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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 27, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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watch in about 8 minutes in the morning if you missed it. >> kennedy: dana's book club. >> pete: we will. >> kennedy: will be back at noon eastern, here's harris. >> harris: breaking news as we await the start of the white house press briefing where press secretary sarah sanders is expected to get questions on some big and important topics today, including the dramatic turn in the russian investigation, the high tensions on the border for a couple of examples. let's go "outnumbered overtime" now, i'm harris faulkner. sarah sanders expected to step up to the lectern you see on the left screen right now at any moment. the president has gone out to robert mueller this morning just hours after the special counsel said former trump campaign chairman paul manafort broke his
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plea deal by repeatedly lying to prosecutors. the president tweeted this... sarah sanders, again, expected to take questions on the administration's response to the crisis on the southern border with mexico. as you know, border agents fired tear gas on rock throwing migrants who rushed on major u.s. crossing from mexico over the weekend. we should note, this will be the very first briefing since october 29th. the first since the white house implement the new guidelines for reporters. things could get very interesting very quickly, as they always do and our man navigating it in the room, chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us live from the white house press room, great to see you. >> first briefing in almost a
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month, clearly there's a lot for the press to talk with sarah sanders about, it's a full house, standing room only today, clearly the mueller investigation will be a big part of this, because of what mueller said in a joint status report with attorneys for paul manafort, that he has been, according to the special investigator's office, lying to investigators as part of his cooperation agreement as part of a plea deal in this joint status report, the office of the special counsel saying after signing the plea agreement, he lied to the federal bureau of investigation and the special counsel's office in a variety of subject matters, which constitute breaches of the agreement. he believes he has provided truthful information and does not agree with the government's characterization or that he had breached the agreement. given the conflict in the party's positions, there is no reason to delay the sentencing herein and he asked the courts to set a sentencing date in this matter. paul manafort is in jail but he
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was awaiting sentencing and was hoping to get some leniency by virtue of his cooperation agreement with the special counsel's office. that all appears to be out the window now in the president tweeted... at the same time as all of this was going on, "the guardian" newspaper out of the u.k. reported that manna paul manafort, just before he joined the trump campaign. both wikileaks and people close to manafort are denying this. wikileaks is willing to bet the guardian a million dollars that
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its editors, that manafort never met julian assigned. they will soon put out a statement saying there was never any meeting between paul manafort and julian assange. >> harris: pete hegseth brought up on the couch, there were meetings before he joined the campaign, there is some history there and who is to say that that wasn't a continuation of what happened with a further meeting or two. >> he is contending that there were never in any meetings, let alone three. >> harris: interesting. we haven't seen a press briefing since october 29th and i am curious to know, i don't know of anybody who is yet to go back and forth with the white house and agree on this, how will today be different or not? >> i don't expect it will be any different than it was in the
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past, i think a lot of people here are thinking and -- people will behave in the way they have become accustomed and we will see how it goes. >> harris: quickly before i let you go, a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks and you've got the last, we think, of the senate contests going on today with the runoff in mississippi, that might be to me that comes up, you've got an enumeration in the last few days from the white house, the exact military spending from what the president put in the budget, which is interesting because it has a lot of money for ptsd and health concerns for vets coming home, there's a lot there. >> there is. i also think we are probably going to hear briefing on the g g20, from larry kudlow at the very least, the chief economic advisor. so if that is the way this
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unfolds, any questions about mueller and tear gassing at the border will likely have to wait until after the top of the briefing. >> harris: we will be watching and covering it, as always, john roberts, thank you for being where you are. i want to bring in a republican congressman of california on the house oversight judiciary committee, great to see you, congressman. can we talk a little bit about robert mueller and where we think we are? there hasn't been a lot of leaks from his investigation, why do people feel like this is wrapping up and is that correct in your opinion? >> i think people feel is wrapping up because there is no there there, because he's prosecuted people in unrelated crimes but hasn't been able to create one indictment for something done by the trump campaign. i think the other point is, this whole paul manafort thing coming out in the open i think says a lot about well, they pressured him, try to get them to say
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something different then he said and they finally gave up and paul manafort is going to begin his sentence for an unrelated crime and they are sort of moving on, they've gotten whatever they're going to get from him and they don't like it. and i think they're not liking it tells you that they don't have anything left. >> harris: that's interesting, they are saying he lied every step of the way but it could also be the content of what he has said as opposed to a narrative is what i understand. >> harris, i think you are exactly right. they don't like what he said because it doesn't fit their narrative, they have a narrative that if he would say it, he would have a crime done by the campaign. what they don't have is what they wanted which is somebody to say yes, this happened when even after he was facing prison he made it clear, he knows of no crime by this campaign and that's not what they want to hear. that does bring a conclusion,
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unless they've got some other rabbit hole to go down, they are out of rabbit holes. >> harris: you would know more about what it takes for a presidential pardon at this point, i know it can't be a state adjudication, it has to be at the federal level. is what i believe if there was some way for there to be a part and down the line. >> pardons are always done over a relatively long period of time with a separate recommendation by counsel as to the character of the person. i wouldn't expect anything right away, in spite of the president's belief that manafort has been mistreated and as you say, he can only pardon for a federal crime. >> harris: i want to draw everybody's attention to the left side of the screen, you and iris sharing that screen right now. that is a lectern inside the white house press briefing room and as press secretary sarah sander steps up we will take it live. this is the first time leave her
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directly in this press briefing room since october 29th, from the white house. there are so many topics to get to, we are navigating down to breaking news right now on the subject of the russia investigation. i don't know if you caught it, congressman, but in recent days, legal experts like alan dershowitz said the president should be worried politically about bob mueller's investigation. he didn't say criminally, he said politically. why? >> because it is a political activity, very clearly when you hire somebody to try to find -- not what happened, not an independent investigation but try to find an alleged crime, by definition it is a political hunt and that may be the challenge, that he's not given the ability to say is there there there, he's supposed to find it and he hasn't done it.
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>> harris: all right, there there's one last question i have really quickly. we were going to segue. i'm going to hit you with this first, what's happening down at the border. >> almost once a year i've gone down to the border, met with the border patrol agents, throughout every administration, and the one thing you see is that they have to tolerate wrongdoing on a regular basis and make measured responses. and i think this is an example where rocks that could in fact kill them or maim them were being thrown and they made a decision to use a nonlethal weapon, just tear gas to try to for the criminal activity by people who say they want asylum. forget about the context of everything else that's going on, this is something the men and women of the border patrol face daily and they have to respond and they are trained to respond and hopefully we will keep that
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out of the politics because they did the minimum of what they had to do when they were being hit with lethal force. >> harris: congressman, great to see you, thank you very much for your time today. we are taking down to what's happening on the left side of the screen, the white house press briefing, breaking news right here on "outnumbered overtime." for more, let's talk about what likely will come up, the administration response to the border crisis, kirstjen nielsen says they've confirmed there are more than 600 convicted criminals traveling with the migrant caravan. we are joined by the chief of the u.s. office of citizenship under president george w. bush, thank you for being with me today. how is the administration in your professional opinion handling the crisis at the border? >> i think they're doing an outstanding job. it's time to send a clear message that entering the country illegally, much less storming across the border, it's
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not the way to enter the united states. it's not only dealing with those who are right outside the border right now at this caravan but also sending a message to immigrants who are thinking about it to dissuade them from entering the country irregularly. it's for their own safety. walking all the way from honduras or guatemala, two of the united states, it's a dangerous journey. what frustrates me is that democrats are politicizing this issue, using this to attack trump rather than questioning the organizers of this caravan for using these poor people, telling them, getting the caravan, you're going to make it to the united states and you will be able to petition for asylum and stay in the united states. the majority of them, the immense majority don't qualify for asylum, they're using them to make a political point and
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democrats are not saying anything about it. it's shameful. >> harris: i want to get in on that economic, you said these poor people, many of them have said to our reporters who have been embedded in that caravan over the last few weeks, the dangers of the track and many of them say it is for the poor economics in their country. should the government look at changing the rules for asylum? and if not, why not? >> no, then anyone from any country who is facing economic problems could then ask for asylum. asylum is very specific, according to international law and our own u.s. law, for people being individually persecuted for reasons of race, religion, or politics. if your country is poor, it's terrible but it's not a reason to petition for asylum but they are being told by the these
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organizers that they can ask for asylum and they will be given a permit, to stay in the country and that they will then have to show up before and asylum officer and make their case. to be fair, the majority do show up for their hearing but depending on the year, from 20- 20-40 percent don't show up. we've seen based on justice department numbers from 2012-2016, about 140,000 immigrants who have but to petition for asylum disappeared, that is not acceptable. we have to look at this seriously, the asylum system is being abused and democrats are not saying anything about it. >> harris: it's so interesting, why is there such a discrepancy in these numbers
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about asylum and who gets to stay and who is here, some say it's 1% or 2%. really quickly before i have to let you go, why does that exist? >> people are not looking at the justice department numbers or homeland security numbers, if you look at the data, it's very clear. asylum is granted to no more than 10% or 20% of people who petition it, those are the numbers from the government and that's the reality, so telling people they can come here and petition for asylum is a lie and you've seen the photos, people on this very dangerous journey, in sandals, some people in wheelchairs, elderly people, that is cruel but they are being used, they are pawns and a part of this political game to make a political point of the trump administration end of u.s. government. >> harris: alfonso aguilar, thank you very much for your time.
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no doubt this topic is about to come up as one of the things the white house press briefing secretary will be tackling, sarah sanders is likely to face that issue and the robert mueller probe, the southern border showdown, tariffs among other big topics. we will bring it to you live. the president is holding two rallies in the final hours leading to the high-stakes mississippi senate runoff which is under way, people are voting right now. will republicans expand their senate majority or do democrats have an opening in what has been an unpredictable race there? a live report, stay close. ♪
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>> harris: we are awaiting a white house press briefing, president trump has campaigned for a republican senator cindy hyde-smith during two rallies that happened yesterday. likely one of the things i could come up at this press briefing. voters are at the polls today. democrat mike espy may have hoped for and upset, that's what they are banking on on the other side of the political aisle as the race has become closer than expected, somewhat because hyde-smith made some controversial remarks. both of them have done. let's bring in hugo gordon. great to see you. i want to point out that there
10:21 am
been some gaps on both sides of the political aisle here as reports vary in mississippi but hyde-smith sitting into a difficult lane going into this runoff. >> harris, i think she's probably in an easier lane than most people have tried to suggest, there is been some effort to make what i think is probably a foregone conclusion into a cliffhanger. i suspect hyde-smith will end up being the 51st senate seat for the republicans and increase their majority in the senate. it's important for the democrats to make this seem like it's close, probably closer than it is. but even then have to admit that frankly, mike espy would be a long shot. >> harris: this has been such a sticky election season with the vote counts and the recounts and -- you know, when people watch this and they invest their time to go to the pole, that is the victory that isn't being
10:22 am
celebrated here. the midterm election got a lot of people out. >> it did and one of the things that's important and one of the reasons that adds to the tension in mississippi is this is the runoff, this is the vote that counts. the fact that they voted three weeks ago and the midterms, that reduces it to the two candidates that we have and they need to vote, both sides need to turn out their voters and don't want to see a loss of interest on their side simply because of the midterms were three weeks ago. obviously this is a very important vote, it would increase the republican majority in the house to three if cindy-hyde-smith wins but the democrats have done a pretty good job of making a lot out of a couple of rhetorical gaffes, because of something she said which was interpreted as racially insensitive and another comment that is seen as favoring
10:23 am
suppression of votes by young people. but i think that at the end of this, unless there is something that the internal polls show, the reason president trump went down there and did a couple rallies is not because he's worried or the republicans are worried that cindy hyde-smith will lose but he will quite like to run up the score and get it to double digits. >> harris: that's interesting, i haven't heard anybody say that, that this is an ad and by the way, when i last had on ronna mcdaniel, we revisited the idea that what we've seen on the republican side of the aisle with a pickup in the senate and the midterm is historic. >> midterms generally produce victories for the out of power party and look, the republicans had a very favorable map this time and they were defending fewer than a half, nearly only a third of the number of seats that the democrats had to defend, so the republicans were on a great position to produce
10:24 am
an unusual result for the midterms and you could say that by picking up only two, it was not -- it show that they were not performing as well as they might and they certainly got some unfavorable voting from women in the suburbs in particular, but the map always favored them and it produced what is historic in that the in power party picked up seats in the midterms, that's unusual. >> harris: there's been a lot of criticism for republicans not putting in funding for the presidents wall and how may be the establishment has to have his back on that particular issue, and others. what do you make of that? >> the wall is president trump's, frankly, very blunt and some people would say, crude way of discussing the immigration problem. there are a lot of republicans who are kind of embarrassed by the way he approaches this. the truth is that border border
10:25 am
security is already the law and popular support for building the wall and making the border more secure, but it's something which more establishment republicans have always found somewhat embarrassing, particularly because of the way the president presents this. >> harris: all all right. again, we are awaiting the white house press briefing, hugo gordon along from the "washington examiner," thank you. the white house press briefing set to begin at any moment, they slid past their time at the top of the hour, we will sit tight and to bring this to you live. to put it into context, this is the first time the administration has held a briefing in nearly a month, october 29th was the last time, and the first time since the white house issued new guidelines for reporters and john roberts and i were talking at the top of the hour about how that might change things, he think no changes here, people will continue to do their jobs, our secretary sarah sanders will do her job. plus president trump is going
10:26 am
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>> harris: a busy hour as we await the white house press briefing, president trump lashed out at general motors, no doubt you've heard the news of what they're doing in this holiday season, the company announcing it will cut 15% of its salaried workforce and shut down five plants across north america. the president spoke with the gm ceo yesterday, here's what he had to say about that conversation. >> i was very tough, i spoke with her when i heard they were closing and i said you know, this country has done a lot for general motors, you better get back in there soon. they say that a chevy cruze is not selling well, i say then get a car that is selling well and put it back in. i have no doubt that in the not-too-distant future they will put something else in.
10:31 am
they better put something else in. >> harris: the president saying he was tough with that ceo. you see there on the screen, wow. you talk with gm and get tough and say remember what this country is done, what does he mean? >> this country bailed out gm and we never got paid back. there were some bailouts, the bank bailouts we got paid back most of the money we put in but gm still owes us, taxpayers, about $10 million for saving them during the financial crisis in 2008-2009. but i must admit i and i think a lot of people on wall street and the business community, get nervous when presidents try to micromanage specific companies, whether it was jfk doing it to u.s. steel. there are plenty of presidents but it usually does not end up
10:32 am
well, look what happened with the bailout. we ended up essentially subsidizing fiats takeover of chrysler. >> harris: how could we have done that differently? not to have too much revisionist history and pretend we weren't seeing things fall apart but the president is saying, look at what this country has done. doesn't gm know? >> gm knows it very well and that's part of the problem, gm has been stuck on the edicts coming from the government, president obama pushing electric cars, she's saying she's going to close down some of the plants in ohio to open up other plants that make electric cars and some of those plants are in china. that is really infuriating president trump, the fact that gm may close down plants in ohio to open plants in china. we should mention of course, ohio was won by president trump in the 2016 election. it's unlikely or it would be
10:33 am
very difficult for him to win reelection in 2020 without ohio so there's a lot of politicking going on, he's lying to the crowds in ohio but these are real workers who will be losing their jobs, about 1600 workers in one town alone there which has already lost -- >> harris: can i ask you this? one of the things the president in the white house said is that he made promises and he's keeping his promises. when you give the kind of money and tax breaks these companies have seen and they do something like this, christmas season, 15% of occult workforce, people who have been valuable and loyal to gm, nothing lasts forever but you are hearing reports of some of their personal lives and things that are changing because of this. when you see all of this and you see the president, this is his wheelhouse, does he have a special way to get involved that previous presence presidents haven't? >> we are waiting for act ii company, act i was yesterday, the question is, what is that something, what would he do?
10:34 am
is this just talk to solidify his political base in ohio? he is now a politician. he was a businessman from he's always been a businessman playing politician, now he really is a politician. but what could he do, what could he take away? could he force gm to put more money back from the loans? lord knows there's a lot of questions now about whether what he said to gm might be said to other companies who are doing business in china. we should mention by the way, gm sales in china eclipse those sales of cars here in the united states, they make more money from the car sales in the united states in terms but they sell more, the volume is greater. >> harris: people who've been watching on the leslie mike left side of the screen, we are awaiting that conference with
10:35 am
press secretary sarah sanders to step up to the lectern at any moment and this is one of those topics as we were seeing it come together yesterday that i kind of had my eye on and it isn't just the tax cuts and it isn't just the 15% workforce, it's the idea that this president engages at such a level we've never really seen before. he will do it on twitter, i don't know if anybody knows as much about her coming to the white house yesterday, we had that report hitting our alerts. >> this is a president who takes everything very personally as we seen here. >> harris: sarah sanders, press secretary of the white house, let's watch together. >> secretary sanders: president trump's participation in the g20 summit is a key opportunity to reiterate his commitment to domestic, global, and economic growth and prosperity. in advance of global economic systems, based on fair economic competition and free, fair, and reciprocal trade. the president and delegation
10:36 am
will interact with many leaders, including bilateral meetings with the president of argentina, the president of russia, prime minister of japan and chancellor of germany. to speak more about the g20 and what the president attends to accomplish, i like to welcome the director of national economic council larry kudlow and his national security advisor, ed bassett or john bolton. both will be available to take your questions on the g20 and other foreign policy news of the day. >> thank you, sarah. thanks, everybody. let me just walk through some quick things and then i want to mention some things the president talk to us just a little while ago. as sarah said, g20 -- it's funny, it's not actually the g
10:37 am
g20, as ambassador bolton points out. in terms of the u.s. positions, we are going to use this as an opportunity to talk about our measures of tax cuts and the regulations and job training and so forth that have generated significant economic growth and prosperity, and that includes women's economic empowerment. free, fair, and reciprocal trade and trade reform, there will be discussions of infrastructure and also the u.s. emergence as the dominant energy power in the world. in terms of the much discussed meeting, it will be a meeting between president trump and president xi and representatives from both sides. i want to just mention what the president told us a short while ago, and that is, in his view
10:38 am
there is a good possibility that ideal can be made. and he is open to that. he is open to that. having said that, some caveats as always, certain conditions have to be met with respect to fairness and reciprocity as we've said many times. for example, issues of intellectual property theft must be solved, forced technology transfers must be solved. significant tariffs and nontariff barriers must be solved, issues of ownership have to be solved. the president will probably reiterate his view, we want our world ideally of zero tariffs, zero nontariff barriers and zero
10:39 am
subsidies. whether they can get through all of that remains to be seen but that's the president's point of view, just a little while ago. the u.s. is coming to the summit in very good shape, our economy is very strong, second quarter was 4.2, third quarter was 3.5, very strong holiday season, so called black friday very strong, we've had tremendous investments, business investments, energy investments, that helps consumers, of course. we are in very good shape. china, not so good. i am not here to critique or second-guess the chinese economy but most believe china to be in a slump where is the united states is in a very strong position going into this summit. to repeat, the president said there is a good possibility that
10:40 am
we can make a deal and he is open to it. on the other hand, if these conditioned i mentioned are not met and not dealt with, the president has said look, he's perfectly happy to stand on his tariff policies which, 10%, last $200 billion, scheduled to go to 25%, that's not a certainty but that is the schedule, and he said as recently as yesterday, if need be, if things don't work out in this u.s.-china summit meeting, he will invoke another 267 some odd million dollars in tariffs. it might not be that shirt do my first choice, i'm just saying his view. things have been moving very slowly between the two countries, until the president
10:41 am
himself called president xi and said let's restart, let's try to get things going. since then he's made positive comments about that. so we will see. they key u.s. goal is around growth and prosperity. i just leave it right there, do you want to add something to that, take some questions? let me take some questions and try to help out on this. >> i like you to address some concerns from representatives of italy, france, and germany who said we were backing away from the national stage and that russia will be the dominant economic force in europe and the middle east in the coming years. can you tell us a little bit if you can about the layoffs at gm? >> regarding the russia story, i will leave that to my long time
10:42 am
friend and colleague john bolto bolton. i met with mary barra yesterday and we had a lengthy conversation. the president believes, as frankly, the prime minister of canada believes, that the usmca deal was a great help to the automobile industry and automobile workers and they made those statements separately. and yet the gm comes in right after the deal, that deal will be signed in argentina. there is great disappointment that it seems like gm would rather build its electric cars in china than the united states. we are going to be looking at certain subsidies regarding
10:43 am
electric cars, whether they should apply or not. i can't say anything final about that but we are looking into it. mrs. barra told me, on the other hand, it might be possible to transfer workers to other plants in texas and in michigan. i am not an expert on general motors, or an analyst. that's what she said. there's a lot of disappointment, even anger. i've heard it from democrats and republicans. look. i don't want anybody to get laid off, i want workers to do very well and i want worker wages to do well and they are. it's one of the great things. the pessimism i'm reading about come maybe has to do with stock
10:44 am
market correction. let's not forget a couple weeks ago, we 250,000 new jobs which was a blockbuster number, 3.1% yearly gain in wages, 3.7% unemployment rate. again, holiday season layoffs from gm, brutal. very disappointing. will it affect the overall economy? i don't think so. >> these talks with president president xi, if they go nowhere and we move forward with what you just described, which correct me if i'm wrong, would be the biggest tariffs we've seen in your lifetime. what would the impact be on the
10:45 am
u.s. economy? >> that's a long period of time that you mentioned. >> what will be the impact on the u.s. economy, we see tariffs go up to the degree you just described. >> you know, we will see what happens. i don't want to suppose anything, the president is going to make up his mind. our economy is in very good shape right now and when you multiply through whatever numbers you want to use, tack on another which may or may not happen, at a 10% tariff rate or more, it's really just a fraction of our economy. it's just a fraction of our economy. i'm not suggesting that there aren't winners and losers in that case. on the other hand i think we are in far better shape to whether
10:46 am
this then the chinese are. i'll say one other thing, i appreciate your characterization, i am a free trader but if you have to ask yourself, this is what president trump has been talking about. when there is clear evidence of unfair and illegal trading practices for several decades, is that fair? is that free? is it free when intellectual property occurs, chinese ownership of american companies force transference of technology from american companies to chinese companies, high tariffs on agriculture and industrial supply, is that fair? president trump is the first president in, i don't know, at least 20 years, i'm including democrats and republicans, who
10:47 am
not only has made this case to take action to defend american workers and our overall economy. other presidents in both parties have raised the issue and walked away from it. and president trump obviously doesn't intend to -- this is under the heading for him of promises made, promises kept. something he's talked about for several years and he now continues. china will come to the table or in this case, the dinner table with some new ideas and some new attitudes and new cooperation, as a president said. nothing is written in cement or stone but again, for a free trader, where's the free trade? for several months now since i've been here, the president and i have talked about this.
10:48 am
we love to see that world but unfortunately we don't have that world. he's taking actions that he thinks will get us closer to that world. >> just another gm question, when the president said they better open a new plant very quickly, was he just venting his frustration or does he have consequences in mind if they don't? >> i'm going to leave that to him, you may find a additional announcements coming on that topic. yes, ma'am? >> reporter: i wanted to ask you, the chinese ambassador to the united states, his thought that there would be a risk to the global market if there wasn't a deal, how big are the
10:49 am
stakes if you can't reach a dea deal. >> look. the ambassador makes a point. now, if he would do his part or his government would do their part, we can all make a much better point. that's what president trump is saying. i will redo the quote again, there's a good possibility we can make a deal and he's open to it but certain conditions have to be met, certain things have to be changed. the president again, in the spirit of promises made, promises kept, is going to defend the interest of the american workers and small businesses in the economy at large. let me just add one other point to this. the rest of the world agrees with us. we signed trilateral agreement
10:50 am
with the e.u., the united states, and japan. worth looking at that document, which outlines what they call nonmarket abuses. just recently before the shanghai conference where president xi was to give an important speech, in any case, just before that conference. the french and german ambassadors to china wrote a very tough piece going after, again, nonmarket, unfair, nonreciprocal trading practices. there is broad-based support for the american position here which is china, to change its
10:51 am
practices and come into the community of responsible trading nations. they can do that, they are a major economy right now, we would welcome it, the president has said he's happy to make a deal but they have to take certain actions and take certain assurances. part of act the g20, getting that report around your positions from other countries? >> yes, please? >> reporter: thank you. yes, he was talking to me. tariffs are on imported products that are paid for by the consumers. does the president realizes will be paid for by the american citizens? >> look, he realizes the ramifications. as i said earlier, given the strength of our economy and the
10:52 am
size of our economy, we are in position to deal with this and handle this. that's the key point. and i'm not so sure about china but i will leave that to china, exports and so forth. the benefits, let me just look to the other side of the ledger. the benefits of true free-trade will be enormous if we go back to the idea of zero tariffs, zero nontariff barriers and zero subsidies. if china plays by the rules, even the wto rules and all that need reforming, in our judgment. if we do have a free trading system are we moving the direction direction of the free trading system, we will benefit enormously, frankly, we will benefit, they will benefit, the rest of the world will benefit. free-trade throws off enormous
10:53 am
benefits when it's done properly and consistently and in a reciprocal matter, that's a key point, you know. i think of it as a possibly long rainbow at the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold, you open that up and your prosperity for the rest of the world but you have to get through that long rainbow, we are not there yet. we can get there, the president is reaching out, but we will see how that works. yes, go ahead. >> reporter: thank you, sir. earlier you mentioned lower oil and gas prices as evidence that the president's economic policy is working, you mentioned the u.s. becoming the global dominant energy player but days ago, the president said that it was necessary to let saudi arabia and its crown prince get away with the murder
10:54 am
of a "washington post" journalist because saudi arabia injures low gas prices. which one is it, sir? >> i will let ambassador bolton handle that question, i am trying so hard to swim in my own lane and i think john will help out with that whole discussion. he's sitting there much to calmly and quietly. you are on, john. >> i'm delighted to be here, i don't have much to add. sarah gave me the list of bilateral's -- let me just update on the little bit because we are trying to fill every minute of the president's schedule. she said he's going to meet with the host government of argentin argentina, he will meet with president moon of south korea, president of turkey,
10:55 am
prime minister abe of japan, that will transform at some point in two oh trilateral meeting with the president of india and sarah said the president will meet with president putin and have a working dinner with president x president xi. >> reporter: thank you, sir. does the president have plans to meet with the saudi crown prince? >> the bilateral schedule is full to overflowing at this point, those are the ones i've listed that he will be meeting with. >> reporter: i have a question about the border tensions right now in the u.s. and mexico, the u.s. launched teargas canisters and i'm wondering if mexico had given the go-ahead before that happened and what is the u.s.
10:56 am
doing to mitigate any tensions with the incoming administration? >> i don't think that's really a subject of the g20 but i can say that secretary of state pompeo, who will be attending the g20 and will not be accompanying vice president pence to the inauguration on saturday the first, secretary pompeo will fly overnight from argentina to mexico and will meet with the new foreign minister in mexico on sunday the second and they will have a full conversation about all the issues in connection with the border. >> reporter: what do you expect to be on the agenda for the presidents meeting with putin? >> all the issues we have on security issues, arms control, regional issues. i think it will be full agenda
10:57 am
and a continuation of their discussion in helsinki. >> reporter: two questions, on thursday to meet with the new incoming president, i know one of the priorities, for the past few years, just last year, the president is one of the toughest on trade, why should we expect related to trade relations with the president, should we expect more cooperation or more tariffs on those on steel and aluminum? and another on venezuela, what kind of cooperation are you expecting? are you going to discuss
10:58 am
>> the meeting came as a result of president trump's call on election night in brazil to congratulate the president elect. they had a really outstanding phone call. i think developed a personal relationship, even remotely. president trump was the first foreign leader to call the president-elect. so following up on this, we thought it would be useful and certainly very helpful to the united states to hear from the president-elect, what his priorities are,what he's looking for in the relationship from the perspective of the united states we see this as a historic opportunity for brazil and the united states to work together, a whole host of areas. economics, security and a range of others. so i'm really looking forward to hearing what the president-elect's priorities are, trying to respond to and
10:59 am
trying to tell him a little bit about what president trump's views are and, hopefully, when the president-elect is inaugurated on january 1st, that the two leaders can really get off to a running start. so i'm really there to prepare to ground for them. >> dr. bolton, you tweeted about a case of american families being held in china. have you talked to the president about this case? if so, what has he told you and will he bring this up at the summit. >> i have discussed the question of american hostages and people wrongfully held on a whole host of subjects. i don't want to get into what his reaction was. i don't think those conversation should be public. but this is a matter of real concern to us. given the range of issues that president xi and trump will be covering is entirely possible
11:00 am
that that would come up. >> that meeting with president putin and president trump, will president trump condemn russia's aggression in ukraine? does the president consider it an act of war? >> look, ambassador haley is in the position of u.n. ambassador, spoke for the united states yesterday at the security council. we're gonna stand on that statement. >> the turkish leader. the issue is critical back in saudi arabia. can you confirm that will affect the relations with the u.s. and audio intelligence of killing jamal khashoggi, have you heard that tape? one final one. >> am i supposed to remember all these? >> i'l


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