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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 18, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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billion of imbalance. it's not right. so hopefully the world "reciprocal" is the primary word we use. we use that with every nation now. the united states has not been properly led on trade. our people have let us down, whether it's our presidents or people. so free, fair and reciprocal. we have all agreed to that. it's very important. thank you very much. thank you. >> [question inaudible] >> i think mike pompeo was extraordinary. number 1 at westpoint, top at harvard. a great gentleman. i think he will go down as a great secretary of state. i will say this about rand paul.
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he's never let me down. rand paul is a very special guy as far as i'm concerned. he's never let me down. i don't think he will let us down again. let's see what happens. if you remember, he voted for healthcare and did us a big favor. it was somebody else that voted against us that hurt us. i have a lot of confidence in rand but a great deal of confidence in mike pompeo. he will go down as one of the great secretary of states. by the way, he just left north korea. he had a great meeting with kim jong-un. got along with him really well, really great. he's that kind of a guy. he's very smart but gets along with people. so i think that mike will be in good shape. we'll see what happens. a lot of people are predicting other things. but i have a feeling it's going to work out very well and i think our country really needs him. he's going to be a great leader.
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thank you very much. >> shepard: that was interesting, wasn't it? it's about count two minutes after 3:00 in the afternoon. that was a lunch that has been delayed at the white house. i'm shepard from the news deck. that was a news conference, a get together following a lunch between the japanese prime minister and the united states president after a reported secret meeting between the cia director mike pompeo and the north korean dictator kim jong-un. here's what the president just said. he said that mike pompeo has just gotten back or just left north korea is what he said. he said that mike pompeo had a great meeting and that they're setting up this summit, if you will. it's the first -- this is the highest level contact between the north korean leadership and the united states leadership in the history of the two things.
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never at this high of level has there been contact. the president says that trade should be free, fair and reciprocal and that they're setting up this meeting that will happen, he says, between the north korean leader, kim jong-un, and president trump. yesterday he listed places where it might happen. we shall see. fox news confirmed the sit-down happened over easter weekend to talk about a possible summit between president trump and the north korean leader. president trump just said he got back. easter was awhile ago. some things lost in the tranlation there. the highest level contact since madeline albright might with kim jung il. mike pompeo was picked to replace rex tillerson. mike pompeo has to go through a confirmation process. he faces stiff opposition on capitol hill. you heard the main opposition,
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the president in the q&a after, said his name, republican rand paul of kentucky. he promised to vote against the cia director for secretary of state. now the president just applied an enormous amount of pressure and saying rand paul has never let him down. we'll see. during a joint news conference with shinzo abe yesterday, president trump said he will meet with the north korean dictator in early join. that is the latest. could happen before then but early june at the latest. he said there were five different locations that were possible, though that may have caught the white house by surprise. it would be the first time that a sitting american president has met with the north korean leader ever. just last summer, president trump was calling kim jong-un little rocket man and threatening fire and fury like the world has never seen. that was then, this is now as cavuto might say. kim was throwing around his own insults and threats.
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it's a new day. john roberts is live at the white house who is at the southern white house in the palm beaches. a little late but very interesting. >> it was, shep. it dovetails with everything that we've heard. the momentum between a potential superintendent met of kim jong-un is taking on. we're in the grand ball room where we're expecting later on today, 6:00 p.m., the president will come out with japanese prime minister shinzo abe to make statements and take a couple of questions, we hope. of course, one of those questions would probably be folsom where along the lines why did you send your cia director to north korea instead of your deputy secretary of state. could it be that mike pompeo was named the nominee to be secretary of state, that the president wanted an early start on what would be pompeo's tenure at the state department or as we heard, is the intelligence community taking the lead on all
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of this? the president very positive about the outcome of those easter meetings that pompeo had with kim jong-un tweeting this morning, mike pompeo met with kim jong-un in north korea last week. meeting went very smoothly. a good relationship was formed. details are being worked out. denuclearization will be a great thing for world and also for north korea. when he was sitting with prime minister abe yesterday after abe's arrival for the initial photo open, the president saying that they have been having direct talks with north korea. not alluding to the fact that it was the cia director and there was great respect and the president is expecting the good things will come out of this summit. if you talk about the fact that the president revealed yesterday that they have narrowed down the possible locations for a summit to five, one country that keeps coming up is vietnam. they had good relations with north korea until recently. maybe that's out.
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potentially singapore and other places. one of the problems is kim jong-un doesn't want to travel very far, shep. so the president may have to be the one who travels the great distance to meet with kim, which could be seen as a potential p.r. victory for kim. the white house aware of that as well. shep? >> shepard: john roberts in the ball room. thank you. let's turn to somebody who has met face to face with the north korean leader. bill richardson, ambassador to the u.n., met with the father, kim jung il and live on capitol hill. great to see you as always. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: big picture, what do you think of this? >> this is impressive. the cia is back sending somebody secretly. i think it's important here that the momentum keep going, that the summit will take place. the fact that kim jong-un is directly involved means that he's the nuclear negotiator. that's a positive development.
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in the past they had others. they were good but the fact that the top is looking at this summit seriously, meeting pompeo and the president has shown his trust in pompeo, he is, by the way, going to be secretary of state. what has been established here, shep -- >> shepard: he's only going to be secretary of state if he has the votes. >> i think he will be confirmed. >> shepard: i think he will, too. we'll see. >> the same time, the intelligence channel, the cia channel is the one that had the break-through in the summit, has been the unofficial channel of the united states talking to south korea and north korea. this is different. in the past it's been the state department. the new york channel. the state department in the new york channel. this is significant, too. pompeo, if he's confirmed, hopefully the state department will lead the negotiated through pompeo. what happens if the u.s.
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president and the north korean dictator get together, can't come up with a decision on what to do and things don't go well? >> well, that's not good. i think this summit, the reason i've supported it, things couldn't get worse in the korean peninsula. the fact that they had this meeting, pompeo and kim jong-un, sort of -- >> shepard: i can think of something worse with great respect, sir. i can think of something a lot worse. >> what you want to do is instead of from the bottom to the top, you want the top to the bottom to send a message to the peninsula, to the world, that some potential break through is possible. the worry it is is that the president won't be prepared. there's no secretary of state. we just got the national security adviser, no ambassador to south korea. things are moving in the right direction. early june, you know, that still has some time. the worry i have, shep is that overexpectations. north korea is not going to
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denuclearize. for us, denuclearization means they're going to dismantle their nuclear weapons. maybe they will limit them, curb the use of missiles, exports of chemical weapons to syria. so we've got three americans there. we should try to get them out. we have the remains of our soldiers from the korean war. get some of those remains back for their families. so there's some achievable results that are possible. my worry, shep, is that the president keeps saying denuclearization. they're not going to denuclearize. they're shifty. they break promises. we should be careful. i give credit for this meeting, pompeo and kim jong-un. it means the summit will take place and that's good. >> shepard: what might they want that we could -- i noticed that happened. what might they want that we could potentially deliver? >> they want the end of the
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korean war, the armistice agreement. they want sanctions lifted. they will want us to reduce our forces from south korea. they may want a marshal plan. like a bunch of money that the father wanted in the clinton agreement and bush agreement. nuclear reactors, food. it's a very poor country. i think what is achievable is some kind of reduction of tensions that involves a little give on both sides. if we expect total denuclearization, you know, shep, they have 20 to 40 nuclear weapons. they're not going to give that up. maybe over a period of time, maybe we set up a negotiating process. let's not get greedy just at this meeting that everything good is going to happen. it's going to take time. they will outlast us. they outlast everybody. that's what they're good at. >> shepard: one thing we have come to know, this is a president, president trump, say whatever you want about him, he's used to getting his way.
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he expects to get his way. if he's been told -- he's telling us this is about denuclearization. i'm trying to vision this guy sitting across from him telling him we're not going to denuclearize and wonder what the next words will be. >> that is a worry. i worry the president will spoil everything by a tweet. so far his tweets on this have been good, this is the most important meeting of his presidency. let pompeo or the state department or the military people frame the negotiations properly. the president won't get his way but he could have a victory. tension is reduced and north korea and the peninsula, the japanese are protected, the south koreans that have done a very good job of setting up this
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summit, they're the ones in line from artillery from north korea. so you know, this is good. it's the old cia days, getting somebody in secretly. that's impressive. the cia is back. i'm glad. >> shepard: the headline is the cia is back. bill richardson supports it and he's hopeful. >> that's right. >> shepard: great to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> shepard: more ahead on the secret trip to north korea. and the confirmation process is not a done deal. that's why the president put pressure on rand paul. he said rand paul hasn't let me done. also in the event you had spare time, maybe a parasol with a bit of shade available and you were thinking of putting it on nikki haley, don't do it. i say look at available evidence. decide against it. no shade. not for nikki haley. don't do it.
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♪ most people come to la with big dreams. ♪ we came with big appetites. with expedia, you can book a flight, hotel, car, and activity... ...all in one place. ♪ everything you need to go. expedia >> shepard: so mike pompeo not yet confirmed for secretary of state. they haven't gone through that process yet. but you heard the president just a moment ago. he's sent him on one of the most high stakes diplomatic missions imaginable. team fox coverage continues with rich edson live now. mike pompeo on the hill today lobbying for votes, i understand. >> yeah. you heard what the president had to say pointing out rand paul, the republican senator from
12:17 pm
kentucky. he's against mike pompeo's nomination. therefore republicans are going to need some democrats to get the pompeo nomination through. he's meeting with the top democrat, mark warner. pompeo refused to comment on high school easter weekend trip. and warner was one of those that helped with warner for the cia. >> if we're going to have a successful negotiation with north korea, everybody needs to be on the same page. makes me more concerned, not less, that mike pompeo be someone that is able to adequately represent the president and stand up to him at times when he makes abrupt and unwarranted changes in direction. >> in a conference this afternoon, tom cotton said the senate will confirm pompeo next week. republicans are targeting
12:18 pm
democrats to try to get him through. republicans argue that pompeo has demonstrated that he has the trust of the president of the united states and he's essentially acting as the nation's top diplomat with that trip to north korea, shep. >> shepard: and there was the hearing for him last week. >> there was. it was his confirmation hearing. turns out now that 10, 11 days prior he was in north korea meeting with kim jong-un. so gives a different perspective to some of the answers that he gave during that hearing. he said the u.s. is setting conditions for the meeting between president trump and kim jong-un, that they want to make a type of meeting that would be acceptable for each side. in other words, it was a preliminary discussion on what the two leaders are willing to discuss. it's unclear where the meeting will be and when it's going to be. pompeo also added during this hearing that he was under no illusions that the u.s. and north korea will reach a comprehensive agreement as a result of the meeting between president trump and kim jong-un. that statement takes on a new meeting now knowing that he had
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about 10 or 11 days earlier that he had been meeting with the north korean dictator, shep. >> shepard: thanks, rich. we'll have that nikki haley no shade here mow -- in just a moment. and barbara bush passed away yesterday. we'll hear from her son who says the mom kept the family laughing until the end. dana perino will join in with her memories. if you missed the interview this morning with maria bartiromo on the fox business network. mrs. bush was famous for making people laugh. she did so through her son this morning. if you missed it, we'll play some of it for you. it was quite good. stay with us. my day starts well before
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>> shepard: a lot of kind words pouring in from all over the globe for barbara bush. the wife of george h.w. bush and mother to george w. bush died yesterday at 92. her husband of 73 years by her side. think of that. 73 years. wow! holding her hand the entire day the family tells us. she had been dealing with heart failure and lung disease. she said enough is enough. over the weekend, the former first lady said she wouldn't receive additional treatment. she's going to opt for family love instead and she got it. her funeral is this saturday. 11:00 a.m. houston time in houston, noon eastern. president trump ordering the american flag flown at half
12:24 pm
staff, the white house and all public buildings and grounds. the president in a statement calling the former first lady and outstanding woman of character. barbara bush leaves five children, their spouses, 17 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. former president george w. bush and laura bush were on the fox business network with maria bartiromo. she had a plan there and it was heart warming to see them about the lasting impact that barbara bush a had on their family. >> a lot of condolences pouring in. laura and i and the family are grateful for the prayers and sympathy. it's the end of a beautiful life. >> it was an incredible life. a life well-lived. it's never easy. i know that. all of the comments this morning about your mother or about how warm and wonderful and what a
12:25 pm
leader she was and also tough as nails. >> she was warm and wonderful until you got out of line. she wasn't too warm and wonderful. she was awesome. >> she was funny. fierce. she said her mind. a great role model for me for sure. i learned how to be a first lady. >> i was going to say, i was reading when you were first lady. it was easier than it would have been because you had your mother-in-law. >> yes, and of course i watched her. when she campaigned with president bush. i actually had the conversation with her early on when he first started to run that she would work on literacy. then she thought that was the most important. if everyone could read and write a lot of problems were solved. >> i picked that up. >> and kept running with it. literacy education for women and did so much for women. >> thanks. >> mr. president, let me ask you, i know you saw this coming.
12:26 pm
i know mrs. bush said she didn't want anymore medical attention. she wanted her comfort care. were you able to say good-bye? >> oh, yeah, in person and then on the phone. laura and i went over to see her a week ago saturday. we had a wonderful visit. she was strong, lucid. >> funny still. >> funny. we were needling each other. the doctor came in and she said you want to know why george w. is the way she is? she said because i drank and smoke when i was pregnant with him. >> hilarious. >> yeah, she's funny. i had a beautiful visit with her when it looked like -- well, yesterday morning on the phone. she didn't say much and i told her i loved her. here's the thing. she had great faith. she truly believes that there's an after life, that she will be wonderfully received in the arms
12:27 pm
of a loving god. and therefore did not fear death. as a result of her soul being comforted on the death bed, my soul is comforted. >> wow. and you wrote an op-ed after billy graham died. i read that. you mentioned a dinner that you had at the white house with your mother. >> that's right. >> tell us about that. >> mother and i, we occasionally would argue -- not argue. >> debate. >> different opinions. we had a theological discussion. i was saying what the new testament said about going to head. she said what about her friend, moustafa. she said i'm going to call billy graham. >> and she was the first lady. she could. >> so billy is on the phone. we explained the issue. he said look, you two, i agree with the new testament but you
12:28 pm
don't get to play god. >> there you go. >> a pretty good lesson for today, by the way. >> and i know, mrs. bush, when we talked about when you were getting ready to become first lady and she was there, it was also about family. it wasn't just about her love and service to our country. look at the legacy she leaves behind with your grandchildren and your children and your girls children. >> exactly. she was really a wonderful grandmother to barbara and jenna. she took them on a trip, especially by themselves to italy. she really did a lot of special things with them. she was not that much older than we, than george and i are. she was 20, 21 when george was born. so she had a lot of years as a young grandmother. she got to with with her grandchildren. >> i love the fact that she was married to your father for 73 years. >> isn't that great? >> and he was by her side when she passed.
12:29 pm
>> and we have a love letter that he wrote to her that we've been talking about from world war ii in 1943. penned by your father. it's going viral this morning, obviously. it reads in part, "this sounds mellow dramatic but it's only my inadequacy to say what i mean. my complete happiness show be a token of my love for you." were they sort of just like a love affair all the time? i mean -- >> yeah, seemed that way. >> they really were. great example. >> shepard: that was from "mornings with maria bartiromo." dana perino is with us. she's the anchor of "the daily briefing" that happened like 29 minutes ago. >> warm up act. >> host of "the five" as well which happens in a little while. she's known the bush family a long time. >> yeah. since probably 2002. >> shepard: i'd say. and she was press secretary under george w. bush. they have stolen the look of your show in the briefing room.
12:30 pm
>> right. yeah. a little copyright infringement. >> shepard: i got a push alert from the company on my phone this morning that said they were about to be on with maria. i switched over and watched it. it made the whole day better. they helped me remember how you're supposed to feel when somebody you love so much is no longer with you. that is to remember to celebrate them and all their quirks. >> especially since they had a chance to say good-bye. it was a long illness that barbara bush had. through it all, you saw somebody telling a reporter at cbs news that barbara bush up to the end was having a little bourbon as she was there holding the hand hoff george h.w. bush, getting calls from grandchildren and being surrounded by friends and family. she was so loved. and the thing i love about it, she had a life of great consequence. if you can live your life as one that matters, you should be
12:31 pm
celebrated. >> shepard: i can't think of anyone to more celebrate. this is a woman that -- think of the things that she went through as a first lady, as the monumental events in world history. she was truly the rock, wasn't she? that wasn't just p.r. that was a fact. >> you can't fake it. that's not -- especially in some ways some people this might be the end of an era. very traditional conservative. but i also think even when president bush 43 was talking about how she was comforted knowing there was an after life and being welcomed by god. what she went through as a young mother, her second child, robin, died at 3 of leukemia. she never got over that. mark steyn said this morning he read her hair turned white after that and she never tried to do anything about it. i think other things are giving them comfort today, that that long separation between robin and mrs. bush has ended.
12:32 pm
they are back together. >> shepard: the rest of the family, she's not the only one that is facing health concerns in that family. i thought this morning about her husband, whom i didn't meet that many times, but when i did, nobody ever forgets meeting 41. >> no. such a privilege to know them. 41 has had some health issues, several hospitalizations. he tweeted today, very 21st century. he said you can cross the bushes off your list. we feel your prayers, we feel lifted up by all of you. we'll find out. we'll see him saturday at the celebration of life. it's not a funeral saturday. >> shepard: before we go, change the subject. what would she want us to remember about her today? >> well, at least in this moment, one of the things i learned from her is that politics might be what we do. it's not who you are. it's a good thing to remember
12:33 pm
every day. >> shepard: love it. i have to ask you. yesterday i saw the larry kudlow thing, god love him. he said she was a little confused. >> you're talking about the u.n. ambassador, nikki haley? >> shepard: and all of a sudden i hear dana perino got a scoop. >> she was on "face the nation" and talking about the syria strikes and she said there will be sanctions on russia. later that died, the white house changed their mind somehow. whatever happened. i don't understand why the policy change but the policy changed. they really hung her out to dry on background at first saying she got a little ahead of herself. larry kudlow said she must be confused. a day went by. unable to get in touch with him. finally she said i need to make it clear in a southern way with all due respect, i don't get confused. i contacted her during "the five" around turned it around
12:34 pm
for my one more thing. how is that for speed? >> shepard: stay with us. how is this. nikki haley is speaking live now. let's listen. this is on the russia poisoning. i will not waste this counsel's time. i will only say this. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has released an independent report that confirmed the united kingdom's chemical analysis of the toxic chemical used in february. this act was brazen and in complete defiance of the international consensus about the use of chemical weapons. as we have stated previously, the united states agrees with the u.k.'s assessment that russian is responsible for the chemical weapons in salisbury. whether that is in their direct act or irresponsibly losing control of the agent which could
12:35 pm
be course, our support for our british friends and colleagues is unwavering. douma and salisbury are just the two latest incidents involving the use of chemical weapons around the world. they offer us a reminder that these are weapons of terror. they are indiscriminate. they have no place in the civilized world. we hope our colleagues on this council will join us as they have before in delivering a clear condemnation of the use of a russian nerve agent on another member's soil. unless we stop this now, there will be more death and more scenes that nobody wants to see. there is nothing more troubling than the idea that the use of a weapon of mass destruction becomes routine. last year it was malaysia. last month, it was salisbury. last week, it was douma.
12:36 pm
if we don't come together soon and take a firm unequivocal stance against this deadly trend, the next attack will come, and it could come closer to home for one of us. then of course it will be too late. too late or the the victims, too late for the women and children and the wounded survivors. this is a matter of basic morality. with cannot in good conscious allow this to continue. thank you. >> shepard: nikki haley there at the united nations. it's a russian veto. >> that's why there's such frustration with the united nations. she's talking about doing the right thing. there's the humanity and morality. yet you can't get a resolution to say that chemical weapons can't be used against innocent women and children. >> shepard: this is going for so long. you remember when obama drew the
12:37 pm
line in the sand and nothing. now they're 550,000 people dead. everybody is looking around going let's get out. >> also, president obama decided not to do anything about his red line in the sand, that allowed the russians to have an opening to come in. they were going to deal with it. now we're dealing with it. >> now we're on one side, the russians and the iranians, hezbollah. don't forget turkey. >> and there's a lot of things that president trump's opponents would like to blame on him. the one thing you cannot blame on him is syria. >> shepard: one of the things you can't. somebody has to eventually figure out a way out of this. >> we will figure it out. >> shepard: speaking of we, what is the transition been like from the other side of the podium at the white house to this side? >> i think the first time i realized that i was being asked my opinion, not the opinion of george w. bush, it was difficult. my fox colleagues helped me along the way and gave me room to figure it out. >> shepard: come a long way,
12:38 pm
baby. >> thanks. >> shepard: great to see you. >> thank you. >> shepard: you will be an invited guest at the funeral. i'll be there on saturday for fox's coverage. this is live -- dana's program, "the daily briefing," will be live there friday. do you have guests? anything you want to talk about? >> i'm very excited. if it works out, sounds like marlin fitzwater, the press secretary to ronald reagan and george w. bush will be my guest. >> shepard: friday here on this channel. coverage of the funeral itself beginning at 11:00 central time, noon on the east coast. i'll host that, dana will be a guest after the funeral. a tribute to the life of, a celebration of the former first lady. >> and to live a lot and laugh a lot. that's what she would say. >> shepard: so good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> shepard: love the pearls. >> this palatial --
12:39 pm
>> shepard: i noticed a lot of ladies wearing pearls. >> nobody sent out a memo. we did it because we wanted to remember her. >> shepard: good for you. thank you, my friend. we'll be right back.
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. >> shepard: a u.n security team coming under fire near the chemical weapons site in syria. that's the word from inspectors. they've been waiting to investigate douma. the inspectors now tell us that the united nations security team went into douma to make sure it was safe. the team had to pull back because of arms fire and an explosion. jennifer griffin has more. what have we learned? >> the syrian government forces fired on a u.n. security team trying to get near the site of the chemical attack before weapons inspectors arrived from
12:43 pm
the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. the inspectors have been held up for days in damascus by the syrian regime. >> we're all so very much aware of how they have operated in the pa past, what they have done using chemical weapons. using the pause after a strike like that to try to clean up the evidence before the investigating team gets in. >> a statement from the hague-based group describes why their team had to turn back. they said they came under small arms fire and an explosion. a russian spokesman pushed back after the state department blamed them. >> this is ridiculous. russia is the country calling for inspectors to go to syria, to douma. >> this comes as the arab league meets in saudi arabia. the u.s. has reached out to arab
12:44 pm
allies to send to syria so the u.s. forces can pull out. a controversial position that russia does not want. >> shepard: wow. here's what we got. jim mattis wanted the president to go to congress before the strike. the president overruled him. now jim mattis is pushing back. >> that story from "the new york times," any suggestion that mattis wanted to ask permission to debate action in syria is wrong. mattis was asked about "the new york times" report just a moment ago. he dismissed it out of hand. >> i have no idea where that story came from. i found nothing in it that i can recall from my own last week's activities. >> defense officials believe "the new york times" inflated mattis' desire to notify
12:45 pm
congress ahead of the limited strike, which they did. >> shepard: jennifer griffin, live at the pentagon. thanks for the cleanup. ahead, the hero former fighter pilot that landed the southwest airlines jet after the engine blue apart. you'll hear the conversation with controllers. see the new video inside the plane as it was happening. that's coming up. first, a fox news weather alert. more snow in parts of the country. who forgot to look at the calendar. adam klotz has more. >> yes, it's never ending across the midwest. areas across iowa, over towards chicago, portions of wisconsin, all getting this snow right now. we have winter storm warnings in place even though we're still talking about spring. this snow system will be drifting to the east on the move overnight.
12:46 pm
you're seeing chicago, detroit, columbus all spots that will see the snow. as it gets closer to the coast, you do notice that warmer temperatures along the coast. that means if you're in philadelphia, d.c., new york city for tomorrow, it's just rain. the next couple days i think we have a warmup, shep. we'll have more "shepard smith reporting" after the break. great, another dead end. sarge, i just got a tip that'll crack this case wide open! turns out the prints at the crime scene- awwwww...did mcgruffy wuffy get a tippy wippy?
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>> shepard: millions of americans are in the dark again today after an islandwide blackout across all of puerto rico. here's some drone footage from last month seven months after hurricane maria hit. this happened when a private contractor was removing a fallen tower and accidentally damaged a power line. just last week, a separate power outage in puerto rico affected about 700,000 people. that one the result of a fallen tree. local officials say today's outage, the entire island will be without power to 24 to 36 hours. investigators are looking into the deadly engine failure on the southwest airline's flight from yesterday. they said one of the engine's fan blades broke off and sent
12:51 pm
debris flying towards the jet. they say the pieces broke the window there and the woman in the seat was partially sucked out of the plane before other passengers were able to pull her back in. despite it all, another person trying to give her cpr and the rest, she didn't survive. seven other people hurt on the flight. now we're getting video from inside the plane from the descent from 30,000 feet in the sky. >> everybody breathe, relax. >> shepard: breathe and relax. the flight crew telling people to put on their oxygen mask and keep calm. we've also heard the call. listen to this.
12:52 pm
>> shepard: the most interesting quote of the entire thing somehow where she says there's a hole in the plane and we believe somebody got sucked out. after the landing, the passengers thought they weren't going to make it. they praise the pilot. he said he would like to thank the pilot and give her a hug and christmas guard. lea gabriel is with us. former fighter pilot. one of the things we hear, they train for this in simulators. i keep thinking, this is not a simulator. she has a plane full of people. extraordinary. >> a special pilot, shep. she wasn't just any pilot. a former navy pilot. i can tell you she was dealing with a complex emergency where she and her crew had to make split second decisions to save the lives of their passengers.
12:53 pm
people on board said the captain's name is tammie joe shults. she's a former navy pilot and one of the first women ever to fly tactical jets for the navy. she flew the prowler and the f-18 hornet. she served before women were allowed to fly in combat. passengers say captain shults walked the aisle and checked on them after the landing. many commending her performance. >> the pilot, she was amazing. 30 years experience and knew to get us down within five minutes or whatnot from 30,000 feet, that's incredible. phenomenal. she's amazing. >> according to the navy, captain shults rose to the navy rank of lieutenant commander and still in the reserves.
12:54 pm
>> shepard: what else are you hear something. >> the ntsb inspected the failed left engine after the emergency landing and said one of the 24 blades was missing. take a listen to the chairman of the ntsb. >> the fan blade was broken at the hub. and our preliminary examination of this was that there's evidence of metal fatigue where the blade separated. >> the flight was headed from new york to dallas where this happened. a piece of the engine covering was found 70 mile west of philadelphia. you can see in these pictures how the damage is similar to another southwest incident where a fan blade broke out in 2016 ripping a foot-long hole in the plane. in that situation, nobody died. the engine maker and the faa instructed airlines to make ultra sonic inspections of the
12:55 pm
fan blades. southwest says the jet was not covered by that directive but that is a precaution the airline says they will inspect similar engines in the fleet in the next 30 days. the question is, did wear and tear cause it. >> shepard: they have 700 of those jets. >> they have a lot of them and fly them hard. time to do some inspections. want to bring it back to the really amazing work of the pilot and her crew and getting these people back down safely. >> shepard: no doubt. mighty impressive. so calm under fire. amazing woman. police in the dfw area released incredible video arriving at a house as it explodes. several people were hurt but police say they should be okay. here you go. wow! here's a replay. police say were responding to the house after a s.u.v. crashed
12:56 pm
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>> shepard: on this day in 1938, superman made his debut. he appeared on the cover of the first issue of action comics lifting a car over his head. after that, superman rose to fame faster than a speeder bullet. his adventures spread to radio, tv, movie, theater. super man's fans praised his physical abilities and his moral character. to mark super man's birthday, action comics put him on the cover of issue number 1,000 after the world met the man of steel 80 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything
1:00 pm
on fox news channel. it's been an up and down day on the dow. we're closing down 38, 39, something like that. neil cavuto with context and perspective. this is fox news channel. >> neil: a nation in mourning. flags flying at half staff at the white house and all across america in honor of barbara bush. president george w. bush calling it the end of a beautiful life. the president saying his mom was strong and lucid and kept her sense of humor until the end. george h.w. bush said the outpouring of love is getting them through this. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." the funeral for the former first lady is planned for saturday at st. martins church in houston. we'll speak to her pastor, reverend russ levinson who was with her when she passed away and will


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