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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  May 14, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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detaha tn other dna tests. order your kit at >> harris: started from "fox & friends" to "outnumbered overtime." a great day to be with you. big news in israel with the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. i'm harris faulkner reporting live from here. here is dana. >> dana: fox news alert. we are waiting for the white house briefing that is going to begin any minute now. we will bring that to you live. after a deadly day in gaza where dozens were killed in clashes with israeli forces as the united states opened our new embassy in jerusalem. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." today's historic opening is the fulfillment of one of president trump's campaign promises. the president sending a video message to those celebrating in jerusalem. >> president trump: this city and its entire nation is a testament to the unbreakable
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spirit of the jewish people. the united states will always be a great friend of israel. and a partner in the cause of freedom and peace. >> dana: let's go to john roberts at the white house. john? >> john: good afternoon to you. this move to put the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem really is more symbolic than anything right now because ambassador david friedman and a very tight group of his staff will be moving into a small suite of offices in the annex of the existing u.s. consulate in jerusalem. there still will be a big brand new shining embassy built down the road but the symbolism is important here. the united states recognizing for the fist time jerusalem as the capital of israel. president tweeting out, "big day for israel. congratulations." also clear that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is absolutely over the moon about this move. season to -- listen to what he said at the official opening ceremony. >> dear friends, what a
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glorious day. remember this moment. [applause] this is history. president trump, by recognizing history, you have made history. >> john: it was also the biggest day on the world stage for the president's daughter ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner. they were there representing the white house. the president had been invited by prime minister benjamin netanyahu to come to the embassy. the president considered it for a while and decided he would send ivanka and jared kushner. jared giving the keynote address and he is the point person for the middle east peace process. let's listen. >> on behalf of the 45th president of the united states of america, we welcome you officially and for the first time to the embassy of the united states here in jerusalem.
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the capital of israel. >> today also demonstrates american leadership by moving our embassy to jerusalem. we have shown the world once again that the united states can be trusted. >> john: president trump did make an appearance via videotape broadcast in the opening ceremony. the president rejecting criticism that moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem will prevent an obstacle to middle east peace. listen here. >> president trump: as i said in december, our greatest hope is for peace. the united states remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement. we continue to support the status quo at jerusalem's holy sites, including at the temple mount. this is a testm to the unbreakable spirit of the injury wish -- unbreakable
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spirit of the jewish people. >> this will start the ball rolling for over allies to move their embassies. paraguay, guatemala and honduras says they are planning to make the move so maybe it will start small and gather steam from there. >> dana: i think we will see that. but maybe not for a while. thank you. today's embassy opening sparking protest along the israel-gaza border. more team fox coverage now with david lee miller live in the jerusalem bureau. david lee? >> this is the deadliest day in gaza since the border war with israel in 2014. tens of thousands of palestinians took part in a demonstration to coincide with the dedication ceremony for the relocation of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. at this hour, at least 52 palestinians have been killed including five under the age of 18. more than 2,000 have been wounded. the israeli military says the troops came under fire and
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tried to breach the border -- as palestinians tried to breach the border fence. hamas, which is in control of gaza, urgedded demonstrators to dear -- tear down the barrier. through were shot and killed trying to bomb along the border. demonstrations have taken place on a weakly basis for two months instigated by president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. they were supposed to culminate tomorrow in what palestinians call nakba day, the anniversary of israel's founding that they refer to as "the great catastrophe." now demonstrators say the protests are going to continue indefinitely. hamas says that among the dead today, at least four members of their group. three of whom they describe as security men. in the last 24 hours, one of hamas' leaders traveled to cairo. the egyptians are trying to
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cool things down and reduce the tension along the border. the next few days are going to reveal whether or not they have been successful. dana? >> dana: all right. david lee miller in jerusalem. thank you. more now with chris stirewalt. the editor of "halftime report." start with this. president making good on a cam page pledge and make -- campaign pledge. this is something that others had made the pledge but didn't fulfill it. but this is an historic move. and as politically wise as it may have been, i think it is also quite meaningful spiritually for a lot of people. especially for people who are supportive of the move and also people who are worried about it. >> there will be a lot of anguish among muslims around the world. they look as jerusalem as a
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holy city to them, too, just as the jews and christians do. there will be anguish over it. but there will be joy. there is joy for those who see israel not just as what it absolutely is, a very modern western style liberal democracy, economically potent, militarily revere and the great success as they call the startup nation has had but this meshes the spiritual root and the tap root all the way -- we are all the descendants of abraham. this is the connection back to eternal for them. that manes something. >> dana: one last question on this. i know that you can't tell what the future will say. so you can't predict history. but looking back do you think it will be considered a significant moment in the relations? >> it depends whether it works. it all comes down to the fact, the administration's hope here is by taking this issue off the table, they say no,
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jerusalem is whole, it is intact, it is the capital of israel. the jewish state. period. that that is true, then where do negotiations stand? is something to be done about the palestinians? you heard david lee miller talk about what egypt is trying to do to deescalate this. the question is, is there a long-term solution where the arab world, west and the israelis can figure out a solution that is humane, that is lasting and appropriate for the palestinian people? what are you going to do? >> dana: let's move to the midterms because i love mid-term mondays. you have changings in the ratings and you wanted to talk about california. i'm fascinated by the idea that the democrats could shut themselves out by having too much enthusiasm, too many people running end up in a primary with the two republicans winning the top two seats. >> that is the district currently represented by darrell issa. it's orange county.
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beautiful part of the world. but it's getting to be less beautiful for the republicans. this is a district that hillary clinton worn that was one of three or four in southern california seen as the good chances for democratic pickups. but they have a problem. too many democrats. republican votes are coalesced around a couple of candidates. in california, the top two finishers in the primaries regardless of the partisan affiliation proceed to the general election. so it could be the democrats were hoping it would be two of them but in this case it could be two republicans. democrats are getting involved in this race and another race from the national level to clean this up and focus the vote so they don't get shut out. right now we have to say even the africa -- to say even the friction caused by that is making this race more competitive than we thought. >> dana: you have good news for republicans in the midwest. ohio and minnesota? >> i tell you. mike dewine, he may be quiet and unassuming but he packs a political wallop in ohio.
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his big victory there, the democrats nominated cordray and he did well but dewine looks better than we gave him credit to keep the ohio governor republican. tim pawlenty, the former governor of minnesota, doing well out there. minnesota is a more closely divided state than it gets credit for because it is consistently democratic but only by a few points. pawlenty is in that race and the democrats do not have a nominee they are rallying behind yet. so we are putting this as a more competitive race, too. >> dana: you had an update on tennessee? >> yeah. man, talk about surprising strength. the former governor of tennessee, a democrat, a two-termer. he is hanging in there. we had figured that once the republicans had finished their primary and they had blackburn up and running she would pull away. that is not what is going on down there and we are moving that race to a toss-up.
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that will be a real dog fight in the volunteer state. >> dana: dog fight, not a bad thing. >> no. in a good way. pro dogs. yes. yes. >> dana: chris stirewalt, thank you for the update. >> you bet. >> dana: a live look inside the white house as we await the daily press briefing. we will have it for you as soon as it starts. plus a look ahead to the midterms with the chairwoman of the republican national committee, the recruitm side. elise stefanik will join us next. that's my girl!
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you put fools and if you put the wrong people in. it can disappear. >> dana: president trump with a campaign style rally in indiana last week, urging voters to keep republicans in control of congressman in november. bring in elise stefanik, the recruitment chairman for the national republican congressional committee. an important year. it's never easy in a midterm. a president usually loses seats. as chris stirewalt was reporting, the numbers for the president and the republicans seems to be improving. is that what you are seeing? >> yes. it's moving in our direction. we defy history in the midterms. i represent a swing district i was proud to win by 335 -- 35 points in the re-election. we feel strong. the quality of the incumbents are wonderful. we have carbello, will herd, who has worked hard to lock down districts and we have high-quality candidates i have worked hard to recruit. >> dana: when you are cre scruting, -- recruiting, what do you look for?
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previous political experience or outsiders since people want somebody different in washington? >> i have been focused on non-traditional candidates. i think coming from a background what hasn't been in an elected office is a strength. that is what we have seen in the cycle and in congress. you don't have to serve in elected office. i recruited 91 women, the highest number of women running on the republican side. i know there is a lot of focus on the number of the democratic women but that is excellent we are moving numbers in the direction. i look for veterans, people who served in the military. what i look for in candidates is authenticity and the fire in the belly. campaigning is hard. politics is difficult now. but if you are passionate about your issues and passionate about representing your community you end up being the strongest candidate. >> dana: what do you think of someone like congressman luhan on the show last week. the dccc chair and responsible to help the democrats get elected in the midterms. they are also recruiting veterans and women. certainly a lot more centrist candidates than what we would
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think their base would want. what do you think of that? >> we have centrist candidates and district-specific candidates that know the communities and are on a path toward winning. the challenges democrats have, they have crowded primary fields. i'm facing a field of six democrats. it was ten first, now it's at six. they are running further and further to the left. they are out of touch with voters in my district. we are seeing that across the country. california is another example. >> dana: we were just talking about that. >> they have great candidates that i think republicans can hold. >> dana: what is the key for keeping your seat? you said you are in a swing district. you won re-election by a huge amount. i know that you go back home a lot. is that the key? to keep a real good pulse of what is going on in the district? >> it's district first. i'm focused on the nuts and bolts issue that impact hard-working families in my district. i represent fort drum for example. home of the tenth mountain division, the most deployed
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unit in the u.s. army. i'm focused to ensure that the house armed service committee is representing fort drum and i fight on behalf of the constituents. dairy farmers. i've been in negotiating the farm bill. >> dana: is the farm bill a possibility this year? democrats will tell me that republicans are playing politics and the republicans are saying the democrats play politics. i'm a proponent for good solid farm bill for certainty. is it not possible this year with the politics? >> it is possible. i believe the farm bill will pass in the next few weeks in the house. the senate has to take it up. these are important programs for farmers in my issue. like expanding broadband and getting rid of the margin protection program that helps dairy farmers when the milk prices are low. they are modernizing snap to make sure we have opportunities for economic opportunities. >> dana: we'd love to have
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you back. i have to turn it over to the white house briefing room. >> president trump fulfilled the promise to support one of the strongest allies. as you saw, the trump administration sent high delegation led by john sullivan. it included secretary of treasury steven mnuchin, senior adviser jared kushner, senior adviser ivanka trump and jason greenblatt. today is a great day for israel and if united states. it's a reminder to everyone when president trump makes a promise he keeps it. i'm anunsing that next tuesday may 22, the -- announcing that next tuesday, may 22, president trump will address the national campaign gala to discuss this m actions he has taken to protect lives of the unborn and defend religious liberty.
11:20 am
this morning he had a call with james shaw to defend his heroic actions and quick thinking at a waffle house in tennessee. mr. shaw saved lives when he wrestled a gun from an active shooter who opened fire. lastly over the weekend we sadly saw another terrorist attack in central paris. our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. we stand in solidarity with the french people and their government against this vicious act of terrorism and pledge any assistance needed. with that, i will take your questions. john? >> reporter: raj, a couple, if i could. at the same time there was a celebratory air in jerusalem as the u.s. was moving its embassy. in the south of israel, along the border with gaza, there was a lot of violence that resulted more than 41 people losing their lives. is the president concerned about the demonstrations and israel's response of people trying to climb over the fence? >> we are aware of the reports of the violence in gaza.
11:21 am
the responsibility of the tragic deaths rests squarely with hamas. hamas is intentional lip provoking this response. as the secretary of state said, israel has the right to defend itself. >> what is the president's thinking on zte? this company violated u.s. rules doing business with iran. they were sanctioned for that. $1.2 billion. you have the head of the six intelligence agencies telling congress february 13 they wouldn't use zte devices because of the counterespionage concerns and they wouldn't recommend citizens use zte devices. what is the president thinking with the tweet over the weekend wanting to rescue zte? >> this is part of a complex relationship between the united states and china that involves economic and national security issues and the like. this is an issue of high concern for china that has
11:22 am
been raised with the u.s. government and with the administration at various levels. the president asked secretary ross to look into it consistent with the applicable laws and regulations. >> i guess i want to follow on that. did the president give secretary ross instructions on how he wanted to go? when you say it was raised i assume you mean in the context of the ongoing trade discussion with u.s. and china. is there a direct linkage where china could make a concession on retaliatory tariffs until we see the u.s. easing back on the zte? >> he has asked secretary ross to look into the matter with the applicable laws and regulations. it has been brought up in a number of levels as bilateral talks on a number of issues. i wouldn't restrict it to the
11:23 am
talks you are references. >> follow on that. didn't the commerce department make an independent judgment when they decided to issue this sanction against zte? you talk about the significance of bringing it up again now. how much does it have to do with the impending summit with north korea? critics will say that the president wants china's support and needs china's support and that is why he is now backing off on the sanction against zte. >> it is part of again the u.s. relationship with china, which is complex. it has economic factors and national security factors. this is one of many factors. the president is acting the secretary of commerce to look into the matter consistent the laws and regulations. >> senator lindsey graham said i wish somebody from the white house would tell the country that what kelly sadler said was inappropriate and that is not who we are as a trump
11:24 am
administration. why not just apologize so america doesn't think that that is an acceptable way of speaking inside the white house? >> i understand the focus on this issue but it is going to be dealt with and has been dealt with internally. >> how? >> hang on. i was told kelly sadler called the mccain family late last week and did apologize. beyond that, i don't have further comment. >> excuse me. but kelly sadler told meghan mccain she would apologize publicly. it hasn't happened. why not? >> i wasn't on call and i told she made it prior to the story being published he is apologized for the comment. >> are there any concerns that this white house seems more concerned about the fact that there was a leak than about the content of what was said? >> well, i think, you know, we are concerned about all sorts of matters. this is an interim matter. -- internal matter and it's
11:25 am
addressed internally. >> how? >> has she been reply -- reprimanded? is she still an employee? >> she is still an employee at the white house. >> why hasn't she publicly apologized as she said she would? >> she has addressed it with the family directly. i don't have anything further to add. >> on zte, how does the president trump statement too many chinese jobs are at risk? where was his campaign promise that china is stealing american jobs? >> i don't think this hat any bearing on the -- has any bearing on the president campaign promises. he has overseen an economy where we have the lowest unemployment rate since 2000. it's 3.9%. over 2 million jobs created since president took office. with respect to trade, he has been tough. put it in context. this president has taken china to task for the unfair trade practices through the section
11:26 am
301 investigation. he has introduced and proposed -- rather up to $150 billion of the tariffs on china for intellectual property, property theft, dumping and a range of enemical chinese actions. he has been tough and asked the secretary of commerce to look at it. >> the death toll was over 50 in gaza. is the u.s. calling on israel to use restraint? >> we believe that hamas is responsible for the tragic deaths, that they are rather cynical exploitation of the situation. it's what is leading to the deaths. we want them to stop. >> there is no burden on israel to do something to rein it in? >> no. we think we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that hamas is the one that frankly bears responsible for the dire situation right now.
11:27 am
>> lastly, the united states has been wanting to put out a peace plan. how does today's situation hurt that? >> i don't think it hurts the peace plan. the peace plan will be introduced at the appropriate time. but what today is about is following through on what the president promised and believes. it's recognition of reality. for decades, we have walked on egg shells pretending that jerusalem isn't the capital of israel when it obviously is. this is just recognition of reality. >> there seems to be confusion given the messages on sunday, on the news shows from secretary pompeo and the national security adviser bolton about what exactly the u.s. is asking of north korea. is the administration's position that the u.s. expects a complete, verifiable, irreversible of the denuclearization of the peninsula and korea or is administration willing to accept something short of that?
11:28 am
>> i don't want to get ahead of negotiation. the policy is to pursue the complete, irreversible and verifiable denuclearization of the korean peninsula. that is the purpose of the summit. >> also, if you could address a little bit the criticism of the president sort of tone with the dictator of north korea, kim jong un, that he treated the u.s. detainees excellently. the president rhetoric has shifted on kim jong un. i'm wondering if you could explain why. and whether he thinks that at all he is going too far in praising kim jong un. >> i think the president's rhetoric reflected kim jong un's actions. i think kim jong un stepped forward and made pledges to halt nuclear tests. halt icbm tests. now released the prisoners. those are signs of good faith. we hope to build on that. >> if i can quickly, the
11:29 am
french foreign minister said about what is taking place in gaza, he urged israeli authorities to exercise discretion and restraint. so to be clear, does the u.s. not agree with the french that israeli authorities should exercise discretion and restraint? >> we believe that hamas is responsible for what is going on. >> no responsibility beyond that on the israeli authority? kill at will? >> i'm saying we believe that hamas as an organization is engaged in cynical action that is leading to the steps. >> let me follow up on kelly sadler today. matt schlapp, whose wife you know worked here, portrayed kelly sadler as a victim here. do you believe she is a little bit of a victim here? and why? >> the matter will be addressed -- has been addressed internally. i will say when you work in any work environment, you with your colleagues at nbc or elsewhere, if you don't, if you aren't able in internal meetings to speak your mind or convey thoughts or say
11:30 am
anything you feel without feeling like your colleagues will betray you, that creates a difficult work environment. anyone who works anywhere can recognize that. >> is there any work environment where conveying that thought is appropriate? >> i'm not addressing it. >> you said it was dealt with internally. has anything been dealt with last week since she called the mccain family? for clarity. >> she called the mccain family. i'm not going to address it any more from the podium. >> i'll ask an indelicate question. it's reported that you led the meeting where kelly sadler said what she said. how did it strike you? did you find it inappropriate? what was the reaction in the room? >> this is not about my opinion. this is an internal matter. we addressed it internally. >> two questions. first, the white house hosting some kind of meeting on wednesday with california officials on sanction ware cities -- sanctuary cities.
11:31 am
can you tell us what that is about? will the president attend? what is the point of the meeting? >> i can't get ahead of the meeting. look, the department of justice is engaged in certain litigation regarding sanctuary cities in california. we believe that california should help us and all municipalities and state should help the federal government in enforcing federal law and helping to deport when appropriate criminal illegal immigrants and help stem the tide of, you know, illegal immigration in the united states. it's on the rise now. point of frustration for the president, for the administration. so that will be part of obviously what is discussed. >> so there is no negotiation, this is just to solidify your point? >> i'm in the getting ahead of the meeting. >> my second question is the president going to capitol hill tomorrow to meet with senate republicans. can you tell us about the meeting? and the topic of the conversation?
11:32 am
and do you think he will not get asked by senators about the kelly sadler issue? >> you have to ask the senator what is they will ask him. i think he will discuss the administration agenda. a focus of that will be on appointees and getting the president's team in place. particularly, gina haspel, who we believe should be confirmed as the next c.i.a. director. this is an individual who has had three decades of exemplary service and experience with the c.i.a. we hope the senate takes it upon themselves to confirm her. >> is there another issue? >> it's to talk about the administration's administration. >> the trump organization is involved in a project in indonesia building hotels,
11:33 am
golf course residences. it's getting $500 million in backing from the chinese government. can you explain the perspective on "a," how it doesn't violate the emolien clause and how it doesn't violate the promise that his private organization would not be involved in foreign deals? >> i'll refer you to the trump administration. >> he can't speak on behalf of the president, the head of the federal government who is responsible to ensure the american people, and you don't have that responsibility? >> you are dealing with a private organization dealing and that is not something i can speak to. >> we need more information about the conversation by phone that the president had with james shaw jr. and why wasn't it at the white house? and prison reform, can you give us more about the prison reform? we understand that is working its way and there is a big push from the white house.
11:34 am
also on sadler, where does decency and morality come to play in the workplace? she still has a job and made that statement about an american hero, no matter what political feelings about him. he was overseas for the freedom of this country. to say those things, i mean -- >> again, that is an internal matter and it's been addressed internally. you mention prison reform. we are pleased to see last week the house markup with a broad bipartisan vote. prison reform legislation that the white house is supportive of that particularly jared kushner has been involved with. we believe that, you know, that legislation can help reduce the cost of prisons and improve quality. we hope to see it, you know, looked at, at the house floor. and then eventually pass the senate. with respect to james shaw,
11:35 am
you know, it was a conversation that the president asked to have. >> why not at the white house? saluting heroes. >> i don't know if he was invited. i don't have more for you on that. >> thank you, raj. i want to ask you about the embassy opening today. >> yep. >> the person who delivered the invocation, robert jeffress. he has made some statements in the past that he believes that muslims are going to hell, jews are going to hell, undues are going -- hindus are going to hell. do you consider his remarks especially about jews he is one of the best people to speak at the opening of the embassy in israel? can you give us information on how it came to be? >> i honestly don't know how it came to be. pastor jeffress has had a strong relationship with many
11:36 am
people in the faith community. as well as folks in the administration and republicans on the hill and others. i believe democrats as well. i think he has a long-standing involvement with public officials. beyond that i don't have a lot to add. >> is it appropriate for a person who said that jews are going to hell to speak at the opening of the embassy in israel? >> i haven't seen the remarks. those aren't remarks that the president thinks. >> so, i have two questions for you. first on zte, did the chinese give any specific concession for the president of the united states to tweet in support of a chinese company? >> the president has asked secretary ross to look into the matter, consistent -- >> why did he do that? >> the issue has been raised at many levels by the chinese government with various levels of our administration. >> raising the issue was enough to spawn a presidential
11:37 am
tweet, directive -- >> it's an issue of a concern of the chinese government. in the biliteral relationship there is a give and take and we discuss the issues. >> and another on the president's tweet on paris. he says america has changed the thought processes. what did he mean? what was he hinting at? >> i think that the president wants the united states to be tough on terrorists, he wants our government to be tough on terrorists. i haven't asked him about the specific tweet but i think his thoughts on how to address terrorism are clear. through the legal system, through the international, through the foreign affairs policy. so, just understanding the existential threat and address it accordingly. >> raj, on the issue of peace between the israelis and the palestinians, when was is last time the white house reached out to palestinian leadership? and will given the high number of casualties, of palestinians
11:38 am
calling what has happened today a massacre, will the white house be reaching out? >> i don't have an answer to you on that. i'll get back to you. >> followup, then. >> sure. >> jared kushner in his speech pointed finger to palestinians saying they were responsible to provoke violence. given that only palestinians are being killed, should israel not shoulder some of the blame? >> well, as i said earlier, we believe hamas bears the responsibility. this is a propaganda attempt. the israeli government spent weeks trying to handle this without violence. >> they are throwing rocks 15 meters from the wall and faced with sniper attacks. is the white house in denial of the reality occurring? >> we believe that hamas is responsible. >> followum on zte. the congressional hearing that john talked about the intelligence chief said that people should not use the zte
11:39 am
products because of the security concerns. does the president himself believe there is a security himself involved with zte? >> i haven't asked him about that. but again, he has asked the commerce department to look in to this consistent with the laws. >> and wilbur ross said of the meeting this week with the chinese he said, "it wouldment surprise me if they bring up zte but our position is it would be enforcement action separate from trade." is that the position of the white house, that white house may or may not happen with zte it has nothing to do with the trade negotiations or does it? >> i think secretary ross speaks for the u.s. government on this matter. you know, the president has asked him to look into it. i haven't seen the remarks and i'm sure there will be followup conversations. >> on the supreme court decision on the sports gambling that allowed now states to go forward with that, does the white house have an opinion one way or another on the decision today?
11:40 am
>> i don't have a reaction for you yet. >> on israel, the united states and the white house are hoping to release the peace plan in the next few months. going back to the split screen, i understand that you are blaming these on hamas but does the white house feel that the position is undermined now by what has happened, since last time the count was at 52? >> no, we don't. the peace plan will be brought forward at the appropriate time. it can be evaluated on its merits. the actions today, both the opening of the embassy in jerusalem and the tragedies in southern israel, we don't think it will impact the peace plan. >> on a different foreign policy topic sort of, the president isn't going to the royal wedding this weekend. we saw him deliver a video address at the embassy opening. will he deliver an address of some sort by video, sending a gift, anything you can tell us about that? >> i don't have anything for
11:41 am
you. >> last month sarah said -- >> say it again. >> last month sarah said the allegations against the governor of missouri were concerning. the governor is now on trial this week. does the president believe he should resign? he has campaigned with him and been out with him and met him several times? does he believe he should resign irrespective of the verdict or if it comes down in his favor should he not resign? >> i have to get back to you. i don't have anything. >> thank you, raj. later this week, friday, the chinese officials are supposed to be in d.c. to have continued trade meetings. can you tell us which u.s. officials and which chinese officials will be involved in those? what the president hopes to come out of those continued talks? this round of those talks? and has the administration provided -- i know larry kudlow mentioned at one point that the administration was considering providing a list of what they would like to see out of the trade negotiations.
11:42 am
>> some of the details, the participants in particular have yet to be determined. we will provide that administration when it's ready. but look, the u.s.-china relationship again is a complex one. we believe that china has engaged in decades of unfair trade practices, forced technology transfers and the like. that was part of the discussion that went on when the u.s. delegation or the u.s. group of administration officials went to china. that will be continued later this week. last question. >> thank you, raj. you said before that you hadn't heard pastor jeffress' remarks. he said mormonism, islam, judaism lead people for eternity of people from god in hell. and on sunday, jared kushner and ivanka trump met with a
11:43 am
rabbi in israel and he once compared black people to monkeys. there are three instances and can you tell us anything about how they were brought in the ceremony? do you think it's regrettable that people with these views were involved with the american government? >> i don't have any read out on how they became involved with these events. all i'll say is the specific views that you outlined if they are accurate reflections of what was said wouldn't be embraced by this white house. beyond that i don't have anything else. thanks a lot, folks. >> dana: all right. that was raj shah the deputy press secretary answering questions on a day that president trump is celebrating and so are the israeli people as jerusalem becomes the site of america's embassy there. bring in jonathan tobin who is a contributor to "national review." it's good to have you here today. this is a day of such significance. i want to play for you what
11:44 am
raj shah about the violence in gaza and who is responsible for it. >> we are aware of the reports of continued violence in gaza today. the responsibility for the tragic deaths rests squarely with hamas. hamas is intentionally and cynically provoking the response. the secretary of state said israel has the right to defend itself. >> dana: your thoughts? >> i think he is basically right. hamas has orchestrated the demonstrations. the purpose, it's called "the great march of return." let's start with that. that is an indication that it's about, quote/unquote, right of return which is about ending the state of las vegas as -- ending the state of israel and the jewish state. this is about reversing 70 years of history. this is about telling people that descendants of the 1948 refugees that everything will go away. this is not the march on selma with molotov cocktails, not
11:45 am
merely rocks, kites, starting fights on the other side of the border. israel has a right to defend its border against people trying to get across by hamas who are intent on mayhem. >> dana: intent on also getting the media attention for that mayhem. >> absolutely. it's staged for that purpose. and the more casualties, the more people you read accounts. hamas is driving people, the demonstrators forward to get close to the border, to threaten the border and try to cross the fence in order to get them killed because they want casualties. just as in the case in 2014 war, they use them as the human shields and props. they want as many killed as possible. that is the tragedy of it. >> dana: in the briefing just now there were a couple of questions about pastor jeffress who is there to give innovation. and that is somebody that the fox news viewers know well. he has said some things that cause heartburn for a lot of people. during the briefing, you were
11:46 am
telling me your perspective on that. i thought it would be useful for people to hear your thoughts. >> speaking as a jew, i don't really care what pastor jeffress thinks about who is going to heaven or hell. that is in god's hands. he doesn't know, we don't know. i'm not interested in his views. i do think it is inappropriate for someone who in the past in the 2008 and the 2012 republican primaries was telling people to vote on the basis of religion. at that time, he was against mitt romney. and he was saying bad things about the mormon church. considering that the evangelical community, the number one issue is religious liberty, that is an agenda that is antithetical to the religious liberty. to me that is problematic. his remarks about jews and muslims and all of that, they are not good. i know he is sincere about caring about israel. i think we should all welcome
11:47 am
his prayers for the peace of jerusalem. but they could have found somebody better. >> dana: i have 30 seconds left. raj shah also said today's decision and the opening of the embassy in jerusalem does not hurt a possible peace plan going forward with the palestinians. >> assuming the palestinians want a two-state solution and they have given every indication, not just hamas but mahmoud abbas with the antisemitism and rejection of a state no matter where the borders were drawn but if they were willing to make peace and accept a two-state solution, the embassy doesn't prevent that. there could still be a two-state solution. the other side has to want it. >> dana: a path to a brighter feature. >> there is if the palestinians are willing to embrace it. >> dana: you can find jonathan at we are still six months from the midterms but are some democrats road testing messages for the next
11:48 am
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the noter has been addressed internally. when you work in any work environment, you with your colleagues at nbc or elsewhere, if you don't, if you aren't able in internal meetings to speak your mind or convey thoughts or say anything that you feel without feeling like the colleagues will betray you that creates a difficult work environment. >> dana: white house deputy press secretary raj shah talking about kelly sadler the white house communication staffer who said senator mccain's opposition to gina haspel doesn't matter because he is dying anyway. those leaked comments sparked a meeting about the white house leaks and then what happened at that meeting was also leaked.
11:52 am
joining me now we are former dnc communication director, executive director of georgetown university institute of politics and public policy and a fox news contributor. david, the former chief of staff for paul ryan. i'll start with you since you ran a communication office as i did. if the communication team was in the paper something went terribly wrong. sarah sanders who had a meeting and say i suspect this will be leaked, too and she was upset or concerned about it. but they are going to have to power through it. because after the story leaked about the leak, then more people that were leakers called jonathan swan from axios to explain how they leak using other people's idioms so make sure to cover their tracks. your thoughts? >> well, a white house that constantly admonishing the press for reporting on leaks, to then leak a story about a
11:53 am
meeting admonishing the staff for leaks is like the trumpiest thing ever. i mean it just kind of goes to show, you know, what the problem is here. every white house leaks. you know this. every major political organization leaks. i know this. but this seems to be sort of in a new, new category. of just sheer amount and the quality of leaks. often times, what sort of mitigates the amount of leaks that come out is a common purpose, right? everyone on staff. >> dana: strategic. >> i may not like you and you may not like you but we are fighting for a bigger cause and we are behind the boss. you don't see that in this white house. it's damaging for this white house. but the fact they focus on that instead of the original comment goes to show that they are just desperate to deflect as much as possible. >> dana: raj shah saying
11:54 am
that the matter is handled internally. and meghan mccain said kelly sadler said she would public apologize but it has not happened. in the big scheme of things it probably doesn't matter that much but what it does do is take away from some of the good news and the policy that president trump is able to get done and improve ratings for his approval. republicans are doing better in a lot of races. as chris stirewalt reported earlier this hour. it does take away from that a bit. your thoughts? >> yes, it does. there are two questions here. the first is the statement that was made. for heaven's sake, put yourself in somebody else's shoes. don't fly off at the mouth. it's wrong. that was a bad statement. she should apologize publicly. the second part is the leaking part. it used to be standard that people talk when you work for somebody, work for them.
11:55 am
respect them. try and deal with them honestly. and that is something that is not happening. it doesn't happen a lot in washington. the trump white house may do it more than others but you find it too often. work for them and respect them. >> dana: and getting anonymous quote in the paper is not anything to write home about. if you are leaking, think about that. i want to ask you when i have you, we can't stop thinking of the elections. mid-term elections. 2020 is not that far away. apparently the democrats are road-testing messages for 2020. for example, cory booker is out there talk about this as a moral moment. what do you think is going on here with the democratic party? >> i think it's exactly this. as we head to 2018, which by all indications continues to look like the democrats have the wind at their back. nothing to take for granted but they have the wind at their back. a lot of the potential 2020ers are out there trying to help the 2018
11:56 am
candidates and test their own messaging. i think you will see all sorts of different messages. inside versus outside, populist versus progressive coming from the potential 2020 candidates. this is not a bad time to test it out. so long as they remember that the first task at hand is winning in 2018. >> dana: in the meantime, david, i have 40 seconds left, is that you actually have conservative policies looking like they are getting results. like if you consider the economy for one. that is a big one. do the republicans have the edge there? >> i think they do. if you look at the democrats practice of identity politics is not their problem. promising something to every group. what they are looking for in the midwest is to find something to promise this group. that is not the problem. if you look at dan ball and the zito book, the problem is they consider them second class citizens and deplorables. as hillary clinton said. they are not going to get far if they consider them second-class citizens. >> dana: in that piece it
11:57 am
says clinging to god and guns really stuck with them. i'm running out of time. mo and david, thank you for joining us. i'm dana perino. shep is up after the break. alright, i brought in new max protein
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>> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast. 10:00 p.m. in the gaza strips. dozens of protesters have been killed in the bloodiest day in many years, this comes on the same day that washington opens the embassy in jerusalem. >> what a glorious day. remember this moment. >> the palestinians disagree. president trump looking to protect some jobs in china. he's blasting chinese trade practices. so why is he protecting chinese jobs again? why is he making this move now? plus, betting on the big game. did you hear this? the supreme court with a huge ruling today that changes the


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