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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 4, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> chris: there is a champion's dinner where the defending winner decides what the dinner will be. bryan with a big taco bell fan. if he wins it will be crunch wrap supremes all around next year. "the story with martha maccallum" is next. >> martha: i love that story. thank you very much, chris. breaking tonight on the "story," president trump getting positive news on the russian front. jonathan here in a moment. the trump administration arching orders on-ramping up the crackdown on our southern border. attorney general jeff sessions said he won't accept the lawlessness of the caravan migrants heading to the united states border. hus department announcing new steps to protect the border and homeland security is sending the
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national guard. >> the president directed that the department of defense and department of homeland security work together with governors to deplay the national guard to assist the border patrol. the president will sign a proclamation to that effect today. >> martha: that's just one component of the president's story. the other is leveraging the story of the caravan to get what the president wants on nafta. country by country, the president is reworking trade deals with south korea and china and mexico. this should come as a surprise to nobody. >> we will be guarding our border with the military. that's a big step. we have not done that before. certainly not very much before. we will doing things with mexico and they have to do it. otherwise i am not going to do the nafta deal.
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>> martha: will the president get what he wants? we got word that he signed the proclamation to send the national guard to the border. that's now in motion. james jones helped pass nafta as a former ambassador to mexico under president clinton. he is our exclusive guest tonight only on the "story." i am curious what you think about the president's plan here. >> it depends on what the plan is. as far as the troops, every nation has the right to guard their borders. the obama administration and the bush administration both put u.s. troops on the border for a short-lived period of time. that is not a particular problem. i think we need to know what the plan is, though. >> martha: in terms of nafta, you hope to craft it and pass it. he said some unflattering things about nasty taking aim at some of the people behind it. questioning how you could have come up with such a deal.
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he talks about the fact when it was crafted there was a small trade surplus with mexico and now a 63 billion dollars trade deficit with mexico and points to the job loss since its signing. is it time to scrap or redo nafta? >> it needs to be modernized and upcrayed -- upgraded. that's not the issue. the jobs lost by nafta or any trade agreement, it was shown that 80% of the jobs have been lost by technology improvement. i don't think we want to stop technology to save certain jobs. i think there is a lot of bad information distributed on the trade agreements and our relationship with mexico.
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it needs to be corrected. whatever the staff is feeding that information need to get it right. >> martha: it's interesting when you listen to what we are hearing from mexican officials with regard to this. it feels like they are recognizing their role in some of what came across our border. here's the mexican ambassador on "special report." >> in 2016 mexico repatriated around 153,000 central americans. >> that's a lot of people. >> in 2017, that number was around 100,000. the figures so far for these years are around 40,000. we do work to assure that migration is legal, safe and ordered. >> martha: it sound like mexico has tougher laws at their borders than we do. >> well, i don't know that they have tougher laws at their border, but they have different
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laws. one thing that needs to be clarified is mexico and the united states working together to solve these border problems whether it's immigration or drugs and guns and things like that. i have been on the secretary of homeland security advisory council for 6 or 7 years under 3 different secretaries including the one. i asked our law enforcement people, how are we working together? the word i get from our own u.s. law enforcement people is the cooperation has never been better. mexico is apprehending more people than they ever have. we are working together on exchanging information. i think that needs to be clarified. >> martha: that's not what we are hearing from fox but the people in charge now have a
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different feeling about the relationship. thank you very much. joining me in new york. mike huckabee. one thing we heard last night from juan hernandez is that americans need to be more compassionate about what is pouring across the border. let's listen to that. >> i was expecting president trump after easter sunday would have a more humanitarian, and christian attitude. we are talking about people from central america, they are looking for some type of help. asylum in the united states. >> martha: need to be nicer and more christian. >> it's a presumption if you are a christian, you are a chump and people and walk all over you. we have borders. every country has borders. i travel a lot internationally. i never go to a country where
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they say forget your passport. i never see that, including mexico where i was just a couple of months ago. this is absurd for us to think that america ought to be open borders. why on earth would we send the military anywhere on earth to try to fight for freedom or fight for some type of human rights in our own country, we just say we have no idea who is coming in and we don't care? that's really insane. the american people elected donald trump largely because he was tough on this idea of our borders. it's not that he is lacking compassion. i will tell you something, the president of the united states needs to have his most compassion for the citizens of this country. those are the ones who have a right to be protected by their government rather than be exposed and exploited by their own government. >> martha: in terms of nafta and
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we watched the president with chine and mexico, he wanted to do bilateral agreements and now we are seeing them. here's chuck schumer. >> i am much closer to president trump on china than i was to president bush, president obama. because theylet china get away with anything. >> that's refreshing to hear schumer say anything nice about donald trump. nafta is 25 years old. it's time to update it. that was an insightful statement from someone who could have said i helped craft it and it's perfect. nothing government does is perfect. nothing is without the need to be updated. this is not some deal that came down on 2 tablets of stone with a post mark of mount sinai.
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what people are surprised by: here's somebody who got elected and is doing what he said he was going to do. that surprises people. >> martha: and quickly. he plows through all of these agenda items and doesn't get everything he wants and dealing with a lot on the sidelines. thank you. coming up, ed henry exclusive interview with the embattled epa chief scott pruitt. >> president trump said he would drain the swamp. is that renting an apartment from the wife of a washington lobbyist? >> martha: and what pruitt says about other scandals. and president trump is not a target of the russian investigation. where is this going next. jonathan says the media needs to
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>> martha: breaking news. president trump signed the proclamation that allows the nagy national guard to be deployed. we will keep you posted. also tonight a big development in the russia probe. news breaking news that the president is not the target of a criminal investigation. sources telling fox news that robert mueller told president trump's attorneys he will issue a report on the president's actions and that obstruction is still in the scope. trace gallagher to explain the story tonight. hi. >> we know that president trump is a subject of the special counsel probe. the president is under investigation but there is not
4:15 pm
sufficient evidence to bring charges. the "washington post" is notting that robert mueller's description of the president's status has sparked friction within trump's inner circle between those that believe trump's risk of criminal jeopardy is low and those that think mueller is baiting trump into an interview that can land him in legal trouble. here's alan weighing both sides. >> it's good news for the president but he has to be cautious. targets sometimes evolve from subjects if they testify in a way that the prosecution thinks is false. >> other legal experts think we are missing the point and robert mueller is planing to write a report. unlike an indepent end counsel
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the special counsel reports to rod rosenstein. it's up to the deputy ag to decide whether to release the report publicly. a harvard law professor wrote the key is not that trump is not yet a target but he is the subject of mueller's investigation and mueller will right a report. that is huge. the special counsel has little evidence of collusion. robert mueller would work to understand whether the president intended to obstruct the russia investigation. if the answer is no, then democrats and mainstream media outlets who had collusion as plan-a and obstruction as plan-b would need a quick pivot to plan-c. >> martha: the president may not be indicted by robert mueller.
4:17 pm
in a new piece a law professor writes that trump is not a criminal target. he joins me now. you think the interpretation of people by this in the media is too broad and amped up. >> it's. people talked about collusion as if there were some federal crime called collusion. that morphed into obstruction and campaign finance violations or other issues. all of these crimes have element. they have case precedent. you have to satisfy those. areas that should be of a great concern to president trump, these crimes have not strengthened over time. when -- before comey was fired, he told trump he was not a
4:18 pm
target of that investigation. it appears that nothing has changed after over a year. that's a significant fact to reveal. >> martha: do you think -- it was interesting what alan said. this is an attempt to lure a president into a sit down. we will write a report and there is a question of obstruction of justice. what do you recommend to the president? >> it may be difficult for the president to avoid a sit down. there is a history of presidents yielding when there is a great public demand for information. i think that he could thread this needle. besides the fact we haven't seen any direct nexus to trump and little related to the campaign, mueller has given four categories to the white house that should be good news. areas where the president has strong defenses to make.
4:19 pm
insurmountable defenses unless he has some new evidence to present. could he thread that needle? yes. is it a dangerous process? yes. he just needs to listen to his counsel. >> martha: the media might be shocked to learn the reality of where this is legally at this point. i think that tom freedman will have to put himself down as shocked. he said president obama and president bush are waiting in the wings so they can come in and save the country. watch this. >> barack obama and bush have stayed out of the political fray despite all of the attacks from them on trump. they understand they have to come together and stand up for the constitution. it has to be done in a bipartisan way by 2 ex-presidents. they guess is they are saving
4:20 pm
their powder for that. >> martha: is it the panic coming and two former presidents will step in to fix it? >> it must be awkward when people are planning your wake. i have respect for these presidents, but if they are waiting for a consitutional crisis, there are few signs that will come to pass. the criminal case against president trump has weakened. could there be a false statement made and additional evidence? yes. but he is still just a subject after over a year. hundreds of thousands of documents and a myriad of witnesses and his status hasn't changed. the problem is that few people can get themselves to say that there is not a clear cut criminal case against the president. >> martha: the whole thing
4:21 pm
reminds me, when you talk about issuing this report. could it be verbal? you think about james comey issuing a report on hillary clinton but not finding her guilty of anything? i wonder if we will see a similar moment when this wraps up. thank you. the epa chief is not having a great week. his job surround fire from environmentalists. now on the hot seat for his conduct in office. ed henry pressed him strongly today. here's some of it. >> mistakes you made in washington. >> martha: you will see the whole thing. ed henry with the story that will make a lot of news tonight. stick around for that. and 50 years since reverend king was killed on the balcony in memphis. what would dr. king think about where we are now?
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>> ♪ >> martha: scott pruitt is the latest trump cabinent member under fire for conflict of interest issues and questionable raises given to friends from oklahoma who work in his department. in an explosive interview with ed henry, pruitt is firing back at critics and defending him. here is ed henry who sat down with the embattled epa chief
4:27 pm
earlier today. >> scott pruitt said people on the left are trying to destroy him because he's rolled back environmental regulations and that's saving taxpayer a billion dollars. he is right the left is out to get him. they have a drop pruitt website trying to take him out. he is giving the left and now the right some fodder. some house republicans are calling for him to be fired or resign because he's been spending taxpayer money a lot. pricey trips. looking at leasing a private jet for $100,000. the president is trying to decide whether or not to keep him in the cabinet. >> why did you give pay raises to two staffers?
4:28 pm
>> i didn't. my staff did. >> who did it? >> there will be accountability. >> you don't know who did it>> i i found out about this yesterday. i corrected the action. we are in the process of finding out how it took place. >> both of these staffers who got these large pay raises are from oklahoma and are friends of you. you didn't know they got the pay raises? >> i didn't know until yesterday. >> one raise was $56,000. the median average is $57,000. >> they didn't get a pay raise. >> they did? >> i stopped that yesterday. >> you are embarrassed? >> it should not have happened. the officials that were involved in that process should not have done what they did. >> president trump said he would
4:29 pm
drain the swamp. is that renting an apartment from the wife of a washington lobbyist? >> i don't think that's remotely fair to ask that question. >> why did you accept $50 a night to rent a condo from the wife of a washington lobbyist? >> let's talk about that. that was reviewed by officials. >> you are renting it from a wife lobbyist. a major lobbying comperm. -- firm. exxon-mobile is their client. >> mr. hart has no client that has business before this agency. he is a member of a law firm. to take his relationship -- >> you are not answering the question. >> when i was not there, the landlord had access to the facility. when i was there, i only had access to a room. that were common areas. they used the facility the same
4:30 pm
time i was there. >> but that's a sweetheart deal. >> no it's not. >> your house in oklahoma you pay a mortgage on that. when you don't sleep there, you still pay the mortgage? >> yes. this is a tremendous difference. i was not using the facility when i was not there. >> if i pay rent in washington over $2,000 a month for a 1-bedroom apartment. >> [overlapping talking]. >> there were accounts done. you can go on craig's list today. it shows rentals for one bedroom of less than $1,000. near capitol hill. >> i have never heard that and i lived in washington over 25 years. >> they said it's market rate. >> they said in march of this year after you moved out, right? >> i moved out of this place last summer.
4:31 pm
>> you got the ethices letter this year. >> because there was a question made. why does it matter when the ethices officials look at the lease? >> the president gave you a lot of credit for cutting regulations. but you also have gotten into a lot of trouble. you said this is a toxic environment. do you take responsibility for any mistakes you made in washington? >> first, the reforms. the purpose of the reform effort is to provide certainty to those we regulate. what we have seen is tremendous uncertainty and welcome a weaponization of the agency against certain sections of the economy that caused low growth. the president put tax and what happened? extraordinary growth. it's regulation that hasn't gone away. it's provided certainty. it's protecting the environment
4:32 pm
and providing cost savings. as we do our work and focus on these times of things, they are transformational things. any time you do that there are critics that are against you. look, it's been a place for years that has been used by the left, environment left to advance an agenda of picking winners and losers. >> you said about the president i think he is an empty vessel when it comes to the constitution. >> i said that in february 2016. i didn't know the president at that time. >> why did you say that? >> i would say the changes we have seen take place, his commitment to rule of law. his commitment to process, the reguleatory changes we have seen are his leadership making it happen. i was misinformed.
4:33 pm
>> you have made mistakes? >> this is something that needs to be corrected. it was a mistake by my team. >> do you take responsibility? >> i am fixing the problem. >> when he said it was a mistake by my team. throwing his staff under the bus about these pay raises. i asked him about the median income. about $fate,000. -- $58,000. one pay raise was $57,000, the raise and not the salary. think about what that means for viewers across the country because it's their tax money that he and his team is handing out. the white house told them this is a bad use of taxpayer money. don't do this. the allegation is that he and his staff went around the white house and the president of the united states to get these pay raises through. he is saying he was in the dark. his staff did it. i asked him about another ten
4:34 pm
times, do you take responsibility? he refused to. >> martha: a great interview. honest straightforward questions. how safe is he at the big white building behind you? >> it was ominous this afternoon when sarah sanders was asked some similar questions about the lobbyists arrangement with the housing and other things. she said the president, people here around the white house are reviewing that. we are doing a deep dive. when we know more about that, we will let you know about the review. that's a tepid endorsement at best. >> martha: it's no secret that the epa was out for him because he was an enemy of the epa. when you for that position, you have to be beyond reproach with all other things in your life. that's a question raised here.
4:35 pm
>> the drain the swamp issue and to say it's not a fair question about an arrangement with a lobbyist is the thing they railed about against the democrats. >> martha: coming up, where is the legacy of martin luther king jr.? and a nun and a priest leading the cheering during this year's march madness. is the good lord tipping the scales in college basketball? lebron says there is something about villanova. >> the best team in college basketball this year. the national player of the years on the sideline with 4 fouls and you are still winning, that's how great of a team you are. uh'f those payment apps.
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>> [applauding]. >> that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream today. >> [cheers and applause]. >> martha: 50 years ago today in 1968, reverend martin luther king jr. walked out on the balcony of a hotel in memphis on his way to a local minister's home in dinner. he was shot and killed by an assassin. his death set off outcry and riots across the country. the smoke so dense in washington, d.c. you could not see the capital building. now the battle over race relations continue. reverend jesse jackson took aim at president trump writing this:
4:41 pm
the "wall street journal," a conservative black voice said change needs to be begin at home, writing: with me now in terms of dr. king's dream of national unity jeremy hunt and juan welcomes co-host of the "the five" and author of "eyes on the prize." welcome. obvious obviously, juan, let me start with you. when you look at those two very different statements. what is your take away? >> well, we live in a divided
4:42 pm
society with arguments about president trump and race and white nationalism. i would ask everyone to stop for a second and apply some context. even when we have unhelpful words pointing fingers at each other and most americans say we are highly divided. if you look back 50 years when dr. king was in the shot you just showed, my goodness, we have come so far in everything from income to homeownership. there was no civil rights act or voting act. we is so much work to do but dr. king's vision, wow, i think he would be thrilled to know we had jeremy being in the military, we had a colin powell and secretary of state condoleeza rice and president obama. a black president, unthinkable
4:43 pm
back in 1968. >> martha: jason said more marches won't address out of wedlock child bearing and more sittins won't lower more black crime. it's a question of where the improvement needs to happen. are we honest enough about the issues that still holdback african-americans in the country? >> yes, everything i said in the opening were my personal views. i agree with juan we made incredible progress in the last 50 years. i will say, though, a few things about the piece in the "wall street journal." i think that -- i agree that racism was eradicated immediately, blacks would still suffer in our country today.
4:44 pm
a lot of these issues are policy issues and not necessarily issues with race in particular. i think it's important to talk about. however, i think there are still major issues with race in our country today. it would be behoove us to discuss it rather than paper over it. >> martha: it feels like our identity politics, juan, are deeper in recent years. this was an issue in much better shape when i was growing than now in many ways. how do you speak to that? you have so much division on college campuses? you think about martin luther king statement about being judged by the content of our character. that's everybody across the board. >> right. this is interesting to me. the fact is when we were growing up, and martha, you are younger than i am, my father lived in a segregated neighborhood. he could not get certain jobs.
4:45 pm
i am sitting here as not only a fox news employee but a published writer and author. i think we have made tremendous progress. when you give people voice, people who previously felt they could not speak up and had to act in a way that was second class, and you let those people speak up, there will be a lot of hubbub and disconcerting rhetoric used. i think in fact there is so much to be proud of in terms of america's journey. sometimes you hear some of these civil rights leaders speak in terms about america. >> martha: final thoughts? >> i agree. dr. king took the view that only love can drown out hate. it's time to appeal to the better part of us.
4:46 pm
the uniifying part of us. we are all americans and all in this together. >> martha: thank you very much. thanks, gentlemen. to basketball now for a moment. sister jean got a bobble-head doll and love for her loyola-chicago team. but father rob got the honor of cutting down a piece of spring from the net. father rob is everything. the man who inspires the wildcats coming up next. >> to be a good basketball player, you have to have a clear mind. that's something we work on all the time talking to them all the time about it. it's ok that evere ignores me while i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. the blade quality you'd expect from gillette
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> martha: sister jean won hearts across the country cheering on loyola-chicago. but a father rode home from texas with the trophy. the villanova grad and former attorney followed his life's devotion to the priesthood. travels everywhere with the team. he is the person they turn to when they need someone to just listen to them. rarely in college basketball have the chaplains of the team been part of the story.
4:51 pm
8 of the 64 teams were catholic schools and 2 in the final-4. led to this piece in the "new york times": why catholic colleges excel in college basketball. they cater to working class immigrants. here's father rob hague an. father rob, congraultions. >> we are thrilled. >> martha: what is the secret to their success you? watched them day in and out, practice and on the road and everywhere? >> people have been asking that. they are gifted and know how to
4:52 pm
play. they are really a together bunch. they talked a lot among themselves about being a band of brothers. there is a brotherhood and the spirit that units them all. not just the starters but the walks on and the managers. they had a collective strength they would not have as individuals. >> martha: they do. i have watched them play a lot. a lot on tv and sometimes in person. that's magical. when you watch them, someone has a really hot night. on monday that was a player. he said about you. father rob is everything. tell me about your relationship with him? >> these student athletes are talented.
4:53 pm
they get here and they are surrounded by talent all around them. there is only one ball and so many minutes and so many opportunities to take shots. you have somebody who hasn't sat on the bench since third grade and they have to learn to fit into the biggest picture. the first year here he got injured and was not able to play. he had to focus on other things. when he gets an opportunity to play, he is relegated to a 6th man or a nonstarter role. a lot was his journey through humility and accepting being a part of something bigger than himself. hi an opportunity to walk with him during that journey and talk about things we don't like to talk about, like patience and waiting our turn and being ready when your number is called. i could not be happier for him. >> martha: what do you tell him now? you have lebron james talking about you on tv? it's a heady time for these
4:54 pm
young men. we know that some of them make it to the nba but most, the majority don't. how do you prepare for them? >> coach wright has a wonderful way of reminding them not just about the basketball but life after basketball. we infuse the spirit about being hungry and humble. let's hope this is not the greatest thing donte ever does. he has more lives to effect. st. agustin said don't be content with what you are. if you grow pleased with yourself, there you shall remain. we have more mountains to climb and more work to do. that's a fire within him. >> martha: that's a great team. an amazing group. a lot of talk about the fact these players should be paid. obviously this is a big money
4:55 pm
business. million dollars go to the universities when they get as far as villanova has. what do you think? >> i can see both sides. i don't think people realize what a full-time job this really is in terms of the travel and the preparation and the study and the practice and the film. but at the same time, we are looking for student athletes that want to be part of something bigger than just themselves and value an villanova education and what it means for them long after their 4 years is over. the faculty and the resources and the people that care for them. the network they are part of. it's a win-win. >> martha: my family has a big commitment to villanova. a pleasure to you have here. go cats. we'll be right back. gottfried bless.
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>> martha: one last quote from reverend martha maccallum. -- martin luther king. he said the measure of a man is where he stands in times of challenge and controversy. tucker is up next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a shooting yesterday at youtube's headquarters in california left only the shooter dead. the killer was an iranian refugee named nasim aghdam. let's pretend this is not the 8 p.m. show on fox news. it's somewhere else. cnn or any other cable channel or newspaper in america. if that were true


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