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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 21, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you. >> one to have reasons i made the most important decisions of my life to marry george bush is because he made me laugh, that shared laughter has been one to have strongest bond, find the joy in life because as farah bueler said, life moves pretty fast and you don't stop and look once in a while, you will miss it. shepard: today celebrating her life with brit hume and dana
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perino, we are continuing coverage on fox news. she would have wanted this to be about literature. there's no doubt about it. that was her platform. >> she was really -- she loved fiction, she loved all books and reading, she did feel like you couldn't participate in life or american dream if you could not read and write and dedicated her life to it, the literacy not only did it raise a lot of money and provided a lot of books, they called her enforcer, that there were metrics and measures and had to be met. scientific the way they figured out how best to teach adults especially how to read. how to make sure that those adults bring books into the home. she thought it was important to help with creativity, humanity and compassion. so many people do love to read but she really was forceful
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about that and i think that the family very much continues to have that legacy move on and to grow. it is not going to end with barbara bush. >> you know, a year ago, last december, president bush 41 wanted to do something special for the 75 anniversary of pearl harbor and so they had an event over here at the library in college station, texas, they asked me to mc part of it which i was honored to do and the night before there was a dinner and cocktail party, honoring senator dole, of course, noted world war ii veteran, mrs. bush wasn't there, right, why, literacy event with her son neil that night, she was coming in the morning as, indeed, she did. sense of commitment. shepard: and to family, and i wonder, brit, back during his presidency, bush the 41st became
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jokes and i wondered if barbara bush took that sort of thing in stride or if she was a little bit -- >> she was fiercely protective of her family and every member of it and i always had the feeling, shep, where he was concerned that she never could quite get enough of him. she in her view and the view of many others as well, he was such a great guy and kind and charming and adored him and that he was spread pretty thin in the life that he lived and all kinds of people turned in the doorstep and not all of them thought mrs. bush were suitable company but nonetheless she was always gracious, i had the feeling, you know, when he was really catching it as president that she was -- she was good humor about it as he was and the dana thing, he appeared with dana -- shepard: embraced it. >> that's the best way to handle something like that.
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not going to do it. shepard: looking back at it -- that's great. they did love kenny. >> marilyn fitswater was press secretary for reagan and then bush, he told me she lived life of purpose, everything you asked her to do, you would have to as staffer explain why does this matter, why are we doing this, i'm not going to do interviews, i'm not going to sit there for no reason, why are we doing this, who are helping today, why does it matter, that is actually very interesting. if you're spread very thin, a lot of working moms out there, if you're trying to figure it all out, making that question be answered by people who are asking things of you, i think that was really interesting. you played the sound bite over speech -- shepard: part of it. >> i don't exactly remember but i was reading that that speech was actually very controversial. >> it was, yeah.
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>> they thought she was going to get protested and booed. >> a letter with a big number of faculty members object to go her coming because she did not in their view symbolize -- >> she had not done anything to earn that. she turned it around. shepard: with sentiment. >> one of the things she said, everybody can choose. there's a lot of different ways that you can spend your life and she had chosen to spend it how she did. >> you could choose like the life you like to live. >> her mother was not a joyful person and that she wanted to live that way, but the other thing she did was smart and said i'm sure somebody in the future will be at the white house -- listen. >> who knows somewhere out in this audience may even be someone who will one they follow
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in my food -- footsteps and preside over the white house as the president's spouse and i wish him well. [cheers and applause] >> you talk about tone perfect. >> who was the speech writer? you know what he said, that was her line. shepard: really? you always give the person delivering -- >> you could almost hear her saying something like that. she did try to challenge you. part of what brit was saying she had high standards of people and you weren't exactly sure where the standards were, she did make you want to be a better person, right, stand up a little taller, speak more clearly and be understood and be kind. manners were a big thing. >> manners was a big thing, gratitude, no whining, all that, those are good values to to the extent they were received --
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shepard: if you're lucky enough to visit white house, they take everything else, the home takes characteristic of parent in charge, bush 41 white house was run very, very efficiently. i remember when the news conferences begin, if they were to begin at 4 minutes after 1:00, they began promptly. >> the service started on time and was 10 minutes early. >> 43 was the same way. shepard: yes. [laughter] >> i remember the scene, inauguration scene when they got out of the car and got together, i was sitting on a flat-bed truck. i was working for nbc news at the time. i covered the campaign. it was never -- it was not scripted or anticipated that they would get out of the car as you see them doing there and waving. he said, what do you think they will do next, i didn't know what to say, they might stop and get
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a pizza, unfortunately he thought it was funny. [laughter] >> i kept my job another day. >> another thing that marilyn said, this is for years ago for me when i worked if. >> that their son george w. bush, his approval ratings were day down and in 2007i invited my staff to come to the house for a little dinner and i asked all of them to read marilyn fitswater's book, it's really one to have best political memoirs i have ever read and at that dinner, one of the things he said to all of us, on january 20th, 1993, that they all left the white house with their heads hanging pretty low and that he never anticipated that he would live to see the day that george h.w. bush would be thought as fondly as he is today. thankfully that wasn't the case, time has a way of changing perspectives and allowing a little bit of distance so that now george h.w. bush certainly one of the most admired people
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not only in in the country but the world, you look at the partnership that they've had and you can't think it's not impossible to have that kind of relationship or commitment to another person in today's day and age. it actually can work and fruitful in a lot of ways. yes. >> in this age of infidelity, people look at that and admire that. you think about why he is so admired today and she, of course, perhaps not in the way when he was left office, character endures, people see it and at the end they admire it. shepard: you talked about that day on january 10th, later when bush the 43rd was transitioning to barack obama, it was the last day of them, we were all working in the press room at the white house and unannounced with no fanfare and with no guides bush the 41st and his wife barbara
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came through that back door in the old press briefing room and sneaked in and george said i wanted to tell all of you good-bye, i'm not sure if we will ever be back in the building, a few minutes if you have the time and they wandered around and spoke to each person who had been antiganizer, asked me about my father, humble and welcoming and normal as you can imagine. >> part of the gracious -- you always seem to remember things like about your dad. shepard: they did. how is your father in oxford? >> i remember i got the loveliest note from bush 41 and a phone call after my son died and i said to him, i said to him, his mother is not doing too well, would you give her a call. he didn't know her well but he did it. that's the way they were. shepard: they reached out a lot in ways personally, did they
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not? >> a lot of way that is we would never even talk about or sometimes not even know about. i think about how hard it was for them to see the criticism of their children because when you're in the white house and you're the president you sort of expect the criticism, now the spouse is different, of course, you feel a little bit different but when it's your children it seems to hurt even more especially 41, it hurt him -- it hurt him deeply, but then there was the humor, one of the things you talk about the 41 would come to visit george h.w. bush and lawyer -- laura bush quite a bit and would like to walk up to press secretary's office and yell is the boss in. i didn't know who it was once, can you tell him to hold on, i'm on the phone with karl rove. he said, oh, i love a name dropper. [laughter] shepard: was she a worrier?
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>> i don't think so. shepard: i wondered in the days after 9/11, her son stood up they will all hear us soon, if that period which was just impossible for anybody to process if she was a worried mom. >> i'm sure she had to be, shep, to some extent. as pointed out here, they felt acutely the pressures on their kids and, in fact, 43 used to say that when his father was catching it, when he was president, that bothered him a whole lot more than it bothered him than he was president but bothered his father more. that's how they were. i'm sure she worried. you sensed here today in the service and what was said about her and the service itself that she was a person of bedrock faith, enduring faith and she believed that she's going to see robin again, that she's going to see her late parents and all the rest and -- and -- she was very practical because -- and i'm a
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worry ward, worry doesn't get you anywhere. if you're word about something what can you do practically about it today? she we wanted to make sure that her children had what they needed to make good decisions. she did not want to be the parent or boss because i consider a boss that she wouldn't tell you how to do it, she would want you to have the best decision-making skills in order to do that. shepard: you mentioned faith and i thought it was interesting that jeb bush had quoted his mother in her final days assaying i believe in jesus, he's my savior, i don't want to leave your father but i am going to be in a better place. >> you know, that's one of those things that you always may say to yourself, when the moment comes, my father use today say, i'm not afraid to die but please not today. [laughter] shepard: pastor said a while ago before the service, i can't imagine god raining on barbara
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time. this turned out to be a famous photographs as so many are and you attended the funeral, keeping an eye dry is not something that you were known for. >> it's couple, the last couple of days have been tough seeing -- at the beginning, first of all, the celebration, we a lot of people we hadn't seen, a lot of people from the white house, a lot of hugging and people started to cry. for me the very beginning when the music started playing i was starting to lose it but i always remembered mrs. bush always saying, you know, no weeping, no weeping and i tried to hold it back but then at the end when i saw president bush going out smiling and waving, that pushed me over the edge. shepard: i don't know if the viewers were able to see that, just over our shoulders here and
11:20 am
as they wheeled the casket out. president bush 41st, 92 year's old smiling ear to ear and waving to old friends and people who loved his wife. it was really uplifting, it really was. >> yeah, you know -- shepard: i have no excuses. >> really, absolutely, but you know, when you talk about the bush family, you can talk about the faith, you can talk about their family and you can talk about their friends and there were thousands of them and many of them here today and mrs. bush was a woman of faith and it's nice to know that she's now with her daughter robin and, you know, some day we will all be there. it'll be interesting to see when 41 gets there.
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shepard: i wanted to show some of the pictures that you took over the years, 65,000 pictures across 50 states, 75 countries and 2 million miles. >> 65,000 rolls. shepard: 65,000 rolls. famous one. >> yeah, mrs. bush came out to greet him, we had just gone in to begin the summer vacation and i saw that moment and it just really touched me and the last couple of days i've seen that image pop up in the news and i almost have to turn away because i can't look at it, it just breaks my heart. shepard: when and where was she at her happiest, at her best, mrs. bush? >> you know, she loved to garden and she had a garden out in front of the house at walker's point. she loved to do that. they seemed to have a lot of joy
11:22 am
with the grandchildren. i took a photo of them in bed with the grandchildren one time and it was actually her idea, she said, come on by one morning about 6:00 o'clock in the morning and see what happens and i got there and sat on the end of the bed and the grandchildren started coming in and i stood up and snapped a few photos and ran two full pages in life magazine. shepard: wow, so this isn't the kind of thing they would stage, that's real life. >> that's every morning. shepard: every morning. that makes me tired. >> i know, i know. it was her idea, but we got up and went out there and that was real. you know, every photo i took was real and -- and they were just a wonderful family, still are, fun
11:23 am
experience that i had decades later george. bush, the texas land commissioner, i worked with his campaign and took his photos and i would say de javu, years ago i took photo of his grandfather and i was blessed, truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with them and i'm a guy from alice, texas and to work from alice, texas to the white house and -- and a lot of people said, well, how did you get there and why you and i will never forget the beginning of the gulf war, there was a lot of tension, you know, the president had been the youngers navy fighter pilot in world war ii and shot down and lost crew members, now his commander in chief he was getting ready to go to war and it weighed heavily on him but as a man of faith he had billy
11:24 am
graham there and a couple of -- myself and other staff members in the oval office had an opportunity to pray for the president, for the military, for the people of kuwait and a lot of times, i think, you know, maybe that was the reason why a guy from alice, texas got all the way to the white house, maybe it is, i don't know. shepard: mille was a big part of their lives, wasn't it? >> well, you know, the one thing about mille, mille wrote this famous book and mille's book. shepard: the first of its kind with first ladies and dogs. >> right, the funny thing about it is it became number one in the new york time's best seller and intimidated the president. he said i could never write a book because what if i don't make number one in "the new york times". shepard: where's the place that you went and took iconic image that mrs. bush just loved?
11:25 am
>> well, you know, literally my very first day on the job, we were down in florida, december 1983 because i worked for the vice president also, and jeb was there and brought his new son jeb, jr. by, the vice president's suit, hotel suit and hands baby over to gampy and i'm looking around and took some pictures, i received a note from barbara bush a few weeks later saying i loved the pictures you took of gampy and jeby, as long as you take pictures of my grandchildren, you can go anywhere and do whatever you want to do, so i was golden. shepard: what an experience to have someone like david valdez to snap your grandkids all of the time. >> yeah, it was a lot of fun. shepard: great to see you and i wish for you all the best and thanks so much for history you've left us with. >> oh, yeah, it's all at the bush presidential library. shepard: great place to visit in
11:26 am
college station if you ever find yourself in that part of east, texas, go ahead, check it out. >> thank you very much. shepard: all the best. >> thank you. shepard: coverage on fox news channel celebrating the life of first lady barbara bush. >> i was very happy in the white house, very happy, we had grandchildren, it was great, you could hear them swimming and you could hear them outside, you could hear them riding bikes, we were lucky because we had laura and george very often there and we had marvin children, i never forget little walker, practically brand-new speaking in the lincoln bedroom, little-itty-bitty thing but it was a wonderful time for me.
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>> barbara bush was the first lady of the greatest generation. it is a fiancee and wife of world war ii naval aviator she waited and prayed, during the night she worked in bolts factory and joined george w. bush in post war texas moving to odessa in 194870 summers ago. shepard: presidential historian as the celebration of the life of barbara bush. let's go to clark, speech writer , barbara bush had the last say over the speeches and she and her husband were like a comedy team, a comedy team how
11:32 am
so? >> when i went to work for them it was november '86 and they -- they had a christmas party a few months later, a couple months later, of course. it was in the vice presidential mansion and she got up and started making from staircase a few remarksmark to -- remarks fe and worked as a fair, that was the first time i had seen them in person. you could see right then that this was a couple that worked seamlessly together and speech writing, she sat me down in the plane one day and for half an hour she went over what she
11:33 am
thought make a good speech, what to keep in mind, what not to do, what to do, she liked -- you mentioned that that she didn't like things to go too long, jeb, said something about that in his eulogy. when he received cards and speeches came on large cards which he could hold tat podium, he'd wave them and say a little heavy clark, and that's part of how they both were, humor was clear about what they wanted and very clear about what they stood for, you mentioned compassion and particularly that wonderful story that john meachum told about sitting -- about being with the man mrs. bush, being with the man had overcome literacy and had she had worked
11:34 am
with him and so many others and finally he could do it in front of an audience. well, that's very similar to a story about him that he used to tell, a man in his company and man developed and bad problem and had to be let go. the future president went with that man to alcoholic anonymous meetings for a long, long time. shepard: went with him. >> personally went with him until the man was overcoming his -- his alcoholism. these are the kinds -- this is the kind of people they were, they are, he is and -- and just deeply compassionate, deeply very humorous, strong sense of purpose, of mission, deep love
11:35 am
of the country, what does it take to go -- he went off to war and my father was a naval aviator, i know these people, he was the youngers to ever went -- who went in to naval aviation, and these are the kinds of people who stood for country all the way through and never, never waived from that, stood for the family, built their family as we've heard but the family reflected their families and it's fantastic thing. it's very sad day but it's also a joyful day. shepard: clark judge, a speech writer and special assistant to the president when he was the vice president back in the day, great, to talk to you, thank you so much. >> good to talk to you.
11:36 am
shepard: as important as obligations are as daughter or lawyer, as important as all of those will be, you're a human being first and those human connections with spouses, with children, with friends are the most important investment you'll ever make. our coverage of her life continues after this. in fact, barbara perry is with us, she coeded a book and got a chance to meet barbara bush including about six months ago, professor perry is also director of presidential studies at the university virginia miller center, written books on topics including presidents and first ladies and today we celebrate. thank you again. >> great to be with you, shepard. shepard: what else about today would she have found especially
11:37 am
pleasing? >> the gathering of so many people and to remember the serious side of barbara bush which was, of course, the first lady of the land and the mother of another president as we have said several times today and the serious sad -- side and the sad side and her relationship with george bush, losing their daughter robin to leukemia in 1953. i think she would have appreciated that but she also would have loved the humor and she would have loved the low-key religiousty to celebrate her life. you ran a little bit earlier when she was quoted assaying, i don't fear death and she had this great belief that she would see her parents in the afterlife and she would see her daughter she lost. that is just -- it's such a
11:38 am
faithful comment for someone who lived a long life young. when someone dies young, it's different. but they were, indeed, going onto a better place. i think she would have appreciated that and i think that one thing i saw from her at the library last fall was that her grandchildren came back and they did a panel for her and as she came out on her little scooter into the auditorium she turned towards the audience and said, i think they are going to say mean things about me so she knew that she had that way that they were always teasing each other but i think she would have been so proud today and i'd like to thank from above she's proud to see that her granddaughters read from proverbs, the beautiful lines from proverbs and to see handsome grandsons carry her casket out of the church, what a proud moment for her and the president. shepard: well, it's good to talk to you professor perry. thank you so much. we need to get to a commercial
11:39 am
break but i do want to share one quote from mrs. bush that she gave regarding elderly life and she gave this quote recently for the quarterly edition for the magazine of her smith college and in it she said, i'm still old and still in love with the man i married 78 years ago, very active in my foundation, the barbara bush foundation for family literacy as is george and his points of light, all our children are working and serving others in their own way along with my 17 grandchildren. i'm very proud of them. celebrating the life of barbara bush after this. >> you genuine and authentic from the best model of the war, by the way, she was beautiful till the day she died. her hugging of hiv patient at a time when her own mother wouldn't do it, her standing by
11:40 am
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leo, i knoh!i'm late. my wallet! card lock from capital one. instantly lock your credit card. in case it goes... arrivederci. mona! that smile. technology this convenient... could make history. what's in your wallet? >> early on i made another choice which i hope you'll make as well, whether you're talking about education, career or service, you're talking about life and life really must have joy. it's supposed to be fun. shepard: it's supposed to be fun. let's bring in michael barns, former policy adviser. photo of him from the year 2003 with the then president and first lady, michael says the bush family loved working with young people and finding opportunity for them to serve and he joins us now from washington. michael, nice to see you, thank
11:45 am
you. >> great to be here. shepard: they both believed -- you have to get the young ones, there's a delay and it's cumbersome, it's a lot, that said you both believe you have to get the young ones involved so they understand how to do earlier, how do that do i that? >> the opportunity i had to serve in the administration just straight out of law school, for example, was a way that they were able to give opportunities through political process and through service in government and, you know, what drew me into the bush 43 administration was this notion of compassionate conservatism and make reference that preserved conservative values and safety net. as we see today the memories of barbara bush, it's clear to me now that her principles of compassion really formed the basis of that notion of compassionate conservatism that bush 43 campaigned on in the
11:46 am
year 2000 and if we think about he is legacy now, today one of the biggest legacy is president's commission for aids relief in africa and we heard today the reference to barbara bush having hugged people who had hiv and we also know that she talked about her own depression and that was a time that both of the conditions were stigmatize and we heard mrs. baker how she opened residence to deal with homelessness, unpopular positions and she was the one that formed the basis of the notion of compassionate conservatism that i hope will continue far into the future. shepard: and i know she joined a book club or she came in for the book club's meeting back in 2003 and you got to ask her a question, i'm short on time but tell me about it. >> what she thought about the idea of being first woman to be the wife to a president but also to mother to two presidents, she gave the line that i think she
11:47 am
gave for 12 more years thereafter, there have been enough bush's in the white house, jeb resented the comment. shepard: michael barns here from washington news room. thank you, the life of barbara bush continues after this.
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>> the truth is the white house itself is so well organized that it's pretty hard to make too many mistakes other than just my mouth. [laughter] shepard: bret baier was around for a lot of those days, chief anchor of special report up in washington. i wonder how she was with you, bret, personally. >> i last saw her during partial solar eclipse and she just exuded the same kind of cracking jokes, you know, giving everybody a little bit of brief about one thing or another but was always lovely to me directly. a couple of things i want to
11:52 am
point out, shep, one is the socks of h.w. bush, president 41 at the service, he would like to wear different kinds of socks, the socks have books on them in honor of literacy for now his late wife and honor of the $110 million plus she's raised over the course of 30 years for the barbara bush foundation for family literacy, i thought that was interesting, and last thing first lady melania trump in attendance of this ceremony sitting next to president obama and mrs. obama. she brought with her two members to have white house resident staff, george haney, former head and buddy carter, the usher, current you -- curber and she kw melania trump, the first lady knew how much they loved the staff and the staff loved them so they were her official guests to the funeral. shep. shepard: often the first lady is
11:53 am
the one who kind of runs the house and i wondered compare today some others was she into it or was she busy with literacy projects or how did that go? >> no, listen, the staff always talked fondly about the bush's, of all the families that some of those staff members reflect on, they reflect positively on 41's presidency, there was this sense that they just loved the people who worked for them and she mentioned it a lot. so i think that that -- that white house was in particular one that the staff reflected on and as you are looking at this -- this effort to bring her remains to college station and as they pull up there, the presidential library where she will be layed to rest, she will obviously be layed rest next to her husband but also as we referenced earlier, robin, 3-year-old daughter who died in
11:54 am
1953. shepard: lots of love sent to them from aggie nation. bret, we will see you monday night at 6:00 if not before, thank you. >> all right, shep. shepard: brit and dana are back. john micham called her the first lady of the generation and he and she were products of the generation. >> i think so because there's a set of values, duty on country that that generation embodied and demonstrated in world war ii, the selflessness to sacrifice. i always noticed about those veterans who came back from that war that they didn't really want to talk about it, they didn't glory in it, they were like he was, he we wanted to get home, he shot down, nearly killed and went to near-death experience,
11:55 am
rescued on submarine, he we wanted to get back to her and he never gloried in that. it's not the way -- it was unselfishness and calling her the first lady of the greatest generation is a nice touch by john meachum. shepard: i agree. >> i think the scope and scale of her life is what i'm taken away by today. he's the matriarch of founding partner and political family, the public service goes over and beyond and also i get the feeling, brit, what you were just saying, he wanted to get home to her, they leave the east coast and come to texas and he -- i remember one of those stories, she's taking care of george w., 41 goes to work and he's painting oil barrels and a guy walks by, one of the foremanman and says, so are you
11:56 am
a college man, well, yes, sir, where did you go, he says, sir, i went to yale, the guy said, never heard of it. [laughter] >> and they always sort of remembered. they didn't use their upbringing in any way, they just worked really hard as a partnership. >> think of the risks that were taken, shep, he's a blue-blood aristocrat from connecticut and her from new york. he could have stayed there and done almost everything out of yale. he takes off to midland, texas in the middle of nowhere then to work in the oil business as they call it around here and he basically made a go of it, she was with him every step of the way and they retained all their friends and values that they grew up with but they weren't afraid to strike out on their own as they did and make it on their own as they did. shepard: and really embrace texas and man has texas has embraced them. they are without equal around here especially when you get
11:57 am
over to college station. >> and especially if you remember -- we haven't passed the year mark of the hurricane that came through houston, the first thing that she and laura bush was join together to try to figure out a pay to repurpose all of the libraries here with the books that they would need so that children could read. >> and if you don't -- if you doubt that the bush's came full texans, just look at george w. shepard: they really came together in a way that was inspiring for me and reminded me -- if we can, this is thousand families ought to be together in sadness. >> that's right. we feel like the nation has lost a great lady and it has but i think the more -- the more appropriate feeling is this was a wonderful person who lived 92 years and we were blessed to have her as long as we did. shepard: and lived well. dana, great to see you.
11:58 am
brit. >> good to see you in person even. shepard: i think barbara bush would probably say now it's time to move on. [laughter] shepard: and we will, there's lots of news across the country. we will have that for you, we will update you on the weather which has just turned rainy, they waited for it to make it to college station before it did. i'm shepard smith in houston. to all at fox news, thank you so much. we will see you soon. ♪ >> a capable wife who can find, she's far more precious than jewels, the heart of her husband trust in her and he will have no lack in gain. she does him good and not harm all of the days-her life. ♪ >> known as barbara, bar, mom,
11:59 am
as mother, as ganny, the silver fox and enforcer, she was candid in comforting steadfast and straight-forward, honest and loveing. ♪ ♪ >> barbara's motivation to help others was never about herself, but about giving love and support to those in deed. >> the last time i was with her i asked her about dying, was she ready to go, was she sad, without missing a beat she said, jeb, i believe in jesus and he is my savior, i don't want to leaf your dad but i know i will be in a beautiful place. >> not to grieve but rejoice, as we leave we will sin barbara's choice, joyful, joyful we adore
12:00 pm
thee. barbara would like us to celebrate her next great chapter. ♪ ♪ >> paul: welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. the comey memos were turned over to congress late thursday detailing a series of encounters before the former fbi director and president trump in the months leading up to mr. comey's firing. this comes amid news that andrew mccabe was referred to the u.s. attorney's office in washington for possible criminal prosecution after the inspector general determined he lied to investigators. comey responded to the inspector general's findings this week on his book tour. >> good people lie. i lay out in the


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