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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  May 9, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: take a nap so you can get up at 2:00 app eastern and watch american freedom on the horizon. three americans coming home with our secretary of state mike pompeo at 2:00 a.m. from north korea. >> dana: fox news alert. just 12 hours from now, three americans released from captivity in north korea will touch down on american soil. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." the three men are on their way home with secretary of state mike pompeo. president trump saying this about their release -- >> president trump: flying back are three what they were calling hostages. we call them fine people. three really fine people. seem to be healthy. they will be landing at 2:00 in the morning at andrews air force base. i'll be there to greet them. mike will be with me. it will be i think a very
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special time. i appreciate kim jong un doing this and allowing them to go. >> dana: also today, president trump's pick to head the c.i.a. gina haspel on the hot seat on capitol hill. facing tough questions from senators on the intelligence committee at her confirmation hearing. watch. >> under my leadership, on my watch, c.i.a. will not restart detention and interrogation program. c.i.a. has learned some tough lessons from that experience. we were asked to tackle a mission that fell outside our expertise. >> dana: we have team fox coverage. rich edson on north korea, but first let's go to chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with the latest on the haspel confirmation hearing. i understand she is behind closed doors now? >> that is right. they are an hour, hour and a half in classified session wrapping up three hours of public testimony this morning. just for context, this is really way outside of gina
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haspel's comfort zone. she spent 32 years doing operations so being undercover for the c.i.a. so this morning she took head on the central line of questioning about the bush-era interrogation program that was approved by the justice department that included waterboarding and that the critics called torture. haspel testified the c.i.a. will never go there again. >> i support the higher moral standard that this country has decided to hold itself to. i would never ever take c.i.a. back to an interrogation program. i would not put c.i.a. officers at risk by asking them to undertake risky controversial activity again. >> haspel testified her supervisor jose rodriguez who made the call to destroy the videotapes that found the interrogation of one al-qaeda suspect. this was done, she said, because they were concerned that the c.i.a. officers were
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visible on these tapes and they could ultimately be released. jose rodriguez has stood by that decision and he had the authority to make that decision to this day. haspel corrected one of the senior senators on the panel today, senator dianne feinstein, by confirming that there were 92 videotapes of the interrogation of one detainee. this detainee is the mastermind behind the uss cole attack in the gulf of aiden that is considered the seminole attack before 9/11. but on this issue of the destruction of the videotapes, what amounts to destroying evidence was not enough for a lot of the democrats. here is senator martin heinrich. >> why couldn't the agency simply digitized that video and then blacked out the faces of any agents in those videos? why actually destroy the videotapes? doesn't that feel like a coverup? >> i'm just not a technical
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person. >> it's not that complicated. >> well, i don't -- senator, i don't know if that was considered or not. >> one of the main complaints from democrats about the haspel nomination is that there are a lot of records that remain classified. and they can only see them. they want them declassified so the public can make an independent assessment. what we heard in one exchange from senator king he thinks haspel ought to recuse herself because she is one of the decision-makers when it comes to the records. >> who is deciding what is classified and what isn't in terms of what is released to the committee? >> senator, we are following existing guidelines. there are very -- >> who is deciding? >> we are following the existing -- >> who is "we"? >> i have chosen to follow the guidelines that exist -- >> you are making classification decisions about what materials should be released to this committee? >> there is a common theme from republicans on the committee today. they pointed out that the c.i.a. director john brennan
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under president obama was actually one of the key decision-makers for the bush-era interrogation program. he was number four in the c.i.a. yet he still got senate confirmation and got approval of many democrats still sitting on the panel. they said gina haspel was a junior person. she was not a decision maker on policy. and that she should not be held to a different standard and they think she is because she is a trump administration appointee. >> dana: when will there be a vote in the committee? >> i don't want to crystal ball it but there is pressure to bring it to a conclusion soon because mike pompeo, former director pompeo now the secretary of state. though haspel is in an acting condition -- position and can continue in that position for some time. >> dana: thank you. more on the homecoming less than 12 hours from now of the three americans released by north korea bring in rich edson at the state department.
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this is wonderful news this morning. not only for obviously the detainees but their families who are relieved they are coming back tonight. >> it was. secretary of state mike pompeo says that the men were thrilled when they learned that the plane carrying them out of north korea finally executed north korean air space. they leave pyongyang with more of the summit planned with the president and kim jong un and he does so with the three former detainees with them. and a u.s. official says when pompeo returned to the hotel a north korean official arrived to inform the secretary that kim jong un granted amnesty to tony kim, hak-song and kim dong-chul and said americans should be careful never to make the same mistake because it was a difficult decision for kim jong un to decide to release the men. there is a doctor on the plane and they are on the way home and they are in good shape, it
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appears. pompeo says that he spent 13 hours on the ground planning the summit between president and kim jong un. earlier today, the president gave more detail about what to expect out of the summit. >> will it be at the d.m.z.? >> it will not. >> do you deserve the nobel prize? >> everyone thinks so. the prize i want is victory for the world. that is what we are talking about. that is the only prize i want. we have a great chance to make a great deal for the world. >> pompeo arrived in pyongyang yesterday to continue planning the summit between the leaders and he says it will last one day with the potential to go in a second day. the u.s. officials said they also agreed to meet again before the summit to finalize the plans between the u.s. and north korea. they are on their way back and they are expected to arrive well after midnight tonight. the president says he will meet them. >> dana: he will be there.
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thank you. >> for more i'm joined by adam kinzinger, veteran of iraq and afghanistan who serves on the foreign affairs committee. good to have you here. a quick touch on the north koreans releasing the detainees. i have a statement from the kim family which they say we are very grateful for the release of our husband and father tony kim and the other two american detainees. we want to thank all of those who work toward and contributed to his return home. we also want to thank the president for engaging directly with north korea. mostly we thank god for tony's safe return. surely the president was going to make this a preseason, their release before he would agree to finalize the summit details with kim jong un. your thoughts? >> i think it is fantastic. we did it without paying a ransom, giving people, terrorists that. we have the three people back and they will be reunited with the families. i will be interesting to hear
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their stories. i'm sure they will talk about what it is like to be in a work camp and what it is like to be oppressed and what the regime is like. this is a good first step. we with further than we imaginedded we would be. and the president gets kudos for that. so does mike pompeo. but there is a long way to go. hopefully we'll get there. >> dana: switch gears to talk about gina haspel's nomination. the senate having a confirmation hearing today. catherine herridge was pointing out that john brennan who was nominated by president obama, number four at the c.i.a. in the leadership in the bush administration. he got a confirmation hearing. he was able to get past and he became the c.i.a. director. he supports gina haspel nomination. what do you make of the democrats deciding to hold her up and run over the well-trod ground over and over? >> it's amazing how quickly we forget in the case of john brennan. she is a fantastic pick. i think she had to address these issues about enhanced
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interrogation. i still believe enhanced interrogation should be a tool in the arsenal in extreme circumstances. but she made it clear she doesn't believe the c.i.a. should be in that business. that is in the d.o.d. there is really no guiltless parties in this whole issue. after 9/11 we had planes hit the world trade center. we didn't know what was next. so at that point it's like what do we do to protect americans? i remember rumors of dirty bombs and everything. in those circumstances we have to do everything we can to protect the country. >> dana: i want your take on this because you did fight in iraq and afghanistan. khalid sheikh mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, he had the gall to suggest he should be allowed to come to the hearing today to question gina haspel. tom cotton, the senator from alabama said khalid sheikh mohammed, the 9/11 mastermind can testify to the intelligence committee after every 9/11 widow, wid doleer -- widowr and child testifies what they think of
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gina haspel and the c.i.a. until then he can rot at gitmo and then he can rot in hell. i think i said that cot top was from alabama. he's from arkansas. this is outrageous he would suggest this. we even know he wants to. >> i wouldn't mind if he came could i cut punch him in his face. this is ridiculous. they are utilizing lawyers to try to find ways to defend themselves. this guy has blood on his hands. i think he should stay in gitmo until he dies of the natural causes. >> dana: a last question. rubio talked about how he admired her and respected her. you are talking to young people making decisions to go into government, especially younger women. what do you think that gina haspel's fon mirmation will mean if she becomes the first woman to lead the c.i.a.? >> i think it will be
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fantastic. it's inspiring and it shows it's one more ceiling that has been broken. powerful women coming in to do important jobs. it is key to inspire the next generation of the woman to be powerful and work in government service and serve their country. a great step. i hope she gets concerned because the president has the right to pick who he wants to run the department. >> dana: she has bipartisan support from people who know what the agency does. >> happy 29th birthday. >> dana: thanks! upset in the west virginia primary. and what last night's result in four key state tell us about the all-important midterm. plus the president's nominee to lead the c.i.a. taking fire at the confirmation hearing. but some sticking up for her. >> if someone like you, with your history and record to serve and sacrifice, if someone like you cannot be confirmed to head the agency, who can? if someone like you is smeared in this process, what message are we sending? ttle rest for a single dad.
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>> dana: today's confirmation hearing for gina haspel, the first woman tapped to lead the c.i.a. focusing on haspel's role in the interrogation of terror suspects just after 9/11. >> i would never obviously support inhumane treatment of any c.i.a. officers. we have lost c.i.a. officers over the years to terrorists. i just gave an example. khalid sheikh mohammed personally killed a "wall street journal" correspondent. i don't think there is any comparison between c.i.a. officers serving their country adhering to u.s. law, and terrorists by their very definition are not following anybody's law. >> dana: joining me now is
11:17 am
louise reyes. you had been involved in the previous government work to help nominees in the intel division confirmed by the senate. gina haspel has been the suspect of a lot of ink from mostly from the left. questioning her qualifications to run. and her moral standing to run the c.i.a. how do you think she did today? >> first, thank you for having me, dana. in terms of how she has done today she has done very well. words used earlier. "truth, courage, integrity." i think she not only embodies that in her experience in the body of work but today that is how she is testifying. if i can add she has done a good job in the appropriate way to let the american people know what we are talking about in terms of the sacrifice. this enforcement agency are
11:18 am
different that the career folks there, not to take away from other folks but in her line of work she has put her life on the line, she has seen her colleagues murdered. the stars on the wall she walks by every day are people that she knew. i just don't think you could find a more qualified candidate. she was born to do this job. >> dana: to listen to a tweet from former c.i.a. director john brennan. he was confirmed under president obama and he served there. senators show that you can put the country above politics. gina haspel is a competent, experienced and highly qualified intelligence professional. ask her tough questions. listen to her answers. and then decide but don't penalize her for previous policy decisions or just because trump picked her." your thoughts? >> i couldn't agree more. there is a blatant double
11:19 am
standard going on here. senator cornyn talked about it and cotton as well. john brennan was the policy-maker at the time of what is deemed as the controversial or the senator warner talking about the interrogateive tactics and he got a pass by senator warner himself. so people who are condemning haspel here are the ones who confirmed brennan who had more decision-making role. what she was doing had been constitutionally evaluated by the attorney and she was following orders. >> i expect she will get a vote in the committee and then on the senate floor. a lot of the confirmations are taking too long if you sit at the white house to wonder when nominees will get through. does the process needs to get changed at all or do you think democrats will realize she will get confirmed.
11:20 am
they got the metaphorical pound of flesh today from her and they will let it go? >> in a perfect world i'd hope so. we are talking about nothing less than national security. we need confirm leaders in the national security positions. for the very purpose of national security. i would hope they put country above politicians. they had the chance, they had their say. it's looking credibility to given they didn't have this outrage when brennan was up for the same post several years ago. let it be over. the discussion should be owner and they should confirm her as soon as possible. >> dana: from austin, texas, today. looking good out there. thank you. a victory or a warning sign for the republicans in the upcoming mid-term primaries. what candidates can learn from last night's results. plus a foreign policy victory for president trump as north korea sends three american hostages home. we have new comments from vice president mike pence. mom? dad? hi!
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11:25 am
out? >> well, i think it turned out exactly how they wanted it to. that is why they are the voters. when it comes down to it, i think blankenship might have had as good of a chance to beat manchin as any of the other two. but what they are relieved about doesn't have to do with west virginia but they won't have candidates in other states that are not west virginia answer for what blankenship says and does. so if you are a republican in nevada or arizona, where there is a strong chance the g.o.p. will lose seats, this is a welcome development, whatever happens to morrisey against manchin. >> dana: blankenship had really gone after naft mitch mcconnell. he is our next guest here. mitch mcconnell, apparently the world is he talked to president trump and said i knead you to weigh in here and the president did. basically saying blankenship can't win. vote for either of the other two. last night, the team mitch folks put out this little meme
11:26 am
on twitter which got everybody talking. it says thanks for playing, don. a little bit of a play because don blankenship decided to attack senator mcconnell calling him "cocaine mitch." which really didn't work. is this a lesson for other candidates who think they want to run against washington that is not going to necessarily get you where you want to be? >> mcconnell was not able to deliver in alabama earlier this year. but he has a pretty impressive track record when you get down to it since 2012 of going out and finding candidates who are running against mcconnell. in the primary, mcconnell functions like nancy pelosi does for the republicans in the general. you say i will tell you who i am. i hate mcconnell more than the other guy. the other guy says no i hate him more. blankenship tried to wear a hat on stage that said, "ditch mitch." they do it because they think there is advantage in it. mcconnell is saying nice try. >> dana: take me to other
11:27 am
states. indiana, you had two congressmen on the republican side running to get the g.o.p. nomination to be the senate candidate. but they canceled each other out and now neither of them is in the senate or the house. >> this is just sad. it was a pitiful undertaking. both of them should think a lot about how much they wanted the job and why they wanted it and the willingness to campaign in the fashion they were in the ugly attacks against the fellow members of congress. fellow republicans. it's distasteful. the primary season is just now heating up. this is a warning side for the republicans and the democrats. if you attack each other enough you will create the deficits where you once had opportunities. mike braun seems like he will run -- here is a prediction for you. this will be a fairly boring race. >> dana: indiana? >> in indiana. because braun and the
11:28 am
incumbent joe donnelly are mild-mannered human beings and i doubt it will turn into the rottenness. >> dana: my last question in ohio. talk about the governor's race there. richard cordray who is running the consumer financial protection board under president obama went back to ohio. decides to run. wins against gorsuch for the democrats and -- wins against kucinich. and then there is dewine. that won't be boring. >> we'll see. dewine is pretty well situated. cordray needs a good year. dewine is well known and well liked and should be in a good position to hold on to the seat. we will find out soon how republican ohio is. they were trumpy last time. not much of a swing state. they went all in for trump. see if it carries over. you know what else we will see? one other thing we'll see is america celebrate you on your birthday. >> dana: nice try! >> no, no, no, no. it's all about to happen
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11:34 am
of three americans. secretary of state mike pompeo securing their freedom on a trip to north korea where he also worked out some final details on the summit between president trump and kim jong un. i'm joined now by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. a loll to talk about. thank you for joining me. listen to what trump said earlier today about the north korean summit. >> president trump: both sides want to negotiate a deal. it will be a successful deal. i think we have a really good shot at making it successful. but lots of things can happen. of course you will be the first to know about it if it does. i think we have a really good chance to make a great deal for the world. >> dana: senator, are you cautiously optimistic this could be a sea change for the negotiations and relationship with north korea? >> first, happy birthday, dana. >> dana: i'm getting older by moment here, sir. >> we have watched administrations of both parties not be able to achieve
11:35 am
what we have all hoped for in north korea. that is a peninsula without nuclear weapons. so this is as close as we have ever come. i think everybody is a little bit cautious when dealing with the north koreans for the obvious reasons. this is significant we have gotten this far and the president deserves all the credit for getting them in a different position from anytime they have been in this position in the past, whether it was this guy's father or grandfather. they were always unmovable on any of these type issues. >> dana: then, i want you to compare this to the iran deal. so president trump made a lot of news yesterday by fully pulling out of the deal. a lot of questions are what is next. but i want your take and your institutional memory in the senate. president obama decided not to
11:36 am
ask the senate to vote on the deal with iran. he did it by executive order which means it was easy for president trump to make the decision to actually sign a paper and withdraw in it. do you think anything could be different in president trump's approach with north korea than president obama's with iran? >> i do. i think president trump will make a better deal. iran nuclear deal was not submitted to the senate as a treaty because the president knew he couldn't get the votes. so he made an executive branch agreement with the iranians of which the next president could feel free to walk away from. it was a hopelessly flawed agreement. . trump did the right thing. i don't think he will make a flawed agreement with the north koreans. >> dana: he talked earlier today, the president did, about iran and what the iranians said immediately after his speech yesterday. they might go full bore ahead
11:37 am
with plans to create a nuclear weapon and build one. listen to the president on that. >> iran will find it. i don't think they should do that. i would advise iran not to start the nuclear program. i would advice them strongly. if they do there will be a severe consequence. >> dana: what is the senate's role if any in terms of a response to iran? >> i think the appropriate response is the reimposition of really tight economic sanctions. which is what brought the iranians to the table in the obama era. so i think the president knows how to apply these economic sanctions. they worked well enough the last time to get the iranians to the table. it's just unfortunate we didn't make a better deal at the time. >> dana: let's switch gears then back to domestic politics. you are the leader of the
11:38 am
senate and the republicans have a pretty favorable map this year. but as you know the first midterm for any president is usually a tough one. last night there were three big primaries. west virginia, indiana and ohio. i know you are very familiar with all of them but i want to start with west virginia. one of the candidates don blankenship had decided that you were public enemy number one. and he really went after you and personally attacked you and your family. i know that you have got a thick skin but when it does come to attacking your family, does it feel different? >> well, i'm glad the people of pest -- the people of west virginia deciding that approach for attacking me and my family is a distant third place. >> dana: i know you are probably pleased because you think it gives you a better chance to beat senator joe manchin. does it play in case in indiana where you have mike braun who beat out the two congressmen trying to win that republican nomination? >> yeah. i think all three of the nominees in indiana would have been clearly electable. mike braun who won the primary
11:39 am
ran a good race and he will be our nominee and i think he can win in november. we had a couple of cycles in 12010 and 2012 where we took a passive approach to primaries. a number of people nominated were clearly unelectable in november. we quit doing that in 2015 and we intervened in primaries when we needed to to make sure we had fully electable candidates on the ballot in november. that is why we took the majority in 2014 and kept it in 2016 and why we will keep it in 2018. >> dana: something i find confusing and maybe you can clear it up. it could just be the way it is. that the president talks about all the good things that are happening. a lot of it has to do with what he has been able to get through congress especially for the judicial confirmations which has been under your leadership. the president did respond to you. as i understand it. pressure to do something in west virginia to step in and say don blankenship could not win. we the not want a repeat of
11:40 am
roy moore in alabama. are you frustrated that people seem to think that you are not actually carrying out president trump's policies in the senate leading into the midterm? >> yeah. it's exac exacerbating because a lot of republicans think we have underperformed. i have been in congress for a good while now. this has been the most effective period the last year and a half right of center. conservative positions since i have been in the senate. whether it was the supreme court, neil gorsuch, or 12 circuit judges last year. we are now up to 17 and still counting. whether it's deregulation, whether it's a fabulous tax bill that has gotten the country growing again. we opened up the alaskan wilderness. we got rid of the individual mandate. this has been a dream period for conservatives thanks to the president's leadership and our backing him up with a republican congress. >> dana: there is also a
11:41 am
little bit more tension to come. my last question to you is about something that the house republicans, some house republicans are planning to do. congressman mark walker had an op-ed in the "wall street journal" today asking for you to do something. he said that last september the house performed the constitutional duty and passed all the appropriations bills required to fund fully the federal government. we sent the bills to the senate before the beginning of the fiscal year and mr. mcconnell sat on them. the package mr. trump sent yesterday is good and his base should be encouraged in this moment of fiscal restraint. hopefully the pack soldier the first of many. now congress must do its job. he is talking about $15 million about a rescissions package that is to me looks like accounting gimmick to make it look like there is actually funds cut from the federal government. where do you stand on that? >> the congressman of course is incorrect that senate republicans didn't want to pass appropriation bills last year. senate democrats prevented that. which is possible in the senate. we are hoping to have a more
11:42 am
cooperative period this year. it seems to be a better relationship between the senate and the house. between senate democrats and the republicans. with the regard to rescissions package we are willing to look at it. the first job is for the house to pass it. >> dana: pass it. well, i hope you have a good trip back to the commonwealth of kentucky. do you know that horse, justify? >> heck of a horse, wasn't it? >> dana: beautiful. >> a wet day but fortunately my wife were not in the infield. >> dana: all right. senator mitch mcconnell, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: critics attacking president trump for withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal. but should president obama be getting the blame? >> yes, sir. i believe what has happened is the president could not affirm as required that this agreement was being lived up to and in the best interest in all aspects of what was supposed to be happening under the jcpoa.
11:43 am
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>> shepard: shepard smith on the news desk. president trump set to speak live at the top of the hour. we see if he talks about today's major headlines. we are waiting for the white house briefing. expecting questions about release of three american prisoners in north korea. and the report that the president's personal lawyer and fixer got money from a company with ties to russia and other american companies after the election. the question is why? top of the hour on shepard smith reporting. see you then. >> dana: the trump administration assuring our allies it will keep working with them to make sure iran does not acquire nuclear weapons. rob, senior writer at commentary magazine and joins me now. i know you followed this closely. listen to john bolton, the national security adviser on the iran deal and what he thought of it. >> this deal was badly negotiated. it was conceived with the wrong view of its consequences
11:47 am
for the united states and iran. we could resolve the nuclear problem iran's behavior would change for the better. the opposite has taken place. iran's behavior has gotten worse. more belligerent. >> dana: so rob, tell me what you are hearing about the reaction in iran to this announcement. >> well, the most recent news is the parliament burned an american flag and chanted "death to america" but that happens in iran on any given day. so it's not surprising but it does suggest that harsh tone of the reaction from the leadership from people in the iranian parliament, the quote/unquote, "parliament," is they are freaking out. in other words they think that this is threatening to them. because they want the u.s. to be in the deal because they understand that even if the europeans are still committed to the deal, the u.s. being
11:48 am
out of it, it could pose tremendous pressure on the iranian economy. even before president trump's pull-out of the deal was spiraling. the iranian currency even before this was spiraling. the labor unrest all over. this will magnify the pressure on them domestically. >> dana: the president went to great length at the end of speech to talk directly to the people of iran. do you think they heard the message and do you think they think there are changes in the future? >> they hear it. through the u.s. broadcasters or radio for america on the internet and so forth. the vast majority of the people will hear that. as it happens, we are going through this strange period in iran where every little thing that happens in the country becomes a flash point for anti-regime sentiment. you remember around new year's a mass uprising. although the regime is able to suppress that. there have been little things,
11:49 am
women in public taking off the head scarves at great personal risk. more recently a mummy showed up in tourn tehran -- southern tehran, people have come to believe -- i don't know if it's true -- of the former shah and the regime trying to get rid of the body. >> dana: i saw that. is that a conspiracy? >> it could be because they are a conspiratorial society. but it became a flash point and thousands of people in soccer stadiums were long living -- were chanting supportive messages and this is not iraq model like an invasion. >> dana: but a change in leadership. >> yeah. >> dana: i encourage everyone to read your piece on the decision yesterday. very good. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: the secretary of defense james mattis testifying on capitol hill and what he is saying about iran
11:50 am
and north korea. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
11:51 am
11:52 am
i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
11:53 am
>> dana: the mormon church cutting ties with the boy scouts of america after the scouts recent decision to allow gay troop leaders and let girls join the rankers. last week the organization announced it would dropping the word "boys" from the name. the mormon church says it will now create its own gospel-based youth program. that is the end of an era there. secretary of defense james mattis on capitol hill today. testifying about the budget and the latest developments on iran and north korea. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. jennifer? >> dana, today's testimony by defense secretary mattis and general joe dunford was supposed to be about the defense budget request for next year and it turned into an opportunity for senators to ask mattis and dunford's
11:54 am
decision to about pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. mattis originally testified that iran was in compliance with the deal and today he said the president decided to withdraw because he found that the deal was inadequate and could not affirm the deal was being lived up to. >> you know it was not a hasty decision, the administration has been in place for over a year and for over a year we have attempted to work with allies to address the shortcomings on it. we have the opportunity to address the shortcomings to make it more compelling. that effort is underway already with the secretary of state and secretary of treasury and others working the issue. >> mattis said he would not have signed the deal was widely known to argue in the national security meetings for staying in the deal and working with the allies to pressure iran on its own malicious behavior elsewhere. tehran's support of syria's president and proxies in yemen for instance.
11:55 am
mattis emphasized the u.s. would keep working with the allies, many of whom feel betrayed by the president's decision. general dunford a saluted smartly. >> my job is to support the policy. the president has changed the policy. my job now is to adjust to the reality and make sure that i'm supporting the president's policy in the development or potential development of nuclear weapons by iran. >> mattis was asked about the upcoming summit to denuclearize north korea and he noted release of the three u.s. prisoners ahead of the talks. >> i think there is reason for some optimism that the talks could be fruitful. >> adding this was always supposed to be a diplomatically-led effort backed up by military force. >> dana: jennifer, thank you. get this. a truck full of liquid chocolate overturns in poland. now that is how you do a chocolate spread. check it out. it stretched over six lanes of highway. blocking traffic in both directions. government officials say oil
11:56 am
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switching to allstate is worth it. ♪ >> dana: this just in senator joe manchin of west virginia, a democrat, an incumbent who is in a very tough race this year, he just confirmed that he is a yes on gina haspel. he will vote yes on her nomination to be the next cia director. and i bet there will be more red state democrats who follow. and we'll keep an eye on that. now, one tennessee police officer is trying to help out during a recent trip to walmart by paying for the groceries for a family in need. that person then told the officer god bless you, and he responded i already am. another customer witnessed the exchange and wrote about it on facebook in a post that went viral and drew the attention of cleveland
12:00 pm
police and the good news is, after reading a description of the officer 65 and buff, the department was able to identify the secret shopper as school resource officer mike kelly. congratulations to him. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm dana perino. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the white house where we are about to hear live from president trump. he is honoring military moms and spouses. we will see if he mexicos any omentionsany of the stories developing now. white house briefing is set to start at the bottom of this hour. the first since we got word that three american prisoners are headed home from north korea. plus, the president's personal lawyer and fixer, michael cohen reportedly got cash from a company with ties to russia and hundreds of thousands of dollars from american companies a few months after paying off stormy daniels. why? why were they sending cash to michael cohen? let's get to it. >> now, shepard smith reporting live from the


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