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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 29, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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his mother loved it because the photos and videos have gone viral. she loves it because of bringing attention to spina bifida. >> greg: set your dvr straight never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" up next. he is my favorite talkie. he's in milwaukee. >> bret: nicely done. this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier coming to you from milwaukee were governor scott walker is locked in one of the tightest reelection bids in the country. we will talk to him live in a few minutes and i will speak with senator claire mccaskill on the show later. first there is a new operation underway at this hour to keep several caravans of migrants from entering the u.s. after an order from the president, pentagon officials say more than 5,000 troops are being sent to the u.s. southern border, with hundreds arriving today. the trump administration weighs its options for stopping the flow of illegal immigrants with an executive order. a president trump will discuss
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the immigration fight in an interview on fox news at 10:00 p.m. tonight with laura ingraham. they will be discussing the horrific killing of 11 people at a pittsburgh synagogue over the weekend. chief white house correspondent john roberts is on the north lawn with a look at how the administration is handling all of it tonight. good evening, john. >> the national guard has been sent to the border many times to assist the border patrol, but president trump is making an even greater show of force, dispatching 5200 active duty military to the border. in an extraordinary move, the pentagon will be sending forces, many of them active duty, to the border with mexico. in an exclusive interview with laura ingraham terra 10:00 p.m. tonight, president trump said the military deployment is to keep the caravans numbering three from crossing the border and end the practice of catch and release. >> we are going to have tents. they are going to be very nice.
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they're going to wait. if they don't get a silent they get out. if you want to wait, they don't usually get asylum. >> the deployment, dubbed operation faithful patriot will put 5200 troops at the border. military police, engineers, doctors, aviation assets to support customs and border protection personnel. >> our message the organizers and participants in the caravan is simple. we will not allow a large group tangible the united states in an unsafe and unlawful manner. >> the white house is considering executive or regulatory action. one idea being kicked around, only allow migrants to make asylum claims at ports of entry. meaning migrants who cross the border illegally would not be allowed to claim asylum in the united states. >> there are a lot of options that are being discussed right now. the number one priority is looking for ways to secure our borders. >> the horrific shooting at the tree of life synagogue was also on the white house agenda today.
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press secretary sarah sanders becoming visibly emotional at times. >> this atrocity was a chilling act of mass murder, an act of hatred and above all it was an act of evil. speak with the president also took on his favorite foil, the news media, tweeting: "there is great anger in our country caused in part by inaccurate, and even fraudulent, reporting of the news. the fake news media, the true enemy of the people, must stop the open and obvious hostility and report the news accurately and fairly." while there is nothing to suggest the synagogue killers hatred was motivated by the media, president trump says his tweets were justified. >> i was in the headline when they got him. they didn't say farmer found. they talked about trumping the headline. >> president trump will travel to pittsburgh tomorrow what he hopes will be a moment of national unity. 11 jewish leaders from the area of said the president is not welcome unless and until he fully denounces white
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nationalism. >> does the white house believe this president has done enough to denounce white nationalism? >> the president hatred and bigotry on all forms. >> president trump says he will visit pittsburgh tomorrow to pay is respect to the 11 people killed. he said he will visit a hospital -- meet with the victims of the congregation who survived the horrific shooting. >> bret: more on this with the panel. john roberts live at the north lawn. survivors of the shooting at the synagogue in pittsburgh are recounting each moment as the shooter open fire saturday during a baby naming ceremony, killing 11. the suspected murderer made his first appearance in court this afternoon. garrett tenney joins us live from pittsburgh with details. >> good evening. the gunman is expected to face the death penalty for this
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horrific attack. u.s. marshals brought him into court this afternoon in a wheelchair for his initial appearance. hours after he was discharged by hospital for the multiple gunshot wounds he received. a federal magistrate read the 29 federal charges he is facing for killing 11 people at the tree of life century. according to the fbi, the pittsburgh native repeatedly expressed his desire to kill all jews. on saturday, just as services were getting underway, he moved through the synagogue using an air 15 rifle and three handguns to kill 11 people and injured six others, including four officers. >> shots fired. give me your digital resources. >> third floor, one-room. one operator down. >> i barricaded myself in the bathroom. 911 got me through it and said stay there. the police will come and get yo
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you. >> over the past two days, there's been an incredible outpouring of love and support. thousands of people of all ages and religions have attended vigils. thousands more have been coming to the tree of life synagogue with cards and flowers to express their solidarity with the jewish community. tomorrow, the first funeral be held for a pair of brothers. cecil and david rosenthal. they lived with develop metal disabilities. friends say they were inseparable and never missed sabbath services. bret. >> bret: garrett tenney live in pittsburgh. thank you. the man suspected of sending pipe bombs to a number of prominent democrats and cnn was in court today. cesar sadock appeared to tear up at one point. federal prosecutors say they will seek to keep them in jail until trial. a bail hearing was set for friday. he faces more than 50 years in prison if convicted on all five charges. the fbi confirmed today that a 15th package, addressed directly
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to cnn, was recovered today in atlanta. investigators are looking into a potentially politically motivated attack in florida. volunteers discovered shattered glass and bullet holes at republican party headquarters. no one was hurt. volunteers had left. the county chairman says that headquarters has never had any vandalism and told a local paper he believes it was politically motivated. a rough start of the week on wall street today. the dow had a roller coaster day, going up 350 and down 500, finishing at 245 points. the s&p 500 was off 17. nasdaq at 117. we are eight days away from the midterm elections and tonight we're looking at some other big races in the midwest. not far from here in milwaukee, in ohio, the race to replace outgoing governor john kasich is pitting a former obama
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administration of visual against the states republican attorney general. correspondent peter doocy with a look from youngstown, ohio. >> thank you to ohio. >> if a state that went for trump two years ago ready to elect a former obama official as governor? >> it is time for action. >> richard was once director of the consumer financial protection bureau and now he's the democratic candidate for governor. >> will bring down the price of prescription drugs and provide more ohioans with reliable and affordable health care. >> former vice president joe biden dropped by to help today. >> we need then and women of character. you put them in office, we will take back the world. >> challenging him, republican attorney general and former attorney general. he says things voters ask about the most our jobs and solutions to the opioid epidemic. he supports drug education starting in kindergarten and opposes measure that would weaken penalties for some drug
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offenders. >> highway patrol, our sheriff holds over someone and find sentinel in their car, you could not arrest them. >> his campaign might benefit from an electoral battleground expanded by trauma. >> youngstown, that part of the state which has historically been socially conservative but it's traditionally voted democrat. he really change that. >> candidate trump's trips to ohio helped him carry the state. he was the first republican to end the county since 1972 1972d finish strong within recent republican nominees in mahoning county where the message tailored. to turn governor and critic john kasich has stayed out of the race to replace him until now. he will rally on friday. >> we expect a close race. it is ohio. >> neither mentioned president trump by name but the president was the focus of
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biden's remarks as he rattled off a list of other world leaders by name to criticize the president's interactions with them, and as he ripped republicans for being a different bunch than they used to be. >> bret: peter doocy live in ohio. thank you. here in wisconsin, governor governor walker is locked in what could be the closest governor's race in the country. he seeks a third term in office. he joins me now to talk about it. good evening, governor. >> thanks for being in milwaukee. >> bret: a great night here. i want to get your sense of the race. the latest poll is from marquette. it has you up one point over tony evers. where do you see it? >> as close as can be. it's always competitive. two years ago, everyone said ron johnson was down in the president couldn't carry the state but we did. it's always tough. i started on the other side of the state today and worked her way across. we will be crisscrossing the state every day between now and
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election day. it's all about turnout. >> bret: i have covered a couple of your races, including a recall. what's your closing message? >> it's the difference between do you want more jobs and higher wages which is where we have taken the state, or do you want more spending and higher taxes? that's where tony evers, my opponent, wants to raise the gas tax by as much as a dollar a gallon. wants to raise income tax, property tax. tony's taxes would cost us jobs. we have turned the state around tomorrow for working than ever before. >> bret: what about the issue of health care? in the debate friday, tony evers really hit hard on that issue. many democrats around the country doing that. take a listen to his comment. >> as a result of his political ambitions, he did not take the medicaid money. that the federal government provided. $1.1 billion that was left on the table. he is in federal court to do
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away with the affordable care act and also to do away with the pre-existing conditions protections. we need to know, the people need to know, why you don't -- >> bret: your response to that. >> it's the biggest lie of the campaign. my mom is diabetic -- we will always cover with pre-existing conditions. he's talking about doing what minnesota did. mark dayton, democratic governor of minnesota, said the affordable care act is no longer affordable. premiums going up. we will never do to the state of wisconsin what they did to minnesota. we will lower premiums, increase choices, improve health care while covering people with three existing conditions. >> bret: the other thing that tony evers is hitting on, four former cabinet members came out against you, i guess. three signed a letter. they said among other things that governor walker -- they go
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on to say there's cover up here and mismanagement. manipulation. 3 of 4 cabinet member saying that they are going to endorse levers. >> i've never been afraid to have people with a diverse set of beliefs in my cabinet. i'm not afraid to have people in my cabinet have different viewpoints but i keep my promises. i told -- i told the voters of the state i would never raise their tax burden and i kept that promise. i tell people look at the results. more people working than ever before. eight months low record unemployment. higher wages, higher wage growth and the rest of the country. we are not done yet. we are four more years to finish the job and grow their workforce and pass the baton to a new generation. >> bret: how much does president trump play in your race? i know he's come here. he has endorsed you. obviously there's a lot of controversy about what he tweets day today and i could read tweet after tweet. how does he play here in wisconsin? >> you don't have to agree with
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him on everything to appreciate the good things he's done for the state. i met with him about the dairy problems we were having with canada. the trade agreement was held up largely because he wanted to get a good deal for dairy farmers in states like wisconsin. we appreciate that and we appreciate what he did. we saw obamacare premiums going up. we passed a health care stability plan. he helped us. i don't have to agree with everything out there to appreciate and be able to work with him and vice president mike pence on the rest of the cabinet. it's good for wisconsin. >> bret: the other thing that tony evers is hitting his tuition and school investment. he says he's better positioned at that than you are. >> he says it because he comes from an educational background. the reality is that my last budget put more actual dollars and education than ever before and he, tony evers, called it a pro kid budget. the irony is he's running attack ads even though the last budget he said was a pro kid budget. we delivered. more money in the classroom because of not just that budget but the reforms saved school
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districts more than $3 billion. he wants to lift those reforms that would take money out of the classroom. he would raise property taxes to pay for it. >> bret: what do you say to wisconsin voter who say i voted for this guide maybe we should shake it up. >> if you want to go backwards, if you want to have higher taxes and fewer jobs, then go with tony evers. more spending and higher taxes, go with tony evers. you want to build off reforms and have more jobs and higher wages, and we have shown consistently, then i'm your candidate. >> bret: governor walker come appreciate your time. up next, the issues that wisconsin voters care about most. not talking about the green bay packers. we will bring it to you live from milwaukee.
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3:20 pm
>> i've got 300 lines in various stages of availability. >> bret: robert voted for president trump and governor walker and says she sees success and believe some of both more need more time and support to continue to grow the economy. >> of the rising tide floats all boats and in the business i'm in its discretionary income that helps me do what i do, so i want people to be able to, you know, live a full life and be able to pay for the things that they need to pay for and put their kids into school, whatever school they want and whatever college they want, seek the opportunities they want and come and see me when they want to sit back and relax. people just don't have the fear of what's going to happen tomorrow. >> my name is rick and i am an organizer with block. >> bret: rick banks is a community organizer working primarily with black neighborhoods in milwaukee. for him, income inequality and criminal justice reform top his
3:21 pm
list of most important issues. >> if you measure the economy by unemployment numbers, it looks like the economy is cooked doing good but when you have people with actual living conditions and the amount of money they are actually making, how many people are working two or three jobs to make things work, i would say that's necessarily the economy that's working. >> i think it's a huge issue. >> a few weeks ago we introduced you to george, owner of "the hockey zone just outside of milwaukee." >> the players know exactly what they want. they are elite players which means elite products. >> it since first talked, george has been convinced that it's even more important to stay the course. >> it's a reaffirmation of what's important to me, my family and my business. people are going to go out and spend even if the dollars don't necessarily add up to a whole lot, people are ready for the
3:22 pm
holidays. patterson ramose grew up poor but thinks education is the issue for the future. >> i think there needs to be even more of a push on what does supporting public education really mean, in other states we are going for free education. they are talking about it but i don't think they are talking about it in the way that i would like to see. >> bret: thanks to those voters today. up next, claire mccaskill and missouri in a tough reelection bid in the state of missouri. she tells us exactly that her mouth gets her into trouble. on what issue? we will find out after the break. but first beyond our borders tonight. a lion air flight that had been cleared to return to jakarta's airport just a couple minutes after take off didn't make it. 189 people died when that plane crash into the sea. the boeing 747 had just been
3:23 pm
delivered to the airline in august and was the same type of plane that southwest airlines and american airlines also operate. president trump congratulated brazil's new president today. he sometimes referred to as the tropical trump in brazil. his election when seems to parallel the emergence of right-wing leaders around the world. and angela merkel will not seek reelection when her term expires in 2021. she announced her intentions today saying it's time for her to start a new chapter. she will also step down as her a conservative party leader before that. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back to wisconsin. ♪
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♪ >> bret: welcome back to milwaukee where, a couple blocks away from the new buccaneers arena. the buccaneers are undefeated for all you nba fans, playing toronto tonight. this is not the only area with a tight senate race. on the way here, we stopped in missouri where i spoke with claire mccaskill about her tough reelection bid against republican attorney general josh hartley. >> incumbent democrat claire mccaskill is in the fight of her political life and she knows
3:28 pm
that. the real clear politics average of recent polls has josh hawley up two. >> it's a surprise to some extent that this race has stayed as close as it is. donald trump won the state by almost 20 points and i think they thought this was going to be easy but it's complicated interior. they like to see somebody who doesn't look through the party lens. i like to remind people that there are hundreds of thousands of people that voted for mitt romney and claire mccaskill, so i have a really strong record on getting things done across the aisle. >> bret: do you think your vote against kavanaugh change the dynamic in this race? >> i think the boat would be tough no matter what but i try to do what i always try to do and that is look at the individual nominee and his record. my decision had nothing to do with the allegations that were
3:29 pm
made against judge kavanaugh. or just a kavanaugh now. my problem with him was his opinion that he wrote saying he thinks born money should be allowed into ads and influence our elections and there should be no limits on any contributions to campaigns. i'm watching this tsunami of dark money that is drowning our process. i really think this is an issue of our time that we clean up these campaigns, so that people know who is paying for the ads. >> bret: your critics say you voted for every one of president obama supreme court nominees and then you voted against neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. they say, i was that not moving with your party the way it wants to go? >> i voted for over 70% of president trump's judicial nominees. i voted for more than half of his cabinet members. i voted for him half the time. he signed 38 of my bills into law. that doesn't sound like to me as
3:30 pm
somebody who is knee-jerk. some of my colleagues are knee-jerk against the president. i don't get up every day figuring out how to fight the president, i figure out how i can fight for missourians. >> bret: to that point you have a radio ad out now and she's not one of these crazy democrats. >> claire will not stand up against her own party and she's not one of those crazy democrats. who are the crazy democrats? >> they are the ones that walk into restaurants and scream at elected officials phases. we have a state senator here in missouri that actually advocated for the assassination of president trump. that's a crazy democrat. i don't know that i should never be uncivil. i think what most missourians want is for us to listen to each other, figure out where we can compromise, not scream in each
3:31 pm
other's faces or call each other names. i am only talking about civility here. i'm talking about being polite and having good manners. >> bret: but just to be clear there's not on and other crazy democrat in the senate? >> i would not call my colleagues crazy about elizabeth warren sure went after me when i advocated tooling back some of the relations for small banks and credit unions. i certainly disagree with bernie sanders on a bunch of stuff. so i'm not afraid -- i've done those kinds of things which to separate me, i think, from some of the knee-jerk folks that are just against the president no matter what. >> bret: you point out the percentages of voting, 45% roughly. but you do go with chuck schumer 80% of the time and elizabeth warren 67% and bernie sanders 66%. >> you know why that is? we don't get the chance to vote
3:32 pm
on much. we haven't had full debates in the senate for a while. that tax bill was written in mitch mcconnell's office and wasn't written in the finance committee. it's been probably three or four years since we had full debate. if you go back and look at my record, and that's how willing i am to listen to both sides and do what's right regardless of party. >> bret: what do you think the most important issue for missourians is right now? >> health care. by far. i know that because i did over 50 town halls last year. mostly in very red places were not very popular. what people are worried about, we need to keep the parts of the aca that work and we need to fix the other parts. this thing has been such a political football, and i have been the first to say it wasn't exactly right. and we shouldn't have ever done it on a party line vote.
3:33 pm
we got a couple of bipartisan bills that would make it better, if mitch will let us vote on them, i think it will actually improve some of the regulations. but the notion that josh hawley is marching into court trying to score a political point without thinking of the consequences to missourians about all their protections going way, with no backup. as i like to tell missourians, why do you think they asked the court not to decide the case until after december? >> bret: she called that attack disingenuous. >> health care cost is up 145% in this state on the exchanges because of obamacare. speak on the other issue that's been talked about is immigration. so this caravan is getting lots of attention. so what do you do? when you get to the border, what do you do? >> i think the president has to use every tool at his disposal
3:34 pm
and i 100% back him up on that. whether it is turning them back because we are not equipped to file that many assignment asyls into our area. we have to use technology to address. when someone says -- of the law says we need to hear them but we are waiting way too long to hear it. we need to hear them right away. so i don't want the border overrun and i support the president's effort to make sure they are not. >> bret: do you regret supporting hillary clinton in 2016? >> that's our question. obviously my state disagreed with me on that. i thought she certainly had the breadth and depth of experience that qualified her. but i would rather look forward and not backward, and my only request to the president is, i think we should not make the press the enemy and i think the
3:35 pm
truth matters. we have plenty of differences, josh hawley and i, and we should be campaigning on those. >> and undercover video from project veritas were a senator said she would be for suffering gun-control laws more than she talks about publicly got her some attention in the race. >> i voted for most of those things before. >> so you came out and someone asked you questions about what you would do, what's your reaction to that? >> well, people know where i stand on this. i stand for the second amendment and gun safety. i voted at the end of fall 11, it's not a secret. the thing about those films that bothered me was not what was on them because you don't do 52 town halls and let anybody come at the door or think you are hiding anything, it was just they hadn't done it themselves and our office has for weeks on end. that guy had access to our computers and he wasn't in there
3:36 pm
to help me. so there was fraud and i think that's a near normal that do something about. >> if there is no voter out there that worries about what you have to say to us. >> that's when it comes in handy that i have this very clear record. my mouth gets me in trouble with some regularity and i'm not afraid to tell people where i stand. the nra has come after me in every single election. this isn't some secret. i believe we have universal background checks, and i believe if you've been on the terrorist list, we probably shouldn't be getting weapons at a gun show. this is stuff that i was very clear -- i don't think that how i feel is a secret. >> bret: i was going to say, you've got the bus right here. is this the closing day? >> i spent a lot of time on it. can i tell you a secret?
3:37 pm
i'm a little tired of it. i love the people, hugging strangers isn't my favorite part of the campaign. i could spend a lot of hours on the bus this year. the one i think that's our signal to wrap up. he appeared on neil cavuto earlier today after getting some help from friends in st. louis. >> we are fighting now to save our country. that's what this race is about. whether or not we can save our country. it's a choice between two very different visions of our future. there is a vision that you voted for in 2016, to rebuild this country. >> mccaskill is 1 of 5 democrats up for reelection in the state that donald trump run by more than 15 points.
3:38 pm
up next we will talk to the people who are following the midwest races. the political porters, reporters here on the ground in wisconsin and missouri. stay with us. ♪ a presidential speech did not land us on the moon. millions of man hours did. they built their way there. some will ta-ta-ta-ta-talk about the future. but you'd be a fool to believe them. you see talk doesn't get things done. building does. building like we have for the last 115 years. and building for the next century. building cars, new technology, and transforming cities. [engine accelerating] so let the other guys keep dreaming about the future.
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>> that's a decision for individual candidates to make it, i think the president has an incredible story to tell and has an historic first two years and a number of successes that i think any republican running for office should be proud of. >> talking about president trump and, the market is the latest poll, and walker is up one point extremely tight against 20 vers verse. and as we look at the other race here in wisconsin, the senate race, tammy baldwin room with a comfortable lead according to real clear politics, averaging
3:43 pm
over and josh hawley is said to be leading the average of polls. let's bring in our panel of local regional porters, scott bauer, political reporter from the associated press. and it jason hancock, political party from the kansas city star joins us from columbia, missouri. i want to start with you since we just wrapped up that claire mccaskill interview. it sounds like she's moving more to the right, in an interview that we just finished. >> absolutely. she's trying to appeal to some of those same white ready working-class voters that ended up supporting the president because in this interview she's sees it as reaching out to those voters that may have voted republican at the top of the ticket in 2016, but who have known her and voted for her
3:44 pm
before. she's hoping they will vote for her again and that political environment in missouri hasn't completely shifted under her feet. >> bret: scott, for governor walker here, he has been a major target for democrats for years and years. this one seems like he's really in the cross hairs as far as trying to get democrats motivated. where is the ground game here? >> this is a first time governor walker has been on the ballot with an incumbent president, that's a dynamic he's never faced before. but he also built an incredible get out the vote effort, as referenced, let him get in the winds for the last three years. he's counting on getting out those supporters who have been out there for him in the past and also hoping to get some of the people who voted for president trump a couple years ago to come back around and vote for her for the third term. >> is tammy baldwin safe here? do you think those polls are
3:45 pm
accurate? >> as you mentioned tammy baldwin has a double-digit lead in many polls whereas governor walker is extremely tight. you could have two different people on the ballot then tammy baldwin and governor walker. so to see them being so different, it lends a question as to why. she is an incumbent, and he's facing a lot tougher battle then tammy baldwin. so it really comes down to turn out and whether the governor can get his people to show up. and if he gets enough of them that could cause a problem for tammy bartman. the issue in missouri as you see it now? >> i think is right, health care, but it really energized republican voters and you could sort of feel the race shifting during those confirmation hearings into josh
3:46 pm
hawley's favor. >> bret: it would really appreciate the local perspective, you guys cover these races every day. thanks for that info. what will u.s. troops do as they fight over the border for immigration, i care vision which stretches back for miles. ♪ i know you want to leave me for schwab, but before you do that, you should meet our newest team member, tecky.
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>> president trump: this evil anti-semitic attack is an assault on all of us, it's an assault on humanity. >> with the president is not responsible for these acts. the very first action that the president did was condemn these heinous acts. the very first thing that the media did was condemn the president. i think this presidents whole modus operandi is to divide us. >> bret: lots of talk of what the president has said and didn't say or did and didn't do in reaction not only to the pipe bombings but the shooting in the synagogue in pittsburgh as a follow continues from the eight days in. susan page, washington bureau chief at usa today, and then our los angeles viewer.
3:51 pm
your thoughts on the fallout from the weekend? >> this is something you may have heard me say before that one of trumps failing is is, he thinks everything is all about him and what his critics are failing is that they do too. and this weekend's reaction to these hideous atrocities from last week, particularly the one in pittsburgh illustrate that perfectly. people were finding a way to blame him. i think he could elevate the term of art discourse met than he does but i think the fact that he's responsible for giving this kind of atmosphere i think is nonsense and basically unfair to him. >> bret: the president did tweet and it rained some eyebrows, there were inaccurate and fraudulent reporting of the news, and the facebook media and the true enemy of the people must stop opening up hostility
3:52 pm
and report the truth fairly and accurately and then we will be able to bring all sides together peace and harmony. the president was talked about today on cnn with an interesting exchange. take a listen. >> this president has radicalized so many people then i.c.e. ever isis ever did. >> if he doesn't push back on that -- >> but for her to say the president of the president of the united states has radicalized more people than isis is really irresponsible. >> susan, i don't think it's a helpful and healthy dialogue going on, and i think deranged people are responsible for deranged actions, not officials. i do find it pretty chilling however when the president calls to the press the enemy of the people. that's not what i think the
3:53 pm
press does, and and, i think the president will miss an opportunity in the wake of several horrific events over the last few days to take kind of a bigger tone, a more conciliatory tone, taking the role of the presidents have taken in the past after times of big national trauma. >> trump supporters do say that they tried to get him to list at the white house to the fake news media is and they wouldn't play that game. >> i don't think the press are the enemy of the people but i do think mainstream media proves themselves to be the enemy of trump, which is not to say that he should be the enemy of the people but, there has been a
3:54 pm
spate of reporting in the 50 years i've been in this business concerning him, and some of it is justified. >> as far as i'm concerned if there is no question that donald trump has a legitimate beef when he talks about media being biased. and that's what i interpret him as many when he says fake news. look at "the washington post" and "new york times," two of them arguing important destinations. even over reagan over jimmy carter. "the new york times" has not endorsed a republican since 1956 and even organizations like pure research say that abc, nbc and cbs, nightly nerve night cover, they are -- a professor named kim gross who teaches at george mason university, and for the first time back professor try to quantify they are effective biased media on how people vote.
3:55 pm
he argues that the media were truly fair and balanced which is what the is, and that's about eight or ten points in favor of republicans because is no question that a fabulous news media has an effect on how people vote. i think donald trump has a right to call them out on it and there's a distinction between media and fake news media which is what i'm trying to eat. when we come back, the president and first lady getting into it. this ♪
3:56 pm
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>> bret: up finally tonight, president trump and the first lady got into the hollowing spirit, the two passing out candy to candy to trick-or-treaters on the south lawn at the white house. a young girl's prop called the president tsai and the president decided to take that and have halloween fun with the press. the girls serpent made a fun
4:00 pm
picture for the president. thanks for inviting us into your home, it's been a nice day here in wisconsin. that's it for a special report. the story hosted by my friend martha starts right now. >> martha: i'm hissing it at you with that snake. on a much more serious note, the president and first lady will head to pittsburgh tomorrow where a horrifying killing unfolded on saturday as a gunman massacred 11 innocent worshipers in a local synagogue. it was an attack on people of faith, by a a man who said he wanted to quote mike "kill." but until both sides are willing to reach out and lower there is, it won't likely happen. and a warning to the own re


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