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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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congratulations to austin and to chile. thanks for inviting us to her home tonight. fair, balanced, and unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: good evening, thank you. there are several big stories that are breaking right now. moments ago, another bomb found in a fedex package near the airport in austin. that story moving as we speak. details coming in. this as investigators identify the location where at least two of the explosives were sent, a fedex store in sunset valley texas. the question now, what is the message of this killer? what is he trying to tell the people of texas, law enforcement there, our expert says he is growing in sophistication, he's growing in reach. the president weighing in for the first time today. >> this is obviously a very,
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very sick individual or individuals. these are sick people and we will get to the bottom of it. >> martha: also tonight, the president is expected to speak shortly at the march dinner for the national committee , he is expected to get on the stage and make his comments. we'll take you there live. plus, james fitzgerald, the profiler who helped catch the unabomber, but first trace gallagher covering all the breaking news tonight on texas. good evening. >> could you make more than breaking news, boy docket is now telling the newspaper, the newspaper delivered in austin is in fact a bomb. he says they're trying to open it, detonated, and investigated.
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this is looking at a rapid clip, consider that the human bomber ted kaczynski who was behind 16 bombs. in texas, they have seen 16 bombs, six of them and 18 days and the rate of attack is accelerating. the first explosion on march the second was a packaged bomb that killed a 39-year-old man. the second was ten days later on march 12th. another package bomb that killed a 17-year-old boy and entered a 40-year-old woman. since then, there have been for devices in eight days and the central texas is crawling with investigators. watch. >> we have agents from all across the country, we have our national response team here, we have the canine explosive here. we are working hand-in-hand with our fbi partners, state and local partners, we've been working around the clock.
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>> even though the expose of them slices themselves a bit different, investigators believe the devices are linked. the first four victims were black and hispanic leading police to initially consider this a hate crime, but the latest victims are white. despite today's explosion outside san antonio, texas attorney general ken paxton says the bomb was mailed from and to austin. the police chief reinforced that statement. watch. >> we are confident that this facility nor any was a target. if you have a package that was not expected, if you are suspicious of the return address, if you will come across any suspicious object, do not touch it, do not move it, but contact 911. >> 24 hours, austin police have
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gotten 420 suspicious packet calls. after 19 days, still no message from the bomber, but again, the breaking news moments ago, we learned there is a 60 bomb and there could be surveillance video of someone dropping off to bombs at a fedex office just outside of austin. >> martha: this bomber is moving very quickly and breaking news tonight, we'll go back to that in a moment, thanks very much, but first, we go to d.c. where speaker of the house paul ryan is about to introduce the president. let's watch. >> i've got to say, wait a year this has been since we were in this building at this time last year. think about it. think about all that's happened in one year's time. a year ago, we came together, we talked about all the great things that this new unified republic and government was going to do. remember the things were talking about on behalf of the mayor could people customer guess what, we got to work and we are
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delivering almost promises. [applause] as we help americans reach new heights, you can feel a sense of pride and confidence working its way back into our country. more people are feeling better about achieving things that they thought might be impossible. in our growing economy, it's the best sign of this. after years of just trudging along, we are finally seeing the kind of results that we promised would happen if american people just gave us the chance to lead and lead we have. for months, we've heard how hard it would be to report a tax code for the first time in 30 years and it was. just ask kevin brady. he had a full head of hair when
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i got started on this project. [applause] we knew that getting this done, we knew it would mean for the american people and the tax cuts have given the economy exactly what it needed to grow. 6 million people, 6 million workers. 6 million workers have received bonuses thanks to this law. [applause] these are real dollars that american families can put towards what they need. people's paychecks have gotten bigger. i talked to one employer just yesterday who told me that because of this new tax law, he's going to hire 5,000 people in america this year, 5,000 people next year, 5,000 people for the next three years.
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he's going to invest in this country. he'll open up new factories, all because of the tax cuts and this is happening across the country. when we discussed with you last dinner what we were planning, we talked about how we had an opportunity to do big things. well, this was a big thing. passing this economic plan, this tax reform bill, it's why the economy is at a 17 year high with confidence. american people are beginning to see that they now have opportunities that they didn't think they would have. tax reform is not the only thing we've done. we've repealed and reversed a number of record job killing regulations that are holding our economy back and now we are
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unleashing the freedom and creativity of business owners to hire to expand, to achieve, more in this growing economy. after a systemic effort by the previous administration to cut our military, the men and women who are serving us have the limited resources they need to keep our country safe. that's a promise made and that's a promise that is now being kep kept. on top of all that we have done, we still need to do more. we still have more of our agenda that we are going to be achieving. we need to give the american workers a tool, the education they need to thrive and our economy. we also need to make new advances in our infrastructure program that we need. the president just talked about this in new hampshire the other day and remaking good on this. we are taking the fight against
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this awful opioid a epidemic. these are things were getting done, these are solutions were bringing the table. [applause] this is the core of what we have done. it's how we are restoring the confidence among the american people. we need to sell this message. we have upended the status quo and we are actually improving things for our constituents. where actually materially making a difference and that's why we are in these jobs. we need to make it clear for our constituents that if you reelect us, we will continue to push this economy higher, we will take control of washington returning to the states, and we will empower people with the freedom and ability to reach their full potential. that's what the republican party stands for, that's what our agenda delivers and that's what's happening in america.
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[applause] i know we can tell this story in our districts and i know we feel more optimistic about our economy and where things stand, they understand it's because of our policy. they'll understand that it's because of the chance they brought to washington and we will win this debate this fall, mark my words. before i introduce our next guest, i want to say two things. i want to give one thanks to steve stivers our and rcc chairman. i can't say enough about him. he's done a phenomenal job and his enthusiasm has propelled the nrc see forward. thank you. i also want to think tom amber, even though he's a minnesota vikings fan, for serving as chairman of this.
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you can have a good year every now and then. tom is a great member of our conference, he's made tonight such a success. thank you very much. [applause] finally, let me say a very quick word about a very special guest that we are honored to have with us tonight, the president of the united states. [applause] since taking office, donald trump has held true to what he said he was going to do. go figure. he ran for office, said what he was going to do and is doing it. he promised the forgotten men
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and women of this country and that's a mantra that has guided him every cycle day in the white house. strolling back regulations -- just look at how this economy is doing. look at how people are having an easier time finding work and getting ahead. the positive results of free speak for themselves. i'm thrilled that he's here with us tonight. please join me in welcoming the president of the united states, donald trump. ♪
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>> president trump: thank you very much everybody. what a group. what a group. thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you very much and i have to say, i don't know, but you broke the all-time record. last year was rare record and i was here too. in the year before that, you didn't do so well and i wasn't here. you went from 18 million, which is good, not great, to 30 million last year and this
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year, i think that was some kind of an all-time record by the way, you have to be proud, but this year, we did $32 million. [applause] that's quite all right. it really is wonderful to be here with so many friends and colleagues and it really true and great americans. i want to begin by thinking our incredible house, leadership team, paul ryan. paul, thank you. if you paul. [applause] a wonderful man who have gotten to know very well, what a personality. kevin mccarthy. where is kevin? stand up. thank you, kevin. a man who's got more courage than all of us, steve soliz.
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[applause] you don't have to sit, look at him. kevin, he got up faster than you did. i don't know. conference chairwoman kathy mcmorris rodgers. kathy. great job. [applause] great job, kathy. and rcc chair steve stivers. i didn't even know about that. i'm impressed. i don't know if i like that or your political career better, but they're both very good. thank you. and tonight's dinner chair, congressman tom amber, thank you. thank you. thank you, tom. thank you very much, great job. 32 million, i guess you did a great job. we did it together. [laughter]
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he said you did it i said no, we did it together. that's the way we are working. our republican majority is one of the most successful in the history of the united states. now we must work to keep our majority so we can keep up the fight for american workers, american security, and american values in trying our glorious constitution and the great american flag. this year in the selection, we are fighting to win and we're going to win. there is no reason why we shouldn't win with what we've done over the past year. no reason whatsoever. we love our country, we cherish
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our liberties and we always put america first. america first, it's about time. it's about time. our agenda is already exceeding our highest expectations. we've already accomplished more than we said we would, it's been a long time since you've heard that. we sit at the other night that donald trump actually has accomplished more than he said he would, so that's a good feeling. ed wasn't even a friend that said that the other night. that's really a good feeling. we've created more than 3 million new jobs since the election and if we would have said that number prior to the election, nobody would've believed it's possible. jobless claims are at a nearly 50 year low, 50 years.
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[cheers and applause] african-american unemployment has reached the lowest level ever recorded. [applause] and i have to tell you, the fake news about two weeks ago got me on that one because two months ago, it was the lowest level ever recorded. then about four weeks ago, it's not as good. i made a speech, i said african-american unemployment has reached the lowest levels ever recorded and it really wasn't. it's good, but it wasn't. they got me. here's what happened. last weekend, ed went back down to the lowest level ever recorded, so we have it. it makes us feel good. that's an important one and
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here's another one. hispanic-american unemployment has also reached historic lows. the lowest ever recorded. [applause] women, the lowest levels in 18 years. wages are rising at the fastest pace in more than a decade. i've been talking on the campaign trail for so long that wages have been stagnant for 18, 20, and 21 years. you see it, companies are moving back, chrysler is moving back to michigan. you look at so many different companies, apple products are
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moving to wisconsin. we have massive companies moving back and they all want to be back in. americans produce in the mining, construction, and manufacturing industries engage more jobs in february than in any month in nearly 20 years. think about it. [applause] did you ever hear numbers like this? hard to believe, these are incredible numbers. the economy is booming and it's booming because we pass a big tax cut.
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when they came to me, they said we're going to pass tax reform. i said why hasn't it been done and 38 years? they said we don't know, you just can't do it. i said it doesn't make sense. your cutting taxes. i don't know, but here's the bill. x tax reform, its tax reform. i said there is something wrong. how come it hasn't happened? i think i have the idea, don't call it tax reform, how it tax cuts. it was never called tax cuts. they said what is that? i said tax reform might mean you're reforming taxes and you're going to raise taxes, nobody knows what it means. call it tax cuts. in fact, let's call it that tax cut cut cut bill. [laughter] paul ryan wouldn't do it. he is a classic guy, he said i can't do it.
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so we called it the tax cut and job and that's fine. [applause] ic kevin brady here someplace. stand up, kevin, please. [cheers and applause] he doesn't stop. let's not tell anybody come out we have a lot of cameras back there actually, let's not tell anybody, kevin, about phase two that we've already started. phase two tax cuts. thank you, kevin. more than 6 million americans have already received a tax cut bonus or a pay raise and that is just the beginning. i want to thank everyone who made this incredible victory possible including so many friends that work with kevin and
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myself, people in congress, great senators, great congresspeople, you are really incredible, so enjoy it because we are going to start probably on monday with kevin and myself and everybody on doing it again. i just want to thank you and on behalf of paul and kevin and my other kevin, i don't know, i think brady is better looking. [laughter] we really are, i have to think the people in this room because you really made it possible and you worked hard and you wouldn't stop and he wouldn't take no for an answer. a lot of obstacles, you wouldn't take no for an answer, while republicans were fighting to reduce taxes for hardworking americans, the democrats were fighting to increase taxes. that's what they want to do. they're saying how do you lose fat?
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how do you increase taxes? maybe they'll call that tax reform. [laughter] every single democrat and congress opposed our middle-class tax cuts. if democrats were to gain control of the house, the first thing they would do is raise your taxes. they would raise your taxes, they would take away what we've done and raise your taxes and actually, i've seen some of the numbers, very substantially raise your taxes. republicans have also repealed one of the nation's cruelest and unfair taxes ever. the obamacare individual mandate. [cheers and applause] the mandate is gone forever and that's the beauty. you pay a lot of money not to have to pay.
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and not to get health care, so you pay not to have health care. that wasn't so good, but we got rid of it. it included that talks about is anwar and alaska, one of the great sites of energy in the world. i didn't think it was a great deal and then the other day, one of my friends in the office said is it true? and i said i don't know, who cares? what is that? what does that mean? they said, is it true? i said, what does it mean? what's the big deal? they said reagan tried, every single president tried, and not one president was successfully getting it. i said you got to be kidding. after that, we fought like hell to get and more. he said it was amazing.
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by itself, that would have been a big bill, but that was included in we're doing great, by the way on energy. we are now an exporter of energy, can you believe it? 10 million barrels, folks. we just cracked 10 million barrels. we've also ended the onslaught of federal and other regulation. that's a big deal. [applause] i hate to say it to kevin, but some people consider what we've done on regulation as important and some even more important than the tremendous tax cuts because the regulations were killing our country. they were killing us. together, we have set a record for cutting the red tape, passing a record number of bills to permanently remove job killing regulations.
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all over the country, their building where they had no chance of getting going. even if you look at the pipeline, immediately upon taking office, i let the pipelines go. we let them proceed, 48,000 jobs and we're going to have two great environmentally friendly pipelines. they would have never been built. we've ended the war on american energy and we've ended the war on beautiful, clean coal. [applause] thinks of this republican congress, we are transforming the va to keep america's promise to our brave, incredible, beautiful veterans. [applause]
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and i want to thank chairman bill rowe, all republican majorities really sent me legislation that has been incredible, really incredible. we have va accountability come out we've been trying to get this for 30 30 years, accountability, it sounds easy, but va accountability and we got it passed. that means that people who are very bad, they are bad in many ways, you couldn't fire people from the va. now you look at them, they do a bad job, they do something wrong, they hurt our veterans, we look at them, and we say jim, you are fired, get the hill out of here. [cheers and applause] i made a lot of money with that phrase, that was great.
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[laughter] congressmen role, where are you? congressman, thank you, great job. great job, thank you. really moving along. an choice is coming. choice for the veterans can move along, they can go and see a doctor and have it taken care of and we pay. that's the big one, do you agree with that? because of republican leadership that all of you helped make possible, america is safer and america is much stronger. our military is now better funded, better equipped, and better prepared to defeat any foe that dares to threaten our country for our people. america is being respected again on the world stage.
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we are rebuilding a very depleted military, $700 billion and next year, $716 billion, we had to do it. obviously, defenses number one and you know what else? jobs, lots of jobs because we build, so it's lots of jobs. the last eight years, democrats apologized for america. republicans on the other hand are standing up for america. [applause] we've seen a lot of apologies. the last eight years, we've seen a lot of apologizing, not any longer, we don't apologize. it's been an incredible -- it took a little while to figure that one out, ?
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it's been an incredible year for the republican party and the accomplishments of our party and congress are even more impressive because democrats have stood in the way of progress every single day. we have hundreds of people that cannot commit to the administration because they're being slow walked by the democrats in the senate. last count, it was 270 people. the only thing good about that in the private sector, they were cutting payroll. we want to get them and one of your originals, mike pompeo will be very soon our new secretary of state. mike is going to do a great job. not only did democrats universally opposed tax cuts, but every single democrat voted no on better health care.
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they voted no. every single one. the one thing they do great is obstruct. they're great at obstruction. there are wonderful at sticking and a block, they rarely break up, i think will break them up a little bit because a lot of them are saying nice things about me in certain states that we won by a lot and they're running in races, you know about that, right? they really are a block. they just vote no and i don't think people want that when it comes time to elect. they don't want to fix our health care system, they don't want daca, they do not want daca because they think it might be a good political issue and we want daca. daca is very much tied to the wall and we have to have the wall. the drugs that are pouring into our country and the people that we don't want in our country, will have the wall. they don't want daca, they really don't. they want to use it as a
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political football and guess what? i think it plays better for us than it does for them because we want to do something for the 800,000 and they don't, so it's been a little bit of a change of position and were going to win that one every time, but we're also getting getting the wall. nearly every democrat voted against a ban on late-term abortion. when unborn babies can feel the pain. the late-term abortion ban is common sense. supported by almost two-thirds of the american people, but virtually every democrat voted in lockstep against protecting these innocent lives. on issue after issue, house democrats are way outside of the american mainstream. nowhere in the democrats extremism and nowhere can you see anything displayed more
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clearly than on immigration. a vote for democrats is truly a vote for open borders, people pouring into our country, we have no idea who they are. they're coming in, open borders. you look at sanctuary cities where criminals are protected. if house democrats control the committee and control the floor, they will block every single effort to secure our borders and to defend our communities. nearly every house democrat voted in favor of sanctuary cities. they voted to release criminal aliens to prey on innocent american lives. republicans believe our cities should be safe havens and law-abiding americans, not for
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criminal aliens or illegal immigrants. [applause] it's time for congress to stop funding sanctuary cities so we can restore the rule of law. [applause] the american people are with us, let's fight to save those incredible american lives and you see what's happened. you see the slaughter, you see the kind of killing and hurt and pain and we are fighting very hard and i think we're doing one hell of a job. you see the difference in numbers, but the laws are not helping us because we have some laws that are very much against everything that we stand for in this room. house democrats also voted against cates law, a
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common sense bill authored by chairman bob goodlatte. where is bob? thank you, bob. [applause] that bill has been sitting for a long time, hasn't it? it's too bad. they voted against legislation to keep getting members like ms-13 out of our country. these are extreme and dangerous positions. they make no sense. here is our message for the coming election for the macon people. if the democrats ever got back into power, they would vote to raise her taxes, release dangerous criminals, open your borders, shut down this great surge of american energy that is tremendous for jobs, tremendous for the economic wealthy of our
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country and frankly, helping the world, they would take over american health care, take away your second amendment, and chip away your jobs to foreign countries like has gone on for so many years and those days are over. those days are over. [applause] the world, including our friend friends, has been taken advantage of the united states of america. we can't allow that to happen anymore. we just can't. we want our jobs to be here, we want our great factories, are great plants to be here. we don't want people fired and watch a company leave our country, make a product somewhere nearby, ship it back into our country, not be taxed, and all we get out of it is
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unemployment and pain. it's not going to happen anymore. that's why so many companies are moving back. there moving back, first time in many, many decades. that's why we need strong republican majorities. [applause] it doesn't matter what democratic candidates say on the campaign trail because once democrats get to washington, they always do the same thing, they vote for the liberal pelosi agenda down the line, straight down the line every single time. they will never vote for us, they will never vote for what's right. these days, there's no such thing as a blue dog democrat.
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a red state democrat, or a conservative democrat because they are all pelosi democrats. weak on crime, weak on terrorism and weak on national defense. [applause] on terrorism, in iraq and syria, we've taken back almost 100% and a very short period of time a land that they took and in all took place since our election. democrats like to campaign as moderates, but they always govern like radicals. that is why i am going to campaign all across this country to elect republicans so we can reduce taxes and further reduce crime, increase jobs, and make our communities safe and
4:40 pm
prosperous and secure. i'll be all over the country. you'll get me all over. you're going to get me all over the country and i'll be complaining every single trip, but i'm going to get there. we're going to keep criminals off our streets and we're going to keep terrorists the hill out of our country. [applause] our opponents are feeling the most candidates they've had in a quarter century. many have not held office before which means it will be easy for them to conceal their true beliefs. they won't know anything about these people. that's why we must tell the truth over and over again, a vote for a house democrat is a vote for higher taxes, open
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borders, and the destruction of american jobs and american wealth. it's also the destruction of the american dream. they're destroying that beautiful dream, but to win, we have to outwork the opposition. for some reason, when a party wins, what happens is they lose. two years later, i know what happens, i figure i could never understand. 95% of the time, they end up losing the midterms. it's called complacency. i couldn't understand why. we do record business, the economy is the best it's ever been ever. i think ever. how has it ever been better? the stock market is at an all-time high, but jobs are at
4:42 pm
number one, 154 million jobs, that's the most jobs and the history of our country. we need more people. we're going to have an incredible expansion, but it's called complacency. he worked so hard, look how hard. you work, you work, you work, and you win and now you take it easy. so happy we won, that was so hard, then a year goes by and all of a sudden, you're running again. and you get complacent and you lose, but then what happens? are we going to win in 2020. we have to worry about '18 before we worry about '20. there is complacency and i can understand it. it's natural. we cannot be complacent.
4:43 pm
we have so much to gain in this country has so much to lose, so we have to remember. we have a short period of time now, we have to remember and the other thing, we had five races up until last week and with five races, we won all five. these people back your expected us to lose a couple of those races, may be more than that. we won. they didn't know what to do. so they said we didn't win by as much and by the way, if we won buy more, they would have found a reason. we are fighting the press, we are fighting the media, we always will for whatever reason, but we're 5-0 and then we lost by 300 votes the other night. 300 out of 200,000 votes. i will tell you, that area in pennsylvania, their energized
4:44 pm
because i made a speech there two nights before and i tell you what, that crowd was going. they were happy. they were thrilled. i wish i was running. [laughter] that was some energetic group. it was close, it was really close. we went in there, they were down, good man. didn't quite make it, but think of it, lost by about 300 votes out of all of those folks. it's pretty incredible, but we can't let it happen, we have to win. there's nothing like winning, we have to win. in the last election, we defined every expectation and totally proved the pundits wrong. they said there's no way to 270. everybody believed them, i even believe them.
4:45 pm
i heard this for six months. you cannot win unless you win the great state of ohio. i kept hearing that. they told them a little down in ohio, so i went to ohio come out there great people. those are great people. we really won ohio by a lot. we won ohio by a lot and we won iowa by a lot and we ran the east coast because we have a tremendous disadvantage in presidential election. much easier to get the popular vote, but it's a much different campaign. it's someone that transfer the hundred yard -- , but we just rn out the east coast and it was a thing of beauty, but they all said we couldn't do it. now they say it's the midterms, here come the midterms. as usual, they say 95% of the
4:46 pm
time, it doesn't happen, but nobody's ever had an economy like this. nobody's had a military that's getting so much stronger so fast. nobody's ever done what we've done. the people in this room, nobody's ever done it. we sent a message straight to the media, to the lobbyists and said this city doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the american people. that's the message. [applause] i shouldn't say to the people in this room. [laughter] a couple of you are a little marginal about this, but i came up with this expression, it's called drain the swamp. i hated it. i hated it. it was a speech during the campaign and ed was a term that was given to me, it usually like to think by myself, but this was given to me, which bothered me
4:47 pm
too. they had this expression during the swamp, and i hated it. i thought it was so hokey. i said that is the hope yes, give me a break. i'm embarrassed to say it. i was in florida with 25,000 people going wild and i said we will drain the swamp, the place went crazy. i couldn't believe it. then the next speech, i said it again and they went even crazie crazier. we will drain the swamp, i hate it, especially these people right here. [laughter] they are saying please don't say this mr. president. don't worry, close your ears, we will drain the swamp and every time i said it, i would get the biggest applause. after four or five times, i said what a great expression, i love
4:48 pm
saying it. it's amazing. it really is amazing. the city does belong to loyal, hardworking, taxpaying americans and with your help, with the help of the hard work of everyone in this room, and you do work hard, it's a tough job. politics is nasty. i used to say the toughest people real estate developers in new york city. now i see you guys are babies. [laughter] they come to see me, i say you are nothing. these politicians are brutal. we've got a horrible false story on the front page of every newspaper. real estate developers are no longer the toughest people, politicians in washington are the toughest people. it's not even close. we're going to defy the predictions once again.
4:49 pm
we will keep the house majority. [applause] and we will keep fighting for the change they make and people want and deserve. the democrats think they are invincible. i watched maxine waters, have you ever seen her? [laughter] a low iq individual. low iq. we will impeach him. we will impeach him, but he hasn't done anything wrong. it doesn't matter, we will impeach him. this is what we are going to to fight against. it's easier to just keep going good, we are going to keep the economy strong, the truth is the democrats never have been more
4:50 pm
vulnerable because they've lost touch with normal everyday working people. democrats haven't learned, they still think the loyal citizens who care about jobs and borders and security are deplorable. when hillary made that speech, she said deplorable, i didn't know it was going to be that ba bad. the problem is, she said so many of my people were deplorable and the next day, i made a speech and everybody's wearing i am deplorable, i said something's going on here. that was not a good word to use, you have to be careful in politics, right? i would say her last statement about women, they have to get approval from their husbands, their sons, and their mailboxes to vote for trump. that was not a good statement. [laughter] [applause]
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not good. you notice how fast the democrats have run from these statements now? they are disavowing those statements like i've never heard before. she's wrong, people that were her biggest supporters are now saying what is she doing? why doesn't she just go home? [laughter] that was not a good statement. we know the truth and the truth is that we are great patriots, we really are, we're doing what's right. we come from every city, from every town, from every walk of life, we come from backgrounds and it doesn't matter the color or the creed, but we all have one thing in common, we love
4:52 pm
this country. we love this country. [cheers and applause] we're putting the interests of our country and our people and our taxpayers, we're putting them first. this election is not merely about which party is in charge of congress. it's about whether the american people will be in charge of their government. the choice cannot be any clearer, it's never been this clear. think of it. it's never been this clear. the democrats used to be somewhat in the middle and now there so far right. meaning that's where they're going to be, but the democrats used to be right here. now what happened is they just moved, they just moved, they are
4:53 pm
going so to the left-hand side of the equation, i don't know whether or not it's going to even be possible for them to do well, but for some reason, they'll probably do okay. we can't let that happen. they have gone so far left, we have to go a little bit further right, we're doing very, very well and i think you're going to have something very, very special take place in a short period of time. [applause] while congressional democrats delay, and they obstruct, and they resist, republicans actually delivered. there is never been a group that has delivered like we've delivered, especially in the first year of an administration. we are creating jobs for everybody, for the african-americans, population, their thinking me. they are thinking me.
4:54 pm
hispanic americans, all americans, but they're really thinking us while democrats denigrate our history, republicans believe young americans should be taught to have pride in america's achievements and to treasure our truly incredible heritage. while democrats hand over our rights to international organizations, we defend our sovereignty and we defend our constitution and we defend our american flag. where the ones defending it. [applause] while democrats sit on their hands, republicans stand with law enforcement, these are great people. [cheers and applause] we stand with working families and we always probably stand for our national anthem.
4:55 pm
[cheers and applause] we believe in strong borders on safe communities and we believe in the truth of our national motto. in god we trust. [applause] our victories are americans victories because the republican party is now the party of the american worker. the american family, and the american dream. our mission is to serve the needs, the desires, and the highest ambitions of the american people and that's what we're doing and we are really doing a great job of it. we work for them, their hopes are our hopes, their dreams are our dreams and the future is what we are fighting for each
4:56 pm
and every day. with your help, and with our republican majorities in congress, we will carry the hopes and dreams of the american people all the way to victory in november, so important. so important. and together, we will build a future of safety, security, prosperity, and freedom for all of our citizens. we will never give in, we will never give up, and we will never, ever stop fighting to make america great again and that's what's happening. thank you, god bless you, and god bless america. thank you, everybody. congratulations on this evening. thank you very much. thank you.
4:57 pm
>> martha: $32 million raised tonight. huge success. joining me now, david bossie, president trump's deputy campaign manager. both are fox news contributor's and both have been watching this with us tonight. most of it i would say was pretty standard in terms of what the president talked about, reliving the election and talking about tax reform, going through all of that. he talked about pennsylvania, he said we almost won pennsylvania, he said i wish i was running because i would have one back. a david, your thoughts on what you just heard? speak out this was a tremendous speech just like he gives us every day around the country, just look he gave in pennsylvania, st. louis last week. he is about promises made, promises kept and that's what this speech was about. he was recounting the promises he made during the campaign and know what he's done in his first year in office and i think the
4:58 pm
success, whether it's economy, all across by every matrix, this president is succeeding, america is a stronger and better than it was before he was in office and that's what we need to remind people of because it's either that or impeachment if the republicans lose the house. >> martha: he pointed out that maxine waters has a low iq, but he said before that she wants to impeach him, here's what he said about hillary clinton. okay, so he pointed out the fact that hillary's other deplorable thing, it didn't work well during the campaign, now hillary is out there talking about how women ask their husbands and their bosses basically house they should vote. let's play this from an interview that hillary did with a reporter from the netherlands. >> after a relentless negative campaign that i could have done a better job may be carrying or exposing more than i did, but
4:59 pm
nevertheless, it really took a toll on me, but a lot of it is because i am a woman and a lot of it is because i was seeking to break that -- >> does not drive you crazy? >> yeah. >> martha: it drives a lot of people crazy, it sounds like a broken record. >> hillary keeps getting asked these questions and she has every right to answer the question as to what went wrong with the election. i think looking forward as to where we're going to go right now, this speech laid out exactly what the battle lines are going to be heading into these midterms. these midterms are about the basics, that's what's going to happen. which base is most motivated? the president tonight gave a speech that he hopes will motivate and mobilize his base. the problem for him i think is that speech will mode allies and motivate the democratic base just as much as we have seen in all these special elections.
5:00 pm
>> martha: thanks for watching tonight. that's our story for this event, we'll see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. let's go to d.c. where tucker carlson is ready to go. ♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert, a bomber is terrorizing the state of texas. a fifth bomb has gone off in a suburb of san antonio, texas. that follows for other explosions and in austin. on tucker carlson, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we are joined by kate steagall who is in austin >> this just in from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms and explosives, the suspicious package that was found at this fedex distribution center back here right next to austin airport, it contained a bomb


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