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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 15, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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40-year-old .50-caliber browning machine gun and in honor of his achievement his weapon is being retired to the sas headquarters as a museum piece. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. if i met henry. i'm ed henry. >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the white house has announced tonight it has revoked the former cia director john brennan considering doing the same to former officials who like brennan has worked with left-wing political pundits but that would involve jim clapper.t it's not clear why any of these men still have legal access to classified the fact they have attained that power after leaving government for the private sector and punditry is bizarre and remains largely unknown to the public until we broke the story on this show.
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brennan no longer works for the federal government in anyl capacity. he holds no official post. according to two sources we spoke to exclusively today, brennan retains the most valuable asset he had in government, a top-secret security clearance. brennan is an out of the closet extremist. this is not a man who should have security clearance. a month later, that remains true. john brennan discredited and unbalanced. just a few weeks ago he accused the president of treason for daring to hold a press conference with a foreign leader. keep in mind that treason is a death penalty offense. responsible people do not make that charge for political reasons. but brennan didn't hesitate. >> he is, i think, the most divisive president we've ever had in the oval office. he is feeding and fueling hatred and animosity and misunderstandings among americans. i use the term that this is nothing short of treasonous because it's a betrayal of the nation. he is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. >> tucker: betrayal of the nation?
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would you want a person who says casually accuse people of murder without evidence to get a security clearance equipmentus obviously you wouldn't. brennan is not different. an effort to suppress freedom of speech, but brennan is the one who believes words alone, speech, or a form of treason that should get you sent to prison. or executed. that is unhinged. the government is belatedly acknowledging that. i lou dobbs, what would be the reason -- can you think of a legitimate reason for john brennan to have to retain his security clearance after leaving the government for punditry? >> i can't imagine why that would be necessary, or why it would be frankly allowed. after his first personal -- again, personal. not policy attacks, personally p attacks against the president of the united states and what we now suspect is a john brennan inspired and led assault on this president, an effort to subvert his campaign and hisis administration through the good
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offices and helpful energies of the fbi, he is, to me, unthinkable that he would be permitted to be anywhere near one of our intelligence agencies or any part of this government. >> tucker: so you've covered the news for a long time. it wasn't that long ago that the left was, i think i'm appropriately wary of bureaucrats who worked in secret of our entire intelligence apparatus and the idea of unelected, permanent -- it would've been horrifying to them. now they are defending it. or am i missing something? >> you are actually on point. you deserve immense credit for bringing this prominent lead the national consciousness a month ago when you started taking upon the issue, why in the world are these people who are attacking the president of the united states personally permitted security clearances? how could that even s be
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permitted. we deserve great credit for that. in terms of the spectacle of seeing the former fbi director, the former cia director, the national director of intelligence james clapper,pp absolutely a assault against this president and attacking him personally -- almost weekly, then it became more frequent. we had never witnessed anything near that in that country's y'history. >> tucker: i'm confused, though. if you ran one of these agencies and you had an institutional long-term interest in preserving the credibility of the agency, you would be very upset with people like john brennan or jim klapper, they detract from your
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legitimacy. they make people nervous. so why are they not telling these guys, slow it down, get off twitter, stop being overtly political, you are doing damage to the institution from which they are. >> apparently there is plenty of support within the leadership of those agencies, the holdovers, the leftovers, if you will, from the obama administration not to do precisely that. it is highly questionable to me why we tolerated the former a intelligence agency heads becoming part of the mainstream political debate, if you can call their assault on the president personally part of the mainstream debate. but they were attacking him vigorously he committed, unrelentingly. it is a spectacle we have never witnessed before and i can'ty. imagine that they will permit again. the agencies themselves have so much to answer for. if it was indeed russian meddling in the election, quote
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unquote, why in the world did in our agencies, those three agencies in particular, know about it and do something about it to forestall it, to prevent it, to at least carry out retribution for thatt under president obama? this was under his watch! not president trump's. president obama has much to answer for in leaving behind a group of intelligence agency directors who carried on the ideological assault publicly and without precedent in american history. >> tucker: so finally clapper and brennan are not government employees but employees of television news networks. have you applied for a top security secret clearance? should i? >> personally, i think i've said this to you before. i'm going to hold out for a subpoena power. >> tucker: [cackling] >> i reserve the security clearances.
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>> tucker: i hope you get it. lou dobbs, thank you very much. >> appreciate it, tucker. >> tucker: if you're watching television today, you have noted the press is framing this question, whether or not john brennan ought to have top-secret security clearance, as an unprovoked assault on american democracy. >> what we witnessed was a brazen act of intimidation. >> the way that sarah huckabee sanders rolled this out was almost in a tone to be threatening to the rest of >> yanking the security clearance just because he does not like to be criticized is authoritarianism. >> the white house sent the press secretary out there not only threatened, they made it -- >> tucker: what you just watch is a precise inversion of the traditional role of the press. journalists ought to be as skeptical of the powerful.
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they ought to demand accountability and clear explanations from bureaucrats likeke john brennan and from the agencies he once worked for.ea but they are not. instead, they have become, brennan's faithful handmaidens, arguing he and his colleagues in the intelligence world are not bound by the same rules you and i are. the intelligence establishment does what it wants, they tell w us. your job is to obey. o they are in charge, they spy on you without limit, you accept a life without privacy. don't complain, insolence isim disloyalty, dissent is treason. that is the message on every other channel. that is state media, the definition of it. dan bongino is a former secret service agent and a new author of the book "spygate." thank you for coming on tonight. if the press has any role at all, it's to make certain that people who have amassed an enormous amount of power, power to affect your life ought to be under relentless scrutiny. what they are telling us on the other channels all day long is
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that it's somehow immoral for us to ask obvious questions. why would john brennan have in security clearance as an nbc employee? why are they tamping down any effort to ask obvious questions what our government is doing? >> you would think so, tucker, but we are dealing with a modern day pravda. you understand john brennan was the puppet master for the entire scheme to violate the civil liberties of donald trump and his team? john brennan was that guy. john brennan, tucker, tweeting today about his principle -- i i thought it was a joke. i have to check for the blue check mark. john brennan has no principles. this is a disgraceful human being who nearly destroyed the reputation of the intelligence community. tucker, on august 25th and 2016, john brennan himself -- this is a fact, public record. he briefed harry reid up on the hill about elements in the dossier that then made it into a
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letter from harry reid to the fbi that was used as a predicate to spy on the trump team. we are supposed to trust this guy? this guy should get off twitter and hire a lawyer. >> tucker: i thought we were supposed to be impressed by him. i thought the heads of our intel agencies are so visited and intelligent. o everything i've read by -- it's banal, cliche, pompous, stupid. doesn't seem like an impressive person. how did he run the most powerful intel agency in the world? >> i'm not sure. when i worked in the white house, i remember crossing paths with brennan and found him to be a narcissistic fool, just like he is now. this man really is a disgrace and the stain on the united states whose legacy will only be a cautionary tale told to future cia leaders about how not to act. tucker, keep in mind too, far back as 2015, left-wing reporters -- because they thought they had a trump cushion conspiracy which never existed, were reporting on brennan's contacts with foreign intel about trump and his relationship
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with the russians that never came to fruition. suspiciously, some of those foreign intelligence heads resigned right after the donald trump election rather abruptly. they were communicating with john brennan, by the way also is on the record saying on tv with chuck todd and others and in media appearances that he still has no hard evidence ofn collusion, yet he weaponized the government in order to attack donald trump. he needs to slither away >> tucker: how is the next president going to deal with this? now that the veil has been removed and we have some sense of what's going on, will any president ever trust any intel agency ever again not to undermine him? >> you know, tucker, i'm not sure about that. that's really what upsets me. having served under two
9:12 pm
democratic presidents and a secret service agent -- i'm a sinner like everyone else. i'm not looking for a pat onic the back. i never once thought even in my own books taking a personal shot at barack obama using my experience, never, you justti don't do that. when you sign up for public service, running the cia, you turn around and turn to twitter to attack the sitting presidents?? no, a stain on the country. we deserve better than this. >> tucker: i think that's right. dan, thank you very much for paul manafort has spent the last weeks in a hole in prison. what did he do? tax evasion. the average tax sentence in u.s. court gets a year and three months in jail. paul manafort facing 305 years.s in jail. and yet the adult accused of running a child-abuse compound in new mexico out on bail. are politics playing a role in the application of justice? plus andrew cuomo says america was never great, never that
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♪ >> tucker: in an order published, a new mexican judge granted bail to five dependents accused of holding 11 children at a desert compound in new mexico. some of the defendants were training those kids to commit mass shootings. at least one child appears to have died at the compound. but now, remarkably, all five adults are free to go on ad. $20,000 bond. the perspective, that is low. paul manafort by contrast is on trial for tax evasion, that's a crime that is a crime. as we notice in the last segment, the average sentence is a year and three months. paul manafort is facing over 300 years in prison for that and a federal judge placed in solitary confinement for several weeks. the difference is probably political.
9:18 pm
manafort is being punished in part of helping to electro donald trump. that means to be a more profound crime than starving children or training them to be terrorists. judge, last thing you want to think is justice is unequally applied. but you see things like this happen and it's hard to reach any other conclusion. >> i don't think there's any doubt about that, tucker. we are in a strange time in our we have the unfortunate hillary clinton investigationsh where she got a pass by the fbi because she was a democrat and he wanted her to be president but we have the unfortunate situation where they then decide they were going to frame donald trump. they went about it. if hillary had been elected, we would've never known about this scheme to unconstitutionally subvert in the election. and then you have this goofy judge in new mexico who decides that five of the defendants in this case who clearly were grooming young terroristsd. and ruining their lives should be out on bond. this woman moved from
9:19 pm
san francisco to new mexico and when she did that, she took some of the crazy turf fromn san francisco and moved it to love new mexico and look what we got. >> tucker: it's dispiriting for the rest of us, but it make' you wonder are you a fool forre obeying the law? they reduce the sentences of drug traffickers, the story going to break tomorrow. for the past year, you've seen people argue in public is breaking immigration law is not a crime and are a criminal if you think they are breaking the law. why are the rest of us so this so assiduously following the letter of the t law. are we fools for doing that?oo >> we believe in the constitution, the history of this country.. we believe in one system of justice, we believe everybody should be held accountable in the matter how high, how low they are stationed in life. no, actually, tucker, we are tht good guys. i'm happy to associate myself with the good guys. i love the good fbi agents who enforce the law equally and i
9:20 pm
don't like people like james comey and sally yates who don't. we just have to keep fighting. this is a long, tough slog which has resulted from 50 years of liberal education at gradede schools, high schools, college, the academy in the hands of the leftists, and graduating idiots into our society.d civics isn't taught anymore and this is where we end up. >> tucker: you are exactly right, i was getting cynical for a moment. but you made me feel better. that was inspiring actually, i mean it. >> you are welcome. >> tucker: donald trump said he would make america great again, top democrats saying this country was never great and the crowd cheers. a winning campaign message. we'll mull it over next. ♪ ch but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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♪ >> were not going to make america great again, it was never that great.
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we have not reached greatness. we will reach greatness when every american is fully engaged. >> tucker: donald trump's first presidential campaign vowed to make america great again, of course. his second vows to keep america great. the governor of new york andrew cuomo offered a statement. actually, america is not impressive at all. cuomo's office said that the governor does think america is great, but that it's a sham. he spoke, the crowd applauded, he basked. for the left, bashing america's entire history is winning political t rhetoric. they believe the wrong kind of people live here and they are not shy about saying so. lawrence jones is a radio host and he's joining us tonight. do you think this is a political matter, leaving aside the objective questions of how great america was or is now? do you think that's a winner to get out there and say, you know what? kind of a crappy country?
9:26 pm
>> it depends on who you are trying to get people to the polls, if you are trying to get average americans in the beliefs of american ideas, maybe it's not the best strategy. but if you are going to a full-blown socialist agenda where you want to finally change america as it is. if i'm quite honest, tucker, that's what it's t all about. they don't like america because they don't like the ideas of america. they want us to become a socialist country which is really anti-american.f there is nothing far further to the left and far away from america than a socialist agenda. >> tucker: isn't that the opposite of the person you want leading you? if the coach of your team thought the team was terrible, had contempt for the players, if the officer in charge of a platoon thought his men were unimpressive and your lives were worthless, those are bad
9:27 pm
leaders! you don't want someone running your country with a contempt for the country, do you? >> we don't, but this is a new age but we are talking about reasonable people. these are people who believe the constitution needs to be ripped up. they believe i.c.e. needs to be dismantled.. they hate law enforcement. they hate the freedom of speech. these people don't believe in the ideal of america, if you see where i'm getting at. >> tucker: and i do. >> if they can get to some typen of third world country, some socialist venezuela, because that's essentially what's going to happen. you are going to destroy the country with this agenda. they would be totally fine. because in their eyes, the theory works. >> tucker: i have to say, focused on cuomo because he's obviously so unimpressive. by the way, his father,sl mario cuomo, his famous 1984 address to the democratic conventionr, said the absolute opposite. he celebrated the opportunities america had given his o family. but he's not alone. today, hillary clinton tweeted in support of a girl who kneeled
9:28 pm
during her school's pledge of allegiance. "it takes courage to exercisele your right to protest injustice especially when you're 11. keep up the good work, mariana." when you kneel for the pledge of allegiance, what are you protesting? what "injustice" are you getting into? >> i don't get into kids into the political -- talking about the political issue, or was she, declaring the war on drugs which dismantled many communities? where was she when she supported liberal mayors like in baltimore where there is corruption not just in the local government but the local businesses where the rich, powerful, and well-connected play by different rules? why black kids and black families and their families are dismantled while people that look like them say, hey, i'm for you guys.
9:29 pm
but they vote differently, they are partnering with the lobbyists of the special interest groups, really not helping the community. hillary clinton, instead of you taking a knee and getting behind 11-year-olds, why don't you tell us about your policies that your husband supported so much? >> tucker: if your idea -- this is a sincere question, but if you are 70 years old and looking back in your life and realized, hey, my ideas produced baltimore. how would you feel about yourself? would you feel contrite? >> well, you should feel real horrible. these people don't feel like it's their fault. basically, in the eyes of them, this is the republicans' fault,, even though they have control, like baltimore, chicago -- and i would admit, the cities suck that they are in, they are bad shape. >> tucker: they do.y' >> they won't get away from that agenda, they allow people that
9:30 pm
look like me to say that they are for the community but they really are not. i would say the right should be cautious of the same thing. we have people that act like they are for the conservative movement. they look like me, they say they are black conservatives. but when you look at their profile, they are trying to take away liberties as well. it's not a party thing. it's about american thing. if we are going to believe in the values that were founded in this country -- a now liberals will tell me, "lawrence, it was wasn't founded for you. the second amendment is not for you!" guess what, the second amendment his mind nowve and i don't inted to give it back to you guys! >> tucker: the great lawrence t jones. >> thanks, tucker >> tucker: vermont might have
9:31 pm
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>> tucker: well, the creepy porn lawyer is back. a terrifying creature who draws power from appearing on television. it's his source, his lifeblood. one of his powers is teleportation. last week, cpl was in iowa laying groundwork for a presidential run last cycle.t he will be doing the same thing in the granite state speaking at a democratic party of new hampshire picnic. he calls himself an entrepreneur! [cackling] pretty funny.[c but brace yourself, now, the creepy porn lawyer says children under 12 will be admitted for free. now we are not lawyers here, so we cannot comment whether that's legal or not, but it certainly is creepy. in vermont's democratic primaryb voters nominated christine hultquist to be the first
9:36 pm
transgender governor, but the real story is that hultquist has tweeted nasty, nasty things about this country's most embattled faith, christianity. voting that is, "worry about sharia law!!" suggesting we shouldn't tolerate it it, in a response to a story about a mother stabbing her son, "i bet she called herself a christian." other tweets for christian hypocrites calling evangelist crazy. chad mcmoore is a concern of a journalist from new york city and they both join us tonight. thank you for coming on. first to you, clearly there are christians who are not worth defending, that is for certain.u the westboro baptist freaks or whatever. but what i'm so struck by is -- well, there is no defending that. >> of course.
9:37 pm
>> tucker: in the speech code that all of us live under, the only religion you can attack is christianity. if she subbed in another world great religion, other abrahamic faiths, she would be out of the race tomorrow. why is that? >> that's tricky. r i look at all the text that reference christianity that she had sent out and she did, you are correct, to lead up to the story that she'd tweeted about a mother who killed her son because he was gay, that certainly is radical and wrong, reprehensible. absolutely correct to call out westborough, who pickets funerals of fallen soldiers. but these are fringe elements. these are the most fringe elements, calling them out. i do not want to control her
9:38 pm
right to speech as a transgender woman, -- >> tucker: i think she is celebrating it. let's not pretend. i am not attacking this person, i'm just saying -- if you're upset about people killing others for being gay, it's awful, is christianity the primary offender there? >> no, it's not close at all. >> no, no, no... it is! >> i think i'm not allowed to say the name of it without being harassed by the splc and who else, you are -- her transgender privilege. she cange get away with many things by being transgender. i mean, who knows if that is how she wanted this primary. the entire country is fixated on the fact that she's transgender, nobody knows about her policies. all we can think about, all we
9:39 pm
know -- she is moree medicaid fr all, she is a climate alarmist, she believes in a $15 minimum wage. that's kind of it. she was on cnn this morning looking half dead, very low energy, she was on cnn this morning and couldn't answer the question about what socialism is. "i don't know what socialism is, i'm not qualified." she was asked about capitalism and isn't even -- who is this person? all we know is she's transgender and that's all about that? can she lead the entire state of vermont? >> tucker: what if she said there is a great world religion which has a long and recent track record of murdering a people, what would her fellow democrats have said? >> are you talking about the muslim faith? >> tucker: i'm talking about the one abrhamic faith? a long and recent track record
9:40 pm
of murdering gays. what she should be held about that? >> yes, it's a problem. she would've been correct to assert that just as she is correct to call out people like westboro church and some of the radical extremists, there ares radical extremists in all religions.s. when you become radicalized regardless of your faith, that's your problem. just like westboro church.h. >> tucker: that's not actually true. in this country, and in western europe, in the last 20 years, there hasn't been a lot of a christian terrorism there's been a lot of islamic terrorism. i like a lot of muslims. but let's be real. there is a penalty stating the obvious. and the factually true. >> i do not understand this lgbt obsession with christians.
9:41 pm
a lot of it comes, hallquist talks about growing up in a catholic school and because he was growing up as a -- in her words, is that we can actually grow up and get over it and move on to it we don't all of our problems on things that happened with children's. obviously christianity has moved leaps and bounds, american society has moved leaps and bounds from when hullquist was a child. why are youn blaming an entire religion for all of your problems? these radicalized christians, there is, like, ten of them in the country. who cares? >> tucker: gentlemen, we are out of time. >> thank you so much, tucker. >> tucker: plastic straws have been banished from public life with shocking speed. there is a new target. balloons. almost as dangerous as straws.
9:42 pm
you thought you had enough to worry about? our little sherpa joins us next to explain why balloons are terrifying. so i can buy from
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enterprise car sales and you'll take any trade-in? that's right! great! here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy.
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♪ >> tucker: the revolution is moving fast. almost overnight plastic straws have been pushed out of restaurants across r america. in most progressive places, and unauthorized straw can get your prison time. that's right, behind bars for using a straw. the left is not ready to stop. they have a new target: helium balloons. a sign of childhood and happiness for millions of americans. activists say that balloons return to earth eventually hurta the environment and harm animals. a town in rhode island which has solved all of its other problems
9:47 pm
has already banned band balloon sales. kathy rue is not confused by this. the founding publisher of "catalina" magazine, she is our liberal sherpa, and guiding us through the himalayas of liberal throughout. kathy, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> tucker: most of us when we think balloons do not think y environmental disaster. we think 8-year-oldal birthday party. why should we hate and fear helium balloons? >> i don't think we should fear them. seabirds and turtles should fear them because they die when they choke on these balloons when they come back to the ground and they are attracted to the bright colors and they choke. they should be feared, they should fear these balloons. we should not care of them. they serve no purpose. they are not biodegradable. it takes about 10-20 years for them to degrade. so they actually are just
9:48 pm
another form of litter just like plasticc straws. balloons are litter. >> tucker: i think i'm sensing a theme here. the things the left wants to ban are also -- maybe coincidentally the things that bring ordinary people joy. >> [laughs] >> tucker: tobacco, drinking straws, balloons. i wonder if may be banding humor or human happiness might be a shortcut to get to the goal of the left is looking for, do you think? >> a sustainable future relies on happiness and humor. but not balloons. >> tucker: [cackling] a >> it's illegal in many places. rice at weddings, we throw him exceeds because we don't want the birds to choke and rice has been around for roman times for weddings. >> tucker: i didn't know that. it's illegal to throw rice at weddings? that must be a massachusetts law. >> in some towns.. no, in some places in texas, yeah. rice at weddings is illegal. that's been around since roman balloons have been around only
9:49 pm
since the 1800s, so we can getin rid of balloons. no one is going to miss them. >> tucker: have progressive g scientist studied the carbon emissions by human laughter. i wonder if we discover that laughing was warming the earth, would we ban it? >> i don't think there is a study on that, but there have been studies on the life span of litter and that's why we are banning straws and balloons and probably diapers are going to be released with cloth diapers. bottles, glass bottles actually take a million years to degrade. to biodegrade. glass bottles might be on their way out. >> tucker: let me ask you real quick? i totally get that and i actually hate litter which is the reason why i'm so against illegal immigrationod it produces a huge amount of
9:50 pm
litter. i mean that with all sincerity. why is nobody trying to ban iphones or lululemon yoga pants or running shoes or any of the accessories the idle rich in our country. but it's kids balloons? >> i don't think 10,000 pants are being flown into the air and killing the wildlife and hurting our future. i do not think they are hurting tomorrow. not yet. >> tucker: they wind up in feels ultimately when they come out with a new lululemon stretch pants and you've got to buy new ones and you throw make the old ones away. they wind up in the landfill.on that's a environment of disaster. another disaster! why do we allow -- why do we allow this thing right here? >> right! >> tucker: do you know what a pelican can do on that? pelicans choke on these by the thousands. why is there no movement to ban them? >> i do not think that's exactld true, but i think -- >> tucker: [cackling] >> but i think we have a good
9:51 pm
will and vintage shops in many places where people recycle their close. and electronics. balloons, though, completely useless. we did not need those. we need our phones. we need to get dressed. >> tucker: okay. not as useless as the iphone, i would argue, but i'm not the liberal sherpa here. thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> tucker: well, at least in washington on both sides left and right are really threatened by the rise of populism, a think tank on the right, think tank on the left to fight the popular will. we'll speak to one representative of that movement next. on the right, think tank on the left to fight the popular w you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from an allergy pill? flonase relieves sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose, plus nasal congestion, which most pills don't. it's more complete allergy relief. flonase. when the guy in frontd down the highway slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge
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>> tucker: the real divide in washington isn't between conservatives or liberals. it's between conservatives and liberals and victims, liberals, and populous, people who oppose the status quo, almost everyone in washington supports the status quo, why wouldn't they? it's given them a source of
9:56 pm
status. they've nothing to gain from populism, which is why they hate it. washington, d.c., voted for hillary clinton and number set represent a communist sham election, 96%. noww in an ultimate display of the way things really are in d.c.,gs two rival think tanks, reportedly rival, the center for american progress on the left, and the american enterprise institute on the left, have teamed up to publish a paper criticizing populism. a research fellow at the american enterprise was given knives to come on tonight. thank you for joining us. >> i'm delighted to join you for this display of preppy sartorial flair. >> tucker: i love your tie. this is described as an effort to support democracy. and democratic values. that's one of the reasons why you oppose populist movements like brexit. expression of popular vote?
9:57 pm
isn't brexit, by definition, an expression of popular vote? >> we are not arguing the republic that populism is always inherently t bad. nobody is blaming donald trump for crafting a message in a way that resonates his base in the party, but we are concerned, ane this report does two things. first of all, countries that have been governed by popular governments, whether far left or right wing governments like hungary which have been done may become increasingly authoritarian over time. secondly, voices on the far left and the far right have displayed an increasing degree of disdain of alliances led by americans. there is an important case to be made for an argument, americans would like to see -- >> sean: i think that's important. i think populist movements in general have a terrible track record.
9:58 pm
hungaryer is not an authoritarin country, i think it is a false statement.t. you are worried about populism. let me ask you this. has anyone in d.c. paused for 15 seconds to ask why donald trump got elected? may be because they failed. they did a terrible job as stewards of the economy and of our foreign policy. why not focus on how to make our elites better, less stupid, less self-involved, less greedy, less shortsighted? >> there is no single printed daily newspaper in hungary critical of the government right now because all of them were bought up by the conservative government. i think there is a point. i think there is a lot of soul-searching going on. we can't go on pretending like the iraq war never happened, like the financial crisis never happened, that globalization does not have its downsides. this report technologies all of these problems, and i think a there is an intelligent discussion about the way forward. i don't see populist movements whether in the united states. or in europe addressing those issues in a compelling way.
9:59 pm
>> tucker: but then why don't think tanks -- why don't we go back, the architects of the iraq war, the bank bailout, where did they go? did they go to prison? they didn't. some should have, but none of them did, instead they went on to get richer and more prominent. has anyone considered why that was allowed to happen? >> the division to invade iraq -- >> tucker: i'm not blaming you. i'm just wondering, why ears and a focus on them, the villains? >> i'm happy to talk about accountability. by andnd large, the post-1945 global order has been good for humankind. we are living through the most peaceful, most prosperous period of human history. i think there is a lot that deserves to be defended and protected. >> tucker: i think that's a reasonable -- no, i'm out of time but i want to say that's a fair point you have made at the end. i appreciate you coming on. do come back. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: that's it for us
10:00 pm
tonight. tune in, 8:00 p.m. to the show lying, the enemy of pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. when we say sworn enemy, we are not joking at all. sean hannity is next, we are awardhing him one second early.e >> sean: no, you hit the post. so proud of you! thank you. it is official, john brennan has been stripped of his security clearance. the former cia director, former communist, willfully abused his access to american top secrets. why? to malign donald trump both before and after the 2016 election. his conduct on conspiracy tv nbc does not comply with cia policy, although the media will never tell you. to actions represent a disgrace to the office he once held. we will highlight his history of bizarre, erratic behavior which is all rooted in anti-trump.


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