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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 15, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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jillian: this is "fox and friends first". new back lash for the judge granted bond to the mexico extremist. >> not the first time she has gone easy, what we just learned about her soft on crime background on the bench. ed: feeling the power of the trump bump, across several states in crucial primaries. jillian: what does it mean for the blue wave? maxine waters biggest birthday which. rob: the gift she wants but made every guest.
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"fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ rob: fighting thunder yesterday. nice summer storm. it is still dark outside, 4:00 on the east coast, you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. congested after a busy day. rob: the trump bump in full effect for some republicans. griff jenkins breaking it down in washington. >> reporter: four state of spoken but there was thunder in kansas and the delayed victory.
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chris kobach defeated chris collier. >> we gear up and start marching in the general election campaign. it is essential we march together. >> reporter: all either wisconsin to face tammy baldwin. republicans faithfully a boutonniere backed by the leading republican scott walker, reince priebus and paul ryan, jumping on the trump train. >> we going to take that to washington where they need the help of a strong conservative to join the ranks to help donald trump make america great, keep america great. >> reporter: a former aide to the speaker, brian style, will face randy rice. he goes by the nickname iron stash.
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the school superintendent tony evers has a message for the president. >> donald trump's tariffs are having a devastating impact on my hometown. it is heartbreaking to watch. >> reporter: republicans rejected presidential candidate tim poland he --pawlenty for jim johnson who was endorsed by trump. he faces serious abuse allegations and won the attorney general primary is now to vermont, bernie sanders and the senate, no surprise, they nominated the first transgender candidate and in the connecticut governor's race, facing off against republican bob stefanhowski. just a few more as we inch closer to november. jillian: the trump campaign
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filing a complaint against omarosa newman claiming she violated a nondisclosure agreement. >> donald trump decided to sue me or bring litigation against me to silence me and not allow me to tell my story. if you see me in a fight with a bear, pray for the bear. >> reporter: he claims the president used a racial slur on the set of the apprentice, the white house firing back. >> reporter: the president made it clear how he feels about the book, a betrayal, and reminding everyone that he has given her many chances. >> reporter: omarosa has revealed secret recordings with the president and white house staff. donald trump isn't omarosa's only target. lynn patton and former trump campaign spokesperson catrina pearson were reported by the fired staffer, both refusing to back down. >> there's something wrong with
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society when a woman can run around the white house and surreptitiously record people in violation of her national security contract but yet katrina and i have to come on national television and explain ourselves. the audience hates that she -- two different conversations. one is with me, omarosa, katrina, the other with jason. the distinction is muddled. >> specifically said i said and confirmed that donald trump said a derogatory term in a conference call with jason miller. that did not happen and that is what i am refuting. omarosa has been using this case to many people, she's a, push, a dog with a bone. >> reporter: many are asking if there is a criminal case to be made against omarosa.
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a former prosecutor ways in. rob: firing peter stzrok was justified according to a fbi director. he says, quote, the action was a decisive step in the right direction in correcting the wrongs committed by what is described as comey skinny inner circle. this as donald trump called stzrok and the russian investigation a fraud. from text messages during the presidential campaign. jillian: a judge getting death threats after granting bail to the suspects from the filthy new mexico compound accused of starving children and training them to be school shooters. rob: jackie ibanez joins us as one suspect is transferred to federal custody. >> reporter: a new mexico courthouse forced into lockdown
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after a judge gets 200 threats. critics are fuming over the decision to grant bail to child abuse suspects, court officials say the islamic terrorist emphasizing, one caller saying her throat would be slit and another said someone would smash her head monday. she granted bail to the suspect saying they weren't a threat to society, they posted $20,000, they can be released with ankle monitors despite prosecutors claims they train kids to kill teachers, law enforcement and anyone else they found corrupt. doctor sebastian gorka said the judge is putting americans in danger. >> truly remarkable, the most horrific case study of how politicized the judicial system has become in recent years. this isn't justice.
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this is where political correctness can get in the way of keeping americans safe. it is a travesty. >> reporter: it is not the first time the judge has set bail for suspects accused of violent crimes. last month she set at $10,000 bond for a man accused of beating his girlfriend's newborn baby about healthcare worker. one of them is in federal custody. it is unclear why. there were child abduction charges in georgia. rob: economic tensions rising to a new high overnight. turkey doubling tariffs on american imports like cars, alcohol and tobacco after turkish president erdogan said the country would boycott us electronics like the iphone all this as revenge for sanctions imposed by the white house over the holding of this man, andrew brunson. turkey is facing economic and currency crisis as a result of this feud.
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jillian: donald trump may be preparing to deport an international assassin living in the united states. the daily caller reports officials from bangladesh are confident the us will deport the murderer who was convicted in the 1975 assassination of the president of bangladesh. several states under asylum since 1996. rob: closing arguments beginning in the paul manafort trial, not calling any witnesses to the stand, after prosecutors brought up 2 dozen. they argued prosecutors failed to prove any crimes were committed. manafort is accused of bank fraud and tax evasion. jillian: brett kavanaugh heading to capitol hill to meet with democratic senators to rally support ahead of the september confirmation hearing. today he is sitting down with senator heidi heitkamp and joe donnelly, he already met with
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west virginia senator joe manchin. the far left is fuming over the fibers and breakthrough with 49 members of the senate democratic conference they don't think the parties doing enough to block kavanaugh's confirmation. rob: adobe bridge collapse, the death toll rising overnight after a bridge in italy buckles sending dozens of cars plunging 150 feet. the desperate search for survivors. >> the blue wave on primary night or did it come crashing down? we will break down the results, impact on the midterms and what our next guest calls the most entertaining race to watch this november. ♪
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jillian: welcome back. the man accused in london at suspected terror attack just
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identified. sudanese immigrant claims into 15 cyclists and pedestrians before plowing into a barricade outside parliament. three people were hurt. the motive still unknown. police are searching several properties in central england, two and the suspect's home town where he was known by local police. the taliban reeling after airstrikes killed 220 terrorists in four days, pummeling afghanistan as militants continue a massive attack in several cities, 200 afghan police officers and soldiers have been killed, forcing hundreds to flee. rob: donald trump's endorsement strong after last night's critical primary. what do the results in states like wisconsin and minnesota signal heading into november? gop pollster and strategists
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just in wallin joins us with winners and losers. minnesota, wisconsin interesting states because they were such tight states in the 2016 election, trump got one, clinton got one but both results were close. we start with scott walker who did get the nod from the president and had a big night. >> scott walker and the president weren't always friends but now he got the endorsement from the president and scott walker the less favored punching bag, the anti-union republican governor of wisconsin won big. that is a harbinger of challenges for democratic candidates in that state, showing himself to be strong and down the ticket, he backed the candidates on the ticket and his machine worked extraordinarily well. walker won big.
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rob: here's the endorsement that may have pushed walker over the edge, scott walker of wisconsin is a tremendous governor who has an incredible things, he has my complete and total endorsement, brought the amazing fox can't wisconsin with 15,000 jobs and more. vote for scott in the republican primary and walker might not have had a chance without that tweet. to the democratic side in the governor's race, tony evers. >> a great illustration. reforming unions, evers is the leader of the state education system. that is a perfect example of those i the ologies -- ideologies.
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rob: that is a state that was a surprise in the election. let's go to the senate republican primary, and she takes the nomination. >> she aligned herself, some hiccups in her support for trump, she said things that were not flattering but aligned herself with trump and won well and this is not the alignment, the particular efficacy of the walker political machine. not clearly and presently in terms of support. a demonstrable effect. rob: a purple state like wisconsin, pandering to the
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trump base could show you indications of what november could look like. it could be good news for republicans. >> in a state like that you expect and establishment centrist candidate to be emerging and that is not what happens. rob: minnesota, a governors primary, jeff johnson wins over tim pawlenty who had more name recognition. >> you will expect him to outperform but this is a perfect example of someone who clearly distanced himself from the president in a definitive way versus someone who has aligned himself with the president -- rob: minnesota was taken down by clinton, the moderate, the anti-trump republican, we head
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into november. >> 18 after the hour. antifa just rent a murder donald trump. chris cuomo. >> when someone gets hot and physical, equally wrong, i argue know. >> stay where you are. ♪
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jillian: they are known for violence riots and investigated to murder their president.
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>> chris cuomo seem to defend antifa in a monologue. >> all punches are not able. when someone comes to call out big attended gets hot. are the equally wrong as the bigger they are fighting, >> carly shimkus is here with the outrage over those comments. >> donald trump got widespread criticism for saying white supremacist and counterprotest sisters were to blame for the deadly riots in charlottesville. the president was wrong to create a moral equivalency between the two groups, he argues violence is never okay, fighting bigotry is better than defending it. after a weekend spent confronting police officers and
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journalists some are wondering if antifa deserved chris cuomo's defense. a lot of people talking about this to twitter. this person says let me see if i got this right. you feel antifa are fine people because of thuggery. another twitter user says this is a dangerous message that violence is less wrong if you're doing it for the right reasons. the first amendment people the right to express opinions, even despicable ones, nobody has the right to use violence to shut down someone else's voice. interesting debate going on from a philosophical standpoint. antifa are a violent, destructive group so it is hard to defend those actions in any capacity.
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rob: a tough argument to make. let's talk about maxine waters. anyone can guess what she wants for her birthday. >> she turns 80 years old and her birthday wish is about the president. >> my biggest birthday wish the that we are able to get a leader of this country who represents us, has the respect of all of our allies. i would wish we could remove him from office. jillian: one person says i would love her to be removed from office, this country and her social media but that won't happen. another says dream on, no happy birthday for you. paul says her wish will come true in 2024. the story we all loved yesterday, the little girl who ordered all the toys from amazon without her mom knowing now there is nothing.
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caitlin ordered $350 worth of toys from amazon without mom knowing. there is a sweet update to the story that her cousin post on twitter. she says update, caitlin chose to donate all the toys to the children's hospital where she stayed for the week when she was a baby, she wanted to give a little joy to those who aren't well. good for her. she can get out of the naughty corner now. we love caitlin. rob: 26 after the hour. the trump campaign taking legal action against omarosa claiming she violated her confidentiality agreement. does the campaign have a case? a former prosecutor takes a closer look. >> i grabbed my drink. he said i tried -- i punched him
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in the head. jillian: four young girls fight for their lives after a man tries to kidnap them. where they learned those self-defense moves and how police tracked down the bad guy. ♪
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jillian: welcome back. the death toll rising from adobe bridge collapse in italy. rob: the bridge buckling during a storm sending cars and trucks plummeting 150 feet. at least 35 people killed is the search for survivors intensifies. jillian: the tragedy calling for bridge management to resign. >> it happens during a sudden violent storm on the italian coast. as many as dozens were killed,
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many more injured when a bridge on the main highway linking italy with france collapsed sending cars plunging 150 feet down, landing in a heap of concrete rubble. firefighters and other first responders digging through the debris looking for survivors while local officials promise a thorough investigation into how the collapse happened. >> reporter: knows the moment of relief, sweat and prayer. tonight will have to be the time to find out who's responsible. >> reporter: engineers are checking the rest of the bridge trying to determine if there is further risk to the public. the italian interior ministry says recovery efforts will begin as soon as the rescue operation is over and he will ask for significant funding from italy and the european union. >> reporter: the next >> translator: the next economic measures will secure italian's right to life, right to health, restrictions will come later. >> reporter: the trump administration keep an eye on the situation offering assistance to the italian government as rescue and recovery efforts continue.
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>> we send our prayers to the families of those injured after the tragic bridge collapsed. >> reporter: traffic on the bridge was heavier than usual when it collapsed. rob: the reward for the missing iowa college student jumps to $400,000 when she disappeared four weeks ago, the largest reward for its organization in iowa state history. investigators narrowing the focus in and around areas of brooklyn, iowa, where mollie tibbetts was last seen july 18th. a major highway truck stop and her boyfriend's home. and two areas of farmland as well. no suspects have been announced. the case continues. a stunning report alleging thousands of children molested by hundreds of catholic priests. the pennsylvania attorney general accusing church leaders and the vatican of covering it all up.
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>> the time of telling these victims to keep the truth to themselves has ended. rob: a horrifying story because of the statute of limitations, only a fraction of the 300 priests named can be criminally prosecuted. jillian: two of four impeached supreme court justices in west virginia are stepping down, justice robin davis and other retirement and avoiding a trial. another justice resigned last month before hearings began about a possible impeachment. the entire supreme court is accused of corruption, incompetence and neglect of duty after spending $300 million on office renovations. democrats call the impeachment of partisan witchhunts. a little girl uses hot coffee to defend herself from a man trying to kidnap her and her friends. the group noticed the suspect following them at a convenience store in michigan so they ran across the street to a well lit area where he grabbed one of the girls.
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>> this cannot be happening. i thought it was a test at first but this is real. >> i grabbed my drink and punched him in the head. >> reporter: when asked how they knew what to do allison said she and the other girls watch law and order and dateline and her dad taught them some of those moves. you see the coffee stains on her shirt. he is charged with kidnapping. amazing. a potential legal battle is brewing for fired white house staffer omarosa, the trump campaign filing a formal complaint accusing her of violating her confidentiality agreement. rob: setting aside the political controversy the big question, is there a criminal case? joining us is former prosecutor bob the auntie.
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i was surprised that it sounded like the recording she did in the white house situation room there doesn't seem to be much of a case. >> there doesn't seem to be much of a case. it is a breach of protocol the criminal violations are different, has to be very specified, intention to commit a violation. had we been talking about national security interests or something that involved her security clearance and it was recorded and brought out of their that would be a different story but in the situation room they were only talking about her firing, not a national security matter. jillian: we don't know what other recordings she has. some of these could potentially have been a bigger problem. >> we don't know and you better be careful because i could tell you this is how people get in trouble. they think they have complete impunity and let some data out and get a watch because it was a national security reason. when we are talking about this
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confidentiality agreement as far as arbitration, it won't apply to a government service and we are falling into the stormy daniels trap by trying to litigate this case because donald trump has more to lose by this then omarosa. ed: does he have a shot? >> these agreements will be knocked down as unenforceable. they don't like prior restraints, this was in government service, was it blowers are encouraged to release information about government impropriety. i can't imagine, i have signed them in the political world for campaigns but not when i became a government official. ed: if this was all a lie, if there is no proof that he said this word and she is making this up is there any trouble there?
1:37 am
>> that is a completely different story. even though she may get past the nondisclosure agreement she is subject to defamation and libel. ed: we know the president likes to defend himself, he sends out the tweets, sometimes to be able to clear the air and get his word in. would you advise him to move on and not address it? you are saying he has more to lose than she does. what would you tell him to do? >> age-old advice any lawyer tells a client is whether you're innocent or guilty, be quiet. exercise the right to remain silence because the only person who can get hurt is the person up the chain of command, the president. anytime you make a statement you're making a statement that can be used against you in a court proceeding.
1:38 am
rob: peter stzrok has been fired from the fbi, the president wants the clinton case reopened, a lot of disbelief when comey said he made the statement, what do you think happened? >> i am conflicted about this. is head of an agency with a guy like stzrok i had opportunities i had to fire great people with great government service but have done something in the course of an investigation that is compromised the integrity of the institution itself. it may not have affected his actual investigation, as a matter of course i would have to fire to send a message that this conduct is inappropriate and it is bothering me over and over again, infusing too much politics in the prosecution world. those things are supposed to be separated. he has done great service and a lot of great things for the country a message has to be sent. whether you fire him is a different story.
1:39 am
on that score it is one thing. the investigation is flawed based on all the other data points and all the other people involved in the investigation and the ig report that said it did not, a bridge too far. jillian: thank you for your time. had to see you. rob: 39 minutes after the hour. donald trump showing where his marijuana priorities lie targeting sellers and growers, the major marijuana crackdown. jillian: she went viral for posing with a rifle at graduation photo, caitlin bennett is going back to school for rallying for her second amendment rights. firing back at critics from the left. [ loesch ] this is superbeets and i swear by it.
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so call or go online right now. [ male announcer ] superbeets from humann. order your superbeets today. call... or visit... i have to tell you something incredible. capital one has partnered with to give venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. all you have to do is pay with this at 10 miles per dollar? that is incredible. brrrrr! i have the chills. because you're so excited? because ice... is cold. and because of all those miles. obviously. what's in your wallet? rob: donald trump promised a hands-off approach. >> that is not stopping the
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sentence, why they are targeting the illegal stuff in states they consider it legal. >> after crackdown on recreational marijuana at the start of his term donald trump directed the justice department to take a hands-off approach but jeff sessions made marijuana enforcement of top priority and now the feds are partnering with local law enforcement to go against illegal operations in states where pot was legal including a major enforcement action against unlicensed dispensaries. >> a lot of cash coming into those businesses and our fear is crimes that come with it. >> folks are starting to notice the crackdown in many cases targeting rural or suburban areas where pot is being grown illegally without the knowledge of neighbors or community leaders. >> very surprised how many are involved in this. >> this is happens more than
1:44 am
once in the last month or so at this house for that house. >> reporter: another motivating fat concerns about the effect illegal brewing is housing in the market, in colorado and washington, some law enforcement officials arguing putting pressure on illegal pot will save homeowners time and money in the future. >> people will say why does it smell like pot in the house or so many lights through the basement? >> reporter: lawmakers are pushing a bill that would stop the fence from using taxpayer money to crackdown on illegal marijuana but it remains clear if the president himself would support such a measure. at the white house, kevin cork, fox news. rob: the can't state university student who went viral for carrying a gun in her graduation photos is facing back lash once again over a pro-gun rally she is planning to host at her alma mater. jillian: caitlin benefit and her
1:45 am
boyfriend are spearheading the event and join us to respond. why did you decide to do this? >> i wanted to go back to campus to express my second amendment rights again, if you show the outrageous policy that now that i am not a student, i don't go to school there, i can arm myself, i should have been able to do that when i was enrolled in classes. rob: if you're a visitor to this campus you can bring a gun under the campus. is that a more forgiving policy than most campuses? i think how many campuses allow students to carry guns. >> i believe there are 11 campuses that adopted a campus carry policy in their campus. the thing about ohio is any
1:46 am
public university can actually -- they have to by law allow guests to open carry, not concealed, open carry on their campus but public university can decide if students can and that is where i have a problem. can't state require students to be disarmed. >> i know he just alluded that even allowing guests to arm themselves might be a more forgiving policy but any and all restrictions on second amendment are too far that we want to do away with. >> you think the university is a fine place to have these. that is what you are fighting for. >> absolutely. rob: what backlash, you talk about what kind of backlash after posting those photos where you were a little nervous in a while? they went viral. >> for the past two or three
1:47 am
months i was more worried, looking out for my girlfriend's safety but she has gotten death threats but we are armed so we are not worried. >> where do you hope to take this from here? >> i have gotten my goal and getting campuses across the nation, in california and florida and that was the goal to go to college campuses and people who think like me to stand up for themselves. the liberals on campus have come out full force to shame conservatives and gun rights, i'm tired of it so i will inspire them to stand up for themselves and so excited. >> we reached out to state university for comment that state law allows visitors to carry outside on campus and we anticipate a peaceful event
1:48 am
similar to what took place in april. we appreciate it. >> 47 after the hour, body scanners coming to a subway near you. the brand-new security measures in one of america's biggest cities is yours next. >> the man who rushed to salvage aging bourbon. ♪
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>> good morning, happy wednesday morning. police in one city think the best way to protect their kids
1:52 am
is with ar 15 rifles. officers asking for $26,000 for school resource officers, they will be stored in a safe away from students and faculty and also they will buy bullet proof vest and medical supplies in case of a school shooting attack, the city plans to vote on the subject next month. rob: liberal education in college showing up in professors paychecks, gender and ethnic study professors are $15,000 more than math and science colleagues last year. the salary report finding gender studies professors make $12,000 more than the average professor, average pay for all suspects -- subject was $93,000. that surprised me. jillian: commuters in a major american city will be safer on their way to work. rob: tracy carrasco is here with
1:53 am
increased security coming to los angeles. >> reporter: los angeles will be the first city in the united states to add these scanners to their subway system, 360,000 people use la subways every day so this could stop any potential terror attack. these new scanners will be at the bottom of escalators, they can scan 2000 people per hour, detect suspicious items from 30 feet away. they have been testing these for the past year but are now expanding them to all la metro stations and other stations around the country. rob: the biggest surprise with a 360,000 people -- i never heard anybody go down there. it shocks me. you might take a trip to the gas station. >> there is an apps called yoshi
1:54 am
kind of like huber or gasoline. they will come to you, your home, or fill up your car, it is $20 a month plus the cost of fuel. they have expanded to 16 cities across the country. i will put a list on your screen. atlanta, boston, chicago, they will do a car wash and oil change and a lot of other services. very convenient if you hate going to the gas station. rob: it takes about three minutes to fill up your gas tank. i have clocked it. jillian: why did you do that? rob: i was curious about it. how long does this take? about three minutes. jillian: telling us to move along. rob: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. the good, before take off a little more challenging a tsa agent, both doing this in new jersey.
1:55 am
jillian: next the bad. tennis star getting something very important. >> i love that. jillian: the western and southern open in cincinnati. rob: the ugly. save the bourbon, painstaking cleanup on the way two month after a warehouse collapse, crews trying to salvage 18,000 barrels of food, one at a time. not clear how much longer this effort will take, all hands on deck. jillian: police chiefs blasting senator elizabeth warren for her attack on police officers. >> the criminal justice system is racist. [applause] rob: one police department top bar slamming the democratic
1:56 am
lawmaker's statements for days, only putting our boys in blue's lives on the line, coming up on "fox and friends first". ♪ cially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! oh yeah! he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 10 or 14 percent below msrp on 2018 silverado pickups when you finance with gm financial. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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[shouting] jillian: it is wednesday, august 15th. deadly bridge collapsed.
2:00 am
the death toll rising after cause go plunging 150 feet. rob: the desperate search for survivors that continues right now. jillian: candidate securing their spots on the november ballots. >> the anti-trump or his comeback it was derailed. jillian: speaking of candidates. >> what would you do if you were elected, about a let the? >> gary johnson is back. rob: the brand-new campaign the libertarian longed. "fox and friends first" continues right now.


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