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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 8, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> we will start with a fox news alert, president trump reacting to our nation's booming economy. one day after the stellar jobs report shows job growth and an increase in our wages. it also comes as he steps up pressure on his own justice department to find out who wrote that anonymous and scathing opinions pees in the new york times. the president saying he may have narrowed it down to 4-5 possible people. hello everyone and welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news hq". i am eric shawn at the fox news headquarters in new york. >> hello eric. i am arthel neville coming from
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the west coast live in los angeles. the president tweeting about jobs this morning after the u.s. economy exceeded expectations for the month of august. the president writes, we are breaking all jobs and economic records but importantly, our country has tremendous future potential. we have just begun. also weighing on the presidents mind is who in his administration wrote an explosive op-ed and what he plans to do about the president addressing the matter yesterday on board air force one. >> for somebody to do that is very low. i think journalistic and for many different standpoints, maybe even from the standpoint of national security. we will find out about that. for the new york times to allow that to happen is disgraceful. >> ellison barber is light at the white house. it sounds like the president had thoughts on who he thinks it might be. >>reporter: it seems like he does. our local news outlet in - -
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asked him when he read this op-ed, what name popped in his head? he said initially 4-5. the president would not give any names. but a number of senior official, cabinet officials have publicly come out and they are not behind this op-ed. the president says he doesn't think anyone at a high level wrote the op-ed in part because of all these denials we have seen but he says he believes it's a national security issue and the department of justice needs to get involved. >> do you think jeff sessions should be investigating the author of the op-ed? >> i think so because i think it's national security. i would say jeff should be investigating with the offer of that piece was because i really believe it's national security. >> is there action that can be taken against the new york times? >> we will see. i'm looking at that right now.
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>>reporter: the president seems confident that eventually the world will know who wrote this. it was asked if this person has a security clearance, it's not someone he would want in a high level meeting on things like china or russia. he says ãwould bea blatant abus of government power. the new york times says they that's why they think it's so important to protect the identity of the author of this op-ed. >> meanwhile, a former he seems mocking the entire situation. he was sentenced by a federal judge to two weeks behind bars. is the former campaign aide to be sentenced in the russia probe. president trump tweeted quote, 14 days for $28 million.
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$2 million a day, no collusion. adding seemingly sarcastically, a great day for america. in may, special counsel filed a financial report and the doj put the cost of the probe at $17 million. >> ellison barber live at the white house. >> let's go to - - director of the national security law and policy program. and chiefformer chief counsel f the foreign relations committee. and a former clerk to supreme court justice neil gorsuch. two weeks for george papadopoulos bit is that too little, too much? what is the message? >> judge randy moss said he looked at priorsentences and in half the cases, you don't even get sent to jail . he said look, he also looked at the 30 days that - - got and how much problems it caused for the justice department. he thought two weeks was enough
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and he's entitled to make this judgment. >> so you don't get jail time for lying to the fbi in this country? >> that's what the judge said. prosecutors only asked for 0-6 months. it was only going to be at most, six months. not surprisingly, it was a short sentence. >> what about the presidents tweet mocking this. this is not specifically a russian plea. it is the fact that he admitted he did lie to the fbi. >> it's hard to know what the numbers mean. the $28 million the president talking about them. $70million of as of may but the mueller investigation itself is only 7.5-$8 million of that. it's hard to know, there's also other pleas and other stuff going on in this investigation. it still continues. but clearly the president very unhappy and upset with the investigation and all going
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around with it. >> we learned with hillary clinton that you don't have to be put under oath if you live. ms. clinton was interviewed and she was never put under oath but in the that would be a crime if she didn't tell the truth. >> there's no rule that you have to be put under oath or sworn in or anything like that. if you like, there are laws about them. one in particular is regularly used by prosecutors when there's a concern about somebody lying or obstructing an investigation. making it harder for them to investigate. in this case, the concern is that george papadopoulos prevented from getting to that professor who gave the information about the emails. >> some people suggest it may have been a set up, what do you think? >> they were clearly targeting george papadopoulos because he made it clear he was part of the campaign. and then of course we have the wiki leaks disclosures.
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we know the russians were making efforts. the only question is worth a successful and where the campaign working together. there's nothing on the record thus far that suggests that other than george papadopoulos himself who did try to get the russians together with folks from the campaign. >> so he will be up the river for two weeks and then he will get out. meanwhile, the investigation into wrote that skating op-ed in the new york times. the president says it's a matter of national security, do you agree? >> it's hard to know what the national security concern is. there's nothing classified in the op-ed.clearly the president is upset. they should have been anonymous, they should have resigned. they shouldn't be obstructing the agenda considering he's been elected. that's all true but national security is hard to see what the national security concern is? unless there's classified
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information in the document but there isn't from what i can tell. >> who do you think wrote it? >> all of the people i thought have publicly denied. >> that word, lodestar. vice president mike pence has used that so many times in his speeches. could that be a speechwriter or a redherring to throw us off ? >> i do agree that a lot of people who read the memo said it looks like it's been edited quite heavily. looks like an op-ed should. i think maybe that word crept into the editing rather than being a "pence-ism". the vice president was very clear he didn't write it. >> it could be someone on his staff. >> may be. once you're past the cabinet level, it's hard to get to who it might have been. >> should that person, publicly and say, i did it. >> i think you should come out
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and say it was me and here's the reason i said it and do whatever advocacy you need to do.i do think it's odd to hide behind the cloud of an amenity. that being said, the founders also often wrote anonymously. >> thank you for your analysis. >> thank you. the house passed an immigration bill yesterday that will restore the federal government's ability to deport immigrants for a wide variety of violent criminal offenses. this comes as president trump has been floating the possibility of a government shutdown over funding for a wall along the southern border. thursday night, the president gave an update on the wall at a rally in montana. >> we are getting the wall done but i've had so many people,
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good people, great people, they'd rather not do before. the rather do it right after the election. they don't want to do anything to upset the - - my inclination, if it was up to me. i would shut down government over border security. most likely i will not do that but we will do immediately after the election. >> with more now, here's gillian turner in washington. >>reporter: the house passed a vote that redefines the crimes for which foreigners can be deported from the united states. passed with the vote tally of 167-142. >> the community safety and security act provides clarity by precisely and legally defining the phrase, crime of violence and the related criminal acts that when combined with the element of force, are indeed considered
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violent. >>reporter: the president clouded the bill's passage via twitter writing, the government is frequently blocked from reporting criminal aliens with violent felony convictions. the house just passed a bill that increases our ability to deport violent aliens. crazy democrats opposed. >> ãit was introduced just last week. while members were out of town. as things rushed to the floor today without any hearings, any markup, any adequate opportunity for review by the public, legal experts or stakeholders.>>reporter: the aclu, and the national association of criminal defense lawyers is a very lined up in opposition. stating concerns it expands criminal acts in order for the top administration to ramp up deportation. the legislation's next stop is
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the senate. also the president border wall was back in the pot like an looms in the spotlight an looms large on the agenda. >> for more on this now, we will bring in henry rogers. he is the capitol hill reporter for the daily caller. are gop leaders concerned about president trump shutting down government over the border wall or should they be? >> it's such a strong issue for them and his base. the only reason he could do this could be as a job to republicans in congress who have failed to get any funding passed for this wall. trump is obviously extremely frustrated. with these numbers of congress
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would not been able to get anything past with regards to the wall. he could very well shut down the government as he said before. it's very possible. >> it seems like in that interview that the president realizes there could be backlash if he does it before the midterm election. >> absolutely. >> to your point, what you are saying is the president frustrated with congress. as you know his party for. what's the impact on the gop if the president does shut down the government? >> it would not be a good sign before the midterm elections. if the gop was able to include a bill that funded the wall and also funded the government, that would be a huge win for republicans before the midterm elections on november 6. >> that's a possibility though.
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a possibility that the president won't get everything but they will the money allocated for his wall. would that be enough? >> absolutely. i think he might be sending the message as a kind of a jab more than effort to get them on board. and say listen, this is an important issue to people back home in your counties and districts and to our country. i interviewed a group of angel families yesterday children were killed by illegal immigrants. they all made it very clear that the wall is the most important issue on their minds. so his base will not stop fighting for this wall and congress did not stop fighting either. even if it means shutting down the government over it. obviously it's an issue close to trump's heart and his base. >> i understand that henry and it's close to the presidents, his base. they wanted. he campaigned on it. what's the impact on his presidency and with the president himself take a
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political hit if he doesn't get this done? >> i think it would be back on congress again. i think it all goes back to congress. if they cannot get their heads together and put together a comprehensive bill that will fund the government and also provide funding for the border wall, i think it would be a disaster for congress. yes, that would affect trump in the long run. >> the president is the president. he can't do anything without congress. i guess he could do an executive order. so first of all, what will it take for the congressional leaders that you are blaming right now to circumvent a government shutdown over the president for a while with mexico? and really, how much of it is on the president for him to call these particular members of commerce and say hey guys, we've got to get this done. >> that's exactly what he needs to do. really just tell them straight up, we're having a government shutdown or we will have the
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pressure or rebuilding the wall or doing both. they need to get their heads together. we've been dealing with this since 2016. it's 2018, we have nothing. it all goes back to congress. we need to get funding. funding for the border wall in order to get this whole thing done. these members of congress need to get together, put their heads down, and stop with the little small policy issue areas that don't really matter that much but that they're holding out on just because they want to make an impact and make a name for themselves. but it doesn't help them in midterms again. >> seems like the president will hold off on putting any feet to the fire. >> the other day, president trump said he would be willing
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to do anything to secure our borders. that includes shutting down our government so it is possible. >> you know that shutting down the government, we talk about it but it's not a great idea. but we will continue to watch this. i think the president is aware of that. henry rogers, thank you so much. i want to ask everyone to tune into "fox news sunday", chris wallace will interview vice president mike pence on the economy, immigration and a whole lot more. it will air at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> i am in new york, arthel neville is in los angeles and we are covering the nation. meanwhile, tropical storm will slam into the east coast. it it's growing stronger every day. we will have the latest on where it could hit, coming up. north korea celebrating its 70th anniversary as the u.s. is keeping pressure on kim jong-un to the denuclearize.
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right now barreling toward the east coast. it's likely to regain hurricane strength tonight. adam is in our fox weather center with the latest. where is this headed? it still a long ways away but it will strengthen very quickly.still tropical storm winds at 65 mph. you're looking overnight jumping to a category one or two storm as it runs into very warm water. just south of bermuda, you can pay attention to the timeline. still a wide area of where this could fun eventually getting to that major hurricane status.
11:23 am
this will take you all the way to thursday and we still haven't made landfall. so there's plenty of time for this to shift. the thing that there's no doubt about, this is running over warm water. you need 80 degree water for the storms to continue to fuel. we have water in the 85 degrees range from where it currently sits halfway up the east coast. so the warm water is in place and that's what will allow this to strengthen and go from a tropical storm eventually to a category four hurricane's our tropical models. spaghetti models, a lot of them agree but there are a couple models turning it way off. it can miss the coast entirely. others as you get closer to the coast, it gets farther away and i was in the farther out the forecast, the more challenging it is. it is going to take a couple days to get a really good idea. some of our favorite models,
11:24 am
particularly the euro, has is running right into the carolinas. this will be a store we have to pay close attention to. people will see the impact. this is not a surprise this is happening right now but historically, our peak tropical activity is september 10. this is around the time it should be happening. whether this one hits or not, there are a bunch more depressions and tropical storms firing up off the coast of africa.we will be having to pay attention to this. >>arthel: so if florence hits as a hurricane or tropical storm, when are you thinking? around wednesday? >> late next week so thursday or friday. it's so far away but that's something that will change. >>arthel: either way you have lot of water, a lot of rain . >> this is a big storm .1 we will pay attention to definitely. >>arthel: thank you. eric. >>eric: a fox news alert on north korea. the state department confirming that secretary of state mike pompeo has received a letter from kim jong-un to president
11:25 am
trump. the president told reporters that letter was handed over at the dmz and it's now on the way to him. >> a letter is being delivered to me and i think it's going to be a positive letter. the rhetoric between myself and him has been very good. he said i have respect for trump. yesterday he said i want to make this deal and denuclearize. >>eric: the high-level letter comes amid concerns about the negotiations and as pyongyang prepares a massive military parade to celebrate the anniversary of the nation's founding. - - is live in seoul, south korea with the latest on what celebrations we could expect. >>reporter: more on that later in a moment but first, let's turn to the about six hours time, the proceedings should be kicking off in pyongyang.
11:26 am
that's about 120 miles from where we are standing right now and they could tell us something about the state of the troubled nuclear negotiations. those celebrations allabout the anniversary of the founding of this country. along with very well orchestrated government planned events . we will be watching that very closely. our contact on the ground already seems the regime's emphasis is a bit off the nuclear program and anti-u.s. propaganda. more on feel-good topics like the economy. observers in the region will be watching if icbm missiles are foldout in a big military parade planned as well as what north korean leader kim jong-un will say in a speech he is expected to give, not just to the united states, but also as one expert told us, to his own people. take a listen. >> the real message being sent tomorrow will be to the domestic audience. >>reporter: saying what? >> saying we are strong countr . >>reporter: as you mentioned,
11:27 am
president trump now said he's been sent a letter from kim. he believes it is positive and despite the stymied talks, the trump-kim relationship appears to have good five left over from that singapore summit and experts here say that could be very important to move these negotiations forward. and action on a few other friends in south korea on friday, u.s. and north korean generals met at the dmz to discuss joint excavations in the north. the remains of those the five u.s. soldiers missing from the korean war word returned to the u.s. last month. still there are 5300 americans still missing in the north. and eric, one more summit planned in about 10 days time involvingkim and moon jae-in . that too could kickstart these
11:28 am
talks. but on sunday, the birthday bash. the well orchestrated birthday bash. >>arthel: we will be closely following the meetings with the south korean president. be sure to stick with us later this afternoon. asia expert gordon chang will be on talking to me about what could be in that letter from kim jong-un as well as analyzing the latest developments. you know gordon and his knowledge of the area, he will tell us what it will take for kim to denuclearize and about china's role. less than two hours from now, 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. arthel neville is out west in los angeles. >>arthel: i will definitely be waiting to hear what gordon has to say. - - launching new strikes on the last remaining stronghold in northwestern syria. as protesters call for international protection from another looming offensive. how the u.s. is responding. plus, we are awaiting former
11:29 am
president barack obama on the campaign trail in anaheim. a live look in orange county as the former and current president take shots at each other. how the new show that will affect the midterms. stick around. >> president obama made a speech. if that doesn't get you out to vote for the midterms, nothing will . a toast, to your demise. wanna get away? now you can with southwest fares as low as 69 dollars one-way. that's transfarency. (clap, clap, ding)
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president barack obama back on the campaign trail yesterday. and now for day two. he's about to take the stage in anaheim, california any moment as you can see the crowd waiting for him. the former president is stumping for democrats in orange county. one day after unveiling a litany of attacks on his successor and what is his first campaign speech. he had that speech in chicago. >> we do not pressure the attorney general or the fbi to use the criminal justice system as a cudgel to punish our political opponents. [applause] or to explicitly
11:34 am
call on the attorney general to protect members of our own party from persecution because an election happens to be coming up.i'm not making that up. that's not hypothetical. >>eric: jeff paul is live from los angeles. what can we expect from the former president this afternoon? >>reporter: is trying to energize folks to get out and vote saying the stakes right now are high. the democrats are competing for key gop held districts and are hoping they can help determine which party controls the house. president obama will likely take the same tone today as he did yesterday, while speaking to college students in illinois. he criticized president trump and republicans: them divisive and finger fueling resentments. the [indiscernible] >> by the way, the feeling that
11:35 am
everything will turn out okay because they're people inside the white house who secretly aren't following the president's orders. that is not a check. i'm being serious here. that is not how our democracy is supposed to work. >>reporter: obama went on taking a shot at president trump taking credit for the current state of the economy. president trump claims obama's speech made him fall asleep. he didn't fire back on the subject of the economy. >> he was trying to take credit for this incredible thing happening to our country. if the democrats, i have to say this to president obama, it wasn't him. if the democrats got in with their agenda. >>reporter: former president obama also said trump is a symptom and not the cause of the divisiveness and politics be said that trump is
11:36 am
capitalizing on the resentments that politicians have been fanning for years. >>eric: back to arthel neville who's in los angeles. >>arthel: eric and jeff, for more we will bring in our panel today. we have a democratic strategist of others. former senior advisor to hillary clinton in south carolina and the founder and ceo of blueprint strategy, amy - - a republican strategist. former chairwoman of the nevada state gop. welcome to you both. as you know, president obama will take the stage at the convention center. i may have to interrupt for a second. antoine, i will start with you. how much will president obama rally the democratic voters and how much will his presence on the campaign trail rally republicans to the polls? >> first of all, welcome back president obama but we missed you so much.
11:37 am
i think his presence alone will be a big factor in motivating democrats to turn out in the november election. i think the president and his wife understand this, this is not about who will control congress or the senate. this is literally a battle for america's soul and we cannot afford to lose. this will be the most consequential midterm election of our lifetime. the stakes are so high and i think that's why this president has decided he cannot sit this election out. >>arthel: amy, i ask you the same question. what do you think? will president obama be the rallying card and cry for the democrats or inadvertently, bring the republicans to the polls? >> we certainly did miss him but in a different way . it's definitely going to rally republicans. that's why we have president trump. that's what elections are for and that's what happened. after eight years of president obama's failed policies, the
11:38 am
american public want to change. so they voted for president trump. it's a shame that former president obama would take this opportunity to attack a current president. >>arthel: wait a minute, amy. let me set the stage for you. two things. i want you to respond to amy saying president obama had failed policies throughout his eight years and also, let me start with you amy. you know there is so into quorum in dc that the current president is not to attack the former, his predecessor. president trump broke that rule. now you have 18 months later, president obama is out on the campaign trail and for the first time, he is going on and mentioning president trump by name. what do you kind of expect? that's where we are unfortunately in this day and age. >> you have the current
11:39 am
president whose beat up and bruised on a daily basis by people who are still on the administration. he wants to call them the swamp or deep state. you know that president obama and the clintons and the bushes have all come out strongly in sharing their distaste of president trump. so if you expect them to sit on the sidelines, i don't know if you know with the current president is. he's not going to sit idly by and allow them to treat him ta. i thought it was kind of him to say he fell asleep when obama spoke recently rather than take more shots at him and continue the fight even further. but if you expect them to not say anything in return, i think you've got another thing comin to you . >>arthel: antoine? >> i'm happy to defend eight
11:40 am
solid years of obama and his presidency. if you look at the economy, healthcare, student loans, the environment and if you .2 things that history will be so kind to tell us about barack obama's eight years. if the republicans want that debate, let's do it. the republican congress and this president has failed the american people on the policy agenda for the united states of america. that's why his poll numbers are on life support. that's why - - will take control of congress and we will return to the sanity if all goes well in november. >>arthel: do the democrats have the right quarterback to lead that team? who's the leader on the democratic side really? >> the unique thing about the democratic party is we are a big ten party. the republicans want to put us in the game of nationalizing
11:41 am
the election when all politics is local and every election will look different in various parts of the country andthat's the beauty about the candidates we have put forth for the big game. i think all of them will run on a policy prescription that will make sense for the district they are running in. >>arthel: i've got to get amy 10 seconds . >> the economy is booming and actually yesterday was just announced that the wages are the highest they've been in the last 13 years. the president's first full year, gdp was twice as good as any time that president obama had an 80 years 84 yearseight full years. >>arthel: if everybody's on the attack, they have to sell something. the american people want to know what you will do for them. amy, antoine, thank you both
11:42 am
for your comments and i want to remind our viewers that we are awaiting president obama to appear at the anaheim convention center in orange county there. we are going to be monitoring this beauty you can catch this streaming live on so stay right here on fox news channel and for the very latest. >>eric: let's go down to the lone star state. there is ted cruz, the senator for texas. he is campaigning right now at a barbecue restaurant, 45 minutes outside of houston. he is in a tight race with his democratic challenger - - maybe the senator has the best of him because he's in the tin roof barbecue. if you've ever had a bq in texas, you've got to try hill country barbecue there. - - of course a bit of a star
11:43 am
and the democratic party. think real clear politics shows the senator four points up right now. meanwhile, confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. man, are they sharp and at times, chaotic. democrats attempted to block him from being confirmed. the question today, is he any closer to being seated on the high court? ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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the confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh wrapped up friday after four days of fireworks between senate democrats and republicans in the judiciary committee. let's go to garrett in washington. >>reporter: brett kavanaugh's supporters are feeling extreme the confident about his confirmation. democrats through everything at him and he never lost his cool and walked away pretty much unscathed. - - particularly those eyeing a
11:48 am
run in 2020. one of those is senator cory booker who on thursday said he was breaking senate rules by releasing some of his past emails that were marked confidential, calling it his spartacus moment. we later learned was emails had already been cleared for public release but booker remained defiant and continued to release documents and what he called, an act of civil disobedience. those were about racial profiling but like most of the attacks on judge brett kavanaugh, this one fell flat when republicans pointed out that brett kavanaugh advised to get rid of racial profiling. >> this should be required of you been wanting tolearn from t hearing, if you're going to use a document to impeach a witness. read it. the document they were used, if you read it, he was against
11:49 am
racial profiling. ifyou are willing to get kicked out of the senate, make sure they haven't already been . >>reporter: in terms of where we go from here, a final confirmation vote by the full senate will likely take place by october 26. >>eric: for more on the hearings and what we can expect, let's bring in someone that knows brett kavanaugh very well. justin walker clerked for judge brett kavanaugh and justice kennedy. you watched those hearings. democrats accused him of not telling the truth. hiding his opinions and skirting major issues but how do you think he did? >> i think he did just wonderfully. i think the contrast between this good judge, this great man but he's written 300 opinions
11:50 am
and who was quoting supreme court cases left and right off the top of his head. i think the contrast between him and the people attacking him, slinging mud. using a vicious tone bid asking misleading questions. trying to disrupt. the contrast were sharp. >>eric: let's take one at a time. roe v wade, he said it settled law but then they brought out the email from 2003 when he worked from president bush when he said that not all legal scholars refer to roe v wade as law. was that his opinion or fact? >> he was dating that not all legal scholars believe the same thing about roe v wade than others believe. he was stating the obvious is how i would describe it and it didn't in any way reflect his personal opinion. >>eric: stay right there, we will break more about this down. we have to break for commercial. i will also ask you, that you
11:51 am
served with him, about his judicial thinking. they with us for more on judge brett kavanaugh, straight ahead. along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals boost® high protein. be up for life. boost® high protein. your insurance rates a scratch so smallr you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> we are back, we will take a break to pay bills, justice walker, clerk for judge kavanaugh and justice kennedy is still with us, justice, thank you, democrats worrying that judge kavanaugh could protect the president, that's why some of them think he's being put on the bench and put up for this
11:55 am
nomination because he questioned the nixon case, what do you think? do you think he would protect the president in case there's a legal issue in. >> judge kavanaugh called the watergate tapes case one of the great moments for the judiciary, his opinion on that has been mischaracterized by his opponents just like so many other mischaracterizations that they've made that simple fact is the truth is that judge kavanaugh is a mainstream judge's judge who goes where the law leads without passion or prejudice for any party or any policy preference and therein is the rub for his opponents. they can't bring him down, they can't engage the process because he is so qualified and so mainstream and instead they disrupt, they grand stand, the problem is they don't get them, the problem they just can't sell them. >> final you a minute left, what's he like, he likes ketchup on pasta, seriously?
11:56 am
when he's up there he's playing a public role, what's it like to be with him, have meetings, does he hash stuff out in the chambers late at night, what's he like? >> he's a very down to earth regular guy, the last time we had a morning meeting schedule he pad to push it back because he's been up so late the night before watching the washington capitals stanley cup hockey championship game and the post game coverage, he coaches his daughter's little league team, he serves to homeless, he's not only great man but a truly good man. >> all right, we are up against the clock, justin, thank you, that does it for us, we will be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern with more. >> yeah, quick reminder when president obama takes the stage you can checkhi it out on fox news.
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♪ ♪ >> judge kavanaugh, i am concerned whether you would treat every american equally or instead show allegiance to the political party and the conservative agenda that has shaped and built your career. >> we are in unchartered territory here. it is unprecedented for a supreme court nominee to be named by a president who is an undieted coconspirator. >> i sincerely believe that the public deserves to know the nominee's record in this particular case issues of race and the law, this is the closest i'll ever have


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