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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 26, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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have the details on this. the dow is soaring today. it's up 1.4%. the dow up 347 points. 29 of the 30 industrials are in the green. neil will make sense of it all starting right now. >> they're not coming to the united states. they will not be coming into our country. >> neil: first the clash and now the threat. president trump threatening to shut down the border opening as many migrants threw rocks and other things at border agent. we have you covered in mexico where border agent are gearing up and at the white house the president is not backing down. we begin with jeff. >> reporter: we're on the border
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of tijuana and you can see some of the u.s. customs and border protection agent standing by ready to respond. they don't anticipate another event like yesterday. that involve some folks that ran up to this wall and some reported throwing rocks at the border patrol agent. as a result they used tear gas and pepper spray balls and the border protection agency defended the move. >> our agent were being assaulted. a large group rushed the area and were throwing rocks and bottles at my men and women putting them in harm's way as well as other members of the
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caravan. we needed to disperse the group and with that assaultive nature it was imperative we dispersed them from the area. >> now, there were arrests on both sides of the border. in the u.s. 69 people were arrested for trying to illegally enter the united states. i'll show you one other thing if we have time. you can look over here and you can see how they're preparing there's barbed wire set up and there's burms and you can see more border patrol agents getting ready to respond and they don't expect another event like that to take place but are ready. >> and president trump warning the caravan will not get in the country while threatening to shut down the border permanently.
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john roberts is live. >> reporter: the president leaving the white house 90 minutes ago heading to mississippi for a couple political rallies insisting the only way people get in to the united states is legally and that may be wishfully thinking because many are still trying to cross over illegally. we saw that yesterday as jeff was pointing out, customs and border protection officials had to use tear gas to disperse the crowd. as he was leaving the white house this afternoon, the president not making any apologies for having to use tear gas though some women and children were in the group. listen here. >> they had to use them because they were being rushed by some very tough people and they used tear gas and here's the bottom line, nobody's coming into our country unless they come in legally. >> reporter: supporters of the president acknowledge there were women and children in the lead of the group trying to get across the border yesterday but they insist the people organizing these border rushes
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and the caravan itself are putting women and children in harm's way because of the impact of the women and children pictures having to take them back out through the tear gas. this is an i told you so moment for the president because he's been warning for weeks now as this caravan has made its way northward the united states was not going to tolerate people trying to cross over the border en masse legally and the border patrol agents would respond and backed up by the military and a real message to mexico to say we're going to close down the border if this doesn't stop so if you're going to allow the migrants from honduras to pass through mexico it will begin to cost you economically. it's difficult to estimate mouch it costs -- how much it costs but it's not cheap. >> border patrol agent hit with rocks and other projectiles as
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migrants tried to rush the border before being rappelled the aclu calling the action inhumane. most americans are greeted to this one photograph of a mother fleeing with her two children and that's the image they got the women and children were being attacked and the aclu saying it was inhumane. what do you say to that? >> i say the people coming across in the group issin humane. is inhumane for the children. if anything that mother has serious issues putting her kids at that kind of risk. >> if some say this underscores how desperate they are and how bad it is back home the idea they would go through a gauntlet of tear gas and pepper spray
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because it's the ultimate destination and they have no other choice, how do you deal with this logistically and from a public relations angle? >> you know, i think she does have a choice. she has a choice to go to the proper port of entry and ask for asi asylum there and we've been dealing with this in the rio grande valley for years and we've seen it every day for the last four years. we're getting 5,000 a week where i'm at. we're seeing it and unfortunately nothing's been done the last four years and it's all coming to a head when we could have dealt with it at one station opposed through spread out across the southwestern border. >> many migrants are hunkered down in tia juana around what is
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it about the scrum we saw yesterday? >> we're getting overwhelmed and calling for help for years and the focus -- folks are getting desparate and our agent will response. hopefully lethal response is not needed and tear gas was done for their safety and our safety. >> what would it take to have lethal force? >> serious bodily harm or the threat of death against an agent or somebody nearby. >> the u.s. military backing you up, was it them who used the tear gas or border patrol? >> i'm not certain. we're trained with it so if it was used most likely it was from a border patrol agent or office of the field operations from
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customs. >> how do you feel about the idea maybe this is the ultimate test but also maybe a chance for the world to see what kind of jobs the men and women who work with you have sovereign rules. >> you don't just let people rush in your house. i don't know what the other train of thought is that this is okay. this is acceptable behavior because it's not. >> let's hope it doesn't get any worse than what we saw over the weekend. thank you, very much, chris. >> thank you. >> now to wall street. stocks soaring and americans keep spending. it's cyber monday today and want to go to ashley keeping track of it.
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>> all on the sofa you click and away it goes and the holiday season is off to a strong start and that has given a much-needed boost to the market. in-store traffic fell 9% compared to last year's black friday, however consumers spent more online. internet steals up more than 26% year over year ore -- over year from last wednesday through friday and cyber monday sales could see an increase of over 18% with sales predicted at $7.8 billion. that's a lot of clicking. all giving retailers a news boost. check out the amazon stocks up 5.3% in the session, best buy up nearly 3%. target up also up nearly 2.8%. oil prices also managing to rebound modestly after big losses in recent weeks up to $51.63 and that helped to add
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more optimism to the market. there was also big news from a big automaker, gm with restructuring seeing 15% laid off more than 14,000 workers. gm will shut down half a dozen mrantsdz plants plants in maryland and michigan and ontario, canada and models will end including the cruz and lacrosse and will focus on electric and self--driving vehicles over the next two years and investors liked the announcement the stock was up 5% on the news. >> investors like the news but president trump did not. >> he did not. >> the ceo of general motors meeting with larry kudlow. thank you very much. right now you're looking live this is tupelo,
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mississippi. president trump has two rallies tonight for a senator cindy hyde-smith. she's in a tight run-off for her seat. will trump make the difference? a live update, next. carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infections that can lead to death. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection, liver or kidney problems, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to become pregnant.
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>> president trump pulling out all the stops helping cindy hyde-smith across the finish line. >> reporter: president trump should be touching down right here in tupelo in about an hour. he's hoping all his supporters in the crowd will be able to get out and vote tomorrow for the republican candidate in this race, senator cindy hyde-smith. now, president trump proved to be very effective at helping republican senate candidates in the election weeks ago and
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hoping the same strategy will be effective in mississippi tomorrow. it's a deep red state so you might think the republican cand date in the race would have no problem but senator hyde-smith has been taking heat for a racially tense remark and caught on camera praise reporter saying if you invited me to a public hanging i'd be on the front row and has since apologized but the remark is following her since mike espy is trying to become mississippi's first black senator since reconstruction. he's dealing with his own ethical issues baggage from the clinton administration when he was indicted from receiving an improper gift and tomorrow turn out there be absolutely critical in the run-off race. that's why president trump is coming here and the supporters could well determine what has
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become the last senate race of 2018. this is it, charles. >> finally. thank you very much. so will president trump's final campaign blitz be the difference in the tight mississippi senate race? let's ask the washington examiner's melissa quinn. president trump worked his senate side and worked hard and traveled hard and he pulled some over the finish line and the mainstream media saying mike espy has a shot. >> it seems like republicans don't necessarily think cindy hyde-smith has this in the bag. look, the president is en route to mississippi aboard air force one hoping to rally supporters to get out and vote for cindy hyde-smith tomorrow. at the same time, we've seen democrats pull out their big guns so to speak. you had kamala harris and corey booker and joe biden offered his endorsement. what we're seeing in the turnout
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on the campaign trail is it seems like this is a little bit tighter of a race than some republicans thought it would be initially. >> of course, the democrats have been focussed on the south in this new approach that they came close in florida and georgia. maybe they'll come close in mississippi. sending a message, win ore -- win or lose to the country and republican party. >> what republicans are hoping for in the senate race they avoid what we saw happen in alabama last year. if you remember, it was senator jeff sessions a lock-held republican senate seat and the seat ultimately flipped and doug jones ended up winning was an embarrassment of sorts for the republican party. they're trying to avoid the same outcome tomorrow in hoping the seat really stays in cindy hyde-smith's hands and gives them more of a margin heading into the next congress. ji want to ask about the >> i want to ask about the
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margin. the president trump's margin not as large as president obama in his first midterm and eventually the gains in the senate. how important is it he has the gains and what's it mean with respect to legislation in the next term? >> this could potentially be another seat for republicans. it could be another vote for republicans in favor of president trump's judicial nominee and who he nominates to serve for his attorney general and advancing his agenda, if mike espy would be a vote against the president's agenda and make it a little bit tighter for republicans to have wick -- wiggle room if some democratic senators oppose legislation to advance his agenda. >> did barack obama come down to campaign for espy?
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>> i don't believe we has but we have seen 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls and those said to throw their hat in the ring. >> it seems like bernie has the magic touch on that side of the aisle. always great talking to you. >> thank you. >> think you're getting the best possible deals on cyber monday? shoppers are paying more taxes for online purchases and you can thank the supreme court. we'll explain next. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> a report called for nearly $8
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billion sales on cyber monday and a new supreme court decision allowed courts to charge more sales tax so will it stop young shoppers from buying. christi christina is here. a lot of people will be shocked. >> the one thing we know about the holiday shopping season is there no more black friday it's cyber monday month and they traveled in to the day today and christmas season and there's a change in the way online commerce is being done because of the supreme court decision earlier this year. i have said for some time the supreme court got it wrong when it said courts can charge taxes to people not living in those
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states but it's showing up in holiday spending. because the economy is humming along corporation -- consumers have more to spend and for thanksgiving day a lot of shopping was done from people's couches. i don't think americans are taking into account the sales tax effect of their shopping but it's going to pack a punch and is different from years past. >> kristina? >> i agree. you have people shopping will do so. it's a ritual for the thanksgiving weekend to stand in line. many deals start the day before. you had best buy, their deals started thursday at 5:00 p.m. yesterday i was browsing websites to see whether cyber monday deals they are and how do you create a day when the deals come out the day or night before
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or week before. we're create culture where consumers are waiting and only buying because they know theite the items will go on sale and i wait for boxing day or black friday to buy my apparel or appliances because i know it's going on sale. >> the controversy or the debate about the state sales taxes went on for a long time. we were told initially implementing them would stop the internet from flourishing in this country. do you think that's proven to be true or is it too early to tell? >> first of all, no tax increase is a good increase. certainly people will be pulled -- bummed to see the new sales tax and that there was an issue with one state and wayfair and they're looking for more sales tax revenue and the truth is the
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market has shifted towards e-commerce. more people buying things online and doing so to avoid sales tax there's convenience. i do online shopping because i like the two-day shipping at my door rather than putting my little ones in the car. certainly no one likes the tax increase and the government acting like a grinch but it will still be a happy holiday season due to tax cuts and bigger wages. >> shepard: though a different twist by some people watching take a tweet from bette midler that said how was your black friday. it's incredible we have to fight over stuff. if there was a decent minimum wage or if employees got a bit of the bonuses ceos get we wouldn't see this.
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>> i know it's a past time for them to point to the political aims they hope to achieve but even if you give her the causality she gets it wrong. we've seen black friday, cyber monday, a lot of shopping to keep pace as the economy grows. what we haven't seen over the past 10 years is americans getting a wage increase. this is where americans are earning more and getting paid more. there's more money in their pocket and thanks to the tax cut the typical family got $2,000 back. americans are better off than before. i don't think they'll going to the mat on black friday because of the policy situations bette midler has fantasized about. >> i think it gets louder when
1:28 pm
people say corporate america $3 billion in profit. i think it's important people get more raises or we'll see something monumental happen with respect to who we elect in national office. >> i think bette midler and others who speak up in favor of minimum wages are signalling their concern for many americans who have trouble making ends meet but in the category of things too good to be true would be alleviating poverty through a higher minimum wage. we want all american families to make ends meet and buy all the christmas gifts they want to buy for one another but laying it minimum wage -- raising the minimum wage it's zero because that's what you earn when you don't have the opportunity to work. >> thank you all very much. appreciate it. migrants storming the
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border. border agents fighting back and the political fallout after this.
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>> the gm ceo to meet with larry kudlow after announcing it would
1:32 pm
shout down plants this holiday season. >> a group of migrants storming the u.s. border clashing with
1:33 pm
agents. now some are criticizing the agent for going too far. we're looking at how this is playing out politically. a.b. >> i think it's a rorschach taste. the invasion is in the eye of the beholder. many say look at them, they're throwing rocks and trying to come here illegally and throwing rocks at border patrol. others see mothers and children run from tear gas and this is a file between both parties but it's a fight between the democratic party as well so you see strong reaction from the left democratic party today though most of their members won in swing districts and are more moderate democrats compared to the loudest voices like alexandria ocasio-cortez and
1:34 pm
this will play out in the weeks and months to come as the democrats transition to the majority in the house. >> when you start comparing the high grants to holocaust victims it's over playing your hand by millions and so disingenuous and disrespectful. it could be the kavanaugh thing where they overplay their hand. >> that's why there's going to be a tension because the districts that were won by democrats were won by democrats not as left as she is and she american people are in the middle on this issue. they're not for catch and release, they're not for separating families at the border and traumatizing small children. it's an issue both parties play to their edges of.
1:35 pm
there's support for strong border security paired with security for the dreamers. >> it seems that's what president trump offered the daca deal and even caught republicans off guard. he said we're down the middle. most americans agree we should be able to protect our borders and determine how people enter it and that maybe the men and women out protecting us shouldn't have to be subjected to rocks and other projectiles because that's how things start not how they end. >> i think you're right. obviously, if they were coming for asylum they're not supposed to be violent and throwing things. at the same time it's stunning to see us using tear gas at the border, like i said, at small children. i think this is -- >> what responsibility do the parents have who have been warned through the entire trek
1:36 pm
they'd not be allowed and to bring children to the fence as others are hurling rocks knowing a confrontation is imminent to bring your kids in the midst of that seems to be despicable. >> you know what, we're not going to debate why they're bad parents because they bring their children. they're fleeing de -- desperation and the wall was handled effectively by our border patrol is another challenging argument for trying to threaten to shut the government down overboarder w l wall -- over border wall funding. >> we'll see what happens if it's a larger group because there's thousands in tiajuana and if it's larger we'll need the military if they're rushing
1:37 pm
the facilities. it's a tough one but one i think could have been avoided a long time again. a.b., thank you appreciate it. >> thank you. >> president trump slamming the russian probe saying robert mueller knows there was no collusion and should have interviewed more of his campaign staff. hey there people eligible for medicare. gimme two minutes. and i'll tell you some important things to know about medicare. first, it doesn't pay for everything. say this pizza...
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>> president trump going after special counsel mueller tweeting when mueller does his final report will he be covering all his conflicts of interest in a preamble and recommending the actions of many kinds on the other side. what happened to podesta. it feels like we're coming to a conclusion here. maybe everyone's getting ready for the post-mueller report, if you will. what do you make of president
1:41 pm
trump's question. sit a valid point? >> i think it's more of a political point than anything else. one of the big things that has to be nailed down here and one of the things that's so important about this whole idea of who's running the justice department is exactly who is mueller. what's his job. to my mind, he's a federal prosecutor and after you clear away all the bit about the regulations and the title of special counsel and all that stuff, he's actually a lower ranking federal prosecutor than u.s. attorneys throughout the districted confirmed by the senate. the idea is what is his job? he's not the counsel to an impeachment committee or the counsel to a committee of congress he's not bob woodward charged with writing a book about what he sees on trump's
1:42 pm
fitness to be president. his narrow job as federal prosecutor is i'm authorized to look at these potential criminal charges. there is enough evidence to charge or isn't enough evidence to charge. usually in the justice department that's a narrow and short summary. >> maybe the summary will be narrow but it field like the scope of the whole thing was just sort of indiscriminate. i believes the general public believes it was all about potential pollution -- collusion with the trump campaign and russia and that it went off immediately and stayed off course. >> it wasn't meant to be on course because mueller contrary to the regulations that apply to special counsels was given a counterintelligence investigation. that's an information gathering exercise and doesn't have a sensible set of parameters like
1:43 pm
a normal criminal investigation does. that's why i think the scope in the mind of most people is very big but again you have to come back to what is mueller's proper role. jim comey when he was pushed out as fbi director the big criticism of him by rod rosenstein in the investigation was the justice department should not speak publicly about the evidence against uncharged people. that was the big wrap on comey for the big press conference on hillary clinton. it would be very ironic if they decided it was okay to say everything they found out about trump though they weren't going to charge him with anything. >> how do you see this playing out and do you have a sense that we're going to get this final report and then we'll be off to the races, whatever the conclusion might be? >> i'm not as certain as people seem to be charles that we're
1:44 pm
right at the end. i think there may be a few more rounds to play. i think there's a lot of rounds to play because he is letting people like flynn and manafort get sentenced which you don't do if you're a continuing investigation. he may do a narrow report and they may make him at the justice department. with the democrats running the house they'll start subpoenaing mueller and his report and investigative file and that's going to be the big fight. >> we appreciate it. >> thanks, charles. >> a major snow storm slamming the midwest causing post-holiday travel chaos. we'll have the latest next. a place for mom. when my mother first began to forget things, we didn't really know what that meant or where to turn for more information. looking back i wish we'd asked for help sooner. that's why i recommend a place for mom. it's a free service that pairs you with a local senior living advisor
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who understands memory care and can help you find the right place for your mom or dad. our advisors have helped thousands of families and can help answer key questions like: we all want what's best for our parents, so get advice from someone who's done it before. call today and talk to an advisor who knows memory care. you'll be glad you did.
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>> airlines are forced to can
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sell -- cancel over 1,000 flights after they got slammed with a storm. >> the numbers are more than 2,000 flights. the worse of the storm has passed but the fallout has not. the number of delays a staggering 13,924. the worse according to flight aware site seems to be around chicago, d.c., new york, they're all getting it as well. lots of people having a hard time getting home from thanksgiving weekend. 90 miles west of where i am, rockford, illinois got 11.7 inches. kansas got it so bad the governor declared a state of emergency and the airport got 5 inches and the rain came first and it all froze making for slick, treacherous roads. something unique is the winds that came howling lake michigan
1:49 pm
upwards of 50 miles an hour and nothing, no trees, no buildings to slow it down so by the time it got to the southern end of lake michigan you're talking about waves of 16 feet and the coast guard saying if you got pulled in by the water the cold would probably kill you but if it didn't, they couldn't put rescue boats in the water to get you. the snow was wet and heavy, combined with the wind you have tree limbs coming down and that results in power outages. upwards of 170,000 homes without power this evening. >> general motors ceo explaining why they're cutting more than 15,000 jobs and what a duck dynasty star think of cutting jobs in a middle of a strong economy.
1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
>> charles: general motors ceo mary barra to meet with lay kudlow hours after announcing plans closing and slashing jobs. >> the white house, top levels of been in contact with gms ceo mary barra over the very recent stretcher. i was told the meeting between larry kudlow, the president's top economic advisor, and barra occurred earlier today and has wrapped up. president trump said he spoke with the gm ceo on the phone last night. before leaving the white house for a couple events in mississippi, the president expressed his displeasure with gm's decision. >> they say the chevy cruze is not selling well. i say well, then get a car that is selling well and put it back in. so i think you're going to see something else happen there, but
1:54 pm
i'm not happy about it. their car is not selling well. >> the president gave an interview today with "the wall street journal" in which he revealed what he says he told barra on the phone last night. "i said i heard you are closing your plant. it's not going to be closed for long i hope, mary, because if it is, you have a problem." the president told the journal that he told barra "you are playing around with the wrong person." charles, ford's top boss in canada so they are no plans to make any drastic change changeh of the border. >> charles: joining me to discuss, duck dynasty starting author of the book "american entrepreneur" willie robertson. i am an entrepreneur myself and i appreciated time glad you took the time to write it,
1:55 pm
particularly in the environment where entrepreneurship was fading in this country. what made you write the book? >> well, i had written a book called "american hunter" and "american fisherman." my father started the show. my wife and i took it over. we wanted to talk about our journey in life and we also got this collection of historical figures all the way up to today of great entrepreneurs and hopefully will inspire people to maybe become an entrepreneur or they know someone they can give it to. >> charles: talking about pioneers, the vanderbilts and rockefellers of the world. the inspirational things. the closer to the present day can only see a company like general motors, big, successful company, just reported great
1:56 pm
corporate earnings, highest average selling price for a vehicle and company history and still laying off this many people, it makes people believe it's tough to get in the business world. >> actually mention alfred sloan who was the president of gm in the early 1900s. that company has been around a long time. i think all of us hate to hear when companies are making those cuts and i think everybody is an entrepreneur probably went through that before. there are ups and downs. we've had to let people go in and there's times that you hire people. hopefully this will get corrected in these workers will find another place to work. i feel confident, with the president being such a businessman, entrepreneur himself, that he's going to try to work with these situations. we know that he loves business and we know he loves growing business here in america. >> charles: he also was really trying to make sure these companies don't lay people off. i guess the difference is that entrepreneurs live and die with the economic momentum.
1:57 pm
when you have some of these large corporations buying back billions of dollars of their own stock and still firing people, that's what gives people a bad taste in her mouth about business in general but about corporate america. say what you will about the robber barons and j.d. rockefellers of the world, they created millions of jobs. >> and they wanted to give money back. i thought it was so interesting how the rockefellers, the carnegies of the world made his money but they were trying to give it back and in fact rockefeller said it almost give him a nervous breakdown try to figure out where to give this money to and how to give it back. a lot of these people, they wanted to give money back and that happens even today with gates and buffett, giving money back and trying to find the right things to give and help. they are big on education. making sure people are educated and still hungry, like they were when they were in business. >> charles: is that the key?
1:58 pm
is it hunger? what's the key that make someone try to become an entrepreneur? what's the intangible that they have that everyone else doesn't? >> they'll come from different situations. i wanted to know, was their blueprint? were they and poverty and they wanted a better situation? there were those but there were also people who came out of great situations and had money and were educated, some were not educated. some were young and some are way older in life. what i divided that the factor they all had was a tremendous work ethic. there's no stories and hear about people who did something halfway or something fell into their lap. they had hard work ethics. for us, the key is being patient. stuff doesn't happen overnight. dad started this company in 1972. took us 40-some years before anyone knew who we were with our duck calls. you have to be patient and stick with it. >> charles: short-term-ism
1:59 pm
seems to be plaguing our country. maybe the internet is fueling it. give us an update on your business. >> everything is going good. it calmed down a little bit since the height of "duck dynasty," we are still putting out duck calls and making quality products and the family is still here. we are right in the middle of hunting season, so everyone's happy around here. speak to get to fill those tags. we have less than a minute. someone watching right now, they are on the cusp of doing this, they get your book "the american entrepreneur," what will propel them to say i'm going to take a shot? >> i did put in there about our faith. the entrepreneur's code. i took passages from the bible. we can't separate our faith from our business. i walked through that with people and hopefully that will give somebody an inspiration to pick it up and like i say, you can give it away. i gave it to my son last night and i told him it was required
2:00 pm
reading for him. i am trying to inspire the younger people as well. >> charles: willie robertson, thank you. appreciate talking to you. that will do it tonight. neil is back tomorrow. i will be on fox business tomorrow. 2:00 p.m. eastern time. "making money," you don't want to miss it. the market was up today. "the five" starts now. ♪ >> jesse: i'm jesse watters with kennedy, geraldo, dana and greg. it's 5:00 in new york and this is "the five" ." president trump threatening to shut down the border permanently and calling on congress to build the wall. this comes after border patrol agents fired tear gas while trying to stop migrants from the caravan from storming into the united states yesterday.


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