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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 13, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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and lies, the civil war focused on frederic douglas this meet. don't miss the fox news channel. >> don't miss the radio show. >> happy friday. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking this morning president trump -- scooter libby was convicted of lying to the f.b.i. and obstruction of justice regarding a cia leak matter in 2007. sources telling fox news the move could come as early as today. more on this coming up inside "america's newsroom." watch that story and this one, too. moments ago president trump punching back at the former f.b.i. director james comey calling him a quote untruthful slime ball. this after some harsh excerpts from dr. comey's scathing book and interview continue to dribble out this morning. a ton of reaction to all this today.
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welcome to friday. everybody exhale. i'm bill hemmer inside "america's newsroom." >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. the bombshells out of james comey's book two days ahead of an interview. we await a federal hearing on the search warrants on the f.b.i. raiding the home and business of trump's personal attorney. what is the white house angle or spin on the latest comey book excerpts? >> what they're basically saying is he is not under oath. he is out there trying to sell a book. take what he has written with a grain of salt. that said, the president to be fair has been decidedly less measured in his critique of the excerpts we've seen so far from the book. his favorite platform, twitter, and buckle up, folks, here we go. the president of the united states says this. james comey is a proven leaker and liar.
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virtually everyone in washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did until he was in fact fired. he leaked classified information for which he should be prosecuted. he lied to congress under oath. he is a weak and untruthful slime ball who was, as time has proven, a terrible director of the f.b.i. his handling of the crooked hillary clinton case and the events surrounding it will go down as one of the worst botch jobs of history. it was my great honor to fire james comey. wow. the book is a higher loyalty, truth, lies and leadership. in it he says this about the president of the united states. he is untethered to the truth. he has never recoiled from causing another person pain. he is unethical. he adds these quotes. what is happening now is not normal. it is not fake news. it is not okay. he adds this. the actions of one person can destroy what it took hundreds
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of people years to build. now, comey's view, his backers contend, are the words of a man who is a patriot and life long public servant. some white house officials are, shall we say, questioning his recollection. >> i spent more time in the oval office any given day than this man got to spend with the president over his brief tenure before he was fired. he is taking one or two or three meetings with the president and retroactively putting his own spin on them to sell books. seems to me he sounds like a disgruntled ex-employee. >> to say the least it's a story that won't go away any time soon. we have a briefing later today, sandra, i suspect the white house press secretary will hear lots of questions about what the president had to say. >> sandra: kevin, a federal district court hearing related to the search warrant an material belonging to michael cohen. any white house reaction yet? >> none yet but to be clear,
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the president's attorneys are watching this very carefully as are civil libertarians. if you think about what this could possibly mean. what has happened in the southern district of new york, sandra, if it becomes a primer for what other courts across the country do, what has long been considered attorney/client privilege could dramatically change and reverb rate across the country. we don't know if cohen himself will appear. given the stakes it would probably be wiser if he didn't appear this morning. should that change we'll let you know. in the meantime we look forward to the briefing and any details i promise to pass them along. >> sandra: i'm sure you will. >> bill: a lot to talk about now. hugo gurdon, from "the washington examiner". what is the effect of the interview and book? >> i don't know that the effect will be long term or change people's mind. bill, when you have a best seller coming out and you want to make millions of dollars and sell as many copies as you can
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but you don't have any telling new details and everybody who has seen this book, including "the new york times," in friend of donald trump's say there ant any substantive new details to change things. you put a lot of color and psycho drama in it. that's what we have with this book. it's all about comey's anxieties, impressions, his concerns and there is lots of color but i don't think it will change anybody's mind. >> bill: the rnc is striking back in a way we seldom see. they set up a website and ads running. one of them features democrats on james comey. >> democrats have been very critical of james comey. many of us did call for his resignation. >> i was appalled by what director comey did. >> comey acted in an outrageous way. >> he made a mistake. maybe he is not in the right job. >> bill: on it goes from there and ronna mcdaniel said james
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comey's publicity tour is a self-serving attempt to make money and rehabilitate his own image. he is a liar and leaker and his misconduct led republicans and democrats to call for his firing. if he wants the spotlight back on him we'll make sure the american people know he has no one but himself to blame. you say the lines have been drawn already. no minds change on this. >> i don't think the minds will change on this. i thought it was extraordinary of the rnc to set up that particular site. i don't think it's a particularly good idea. the content is true. the democrats really detested what comey did relating to the clinton investigation. i think actually what he says about the clinton investigation and his decision to reveal that he had reopened it is absolutely right. imagine having already said to congress and made public the fact that the clinton investigation of her emails, etc., was closed. and if he had not revealed that
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he had reopened it and she had been elected that would have been an immense scandal he concealed the fact it was reopened. he didn't know what would be on wiener's computer. i'm not sure the way the republicans and rnc is handling this is a good idea. >> bill: they have a president is punching back and maybe the rnc is taking their cue from him. a lot of focus on the loyalty dinner. where is the focus on russian collusion? was that addressed in the stephanopoulos interview or not? >> no, i don't think that comey adds anything to collusion narrative. it is extraordinary what has been going on recently. lots of activity on the mueller probe, there is the book coming out. the collusion narrative is almost entirely disappeared. now what you're seeing is more focused on the possibility or the allegation of obstruction of justice by the president. that's really what you get to some extent with the account in
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comey's book about the loyalty dinner. the thing is that there is plausible denyability on both sides. the president asked for honest loyalty. this dinner took place after lots and lots of leaks were coming out from the f.b.i. and intelligence community. maybe by loyalty the president is saying hey, i don't like these leaks and this stuff is very damaging. on the other hand, you know, maybe comey has a point when he thinks wait a minute, i am loyal to the constitution and to the law. the president shouldn't be saying this to me. i think there is a little truth there but colorfully put and i think comey is trying to do damage to the president. >> bill: thank you for your time and appreciate the analysis. regardless of what we think and our positions other people are weighing in, a lot of people will be watching sunday night. thank you, hugo, out of washington more breaking news. >> sandra: u.n. inspectors on their way to syria at this hour. they're trying to make their way into that chemical attack
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site while here at home president trump says he has not yet made a decision whether the u.s. will take military action against syria. >> president trump: we're looking very closely at that whole situation and we'll see what happens, folks. >> we're trying to stop the murder of innocent people but on a strategic level, it is how do we keep this from escalating out of control. >> i intend to work to achieve the president's policies with diplomacy rather than sending young men and women to war. >> sandra: david lee miller is live along the israeli/gaza border this morning. what's the situation there right now? >> sandra, for the third week in a row thousands of palestinians are demonstrating along the israeli/gaza border. look over my shoulder and you can see through the haze caused by the tear gas as well as the burning of tires the thousands of demonstrators who are here. occasionally you'll hear the
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crackle of gunfire. today alone more than 100 palestinians have been injured. in total now more than 1400 have been wounded since the demonstrations began. and more than 30 have been killed. volatile region the demonstrations today nothing to do whatsoever with the crisis in syria. regarding that conflict, tension only continues to escalate. president trump continues to consult with u.s. allies. france says it has proof that chemical weapons were used. russia says they have proof of a different kind. foreign minister speaking in moscow says they have proof the attack was staged but he did not reveal any details. >> we have information that it was another fabrication and intelligence agencies of the state that is now striving to spearhead a campaign and involved in that fabrication.
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>> sandra: sounds like we lost david lee miller. we lost his mic there. so regardless, the u.n. on their way to syria to try to get into the site there of that chemical attack. >> bill: and a lot of folks trying to parse the words of james mattis from yesterday. trying to find clues as to what sort of response will come and at what time. that's coming up throughout the morning. >> sandra: another big bombshell out of comey's book excerpts this morning. he hinted at a secret that he says would have cast serious doubt on then attorney general loretta lynch's ability to handle the clinton email investigation herself. dave bossy is here to react. >> bill: an overnight crash leaving dozens stranded on the side of the road. what happened here? >> sandra: president trump
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expected to be okay, two other vehicles were involved in the crash. police are still investigating the accident. the cause still not yet known. >> one of the most talented and able individuals i've ever worked with. i am going to pass on your request to voice what i think ought to happen there. it's a decision that the president and only the president could make. >> bill: that's dick cheney nine years ago speaking two years after his former chief of staff scooter libby was convicted for lying to the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. leak matter. president trump now expected to pardon libby. sources telling fox news that could happen as early as today. call rove was there when it all went down. he is with us today. former white house deputy chief of staff to george w. bush and fox news contributor. good morning. what do you think this means? >> well, think about what has
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happened since patrick fitzgerald prosecuted scooter libby. we found out several things. the day that patrick fitzgerald was appointed special prosecutor by james comey, fitzgerald knew that valerie flames name had been leaked to the columnist by richard armitage under secretary of state and that when arm stage leaked her name to novak. no law was broken because she was not a covered employee of the cia. fitzgerald persisted for years trying to get somebody's pelt nailed to his wall. mine and scooter's. he got scooter. we've now found out the testimony on which he got him found guilty by judith miller. she later recanted her testimony realizing she had been misled by the prosecutor and scooter libby was correct.
6:18 am
the d.c. bar reinstated libby's law license before any pardon by president trump because they realized that he had been ill treated by the justice system. >> bill: what does that say about a special prosecutor? ken starr from the 1990s and what is happening now. do you think the president is trying to send a message about a special prosecutor? >> no -- maybe, but look. prosecutors are different from each other. patrick fitzgerald was out to get a pelt. my sense is bob mueller is not. if you want some evidence of that, take a look at his treatment of mike flynn. general flynn violated the agreement that he signed when he left the government not to accept money from foreign institutions or foreign governments without prior approval and violated that on several occasions. he took money from the turkish government filtered through a shell corporation and took a half million in order to represent them in a matter here in the united states.
6:19 am
he had lots of difficulties. rather than make him lose his pension and go to jail mueller said i'll get you on one count of lying to federal officials and then we'll cut a deal so there is no jail time and no criminal fine. he -- if he had been a hot dog like fitzgerald he would have done what fitzgerald did. go to the max. >> bill: i encourage folks to read rich lowry's piece. he thinks the special prosecutor deal will be looked at when this is wrapped up. i know you've been on record. there is one other thing i want to get to, karl. with a message from the white house yesterday about tax cuts and regulation which will be prominent leading up to the mid-terms. when you consider the move of paul ryan two days ago how do you put this together right now with the message for the republicans come november?
6:20 am
>> look, nobody paid attention to that yesterday. so what you have to do is let the normal course of events sort of get behind you and look for a path in which you can give sustained focus and discipline through all the parts of the administration to this message of the economy is improving, your paycheck is getting bigger, more jobs created, the economy is gaining steam. you have to be disciplined and focus. it won't happen right now so you have to look for a window which you can make that happen. you have syria, paul ryan, the mueller investigation, you got michael cohen. these things will conspire to suck the oxygen out of the room. by november the republicans and the white house, with the white house help had better be focused on a message that convinces the american people they have an agenda making a difference for them and not the rest of this stuff or republican chances will be diminished. >> bill: thank you, karl. enjoy the weekend. you mentioned judith miller, coming up a lot more on this refaountion to reveal sources
6:21 am
and went to jail because of it. judith miller will be our guest next hour here on "america's newsroom." as we await on that, hundreds of people forced to leave their homes, firefighters battling this raging fire. why officials are concerned the worst is yet to come in that. plus this. startling new details about the man accused of killing a cop.
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>> bill: 24 past the hour. crews battling this outbreak of fires in oklahoma. one of them scorching more than 120,000 acres. hundreds forced to get out. officials say the flames have destroyed several homes. no injuries but low humidity, strong winds putting the state at risk for more fires through saturday. a big storm coming behind that. stand by for that.
6:25 am
police say a suspect fatally shot an officer as he was arriving to serve a warrant. >> we get tired of going to funerals and losing good men and women. he was a man of honor, hard worker and reputation was impeccable. the world is a lesser place without him in it. >> bill: happened in cape cod. the latest on that investigation. what did you find out? >> always a heartbreaking stories when you have these stories. it happened on cape cod. law enforcement officials say the canine officer was shot thursday afternoon serving that warrant for a probation violation. >> gunshot wound to an officer. officer down. >> the officer 32-year-old sean gannon had been on the police force. he was shot in the head as he pursued a suspect into the attic. two other officers accompanied officer gannon to the location to serve that warrant including
6:26 am
a state trooper. the officer was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. his canine partner was also seriously wounded. the dog's condition is not known. >> sean was a wonderful, wonderful young man. the sky was the limit for him. >> a suspect has been taken into custody after a stand-off with police. he is 29-year-old. apparently he has a long rap sheet with 111 prior adult offenses and was on parole. he will be charged with murder. the suspect is scheduled to be arraigned today. the police chief is just -- his heart is breaking for officer gannon and say he will be missed terribly. >> bill: no question about that. lauren green on that story as a follow-up today. facebook has had an interesting week. executives saying there is nothing to worry about. why facebook users don't seem to be slowing down. we'll talk about the profits and the payoff.
6:27 am
more on the excerpts from james comey. what is personal, what is political, and what is legal next. >> i can't think of anyone who has done a better job of politicizing the f.b.i. than he has by talking about tanning bed goggles, the length of a tie. that's beneath the dignity of the offices that he held. full of rich pro-v nutrients. for 100% conditioning, 0% weight. new pantene. foam conditioner. ♪ ♪ bring all your apps to life on a cloud that runs on premises. ♪ ♪ the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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not getting in today. terminix. defenders of home. >> bill: here we go. 9:30. stocks are open for trading on wall street. the dow shooting up 300 points yesterday. meanwhile investors a close eye on what's happening overseas with syria. waiting on news for that and trade relationship here. the president suggesting his team look into the trans-pacific partner yet again. would only join tpp if the deal were substantially better than offered to president obama. we are working to make a deal with the biggest of those nations japan, who has hit us
6:31 am
hard on trade for years. it became a matter a year ago when we got out of it. traders liked that, right? free trade. >> sandra: they like that and profits. there are a lot of earnings coming out right now. a lot of banks are reporting solid profits and earnings. >> bill: 160 to the up side of the open. 9:31 now. >> sandra: as we continue to look at the excerpts, james comey's book focused on loretta lynch revealing certain classified information would have cast serious doubt on lynch's handling of the clinton email investigation. this revelation has congressman trey gowdy fuming. >> there were a lot of things they could have called into question the legitimacy of that investigation including what some of us have alluded to in the past. the real reason he had the july 5th press conference. it wasn't the tarmac. it was information he had about loretta lynch that if it became
6:32 am
public people would question their objectivity. this is hillary clinton's fault he found himself in that position. elizabeth harrington and wendy osefo are here. wendy, isn't there enough reason to say he should probably, if he is out there on the book tour answering questions to george stephanopolous, shouldn't he answer questions in front of congress? >> there is evidence there. i think he sort of dug his own hole by bringing it up in the book and speaks to how he is very candid and honest. while this may raise concerns to individuals about what is going on with loretta lynch it speaks to some of the evidence in his book that has been corroborated by career officials. clapper saying he was in the room when donald trump and his administration learned there was russian meddling and they said how can we spin it in our
6:33 am
favor? his book has details and factual information. what we have to understand whether you're on the right or left, whenever a hostile foreign power interferes with our government you have to do something about it. that's the nuts and bolts here. >> sandra: this is serious doubt cast on loretta lynch when he refers to something involving lynch that he crypticly alludes it to. >> very cryptic and dramatic language that he likes to use. take clinton aide at the state department also involved in the campaign says this information wasn't secret to the public. it actually was reported in the "washington post" that comey was duped by a fake email sent by russian intelligence that accused loretta lynch of going easy on clinton, which is actually pretty believable and probably why comey believed it himself but she says comey is not revealing this information
6:34 am
because he was duped by this fake email and it would have made him look bad, which is a running theme you see from the excerpts of this book that comey somehow always comes across looking like the only honest guy in the room, the straight shooter, and it is just kind of laughable because all the scandals of leadership that happened on comey's watch, always inserting himself into the spotlight, which is what he is doing with his book. >> sandra: perhaps it would be laughable if it wasn't the former director of the f.b.i. he also wrote this. the unverified material would undoubtedly have been used by political opponents to cast serious doubt on the attorney general's -- this is giving republicans a huge opportunity to go on the offensive against comey. ronna mcdaniel called this publicity tour by comey a self-serving attempt to make money and rehabilitate his own image. >> let's be honest.
6:35 am
whether he not he put that excerpt in his book the republicans are on the offensive about this book. what we're seeing is comey again. i consider this he is shooting himself in the foot. trey gowdy mentioned this a little bit saying this information was known and may not have been known to all of the american public but there was elements of this that people have alluded to for a while. this is where i have issues with the book about comey. he has the opportunity to set forth some of the narrative we've been hearing over the months and say this is actually what happened. but then he uses this book with other elements that bring into question what are you trying to do here with this book? i think that the delivery may not be the best but we have to look at the facts within the book. >> sandra: he also gets personal here after saying that he is unethical, untethered to the truth, he calls his leadership of the country ego driven and about personal loyalty. he goes into some odd personal
6:36 am
attacks on the president describing the president as shorter than he expected with a too long tie and bright white half moons under his eyes that he suggests came from tanning goggles. >> right. whatever happened to when they go low, we go high? comey is getting down in the dirt with trump and pretending -- claiming that he is -- he is saying i had to make a mental note of the size of his hands. who is stooping down low at this point? who is making -- i thought he was above all of this behavior that we've heard so much from the left and pundits criticizing trump for. comey is doing it himself. i think at the end of the day the reason why comey is doing this book is because he is ready for his close-up which has been his m.o. his entire career and why he made that unusual public statement. it is why he rushed to the bedside of john ashcroft's
6:37 am
hospital bed during the bush administration to paint himself as a straight shooter, a life long republican. but he was willing to go to task with the bush administration over a surveillance program ironically that he -- his f.b.i. used to spy on carter page. so really, comey's book is all about looking out for number one and serving himself. >> sandra: that's certainly the goal, right? he wants people to run out and buy the book. >> he is a life long republican. if we question comey we have to question the republican party. >> he is not a republican anymore. >> sandra: now you get into it. elizabeth and wendy. thanks to both of you for coming on this morning. >> bill: things getting heated on the view joy behar suggesting president donald trump has less sanity than vladimir putin and kim jong-un. that didn't sit well with
6:38 am
meghan mccain. >> you think kim jong-un is less moral than trump? >> aiding and abetting of assad right now, chemical gassing of children. last time i checked america isn't doing that to anyone. if you think kim jong-un assad and vladimir putin are like trump you lose me in every way. >> that's a portion of it. it went on for some time. what a suggestion. meghan mccain our former colleague. >> sandra: she gave behar to step back and pull it back. she did not decide to. all right. a dramatic encounter caught on tape. how the officer's quick thinking helped save the life of a man who set himself on fire. >> bill: wow. the stakes are high, the world knows it. president trump considering military action against syria and the assad government. congressman and u.s. marine mike gallagher on the president's next move next. >> i've seen refugees from asia
6:39 am
to europe, kosovo, to africa. i've never seen refugees as traumatized as coming out of syria.
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
>> sandra: caught on camera a utah man sets himself on fire and a cop saves him. you can see the man bursting out of a gas station bathroom covered in flames. the officer, who was with the man trying to persuade the man not to try to kill himself grabbed a fire extinguisher before dousing him. the man was rushed to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. the officer suffered several burns but he will be okay. >> the only reason assad is still in power is because of the russian's vetoes in the u.n. and russian and iranian military. we don't give up to get the geneva process underway and make certain we don't allow this war to go on.
6:43 am
>> bill: listen to that man's word. general james mattis. we're on syria watch. the u.s., france, britain weighing a possible military strike after a suspected chemical attack. top u.s. officials calling out russia with assad roll in the conflict there. mike gallagher and a u.s. marine who served for seven years in active duty as an intelligence officer, sir, thank you for your time today. what is your latest consideration as to whether or not this happens, if and when? let's start there. >> yesterday the secretary testified they want to wait to confirm certain intelligence surrounding the strike before they act. that's fine. but last year the administration said that assad would pay a heavy price if he did this again. he has done it again. we have to act. lest we go down the path of the previous administration, failing to enforce a red line. this administration beyond the willingness to act has key
6:44 am
advantages that the previous administration didn't. at least for the time being stopping the decembermation of our own military and the president seems to have a good relationship with all aisles in the region. israel, our closest ally and sunni arab gulf states. saudi arabia in particular. there is an historic alignment between israel and the sunnis. the rise of iran in the region. we are the leader against that alliance. we don't have to do anything ourselves. >> bill: you are making an interesting case. jump forward one moment. i know you make the case to go after assad. what do you do after the end of four or five days of bombing? what is the answer then? because that's the hesitation that people like james mattis are bringing to this debate. where are you on that? >> i understand the hesitation and learn key lessons from
6:45 am
iraq, a war i fought in. getting rid of assad for putting pressure on him to leave don't mean we tear down the state structures in the way we did the iraqi military. it should be our policy preserve order and stability as much as possible. but there is -- there is a tendency in this debate to frame it between doing nothing and all-out regime change and war. i think that's a false choice that masks the options we have in between. >> bill: give me an option. >> we have allies on the ground. a tactical strike in the short term which we have many military options we can use to do that. then over the long term. we have 2,000 troops on the ground in syria if you believe the press reporting. working with at least a 60,000 strong syrian democratic force to seize territory by isis. as we do that we've seen iranian proxies take some territory. we need clarity with respect to our position in iran and syria.
6:46 am
the administrations is to push back iranian. we need to push back iran. >> bill: that could be happening already. as i read the tea leaves i see -- inspectors going to the chemical attack. they may be there today or tomorrow. when inspectors do the job you're delaying it not by days by weeks. >> if it will be delayed it heightens the importance of congress acting to authorize or debate any use of military force in the region. mattis made it clear the administration doesn't feel they need the authority. i disagree and a misreading of the constitution which only gives the executive branch authority to -- we've strained -- congress needs to debate the
6:47 am
issues. keep us here over the weekend. i understand the senate might have to cancel tee times. i can't think of anything more important than considering the use of military force putting the lives of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marine in the process. >> bill: a quote from mattis. he says how do you keep this from escalating out of control if you get my drift on that? end quote. that means iran, that means israel, that means russia. you know the stakes here. >> absolutely. i would say we've done nothing and it has drifted out of control. that's the argument the previous administration made. the results are sub optimal. one we have genocide, 500,000 people dead. we have the worst refugee crisis since world war ii. we a terror state carved in the heart of the middle east. 6,000 had european passports. i merely bring it up to say there are costs to inaction as well.
6:48 am
>> bill: what do you think of the russian navy ships that were moved out of port? >> i think that's -- >> bill: are they setting up in the eastern mediterranean to take on us. >> the honest answer is i don't know. i think as we saw when we struck russian mercenaries threatened our troops we killed 200 of them there was no response from the russians. we always think we have the weaker hand here. russia has the weaker hand. we haven't been playing our hand. our allies have enormous capability. jordan has f-16s, 60 tomahawk millers. the porter could reinforce it. we have naval assets on a ship. we should be forward positioning more assets like combat ship in the black sea to counter the russian black sea as well. >> bill: i hope you come back as we watch this day-to-day and sometimes hour to hour. mike gallagher, thank you for your time today, the republican from wisconsin.
6:49 am
sandra. >> sandra: new details emerging in the case of a missing family. what newly unveiled evidence is now pointing to. >> bill: after weeks of bad press a top facebook executive sounds off on the company's future when it comes to privacy and profits straight ahead. lerg? flonase relieves your worst symptoms lerg? including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. we've been preparing for this day. over the years, paul and i have met regularly with our ameriprise advisor. we plan for everything from retirement to college savings.
6:50 am
giving us the ability to add on for an important member of our family. welcome home mom. with the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant.
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6:52 am
>> sandra: facebook does not expect its data mining scandal to significantly affect its bottom line according to a top executive who said most users aren't changing their privacy settings since the scandal brook. this is jerry willis from fox news network. you would think that they would take a major hit. logging off. >> i want to read the statement
6:53 am
from the marketing executive saying we have not seen wild changes of behavior with people saying i'm not going to share any data with facebook anymore. the company is saying we aren't seeing revenue hits which is interesting. now you would expect the company to make a statement of confidence like that to the public, right? in reality we can corroborate it with private market data. week-to-week increases in advertising, 7%, 14%. this isn't through today's date but it is through the end of march. they seem to be doing very well indeed. i would say their biggest challenge may not be cambridge analytica and third party apps which they have been getting rid of pretty dramatically. >> sandra: i feel like just about everybody, friends, family members were saying that's it, i'm done. so i guess empty threats and they didn't follow through on this. they aren't seeing changes in behavior, the company also says it doesn't expect stricter privacy laws. anything going to change after that? >> they may not get it in the
6:54 am
u.s. stricter privacy laws are coming in a big way from europe and these companies will have to pay attention to it. google, facebook, all these companies that mine your data and sell it. the most interesting thing i thought from listening to the interviews the congressman did with facebook. we're here to connect people. the people they are connecting. we're connecting advertisers to facebook. that's their role. that's okay. we're happy for companies to have business models but i thought it was disingenuous of him to say it that way. >> sandra: we'll all question the ads that pop up targeting anything we said or looked for while browsing around in facebook. we'll see wow, they have our eye on it. >> one question people had today given the news, is the company making it so hard to change your settings and the reason why nobody is doing it? company has come in and on their own starting to kill off the third party apps if you haven't used them.
6:55 am
>> sandra: a lot of people don't know how to do it or don't know how to do it. maybe somebody would if somebody sat them down and showed them. facebook is a stock. it took a major hit. everybody likes to talk about that means a loss of a lot of money for mr. mark zuckerberg. nobody is worried about that. investors. you have major pension funds that have millions -- hundreds of millions locked up in facebook. has facebook stock recovered? >> it's on the way. not fully recovered. to be clear zuckerberg saw a $3 billion improvement in the last couple of days after his testimony. you should be happy that the stocks are coming back. it is probably in your 401k. >> bill: b for billions. nikki haley on syria, listen at the u.n. >> what we know is none of that had to happen. the warning was meant to say this a violation of international order.
6:56 am
we won't have this. it's against humanity. we're past the time of chemical weapons in history so we thought. it continued. why did it continue? because assad kept wanting to eliminate his opponents and this is the method of warfare he chose to do it. now we get to a point where we have a joint investigative mechanism. it was there to investigate. the second they accused assad of being a participant in the chemical weapons use, russia eliminated the mechanism. so let's go a step further. we tried to have another mechanism. russia vetoed it. we've had six resolutions that would really bring assad to justice, call syria out for chemical weapons. six resolutions vetoed by russia. so you have a member who has used chemical weapons. you have a country, russia, who has helped them cover up the use of chemical weapons. and we have a violation of international law. so what else are we supposed to
6:57 am
do? and then another chemical weapons attack happened and here they are going to attempt to say it's fake? at some point you have to do something. at some point you have to say enough. we saw what happened in salisbury. this is a renewed effort to bring chemical weapons back into mainstream and we can't let that happen. for those that say why would assad do it, the same reason he has done it multiple times. when he goes into an area this is the quickest way to eliminate his opponent and that area he wanted to eliminate who was left. why do we think this is important? because this is getting to be too normal and this is something the united states, france, the u.k. and all of the international community is saying we can't absolutely have this. in terms of what's going on in d.c. and with the president, we had meetings in the white house yesterday. i will be going back to d.c.
6:58 am
for meetings today. i will tell you that first of all, did a chemical weapons attack happen? yes, the u.s. has analyzed, yes, it has happened. the u.k. has analyzed, yes, it has happened. france has analyzed, yes, it has happened. three separate analysis all coming back with the same thing. there is proof that this happened. but what i will tell you is as a mother of two children, as a wife of a combat veteran, i am unbelievably proud of how president trump has looked at the information, analyzed, not let anyone rush him into this because he has said from the beginning, we have to know if we're right and we have to know all the information and that there is proof and we have to know that we're taking every precaution necessary should we take action. and so for that i'm very proud to be a part of his team. the national security council
6:59 am
has gone back multiple times, multiple options. this has been a very thorough approach. this has been one you don't rush decisions like this. if you rush decisions like this, you make a mistake. what we're making sure is that we have all the information to know if we do something, what will happen, how will it happen, and will it hurt anyone. and that's always been something that americans put a lot of thought into and also something that we have a moral obligation to and we'll follow through on all of that. >> you were in d.c. in those meetings yesterday. is one of the concentration options targeting iranian targets inside syria. that's a major concern for israel. >> we're having meetings in washington but i won't talk about what we're discussing. thank you very much. >> bill: there we have it. nikki haley was behind mike pompeo during his confirmation hearing yesterday in washington before the senate committee and now back at the u.n. heading for the u.n. security council.
7:00 am
this is a matter where world leaders all over the planet are paying attention to. what sort of response do you give to assad? where is the evidence? based on the evidence we have seen thus far, what is the proper military response now to assad and his government? we're just waiting. >> sandra: a good response from nikki haley in front of the u.n. security council meeting on syria. did a chemical weapons attack happen? yes. we'll wait to hear more. >> bill: we heard from james mattis yesterday. listen to what mattis says when he speaks. he talked a lot yesterday and he seems to be giving a bit of a pause and a slowdown to this operation. he could have gone in a week ago. a week later with u.n. inspectors possibly there on the ground in the weekend you start to wonder whether or not this can be delayed for not just days but maybe weeks. >> sandra: we still don't know yet. meanwhile a fox news alert. breaking developments in the mueller investigation with a court hearing set for the bottom of the hour on the f.b.i. raid targeting president trump's personal attorney.
7:01 am
welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith on a busy friday morning. >> bill: f.b.i. agents zeroed in on michael cohen on monday raiding his home, office, hotel room, seizing documents and electronic devices. the president blasting the feds. doubling down on accusations of bias in the russia probe. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge leading this hour. where are we today? what will happen in court? >> yesterday the federal court in new york confirmed a hearing is scheduled for this morning related to the f.b.i. search of trump attorney michael cohen. the searches included his office, apartment and hotel room. the hearing will reportedly address a temporary restraining order regarding the search warrant. agents seized a computer cell phone and business and financial documents. source close to the trump legal team said the raids were like a bomb going off shattering trust between the parties. this week cohen's attorneys
7:02 am
called the searches inappropriate and unnecessary. it resulted in the unnecessary seizure of protected attorney/client communications between a lawyer and his client. >> bill: legal action in california. what's happening there? >> california court filing cohen's team is moving for a delay in the civil case involving stormy daniels and non-disclosure agreement that reads on the grounds that an ongoing criminal investigation overlaps with the facts of this case and imme indicates defendant michael cohen's fifth amendment rights. daniels attorney responded to the latest legal move. >> we've learned moments ago within the last two hours that michael cohen will be filing a motion tomorrow in our case, an emergency motion to stay or temporary stop our case and the grounds for that motion are going to be that it is his intention to plead the fifth
7:03 am
amendment against self-incrimination if our case goes forward in light of potential criminal jeopardy he finds himself? . >> fluid this morning. legal action in california and new york city. the hearing beginning 15 minutes from now. >> bill: thank you. we shall track it. thanks. >> sandra: for more on this let's bring in chris wallace, anchor of fox news sunday. i'll get you to respond to what you heard there. good morning. >> good morning. look, the idea of raiding the office of the president's personal lawyer was a huge escalation. it wasn't done directly by the special counsel. he referred the matter to the u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york. they were the ones who decided to raid cohen's office but something they had to know would infuriate the president and it has slowed down if not stopped any negotiations about a possible interview between the special counsel and president trump. >> sandra: everybody talking
7:04 am
about james comey's book in washington this morning. >> oh, sure. i have to say i haven't seen a copy of it. i may be the only person in america who hasn't. "new york times" has it on the front page and the "washington post" has it. what strikes me is how little new there is in the book. we get a lot of opinions, very unpleasant opinions of the president by james comey but in terms of hard facts. people are talking about bombshells. there are none. basically everything that he said in terms of the facts of what the president did he already has testified before congressional committee. at one point he says while he thinks the president's behavior may have been unethical it may not have been illegal. the other thing that surprises me frankly is how bitchy the book is. comey goes out of his way to say the president isn't as tall as he thought he was. he checked out the size of his hands the first time they shook hands. that he noticed the president seemed to have little white
7:05 am
half moons under his eyes. maybe he had sun tanning goggles he wore. one could argue that by getting into the kind of political food fight that james comey has done more damage to his own reputation than he has to president trump's. >> sandra: perhaps all just to sell more books, chris. one thing you left out there is this attack and comparison to being to a mob boss that he made. here is the excerpt from the book. the boss in complete control, the loyalty oath, the us versus them worldview. the lying about all things large and small in service to some code of loyalty that put the organization above morality and above the truth. what did you make of that comparison and that excerpt? >> again, it goes back to my original point. what you get is comey's opinions. he doesn't like donald trump and he is offended by donald trump and he thinks donald trump is a bad guy and yes, he does compare him to a mob boss. but you know in terms of real
7:06 am
damage, people talk about bombshells, all of that is going to be like fire and fury, the michael wolf book. it will be a fourth of july sparkler that burns bright for a week and peters out. it is not flattering to the president but it doesn't seem to me that -- you know, opinions or comparisons or rhetoric isn't going to hurt the president. facts will. there aren't a lot of new facts in this book. in fact, if i were the president, i know he sent out this quite nasty tweet this morning and called him a slime ball, liar and leaker. he is just helping to sell books. he ought to be quiet. i suspect this book will disappear within a week. >> sandra: the tweets firing back at comey. he says this:
7:07 am
>> sandra: strong letter to follow. i understand why he wants to do it. there is a lot of stuff in the book he is going to find personally insulting. but not that the president listens to me or should. but it seems to me that the real story in this book is there is no new hard evidence of any crime, of anything illegal, and it doesn't really change the equation on president trump and what he ought to do is help the book disappear as quickly as possible and the best thing to do from his point of view would be to ignore it. >> bill: good stuff. we'll be watching this weekend on fox news sunday. chris wallace, thank you for being here. among your guests this weekend former prosecutor congressman
7:08 am
trey gowdy himself will be joining you after a lot of news involving him this week. the d.o.j. document, big questions asked of gowdy. >> bill: wallace with a prediction. the world is waiting and watching for a strike on syria. will it happen? international inspectors heading to the site of that gas attack in duma. president trump consulting with our allies and the pentagon getting ready for plans to punish syria and an emergency security council meeting gets underway now. here is laura engel outside the u.n. headquarters today. good morning. >> good morning, bill. this is the fourth meeting this week on chemical weapons in syria alone. as you heard nikki haley going into that meeting we're standing by for this to get staertd. i want to talk about what we're to hear about. the world finding -- inspectors will be on the ground in syria
7:09 am
tomorrow. critics are worried russia may have scrubbed the area clean of toxic substances. the meeting is an effort to deflect from growing criticism of the country's defense of syria over allegations the assad regime used chemical weapons against its own people. 40 people died and the world health organizations estimates 500 people were injured in the reported attack. russia called today's meeting of the security council as the u.s. and its allies continue to weigh a possible military response against syria. something russia's foreign minister warned against just this morning. >> god forbid any adventurous action will be taken in syria similar to the libya or iraq experiences. although i hope no one dares to launch such an adventure now. >> nikki haley criticized russia's attempt to protect
7:10 am
syria. its hands were covered in the blood of syrian children. she tried to get the council to start a new investigation to find out who is behind the chemical attacks in syria. russia vetoed that resolution marking the sixth time it blocked such a measure involving chemical weapons and also the possibility of a vote on a swedish resolution that would clear the country of chemical weapons once and for all whether russia would except that remains to be seen. we're getting underway shortly at the u.n. >> bill: thanks, laura engel on stand by there at the u.n. more from the state department in washington and more from general jack keane who will analyze where we are at the moment regarding all this. stay tuned for that. >> sandra: the white house capping off a wild week with president trump taking and coming from all sides. can he keep it all under control. former deputy trump campaign manager david bossie will be here on all that. a chilling 911 call on a
7:11 am
disturbing story out of ohio. >> bill: that's the desperate voice of a 16-year-old teenager making a call for help trapped inside of a minivan. why the official response today is under investigation.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
>> it has been another wild week in the west wing with president trump weighing a military strike on syria. former f.b.i. director james comey comparing him to a mob boss. federal agents raiding the home and offices of mr. trump's personal attorney. a scathing review from james comey in his new book and paul ryan announcing he won't run for reelection just to name a few. david bossie chairman of citizens united. take your pick, david, it has been an unbelievable week for this president. >> it really has. we're in unbelievable times. this president, when all of this is going on, is focused like a laser beam on protecting america, protecting american jobs, protecting the american economy and protecting americans and others from the foreign policies. >> sandra: you keep up with him
7:16 am
regularly. how is he doing? >> he is doing great. you know, all of those around him, whether it's the distractions, i don't -- i've never seen him get distracted. he have is a very focused guy. people like to think he is off -- he is a focused guy and a disciplined guy. that's why he won the presidency. that's why he has worked on his make america great again agenda. his america first agenda over the past 15 months and why our economy is where it is and our peace through strength foreign policy has taken ahold and we're much more respected and safer today than when he became president. >> sandra: he heard from a frustrated president trump earlier this week when his personal attorney's home and office were raided. the president was not pleased with that. >> how could you be? first of all it's outrageous for the feds to have done that. it has nothing to do with mueller, mueller does a
7:17 am
referral. rosenstein signs off on it which i don't understand why he would have to if it's through the southern district. there is a lot of confusion within the d.o.j. and within that investigation. i think they better get their act together. the american people are starting to wake up to the ridiculousness of this investigation. >> sandra: we heard nikki haley speaking at the u.n. addressing syria and our next move and next step there. the president has a huge decision to make. meanwhile there is some confusion about our response and the timing of it. the president initially said 24 to 48 hours we'll respond and then he tweeted midweek i never put a deadline on our response. >> he said soon. look, this president isn't going to telegraph. he might tease you and he may want the mainstream media who fawn on every word or tweet to whip it up. that's part of his strategy. he wants the russians and syrians to be nervous about what he is doing. that's a perfectly good thing to do. he is going to take the right action at the right time.
7:18 am
>> sandra: he has a new member of his team at his side as he makes that decision. ambassador john bolton. >> john is a long time friend of mine and excited he is part of the national security team. he brings incredible world of experience to the president and he is going to be somebody who is going to make sure that this president receives all sides of the debate on any particular question whether it's syria, russia, china. any of these issues that are coming before him and so i think he is going to be focused on that to help the president make good decisions. >> sandra: as far as what happens with with robert mueller and the probe there the president tweeted on his legal team. this came from his account yesterday. i have agreed with the historically disciplined approach we've engaged in with robert mueller unlike the clintons. i have confidence in ty cobb and fully advised within each phase of this process. what happens next with this?
7:19 am
>> well, you know, these are difficult times in this investigation. the reality is the american people now understand that there has been, was no russian collusion. there is no evidence of russian collusion. this investigation is off on this tangent of whether or not michael cohen did something or didn't do something. it is an alleged fec violation. we're now into unbelievable waters that i don't think that robert mueller was expecting when he took this over. i think his investigation of russia collusion has gone nowhere. he has found that paul manafort and a few others have done some things that were wrong but it has nothing to do with russian collusion. >> sandra: what do you think about the comey book? >> i'm disappointed in jim comey. this book should be on the fiction shelf. it will be on the dust bin of history soon. he is a political actor taking a political stance and doing it at a time when americans are
7:20 am
divided and it's irresponsible for him. i know jim and i've known him a long time. i worked with james comey in the 90s. it is very disappointing for me to see him attack the president over whether he liked an apple he gave him. i've seen the excerpts. the pettiness in this book is what's overwhelming to me and the no news will be surprising. >> sandra: all right. a lot happening. >> bill: hand size and tanning beds, david, better brush up. president trump putting the heat on amazon reviewing the postal service. will it make your post office more profitable? sources telling fox news that president trump will pardon scooter libby. pulitzer prize winner judy miller went to jail for not revealing her sources on that case. judy miller is in studio next.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> we're all saddened by today's news we remain focused on the issues in this country. we have a job to protect the american people and that's what we'll continue working hard to do. >> bill: that from 2005. president bush talking about the resignation of scooter libby. we're hearing that president trump will pardon libby as early as today. my guest wrote the book to help bring this about and spent almost three months in jail. judith miller, author and fox news contributor. how are you? is a pardon in your mind about a time? >> i think it's long overdue. ever since i got out of jail
7:25 am
and began trying to look into the details of the scooter libby case, bill, i became persuaded my testimony had been in error and that he, in fact, had done nothing wrong. i decided to go back and correct the record in my own book, which i did. and when scooter libby was given his law license back a year and a half ago, the judge specifically cited my testimony, the recantation of my testimony as one of the factors in his decision. >> bill: there was a special counsel named patrick fitzgerald. >> a friend of james comey. >> bill: appointed by james comey? >> yes. >> bill: he alleged by gave you bad information that you later recanted that had been delivered in a court of law. >> he supposedly discussed valerie plame's name with me. she was arguably a secret or not so undercover agent. it may have been a violation of the law for us to discuss her
7:26 am
name. i thought that he had mentioned her name. it turned out once i understood what i had written in my notes that wasn't the case. but here is the real bottom line of this investigation. this was the beginning of the criminalization of our politics and political differences over the war in iraq, bill. what happened was basically the government was looking for a scapegoat for why the war was going badly, the decision on the war. the left was saying we had been lied into the war. i didn't believe that was true because i was doing a lot of the reporting. scooter libby took the fall for that. he was the scapegoat. he was the person upon whom we could blame the war. he worked for dick cheney who had promoted the war. so he was a convenient target of opportunity. i think that going back and looking at the record now and saying this trial never should have been brought because the general counsel of the c.i.a. concluded that the leak of
7:27 am
valerie plame's name had done no damage to national security, to assets overseas or valerie plame herself. >> bill: she sent joe wilson to look at the yellow cake used by hussein. bring it to 2018. why do you think president trump will do this? >> this case hadn't been on his radar even thoef it's been a major conservative rallying point for some time. but when he spoke to some people who he was considering hiring, i think they mentioned the case because victoria toensing is scooter libby's lawyer right now. i'm sure she took the opportunity to say there is an injustice here that needs to be corrected. >> bill: these are small circles. come back to president trump. is he sending a message about his opinion of special counsels in this? >> i have no insight into what
7:28 am
president trump thinks or tweets or why he does it. i can simply say that his critics will surely say that this is a signal to anyone who is thinking of cooperating with robert mueller, don't do it because president trump will pardon you. i hope that's not his intention. i hope his intention is to right a historic wrong. i don't know what's going on inside his head. >> bill: thank you for stepping back into history with us. >> sandra: we're minutes away from a federal court hearing on the f.b.i. raids targeting president trump's personal attorney, details on that straight ahead. plus the u.n. security council holding an emergency meeting right now. the russian federation is speaking at the moment. we believe ambassador nikki haley will be up next as the trump administration continues to weigh its options on syria. >> we're trying to stop the murder of innocent people but on a strategic level, it is how
7:29 am
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>> bill: 10:31. fox news alert. federal court hearing about to begin concerning the f.b.i. raids on the home and office of president trump's personal attorney michael cohen. it happened early monday morning. agents seizing electronic devices, records on various topics including we believe the stormy daniels matter. president trump calling the attack a disgrace and attack on our country. cohen is asking for a restraining order on all that whether he wins his argument in court as it begins. >> sandra: david bossie weighing in. the president wants to get back to work. a lot of distraction. busy week. united nations holding an emergency meeting on the latest chemical attack on the syria's people. russia's ambassador is speaking now. nikki haley is likely up next. rich edson is live at the state
7:33 am
department for us. >> good morning. sandra. the united states and united kingdom and france are coordinating their response. the white house says trump and may discussed for a joint response for syria's use of chemical weapons. the united nations has a meeting now as inspectors are on their way to that area in syria of the suspected chemical attack to begin their examination. the russian government says they've inspected the area and claim there was no chemical attack. the russian ambassador has said the immediate priority is to avoid the danger of war. he says we hope there will be no point of no return and says he cannot exclude war between the u.s. and russia. the u.k./u.s. and france say there was a chemical attack in syria. nikki haley spoke just before this session here. she says that russia has taken
7:34 am
six opportunities to veto measures to hold the assad regime accountable for this and because of that russia and syria are bringing chemical weapons use back into the mainstream. >> sandra: mike pompeo says the administration has the authority to strike syria? >> this occupied a lot of time yesterday in his confirmation hearing. he said this administration and previous administrations have demonstrated that the executive branch has the authority to launch these strikes but ran into opposition, notably from senator rand paul of kentucky on that. he also discussed syria and confirmed for the first time that the u.s. has killed russians in syria. >> in syria now a handful of weeks ago the russians met their match. a couple hundred russians were killed. the list of actions this administration has taken i'm happy to walk through each of them but don't want to take up any more time. the list is pretty long. >> reports had previously said
7:35 am
the u.s. had killed russian mercenaries joining syrian forces in that country. >> sandra: rich edson at the state department for us this morning. >> bill: let's bring in general jack keane and fox news strategic analyst. welcome back. what's the consideration now? where do you think we are on this at this hour? >> we don't need independent verification there has been a chemical attack. three nation's intelligence service have verified that. we attacked last time within 36 hours without independent verification. let's take that off the table. this thing is being delayed because we're working with our allies and that brings two other countries into the process and their whole national security apparatus is part of that. bust -- the third thing is the russians are threatening escalation, as they always do, in the event that some of their technicians or some of their soldiers who may be at a syrian
7:36 am
military base gets killed. we should not be the least bit intimidated by that. that's what they used on obama when we wanted to provide military aid to the ukrainians. putin calls and says you'll force my hand and have to escalate. obama backs down. the president has said this to assad. if you use chemical weapons again, this is after the last time, you will pay a heavy price. we went small the last time. assad has gone through this calculation. he used chemical weapons again because he gets the results. the enemy in that area capitulateed after the chemical weapons use. he got what he wanted. he knows that president trump is going to attack him but he thinks he will go small again and he won't pay much of a price from -- in terms of his military capabilities. we have to go big and it has to be decisive and we have to truly take away the delivery capability that he has so he
7:37 am
cannot use chemical weapons again. i think that's where we are. >> bill: a couple questions. u.n. inspectors are supposed to be in duma by tomorrow and saturday. let's see whether or not the schedule holds. if that's the case when u.n. inspectors go in the air strikes are held back in all likelihood. >> i would hope not. >> bill: it could be weeks. you don't know on the ground where they are, where there is going and no coordination there. we saw it play out in iraq repeatedly. i'm wondering if u.n. inspectors are headed for that town this weekend, does that mean this has been put off for some time? >> the u.n. inspectors -- the russians have cleaned the site, all right? that's number one. that's cleaner than our bathrooms at home, believe me. number two, there is victims out there certainly. the last inspection by investigators took weeks to complete.
7:38 am
i doubt if we're going the wait for that kind of report when we have good reports out of three intelligence services from three countries. we have enough information to launch a strike. >> bill: you mentioned the russians in your first answer. their ships left port the other day. what do you make of that, sir, as they move into the eastern mediterranean? >> they want to get out of harm's way. no one wants to be in a port when an attack is taking place. we learned that lesson in world war ii. >> bill: is putin trying to threat en the brits and americans and the french? >> he is having his guys tell us it could lead to escalation. putin is overmatched in the middle east. we have overwhelming combat power. he doesn't want a conflict with us and the reason for that is he has got a victory here. he has consolidated syria with the iranians. propped up the assad regime
7:39 am
indefinitely. the thought of peaceful diplomatic solution coming out of geneva would change out assad is a fantasy. he got where they wanted. he doesn't want a conflict with the united states after what he has achieved. it is a lot of bluster and no logic whatsoever. >> bill: i've known you for several years. i could hear it in your voice you're exasperated by all this aren't you? >> yeah. i'm a little frustrated. i understand the delay dealing with the other countries. i think the president has committed his credibility and america's credibility here. and i think the sooner we get on with doing that, the better it is going to be and hopefully it is decisive. >> bill: here is the president from yesterday, one of the last comments on camera. listen to this quickly. >> president trump: we're looking very, very seriously
7:40 am
and closely at that situation. it's too bad the world puts us in a position like that. always i said this morning, we've done a great job with isis. we've decimated isis, but now we have to make some further decisions. >> bill: we await what that decision is. general, thank you so much. jack keane there in washington >> sandra: more breaking news coming into the newsroom. we're hearing stormy daniels and her attorney have arrived at the federal courthouse in lower manhattan. that hearing will focus on the f.b.i. raids targeting trump's personal attorney. no word on whether michael cohen is there. more on this as we get it. plus there's this. >> president trump: the fact is we don't care about the donors and the special interests. we only care about you and your family and really making america great again. that's what we care about. that's why we're here. >> bill: the tax cuts and economy. will it help republicans come
7:41 am
november and how will speaker ryan's departure impact the party? sean duffy is up live next on all this. 's done.
7:42 am
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life line screening. the power of preventvention. call now to learn more. >> bill: a teacher charged with running a student fight club. cell phone videos showed him encouraging students as they slap each other at a high school in connecticut. police were investigating in december after a student told a social worker he was beaten up at school. he pled not guilty. that's a substitute teacher. tough classroom. tough school. that's all. >> sandra: syria not the only topic on the white house agenda. mr. trump -- >> president trump: for years they haven't been able to do it. unable to do it. not since ronald reagan. we topped that one. i said we have to call it not tax reform. that could mean a tax increase. we have to call it tax cuts. we called it tax cuts and jobs. and guess what?
7:45 am
we got it passed. >> sandra: that was president trump touting his tax cuts at a rose garden event yesterday while joined by workers from many different fields talking about his legislative accomplishment and putting money in american's pockets. joining me now is the congressman from the state of wisconsin. sean duffy. good to see you. the president stuck to his message, tax cuts, the economy. this is working for the president now. will it work for your party come mid-term elections? >> i think it will. you look at that video you just rolled with the president and all these workers behind him. this tax cut, this growing economy has affected fam laoels across america. you think in the last years of barack obama where you didn't have opportunity to go out and get a new job if you didn't feel comfortable with the one you were in. they weren't giving you benefits or paying you enough. in this economy you can get a different and better job. great for american families. the bonuses that have come out since tax reform.
7:46 am
i think a growing economy and stability in fam -- families is great for us to run on. i think the president has to do well with north korea, do well on the issue of renegotiation with china on trade. those two things would be icing on the cake. but again we have to recognize this is a rough election cycle for republicans. it always is when you have a president in power and the first off cycle election, which is what we are oef in now. it is hard for the party in power. i think this economy. the strength of our military. he crushed isis in a year. securing or border. energy independence. all those things combined will make it a far better republican cycle than it would have been otherwise if we didn't have the wins. >> sandra: nancy pelosi says that your party should be worried about the house flipping come november. she says that the retirement of paul ryan is evidence that
7:47 am
democrats are moving closer to taking back the house. what say you? >> listen, we know paul ryan is leaving because of his family. he spent 20 years in congress and sleeping on a cot in his office. he wants to go home and raise his kids. he has been talking about this for some time. this is no indication of that. but sandra, there has been a lot of conversation what's going to happen in the republican leadership race, will it be steve scalise, kevin mccarthy or patrick mchenry. it's interesting we have a race in the republican party. about who will lead our party. with the democrats there is no conversation. you have queen nancy and king hoyer. they don't have any competition. you have 80-year-old people running their party in those two leaders. we'll have a cool debate who leads the party after paul ryan. >> sandra: interesting. where do you side on that debate today? >> i think right now we don't want distraction. i think there is a movement
7:48 am
behind kevin mccarthy but i will keep my mind open and see who gets in the race. i think kevin has done a great job thus far as the leader. want to keep him in a leadership position. >> sandra: steve scalise said he wouldn't run against kevin mccarthy, his friend. are they both the top contenders? is there anybody else? >> the deputy whip, the guy that works with steve scalise is a guy by the name of patrick mchenry. well liked in our conference. he is the nuts and bolts of the floor operation with steve scalise. good on policy, good with the conference. he is a dark horse if things fall apart between those two kevin mccarthy and steve scalise patrick mchenry could be a guy who rises to the top. and has a shot at the speakership. >> sandra: i have to leave it there. do you think it's important to make that change prior to january? or have paul ryan ride out his
7:49 am
term all the way to the end? >> paul ryan is great at this job. we have a lot of policy ahead of us. i want to see him ride this out until the first of january and raise money to go up against nancy pelosi and be successful in november. i want to say paul stay. >> sandra: congressman duffy, thank you for your time this morning. >> bill: nikki haley talking at the u.n. about syria and monitoring the federal courthouse in lower manhattan. stormy daniels attorney has arrived and focus on the f.b.i. raids on michael cohen. he wants a restraining order on the material seized on monday. will the judge agree?
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> sandra: ambassador nikki haley speaking at the u.n. security council praising the
7:53 am
way president trump has been handling the syria situation. >> as a mother of two children, as a wife of a combat veteran, i am unbelievably proud of how president trump has looked at the information, analyzed, not let anyone rush him into this, because he has said from the beginning we have to know that we're right and we have to know all the information and know that there is proof. >> sandra: that was nikki haley speaking firmly a short time ago praising the president for his response on syria. we're still waiting on the exact timing and magnitude of our response. the president has recently said all options are on the table. he and his administration weighing those options. we'll continue to follow this. >> bill: tragic story in cincinnati, ohio, a teenager apparently crushed by the seat inside a minivan.
7:54 am
he was found by his father dead more than six hours after the 16-year-old made his first call to police and 911. we're trying to piece the story together out of chicago today. good morning to you. >> a tragedy where everything went wrong. 16-year-old kyle was on his way to a tennis match in ohio. he stopped at his family's van outside of his school and ended up being crushed by a third row seat and died a slow death. according to police around 2:14 the teen called 911 from inside the van at seven hills high school in ohio and told the call taker he was unable to hear them and police say there was no exchange. 911 then calls back. the teen don't answer. dispatch sends a squad car to the school to check on a trouble call. as police are on the scene responding the teen calls 911 a second time from inside the van. this time a different call taken answers and he gives his exact location and description of the van he is trapped in.
7:55 am
however, that second 911 call taker does not give this vital information to police on the scene and the incident was closed. he was found dead in the van nine hours after his first call. here is some of the sound from the 911 call to the dispatcher apparently confused the boy for a girl and gave the wrong location to a deputy. >> i put in there she could possibly be in the thrift store parking lot across the street. >> i was in there. i just looked in the van. i didn't see anybody in it. >> male was screaming. we got a call adviseing a missing child was found in a vehicle. >> police have launched an investigation into all parties involved. the woman who took the second 911 call has been placed on leave. >> we do know is that on that second 911 call something has
7:56 am
gone terribly wrong. this young man was crying out for help. we weren't able to get that information to the officers on the scene and we need to find out why. i'm not certain at this point if we're talking about an equipment malfunction or some type of other user error possibly. but we'll do an investigation to get those answers. >> according to local reports, there have been dire concerns about errors in cincinnati's 911 system for years. bill. >> bill: we need answers, thank you out of our midwest bureau today. >> sandra: james comey slamming president trump in his upcoming book. now the president is firing back. fight security threats 60 times faster with ai that sees threats coming. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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8:00 am
if everybody is open for spring. beautiful. >> could be jailbreak in new york city. have a great weekend. we will see what happens as we move forward. >> thanks for joining us. happy now starts now. >> we start with a fox news alert. former fbi director james comey slamming president trump and his tell-all book. now famously comparing the president to a mafia boss who values loyalty above everything else. the president is firing back. >> julie: experts from higher loyalty doubting how comey feels about the president. i sat there thinking holy, they're trying to make each of us friends of ours to draw sin. as crazy as it sounds, i have the feeling that in the blink of an eye, the president-elect was try to make this all part of the same


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