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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 26, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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it is already sending back photos. they have been working on this for many, many years. they had searven minutes of terr that landed successful for the u.s. with its international partners. shep smith will have a lot more. thanks for joining us today. >> shepard: and a live look at mission control out in pasadena where they settled down from the initial excite ment but it was great news earlier than expected. the nasa insight spacecraft stuck the mars landing. it's a new home and still a flat region where it's set to study seismic waves and heat deep below the surface of the red planet for a two-year mission. nasa has so much information out there for it. they've been hoping and planning and in the seven minutes of
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terror is something they'd been talking about. and really, there was no guarantee insight was going to land as planned. one thing they'd expected to happen is a landing and about right now, exactly, about one minute after 3:00 here on the east coast, noon on the west coast, they had expected to get a ping from nasa and let's listen now to the moment it landed. >> touchdown, confirmed. insight is on the surface of mars. >> shepard: and that was the moment. it was certainly a quick cliff with no continuing? i guess not? that's a fascinating way of editing. it spent six months speeding towards mars before a complicated and risky attempt at landing involving a mayor shoot and rockets. it'd been going 12,000 miles an hour going from 12,000 miles an
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hour to zero in six minutes. jonathan hunt was with us as they witnessed it all. jonathan, it sounds like it went flawlessly. >> it did, shep, from the moment we heard it was entering the atmosphere of mars everything seemed to go perfectly and was a minute ahead of the schedule nasa had given us and hit the atmosphere of mars at 12,300 miles an hour. before that it turned so the heat shield would take a lot of the energy and slow it down a great deal. then the rockets were fired to slow it down more and a super sonic parachute and had to bring it down to just under 5 miles an hour as you heard them counting down 15 meters from the surface, 10 meters from the surface and than the extraordinary explosion of joy when they announced it had landed.
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so this has been a long, long journey in every sense for all the scientists here, shep. we were with them back in february when they flew the insight lander from colorado to vandenberg air force base in california where it was launched may 5 in the predawn skies. then six and a half months later they've been monitoring and followed from two brief case sized satellites and they were sending down the signals that confirmed this is indeed a successful landing of insight on the red planet, shep. >> shepard: none -- jonathan hunt from mission control. as this event was happening the president began speaking. the president is heading from the white house and will go from the helicopter to the jet to mississippi where there's two rallies scheduled. two today and one in tupelo and
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one near the gulf coast ahead of that senate election happening tomorrow. we recorded everything the president said. he started maybe three minutes ago and you'll hear all of it in it's entirety beginning now. >> i'm not happy about it at all. not at all. we let our position be known and we're not happy about it. [question off-mic] >> mexico wanted to see if they can get it straightened out. we closed the border. they will not be coming in to our country. >> we don't like it. i believe they'll be opening up something else. i was very tough. i spoke with her when i heard
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they were closing and i said this country's done a lot for general motors. better get back in there soon. we have a lot of pressure on them. you have senators and a lot of other people. a lot of pressure. they said the chevy cruz is not selling well and i said, well, get a car that is selling well and put it back in. i think you'll see something else happen there but i'm not happy about it. the car's not selling well so they'll put something else. i have no doubt in a not too distant future they'll put something else -- they better put something else in. john, go ahead. i've seen it. i read some of it and it's fine. [question off mic] >> i don't believe it. and here's the other thing, you'll have to have china and japan and all of asia and all of
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these other countries, addresses our country. right now we're at the cleanest we've ever been and it's very important to me. but if we're clean but every other place on earth is dirty, that's not so good so i want clean air and clean water. very important. [question off mic] >> reporter: are you comfortable tear gassing children. >> they're not, here's the bottom line. nobody's coming into our country unless they come in legally. [question off mic] >> well, i know her. and i know she apologized and she misspoke but i'll tell you this, i've known her for a period of time now as a senator and has done a great job. she's somebody that's respected in the senate and i'm going
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there and make i guess two rallies on top of everything else. we're going to do two and i hope you're all coming. [question off mic] >> i have. she felt badly and didn't mean that and was taken a certain way but she certainly didn't mean it and as i understand it she already apologized and strongly. >> reporter: you said your apology at the border was as the same at the obama administration. >> what? >> reporter: in response to last night's -- >> i'll tell you what, obama had a separation policy. we all had the same policy. i tried to do it differently but obama had a separation policy but people don't like to talk about that. >> reporter: you decided to prosecute everyone at the border. >> sounds like a great deal for the oechlt e.u. and we have to look
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seriously whether or not the u.k. is allowed to trade because right now if you look at the deal, they may not be able to trade with us. that wouldn't be a good thing. i don't think they meant that or that the prime minister meant that and hopefully she'll be able to do something about that but right now as the deal stands, she may not -- they may not be able to trade with the u.s. and i don't think they want that at all. that would be a very big negative for te deal. [question off mic] >> we do not like what's happening either way and hopefully it will get straightened out. europe is not thrilled. we're all working on it together. [question off mic] >> i expressed the fact i'm not
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happy and we helped general motors and for them to take them out of ohio i think they'll put something else. the chevy cruz is not selling but hopefully she's going to come back and put something but i told her, i'm not happy about it. it has nothing to do with tariffs. the said the sell was not selling. [question off mic] >> china has to treat us fairly. >> shepard: there's the president speaking. i guess the big news of the day is this gm announcement.
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general motors announce it will cut over two faces a little less than 15,000 jobs in north america, about 5% of its workforce and right before the president came out and he finished an interview with wall street journal and fox news company own donorship he said they better damn well open up another plant there. he said he talked sunday night with the head of gm who discussed the company's production cutbacks and he president said, and i'm quoting, i love ohio. you're playing around with the wrong person. the wall street journal said despite the healthy economy she wants to act now to prepare for profitability and quoting the gm head this is what we're doing to
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transform the company. the industry is changing and think it's appropriate to get in front of it while the business and economy are still strong. on that news, gm is up 5.3% in today's trade ag -- trading alone. and the president's made it clear he said they better make a change. >> reporter: yeah, he's not happy because the united states government bailed out general motors after the economic crash and now he sees gm cutting jobs and not happy. the ceo and chairwoman, mary berra is scheduled to meet with the chief economic adviser, larry kudlow today and he spoke with her and said he's not happy with what's happening. he remarked on the chevy cruz, which is not one of their best-selling vehicles the president wants to see jobs stay in the united states and expects after the government stepped in
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and helped general motors they'll come out with a line of cars they'll build in the united states and sell around the world and make sure they hang on to as many jobs as possible and the president spoke on immigration and what happens on the border crossing between mexico and the united states at san ysidro where they had to close the border crossings when hundreds of migrants decided they'd try to storm the border and get across. customs and border protection officials who were dressed in riot gear actually had to use tear gas at one point to turn the migrants back. there were women and children among them. the president saying the tear gas had to be used because we couldn't afford to have those people storming the border and the president issued a threat on twitter this morning saying unless something is done from stopping the people from crossing the border they'll close the border indefinitely. they have an agreement in
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principle to keep them in mexico while to the courts can process them. >> shepard: john roberts report from the white house. more on the developing news from the wall street journal about the gm job cuts and president trump's response. as you saw the president is headed to campaign in mississippi. that state hasn't elected a democrat in u.s. senate since 1982. until the republican senator's current controversy, it looked like a lock for that trend to continue. now the race between the senator, cindy hyde-smith and the former agricultural secretary mike espe is closer than before. we'll continue on that as our reporting continuing on this s monday afternoon. the potential of
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thank you, admiral. it lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. with today's rising home values, that could mean more money for you and your family. thank you, admiral. money to pay down debts and get financial peace of mind. thank you, admiral. we'll do everything we possibly can to get you approved. call 1-877-423-5732. >> shepard: so continuing our coverage general motors announced it will cut 14,700 jobs in north america and is planning to shut down four plants in the u.s. including one in ohio plus one in canada, three in the united states, one in canada. it means the iconic american automaker is slashing about 15% of it's entire workforce in north america both factory jobs and white collar jobs are going.
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the fox business network's correspondent is here. >> as we know it's difficult to win the presidency if you can't carry ohio and if gm shuts down a major plant you have to think a lot of voters will not be happy. >> shepard: which it says it will do. >> this is the biggest reorganization the company has seen since the bankruptcy in. why? they're not making products people want to buy. people don't want sedans, they want crossovers and trucks and bigger vehicles. this company is not spending all of its time thinking about it and likewise not thinking about autonomous vehicles and ride sharing and want to put more efforts towards that and what they say they'll put the money for. >> shepard: have they said why it's necessary to close these particular plants and move them? >> look, they're making sedans
12:19 pm
in the plants. >> shepard: they're not equipped to make other things. >> let's be clear. one of the things they're talking about in their public filing because i was readtion some with the sec today -- reading some with the sec today they said tariffs on steel is part of what's going wrong with the company and steel is responsible for 35% to 40% of the cost of building a vehicle. think about that. so when you see increases in the price of the steel it automatically effects their bottom line. some estimates, $1 billion is the cost annualized of the higher steel prices on companies like gm, $1 billion. that's a lot to absorb. it's about 12% of annualized profit. you have to think they're trying to do things differently. i have to tell you, this company has many many problems. trade is just one of them. >> shepard: steel tariffs among them but if you're making products no one wants is a big
12:20 pm
problem too. >> that's a big problem too. >> nice to see you. hope the turkey was fantastic. >> fabulous. >> shepard: nice to see you again. the climate is changing. this is not new report org a theory. it's -- reporting or a theory. as the accepted science and latest to accept in the 13 agencies from the trump administration and what's it mean going forward? that's ahead.
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president trump is heading to mississippi. cindy hyde-smith is in a run-off election tomorrow against the democrat mike espy a former congressman and the former agricultural secretary under president clinton. this race will determine whether the republicans have a 52 or 53-seat majority. mississippi is long reliably red but senator hyde-smith is under fire after the praised a supporter saying if he invited her to a public hanging she'd be in the front row. of course, public hangings are
12:25 pm
things remember in mississippi and not read about in books and later apologized saying there was no ill will. pet peter doosy is reporting. >> reporter: mike espy is trying to drawing attention to the racially charged comments made by cindy hyde-smith. >> her comments on the public hanging were disappointing and hurtful and were hurtful to the millions of people in mississippi of good will who just can hear what that means and they can sense that it's a throwback to an era we're not going back to again. >> reporter: mike espy is doing retail politicking shaking hands
12:26 pm
and meeting as many people as he can and hyde-smith is trying to bring similar scrutiny to when he pled not guilty to certain charges. every time you turn on the tv or look at her social media feed you see messages like this trying to underscore how close she is to president trump saying a vote for me is a vote for president trump and why mike espy and his campaign targeted our campaign and why we need to make sure every voter gets to the polls #cindy 2018. more than 30,000 early ascen ascenty -- absentee ballots and hyde-smith and espy is reminding people it's a run-off not
12:27 pm
recount. whether you voted or didn't vote three weeks ago you can go out tomorrow and the only way your ballot counts is if you vote again. >> shepard: thank you very much peter doocy from biloxi, mississippi. floods are growing larger and wildfires are obliterating more of the landscape because of climate change largely man made. our burning of fossil fuels is damaging planet earth and the time to stop it is running out. by the end of the century climate change could shrink the u.s. economy by hundreds of billions of dollars. that's the warning in a new report released friday by the trump administration. the government report found climate change has doubled the destruction from wildfires in the american southwest and warns farmers, you could see your crops devastated by drought and
12:28 pm
heavy rains in the decade to come. according to the report rising seas cold force millions to move and some coastal cities are already seeing the effects. the report also predicts extreme heat waves will get worse and cities including phoenix could have blistering temps 150 days out of the year by the end of the century. the climate science is accepted science. governments across the nation are spending billions preparing for what's to come, the u.s. military too, billions of dollars. this is not a political issue. it's science but some have made it political especially republicans. as a result, a lot of folks have missed this report. it was dropped, as i said, ahead of schedule on black friday when a lot of americans are busy shopping and eating leftovers and spending time with the family but it's extremely
12:29 pm
reporting. blake burman recording. >> reporter: dropped on friday but it's the first time we heard from the president since he got back to the white house and the reporters asked him about the fourth national climate assessment and about the economic findings of this report and the president said of the economic findings, quote, i don't believe it. here's what the report says at least in one part, quote, the continuing warming projected to occur without substantial reductions in globe greenhouse emissions will cause damage to the u.s. economy throughout the century especially in the absence of increased adaptation efforts. the president said he saw some of the report and read some of the report and continues to maintain the u.s. is the steward of the environment. >> you'll have to have china and japan and all of asia and all of these other countries and it addresses our country. right now we're at the cleanest
12:30 pm
we've ever been and it's very important to me but if we're clean but every other place on earth is dirty it's not so good. >> reporter: in the initial statement the white house downplayed the fourth national climate assessment by saying the models were not accurate. nancy pelosi in a tweet after it was released used it to allude to the possibility democrats could resurrect a committee on capitol hill to deal with it. saying quote, it threatens our community and economy while president trump ignores his own administration's report, house democrats are pushing for action with select committee on climate change. we can create millions of good paying jobs with bold green infrastructure investment. >> shepard: a scientist says he's the first person to edit babies' dna.
12:31 pm
editing the dna of newborn kids and said it's a huge step towards warding off disease but others are warning of the ethical effect. and ukraine has now approved martial law after russians fired at ships and russia overcook rimia and there's new and dangerous actions on the part of the russians. the response from the united states as our reporting continues.
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>> there are two major developments to report in the mueller investigation. one, george papadopoulos during the president trump team during the 2016 election and the first aide charged in the mueller probe is now behind bars.
12:36 pm
george papadopoulos started his 14-day prison sentence today for lying to the feds about his contacts with the russians. this as nbc news and others report an associate of the president, long-time adviser roger stone, this man, jerome corsi will not accept a plea deal from the special counsel prosecutors. he's a conspiracy theorist. whether we're to believe him, well, john roberts is report from the northern lawn. i guess we'll know for sure when we know for sure. >> reporter: we'll know when somebody's indicted or pleads guilty. george papadopoulos a long time good pled guilty to misleading or making false statement to fbi agents and today reported to jail in oxford, wisconsin, not mississippi. he asked a judge ran doll mosk
12:37 pm
if he can stay out on bail pending another court case he felt would lead to an overturning of his conviction. he was challenging the constitutioni constitutionity -- constitutionality and now to jero jerome corsi. he told people earlier this month he thought he was about to get indicted by the special counsel's investigation because he had been asked about what he knew about wikileaks obtaining hacked e-mails hacked by russian operatives from the dnc computer servers including e-mails from john podesta and said he was offered a plea deal from robert mueller to give up when he knew about roger stone and others for a lighter sentence.
12:38 pm
he said i didn't do anything wrong therefore i'm not going to plead guilty. as we have seen in other cases, michael flynn in particular, you can resist only so long when you're looking at things like selling your house and divesting all your assets you spent a life time building for representation. we'll keep watching. >> shepard: john roberts from the north lawn. >> police in turkey are searching a mansion for the remains of the washington post columnist jamal khashoggi. one of the people contacted them the day before the murders and they also searched a villa next door. no word if they found anything. the search south of istanbul is where he was last seen alive. he entered the saudi con sul
12:39 pm
where a hit team murdered him and chopped up his body and the crown prince was said to order the death. saudi officials deny the crown prince was involved. people in ukraine will begin living under martial law starting wednesday. the parliament just approved it at the request of the president after russian forces opened fire and seized three ukrainian ships between russia and crimea. they said the ships illegally entered russian waters but the ukrainians insist they were operating within maritime rules. the u.s. doesn't accept russian's claim which vladamir
12:40 pm
putin invaded and took over and nikki haley has called moscow's latest intervention near crimea an outrageous violation of sovereign policy. we report live from the pentagon. >> reporter: not only did the russian war ships fire on the boat ships as they tried to pass through a critical strait but they rammed a ukrainian tug boat and captured sailors and they're demanding the prisoners be treated like prisoners of war and the u.s. security council for an emergency meeting. >> what we witnessed this weekend is yet another reckless russian escalation an arrogant act the national community must condemn and never accept.
12:41 pm
>> reporter: russia blames ukraine for the provocation and it happened near the strait where russian president vladamir putin completed a ridge in sharing water from ukraine and they said it was deliberate hostilities. nato held an emergency meeting as well and the ukraine president asked parliament for martial law. >> i impose martial law starting at 9:00 a.m. local time november 28. >> reporter: the ranking democrat on the committee called on president trump to address the issue saying quote, mr. president, this is your opportunity to finally show american leadership in defense of our principles and our close allies across europe. president trump was just asked about the incident before
12:42 pm
departing the white house for mississippi and he said he was not happy about it. all eyes and president trump's expected meeting at the g20 summit in argentina with vlad putt and the russian spokesman did not indicate they planned to release the ukrainian sailors soon and they don't expect further action from the u.n. on the issue. >> shepard: jennifer griffen reporting. ahead, the supreme court will take up a cates -- case on apple and whether users can sue them over apps. do you know how much it makes every time you buy something from its store? wait until you hear that next.
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>> a chinese scientist said his team performed gene surgery on fertilized embryos to make babies resistant to aids but it's not been yet verified and some are condemning it calling it human experimentation. >> reporter: the scientist said he alter the embreos were washed of hiv. only kun couple got pregnant and they had twin girls. the fole -- goal isn't to cure or prevent hiv but to allow humans to resist the virus that causes aid.
12:48 pm
the scientist said he's aware it's a profound leap in science and ethics but believes now is the time. watch. >> the world has moved onto the stage for embreo. >> there's no way to confirm it and we should note china has retracted hundreds scientific papers because of fake peer reviews. >> shepard: others are coming out against the experiment. >> reporter: they said it's manipulating the operating instructions of human beings and in this time of gene editing the changes can be passed to future generatio generations and the danger it poses to other genes is largely unknown. here's the university of
12:49 pm
pennsylvania researcher highly critical, watch. >> you have to balance the potential benefits with the potential risks for the people involved. in case where's the risk is higher than the benefits, which i think is the case here, that so not edthical. >> others against gene editing for the purpose of blond hair and blue eyes said there is something for gene editing for health threats and future experiments have been put on hold until the case can be fully vetted. >> shepard: the u.s. supreme court is deciding whether customers can sue apple over accusations the company has driven up the price of apps. the customers' complaint is simple saying apple has an unfair monopoly and they drive
12:50 pm
up the prices to make up for the 30% commission apple take from sales. we have a businessttorney and founder and managing partner romano law. ask -- is this actionable? >> a former decision said only direct developers can bring this and note consumers but apple has a closed environment. unlike google play where you can buy a google app from various sources, google or samsung or anyone else, apple controls the environment and the plaintiffs are saying it results in apps being driven up because apple takes 30% of the price and they can void a consumer warrant if you download an app from an iphone from another app. >> so there is a difference, so
12:51 pm
gu to the fair and the fair charges space and you raise your price to cover the price of the space therefore the prices are higher. this is different because? >> the plaintiffs are arguing the only place to get them is apple's fair and they're controlling the pricing and apple is controlling the environment. it's booting people out of the fair and controlling who the merchants that come to sell their wares will be. >> shepard: you're saying the issue is who has can bring the complaint? >> correct. >> shepard: and you can make the argument the standing could be one of two parties. >> apple is saying it's only the developers because it's provide neutral platform and they're showing up and apple is the pas through but the reality the plaintiffs are saying are different. >> shepard: given the make up of
12:52 pm
the current supreme court how do you think it will go? >> likely the way the amex case recently went 5-4 in apple's favor. >> shepard: and do you find that to be the right decision personally? >> from a consumer perspective no and 31 state attorney generals agree and 31 states led by texas and we have an iowa democrat citing with the plaintiff in the consumers' interest. >> we'll watch it. there's a snow form bringing blizzard conditions to the midwest and causing problems for travellers in a huge way and also for some companies. companies that are trying to fill your orders on this cyber monday. we're off to an amazon center that got off to a slow start as our reporting continuing.
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outside chicago closing due to weather. we're reporting live from monee, illinois. >> reporter: i don't know what i did to deserve this but the folks at amazon, there's 110 of these fulfillment centers across
12:57 pm
the country and we could have gone to ene one of them -- any one of them and nice and warm inside seeing what it looks like and then the power went out at 2:00 a.m. with the blizzard like conditions and had to shut down and had about 2,000 people ready to work but were in the dark and respectfully asked to us step outside and that's where we've been but most the other fulfillment centers in fact the others are firing on all cylinders and even this one's back to normal. we have a picture of what it looks like when they're working right elsewhere in the country. big day, $7.8 billion worth of online shopping today if the prognosticators are correct making it the busiest online shopping day in the history of these united states. >> shepard: and they said and i helped. have you done any shopping? >> i did. i bought something my daughter wanted. >> shepard: go ahead, she's not
12:58 pm
listening. >> reporter: she's working so that's a good thing. she wanted a new updated computer so i got her that. >> shepard: you're the man. jeff flock, monee, illinois where it's 13 degrees. the snowstorm causing trouble for people getting back to the grind after the long holiday weekend. and we're in the weather center. how are they doing? >> there were widespread spots of six inches of snow, some places up to two feet. this is where the system continues to move and everything from d.c., philadelphia and new york and boston it's looking like a big rain event and there's snow on the back side of this and what we'll have to pay attention to before it moves up. you're looking at spots from cleveland under advisory stretching all the way up to maine. all spots where have you the winter storm warnings and
12:59 pm
watches and advisories along the coast to the evening hours we'll be dealing with big downpours are temperatures are closer to 50 degrees. >> shepard: when's it get out of here? >> just today and moves to canada. >> shepard: enormous amounts of snow or various locations? >> reporter: we're looking at closer to six inches of snow varying in spots but the two-foot drift leaving. >> shepard: after our reporting here we'll have a fox news update on facebook watch and a minute's news update with unique content streaming live on the facebook page and once it's concluded it's available online any time on demand. should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. cavuto's coming up and he'll
1:00 pm
have the details on this. the dow is soaring today. it's up 1.4%. the dow up 347 points. 29 of the 30 industrials are in the green. neil will make sense of it all starting right now. >> they're not coming to the united states. they will not be coming into our country. >> neil: first the clash and now the threat. president trump threatening to shut down the border opening as many migrants threw rocks and other things at border agent. we have you covered in mexico where border agent are gearing up and at the white house the president is not backing down. we begin with jeff. >> reporter: we're on


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