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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  April 11, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: thanks lot for watching. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: secretary of defense james mattis is on his way to the white house to meet with president trump to discuss the latest target options in syria after another apparent chemical weapons attack by the assad regime targeting his own people. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." i'll also talk to speaker paul ryan in his first interview after announcing this morning that he will not seek re-election in november. but first national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with the latest on syria. jennifer? >> reporter: dana, mattis is expected to brief the president to present the latest military options for syria in the oval office. planning has been going on since the weekend. a few hours ago mattis spoke
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from the pentagon while meeting the dutch defense minister but was noncommittal when asked about the alleged syrian attack. >> do you have evidence that the assad regime carried out that attack? >> we're still assessing the intelligence ourselves and our allies. we're still working on this. >> are you military ready right now? >> we've been ready to provide military options at the appropriate, as the president determined. but thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: the u.s. already has a guided missile destroyer in position off the coast of syria. the uss donald cook has 75 tomahawk missiles on board and 20 surface to air missiles in the event that russian airplanes try to challenge it. then there's the french already in position with about 16 cruise
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missiles on board. one of the first phone calls president trump made after indications of a chemical weapon attack emerged was to the french president. now satellite images obtained from internall show russia's war ship seen in the vicinity of its air base have put out to sea. russia threatened to engage any war ships that fire on syria. high level delegation of russian lawmakers arrived in damascus today to meet with syrian president bashar assad. it's not clear what their message will be. >> dana: we'll stick in close contact with you, jennifer. thank you. speaker of the house paul ryan making a major announcement, saying he will not run for another term this november. i just spoke with the speaker before we learned that secretary mattis was heading to the white house. speaker ryan was giving his first interview since his announcement this morning. watch. joining me now is the man of the hour, house speaker paul ryan.
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mr. speaker, you've come a long way from waiting tables to the speakers office, but did you ever really feel like a d.c. swamp creature kind of guy? >> no, no, i never really did. i always felt like a wisconsin guy who came to congress to make a difference. i feel like i have made a big difference. i have accomplished much of what i wanted to do. you know me well. our kids are now teenagers. i just came to the basic conclusion, i feel like our majority's in good hands. the president has given us chance to get a lot done, which we've gotten a lot done. with teenagers at home, i do another term and they will really only know me as a weekend dad. you have to remember, i came to congress before i had kids. so they've only known me as a weekend dad. if i do another term, that's all they'll ever know me as. that's just something i just can't do. >> dana: i think a lot of people would understand that. i know you've talked about entitlement reform being one of those missed opportunities. a big one.
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cbo just announced the deficit figures and looking at them now, $804 billion in 2018 but if we do nothing looking at $1.5 trillion in 2018. in addition to that, you also saw the affordable care act, or obama care, repeal and replace did not happen. is that something those two things, do you think you'll continue to work on those in whatever you decide to do next? >> those two things are one in the same. repealing and replacing obama care is entitlement reform. that's one big thing that we still haven't done. what i'm proud to say, the house has done it. ever since i became the head of the house committee, they have balanced budgets. the house did pass the biggest entitlement reform bill last year that congress has ever considered, which would have done more to shave trillions of dollars in debt off the books than anything else congress has ever done. so i'm really proud -- >> dana: some of our allies might think you might need to
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run for the senate. >> that's one thing. it missed by one vote in the senate. do i regret the senate missing this opportunity of a life time to reduce the debt and bring down healthcare premiums? yeah. i'm proud of the fact that the house has consistently passed these bills. the house passed this bill. the senate didn't. so there's more to do. but i do feel like we've done a lot to advance this cause. we're not there yet, but i think we'll get there because we have to do this. >> dana: some people might be surprised that you made the decision to leave because, as i understand it, you hit your goal of the fund-raising numbers seven months early because you were trying to help other republicans to try to keep their seats. 58 members of congress are not seeking reelection. there was some feeling today that are you perhaps abandoned the troops in the middle of a pretty tough midterm? >> not at all. first of all, i'm going to keep doing the fund-raising. i have broken every record any speaker has ever had on fund-raising. second, i don't think anybody's election is going to hinge on whether or not paul ryan is
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speaker of the house. i think we're going to have a strong record to run on. we'll have the resources to communicate our story. the reason you see retirements among us in the house is because we have term limits. we have term limits on committee chairman. most of the chairmanships are now open. so people naturally retire when their chairmanships end. that's why i think you have a lot of that. plus, we've gotten a lot done. we've done tax reform for the first time in generation. we helped the military. we helped the economy. we're on to work force development and infrastructure. so we ran on an agenda in 2016 and we've been executing that agenda. we're two-thirds of getting it done into law. eve within the senate as slow as they are. we'll be repealing and replace dodd frank. we're getting a great deal done for the country. because of that and all these term limits that people are running into is why you see some extra retirements. we really feel like we're leaving the majority in good hands to republicans because we
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have a really good record to run on. >> dana: there are still 19 states that have not had their filing deadlines passed. what advice would you have to those on the fence? >> i think people should stay. my experience -- being speaker of the house is different than being a member of congress. when i was chairman of the ways and means committee, i was at home with my family during congressional recess. last week i was in san antonio, houston, dallas, corpus christi, texarkana and austin. just to name a few. and wisconsin. so that's a little different than this job. this job, because of it, requires a great deal of travel. such to the point where i basically see my family on sundays. and when your kids are growing, my -- we're looking at colleges a week ago. it's pretty big. that's why. >> dana: do you plan to stay in jamesville? do you think you'll keep your family there? >> yeah yeah. i have no plans to change any of that. >> dana: i wanted to ask you about just the change of the
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republican party over time since you first got there. i know jack kemp was an inspiration for you when you started. the small government conservative is sort of in some ways becoming extinct. you're leaving congress i certainly adds to that. president trump and you have developed a good and healthy relationship. you've come a long way from where he used to say that paul ryan is a man who doesn't know how to win. what was it that changed in your relationship between the campaign and then the end of last year where you were able to get those accomplishments that you've been talking about? >> yeah. we didn't actually know each other. honestly, dana, it's just knowing each other. we spend a great deal of time with each other. we speak on the phone constantly. we just developed a good friendship. we developed a good rap port. he is the one who gave us with his victory this ability to get all this work done. so i'm very excited about that. you mentioned small government conservative. that's alive and well here in the house of representatives. we passed over 500 bills here in the house.
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we're passing a balanced budget amendment on thursday. we passed the budget to repeal and replace obama care which would have saved trillions of dollars of debt reduction. unfortunately we have not been able to get all of these bills through the senate onto the president's desk because of the filibuster. that's just a regrettable thing. the point i'm trying to make, the reason our relationship is so good is we now know each other so good. also, all these things that we fought for are alive and well in the house. we've gotten an incredible amount done. just the things we've gotten done in the last 15 months is something that usually takes congress four, five years to do. >> dana: do you see that there would be any additional legislative accomplishments between now and november? >> oh yeah. we're moving on to our work force development agenda which is focused on stream lining career technical legislation and getting people from welfare to work. we think that's really important. plus, we're going through our infrastructure as well. we've got a lot more work to do just this term.
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those plans are in place. it's what we said we would do when we ran. that's what we'll be executing in the weeks to come. >> dana: speaker pelosi, you have a good working relationship with her, too. certainly the democrats took those work force development rules you wanted to put forward and they said you were the kind of guy that would want to throw granny off the cliff. will you miss owe of that? the personal attacks in washington? >> i considered what my own boss said with the battle of ideas. i think it's just the right thing to do. an able bodied person that's on welfare works for those benefits. goes to school or works for a job. we've got 6.6 million jobs available in this country. we've got over that many people who are able bodied who aren't looking for work or in school. so we need to bring these people out of poverty, off of welfare, into the work force. it's the right thing to do. it's the right thing to do for the person stuck in poverty. it's the right thing to do for the economy. i know we're on the right side
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of things. that's the next agenda we will be pursuing. >> dana: i know you will not weigh in on who will succeed you or be the next speaker of the house. i know congressman scalise has his name in the hat. do you think it's possible that the leadership struggle that is going to take place in the next few months will actually take away from the ability of the republicans to hold the house in november? >> no, i really don't. i think that's just internal d.c. gossip. that's pretty much leaves the edge of the beltway. and i know we're all focused on actually getting this agenda, keeping the majority. we have a very strong leadership team. that's one of the reasons i took comfort in making this decision. i know there's capability leadership team i can hand the gavel on to. >> dana: not an easy decision to make, but congratulations. thank you for all you've done. >> thank you, dana. take care. >> dana: speaker of the house,
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paul ryan. joining me capitol hill veterans michael mehan and josh holmes, but we begin with chris stirewalt. it's funny to have such a big announcement like the resignation or i should say retirement of the speaker of the house. and for it to be sort of just kind of like steady as she goes. this is no big deal. there's nothing to see here. there's no problems. all understandable that he wants to spend more time with his family. i absolutely get not wanting to be a weekend dad. but i wanted to get your take. how big a deal is this for washington right now headed into this midterm election? >> this is a big deal. look, no one could blame paul ryan for not wanting to be in congress any more. congress is awful. truly wretched. i don't blame anybody. as a matter of fact, most americans aren't in congress. that's probably -- you can understand why. but in this moment what ryan has done here is invariably open up
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a leadership fight. maybe there's a possibility that he has orchestrated some way so that either mccarthy or scalise or maybe somebody steps aside and there's some sort of smooth transition. i tell you, by june, july, there's going to be either a designated replacement or there's going to be a serious turf wargoing on. i do not think ryan is going to be able to hold this in some kind of custodial nature for the remainder of this year and try to get through midterms. that's just not going to happen. >> dana: i'm sure you heard over this past several months as members have decided to run again. some of them decided to run again because they believe that speaker paul ryan deserved their support. now paul ryan is going to retire and there's 19 additional states that have yet to have their filing deadlines passed and there are other members, dennis ross, the republican congressman
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in florida decided to retire today. how many others do you think could happen between now and those filing deadlines, end of june? >> i suspect by the time we get to election day, we will look back on this day as a signal moment, a tipping point moment, in what happens with control of congress. it's not paul ryan's duty as an american or his job to stay. 'cause remember, one of the big issues here is, there's his control over his base over the rank and file in the house was a big question even before the giant spending bill that they shoved through. after the spending bill, no chance. now with the leadership fight coming. his ability to even control the conference is already very much in doubt before this happened. on the other side of it, if you get to the point where more members say, do you know what, i'm not running. we have a lot of filing dates still to come. we still have primaries. there's still time for people to drop out. if this becomes the real alarm bell coming on the date of the special election in
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pennsylvania. if this becomes the real alarm bell for republicans in the house to say, it's over, we're cooked, run for it, this will be a signal moment. >> dana: let me ask you about syria. we understand that general mattis, secretary mattis is on his way to the white house. there are indications, reports, that there probably will not be any military action today. but i do want to read to you what noah rothman just wrote. i think we have it here. imagine a post world war ii germany but without a conference that established firmly delineated zones and control. instead those zones are fluid and each power is testing the other to see where its freedom of action ends and another's begins. this is an unthinkably dangerous condition. the risk of an accident or miscalculation triggering a broader great power conflict is extraordinarily high. pretending we can avoid engagement in that project is a
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dangerous exercise in self-delusion. your thoughts? >> exercises in self-delusion are what we do best in washington. that's kind of our jam. >> dana: when we have our military about to take some action, those considerations have to be quite carefully decided. >> secretary matt is, of course, is well aware of the political considerations here. you have a president whose base will not tolerate, will not tolerate anything that seems like nation building. we have a relatively light foot in syria as it compared to other bigger nation building exercises like iraq and afghanistan. but even that relatively small footprint is too much for a lot of people who support the president. that's why the president just before the chemical weapons attack was saying, we're gonna get out of syria, asap. now, mattis knows there's not going to be a stomach inside this administration for what rothman is talking about there with the divided berlin and blah, blah, blah.
11:17 am
that's not in this administration. so mattis has to think about that political reality as he talks about the tactical practical reality in that space. that's a tough spot. >> dana: indeed. chris stirewalt, thank you. >> you bet. >> dana: we'll have more reaction with our panel. plus the raid on the president's personal attorney now raising concerns about the russia investigation and how the white house is responding. and the first woman to serve as secretary of state, madeleine albright joins me as president trump and the pentagon prepare for likely action against syria. >> i think it's very dangerous because terrible things could happen there with a chemical attack. i do think that there needs to be some response. but it can't just be a one up. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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11:22 am
awhile. he had not filed to run for reelection yet. it does come as pretty big news and will set off a scramble for who is going to be the next spooker. josh holmes, your thoughts? >> first off, i got a lot of respect for paul ryan. when you hear most politicians talk about leaving congress, you wonder what's up. for him, you know it's the genuine article. this is somebody who is reluctantly accepted the speakership in the first place. his colleagues basically begged him to take it because they knew he could provide that leadership at a critical time. and he did. and he has stood at the top of that conference and led them to some really important accomplishments. the next chapter is pretty difficult. he's got very big shoes to fill. >> dana: you said speaker ryan said it didn't have anything to do with the midterm they were facing. he raised a ton of money for republicans in those races, but there are historic number of republicans who decided not to seek re-election. there could be more.
11:23 am
we had another one, dennis roth of florida deciding not to run. do the democrats feel like they've got a shot here? >> oh, for sure. paul ryan was the 40th house member of the republican caucus to retire. clearly, he made a crucial mistake. he took a job he didn't love. you heard him talk about the time on the ways and means committee chairman. he came to be a deficit hawk and just passed $3 trillion in spending and tax cuts. it's not what the man came to washington to do. i can see why he would be sick and tired. i admire his 20 years of public service. clearly the political wins are totally swirling around given the timing of this announcement. >> dana: josh, the speaker had a tough approval rating. i think the wall street journal just last month put him at a 24% approval rating. that was pretty much in line with nancy pelosi's. hers is around 21%. you worked for mitch mcconnell when he ran for re-election in
11:24 am
the senate. his approval rating was also down. part of being a member of leadership. what do you think about the future of the republican party and what will it say about who actually runs and wins the speakership going forward? >> well, look, this is the price you pay for leadership in congress. the modern day model is that if you want to be liked and you're concerned about your approval rating you shouldn't be a leader in the house or senate. it just comes with the territory. you have to make extremely difficult decisions. concessions that go against your faith. everything you do alienates the other side of the aisle. and so you are stuck in the middle. but that is the price of leadership. that's why you have to have strong leaders doing the job they do on a daily basis. i think who ever succeeds him, the first thing they need to understand is that they're not going to be everybody's most popular guy out there or girl out there. they are going to be extremely under a lot of different pressures. that just comes with the
11:25 am
territory. >> dana: michael, do i want to ask you from the message from the democrats going forward. clearly we know that midterms are usually a referendum on who ever is in the oval office. this happens to be president trump this year. democrats have a very solid anti-trump message. that's what they're banking on. but at some point, does that lead too much ground on the table policy wise for democrats to actually go to the polls and vote for something? do they need to change tactic and have something positive to run on especially if the economy continues to be as good as it is now? >> it's been my experience that you don't really draft your message in april for the november election. we're too far out for that. 80% of the people who are gonna vote know how they're going to vote no matter what's said between now an then. if we go to the election today, we'd win the house because we're performing 12, 13 points better than hillary clinton with 40
11:26 am
open house seats. if you decide to run for senate and you are scandal free, you have a 90% of winning your seat back. so if i can take my candidate to the polls and say, the trump tari tariff tax is affecting your soybeans in iowa, i have a few more people. this could be the bidding war he has. but it is sort of where we are in the closing argument. >> dana: don't make the argument in april. you wait until october. sorry, guys, i have got to run. they are wrapping me in the control room. thank you. >> all right, dana. >> thanks. >> we stand ready to provide military option to the appropriate -- as the president determined. but thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. >> dana: as the president meets with defense secretary mattis on the military options in syria, how are our allies responding?
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>> the russians are prepared to protect their equipment. images first obtained by fox news from an organization called image sat international show the syrian port earlier today, the images showed 11 russian naval threat in the port. now only one sub remains at that
11:32 am
port. the other ships are now presumed to be at sea. also, the figaro is reporting the syria army is evacuating military bases and transferring to bases with strong russian presence. this following the threat by the u.s. to respond to what is widely believed to be a chemical attack on syrian opposition and civilians. russian forces have threatened that retaliation will be taken. the air traffic control authority in europe has put out a warning for those flying about the possibility of disruption to navigation equipment in the event of military action. most airlines avoid the area. only lebanon flies directly over syria. that airline has temporarily reordered flights. >> dana: now let's go to our chief white house correspondent john roberts. what can you tell us about the meeting? is it happening now? >> reporter: we believe it has just concluded.
11:33 am
we have other breaking news. the deputy security adviser resigned her position effective april 10. she will leave on april 27. another move that follows the resignation of tom foster as john bolton takes over and assembles his own team. we do not know who will be shadlow's replacement. natalie shadlow will be leaving the white house as of april 27th. now, the president engaged in some serious sabre battling towards syria and russia in the after math of the suspected chemical attack. the president voted russia plans to shoot down any and all millses. get ready, russia, because they will be coming. you shouldn't be partners with a gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it. senator graham today saying the president should launch an
11:34 am
attack against syria. listen here. >> he needs to go big because assad defied the president. he's defied the international community. he's defied human decency and now it's time for this guy to pay a heavy, heavy price. >> reporter: russian military officials today insisting that syria had nothing to do with the gas attack. spokes person for the russian military saying, quote, the notorious white helmet and that's the emergency group that we see operating there in syria who operated part of terrorist groups staged and filmed a chemical weapons attack on civilians in the town of douma. that stands in direct contradiction to what sergei lavrov said. we've got russian military officials saying they were used but it was staged. and lavrov saying there were no.
11:35 am
russians on completely opposite pages. iran also vowing some sort of retaliation if syria is struck. so, dana, what we know is there is an escalation as we've seen, seem to be a march toward some sort of military action. >> dana: all right, john, thank you. let's bring in illinois congressman adam kinsinger. as all of this gets under way, i want to ask you about what you think congress' role is in regard to this. i know that authorization to use military force going back to 2001 has been in operation since then, but there are calls that congress should actually do more. what are your thoughts? >> if the president decided to come to congress, i absolutely would vote for this, the authority to give him authority in syria. i would be proud. i don't think he needs to come to congress. the fact is this threatens national security. the job of congress is very simple. we declare, according to the constitution if a state of war exists and we provide the
11:36 am
financial oversight and resources in terms of the execution of that. the president's job is to be commander in chief and make those policy decisions. you have some here whether it's trying to make news, whether they really believe it, that want congress, 535 of us between the house and senate to basically be apprised of every operational detail of the u.s. military. the question is where does that line end? i think the president is well within his authority to strike syria, to strike them right now before coming to congress and he ought to do it. >> dana: i don't have all that much time. i want to ask you about the retirement of your colleague and friend, speaker paul ryan. >> it's sad. lot of us saw it coming. he accomplished tax reform. we knew he wanted to spend more time with his family. he'll be sorely missed. we'll have great people behind to replace him. >> dana: you stepped out of the facebook hearing to come. what do you make of the hearing so far? do you think this will result in any sort of regulation against the company? >> i certainly hope it results in us getting a better grip on
11:37 am
privacy. since i have been on congress, this is what we've been grappling with. what's kind of the mix between free market and where government should have some regulation of privacy? hopefully this is the beginning, i guess the middle of the conversation, but really taking it seriously now. we've got to understand that while facebook has a right, we have a right to privacy and there needs to be better communication about that. >> dana: all right. congressman, thanks for stepping out of that hearing. i will sit down with madeleine albright and ask her what she thinks of president trump's foreign policy. >> i have not liked foreign policy by tweet. and so i think that especially the tone of the last one, is troubling. ( ♪ ) your heart doesn't only belong to you. child: bye, grandpa! and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help. entresto is a heart failure medicine
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>> president meeting with his defense secretary about the u.s. options in syria. this comes after the president warned about an american strike on syria and told russia to get
11:42 am
ready for missiles. expect the president's comments to be front and center today at the white house briefing. that's scheduled for half past the next hour. we'll see you then on shepard smith reporting. >> dana: secretary of defense james mattis meeting with the president to discuss the latest target options in syria after the suspected chemical attack that killed 40 civilians. i sat down with madeline albright the former secretary of state. watch. madeline albright is author of tpasism, a warn. she's the first woman to be named secretary of state serving under president bill clinton. we are so glad to have you with us today. >> great to be with you. >> dana: there's so much happening in the world. as we speak, there are possibly actions happening right now in syria with president trump and the allies thinking about how they're going to respond to the recent use of chemical weapons in the area. your thoughts on that as how that's happening. >> i think it's very dangerous. terrible things have happened
11:43 am
there with the chemical attack. i do think there needs to be some response. but it can't just be a one off. i think there really has to be some kind of strategic approach to it and a plan and i am worried about it. i have not liked foreign policy by tweet. and so i think that, especially the tone of the last one, is troubling to me because i do think that what is essential is to deal with an issue from the perspective of the politics that can't be resolved unless there's a political settlement of some time and some way of abiding by the chemical weapons convention which we are all significant toeurs of. >> dana: you are also an ambassador to the u.n. our ambassador is being rebuffed by russia and china. >> it's outrageous. i have to say this. i was there when sergei lavrov was the ambassador.
11:44 am
there is nobody that understands how to write resolutions or stop rez lieuings or under mind the system than sergei lavrov. we put forward a resolution, they put forward a resolution. there's a real stoppage of work. the question is what should happen while people are suffering? and in some ways, dana, it really reminds me a little bit about what happened on kosovo. the russians were blocking whatever we wanted to do and the security council, which is why we went to nato. i do think that there needs to be some look at some kaoeu hreugs of the willing or some way to get out of the situation in the u.n., which at the moment is not operating. >> dana: what did you make of over the weekend when israel took action and the rest of the world didn't really say a peep, including saudi arabia? almost as if they were thinking it's better for israel to do it if they're able to push back
11:45 am
against assad. >> i think the israel list didn't admit to it, that there was kinds of things that they say is that they feel oppressed from some of the drones and various things that are coming out that are being supported as one reads about this by hamas or iran. and that there had to be some way of saying this is unacceptable. but the israelis did this, again, they never had admitted it, erpler in terms of stopping a threat to what they consider their security. basically coming from forces that are being supported by iran. >> dana: also, i wanted to ask you about north korea. in your book you talk about your efforts to try to push back against missile program in north korea. does president trump have a point when he says that the previous administrations failed? and when president obama met with him that first day after he had won, he said this will be your biggest foreign policy problem. >> i think the issue has been
11:46 am
going on quite a long time. and when i was there, first of all, it was very well prepared. we had asked former secretary of defense bill perry to do a complete review of our north korea policy but an it was so complicated. then what happened, the number two guy vice marshal cho had come to the u.s. we were in the oval office. he presented president clinton with an invitation for him to come to north korea. i think president clinton did the right thing by saying maybe at some point but we have to be prepared. i'm sending the secretary of state. the thing that happened was that i was in the middle of negotiations which at that stage had to do with missile limits. then the election of 2000 happened. i spoke to colin powell about this. we didn't continue. and so, there's always some explanation for it. but i do think it is incredibly complicated and it does also
11:47 am
bear on what president trump is saying about the iran nuclear deal because if you're trying to figure out something with the north koreans and in the mean time you're saying you don't like the iran deal. >> dana: i wanted to ask you, in your book you talk about president trump being sort of the least democratic president that you can remember. what do you mean by that? what worries you the most about that. democracy -- american's democracy still seems very strong, but what are your concerns? >> i am concerned about various elements that he seems to ignore. i am a great believer in freedom of the press. i think it's very important. i think it's exceptionally important for there to be discussions, civil, good discussions. we may not all agree. it's not the enemy of the people. that bothers me. it's being picked up by other countries. that's why hungary is saying. the other is a lack of respect for the democratic institutions and it concerns me that he acts
11:48 am
as though he's above the law. that is what concerns me about him. >> dana: well, we will continue to follow all of those stories, of course. your book was wonderful. i enjoyed reading it. a live look at mark zuckerberg. still under the spotlight in marathon testimony on capitol hill. what zuckerberg is saying about his personal data and who was affected by the data breach. >> you mentioned a few times an arms race with russia. if you're giving russian intelligence service agencies potentially even on a valid request access to russia is that a disadvantage to us and advantage to them? >> congressman, let me be more precise. i have no specific knowledge of any data that we have ever given to russia. we're finally back out in our yard, but so are they. introducing scotts turf builder triple action.
11:49 am
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>> dana: reddit banned accounts from spreading misinformation on their platform. they say they suggest they orange nate from russia's research internet agency. the ira as it's known is so called russian troll farm. the u.s. intelligence agencies say spread misinformation during the 2016 presidential election.
11:53 am
a fox news alert. facebook's mark zuckerberg back on capitol hill facing tough questions from lawmakers ab the privacy scandal and how the site protects user's data. peter doocy is right outside the hearing room. how is this testimony different from yesterday? >> reporter: it's different, dana, because lawmakers on the house side had a day and night to figure out if zuckerberg was telling the truth yesterday about things like drug trafficking on facebook. >> this scourge that's ravaging this country is being enabled because of facebook. so my question to you as we close on this, you said before you were going to take down those ads but you didn't do it. we've got statement after statement about things you're going to take those down within days and they haven't gone down. what i just put up was just from yesterday. it's still up. >> congressman, when people
11:54 am
report the posts to us, we will take them down. >> reporter: the lawmakers have also had a day to see how seriously mark zuckerberg is about fixing the errors that allowed cambridge analytica to obtain 87 million facebook user's data to improve their profits. >> the fact that cambridge analytica stepped down, does that solve the issue and controversy around what they did? >> congressman, i don't think so. there are a couple big issues here. one is what happened specifically with cambridge analytica. how were they able to buy data from a developer that people chose to share it with. how do we make sure that can't happen again. >> reporter: zuckerberg also said that his personal information was maliciously obtained by a third party without his knowledge, so he is one of the 87 million that everybody keeps talking about. at one point he said that he knows it is inevitable that
11:55 am
facebook will have to be regulated by the government in some way. >> dana: i find it hard to believe mark zuckerberg was taking the personality test on the site that then cambridge analytica got. they must have had it another way. but a he was a friend of somebody else's. >> reporter: nobody asked him ab that. there's still five minutes left. we might have our chance. >> dana: all right, peter. thank you. arizona teachers joining thousands nationwide demanding higher pay and funding for education. the walkout is part of a wave of demonstrations led by conservatives. in oklahoma, classes have been cancelled for an eighth day in the state's biggest school district because of teacher walkouts. and we'll be right back. ♪ managing blood sugar isn't a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. like using glucerna to replace one meal or snack a day. only glucerna has carbsteady... unique blends of slow-release carbs
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>> so my entire interview with secretary state madeline albright is on the daily briefing's web page and on she had some inspirational comments about women that i've never heard her say anywhere else. i asked her what it was like when she first saw american troops when she let lived with her family in exile in world war ii before they went back to czechoslovakia and headed to denver, colorado. we shared a few more conversation pieces about that. tomorrow, mark zuckerberg will have less capitol hill. mike pompeo, the cia director nominated to be secretary of
12:00 pm
state, he will take the stage. bernie sanders, the senator from vermont is saying he will lead protests against his confirmation. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. now shepard smith. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the white house. 10:00 p.m. in damascus. the russians have saying we have your back. the white house briefing set to start in 30 minutes. president trump has said he will not warn america's enemies of a strike in advance. except today he tweeted of a strike in advance. he said missiles are headed to syria. we'll show you how russia is responding. we've seen videos of civilians suffering of the chemical attack in syria. syria and russia call it a fabrication. is there proof? >> is there any evidence that the assad regime has had


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