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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 2, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> jon: a fox news alert. a southwest plane on the ground in cleveland for a main minute very view of window panes. they apparently held. >> julie: thanks for joining us. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert. president trump taking on allegations of russian collusion. he's taking them head on as we get new reports that special counsel robert mueller raised the possibility of forcing the president to testify before a grand jury. the president's former lead lawyer confirming to fox news that the special counsel broached the topic of a subpoena if the president refusing to sit down for an interview. president trump weighing in on twitter suggesting this may be a "setup and trap." this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, host of after the
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bell on fox business, melissa francis. town hall editor, katie pavlich. former director of strategic communications for hillary clinton, adrienne elrod and joining us on the couch, "fox and friends" weekend co host, pete. he's "outnumbered." are you saluting our audio? >> absolutely. >> great to have you back. >> thanks for having me. >> let's get started. fox news reporting that robert mueller told the president's attorneys that he could subpoena the president if the president refuses to be interviewed. this reportedly happened during a conversation in march. reportedly during that same discussion special counsel robert mueller revealed the subject he wanted to cover with the president. when mueller brought up a possible subpoena of the president, he got an angry response from the president's former attorney, john dowd who claims he said "this isn't some game. you're screwing with the work of
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the president of the united states." a short time ago, the president weighing in saying that critics are focusing on phony allegations while there's real issues to follow. the president tweeting, there was no collusion. it's a hoax. there's no obstruction of justice. that is a setup and trap. what there is is negotiations going on with north korea over nuclear war. negotiations going on with china over trade deficits. negotiations on nafta and more. witch hunt. earlier i spoke to alan dershowitz that said that president trump is smart to avoid the interview. >> one of the reasons they want to haul him in front of the grand jury is to say if he will lie. this is a perjury trap. >> a lot of changes, pete. what do you expect is happening behind the doors of the white house right now? a lot of decisions are being made. >> i think the president is
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setting the tempo. he's not going to do something he doesn't feel comfortable with. i'm with professor dershowitz. it's a trap. it's a perjury trap that bob mueller seeks. he wants to get the president trumped up on words. you've seen the questions. they're not the same questions but the themes we know. it's michael flynn, jeff sessions, did the campaign have any conversations or approach russia. you get into an open session and it can go anywhere you want. they'll take any word and try to twist it. if bob mueller knows what to do, get a witness and talk to them. if he says yes, you have these questions. present evidence to trip him up. it was collusion and obstruction and now what is he thinking as president. some of the questions that relate are about what is
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president trump thinking in the moment. >> feeling. >> it's not a crime to think or feel what you do we'll talk about rod rosenstein. he's compromised as well. >> is robert mueller going to form the president's hand here, katie? >> i don't know what robert mueller will do. we haven't heard from robert mueller. we've heard from one side of the story on this. we heard from the president's legal team and day 2 of the reporting on the questions that were leaked yesterday, we know they were written by. trump's personal attorney, jay sekulow. they weren't written by the special counsel and given to trump's legal team and released by them. so i think that's important to point out, that the themes were -- the issue was the information around the categories were given to the legal team. but the specific questions that we saw were not written by the special counsel prosecutors or attorneys. they were written by the president's legal team, which has a different tone. so we don't know what will happen. in terms of the legal ramifications here, legal experts across the board have said the president doesn't necessarily have to testify. if he was subpoenaed by robert mueller, he would be able to push back on that and somewhat counter sue and avoid it.
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so it would go through a process that would take forever. i don't think the justice department, including rod rosenstein as he said this week haas an interest in continuing to drag this out with moves like that. so i doubt they would want to push his hand on that. >> i love the interview that you did with the dersch. >> yeah. >> i love the interview you did with him. he made two great suggestions like push back on article 2. what the president did is within the president's rights and it's his job and he submit answers in writing and say look, i've answered the question. why should i come in? i've answered everything. >> preempt him. >> yes. dershowitz said that he's not the president's counsel but that seemed like wise advice. >> what is the political fallout of the president fighting this potential subpoena? >> i think we're seeing a lot of the fallout happen in real time
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here. ultimately if the president haas done nothing wrong, if he has nothing to hide, testify. go in. talk to robert mueller. nip -- >> we know better than that. >> come on. >> an end of the investigation. if he has nothing to hide, he should go in, answer the questions. >> if i had nothing to hide, i wouldn't go in and fall into a trap. if i knew -- >> i don't think it's falling into a trap. robert mueller was confirmed twice by the united states senate and the democrats and republicans -- >> even if -- >> the questioning that was written by jay sekulow, not but the special counsel, but obviously the special counsel said they were going to ask the president questions about paul manafo manafort, michael flynn and george papadopoulos. paul manafort is in deep trouble. flynn and papadopoulos have completed guilty to lying to the fbi. the white house has been worried about them flipping and giving
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the special counsel information. what that means is, when the questions are asked to the president about what he said, the communications with paul manafort, flynn, papadopoulos, they have one story that they told the special counsel. he has another based on context. that is a very serious problem considering they'll look at the facts and line up. >> in this particular case, it's is -- what you said is the definition of a perjury trap. if this was a guilty man, he wouldn't have turned to his fbi director, james comey, and said please investigate it. look into it. prove it. it didn't happen. it's not true. he continually asked him to do that. he's done the opposite of a guilty man in this process. he said you're investigating. it's a witch hunt and it's be growing. the scope is growing. the investigation shows what is going beyond what the rod rosenstein shows tolerate. >> and donald trump has provoked
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this, tweeted about it. say nothing collusion. >> and attempting to bring the focus back on to really incredibly important issues that are on his plate right now and the country's plate and bring the focus back to the foreign policy -- >> you're still stinging to the collusion artist? >> absolutely i am. >> you're a bitter clinger. >> we'll break it up. >> just messing with you. >> the man that oversees the probe, rod rosenstein, is firing back at house conservatives after they drafted articles of impeachment against him. the document says that he did not properly supervise surveillance allegations. here's mr. rosenstein's allegations. >> i don't have anything to say about documents like that nobody has the courage to put their name on and they leak in that
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way. if people have been making threats, privately and publicly, against me for quite some time, and i think they should understand by now the department of justice is not going to be extorted. >> one of the authors of the draft documents was house freedom caucus chairman mark meadows. he says the draft document is a last resort option and he responded to rod rosenstein saying that rod rosenstein's stone walling of this investigation has embarrassed the department of justice and the rule of law. if he believes being asked to do his job is extortion, then rod rosenstein should step aside and allow us to find a new deputy attorney general. preferably one that is interested in transparency. pete? >> and accountability. congress has an oversight function here. you hear the word "impeachment." they tried everything to do to get the fisa application
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documents. a lot of people are wondering if they were fully vetted and understood when they went forward. i feel like people are missing -- i got this good information from a legal friend -- how conflicted rod rosenstein is. he wrote the memo on may 9, 2017 when he said we have to restore confidence in the fbi when president trump fired comey. how can he be overseeing mueller looking into the issue of comey? it's a circular loop that feeds back. even rosenstein is compromised an conflicted in this process. i don't see why if he's looking into it we can't get more of these documents and let the sunlight out. i'm with the house. they're working with the department of justice to get more documents. doj is trying to be responsive but still looks like stone walling to me. >> melissa, maybe you can answer this. could this move by house republicans -- could it backfire
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on them? they're trying to light a fire. maybe this isn't going to work out? >> it could -- it does speak to the larger point of who has oversight. i think that's what they're trying to say. is that we have oversight over this department and if not us, then who? this seems to be the way our government was designed and if not, let's go to court and establish it. in this country, everybody has oversight. >> i'd say balancing of the powers is very important, right? the executive branch, congress. stone walling of documents from doj is not new. it's disappointing with the team the president appointed to lead the justice department has not been forthcoming with these documents. at the same time, it's understandable that they don't want to release documents that have to do with an ongoing investigation for the sake of the fact that we have leaks going on and people give information to the press.
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i can understand it from that perspective. it's true that congress has an oversight responsibility. sunlight is the best disinfectant. congress has to look at what they're doing. as we know, when people aren't facing oversight, a lot of bad things can happen. in a political town like washington d.c., if knowing is looking what is happening and bad decisions are made for all of the wrong reasons. >> which is what we saw. >> adrienne? >> yes. another attempt by donald trump to undermine the mueller investigation. >> it's about documents. >> by attacking rod rosenstein and trying to get rid of him. it's very important that he remain in his position and that house republicans let the mueller investigation play out. >> we want to jump in with breaking news. we have pictures coming into our newsroom of a southwest airline flight. it was bound for newark airport and made an -- that's in new jersey. made an emergency landing due to a broken window.
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this is the flight 957 scheduled service from chicago midway to newark. they made the decision to divert the plane to cleveland for a maintenance review of what they say one of the multiple layers of a window breaking. local cleveland employees are working diligently to accommodate the 76 customers on the new aircraft that was in route to newark airport. we're going to continue to get some updates on this story for you. this just coming into our newsroom. of course, this coming on the heels of the most recent incident on a southwest airline flight that led to one fatality after an engine failure. we'll have more breaking news in moments. meanwhile, mark zuckerberg reportedly sharing details about a new way the social media company plans to store news
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content on its site. whether this will help ease criticism that the platform. and mike pompeo was sworn in ahead of the iran nuclear deal headline. should the president renew that agreement? two different takes and two former secretaries of state. one who has insight for pompeo as he steps into the job. >> he has a good relationship with the president. that's very important. i wish him the best but he's going to learn quickly, the secretary of state of the united states is the 911 for the world. so if there's a problem, it's probably going to land on your desk.
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9:19 am
the local ground crew, a savannah fire view, have confirmed that the aircraft is a c-130. we're told crews are heading to the scene now. we're also getting an update that five were on board. this happening shortly after take off. this is about as much information as we have on this. this is a separate incident to the southwest plane, commercial aircraft, that we just reported had to divert and make an emergency landing due to a cracked window. now a cargo plane down. we'll keep you updated as well. >> i must say that's more spirit than i've heard from the state department in a long time, many years. we can say many years, maybe many decades. it's going to be a fantastic start, a fantastic day. that spirit will only be
9:20 am
magnified. only with this man right here. secretary pompeo, congratulations again. i have no doubt that you'll make america proud. >> that was president trump just moments ago speaking during the swearing in ceremony for his new secretary of state, mike pompeo. the world waits for the commander-in-chief to decide whether or not to renew the iran nuclear agreement. this comes two days after the prime minister of israel released proof that iran has lied about their nuclear program. the prime minister claiming that iran has undermined the entire nuclear deal. meantime, two former secretaries of state taking different positions on the matter. on one side is john kerry and the other is condoleezza rice. mr. kerry said every detail that mr. netanyahu detailed yesterday is the reason why we came together to negotiate the agreement because the threat was
9:21 am
real and had to be stopped. it's working. former secretary of state rice had this to say. >> it's a little tricky to pull out agreements that the country has signed. you don't want to say -- administration to administration, we always recalculate our commitment to our treaties. in this case, it's really not a very good deal and probably he can do better. >> differing opinions. katie, wouldn't in some ways places like north korea say why should we stop? why should we give up our nukes if iran was allowed to keep its plans and maybe pause, maybe not? sort of weakens our hand there. >> i would say so, yes. many have said there's nothing new that we've seen here. iran did not violate the agreement. it's a violation of the deal because they said they never had a nuclear program and did not
9:22 am
intend to build a nuclear bomb. you had iranian officials saying they had no intention of building a bomb. so for north korea, they look at this and say, the obama administration allowed iran to get this great deal for them. the europeans are all in on this and still didn't have to tell the truth going into it. why would we? now we're seeing that we're going to hold people accountable for not telling the truth at the beginning of the deals, especially when it comes to nuclear annihilation has iran has threatened of israel and the united states and what it means doing forward for the iranian people that are seeing economic problems as result of the money that the obama administration gave them going to terrorism, which affects us globally. >> john kerry said yeah, everybody knew they lied. everybody knew they were on their way to a nuclear weapons and they stopped in their tracks. it's working.
9:23 am
is it true? >> the law expires, so it's not a permanent thing. their ballistic missile program continues, which is the delivery vehicle once they have the capability. i think the flip side can work with north korea. north korea will say, you know, the u.s. won't tolerate lying at the beginning of a deal and they won't tolerate cheating or it will end. so ultimately we better abide by it or this opportunity will end. mike pompeo was right saying this is a deal built on lies. it's temporary. they're still funding terrorism. netanyahu did it because they face a threat. for americans, they won't to the ballot box and said, okay, i trust trump, pompeo, bolton and nikki hal nikki haley more than berlin and the u.n. and team obama. if i want my country to keep me safe, it's okay. i elected them to pull out of this deal.
9:24 am
it's a bad deal. we can get a better one maybe. >> i have a feeling she disagrees with you. >> look, i will say this is a complicated situation. that's why you're seeing condoleezza rice and john kerry having two very different opinions on this. ultimately this is a complicated deal that put together the united states and the european and russian and china, which is a difficult coalition to put together. before we jump to conclusions here and try to make a hasty decision, it needs to be well-thought out. >> nobody is making a hasty decision. this is something the president has considered a year. he's looked at it and told the europeans they have to do a better job. the biggest question out of the intelligence, that the israelis took out of tehran is, if they were really -- if the iranians were intent on sticking to the program and not reuping their program after the sunset clause, which we all said is terrible, why did they continue to move around this information inside
9:25 am
tehran to secret locations if they weren't planning on using it again once the deal expired? that goes to the intent of what they're in there for. >> how do you sneak a half a ton of documents out of iran anyway? anyone have any idea? >> a movie of the future. >> it's amazing to know what we know now and look back at all the years in president obama and look at what we were told them. >> so shocking that islamic idealogs wants to wipes off the map. >> and that was the warning to nikki haley when she took the job. now a new report on voting records at the world body spells out exactly who is in america's corner and who isn't. will she hold them accountable. plus, tough talk from the governor of california about
9:26 am
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>> fox news alert. president trump's attorney is responding to allegations of the president's former doctor. he said a body guard raided his office and took all of his medical records. president trump's attorney said that dr. borenstein voluntarily turned over the records. the hand-off that occurred over a year ago was peaceful, cooperative and cordial. prior to turning over the records, the doctor was informed of the reasons for the request and willingly complied. we'll keep you updated.
9:31 am
meanwhile, california's democratic governor jerry brown getting testy when asked about the remarks on the migrant caravan at the state's border. the vice president said open border advocates were exploiting the migrants in the caravan. >> the vice president said the border is a problem in that particular area for the whole country. >> i think pence is a problem for the whole country. >> homeland security chair mike mccall wants to raise the threshold for those psyching asylum in the u.s. >> the bill that i filed with the judiciary raises a higher threshold and burden of proof when it comes to claim asylum in the united states. right now the standard is very low. they know that. to get around that, the cartel is teaching them these magic
9:32 am
words. once they say that, they're allowed under current law to stay in the united states. that's why congress needs to act. >> what do you think about that? raising the threshold for asylum. >> i agree. the intend of this migrant caravan was to bring awareness to this trip, right? what it has brought awareness to is the loop holes in the border, whether it's catch and release and how the folks released come back for hearing dates. the asylum claim is very broad. most of these people are allowed to come to the united states? so president as he does, finds one issue or one moment in this case a caravan, and says this type of stuff shouldn't happen. he tweets about it continually over weeks. a show down ensued. we learn about things we don't otherwise know. the population is educated. you choose. you want open borders or
9:33 am
security borders donald trump. if we litigate on that, the conservatives and the republicans are in good shape. >> what about that war of words? that got heated. to have the governor of california to respond saying pence is a problem for the country. >> he said that the vice president is a larger problem for the country than the illegal alien migrant caravan. last time i checked, mike pence is not here illegally or part of ms-13. if you look at the map, most of them are from honduras. they went all the way west to get to california because jerry brown has sympathy for them. it's a sanctuary state. they know there's no consequences there. >> a great point.
9:34 am
you talk about what we learned as a result of this exercise. you saw the other people camped there, waiting to come in pushed aside when this group got there. the idea that this caravan, they're not alone, they -- looks like a mess and to my mind lends credence to the argument that we need more people down there processing, stronger border control, better rules. overall reform. it's not i don't want to see deserving people to come to this country. i'm afraid of who is lying and coming in improperly. we want to let people in the right way and there's a lot of people waiting legally for a long time doing at this time right way who are very frustrated. >> you look at politically how this is so big. president trump, he was tweeting about it, following this caravan. he brought a lot of attention to it. the first time we've seen a caravan like this come to the border. the president has taken keen interest in this. is it may be backfire ago little
9:35 am
bit? >> it may be backfiring a little bit but we all want stronger borders. that is a bipartisan -- >> i don't think so. some people are committed and some respect. >> i think the majority of democrats in america and republicans in america collectively want a stronger border. at the same time, these people seeking asylum. they're trying to keep their families safe. we have to have some compassion and humanity. >> and children are the easiest way to get in. >> they're trying to get rid of a dangerous sid. >> there's one kid and -- >> vice president pence's point is they're making a dangerous trip to get them. he called them the victim. >> it's interesting. i hear what you're saying. why not do to arizona? once you're in safety in new mexico -- >> yeah. >> i don't have the answer. i don't know the answer. >> if you're trying to keep your
9:36 am
family safe, you have to get across the border. >> this is not ending. they're still there. moving on now, u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley warned nations that the trump administration would hold anybody accountable that didn't support the united states. >> in a way to show value is to show strength, show our voice, have the backs of our allies and make sure that our allies have our back as well. for those that don't have our back, we're taking names. >> now a newly released annual state department report on voting records at the voting body indicates member states voted were the u.s. 31% of the time last year. down 10% from the previous use. haley slamming that number saying this is not an acceptable return on our investment. when we arrived at the u.n., we said we would be taking names. this list speaks for itself.
9:37 am
president trump wants to make sure our dollars always serve american interests. pete, isn't nikki haley sending a message it's better to be an ally of the united states than a foe? >> yes. and a lot of people voting against the united states and our interest. we have a permanent security council that includes russia and china. i've argued a long time the u.n. is irrelevant, outdated, turned around against western interests. small countries gang up on us and we pay for it. president understands this. nikki haley does, too. it's america first foreign policy there. not as many people vote with us. we should be bold about calling them out and nikki haley is doing that. >> isn't it okay to ask for more support? 30% is a failing grade. >> this may surprise you, but i'm in agreeance with nikki haley. she's doing an incredible jerry brown at the u.n.
9:38 am
secondly, yes, this is something that frustrates americans. we see how much money we pour into this and don't get the rate of return. on this issue, i'm going to agree. >> i wonder if there's a way to reform rather than doing away with it? we universally see the body. with very a place to go talk and we don't all end up in another world war. is there a way to achieve that mission more efficiently rather than an outdated organization? i think about nato. the president said maybe we'll pull out. it's enough to scare people to contributing. is there a way to have the same reform in the u.n.? >> nato is an alliance. turkey no longer reflects the values. they won't contribute. i don't want to contribute article 5 to fight with them. the u.n., there's no litmus test for entry. communists, socialists, governments that oppress their
9:39 am
people and they get an equal vote ago we do? a democracy that brings like-minded, freedom-loving countries together to do the right thing is far more valuable. >> you like what nikki haley is doing? >> yes. she's done a fantastic job. absolutely. >> she's been a surprise hit of this separation, i'd say. a surprise out of the gate and just -- all sides have thought she's phenomenal. >> she's doing a great job and i'm sure she will hold them accountable. gop senate candidates trading barbs ahead of the primary. the biggest target, joe manchin. how will this play out and which candidate proves he can take on manchin? reaction ahead. mom? dad? hi!
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>> more breaking news coming in. fox news has confirmed that ty cobb is out as the president's in-house russia counsel and flood is joining the team. fox news has confirmed this just a moments ago. comes on heels of the reports of "the new york times" in a phone interview, mr. cobb said he wanted to retire. he said he planned to stay at the white house through the end of the month. the president planning to hire emmett flood. he represented bill clinton in his impeachment. ty cobb is gone.
9:45 am
open this up to the couch. >> the president is going in the swamp to fight the swamp. he realizes he has to have insiders to fight back against what bob mueller is tempting to do. he work for different sides. it's an indication that the strategy in the white house is turning and you're aligning the personnel to fit the strategy. from what others have mentioned, sounds like it's an more aggressive approach. >> and according to "the new york times," mr. flood is expected to take a more adversarial approach than mr. cobb. >> absolutely. that makes a lot of sense of where and when he's coming in. they also indicated -- he was the lead lawyer for the white house during george w. bush's term when seven attorneys general were dismissed. gives you an indication between
9:46 am
that and his work on impeachment that he deals with the powers of the president and where they lie and that is the tact they're looking at, which goes a lot with a great editorial kim strassel wrote. >> he will be able to defend the president against those questions that we saw about why he decided to fire james comey, what his thinking was around that, why he decided to maybe think about firing the special counsel. i mean, some of those questions about what he thought about were out of bounds and this new attorney can talk about that. this indicates to me that things are heating up with the special counsel behind the scenes for sure. interesting today, there was a report out from abc new showing that ty cobb had said that an interview with robert mueller was not off the table. we'll see if that changes now that he's no longer going to be working on the president's
9:47 am
behalf. new terms and certainly a different approach for sure. >> emmett flood is one of the most well-represented attorneys in the business. he's work on democrat, republican, both sides. high stakes. this is a sign that the mueller investigation is heating up, trump is consistently reshuffling in his team and putting in people with experience. >> i have a small alternate theory. with john bolton in, might be one too many mustaches. >> probably true. >> possible. >> or join ago club. >> we're going to jump in here with breaking news on the cargo plane that we told you crashed. some images coming in to the newsroom on that right now. it's now confirmed -- unbelievable footage there. it's confirmed via air force officials that an air force air national guard c-130 cargo plane
9:48 am
has crashed in georgia. that is their confirmation and their statement at this time. they also say no additional info is available at this time. this is a breaking news story we're following this afternoon. any additional details on that we'll bring to you as we get it. melissa? >> we heard reported before there were five people on board. we're looking for confirmation of that, this is highway 21, hilton head international airport. >> we -- i spent a lot of time in c-130s. it's been around for decades and decades. hopefully this is not a maintenance issue. we don't know anything. >> we'll have more in a few minutes. we'll be right back.
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>> we have more news coming in on white house lawyer ty cobb. we confirmed that he is out. emmett flood is in. joining the white house team. this statement just coming in from the white house on the retirement of ty cobb. this is sarah sanders saying "for several weeks, ty cobb has been discussing his retirement and last week he let chief of staff kelly know he would retire at the end of this month."
9:53 am
ty cobb was the president's in-house counsel and replaced by emmett flood. veteran lawyer that represented bill clinton in his impeachment. >> and now the other networks will go wall to wall saying the president hired an impeachment later. that's what's happening. so now the president needs something that -- somebody that has been there before and can fight back and probably more, as you alluded to katie before, maybe more in tune with the president's thinking of how he wants to fight this. you have to have a lawyer on your side. >> you said earlier, this is a sign that things are heating up with the mueller investigation. >> if you're bringing in a guy that had to defend bill clinton in a serious case in the 90s with a special counsel, things
9:54 am
are probably heating up as we've seen with the questions leaked out yesterday. they're getting to that point and with ty cobb saying in a report today the attorney who is now leaving the president's legal team, that interview with robert mueller is still on the table. they have a lot to prepare for. i want to say in march "the new york times" reported the president was considering hiring emmett flood. he said the failing "new york times" wrote a false story saying i'm unhappy with my legal team. wrong. i'm very happy with my lawyers. they're doing a great job. so maybe at that moment in march he was happy with them but the story played out to be true. >> in his situation right now, he needs somebody with a lot of experience working on -- obviously worked with president clinton on impeachment. worked in the bush administration. you want somebody that knows the swamp.
9:55 am
you can't take any chances or risks. we talked about it on the couch, being the president's attorney is exhausting. i'm sure that ty cobb is ready just to move on and -- >> we're all ready to move on from this. jeez! >> i want to ask you a question. we talked about it. looking at the questions that were leaked and -- we're hearing not necessarily by bob mueller. do the dots look like collusion still to you or does it look like obstruction? >> full circle. >> it's important on this. >> academic to his legal team. >> absolutely. i think robert mueller is going about this in a very crafty way. he's putting together a narrative that would lean towards either obstruction of justice and/or collusion. we have to -- >> let's not forget that democrats have said if they regain the house, they want to impeach the president. >> not all democrats. some. >> maybe the president is saying if we lose -- >> yeah, that's at stake.
9:56 am
>> i don't think democrats should be focusing on impeachment until the mueller investigation is complete. >> breaking news. we got a lot of it this hour. stay tuned. we'll be back. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. . alright, i brought in new max protein give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. gacan start in the colon, n, and diarrhea
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10:00 am
>> we start by saluting and end by that. we love america. >> amen, god bless. >> sandra: thank you all. we'll be back tomorrow. now melissa francis in for harris. >> melissa: fox news alert. a big shakeup in the president's legal team after another dramatic turn in the russia probe. welcome to "outnumbered overtime." i'm melissa francis in for harris faulkner. breaking minutes ago, fox news confirming that ty cobb is out as the president's in-house russia counsel. all this after fox news learned that the special counsel robert mueller raised the possibility of a subpoena if president trump refuses to speak to his team. the white house had this response to the latest speculation swirling around the probe a short while ago. >> there have been a lot of rumor, innuendo and a lot of stories out there that just don't add up. the fact is we have been absolutely cooperative and transparent with the special investigation. the president has bee


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