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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 1, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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families across our nation gather in homes, churches and synagogue to light candles and to praise god. on easter sunday we proclaim with joy christ is risen. the president thinks that amazon founder and owner jeff bedos is using the washington post to boost his bottom line. 60 diplomats being kicked out. coming together as an alliance to take the threat from russia seriously.
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>> ramblers who captured the hearts of virtually everyone across america, it's michigan taking the semifinal game. villanova performance to put them into the championship game. ♪ ♪ . that is a perfect song to start the show this morning. it is easter sunday. happy easter to both of you. >> happy easter. welcome, great to have you. >> thank you. i wouldn't miss it for the world. special day. >> it is a special day. we've got the decor, the pastels, we're ready to go this morning. we're going to be celebrating all morning on the plaza.
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if you don't have your party planned. >> e have it for you. >> -- we'll help you. pu most importantly for christians around the world today, this is the data jesus rose from the dead, you go from homelessness to hope, life over death. this is a very holy day. >> and forgiveness. that's what i think about when it comes to easter. i remember growing up as a little girl waking up and finding your easter basket that the easter bunny left you, getting dressed up with a bow in your air, going to church and being with family. it's the start of spring, it's warming up, flowers outside. i love it. send us your photos this morning and tell us what you like to do for easter. >> and in parents in moscow, send us a picture of young abby. >> send us your wonderful easter photos. >> you know what i just
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realized? i look like a jie januar guyianr egg. >> no, months ago you did. >> we may have an actual bunny. >> that's a tease. >> a busy bunny this morning. there are a lot of people upset over this fisa investigation. still some are not satisfied with just a federal prosecutor investigating this case. they want a second counsel to step in. you have john huber coming in from utah working with the doj inspector general and jeff sessions said we going to leave it up to this guys. and some lawmakers saying if we don't have a special counsel, jeff sessions should step down. >> he decided to appoint john huber who will work with the
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inspector general horowitz. hugher brickhuber brings the sua powers. but for some members on the conservative side of the ledger who say you've got a dirty dossier improperly used to spy on the trump campaign and the doj and fbi hid the source of that, this is as bad as it gets, we should go straight to a special counsel. >> to give a little context, sessions allowed calls for a second special counsel. sessions says the best thing we can do is to put huber in place to determine those circumstances to get to that. he's not saying he's not appointing it. he's saying this is what we need to do to get there. the chairman of the oversight committee trey gowdy says this is a good step.
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although conservatives upset. congressman dav dave brat soundg out on that. here's what he had to say. >> we're not happy at all. the new appointment isn't sufficient. he reports to rosenstein and rosenstein is in the middle of the dossier fault lines. when you've got ten of the top fbi officials stepping down or being fired, there's enough there. and then the new hires reports to rosenstein who is in charge of investigation, it's like the fox guarding the hen house. everybody is friends, formerly under comey. where's the closure. no one gets fired, no one goes to jail. >> part of the argument is if you go straight to a second special counsel it could look political, there is enough evidence to do that.
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or let huber work with the ig, see if there's grounds for a special counsel and then do that. >> you talk to the american people out there, they feel that there has been enough dishonesty, enough reason to have the second counsel. we talk to mark yesterday, saying it's overwhelmingly there's a distrust of the american people when it comes to everything in washington but particularly with the doj. >> where did the first special counsel come from. >> here's what you've got to faypayattention to this week. james comey. this is where it originates. he's going on a book tour, the james comey world tour. going to be bigger than nsync requiting. >reuniting. >> woo. >> it's the same time that michael horowitz is supposed to
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be issuing his report on whether or not comey may have lied, what role the fbi played. >> that's the clinton e-mails investigation. >> correct. it's going to be fascinating. he's going to be public with his narrative coming out this week at the same time that we have the second special counsel. >> and "the washington post" head line about the comey tour says this, ready for the media's comey swoon fest. nothing can stop it now. the reality is the media has fawned over him and his narrative for so long, they're going to give him carte blanche to tell his story largely uncritically and it will be interesting. >> a good point. maybe be patient. let this play out. there's a lot of uproar over this investigation. but griff you were there yesterday over the sairng rare cities ansanctuarycities and whn
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california? >> i am stunned. i have no idea how much california has become the unofficial anti-trump resistance headquarters. and how there you are seeing a backlash by municipalities, cities, counties against the sanctuary city laws that california instituted at the beginning of the year. they're threefold. one of them is essentially handcuffs local law enforcement from cooperating with i.c.e. in taking illegal criminal aliens, detaining them in time for i.c.e. to take them in possession in a safe manner. instead releasing them back into the community and then i.c.e. has to put themselves in danger. >> and this makes it enough for the local leaders, the mayors in town who are not in favor of what they're doing. what do they do. >> i stumbled into the frontier of this. we saw orange county this past
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week leading the way. now it's going to be san diego county. and the little town of escondi escondido, the mayor says this is not the america he moved to. he's leading a vote in the city council to formally join jeff sessions' lawsuit. here's what the mayor told me. >> they are insane. these two leaders in california, they mor care more about illegal criminals and protecting illegal criminals than our citizens. this similar moral, illegal and unconstitutional period. >> and those two leaders, governor jerry brown which the president was tweeting about, and the attorney general disaif yar bxavierbecerra. >> the lawlessness has become
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the law of the land. i love what you said. it's the epicenter of the se sis tense. they want to reject everything that president trump is trying to do from the border wall to sanctuary city to supports i.c.e. it's a showdown. >> and you were right on the front row for that yesterday. >> that's right. we now know the u.s. soldier killed by a roadside bomb attack in syria. master sergeant jonathan donebar of austin, texas was part of an undercover mission targeting ie isis. the first u.s. serviceman to die in syria this year. so heartbreaking. new overnight, tensions escalate over police protests in sacramento after a splf's deadty hits a demonstratoa sheriff'sdeh
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their cruiser. demonstrators blocking traffic despite multiple warnings. others burning an american flag marking the fifth consecutive day since stefan clark was killed by police also right now the pope is delivering his easter message to a packed st. peter's square in vatican city. hours ago he was leading the traditional sunday mass for those observing the holy holiday. at an easter vigil on saturday night, the pope urging the catholics to not remain paralyzed. the church was dark signifying the passage from dark to light when jesus rose from the dead. there's some basketball. the ncaa national championship game and for cinderella team loyola, the dream is over. >> it is his night. it's michigan taking the
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semifinal game, 69-57. >> i think sister jean is the winner still of all of these games. michigan knocking the ramblers out of the game. and in an emotional moment loyola players embracing 90-year-old sister jean after the devastating loss. in the other semi time, villanova winning 95-79. monday's title game starts at # 9:29 eastern time. you do not want to miss that. >> loyola played so well for the first 30 minutes of the game and then michigan kicked it into gear. a great run. >> i got to get a sister jean bobblehead. >> we should put that here on the table every morning. >> producers, get us one immediately. coming up with the midterms on the horizon, do the democrats have a platform problem? >> no country on earth maz the
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use of guns that we do. >> democrats will continue to fight as hard as ever fb the dreamers. >> dianne feinstein wants your guns. so from gun control to the immigration. debiting that up next. what would you do if you came home to this. a massive alligator found in a family swimming pool. you have to see what happens next. >> don't jump in! ♪ ♪
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. the time has come to do something about it, to eliminate them. >> the bonus that corporate america received versus the
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crumbs that they are giving is so pathetic. >> democrats will continue to fight as hard as ever for the dreamers. >> with the midterm elections just months away, democrats are ramping up their anti-trump agendas, including open borders, repealing the second amendment and raising your taxes. could the left have a platform problem? here to debate is charlie hurt and joel payne. good morning, guys. happy easter to you. charlie, you put a tweet out where you pretty much list whad is the democrats' agenda. what is that and is it a winning agenda? >> a little sarcasm behind it but a put out a tweet that went viral. i said vote for the democrats in 2018, bring back isis, god is not real, illegals over veterans. but there is some truth to that.
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the democratic party is to committed to the resistance of the president, i believe they're going to suffer for it in the midterm election. traditionally it's hard for the president's party to succeed in the first election of a presidential election but i think you're going the say in states across middle america, republicans do a lot better and buck the historical trend. if they're going to continue to put illegal immigrants over the interests of america citizens, that's not going to win for them politically. >> what you say about that, joel? >> i hope that's facetious. this is about the president and his failings and in trump county his agenda is failing. we saw what happened last month with conor lamb losing in pennsylvania in a plus-20 trump district. democratshave great positioning to have a great night later this year in nevada. november. testimonies need to keep up
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withty physicians on what president trump is going to destabilize health care and civil rights. if they continue to do that they'll have a great night. >> conor lamb went to the middle. he's not anywhere near where the democratic party seems to be on gun control, what they're calling for. and i was just back from california where we've seen what they're doing in favoring illegal criminal alien rights. you know, how do the democrats win unless they come to the middle like conor lamb? >> well respectfully i disagree with how you position that and how charlie positioned that. but one thing the democratic party is good at is finding candidates that make sense. conor lamb made sense in pennsylvania the same way dianne feinstein is going to serve in california. democrats have a big tent party and you're going to see that in november. >> charlie, i want you to weigh in on that.
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>> conor lamb said he wouldn't vote for nancy pelosi as speaker. he moved closer to the middle. president trump's policies are benefiting the american people. when you're the democratic party and you refuse to acknowledge that black unemployment is the lowelowest it's it's ever been,l of the sudden the opposition starts to really -- people are saying are you opposing for the sake of opposing. there is truth behind it. there's been unbelievable results produced tbi administration and party. if the democratic party is going to put illegal immigrants so precisely over the interest of the american people, that's not going to favor them politically. >> joe, i want to give you the last word. what is the road map forward for the democrat. >> to all of the great things that he said about the economy, ail say two things thanks, obama.
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>> come on. that's ridiculous. >> we know it takes one year to 16 month to kick in. this is obama's economy. president trump will have his effect on the economy which i'm concerned about. we saw the tax bill that he passed through that is a sugar rush and that is going to harm the constituents in the long term. >> thanks for coming on. we'll see what the midterms hold. thanks, guys. still ahead, tommy is here live in ten minutes and christians around the world are celebrating easter today. father jonathan morris is here with a special holiday message for us next. ♪ ♪ m
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. we are back with quick headlines. the u.s. and south korea resuming joint military krils overnight. the war games are expected to last throw the month. the field exercise is coming as president trump preparing for talks with north korean dictator kim jong-un in the coming weeks. and israel's military defends itself force against thousands of palestinian protesters in gaza. this as the u.s. blocks the united nations resolution condemning the violence. at least 15 palestinians are now dead, hundreds have been injured. and today is easter sunday. >> and our next guest is here to share the message of the gospel on this holy day. >> father jonathan morris joins us now good morning >> happy easter.
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>> that was a great introduction, abby. i'm sure the message of the gospel, they asked me to give an easter message. my message on easter is very simple. i don't have to make it up. it's the message of the gospel that the tomb was empty on sunday morning. and if the tomb was not empty, then our faith is ridiculous. because life is full of so much suffering and eventually life on this earth ends in death. and if there is no solution, if there is no answer, if there is no internal life, then that is really is terrible tragedy that we're living, that we were born to die. but the empty tomb says that god is bigger than death, that god is bigger than our suffering, that there is a solution to every one of our problems, that every tear will be wiped away. because jesus said even though the consequences of sin is death, i'm going to take your place. and i am going to die for you so that you might have eternal life. >> and forgive us.
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>> and forgive us. that's anybody who wants to be forgiven, who wants to accept the mercy and love of god, jesus' message is i am here to forgive you. welcome to into the kingdom. >> on this day, salvation is open to everyone because of what jesus did. >> that's exactly right. what an amazing experience for the disciples who watched jesus. first of all, after having abandoned him as he was going through his most terrible suffering and then they go to the tomb and they say he is not there. and imagine what they probably felt was and i was afraid to follow him. i was afraid to follow him because of the romans or because of the leaders of the jews. i was afraidz. but i had no reason to be afraid. because god was bigger even then. all of these people who were trying to yous fie jesus. >> after the stone was rolled away he appeared before 500
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people. that is the evidence, the inspiration that those people after in light of the persecution they faced. >> right from the very beginning the disciples knew and all of those following jesus knew everything had to be different. if stone had been taken away and there was no jesus inside the tomb he had risen again. so he appeared to them over and over again. what was the first words he said? was always peace be with you because they were schaird ou scf their wits. they knew they could be crucified just like jesus was. and he said peace be with you. they were locked up in a room and jesus would go through and say again i say to you. peace. he was saying peace because i know you feel guilty because you ran away from me and you feel afraid because there with powers also in this world who want to persecute you. peace. >> and peace be with you. i feel like we're in church all of the sudden.
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it's too much of a tradition to pass back to you. happy easter. >> great to have you. >> and michigan beat chicago loi loyola which is another sign of the resurrection. we won. god was not on the side of loyola chicago yesterday. go wolverines. >> we're in trouble now. >> i'm from ann arbor, what i can say. >> a michigan guy. president trump taking on california's governor for cutting loose five criminal illegal immigrants facing deportation. we've got reaction next. plus imagine there was a machine that could read your mind and instantly turn it into text. well, apparently that exists and it's 90% accurate. that's frightening actually. we've got the details. i don't know if we want them but
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they're coming up. ♪ ♪
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. mo how is villanova ever gog to beat. >> not worried. >> exactly. >> that is your shot of the morning. you know steve and his son peter, with a little final four pregame trash talk. >> take a look at this shirt, my kid and my money going to villanova university. steve of course went to kansas and his daughter went to villanova. he's torn. >> villanova beating kansas and advancing to the ncaa championship. i'm fired up about that. my niece goes to villanova. >> it's a win. the kids went there. >> a loss is not a win. >> true. we have someone else out in l.a.
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it's early. tommy, how are you? >> i'm doing well. how are you guys. happy easter. >> thanks for being with us. >> we want to start with a topic close to you at this point. you may have seen, governor jerry brown pardoned five immigrants facing deporessation. what's so problematic about these five illegal immigrants, we're talking about drug offenses, wife beating, kidnapping, robbery. what do you make of the mind-set for governor brown to say this is the type of folks on easter i'm going to pardon. >>ly say this. whereas californian californiang back looking at this, many of us are disgusted by this. and we can sit back and complain about it, moan about it. what we really need to do is we need to vote. we need to make sure that the incoming governor, make sure
3:35 am
that he doesn't have the mentality of governor brown. we need to make sure that americans come first in california and the rest to have country. this is a message to all of the conservatives in california and all of the independent thinkers, get out and vote, make sure we don't have this again. >> you know, these five individuals, they served their terms. but the problem is that governor brown is leading this charge, if you will, to favor the right of illegal criminal aliens than the security of communities and that's why we're seeing this backlash. where does this take us? >> and it's not just governor brown. we saw with the oakland mayor and many others in leadership roles. as you saw in orange county, the people are finally starting to stand up to say enough is enough. open i'm hoping they will be emboldened moving forward to do
3:36 am
that. it's problematic. you don't have to be a conservative or a republican to understand this is problematic. this is putting our communities at issue. californians wake up. this is not what we want in our back yard. we have enough problems here. >> i want to get your thoughts of another story. an army of my grants marching to america and a buzzfeed reporter is in the march with them. i'll read you a queet, saying for five days hundreds o days ne boldly crossed military bases and police in a chaotic march towards u.s. despite their being in mexico without authorization. no one has made an effort to stop them. your reaction. >> again, this is what we have coming to our borders and that's why it's more important than ever that we build a wall and get serious about border security and border enforcement. i think it really speaks also not just to the democratic party
3:37 am
and the left. this also speak to the liberal mainstream media who was cheering these people on. they're excited about this, excited about what's coming to our doorstop. we can look at it and be disgusted and fearful but we have to get out and vote. let our voices be heard. in the spirit of easter, if i didn't live in the united states of america i would want to be here too but this is not the way. laws matter. we're a nation of immigrants, we're a nation of lawful imgrapts. that needs timmigrants. >> for more clarity, this buzz feyed reporter has been documenting the trip. most of the migrants are from honduras, organizer organizers e two thirds are plan to cross into the united states asking for asylum. it sounds like a movement to create a clar clash than an actl
3:38 am
better life. a lot of people are seeking a better life but the organizers, it seems like there's a secret agenda here. >> it terrifies me and a lot of people. we look at these people, we can have compassion for these people but it doesn't mat thary the laws don't matter. that's where the left gets it wrong every single time. they talk about being good people, being gracious to these people. but they have to remember that laws matter, americans come first in our country and again, let me say, build that wall. >> thank you. happy easter to you. i'll tell you, good luck out there. because you're living truly in the heartland or the headquarters of the anti-trump resistance from what i saw this past week. >> thanks, tommie. have a good sunday. turning to other headlines we're following, thousands of people mourning the loss of a fallen hero who made the
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ultimate sacrifice. ♪ >> friends and family honoring master sergeant christopher la goo so as she is laid to rest in the same new york church where he married his wife. he's one of seven service members killed in the helicopter crash last month in iraq. fox and friends helped raised thousands of dollars for his widow and two little girls to pay off their mortgage. we have some amazing viewer disbloos a delta plane forced to make an emergency landing after striking a bird. the denver bound flight took off from jfk when it lost an engine 500 feet in the air. none of the 126 passengers or the crews were hurt luckily and took another flight to their destination. and it is not your typical pool party. a florida homeowner getting a surprise visit from this massive
3:40 am
alligator, taking a late night dip. >> it was surreal. it wasn't like just this little creature. it was not quite a monster. >> can you imagine? two hours later trappers struggling as the gator slashes its body side to side to avoid capture. eventually it was removed without any injury. >> clearly not the easter bunny. >> no well the secret is out. scientists have made a mind reading machine that instantly turns your thoughts into text. >> i'm going to read your thoughts. >> i love that movie. >.university of california researches saying it was interpret sentences claiming the machine is 90% accurate and could help patients that cannot speak. but critics claim that the device could cause problems as secret thoughts are exposed. guess who is laughing at that? kind of a nervous laugh.
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>> rick, i want to put that on you as you're doing the weather. >> what are you recreditl secrey thinking? >> i hate that tie. i noticed it. it looks perfectly like easter. >> i noticed that that bunny is still in mexico. >> he didn't make it over. >> oh, wait. hold on. >> i told the kids that he would make it into america by today. >> you were talking to the kids about the weather map? >> yes, i was. >> i mope you were talking about the weather and the importance of science. how about that. it's going to be chilly across the plains, especially by the afternoon. some rain moving in towards the northeast. some snow for the day tomorrow. here's your temps, cooler than yesterday. 15 in rapid city, 12 in my opinion na12 inminneapolis. we had one storm yesterday and now it's bringing scattered snow
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across interior sections of the northeast. it's going to move out of here but it's going to keep cloudiness for you day and then back mind i behind it the next s moving in. tomorrow across parts of the northeast. it's late enough in the season that most is not going to stick. but we still have snow. here you go. temps for easter sunday, still cold across the north. and guys we have another storm behind this one and another one behind that. we probably have snow in the northern part of the country for the next two weeks. >> really how good he is at his job after you did it. >> i do work with the tie in the maps. you should try it one more time. >> i'll try that. >> thanks. president trump taking on amazon calling the company's deal with the postal service a scam. brian brin berg is here to break
3:43 am
down the business relationship plus, mike huck key, matt slap and representative goodlatte here as fox rolls on.
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. the med ya was quick to criticize the president's attacks on amazon. outlets slamming the president's action as bizarre and comments completely untrue and wrong. what's the real relationship between amazon and the postal service. here to break it down, brian brynbrenberg. it is also his birthday. >> april fool's.
3:47 am
>> you came to my birthday. >> when was 8 years old. >> the president is critical of the way that amazon is able to use the postal service. is he right? >> amazon gets a great deal from the postal service. they have been giving amazon a great deal. it's a quirk of how the usps accounts for its cost. the president has a legitimate point but it's a bigger issue than just amazon. it's an issue with the united states postal service. >> amazon is taking advantage of an existing relationship and the postal service is what we should look at. >> i don't think people realize how much money the post office has lost. over the last 1 is years they'ved a cumulative losses, over $60 billion. bleeding red ink year after year. apart from the amazon issue, the post office does not make income.
3:48 am
in order to fund the losses they have to borrow or not pay the retirement accounts for their retirees. >> back in 2007 if amazon was around, it wasn't the behemoth this it is today. >> they're losing a lot of money. and the reason is first class mail delivery has declined so much. the world has changed. >> you're saying 60 billion in losses. >> and 15 billion in borrowing. if you're not making money, you need cash from somewhere. you have to borrow the money. the post office can't pay it back. at the end of the day the taxpayers are on the hook. the way they're cutting cost is not funding retirement savings. >> and then you go into debt. >> exactly. >> 1 50 for package can that be real? >> the post office ought to pay 1.50 more for package for the last mile delivery.
3:49 am
they're not doing that because they're operating as a letter carrying operation. but really their business has shifted more to packages. they haven't kept up with how they're prizing these things. that would have to change in order for them to get closer to the black than in the red. >> any business should be making that much more package, not losing it. >> so that's a real problem for the post office. part of the 60 billion problem we're talking about, it's declined so much. the world is changing. we're not sending things through the mail anymore. but the post office is still stuck in that mode and that's why they can't bring in enough ref knew to cover their cost. >> what is the solution to the post office? dismantle it? prioritize it? >> the question we should be asking ourselves is do we need a post office today in a world of electronic communication and fedex, u.p.s., do we need it? i think the answer is no. let's privatize, let's move away. the market can handle this. we don't need a government monopoly to do it.
3:50 am
>> the world changes. >> circumstances change, we should adapt with it. >> brian brenberg. send his birthday messages. >> senator elizabeth warren apologizing for america's foreign policy. bracing for impact, a chinese aircraft hurling towards earth today. our next guest says those in the path should get a spectacular show in the sky. we'll be watching.
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. a chinese spacecraft is hurdles toward earth expecting to make impact today or tomorrow. >> is it all an april fool's joke? here with it all is clayton anderson. great to have you with us. happy easter. >> thank, happy easter to you guys. >> so the big question a lot of people are wondering is should they be worried about this? could this land somewhere near you? >> well, the odds are pretty astronomical that it will not. but i think if people are in the right place on the planet and get the right opportunity, they
3:55 am
might see a pretty nice sight in the sky. >> so walk people through what this is. >> well, the chinese space station, which was launched a couple of years ago, is kind of out of control. they can't -- don't have the ability to keep it in orbit anymore so the tug versus gravity over time is pulling it back to earth and it will burn up in the atmosphere i guess sometime over the next day. >> if we can put it back up on the wall, this is the 43-degree latitude. everyone above and below this latitude, you're save inant arkn antarctica. much of our country and you see africa all within the -- i think the question is, can we get a better idea of exactly where? that's a pretty wide space of where this may hit. >> yeah, my experience is that they struggle to pinpoint this kind of stuff with any amount of accuracy. so right now my understanding is
3:56 am
it's a 6 to 12 hour window of predictions. if you see a plot with a lot of ground tracks, today at this moment most of them are over the south pacific or africa. >> all right. so if they're lucky maybe they get a good show. if not so lucky, let's hope nothing happens. we'll keep on eye on the story. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> i'm a little nervous. next hour, mike huckabee, matt schlapp and bob goodlatte coming here this send us our photos at fox we'll be right back.
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families across our nation gather in homes, churches and synagogues, to light candles and to praise god. on easter sunday we proclaim with joy christ is risen. >> nothing can stop this now. he's going on a bus tour. he's going on the james comey world tour. you're seeing a backlash against the san sanctuary city laws that california instituted. they care more about illegal criminals and protecting illegal criminals than protecting our citizens. it's michigan taking the semi-final game. can he do it for the third time? that's good.
4:01 am
villanova's performance to put them into the championship game. this is a tradition at "fox & friends." if you have kids and you're nearby our studio, bring them over. this is where we celebrate easter. we have face painting out there. we've got easter eggs. you can see bunnies. >> real bunnies. >> we've got everything out there. >> any excuse to take out the picnic tables and crafts, we do it. we've got a fancy easter bunny as well, doing everything he can to bring festivity to those kids. we'll be out there in a second. but it is easter. as father john said, the tomb is empty. the stone has been rolled away.
4:02 am
hope for the hopeless. redemption for the sinful. life over death. thank you for joining us on this easter sunday. >> we've been talking about our easter traditions. we want to hear from you, what you do when you wake up on easter morning and what are some of your traditions. you can send us your photos. we'll show them throughout the show today. >> we've got a couple that have already been sent in. >> i sent in one. this is me on the right, my sister. >> there's the bow you talked about. >> my mom always put us in bright dresses to celebrate the holiday. my sister is having a baby girl in the next few days. i had a baby girl. so they'll be close. >> did you keep the dresses? >> my mom kept everything. i'll have to ask. >> you're looking up to her and she's kind of mean mugging. bonita sent this son of her son,
4:03 am
chris and her grandson with the easter bunny. >> lisa's grandson's, colton and justin, also met the easter bunny. look at them there. somebody is trying to get out of there. >> when kids sit with the easter bunny, are they more or less scared than sitting with santa. >> i was just going to ask that he question. i think santa might be more scary. >> it feels more real. well, the easter bunny is real. >> send us your pictures. >> it's fun to see reactions from kids. some love it. some are freaked out. the malthe mall tantrums. let's look at this headline. they say white house stabilizers gone, trump calling his own shots. they are reflecting on the change in staff there. people that were there in the beginning are moving out,
4:04 am
whether obama holdovers, establishment types and now he's choosing cabinet members and aids that more align with his point of view. >> you also have to remember, and we've been following this story from the beginning, and there has been a lot of turnover, but this is someone who hasn't been in politics before. he hasn't run for office. he's definitely not been president of the united states. it seems from afar that he's becoming more and more comfortable in that role and getting a better sense of who he wants around him and who he wants to get advice from. >> that's a good point. yesterday when i was in california, we had peggy grande who worked not in the reagan administration but for many years with president reagan when he got out. she gave a lot of context. let's play a little bit of what peggy grande had to say about the shakeups and what's going on with the president's decision making. >> i think that it's exaggerated that the white house is in crisis. here's a man who likes change.
4:05 am
he's a great decision maker. if he doesn't like something, he doesn't complain about it, he mixes it up. some of the personnel changes are beyond his control, whether it's a personal information with a staffer or confirmation clog, or anything like that, we see a president that's unafraid to make change and that's what he's doing. ronald reagan did the same. he made changes early on in his presidency. that's something that's not new to the white house. >> that's good historical perspective. there's not a single person working for the president of the united states the american people voted for. the only person they voted for was donald trump on election day. so many people investing themselves, people that will save america from trump as opposed to saying how do we harness the beliefs he had on the campaign trail and make them reality. >> and how important trust is. leaking has been the biggest problem the administration has faced. so getting people around you that you know have your back and
4:06 am
have your best interest at hand, you look at the people that he does have close like james mattis who has not left, you have john kelly who is behind him. you look at the omnibus bill. he listens to some of the key people that have been there from the beginning. >> good point. >> i want to point out that one of the people that recently departed, rex tillerson. thii want to shift a little bit. >> you're fired up about this story. >> in the absence of rex tillerson leaving and the confirmation of our next secretary of state, you have elizabeth warren who has aspirations for the 2020 presidential election going to beijing, going to south korea and japan and basically criticizing the administration's policies towards north korea. let me just put up a quote we've got. this is senator war i warren in
4:07 am
beijing saying this has been a chaotic foreign policy in the region and that makes it hard to keep the allies that we need to accomplish our objectives stitched in. again, this happening in the wake of a major cabinet post vacancy and what happens, democrats rush in and try and undermine the administration's policies as it relates to north korea, guys. this is unprecedented. >> and huge breakthroughs on that peninsula. you've got north korea sitting down with south korea. you've got a promise that kim jong un will meet with president trump. the rhetoric has brought them to the table. china is doing more to put the squeeze to north korea. and yet, elizabeth warren -- is she on the foreign affairs committee? has she been the secretary of state? is that her thing? or is she potentially on the ballot in 2020. >> she's on the banking committee. >?>> she's on the health and lar
4:08 am
committee. she is over there at the time of which we have very significant developments happening over there and even before the kim jong un meeting between president trump and un, you have aun meeting with south korea. she is in south korea as well. >> that gives you a sense of maybe a preview of coming attractions of what 2020 may look like. the president could have some real accomplishments. russia, he's been very tough on russia policy-wise. >> the resistance moves oversea as we see with elizabeth warren. we have other headlines i want to bring you. the u.s. and sout south korea resuming joint military drills overnight. the war games are expected to last through the month. the field exercises come ago president trump will hold talks with kim jong un in the coming weeks. the u.n. just passing sanctioning against the rogue regime, said to be the largest ever. new overnight, tensions escalating over police protests in sacramento after a sheriff's
4:09 am
deputy hits a demonstrator with their cruiser. watch this. >> [sound of sirens] >> witnesses say the protester was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. demonstrators blocked traffic despite multiple warnings. others burning an american flag, mercking the fifth consecutive day of unrest since stephon clark was killed by police, officers mistaking his phone for a gun. the pope delivered his easter message to a packed saint peter's square this morning. he was leading the traditional sunday mass for those of christian faith observing the holy holiday. he urged catholics to not remain paralyzed in the face of injustices. the church was dark at the start of the service, signifying the passage from darkness to light when jesus rose from the dead. and cinderella, they are going home. >> here's matthews, outside, it
4:10 am
is his night. it's michigan taking the semi-final game, 69-57. >> that is it for the cinderella team. michigan knocked loyola out of the tournament. loyola players embraced sister jean after the devastating loss. in the other semi-finals, villanova routed kansas 95-79. it will be villanova versus michigan. it's a game i won't be missing. >> heck of a game by the ramblers. >> it's a late game. yesterday we covered this story. sometimes we cover stories and we hear a little bit, sometimes our inbox it ove over well med. after we ran this story it certainly was. remember this georgia teacher who went on a political anti-trump rant.
4:11 am
her name is jonetta benton. she went on this rant. listen. >> what are you talking about, it was great? maybe he's talking about the '70s when we had a black panther movement. people were not being treated equally. maybe he's talking about the '90s when we had a police officer beating rodney king. in 2000, we still have the same issues. when my president says let's make america great again, when was he talking about? he must be talking about when it was great for europeans. america has never been great for minorities. and even now it makes me go hmmm, when i'm trying to figure out when was it great. >> a lot of people, a lot of parents are up in arms about this. the school put out a second
4:12 am
statement about this, they say it could not be stated anymore strongly or clearly that we do not condone the actions taken by our teachers in these unrelated incidents and will not tolerate the infusion of political bias into our classrooms. these two incidents did not hold to our standards. we responded to the matters at hand and the appropriate action was taken with regards to this personal matter. >> the other incident they're referring to in that statement is an assignment given to kids to write about why we should implement gun control and reduce the second amendment. you have two unrelated incidents. >> sending letters to lawmakers. >> sending letters to lawmakers. >> viewers have been sending e-mails. this one is from katherine. as an educator and parent i'm very concerned about the state of education. this political indoctrination is occurring all over the country. >> this one says maybe we need
4:13 am
to start vetting our teachers. many are teachers their views, not the abcs students need to learn. >> robbie says it's a shame these are the teachers that get noticed. there's a lot of us out there who are about education and not politics. ultimately this is on parents to be vigilant. know what your kids are being taught. it's not just college. we think about safe spaces there. it's high schools, junior highs, elementary schools. the left has a grip on our government schools. if you're not paying contains, you'll have to undo that later on. >> we'll have a panel on this. i think this is next hour, teachers and with parents, getting to the heart of that rarcht anrant and the impact ths having. >> it raises the question, what don't we know about what's happening in the classrooms. still ahead, president trump taking on california's governor for cutting loose five criminal illegal immigrants facing deportation and an angel parent
4:14 am
whose son was killed by an i'll legal immigrant weighs in -- illegal immigrant weighs in next. thou hast the patchy beard of a pre-pubescent squire! thy armor was forged by a feeble-fingered peasant woman... your mom! as long as hecklers love to heckle, you can count on geico saving folks money. boring! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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at a comfort inn with a glow taround them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at" who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom.
4:17 am
book now at welcome back. this week, california governor jerry brown pardoned five criminal immigrants who were in line for deportation. they did serve their full sentences but were convicted of serious crimes. this makes deporting them a lot less likely. so here with his reaction, jamil shaw who lives in california. his son was killed by an illegal i'm grant in 2008. it's great to have you on as always. we know what happened to your son and it's horrible. just first, your reaction to the governor pardoning five criminals. what's i take on that? -- what's your take on that? >> it shows he doesn't care
4:18 am
about americans. he just wants to get back at trump and he's going to put us all in danger, just for a personal vendetta he has with the president. i didn't vote for him. he is still supposed to take care of american citizens or especially california. he loves illegal i' aliens. they're willing to put americans in danger just for some votes. >> if you live in a sanctuary state, and you're in california, and you commit a crime and you serve that sentence, you get out of jail, if you're a police officer you don't have to let i.c.e. know about it. in other places, you would far more likely be caught. >> yeah. you know, it's been going on forever. people think this is something g new. 10 years ago when my son was murdered they did the same
4:19 am
thing. they let him out in the city the same day they got out. they're used to the system. they know the system is skewed in their favor and illegal aliens just have the state to theirself. they do whatever they want to. >> remind our audience what happened to your son. >> he was shot to death on marcl alien on his third gun charge and the gang datayo database. he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, battery on a police officer. they gave him eight months in the county jail, let him out four months early and the same day he got out he was killing somebody because they know no one cares about the americans. illegals, this is their state and they think it belongs to them and everybody's their victims and governor brown, kamal harris, dianne feinstein, all the black politicians in
4:20 am
california, they're all in tank for illegals, just for votes. they don't care about us. >> you have personally experienced a tragedy. we always appreciate you being on the show and providing your unique perspective. our thoughts are with you. happy easter sunday. >> thank you. keep up the good work. coming up a group of florida students staging their own walkout, this one in support of the second amendment. one of the students who organized the event is joining us next. then, governor mike huckabee with an important message on this easter sunday, i know one of his favorite holidays. we're celebrating easter a all morning with our own eg egg-stravaganza on the pla plaz. stay with us. these birds once affected by oil
4:21 am
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4:24 am
time now for your news by the numbers. 65%, that's how many americans are planning to attend church service today. that number is up from previous years. next, $180 million, that's how many eggs will be decorated and dyed this easter holiday. 76%, that's how many people eat the ears first on the chocolate bunnies, 6% go for the feet and 5% eat the tail first. pete, abby? >> that number strikes me as low. what number would you eat first than the ears? one week after students took to the streets advocating for stricter gun laws, one group of florida high school students walked out of class in support of gun rights. >> that was one of the original rights that we should have the right to bear arms. >> it was nice. we got to come out of class and
4:25 am
support the right to bear arms. >> the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. >> joining us now is one of those students who organized the walk-out, sophomore at rockledge high school in florida, khloe dean. thank you for being with us this morning. >> good morning. happy easter. >> happy easter to you too. why was this so important to you? >> it was important to me because the other walk-out that happened on march 14th for the parkland students turned political and was a big support for gun control and personally i don't believe that gun control is the best idea. everyone has the right to have their own opinion and i believe that our right should have just been expressed and that's what we wanted to do, so a small group of us got together and felt the same way, so we wanted to express our feelings. >> not just a small group, 75 kids joined it. you walked out of class. your basic argument is the
4:26 am
second amendment isn't political, it's constitutional and we have a right to stand up and defend it. overall, what was the reaction amongst the school? generally supportive or are you taking a big risk here by stepping out? >> in the beginning it was a very big risk to step up and do this. it took a lot of fight with our school to get them to approve it and support us. but in the end, they did support us. we did have our administration out there with us. it just took a lot. >> khloe, you are part of this mass shooting generation. you know -- you go to school every day. i'm sure your parents are nervous dropping you off, you never know what's going to happen in the world we live. what do you think the answer is? how do you think we move forward as a country. you've seen how divisive this topic is. >> i believe that getting through this it would be better to have more school resource officers on school campuses and even the marshall program with arming teachers, that woul woule
4:27 am
so much help for all of us. i know the group that we d. all of us felt there are some teachers at our school, quite a few teachers at our school that we trust to have a gun. if something happened we would go to their classroom because we would feel safer there. >> it's similar to the argument the president made. you walked out not for 17 minutes but for 19, meaning you're honoring the 17 students but honoring the two additional minutes that represent the second amendment. yo>> great to have you on this morning. >> thank for the courage to do something that administrators are not going to support initially and if you don't have the courage to do it, it wouldn't have happened. you're setting an example for a lot of great high schoolers. >> not easy. >> thank you. coming up on the show, attorney general jeff sessions appointing a federal prosecutor to investigate alleged fisa abuse by the fbi but is it enough? we're going to ask mike huckabee
4:28 am
next. a woo hollywood star just figured out why 18 million americans tuned into roseanne. the resistance especially on twitter, not happy. plus, we're celebrating easter all morning with our own egg-stravaganza on the plaza. ♪
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4:32 am
mueller has gone after michael flynn for making one supposed false statement, papadopoulos, one supposed false statement. here we have four. the deputy director, if ellies four times, he just going to the inspector general and that's it. we have to have equal justice that applies not just to the
4:33 am
average american, but also to those people in those high levels of authority. that was congressman ron de santis, talking about what he believes to be the need for equal justs i just justice for . here to comment on this as well, mike huckabee. governor, good morning and happy easter. >> good morning. >> great having you this morning. >> happy easter to you guys. >> we'll get to that topic in a moment. let's start with, do you believe that attorney general session's appointment of a federal prosecutor to investigate fisa abuses is enough or do we need a special council? >> it's a good first start. this prosecutor will have subpoena power. he can file charges. he can do everything that needs to be done. the problem with a special prosecutor is as we are seeing with bob mueller, they tend to go off the rails and start chasing things and having an unlimited degree of scope. i think this is a good first start. jeff sessions can always go back
4:34 am
and appoint a special prosecutor but once you cross that line, you can't uncross it. so this is the right move. >> i want to get your thoughts as well on roseanne. do you watch that show? governor, do you watch roseanne? do you watch roseanne? >> yes, i did. i thought it was kind of an interesting way to say to america there's a lot more people out here than the ones that usually portray on sitcomes and the show is written and delivered totally by coastal elites. >> it's renewed for a second season. rob lowe, he tweeted out a nice message about the show. he said the secret to roseanne's massive ratings is that it celebrates people with huge political differences who are able to laugh and love each other as they passionately disagree. much to -- not much to our surprise, twitter started attacking him.
4:35 am
here's a cup examples. someone says i'm not able to laugh and love with anyone trying to destroy america. thanks. a second tweet, roseanne attempts to use opinion as fact in a country that is being led by a person who is an ope an epf you can't even put out a message about our political differences and that may be something refreshing. >> how well i know. the fact is, the greatest single characteristic of people on the far left is they have zero sense of humor. these are the most bitter, angry, really disappointing and disgusting people because they're so sad with life. i've never seen a group of people that are so unhappy. the thing that i think that they would find ironic if the underrd stoounderstoodirony is they are.
4:36 am
that means people who want to on press opposition and who want to control industry and commerce. that's exactly what the far left, the resistance movement wants to do. if you don't agree with you, shut you down. they sadie verse at this say -- diversity. it's a strange group of people. >> they want to control speech either through political h he correctness or shutting it down. a guy like rob lowe, essaying maybhe's saying maybe we can ct thing. >> he'll probably never tweet anything like that again because you get attacked. as you see all the time with yourself, governor. >> well, i do my tweets in part to keep the left occupied, firing at me. because i really don't care what they think. other people might. and they might just be rattled
4:37 am
by the incoming. but i find it honestly it is sad because there used do b to be a few places where people of all viewpoints could come together. one of them is in the music and the arts. the art of comedy is being lost today. the things we used to think are funny because they made us laugh at ourselves, these people can't laugh at themselves. they don't laugh at anything. they are angry. they don't want to be bothered by anything other than than anger. >> before we run out of time, it is easter. we want to get your easter message. >> mine is this. this week i've had all six of my grandkids at my house. here's what i learned. my grandkids i'm pretty sure are all russians because they meddle in everything, not just elections and they created a level of chaos the likes of which may require the president to come and issue a fe a fema
4:38 am
declaration. with all that they've done, and i've loved every minute of it, but here's what i learned. there is nothing they could do to my house or to me that would make me love them any less or that would make me find less joy them. easter is that when we were doing the worst thing we could to god by putting his son on the cross and killing him, he was doing the best thing he could for us by coming out of the grave and giving us everlasting life. that's the easter message. it's that you can't do anything to god that will make him quit loving you. he loves you unconditionally. and he loves you uncontrollably. that's really what easter is all about. >> unconditional love. that is so well said, governor. >> something we need to hear on this easter. governor, thank you so much. >> such a beautiful family. great to see you. >> thanks. we want to bring you other headlines. churches are on edge this easter morning in texas after armed robbers are caught on camera targeting women in a church
4:39 am
parking lot. one girl noticing the thieves stealing a purse from a car parked at a a gateway church in grand prairie before running away. the robbers later held two women at gunpoint in the parking lot. officers setting up more security am rase i -- cameras in the area. tracy morgan praising god after a car wreck nearly took his life. morgan told fans, quote, i preyed to god and he gave me strength and the strength to forgive that driver. and i didn't do that -- if i don't that, i wouldn't be here. he was hit by a walmart truck driver three years ago and was in a coma for three weeks. the show, the last o.g., is his first return to tv. grab the tissues. a state trooper gave a a final radio call before a well-deserved retirement. listen. >> this will be my my fal my fi.
4:40 am
i want to thank everyone. it's been a great career, a great adventure. this is badge 2988, 37 years and three weeks later. it's been a great ride. thank you very much and keep smiling. >> i love that. that is arizona trooper mark gilbert stepping away after nearly four decades on the job. that is one way to say good-bye. those are some of your headlines this morning. rick, i'm going to toss it to you. we're celebrating easter on the plaza. you're holding a bunny. >> i got lucky. i'm keeping warm out here with this bunny. it's perfect. that officer is from kingman, arizona, which is close to my hometown. i want to thank him for all he's done. it's a stormy day. we have a battle of winter and spring and summer is going on right now. you see up towards the northern part of the country we have cold, 36 degrees today in
4:41 am
minneapolis. we also have snow, you see that snow across parts of neb brass . some spots 1 to 3 inches, primarily on grassy areas, but a bit of a rough commute and a pretty rainy week across parts of the south and very heavy rain coming across parts of california. i've got my bunny. >> you do have my bunny. >> come on over, rick. it's easter and we're celebrating all morning on the play gray witplay. >> witplaza with our own egg egg-stravaganza. griff is taking selfies with the easter bunny. i want to see that. >> this is rocking. look at that. >> we're going to post that on instagram. >> we don't know if griff is dancing or having a seizure. vladimir, you have easy party planning. if you're planning an easter
4:42 am
deal or any other kind of party, what do you provide? >> anything from kids birthday parties to weddings, we do it all. 212 photo booth, we provide a list of services across your event planning needs. give us a call for anything you need. >> what do you have for us this morning? >> we have face painting, we have kids decorating easter eggs. we have a bunch of stuff going on today and obviously the easter bunny. >> easter bunny is the star of the show. i got my face painted this morning with makeup. we'll get an actual design going in a second. and a couple of these lovely ladies agree to make us some eggs. if you make some beautiful eggs we'll show them to america later on. abby, you'll have to come out. global tensions rising over the russian attack on british citizens, expelled envoys just landed in moscow. now word of more possible
4:43 am
expulsions, that's coming up next. bobob goodlatte and maria bartiromo coming up on the show, we've got two big hours still to come. well, like most of you, i just bought a house.
4:44 am
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4:46 am
overnight, the first plane carrying 46 russian diplomats expelled from the u.s. landing in moscow. >> now, the nation is ready to fire back at britain all over a nerve agent attack on a former >spy. >> jillian turner is live in washington with more. >> reporter: the first plane carrying russian diplomats expelled from the u.s. has landed back on russian soil. russian state news reported
4:47 am
there were 46 passengers on-board that flight that landed in moscow just a few hours ago and later today an additional 14 expelled from the u.n. and the russian consolate in seattle slated to arrive home in moscow also. the russian ambassador insists the bilateral relationship will ultimately prevail. >> we are still confident that only close interaction between our countries can help maintain international strategic stability and find mew solutiono global and regional challenges. we want everybody to understand that we are decembe going to bee friends again. >> reporter: russia's proceeding with plans to expel 6 60 diploms in 23 nations around the world. they announced the expulsion of
4:48 am
50 british diplomats. they confirmed the latest developments in their investigation into the nerve agent attack in salisbury that happened on march 4th and it's a pretty grim picture. the british government believes russia has got multiple assassination plans in the works and they're preparing to move forward with them imminently. now, it's hard to imagine what the international community's official diplomatic response to this news is going to be. >> there could be more to come. jillian, thank you so much. my parents are in russia. they have 60 people leaving, diplomats from their embassy. many of the families are being split up. the husband works at the embassy and he stays and you have kids in school. we talk about them in numbers. it's an emotional time for a lot of people. >> it will be interesting to see where this stops. the anti-sanctuary city
4:49 am
movement is growing. we'll tell you about it. we're taking a look back at the story of a former st. louis cardinals pitcher who went from being a phenom to losing all his talent, he said. he is here with history of redemption -- his story of redemption, next. >> wild pitch. there are runners at second and third. there's a save of the would-be wild pitch. are you on the right path? #r* only prolia® helps strengthen bones by stopping cells that damage them with 1 shot every 6 months. do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it, or take xgeva®. serious allergic reactions, like low blood pressure; trouble breathing; throat tightness; face, lip or tongue swelling, rash, itching or hives have happened.
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tell your doctor about dental problems, as severe jaw bone problems may happen or new or unusual pain in your hip, groin, or thigh, as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred. speak to your doctor before stopping prolia®, as spine and other bone fractures have occurred. prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium; serious infections, which could need hospitalization; skin problems; and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. if your bones aren't getting stronger isn't it time for a new direction? why wait? ask your doctor about prolia.
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4:52 am
wild pitch. and chipper jones up, wild pitch, got a rocket up with runnerrunner at second and thir. now there's another wild pitch.
4:53 am
we'll go into the wildness hall of fame. >> it's one of the oddest store is from america's past time. a former top pitching prospect, who was rookie of the year runner up in 2000, but in a playoff game the following season he developed what's known at the yips, a psychological issue preventing him from throwing the ball over thoverthe plate. he didn't let that end his baseball career. he worked his way back, he fought his way back. in his first game playing in the outfield, he hit a home run and event becameventually hit over e runs. here to tell his story, rick angiel joins us in the studio. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. happy easter. >> when we showed the first clip
4:54 am
of the wild pitches, that was the beginning of something that happened to you. you were one of the best in the league, had a bright future ahead and suddenly something switched. what happened? >> i threw a pitch that didn't quite sit right and all of a sudden i said to myself, i just threw a wild pitch on tv and i tried to dismiss it and all of a sudden it started to unravel. at the time, being young and so naive, i remember thinking i don't know what it is, but whatever it is, it's going to be gone. i remember telling the media, it's a mechanical cue, it won't happen again. sure enough, it happened again. for the next four years, i tried to find that consistency and that control and become the pitcher i was before that happened. >> i imagine every single pitch you're thinking do i have control of this or not. >> every pitch, every minute of every day. it consumes you. when you go home, you're wondering why i can't figure this out. when you look around at the other guys that have had this, you start to realize a lot of guys don't recover.
4:55 am
it's lonely, it's dark and scary. is something you're looking at like you might not ever pitch again. >> chuck nobod knoblock wasn't o run from second to third base. you said you wanted to do something different. talk about that. >> in the spring of 2005, i still had injuries -- i came back, i felt like i could help a team win, i could throw strikes. i wasn't the same person. what it took was all day mental training, from the time i woke up, to the time i went to sleep. i felt like my entire personality was changing. baseball should be fun. the career should be fun. i knew i needed to make a switch. i played to play the outfield. it is kind of an unheard of thing in baseball. the cardinals gave me the
4:56 am
opportunity. i switched back and seven years later i made it back to the big leagues as a center fielder. >> you hit over 50 home runs, as we mentioned. it's one thing to see a guy physically injured. as a fan, fellow teammates, they're probably saying what's going on here. it's probably different to deal with a mental challenge. >> it's almost a taboo thing. i remember watching chuck knoblock. and then it happened to me and i started to understand. four your teammates, now this becomes real. it becomes something they probably haven't really seen before. it becomes real and scary. now they know it could happen to them. they want to put their arm around you but at the same time they don't want to because it might rub off on them. >> could you throw a pitch for us today? >> yes. >> happy easter. rick. thank you very much. well, the calendar might say april, but it's actually the
4:57 am
month of james comey, in case you didn't know that. even the washington post admits nothing can stop the swoon fest from coming our way. are you ready for comey months? we'll see. at a comfort inn with a glow taround them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at" who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >> families across our nation gathering in homes, churches, and synagogues to light candles and to praise god. on easter sunday, we proclaim with joy "christ in risen." >>the media's comey swoon fest? nothing can stop it now. >> he's going on a book tour, the james comey world tour. >>n aarmy of migrants marching to america and a buzzfeed reporter is in that march with them. >> this also speaks to the liberal mainstream media. he was cheering these people on. if i didn't live in the united states, i'd want to be here. but this is not the way. laws still matter. >> it's michigan taking the semi semifinal game. >> getting it for the third time time.
5:01 am
whoo! >> virtuoso villanova performance to put them into the championship game. ♪ you got to sing, sing, sing got to change, change, change ♪ it looks to good on you come on and change. abby: we need to do a better job of having fun on the show. griff: really? abby: this is out in our plaza this morning. as you can see, we are celebrating easter. we've got kids there painting their faces. we've got cuddly bunnies, easter eggs. pete: we've got bunny ears. abby: our producers are wearing bunny ears. pete: we are in the spirit this morning. normally i say stay in bed. brian kilmeade says get up and get dressed but it's easter so you probably should get up and get dressed. maybe you need to hide eggs,
5:02 am
find eggs, you got to go to church, make brunch or go off to brunch. there's a lot abby: i think the a to z party planning if you're anywhere year the plaza, please come if you're anywhere near us. pete: we remember the true meaning of today which is the tomb is empty and the stone is rolled away, he is risen, and as america is saying right now "he is risen indeed." >>it's important to remember the reason we celebrate easter. we've been asking for your photos of your easter and you've been sending them in. send to this comes from nancy a picture of her daughter brittany and granddaughter taylor. look how cute, her first easter. smaller than the one i wore. that's a very normal size thoug. pete: frank from south carolina sends a picture of his son coloring easter bugs. griff: another viewer sends a picture of her granddaughter mary scarlet meeting the easter bunny. pete: this is my son, boone. he won the easter egg contest,
5:03 am
it happened a couple weeks ago, he got the bunny and took his first bite. we did a poll 76% of americans eat the ears first. not boone. he's part of the 6% that go for the feet first. abby: it's your son, because he's eating. what do you think? the poll that you read, 76% jumped to eat the ears of the chocolate bunny first, 6% eat the feet, and 5% go for the tail tail. what do you do? griff: hard-hitting journalism. the part you eat first. come down to the plaza, because we do have easter bunny and eggs and all that excitement. if you're in new york city, come down. abby: there has been a lot of talk still about how to handle what's been going on at the d.o.j. and the f.b.i. a lot of people are very upset over this fisa investigation, some still not satisfied with just a federal prosecutor investigating the alleged abuses by the f.b.i. they're calling for a second
5:04 am
counsel, and that is where jeff sessions comes into play. he's put someone in that role to assess this for the next little while and see what they come up with. pete: jeff sessions' approach is you've got the inspector general at d.o.j. horowitz doing his work, i want to appoint john huber you said of washington with subpoena powers and grand jury powers, they could work together to investigate whether or not a second counsel is necessary. basically lay the groundwork for it. and it seems that trey gowdy and goodlatte who are going to be on the program later are satisfied with that at least for now but a lot of conservatives saying why aren't we going straight to a special counsel if we have all this evidence from comey to mccabe to strzok to page to ohr, mcdonough, why aren't we looking that right out the gate? griff: and we had governor mike huckabee on the show the last hour and he said what is sort of a prevailing thought in washington now, this is a pretty good good step.
5:05 am
let's take a listen to the governor. >> it's a good first start. this prosecutor will have subpoena power. he can file charges. he can do everything that needs to be done. the problem with the special prosecutor is as we are seeing with bob mueller, they tend to go off the rails and start chasing things and having an eliminated degree of scope. i think this is a good first start. jeff sessions can always go be back and appoint a special prosecutor, but once you cross that line, you can't uncross it. so this is the right move. pete: it's a very important point from the governor. i think a lot of frustrations from conservatives and trump supporters is you see this witch hunt of the bob mueller special counsel based on a dirty dossier maybe a drunk guy in a bar, a bunch of unverified information paid for by the clintons and the democrats, that triggers a special counsel. then you see all this evidence that there was a conspiracy inside our own government potentially to have an insurance policy against a sitting candidate that may have been known at the highest levels and we're not yet triggered a
5:06 am
special counsel. it feels unbalanced. so i think it's prudent to maybe take some time to determine the facts. abby: we'll see how people respond in john huber comes out and says we aren't going to put forward a special counsel, will people be satisfied with that, will there be an uproar saying, no, this is the wrong way to handle pete: -- 'til we get to the bottom of what really happened. was a candidate spied on or not? that's as bad or worse than watergate and we're not getting those answers. griff: we'll ask chairman goodlatte of the house judiciary committee coming up in the next hour. i want to touch also this morning on the story i just got back from california -- abby: did you sleep at all, griff? griff: i got a little bit of sleep on the plane. abby: but it's a long flight out to california, you went on the ground to really get a good sense of what's going on there because it is now a sanctuary state and not everyone is happy about that. griff: that's right. there's been backlash. it was first in orange county, then san diego county and escondido, municipalities pushing back on california's sanctuary city laws which are putting communities at risk by
5:07 am
releasing these criminals backs into it. i spoke to the mayor, sam abbott of escondido who came here 30 years ago from lebanon, he's going to have a vote to formally join the lawsuit against these laws. here's what he said about california's leaders governor brown and attorney general becerra. >> they are insane. these two leaders in california, they care more about illegal criminals and protecting illegal criminals than protecting our citizens. this is immoral. this is illegal. this is unconstitutional, period period. pete: this as of course governor jerry brown pardoned five illegal felons this week, raising -- and even the president taking note of it. so you feel like lawlessness is the law of the land in california, if someone like in mayor in california who is a himself a legal immigrant from lebanon, you got to play by the rules. griff: spent time with the ice director out in los angeles, he says on february 23rd a drunk
5:08 am
driver kills a 6 year old. that drunk driver was an illegal criminal alien released for the third time in the community. he believes had these laws not existed, the local authority would have handed this guy over and he would have been out of the country and this six year old, beautiful six year old girl would be live in fullerton, california, today. abby: how many lives would be saved at this point. griff, really good work out there. it's important to give people a sense of what he was going on in california. far from over. i do want to bring you other headlines. starting overseas, the u.s. and south korea resuming joint military drills overnight. the war games are expected to last through the month. these field exercises coming as president trump will hold talks with north korean dictator kim jong-un in the coming weeks, the u.n. just passing brand-new sanctions going to say the rogue regime, said to be the largest ever. and we now know the u.s. soldier killed by a roadside bomb attack in syria, 63 year old master sergeant jonathan dunbar of austin, texas, was part of an undercover mission targeting
5:09 am
isis. the decorated soldier is the first u.s. serviceman to die in action in syria this year. thursday's attack also killed a british soldier, injuring five others. so heartbreaking. and the pope delivered his easter message to a packed saint peter's square in vatican city this morning. before that he was leading the traditional sunday mass for those of christian faith, observing the holy holiday. as an east vigil saturday night the pope urging catholics to not remained paralyzed in the face of injustices. the church was dark at the start of the service signifying the passage from darkness to light when jesus rose from the dead. and of course in baseball, cinderella is going home. >> here's matthews. >> outside, top of the key, it is his night. it is michigan taking the semi semifinal game 69-57. abby: it is over for loyola, michigan knocking the chicago ramblers out of the tournament, advance to go their second title game in six years. p in an
5:10 am
emotional moment loyola players embracing their 90 year old supporter. we all love her. villanova routing kansas 95-79. monday's title game starts at 9:20 eastern time, 9 seed villanova versus 3 seed michigan michigan. pete: the slipper just didn't fit anymore for loyola. great run, great to see an 11 seed get that far. abby: i just watched a trailer that is incredibly powerful. it's a new movie out. it's called "i can only imagine imagine," and it's a lot about faith and the story -- i know you watched -- pete: i watched the trailer as well. you know the song "i can only imagine," it gets to the heart of what heaven may be like, it talks about faith. abby: and forgiveness. pete: the film talks about the relationship between the author of that -- or the one that wrote that song and his father and his family, a struggle. well, it was a small budget film film. it cost $7 million to make, which is peanuts compared to
5:11 am
what happens in hollywood, yet it has at this point grossed an estimated $48 million, surprisingly almost everyone in hollywood including the people that made the film. and i think it's a testament to the fact that faith is still very much alive in this country. people want to see positive stories that hold up the fact that there is a god that does exist and does abby: also that people can turn their life around. this story is a struggle as you said between a father and a son and how he abused his son for so many years and when the dad gets terminally ill he goes to space and to god and finds a new connection to his son. i think it's a reminder to all of us living in this crazy world sometimes you want to go and see a feel good movie like that and hear the music and connect to something that is real and meaningful. pete: you want to see faith held up. this film was shown in half the number of theaters as normal releases, yet it made that much mope. a wrinkle in time, which oprah was in, but that film conveniently stripped the faith
5:12 am
aspect out of that, a lot of people said you can't have a wrinkle in time without the faith aspect. love simon, which is about alternative lifestyles, a lot of people said it's fantastic, but again a different type of message. i think if hollywood realizes there are people inside california and new york that still believe faith is important believe in forgiveness. 'cause we all needs it. that's what we know. they could make a lot of money. abby: numbers don't lie. this one's soaring. griff: the next hour with the " "god is not dead" guy, david erw erwite. pete: another movie that did very well. griff: driving up and down california from l.a. to san diego, going through the radio stations looking for news radio and whatnot, it feel it was amazing how many christian music stations i found, just speaks of the populate of these kinds of emoji. pete: we got to check it out for sure. griff: speaking of films it was the tragic car crash 50 years
5:13 am
ago that killed a young campaign aide and haunted senator ted kennedy. now it's being brought to life in a new movie "chappaquiddick." >>a story like this could dominate the headlines for week. >> not a lot of senators charged with manslaughter that go on to become president. griff: a producer explains why powerful forces didn't want you to see it. pete: and changes at the white house, the washington post which has its own opinion now saying trump is, quote, "calling his own shots. but is that really a bad thing for the, folks, that voted for him? we'll ask matt schlapp coming up next.
5:14 am
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♪ pete: well, the left-wing media not giving up on its trump administration chaos the.ry abby: a new wasp headline reading, "white house stabiliz stabilizers gone. trump calling his own shots." but is that really such a bad thing? griff: joining us with his reaction, chairman of the american conservative union and a real smart guy, matt schlapp. good morning and happy easter, matt. >> how are you all? griff: the president calling his own shots? is that bad? >> what a shock. i imagine that president barack obama never called his own shots and he had these smart people around him that just pushed him into decisions. this whole idea that president trump is somehow chaotic and unique because he has his own strong point of view and is trying to push his administration in the way he sees fit is actually the way presidents operate in the job. i've seen it up close and personal. it's always difficult to convince a president to go off the course they want to be on because, after all, the people
5:18 am
put them in that office and they feel a little bit of pride about the fact that they got themselves there. abby: isn't it normal, though, for you look throughout history -- and you know this better than i do -- but when you get into that role, it takes time to figure out the right people that you want around you, the people that think the way you do, that can challenge you in ways that maybe make for a more productive white house. isn't this the smart thing to be doing? >> that's a great question. and with donald trump it's even month or so, because he had such limited government experience, he hadn't served a day in a job in government, and after a full year in the job, unlike any other president we've seen in modern times, having a special counsel almost every day of his presidency, you know, practically, and after that long gruelling year, i think he said to himself, "look. i've got a better handle of what this job actually is. i don't have to listen to people telling me what it's going to be like opinion i know what it's like. i want to get people around me that are going to give me about the very best advice." look at the kind of people he's putting around him, joanne
5:19 am
bolton, on the board of cpac. larry kudlow. these are not yes-men. they're going to give him their strong point of view. pete: he also had to run against the republican establishment in this process well so didn't have the normal reservoir that a politician would necessarily draw on. griff has been covering the california sanctuary city issue very closely, governor brown making pardons, the state sanctuary city, municipalities opting out, wanting jeff sessions instead. conservatives writ large. where should they stand on this clash as approximate pertains to sanctuary cities and immigration immigration? >> no, it's a great question, pete. and anybody, the immigration law is national law. it's what -- one of the per views of the federal government. for any other layer of government to try to carve themselves out of the -- of washington, d.c.'s ability to dictate immigration law is simply illegal. and these really aren't sanctuary cities or sanctuary
5:20 am
states. they're criminal cities. and it's the right thing for conservatives to do to continue to stand up for politicians that say we have to follow the law. you know, it's always liberals that say we're a nation of laws, not of men, and it's funny when it comes to immigration, there's a lot of hypocrisy from the lef. griff: it's interesting, matt, we're seeing a backlash. it looks like it's going to continue to grow not only in the conservative circles of california but maybe across the state. >> good. i hope it's not a liberal or conservative issue either. i hope it's just an american issue. abby: johnetta benton, great to have you with us. happy easter. griff: coming up, it was of the tragic car crash that killed a young campaign aide and haunted senator ted kenn.dy pete: brought to be big screen in a new movie. next the producer explains why powerful forces did not want you to see this movie. >> story like this could dominate the headlines for week. >> not a lot of senators charged with manslaughter that go on to become president. empowering.
5:21 am
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>> some quick headlines. new overnight tensions escalating over police protests in sacramento after a sheriff's deputy hit demonstrator with their cruiser. [siren.] >> the protester has minor injuries after blocking the roadway. the crash following five straight days of unrest since police shot and killed stephon clark, officers mistaking his phone for a gun. and a paddle boarder in critical condition after a shark attack off the coast of hawaii. local media reporting the 25 year old man was up to 150 yards offshore when he suffered multiple wounds to his hand and leg. the beach has been closed since this saturday morning incident. guys, frightening for a surfer.
5:25 am
abby: very frightening. nearly 50 years ago a tragic car crash claimed the life of a promising young woman and derailed the political aspirations of the last kennedy pete: the chappaquiddick incident when late-senator ted kennedy drove off a bridge killing 28 year old mary jo kopechne. griff: a new film set for release explores the events of that night and the week that followed. >> it was an accident. i was driving. >> a story like this could dominate this would say for wee. >> chief, cao when we got a bod. >> a dead body could hold a lot of secrets. it could be the difference between guilt and innocence. so we need to be controlled of them. >> there's not a lot of senators that are charged with manslaughter that go on to become president. pete: mark stiarti is the producer of chappaquiddick. good morning, mark. happy easter. you and i met at cpac and we
5:26 am
talked about this, and you told me then this movie was going to make a big splash, and it certainly has. >> well, thank you for having me and happy easter, everyone. abby: happy easter. pete: talk to us a little bit about this film. it's a story that, you know, some of us know in depth, some know a little bit about, it derailed the presidential aspirations ultimately of ted kennedy, but what are some things we might learn from this movie? >> well, you know, when we got hold of this script, we didn't develop it. it came and we were blown away. it's a thriller. if you didn't know anything about the story, i think it will you know, really entertain any audience, but the fact that it's a true story, it happened almost 50 years ago, but it's framed around the moon landing, which was kind of jfk's greatest achievement, and you have this juxtaposition of, you know, ted ted's greatest failing, you know resulted in the death of a young woman. and once we put all those facts together in a one week period, it was incredible the narrative and the facing and the kind of inside look at power and maybe abuse of power and the cover-up
5:27 am
of an incident. abby: no, it's a great point. i saw the film. it was so beautifully done. it's a great cast. and just a reminder of that time in history and as you've been saying, the control that the kennedys did have and the power that they played at that time. i want to show just a short bit of the film that highlights that part. let's play this. >> we need to remind them that this family perseveres, that we don't back down from a fight, that we don't get backed into a corner. we have a true compass and we follow it! now, i followed mine the best i could that night, me and paul and joe, we did everything we could to save that poor girl. >> you got a winner there, son. >> amen to that he. abby: in part of the film you see ted challenge where he wants to do the right thing and he wants to tell the police exactly what happened but of course the power of the family and most importantly his dad saying you need an alibi. >> yeah. it's kind of a moral dilemma. and i think what's interesting in the film that he does go back
5:28 am
and forth. and, you know, we tried to play this right down the middle and not editorialize in any way, and it's been received incredibly well by both the left and the right and, you know, byron allen our distributor, said this is not about a left or a right movie. it's about the truth. griff: just to get this out there, you used facts to produce this movie, a 1969 inquest into the death of kopechne, right? >> yes. griff: and yet you say that some powerful people were pressuring you not to make it? is that correct? >> you know, we had no pressure during the filming of the movie in the boston area and then the tank work down in mexico. none at all, in fact. even hollywood received the script very well. everybody loved it, you know, we were able to cast it at a high level and get a great filmmaker. what byron allen had said at our premier on wednesday that there are some forces that didn't want you to see this film, i think put pressure on theater owners. he didn't go into detail with me but he felt it from his side and brought it up and thought it was
5:29 am
important to speak up about it. abby: what do you want people to take from this? obviously you were energized to retell the story to remind people what happened at chappaquiddick, but what do you hope that people that go see this film take a few days from it and learn about our political system? >> well, you know, the main thing i think was that mary jo kopechne finally had a voice in all this. you know, she'd been a picture associated with a name and we were able to screen for the family a few weeks ago and they really appreciated the way we portrayed her, she was smart and funny and it was an emotional kind of portrayal. and they appreciated that. but, you know, i think anything with abuse of power more than anything, you know, it's not a left or right thing. it's about doing the right thing and standing up for, you know, the right thing to do. pete: from what i understand, the film shows on you powerful the kennedy family was in trying to cover this up. the fact that there's still pressure today in 2018 with be this many years later, shows the residual power to this day.
5:30 am
abby: it's a great film. and it is out -- go ahead. >> i was just going to say i don't think they want to tarnish that image and, you know, it's not a flattering portrayal in any way, but i think the movie works in so many abby: and a lot of it based on facts. and you can see the film april 6 out this week. it's a great one. i recommend everyone go see it. mark, thanks for being with us. great job on the film. >> thanks for having me, guys. abby: with the midterms on the horizon, do the democrats have a platform problem? >> no country on earth has this use of guns that we do. >> democrats will continue to fight as hard as ever for the dreamers. abby: are they too radical for the average voter? more on that coming up. pete: an important question. plus the calendar might say "april" but it's actual the month of james comey in case you didn't know. and even the washington post admits nothing could stop the swoonfest coming your way, coming my would i, coming our way. we'll talk about -- ed henry is here? got bunny ears on.
5:31 am
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5:35 am
bunnies, baby chicks and duck ducklings. >> that's right. from allie's ponies. abby: tell us about your farmer form and where all these adorable animals came from. >> my farm is down in highland, new york, and they are all happy to be here, i am sure. they love, you know, running around and being with people and being pet and loved. griff: do these guys have names? >> this is cad bury. >> b.ry abby: what about my friend here? abby: very fitting. how many young kids are going to be asking for their own pet bunnies today? these are adorable. thank you for sharing these with us this morning. rick, you're with the real easter bunny. >> i moved because i say if you bring a sign, it's like this here.
5:36 am
there we go. celebrating your 13th birthday in new york city from st. simons island. happy 13th birthday. >> thank you. reporter: you wanted to come here and make a sign and get on tv? >> yes. >> amazing. you seem some mature for 13. you're growing up way too fast nowadays. we can paint your face if you want. do you want to paint your face? you're going to have to wear it for the rest of the day. let's talk a little weather. we have a nice easter across much of the southern tier, but get ready multiply things change change. this is the precipitation coming this week down across the southeast, big batch of rain tucson, a chilly one across the central plains in the northern plains as well with some asnow, starting out across nebraska throughout the day, builds in across the ohio valley tonight into tomorrow across parts of the northeast. unfortunately winter is not done another storm behind it for fuse across parts of the far no
5:37 am
reason plains. pete: rick, thank you very much. appreciate it. i don't know what i'm supposed to be reading 'cause the prompter's not here. thank you rich very much. couple of headlines for you. two people are dead after a home-built plane crashed into a shed. the two-seater aircraft going down in southern california, bursting into flames despite clear skies. maybe should e shouldn't build a homemade plane. two unidentified men were pronounced dead unfortunately at the scene. no one on the ground was heard. the faa and the ntsb are now investigating. there's a new campaign aiming to bring philadelphia's other historic bell out of storage. a nonprofit group now hoping to dust off the six-ton bicentennial bell and put it back in display. the uncracked twin of the liberty bell -- who knew -- hasn't been seen publicly since 2013 when it was removed from a building that was being demolished. hopefully they can restore that. >> well, twin mothers in michigan getting an unexpected surprise. both of their wives giving birth
5:38 am
on the same day. joshua thorington and his wife giving birth to a baby jack and an hour later his brother arriving at the same hospital because she was also expecting. welcoming little girl lucy to the world. little cousins. abby: you did very well out there on the plaza, ed. >> yes. with the easter bunny. what the heck. ham it up. pete: i had a great "hare" day. abby: i always have good "hare" day. griff: i'm covered with rabbits hair mys.lf abby: getting your thoughts, it's apparently the james comey month. he's had a book coming out. we're going to see him all over the place. even the washington post is saying that, they're saying, what do they call it, the swoon swoonfest, ready for the media's comey swoonfest. >> i've got information which might shake up james comey a bit bit. i've been talking to people inside the administration who say everyone has been waiting
5:39 am
for this inspector general report about f.b.i. abuses about andrew mccabe and james comey. it was coming out in march, i've been asking people in the administration, "where is it? where is it?" they say the inspector general may be holding back to see what james comeyosis his book tour. what does he say at these town hall meetings? and what does he say in the actual book because the inspector general and the public has not seen the book yet. why is that important? he's going to put his narrative out there, james comey. it may be a swoon fest. we've seen a lot of people in the media embrace him because they like his account better than the president's account and my point is the inspector general might be sitting there waiting to see how does he spin, james comey, what happened at the f.b.i., the hillary clinton investigation? and if at some of these town hall meetings and media swoonfests he says certain things that don't square with the facts as the inspector general has put them together, that may be some more trouble for james. we've already talked about how some of his testimony under oath doesn't add up. griff: so is it going to be interesting or important, ed, to
5:40 am
see what james comey says and we'll always be watching to see what he says in terms of statements that may conflict with andy mccabe's and why does that matter? >> absolutely. well, it matters because you've had the top two f.b.i. officials you know, meeting with president trump for months and then going back to their offices and writing up little memos to say, hey, we're going to collect all this data because we have facts that counter what the president says about why comey was fired and other things. except when it comes to time for them to explain what they did, they have conflicting accounts about whether mccabe was authorized to speak to the media or not, the leaking and the lying that mccabe got fired for. the bottom line is the special counsel has mccabe to deal with, but you talked about about the prosecutor in utah that the attorney general says is looking at the investigators. there's a second investigation going on that may not be good for comey, mccabe, strzok, page, those text messages, there's a lot more out there. abby: the timing is so interesting, you're right, with
5:41 am
the book tour, and you said earlier, they should wait this out and collect as much as they can and make the right decis.on pete: of course you want to get all the information and ultimately could lead to a special counsel; we don't know. >> comey is going to have a best-seller. it's already selling in presales right? but if his account is really rosy and that's what people do in their memoirs, right, if it doesn't scare with the facts, he may have a problem with the inspector general or with a second special counsel down the road. pete: we're moving in the month of comey but we're also moving into an increasingly political season as we approach the 2008 midterms. democrats have staked their claim on resistance in a lot of ways, but a lot of people -- and you follow this very closely, ed -- are looking at the platforms of these parties, the republican centered around president trump, clear what he's standing for. but the left whether it's gun control, protecting illegal immigrants, sanctuary cities, open borders, against the tax cuts, what's the platform, and is the average voter going to see that platform as too radical for them? do they have a platform problem? >> well, look, we can't ignore the fact that this is going to be a hard political year for republicans. when a new president comes to
5:42 am
power the first midterm elections are usually hard and that's why a lot of republicans are retiring in the house because they don't even want to stick around, they know it's going to be an unhill battle. on the other hand if you look at fox polling and other polling, in october the generic ballot are you going to vote democrat or republican was 15 points in favor of the democrats. it's now in our latest polling down to five points. why is that? we talked about the economy yesterday and the washington post story about how trump counties that he carried in 2016 are embracing the tax cuts. it may help them in the midterms midterms. you mentioned gun control. when you had john paul stevens the retired supreme court justice come out and say we should abolish the second amendment, that's the kind of thing that's going to fire up the right more than the left, 'cause they're going to say that's the real agenda of chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. that can help them, the republicans. griff: what about the sanctuary city thing that pete mentioned, you were here yesterday, i was reporting for you guys, that issue within california, at least, is really gaining steam, might actually help some republicans there.
5:43 am
>> a lot of democrats laughed off the president about the wall and illegal immigration, this is narrow, it's not going to -- no. it is actually a big deal that a lot of people in america care about that he carried to victory in 2016. so shame on house and senate republicans if they don't hit the illegal immigration and sanctuary city issue in 2018 in the midterms, because that's a winning formula that the president had in 2016. however, the president has to deliver on the wall and other measures. i'm giving him credit on the economy saying, hey, he delivered on the tax cut, people are feeling that impact. but if he doesn't deliver on the wall and other parts of illegal immigration some in his base are going to be frustrated. you've seen ann coulter and others already saying that. abby: great to have you, ed. pete: well, an army of immigrants are marching to america. and a buzzfeed reporter is cheering their struggle every step of the way. griff: and are business leaders as bullish as our president when it comes to the economy? charlie gasparino will be here
5:44 am
with the surprising answer. ♪
5:45 am
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pete: this story caught our eye and we wanted to bring it to you you. an army of migrates is literally marching or riding or making their way from is it honduras? abby: all of them from central america, most from honduras taking the journey from there to the united states, it started about five days ago, and as part of that march a buzzfeed reporter is with them helping them understand what the journey is like and how challenging it is. he says, "five days now, hundreds of women and children, most of them have boldly crossed military checkpoints military bases in desperate sometimes
5:48 am
chaotic march to the u.s. despite being in mexico without any authorization. no one has made any effort to stop them." obviously he's celebrating the fact that they can be here. the big question is what happens when they do arrive in the u.s.? i know they want to seek protection. they won't necessarily gets there. pete: no. they're going to be arrested. griff: you can't illegal come to the united states. abby: will they, though? i don't know. griff: this is his point. people have stopped even acknowledging and that is, you know, if they had been granted asylum and they came here then perhaps that would be a different matter. this is a -- being billed as a freedom march. we don't know what's going to happen to them. i'm saying they're going to be arrested because that's what the law would suggest. mexico may choose to go after them if they find them because they're breaking mexican laws as well. pete: the organization behind this march that organized these people heading -- by the way, more people showed up to be a part of this than this organization even anticipated. i believe it translates into people without borders, which gives you a sense of the agenda
5:49 am
of the group organizing this march of migrants up to the united states. their point is probably to try to prove they don't like the border wall, they don't think they should be arrested, they don't think it's illegal to go from one country to another, which is a clear standoff with this president who thinks otherwise. he wants that border wall, he believes that people should be arrested if they come here illegally and deported especially if they committed crimes. what do you think? if there is a small migrant army marching toward the united states peacefully but wants to cross our borders, how should it be handled? let us know in emails, friends@foxnews.comit will be interesting to see, too, what happens with the buzzfeed reporter because i remember covering the border for many years, going back to 2010 when s sb-1070 i asked the cbp if i went with the group and came across, would i violate laws? like, yeah. you would violate laws if you didn't come legally across that border. abby: their journey might have been different if it hadn't been so publicized by this reporter. now it's in the open, officials, everyone know what's going on. pete: that may be be they want,
5:50 am
abby. they may want that public clash when they approach that border. abby: for a better story. pete: some appealing for asylum, some trying to cross illegally. abby: we'll let you know what happens. griff: are business leaders as bullish as our president when it comes to the economy? charles gasparino had a chance to talk to some executives about whether they're winning in the trump economy. he joins us right now. welcome. abby: come on in. >> how are you? in the modern world, it pays to switch things up. and when you switch to esurance, you can save time, worry, hassle, and yup, money. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved hundreds. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today.
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♪ >> got the greatest economy maybe ever, maybe in history, we have the greatest economy we've ever had. if we didn't win, this economy
5:54 am
would be a wreck. pete: president trump touting the economy last week in his speech to ohio workers. but our business leaders as bull bullish as the president? our next guess got a chance to talk to some executives about whether they're winning in the trump abby: here to tell us what they said, this is correspondent charles gasparino. always great to have you. >> thanks for abby: you walked in talking to these business leaders it is not knowing what they might say. >> it was a small group, friend of mine runs this sort of discussion that goes on, and he said would you like to meet these guys? when i talk about small businesses, not talking about a candy store or pushcart outside. we're talking about companies, manufacturing firms that have one to three billion in market cap, they employ a lot of people anywhere from a hundred to a thousand people. these are real engines of growth that compete globally. i was thinking i was going to go in there, they were going to say donald trump eyes moron, he wants to do trade wars, we hate his attacks on amazon, we hate
5:55 am
his twitter feed. and i got quite the opposite. they think his policies are now resonating where they are hiring they are forced to hire and pay more. these the key thing. one of the things about the obama economy is that it was like sort of the wages were stagnant, even as, you know, employment picked up. this is different. employment's picking up, they're getting wage growth, it's all because of the policies of less taxes and less regulation. i was like blown away because i was literally going to go in there and listen to them, you know, beat them up and i was broken write that column. griff: if you read the headlines one day or another it's booming or it's about to collapse so they're looking across the horizon past the daily chatter. >> they are saying, you know, the stock market is an imperfect measure. we're looking at our bottom lines. these guys and women, ceos, cfos men and women, they run balance sheets. they are less concerned about the dow being up and down 600 points daily basis than they are about are they making money, are people buying, are they selling
5:56 am
money, and they are. there are some caveats here. if donald trump really does start a trade war, that's really bad for the economy, and they said that. that will hurt them, it will hurt american citizens. abby: do they think that it will lead to that or do they feel like this is the classic art of the deal? >> yes. they think this is art of the deal. the other thing that they can't get over is how donald trump thinks he's really going to bring back jobs in these sort of old line manufacturing businesses. you know, steel production, okay it's nice to have steel mills. i'm not saying anything wrong with that, but that production of steel is so automated that even if you brought those jobs back, and it cost more because you're going to put tariffs on steel products, it's going to hurt other businesses and it's not going to increase that much employment. so they think that's all a ruse. what they really believe is that donald trump is playing art of the deal -- griff: i'll be danged. >> -- on the trade thing and they think the economy -- listen i can't tell you when it's going to show up in the numbers, but on the ground they say it's much
5:57 am
better. griff: well, said. thanks for doing that. abby: coming up, attorney general jeff sessions appointing a federal prosecutor to investigate alleged fisa abuse by the f.b.i. is it enough? we're going to ask house judiciary committee chairman bob goodlatte up next. ...
5:58 am
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president trump: the families across our nation gather in homes, churches and synagogue to light candles and to praise god. on easter sunday we proclaim with joy christ is risen. pete: do you believe that attorney general sessions appointment of a federal prosecutor to investigate fisa abuse is enough? ed: jeff sessions can always go back and appoint a special prosecutor but once you cross that line you can't uncross it. abby: an army of migrants march ing to america and a buzzfeed reporter is in that march with them. >> this also speaks to the liberal mainstream media it was cheering these people on. if i didn't live in the united states of america i'd want to be here too but this is not the way laws still matter. >> it's michigan taking the semi
6:01 am
-final game. >> can he do it for a third time ? >> [applause] >> villanova performance to put them into the championship game. >> ♪ ♪ abby: i love this song either way though it is easter morning out on our plaza, as you can see we're having way too much fun here, little chicks, we've got bunnies, we've got painted faces pete: we have the easter bunny himself. don't worry kids he will visit you as well. abby: he already has he was busy all night. pete: of course and we understand on fox & friends the real meaning of the season of course, the tomb is empty the stone is rolled away he is risen , he is risen indeed giving
6:02 am
hope to the hopeless around the world showing that life does triumph over death. ed: happy easter now we're getting pictures in and this is the bunny, are those pictures with the big bow, we saw it with you. pete: we know that right now you're probably your kids are up might be eating breakfast trying to stuff them into these clothes they don't want to wear, nice easter clothes and they hope they can sit nice through church they may or may not keep sending in your photos. here is a couple we've gotten so far. these parents put out carrots for easter instead of chocolate, every kids nightmare, but it was an april fools joke because today is also april fools and the kids wound up getting basket s. abby: that is so clever because we forget it's also april fools. pete: i know. abby: one of those things you don't want to celebrate too much because it's easter so fox & friends producer michael sent this picture of his nephew teddy look is that a bow tie? pete: nice. he doesn't want to wear it but
6:03 am
it looks good. abby: pictures last forever that's why it matters. ed: here is arianna, who happily took a picture with the easter bunny her parents wish everyone a happy easter. pete: and dom on twitter sends us, yep this picture of his daughter who did not like meeting the easter bunny. ed: that face just says get me out of here a giant rabbit. pete: what is this giant fury thing grabbing me? abby: i wonder if that says something about a kid's personality based on how they react to santa claus or the easter bunny. pete: like are they embracing or skeptical? abby: the jury is out on that. pete: so happy easter to all of you. abby: keep sending us your photos. friends at fox pete: well the white house also celebrating easter i believe the easter egg roll is tomorrow but inside the white house this president making his own decisions while the washington post out with a familiar headline because the washington post in my opinion likes to spin this is their take on the fact
6:04 am
that the president is bringing in new people into his cabinet into the white house that more reflect his personality and his policy. look at this headline from the washington post saying white house stabilizers gone, trump calling his own shots so the in sin you asian there is whether it's the established republicans there the obama holdovers in the white house, personal friends there or people acceptable to the so-called mainstream media a lot of them being moved out. now trump whether it's ambassador bolton or moving different people into the secretary of state role people more in line with his views, so people -- abby: well i'm pretty sure he's been calling his own shots from before he was even in the white house so when he was on the campaign trail which is why many in the media have been upset and had headlines criticizing the decision he's made because he is someone that goes with his gut oftentimes and this is very normal to have in a white house where when you get in there you figure out the right people sometimes that takes months to a year or even longer. we had the chair of american
6:05 am
conservative union and he said this is very normal. >> no idea that president trump is somehow chaotic and unique because he has his own strong point of view and trying to push his administration in the way he sees fit is actually the way the president operating the job i've seen it up close and personal. it's always difficult to convince a president to go off the course they want to be on because after all, the people put them in that office and they feel a little bit of pride about the fact they got themselves there. abby: yeah, it's a great point. ed: sorry to interrupt but just real quick it's not only just the washington post it's also the new york times magazine has a whole article which i haven't read yet but it's about can mattis, secretary of defense mattis hold the line. let me tell you what. abby: can you reel him in? ed: 15 years ago on this day i was at the invasion of iraq and we were witnessing then general mattis running the third marine air group i assure you he will hold the line and continue to
6:06 am
give sound advice to the president. pete: that's right. along with general kelly and a lot of others inside that white house and nobody else's name was on the ballot so if people voted for him that's what they voted for. abby: well, in some other news, overseas, senator elizabeth warren has been in beijing of all places and she's apologizing for american's foreign policy. here is a bit of what she said in china. this has been a chaotic foreign policy in the region and that makes it hard to keep the allies that we accomplish our objective s closely stitched in so a preview likely of coming attractions as she's looking at running in 2020 and trying to find some opposition with foreign policy there. ed: and you talk about people leading, here she sees an opportunity because secretary tillerson obviously is gone. we're waiting for the incoming secretary. i mean, you can't but help see this through a political prism that she is trying to go overseas and undermine what our
6:07 am
significant and very important relations and negotiatings going on right now. abby: but pete it is strength if you look at this president so far, a lot of it has been in foreign policy and dealing with we'll see where north korea goes but there's a lot of movements there, how tough he's been on russia, you can't deny there are just some strong decisions made on russia and in china it's clear. they are concerned about where things go and they, you know, i would say that's where he has some strength. pete: that's right so elizabeth warren doesn't have much foreign policy experience. everybody thinks she wants to run for president in 2020, and she's doing a preemptive apology tour in china trying to make this administration look bad and the reality is to your point they don't look bad on the korean peninsula right now. that tough talk ultimately has led to negotiations between north and south korea all with the goal of denuclearize at the diplomatic table as opposed to a military solution so it took those tough approaches, you know
6:08 am
elizabeth warren if you want to run for president that's great but don't undermine a sitting president and his ability to conduct foreign policy we have one commander-in-chief at a time and something leads me to believe the president has a nickname for you that he might want to run against you in 2020. abby: that would be a very interesting race. we'll see where that goes but i do have some headlines and we do start actually with south korea and that's, you know, we've been talking about that part of the world the u.s. and south korea resume joint military drills overnight the war games are expected to last through the month. these field exercises coming as president trump will hold talks with north korea dictator kim jong-un in the coming weeks. the u.n. just passing brand new sanctions against the rogue regime said to be the largest ever. also new overnight, tensions escalating over police protest in sacramento after a sheriffs deputy hits a demonstrator with their cruiser. >> [sirens sounding] abby: witnesses say the protester was taken to the hospital with minor
6:09 am
injuries, demonstrators blocking traffic despite multiple warnings. others burning an american flag making the fifth consecutive day of unrest since stefan clocker was killed by police. officers miss tacking his phone for a gun. and of course it is easter and the pope delivering his easter message to a packed st. peters square in vatican city this morning and before that he was leading the traditional sunday mass for those of christian faith observing the holy holiday at an easter vigil saturday night the pope urging catholics to not remain paralyzed and the church was dark at the start of the service signifying the passage from darkness to light of course when jesus rose from the dead. pete: well there's we talked about this story earlier and sometimes we hit on stories to get a temperature of feedback, this is one of them. we talked about this group of migrants 1200 marching to america and the buzzfeed reporter that's going along with them reporting on it. it's a group called when you translate it, world without borders or people without borders marching to the u.s.
6:10 am
border because they want in and want to make a statement with a reporter touting what they're doing so we gave a call to brandon judd, the president of the national border patrol council. we want to get your take, this group headed to the border, we don't know when they will arrive but as far as some are saying they want to sneak over the border how would the border patrol react to this group of 1200 approaching the border eventually? >> well i think there's a couple things to look at that are very important. first off you've got a mexican government entity that is assisting these individuals to come up to the united states. that these individuals do not have passports or legal document s to be in mexico yet you've got a mexican agency helping them get to our border and you've got a "humanitarian" group helping them get to the border and they should be prosecuted here in the united states, so there's a lot of things going on but when they
6:11 am
come to the united states, when they cross the border legally the reason that they openly do it is because they know that the catch and release program continues today. when we catch them we'll take them to, we'll arrest them and take them into custody. we'll take them back to our stations, we'll process them, and we'll set them up for deportation proceedings, but they'll never see those deportation proceedings because what happens is we'll transfer them over to the custody of the immigration customs enforcement which is ice. they'll then process them and they'll release them with a notice to appear in which they're supposed to present themselves before a immigration judge about two years from now, but they never show up for their deportation proceedings. ed: wait a minute brandon. so i think what we're thinking is why can't you just stop them from entering in the first place because it's against the law? >> because once they enter the country, so even if we're
6:12 am
standing, even if we're standing at the border with our hands out saying don't enter all they have to do is cross one foot into the border and we have to take them into custody and if they ask for asylum or say i fear to go back to my country then we have to process them under that " credible fear" which then allows them to be released into our country and what's funny about this is president obama used to say well they're hiding in the shadows. well all we're doing is going to release about 1200 people that will go hide in the shadows again, they're going to wait for a immigration reform and they're going to create havoc and chaos. i mean, how many times do we have to hear stories of united states citizens being killed by people that are here illegally before we actually do something? abby: right. pete: it strikes me as a very long process, very briefly, how should this change to bring security to this country? >> well there's a couple things that we have to do. we have to change the law.
6:13 am
our legislators actually have to stand up and the republicans control the house and the senate they do not need the democrat support to pass any laws they want. they can go the nuclear option, just like what they did on the confirmation. they need to pass laws to end the catch and release program that'll allow us to hold them for a long time. they need to create more bed space for ice to hold these individuals, and frankly, we have to follow through on president trump's rhetoric. the border patrol in 2017, we saw these huge drops and the border patrol agents call it the trump effect. well that trump effect is now gone because the agencies and the obama holdovers, they haven't followed through on his vision. abby: we'll follow this march closely brandon judd, really great perspective. pete: very important information abby: thank you so much. ed: thanks, brandon. >> thanks. ed: coming up attorney general jeff sessions appointing a federal prosecutor to investigate an alleged fisa abuse by the fbi.
6:14 am
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so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper pete: attorney general jeff sessions naming a federal prosecutor to look into possible surveillance abuses by the fbi and doj, but is it enough? here to weigh in house judiciary committee chairman congressman bob goodlatte, mr. chairman thank you for being here this morning, so we put that question to you. no special prosecutor yet, but we have john hubert was appointed an outside attorney. is that enough to get to the bottom of this? >> well good morning pete and happy easter. pete: happy easter to you too as well, sir. >> thank you. well i think a special counsel is still going to be needed, but i do think this is a very important step in the right direction. this takes the matter of the investigation of main justice
6:18 am
and remember, it was a number of people we don't know how many, in the main offices of the department of justice and the federal bureau of investigation in washington that were engaged in highly bias activity with regard to the 2016 presidential election and two investigations that were launched during that time. this takes it to a respected u.s. attorney outside washington who has prosecuting powers we already know the inspector general of the department is at work on this for a long time. we're looking forward to seeing his report soon but he can refer for prosecution but he can't prosecute himself, and meantime, the judiciary committee and the oversight and government and reform committee will continue our investigation as you know we have a subpoena pending that is due next thursday. pete: absolutely well mr. chairman if you say a special counsel is needed, then why the additional step at this point? >> well i think that this is the decision of the attorney general that we don't need a special counsel at this point in time
6:19 am
but his letter to me and others left the door open for the appointment of a special counsel at a later time. i think when it comes to the point of prosecuting people inside the department of justice or the federal bureau of investigation former employees, some of whom are still there that this may well be referred to a special counsel before we're done. pete: another question. the doj inspector general michael horowitz is expected to issue a report soon likely this month. how will that impact the investigation by this outside attorney john hubert? >> well we're told by attorney general sessions that mr. hubert is working closely with the inspector general. i think that's a good thing. it's important that the american people have the opportunity to see the inspector general's report. some of the information in it will be classified. that information we made available to members of congress , but not to the general public to protect sources and
6:20 am
therefore, we'll get an opportunity to see a lot more than the public has seen thus far and the congress will get even greater opportunity to pursue our own investigation as will mr. hubert. it's a very important report. pete: absolutely we can't wait to see it. briefly exit question if you will, he's taken a lot of criticism. do you have confidence in how jeff sessions has handled this thus far? >> well i'm pleased that the attorney general is now taking this matter very seriously. we saw that when we issued the subpoena in the days leading up to that. he took a hands-on approach. we also heard from fbi director christopher wray, he's now doubled the number of employees he says 54 employees are working hard to comply with our subpoena i think they're taking it seriously. pete: all right, mr. chairman thank you for your time on this easter sunday we appreciate it. thank you. pete: you got it. all right president trump taking on amazon calling company's deal with the postal service a scam, so how will the feud affect the markets this week we are going
6:21 am
to ask a lady who knows, maria bartiromo don't miss it. plus faith movies are soaring in hollywood and the latest to hit theatres is gods not dead a light in darkness, the star of that. i needed legal advice for my shop. that's when i remembered that my ex-ex- ex-boyfriend actually went to law school, so i called him. he didn't call me back! if your ex-ex- ex-boyfriend isn't a lawyer, call legalzoom and we'll connect you with an attorney. legalzoom. where life meets legal.
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ed: welcome back some quick headlines the april fools addition, burger king is teasing customers with an all chocolate whopper. the video showing a chocolate rice patty with chocolate buns and white chocolate onions. unfortunately, don't be fooled, it's just a prank. and arby's getting creative with their fast food showing a prototype of an onion ring specatacle with a curley fry as the connecting piece. the fried frame is also just a joke and auntie ann's joining in
6:25 am
on the fun they promoted on twitter, scents included freshly baked and salty cinnamon twists but you won't be able to find them anywhere because it's an april fools joke. abby: i wish it were real. ever i time i'm in the airport. pete: i always wanted a cologne that was a bon fire but anyway it's a great smell. the new faith based movie gods not dead hitting theatres this weekend. >> the whole world knows it but it's getting harder and harder to know. abby: the film has got a great message finding the light during the darkest of times joining us is the actor who plays reverend dave in the series whose also a founding partner of pure flicks entertainment great to have you on. it looks like an amazing movie and a reminder of being able to change their ways and there's a moment in the film where the church burns down you play pastor dave and you have a real
6:26 am
serious conservation with a brother who was estranged from you can we play that? >> you don't take the time to understand what i was going through. i was trying to sort out my own faith. my own sense of god. abby: families relate to moments like that. >> i think a lot. thanks so much for having me i appreciate it. happy easter. abby: happy easter so tell us about the film. >> yeah, you know, obviously easter is a time that families can get together and discuss, you know, communicate hopefully even sit at a dinner table and i think what has made that franchise really connect to people is that it opens up conservations in a lot of different ways, and obviously we're living in this dark social political divisive time where it seems like a lot of people yell ing and no one is listening
6:27 am
and hopefully what this film will do is connect people and open up those conservations. pete: absolutely your film which is centered on faith comes alongside a few others coming out recently that have seen a lot of success. what is it about the faith film industry making it more successful and what can hollywood learn and will they ever learn from it? >> that's always the question i think, you know, there's that sadness of 150 million people go to church once a month and i think hollywood for a long time kind of forgot that that people have a desire for faith. they have a desire to go to films that uplift and inspire the human spirit and that's what we're really finding out right now is as these faith films are in the marketplace the numbers are extraordinary and realizing more and more this is something that people want and it's also i think it's also good. it's good for people. ed: let me quickly while we've got a few more seconds, these
6:28 am
movies particularly like yours remind us that it's more about just our day-to-day life. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean that's the thing. the thing that this movie does, it accomplishes that it asks these questions like, you know, is god good all the time? these are questions that it's about a college girl that goes to campus and all of a sudden she's questioning is god even real? does he exist all of a sudden these different topics are coming in people have so many different viewpoints but it's a good place. it's a good place to open up this conservation to start the communication between people and hopefully to stop yelling and to start listening. abby: but i think that's why these faith-based films are doing so well because they're so real and people can relate to them on some level and it's a reminder of how we can better our live in some way and rebuild relationships. it's a great film where can people see it and when is it out
6:29 am
>> well it is out right now. go take your families. it's good for the whole family and it will just start and ignite the conservation. it's certainly a movie about hope, about forgiveness, about unity and ultimately love, which i think we all need more of. pete: the movie is god's not dead and the actor we had the pleasure of speaking with david white. have a great easter thank you. >> thanks so much for having me. pete: appreciate it. well have you heard this yet a sixth grader recording their teacher's 15 minute rant bashing president trump. >> well my president said let's make america great again, when was he talking about? america has never been great for minorities. pete: our viewers really responded this it resonates a panel of parents and teachers on how to stop the bias in the classroom coming up next. ed: and a trooper signs off one last time after serving his community for over 37 years and
6:30 am
his message is incredible. >> this will be my final 10-7. its been an honor and a privilege, and a great career, its been a great adventure. prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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abby: it is our shot of the morning, happy easter to everyone and of course we're celebrating out on our plaza, as we always do. ed: we have families, we got kids celebrating with face paint ing along with that easter bunny himself, all morning long. pete: we want to thank a-z party planning and allie's ponies for putting this altogether we'll be back on the plaza later in the hour with easter crafts that you might already have enjoyed but if you haven't you'll get tips to enjoy them today. abby: so we've had a big debate this morning about how you eat a chocolate easter bunny and according to a poll 76% say that they grabbed the ears first and eat them. compared to 6% who eat the feet, 5% who eat the tail. what do you guys do? pete: well ears first. it's just easy it's right there. pops right out at you. abby: you're in the majority where you love to be pete. pete: at least 51% or more we got your e-mails and this said i'm a very rare .002%. i eat the nose because wow, i
6:35 am
never wanted to see it twitch. happy easter. abby: that is good. all right this comes from kathy says if it is solid chocolate i cutoff the tail and start there. the ears go first. ed: how do you know before the first bite. ed: and here is joseph who says no-brainer all in tell it joint people eat the feet first so the bunny can't runaway. abby: we have smart viewers. very clever. pete: feet first part of the 5% first. abby: rick what do you do? rick: oh, you know what they talk to me. pete: rick how do you eat a chocolate bunny where do you start? rick: the ears, the ears of course. abby: he didn't take a second to think about that. rick: my rule if you bring a sign you get on tv. you've got to do a little better on this i'm giving you like a pass. >> i tried this is the best i can come up. rick: you can still go to the masters. if you had tickets that's really what it's about. it's going to be beautiful start to the week so much sun and warm th down across parts of the
6:36 am
southeast, towards augusta is going to make for a beautiful green course going to be a beautiful week down at the masters here you go. one storm moves through tonight across parts of the northeast another one builds for tuesday into wednesday, so we have a pretty active pattern continues we're going to see more rain and snow this week you'll see the snow diving down across parts of the central part of the country we'll have severe weather down across the southeast on tuesday as well. very chilly day today, 30 degrees this afternoon in kansas city, unfortunately not feeling that great for what a lot of people think is the un official start of spring. do you guys feel this way like easter is the start of spring? abby: i always do when flowers are blooming usually warming up not here though. rick: not so much not here. snow tomorrow, abbey. abby: great. i'll be in d.c. can't wait. thank you now turning to other headlines we are following a massive avalanche kills three skiers in the swiss alps. police say the group was trying
6:37 am
to cross the glacier in southern switzerland and when they got caught in the sudden rush officials calling rescue mission extremely difficult because of poor weather and visibility, two other skiers unfortunately suffered some injuries as well. well, it is not your typical school party. a florida homeowner getting a surprise visit from this massive alligator, taking a late night swim. >> it was surreal. it wasn't like just this little creature. it was not quite a monster. abby: not quite but pretty close two hours later trappers struggling as the calculator moves side to side to avoid being captured and eventually it was removed without injuries. can you imagine? also a state trooper giving an emotional final radio call before a well-deserved retirement take a listen to this this will be my final 10-7. i just wanted to thank everybody for everything they've ever done its been an honor and a
6:38 am
privilege and a great career. its been a great adventure. this is 152 2988 37 years and three weeks later. its been a great ride. thank you very much and keep smiling. abby: love that. that is arizona trooper mark gilbert stepping away after nearly four decades on the job and what a way to go out. thank you for his service. pete: wow. abby: pete over to you for a debate we've been waiting for. pete: very much so. thank you abbey. well we brought you this story yesterday another teacher using the classroom to share their liberal talking points, slamming president trump and calling students european killers. listen. >> well my president said let's make america great again, when was he talking about? he must be talking about when it was great for europeans because when it comes to minorities, america has never been great for
6:39 am
minorities. pete: that's just a portion of a 15-minute rant recorded by a sixth grade student taking place at the same georgia middle school where another teacher assigned students to write anti- gun letters to congress. so is there anything we can do to stop this left wing bias in our schools? we brought in a great educator and parent panel to help us discuss political science professor jeanie z ano, attorney richard st. paul and certified child psychiatrist. thank you all for joining us on this easter sunday we appreciate it. appreciate that you came in the proper colors too. i'm sorry i should not even comment on that. but they are festive in their spirit so let me ask the question to start is there any room for revealing political bias or affiliation in the classroom especially in sixth grade? >> well that's the point its got to be age appropriate. i'm a professor ideal with adults and you can have
6:40 am
engaging discussions and you can learn from people who have different points of view so there's nothing wrong with that but that is not true at the primary level so when you talk primary sometimes secondary education, teachers have to be educating so if you are educat ing by shares ideas that's one thing but at sixth grade a rant against the president is inappropriate and you can see the fallout from that. pete: richard as a parent would you want this type of conservation at the sixth grade level or any level maybe up to high school happening in the classroom? >> no, not like this and the teacher has a curriculum to teach and your personal opinion is not part of that while a lot of people will hide and say i have first amendment rights yes but not in the classroom, there's a restriction in your first amendment rights and your personal opinion especially comparing the president to adolf hitler which one california teacher did that is not on the curriculum or time or place or matter to speak to your personal beliefs. pete: jennifer i recall these teachers are authority figures
6:41 am
some are prepared to push it back. >> that's exactly correct. these teachers kids look at as authority figures and what the teacher says is the way things are. that's very scary, especially if what they're hearing at home differs from what their teacher is saying, kids won't feel safe. they won't feel safe in the classroom. pete: absolutely i remember the first moment i realize everything you read in the newspaper isn't necessarily fact you may not know that by the time you're in sixth grade, dr. dominic can i ask you what are kids to do some because you're a child psychologist when are they prepared and what should they do in a situation? >> absolutely listen i think as parents we need to be very involved in our child's education and know what's going on in the classroom and what's happening and if you have this comfort with what's being taught you need to talk to the administration about it. i got to tell you one thing that comes to mind with this is that old cliche, with power comes great responsibility and teacher s have power. they are educators right so they're mentors, authority
6:42 am
figures we've talked about and they have to be very careful how they use that power because they have a captive audience and a very impressionable audience especially with young children, in a nutshel real quick this is how learning works. kids are presented with unbiased facts, they take those facts, analyze them and then come to a sort of critical analysis and be able to independently think, right? pete: you're talking about how to think as opposed to what to think? >> exactly. but here is the thing if it's bias from the beginning, the critical thinking is going to be -- pete: garbage in garbage out. i've got to ask you all you watch public education in this country, is there an assumption from the older generation, is your sense that bias is getting is it getting worse? show of hands is it getting worse? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. and private schools. pete: and private as well. as far as the firewalls for fighting this bias what's the most important is it parents is it school boards is it teachers where does it start to fight
6:43 am
back against it? >> it's all of the above. it really starts for young kids with parents though to dr. dom's point that you have to know what's going on in the classroom and this youngster was, you know , smart enough to be able to get evidence of it but you know not all kids will because students are so impressionable. they do believe what the teacher s are saying to them. >> it starts with the students because the students are in the classroom all the time. i remember when i was in school we used to fill out a survey about our teachers and actually write what we thought so the students intoed to be surveyed, the administrators review the surveys. pete: very briefly last words. >> everything teachers say is a reflection on the school so it starts from the top and the schools need to be on top of this and educate them. pete: superintendents, principal s set the tone as well. what great information and knowledge, your kids are lucky to have you as parents and we're lucky to have you today happy easter. thank you so much. pete: well moving on president trump taking on amazon calling company's deal with the postal service a scam.
6:44 am
so how will this feud affect the markets this week? we're going to have maria bartiromo next on this very program.
6:45 am
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pete: well president trump re igniting his feud with amazon tweeting the company's deal with the postal service is a scam. abby: so how will this affect the week on wall street? ed: here to weigh in maria bartiromo host of sunday morning futures which airs this morning right after our show, don't miss it. abby: happy easter maria. maria: happy easter. pete: so this is one of the biggest companies the biggest company in our country and feuding the president feuding with their business model basically. maria: well this is also an issue that has been taken up with a number of retailers. they don't like the fact that amazon doesn't pay taxes the way they do online. they don't like the fact that the post office loses money on every package delivered so this i see this as one more issue that the president and this administration is going to have with big tech. i think we are going to see
6:48 am
further legislation, a tighter grip on these technology companies because they are more powerful today than they ever have been. we're putting the post office issue aside the amount of data that facebook, google, amazon have on all of us is really unprecedented and if we see evidence they are not protecting it, which we have, i would expect a much bigger regulatory bite on this and it may very well mean tons of fees that will impact earnings. abby: what does it mean for the markets? overall they've been good but lately up and down a lot with the trade deals of china and what could happen there but how might this impact it? maria: well people are worried about the trade issues i think this is a individual amazon story as well as the broader technology story of higher regulations so i don't see this specific post office fight getting in the way of the broader markets. i do think that the markets now we're entering a period where the focus will return to fundamentals we've got the employment numbers out next friday we're expecting 180,000 jobs to have been created in the month of march. the unemployment rate is
6:49 am
expected to come down to 4%, a tic lower and then you also are entering a period of first quarter earnings. look, we're expecting s&p 500 corporate earnings to be up 16.5 % for the quarter year-over-year and then for all of 2018, 18% profit growth. markets do well in periods like this. ed: what else you got coming on the show some maria: we'll talk with congressman darrel issa and continue your conservation with chairman goodlatte that said he would subpoena, he did subpoena, we're waiting on these documents and we'll also talk with alan dershowitz and bud cummins about this new special prosecute prosecutor from utah. abby: will there be a second counsel that will be a great show. pete: we'll forgive people if they skip the after the show show and watch maria. maria: [laughter] thank you. abby: up next we're having our plaza and we've got do-it-yourself easter crafts for the entire family this morning you don't want to miss it that's coming up right after the break.
6:50 am
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ed: headlines, the police officers are in hot pursuit of the easter bunny and easter eggs , the police department is posting this video on their twitter page showing their officers having a little bit of fun while also wishing everyone a happy easter. and we've got a best selling bunny out there, marlin bundeau, the pet rabbit of vice president mike pence and family have made the new york times best seller's list a day in the life sits at number five on this weeks children picture books list. abbey? abby: all right, thank you so much, griff. so, after your kids find lots of
6:54 am
eggs in their easter egg hunt this morning you may be looking for unique ways to decorate them here with fun ideas is lifestyle expert, great to have you with us, happy easter so a lot of people are wanting to find a way to use those eggs at home. >> exactly so the first way we have is a no mess decorating egg so we're taking this all you do is just do in any design. abby: washy tape? a lot of people have this in their home anyway. >> what i love about these is they come in a lot of different colors and patterns and you can just basically reposition it to however you want, this is actually one that one of the girls here made just now. she took -- abby: it's so cute. >> really cute and simple to do and no mess which is really fun. abby: what about these uni- corn s? i feel like it's a theme this year. >> so what i've done here is take a black marker and draw on the eyes and then the horn is really where it gets tricky so i'm using modeling clay, which you might have at home, you
6:55 am
might have playdough or something like that too so turn and make it into a loop and then twist it and then that's how you make the unicorn horn and then that's it. you just stick it on use like tacky glue and then i painted it gold, but if you don't have paint, you can just use this. abby: this is one of my favorites so how do we get these >> you can paint these or what you do is half blue half yellow and i used ribbon here but you can use black magic marker, goog ly eyes and silver marker around the eyes as well. abby: and then emojis? >> yes, so what i've done here is you dye them or paint them yellow and then just draw on the faces so hearts, smiley faces, sunglasses you just free-hand it and you can do the outline and have kids draw it in. abby: this is so easy to do. i love this. >> we have bedazzled eggs which is just gemstones and glue them on or if you have stickers and
6:56 am
the last ones we have are bunn ies. abby: look how cute. >> you just draw on, i mean just cut out ears, the little feet, the nose, and then of course, you need a cotton ball for his tail. abby: of course. of course, pete what are you doing there? pete: david here is feeding me candy i've had about a dozen. abby: of course where the food is right? pete: david can i have another one, bud? >> no. pete: now he's giving them to the easter bunny. abby: this is so great. thank you so much we'll have these on our website as well we'll be out here all morning long. we'll be right back on fox & friends. so cute. >> thank you.
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good easter sunday morning! thank you for joining us. some republicans say jeff sessions got it wrong by not naming a second special counsel. is north korea or russia a bigger threat to us security right now? and how much of your personal data is being sold on facebook, instagram and google among others. good morning everyone thank you for joining us here in "sunday morning futures", i am maria bartiromo. special counsel looking to doj, fbi and hillary clinton investigation. revealing a veteran federal


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