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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 1, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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angle on labor day, the best seen and unseen with my partner in crime, raymond arroyo. have a wonderful weekend, fly your flag, hang out with your family and friends. up next, shannon bream. good night from chicago. shannon: democrats go to extremes with one talking about not simply abolishing ice but punishing ice agents for doing their jobs. another compares the president to usama bin laden. how for where they go to stir up the base? we look at that with fox news at night focus on the seat left open by ron desantis now the locked in the nomination for governor, democrat and republican vying for house seats here tonight with deep foreign-policy rates. hollywood civilities gear up for the midterms by spending big bucks a new movie starring ryan
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gosling intentionally leaves out the iconic moment when the american flag was planted on the moon, sterger heated debate whether the american achievement or broader achievement for all mankind. welcome to fox news at night. we begin with another escalation in donald trump's feud with the media. comments the president insists were off the record rocking high-pressure negotiations with canada over a new nafta agreement. we are tracking the latest development and they are still coming in. >> remarks moved the markets and appended days of trade talks between canada and the us. donald trump confirmed on twitter into north carolina. >> at least canada knows how i feel so it is fine. >> reporter: at an event focusing on the signing of an
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executive order related to it. >> you saw it, off the record. it is unbelievable what is happening with the fake news. when you say off the record, it is a term of honor. >> reporter: according to the toronto star newspaper donald trump told bloomberg news he is not compromising with canada when it comes to nafta's talks and any deal would be totally on our terms. the president said, quote, if you are going to put that, it is so insulting they are not able to make it either. donald trump accused bloomberg of dishonest reporting and blatantly violating an off the record agreement. a spokesperson with bloomberg told fox news, quote, when we agree something is off the record we respect that. the toronto star journalist tweeted he won't be commenting
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on the source of the leaked quote. officials say the deadline to reach a nafta deal by today. the us trade representative said the president notified the congress of his intent to sign a trade agreement with mexico and canada if it is willing 90 days from now but for now there is no deal with canada. >> we will continue looking at it. >> reporter: there are a number of issues to resolve from dairy tariffs to aluminum tariffs to contingent sunset clause, mexico's trade representative said the us off and it stands on that to the pharmaceutical industry, requirement of 10 years of data protection for biological drugs. >> not going to negotiate in public, the government of canada will not sign an agreement unless it is good for canada and good for canadians. >> reporter: talks will start again wednesday. donald trump asked if they will apologize. >> socialist bernie sanders endorsed progressive sensation andrew guillemot of a stunning
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surprise victory in the democratic primary in the florida gubernatorial race, pushing big spending sort of legalizing pot, abolishing ice, and he welcomes the fbi investigation into alleged city hall corruption when he was tallahassee mayor. we are talking about how florida is turning into ground 0 in the middle between the far left in the president's supporters. more on the democrats sharp left turn as we 0 when on the midterms. >> reporter: sean cason's words back to hurt him, in february talked to voters about school safety and how gun-control opponents are similar to islamic terrorists. he then made this analogy. >> trump and usama bin laden have a lot in common because they both use the bully pulpit to activate marginalized young men.
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>> his campaign tried to walk it back saying his words were poorly chosen and he regrets them. the campaign criticized donald trump for dividing americans. andrew guillemot face off against gop congressman ron desantis in the florida governor's race. he is supported by donald trump. regularly thinks trump should be impeached. >> he has already incriminated himself by interfering in the department of justice, firing jim comey, obstructing justice and the persons that time is only driven deeper down a dark hole for himself in the country. >> trump responded calling gillam of failed socialist saying he is rhonda santos's dream opponent, several democrats suggested abolishing immigrations and customs enforcement.
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arizona democratic congressman took it further threatening ice agents who carry out deportations tweeting if you are a us government official and you are deporting americans be warned, when the world turns you will not be safe because you were just following orders, you do not have to take part in illegal acts ordered by this president's administration, critics point out ice agents are not in the business of deporting americans. new york gubernatorial candidate cynthia nixon says increasing taxes on the wealthiest residents and corporations will not push them out of the state telling msnbc if i texas compelled rich people to move there wouldn't be so many wealthy people in new york or california, nixon went on to tout new york's business friendly environment. >> republican candidate still welcoming donald trump's help, north carolina republicans in their congressional races. this comes at a time his poll numbers are upside down
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including high unfathomable ratings with independents. democrats are pushing hard to the left calling to abolish ice or commonly punish ice agents for doing their job. some pushing toxic impeachment before a report from the special counsel. we want to focus on florida's 6 district vacated by ron desantis, the gop nominee for governor. a former clinton administration official facing mike waltz, former green beret commander, declining invitation to debate directly. soderbergh touted national security experience, great to have you. let's talk about the foreign-policy hotspot because both you and mike have a background in the national security apparatus. china and russia are teaming up to enormous wargames, china pushing back on the us on a number of issues from tariffs to north korea. what do you make of our
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relationship with them? >> as a national security issues that next to the russians and chinese and un security council they are both adversaries and ones we need to stand up to, first and foremost russia which is an increasing regional thread and china and increasing competitor taking over the south china sea islands, we need a strong congress to make sure america's interests are protected. shannon: what about north korea, it played administration after administration, ramping up the nuclear program, indications despite the singapore summit, it appears they are not slowing down there program and like china and russia, what do you make of that? >> north korea is the most
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frustrating problem any president faces. i was in the white house as deputy national security adviser during the deals in the 90s, they make a deal and cheat and cannot be trusted. in their case you have to not trust and verify any agreement, so far they have not fulfilled any commitment they have made to the president, their nuclear program continues, keep sanctions and make sure we do not face a nuclear armed north korea with ballistic missiles to reach our country? >> we will talk to mike next but i feel your two answers are the same thing he would say. are you hawkish for a democrat on these foreign-policy issues? how would you describe yourself
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in matters of defense? >> i spend my life defending our values, keeping this country safe and i do that in congress, we need to make sure america's interests are protected against our enemies, we have a strong military, and be true to our values, that is the kind of leader i will be in congress. >> there's a lot of disagreement in the democrat party how far left various candidates are willing to go with things like impeaching the president and abolishing ice. i want to read something from illinois's 6 district, trump and usama bin laden have a tremendous amount in common because they figured out how to use the bully pulpit to activate marginalized young men. you advise going after usama bin laden years ago. what do you make -- is it appropriate to you, to compare the current president to usama bin laden? >> i do not. i was one of the first in the white house in the early days when usama bin laden was coming up, to say let's get this guy, make sure we get them as a threat to keep this country safe. the irish catholic and
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protestant together, to bring warring parties together and that is the kind of member of congress i will be, to make sure we defend america's interests, defend the united states at every step, that means keeping our values at home as well, making sure we have good healthcare, that is the kind of relationship we need with the american people and congress. >> are you for abolishing ice? >> i've defended our borders as a national security official, defend the constitution, we need to make sure we keep this country safe but in a way that doesn't rip kids from their families. >> but abolishing the agency? >> we need to reform ice and make sure it protects our country, goes after the drug dealers and criminals. they need to reform it but don't need to abolish it. >> impeachment yes or no? >> impeachment?
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>> impeachment is a serious problem that i would take seriously in congress. one of the most serious issues one would take up in congress. i would wait until we see the fact of the mueller investigation and see whether the facts in that report are justified before such a serious decision. shannon: thanks for your time. to the other side donald trump's disapproval rating at an all-time high according to the washington post abc, 60% of americans disapprove of his job performance. the same poll nearly half of americans say he should be impeached and that could lead to trump being removed from office, 46% say congress should not move forward with impeachment. looking at the 6 congressional district, mike walsh is here, he would love to campaign rally
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with the president. the president tweeted a short time ago about that poor, abc washington post poll at the least accurate ones. two weeks from the presidential election, i call a suppression poll, they brought us out of shame to about even. they will never learn. >> we knocked tens of thousands of doors across north florida and there are people, republicans there may not like at times the president's demeanor, what he says but love what he's doing. the economy is booming, standing up to our adversaries, holding allies accountable, tax reform, deregulation there lives are better. washington is so focused on things like omarosa or the rhetoric of the day, they are focused on their lives and under donald trump and their leadership their lives are better, seeing their 401(k) room, this midterm is a choice
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about which america do we went? do we want to move this economy and move america forward or i hear my opponent nancy soderbergh say what they are for or against, nancy pelosi voting to impeach the president. she is voting to move us toward socialism and open borders and abolishing ice. shannon: the headline, several consultants express fear the weight and severity of the legal cases against the former campaign manager and personal attorney coupled with the constant drumbeat of negative stories and scandals has the potential to turn off key constituencies and overall gop voter enthusiasm, those suburban moms are people you need. >> let's look at the turn out in the primary. district 6, 77,000 compared to
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58,000 democrats, with registration. the notion of a blue wave is more of a blue ripple. they are fired up about nelson and desantis and this choice which way, america is going to go. defending the country, standing up to allies, securing our border, moving our economy. >> turnout is going to be everything. 51% to 38%,
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they will show up and vote, 76 to 77%. >> in florida we are not seeing it. and our lives moving forward and better, moving in the right direction. one thing they are focused on is getting more combat veterans. and to get more combat, race, religion, economic backgrounds, and the fo's we went to bring, moving the country forward, i can disagree with democrats all day long, if they served the commonality, and this moved me
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to run for this race. in the 80s we peaked 85% of senators and congressmen were combat veteran and now record low of 15. we lost another one in john mccain. the mentality of service is what we are missing and that is what my campaign is all about and fired people up to come out to the polls. jillian: many combats for tourists and we will watch this race, you and your opponent is a centrist. >> is a junior member and nancy pelosi led congress, we know what direction we are going to do in front of us. >> robert mueller's office could take actions for the labor day holiday at this hour. we are learning about the
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decisions of bruce ohr in connection with the trump dossier and one of mueller's top investigators. >> direct knowledge, telling fox news, and the top robert mueller deputy with the controversial anti-trump dossier. and earlier this week sources said ohr contacted fbi officials, at november 2016 election. and the back channel contacts, with parts of the dossier. with two decades of government service, ohr told investigators he never handled evidence about it but the broad circle of contact indicate senior fbi leadership, wiseman and two other senior justice department officials knew about back channel contact with steel and the dossier.
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the fbi side, ohr's contact included peter stzrok who was recently fired over anti-trump text and other issues calling fbi lawyer lisa page, former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe with allegations he lied to federal agents and more junior and current fbi agents who worked the russia case, wanting the president to declassify fbi records about ohr, the president said the fbi and justice department need to do more. >> our justice department and fbi have to start doing their job and doing it right and doing it now. people are angry. people are angry. what is happening is a disgrace and at some point i wanted to stay out but at some point, i
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went them to do their job. i will get involved and get in. >> reporter: house democrats say the focus on ohr, a crucible servant his portfolio did not include russia is mischaracterized by republicans and his outreach was prohibited or unlawful. >> innocent americans living on the border suddenly moving passports for no concrete reason. having more on that story, separating fact and fiction. and iconic moment in american history is about to open in theaters but missing an important part of the story that involves the american flag next.
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>> shannon: once again a media firestorm brewing over trump administration efforts to curtail illegal immigration. now it's over birth certificates and a raging shannon: media firestorm brewing over trump administration efforts to curtail illegal immigration, now it is overbreadth certificates and the debate over how many may be forged on a nation's border with mexico. >> reporter: taking a closer
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look at a growing number of immigration lawyers in south texas, a big spike in a number of cases. and passports called into question despite having a us birth certificate and classified as a us citizen their whole lives. >> i don't think they changed their policies but there has been a change. how do you wish you the first one without a problem and the second time may go to renew and now there's a problem? >> numbers are tough to gauge because us state department does not release statistics on passport fraud cases for security reasons. there are reports of some people being stuck in mexico, their passports allegedly revoked when trying to reenter the us or even in some cases people being detained at immigration detention centers but the us state department is pushing back on many of those reports saying
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fraudulent birth documents were once prevalent in certain border communities along the texas mexico line and along certain doctors. the fed's claim of double checking the authenticity, in a statement, spokesperson for the state department says, quote, this is an irresponsible attempt to create division, attempting to inflame tensions over immigration under the trump administration, it continues, domestic passport denials for these cases are at a 6-year low. now they are looking at legal options, they just celebrated a recent victory successfully suing and halting the separation of immigrant children from their families along the border. >> reporter: thank you.
12:27 am
for more let's bring in richard fowler and the editorial director, i will start with you. you saw a little of what heather said, she went on to say domestic passport denials for midwife cases where at a 6-year low. they put the numbers out from the last administration and appears to be a drop off on denials the first two years of the trump administration. >> let's be real here. i don't care if one of the numbers are 300, a lot of these border cities don't have access to healthcare. and -- >> american citizens -- it is a question. >> what is happening in some of the cases we have read about and seen, not sure if you're a
12:28 am
citizen with information, to be one with the people. >> what if you are not a us citizen? >> you should be out of our country. >> the question they are assessing, these midwives -- not born in this country, not eligible. >> let's talk about what is happening on the ground, americans have every right to be here like i do and you do but they happen to be hispanic -- shannon: it is not because they are hispanic. one thing we can agree on is we don't want american citizens being kicked out of the country regardless of race, we are on the same page with that. >> names that are identified as having forged birth certificates in the past -- and nbc years ago reported about this.
12:29 am
and there was an investigation that found 900 fake documents getting paid something like 300, nobody wants to kick out a legitimate citizen. >> reporting this bill specifically looking like trump measures as being evil. >> i never said that. no citizen should be stopped at the border. jillian: the new movie coming out about neil armstrong, they made a decision not to include the moment the american flag was planted on the moon. the director says the film is about one of the most externa compliments not only in american history but in human history. this is what marco rubio said. total lunacy and the service at a time when our people need reminders of what we can achieve when we work together. the american people paid for that mission, rockets built by americans, using american technology and caring american astronauts.
12:30 am
>> i got a chance to read the statement from his son who watched the movie, they were part of creating the movie, worked with the director and screenwriter and they talk about depictions of the american flag in the movie. let's press the pause button, everybody complaining about the movie and haven't seen it. >> the neil armstrong landed on the moon footage, two men worth watching, when he first steps on the moon and when he plans the american flag. >> this is not about the american flag but neil armstrong. it is about his family, his struggle. >> the actor, ryan gosling is canadian, even he says it is more about doing this is a human achievement than an american achievement. >> he is canadian, doesn't have a stake in this. >> it is -- why is everybody outraged? >> like watching a movie about miracle and not seeing the
12:31 am
game-winning goal. jillian: thank you very much. as we get ready for the brett cavanagh confirmation hearing set to begin tuesday, some conservatives can count on the nominee for issues of religious liberty, the left says he is planning to use it, kelly shackleford is here to weigh in live. willy davis, who has alzheimer's. i decided to make shirts for the walk with custom ink. the shirts were so easy to design on the site. the custom ink team was super helpful and they just came out perfect. seeing my family wearing my shirts was such an amazing reminder of all the love and support that everyone has for my dad. - [narrator] check out our huge selection of custom t-shirts and more, for teams, businesses, and every occasion. you'll even get free shipping. get started today at
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jillian: confirmation hearings for brett cavanagh begin tuesday. in preparation more documents were released tonight to the senate judiciary committee related to his time in the bush white house. is democrats but not all the stops to block the hearings from moving forward. >> we should be pushing to postpone the brett kavanaugh hearing. 's nomination is now tainted with illegality because the president nominated brett kavanaugh, has been implicated in a criminal conspiracy.
12:36 am
jillian: not all democrats are on the same page. >> on this one, he and i have to respectfully disagree with my friend dick blumenthal. people can disagree in a democracy. shannon: kelly will be sitting next week, joins me now to weigh in on what could be a key issue where nominees stand on religious freedom. thanks for joining us tonight. i went you to give us, something you are fighting about all the time, your view of where brett kavanaugh stands on these issues. >> we have to start with how incredibly gifted he is, an excellent jurist, fair-minded, committed to the constitution, has written 300 opinions and is well respected on the left and the right as the highest level
12:37 am
of competency and professionalism even today. the american bar association which leans heavily w gave him the highest rating but it was a unanimous vote. that tells you why arguments against him are so week. in the religious liberty area as a guy who focuses on first amendment religious liberty i like him because his opinions are so well thought out, written well, excellent on first amendment principles it almost 20 years ago, brett kavanaugh the lawyer donated his time on a case we were working on for religious freedom. he is a guy with a heart for the constitution and freedom as well and that is an unbelievable combination when you at that competency, excellence and a heart for the constitution and first amendment. shannon: i want to get to one of your cases come in a piece called brett kavanaugh wrong about religious freedom, an opinion piece by a universalist
12:38 am
minister, maybe the most frightening, he is receptive to those who would distort religious freedom as an excuse to harm others especially women lgbt q people and religious minorities, religious freedom means the right to believe or not as you see fit but never meant the right to use your religion as an excuse to use it against other people and they warned that might be brett kavanaugh. >> attacks based on nothingness, there is no proof of that, no evidence, no writing, no opinion. they have 300 opinions, you see brett kavanaugh is a person who believes in every individual, every citizen's right to hold to their own religious beliefs whatever they are, the freedom of every individual, the life case is an example of that, protecting the pledge case, he
12:39 am
has done an excellent job on the opinions and there is no basis for criticism. >> reporter: a memorial in maryland outside dc, something erected in the 1920s as a memorial to all fallen soldiers of world war i, there are fights to take it down. it is on appeal to the supreme court. where are we in this? >> this is why it is important to get another justice on the court and have excellent justices. the veterans memorial was put up 100 years ago by the american legion, by mothers who lost their sons in world war i, there is a decision by the fourth circuit federal court of appeals that this is unconstitutional. we are talking about bulldozing a national veterans memorial. that would be bad enough because the precedent that sets for veterans memorial's across the country and in the fourth circuit, arlington national cemetery.
12:40 am
if this is not overturned at the supreme court they have to go to arlington and tear down a large freestanding cross like the cross of sacrifice and most people can't imagine that. everyone is watching this case at the supreme court and in the next month or so we will find out what happens. >> september 24th, we will see if they take it out. >> i didn't mention it. anybody wants to look at the memorial, look at it yourself go to shannon: we will see you next week at the hearing. families and small towns without schools of their own get state funding to send their kids unless the school happens to have any religious connection. is it legal? you are the jury, night court is next. i can breathe again! i can breathe again! vicks sinex... breathe on.
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♪ >> shannon: time now for night court, on the docket tonight two new lawsuits seeking to stop religious
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>> two new lawsuits looking to start religious discrimination. several students and their families challenging a law that restricts families without high schools of their own for using taxpayer funds to send their kids to religious schools. in washington the work-study program's big challenge, the program allows them to gain work experience as they prepare to graduate. like working in a soup kitchen run by a church. our legal eagles, national of the center for life, liberty, civil and criminal attorney, welcome to you both. in this main case, little towns with no schools of their own and parents get public dollars to send their kids to a public or private school of their choice but they can do it if the school has any religious affiliation. why is that okay? >> it is okay because we have separation of church and state. if people wanted to go to public school or private school, that would be okay.
12:46 am
we had to draw a line between the government and religion. we don't want the government to tell us what to do with religion or politicize our churches so now the schools that our church affiliated should not get funding and that is a fair statement. people who are in town who don't have schools, that is one of their arguments but i live in alabama so it is easy for people to get from one town to another when they want to go to school. shannon: in 1980 this stems from a legal opinion by main's attorney general saying that it is unconstitutional. we know the group is challenging it, why would this be different this time? >> the supreme court really nailed this issue. we need to be careful the separation of church and state
12:47 am
does not allow the government to be hostile towards religion. the legal requirement under the constitution's neutrality. parents being told you can choose any school except a religious school, that is astigmatism. that is like say you can select any school as long as it is based on race or other criteria, that is constitutionally repugnant. this type of religious discrimination needs to be stopped and that is what these lawsuits build on, what the supreme court ruled as a protective right of free exercise to follow your faith and for these parents to be treated fairly under the law and the constitution. shannon: we will see what happens in 2018 but i wanted to touch on this issue out of washington state the college students can get involved in. it says this in the guidelines, the following types of employers not eligible to participate, any church or entity with direct
12:48 am
association with a sectarian church sponsored daycare center or educational institution, religiously affiliated hospitals may participate of certain conditions are met. the same argument for you? >> similar argument. when you talk about hospitals, hospitals are different category providing healthcare and saving people's lives been educationally that is a separate category the we went protections from us being told, not being told where we can worship and what religion to be part of. we don't want public dollars going towards any type of religion and that is why it is important to make sure they are separate. some people are arguing the work-study program is unconstitutional, however, we must keep them separated in order to have that neutrality the us once. shannon: quick word to you. >> having no religion is a religion.
12:49 am
it is hostility towards religion. the constitution doesn't allow in these cases should prevail to protect the rights of the people. shannon: thank you for being our legal eagles, thank you very much. tweet us and let us know what you think, more news next. with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, you never know how your skin will look. and it can feel like no matter what you do, you're itching all the time. but even though you see and feel your eczema on the surface of your skin, an overly sensitive immune system deep within your skin might actually be causing your eczema. so help heal your skin from within. with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid, and it continuously treats your eczema even when you can't see it. at 16 weeks, more than 1 in 3 patients saw clear or almost clear skin, and patients saw a significant reduction in itch.
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reon friday, sept 7th, tonijoin stand up to cancer
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for all the inspiration all the laughter kevin heart if you change one letter in 'cancer' it becomes 'dancer', what!? all the stars tom hanks keep this movement going strong. every network every star kevin bacon dream big with us. one night to save lives get ready to see it all tune in live, september 7th 8/7 central ♪ >> shannon: we leave shannon: we leave you with sights and sounds from two celebrations of life was the queen of soul, aretha franklin, eight our funeral service in detroit, washington honored the late senator john mccain. [playing taps] >> he had america's fighting spirit, our noble idealism, our
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solemn patriotism, and our slightly irreverent strength all rolled into one. >> this is one of the bravest souls our nation has ever produced. however you choose to do your part i hope you do it the way he did, with energy and urgency, playing for keeps, never backing your heels. >> americans marvel at the iron will of john mccain. all those gathered on behalf of a grateful nation, we will ever remember that john mccain served his country and john mccain served his country. >> aretha was the sum total of her life experience.
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and she shares that life through the soul songs she sung. >> aretha was a true genius. >> aretha franklin was an original, never one like her before, never one like her after. ♪ ♪ how sweet the sound ♪ that saved shannon: two important voices, two important americans, tomorrow continued coverage at the national cathedral for late senator john mccain. we leave you with that tonight,
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with every night at 8:00. so join us there. we'll see you. ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity: the trump effect." i'm jason in tonight for sean. for the hour, we'll highlight why elections matter. since the president's inauguration in january 2017, the trump effect has been in full effect. the media has been called out and deep state corruption has been exposed. and last night, president trump called on the department of justice to confront that deep state corruption head on. take a look. >> our justice department and our fbi at the


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