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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 10, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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packages paid >> jon: the dow up nicely today. we will continue to keep an eye on that. thank you for joining us. >> julie: "outnumbered" starts right now. we will see you back tomorrow. >> harris: a fox news alert. awaiting reaction from trump in the plot twist and robert muller's investigation. any moment now, the president is expected to grade the leader. president could speak out again against the fbi raid that happened yesterday at the home offices and temporary hotel room of his personal attorney. the president called it an attack on our country. raising new questions over how he might respond to it all. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith, revoke and strategist and news contributor lisa boothe. anger of the intelligence as report, trish regan, never gets old. in joining us in the center seat, former republican presidential candidate and fox news contributor now, herman cain is "outnumbered" ."
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nice position to be in. >> harris: let's get to the news. president trump is about to welcome the emir of cutter to the white house. we are expected to hear from here. we will take you live when it happens. while prominent lawmakers right now are advising the president to proceed carefully today following his angry reaction yesterday at the fbi's seizure of business records, emails, and documents from his personal attorney michael cohen, "the wall street journal"'s reporting action came after a referral from special counsel robert mueller to the u.s. attorney's office in manhattan. federal agents were reportedly focus on information related to $130,000 payment that mr. cohen made to adult them film star stormy daniels before the election. his attorney said the raids were unnecessary because his client has been fully cooperating. here's what the president said yesterday.
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>> just heard they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys, a good man and is a disgraceful situation, it's a total witch hunt. it's a disgrace. frankly a real disgrace. it's an attack on our country and a good sense. it's an attack on what we all stand for. be when the president wasn't done. this morning, he tweeted a total witch hunt and attorney-client privilege is dead. prosecutors would not risk doing something this aggressive without a legitimate reason. here he is. >> the radon michael cohen's office is like the nuclear strike with a number of warheads. his home, his office, his hotel room. this kind of raid is extraordinary, it could not have been done if they were not near certainty that he was going to
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either destroy evidence for a plan or commit a crime that involved obstruction of justice. he went to blumenthal calling it a nuclear strike. what do you think? >> herman: i think it is a nuclear strike but i disagree with him on one point. he said they wouldn't have done it unless they had some definitive evidence that suggests maybe that was wrong doing. i don't agree with that. i happen to believe that this is a diversion, and is intended to confuse people such that it last past the november election. this is a hot mess, and they just added some more coal to the hot mess. >> harris: is interesting because his notion of actually having evidence hasn't been predicated for the year plus that we have seen the investigation into collusion. that would kind points to what herman cain is saying. >> trish: whatever that is. we talked about this before. at the minute you get a special prosecutor in there, all of us and you have a can of worms that
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you're opening up pandora's box so to speak when you are going every different direction looking for some kind of infraction. >> harris: i want to speak to what's happening on the left side of the screen. we had told you earlier that the amir of cutter is here. he is here to meet with president trump at the white house. and this will be an interesting timing because right now, trying to decide what he's doing in syria and getting arab nations and middle eastern nations on the same page is important. set some things so those two men will talk about some of of thon their upcoming meeting. if we show you his arrival at the white house when we get next to another point of where the public and watch. we will bring you that and more news on that. >> trish: i don't know if this looks so good. 130k getting paid to her. i don't know what evidence they have. clearly looking for something.
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they do not think that michael cohen is above reproach here. >> herman: don't forget about the fives report that is questionable in terms of how bad. paid they use false data for that fisa report and still trying to investigate that. so i put this in the same category. we went to see if it helped kicked off the investigation from the beginning. >> lisa: the screams of overreach and might alienate some of the republican's on capitol hill who said less of let this investigation run its course. i think he risks alienating those people because this is a clear overreach by sba. president trump at this point up yesterday and is a great point in a sense you get somebody like rod rosenstein that is essentially given so much latitude and leeway in this investigation even looking at things like obstruction of justice but he's the same guy that laid out the case for hiring comey is about. there's just a clear double
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standard and some very big concerns here. >> harris: i know we've been talking a little bit about rod rosenstein and potentially his actions and all of this, what have you learned? 's patient having personally signed off on his braids taking place. this is going to get heavy. in the political fallout is going to be huge if the president were to take as drastic as a measure as to fire mueller. the fact that he says that's not in the cards and says we will see you, that leaves a lot of room for speculation. so what would the fallout be if the president was to move forward in that direction? not educating that is his choice mama but if he did, with the fallout be? >> herman: it would be major criticism and it would go on and on and on and on. but don't forget, remember, congress can get information it's been asking for four months. you add that to the mix, and this is why if the president were to do that, it would help shift the focus on the things that are really important.
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>> harris: that's interesting. there are two camps on this because i'm sure you heard you don't even want to approach even talking about firing anybody at this point. >> herman: exactly. i would be in the camp of don't fire him, let it run its course. but the department of justice and fbi to give congress the information it's been asking for that they are entitled to because they are our elected representative. he went a bit of strategy going on there. >> herman: is a hot mess like i said. >> lisa: hot mess express. >> harris: i'm supposed to say that prompter speaking of which but i don't know if this is a hot mess until i get to it. just kidding. new questions over whether the president is considering removing a special counsel mueller. let's go deeper with this topic. he was asked about yesterday. >> i don't i just fire mueller? i think it's a disgrace was going on. we will see what happens but i think it's really a sad situation when you look at what happened.
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and many people have said you should fire him. again, they found nothing. and in finding nothing, that's a big statement. we will see what happens. >> harris: george washington university law professor jonathan turley explained earlier when he feels the president should not go down this road. >> president trump took the ill-advised course of firing james comey against the advice of virtually everyone in the white house except for jared kushner. this would be the splendor on their whites. wouldn't change anything, wouldn't stop the investigation, the could definitely put his presidency in peril. they want us here from the other side of the political aisle this morning. senate minority leader chuck schumer urged lawmakers to take action on bills to protect the special counsel. stickel for months, republic and subset of legislation to protect the special counsel is not needed. because they have been assured
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by nameless people have the president won't fire the special counsel. that assurance has been shaken by the president's comments last night. by his own words, it's clear the president may be considering firing special counsel. we went i didn't think was possible but that just man just turn the man next to me into a cable box. what's funny? >> herman: nameless people. why don't they name who they are for a change instead of calling them nameless people? the effect of this investigation has gone on as long as it has, i'm on the side of don't fire him. they haven't found any thing they are and is going to continue to turn up nothing and eventually, the investigation is going to exhaust itself other than when he decides to go in another direction to try to drag something else in. they're just trying to stretch this out until november. >> sandra: look at the marcus today, the dow surging 500 points and trying coming back to
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the table in this tier of issues thing we're going to open up our country for business and open up our economy, bringing u.s. automobiles and there's a message of the president could be sticking to hear. but we woke up this morning and he chose to react and react somewhat fiercely on twitter about client privileges, attorney-client privileges and just being an absolute witch hunt, actually bring in the focus on the attention back to this. >> trish: i understand that he's angry. any of us would feel the same. you make a valid point and that there's a lot of stuff going on right now. from a policy perspective, as much of the struggle as a concern this whole threat of the trade war has been, look at what's happening today. maybe he is not so smart to alienate our number one biggest customer in the world. maybe we shouldn't be charging a 25% tariff on every single automobile that comes in from the u.s. maybe there's some work that could be done on a fair
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agreement. these are wonderful things, good things for our economy, good for jobs, good for national security and yet here we are mired in yet again, stormy daniels. >> lisa: do you honestly think the mainstream media is going to cover those things for the trump administration? president trump is angry and with good reason. there is a report and is inside of the muller team is looking into this 150,000 donation from a pro-russian ukrainian oligarch that gave to the trump foundation. same guy gave 13 million to the clinton foundation. you also look at a double standard even in the investigation that flynn is being charged with one count of lying to the fbi yet how they also led to the fbi. he is infuriated and i think it's got some reasons to be. >> herman: this is a another installment in the speculation derby. >> harris: doesn't come come with free cotton candy?
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>> herman: no, popcorn. >> lisa: can you wear a hat? >> harris: we are watching for a couple of things. when he comes out of this two-person meeting with the leader of qatar. and we are with the weighting of mark zuckerberg is meeting where he will face questions about the privacy scandal that has rocked silicon valley and beyond. what can we expect when the founder of facebook takes the hot seat and what will it mean for millions and millions? 2.2 billion facebook users. plus, high-stakes decision for president trump could come at any moment. on the u.s. is response to its suspected chemical attack in syria that killed dozens of civilians. we will talk about the administration's next move. stay close. >> we are beyond showing pictures of dead babies. we are beyond appeals to conscience. we have reached the moment when the world must see justice done. in just two weeks
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> sandra: we are awaiting remarks from the president inside the white house and meeting with the emir of qatar. the pool has been called in, the president has been speaking, did not answer questions of reporters but they did say that he talked about syria but the president, also talked about stopping terrorism funding.
9:17 am
he has shifted in that stance, having a conversation in the white house i'm going to have those remarks for you shortly. we will bring those to you live when we get them. >> trish: the monster who is responsible for these attacks has no conscience. not even to be shot by pictures of dead children. the russian regime whose hands are all covered in the blood of syrian children cannot be ashamed by pictures of its victims. we tried that before. we must not overlook russia and iran's roles in enabling the assad regime's murderous destruction. but two strong words from ambassador nikki haley pointing fingers at bashar al-assad, russia, and around over the attack in syria that killed dozens of civilians including women and children. we are awaiting a vote at the
9:18 am
security counsel in syria as the regime denies a chemical attack even took place. canceled a planned trip to south america to oversee the crisis in syria. and the decision on the u.s. response is expected at any moment now. retired four-star general jack keane says we cannot rely on the u.n. to act and there will be serious challenges facing any possible u.s. military action. watch. because the only thing left was now is that we have to take away his capability to deliver chemical weapons and take the chemical weapons away itself. what does that really mean? all fixed wing aircraft destroyed, all airfields destroyed. what makes a complicated his russians out on those airfields. we should tell the russians right now that every military base in syria as vulnerable as a result of this chemical attack and if you keep your people and his military bases, we are not going to be responsible if they
9:19 am
are injured as a result of an attack. to be two more on that in just a second. we want to alert in with his meeting taking place at the white house. the president and the emir of qatar our meeting right now. we are told the discussion involved syria and the next actions to take their also funding of terror was discussed as well. the emir of qatar and the president or meeting of the white house. >> he's a friend of mine, knew him long before i entered the world of politics. the great gentlemen, very popular and his people love him. we are working on unity in that part of the middle east and i think it's working out very well. a lot of good things happening. also, we have a gentleman on my right who buys a lot of equipment from us a lot of purchases in the united states and a lot of military.
9:20 am
airplanes and missiles, lots of different things. but they have been great friends in so many ways and we are working very well together. i think it's working out extremely well. so it me or, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you very much, mr. president. i am very happy and honored to be here. give for this invitation. a relationship between qatar and the united states has been more than 45 years. it's a very strong solid relationship. our economic partnership is more than 125 billion and our aim and goal to double it in the next coming years. our military cooperation is very solid, very strong as everybody knows that the heart of fighting terrorism is in the base. and thank god it's been very successful campaign against the terrorist groups around our
9:21 am
region. lately, before i come here, i was in tampa. we met with the general, and it was a very important visit and it shows how strong our cooperation is between the armed forces. of course, we speak today and we see the suffering of the syrian people and me and the president, we see eye to either this matter has to stop immediately. we cannot tolerate with a war criminal, someone with half a million of his own people. and this matter should end immediately. thank you very much. >> president trump: thank you, we have been working for a number of years now. actually, even before the attack on terrorism. and we are making sure that terrorism funding is stopped and the countries that we are really related to because i feel related, but those companies are stopping the funding of
9:22 am
terrorism. that includes uae and saudi arabia. it includes qatar and others. a lot of countries were funding terrorism and were stopping it. it's getting stopped and fast, very important. now become a very big advocate and we appreciate that. because thank you, president. i want to make something very clear. we do not and we will not tolerate with people who fund terrorism. we are incorporating within the state to stop funding terrorism around the region. we do not want to tolerate with people who support and fund terrorism. i would also like to think that the president for being involved personally in solving the gcc crisis. he's been very helpful, he's been supporting us during this blockade and then i would like to also think the american people for being very supportive. in his role is very vital to end this crisis in our region.
9:23 am
>> sandra: president trump and the emir of qatar meeting in the white house just moments ago. as you can hear just a few moments ago saying he was happy and honored to be here and he talked about what he referred to as a successful campaign against terrorism groups in the region. but he said we speak today amid the suffering in syria and that was a major topic of conversation between the two. they will go on to a working lunch. but the emir said this must stop immediately referring to bashar al-assad and calling him a war criminal. what happens next is a big question. we went to a couple things about qatar. we know recently the president called them out on terrorism. that's when i came from. it'll be interesting to see if he does the same thing with saudi arabia because we know their history. we have 10,000 american troops at an air base in qatar. we need to qatar if we are going to hit syria with everything. the overseas command, u.s. command is in qatar.
9:24 am
the decisions is right there. you're going to need them. >> herman: this is by the president said you need 24 to 48 hours. has to work these relationships out. i think made the mistake in underestimating this president. if those tomahawk missiles didn't get his attention and now he's going to go into this, i think general keane nailed it when he said what we need to do. here's the other thing that i think there underestimating. russia as well as he ran as well as the head of syria, we have a new sheriff in town. don't test this president. that's what i believe there underestimating. >> trish: the danger here is that it escalates. we have to be very careful about the next move because of russia, because of iran. i agree with you. i think that we are in a very different world than the one that we lived in with president obama in charge and you now have a president who is
9:25 am
not afraid to actually take action whatever that may be in syria. he is going to do so to the anger of the russians come and assess the reality now that we face as we increasingly find ourselves in a cold war kind of scenario for lack of a better term. >> lisa: i think that's where the focus has been but also a also alternatively, there's a danger in not acting because he will end up down the same road that president obama did in drawing that drawing that redline and doing nothing and essentially, nobody respects you, your word is meaningless in the united states is viewed as weak. him president trump has sort of drawn his own redline. i think he has to follow through to some degree. >> trish: i don't think he won't. >> lisa: not looking ahead of thing sitting down with north korea or even the trade issue with china and nobody respects your believes what you say. it sorta renders you useless on the global stage. >> harris: it's interesting, we are seeing perhaps the president knew that everybody else is speculating how in other worlds outside of fox about why
9:26 am
you would make a choice on bulletin at this point? now we know. look at all that he has before him and john bolton is not a man who is going to toggle back and forth wiggle room on what his vision is. >> lisa: when image when we were covering that meeting at this hour yesterday with the president being there with the ambassador sitting right over national security advisor, right over his shoulder, on day one on the job. what a first day in your office, can you imagine? >> sandra: here it is, date here. if this is a man who is at the president side with a major decision for timing is crucial. you just went up at the time is going to be. initially, 24 to 48 hours. the president would be responding forcibly to and on syria. time is ticking. be when he's taking a phone call with the british prime minister, so they are talking syria on all fronts. >> trish: just the act of hiring john bolton in south has
9:27 am
put syria, north korea, china, russia all on notice. >> sandra: we will see. any moment now, decision could come down from this white house. for now, sitting down for a working lunch with the emir of qatar and certainly syria and other things will be a big conversation there. meanwhile, national guard troops arriving at our seven border as three governors of border states the begin to deploy troops in response to president trump's illegal immigration crackdown. thing of the move will make our country safer. so will california jump on board? what will it choose to resist? plus, facebook's mark zuckerberg gearing up for his first day of testimony before a senate committee amid growing backlash to a massive privacy scandal. what we can expect to hear from the facebook founder and the social media giant can regain the trust of millions of users. people i don't want to spend all of his time saying he's sorry. i don't want him to spend all his time saying i except
9:28 am
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>> sandra: all eyes on mark zuckerberg as he testifies this afternoon. under intense scrutiny amid privacy concerns following a data mining scandal that facebook says compromise the personal information of originally 50 million? turned out to be 87 million users and that number could even be higher than that. here is senator chuck grassley, chairman of one committee questioning zuckerberg today. because this brings into focus the sharp realization of 87 million people avoid facebook can let the world know about you if they doubt do their due diligence and protect that privacy.
9:33 am
>> sandra: herman cain, you're a businessman. this is a big deal for a guy who has maintained a lot of privacy for his entire existence as a publicly traded ceo. he is on the hot seat today. if you expect this to be big moment for for the company? >> herman: two issues here. one is how will the stockholders respond to what's happening to facebook and i think we're going to have to wait and see. the other thing is, the only other big issue is the privacy issue. they started out, facebook, as a social media platform. we have now wandered into trying to become a political influence platform and that is what's causing a lot of backlash. it's not that the information is being used to try and analyze potential voters. we all get that sort of treatment. i can go on and look something that i don't even care about and then in the same day, they're sending me stuff related to it. is what they do to all of us, so this part is not new. the only thing that i think is
9:34 am
going to come out of this for some sort of recognition about the degree to which the users with the customers have some privacy rights. that's always going to come out of this. >> lisa: i would add to that that there seems to be positively absolutely no remorse for the fact that facebook while yes i can offer you these connections, it does some bad stuff that he had a senior executive come out that was circulated internally and he was making the case effectively saying to the employees, there are times when we may actually be connecting terrorists. there are times where we may be connecting people. no matter the cost is the quote. i thought to myself, how despicable? how absolutely despicable is that? no care for human life. and if that's the attitude amongst some of your top executives, this guy still works there. they didn't fire him.
9:35 am
>> sandra: i want to make sure we show the other side of that. they responded that and said they were disappointed that gottlieb because they are publicly traded company and that information is private. but they response was we are a growing company and it is our responsibility to project or to forecast all possible outcomes good or bad so we know how to react to them. >> lisa: m in the minority on the side of the conversation from the beginning and the only reason this is an issue is because facebook got caught up in trumps orbit which anyone that gets caught up in his orbit gets destroyed by the mainstream media and those on the left. that's what's happening with this. the obama campaign did the exact same thing in 2012. hillary clinton has reported that her campaign did essentially the same thing heading into the 2016 election. all those members of congress are going to be questioning him are all hypocrites. they have utilized facebook entire business model monetizing data to help win collections
9:36 am
into target voters. i think what facebook is trying to do and mark zuckerberg is going to try to do is get out in front of this to some degree. he's allegedly going to say he is at embracing the honest ads acts which changes disclosure for online ads. >> harris: i want to jump in here with this idea that you were touching on and that is of the promise of privacy. i think jenna relishing the canal, people know you are going to get much privacy if you're online. if you want privacy, stay in your house, locked the door, close the windows, and don't call or text anybody but that's ridiculous. we know we're going to go online and have some exposure. so with facebook and others are going to be challenged but it is not just this company. where did they get to the point where they say your privacy is worth something, maybe some way that we can do some business together where you level up where you're giving us something that's valuable and you get something in return. i don't know what that will look like.
9:37 am
>> trish: maybe we pay. maybe it's a dollar 99 to use the service and they insert the data to protect it. >> sandra: mark zuckerberg is saying we are going to pay. spoke to senators yesterday and said if we are going to take a huge hit to profitability to ensure security. what we are talking about is monetizing what the user knows about. >> trish: maybe there's a competitor to facebook out there that we are not even talking about yet. >> lisa: his biggest challenge is going to be himself. does anyone honestly believe that he is going to subjectively try to change the negative? he is not good in interviews. it's not going to help facebook to any degree. >> herman: not going to happen happen. it's going to be status quo. >> sandra: i think we said that when it appeared that much
9:38 am
anticipated testimony questioning begins for mr. zuckerberg at 2:00 eastern time today. be sure to keep it right here. we will take you there live as soon and that begins. this is just a senate hearing. the house hearing is tomorrow and the battle over the border continuous. some states sending national guard troops to beef up security after the president's order but so far from california's governor, crickets. whether the president is winning the political fight when it comes to immigration and our country security. we debate. you do all this research
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>> harris: national guard troops arriving at our southern border as requested last week that president trump. now 3 of 4 border state governors agree to cooperate with the new federal effort to crack down on illegal immigration. you're watching a video of arizona national guard troops deploying arizona governors doug ducey said this is exactly what his state needs to fight crime. stickel conversations with secretary nielsen and with president trump have been around
9:43 am
the drug cartels and human trafficking. thank goodness we have a federal government that will finally pay some attention to what's happening on the border. >> harris: even some states which are not on the border offering to send their troops. south carolina governor henry mcmaster said he is in talks with texas to lend a hand. remember, 3 out of 4 border states? california's governor jerry brown who has fought with the president over immigration policy has yet to say whether he will cooperate. to be. >> herman: no, he is not going to do it. let me get you a statistic that will blow you away. 12% of the u.s. population is in california. they get 33% of all their fair payment. that's why they don't want to close the border. they want to continue to build the welfare rolls in california has made it possible for illegals to get drivers licenses which is a ticket to register to
9:44 am
vote. that's why governor brown is not seeing this. we went on some of the state of california to add to the list here of things that we are talking about, we saw the first data point e who is an illegal immigrant. a young woman. let's go back to this idea of what you're saying in terms of the senses because that's what you're getting into. we've been talking about those conversations of how many people are in your household when you get that number for california homes of the population which attracts more federal dollars. that's what you're talking about. >> herman: that's exactly what i'm talking about. they have 54 legislative seats of their trying to protect all of the seats that they currently have. the democrats have a majority. but this whole thing for california is they want more illegals for more votes for more people in the household. >> sandra: i think of to wait and see still for california. they haven't said no. i was just thinking of the acting deputy commissioner of u.s. customs and border protection this morning and he
9:45 am
has been kind enough to give us an update along the way here. what we are hearing from the states, the governors of the movement of the national guard down to the border which is quickly building because governors are showing willingness. these conversations are ongoing and there is progress being mad made. >> harris: there some give-and-take because california has got that sanctuary state what they want to have. it's maybe a little bit of negotiating that they're going to try to do. >> trish: i'm surprised we haven't heard a definitive answer yet. i'm tempted to side with the oneness and that this is something that he would want to throw his weight behind. it's clearly a problem. the border patrol has not been able to do it on their own. this is at least putting some recognition to that. going to beef up the border patrol, going up at the
9:46 am
national guard and, whatever it takes to secure our country because we are a country. >> harris: so we are seeing from these governors a list of the things of the national guard will be doing. kind of behind the scenes to support trade >> lisa: it's the stuff that the national guard did under the past two administrations with george w. bush as well as president obama when they sent the national guard to this southern border as well. but put me down in the know column as well for california on this issue. you can just go ahead and put me down. it's really contradictory to his political and worldview on immigration and illegal immigration so why would you expect the guy to embrace it, sanctuary cities and sanctuary state? >> harris: you do want to have the one section of border that is not protected. think about the signal that sends to the nation because we talk about mexico but its central and south america that we are seeing is unaccompanied
9:47 am
minors coming from in many instances that they don't get stopped by mexico because their policies are pretty stringent. >> herman: a visible glimmer here. some cities are a voting against the sanctuary states. nothing is going to change the whole landscape that's a little bit of a glimmer that some of these local officials are saying no, we are not going to go with that and they are joining the lawsuit of these trump administration. >> harris: right now, national guard troops are headed to the border. the president said he wanted it and sings and governors make it happen. a different version of events from two former top law enforcement officials. is that news? apparently it is. new questions now that former attorney general loretta lynch is speaking out about her tarmac meeting with bill clinton just days before the fbi announced it would not recommend criminal charges against his wife hillary clinton. >> at the time, i knew it was going to raise questions in people's minds.
9:48 am
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>> lisa: welcome back. of the metal lynch the former attorney general under president obama is speaking out since the first time since leaving public office and doing it just ahead of the release ofs comey's book. she was asked in an interview by
9:52 am
the infamous tarmac meeting she had with bill clinton in 2016 just days before the fbi decided it would not recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton for her use of a private server. she says they spoke about innocuous things and she said this. stickel at the time, i knew it was going to raise questions in people's minds is what you do is you always consult the legal experts. you always get a legal answers into whether or not recusal is required and had it been, that's what i would have done. >> lisa: instead of recusing herself, she publicly announced she would accept the recommendation of the fbi. that led to james comey's public exoneration of hillary clinton. you'll remember congressional testimony he said the tarmac meeting convinced him to go public. so let's start at the beginning here. i do you buy loretta lynch is explanation that they just discussed innocuous things? >> herman: i want to use the word you used earlier, baloney. absolute baloney. secondly, where was the raid?
9:53 am
there were no rates paid during the administration. no rates. now we have a raid on the president's private attorney. he went as a second raid we've seen. >> herman: is all baloney. that peace with all the other pieces is intended to do one thing, drag all of this hot mess out until november at least. and like trish said, it'll probably got one. i don't believe her explanation whatsoever. i heard her do an interview where she said it was 105 degrees outside. then she shouldn't have been out there. >> harris: her reason for meeting with bill clinton was it's hot outside? >> trish: now we also have two different accounts here. so james comey is saying one thing, the red lynch is saying another, why the differing accounts, what you make of that? >> trish: it was hot outside, that's why we had the meat.
9:54 am
they had a talk about something. grandkids. beyond the grandkids. was right to say okay, i've got to explore this. this is not appropriate for the two of them to be meeting by any stretch of the imagination. she put him in that position. >> harris: i am going to be purged when the book comes out because i don't agree on this point. she says they were talking about calling it a matter that he didn't seem cited by that at all. he said that made him queasy. those are oppositional and someone is not telling the truth. we won't know who but who also is in the book? be five to that point, james comey is about to hit the media circuit to sell his book. what questions would you have to him on what harris just laid ou out? >> harris: somebody's not telling the truth. she said when she looked back at cummings testimony to harris is point i don't know what the issue is. i don't know why he was queasy. >> harris: he said she didn't
9:55 am
indicate there was even an issue which is interesting because apparently, he doesn't agree with his own feelings about being queasy. >> herman: if she had taken the leadership position, she wouldn't have said i took the fbi's recommendation. no. she should've said i believe this is the right thing to do. >> lisa: do you think she should have recused herself? >> herman: she should have recused yourself first but if not, take ownership for the decision, not blame it on comey. we went how hot was it outside? >> trish: it could get even hotter for her. we went inside. >> lisa: i'm particularly interested in just seeing how this impacts james comey as i mentioned as he goes out and he hits to sell his book and i also wonder if you think we are going to get any answers even with the inspector general's report looking into how the hillary clinton investigation certainly this is going to be an
9:56 am
issue to be looked at? be when it is going to be explosive in a lot of different ways, fall on a talk about the same thing with jason chaffetz . he trailed off in the interview. that ig report. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. we'll be right back. like using e one meal or snack a day. only glucerna has carbsteady... unique blends of slow-release carbs to help manage blood sugar. every meal. every craving. it's the choices you make when managing blood sugar that are the real victories. glucerna. everyday progress.
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we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> sandra: many thanks to herman cain. do you have any final words for us on this tuesday afternoon? >> herman: i know my lunch buddies are eager to see me.
10:00 am
>> sandra: tell them "hello." >> herman: they wish they are here. but i'm here. >> sandra: here is harris. >> harris: thanks. fox news alert. president trump lashing out at the mueller probe after the fbi targeted his personal attorney. "outnumbered: overtime," i am harris faulkner. the president called the investigation again "a total witch hunt," leaving the door open to firing special counsel robert mueller after it was revealed that fbi agents raided the home of michael cohen. reportedly tied to the investigation on stormy daniels. >> we will see what happens but i think it's really a sad situation when you look at what happened and a people said you should fire


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