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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 19, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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rob: great lesson for the kids: ring ago doorbell and knocking over christmas decorations. can you see it there on the ring. the bear left some minor daniel but that's it. jillian: have a good day. and you are are not the grinch. just kidding. rob: no. fair enough. >> president trump blasting democrats for blasting another shut down solution. >> it is a barrier that prevents people from illegally crossing and democrats have made it very clear that they are on the side of opposing that. >> we are now getting a look at the transcripts from james comey's closed door meeting with lawmakers. >> turned out to be every bit as do you police cities and sanctimonious as folks told me was. >> michael flynn appeared in court where a federal judge was expected to sentence him, but that never happened. >> the senate has passed a sweeping criminal justifiable reform bill. >> this was a big win for president trump and it was a big win for his son-in-law jared kushner. >> a 3-year-old boy nails
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the national anthem before a syracuse basketball game ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ when i'm wiser and i'm older ♪ all the time i was. steve: well, this is your 6:00 a.m. wake-up call live from "fox & friends" on december 19th. it is a thursday before christmas. ainsley: we are waking you up you, because you are a little wiser and you are a little older like the song says. brian: yeah, that's true. that's a very good point as you listen to the lyrics. i listen to the beat. i guess the producers listen to the lyrics. that's why we chose that song. if alexa wakes you up right now. alexa wake up all the listens and viewers. steve: oy. that's going to cause a problem. that would mean they would already have their tv on for
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that voice to activate their machine. ainsley: that's true. they could still be sleeping some people fall asleep the night before watching shannon bream's show and the tv is still on in their bedroom and you just woke them up. brian: you are welcome. steve: today is the wednesday before christmas. that is why once again this year we are going to have timothy cardinal dollan the archbishop of the diocese of new york city join us in the 8:00 hour. if you have a question for the cardinal we would love you to ask us. email us on or facebook. ainsley: he is going to answer your questions. brian: i will say this. i'm not sure if i have a vote for this, but i would like to make him pope. i think he would be a great pope. steve: i think you have to be in the college of cardinals. brian: i will put in an application. steve: who is the mascot at
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the college of cardinals? ainsley: at least if you wake him up it's funny. such a nice person and so-well loved and happy and always smiling. steve: lives about two blocks away. he will be with us in the 8:00 hour: show down at the border. three days left before congress has to do something. will congress get that $5 billion or will they shutt down congress? brian: that's a good question. that the republicans new plan to keep the government funded as the white house softens its stance big time. ainsley: griff is in washington. >> griff: alexa, build a wall because we are three days from a shutdown and six days from christmas. no one is interested in shutting the money cap off. the white house now signaling they are open to a deal that does not require the full 5 billion. here is white house spokeswoman sarah sanders. >> throwing out a lot of
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ideas. we are disappointed in the fact that they have yet to vote on something and pass something. when they do that we will make a determination on whether or not we are going to sign that. >> this comes after senate minority leader chuck schumer got pretty tough at the microphone saying all options to date simply will not work. >> we would not accept their 1 billion-dollar slush fund and that our offers to fund the government remain. let me be clear. the republican offer today would not pass either chamber. >> and while it appears that the president is backing off of that 5 billion-dollar demand, is he not backing away from building his wall. asking all of his cabinet secretaries to look at their budgets for way to supplement construction and you know, one quick fix we are likely to see guys bring today is a possible temporary deal. one of those continuing resolutions that would keep the government open only until february 8th we could be at the very moment right back here in january trying to figure it out.
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by the way if they do a cr today, don't forget the president would have to sign it after it passes both houses and senate. brian: a band aid. steve: uncertain where the president would sign the cr. here is what it all comes down to though. what a stunning turn of events. just last week the president was in the oval office with chuck and nannies i would be proud to shut down the government. building the wall is worth shutting down the government. and now it's like, you know what? we are looking at other departments for the money. if he agrees to the cr, which would continue funding the government at the current levels, he won't get 1 point anything for the wall and the sky high spending from the congress, which he ran against, when he was running for president, it's going to continue. so, he loses. and the democrats will win everything they want. ainsley: is this a win for nancy pelosi and chuck schumer? steve: yes, she was right. ainsley: or is he being the
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adult and trying to compromise and the government doesn't shut down so people get their paychecks and monuments stay open. steve: mitch mcconnell offered the compromise. brian: chuck schumer has a so-called slush fund. but it's a general immigration fund to fund all types of border security. steve: except the wall. brian: any time someone says fencing instead of a wall all they are trying to say is i win you lose. different places everybody knows you need a fence. even the president saying we knew it was not possible to have a 2,000-mile wall there are mountains and streams. other areas you need a fence other ballard stuff. all intramural sports and relatively boring. i think the president is going to be delayed not denied. eventually people are going to realize you absolutely need barred. how many more experts do you need to come forward who don't have political stripes to say we need some relief
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here? ainsley: the president was tweeting yesterday saying he calls it the beautiful wall. now he is saying it's artistic. he is saying you are going to think it's beautiful. this is what he tweeted. the democrats are saying cloud and clear that they do not want to build a concrete wall. but we are not building a concrete wall. we are building artistically designed steel slats so you can easily see through it. it will be beautiful and at the same time give our country the security that our citizens deserve. it will go up fast and save us billions of dollars a month. steve: here is why it matters. that is for this president he will only have a unified republican congress for the next, what, week and a half? two weeks? something like that? everybody wants to get out of town the next couple of days, a lot of people already have. he may, when the new congress comes in, under the -- we believe the speakership of nancy pelosi, he will never get the wall. he will never get any money for anything. so, you know, why would they ever vote for that?
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the 1.6 that the senate already agreed to, that's way too much money. he will not get a dime unless he gets it in the next two weeks. brian: we didn't hear much about this yesterday we heard about it day before using part of the defense budget to build it we didn't hear much about that. what's really in your face 10.6 aid central america and southern mexico. that's double what the president is asking incream incrementally. we're paying to keep them under control. those governments are so corrupt it never gets to the people anyway. steve: republicans in congress and the senate and the house as well. they are saying, mr. president, come on, let's not shut down the government over. this even though this is his signature issue. brian: republican leadership let him down. steve: paul ryan. he is on the way out. mitch mcconnell? where's the money? ainsley: we saw james comey go behind closed doors. came out in the hallway and spoke to the media. now the transcripts being released 173 pages.
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house republicans wanted all of us to read it he said that the fbi, those agents that went and interviewed michael flynn, that they knew exactly, he used the word exactly, knew what michael flynn had told the russian ambassador kislyak. they had known what the conversation was and they went in to ask him about it. steve: because they had the transcripts. he also said law enforcement fairly and totally reasonably and consistent with fbi protocols that they did not warn him don't lie, which is kind of a no baron. but, he also said officials encouraging flynn to proceed without lawyer because the lawyer would slow things down. that was totally reasonable and consistent with fbi protocol. brian: he says i don't remember 68 times. i don't know 68 times. i don't remember 53 times. i don't recall 9 times and two i can't remember. that over the course of six hours. mark meadows is one of those who questioned james comey. he said. this i asked comey who paid
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for the dossier his response republicans paid for it republicans did not pay for it by the way. who he cares is another response he gave. fbi director not caring for who paid for the information to surveil americans with the fisa warrant? why is that important? if you want to know why someone is telling you something, shouldn't you find out their motivation and if it's opposition research you know that you can't take that as necessarily vetted intelligence. and james comey says it doesn't matter why does not matter that the dnc funded by hillary clinton and hillary clinton got opposition research why did they use that as a vital part of the fisa warrant to investigate and to trail people like carter page? steve: when thdnc and hillary clinton were paying for the dossier information that was regarding the russian angle. republicans, who are out to gather dirt on trump before had paid for it when it was just domestic. i heard from an investigator well, mr. comey yesterday or
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rather monday, a transcript released yesterday did kind of poo poo the whole fisa application thing. there is apparently evidence that directly links him to the fisa application which would fly in the face of what he has said so far. he was involved in it, i have heard, from some congressional investigators. ainsley: i just can't believe he said he didn't care. i don't care who paid for it what? brian: also interesting, in exchange with trey gowdy. he said by the way when hillary clinton's private server revealed interaction between the president and hillary clinton, what did you think? i never really thought about it. did you ask the president about it? no, i didn't. does it bother you that unsecure private server sitting president of the united states. next change then president obama never even acknowledged? i didn't know she had a private server, really you? were emailing back and forth to her. does the term noift being candid as current president of the united states mean anything or only mean something when it's president trump?
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ainsley: bias? double standard? let us know what you think. steve: one of our friends is jillian mele and she joins us with the headlines on this wednesday morning: jillian: senate passing a bipartisan senat prison reform bill overnight. this will keep our community safer and provide hope and a second chance to those who earn it. in addition to everything else, billions of dollars will be saved. i look forward to signing this into law. the bill reduces sentences for some drug offenders and boosts rehab efforts. an arizona man sentenced to 12 years behind bars for helping a new york college student join isis. he also told out judge he is a proud american and asked for forgiveness. he helped sammy al grammy get to syria in 20150 where he died fighting for isis. the two communicated extensively online. house speaker paul ryan delivering a fell farewell
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address at the library of congress today. the wisconsin republican will discuss his achievements like major tax cuts. he will admit shortcomings like failing to control the national debt. ryan will tell the house, quote: our complex problems are solvable if our politics will allow it ryan was elected to congress in 1998. he announced his retirement in april. that's a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. steve: all right. jillian. thank you very much. meanwhile hours do progressives want to run for president in 2020. the new number one contender underneath that question mark we will reveal them shortly. ainsley: talk about a slam dunk. a 3-year-old wowing thousands of basketball fans with his national anthem skills. ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home ♪ of the brave [cheers and applause]
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the american dream isn't a it's something you work for when i couldn't afford college college of the ozarks gave me the chance to work for my degree i'll graduate debt free from a college where character is as important as class work and patriotic education is part of the curriculum we are hard work u and we are working for our american dream
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♪ ♪ >> and i called leader mcconnell and told him we would not accept their 1 billion-dollar slush fund and that our offers to fund the government remain. let me be clear, the republican offer would not pass either chamber. steve: with that friday mid light deadline loomin looming
3:18 am
democrats reject the latest offer border funding. center for immigration studies, jennifer joins us. -- rather, jessica, good morning to you. what do you make of the fact that it looks like the president has caved on his -- last week he made it very clear i would be proud to shut down the government if i don't get $5 billion for the wall. now there is no wall money and looks like he is going to sign one of those cr that kicks the can into january? >> yeah. well, i mean it's obviously clear that despite the legitimate operational need for a wall, which all americans can see and the great case for border security, the democrats are more interested in denying the president a victory on policy and politics than they are about keeping our country secure. and they think they win by this. the president appears to have agreed that it's not worth shutting down the government over.
3:19 am
but, this leaves us in a tough place. steve: right. >> what remains to be seen is what the democrats want. is there a price that they are trying to extract for going along with border security? but that's really reckless because it's clear what the problem is. our border agencies are overwhelmed with people trying to come here illegally. the numbers are getting higher and higher. i'm not sure what it's going to take to get democrats to agree that we have to have money for border security and barriers. steve: well, you know, to your point about the democrats, you know, they are essential liver in the driver's seat right now because they are going to take over both houses of congress very shortly. they agreed to 1.6 and now they won't go along with that it looks like they are in the driver's seat. >> well, they are in the driver's seat. republicans still have
3:20 am
control of the senate. steve: how is that working out? >> well, still needs 60 votes. but it should be a little bit easier for immigration issues on the senate side, perhaps. but the problem is the house of representatives and the republicans did not take this opportunity to deliver border security to the president when they had control and that's because house and senate leadership simply were more interested in passing things like increasing guest worker programs and tinkering with other parts of the immigration system for employers than delivering the border security. and now the president is in a tough place. steve: sure. they were interested in their immigration concerns and not his wall. interesting discussion. jessica vaughan, director of policy studies, center for immigration studies up in newton mass, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: 20 minutes after the top of the hour. brand new scandal facebook.
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turns out private messages aren't private. governor andrew cuomo called gateway drug and now he wants to legalize it in new york. is this the future of the whole us of a? a debate coming up. and not so good. for the mundane. the awe-inspiring. the heart racing. the heart breaking. that's what life is all about... showing up. unless migraine steals your chance to say "i am here." that's why, we created aimovig.. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults. one dose, once a month. aimovig is proven to reduce the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. the most common side effects are pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site and constipation. these are your days what will each one bring?
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doesn't matter, as long as you can say... "i am here." talk to your doctor about preventing migraine with aimovig. and be there more.
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brian: quick headlines now. bernie sanders leads the pack of in a brand new poll. 36% of democrats for america pac members want the vermont senator to run for president. joe biden and failed texas candidate beto o'rourke are second and third in the pole. elizabeth warren and kamala harris. those are consistent with the iowa polls earlier this week. kamala harris chief of staff
3:25 am
leaving her staff and joining political action committee. serve for advisor for fearless for the people pac encouraging a democratic majority in congress. i'm out of words but ainsley isn't. ainsley: that's right. i will take over from here. thank you so much, brian. new york could be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana. governor andrew cuomo even announcing it is a priority now for his agenda in the first 100 days of 2019. and this comes after chicago's mayor rahm emanuel proposed last week to legalize pot to pay the city's pension debt. is this the future for our country and do you think it's a good idea. here now to debate this is kevin sebit the president and ceo of smart approaches to marijuana and alyssa aguliara director of community activists and leaders new york. thank you so much. we have one against it one for it. tell me why you are for recreational marijuana being legal. >> i don't believe anybody should be arrested and spend the night in jail and have a
3:26 am
permanent criminal record for having possession of marijuana. in new york over the last 20 years. 800,000 new yorkers have criminal records that they are going to have for the rest of their lives. this law is not only going to stop the arrest it will actually go back and seal those convictions so people can have access to jobs, scholarships, housing and then, of course, there saul the economic benefits. there is tax revenue and what can we do to invest that money into our community so that you know, we can continue to thri. ainsley: kevin did, she change your mind. >> we are not better off when people are stoned. today's marijuana is 20 to 30 times stronger than in the past. kids are taking up hypo tenancy. 50% increase on videotaping. we agree on the criminal justice. we can fix those by removing criminal penalties and making sure people don't get arrest records, expungement. we don't need to commercialize to decriminalize the small low level possession. i don't want people to be rotting in jail or given a record for pot. the issue is it's a drop in the bucket for revenues and crime goes up.
3:27 am
look at the crime rates in colorado, washington state and places that have legalized the black market, the illicit market goes up. >> all crimes in denver and colorado have gone up. issue is cartels love. this this is about international drug cartels exploiting and exposing the system. they love when a state legalizes. ainsley: if you are user you want it to be legal. you don't want to have to pay fines and be thrown in jail. politicians who don't smoke pot, why are they pushing this so much? >> we can see over the last 40 years prohibition we put trillions of dollars into enforcement and going after policing borders and the fact of the matter is any high school kid in new york can get marijuana and it's not legal today. >> marijuana can be -- money, money, money, candies, cookies, edible, sodas, ice cream. why isn't there is a thc limit and restrictions. we shouldn't have pot candies out there.
3:28 am
cartels didn't create. >> legal regulated market. >> big tobacco. ainsley: alyssa are you worried about we always hear this is the gateway drug. >> one really important thing that we have about the law 25% of the revenue will go to drug education to prevent and treatment. >> i'm waiting for the alcohol revenue. >> so you can really have smart conversation. part of the reason why, you know, that i think that there is so much stigma and fear mongering and scare tactics associated with marijuana and we need to be having honest conversations about young people how to be safe. >> alcohol is legal. i'm still waiting for the alcohol revenue to pay for any education. it's a joke. any kid can joke. commercialized and normalized why would they do that today with hypo tent. it's been a drop of revenue. they are doing this because of money from big tobacco and pharma taken over the entire marijuana and giving money to politicians and the
3:29 am
special interest groups. that's why corey gartner almost destroyed the criminal justice because of getting paid by the pot industry. this is about money for the guys on wall street not for anyone. ainsley: we are running out of time. how is it going to affect the average family. they are probably not watching smawn, raising their kids and trying to buy christmas gifts for them. how is this going to affect them. >> increases the normalization. when you have ice cream candy, pot, cookies and gummy bears that are legal in these states advertise in their faces, pot shops on main street it does hurt the american family. >> you know, the scare tactics can work. but i think. >> that's just the reality of colorado and washington. >> perfectly fine. there are plenty of wonderful, happy people that are living and thriving with a little bit of marijuana. >> the issue is we don't want to be norm halfizing and pushing it even if the vast majority of people. industry wants to make money
3:30 am
for themselves. >> in new york we are trying to stop. [talking at the same time] ainsley: everyone was talking. you smell it everywhere in new york. keethis democrat wants background checks on people social media people who buy a gun. under fire urging a republican to kill herself. tomi lahren says this is proof of the dem's double standard and she is here live. do you remember this moment on "fox & friends" a few months ago? >> this car is going to be given away on "fox & friends" to a purple heart recipient. ainsley: we all remember that we are going to announce the hero, that purple heart recipient who will take that car home for christmas coming up next. ♪ ♪ minimums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes.
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♪ land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave [cheers and applause] steve: how great is that? i'm reading from that 3-year-old drake set a carrier dome record on monday and could be one that stands for a while the 3-year-old from auburn became the youngest national anthem history in dome history when he flawlessly sang the song before the syracuse women's basketball team beat niagara. >> look at the mom. she is like oh, please i hope he gets through this. if you are a mom. steve: she is there with the words if he forgets them. ainsley: i can't imagine a 3-year-old to do it. i need to start teaching her that the mom is like please sing. if i put hayden out there she might sing at home i don't know if she would sing in front of an audience. steve: echo and all the people. ainsley: he is not nervous
3:35 am
at all. he is awesome. apes ains patriotic mom. brian: went out there and didn't sings nobody would care. ainsley: who does sing. do you have a backup? brian: i think syracuse would make the center sing. those are the rules for the orangemen. steve: it was amazing shot on monday night. we had to show it to you. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian has got some news. jillian: good morning. we start with this. a doctor selling opioids two deaths. the doctor prescribed drugs to a suspect in a dui crash that killed a fire captain. they also show the california bar shooter was in possession of the doctor's medication u the drugs were prescribed to someone else. the doctor faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted. more privacy issues are brewing for facebook and the social media site is now admitting it allowed netflix and pot phi to access millions of users' private
3:36 am
messages. "new york times" investigation exposed those claims. facebook says users gave permission for the apps to access data and claims there is no evidence of abuse. two sheriff deputies risk their lice to save an unconscious man trapped inside a burning car. warning, this video may be hard to watch. >> get him. jillian: look as the that. the texas sheriff's office says a few more seconds would have made the difference between life or death for the victim. and this is probably the cutest ugly sweater party in history. a hospital in pittsburgh dressing its newborn babies in christmas sweaters knitted by one of the nurses. the nurses also dressed up
3:37 am
and santa claus stopped by. it is pretty cold out there, janice. janice: it is beginning to feel a lot like christmas, jillian. my friends are out here. where are you from? >> louisiana. >> janice: who did you come to see? >> you. [cheers] janice: i love it thank you for coming, louisiana. neighbors of louisiana, texas. >> hi. [cheers] janice: this is the most excitement i have had at 6:30 ever. thank you for coming. take a look at the maps real quick. i love you guys. we do have the potential for severe storms across the northwest. we had a tornado outside of seattle yesterday. thankfully no one was hurt it caused a lot of damage today. some of that energy is going to modify across the central u.s. and bring the potential for showers and thunderstorms texas and louisiana over the next couple of days moving into the southeast and then the mid-atlantic and northeast. so travel will be impacted just keep aware. all right. do you want to say hi to anybody at home. >> hi saint martin hospital, louisiana. janice: how about you guys? >> hi family back home.
3:38 am
>> they went off. >> no, they did not. >> hi, we love you. janice: i want what they are having. brian and steve over to you. brian: thanks, janice. back in october the purple heart foundation teamed up to launch a program to honor our nation's heros in a big way by giving away a dong challenger behind us right now to a purple heart recipient. and they anowrchessed it right here on "fox & friends." >> this car is going to be given away on "fox & friends" to a purple heart recipient. how you cannot want to cover something so cool like these guys right here and giving away a car to draw attention to our veterans? brian: we do want to cover it and it is really cool. back to reveal the winner mike cardell. you can do cars. >> trains, cars, boats, anything with an engine. i'm excited. this is for american muscle more american heroes. we came out here earlier in the year to say hey, guys we are building a car purple
3:39 am
heart foundation. this guy's story it's incredible. just like tugs at your heart strings with what this guy did for us in the service. steve: this guy is steven diaz. he joins us live. good morning to you, sir. thank you very much for your service. >> i appreciate that. steve: congratulations. you get a new car. brian: a muscle car. take a look at this thing. it's beautiful. >> it is. steve: mike was telling about your story. tell us about your story. >> i was injured in 2005 in iraq. volunteered to go into the marine corps. volunteered to go to iraq. i was telling him earlier the seat i was in where i was injured got hit with an ied. the seat i was in i wasn't supposed to be in that seat. i wasn't supposed to be in that vehicle. three people that were supposed to be in there before i was. it just so happened to be me. and i'm glad that it was me. steve: why? >> because i'm alive. and i get to stand right here and i get to tell my story to the world. and they didn't -- they
3:40 am
didn't get the injuries that i sustained. i'm glad that i took that and they didn't. >> why did he win? so steven and we looked at thousands of people and i was part of that process. he came back and he has dedicated his career to helping our men and women in service. he is a co-founder of a group called hidden wounds. about helping those with ptsd and those who come back. purple heart foundation and built this car. he is going to take it on the road and use it for benefiting our men and women. brian: why was it important to be involved in something like. this when we were looking at different things to do during the summer we wanted to find a program that we could hook up with and the purple heart foundation was great for what we wanted to do. give back to the community. steve: absolutely. if anybody is watching right now, you need a new set of tires. go to nixin. steve: you helped figure out who should win the car. what was it about his story you thought we should give
3:41 am
him a new set of wheels. >> we had 600 applicants. we narrowed it down to 30. we picked him. he is cream of the crop. it's what he has done following his injuries. what he has done in local community and country as a great patriot not only as a soldier but as a civilian. we are proud to know you. we are happy that you have this car. thank you, nexen for doing this thing. brian: you need a baby seat. what are you going to do with this muscle car? >> try not to get -- brian: show it? >> this is a dodge challenger. retrofitted and redesigned by 0 to 60 design in california. it's got purple interior with the purple heart logo embodied into this. purple headlights on it. lowered to the ground. carbon fiber accent. tons of horse power. just watch out, steve, i don't want you to get a ticket. take steve around the block. brian: before we toss back to you. congratulations. real quick your name? >> [inaudible] military
3:42 am
commander purple heart. >> rich, chapter 1782 commander. >> and howard, go ahead. >> howard golden, commanders chapter 120, new york. brian: thanks so much for all of your service for all the generations in all the wars and, of course, this generation one of the finest we have ever had. thank you. congratulations. steve: the problem is driving all these guys home. >> we are fitting them in the challenger. brian: is there a third row? >> thanks, guys. appreciate it. >> nexen tires. thank you very much. steve: coming up on this wednesday. ainsley is going to preview coming attraction. brian: she told us she would. ainsley: i promised to do it. tell those guys thank you for your service. this guy wants background checks for people on social media buying a gun. under fire for a tweet urging a republican to kill herself. tomi lahren says this is proof of the dem's double standard and she is here live coming up next. plus we have kellyanne conway. we have newt gingrich and michelle malkin. they are all here live.
3:43 am
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steve: a democratic new york state senator told a g.o.p. aid to kill yourself after she pointed out his misuse of an official parking spot. the now deleted tweet ironically coming after his push for a bill to police social media accounts for nibbing a gun. ainsley: our next guest claims this just shows the democrats' double standard. here to explain that is fox nation host tomi lahren. she joins us now. hey, tomi. >> hi, guys. the irony on this is pretty great. ainsley: what did you think urging her to kill herself. he did apologize saying it's a poor choice of words. >> a poor choice of words? keep in mind, as you said,
3:47 am
he tweeted this because she called him out for misusing a parking placard. that is all it took for this man to tweet something like kill yourself. it just shows the double standard on the left. now, pee sides the fact that if a republican would have tweeted this, it would have been trending on twitter. besides all of that let's keep in mind. it is the left. it is the democrats who repeatedly talk about tone. they repeatedly talk about how offensive christmas songs are. how offensive using the wrong pronoun is. and how offensive donald trump is for his mean tweets yet they tweet kill yourself after someone calls them out for using a parking placard. it's amazing. brian: he went on to say suicide is a serious thing and should not be made light of. nancy pelosi hold court, senator schumer holds court. they are not going to get more than 1.3 billion it seems and continuing resolution or fund the government. the president tried to make a stand and unable to pull
3:48 am
it off. what are the ramifications? >> well, of course the ramifications are fall on border agents trying to protect our border. i have spent time at the border both in arizona and san diego. i can tell you this. there is portions of the wall that have already been built or replaced. it has been incredibly effective. and as donald trump tweeted just yesterday, this wall that the democrats are so afraid of isn't some giant mass of a concrete wall. it's concrete and steel, it has slats and can be seen through. and it's going to be effective. it's already being used to replace the landing style keep in mind migrant caravaners have already smashed through on one occasion. yes, we need to be funding this wall. it's the best $5 billion this government has ever spent and i'm urging donald trump to hold firm on his promise. steve: you were here last week and you said you were proud of how donald trump in the oval office meeting was standing up to nancy pelosi
3:49 am
and schumer and saying it's worth shutting down for. i would be proud to shut down the government over it but now the white house is saying yeah, we will see. maybe we will look for some money some place else. it looks like the republicans in congress have talked him out of shutting down the government. >> his gut instincts were right last week and i hope he holds firm to that. >> reallocating funds to pay for wall. i'm not against that if we need a government shut down in order to show this country we are serious about border enforcement and security, then a shutdown is exactly what weed into. when president trump listens to his instincts on, this he is right. which is why he won the election in 2016. he will win on it again in 2020. but he has to hold firm on this. the american people want a wall. brian: all right. go watch more from tomi lahren daily basis on fox nation. download that app. now steve: paid for. and you can use it i use it
3:50 am
all the time. i watch it on my phone all day long. ainsley: it's not expensive. and you get longer stories. longer formated pieces. brian: what is the white house saying about the shut down showdown this morning? going to ask kellyanne conway next hour. steve: he is one the biggest names in sports memorabilia but just started out with $4,000 and a computer. he is sharing life lessons on how to get to the winner's circle and he is coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together. the final days of wish list are here.
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brian: how you perform on
3:54 am
the field often reflects how you live your life. one of the biggest names in sports marketing life lessons from the winner's circle. brandon steiner ceo of steiner sports and author of a brand new book living on purpose. stories about faith, fortune, and fitness can lead you to an extraordinary life. brandon, you've had success for years, but you didn't have everything you needed to feel successful. you started with $4,000 started becoming number one. steiner sports number one in sports memorabilia and more. what was missing? >> everything else. i spent 90% of my time on the money grab not that much time of being a better person or better husband or better father. you know, finding some faith. i mean, all those things actually were equally as important as the money grab. so i figured i wanted to be more well-rounded it was embarrassing. i could go to a restaurant and all i could talk about sports. if i didn't talk about sports, i had no speaking lines. brian: friends would call you. your childhood friends would
3:55 am
call you. all you were focused on was business and your business. >> yes. brian: what was the moment that changed and when did you realize that's a message that has to be relayed. >> when i came home and realized my family was betting what time i was going to come home from dinner. wasn't anywhere near the time i said i was going to come home. i never came home the time i said. i missed too many dinners. this is just wrong. i'm missing the more important part. brian: how did you change and what advice do you have for people to get that completed life? >> one thing i would say is money is great it solves a lot of problems but doesn't solve all of them. a friend of my seas foreplay starts when you come home and unload the dishwasher. participate at home and participate in the details of your life, health, fitness and faith as you are making more money. brian: under the impression fame, hanging out with the most successful people in life. mark cuban to muhammed ali
3:56 am
would pro-stlid well rounded life and it didn't. excerpt from your book find that your thought process begins to change when you live with a purpose. new found sense of optimism begins to grow leading to greater self-confidence. your days will be fuller and more meaningful when you approach them with a new mind set including faith, right? >> to fill yourself, negate yourself it for me it started more concern with helping others. doing more good. where people think if they do more well. brian: make more money. >> then later on they will do good. let me get through this month and i will catch with my kid. let me get through this month and then i will eat right. sentence i get the year right start eating. the more good you do for your sangesd oh the by product is you will do well. i try to explain this each the some of the biggest names in sports struggle the same way middle class or lower middle class. we you can follow these theories and lead to you an extraordinary life. brian: do you it and round you had out money doesn't buy happiness.
3:57 am
you have got to go and be a great lesson too. great message for the new year. living on purpose. congratulations and i believe this is mine. >> it is, thank you. brian: straight ahead, timothy cardinal dollan that's a well-rounded great person coming your way. ♪ nothing works faster. we see your pain and what's possible without it. excedrin extra strength. we see your pain and what's possible without it. i can't tell you anything about myself. but believe me... i'm not your average consumer. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry? oh no. hi mr. landry! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. steve: a shutdown showdown over a battle at the border just three days left. >> white house back down. means the democrats can get pretty much what they want. >> democrats are more interested in denying the president than they are about keeping our country secure. >> we're now getting a look at the transcripts from james comey's closed door meeting with lawmakers. >> democrats call this a waste of time. wasn't a fair arbiter of justice. >> facebook under fire again. a bombshell new report says that the social media giant shared users' private messages. >> the senate overwhelmingly passing a bipartisan prison reform bill overnight. the bill reduces sentences for some drug offenders and
4:01 am
boosts rehab efforts. >> if you made the cut and you were on president trump's list for a christmas card, this is the picture that you are going to be getting in the mail. this photo was taken at the congressional ball. ♪ big life ♪ day through the darkest night ♪ speak life ♪ speak life ♪ sun is shining ♪ and you don't know why. ainsley: that crowd was -- they were on fire. the whole fox square was totally packed. shoulder to shoulder. lots to kids, christian singer and he dances. incredible dancer. steve: during the all-american summer concert series brought to you by our friends at keurig. perfect music though to set up the fact coming up in 8:00 hour. we are going to have timothy cardinal dolan the archbishop of the diocese of new york city joining us live. he is going to talk about the message of christmas. if you have a question for the cardinal, we will ask
4:02 am
him a couple of them. email us at and also on facebook. ainsley: i have a question for y'all because you are both catholic. cardinal red. always have to wear red. brian: can he wear whatever he wants. he can wear jeans if he wants. maybe is he wearing jeans. ainsley: lives over here. saint patrick's cathedral. super nice guy. answer all your questions. brian: support him here with text messages and emails we will make them pope. that's what will happen. he should be pope. steve: college of cardinals is based on text messages. brian: i believe. so. steve: we will tell you how facebook apparently gave. so biggest online companies your private access to your private messages. it is lightening up the internet this morning. we will tell you that but first this in d.c. brian: shut down showdown battle at the border three days left for congress to make something happen with
4:03 am
the remaining spending bills. senate republicans are pushing for a new plan to keep the government fund dollars as the white house softens its stance a little. steve: that's right. griff jenkins live from d.c. with the very latest. griff? >> good morning, guys. three days from a shutdown. six from christmas. it appears no one in this town wants to turn the money tap off. you are looking live now at the white house. where president trump is signaling he is open to a deal that does not require the full 5 billion. white house spokeswoman sarah sanders says they are disappointed that the senate has yet to pass anything. but, when do, they will consider signing it meanwhile she says they are looking at other ways to fund the wall. >> we are looking at every avenue available to us possible. the president has asked every one of his cabinet secretaries to look for funding that can be used to protect our borders and to give the president the ability to fulfill his constitutional obligation to protect the american people by having a secure border. >> this after senate minority leader chuck schumer shot down all republican offers on the table.
4:04 am
>> we would not accept their 1 billion-dollar slush fund and that our offers to found the government remain. let me be clear, the republican offer today would not pass either chamber. >> to what will happen today? one thing that's possible is doing a temporary deal or continuing resolution as they say. that would keep the government likely open just until february 8th. schumer says he is open to it. the house would have to pass it it's unclear if the president would sign that. if he did, it has us right back here, guys, at this impasse where we are right after the new year. steve: all right, chris, thank you very much. so what griff just said, it sounds like the best thing or the thing that's going to emerge if things go the way they are right now is this continuing resolution. operate the government, the part that is not funded yet at the same levels as they are being funded. that means there is no wall money, not saying gel nickel. he said it would go into, what, february?
4:05 am
that means nancy pelosi will be speaker of the house, so it looks as if nancy and chuck were right in the oval office when they said mr. president, this bill can't pass the house, can't pass the senate. which are both controlled by republicans and the republicans couldn't help the president out with. brian: we didn't get to the point where went to the senate where they needed just 8 democrats to come over because it never got out of the house. as you mentioned lame duckers and retirements and losers, haven't come back to work. they are not coming back to work today. steve: a lot of them don't have their offices anymore u gave up their apartments. they have moved. ainsley: rush limbaugh is saying noble in washington wants this trump wall. the president likes to negotiate. maybe this is a way for him to compromise saying if i give you a little bit of this. maybe you will give more money. the thing is most republicans are saying nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are not going to budge on this. they are not going to give him anything. steve: they are both going to be in control in a month. ainsley: rush limbaugh also
4:06 am
said. this listen. >> the white house could back down from its demand for $5 billion in border wall funding in this year-end spending bill. if that's true, it means the democrats can get pretty much what they want and block anything they don't want simply by promising to shut down the government. because that's what's on the table. the ironic thing about this is polling data is finally starting to show even in the a.p. that government shut downs have lost their impact in terms of benefiting the democrats. there have been so many of them. there have been so many threats and nothing happens. this is all smoke in mirrors and made up. brian: bottom line is, not one of those things where everything is shut down. where military doesn't get paid. where parks don't open. because most of them are funded. this is a very small shut down. ainsley: partial shut down. brian: question is when the president is in the oval office. what leverage does he have? i said to myself where your leverage. only leverage i could possibly think of is democrats want to get infrastructure done. maybe the president gives a
4:07 am
verbal hey, we will start with infrastructure. i will push the republicans to do that in the senate to maybe get that as your number one agenda item. when the president said i will shut the government down, unless i get $5 billion. i don't know how this ends. steve: well, it looks as if he is not going to get any wall money. and when you look. brian: 1.3 though. steve: that's not even in there. there is no fence money. if it's continuing resolution, that doesn't say hey, we're going to give you 1.3. we are going to give you 1.6. it means we are going to give you what you have got right now. ainsley: which is 1.3. steve: that's a new bill. that's a separate bill. they haven't voted on that. this would kick the can into february. effectively, the democrats win because they didn't want any money for wall and, the -- you know, the swamp wins because run away spending which is in the current budget continues. donald trump went to washington, d.c. to run it as a business and cut spending.
4:08 am
spending continues crazy. ainsley: immigration is a hot issue. a lot of you went to the polls to vote for this. you will wanted the president to get that wall. according to the gallup poll. 19% say it's the government. 16% say it's immigration. and 8% say unifying the country. what's interesting though the top problems of the government which is getting in the way of the second top problem which is immigration. brian: here's the thing. everybody knows the wall is necessary. all the experts say you need a barrier. sometimes you have mountains. sometimes you have fence. sometimes you have a wall. democrats might say they have a win on this. but it's not even a win they believe. in you know, a win they believe in would be medicare for all. or universal healthcare. this is something they are on the record of supporting. it's only because the president presented it that they can sit there and resist it and feel as though that's a victory. for nancy pelosi, she has got no choice. if she shows give here there will be momentum for her opposition to mount a charge at her speakership which is supposed to be a lay up right now.
4:09 am
steve: well, so she is going to win. chuck is going to win. and the president who is adamant last week he would be proud to shut down the government, he doesn't get the border money. it's not going to get the border money. all right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about facebook. ainsley: facebook sunday fire once again. many of you use facebook. they have access to your private messages and apparently other people do, too. this was the headline in the "new york times." as facebook privacy wall it carved an opening for tech giants. steve: that's right. facebook gave amazon, spotify and microsoft all sorts of user data, more than has been previously disclosed. they -- and these were discovered during somebody who was examining some internal facebook documents about tracking different partnerships. here's the part that scares a lot of people. if you have spotify or netflix and a lot of us have both, facebook gave them
4:10 am
access to your private messages. oh, i'm on the private thing. noble is going to see this. no, they gave access to these big tech giants because they wanted to essentially -- facebook wanted more users and then the companies wanted to tailor their advertising more effectively on facebook and elsewhere. you know, facebook gave away more stuff we had no idea about. brian: story goes. facebook had a lot of users, a lot of potential but didn't have the revenue. cheryl sanders come in there we didn't get the revenue. about to go public. greatest asset people, contact and distribution. they will ended up financially rewarded for distributing contact sign up for free somehow they got to get remuneration. facebook gave. so world's largest technology companies more intrusive access to user's personal data than is disclosed. effectively exempting those business partners from its usual privacy rules. isn't that great that when are they going to pay the price. this is why other countries
4:11 am
are stepping in on google and limiting our social media conglomerates because they have been running roughshod and emerging in a way we could not keep up. with now realizing let's pull back. ainsley: i wonder if people are using private messages. steve: every day. right now. ainsley: i used to do that little bit. now i go on to see pictures and keep updated with my friend's kids and write a message here and there. that's it. steve: a lot of people use the private email. brian: now people in bulgaria can see that. steve: here is what facebook has to say. to put it simply this work was about helping people do two things. first people could access their facebook accounts or specific facebook features on devices and platforms built by other companies. blackberry, yahoo, nope as integration partners. people could have more social experiences like seeing recommendations from their facebook friends on other popular apps and web sites like netflix and
4:12 am
spotify. to be clear none of these gave access to information without people's permission nor did they violate the 2020 -- collect check you check the box. steve: nobody reads the service was contract. ainsley: even what they are say something long and copious. steve: in other words, when you agree to the terms of service, that's what you get. brian: i love the way they say they want to enhance our life and experience. nice of you. i appreciate you enhancing my life and experience. ainsley: just note whatever you write could be read. keep looking at the pictures. sheryl sandberg had a great message. did you read her book, jillian? read it watch her online. great for women. she reminds you to stand up. brian: just not great for privacy. jillian: i feel like everyone can see everything nowadays. steve: there is a reason it's free. jillian: right, exactly. get you caught up on other headlines making news. we will start here in chicago. because police are combing through body cam video after two chicago police officers are killed by an oncoming train that they likely didn't see coming.
4:13 am
officers eduardo marmolejo were on the tracks. they may have been distracted by another passing train. a suspect is in custody. police say they never fired at the officer he is. funerals for the fallen cops now set for saturday. president trump congratulates republican martha mcsally once held by john mccain. the president tweeting quote congratulations to martha mcsally by her appointment doug ducey. as the great new senator from arizona, i have no doubt she will do a fantastic job. she will replace jon kyl and work alongside democrat kyrsten sinema who beat her by two points in november. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. brian: she woinsd up with the job anyway for two years anyway and then she has a chance at six more. ainsley: thanks, jillian. steve: democrats rejecting the offer to keep the government open. is there a deal they will accept? we will talk to obama's
4:14 am
former advisors, one of them coming up next. ainsley: and knock, knock. brian: who's there? ainsley: a giant black bear at your front door. steve: don't open it ♪ nowhere to hide ♪ from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system. whoooo. did you know the exact same hotel room... ...can have many different prices?
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>> we said we cannot accept the offer they made of 1 billion-dollar slush fund for the president to implement his very wrong immigration policy so that won't happen. brian: all right. democrats rejecting republicans' offer to keep the government open next change for border call funding or the billion dollars for overall border security. that was what nancy pelosi was referring. to say we have 3 days until the deadline. here to discuss the options for the president ceo of 32 advisors and ceo robert wolf who used to run things at u.b.s. where is the president's leverage right now it looks like the best can he get is a continue resolution or back to the originallal plan of 1.3 billion? right now he doesn't have much leverage. i believe the president doesn't want to shut down the government going into the holiday season. brian: should hement to. >> no. listen, i'm never for a government shut down i wasn't for when barack obama was president this 2013.
4:19 am
i'm not going to be in 2018 under entrepreneurship there always should be a way to do a deal. border wall or border fence depending how speak to so polarizing and it's listen we gave a billion dollars last time. here is 1.6 billion. you didn't spend the billion last time. unfortunately this is a political hot potato and they will kick the canal for another three months and drama will start up again because you will have a g.o.p. senate, a democratic house and the democratic house has gone more left the g.o.p. senate has gone more right. it's amazing that the criminal got criminal justice done. brian: right. criminal justice has got to be done. >> amazing. brian: bipartisan. >> great win. brian: i know it should be a lot of republicans are unhappy about it, but i think it's going to be a real positive. we will talk about that. two things got done and be bipartisan. however, if you can look at what is going to happen. how frustrated republicans were. majority in the house
4:20 am
couldn't get anything through the senate. what could the president promise to deliver from the republican senate that the democratic house wants? >> you know, there is -- i'm not really sure. the only thing is, you know, could be the dreamers, you know, could be going back to daca. but that was a stalemate last time around. it could be something with the mueller investigation. but that's so tangential to budget it wouldn't even look reasonable. you know, the truth is, similar to when president obama, you know, his things was healthcare and reform. president trump taxes and the border call. when he had a republican senate and the republican house, they should have gotten the border wall. now he doesn't have it and he has lost his leverage on it. brian: the republicans didn't go to bat for him and that's too bad. robert wolf, founder and ceo of 32 advisors. thank you so much. >> thank you, brian. brian: see how this plays out. two days and counting. the senate overwhelmingly passing criminal justice reform. kellyanne conway coming up live. this baby was born three
4:21 am
month early and given less than 1% chance to live that miracle baby survived and will spend christmas at home. the entire family shares their incredible story next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together. the final days of wish list are here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer. over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated
4:22 am
against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine.
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4:25 am
and finally, $100. that's how much warming up your car could cost in the state i live in, new jersey. garden state apparently handing out tickets if you idol your car for more than three minutes. it's intended to cut down on car emissions. all right, ainsley? ainsley: all right. prepare to get a ticket because you don't want a cold car. thank you, steve. for one indiana family their list of what they are thankful for is really extra long this year. baby rowan was given a 1% -- less than 1% chance actually of survival after he was born three months early with an intestinal disease that doctors predict wood take his life. his parents told to start planning the funeral even before he was born. thanks to a team dork doctors baby rowan beat the odds and will spend the first christmas at home with their family. joining us is christopher novak along with baby rowan. good morning to you all. >> good morning.
4:26 am
ainsley: he is so beautiful. jessica, i will start with you. tell us the story. what happened? >> he was born on april 11th this year. he was supposed to be born on august 3rd. so he was pretty early. and after a few weeks of him being born, he was having issues with his feeding. and we found out that he was having problems with his intestines. and we didn't find out until the end of may. they diagnosed him with necrotizing. nectotalis left him with 2% of viable intestine and said he wouldn't make it. ainsley: oh my gosh. >> yeah. it was pretty rough. and then after that we started planning essentially his funeral. waited a week. and he wasn't getting worse. he was actually seeming to get better. so we called reilly in
4:27 am
indiana. ainsley: the hospital. >> yes. the children's hospital. and they went ahead and took his case. ainsley: wow, daniel. you are holding your son's hand. doctors told to you plan his funeral. what's going through your mind? >> i mean, honestly, i had started giving up hope at that point. but, jess believed he wasn't giving up and she wanted to seek a second opinion with reilly's children's hospital in indianapolis. i told her, you know, if he is not giving up, we won't give up. we sought the second opinion and they flew him down by helicopter and a few days later, rushed him into surgery and told us that they saw a fair amount of viable intestine, actually, and that it would be a couple months treatment of intestinal rest and medication and givings him time to catch up and grow. and on july 31st, the day after my birthday they did resection of his intestines able to save 71 centimeters which was more than enough. we thought he was coming from a transplant but they
4:28 am
were able to save more than enough. now he doesn't even need a transplant. honestly they think in a few short years you won't even be able to recognize that he was 1 pound 6 ounces. ainsley: that is incredible: jessica what do you give credit? do you give credit to the doctors? do you have a strong faith? it's a miracle. >> it definitely is i did a lot of praying during his whole hospital stay. a lot of soul searching. the doctors at reilly's were amazing. his surge, dr. ladd, he is a super hero to us and his gastrointe interrologist they performed a miracle with him. not giving up on him. even though babies seem so fragile they are so, so strong. they really have the capacity to heal better than i could ever imagine. ainsley: daniel, what are your hopes for your son? >> i mean we really just
4:29 am
hope to watch him grow and to be a happy, healthy little boy and have the opportunity as parents to be a family together. that's our hope and hope that he, you know, believes the same things we do that family is important. ainsley: we have heard some wonderful christmas messages regarding babies and their lives over the last few days. we appreciate you sharing yours. i know have you exorbitant medical costs. for folks at home that want to help this amazing family and help rowan have a bright future go to our website,, we have a link there. they are on paypal dot me forward slash rowan breyts. there it is at the bottom of the screen. go to our website and put his name in the search engine and it should come up. thank you so much. god bless you and merry christmas. this is wonderful news. >> i would love to give a special thanks to my father, thomas breyts. he was diagnosed ugly stage 4 throat cancer.
4:30 am
today is the day he finishes his radiation treatment. and i love you, dad. i hope the best. i wish i you could be with you more. >> god bless you grand pa. ainsley: hi granddaddy. he has a lot to live for. watch rowan grow up. we will pray for your family your son and your dad. >> we appreciate that thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. counselor to the president kellyanne conway here live coming up next. what are millennials doing for christmas? leaving avocado toast for santa. the list of new traditions going viral this morning. it's the good fat. santa likes this.
4:31 am
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♪ party are being in the house tonight ♪ everyone just have a good time. ainsley: that's going to be our house next week. brian: party in the house tonight, everyone should have a good time. ainsley: you should be telling your kids don't ever have fun. don't have a party. don't celebrate l.a. very boring life your house sounds fun,. brian: brian that's the wrong message. ainsley: you didn't grow up in the earhardt household. when there was a party it was fun. my parents were very, very social. they still are my dad is the best dancer. crank up the beach music and have so much fun. brian: party in the house? ing. ainsley: just dance around the house. there is a dance in south carolina called the shag our state dance and is he a really good dancer. brian: do we have a state dance in new york? i think it's the hustle. [laughter]
4:35 am
ainsley: we will get janice in to illustrate. steve: jillian joins us with headlines and we have video from the police body cam. >> this is chilling video. take a look. it shows a police shootout with a man behind a reign of terror in california. [gunfire] jillian: garcia shooting at police during a high speed chase after allegedly going on a random shooting spree. he was later in a car crash. according to the sheriff, garcia was deported in 2014 and faced three ice violations before that his current immigration status is unclear. police are making steady progress in the search for a colorado mom. on monday, officers returned to the property of her fiance after searching it over the weekend. they call that routine follow-up. kelsey barrett's fiance is the last person to see her when she dropped off 1-year-old daughter on
4:36 am
thanksgiving. so far he has not talked to police and no arrests have been made. yacht going u.n. ambassador nikki haley rips into the u.n. security for anti-israeli positions. >> and the u.n. has shown itself to be hopelessly biased as we witness again just two weeks ago when the general assembly failed to condemn hamas' terrorist activity against israel. >> haley making those comments during her financial appearance at u.n. ambassador. comments coming after members of the committee refused to condemn recent hamas backed attacks. an uninvited guest shows up on a florida doorstep. a bear, caught on camera, ringing the doorbell and knocking over christmas decorations. >> bear, go. bear, go away. >> that's crazy. >> bear, go await a minute he is just looking at me. bear, go away. jillian: do we think the bear understands you? >> the bear totally spoofed
4:37 am
by the homeowner talking to the animal over speaker. unfortunately though one of those christmas decorations was decapitated. there was a casualty. ainsley: i saw that like a nutcracker. brian: i love bear go away. every bear we call bear. ainsley: i'm glad he did not open the door. brian: we will follow that story, jillian as it develops. steve: at the white house kellyanne conway joins us from the north lawn. >> good morning. steve: great to have you this wednesday before christmas we want to ask you about something and i'm sure you are taking a lot of flack over. this last week the president was very clear he would be proud to shut down the government if he didn't get the money for the wall. well, now it sounds like the only deal on the table is the c.r., a continuing resolution that would fund the government at the current lefltion money for the wall, which means when nancy pelosi takes over, the ball is in her court. she is probably not going to give him anything. what's up with that stand? >> well, first of all, let's not all acquiesce to the
4:38 am
ridiculous sound bite that this is about a wall. they are trying to make a wall a four letter word when the president has been talking about border security all along as have the democrats until he became president. in 2006 they voted for the secure fences act that included schumer, hillary clinton, barack obama, joe biden, 26 democrats voted for that. this past july, 10 of the 15 democrats on the appropriate committee, the relevant committee voted for border security, chuck schumer. >> we know all of that the president has no leverage. >> that's not true. the president always has leverage. i disagree with that. >> where does it come. >> from the republicans often take the path of least resistance. they are giving up their majority soon. steve: paul ryan doesn't want the wall. >> paul ryan should want voter security. he voted for it in the past it is part of his legacy. that's no different. the cr to keep the government going until february 8th is what they are looking at now. that does not change whatsoever two important facts. one, that this president believes first and solemn duty is to keep us safe and that includes enhanced
4:39 am
border security. all this poison, all these drugs flowing over our southern border. and people who are risking their lives and coming here illegally. the second point doesn't change the fact that the border is so for porous. it's gotten worse since those democrats voted for border security 12 years ago. it's only gotten worse. this president is not going to back down from that. he will continue to fight for that funding. he said in a tweet overnight it's not just a wall. steve: is he willing to shut down the government? >> the president has said that he is willing to do what he has to do to get that border security, including a government shut down. we will see what the senate and the house come together and present to the president. we don't know if it's going to make it to his desk. that's why he is working the phones and inviting them all in here. he had the democrats last week. cameras were on. traps apparently is i, accountability. this need to get serious about making a deal. they have a lot of left wing
4:40 am
elements in their party now pulling them away from common sense solutions like enhanced border security. nobody with a straight face can tell us that our border isn't working. brian: they are telling you this even though they are on the record of doing other things. the game you are in right now the president really has no leverage because the republican present the plan for a vote. didn't even get through with the 5 billion. couldn't even get through the house. >> let people see that the president has also said and i have been to some of these meetings. there were other ways for him to get that money. he said, quote, one way or another, he will get the money for the border security. there are other ways to get that. ainsley: people who voted for him and want the wall and went to the polls to vote for that wall, they want to know how he is going to do this. they want to know why he seems to be softening his stance this morning. >> the president is not softening his stance. he has a responsibility to keep the government moving and he has responsibility to get border security. if he could do it by himself. he would have done it already. we are relying on a congress
4:41 am
that has proven many times with tax reform and deregulation obviously two supreme court justices they are willing to come up and make a move. yesterday was historic criminal justice reform but on, this on, this they are walking away and i think that's why some of them lost to be honest with you. >> well, you are absolutely right. it looks like a lot of republicans in congress are not helping him out on that. >> he is not going to back down. it's just a shame that the democrats now have boiled down immigration reform, which is a very complex and important issue to the wall when it is about the visa lottery system and about obviously chain migration. it's -- this guy is not backing down. steve: okay. let's see what happens. let's talk a little bit about what happened yesterday in the courtroom of judge emit sullivan. we all assumed mike flynn was going to be sentenced a lot of people thought he was going to walk free. the judge came up and charged him with a crime he did not commit and he later walked that back and said i didn't mean to suggest he had committed treason.
4:42 am
the judge doesn't look great after that. nonetheless, it looks like it's going to be another 90 days before mr. flynn is sentenced. >> status hearing scheduled for march as i read in the paper as i think our press secretary said yesterday. it looks like it's about the two associates from mr. flynn's business, general flynn's business having to do with turkey lobbying. i have not read into that completely it has nothing to do with me or the president. let's just see how that plays out. brian: there is some good news. it seems as though through the pushing of the president, pushing his caucus along and his party along, bipartisan criminal justice reform bill will be presented and if the house gets on the same page of the senate, it will be on the president's desk. what does that mean for the administration? >> it's a big win for the president. really a big win for those who have paid their debt to society and are ready to reentry. this is about workforce development, about education, skills training ands ability to get a second
4:43 am
chance through the first step act. the president and jared kushner my colleague here and many others in the house and senate came forward after decades dolling over this issue of coming together and passing this. i think some of the same equity that we had earlier this year when every single democrat who voted in the house and every single democrat who voted in the senate came together and put on the president's desk historic opioid and drug legislation. so, when people want to come together on behalf of the american people they do it through criminal justice reform through opioid legislation. that's why the democrats are completely disingenuous when they walk away from border security. this also is for the country. i don't know why they are playing politics with something like that. brian: because they don't want to give the president a win. >> that's a shame. as we have seen with criminal justice reform it's a win for americans. criminal justifiable reform i think is also a matter of compassion and this is not for hardened criminals. not for violent criminals as i read it it's for people who really want to -- ready
4:44 am
to reenter into society and we are a country of compassion and second chances. steve: okay. that is a win for the president and congress as well. >> no doubt. ainsley: kellyanne, thank you so much. if we don't talk to you before, merry christmas. >> merry christmas to all of you. steve: what's coming up. >> coming up one organization is bringing christmas cheer to the children of fallen heroes. find out how can you help them just ahead. brian: elon musk unveiling new tunnel where cars can travel 100 miles per hour. would you drive through it does anyone in this country invent anything except this guy? ainsley: why a tunnel? brian: too many people on the street. ♪ hold on tight to your dream ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study,
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4:47 am
steve: this holiday season millennials putting their own spin on christmas tradition such as leaving cookies leaving avocado
4:48 am
toast out for santa with a side of -- ainsley: here with reaction lighting up social media carley shimkus. >> fire up that cage-free eggnog. stand under the responsibly sourced mistletoe. is that a good one? ainsley: not allowed to use that anymore. >> funny thing happened on twitter yesterday. people started talking about how millennials would celebrate christmas. and some of these tweets had me cracking up. the avocado toast one i thought was fantastic. another person said i think we have a gingerbread tweet as well. let's see. organic genderless gingerbread figures. not a gingerbread man anymore. brian: can't have all men gingerbread. >> i don't think santa is going to like the avocado toast. one more tweet. tracking santa's uber route
4:49 am
online. steve: going to track his route. ainsley: uber route. steve: how much would it be from the north pole to every person's house? >> that would probably rack up a big bill. we will have to wait. one more reaction tweet from lauren who says shelfy on selfin the shelfy and getting offended by something trivial. if any millennials are watching out there and think this is funny we called you out on it. steve: meanwhile elon musk is building a tunnel so people can drive fast. >> elon musk and his boring company unveiled a 1 mile tunnel they dug under hawthorne, california yesterday. the vision people will drive their cars into this tunnel and eventually going from point a to point b at 150 miles per hour. this could really be a pretty revolutionary thing if you are living in the city of like l.a., chicago, new york. brian: unless you are jimmy johnson in a nascar not
4:50 am
going 150 miles per hour. my thing is how do you get permission to dig underneath a town? >> they did it must have gotten permission there is a bunch of reaction to this story on facebook. huge on social media. says a tunnel in california with all its earthquakes sounds like a death trap. really good tweet there january also saying revolutionary he should call it a tesla tunnel or maybe a subway. michael says there are these pretty amazing things called buses and trains that can run with a level of efficiency beyond that. brian: traffic is so bad in los angeles, you can't move. carley: i'm on board with this. reporters just got their first trial of this tunnel. they took a test run and they only went about 50 miles per hour. so they still have a long way to go. ainsley: someone is going to get into an accident because you are going very fast and how will you get them out? steve: how much will it cost to drive on that road. carley, thank you very much. brian: look at four bats. and one organization is bringing christmas cheer to the children of fallen heroes.
4:51 am
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♪ steve: this week we are taking a look at some worthy causes that you can help at home support this christmas season. believe with me is a nonprofit determined to make sure the families of fallen service members are not forgotten which is why the group is continuing its annual mission of giving christmas gifts to nearly 1,000 gold star children. leat rebeck is the founder with believe with me. where did you get this idea. >> a few years back my family and i were going through a really tough time and i met a gold star mom. and she had so much joy and passion and purpose that i
4:55 am
kept a picture of her boy and another 29 that were killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. and i looked at those faces every day. when i would be tempted to give up in my own battles i would think about those battles and i would think i can't give up. steve: their struggle every day. >> every day for the rest of their lives. i met with her and loss is not for nothing. i'm going to turn it into something. i asked her to believe with me. and that's what we have today. steve: you were trying to help a gold star family is somebody who has lost a loved one in combat. >> lost a loved one in our nation's military. steve: you want to make sure that those 2k3w08d star children are not forgotten. >> they are not forgotten. america has not forgotten. i want to give our youth, our high schoolers, university students young families an opportunity to know their stories and take part in something giving back to these families. steve: all right. how can we help? >> go to believe with we have hundreds of
4:56 am
unsponsorred children still right now that we need taken care of. steve: a few days before christmas. >> a few days before christmas. we are thankful fedex has underwritten our shipping get these packages out as soon as sponsored. we need all you grateful americans. i know this audience is full of patriots that love our country. this is an incredible opportunity for them to have a hands on way to give back to these families. steve: you know something about children. how many do you have? >> 16. steve: have you 16 children. >> there is my crew. >> you were preparing them for the holiday season you want to help some gold star families. it's such a pleasure to meet you lyette reback. what's your organization? and website. >> believe with steve: also go to we we will link with you. >> merry christmas. steve: giving continues tomorrow tunnels to towers
4:57 am
first responders and service members as well. thank you. meanwhile straight ahead timothy cardinal dolan will be in studio with a special christmas message you are going to want to hear. ♪ ♪
4:58 am
. . tels on tripadvisor... enter your destination and the dates of your stay. tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to find the best deal on the right hotel for you.
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5:00 am
♪ brian: shutdown showdown over the battle at the border. three days left for congress to make something happen. >> if we need a shutdown to show this country we're serious about border security, than a shutdown is exactly what we need. michael flynn will have a wait until at least march to await his fate. >> passing a bipartisan prison reform bill overnight. >> a big win for those that paid their debt to society. we're a country of second chances and. >> facebook under fire again. a bombshell new report says that the social media buy ant shared users private messages.
5:01 am
things to a team of doctor, baby rowan beated odds. >> i did a lot of praying. babies seem so fragile. they're so strong. >> we hope the opportunity as parents to be a family together. that is our hope. ♪ ♪ more than a feeling ainsley: boston sings that song. brian: more than a feeling. that is boston. steve: more than a feeling. we have great guests in this final hour of "fox & friends." we have timothy cardinal dolan, the archbishop. ainsley: another man loved in boston. steve: he will join us shortly. if you have a question for him he will talk about the christmas season.
5:02 am
email us at brian: he can handle any question, life, death, christmas, jesus. he has the answers. ♪ ainsley: he will talk to us about the christmas message. he will answer some of your questions. send those in. brian: make him talk. steve: we have tough questions for newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor, the author of "trump's america quote. mr. speaker good morning to you. >> good morning. you're lucky to have a cardinal dolan who is quite a character and i think very charismatic. brian: don't you think he would make a great pope? >> [laughter] i think americans would love it. he would certainly be the most entertaining pope in modern times. brian: we could use some entertaining from the vatican. steve: without a doubt. mr. speaker we'll talk to but the big story out of washington. the big question whether or not there will be a government shutdown. last week the president made it
5:03 am
clear talking to chuck schumer and nancy pelosi he would be proud to shut down the government, getting a wall, border security so important he would shut down the government. now it sounds like mitch mcconnell tried to float a couple of ideas in front of the democrats. they wouldn't bite. there may be a continuing resolution which continues everything at the same levels until nancy pelosi takes over the house. it looks as if the democrats are going to win on this. there will be no money for the president and his wall this time. >> well, they may win for two weeks but, again i think the president's probably trying to get past the christmas season. i have always thought having been through shutdowns when i was speaker, i don't think shutting government down on christmas eve is particularly big win for anybody. it's a pain in the neck for hundreds of thousands of families directly affected by it. i don't think the president has
5:04 am
given up. the issue, whether the democrats, they are one disasterous crime looking really bad. there are problems with people coming into the u.s. illegally. there are people who commit crimes, who come to the u.s. illegally. ms-13 is a threat. i think for the democrats to decide they don't want to protect america is a tough position to take. brian: the problem, newt, i just don't know where the president's leverage is on this. everything you say is logical. these democrats are on the record supporting the positions the president has. all that being said, i don't see the leverage to get what he wants? >> well, i mean his leverage ultimately, if he is prepared to do it, refuse to accept the appropriations bill. i could imagine getting to an agreement where they pass two separate bills, one for homeland security, which he would refuses to sign. and the other for the rest of the government which doesn't need to be in the middle of this
5:05 am
fight. gradually gets it down to a point but the president has enormous leverage if he just, you know, if he says he won't sign it, they have got to get 2/3 majority in both the house and senate to pass anything. it is an interesting contrast. you're just reported a very big victory, 20-year project where president trump and jared kushner deserve a lot of credit because without their leadership, we would not have the criminal justice reform. i think you're about to see a very bipartisan bill on alzheimer's go through. not like they can't get things done if they want to. the democrats think it is to their advantage to posture against security. the president thinks it is very much his responsibility to protect americans. that's a real fight. i don't know that he minds dragging it out for a while. series of two week agreements. ainsley: something he needs to give up on though? because nancy pelosi and chuck schumer they're never going to budge. they are not going to
5:06 am
compromise. maybe this was his opportunity to compromise. if he can't get done when the republicans have the house and senate is he ever going to be able to do it? >> yeah. part of it, i suspect he believes every week he is talking about security for americans, and they are posturing against protecting the border, i think he is probably winning in the long run. i don't think he is particularly bothered by this. steve: you know what? he tweeted just about 25 minutes ago. i dropped my twitter machine here. the president tweeted, in our country, so much money has been poured down the drain for some years when it comes to border security and the military the democrats fight to the death. we won on the military being completely rebuilt one way or the other. we will win on the wall. you know what, mr. speaker? it looks like realistically he lost on the wall, unless he says no, i will not sign the thing, there is a government shutdown, a lot of people drew the line in the sand, this is worth shutting
5:07 am
down, if there is not a shutdown he will look like a loser? >> well, look, if he accept as one or two-week extension that is hardly caving in. we'll see how it plays out. notice what he just said as you pointed out 25 minutes ago. he will come back again and again. the democratic party is refusing to protect americans, and presently, every time somebody who is here illegally kills somebody it is going to show up and the president will say, this is because the democrats refuse to protect americans. i don't know that's a good position for them to look out to 2020, as a party that doesn't want to protect america. brian: let's talk about mike flynn. i could not believe what took place yesterday as we hear and chronicled behind closed doors. it opened up with an eight-minute rant by the judge as it reads out all of flynn's transgressions. he mistakenly said his act, his conduct was treasonness.
5:08 am
he betrayed america. then they were going to defy the recommendations from the prosecution. looks like he was heading towards incarceration. how do you explain the behavior of judge sullivan? >> i have no idea what happened to the judge. that was not his reputation. and i think a lot of people who admire him were shocked by that performance. and a lot of what he said was just nonsense. it's a little worrisome to have a judge go off the deep end like that, this guy has power virtually life and death. who knows what he will do to general flynn now. i thought it was a pretty frightening, if you have prosecutors overzealous and they're pushing the limit, putting people in solitary confinement for months on end. you have a judge who goes off the deep end, i think that is pretty scary about the nature of freedom for most americans. brian: go ahead. ainsley: comes down to the judge's decision, right. even if the recommendation is
5:09 am
for zero time behind bars, it is all up to one person, the judge, right? >> it is. and although he could probably could be appealed, given that rant, i would not be at all surprised to have flynn's lawyers preparing to move to a different judge because that was, i never seen any judge quite lose it that badly. brian: so much at stake too. he got it wrong. at one point he accuses flynn as acting unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as national security advisor. his issues as a private individual was he signed a lobbying contract to represent with turkey. steve: the judge got the timeline wrong. brian: he got the timeline wrong. your conduct is treasonness. he goes, sorry. sorry? he apologizes later. i didn't understand this. when you unnerve the prosecution i think you have done something substantial.
5:10 am
>> as i said i'm a little surprised they don't move just to take the case away from him because, i mean when a guy comes out and says that kind of stuff, you know, i really didn't mean it, i don't think that is somebody i want to have, i wouldn't want to have him judging me or anybody i know with that kind of attitude. ainsley: how easy is it to change judges if his team doesn't like this guy? pretty easy? steve: not changing judges. >> i don't know if you can change but again, this is almost unprecedented to have a judge say these kind of things in a position of sentencing. so i don't know what the appeals court or the supreme court would say, what kind of inappropriate behavior. brian: one of his questions was, are you done cooperating? really? you don't know ahead of time this is what he recommended? they have given substantial cooperation? if you're not done cooperating we'll push this to march. what, is this guy just winging
5:11 am
it? >> you do get the sense he must have had a bad morning. you know -- steve: we all have those. >> but it's scary, if it's a person who has the power of life and death. and they have a bad morning? that's, i think pretty frightening. for the average americans have to look at this, look at a woman kept in solitary. she was in solitary confinement for five months when the crime she was charged with as a six-month sentence. i mean that is how bad they were squeezing her. steve: thank you very much. this week before christmas. >> merry christmas to you. ainsley: merry christmas. steve: thank you very much. all right. 8:11 here in new york city. ainsley: jillian has some headlines for us. jillian: good morning. let a es start with this. a doctor accused of selling opioids linked to five overdose deaths and two high-profile cases. the doctor prescribed drugs to a suspect in a dui crash that
5:12 am
killed a fire captain. the california country music bar shooter was in possession of the doctor's medication but the drugs were prescribed to someone else. the doctor faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted. newly-released memos suggest that the fbi expedited its review process to fire ex-deputy director andrew mccabe. the documents claim the bureau was not on track to let mccabe go before his retirement. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein had the final say. mccabe was let go in march. that was two days before he was eligible for a lifetime pension. he was under investigation for leaking to the media. a rare tornado carve as path of destruction in washington state. look at that. powerful winds ripping off rooftops, uprooting trees west of seattle. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! jillian: that's scary. a giant funnel cloud near a walmart store.
5:13 am
the storm moving across the country. look at this, it is one christmas gift that even santa can't beat. lily may is totally shocked right there when her brother shows up at kindergarten story time. >> it is about family, how you get to spend time with your family. you don't need to have presents and joy. you need family to have joy, and happiness. jillian: my gosh. private first class christopher borcher spent five months training in arizona. he is home for the holidays in kentucky. ainsley: is she not the cutest. steve: some reunions with mothers and fathers. remember the brothers and sisters who are serving's well. ainsley: she definitely looks up to him too. brian: thanks, jillian. coming up straight ahead. is this true? we have cardinal dolan coming up? he will be in studio live with a special christmas message. he is answering your questions. make them tough. ainsley: plus five shop shopping
5:14 am
days left until christmas. we're live at lands' end headquarters with the christmas shopping -- brian: rush. ♪ beginning to look a lot like christmas everywhere you go ♪ over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die.
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♪ >> we are only five shopping days away from christmas. americans are expected to spend nearly 5% more this year. steve: all right. those are some of the numbers. jeff flock from our sister network fox business is live at lands' end headquarters in wisconsin, where-and-a-half, even though last minute, people can buy, the conveyor belt will shoot a package to their house in no time. reporter: imhelping this morning. i hope i'm not dumb enough to work. this is lands' end. look at this place. i just grabbed it off the conveyor. what is that? whatever it is i throw it in there. there is a little scanner over there and that scans it and tells which of these bins to dump it in. then it goes to your house. it is not the north pole. it is pretty far north. we're actually in wisconsin. this is lands' end, iconic american company. you know, this is a company that is benefiting this year as our, all of the companies from this
5:19 am
run-up in the economy. they expect about a 5% sales growth this year and here are the elves essentially ready to go, waiting for the packages to come down the chute. wouldn't you know it as we come live on the air, no packages coming down the chute. that is the story of my life. later on the fox business network, that is jerome griffiths up there, he is the ceo of lands' end. he will be with us exclusively on the fox business network shortly. you have a lot of viewers at "fox & friends." you can have a few -- to the folks on fox fox business netwo. ainsley: i am glad he is there. steve: jeff, that plant, distribution site looks about a mile long. how many people does it take to get all that stuff out to the folks? reporter: about 2,000 folks here at maximum capacity. this year they're having a lot of trouble finding people because you know -- still don't know what that is.
5:20 am
unemployment is so low in wisconsin, you know, that is a good problem i guess to have. what is this stuff? oh, it is a t-shirt. ainsley: people will not get their packages. i think they're supposed to stay in their bin. steve: suddenly people all across america will -- reporter: told me -- don't mess it up. if i put the scanner, that i put it in here and then we're good to go. finally we got packages. there you go. it's happening. ainsley: there we go. steve: at lands' end the end is in sight. christmas is tuesday. jeff, thank you very much. >> beginning to look a lot like christmas. steve: it is indeed. 8:20 here in new york city. brand new scandal for facebook. turns out your private messages are not as private as you thought. michelle malkin says more proof you can't trust the online bigs.
5:21 am
ainsley: these package thieves picked the wrong man to mess with. it's a glitter bomb. it smells bad and throws glitter all over you. it is going viral. f cargo room and seating for 8. now that's a sleigh. ford expedition. built for the holidays. and for a limited time, get zero percent financing plus twelve hundred and fifty dollars ford credit bonus cash on ford expedition. it's just a cough. yeah right, and i was born yesterday. (indistinct announcement over pa system) i'm a baby! what? treat your cough seriously with robitussin dm max. it soothes in seconds and delivers fast, powerful cough relief for hours. robitussin. because it's never just a cough. so shark invented duo clean.
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5:24 am
♪ jillian: good morning to you. back with your headlines now. the senate overwhelmingly pass as bipartisan prison reform bill overnight sending it to the house. counselor to the president kellyanne conway reacting moments ago. >> it's a big win for the president. it's a big win for those that paid their debt to society and are ready for reentry. this is about workforce development, education, skills training, the ability to get a second chance through the first step act. jillian: the bill reduces
5:25 am
sentences for some drug offenders and boosts rehab efforts. a former nasa engineer turning sweet revenge into a sparkly and smelly glitter bomb. watch how he catches package thieves off-guard. >> what the [bleep]? jillian: what you get. the device exploding with glitter and stinky aerosol spray. filled with four smartphones inside to capture the surprise for our entertainment. new reining champion on the voice. >> the winner of "the voice" is, is chevelle shepard. you are the winner. jillian: she is 16-year-old country singer, that worked with coach kelly clarkson. steve?
5:26 am
steve: congratulations indeed. thank you, jillian. brand new facebook scandal making headlines in "the new york times" this morning. turns out your private messages may not be as private as you thought. ainsley: according to "the new york times" for years facebook gave some of the world's largest technology companies more intrusive access to user personal data than it has disclosed, effectively exempting those business partners from its usual privacy rules. brian: another blow to facebook. here to react, columnist and author, one of the most digitally connected people i know, michelle malkin. michelle this is devastating to facebook, disturbing to us. >> very disturbing, it is a basically a data free-for-all. there are a lot of users out there who have always been nervous about who their data was being given to. "the new york times" report shows that without their consent users data was being given to bing and amazon and -- steve: spotify.
5:27 am
>> spotify, netflix. is there another tech company or big entertainment giant that wasn't getting our data? we just had all of these silicon valley executives march up to capitol hill talking out of both sides of their mouth that of course they protect user data. well let the user beware. and i think that it is especially important now that politicians on capitol hill be very, very careful about accepting all of the solutions that the silicon valley lobbyists now want to write into law where they would still retain control of user data. now i'm one of those people who is always very reluctant to go adopt the regimes being proposed elsewhere outside of america but if you look at the european model they have something called gdpr, which is general data protection regulation and facebook is facing billions of dollars of fines for security breaches. i think it is about time they be held accountable here too.
5:28 am
brian: here is what facebook said. to be clear none of these partnerships or features gave companies access to information without people's permission nor violate our 2012 settlement with the ftc. >> you gave them permission, michelle. >> don't believe a word these silicon valley titans say about privacy. and you have to look at this in the context too of a number of these breaches. this isn't the only one. they were cashing in on user data without their consent. that is the key. they go up on capitol hill say, oh, well, users simply didn't understand or read the fine print. it wasn't anywhere in the fine print. that's the point here. it is not just facebook. it is google. it is twitter. it is all of these companies. of course they have this social justice mission. yet they're operating like big businesses. i would say the biggest problem now is, all of these companies have access to children's data. this is something i have been reporting on for years now. and i think they should be
5:29 am
banned from public classrooms if they're allowed to get away with these kinds of breaches. steve: private stuff not so private. finally real quick, we know you studied, written about immigration for over a decade, remember last week the president made it very clear in the meeting with chuck and nancy, i will proudly shut down the government if i don't get the five billion dollars. now he will not get the five billion dollars. paul ryan who never really wanted the wall anyway, looks like they're not even going to bring that up for a vote. mitch can't wheel and deal with the democrats. it looks like nancy pelosi and chuck schumer won and the president and his wall at this point, not going to happen. >> yeah. well i'm not going to sugarcoat it. i'm not going to spin it. i wish i could but i can't. this is a cave. this was a blink. all you have to do is look at it, you quoted it, steve, the exact precise words that president trump used. and now, look at what the white house is forced to do?
5:30 am
yes, to answer brian from a couple of segments ago, yes we have to hold the republicans, particularly mitch mcconnell, who has been in office since 1984 and has never been able to get this deal done because he is afraid of a shutdown. but now look at what the white house is forced to do. scrounge around for $600 million in the defense budget in order to fund, a puny 100 miles? as if, border security is an afterthought? for nancy pelosi to call the attempt to try and scrounge up money, a slush fund, i will tell you what slush funds look like. they look like the trillion dollar stimulus. they look like the slush fund hush fund that nancy pelosi helped preside over to pay off accusers who were victimized congressional sexual assailants. that is what slush funds are. this is sovereignty fund. it's a security fund. it should job number one.
5:31 am
steve: we had kellyanne conway on an hour ago, maybe the president won't sign the cr. thanks for joining us live. ainsley: take care. steve: he is in the studio. timothy cardinal dolan is here live with a special christmas message. he is answering your questions if you got one for the cardinal. merry christmas. ainsley: good morning.
5:32 am
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♪ ♪ i played my drum for him
5:35 am
brian: happens to be the drummer boy. the drummer boy is coming back big time. timothy cardinal dolan will be leading midnight mass st. patrick's cathedral christmas morning. i saw his schedule. ainsley: he joins us now with a preview of his christmas message timothy cardinal dolan. >> thanks for the invite. i'm comfortable with you all. i always feel at home here. i asked you last year why didn't you invite me for christmas. you said we have a tradition of having chubby, cheerful people. i will take the cheerful. i don't know about the chubby. steve: during the commercialer actually kind of explaining how you come up with your sermon for christmas mass. >> yeah, thanks for asking, steve. i don't think it is unique to me. you guys remember archbishop full ton sheen. brian: sure. had his own tv show. >> beat up milton berle on the ratings. he said it's a four-point process is. when you're preparing your
5:36 am
homily. first you have to pray. it starts in the heart and soul. starts in the soul with prayer. then it moves in the heart. you fall in love with it. goes up to the mind where you write it up put it on paper. only then goes to the lips. i'm about in the mind for the midnight mass. i'm at step three. a lot of people listen. i want to try to be as good as i can. ainsley: you tell the christmas message. a lot of people come to church just on easter and christmas. steve: twice early. >> or when mom comes to town. they will say that too. they will show up. you're right, ainsley. we got a bonus, i preach right after the gospel. what i preach flows from the gospel. the gospel at mid into the mass is the christmas story. we could lip sync because we know it so well but we never get tired of it. relate the christmas gospel, the birth of jesus, write from there to preach i sort of got a leg up. brian: here is the thing, you look what is happening in the
5:37 am
world, you factor that in, or give the message of christmas? >> no, i think the two are tied together. the christmas gospel talks about what is going on the in the world, roman census, taxes, things don't change, right? what i do, the great writer gk chesserton you should pray with the bible in one hand and today's newspaper with the other. you have to connect the two. you have to bring what god revealed in the bible to us in the contemporary world. i try to do beth. thanks. steve: we're five days away from christmas. a chat of people feel i have to be at the mall when they open. i have to spend more than last year. you think that asaphia folly. it is not about stuff. >> all folly holly in a way. there is a great christmas tradition to give away, sob cellless. steve: don't drive yourself
5:38 am
crazy. >> all is calm, all is bright, silent night. let that sink in with peace. ainsley: some people are stressed out right now. how do you deal with that? >> i think, ainsley, we're dominated by what is going on out there. my lord, you all have to live it, you have to report every day what is going on out there. the secret comes in, take care of in here, okay? this is what is important. pope saint john paul the second used to say, stress being, get this, kind of complicated, stress being over having and doing. we are driven to have and to do. he said okay, but first stress, just being. steve: live in the minute? >> being with family and friends. being with the lord in our heart and soul. being with one another. being with god's word. being with people in need. being with the sick. being with the people we love. you have seen married couples, one of them the husband or wife
5:39 am
has alzheimer's. they still sit there. i just want to be with him, okay? there is a beauty, that is where the heart and soul, that is where the inside comes in. christmas speaks to the inside. you know what a guy told me the other day. i was in prison. i love to go to the jails at this time of the year. so i had mass. well, these guys will not get the mass on christmas. i will use the christmas gospel, okay? afterwards i'm greeting the prisoners, one says, you know what? he says, if the son of god can be born in a dirty stable, with animals he can be reborn in the heart of a prisoner. bus test, you got the christmas meaning. is that something? brian: isn't great prison reform is coming down which is a second chance? >> you got it to be. reborn, reformed. ainsley: sorry to interrupt you, i'm curious to know where did you grow up? >> i never did. [laughter]. ainsley: like most of us, right?
5:40 am
>> we want to be kid. ainsley: this is our dream job. i'm sure -- >> ainsley, i grew up, i grew up in missouri right outside of st. louis in baldwin. had a great family. my mom may be watching. and so, i always wanted to be a priest. i wanted to be a parish priest. you know what that means? the priest in a parish. you love your people. you're with them. you visit them. you're with the sick. you're comforting the dying. always wanted to do it. god had other things in story. steve: you have a really big parish now. >> when i all i said i want to be a parish priest. well you are, you have 2.6 million parishioners. brian: a long line at confession. ainsley: largest catholic can three drat in the country? >> you know what, i think, no, i can't tell a lie. i think newark, beautiful basilica, sacred heart is a bit bigger. theirs is paid off too [laughter]. steve. brian: you're not? >> not yet. brian: you refinanced. >> if you show up for the second
5:41 am
collection we're okay. ainsley: i'm glad the scaffolding is down. >> you're right, ainsley. it has only been down a couple years. brian: so clearly your favorite. i can see this. ainsley: i like -- steve: can you stick around for a couple more minutes? >> i would love to. you got any eggnog? ainsley: you see? steve: we have cage-free eggnog. he will answer some of your questions. brian: make it tough. make it tough. steve: the cardinal when we come back. ♪ maria ramirez?
5:42 am
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5:44 am
steve: we're back with timothy cardinal dolan. he has got answers for the questions you have asked. the first one comes up, let's take a look, an email from bill, cardinal.
5:45 am
>> okay. steve: he writes i volunteered to teach religion class for second and third-graders. >> what a good man. steve: what can i tell the new generation to keep them interested in hearing about the gospel? >> bill, thank you for helping parents pass on faith to their kids. thanks for your ministry, bill. sometimes we make a mistake, talking about what message or what teachings or what things can i teach my kids. it is first and foremost bill, about a person, a person, who happens to be the second person in the most blessed trinity, our lord and savior jesus christ whose birthday we're getting ready to celebrate. we teach first and foremost about him, bill. i can remember second grade, sticks with me, sister marry bosco, best teacher i ever had, telling me the stories, the stories of jesus. they excited me. they made me feel in love with them.
5:46 am
neil: don't worry about changing message for the next generation? >> start with the person what we believe flows from that relationship. brian: a question you probably get every day, why does god let bad things happen in our world. from manuel? >> manuel, if i had the answer to that one i could pay off. brian: what do you say? you get that every day. >> please, this is not a copout. i don't know. it's a mystery. i say this, when evil happens, particularly evil happens to good people, i say, lord, i don't understand this. this doesn't seem to be a way to run a railroad but it doesn't make much sense even with my deep faith in you. all i do know lord, it makes absolutely no sense without you. if i didn't have the deep-seeded believe that everything is in your hands that sooner or later everything will work out according to your will as you taught us in the bible, i couldn't go on. because even in moments of darkness, when evil seems to
5:47 am
triumph i still believe in your divine plan it is going to work out. i don't know if i got the answer to that. concentrate on god's long-range plan. what do we separate operate now? the darkest day of the year is coming up, right? darkness seems to prevail. i will be darn on december 22nd, the sun imperceptibly begins to rise again. the light begins to conquer the darkness. the days begin a tiny bit brighter. that is what christmas is about at the darkest time of the world. the son. s-o-n, came to conquer the darkness. brian: let the record show, before you answered that question you punched me in the arm. >> i was giving you a flu shot. [laughter] steve: i got punched in the arm by the cardinal unbelievable. brian: this message, is you're, can you give us a preview what you will say on sunday? >> i will say, you know what? i will give you a little tip. i will use the quote i gave you
5:48 am
from the prisoner. look, everybody in one way we're celebrating what did happen 2018 years ago, jesus christ was born in bethlehem. we're most of all celebrating what is happening. that birth would have been nice to toast. it has epic impact in our life because he wants to be reborn in our heart and soul. that is the birth that means more to him. ainsley: have you heard that song, mary, did you know? >> isn't that phenomenal? yes. steve: when you are the parish priest, quickly do you spend all christmas day at work? >> no, usually this time of the year is hectic, because you want to get around. i would go up, i have midnight mass. i will be at bellevue hospital on christmas eve. i try to go someplace where people can't leave. midnight mass. 10:15 mass in the morning. i usually have some lunch with some sisters, visit a nursing home. then i take off.
5:49 am
ainsley: can they watch it online? >> joe, is it online? ainsley: it is online. >> thanks for asking. brian: joe knows everything. >> you have to have fox on. blessed christmas to you and to everybody. brian: back at ya. steve: perfect set up for a gospel group opening for the radio city rockettes. they're performing live for us. ♪ ♪ sing about the joy, joy ♪ [upbeat music]
5:50 am
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♪ ainsley: oh, we're so excited. we're in the christmas spirit. the season is upon us. we just heard from cardinal dolan and guess who we have in now? some beautiful gospel singers. steve: doxsa singers, from redding, pennsylvania to open for the radio city rockettes.
5:53 am
they stopped by "fox & friends" to join us live. president and founding -- ainsley: member. steve: member. thank you very much. no pressure but the cardinal is here. and he loves the message and the song as well. how did you get invited to radio city? >> well our marketing director, one of our altoss she is rawls looking for opportunities out there. she stumbled on radio city. went through all the protocals. they said, we want you. ainsley: i love going over there to the christmas spectacular. when i moved to new york, people were saying, i'm from the south, oh, my gosh, this is a city of sin. i went into that. christian music, the christian message. it is beautiful, isn't it? >> yes, great. brian: i was one who told her that, a city of sin. steve: who got hired first and
5:54 am
who tried to match the others? brian: you got hired first, right? you want to recruit them? steve: what song will you do for us? >> it is our rendition of joy to the world. dean is our arranger. steve: terrific. let's get out of the way, "joy to the world" by doxa. ♪ joy, joy, joy, everybody sing about the joy, joy, joy ♪ ♪ to the world, joy to the world, ♪ ♪ the lord is come, let earth receive her king ♪
5:55 am
♪ let every heart prepare him room ♪ ♪ and heaven and nature sing, and heaven and nature sing and heaven and heaven and nature sing ♪ ♪ joy, joy, joy ♪ everybody sing about the joy, joy, joy ♪. ♪ to the world ♪ he rules the world with truth and grace ♪ ♪ and let the nations prove
5:56 am
♪ the gloryies of his righteousness ♪ ♪ and wonders of his love, and wonders of his love, and wonders, and wonders of his -- ♪ ♪ joy, joe, joy ♪ ♪ everybody sing about the joy, joy, joy, to the world ♪ ♪ joy ♪
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> we can't go four hours, am i
6:00 am
right? >> can we tell bill and sandra? >> look at this great crowd. >> we love you. >> they're taking selfies. see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news right now. the trump administration says it's now considering pulling all u.s. forces out of syria, 2,000 american troops on the ground there concentrated in the northeastern part of the country. much more what we're learning about this proposal. what it means for the pentagon and terror coming up later inside of "america's newsroom." first, however, it was james comey, now we're awaiting the arrival of loretta lynch back behind closed doors to talk about the clinton email matter and much more. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to the program today. happy holidays, merry christmas. >> julie: i'm julie banderas into sandra smith. lynch's


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