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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 31, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> melissa: maybe we should work on it right now. we will report back to everyone else, sounds like a good one. thank you so much for joining us, thank you for joining us, we are back here at noon eastern tomorrow, and now here is harri harris. >> harris: fox news alert, the president's big departure when it comes to iran, let's go "outnumbered overtime," i am harris faulkner. president trump taken many by surprise when he told reporters that he is willing to meet with the rands leaders with no strings attached, and a sharp break from the regime last week, counselor to the president kellyanne conway says that the president is always open to speaking with our adversaries. if it means a safer america. watch. >> let me be very clear, he is open to conversation and negotiation. he has done that with mr. putin, and he has also said, if it is not a good deal for the united states and our interest and our workers and our security, he will walk away.
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he is always open to negotiation and conversation. >> harris: iran is not on the same page as the president when it comes to having talks, but when it comes to the foreign ministry, saying definitely not, chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us from the north long. the conversation about how a different tactic might yield something different with the country. >> sort of the same way that he tried to shake things up with north korea, but harris, i think that you can safely not told your breath in anticipation from the president and the iranian president even though he put the ball in their court saying i will meet any time with the iranian leader, at the same time downplaying the notion that a meeting will happen anytime soon. listen here. >> i believe a meeting, i would certainly meet with iran if they wanted to meet. i do not know if they are ready yet, they are having a hard time. i'm ready to meet whenever they
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want to, i do not come from strength or weakness. it is a good thing to do. if we can work something out that is meaningful, not the waste of paper that the other deal was, i would certainly be willing to meet. >> the immediate reaction from iran was to reject talks unless the united states reenters the nuclear deal, quoted by the iranian news agency, saying "the united states is not trustworthy, how can we trust this country when it withdraws unilaterally from the nuclear deal." following a certain morning as he pointed out at the top, harris, from of the president on twitter two weeks ago when he threatened iran with consequences, the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered. but this is following the same script that he used with north korea, harsh rhetoric back and forth. punishing sanctions, withering sanctions in fact, and leader g to a meeting where they set course for the future. whether that will happen, remains to be seen, i should
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point out that a lot of people called us the carrot and stick policy. they are getting the fable wrong, because the boy tied the carrot to the end of the stick and held it in front of the donkey's nose in order for the donkey to move ahead. he never had the donkey with the stick. one other point -- >> harris: this donkey might get hit. is that your point? >> not with a stick, a baseball bat. one other piece of news, john kelly, the chief of staff who was thought to be on the way out, calling him battle and everything else in the sun, the president the day after his one year anniversary of chief of staff and asked him to stay on through 2020, and john kelly said that he will stay on as chiefs of staff. >> harris: in case people were tuning in with regard to iran, not to make anything light, but the president has really gone tough with rhetoric, and now the opportunity, the timing, their economy is in deep trouble.
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he says that i know things are tough, maybe you have time to talk. do not miss some of that, it is gamesmanship as we know. great to see you, thank you. meanwhile a key democrat is going after the president over the idea of meeting with iranian leaders. congressman john marinetti, just on this program a member of the house members service committee saying we could have another helsinki. >> we saw what was happening when he was able to meet with putin without any preconditions and an open press conference, we still do not know what those two hours of private discussions were. he must think that he is a genius, because if he thinks he can pull off a meeting with the supreme leader of iran without any prior discussions, good luck. >> harris: more reaction now bringing in republican congressman darrell xo of california sitting on the foreign affairs committee. great to see you today, so you saw congressman who you may
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know. also from california, saying that to that this would be without preconditions, secretary pompeo says that they would work to do some things ahead of any talk. >> first of all, there are preconditions, the president has to meet with a decision-maker, somebody who is really empowered to make a deal, otherwise it would not be worthwhile. and that is understood, we already have all kinds of work leading up to this including a failed deal and john, bless his heart, he is part of the progressive left, he totally thinks that we should still be in this unenforceable deal. so that is fine, he has a very intelligent man. he just happens to be wrong on the question of do we need a better deal and how do you get one, the first way you get one is you begin having a dialogue with the country since 1979 for all practical purposes has had no dialogue with the united states.
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>> harris: i caught that from the south, bless his heart. a little exchange. but look, when you look at where we are with he ran, we communicated by pulling out of the deal, and now communicating again with the president recognizing the fact of timing, they are hurting economically. put all of this in the lane of what happens next based on the things that we know. >> if we continue to hurt them economically and do not give them $140 billion as the last administration did, then they won't be able to support the murderers that are going on in syria, yemen, support hammas. and undermine us around the world, we are fighting one of the two greatest sources and concentration of sources of terrorism in the world. to this is a state sponsor of terror. and if we can all agree on that, because republican and democratic administrations have kept that designation then we
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can realize if we want to fix syria and help the israeli ed/palestinian situation and fix the carnage in yemen, we have to go to the source that is iran. >> harris: some breaking news, forgive me as i looked down, this is read all over the associated press, facebook incorporated says it has removed 32 pages, accounts from facebook and instagram because they were involved in "coordinated inauthentic behavior" facebook says it is early in the investigation and they are looking at all facts, what is happening right now? >> it is a good place to start, they will end up with a "new york times" being removed for their activities. [laughs] but the fact is there is a tremendous amount of deliberate, if you will false front activity. this may be specific to russia or some foreign entity, but i
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commend a start, but it is a long way from getting right, and along the way we have to make sure that registered users, the democratic national committee, the republican national middle committee are protected from being unfairly locked out, which has been a problem with facebook and some of the media preferring the left over the right. that has to be cautioned, and i commend them for a good start. something that we are not seeing the department of justice and the investigation that mueller has been supposedly doing having an effect on this activity. >> harris: i want to break in vice chair warner is now saying, this is interesting "today's disclosure is further evidence of the kremlin continues to exploit platforms like facebook to so division and spread -- i'm happy that facebook is pinpointing this activity." echoing a little bit, but now specifically saying that this was russia.
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and you say... >> mark is a friend of mine, he has read into more detail than i am. >> harris: he said that he and his staff were just briefed on this. vice chairman of the senate select committee of intelligenc intelligence. >> he like senator feinstein or democrats who put a lot of time and effort into this. i will take their statement as accurate. and there is no question at all, the evil empire may be smaller, but russia is still a doer of bad around the world and a supporter of bad things. including, right candidly, go back to the syria/iran situation, without russia, iran would not have the power to do what they are doing. there is no question behind the closed doors, we know that we have to continue to treat russia just like we did during the cold war, which means that you meet with them, but you trust -- verify every step of the way. >> harris: i'm about to invite one of your colleagues across the political aisle. i want you on the record, are you concerned about november and
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the midterm elections with what we are learning today? >> you know, i am always concerned that the media, especially new media can be misused. we have had robo calls two decades ago that were false and misleading in presidential elections in the mid-turns. so i do want to see the efforts to make information more responsible, to be honest, if the candidate's voices are heard, i think that the voters make good decisions. one of the problems with campaign finance reform for years is that the candidate has the least ability to be heard and the outside money and influence continues to grow. >> harris: that is interesting, i am reading senator warner along with the minnesota democrat, john mccain from arizona, introducing the honest ads act to prevent this sort of thing. any other legislation that is cooking that you can tell us about? >> i think that we have to take the gloves off of candidates who take money and are recognized as
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speaking with that money should be able to in fact get their messages out, so at the same time if he wants to stop the outside groups, i very much want to as i leave congress say that letting the candidates have more access is the best thing in the world. we need to get back to that basic that hearing from the candidates and not from the third-party groups is the right answer. i look forward to working with john mccain and mark warner and the others on sensible reform that would do that. since i never have to run again, i think my interests are perhaps less criticize. >> harris: congressman darrell issa, thank you very much. as the news is breaking today it is great to see you. brad sherman who like congressman darrell issa sits on the foreign affairs committee, great to see you today. this is big news with facebook. your take on the 32 pages for that inauthentic behavior, what is being looked at that you know about?
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>> well, russia is interfering and they are continuing to interfere. we cannot minimize it. i think that my colleague at first analogize these pages to "the new york times," they are not "the new york times." they are putin. and we have not sanctioned russia for its interference in our 2016 election. we have sanctions on them for their own abuses of human rights, but we have not done anything to stop them to make it plain and draw the line in the sand that they better not interfere in the 2018 election and in fact, that is what they are doing. >> harris: i was under the impression from reporting on what i have read that the sanctions were upcoming, is that not the case? >> we have not done it so far. we did not draw a redline in helsinki. and unfortunately on a party line vote, the republicans rejected spending money on vote tabulation security. so a lot of people are going to wonder whether their vote was counted in the united states.
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or counted in st. petersburg. >> harris: that is one element, but these ads, facebook saying that it is in the very early stages of the investigation. in the coordinated inauthentic behavior. still trying to get an idea of what that means going forward. i'm hearing the words kremlin and russia, the vice chair mark warner had mentioned, he said, my team and i, his staff has drilled down on this, they have been briefed. and now this from representative adam schiff, the ranking member of the house committee of intelligence could "today's announcement from facebook demonstrates what we long feared that militia foreign actors bearing hallmark of previously identified russian influence campaigns continue to abuse and weaponize social media platform to influence the u.s. electorate." one needs to be done in your estimation at this point? does the federal government step in? there is resistance because we want freedom of speech.
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>> we want freedom of speech, russia, they have people that can switch to that right now, that is what the russian speaking with their own voice, admitting that it is russia. but when they pose as americans on facebook, it is up to facebook to get them off. but more importantly, we saw a cyber attack on the dnc. when we saw the theft of files from the democratic national committee by russia, and russia has yet to be sanctioned for that. that is a problem. we have not drawn a line in the sand, but instead kind of embraced putin as an ally of sort, that is a problem paired with and we do not spend money on vote tabulation security, we endanger our democracy and weaken our country. these are the steps that the government has taken, and they are the wrong steps. >> harris: i don't want to go down the rabbit hole, but the file and computer, has all of that been made, have they been turned over by the dnc?
10:15 am
in those democrats that said that they were hacked? >> i know that the dnc is cooperating with all federal investigators, so i do not think that you blame "the new york times," i do not think that you blame the victims of this cyber burglary. i think that you blame russia and a foreign policy that does not punish or deter russia or even insulate our vote tabulation system from further russian attack. >> harris: absolutely russia is a wrongdoer, and meddling might be too soft of a word for what facebook is finding out that they are doing now. inauthentic behavior coordinated, but i ask the questions about the dnc files and computer files and what not, because it helps to be able to see what happened. for your time, i thank you very much for coming on. >> look forward to coming back and talking about north korea and iran. >> harris: congressman, thanks. a heartbreaking scene in california, 16 active wildfires now raging across that state.
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engulfing homes, destroying some of the scenic locations they are. a live report from one of the hardest hit areas. and it is day one in the trial of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. nothing to do with anything with the russia investigation. this has to do with him not paying his taxes paid and a whole lot of money, 60 million, stay close. >> the judge has a very strictly instructed no mention of paul manafort's trump campaign. this trial obviously centers on matters that have nothing to do with the campaign. ♪ don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. mitzi: psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me.
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10:21 am
is hoping to have a jury seated as soon any minute. he said as soon s1 o'clock, just a few minutes ago, most of the morning so far has taken up just interviewing a potential pool o, and part of that process is reading through a list of 35 government witnesses that would testify against manafort, and asking the jurors if they know any of the witnesses, the former bernie sanders strategist paul divine, but nobody says that they had a conflict, so we could get an opening argument in a trial that does not have anything to do a secret back channels to moscow and more with the secret bank accounts containing about $60 million that the irs never knew about. and then were discovered when the special counsel investigated members of the trump campaign. and even though paul manafort was only a part of the team for five months, he was present for some particularly interesting meetings to the mueller team
10:22 am
where russians offered up dirt on the clinton campaign, and that's kind of association open him up to scrutiny. although, the judge in this case, cs alice challenge the prosecutors back in may saying that he thinks that financial charges are just drawn up to put pressure on paul manafort to turn on trump and offer up some goods about rushing connection, but one of manafort's attorneys said that there is not going to be a deal like that, that 18 different charges that were read to the court today are all financial, they include falsifying tax return, bank fraud, conspiracy to commit to bank fraud, but no conspiracy about rigging an election. >> harris: peter doocy, thank you very much, we will bring the back as news breaks from there, joining me, john yu, deputy assistant general under the former
10:23 am
president george w. bush, also a law professor at the university of california at berkeley, great to see you today, john. was palmolive paul manafort sen time if the charges are against him? >> oh, yes, harris, he is registered not registered as a foreign agent, and he could spend five years in prison, maybe more. >> harris: the witnesses that we know about, 35 of them, what are the things that did they would be asked to talk about with regard to paul manafort? >> if you look at the indictment to that mueller's team filed, they are accusing him of tax evasion, may be money laundering, so part of that will be was manafort hiding assets and intentionally trying to move cash around to avoid the irs and the treasury department, what was he doing when he was spending millions of dollars on things like clothes and rugs and
10:24 am
houses? he was living a lavish inside the swamp lifestyle, but was he diverting the cash to other things? >> harris: this was not just a couple of years ago, this was not just before the trump campaign looked at him, and there have been many critics who support the president to say, you know, there needed to be a bigger team around the president. all of that aside, the types of behavior that you are describing are illegal with huge sums of money. so i ask you about the timing, the burst of investigation that we have seen since he was coordinated or working for the trump campaign. what do you make of it? >> it is a great question, harris, and it puts a spotlight on what he is really up to, because these charges as you say have to do with conduct well before manafort worked for president trump. so if you look at mueller's perspective, he is trying to
10:25 am
either put pressure on manna manafort much like they put pressure on flint to turn state evidence and cooperate, or they might think that the ukrainians are somehow acting in concert with the russians and they have a vulnerability with manafort and somehow used him as a conduit through to the trump campaign. but there is no evidence of that. and mueller has not charge that. none of this would appear in the trial. the judge has actually said that nothing can be mentioned about manafort's role in the campaign. >> harris: kellyanne conway, adviser to the president, counselor too has said that as well, that the judge has laid down the proverbial law that you cannot bring any of that into this. but paul manafort has problems anyway. and i wrote this down, you said the conduct -- i call it a egregious conduct, and i am very curious. i know that there were investigations that were going on, but it seems like there was so much out there to get on him with regards to tax evasion.
10:26 am
money laundering that we are just now learning about potentially in this trial that i am curious about why it did not happen before? and maybe that would've helped the trump campaign to know that this is not a god that that they want to touch. why not let them know? >> as you point out, i think that this shows how chaotic the trump campaign was back in those months between april when he wrapped up the nomination and just after the convention in the summer, the campaign clearly did not know what manafort was up to, normal campaigns have regular order and would have vented manafort and found some of these things, but they did not, because they were making things up as they went along back then. but to their credit, once they found out the end of story surfaced, they fired manafort right away, so that's why i think that he is not having success, because he was not that heavily involved in the campaign. he does not have information
10:27 am
that we know about showing some kind of conspiracy between russian government actors and president trump. >> harris: we appreciate your time, thank you very much. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: president trump is set to take the stage in florida tonight. setting up the g.o.p. candidates in two key swings dates, so what will the effect be that the president has on the midterm election? we will speak with kayleigh mcenany coming up, stay here for that. massive wildfires raging in california, fire officials issuing new warnings to people living there. we will get it live next. >> if you live in california, you need to be prepared, it is going to be a long, long summer. ♪ son. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. i take tresiba® once a day. tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours
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>> harris: fox news alert, twin wildfires now threatening 10,000 homes in northern california near mendocino
10:32 am
national forest. 100 miles north, the car fire is the ninth most destructed in the state's history. the unpredictable nature of the flames forcing officials to issue a stern warning to anybody who lives near here. >> people need to be packed and ready to go, because the fire behavior can still be very changing and shifty, we want folks in this area to be ready to evacuate on a moment's notice. >> harris: jeff paul in california, we check in with you 24 hours later in the destruction is making history. >> yes, harris, this is one of the hardest hit neighborhoods where we are here, taking a look to the side of me, it gives you an idea of how much destruction is out here. home after home, burned to the ground, level, because of the car fire burned in the area. this is the aftermath of 15 wildfires that are burning across the state of california. burning more than a quarter of a
10:33 am
million acres of land. also destroying 12,000 structures, and wildfires are threatening 17,000 homes, the flames have forced tens of thousands of people from their homes. the car fire running the most destructive and deadly fire burning right now, and is considered the seventh most devastating fire in state history. >> used to fight fires back in the '70 is in '80s, and i've never seen anything like this. it went in any direction that it wanted to. >> containment levels have gone up, now at 27%, but this fire continues to burn as well as those twin fires that you mention, harris, on the coast. they continue to burn and get bigger. growing intensity, to make things even worse, firefighters are expecting conditions out here to remain at dismal levels, dry and hot conditions along the coast they say that the winds are pretty strong. >> harris: jeff paul, thank you very much.
10:34 am
the countdown to the midterms begins, president trump with holding rallies in two swing states this week, beginning in florida, campaigning with ron desantis, and then pennsylvania on thursday. this is some republican candidates compete to show their loyalty to the president. ron desantis released this talked about ad. watch it. >> everybody knows my husband ron desantis is endorsed by president trump. but he is also an amazing dad paid he loves playing with the kids. >> build the wall. >> he reads the story. >> them mr. trump said, you're fired. i love that part. >> harris: that is hilarious. kayleigh mcenany is the spokeswoman for the republican national committee. good to see you. let's talk about getting an endorsement from the president of the united states versus all politics is local, and in fact, you worked for his opponent at one point, and he is doing well on the ground.
10:35 am
>> i did, adam putnam, you have two good options in the state of florida, you can't go wrong, but the president's endorsement means everything. let's think back to last week with brian kemp in the race. before the presidents endorsement he was losing by three, then he was winning by seven, and then at that time of the endorsement, july 18th, he skyrocketed in the polls and won the race by 39 points. that is a power. >> harris: are there certain issues that the president has taken on that infiltrate? like laying over the local issues, can that work? because a lot of times it does not work like that. >> you look at immigration, just a nationwide issue in every single pole we see immigration as a top three issue, we see the economy. these are galvanizing issues, the supreme court nominee. looking back 2016, 20% of voters voted in 2016 because of the supreme court. that means everything to
10:36 am
evangelicals, republicans, and the president helping the issues on the ground. >> harris: you heard what happen with facebook today? >> i did. >> harris: i bring that up, because it is hard to get people to vote. it is also hard, women, suffrage, finally we get all of these rights, and it seems if it is not a presidential election, then people have to have a reason to go to the polls. how concerned are you about vote totals? >> very concerned. this will come down to the bases. this is a battle of the democratic base, a battle of the republican base. and right now we have about a five-point enthusiasm gap, democrats over republicans. that is a good thing, because -- >> harris: is that within any margin of error? >> a three-point margin of error. so when you look at republicans taking over the house, they had a 15-point enthusiasm gap, so we are in a good place, but it is not enough. president trump is the one who could close the gap. >> harris: he is talking about things like tax cuts coming in
10:37 am
before the midterm elections, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying, we may force a vote by october 1st on the supreme court nominee, one of the three-tier items that you mention. >> harris: that is a big deal, recalling not a single democrat voted on tax cuts, so tax cuts 2.0 is going to put these democrats in a tough place, likewise the vote on cavanaugh will put democrats in a tough place, because they will be forced to side with president trump and with that campaign i'd saying that they are trump allies, you get to prove it. >> harris: so the base versus the base, and let's go to jeff weaver, former bernie sanders campaign manager, listen to what he says. >> we do not know who will be an end, bernie sanders has not made a decision of whether to run, but i think that if we are going to be as successful in defeating trump and ending this abysmal administration, we are going to have to nominate a progressive, certainly. >> harris: all all right, your response but i know i heard the abysmal part. but the point that he is making
10:38 am
is that democrats might be in trouble. >> they might be in trouble, actually hope that democrats listen to jeff weaver and nominate a progressive, because i can guarantee you elizabeth warren and, bernie sanders, these are losing prospects on a national stage. the american public is seeing democracy, capitalism at work with the bustling economy. nominating someone who wants to change the economic system is not a good move. >> harris: you mention bustling, jessica tarlov on the couch said earlier on "outnumbered," she considers these people to be outliers, that they are just a small group, because she knows that they cannot win cannot win. >> she is right, and i say that the democratic party, if they listen to jessica tarlov, they might have some electoral success, because she is a moderate minded democrat. that is not the democratic party of today. they are a party of democratic socialism and single payer, the party of precollege, it is a party that wants to change the system that americans are seen working right now. >> harris: can i ask you, how,
10:39 am
and politics being local as we face the midterms, but we cannot ignore some of the things that have happened recently. to the president and the north korea summit, the president and the summit in helsinki with russia. so how do these things play in? you give me the top three-tier issues, foreign policy play in there anywhere? >> it does, because for a long time americans felt like america was not a strong america on the world stage. under the obama years. the iran deal, like with north korea, no progress there. i call him the great negotiator, going to north korea to secure the release of american hostages, the return of the u.s. remains, the soldiers from the korean war, to go and strong talk pollutant behind the scenes to leverage our relationship in a way that can move it forward in a progressive manner and likewise the iranian situation, i have always said that he was tough on iran and tough for a reason, because he wants to drive them to the table. we are seeing that it worked. >> harris: their economy is
10:40 am
falling, he so were talking about the summit in singapore. thank you for coming in. fox news alert, more of what it was just saying, because this is taking shape. facebook executives have just wrapped up a conference call in the last couple of minutes, talking about a new effort that they discovered to influence the midterm election. the very latest on this, because we have had a team on that call listening in. stay close. allergies with sinus congestion and pressure? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d.
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>> harris: we are all reading together the details that are coming in on this. facebook says it has uncovered a campaign to interfere in the upcoming midterm election. the social media giant announced it has removed dozens accounts. we have been telling you that, because they were involving "inauthentic behavior." senior political correspondent mike emanuel life on capitol hill. i'm looking at hundreds of thousands of people who may be affected by this based on
10:45 am
details, mike. >> no question about that, the social media giant announcing that it has noticed a political campaign activity ahead of november's midterm election, so the timing is quite alarming. charles making a announcement moments ago. >> earlier this morning they removed 32 pages and accounts from facebook and instagram because they were involved in coordinated inauthentic behavior. this kind of behavior is not allowed on facebook, because we do not want organizations or individuals creating networks of accounts that mislead people about who they are or what they are doing. >> so they are talking about fake events using real names and with the timing of the election stressed 14 weeks away, there were questions about who is behind it. some on capitol hill are quick to say it is likely russia, more sophisticated than the 2016 campaign activity, but facebook is not naming names just yet.
10:46 am
>> at this point in our investigation, we do not have enough evidence to state definitively who is behind this. but we can say that these accounts engaged in similar activity and have connected with known ira accounts. >> so no attribution to a country or a particular individual at this point, but wanting to get it out there with election day, 98 days away. certainly a pause for alarm for folks on capitol hill. the entire house of representatives on the ballot, 14 weeks from today. and grave concern about outside groups trying to influence the american elections. >> harris: those are so high, facebook says more than 290,000 people follow those suspended facebook accounts. facebook says one suspended facebook account promoted a counter protest to a rally that they are looking into. also legitimate groups were involved with counter protest
10:47 am
planning. facebook says the accounts said worked harder to hide themselves than they did in 2016. you said something interesting. no country names. vice chairman on the select senate subcommittee of intel, warner, mark warner says that it was russia. >> that's right, he is ready to say that it is russia, we heard adam schiff saying that it is likely russia as well, some of the top democrats with the intelligence portfolio on capitol hill say that it looks like russia, sounds like russia, it is most likely russia, facebook allowing that to be handled by some of the outside groups, perhaps allowing lawmakers to make that announcement, but they were not ready to name russia just yet, but a lot of the top democrats are convinced that it is likely linked back to the kremlin. >> harris: that is something that they have jumped to, and we will let the reporting have been on it. mike emanuel, thank you very much. we are covering this as it comes up. i was reading a little bit of what has come about of the phone
10:48 am
call. facebook had the conference phone call with the new revelations about the attempts into the upcoming election. i will talk to the power panel about it, a special power panel today. stay close. ♪ you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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>> i'm dana perino, breaking news from facebook about a coordinated ongoing influence campaign ahead of the midterm election. why do we know about the bad actors behind this campaign? we will ask that jeff secretary jeff nielsen about that, and the electrical grid as well, and authorities have no information on missing iowa student, they will hold a press conference at 2:30 p.m., and we will have that for you on "the daily briefing." >> harris: let's dig in deeper, new details about a coordinated effort to influence the midterm elections, facebook has announced it has remove dozens of accounts that were involved in inauthentic behavior, bringing in the power panel now. the prize-winning investigative reporter judy miller and author as well. member of "the wall street journal" editorial board, former chief speechwriter for george w. bush. both fox news contributor's. bill, i will start with you.
10:53 am
we have so many people up for election in our house and senate to support. >> we have known what the russians are doing, from what we have seen, this is the pattern, we have not identified precisely who they are, but since it is a pattern. and facebook saying that only they have done this, but they have taken considerable steps to conceal their identities. >> harris: much more so than they did in the 2016 effort. >> so they are learning and they are trying to hide, and i think that that is something that i find the bad aspects of social media. when i am on social media, i am on with my name, but when you get attacked or something by someone with an acronym, you do not know what it is. i think that that is a little unfair. >> harris: what is different about this is that, because twitter dealt with this a couple of weeks ago and did a big sweep and got rid of the eggheads, and
10:54 am
fake stuff and whatever, but facebook is saying that there were at least 32 accounts that were set up and 290,000 people were following them. >> writes, exactly, so not only is this behavior that we saw during the presidential election continuing, it is accelerating, because facebook also said in a conference call that the russian, the perpetrators had gone out of their way to hide their identity. i think that there were two people that are having a very bad day today. >> harris: mark zuckerberg? >> mark zuckerberg and vladimir putin, because this makes the helsinki performance look even more of a whoops, because the russians are not stopping this behavior, the intelligence community has been proven right. >> harris: i want to step in with this, because mike emanuel says that there is not definitive information that it was the kremlin, however, the vice chair that i mentioned,
10:55 am
mark warner of the senate subcommittee, select subcommittee says that it was definitely the kremlin. >> i'm not always a fan of senator mark warren, but if it looks like a russian, smells like a russian -- >> harris: that's basically what darrell issa said too. >> it also fits the pattern of what they have done. and there are two issues, one facebook, like these other companies are waking up that they have to be able to be like publishers making -- taking more responsibility for the things that are on their pages. and to keep our country safe from attack. >> harris: my father is telling me that it is select intel committee. >> the other problem exactly what bill was referring to, and that we already have an indication that they were into our utility is coming into our infrastructure, that if they wanted to, they could try and
10:56 am
shut down the country. that is why dan coats says that the system was blinking red again. referring to 9/11 and the fate of the russians toying with us. they are sending us warning signals and donald trump is simply the one who must respond more forcefully than he has. >> harris: great to have you both. bill, judy, we will be right back. and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days.
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>> harris: breaking news this hour about facebook, having conversations, kayleigh mcenany was here with concerns ahead of the midterm elections. members of the senate up for elections, what facebook is doing now to investigate. i am harris, here is dana. >> dana: fox news alert, the jury has been selected in the trial of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." ♪ manafort facing 18 charges, accused of several financial crimes related to his work as a lobbyist for russian back interest in ukraine. for the first person indicted as part of the mueller probe to go to trial. fox team coverage, bret baier is standing by, but peter doocy outside of alexandria, virginia, that seems like a quick jury selection. >> it was, they started


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