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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  April 8, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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you down by onlookers. i don't have a corgi but i think my pup would have held his own. >> national beer day, somehow we missed that very important day. chris wallace coming up next. >>chris: the u.s. and chila exchange escalated tariff jabs. increasing the chance of a trade war and rattling markets. with awards two biggest economies hit each other's exports with stiff taxes or make a deal. >> he intended to take a tough stance. blame china, not from. >>chris: we will talk to - - live only on "fox news sunday". then, democrats look to take back the house in november. we will look at prospects for a blue wave. in the economic plan they are offering voters with democratic
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caucus chair, joe crowley. plus, - - >we will ask our sunday panel whether the president will fire his epa chief over ethics violations. and our power player of the week, a member of the obama cabinet goes back to school. >> there were two themes and the matthews household. what was education and the other was public service. >>chris: on right now on "fox news sunday". and hello again from fox news in washington. we began with breaking news. the state department is monitoring reports of a poison gas attack in a rebel held town near serious capital of the masters. video from syrian activists claims to show victims including children getting hosed down. a human rights group says doesn't have been killed in the attack. we will stay on top of the story. now to the face-off over trade between the u.s. and
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china which has some tension soaring and markets tumbling. in the latest move, president trump ran to impose tariffs on another $100 billion in chinese exports. something that nation has bowed to fight. a trade war would have serious consequences for consumers, businesses and investors. joining me now, president trump's new top national economic council, larry kudlow. the chinese commerce ministry denies there are any talks and says quote, china is fully prepared to hit back forcefully and without hesitation. and here was treasury secretary steven mnuchin on friday. >> we will continue to have discussions but there is the potential of a trade war. >>chris: now, you are a market
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guy. the markets dropped 572 points on friday. clearly, there are a lot of serious investors that think there's a real chance of his trade war. >> i suppose so. i know they are jitters out there. i don't think there's any trade war inside. we have taken no actions. you understand them. even the thursday announcement from president trump, he asked ambassador - - to consider additional actions. it's a long process. there are several months here, we put out papers. we take public comments. we then review the public comments and then decisions will be made. so far, no tariffs and no action has been enacted. point number two, i believe china's response to the u.s. actions, which is a complaint against stealing intellectual property against for technology transfers and other tariffs. i think that's a legitimate complaint. so does the rest of the world but china's response was highly unsatisfactory. i think that's unfortunate. we do have constant
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communication with them to be sure. i hope their side picks up on this. stonewall is not the answer. >>chris: and that's what they are doing, stonewalling? >> basically. lots of rhetoric out there. communist party type stuff. the whole world knows china has been violating trade laws for many years and president trump is the guy calling them on it and he's right to do so. >>chris: you say he's calling them on it, is he bluffing or will he impose tariffs if china doesn't change his trade practices? >> he's not bluffing. there are a number of tools at his disposal. just one thing. people think from. this istrump . this is a problem caused by china, not president trump. if you talk to the present as i have, he regards himself as a free trader. as to eye.
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but his argument, and it's a good one. youcan't have free trade with which is progrowth unless china brings down its barriers. opens up its market and stop this technology steel. >>chris: nobody is saying china isn't to blame. the question is the president's response. as you pointed out, you are a free trader. here's what you said last month when the president announced his first round of tariffs. this was in an announcement, this was real imposition of tariffs on aluminum and steel. >> tariff hikes are prosperity killers. they are taxes and the ones who suffer most are the users. >>chris: so should we believe? that larry kudlow or this one? >> i thought you might run the. i am opposed to blanket tariffs. >>chris: but that's what the president is talking about. >> no, he changed his view. we got a lot of exceptions and
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carve out. >>chris: but you're not talking about exceptions for china. >> with respect to china, i've always been a hardliner. while i don't like tariffs, sometimes there's no substitution for putting tariffs into the discussion. into the process. that is part of the quiver of arrows the president has. he's a great negotiator. yet the whole history of that. in this process, tariffs have to be part of it. there's no two ways about it. hopefully there will be discussions and hopefully just the next two months, the chinese will come seriously back to the table. president trump has told me, we were together a long time on thursday and friday. he likes president xi jinping. he respects him as a negotiator but theyave got to play by the rus. technology is everything to this country. everything. our entrepreneurship, innovation, growth, productivity.
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we cut corporate tax rates precisely to unlock the spirits around technology. we cannot let china willy-nilly steal our technology. >>chris: you said on friday you would announce a trade coalition of the willing today. other countries that would join us in taking on china. who are they? >> i didn't make this announcement. >>chris: you said on friday between 24-48 hours i will announce a trade coalition. do you have them? >> they are coming to us. >>chris: who are they? >> japan, europe, canada, australia. >>chris: but they are not talking about tariffs. >> sure they are. >>chris: no they're not. they said they would take this to the trade organization and
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object to chinese practices just as free traders have done for years. >> if china maintains is third world status as they have in the wto, then other countries are free to take whatever actions they want. >>chris: has any other country joined us in threatening tariffs if china doesn't clean up its act? >> i can't answerhat. i don't even want to answer that. all am saying is, my trade coalition of the willing ll put the whole world bend the ited stateactions against china. this will have a big effect on china. china does not want to lose face. it does not want to be regarded as the enemy in trade for the entire world. the wto is one of the processes. ambassador - - has this in his releases so we will work there. we will work directly with the chinese. president trump is a great negotiator but tariffs, which none of us particularly want, may, i say may have to be part of this discussion and argument. >>chris: ever since i first met
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you. we go back a ways.ever since i first met you in the reagan white house, you have been an apostle of growth. you say growth cures income inequality. budget deficits. but if china and the u.s. slapped tariffs on each other, even president trump said that could hurt the economy. here he is. >> we may take a hit. you know what, ultimately, we will be much stronger for it but it's something we have to do.>>chris: here's a lunch from an article. trump should examine the historical record on tariffs because they have almost never worked as intended and almost always deliver an unhappy ending. larry, i assume you agree with that because you wrote it. >> i do. i agree with it. it is still my position. the president knows that. but around this action, i will stay with this, the path to free trade has to include china acting in concert with first
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world nations. >>chris: even if we end up in a trade war? >> we are not going to end up in a trade war. >>chris: they aren't backing off.>> we haven't enacted anything. we got several months here. >>chris: you say the president is a blessing.towers have to be part of the discussion. if they don't back off - - >> we will see. the u.s. economy is doing very well. you learned your lessons well we first spoke. >>chris: i listened. >> i'm proud of you. having said all that, we're growing at a three percent annual rate. business spending, jobs are rising. consumer confidence is high. small business confidence is high. all i am saying is, forget trade wars. look at the progress of the american economy.
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>>chris: that's the concern people have is that this will put a break on that. >> it can't possibly. the sums here are too small. but the principles are very strong. you see what i am saying? >>chris: as you well know, trade wars sometimes escalate. >> i haven't seen a trade war since - - in the 1930s. >>chris: one of the other tracks on the market right now is the concern that washington is going to regulate big tech. mark zuckerberg is going to testify before congress this week. does the president want to see washington regulate how facebook uses its users data and also how it screens ads? >> i think the president right now will be intently watching the congressional hearings. i think that's step number one.
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i think he has his doubts. whether facebook has violated protocols, i don't know.we will see. i wish mr. zuckerberg, i hope he comes to congress wearing a nice business to ensure anti-so he'll be taken more seriously. >>chris: not a t-shirt. >> i'm tired of that t-shirt and hoodie stuff. he was one of the biggest organizations in the world for goodness sakes. we are waiting on congress point let's see what comes out of that before the administration takes action. >>chris: amazon, the president keeps hitting the country for failing to pay taxes for its deal with the post office but here he was on air force one. >> amazon is not an even playing field. they have a tremendous lobbying effort in addition to having the "washington post" which as far as i'm concerned, another lobbyist. >>chris: in fact, the post office make money off amazon and amazon collects taxes and all 45 states. is this just talk or is the
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president seriously considering taking action against amazon? >> the president is asking that amazon and all the internet retailers have a level playing the with respect to tax. >>chris: but amazon is one of the companies that does have a level playing field. >> in recent years they have done better however, they don't always collect local sales taxes. we've had too much protection in this area. they are not a fledgling industry anymore. what the president is sayingis raising this issue for discussion . i don't think it's aimed at anybody. we just need a level playing field and you have a court decision very soon that will make this more explicit. >>chris: i've got a minute left. there is talk to someone that the president may ask congress to undo part of the $1.3 trillion spending bill to cut back some of the expenditures made. is that true and how far along are you on that? >> there is planning underway. mick mulvaney, he and i. i am
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an x omb guy. we're looking at a package. i think the republican party on the hill has finally figured out it's not a bad idea to trim some spending. because after all, spending can lead to deficits. spending interviews with the economy. president trump is a deregulated and a tax cutter. we want much more modest government rule. >>chris: larry, thank you. thanks for your time. i keep listening and learning. >> you've been great. absolutely wonderful. that person throughout the years. [laughter] >>chris: thank you larry. always a pleasure. up next, reaction from one of the top democrats in the house, congressman joe crowley on his party's message for the 2018 midterms and talk he might replace nancy pelosi as the
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>> a look at the cherry blossoms on the tidal basin in dc which is that peak bloomthis weekend we areare just beautifu. washington always has its eye on the next election and as we get to the 2018 midterms, many are predicting a blue wave with democrats taking back the house and possibly the senate. joining me right now, new york congressman joe crowley, and the subject of growing chatter of democrats as a replacement for nancy pelosi. he will not like me saying that. welcome to "fox news sunday".
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>> good to be with you. >>chris: you just heard larry kudlow, what you think of his arguments of potentially using tariffs against china and if not that, how do you propose we stop the unfair trading practices. >> i do recognize there's a role for tariffs in our economy. but i think it's creating a great deal more chaos. people don't know what the president's plan or what larry kudlow's plan is as it relates to china. and the trade war that has now begun. at least the initial start of that has begun. i think that's left a lot of americans with uncertainty. >>chris: what should they do? if you're not going to use tariffs, how do stop the unfair practices of intellectual property? >> when it comes to the issue of china, i did not vote for normal trade with china. i believe they were not
11:20 am
economically or politically mature enough. having said that, i think it's hand out to be true. i think with the do this in a much more calculated way. with more of a plan. let's have an understanding of what the ultimate goal is here. is the goal to raise the price of products in the united states or to lower the price of agricultural products in the united states? what is the overall goal because that's what the effect very well maybe if china retaliates. where is ultimately going to mark that we don't understand about this. >>chris: donald trump won the presidency because he convinced a lot of voters including democratic voters in the industrial heartland that he had a better idea for how to build the economy. how to get them jobs than hillary clinton did. now democrats are going into the 2018 midterms with what they call, a better deal. here is nancy pelosi on that. >> democrats are offering a better deal. better jobs. better wages.
11:21 am
a better future. a better deal is founded on strong values. that we share. strong values fueled by fresh ideas. >>chris: forgive me congressman, but that sounds like standard democratic boilerplate. give me one fresh idea that democrats are offering voters in november? >> first of all, donald trump did not win by a lot of democratic votesit was fractions of a vote . but what i think one great fresh idea is a great structure package for the american people. with the present has offered, a 2080 plan. 20 percent for the government, 80 percent for local government is not going to work. what democrats are proposing is an 80/20 plan where the federal government comes up with the resources. 80%.
11:22 am
works with local governments put americans back to work and invest in infrastructure and invest in america. that's jobs. a bridge to the new economy. giving people an opportunity to put their kids through college, to afford healthcare with a real job. that's the message democrats are talking about. >>chris: let's look at the trump record on the economy which you agree is a key issue in november. employers are adding an average of 22,000 jobs a month this year. the unemployment rate has been 4.1 percent for six straight months.the lowest level in 17 years. wages are up 2.7%, the highest rate in almost two years. a solid majority of americans according to the polls feel good about the trump economy. >> show me how any of those statistics different from any month president obama was president of the united states. >>chris: the 4.1 percent is the lowest level. >> it has been moving on a downward trend. where was that when president
11:23 am
bush left office. when president obama became president - - right. democrats really moved us toward this job growth. for this sustained economy. >>chris: are you saying the president deserves no - - i am asking. >> i didn't say them. i believe what this is based on is a false premise. the notion this tax cut is going to somehow help the american people i think is a scam. i think what they've done in a desperate need to pass anything by the end of the year, they ran through a bill without fully understanding what was in the bill. it was done in a highly partisan way and i think in the end, it's the average worker. the middle class will suffer as a result of that tax-cut. >>chris: let's turn to another subject. immigration, the president has ordered the deployment of 4000 members of the national guard to the southern border.
11:24 am
the fact is more people are attending to cross the board easily, just take a look at these statistics. in march 2017, 16,000 people were caught at the border. that number tripled last month to more than 50,000 don't we need to stop the surge? >> i think that we need comprehensive immigration reform. we've been talking about this for decades and we haven't seen that happen since 1986. what i think is interesting if you go back to 1986, with a comprehensive immigration and tax reform done in a bipartisan way. it was long-lasting. if we have a very partisan approach to this. the president talks about building a wall that mexico is going to pay for. now he's putting troops down at the border. a very provocative move. at the same time, it's not really solving the problem. >>chris: barack obama put 1800 troops at the border. >> not in the same breath that this president has done.
11:25 am
it's a boring to me quite frankly. not representative of who we are as a nation. this president making this move is different from any other doing it, quite frankly. >>chris: let's turn to the midterms. president trump says your party is available in november. here he is. >>democrats haven't learned , they still think the loyal citizens care about jobs and borders and security are deplorable >>chris: how confident you are you that democrats will win and take control of the house? >> we are a long way from november. i am confident that the american people want to bring balance back to the government. they see republicans in charge of the presidency, senate, house. and some would argue, the supreme court. every facet of government seems to be controlled by republicans. >>chris: that's what the voters chose. >> every member of the house of representatives is up for reelection inone and 1/3 of the
11:26 am
senate. we know the midterm election haven't incumbent president swing in the opposite direction. democrats will not win them back simply by being against president trump. we need to be for our economic policies, better deal and his raw deal will become clear to the american public. >>chris: in more than one third of house races, republicans running for those seats have run ads that go after nancy pelosi. here's an example from the recent special election in pennsylvania. >> conor lamb is a pelosi liberal. his values aren't our values. >>chris: conor lamb won. one of the ways in which he won was he promised not to support nancy pelosi is nancy pelosi a liability for democrats in this
11:27 am
campaign? >> i think is more reflective of the fact that republicans are bankrupt of ideas. they don't have anything except go after nancy palooza. if they think that's a winning strategy, they are mistaken and wrong. >>chris: conor lamb thought it was an issue because he dumped nancy pelosi. >> he won because he ran a local election. he talked about what effect the federal government has on local politics. on people's lives. and that's why he won the election. >>chris: is democrats when the house in november, will you run either to replace nancy pelosi if she steps down or against her if she doesn't? >> on the first portion, i would wait and see what happens
11:28 am
in terms of that. if nancy pelosi stays, i don't see a scenario by which i would challenge her for that position. >>chris: do you want to be speaker? >> i am focused right now on winning back the house of representatives. to be the chair of the democratic caucus in the majority. i want to be the best chair i possibly can be. help my collies get reelected and help with axes. that's my focus and that the focus on goal of the entire democratic leadership you'd we are of one mind and we want to win back the house be that school one and the only goal right now. >>chris: one top democrat was quoted was saying as age 56, you are a spring chicken by congressional standers. >> i have other say that i'm not much of a spring chicken at all. at theend of the day, we have a very private vibrant democratic caucus. like - - cheryl, she's a navy grad been running for office in new jersey. i think brendan kelly, great people are running all around
11:29 am
this country. we will be coming more vibrant at the democratic caucus so i think we have nothing but good days ahead of us. >>chris: congressman joe crowley. thank you for coming in today. come back to serve. up next, we bring in our sunday group to discuss the escalating tariffs against the u.s. and china. plus, with the presidents scott pruitt problem - - about the epa chief? and plant food. together, they produce three times the harvest to enjoy... and of course, to share. this soil is fresh from the forest and patiently aged to guarantee more of what matters... every time. three times the harvest. one powerful guarantee. miracle-gro.
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to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. [music] [music] >> i think we will have a fantastic relationship but we have to get this straightened out. we have to get some balance. >>chris: president trump taking a hard line on china saying it's time to stop beijing from taking advantage of the u.s. on trade. time for our sunday group. gop strategist karl rove. juan williams. donna edwards and the head of heritage action for america,
11:33 am
michael needham. there's no question we have a problem with chinese trade practices but is it the best solution to threaten them with tariffs? >> i don't think so. we have two problems. biggest problem is they are stealing our intellectual property. we miss the fact that on march 23, the administration filed what it should have done which is an action with the wto challenging from top to bottom on their intellectual property rights. that's where we can win big for the american companies and consumer and the concept of free trade. but tariffs, really problematic. presidents ever going to let the $60 billion. - - said the chinese are not going to retaliate. the chinese said we will respond with $50 billion in tariffs. the president says this is unfair i will come with $100 billion on tariffs.$160 billion on terrace will be paid by american taxpayers. this year, the value of the tax cut is $135 million to american taxpayers.
11:34 am
economic growth is happening because of progrowth, in part because of progrowth policies. what happens if you take that away on tariffs? he's attacking a problem we don't need to worry about. we by 500 million and from them, they buy from us. let's focus on more selling to them. >> michael, are you as negative on the idea of tariffs? what impact did it conceivably have the? >> large tariffs are the way to go. i agree with what larry kudlow said. i don't think we will have a trade war. i think the strongest at the present has going for him is he's always been looking out for american interests. for 20 years, liberal elites promised us if we integrate china into the global network, they will start acting like a
11:35 am
responsible stakeholder and they haven't. it's been a lie. the present is right to take seriously the threat of china. their irresponsibility on intellectual property. and the vast irresponsibility of the chinese government around the world, integrating them into a trade framework hasn't worked. we need to be tough. we just need to be smart about how we are being tough. targeted and what the president has laid out has not been targeted and smart. >>chris: i understand the concern about tariffs. on the other hand, as michael points out, china has continued with unfair trade practices, stealing or threatening, pressuring to get our intellectual property. i asked congressman joe crowley that and didn't get much of an answer. the you have a specific idea of how we get them to clean up their act? >> i don't think tariffs are a trade policy. one of the things that's missing is the policy. under the obama administration,
11:36 am
we had a - - that was fairly negotiated but i didn't support that because i thought it was missing in terms of protections for american workers which would of had a direct impact on our relationship with china. i think what's happening now is this - - position of tariffs that's throwingthe markets around. do i care about that for wealthy people, no. but i do care for american workers and retirees and farmers . >>chris: what should we do? >> we should actually have a trade policy toward the region that allows us with our neighbors and allies to stack up against china being right now we don't have that. >>chris: the wto, there was a ruling that the wto made about certain chinese trade practices.they spent six years and they are still
11:37 am
mulling how to comply. >> i'm not sure the wto is the framework. it may be one avenue but the real framework are our european allies which are facing exactly the same problem with china. but we've done nothing to coordinate a strategy with europe and the pacific region in terms of dealing with china, particularly on intellectual property. >>chris: went to switch to immigration. and president trump's decision to send up to 4000 members of the national guard to the southern border to guard that border. he talked at one point of the caravan of 1000 people coming from mexico to the united states. >> yesterday it came out where this journey coming up, women are raped at levels nobody has ever seen before. they don't want to mention that. so we have to change our laws and the democrats what they are doing is just, it's insanity. >>chris: some are questioning the white house having to bring
11:38 am
up rape. what about the president's decision to send national guard to the border? >> this is political theater for a man who promised to build a wall that would be paid for by mexico. that hasn't happened and you have some people in his base a, what happened to your pledge to build the wall? the reality isborder crossings, i think it's a 45+ your low . we saw the ticket you illustrated earlier in the month of march. that's not representative of the long-term and the long-term in fact in terms of border crossings from mexico, they too are at net zero migration. this is the reality. but what you have is, most illegalsin this country have overstated visas. they haven't run through or snuck under a wall . >>chris: mother is no wall. >> there is in some places.
11:39 am
it's not as if we haven't done anything for border security. the caravan has been coming up as an easter ritual for the last 5+ years. i think what you have is an attempt to trigger fear and hysteria over there's a horde coming over the southern border and the going to invade america.i think it's all about this president trying to say to his base, i am putting a wall up. if i'm not putting a wall, i will put soldier who by the way, have no authority to detain, arrest, no bullets and their guns. it's a joke. >>chris: i can see both michael and carl ready to come out of their seats. >> i want to briefly agree with the only thing that wanda said that was correct. the caravan has been going on for a long while. but the rest of what one said, baloney. we have a problem on the border. look at the crossings compared to a year ago, they have doubled and we are facing a
11:40 am
search. the president was right to say, it was an impulse but that doesn't make it a bad impulse that the states need help. did you see what the first national guard unit from texas to be sent to the border immediately after the president's order? an aviation unit. there are things along the border that the national guard can do in a moment like this where additional resources are needed that is justified. i trust the secretary of homeland security to arrive at it and so do the governors of most of the border states. we have jerry brown bringing his hands. otherwise this is a useful thing. president obama did it, president bush. it's not because of the caravan but a more secular trend that the number of illegal border crossings have doubled since last year. >>chris: i know we won't settle
11:41 am
this. you can argue during the commercial. we to take a break. when we come back, the trump administration imposes new sanctions on russian oligarchs and businesses to punish the kremlin for a meddling in the 2016 election. plus, scott pruitt. should the president standby or fire his epa chief? go to facebook or twitter, @foxnewssunday and we may use your question on the air.
11:42 am
11:43 am
11:44 am
>> is draining the swamp renting an apartment from the wife of the russian lobbyist? >> i don't think that's remotely fair to ask that question. >>chris: embattled epa administrator scott pruitt pushing back on ethics violations against him including renting a room in a condo for $50 a night. michael, you are one of 10
11:45 am
leading conservatives to send a letter to president trump yesterday urging him to keep pruitt at epa. saturday night, the president tweeted this: rent for this condo was about market rate. travel expenses, okay. scott is doing a great job. are you not troubled by the growing list of ethical concerns about scott pruitt? >> is taking on one of the sacred cows of the extreme left. in the debate about job growth and environmentalism, this no room for belief in anything other than siding with environmentalism. anyone that takes that side should be attacked in a mean-spirited manner. that's what's going on to the epa administrator pruitt right now. in the environment, all of us that take on the left should be squeaky clean because you give them fuel to create issues. i think scott pruitt should not have done many things which has allowed the left to sidetrack the discussion from policy and take it toward the personnel, the personal. if you compare what scott pruitt is going through to what
11:46 am
president obama's epa administrators went through. gina mccarthy deleted 5000 tweets. gina mccarthy spent hundreds of thousands on foreign travel. lisa jackson, the administrator had a fake email account. she spent $155,000 on a single trip to china. there's a gigantic double standard. the reason the double standard exists is because of the policies scott pruitt is pursuing and he should be lauded for his noble efforts on those policies. >>chris: we asked you for questions for the panel. on the issue of scott pruitt's behavior we got this tweet from 6152 tom, is there any truth to that he's a target for getting the most done? has made bad expense decisions but value added seems to be the best of any cabinet person. how do you answer tom? >> i think there's a realsituat of having president from
11:47 am
president trump promising to drain the swamp. i think the ãi think conservative activists and conservative donors and people in businesses affected by environmental regulation should say, he's doing what we want so let's leave it alone. can you imagine this was any other president? and you have a cabinet secretary engage in this kind of behavior. can't even answer a question from ed henry on fox news, not some liberal organization out here trying to undercut a conservative. what you have is someone who is taking advantage of not only what is a sweetheart deal. pennies for dollars in terms of that condo but the condo being rented from a lobbyist whose clients have business in front of the epa. that on theface of it is disqualifying. we can talk about policy and we can have arguments - - >>chris:>> i'm going to look
11:48 am
back to find juan williams talking about gina mccarthy. i'm sure he was outraged. >> i don't think that's good behavior but it's shocking you make excuses - - >she spent, by the way on security, much less. scott pruitt has spent three times as much. he has alarms and red flags and asking for more together dc traffic. it's ridiculous. for a train the swamp administration. >>chris: we were going to talk about russia. but i want to focus on the breaking story today. that is what appears to be a poison gas attack on a rebel held suburb outside of damascus. there are reports dozens of people may have been killed and even more or hit by this. the president has begun to tweets on this subject today and i hope it will put up one tweets.
11:49 am
many dead including women and children in mindless chemical attack. in syria. area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by syrian army make it completely and assessable to outside world. president vladimir putin, russia and iran are responsible for backing animal assad. big price. it's interesting there has not been outside confirmation that this was a poison attack. it's interesting that the president is saying and in number two, not only condemning but one of the first time ever condemning vladimir putin's support of assad. >> the president is now obligated to act. confirm whether this was a poison gas attack which it looks like it was. at the 70 dead may be as much as 150. a number of them children. all of them civilians. but now the united states will have to act as the present acted in the aftermath of the
11:50 am
gas attack in early 2017. otherwise our credibility in the region will be greatly diminished. >>chris: let me pick up on that because in his earlier tweets, is that the reason this has fallen apart is because president obama did not enforce the red line when he was president when it came to gas attacks by assad.when the president did launch that attack, i think was 59 missiles in the spring of 2017, he said if it happens again i will strike again. how much is he on the line now? >> he is on the line. i think there is reason why he said there is evidence, that president obama should have activated it's unseemly for the president to be reflecting on that in my opinion. he ought to act. it was one of the most important moments in the definition of his foreign-policy last year. when this attack did occur, he reacted and 25 percent of the
11:51 am
air capacity of the syrian air force disappeared in a matter of moments. he has to exact another price to send a second signal that just because a year has passed, doesn't mean you can engage in this behavior again. >>chris: what is your reaction to what appears, not confirmed yet, what appears to be an attack. and if so, what action does the president need to take? >> i think the american people and the congress have to engage in a discussion about syria that is the moral discussion when it comes to the use, if this is true, a poison gas. this is a human rights crisis. the president has an obligation to act. that said, over this last year -and-a-half, our policy has allowed assad with russia's help to consolidate his power. that leaves open the door to do these kinds, engage in these atrocities. because we think we rolled back
11:52 am
the islamic state. what we've done is we've ever created an environment where he goes underground it it's not consolidating land. but continues to engage in terrorist behavior and activity. >>chris: would you agree that president obama is much more responsible for the disaster and the humanitarian slaughter if you get them president trump is? >> when i was in congress, i called on the president. president obama and supported the idea we should be on the side of the syrian people were facing exactly the same kinds of atrocities. it's come to this point but the fact is today, and a full 2018, president trump is the president and his allegation t act. not just reflect on what that job he things president obama did. >>chris: michael? >> i think president trump should act as carl said. i think you we should give
11:53 am
president trump credit for having a muscular and strong american policy toward syria. more importantly, toward russia which is backing syria in terms of antitank missiles. pushing forward to put small tactical nuclear weapons into our arsenal. i think president trump has haa strong foreign policyand he nee make sure he continued that with syria. >>chris: > john bolton comes on board tomorrow but i think president trump has been trying to pullout without pentagon approval. >>chris: up next, our power >>chris: up next, our power player of the week. have the wipresident of a major university here in washington works the campus like a big city mayor. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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11:56 am
enough and you see plenty of turnover. cabinet secretaries come and go when administrations end. and when presidents change their mind. what happens to those former big shots? here's our power player of the week. >> i think the full is more of a mayor than a ceo. >> sylvia m. burwell is president of american university here in washington. she was the campus like a mayor. >> nice to meet you both. thank you both. >>chris: there's a video in her new job when it started last
11:57 am
summer. >> great to see students on campus. wait a minute, there's claude. be a legend out for a run. >>chris: i understand everyone calls you sylvia. why? >> i think it's part of having a university and having people feel like they can engage. >>chris: she was part of obama's cabinet. first is budget director and health and human services. try to fix obamacare after the disastrous rollout and then dealing with the ebola crisis. >> it made a pretty challenging time. >>chris: running a university with 13,000 students in a tradition of public service is also challenging. how much does it cost? tuition, room and board to go to au for a year. >> about $60,000. >>chris: she says she's trying
11:58 am
to cut cost for student can't afford it. then there were several races incidents last fall. including competitive plaques on bulletin posters. >> we are taking our steps and we need your help and support too. >> i do feel safe, i don't feel happy. i feel worse. >>chris: was that eight of meeting for you? >> it was a tough meeting most of all because ofthe pain the incidents caused . >>chris: every student must now take a course that includes diversity training. >> it's about learning to listen about different points of view and others experiences. >>chris: she grew up in western virginia. her grandparents, greek immigrants. >> they were two themes in the house. one was education and the other was public service. >>chris: she followed both paths going to harvard and then a scholar. then interspersing government work helping run the gates and walmart foundations.>> how
11:59 am
does it feel to see much of the obama legacy, including obamacare being rolled back by president trump? >> there would be people who don't receive treatment and actually die because they can't afford the preventative care or the care along the way. this has real-world consequences for individuals and their lives. >>chris: but she embarrasses her new role as college president. including one as guest coach of the women's basketball team. >> i am undefeated. it was terrific, wonderful. i loved it. >>chris: it's all part of seeing a as a town and she is the mayor. >> they have passion and that is an incredible gift every day. >>chris: sylvia m. burwell had
12:00 pm
no experience in academia or school administrator.but she has taken to being a university president like a natural. that's it for today. have a great week and we will see you next "fox news sunday". welcome come to the journal, editorial report. i'm paul gigot. president trump ordered national guard troops to to southern border this week, part of what appears to be a broader crackdown on illegal immigration. there are quotas for immigration judges in order to speed up deportations. the state of california was sued over sanctuary policies. president trump declared a deem with democrats on daca is, quote, dead. do these moves signal a shift in the administration's immigration approach heading into the


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