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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 21, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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heather: it is wednesday, november 21st was happening right now at 4:00 am, border order blocks, the president firing back after an obama appointed judge opens the door to asylum seekers. >> the caravan migrants qualify for asylum? signed, sealed, delivered, donald trump submitting answers to robert mueller and demanding a end to the, quote, witchhunt. jillian: is the russia probe coming to a end? >> even though peas and carrots have received a presidential pardon house democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas.
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>> presidential pardon for poultry not without a few puns. rob: the joke at the annual thanksgiving tradition, "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ rob: am i weird? jillian: yes. rob: you see them here. jillian: keep america great. rob: we all get with that. you are watching "fox and friends first" this wednesday morning.
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jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. we begin with the battle at the border. a new wave of migrants arriving hours after donald trump thousand immediate response to what he considers a disgraceful ruling on his asylum order. rob: ray bolton joins us from washington as we learn of a potential shift on the border. >> reporter: every day in san francisco, the largest land port in the world hundreds of migrants line up for their chance at an asylum hearing, some of them are seeking safety or better economic opportunity but kirstjen neilsen says some of them could be dangerous. >> reporter: some continue to report the caravan is made up of mostly women and children. the reality is the majority of the caravan we see is made up of single adult males or teenage males. in addition we have identified
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over 500 criminals to include no gang members contained in the flow of the caravan. >> to curtail or stop the caravan donald trump wanted all migrants seeking asylum to make the request for a port of entry and deny the claim if they cross the border illegally but federal judge, an obama appointee from the us district court says the trump proclamation decries legitimate asylum claims, hero the injunction whatever the scope of the president's authority he may not rewrite the immigration law to impose a condition congress has already expressly for britain. the president was blunt when asked about this yesterday. >> it is a disgrace. in my opinion it is a disgrace what happened with the ninth circuit. we will win that case in the supreme court of the united states. >> reporter: the department of justice told foxnews our asylum system is broken and being abused by tens of thousands of
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meritless claims every year. the supreme court affirmed congress gave broad authority to limit or even stop the entry of aliens into the country. the ruling is a temporary restraining order in both sides back in court december 19th. jillian: thank you. republican representative mia love loses her health st. ben mcadams defeating the 2-term congresswoman by 694 votes in a utah race that took two weeks to settle. love has not conceded that she was the first black republican woman elected to congress, democrats will now hold a majority of at least 234 seats in the house. sparks fly at the final debate in mississippi. democrat mike espy calling out in the hide smith after she was caught on video saying this.
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republican hide smith apologizing for defending those remarks before espy took aim. >> this comment was twisted and turned into a weapon to be used against me. a political weapon. >> another black eye we don't need. >> reporter: donald from defending the republican senator. >> he made a statement, i know she feels badly about it. it was just sort of setting just as she said and she is a tremendous woman. jillian: the runoff election is next tuesday. nancy pelosi gains key endorsements in her bid for house speaker. marcia fudge forgoing a potential challenge and vowing to support nancy pelosi as former president barack obama offered another vote of confidence.
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>> i think nancy pelosi will go down as one of the most effective legislative leaders this country has ever seen. jillian: calling her instrumental in advancing his political agenda. the show support comes after 16 house democrats publicly promised to oppose the california congresswoman as house speaker. >> donald trump answer robert mueller's questions about russian election meddling in writing. a major milestone in the special counsel investigation that could soon reach its end. leland but it has more on where the investigation goes from here. >> reporter: it is up to robert mueller and as they say in washington, those that know lawrence talking about his intentions but here are the possibilities of where mueller could go from here.
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his team could review answers, to disclose their final report, compare answers with other respondents, last question, would they subpoena the president? the white house's frustration, this probe will continue until you reaches the end of the attorney general puts the brakes on it, the president remains unchanged in his feelings. >> they are all finished, the written answers are finished, the lawyers have them, the witchhunt that has been going on forever, no collusion, no nothing. they have been finished, finished them yesterday. the lawyers have them. i assume they will turn them in today or soon. >> reporter: speaking of those lawyers, rudy giuliani says our position from the outset, much of what has been asked raise serious constitutional issue that was beyond the scope of legitimate inquiry. this remains the position today. the president nevertheless provided unprecedented cooperation, emphasizing they provided 30 witnesses,
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1.4 million pages of material and now the president's written responses earlier this week, the president indicated it is unlikely he would sit down with mueller's team for an in person interview. rob: just because the president submitted his answers to bob miller and his team doesn't necessarily indicate a end to the special counsel investigation. byron york, she political correspondent of the washington examiner says this could go one of two ways from here. >> the thing we don't know is whether this is tying things up with a bow or opening new areas of inquiry. mueller could have follow-up questions, the president advances could raise issues that were not previously considered. rudy giuliani said in his statement the white house raised the issue of executive privilege, a lot of questions involving obstruction, all of which if it took place took place in the white house so
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these questions focused on what took place during the campaign. was there any collusion. we know the president said 1 million times in public there was no collusion. i guess the answers are similar to that. is mueller going to be satisfied by these questions? or does it open up something new. rob: neither the questions from bob mueller know the answers have been released to the public. jillian: matt whitaker spending the day in new york city, this morning he will speak to the joint terrorism task force and discuss national security efforts. after that, email distribution center at jfk national airport and remark on ways to combat the nation's deadly opioid crisis. rob: forecasted rain for today will help end the camp fire in northern california but the rain also means a big risk of flooding and mudslides, the weather shift coming, 82 people
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now confirmed dead, 700 unaccounted for, new video shows brave pilots risking their lives to the south in the rules the fire using helicopters rescue 3 people and their dogs trapped in smoke. interior demonstrator ryan think you blames environmental groups by stopping forest management from doing the jobs properly, saying they would rather burn down the entire forest then cut a single tree. jillian: thanksgiving travel off to a good start with few light delays and cancellations, 20,000 commercial flights in the us every day, 4000 flights have been delayed in just 200 flights canceled since tuesday. rob: if you are headed somewhere cold for the holidays, pack a hat and gloves, this thanks giving weekend could be the coldest on record and that cold
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weather in new york for the macy's thanksgiving day parade in the city. the giant balloons are going to be blown up tonight, strong windss could force them to stay grounded. jillian: security could be tight in the inflation ceremony, thousands of federal and local officers will be on patrol, explosive sniffing drugs on hand for the first time. there are no credible threats to the parade. safety first. >> if it is really windy those things take off anywhere they want, we will see what happened. jillian: border order blocked, donald trump firing back as an obama appointed judge opens lords of asylum-seekers. >> the situation is familiar, next guest, former judge, says this is a stall tactic and he is calling out the media and the left, stay tuned for this.
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rob: donald trump promising swift legal response after an obama appointed judge blocked his asylum order. >> b gets filed in the ninth circuit we get beaten and we end of having to go to the supreme court. people should not be allowed to immediately run to this very friendly circuit and file their case. jillian: a similar showdown over the travel ban. is another case of the president's use critics using the courts against him? rob: former gop attorney general tired judge stephen bailey. thanks for coming on this morning. how political does this decision look to you? >> it looks very political, it looks like the same type of
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activist judges the president has had to deal with throughout the term of his presidency back at work. jillian: is it a stall tactic? >> it very much is a stall tactic. the supreme court came down with a definitive ruling in trump versus hawaii in june where outlined the presidential power in the area of immigration is quite broad. rob: a quote here from judge teague are who gave the initial opinion and asylum-seekers put at increased risk of violence and other harm at the border, many will be deprived of of meritorious asylum claims, the government offers nothing in support of the new rule that outweighs the need to avoid these harms. i'm not a lawyer or judge but it seems to me this judge looked at one side of this case and
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completely ignored how abused our asylum rules are being by these people claiming asylum when i think logic will tell you a lot of them aren't running from their countries. >> such a ridiculous statement to have somebody illegally enter the united states by jumping over a wall or crossing the border illegally out in the desert. how does that not put those same people in jeopardy. what the president did in his executive order is establish an orderly system for allowing people to apply asylum in the united states. that orderly system is to come through one of our ports of entry and if you do that, your claim gets processed. if you have a legitimate claim you will be granted asylum in the united states. unfortunately many of these individuals have no claim.
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rob: the judge, did he completely ignore the fact most of these people are coming from central america through an asylum country like mexico, ignoring mexico and coming into the united states? >> that is what is so crazy about the system of asylum here. a country such as mexico which would grant these alleged refugees asylum, these refugees aren't even applying in mexico. these are economic refugees, these aren't people who are political refugees. jillian: thank you for your time, appreciate it. rob: the ninth district goes to the ninth district and the court where it finally goes. >> that is correct. ninth circuit and the united states supreme court. jillian: 18 after the hour, forget helping average americans, the liberal governor
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who set aside $2 million to help immigrants facing deportation. rob: record number of people hitting the road and skies this thanksgiving. as you care up for great escape to grandma's house. ♪ ♪ perfectly together this isn't just any moving day.
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and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. jillian: welcome back. the great getaway, millions of americans hitting the roads and skies for turkey day. rob: the country will see its highest travel volume in a dozen years. lauren blanchard shows us what to expect. >> reporter: this triple period is expected to be the busiest in more than a decade, record 54.3 million americans will journey at least 50 miles, an increase of 5% over last year.
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most will travel by car. low gas prices are to thank along with a better economy. airports will be more crowded than usual. >> we are ready for holiday travel. >> reporter: the holiday travel period is underway and airports are seeing a major uptick in traffic. >> i was really worried to miss the flight. >> reporter: that volume is only expected to go up. >> understand how busy it will be and how crowded it will be, give yourself extra time. >> reporter: tens of millions will take to the skies this thanksgiving with new rights. lawmakers recently passed the faa reauthorization act including a ban on e-cigarette on flights and permitting carriers from bumping passengers once they clear the gate. if you think opting for the roads will save you time, think again. and some of the more congested cities drivers could see trip times quadruple. experts suggest driving on the
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latest travel days, thanksgiving day, friday and saturday, expect traffic on sunday. anyone heading to the airport or hitting the roads is advised to allow plenty of extra time. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. rob: a major loss on wall street, dow jones industrial average erasing 2018 gains for the year after dropping 550 points tuesday. white house economic advisor larry kudlow says there's nothing to worry about. >> very strong economy. i'm reading the weirdest stuff, recession is so far in the distance i can't see it. rob: tech stocks were hit hard doing serious damage to the nasdaq, kudlow claims the downturn is a market correction.
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jillian: policy and leadership change anytime soon, mark zuckerberg fighting increasing calls for a staff shakeup amid a string of scandals. >> you are not stepping down as chairman? >> eventually over time. i'm not going to be doing this forever but i certainly am not currently thinking of that. >> reporter: zuckerberg praising his company ceo sheryl sandberg, who he hopes they will continue to work together for decades to come. rob: our first look at the next generation marine one prototype. the new presidential helicopter landed on the white house lawn as it undergoes extensive covers. jillian: it will be ready for deployment by 2020, the order of 23 aircraft will reportedly cost $5 billion. rob: coming up, romain recall.
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a warning that no lettuce is safe. what you need to know is you set the table for thanksgiving. jillian: what beto o'rourke and barack obama have in common, find out what the president thinks coming up. what you are thankful for on this thanks giving we, send us your pictures, we will share them during the show tomorrow. (inspiring music)
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jewish elderly person for a month. call right now. - [yael] god promises to bless those who bless israel. may you be blessed as you bless his children. >> donald trump standing by saudi arabia and not letting the murder of jamal khashoggi effect us saudi relation. jillian: response parking back lash on both sides of the aisle. >> we are with saudi arabia. >> reporter: donald reiterated his stance on saudi relations tuesday afternoon on his way to florida, hours earlier released a statement promising to remain a steadfast partner with saudi
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arabia even though intelligence linked the country's royal family to the murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi, the president citing economic security is a major concern. >> i'm not going to destroy the world economy and i'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with saudi arabia. >> reporter: mike pompeo echoed that tuesday. >> this was a long historic commitment, absolutely vital to america's national security, determined to ensure we continue to make sure we take care of the american people. >> reporter: the president's fighting with saudi arabia getting reviews from both sides of the art, bob corker, as a public relations firm the crown prince of saudi arabia, mark warner calling the move a failure to hold saudi arabia responsible. >> supporters wish you can find more of the middle ground to
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take more into account, human rights issues involved and at the same time reaffirming the relationship between the us and the saudis. >> reporter: the foreign relations committee demanding the white house taken official stance on whether the crown prince is responsible. kristin fisher, fox news. a fox news alert, a rack launching deadly air strikes on isis in syria. fighter jets destroying two buildings killing 40 terrorists and wiping out entire weapons warehouse. this comes as officials discover 200 mass graves filled with 12,000 isis victims in the territory once controlled by the terror group. a man suspected of brutally attacking and murdering a jogger is granted a mistrial. a split jury struggling to reach a verdict in his 2016 death. the father found her body near their home in new york city.
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prosecutors say her suspected killer will be retried. he is due back in court in january and will remain in custody. the commander on duty during the parkland high school massacre in florida calls it quits. broward sheriff's office captain jordan says she's resigning for personal reasons. she allegedly told first responders outside marjorie stoneman douglas high school instead of rushing in to save lives. 7 people were killed in the february massacre. donald trump might attend next year's white house correspondents dinner for the first time, tweet messaging overnight, quote, so-called comedian michelle wolf bombed so badly last year at the white house correspondents dinner, this year for the first time in decades they will have an author instead of a comedian. good first step income back of a dying evening and tradition. and ron chernow taking care of that.
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>> that is a no-brainer. democrats will control the house with several agenda items on the line. our next guest says this could be a good thing for the president's agenda. joining us to explain how is the author of the republican workers party, how the trump victory drove everyone crazy and was just what we needed. mister buckley, thanks for coming on this morning. explain how, it is counterintuitive to think democrats control the house would be a good thing. >> people say we have divided government, we had divided government for the past couple years. we had a presidential republican party and congressional republican party and they are not the same thing. the point about trump, he ran a different kind of campaign obviously. he found the sweet spot in american politics which was culturally conservative but economically middle-of-the-road on a bunch of things and that
1:34 am
opens the door to the possibility of deals with the dems. they have a choice. they can jump on impeachment or try to deal. >> how is a better situation for the president than having both houses of congress? >> not having paul ryan around is a plus. i don't know if they want to deal but the elements of deals steer you in the face. a bunch of things you can do. training the swamp, big-ticket item for donald trump. they love the message. i tell you something you can do. you can do stuff on campaign finance reform, lobbying reform. lobbyists do a bunch of things to get to legislators and some of that is improper. we should not permit it. there's a deal right there.
1:35 am
rob: you don't think trump should do what obama did which is resort to executive orders to get things done and point to the clinton and newt gingrich years when they got a lot done together and that was a good working relationship but president clinton and newt gingrich were more similar than nancy pelosi and donald trump. everything is very divided. >> i don't know about nancy pelosi. trump held out an olive branch, she has bunch of craziness in her party, not the democratic party of back when but why not? let's see if she is willing to deal. a bunch of things. healthcare. rob: a tax cut, one of the things you can see coming to fruition. >> looks less likely now than it did a couple weeks back but the tax code remains a mess, there are things trump wanted and didn't get, he got something huge in terms of corporate tax rate but no reason our tax code
1:36 am
has to be as long as it is in the reason it is long as it has all these perks and boondoggles for people. that is the stuff we want to get rid of. that is something republicans said they want to do. the 5 the tax code. rob: thank you for your time this morning. 36 after the hour. he said only debt could stop him from serving a full term as new york's governor but is andrew cuomo eyeing a presidential run? than the report that has speculation swirling. >> even though peas and carrots have received a presidential pardon, house democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas. rob: presidential pardon for our poultry friend, peas and carrots, more of the president's jokes at the annual thanksgiving production. ♪
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rob: now that the midterms are over democrats are gearing up for the 2020 race for the white house. so many president contenders, the first caucus will take place in iowa. according to the associated press cory booker and kamala harris among many politicians now exploring options. there could be 30 or 40 democrats running for president. jillian: one contenders getting the stamp of approval from barack obama who says texas democrat beto o'rourke is an impressive young man reminds him of himself. >> itself is this it felt as if he based his positions on what he believed. the reason i made a connection with a sizable portion of the country was people had a sense i said what i meant.
1:41 am
>> reporter: o'rourke lost to ted cruz in the midterms and has not announced plans to run for president. rob: forget helping the average american. $2 million of hard-earned money is going to help in a fund for illegal immigrants facing deportation. jillian: carly shimkus is here with reaction to the announcement from phil murphy. >> reporter: the governor announced the plan hours before a federal judge hard the trump administration from denying asylum to anyone who crosses the border illegally. governor murphy saying families who came to new jersey for a better life do not deserve to be torn apart by the federal government's cruel discriminatory policies. the residents feel the money should go to them.
1:42 am
amber says i didn't realize the state had a next or $2 billion set aside. probably could spend it on homeless veterans or something and facebook timing and how about helping new jersey residents are actually us citizens get the help they are looking for. the illegal immigration debate continues. rob: andrew cuomo right next door in new york, the governor might be eyeing 2020. >> a report said he was i 2020 run talking to democrats in the early voting state of iowa. that report sparked a lot of commentary online and not all of it kind to cuomo. when twitter user says does anyone want him to run? he is denying that report. he said in a statement that it is a conspiracy theory. i'm going to stick with new york state was a dark conspiracy theory of someone trying to undermine. there is no truth to it.
1:43 am
he has no plans on going to the white house but some people don't believe him. a lot of politicians say that. jillian: who knew turkey could be issued a subpoena? serious stuff. >> donald trump ardent a turkey named peas, the winner of the turkey hardening paul and he also made a joke about democrats in the process. >> the winner of this vote was decided by a fair and open election. carrots refused to concede and demanded a recount. even though peas and carrots have received a presidential pardon, i have warned them that house democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas. >> picking up those bad jokes where president obama left them. also saying peas was the most beautiful turkey he has ever
1:44 am
seen in his life. peas and carrots will be just fine. jillian: living out their best lives. rob: 43 after the hour. if you're afraid of talk around the thanksgiving table turning into a war, some tips for talking politics. >> a tofu turkey. >> i would rather eat that page. jillian: if you thought it was a tv gag think again. the milestone thanksgiving alternative just hit. ♪ you got to fight for your right to party ♪ ♪
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jillian: the health alert, college student and from the same virus that killed 11 kids at a new jersey medical center, reportedly caught the virus at the university of maryland. her father things olivia's dollars was worsened by problems in the dorm with mold. 5 additional students have been diagnosed with the virus which has symptoms similar to a cold. rob: a warning before you start cooking your thanksgiving feast, romaine lettuce is not safe to eat because of a major e. coli outbreak. according to the cdc 32 people 11 states of gotten sick. officials save you have romaine lettuce in your fridge, throw it away. jillian: delayed reaction. talks to improve medical care for the nation's euros.
1:49 am
rob: more on the possible partnership. >> reporter: the wall street journal reports apple in talks with a permit of veterans affairs to provide electronic health records to illiterate veterans to make them portable, easier for their hospital and medical visits. apple would create a special software tool that would allow them to transfer these documents to iphones, make them easier to carry around and apple announced it was getting into the medical industry with this feature allowing people to keep those documents with their iphones. hopefully something they will move forward with because it would be helpful for these veterans. rob: what else? something about getting your wallet ready? >> whether you are shopping online or in stores, you got to get your black friday shopping strategy ready. there are a number of stores
1:50 am
offering deals online and in stores. some of those stores with really good deals, amazon, nordstrom, walmart, best buy, target, macy's and kohl's. any smart home product on your list amazon is matching a lot of prices for their echo devices for prime day. walmarts, you can shop online to get those before stores open up, some stores offer deals when you go into the store, a lot of department store, so whichever way you choose, a lot of ways to save. rob: families share thanksgiving dinner around the dinner table. jillian: what if there's a side of hot button political debate?
1:51 am
rob: etiquette expert lisa. i have a politically divided family. we don't allow weapons at the table. what should we do? >> we don't allow weapons either, things for do on thanksgiving is key politics and religion out of the discussion and here is why. you can never disagree on this was the midterm elections aren't even over yet and people are still talking about it. it is impossible not to but try to keep things light. the meal is heavy enough, all the carbs, keep political discussion out of it because no one will ever agree on anything. jillian: people say it is healthy to have conversations
1:52 am
of things are going south and uncle johnny who is too contentious, bring it back to the obvious like the food, the football and how many pieces of pie we will have for dessert. >> blame it on uncle johnny. 59% of people talking politics at family get-togethers, they are okay with it. i -- surprised that number is not high, 59% okay with talking politics. >> not really. it is impossible this day and age not to talk politics, not a day goes by that i don't but one day it would be nice to remain as neutral as switzerland's. we should all try to act like diplomats and be neutral and try to be nice and mix well with our guests and get through the day. we are here to count our
1:53 am
blessings, not how many votes are uncounted in certain states. you can talk about it around like company. the one or 2 people that draw things to the negative side. jillian: we had janice talking about her op-ed, all the things she's thankful for and it is a good time to pause with all your family members and have everybody say something they are thankful for, their families, something nice about each other. >> at our table we keep things light when they start going dark. we give out tricky tickets to everyone and everyone has a question they can ask, something they are thankful for or i know what mine is going to be. if i could eat anything in the thanksgiving menu for the whole year what would it be? i am from california and we have terrible wildfires going on so we are going to give thanks for
1:54 am
all those on the front line and all those who lost their lives, they will be with us on thanksgiving day. rob: if you want to avoid the conversation do what i do, order a pizza and spend thanksgiving by yourself. jillian: terrible. rob: thank you for your time, appreciate it. jillian: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. instead of handing out gifts shaft deputies in georgia are handing out free turkeys, and during traffic stops or at their front door as a way to give back. rob: a mom cashing in on snarky humor by selling some hilarious aggressive lunch bags. this one says let's pretend it's chipotle. it was a way to reap the stress of being a parent. jillian: a major milestone
1:55 am
before thanksgiving. >> a tofu turkey. >> i would rather eat that page. jillian: the plant-based turkey selling 5 million gross on wheat created in the 1980s. a nonvegetarian. rob: 55 after the hour. democrats in disarray with dozens of candidates throwing their name in the 2020 ring. >> examine ice and its role. >> get in the face of some congresspeople. >> they go low, we kick them. rob: do democrats need somebody they don't want in order to win in 2020? jillian: drivers thought they were getting a ticket but
1:56 am
officers have something else in store. find out when "fox and friends first" returns at the top of the hour. ♪ go your own way ♪ go your own way ♪
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rob: november 21st, border order blocks, the president firing back after an obama appointed
2:00 am
judge opens the door to asylum-seekers entering the country illegally. >> to the caravan of migrants qualify for asylum? former president barack obama says donald trump is not solving the most pressing problems and has a theory as to why. >> prank called the turkey challenge freaking parents all across the country. can you microwave a 25 pound turkey. jillian: the most surprising response from butterball, "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪


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