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tv   Watters World  FOX News  May 26, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that's it for "fox report." "watters world" will start now. we'll break in live next hour if josh holt meets president trump. jesse: welcome to "watters world." getting played for a chump by donald trump. after little rocket man bad mouthed vice president pence and failed to prepare for the summit president trump did with john kerry should have done. he walked away from the table. president trump: i decided to terminate the planned summit on june 12. many things can happen and a great opportunity lies ahead potentially. i believe this is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world.
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fan when kim jong-un chooses to engage in constructive dialogue and actions, i am waiting. jesse: potus sent the north korean leader a letter which read, you talk about your nuclear capabilities. but ours are so massive and powerful i pray to god they will never have to be used. i felt a wonderful dialogue was building up between you and me. and ultimately it's only that dialogue that matters. some day i look have much ford to meeting you. in the meantime i want to thank you for the release of hostages. that was a beautiful gesture. incredible letter and classic art of the deal. trump never locked in. president trump: if the meeting happens, it happens. if it doesn't, we go on to the
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next step. there are certain conditions that we want. and i think we'll get those conditions. if we don't, we'll have a meeting. >> so the president gave up nothing while the north koreans destroyed their nuclear testing fat silt, committed to end the korean war and released american hostages. trump pulls out and kim is put in his place. but the left sees only a win for kim. >> i think it's win for kim jong-un. when he got this letter from the president saying never mind, he must be having a giggle fit. >> the president was rehearsing the end zone dance and we are
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not even at the 50 yard line. jesse: when the president scheduled the summit the left said kim won. when the president pulled out, the left said kim won. they say kim jong-un's sister was a better dip matted than ivanka. in the course of this presidency, democrats have defended hamas, ms-13, iranian mullahs, waterboard terrorists, risky syrian refugees and antifa. trump's success has boxed democrats into such radical positions they are becoming politically irrational. now the koreans signaling they
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want the meeting back on. president trump: we'll see what happens. it was a nice statement they put out. we'll see what happens. it could be the 12th. we are talking to them now. we are going see what happens. jesse: clearly the north koreans want this more than the united states. trump has the upper hand deanlt kratz have no hand. here to react former white house communications director anthony scaramucci and corey lewandowski, now part of the vp's political action committee. the great america committee. do you guys get along. do you think everything will be okay? >> we got fired. a select group. jesse: you got fired, then they bring in man for the *. man -- bring in manafort. >> we are fired but loyal.
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jesse: a very small group, hopefully getting smaller. what do you think of my brilliant commentary. >> the left will never give this president the credit he deserves. first he wasn't going to be prepared for the meeting. now he personally negotiated the release much three american hostages, he gets no credit for that. he's moving towards the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and he never gets credit for that. they say he'll never be prepared for this meeting. jesse: why do you think democrats side with people like kim jong-un. don't they see this is not smart politics? >> they are so scared of the president. he's not a politician in the classic sense. when you look at those sound bites, they are out of the same playbook. the president is operating out
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of a different playbook. it's a businessman's playbook. they are so fearful that he'll win with his negotiating style and it will cause the mayor what people to do what they are already starting to do, why do we need these guys. jesse: if good things happen for america and donald trump, bad things happen for the democratic party. that's how they see it. they can't allow the president to have a foreign policy success. >> they hate this president more than they love their country. but it's so true. 30 years of failed foreign policy. it failed and it failed and it failed. what happened was john kerry failed. donald trump came in and said i am going do it differently. now we are seeing success in
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north korea for the first time. jesse: let me get your reaction to james comey. spspygate has blown into the atmosphere. >> as far as i can tell it's made up. i don't know where he's getting that from. >> do you find that to be possible or probable that there was a spy inserted into his campaign by an intelligence agency? >> i don't find it possible and i know it not to be true. jesse: maybe james clapper had different take on this. let's hear what he had to say. >> was the fbi spying on trump's campaign. >> no, they were not. they were spying on a term i don't particularly like, won't russians were doing. were the russians trying gain access and leverage and influence. this is what they do. >> why doesn't he like that.
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he should be happy. each should be. jesse: who do you believe, the liar or the leaker? >> wait comes down to is james comey lied before congress so many times. his deputy andrew mccabe lied to the fbi on three different occasions. clapper and brennan probably perpetuated the worst crime in political american government history. now they are scurrying rats. they are all pointing the fingers at each other. they have many bad days in front of them. every time they go on television they can't keep their stories straight. jesse: you have to keep your stories together if investigators are going to be asking you questions. >> he could have gone in when he was a candidate and said we are worried about certain things and
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we are going to put people in place to pick up russian intelligence. the president is a total patriot and would have been fine with it. they were fearful he was going to win, so they did ita in a wer --did it in a sereptitous w. >> they took $5 million out of their campaign war chest, paid an. did they also do that with a campaign that paid $5 million to go to russia? we know the answer noise. this was their insurance policy against a trump success.
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jesse: you have hillary clinton dealing with foreign countries who donate millions to her foundation. i would say there is more foreign influence into the clinton campaign from china, middle eastern countries, from the russians than there was from the trump campaign. >> the next move will be to completely protect them. god forbid if anything happens to them, there are two big dominoes that will knock everybody out. jesse: also answering questions, the nfl finally has a policy about kneeling. the fans didn't like the disrespect. trump was asked about that. change in policy. if they do kneel, not on the field. in the locker room. brian kilmeade caught up with the president. president trump: you have to stand proudly for "the national
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anthem" or you shouldn't be playing, you shouldn't thereby, maybe you shouldn't be in the country. jesse: that freaked everybody out. >> there are rules for every organization that people work for. one of the rules are simple. stand up and acknowledge "the national anthem." i don't understand why this is even a controversial question. if you don't want to respect the flag that men have died for. don't play a silly game where you make millions of dollars. it's a privilege to play that game, if you don't want to do it, a lot of people would be willing to take your spot. >> at the end of the day people walked away from the nfl and the ratings went down and that scared all of them. but they are up against it with the players' union.
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to me i think they made the right decision. i think there is another way to progress peace and social justice. that is a game of entertainment and the american people don't like they are doing. jesse: one of the coaches who disagrees with you had this to say on the new policy. >> basically trying to use the anthem, nationalism, airing people it's idiotic. i am proud to be in the league, but understand fatism in america is about free speech and protesting. our president decided to make it about that. the nfl followed suit. pandered to their fan base. jesse: he's wrong it's not about
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the first amendment. when you are at your employer's place of work, he' he's paying u to play football, you have to do what he wants you to do. >> the nba signed into their collective bargaining agreement that everybody has to stand for "the national anthem." jesse: they all stand there. so what is he talking about? >> it's signed contractually into the collective bargaining agreement. >> you pay a game, you make a lot of money it's an entertainment thing. you stand up, show respect for the greatest country in which we live. if you don't want to stand for the anthem. go somewhere else. good luck making that money in
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romania. jesse: police brutality and racism is a serious issue in this country. at the same time there is other avenues. >> mohammed ali said it was a white man's war an left boxing to make that protest. i am not saying people should do that, i'm just saying look at power and courage it took to do that 50 years ago. jesse: an thon which, corey, thank you very much. a 30-year-old living with his parents. he won't leave. his parents took him to court. next. what makes these simple dishes the best simple dishes ever?
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>> is chaz here? >> i live with my mom. mom, can we get some meatloaf?
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it seems art is imitating life. a couple has been trying to kick their 30-year-old son out of their house after living there rent-free for 8 years. they asked him to leave five times and offered him money to get out. so they took him to court. just this week a judge evicted the unemployed millennial. >> it's not so much that i don't want to leave. it's just that i need enough time. reporter: you keep saying that but you had 8 years. >> i expect to be out in three months or so. i'm going to try to make it with the court's support that that's reasonable. jesse: is this the right thing to do?
5:20 pm
tomi. this guy doesn't have a girlfriend, he doesn't have a job. his parents want him to get on with his life. what would you do if you were the parent? >> it's sad for me as someone who is 5 years old to look at someone in this position, in generations past we were storming beaches. how far have we fallen? jesse: he's storming the fridge for a late-night snack. i disagree with tomi. he dug in and is working hard at stay where he is and he's showing a little legal spunk by representing himself in court. maybe he has a legal career ahead of him. >> maybe this parents would prefer hip. when i saw this, i thought which
5:21 pm
lawyer would take this case on. this is probably the most of motivated he has been in 8 years. jesse: he's work hard to stay where he is. i can't believe his parents have to write him five letters. i have a 3-year-old. i can't imagine going to court in 27 years to kick my daughter out of my home. >> we invited him on to "watters world." let's play some sound from this guy. he was talking about impeachment. this is what he said. >> you can't be the boy who cried wolf and expect to have a viable impeachment power. you can't use it over and over again against the same president. if you are going to shoot him, you have got to shoot to kill.
5:22 pm
jesse: i don't want to be the p.c. police here. i am not going to get that sensitive. but if a republican talked about impeachment and said you have got to shoot to kill with barack obama, can you imagine the outrage? >> the double standard is the only standard the left likes to uphold. but because we are conservatives we understand it's not the best phrasing. i'm sure he didn't mean it that way. but i agree with him on the impeachment stuff. it just makes them look worse and worse and worse. so, i don't agree with his choice of word but the guy is right. jesse: i love when the democrats talk about impeachment. why don't you talk about impeachment. why don't you talk about russia and ms-13 being good people. that should be the roadmap for
5:23 pm
the mid terms. >> i agree democrats probably made mistakes here. what the professor was saying is democrats talk about this far too much. they try to utilize it too much it's lost. he stated clearly this needs to be a bipartisan thing. but the only other thing i will say is words matter. we have seen even from our own president when people are spit on and protesters punched. jesse: i think we found out the democrats paid for guys to go into the trump rallies and swing at trump supporters. undercover video showed that. you had a problem somewhere in the country, tomi. i guess you had water thrown on you.
5:24 pm
let's play some of that video so everybody can see. someone threw water on you. why did they do that? >> i would like to say thank you for playing that on "watters world." it's still traumatic. i am kidding. jesse: i don't want to give you ptsd. >> it was water and it's not the end of the world. it shows the left and their true colors. the fact that they are proud of it, they wanted to post it on line, it's a new low, but that's the left. jesse: i was at a bar on election night 2016 watching trump win and getting excited when trump started picking up
5:25 pm
states. all of a sudden a young lady threw a drink at me and she ran out of the bar like a total animal. it happens to people in is nothing you can do about it when water gets thrown at you. ann coulter, they threw pies at her during a speech. people get glitter bombed. it doesn't happen on the right. you don't see conservatives throwing water or fruit at democrats. why is it the left that likes to throw things through the air. jesse: i just convinced you by my numerous examples. >> twhreeger or fruit or a pie, none of this is okay. tomi, i feel for you and i wish we weren't in a place where this is happening.
5:26 pm
think about what we say and do and try decency. we sit here and i didn't bring a pie. and we can have a conversation. jesse: to hurricanes, do you get heat when you go out. i don't know why, people have such visceral reactions to you. they either love or throw water on you? when you walk around do you have security? >> most of of the encounters i have are positive. usually in california it's people coming up to me and saying i am a conservative, thank you for being a conservative. by and large there are a lot of good americans on the left and right that appreciate free speech. jesse: .001% of the people do this. when they do this they try to
5:27 pm
blow it up. they think they are heroes for doing things like that. but they are just a bunch of cowards. enjoy, try not get any water on you if you don't want it. i get a lesson in waterboarding. that's next.
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dads don't take sick days... dads take dayquil severe. the non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy head, no sick days, medicine. [♪] ed: live from news headquarters. the american prisoner held in venezuela has been returned to the u.s.
5:32 pm
he went to venezuela to marry a venezuelan woman. he was arrested on weapons charged and held for two years. the leaders of north and south korea holding a meeting after president trump canceled the summit with kim jong-un. the president says he is still open to meeting with kim. i'm ed henry. now back to "watters world." stick with for all your headlines throughout the weekend. jesse: despite objections from the left, president trump swore in the first cia director this week, gina haspel. president trump: gina, congratulations. there is no one in the country better qualified for this extraordinary office than you.
5:33 pm
our enemies will take note. gina is tough, she is strong, and when it comes to defending america, gina will never ever back down. i know her. jesse: the beef is based on her involvement in waterboarding. a former seal videoed himself being waterboarding just to prove it's not wrong. >> on 9/11 some of the people had a choice of burning to breath or jumping. here is my sympathy for those guys being waterboard. jesse: tim kennedy joins me now.
5:34 pm
i would never do that, i'm too soft. you can tell was it feels like. describe what it's like to be waterboard for that long. >> it's not comfortable. it's not a pleasant experience. as you are at that angrily slightly inverted, water pools in the back of your sign us. it's bad you feel like you are drowning. but you are not drowning because the water doesn't go into your lungs. it doesn't stop it from running through your eyes, nose and bafng your throat and pooling in your sign us. it's not damaging, it's just uncomfortable. jesse: it's irritating and agonize bug not torture. >> i wouldn't even say agonizing. i think uncomfortable is the
5:35 pm
closest you can get. you could stick me in there and strap my arms down and punch me in the stomach. it's still me laying there and you are dumping water on my face and it doesn't feel good. jesse: some people who didn't have the same training you did as a special operator did give up valuable information. we have had cia directors say it led to intelligence. the mastermind behind 9/11 led us to bin laden's whereabouts in afghanistan. >> there is no question this garnered valuable information that saved americans' lives. >> it comes down to the person on the board. i'm rest flute my convictions. i understand morality and i
5:36 pm
believe in ethics. the people we have waterboard are the most of despicable humans to walk the face of this planet. these are the nazis of this generation. they torture, maim and kill. they are bullies and cowards. when you take away their authority and take away their col are they lost that power to control everything. they freak out because they are cowards. you said you couldn't bet on that board. i think you would have no problem with it. you would say this is uncomfortable and it's horrible. but you are still a man of convictions and morals. you would lay there and say this sucks. jesse: i'm glad you think so highly of me. why do you think democrats are
5:37 pm
so obsessed with prohibiting this time of procedure. is it because they feel sorry for terrorists? it's because they don't want to say they won't drop to their level. what motivates them to be so outraged when american cia agents pour water on terrorists faces. >> they are apologists. they are so short snietd what happened to us on 9/11. we have been at war for 17 years. these are people who will put a man on his knees and before a camera slowly slice his neck open. they have been apologizing for what we have done since 9/11. hiroshima, nagasaki, we dropped nuclear bombs to independent a a
5:38 pm
war. jesse: i know if the sons and daughters of any of threes democrats were ever in a position where they had a loved one at the hands of an al qaeda terrorist and the only way to save that person was to waterboard someone to lead to those whereabouts, they 100% would say yes, do whatever it takes to find my son or daughter. tim kennedy. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. take care. jesse: up next, diamond and silk.
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jesse: harvey weinstein was
5:43 pm
atrained in court on sex charges. he posted $1 million bond so he's back on the streets with an ankle bracelet. harvey is in handcuffs. do you think he'll beat the rap? >> if he did the crime, he should do the time. these hollywood elites -- ed: this is a fox news alert. you can see the president is with the released prisoner from venezuela. president trump: he was in a venezuelan prison almost two years. amazing you were able to take it. your daughter marion is here and your parents. jason and laurie you went through a lot. and you were there fighting all
5:44 pm
the way. i want to thank bob corker and mike lee and hurricanes a, every time i see mia, she would talk about you. i say what about something else. can we talk about something else? she was always doing it, and orrin hatch is a legend in the senate and this country. orrin, you were great. bob, mike, mia, orrin, i want to thank you have much. we have had 17 prisoners released during the trump administration. most of people don't know that. remember aya? we called the president of egypt. he released her. she was there for three years. the previous administration was unable to get her out. a fantastic young woman. she was released. in north korea we just had a great success. we had three wonderful people
5:45 pm
of, americans released just recently. home safely with their families. you were a tough one. that was a tough situation. but we have had 17 released. and we are very proud of that record. and we have others coming. near the midst of big negotiation to the get others out. in most of cases they are americans. but we can try to help other countries as welt where there is injustice. i want to welcome you to the white house. you have gone through a lot. more than most of people could endure. i want to thank your parents for being such loving parents. you were very, very special. you were fighting all the way. there wasn't an hour or minute you weren't thinking about this family calling everybody and letting us know. we are all as a group very
5:46 pm
happy. the state department has been fantastic. where are my guys from the state department. john sullivan, you guys were fantastic. look at all those people who work at the state department. you are probably surprised to see that. but i am going to ask you're parents if you have something to say. i would like to get to the senators and you, mia and ask you also. can i start with the parents? >> i want to say thank you to you personally for everything that you have done. as well as the state department. but all of you. i can't even tell you. i have grown to love senator hatch and mia so much. not everybody gets to talk to senator hatch and mia love. when everything happened last week, mi far as was the one who sansd her phone and was the one who got things rolling with
5:47 pm
senator hatch. he saved josh. president trump: i have never seen hurricanes a cry before. >> it was a horrifying week and she got me through it. senator hatch, i can't tell you how much i love all of your staff. so thank you, thank you. and i also want to say thank you to president maduro for releasing josh and letting him come home. >> she pretty much said everything. president trump: you are smart. josh, would you like to say something? >> i'm overwhelmed with gratitude for you guys. everything that you have done. for the support of my wife through those two years. they were very, very, very difficult for years.
5:48 pm
not really the great vacation i was looking for, but we are are still together, starting off our marriage rough, but now we'll be together. i'm so grateful for what you guys have done and for thinking about me and caring about me, just a normal person. it touches me. and i thank you. president trump: you have been very brave. we saw what was happening inside that prison. so you have been very, very brave. bob corker. would you like to say something? >> we are just glad to have you home. a lot of people worked fear a long time to -- worked for a long time to make this happen. i want to thank the people in the state department. particularly i want to thank call ebb mcthere a -- d i wantk
5:49 pm
caleb mcnary. >> it was quite an experience we could almost write a book about in the last 48 hours. we were actually taking off on the runway, nothing in venezuela hatches quite in the same way it happens here. we were going down the runway and they turned the engines off and we turned around. so we still weren't sure we were leaving. president trump: why did they do that? >> there was an instrument issue that occurred. but we got out of there. josh had a huge smile on his face. president trump: probably there
5:50 pm
isn't a time when anybody was happy there was a bad industry d instrument on a plane. >> there were people we worked with down there, i do hope at the right time you will have a chance to thank. there are people who want to try to affect the relationship in a good way. they were helpful in getting them out of here. i know you talked to one of them last night when we were having dinner. president trump: we have pastor brown on. a wonderful christian pastor. he's right now in turkey, he's been there a long time. they say he's a spy, but he's not a spy. we have been working for his release, he's having a hard time. there is a trial going on. but the trial is not so much of a trial.
5:51 pm
we are talking to the folks in turkey about doing something about it. but pastor brow brunson. i hope you can hear us. we are work on it. he's a totally innocent man. >> josh, i want to wish you a warm welcome home. we missed you and prayed for you. miriam and tammy, welcome to our country which is now your country. [speaking spanish] president trump: good job. good job. orrin hatch, senator, spectacular man. please. >> i can't tell you how much i
5:52 pm
appreciate you. i was the one guy who really supported you 100%. i think you are doing a terrific job. this shows why we support you. you actually -- this was -- i have some say, these folks did a great job. i was really thrilled with the way bob handled himself. caleb and others, did such a good job. we have good people working with us. and the folks in this delegation all very sincerely wanted to get josh out of there. the parents are just as good a people as i ever met in my life. you better really live a good life, that's all i can say. but this wouldn't have happened without you. when you look back over your tenure in the presidency, this is just one of the many great
5:53 pm
things you are doing. but it's really a great thing. to know that we can rely on you and count on you and talk to you. and meet with you. these are all very important things. we love and want to support you where we can. president trump: you have all been very supportive. that's very nice. i appreciate that have much. mia? >> i was thinking about what i was going to say today. it's been an emotional day. so many families send their sons and daughters out for a year and a half and two years, and they want to know if something happens to their children that they have got someone or the united states will have their back. i don't think there is a person in the united states right now that doesn't realize that you have their back. i wanted to personally thank you for keeping a promise that you made to me.
5:54 pm
every time would go and see you, i would bring up joshua's name and you would say i will do everything i can. and obviously i believed it. josh, your mom never let us forget but. she is one of the strongest women i know. we have started a friendship that has been -- that started through maybe some heartache and pain, but we are going to be friends forever because of the bond that we have had. so, you know, i just wanted to say sincerely that we are with you, utah has been praying for you, and so happy you are coming home. and utah wants to thank you, mr. president, for making this happen. we wouldn't have been able to do this without you. everybody here, senator hatch, mike lee, bob cork. the state department. we all worked together to make
5:55 pm
this happen. you don't know us, but we know you very well, joshua and we welcome you home. president trump: i say don't mention the name joshua holt, we are working, we are doing it. but she didn't forget. she was out there pitching as was bob and mike and orrin. that's a strong nucleus, but we had a great team. we are doing very well in terms of the summit with north korea. looks like it's going along very well. as you know, there are meetings going on as we speak in a certain location which i won't name. i like the location. it's not so far away from here. i think there is a lot of goodwill. i think people want to see if we can get the meeting and get something done. if we can be successful in the
5:56 pm
denuclearization of the core reyab peninsula, it would be a great thing for north korea and south korea. it will be great tore japan and the world and united states. great for china. a lot of people are work on it. it's moving along nicely. we are look at june 12 in singapore. that hasn't changed. it's moving along pretty well. so we'll see what happens. thank you all very much. we appreciate it. congratulations. >> it's very, very well.
5:57 pm
thank you very much. everybody. ed: well, to say the least, not a usual saturday night at the white house, especially not on a memorial day weekend. i'm ed henry in new york. you have been seeing the president of the united states in the white house with joshua holt. he is a mormon missionary to traveled to venezuela from utah to marry a woman he met there. his parents were there as well as his wife and daughter. senator mike lee grew emotional as he said our country is now your country both in english and spanish. this caps a remarkable two-year journey for joshua holt and his wife and daughter. he had been in a prison in
5:58 pm
venezuela because of the maduro administration, the trump administration has been battling with. there are u.s. sanctions hammering their economy. this move seen potentially as a goodwill gesture obviously. the maduro government hoping that this opens the door to a broader conversation with president trump about easing some of those sanctions. senator marco rubio and others active on social made yeah saying this is not enough. it's a goodwill gesture. but what really needs to happen is maduro needs to step down before those u.s. sanctions, those punishing sanctions should be relieved. as i mentioned, a remarkable two-year journey for joshua and his family. you saw senator bob kosher, the republican chairman of the
5:59 pm
senate foreign relations committee along with senator orrin hatch. the pictures on the left of your swing, that's senator corker and joshua carrying luggage together. a light-hearted moment in the oval office when president trump was pressing them on what happened. he said they were about to leave the airport, they were about to take off and suddenly the pilot turned off an engine and turned back as if they were not going to be leaving venezuela. you heard the president ask what were the venezuelans up to. senator cork said there was a problem with an instrument on the plane. the president said that was probably the first time someone was happy there was a problem with an instrument on a plane.
6:00 pm
joshua has been released just weeks after three american hostages were released from north korea. we'll be following that story all weekend. just * weekend. "justice" is coming up next. judge jeanine: you just saw it happen live. president trump welcoming american joshua holt back to the white house two years after he was taken hostage and imprisoned in venezuela. white house press secretary sarah sanders, senator lindsey graham, congressman lee zeldin and ann coulter are all with us tonight. this memorial day weekend as we honor more than


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