrastructure for what's to come?
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there is no question our climate is changing we need to be ready for it. >> tucker: it seems like it's changing, the climate changes a lot, always has. navy human activity is causing it to. >> the data is pretty clear. >> tucker: the data are not clear on that. the data are clear it seems to be changing but not that we are doing it and there are no data at all on how to fix it, it's purely speculative about the lies that we hear. one lie that sticks out in my mind is lots of people are dying from global warming. i want to put up on screen, how many people die in the united states? heart disease is number one, alcohol-related deaths, suicides 45,000, motor vehicles, homicides are also very high. here are the natural disaster deaths that climate people say are caused by climate. wildfires 106, cyclones 102, winter storms 31, major severe storms, eight. my question is, aoc tweets every day about the threat of global warming, she has tweeted once
5:36 pm
about suicide, why is that? >> i couldn't help but notice that the deaths from hurricane maria in puerto rico were somehow missing from that list there. i would question the statistics you put up there. >> tucker: let me tell you why because those numbers are not clear at all despite what your friends a democratic party may be telling you, we don't know what those are. here's what we do know, the deaths from natural disasters are way lower than they were 100 years ago. it's not obvious that global warming is doing this. deaths from hurricanes hundred years ago are far more. >> we need to look at the entire scope of the conversation. we know in the last 12 months, we've seen a cyclone in mozambique devastate an entire city, 500 people were killed. we've seen wildfires in california leave thousands homeless, hurricane maria and puerto rico killed thousands, hurricane harvey in houston. we are unprepared as a society for the severe weather events
5:37 pm
related to climate change. >> tucker: this is all very complex, i'm obviously not going to -- that global warming is responsible for all natural disasters. >> i'm not saying that but i am saying that climate change is making these worse. >> tucker: it might be but it might be making them better too, nothing is as clear as you're claiming claiming it is. >> your network published an article on your website that climate change would lead to more severe storms. >> home xp when i don't care what the website did, it may it may have effects that aren't bad, everything is a mixed blessing despite what cult members tell you. my point is what is deadly clear is that suicide kills a magnitude of thousands more than climate change even to your definition and no one mentions it, why is that?
5:38 pm
>> people are talking about the opioid crisis, overdoses are included as part of suicide and access to easy firearms, that is a high percentage of suicide there. i'm happy to talk about constitutional common sense gun gun reform if you want. >> tucker: is there any solution to any problem that doesn't give the democratic party more power over our society? can you imagine a solution that doesn't give you more power? >> it's an interesting question but what i will say, how can we look at in the inequities in our economy in the united states of america and say what common sense regulations can we put in place to prevent the opioid crisis from ever happening again? >> tucker: this is one of the few shows that take that up regularly and i agree with you on that. three days after the mueller report democrats are doubling down on the collusion conspiracy even though it's fake. they plan to keep doing it. we have new evidence on what they plan to do.
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♪ >> tucker: it's been four days since the summary of the mueller report came public, democrats have had plenty of time to admit they made the mistake for two years. but they can't do it, not even
5:43 pm
close. in the 1950s, the left couldn't admit that communist spies had infested the u.s. government, they had. today is the opposite, they are devastated to learn the president is loyal to his country. rather than accept what is true they are doubling down. according to cnn, collusion is real no matter what the facts say. >> you have a job to make sure you're putting out facts. you put out the wrong facts, that is a significant spirit >> what wrong facts that we put out? >> you are telling me i had to present the facts, the bottom line there was no collusion, that it was our responsibility. >> there was behavior by people around the president that qualifies as collusion. >> collusion with russia didn't as is exist. >> tucker: the governor's brother is earning his salary. congressman eric swalwell is
5:44 pm
confident, collusion isn't simply real, there's no evidence against it. it's a religious dogma, it just is. >> do you believe the president has been an agent of the russians? >> yes. i think all arrows point in that direction i haven't seen a single piece of evidence that he's not. >> do you still believe the president is a russian agent? >> i think he acts on rush's behalf and he puts russia's interests ahead too often of america's interests. >> tucker: the lone japanese soldier emerges bewildered from the jungle, its 1963, is the war still going? back to your post. one of the chief victims of this whole hysteria was trump campaign advisor carter page. unlike paul manafort and michael flynn he did literally nothing wrong, he was never charged with anything. he didn't even lie to investigators, despite that he
5:45 pm
was spied on by the u.s. government without his knowledge, the press tarred him as a traitor to this country, he's an annapolis graduate by the way. he has been finally vindicated, is it enough to fix the damage to his life? why aren't you in russia drinking vodka with your boss? >> i'm getting ready for some of the biggest legal battles in u.s. history. >> tucker: you haven't been able to work because you've been busy defending yourself against false charges that you're working for a foreign power. the media magnified those charges and amplified them and in some cases created them. >> a lot of it has started in the legal arena and now we are bringing it to the legal arena, you have attorneys -- i have had during the special counsel investigation, one of the best
5:46 pm
attorneys in washington tom buchanan. i learned a tremendous amount how to do things the proper way. >> tucker: yahoo! news is one of the outlets you believe slanders you. >> in conjunction with the u.s. government, there was a change of the law in 2013, now you can radio for europe which is a u.s. government propaganda agency was spreading the fake story, even when most u.s. news agencies were not really moving forward with it. radio for europe, a u.s. government agency under obama. >> tucker: i've got to ask you, we felt bad for you it was so obvious from day one you were nothing the way they described. you are not a russian agent, you are unable officer, are you better about what happened to you? >> it obviously can never happen again, the litigation which is
5:47 pm
currently on the rise in the next ten days -- april 5th when the u.s. department of justice gives their answer related to that same case is going to be a key testing point. there are huge battles ahead, and what we are seeing now with the new integrity within the u.s. department of justice -- i'm not bitter at all. >> and i don't know how much you meditate or do yoga or what you do but you are calmer than i would be. if carter page, congratulations on your total vindication. another man who was endlessly maligned on false grounds was michael cavuto, also an advisor to the trump campaign. thank you very much for coming on, you've been sharing what it's like to be you and i wonder -- you have been vindicated, you weren't working, neither one was anyone working for the russian government -- how do you feel?
5:48 pm
>> i do feel vindicated but i spent tuesday at the police station in my little village in western new york pressing charges against someone for threatening me on facebook. this has not ended yet. i'm pretty sure that the rest of us, carter page and gordon are all suffering the same slings and arrows i am, we may have been vindicated by the mueller investigation but i don't know when we are going to get our reputations back. >> tucker: what can you do? you have lost years of your life, your family as you told us before has been besieged. you can't work a normal job because of this. is there anything you can do to make it right at this stage? >> i can try to help the federal government, the republican party in the senate try to uncover what really happened here. i would love to get back to wor work.
5:49 pm
i'm contacting my old clients who had to leave me because of this mark on my record. now that i am vindicated, while i really want to get back to work and make money for my family, i want to inspire some significant change in the special counsel law so people don't go through this again. i love carter's optimism -- i'm a little bit more angry than he is. >> tucker: i'm angry watching it, i was only denounced as a russian spy once by a buffoon, the chairman of the house intel committee, i can't imagine what your life has been like. congratulations anyway because whether it feels like it or not, of vindication. >> i want to say one thing. pardon general flynn, pardon george papadopoulos and pardon roger stone right now. >> tucker: don't wait until after the election, they deserve it now. >> do it right now on twitter. >> tucker: i agree.
5:50 pm
>> that would blow some minds, wouldn't it? >> tucker: liberal activists want to put injection sites and one of the hearts of our great american cities, we have a plan to stop that next. our grandparents checked their smartphones
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♪ >> tucker: drug abuse is a major and growing problem in cities across the country and yet activists have a plan to
5:54 pm
institutionalize it in effect by setting up injection sites where heroin users can shoot up under medical supervision. a philadelphia nonprofit monster up in the first such site in the united states. the federal government is suing to stop at why the man behind the effort to stop it is the u.s. attorney in philadelphia and he joined us tonight. thank you very much for coming on. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: injection sites have been heard in europe i may have failed. explain where the proposal is for philadelphia. >> if i can set the stage, i think that of any discussion of hair when injection sites has to start with the fact that under u.s. law, they are illegal. even the proponents of the sites admit this. the spokesperson and philadelphia for the site is former pennsylvania governor ed rendell. recently, he actually appeared in public and admitted that he knew when he got involved with the sites that they were actually illegal. so i think the interesting thing for my perspective is, why are the opponents pushing them so
5:55 pm
hard if they know they are illegal? i think there is two to that. first of all, they are pushing them because the proponents are arrogant. secondly, they are pushing them because they have contempt for democracy. that makes plain that a little bit. they are arrogant because they believe that the law does not apply to them. the law is just an inconvenience that other people have to worry about what they have a higher purpose here and they don't have to worry about complying with the law. i see that contempt for democracy because in america, the people's will is expressed through the law. >> sean: >> tucker: yes. >> if you are following the law, enforcing the law, you are showing their respect for your democracy. when you thumb your nose at the law, like these proponents are doing, you are showing your disrespect and contempt for democracy. >> tucker: is always the same group of people pushing for ideas that make the country sadder, dirtier, seedier, more depressing, more dangerous, more
5:56 pm
hostile to normal people. is there any large group of citizens, residents and philadelphia, who are begging for an injection site in the neighborhood? >> absolutely not. that is actually in some ways the dirty little secret that the proponents don't want you to know. they sort of pretend that they have this broad public support, as if they are breeding leadina movement for a that's not true at all. they don't speak for the public. they only speak for themselves. there is no support for these injection sites and make it because it enabled neighborhood where they have been proposed. there is no support in the philadelphia city council, no support in the pennsylvania state legislature, and there is no support in congress. what you have is you have a small group of people who are very loud. you know, when you are allowed, you get attention. >> tucker: they are also funded by very rich people, who, i would argue, are trying to make the country worse. speaking of which, we are watching the drama unfold in the city of chicago where the state's attorney, who has been funded by george soros, made in
5:57 pm
an expectable decision yesterday. it leads to the question, how common is this? soros-funded prosecutors overturning, as you said, the will of the people. >> we have a similar problem in philadelphia. we have a so-called progressive d.a. who was put into office last year, and the problem i think, sometimes, with those kinds of d.a.s is that they politicize law enforcement. when you politicize law enforcement, the rule of law takes a hit. when the rule of law takes a hit, crime goes up. it's absolutely predictable. >> tucker: has that happened? >> it's absolutely happened in philadelphia. in 2018, the first year of the d.a. go with annuity 80 philadelphia, larry krasner, we saw a spike in homicides. we had the most homicides we have seen in over ten years. we saw a spike in shootings, the most shootings we've had since 2011. this is absolutely predictable.
5:58 pm
nobody should be surprised by it and i'm certainly not. >> tucker: and he is a soros-backed candidates. >> yes. >> tucker: very quickly, i don't want to do is speculate, but why would anybody want a prosecutor like that? why would anyone support someone who would spike the crime rate? >> well, it's hard to get into the minds of voters, but i think that people are in some ways of surprised at what's happening. they are consequences to these decisions being made. sometimes when you have people coming in, promising reform, it sounds good on the surface, who can be against reform? but a form needs to be responsible. it needs to be incremental. reform needs to be step-by-step because if it's too aggressive, if it's too fast, if it's irresponsible, people lose their lives. >> tucker: and that is what you are seeing and fighting against. mr. mcswain, thank you very much for joining us. sad but interesting.
5:59 pm
president trump just held a meeting with the president of google, was apparently impressed. he tweeted, "just met with some darpa track, president of google, his wc doing quite well. he stated strongly he totally committed to the u.s. military, not the chinese military. the meeting ended very well." we have the president's right about that on google really is committed to fairness in the security of united states. as we have extensively reported on this show, they haven't been before. google has massively expanded its artificial intelligence research in china. the president's top general says that work google does helps the chinese military. meanwhile, google is rejecting pentagon contracts because they upset google employees who don't like the united states. whether or not he's interested in political fairness personalle not, demonstrably. as we were revealed yesterday, they want to manipulate search results to fight the president's travel ban. another case of google employee he was incorporated company resources to boost hillary's
6:00 pm
voter turnout. it's possible today's meeting went well but it's important to remember who you are dealing with when you're talking to the president of google. that's it for us tonight. back tomorrow. 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. two surprises for you. sean hannity in a surprise guest after his monologue. >> sean: i'm rather surprised, though. great show as always. welcome to "hannity." in just a few moments, the president of the united states will join us for an exclusive one-on-one interview. we have a lot of ground to cover tonight. first we begin with our opening monologue. we want to focus on the all important american principle, it's known as equal justice under the law. equal application of our laws. in other words, the foundational principles in our constitution that has made this the greatest country god has ever given man. tonight, it's about accountability. i promised you we are going to name names, we are going to call out the wrongdoing as we see it, and we will let you of course decide in the end. we'll demand justice for


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