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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 19, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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can you imagine? in germany, they allowed millions of people and their crime from the time they started is up more than 10%. that's one of the reasons that lead level is because they don't like reporting that kind of crime so they put it down as a different kind of crime. but their crime is up more than 10% since they started taking them. i saw someone say that the clinton was questioning that statistic. she said that's not true. didn't she already have her chance? i'll tell you what, when you read the ig report with these really dishonest people, and i was never a deep state guy. let me tell you, we got some bad people. that are doing bad things, but when you read that ig report about how she got away with what she got away with, it's a
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disgrace. it's a total disgrace. and you want to see the hearings that are right now on television but there going on to the mainstream fake news media. they want to focus on immigration because they want to keep the cameras away from the hearings. those hearings are not good for them. in fact, there are disaster for them. the whole thing is a scam. it's a scam. and what's happened is a disgrace. so we have a house that is getting ready to finalize an immigration package that they're going to briefly on later and then i'm going to make changes to it. we have one chance to get it right. we might as well get it right bugged us just keep it going. let's do it right. we have a chance.
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we want to solve this problem, we want to solve family separation. i don't want children taken away from parents and when you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally which should happen, you have to take the children away. we don't have to prosecute them but then we are not prosecuting them for coming in illegally. that's not good. we want to end the border crisis by finally giving us the legal authorities and the resources to detain and remove illegal immigrant families all together and bring them back to their country. we have to bring them back to their country. now think of all of that aid that we give some of these countries, hundreds of millions of dollars we give to some of these countries, and they send them out. i'm going to go very shortly for authorization that when countries abuse us by sending their people up, not their best,
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we are not going to give any more aid to those countries. why should we? so this is a responsible common sense approach that all lawmakers should praise, we need the democrats. people say you have the majority. in the senate, we have one. but you need 60. so if we get 100%, will be a 51. 100%. will be a 51. so we need nine votes. we need ten, 12, 13 votes. we have to have democrats support. because we need to go not just the majority unfortunately which we could get it. we need to go to 60, 60 out of 100. we need democrats supported. they don't want to give it because democrats love open
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borders. but the whole world come in. the whole world, ms-13, gang members from all over the place, come on in, we have open borders. and they view that possibly intelligently except that it's destroying our country. they view that as potential someday, they're going to go vote for democrats. because they can't depend on their policies which are horrible, they found that out in the last presidential election. in fact, their only policy was that donald trump is a bad guy, he is a bad person, vote against. and they said it so many times, hundreds of millions of dollars of negative ads. nobody's ever been hit like that. i used to go home, i started disliking myself. i saddened him i that bad?
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the problem is, they never told anybody what they're doing. they didn't talk about tax cuts. they want to take away your tax cuts and they want to substantially increase your taxes. they didn't talk about crime. all they talked about was trumped. so when people got to the booth, they said we are going to vote democrat. but then they get up there and say what does she stand for? what did they stand for? they just say. i'm going with trump and that's what happened. we got tremendous democrats support. it's a beautiful thing. that was a beautiful night, do you agree? that was some night. you have to stand for something and you have to stand for safety and security of our country. we can't let people pour in. they've got to go through the process and may be as
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politically correct or maybe it's not. it got to stop separation of the families. politically correct or not, we have a country that needs security, that needs safety, that has to be protected. so we are here today to talk about small business and the incredible progress we're making is as a country. we have made unbelievable progress and we are making with the help and support of our wonderful friends at the nfib. and you've heard these numbers and if i would've said these numbers during the campaign, the fake news would have said this is the most ridiculous. i wouldn't have said these numbers. i would've said half. who would've known? but things have kicked in better and as an example, you saw the pole that was recently taken,
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the small business full. in the most optimistic in history, and the history of the pole. that's why i figured this would probably be a friendly crowd. but nobody would've believed these numbers if i said them during the campaign. we have created more than 3.4 million new jobs since election day. 3.4 million. think of what that means. and we do need people coming to the border, we do need people. again, we want people. i have a lot of companies moving in, big companies. you look at fox con in wisconsin, they need thousands and thousands of people, christ there is moving from mexico back into michigan. many car companies are coming back into our country, many companies are coming back.
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they are coming back from where they went another coming back because of all of the things we've done with regulations and tax cutting. but we need people. they have the lowest unemployment rate, 3.8%. we need people so we want people to come in but they have to be people that can help us and can help these companies fulfill what they want to fulfill. unemployment claims are at a 44 year low. that's a great number. maybe the one that makes me happiest is this. because i remember, go around and say what you have to lose? the democrats have always been with you, vote for me, bad education, the most unsafe parts of the country, i say it to the african what you have to do what
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you have to do? with you have to lose? unemployment for african-americans is at the lowest level of history. what do you have to lose? i would go around and talk and some people would say don't say that, i say it's true. so badly treated and now the lowest level of unemployment in history for african-americans and for hispanic, the lowest level of unemployment in history. and for women, the lowest level of unemployment in 21 years, soon it will be history. just like i promised during the campaign, our economic policy can be summed up in three very
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beautiful words, words that you probably know better than anybody in this country. jobs, jobs, jobs. and i shouldn't say this to the people in this room because you'll end up not having liked my speech. but wages for working people are finally after 22 years rising again. in our country. i'm sorry to do that. the only thing you can hold against me but i think you are also very happy about it actually. i know you will. according to the nfib's latest survey, the share of small businesses raising worker and benefit pay has just said a new all-time record.
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it was a new all-time record. we broke many records, i could go on and on. business optimism is the highest it's ever been in our country. that means more hardworking americans are able to support their family, contribute to their community and live the american dream. at the center of america's resurgence are the massive tax cuts that republicans passed and that i signed into law six months ago this week. not one democrat voted for the tax cuts and they are suffering now because they're going to lose a lot of races if they thought they were going to win. they wish they had that vote to do over again. we have numerous states for senate. i think they're going to be in big trouble. it's the biggest tax cut and reform in american history. and you know the story, not
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since ronald reagan have they done any major tax cutting and they wanted too many times. i tell the story all the time. i don't understand it. cutting taxes should not be hard to sell. is there anything easier? we are going to cut your taxes, and you can't get it through. it is of to my beautiful office, it is a beautiful office with great office and they talked about the tax reform. if i said what's the word reform? what does that mean? does that mean you're going to raise taxes? what is a mean? know. we the tax reform act of 2017. i said no, i don't want to go reform. nobody knows what reform means, then i look back and all of the times they tried to pass tax cuts, they don't use the word tax cut, the use of our tax reform. i say nobody knows what reform means. they want to know about tax cuts, they don't want to know about tax reform, whether we are going to raise your taxes, take away your businesses, going to
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take away because of tax reform, take away your farms. they don't want the word reform. they want the word tax cuts. could you give us a name? will give you a name. i'll give you the name. it's called the tax cut cut cut bill of 2017. [cheers and applause]
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that's a true story, right, steve? even i thought it was a little bit with the over cuts we called it the tax cut bill. got rid of some of the cuts. they got the wood. and we got it passed but think of it, not one democrat vote. at the heart of our plan is tremendous relief for working families and small businesses. a typical family of four earning $75,000 a year will see in income tax cut of more than $2,000, in some cases much more than that, flashing their tax bill in half and more. we delivered a historic victory for american small businesses. by allowing you to deduct 20% of your business income. people were shocked.
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capital investment is soaring on small businesses and big businesses because you can now immediately deduct. this to me is the greatest of them all. every single penny spent on new capital equipment. one year. deduction. i think that's going to be the star. as you know, we're also bringing back trillions of dollars from offshore's that we could bring back. the amount they had to pay and almost more important, it was very hard to do. you had to say the forms that had to be filled out. it was virtually impossible to be had anywhere from 3 trillion to 5 trillion now it seems as though you're hitting the higher side, companies are pouring money back into our country, bringing it back from overseas, investing it here, apple just announced recently they're going
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to spend $350 billion on an incredible campus in new facilities all over the company. there bringing money back like nobody ever thought they would. and you've heard me say when they said 350 billion, i said you think 350 million? because that builds a nice place. i know how to build under budget and ahead of schedule. i can build a beautiful plant for a lot less than 350 so when i heard billion, i said no, you mean 350 million, right? of what that is. think about the total amount there bringing back, 230 billion and the rest they're putting in tremendous investment in our country. and exxonmobil is doing the same thing and so many other countries are doing the same thing, different numbers. it's incredible what happened. i still say expensing one year,
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it will be the star of what we are doing. we exempted morris baldness as owners from the alternative minimum tax which you know was an enormous waste of your precious time and that was a disastrous task. from now on, most small business owners will be exempt from the unfair state tax that i talked about and i'm so proud of that because you are all keeping your businesses. the family, the farms, you're keeping your businesses. as a result of all of these taxes and all of these tax cuts, american businesses now on a level playing field with your competitors from other countries who have so many advantages including subsidy by governments. you see what's happening with china, we have no choice, should have been done many years ago. we have no choice.
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china has been taking out $500 billion a year out of our country and rebuilding china. i always say, we have rebuilt china. they've taken so much. it's time. it's time. we are going to get smart and we're going to do it right and we are actually getting a lot of support, but we have to do something about it. maybe something happens where they come in they say we agree, it's been unfair for the last 25 years, but somehow, it doesn't seem to work so easily. but we are going and we are going to make it fair. we're going to make it fair with other countries. both are friends and their enemies. and i have to say this. in many cases, our friends on trade have treated us much worse than our enemies. pretty amazing, isn't it? but we know that when the rules are fair and you can compete, you will win against anyone anywhere in the world.
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there's nobody like you. going to win anywhere but you have to bring it down to a level playing field. more than 6 million workers. have already received a bonus, some by your people or pay raise or retirement account contribution for a new job thanks to these tax cuts. a lot of new jobs and people and are able to go around and look for jobs. they're just not taking the job and they hate hate it. hate to wake up in the morning. they don't want to go to work. now they've got their choice. they have jobs. they can look and they can love. if you don't love it, you're not going to be good at it. millions of americans are now saying and really same to everybody that they are saving money on their monthly utility bills. as a result of our business tax cuts over 100 utility companies
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have lowered their prices, saving americans an additional $3 billion a year. our historic tax cuts also ended one of the most unfair taxes. unimaginable. obamacare is individual mandate. government will no longer punish you if you cannot afford obamacare sky-high premiums. think of this. you pay a lot of money to the government in order to not have to buy health insurance. think of that. you're paying money so that you don't -- that's a penalty. incredibly, it was allowed but you're paying money so that you don't have to buy health care. that was a beauty. it's over, it's gone, it's done.
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and we actually thought we had the votes and then one man very early in the morning when thumbs down so that was that the we almost got rid of obamacare without him. and that was a very sad day for the republican party. it is a very sad day for the country when i vote was cast, that final vote was cast. thumbs down. i remember it well. obamacare has been especially brutal for small businesses. you know that better than anybody. because premium and deductibles to explode in health care options to plummet. as a result of obamacare, many small businesses, small business employees, sole proprietors have no good or affordable options. but now they do. because we are opening up our system. i am proud to announce another truly historic step in our
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efforts to rescue americans from obamacare and the obamacare nightmare and provide high-quality affordable health care to every american. this is low cost great health care. it will -- before obamacare, people were very happy, they had no problem. but then you got thrown to the wind. alex acosta is here, stand up, this is so important, this is his baby. secretary of labor. alex and the department of labor are taking a major action that's been worked on for four months now and now it's ready to make it easier for small businesses to band together to negotiate lower prices for health
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insurance and escape some of obamacare is most burdensome mandates through association health plans. you're going to save massive amounts of money and have much better health care. it's going to cost you much less. it's going to be fantastic. it ends comprehensive. i will tell you, a lot of people, big percentages of this country are going to be doing that. while you're in the room
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together, shake fans, form an association, good luck. and in theory, the bigger the association, the better the deal you're going to make. if you're going to save a fortune and you're going to be able to give yourselves and your employees tremendous health car health care. i'm really honored by that, believe me. with this action, businesses in the same state or businesses in the same industry, not just the same state, anywhere in the country might use to say during the debates, cross state lines so you can encrypt negotiate, you can now cross state lines so you can negotiate. so if 20 or 30 of the businesses get together as a group of an association, you pick the meanest, most vicious manager owner to negotiate -- right?
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to negotiate your health care, and i know a few of the people in here that are going to do very well. they are, they're wild. he will end up with better insurance for far less money. you will end up so great and that's ready as of when? that's not a bad answer, today. today. stand up, alex. i'd call her secretary of labor and say he's very busy. i said wait a minute come on president of the united states. they said he's working on health care.
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i said well, department of labor, that's interesting. and that is some great plan. we love it, thank you, alex. very committed to it. and he is now working on expansion of that including even larger groups of people. that's really something that's also going to be very exciting. for the first time ever, sole proprietors will be able to come together and by lower cost group insurance instead of getting ripped off by this disaster that we all know as obamacare. these actions will result in very low prices, much more choice, much more freedom including in many cases new opportunities to purchase health insurance, you'll be able to do this across state lines. that was such a big thing. i'd say alex, i want to cross state lines. he said don't worry about it. nobody else, this is something we were able to do within the confines of the existing laws.
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it's a fantastic thing. so it's all set to go, get going. make your deals. in the insurance companies and some people are forming their own, but the insurance companies are so excited about this, let them go when they've made so much money off of this. they got so rich. take a look at what happened to our premiums. everyone here about obamacare being a disaster except for the insurance companies. so they're going to have to give a little bit of that money back. every american who owns a small business plays a vital role in creating a safe, strong, and prosperous america. in my administration will never forget that truth. every day, you turn, ideas into action. if you turn division into creation. i know you well, and you turn dreams into reality. that's what you do. you don't even realize that's what you do.
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he would embody the of independence and adventure that turned america from 13 colonies into the most incredible republic in the history of humankind. i i don't say mankind anymore, s a human kind. do the women understand that? i don't know. they want me to be politically correct. a couple of women are having the thumb up. you like that. okay. now i'm happy about it. it's the same spirit that inspired previous generations across the plains and tame the wilderness and to build shining cities that touch this guy. we stand on the shoulders of american patriots. we'll build the great highways and railroads, who dug out the panama canal, the won to world wars and who put a man on the
10:29 am
face of the moon. if you see what i did yesterday with nasa, and you have the air force and now you will soon have the space force because that's where it's at. space. that's where it's at. we will be the leader. together, there is nothing americans can't do. because we are one people and one family saluting one great american flag. thank you. our future has never looked
10:30 am
brighter. and that's because of the hardworking americans like you and millions of small business owners who took the chance to do what they love, to follow their hearts into chase they very beautiful dreams. you were the ones who are shaping our industry, you are the ones who are shaping and restoring our prosperity. we are restoring prosperity. you see in gdp, you've seen what projections are, who knows? numbers and nobody ever thought possible. i look so forward to seeing some of those numbers, but you see what projections are. people are projecting numbers like nobody thought even possible. numbers that i would likewise like i wouldn't have said on jobs, wouldn't have said on growth. let's see what happens. you are the ones truly who are
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making america great again. so happy anniversary, god bless you, and god bless the united states of america. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> melissa: that was president trump, the national federation of independent businesses. i melissa francis in today for harris faulkner and this is "outnumbered" over time. a short time ago, he slammed democrats as the controversy over his zero-tolerance immigration policy. listen. >> as a result of democrat support of in our federal laws, most illegal immigrant families and minors from central america central america will arrive unlawfully at the border cannot be detained together or removed together, only released. these are crippling loopholes that cause family separations
10:32 am
which we don't want. >> melissa: is bringing republican congressman who sits on the house oversight committee and he is a member of the congressional border security caucus. thank you for joining us. the president is placing the blame squarely at your doorstep saying that it is up to congress to write new laws. how do you respond? >> he's exactly right. we are the legislative arm, we need to take back that power and i've been one of those people that has said let's take this piece by piece, start with border security, start with enumeration in support of our laws, talk about these issues one at a time and share them with the american people because immigration is such a vital part of this country. we have to do this. and at rest on congress to do it. doing what is a holdup because everybody blames the other side of the aisle. some even say that the president is doing this to put pressure on
10:33 am
you guys that you can't keep it as a political issue but you have to sit down and make a deal. how do you respond? >> you can always lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink and the thing that you are seeing over and over and over again is democrats refusing to a knowledge of their part of the problem. president obama actually initiated this response by not upholding our laws and that's facilitating this entourage of unaccompanied minors and families coming into this country. so from that standpoint, it has to be a basis in regards to give-and-take. and every said they would actually pay for the wall. they want nothing to do with that wall. they went to go pass go collect $200 and get their way. >> melissa: how do you get past that? it's about sitting down and trading some of the things that you want for some of the things that you don't want to give and that's how you get to the deal as you well know. what is stopping you? they're going to hold all of you accountable. >> it is them.
10:34 am
one of the things i find broken here is when you have bad process, you have bad policy and you have bad politics. that goes on leadership. when we are looking at these two bills coming up, where is the oversight where we actually brought this up to the whole community process for everyone had a chance to say something about it? it didn't happen. so behind closed doors conceding the same type cockamamie type of protocol that we are going to rush through to facilitate an answer to the harshness of trying to get something done on this aspect and it's put together. >> melissa: it doesn't feel like a rash because we are waiting for some sort of solution. here is what elijah cummings had to say. i'll get you to react on the other side. >> the trump administration's policy which is now resulting in child internment camps, that's what i said. child internment camps. we are better than that.
10:35 am
we are so much better. >> melissa: the optics are horrible not to mention the policy. you heard democrats beating their drums. how do you deal with that? >> coming from that rhetoric, i'm sorry. when you talk out about abortion, some from that standpoint, it's awful rhetoric. the thing about it is fear a sovereign country and we have to do is make sure we are upholding the laws. we are helping more victims than we are hurting and from that standpoint, what we have to do is we have to stop sensationalizing this aspect and get to real solutions. >> melissa: sit down and write different laws. >> absolutely right. >> melissa: thank you for joining, we appreciate your time. now joining me for more on this topic is fox news gentle politics editor chris dialogue. everyone is pointing their fingers at the other guy. the guy laughed so hard when he said to him why can't you sit down and work it? and he goes it's them. and it blurted out of his mouth.
10:36 am
no wonder congress is so terrible. no wonder we have such an awful congress. that's the pervasive attitude. we have a situation where you've both sides in agreement. at 70% on these issues. these are politically simple issues outside of primary elections. within primary elections, they are highly complicated because about a third of the republican party, 25 to 32 a third woke over anything. so the republicans can't agree on anything to even make an offer to the democrats. will make the situation so perilous for both sides for these children for the country, all of it is to show me where the road map is, show me away through this that somehow these two, he was the phrase cockamamie, he's right. these two political parties can find out a way to govern the country. >> melissa: it seems like the president has come to that same conclusion and maybe he is doing all of us to turn up the heat on the politicians in congress who don't want to make a deal because the holding onto this
10:37 am
for political reasons. will it work or is it backfiring in his face? maybe he doesn't care. >> you're here talking about moral and ethical questions. these are not political questions. is it appropriate? the moral case can be made. telling people that they cannot come to the united states and they are not welcome here. if you come coming will be separated from your children as part of processing. you can say that and there is a way that you can have it be morally supported but the reason that you have people from the roman catholic cardinal in new york to the southern baptist convention that agree broadly that this is an inhumane practice, that you cannot continue to do this is because at the very least at a minimum, it was so badly executed at the beginning to create these horrific images in the communication and the dysfunction within this cabinet in between the president and his cabinet members particularly the attorney general and secretary of homeland security has turned this into a dog's breakfast and are starting to fix it up but
10:38 am
they did not lay down the moral predicate and they did not do the preparations necessary. >> melissa: so on that note, maybe this is the d that jeff sessions could finally be fired over. if you go down there, you look horrified? >> i'm not horrified, i'm shocked. he's going to -- he will be made double secretary, double attorney general. >> melissa: i don't know about that. if you use that scripture and not understand where it's been used before or not care, i don't know. >> do think the president's base could love jeff sessions anymore right now? to think that 30% of the electorate could love him anymore than taking this hard aligned? this will work. if you don't want migrants coming to the united states, this will be whether it's moral or immoral is for every american to decide that it will be highly effective. >> melissa: a lot of his base knows their scripture well and that is a passage that is right
10:39 am
next to love your neighbor and to hear it used in that context was not okay. so i don't know. that's a big part of his face. i think jeff sessions is on his own. >> that's what everybody decides in their own heart but i put it this way. i don't think it makes it more likely the president fires him. >> melissa: chris stirewalt, thank you. inspector general michael horowitz continuing his testimony before the house detailing his report on the fbi fbi's handling of the clinton investigation and the apparent bias of some fbi agents. how this may impact the ongoing russian investigation. we will debate it. you do all this research
10:40 am
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>> melissa: fox news alert, the doj's watchdog facing another round of tough questions on that bombshell hillary clinton email investigation report. today, the houses to republican chairman drilled down on the text messages from fbi agent peter strzok and former fbi
10:44 am
employee lisa page and whether there apparent bias against president trump may have impacted not just the clinton investigation but also the russian investigation. because the lead fbi agent says he will stop trump from becoming president. this is two weeks into an investigation. >> i thought this was completely antithetical to the core values of the department and extremely serious. >> do you believe the political bias shown by this text had an effect on the initiation of the russian investigation? >> that the matter we've had under review and are looking at right now. they must bring in republican congressman steve russell of oklahoma who sits on the oversight committee. i think you for joining us. what did you learn today for mr. horwitz that you didn't already know? >> i think what's key here is that on one side, seizing upon this thing is saying the prosecutors do not act with bias on their conclusions but what is really apparent in the hearing
10:45 am
this morning is that the investigators, several who were completely biased in favor of mrs. clinton gave the evidence to the prosecutors to act on and they were very vitriolic against president trump, and clearly cast a cloud over the evidence that they provided to the prosecutors. >> melissa: what does it go from here? some say the natural progression is to now look at these same folks and how they behave with respect to president trump in terms of the russian investigation and see if in that instance, they did act on their bias. because it's one of the ongoing things that you saw him comment on, with the russian investigation is going to be looked at in depth, clearly with the statements of the text and emails that they had an insurance policy, they were going to stop it which was becoming president of the united states.
10:46 am
that clearly shows a bias that strikes at the heart of the core values of the bureau of investigation and on the judiciary. as with the american people are so upset about. one standard from one group but a different standard for another. >> melissa: do you want to ask them what they meant by that or do you feel like you know? inspector horwitz said that he heard their answers included in the report. do you want for yourself? >> i do have a series of questions that i will be asking as soon as we get back from the break, mainly although prosecutors and their determination may not have acted with bias, could their opinion be biased by biased evidence that was brought to them by the investigators? all evidence in the report seems to suggest that it did. >> melissa: a lot of people have said they were to higher-ups, they went around to senior officials in order to deal directly with andrew mccabe and you want to hear from those two? >> we would like to hear more.
10:47 am
when you have -- is not a matter of mrs. clinton or mr. trump. it's a matter of can we trust our law enforcers and the fbi to conduct investigations. can we trust our judiciary to be unbiased? i served as a soldier since 18 and then entered political life after retiring from the service. we have political opinions but we always put the nation ahead of ourselves. here, we have the american people that have been shaken and their confidence about the highest judiciary aspects of government. >> melissa: what did you think about the tone from inspector horwitz. do you feel like he understands how serious this is? he said it was really disturbing, do you feel like it's getting to the heart of the matter nor do you feel like there was a long period of time where people thought comey was a straight shooter and that turned out not to be the case? how do you feel about horwitz himself at this point? >> we have nothing but high
10:48 am
regard for mr. horwitz because of all of the things that we worked with him on with the oversight committee. he repeatedly shows himself to be the most professional out there and then when you read the report and i encourage people to at least read the executive summary and go online, you will clearly see the professionalism in this case. so we are not taken, in fact, we would not have known about several of the key aspects of tax and emails and other statements showing a complete bias and a complete violation of fbi core values without mr. horwitz's word. >> melissa: turned out many more texts that were shocking. congressman russell, thank you for your time. earlier this hour, president trump weighing in on the controversy over his administrations zero-tolerance immigration policy. but some in his party are now asking whether the issue is going to hurt or help the g.o.p. going into the midterm. the power panel on that ahead.
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>> melissa: fox news alert, growing speculation as to how the president's zero-tolerance immigration policy could impact the midterm elections. to some top g.o.p. lawmakers said the party should be spotlighting other issues like tax reform, the booming economy in an attempt to appeal to voters. but a new quinnipiac poll shows
10:53 am
the majority republicans actually support the policy separating migrant children from their parents when coming into the country illegally. let's bring in our power panel. deputy editor for "the wall street journal" editorial page, judy miller is a pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter and author. both are fox news contributor's. i'll start with you, what do you think, does it help or hurt? >> i don't believe that pole for a moment. there's a great film comedian once said never do scenes with children or animals. you will never win. so what's going on? someone said it's all the white house. he went to build three television screens night after night with films of sobbing children? you can't win that way. so the republicans now have to find a way. i think to at least pull back from that policy and even the white house itself is proposing laws that will allow these families to be reunited again.
10:54 am
>> melissa: for the president knows a lot about marketing and optics. he don't think there's a chance and i'll ask you, he is intentionally filling the screen with these videos to force congress to act. >> i think that the rationale. that's the justification for what they're doing but i agree, i don't think it's going to wor work, the american people won't buy it. >> melissa: my want to get out there and buy new law? >> is not about that. >> melissa: it is. >> no one has ever been able to get congress to move on his issue because there are too many divisions within both the republicans and democratic parties. that's how you make a deal when both sides have something they really want and they have to give up something they don't want. as the perfect resume. at some pressure, everybody sit down to make a deal. >> is a good question in my mind as to whether the parties are able to do deals on large issues like this anymore or whether they should be doing a smaller incremental rather than bringing
10:55 am
so much politics into it. >> melissa: why don't they get together into a smaller incremental piece? looking at these pictures night after night, you don't think they feel the heat to sit down and do something? >> i think eventually donald trump is going to back away from this policy and blame the democrats for it, that's what i think is going to happen. he's going to find a way to make this all the democrats fault, that's what they're trying to do now. it is not working. he may win as a matter of legal nicety or a nicety. but he is going to lose in the court of public opinion. you cannot have every first lady or former first lady in the country out there and some key republicans saying we can't do this and have this stand. >> melissa: maybe he doesn't care about the court of public opinion and he's trying to get legislation written? >> i think he should care about the house of representatives is next january. he would like to maintain control of the house and talking
10:56 am
about a national election in november, talking about all of those republican seats being up for. >> melissa: to be devil's advocate, maybe he is thinking about that and the deal is exactly what would help these guys. last word. >> a deal would help these guys but the fact of the matter is, i'm not sure it's possible. i think they're going to figure that out. >> melissa: i better do something. i can't understand why people don't like it. it will be right back. managing blood sugar is not a marathon.
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>> melissa: thank you so much for watching outnumbered overtime catch me with david asman on the fox business network. in the meantime the daily briefing with dana starts right now. >> dana: fox news alert. president trump not backing down in a speech moments ago from his stance on immigration and separating children from their families at the border. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is the daily briefing. ♪ >> dana: the president blasting his critics on the immigration agenda which lawmakers from both sides of the aisle say they want to see changed. >> poll created a massive smuggling trade. this day and age, smugglers know how the system works. they game the system. they game it. it's so easy for them. >> all


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