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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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sacrificial lamb of the witch hunt. there are shady people in this. >> sean: i'm sorry to cut you off. >> tucker: we are out of time. i wish we had more time. >> thank you. >> tucker: tune in tomorrow for the show that is the sworn enemy of pomposity, lying and here is sean. >> sean: only late three seconds. that is fascinating to see if papadopoulos withdraws the deal. interesting to watch. great show, tucker. thank you. welcome to "hannity" tonight. huge, major breaking news. tonight sara carter discovered more handwritten notes from orr about steel including a memo detailing christopher steel big concerns about becoming exposed. catherine herridge has been working hard today. she found out that steele was
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leaking the content of the dossier to the gullible reporters a it the election at the request of fusion g.p.s. in fall of 2016. dossier and even steele did not believe him. i thought it was bad if they tried to influence the election. i guess it's okay if your name is clinton. can you say russian collusion? tonight we will remind everyone on the left that the president of the united states has the constitutional broad and the absolute authority to remove the security clearance of any american. yesterday after years of misconduct he stripped obama exc.i.a. chief john brennan from the privileges. the main stream media is apoplectic and outraged claiming that brennan's freedom of rights are infringed. we will help them understand the difference between constitutional right and governmental privilege. plus we will walk you through the deep dive of every
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high-ranking former or current official. they all should have the security clearances revoked. we will give you names and the reason why. stay tune for another shining example of the let's ever increasing trump derangement indrome. we -- syndrome. and update of paul manafort trial of the century as jury deliberation is entering day two. jury asked the judge, well, they want more of a definition of what is "reasonable doubt." they want it defined. sit tight and buckle up. we begin with tonight's breaking news opening monologue. again tonight, sara carter unearthed one of the most revealing pieces of information in the ongoing saga between bruce ohr and christopher steele. for two weeks we have been showing you dozen of communications between ohr who was once the fourth highest ranking person in obama d.o.j. and the exforeign spy christopher steele. the new text, e-mail, handwritten notes provide evidence of a seedy, unusual
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relationship between the two. including a coordinated effort to push the contents of steele's dirty unverified russian dossier all throughout the d.o.j. and the f.b.i. just tonight, sara carter uncovered one more handwritten memo from bruce ohr reporting a phone conversation he had with christopher steele. in the memo ohr writes that steele is very concerned about the comey hearing and afraid they will be exposed. this is on top of the text that sara revealed here last night saying steele was concerned about whether or not, plural, firewalls will stay intact. ahead of comey's upcoming hearing. you have christopher steele worried about being exposed and for good reason. he worked on hillary clinton op research team in 2016 and put together the clinton bought and paid for dirty russian dossier full of russian lies, salacious,
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unverified, uncooperated and everyone steele himself wouldn't stand by it. under oath in great britain. he said well, it may not be true at all. it's raw intelligence. it's christopher steele who used bruce ohr to spread propaganda throughout the highest level of the government and to you, the american people. thanks to the reporting also tonight from catherine herridge we know christopher steele who was leaking the contents of his phony dossier to your gullible news media in this country in the fall of 2016. all at the behest and request of fusion g.p.s. by the way who was paid by hillary clinton and the d.n.c. we now know fusion g.p.s., oh, remember the russian lawyer in the infamous trump tower meeting? she was paying fusion g.p.s. don't forget simpson met with the lawyer before and after that meeting at trump tower. we're know christopher steele and simpson were pushing the russian lies. they all knew it was total
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b.s. by the way, that is why steele wanted the firewall. that is why he is scared to death he will get caught. now in a moment, sara carter and catherine herridge will join us for a full report. but first take a deep dive in president trump's very important security clearance review. and several current and former high-ranking officials. yesterday the president stripped top secret access from john brennan and for good reason. we demonstrated last night how brennan violated the c.i.a. policy. it says, "in the case of former c.i.a. directors, the agency holds that their security clearance and renews it every five years for the rest of their lives. however, that requires former c.i.a. directors to behave like current c.i.a. employees." well, that is not brennan. we also used the security clearance to validate conspiracy theories that he is regularly pushing and getting paid for on msnbc and leaking, of of course, sensitive
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information about the dossier, through harry reid and a letter public to comey. but the main stream media don't care about the truth or any of this. some are now claiming that john brennan's first amendment rights are infringed. he is on tv 24/7. what are they talking about? take a look. >> this is a dictatorial exercise of power that should frighten and call on all republicans to say, "mr. president, you cannot do this. you are trying to inhibit the free speech of people who may be in opposition to you." >> to you, this kind of punishment is a violation of the first amendment. >> i mean this is a striking move toward authoritarianism. this is what the dictators do. they shut down the press and shut down dissent and jail opponents. or in this case they steal the security clearance. >> this is an authoritative act from a president who
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wanted to punish a critic. nothing more, nothing less. >> the white house is threatening him right now. he is. >> it doesn't influence the commentary. >> they have already taken away from john brennan. doesn't it say to everybody else, shut your mouth? >> this is all dumb, ignorant and patently absurd as john brennan continues to spew his anti-trump hatred all over conspiracy tv msnbc. one other important point. a security clearance for those of you that have never read the constitution and claim you are a journalist, it's not a constitutional right. it's a privilege. according to the u.s. supreme court, navy v. eagen, the u.s. president has authority to revoke any clearance with or without stated reason. currently the administration is reviewing the status of nine clearances. now with the help of our good friend fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett, let's break down why each of the people on the screen should be in jeopardy to lose secret
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access. we start with james clapper. he should be stripped of the security clearance as soon as humanly possible. he like brennan misuses his clearance to validate and also monetize his hatred of president trump every time he is on tv. brennan on conspiracy tv msnbc. clapper doing the same thing on fake news cnn. take a look. >> the value standards, the institutions that i and others spent the major part of our professional lives defending and upholding are under assault by our very own president. >> i really do wonder whether the russians have something on him. >> i really question his ability to, his fitness to be in this office. and i also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it. >> this past weekend is
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illustrative a great case manager vladimir putin is. >> sean: that is not the only reason that clapper should forfeit the clearance. before his time at fake news cnn serving as the director of national intelligence, clapper was accused of leaking secret information to cnn, the company that employs him now. don't forget when clapper lied under oath in front of congress. take a look. >> does the n.s.a. collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect but not wittingly. >> sean: of course we know the exact opposite is true. the n.s.a. was collecting the data. he knew about it. next, turn to jimmy comey. his access is already gone but
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he is still allegeable for future access. as gregg jarrett lists multiple reasons comey should be permanently losing his eligibility. including his improper conduct in the clinton investigation. the fact he stole the government property. remember handwritten memos about the president. remember he leaked that potentially classified information. the memos to a professor friend to give to the "new york times." and he also likely mislead the fisa court about the steele dossier he was supposed to verify and never did. then he lied about that in the book tour. we'll remind you. >> you called the dossier unverified, salacious. why did you use that to the fisa court to ask for surveillance for carter page? not only use it, but you led with it. a bulk of the fisa application deals with the dossier. why? >> that is not my recollection, brett. i don't know that the fisa application has been released. my recollection is it was part of a broader mosaic of facts laid before the fisa judge to
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obtain a fisa warrant. >> sean: there -- >> there was more than the information in the application? >> it was cause to believe he was agent of foreign power. the dossier was part of it but not all of it, in my recollection. >> sean: unreal. we now know the dossier did in fact make up the bulk of the application. it's irrefutable fact at this point. next up, look at peter strozk. he was also fired for improper conduct. the extreme bias and willing ness to act on that alone means he should haven't clearance. his mistress lisa page is also complicit with resulting to strozk's bias and his attempts to "stop it." meaning to stop trump becoming president. the insurance policy. then there is andrew mccabe. he was fired for lying. he was also involved signing off on the fake fisa application. that willfully misled fisa court judges. by the way, and the american
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people. we got sally yates also fired for insubordination. she signed off on one of the fisa applications. susan rice lied all over the place over and over about benghazi when they knew better. matter of national security. really? knowingly, lying? get rid of her clearance. michael hayden. gregg jarrett calls the case questionable. but hayden is employed by cnn as a talking head. finally we end on bruce ohr. he was once the fourth highest ranking member of the d.o.j. before being demoted twice. why? for failing to disclose his wife's employment at fusion g.p.s. add christopher steele to the mix now. ohr was actively working on an investigation into the trump-russia collusion while his wife was paid by the clinton campaign to dig up dirt on trump. ohr appears to have also filed financial disclosure report to prevent the government knowing the true nature of his wife's
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work. in moment gregg jarrett will join us with more in addition. but without a doubt, the trump administration was right in the case of brennan and now should revoke all the clearances as soon as possible. now we turn to the daily roundup of the most deranged trump haters. tonight we feature this absurd comment. controversy tv, msnbc. take a look. >> i like the idea that you see the example, a bad example of what is the core that would say it's okay for trump to dissolve media institutions because they are super unpopular. i want a pollster test. how many people in the republican party think it's okay for trump to dissolve their grandparents? i'm certain if it's a trump-related question you would get 10% like donald trump has the power to do whatever he wants including kill my parents. >> sean: today president trump gave his own take on the media trump derangement syndrome. tweeting, "there is nothing i want more for the country than true freedom of the press.
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the press is free to write and say anything they want but much of what it says is fake news, pushing a political agenda or plain trying to hurt people. honesty wins!" maybe that is why you made us number one. we thank you for you. expect the media rhetoric to get worse and worse as the most important midterms of our lifetime gets closer. we are only 82 days away. this week, congressman keith ellison won the democratic primary in his race to be the next attorney general in minnesota but not without serious controversy. ellison's ex-girlfriend, a woman named karen monahan is accusing him of serious domestic abuse. a claim backed up by her son who wrote that ellison put his mother through pure hell and he had seen a video of ellison two minutes long assaulting his mother. including ainen stance where he allegedly dragged her by her feet off the bed, while screaming and cursing at her. these are charges that ellison
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vehemently denies but the d.n.c. is investigating the claims. robbie mook of the clinton campaign saying don't campaign with this guy. we will keep you posted as the story develops. tonight, we have another update in the trial of the century. paul manafort's 2005 tax case and bank fraud case. jury wrapped up day one of the deliberations without reaching a verdict. the jury did however submit four questions to judge ellis, including one asking him to define or redefine "reasonable doubt." that may be a good sign for manafort but i caution you. remember, you can't glean too much from a question of a jury. and over 90% of the federal cases result in a guilty verdict. the odds are not in manafort's favor. keep in mind as the media storm ramps up on this, this case has nothing -- zero, mr. mueller -- to do with russia. zero, mr. mueller, to do with any collusion. zero, mr. mueller, to do with the 2016 campaign. and zero to do, mr. mueller,
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with donald trump. this all comes as the wife of one of mueller's targets george papadopoulos who was just on with tucker is calling for her husband to scrap that plea deal that he made with mueller and sue the government. we'll let you know if papadopoulos takes his wife advice. by the way, takes on the aggressive tactics of team mueller. a lot of ground, a lot of news we are breaking. joining us now, investigative reporter fox news contributor sara carter, author of the now three weeks in a row number one "new york times" best seller. "the russian hoax: the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame trump." and judge pirro was number one. you knocked her off. >> she is a friend. i feel badly. >> sean: you don't feel badly about that. you want to be number one. stop. you are full of it. you are happy you are number one. that is okay. she made number one, too. all right. sara. go back to last night and then let's go to the developments we have today.
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steele writing ohr, hey, any news? we're a bit apprehensive given scheduled appearance in congress on monday and hoping the firewalls will hold. firewalls plural. i have no news. i believe the early information is still accurate. now we know a new development. handwritten message after a call with ohr and steele. ohr writes the message. you pick it up from there. >> this is what is fascinating even when comey was going to testify in 2017 in march, two days before he talks about the firewall. he hopes the firewall will hold. that is what christopher steele tells bruce ohr and then later, months later, he sends a very important text message saying you know, i'm very concerned about the comey hearing. ohr, i mean, he talks to ohr on the phone. christopher steele, i'm
6:18 pm
concerned about the comey hearing and i'm afraid we will be exposed. that is because at the time, the senate judiciary committee, charles grassley started to ask a lot of questions. who is this christopher steele? how is he involved with the f.b.i.? what information was he sharing? at this point, they knew that all the firewalls that they had built up were about to start crumbling down. >> sean: okay. gregg, let's get into this. "i hope the firewalls" -- plural -- "hold." two days before they were testifying before congress. now a step deeper and they are concerned about the comey hearing. afraid we will be exposed. okay. "firewalls." "holding, afraid we are going to be exposed." i thought the whole mueller thing was we were not supposed to have foreign nationals trying to influence our elections. now we have christopher steele spreading his lies and propaganda.
6:19 pm
vis-a-vis, fusion g.p.s. to the gullible media. he knows and he testifies under oath. he doesn't even believe his own dossier, the own b.s. he wrote. but they are peddling this to the american people. >> he is not even a foreign national. he's a foreigner on the f.b.i.'s bankroll. and payroll. on hillary clinton's payroll. and sara's reporting is right. he fears the senate intelligence committee. he fears comey. he fears senator grassley in particular. that he will be implicated and busted and exposed for his illegal behavior. i have here handwritten notes in the handwriting of bruce ohr march 15. he writes, "special counsel right to question in u.k. " in other words he doesn't want to be forced to answer questions under oath. on the same day he says he urges bruce ohr "must protect sources." in other words, him. he is the main source.
6:20 pm
the phony fabricated dossier. >> sean: let me ask both of you. what the hell is wrong with robert mueller? you have a foreign national spy paid for by clinton through fusion g.p.s. that also has russia as a client meeting before and after the infamous trump tower meeting. he is spreading these lies. he doesn't believe in his own dossier. russian lies to influence the american people. so that they will vote for the chosen candidate hillary over trump. there is a russia conspiracy. there is russia, you know, there is russian influence. there is foreign outsiders. what is wrong with them that they can't follow the simple things that we have discovered and reported now over a year? sara carter? >> sean, exactly what they are trying to accuse the trump administration of doing is what they were doing all along. and the fact that robert mueller has all of this evidence, this is not just
6:21 pm
circumstantial evidence. >> sean: we have a handwritten note. >> this is documented evidence. exactly. handwritten notes. conversations. testimony. you know they will be questioning bruce ohr august 28. this is very important because bruce ohr holds the key to what happened here. i would also like to know who at the f.b.i. authorized bruce ohr to be the conduit for christopher steele? even more importantly than that, when did the f.b.i. know that christopher steele was actually leaking information to the media at the behest of glenn simpson? >> sean: he knows it's b.s. he knows it's russian lies and he doesn't believe his own dossier. >> that is right. >> sean: i have to be honest. then you have mueller and the id iotic manafort tax fraud issue. how in god's name did that become part of the russia collusion investigation as he ignores all of the incontrovertible evidence in your book that you have been reporting, sara, in your book,
6:22 pm
gregg. >> bruce ohr has a lot to answer for in depositions. >> sean: so does mueller. >> there are 60 pages here and he will be asked in detail what did you mean in this conversation with christopher steele? i think at the end of the day, we are not only going to find rampant corruption, but that the law was egregiously violated. >> sean: so disgustingly corrupt. such a double standard. if our republic is going to survive, our constitutional republic, we better get to the bottom of this. we know there was influence. except it was on their side. we have the evidence. they have nothing. they're doing tax cases from 2005. and wasting our time and money. when we come back -- thank you, both -- catherine herridge. major news information as we continue our news about bruce ohr communication with christopher steele in the final month of the 2016 campaign. they were feeding you lies. we'll get reaction.
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>> sean: fox news has obtained bruce ohr's handwritten notes and e-mail from the 2016 election season. the chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more on this breaking news. >> in review by fox news, the bruce ohr e-mail and the handwritten notes shows he is deeply connected to the trump dossier and the scandal over the alleged government surveillance abuse. in the closed door congressional testimony last year, the cofounder of fusion g.p.s. glenn simpson the firm behind the dossier claimed no contact with ohr until after the 2016 election but ohr's work e-mail conflict with the testimony showing contact months earlier. ohr's wife nellie worked for fusion g.p.s., the firm hired
6:28 pm
by the clinton campaign for the trump dossier based on the former spy christopher steele's research. after the f.b.i. dropped steele as a source in 2016, the republican-led house intelligence committee found that steele maintained contact using ohr as a back channel. in december of 2016, ohr's notes also indicate a meeting with glenn simpson in washington, d.c.'s chinatown. with ohr writing "glennn gave me a memory stick." today the justice department declined to comment on ohr who is scheduled to give a closed door interview august 28. he told fox that the focus is on handling the dossier and how it rolled in the surveillance warrant for the trump campaign aide. >> bruce's wife worked for the firm that put together the dossier. she has given it to bruce ohr and he has given it to the f.b.i. >> the documents reviewed by fox news spread more light on the british spy christopher steele. when the f.b.i. director james
6:29 pm
comey was fired by president trump last year ohr wrote steele was very concerned about comey's firing , atrade they will be -- afraid they will be exposed. sean? >> sean: u that. joining us with more reaction, florida attorney general pam bondi. former attorney for the district of columbia, joe digenova. full disclosure, joe once did legal work for me and i'd hire him again in a heartbeat. and pam. he was at my christmas party. but, you know, here is what we have. we got mueller's team looking at a 2005 tax case. nothing to do with the election, trump, the campaign. nothing. russia, nothing. but here we do have russian lies being fed by christopher steele who didn't even believe them through fusion g.p.s., propagandizing and misinforming purposefully the american people to steal an election. then we have the russian lies literally, you know, handed to the gullible news media by the people. then we have steele, dossier,
6:30 pm
fusion g.p.s., brennan all leaking it. joe digenova, all of them. they all know it's total b.s. >> remember, sean, if hillary clinton had won, we would know none of this. that is why the trump decree is so important to the rule of law, notwithstanding what the press says about the president. there was a brazen blot to exonerate hillary clinton. and if she lost, to frame donald trump. part of that plot involved the conspiracy with bruce ohr, steele, sally yates, john brennan, james comey, peter strozk and other senior f.b.i. and the d.o.j. officials who determined that they were going to destroy a president after he was duly elected. it's essential that notwithstanding anything that robert mueller is doing that the attorney general and the deputy attorney general ensure there is a federal grand jury to investigate all of the things surrounding ohr and
6:31 pm
steele and yates and everybody else. this is so obvious, a junior lawyer in any prosecutor's office would want this case and run with it. if the attorney general and the deputy attorney general don't do it, the president should fire them. >> sean: if hillary clinton pays for the russian lies, pam bondi -- >> she did. >> sean: and fusion g.p.s . and john brennan and christopher steele, foreign national. it's not true. i don't know if it's true, maybe it's 50/50. it's intelligence. they are peddling this to the american people in a lead up to the election. and robert mueller is focused on a tax case from how many years ago? how did it come up? how did wal involve to this when there -- evolve to this when there is evidence of the real russian paid information to lie to the american people in the election? >> sean, our entire justice system now is inverted.
6:32 pm
this is the kind of the corruption that you see in third world countries. look at mccabe. they moved him. they were going to let him retire until everybody came out publicly calling for him to be fired so he didn't get his retirement. strozk, he fired. page resigned or should have been fired yesterday or earlier. now that we know this. it's absurd. again, the bottom line, the crux of all of this is that fisa warrant. we all keep talking about that. >> sean: the crux of it was the dossier. >> the manafort trial -- >> sean: they lied to the fisa court judges and committed a fraud on the court and they stood up for it and they never verified it. they literally conspired to spread unverified russian lies that hillary clinton paid for to influence the american people. i'm sorry. it's bigger than paul manafort's stupid tax case. >> right. none of that would be taking place but for a fisa warrant obtained with the false
6:33 pm
information. >> sean: if i'm robert mueller i would be humiliated. the evidence is all out there and on a tee. is it that political and he hired the democrats because he is that much of a hack and he doesn't care about the constitutional republic? joe? >> i think what has happened here is bob mueller lost his way. he has been hit in the face with an outrageous set of facts which show that what he is doing is legally irrelevant to what actually happened during the campaign. there was no russian collusion. there was no communication between the trump campaign and russian officials. that is all nonsense and fake and was purposefully put out by the people in the f.b.i. and john brennan to blow back in the united states to get fisa warrants to spy on the trump campaign. what has happened here now goes so far beyond what the mueller case and the manafort case, the manafort case is a joke. it's an absolute embarrassment to the department of justice. it should never have been brought. you know, i just, what i think
6:34 pm
happened to bob mueller. he realized that everything he has done is worthless. it means nothing. the big case is the case to frame the president of the united states. we won't touch it -- >> sean: he doesn't give a rip on what happens in the next 18 months to the country. >> absolutely. >> sean: look at the people he has hired. you hire andrew weissmann. you are going for broke. you hire the biggest hack in the country. not many people have distinction of putting innocent people in jail and losing tens of thousands of jobs. >> absolutely correct. >> sean: what about the issue of the security clearances? >> gone! not even a question. it's not even a question. page, really? strozk, gone. mccabe, gone. ohr should have been gone already. all of these people. not even a close call. that is a privilege. they have lost that privilege. >> sean: all right. you guys are phenomenal. maybe one day, maybe the truth
6:35 pm
will dawn on them that there is real information. michelle malkin, dan bongino react to the vile comment made about the trump supporters on the conspiracy tv network msnbc. that happened earlier. and the president blast ig new york democratic governor andrew cuomo and his ridiculous statement that america has never been great. really? tell that to the heroes of world war ii. we'll continue. if you have moderate to severe
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6:40 pm
this question. how many people in the republican party this -- thinks it's okay to dissolve their grandparents. there is like 150% that says trump has the power to do whatever they want to, including kill my parents. >> sean: how many people in the media would be angry at trump if he cured cancer? seriously, kill our grandparents? then you have andrew cuomo saying america never was great. okay, tell that to the brave men and women that helped defeat communism which oppressed how many millions and killed how many millions in the former soviet union and fascism and naziism in imperial japan and on and on and how america sacrificed for so many around the world in many different ways. with reaction, former secret service agent, dan bongino and michelle malkin.
6:41 pm
we are either irredeemable deplorables or smelly walmart people -- i like walmart. in fact, i love walmart. walmart is great. and target and costco. i love those stores. or irredeemable deplorables, clinging to the god, gun, family, religion or we smell and won't shop in walmart. this is so condescending, disgustingly condescending when they are the sheep that echo each other in the echo chamber. >> yeah. that was proved by the coordinated campaign by all of the group think media outlets to attack president trump for his very legitimate criticism of their political operative propaganda that masquerades as neutral reporting. what we saw there, i love it. i thought who the heck is this guy? i had really never been familiar with his work. he is somebody who masquerades as a documentary filmmaker and he is allowed to get away with
6:42 pm
comments like this. i mean he has got contempt for trump voters and independent thinkers that is coming, like oozing out of his pores. and it's that elite media con descention that put president trump in large part in office in the first place. keep going. double and triple down. it worked so well for you, liberal media, in 2016. >> i'm proud of the fact that fox tried to make me so many years i don't feel good. i never made it to white house correspondents dinner. i didn't want to hang out with the people. i'll hang out with the smelly walmart people, the irredeemable, deplorables that cling to the bibles, god, gun and and religion over them any day. they are the ones that make the country great and work hard and pay their taxes, play by the rules, obey the laws, raise their children to be good citizens. i prefer them. yeah, sean, i'm comfortable
6:43 pm
around the "b" people. busboys, bartenders and the bouncers. i don't need to know the owner of the bar. >> sean: giving away my secret. >> my fingernails are still dirty from working as a kid in the cemetery. i read an op-ed piece that changed me. where you know of the most successful fights was the battle against smoking. why was that? everybody knew a smoker, right? a parent, brother. they knew how to talk to them. the democrats have zero interest whatsoever in the media in learning how to talk to people across america who found meaning in the donald trump presidency. that is why they will continue to lose as i recommended to my audience over and over again. the new rules are now in effect. the new rules are this. you are fighting with brass knuckles. we were fighting with 20-ounce gloves. cutesy stuff is over. we win, you lose. on life, on taxes, on everything. new rules are in effect. >> sean: michelle, donald trump running in november
6:44 pm
would win re-election. i don't care who they put up. i don't see him losing. >> i do, too. you mentioned andrew cuomo's comments. and those folks in new york are among the most unrepentant smear merchants of americans who don't believe the same things they do. and i thank them for their candor in voicing their contempt for american values. please keep going cynthia nixon, andrew cuomo and alexandria ocasio-cortez. i have a great friend in rob o'donnell who leads a group called brothers before others. >> sean: it's nancy pelosi and maxine waters party. i don't want them to lose. >> yes, yes. i want to say about new york. that it is the brave men and women who worked for the police department and the fire department who are most offended by the dripping contempt and the hatred, vile hatred that the new yorkers have for people who have made america great.
6:45 pm
>> sean: by the way, cuomo once said people like me are not welcome in new york. last thing. he has his own security detail. he's running against the n.r. a., which i know you work for, dan. interesting. i bet all of his security detail are armed, aren't they? >> hey, listen, you know the elites. what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. we're just here. >> sean: the authorities arrested a member of isis who entered the country as erefugee. and trace gallagher has a report on on the compound in new mexico. geraldo rivera up next to take on sebastian gorka. you don't want to miss it.
6:46 pm
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>> sean: tonight we are following two other troubling stories. one, an alleged member of isis arrested in california. there is also an update in the new mexico compound horror story. trace gallagher in the west coast bureau with the latest tonight. trace? >> sean, when the f.b.i. joint terrorism task force swarmed the sacramento complex you knew it was a high-level target. the 45-year-old omar amin was a hitman for al-qaeda and founder member of al-qaeda in iraq and high-ranking isis terrorist. in 2012, he fled from iraq to turkey where he applied to be a u.s. refugee and granted that status in june of 2014. but instead of going direct lir to -- directly to the u.s., court records say he went to iraq where he shot and killed an iraqi police officer. five months later he was living in the u.s.
6:51 pm
authorities say the refugee application was riddled with lies. but because many countries don't have extensive document on the citizens a complete background check is nearly impossible. experts say he is a prime example of why president trump implemented the travel ban. he will now be extradited back to iraq and face trial and the possible death penalty. there is breaking news from the new mexico compound where 11 children ages 1 to 15 were found living in horrific conditions. bones found on scene have now been identified as a 3-year-old boy. he is the boy that the f.b.i. says was part of an exorcism to expel his demons and who died of a seizure after his father refused to give him medicine. the father allegedly then told the other children that the boy would come back as jesus and tell them who to kill. the five adults at the compound facing child abuse charges were set free by a judge until trial. and now the prosecutor says he
6:52 pm
is planning to appeal the judge's decision. sean? >> sean: all right, trace. thank you. here with reaction, the author of "why we fight" dr. sebastian gorka and the author of another best seller, fox news correspondent at-large geraldo rivera. liberals don't want i.c.e. they want open borders. they don't want vetting. they don't want a travel ban. if we want to keep our family, our american family safe why doesn't anyone who wants to come and visit, why don't they get vetted? and they have to pay for it for the pleasure of visiting us. and build a border wall with a big door. we do these things and we will be safer. the american people will benefit. why don't we do the simple things? >> well, sean, in this case specifically, it seems to me that you had a notorious killer, isis, formerly al-qaeda fighter, later commander who was well-known in his hometown for planting
6:53 pm
i.e.d.s, for kidnapping, robbery and for this murder with which he is charged and on monday will be hopefully extradited back to iraq. it seems to me that very little background checks were made. they believed him when he said he was not a terrorist. i was ridiculous. >> why don't we just keep him in jail, dr. gorka? >> well, this -- >> they will try him for murder in iraq and he will be executed, i believe. >> this is the case study of why the travel ban had to happen. this is why donald trump became president. this is why the wall was the first policy platform that he built his campaign on. it's just common sense. the fact for example that under the obama administration you couldn't check somebody's social media accounts to find out if they had jihadist proclivities, that is how you get the san bernardino massacre with 14 americans
6:54 pm
killed at a christmas party. the system is broken. it's being fixed right now. but it's just the same as when you controlled who comes in to your house. we have to control who comes in to america. >> sean: common sense. >> yes. >> common sense, sean. >> but there is a big difference between a 45-year-old isis battle hardened terrorist murdering fiend and a 25-year-old apricot picker from mexico. please. to equate these is false moral equivalent. >> sean: how about we vet everybody and control it? >> i'm okay with vetting everybody. i'm okay with that. >> sean: i have changed him. i have had profound impact on his thinking, dr. gorka. >> congratulations. i knew it would happen. >> let's look at new mexico. new mexico, another utter failure of common sense. who is the court system meant
6:55 pm
to protect the most? the vulnerable, the aged, the children. the idea these people are let out without bail after a 4-year-old is killed or dies on that compound. >> and paul manafort is held pretrial because threat to flee. >> sean: 23 hours a day. when we come back, rush limbaugh sounding off on john brennan losing his security clearance. you don't want to miss that. next. just one free hearing test at
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new chicken creations from starkist. buffalo style chicken in a pouch-- bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go! try all of my chicken creations! chicken! >> sean: rush limbaugh weighing in on john brennan losing his security clearance. watch this. >> where is it right in the john brennan, above all else, must by clearance, when this guy is actively engaged in overthrowind a elected president? well, you know the answer to the question, because the left doesn't care about the constitution, it doesn't care about the rule of law, it cares
7:00 pm
only about power. none of those are cliches, and others are exaggerations. >> sean: track meet, rush limbaugh. we'll always be fair and balanced. let not your heart be troubled. ingra-ham time. ♪ >> laura: good evening from washington. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." we have a huge show for you tonight featuring exclusives with senator rand paul and congressman kevin mccarthy. plus, a special thursday edition of friday follies with raymond arroyo. let's get right to our top stor story. how to prune the judicial branch. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." as the media and their democrat compatriots obsess over omarosa or michael cohen or even john brennan, president trump is methodically p


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