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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 6, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PST

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light so no one who believes in me will stay in darkness. you can pre-order now. thank you very much. >> we'll do facebook live. go it our facebook page and watch us live. yesterday 85,000. >> bill: hey, guys, officials meeting in pyongyang saying the north would be willing to hold direct talks with the u.s. about freezing its nuclear testing program. good morning. we're taking this in right now. we'll work through it a step at a time. i'm bill hemmer inside "america's newsroom." >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. it follows kim jong-un and north korean officials saying they would spund -- spend nuclear tests. >> bill: what to believe and not believe. john roberts reaction from the
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white house but we begin with craig palcot with the reporting on what is happening today. hello. >> reporter: hi, bill. hi, sandra. real authentic is what is be described as the author of north korea but warns the devil is in the detail. probably the most significant thing to come out of kim jong-un is the suggestion they're willing to discuss giving up their nuclear weapons if there was a guarantee of the security of the regime and an agreement towards a summit next month amid assurances they will not target the south and it's the first time kim jong-un has raised the possibility of getting rid of nukes and the freezing of testing nuke and missiles during talks. our contacts are saying it's just talk and there's a lot of
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questions. for example, what would constitute a guarantee withdrawal of u.s. troops from south korea is a non-starter and how would the denuclearization be verified and that would be on the agenda. and the ball now is in the u.s. court. for example, when we were in south korea last month we saw vice president pence with president moon of south korea take a very hard line. guys, the first real test of how the u.s. is going to handle this next month when they're scheduled for military exercises between the u.s. and south korea and that always gets north korea angry. >> bill: something to watch there. greg palkot in london on that. >> sandra: we're getting new reaction from the breaking story and john roberts is live on the north lawn for us. what are you hearing? >> reporter: on the surface this looks positive and what the white house has been looking for, some sort of pledge from north korea that it would seek
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to denuclearize in assurances and rex tillerson we're not looking to overthrow the regime just looking to denuclearize the peninsula. however, you have to treat this with a grain of salt. how many times has north korea been here before and then gone ahead and cheated. so president trump looking at the landscape of everything that's gone on this morning saying quote, we will see what happens. he was at the grid-iron dinner and talked about this saturday night. the president saying, quote, i won't rule out direct talks with kim jong-un, i won't. and they called and said we'd like to talk and i said so would we but you have to denuke. let's see what happens. let's see what happens. again, the white house looking at this sceptically and we've
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been here before and why would the north korean behavior be different this time but at the same time holding out hope things may be different. sandra. >> sandra: obviously, this would be a huge change for many reasons. but kim jong-un has been in pour over six years now. we have not seen him yet meet with any heads of state, john. so what can we expect to hear out of this white house this morning as this is a dialogue this president said he's open to having a conversation with the north korean leader based on some terms. >> reporter: well the white house is working on a statement of the policy and view of what's gone on in the meetings between south korea and north korean officials. in pyongyang we were hoping we may get the statement before 9:00 but it looks like the review process is taking longer. i have not gotten it yet.
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again, reading the tea leaves and knowing how the president feels about this it's a good indication north korea wants to come to the table as the united states has been suggesting fire long time but they need assurances it's going to lead to denuclearization and not just stalling tactics so north korean can continue with the nuclear program. >> sandra: the president has been tweeting already. we'll see if anything comes on na front. meanwhile, what's going on with the former campaign aide making headlines. >> reporter: that's a very good question. his name is sam nunberg an aide to president trump for a short period of time. he was fired less than two months after the president announced he was running because of racially tingeked posts on his facebook page and investigated by robert mueller's team and received an subpoena
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and asked to turn over all documents and nunberg said he'd defy the subpoena, which is what got him on tv, and after unhinged media appearances he said he'd comply. the media appearances were so bizarre it interviewer asked nunberg if he'd been drinking. >> we talked earlier about what? people in the white house were saying about you whether you were drinking or on drugs or whatever had happened today, talking to you i have smelled alcohol on your breath. >> well, i've not had a drink. my answer is no. >> anything else? >> no? >> no. besides my meds. >> reporter: nunberg claimed
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there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia, that there was collusion and robert mueller may have something on president trump and the president may have something during the campaign and then saying well, he really didn't know which gave the white house an awful lot of ammunition to shred his credibility. >> i think he doesn't know that for sure because he's incorrect. as we said many times before, there was no collusion with the trump campaign. even further on what his actions are, he hasn't worked at the white house so i can't speak to him or the lack of knowledge that he clearly has. >> reporter: again, nunberg worked for the campaign less than two months and again, sandra, he said to jill coleman from the associated press he'd probably comply and he could be locked up in jail if he doesn't comply. we'll keep watching. >> sandra: we will indeed. john roberts, thank you.
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>> bill: more breaking news. eight minutes pasted and the judicial watch filing two lawsuits against the department of justice demanding records relating to associate attorney general and their involvement with the dossier. and his wife nelly worked for fusion gps looking for dirt on donald trump. what do you want, sir? >> we're looking for all the communications concerning his contacts with fusion gps and christopher steel and other members of the department of of justice concerning the whole dossier thing. it's clear orr was part of the mccabe/strzok inner circle and was serving as a conduit back to
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the department of justice. we think it's important to understand what his communications were and who he was communicating with. >> bill: what's your hunch? do you think they were spying on the trump campaign. >> we know mccabe was meeting with lisa monaco and he was in contact with steel bureaucracy during and after before the saga start to unravel. it looks pretty grim, frankly, and we want to know who was communicating with who and bruce orr served as a conduit and had this marital relationship with his wife working for fusion gps. these are very close ties, obviously. >> bill: indeed they are. but do you have evidence now, sir, or just reason to believe they were spying on the trump campaign? >> well, we have the strzok/page
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text messages rolfing mr. orr and have mr. nunez' house intelligence memo, which again dresses the orr/steele connection. it's not speculative. it's pretty well established but the question is what's the content. >> bill: is that enough evidence to prove it you think? >> i think so. the records and documents between the communications twin strzok and page speak for themselves and mr. nunez had sufficient information to formulate the three and a half page memo. all we're lacking is the content of the communications and why we've sued to get them. >> bill: you've had success in the past. chris, how long will it take to get an answer on this? >> the first response from the justice department was thundering silence. they refused to answer our request and we went to the court to compel them to answer.
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i imagine document production will begin somewhere around 60 days, maybe 90 days. but we have to get in front of a federal judge and make our case and have the judge eventually order this. >> bill: eleven past the hour now. >> sandra: the fbi agent and a special counsel investigation was told of a possible security breach into hillary clinton's e-mail server back in 2016 but didn't follow-up on it. governor mike huckabee will be here to react. >> bill: and attorney general, jeff sessions, under pressure to appoint a special second counsel to investigate possible abuse at the do.j. rand paul will join us for reaction on that. >> sandra: and we're awaiting a speech from benjamin netanyahu.
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>> bill: there are growing calls for a second counsel to investigate potential abuse of the fisa court that may have allowed the government to spy on the trump team. that's what some allege. a letter to the attorney
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general, jeff sessions, point to the end of the clinton e-mail investigation and the beginning of the trump/russia probe. senator rand paul with me. welcome to "america's newsroom." you despise the fisa court. what do you think a second, special counsel, would you support that? >> i think the court has too much power and i think special counsels are given too much power and there are investigations for people who have nothing to do with russia. i'm afraid they go far afield from their actual task. that said i think there needs to be an investigation and i think the investigator general's done a pretty good job so far. i believe the investigator general currently looking at this is the one who found peter strzok and lisa paige's text messages. i think we should let it shake out and see what he comes up in. >> bill: -- up with
6:17 am
-- comes up with. >> bill: so you're holding your fire? >> i can't imagine peter strzok or lisa page should remain in government employment i asked if they're still able to search the fbi. no agent should be allowed to certain the database and these people who are tainted against the president still have the ability to type in american's names which is wrong and there should be a warrant -- be able to get a warrant from a judge before you can do that. the inspector generals are separate. they report unto themselves. they don't really report to anybody within the department. ultimately they report to the top of government but the investigator generals do a
6:18 am
pretty good job at rooting out waste and malfeasance and fraud and general horowitz found the text messages. >> bill: you're right about that. i remember that as we went through it. i think 99% of the cases that have gone to the fisa court have been approved. what's the 1% of cases not approved? >> that's the case and why i want fisa reform and a lot of this debate finished after the debate on reform. yes, i think nobody in law enforcement should be looking at american's information without first get warrant. that's what i fought for and we're close to getting the bill and getting reform for fisa but we didn't quite get there and then the nunez memo came out the day after we finished talking about reform. i talked to the president about this and i think we should bring back up fisa reform and should
6:19 am
institute a warrant requirement so people like strzok and page who are horribly biassed against the president can't be snooping on and looking through information without the permission of the court. >> bill: two more topics quickly on the tariffs issue starting to divide the republican party. paul ryan said it may snuff out the gains republican have garnered over tax reform. >> a tariff say tax and typically republicans -- conservatives, have not been for more taxes. i'm not in favor of tariffs they're a tax on the consumer. >> bill: do you think it's right or wrong? >> it's wrong. there's 60 people purchasing steel for every person making steel in the country so there's a lot of people who are going to be hurt by this. my state alone exports $20 billion worth of products including a lot of farm and agricultural product and if there's a trade war we stand to lose in a big way and the united states will lose in a trade war.
6:20 am
>> bill: last point here, you're going to introduce an amendment to audit the fed. it's been going on for some time. why is it significant to keep track of the numbers, senator? >> the federal reserve is powerful and they've kept rates low so government can keep borrowing and borrowing and why we have an enormous $20 trillion debt. but when they keep it low, they prevent a useful signal from being distribute to the economy and the economy gets into a boom and ultimately a bust. because of the federal reserve manipulating interest rates and keeping them below the market rate. i think the federal reserve ought to be audited. i think their power needs to be restrained and we should try to maintain value in the dollar instead of trying to restore the dollar. >> bill: your father taught you well. like father like son. senator paul, thank you for your time and speaking from the hill. >> sandra: breaking news from the white house just a few moments ago.
6:21 am
president trump calls the news out of pyongyang possible progress. he also says it may be false hope but the u.s. is ready to go hard in either direction. we'll have more for you on that in just a moment. plus, did you see this? >> thank god, thank god, i am god. >> sandra: that passenger a chaotic scene mid flight. a fellow passenger tried to open the door yelling i am god. with 5 times the good bacteria to re-align your system. re-align yourself, with align. we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at".
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> bill: so march is a lion. some are getting slammed in the
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midwest. here's video of north dakota. that's a garbage truck going the wrong way in bismarck. and a tree falling on a truck in upstate new york and that's when you get when the power lines are exposed. parts of the northeast dealing with the aftermath of a destructive and deadly nor'easter. a winter storm watch from montana to the state of maine. there it goes again. the tree falls. next one moves into the northeast around midnight tonight. >> sandra: passengers on a united flight taking matters into their own hand after an unruly passenger causes chaos by trying to open a cabin door during mid flight. jonathan what was happening? >> reporter: a scare in the air, that's for sure.
6:26 am
according to passengers, the middle-aged woman acted strangely before she took her seat in first class. she was leaving san francisco heading to boise, idaho and a fellow passenger from california said she wasn't acting quite or normal from the very beginning. i read it as one of them is trying to get over the fear of flying. then this happened. >> i am god. i am god, i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. >> reporter: as the come claimed to be god, tried to open the plane door and reportedly said, quote, god has all the data. i don't have the data. we landed in boise 15 minutes ago for three years. other passengers, not
6:27 am
surprisingly, moved in and restrained her and using zip ties on her legs. the plane was met by police and the woman is undergoing a medical evaluation with the idaho department of health and welfare. passengers, by the way, said everyone remained calm and in case you're wondering, sandra, experts say it's impossible for anyone to actual open an airplane cabin door in flight but i'm not sure i'd want to take the chance with someone claiming they're god but i think zip ties were the right way to go in this incident. >> sandra: jonathan hunt, thank you. >> bill: emotional issues. breaking news on a top fbi agent fired from the mueller investigation. why peter strzok knew about a breach to hillary clinton's server and this.
6:28 am
>> if conservatives show up and vote we'll be fine in texas. >> sandra: ted cruz sounding confident about the texas state primary but things may be too close for comfort. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is here to weigh in. >> bill: and the final resting place of a missing world war ii ship after 60 years.
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>> bill: it is 9:31 taking to you washington awaiting the israeli prime minister. this follows the most friendly white house meeting and the two leaders talking about the relocation of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and we affirm the commitment to israel and talking about the iran nuclear deal and we'll bring you the comments
6:32 am
live as soon as they come up in washington, d.c. >> sandra: fox news has learned former fbi agent piecer strzok wiz a -- was alerted to a possible hillary clinton server leak and there's been an investigation by the obama administration. former arkansas governor mike huckabee joins us from his home in nashville home of his trinity broadcast show. >> great to be with you. >> sandra: what do you make that strzok was alerted about the breach and according to fox news sources, nothing happened? >> i used to say in my deejay days years ago the hits keep coming. here's another one if catherine
6:33 am
h herridge doesn't get a pool -- pulitzer prize there is no justice in this world. this is one more revelation of a person clearly biassed, who hated trump and said that repeatedly in texts to his in-house lover and now we know he ignored key evidence that would have been crucial in this charade of an investigation regarding russia and the trump campaign and it's unthinkable he still holds a job and we're paying his paycheck. >> sandra: we know the president is urging his attorney general, jeff sessions, to look into this abuse and the president weighed in on twitter saying why did the obama administration start an
6:34 am
investigation too the trump campaign with zero proof of wrongdoing why before the election. wanted to discredit so crooked h would win and obama did nothing about russian meddling. >> good thing they went to 280 changes. there's an assumption jeff sessions isn't doing anything and i think that's a mistake. i think he has enough integrity he was doing an investigation he wouldn't announce it and frankly, wouldn't tell the president because then it wouldn't be a secret investigation because it'd be tweeted. i think it may well be something the attorney general is going after and he's not the kind of guy that would make a big deal and hold a press conference and say so. let's wait until the evidence
6:35 am
comes in or at some point announces there's not only been an investigation but charges are being filed. >> sandra: meanwhile, there's been a response saying the tweet is a great example of your paranoia constant misrepresentation of the facts and panic, rightly so. when will those in congress and the 30% of americans who still support you realize you're a charlatan. does this show -- this is what he's putting out there the president is somehow getting nervous about the ongoing investigation, governor? >> no, not at all. i think it shows the definition of paranoia is paranoia when they're out to get you. he's not sitting in a room brooding about it. we've seen the evidence. the e-mails between strzok and
6:36 am
lisa page and evidence andrew mccabe was clearly tainted in his own political bias. there's so many pieces of evidence, the clinton donors and democrat donors on the mueller team investigating this. he didn't make that up. there are people who are truly setting their sights on the president. >> sandra: there's chaos in the white house and the president has felt he needs to response and the narrative, is there chaos in the white house. people will always come and go and i want strong dialogue. i still have people i want to change always seeking perfection. he felt the need to come out and clarify what is happening in the west wing, governor. but before you go, i want to talk about the texas primary. what are your expectations as
6:37 am
there's talk about democratic momentum in the state. >> there's always talk about that. there was talk about it when wendy davis was the hero of the national democratic party and of planned parenthood and beat gregg abbott. hout that turn out? -- how'd that turn out? texas is still a red state. i think the democrats are fine in getting their hopes up and energy built up. that's what makes a good election. republicans will have to fight hard for their seats. they should. they should never take it for granted but at the end of the day, i don't think the lone star state is going to be a dual-star state with blue and red. i think you'll see a red star come november. >> sandra: ted cruz shared an optimistic sentiment and early voting is underway. governor mike huckabee, thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> bill: president trump has until the end of the month to
6:38 am
decide whether to include citizenship on the consensus for 2020. we have more from los angeles. what do we know? >> >> reporter: it's not the most exciting story of the day but an important one. are you a u.s. citizen? the government said they need to know that and democrats say it's a scheme to rig the consensus for power and money. are you here legally or not? a simple question but should it be in the next consensus? >> it's not just a head count, it's a snapshot of america and we have good reasons to know who is here. >> add citizenship question for 2020 will probably make the consensus less accurate because more people will have fear of filling out the form.
6:39 am
>> reporter: every decade the federal government conducts a consensus. it used to be standard but attempts by the trump administration to revive it have some crying foul. >> no one should go uncounted or be invisible. >> it will be counterproductive to all americans. >> reporter: the consensus determines how many seats each state receives and how washington allocates billions in federal funds. >> the question is should we include people here illegally and the answer is no, we should not. >> reporter: counting illegal immigrants gives them money and influence they don't deserve and others say just asking the question creates fear, suppressing minority participation. the decision comes at the end of the month to determine which states get how many seats. >> bill: important stuff in the
6:40 am
end. william la jeunesse live. >> sandra: a major discovery at the bottom of the sea. it was lost 76 years ago. the fleet aircraft carrier was the first to be sunk by opposing carrier aircraft in world war ii. paul allen's deep sea exploration team made the discovery near australia. the wreckage will remain as the u.s. military considers it a war grave. fascinating stuff. >> bill: probably chart that on new microsoft software. cool. in a moment, the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu will have remarks and we'll bring them as soon as they begin in d.c. >> sandra: and new reaction from president trump after north korea said it's open to direct denuclearization talks with the
6:41 am
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>> sandra: the ratings are in for hollywood's biggest night and they were not good plunging according to nielsen is a 20% drop from last year's oscars. this is the first time the show drew fewer than 30 million viewers going back to 1974. what do you think is causing this? >> bill: hollywood needs a blockbuster. >> sandra: you're a movie guy. >> bill: they had a monopoly for a long time and it's going to netflix and hulu and on and on it goes. i think that's got a lot to do with it. a changing industry. returning to our big story now, south korea saying north
6:45 am
korea is ready to talk in exchange for a freeze on its nuclear program. president trump tweeting possible talks in north korea for the first time in years and an effort being made by all parties concerned. maybe false hope but the u.s. is ready to go hard in either direction. last point is very important. john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n. what to believe and not believe once you heard the headlines? >> look, the only thing north korea is serious about is getting deliver automobile nuclear weapons and -- delivering nuclear weapons. they want to talk to get us immeshed yet again in negotiations to get across the finish line. look, we've talked north korea on and off directly and indirectly for 25 years. we have failed to stop the
6:46 am
program. there's no reason to think with them a few yards from the finish line in year 26 they're suddenly going to change. i come to the opt sit -- opposite conclusion. >> bill: they would not be in this position without james mattis and rex tillerson and donald trump. would you agree with that? >> i think they're to the point where they're worried this administration doesn't respond the way the obama administration did the last eight years. i think they see in south korea an opportunity to try to drive a wedge between us and south korea or force us into the negotiations. the real problem is not talking. if the administration continued to increase pressure on north korea that'd be one thing but i'd bet a dollar as we're sitting here today the united states has to contribute to the atmosphere and show good faith, let's prime the pump.
6:47 am
all which is code talk for make concessions. if that comes, then i think you can count on this, north korea will get deliverable nuclear weapons before the end of this year. >> bill: by the end of 2018. maybe the economic squeeze is working? maybe they're starting to feel that? possibly that's why you have a change in potential tone. >> i don't think so. do you think iran is a biding by the sanctions on north korea. i don't think the russians are. i think the north korean the best grifters. do you know who paid for their participation in the winter olympics. south korea. >> bill: do you think the leadership is being taken in seoul. they've been liberal and open towards some sort of dialogue with north korea. >> this is the sunshine policy crowd all over again. they're like putty in north korean's hand. as the great international relations fear as p.t. barnum
6:48 am
said there's a sucker born every minute. >> bill: we think about inspections here, right? take this to the next point in the argument, if you were to get a freeze in the nuclear program, we're not going to believe what happens unless you get people on the ground to verify it and that takes you back to iraq and the shell game that happened for years. north korea's the most closed nation on the planet, mr. ambassador. how will it work? >> the only inspections -- even theoretically, the only inspection system in north korea you can have any prospect of fi finding out what they're up to would have to be so intrusive and large across the country it would threaten the stability of the dictatorship that's one reason among many why it won't happen. this is a temporary device and
6:49 am
they're buying time to make progress on their nuclear program. they may not need to have more nuclear tests. that's what the freeze proposal may mean. now they may be manufacturing nuclear device. >> bill: last point on this, if you believe they're nuclear by the end of 2018 that would be something else. who makes the next move in the game? >> i don't think we should let them get to that point and that prediction is based in part on what cia director mike pompeo has been saying they're within a handful of months of being a threat and we've seen the future just the past week of the north korea capable of chemical weapons. north korea is telling the materials for weapons of mass destruction to syria now, chemical weapons, and they'll do the same with the nuclear
6:50 am
technology once they have it. >> bill: thank you for your time. john bolton in washington, d.c. sandra, what's next? >> sandra: a mystery unfolding in the u.k. as a former russian spy is an apparently poisoned. who did it and why? >> bill: and an amateur photographer catching a bald eagle with some hungry eyes. that's lunch, i believe. >> sandra: i love it. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
6:51 am
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>> bill: a nature lover capturing a fatal moment. there it goes.
6:54 am
this is montana. the forever was out when fishing he spotted the eagle perched on a tree ready to strike and captured the predator in action and put the fish out there to get the bald eagle in action. that's a could shot. >> sandra: never get sick of seeing a bald eagle. beautiful creatures. northwest montana. >> bill: i think they call that lunch, kid. >> sandra: that's what they do. meanwhile, a former russian officer accused of spying for russia falling critically ill along with his daughter leaving many to suspect they were deliberately poisoned. we are live in london following the story, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, sandra. it has all the ingredients of a cold war thriller and a spy swap involving the united states and a potential murder attempt. here's what we know, a former
6:55 am
russian spy and his daughter were found unconscious it had on a park bench in a town called salisbury about 90 miles southwest of london. they were immediately hospitalized, treated for exposure to an unknown substance and are still in critical condition. now, the former russian agent is in fact -- was in fact a double agent. he was convicted in russia in 2006 for high treason for spying for britain and betraying his fellow russian agent to british intelligence. after that, the russians traded him along with three other western spies for 10 russians who had been arrested in the united states for a spy swap. he was given refuge in the u.k. there are some striking similarities to this incident and what happened to another former russian agent back in
6:56 am
2006. his name was alexander litvinik when he was poisoned in the u.k. we're expecting the toxicology report. we're hoping it will answer the questions in the mystery. meanwhile, the british foreign secretary was addressing the parliament a short while ago and doesn't want to pre-judge this but if russia is found to be behind this there will be serious consequences and russia said they'd be willing to participate in the investigation if asked. >> bill: we're awaiting benjamin netanyahu speaking to a lobbying group in washington, d.c. we expect strong comments regarding the iran nuclear deal. probably the move to jerusalem of the embassy.
6:57 am
we'll bring you his comments in a moment here.
6:58 am
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book now at >> sandra: voters set to cast their ballots in one hour in texas for the primaries opened for the 2018 midterms. did i just say that? welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith and yes, we're ready. >> bill: in for a long season. i'm bill hemmer, good morning, everybody. democrats looking to turn the state blue and a democrat could be the bigger challenge. and o'rourke accumulating more campaign dollars. >> my opponent is raise ton of money and it doesn't hurt chuck schumer came down to texas and brought his liberal buddies with him and they would love to see the state of texas have an
7:01 am
anti-gun, pro-amnesty liberal government represented. >> bill: how are you doing? good morning. congressman o'rourke explaining the race, how? >> reporter: can you believe we're already talking about election season standing outside of another poll. he said it's easy for republicans like senator cruz to blame president trump for what we are seeing happen in a deep red state. congressman o'rourke saying as he has crisscrossed texas and the clear front-runner in the primary, the constituents have told him they feel forgotten and under represented despite the talk of draining the swamp as he's traveled to small texas towns. >> someone showed me a picture with their dad with l.b.j. and
7:02 am
said it's the last time the u.s. senate candidate has showed up to speak to the people in our city. >> reporter: he's gain a big polling and senator ted cruz said he's not letting his guard down and remains optimistic and calling on conservatives to get out and vote saying if that happens they'll be fine. again, we have seen a steady stream of people going into the polling location today in dallas to be continued. it's going to be awfully interesting, bill. >> bill: other than that, other senate race top republicans are on the ballot, who and what are they fighting for, casey? >> reporter: greg obott and ken paxin. they don't expect upsets in the races but they tell us here is
7:03 am
where things caught geld interesting in terms of the -- could get interesting in terms of the seats they could be in jeopardy. not enough to take away the republican majority in texas but it certainly isn't typical in a state like this. listen. >> it could be six, 10, 15. i expect it will be noticeable. maybe even a seat or two in the texas senate. maybe a couple seats in the u.s. house will go from republican to democrat. >> reporter: now, he wants to make sure it's not a sign in his expertise and believes it's a sign of texas going blue or even purple for that matter, bill, but said it is interesting to watch unfold. we're in unchartered territory and voters are sending some kind of message. >> bill: casey stegall, live in dallas.
7:04 am
thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert, breaking news in the showdown with north korea. south korea saying they're willing to freeze their ballistic missile testing to pave the road to a summit with the u.s. and president trump tweeting, possible progress being made in talks with north korea. a serious effort is being made by all parties concerned. the world is watching and waiting. maybe false hope but the u.s. is ready to go hard in either direction. let's bring in steve hayes a fox news contributor. this is a huge change in town. >> those are important conditionals you laid out. the most important thing in the president's tweet is maybe false hope. we've seen this before from north korea, most especially in
7:05 am
2012, shortly after kim jong-un took power there were stories reported in late february, early march of that year about north korea's offer to suspend its nuclear programs and engage in talks with the promise of a long-term peace deal. we saw this in 1994 and 2005 and 2007. north korea always makes promises like this and thus far north korea has a strikingly consistent record of breaking those promises. >> sandra: is it possible, though, north korea could be caving to pressure? >> sure, anything's possible. the fact we've seen these kinds of gestures from kim jong-un recently whether it's the attendance at the olympics or talking about making arguments that suggests a new openness, sure, we can look at those and see hopeful signs but history
7:06 am
tells us there's very little reason to be hopeful or optimistic about what they're doing and i agree with what ambassador bolton said in the last hour, if we take them at their word, shame on us because we've seen what they've done in the past and would be foolish to believe them this time. >> sandra: he was strong on that and answering the question why they'd be willing to talk now here's how ambassador responded. >> why do they want to talk now? to divert our attention, to get us immeshed yet again in negotiations to get across the finish line. look, we've talked to north korea on and off directly and indirectly for 25 years. we have failed, obviously, to stop the program. there's no reason to think that with them a few yards from the finish line in year 26, they're suddenly going to get serious. in fact i come to the opposite conclusion. >> sandra: his take is it's all a distraction. >> i think he's right about that. look at what they're promising
7:07 am
this time temporary suspension while the talks are going upon they have in the past promised to denuclearize the peninsula, sometimes in exchange for concessions like oil and food and sometimes not. but what we know, if you look back at the record, they've never followed through. and there's reason to be pessimistic they'll follow through this time. i think it's worth, at this point, exploring possibilities but we should do so with our eyes wide open to make sure we don't fall victim to north korea propaganda yet again. >> sandra: it's a great point. how do you think the president will respond to this? we heard the words calling it possible progress and maybe false hope and saying we'll go hard in either direction. what should the move be? >> it's the rice -- right posture and tone for the president to strike and the united states should be open about the fact we're skeptical
7:08 am
and north koreans are going to do what they say they're willing to do. i agree with what the ambassador said about the north trying to drive a wedge between the united states and south and potentially other allies in the region. that's a problem. and if the south basically falls from north korea prop gaganda, though they should know better that could hurt our ability to press our case and our advantage in the months to come. >> sandra: obviously the economy playing a big part and some a.p. analysis about the wooing the south to keep the north economy a float part of this as well. steve hayes, thank you. >> thanks, sandra. >> bill: and we're watching the republican leadership in the house now. we expect reaction to president trump's controversial tariff plan and speaker paul ryan saying a trade deal could jeopardize recent economic grains including the tax reform
7:09 am
plan -- gains including the tax reform plan but the president not backing down on this. >> we lost $108 billion a year on trade. not going to happen. we have to get it back. how previous presidents allowed that to happen is disgraceful. >> bill: mike emmanuel on the hill. good morning. how concerned are republicans about this tariff idea today? >> they're pretty vocal about calling it a tariff attack on consumer paul ryan is surging the white house to not advance this plan. we expect to hear from the speaker momentarily and others are expressing their concerns as well. >> this is damaging jobs. it should not be a conversation about a blanket tariff. id shut be about saving american jobs for everyone in the country to succeed and we should be turning our attention to
7:10 am
fighting the cheat and fraud that goes on from china not each other. >> bill: nobody ever wins trade wars. -- >> trade wars are only lost by all. the president continues to treat trade as a gain. >> it's more like they're trying to talk him out of it, bill. >> bill: what more is the white house saying about the idea? >> sarah sanders said the president's going to do what he needs to do to protect american workers. >> this is something the president is committed to doing and he feels that both our national security or vitally important in the process and we have to have the industry to protect that and that's a big part of the goal. >> some on capitol hill have expressed the willingness to get tougher with china but not canada and great britain.
7:11 am
>> bill: mike emmanuel on capitol hill. >> sandra: we're awaiting possible comments on news from north korea and president's looming tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. you see steve scalise is speaking there. we'll monitor this. >> bill: and the fired campaign aide, sam nunberg reversing course now saying he'll cooperate. we'll talk about it with the former deputy attorney general. stay tuned for more on that today >> sandra: and house intelligence committee chairman devin nunez talking about the democrats. our panel is here. >> we knew what the russians were up to but it's nothing knew and why people are going overboard with this and taking things totally out of context. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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by finding them affordable coverage by impartially shopping highly rated insurers offering over 70 policies. dad, you're coming right? you promise? you promise? you promise? i promise. >> we know exactly who is getting information from the russians. it was the hillary clinton campaign. they were getting information from the russians, dirt on trump to use in a campaign. that's the very thing that for a year and a half we've been trying to investigate to whether or not the trump campaign was trying to get dirt against hillary clinton from the
7:16 am
russians. we have no evidence of that. we know the democrats were trying to get information from russians to use against the trump campaign. >> sandra: house committee chairman, devin nunez, saying the focus should be the democrats and the hillary clinton campaign. we have a former state department spokesperson and a former press secretary. thank you both for being here. what did you think of that? the focus should be on the democrats and hilary's campaign? >> i think if you look at what congressman nunez said, he said we have known russia's been trying to interfere in our elections and democratic process. they're trying to interaction with democrats to benefit republicans and vice versa. this is something mitt romney warned about many years ago during the presidential debate and laughed off stage. i think if we can take anything from this is it's a real threat
7:17 am
and they're trying to interfere in our process with republicans and democrats. >> sandra: he is adamant and cited the clinton dossier bankrolled by the campaign and democrats. >> devin nunez is not telling the truth, i'm sorry to say. there's one campaign who met with russian officials who offered to work with them to dig up work on their opponent and then lied about it to the fbi which is people are now under indictment or pled guilty. that's the campaign of donald trump. i know devin nunez is playing a political partisan game. amos is right to the russian interference is a problem and president trump won't -- he's not preparing us for 2018 or 2020 and that's a national security threat. >> sandra: pardon me, i'm going to jump in because we have republicans speaking at the
7:18 am
conference. paul ryan is up. let's listen. >> we don't do the blurt out thing. i'm not watching the gyrations of the market just make sure we have good economic policy and think the best approach and the president is right. there's clearly dumping of steel and aluminum. that's happening. there's a big over capacity problem. let's focus on and the abusers of that and think the proper approach is a more surgical approach so we don't have unintended consequences. the ways and means committee has been work on solutions with the administration. the talks are ongoing and hoping we can get to a good place.
7:19 am
we think the economy's doing well and we want to make sure every step we take forward does not create any unintended consequences. we've had multiple conversations and knows our view-every now and then we'll have a different approach on tackling the problem but there is a problem and want it done in a prudent way that's more surgical to limit unintended consequences. >> sandra: so you've been listening to speaker paul ryan taking questions. obviously, a big topic there was the economy following more questions about the proposed tariffs by the president and mem befr --
7:20 am
members of his own party. i want to bring in our panel back in, amos, he said trade wars are not good based on what the president is saying. >> one thing both of us would agree with is the american economy is strong. the american economy is growing and anything that washington does or the white house does, we first need to protect that growth. we're seeing this across the country and i think what you're seeing today the president tweets this out and makes a statement two days ago and you're seeing the speaker of the house jump into action and they want to continue the economic growth. >> sandra: many have made their feelings very clear on the tariffs. they don't like the idea and what this could eventually result in. >> absolutely, and you've heard statements including paul ryan about the tariffs and what a bad
7:21 am
idea they are and the relationships with the canadians or e.u. matter and there's a war going on right now between gary coen and peter navarro. we'll see who comes out on top but there's basically no one in the mainstream or republican party or economic side that think the tariff a good idea. >> sandra: many republicans say they want a level playing field. you've heard that from paul ryan and others but the tariffs i think surprised many and gary cohen has fought adamantly against this. thanks to both of you. >> bill: more breaking news now. benjamin netanyahu has the microphone in washington, d.c. and vows not to allow iran to go nuclear. we're watching the development here thanking the trump administration for support on a lot of things, iran policy, the
7:22 am
jerusalem, embassy and so forth. so back in a moment with those comments. whoooo.
7:23 am
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>> sandra: day on the slopes becomes a rescue mission after five people were trapped after an avalanche in california. one man was completely buried. they manage to get to him in time thanks to someone spotted him and luckily all five were rescued though one is in serious condition. >> bill: there is another closely watch special election southwestern, p.a., the race is
7:26 am
neck and neck. the republican connor lamb and democrat cohen. could they upset the direct that went for president trump? molly is live with a look at the election. how's it look from there? >> reporter: it's a beautiful view. i can say that for southwestern pennsylvania. there's a lot of resources be poured into the southwestern party of pennsylvania. the election is just one week away at this point. you mentioned the democrat, connor lamb, this telegenic young democrat and hoping he can upset the district where donald trump took and holding a seat upset. he's a marine corps veteran and former federal prosecutor and
7:27 am
inviting joe biden to the trail later this afternoon. president trump, plans to return saturday for a big campaign rally. he's previously given his backing to the republican candidate who is an air force veteran. he is elated mr. trump is coming to town and hopes to join him soon in the nation's capital. >> he needs a few more wing men and i want to be his wing man in washington, d.c. >> reporter: saturday's rally will be the president's 20th rally in pennsylvania. his fifth in the pittsburgh area since he started his race for the white house in june of 2015. this is coal country and steel country. lamb said he's willing to work with the president on jobs and like saccone offered support to
7:28 am
raise tariffs on steel and aluminum. those are industries that matter a lot here. a quick note in the money game, lamb has proven to be a proficient fundraiser out raising saccone two to one. >> bill: interesting race. thank you, molly line in south western, p.a. >> sandra: the most lethal fighter jet joining forces with a war ship in the pacific. a giant leap for our military and warning to china and korea. >> bill: and the brother of a murdered border agent calling on president trump to re-open the investigation into what led to his brother's death and jason chaffetz led the charge to get answers. he is live to talk about that coming up. >> sandra: and a brand new twist in the russia investigation. will a twice-fired former trump campaign aide ignore a grand
7:29 am
jury subpoena? >> this is ridiculous. what do i have to handle the e-mails to a federal investigator and why? because they don't like me? liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:32 am
>> i would be willing to go in for testimony. i want it to be fair. i was thinking to save time i could advice against this maybe i'll just give them the e-mail password -- >> then you'll comply. >> yes. >> so now you're saying you'll comply? >> i have no problem complying. >> bill: that was last night. this is a bizarre several hours now. former trump campaign aide sam nunberg twice fired by the campaign is now saying he will
7:33 am
cooperate with bob mueller after saying yesterday in a series of interviews he'd ignore a grand jury subpoena and these interviews were bizarre. tom dupree. welcome back. six hours of cable news glory. that's what sam nunberg was having yesterday. what did you think of his appearance? >> i would say bizarre is an understand statement. i've never seen anything like this. why put him on tv if you had a hunch he was not all there. >> he has met with bob mueller and has insight to where bob mueller is going. it's newsworthy in that respect and fascinating to watch him go through mental gyrations is from a news director's perspective i see why they put him on the air
7:34 am
but my goodness it was incoherent and in the end he'll cooperate but it took six hours of gyration to get there. >> i heard two national reporters yesterday say anytime on the campaign sam nunberg said anything you had to check it twice. here's an unfiltered opportunity to talk about whatever. >> this demonstrates why he has that reputation. he's not interested in protect the president and said he hates the president and doesn't understand why he had to turn over the e-mails and that's what the law requires. >> bill: late last night in an interview with the associated press he said he would comply with bob mueller. what does that tell but the pressure on an individual caught
7:35 am
in the crosshairs here. >> if nunberg does not comply i have no doubt bob mueller will put him in jail, period. if mueller allowed him to defy the bob mueller it sends a message to the world and he is playing hard ball and will not tolerate shenanigans from the likes of sam nunberg. >> bill: trey goudy wants a special investigation whether the fisa court was abused and two days ago he said this with maria. >> i don't think the inspector general himself can answer all of our questions. some of these witness have already left the department which means the inspector general does not have jurisdiction. i counted up almost two dozen witnesses the inspector general would not have access to where he alone conducting this
7:36 am
investigation. i think we're trending perhaps towards another special counsel because of the fact there's witnesses outside the reach of the inspector general. >> bill: there you have it. you don't like the idea. >> i agree he cannot do it because he doesn't have jurisdiction. when you put a special counsel in motion it can be impossible to and it can go in a direction you didn't anticipate. and you don't do it if ordinary d.o.j. investigative mechanisms can't do the trick. >> bill: that's a fair answer. one final question, then.
7:37 am
do you believe the system in place now can find a positive or negative -- can find an affirmation as to whether or not this happened or not. i think the i.g. can carry out the investigation. congressman gowdy is correct then let's revisit it but the first step is do it through the ordinary process. >> bill: tom dupree, thank you for your time and analysis. >> sandra: a fox news alert a russian plane has gone down in the eastern ghouta region forcing an aid convoy to flee the area. let's go to connor live on this. >> reporter: russian administrative defense saying a
7:38 am
cargo jet crashed. this is the big russian base in western syria. the russian ministry of defense is saying it did not come under enemy fire and was likely a technical reason but russia has played a role in syria particularly in eastern ghouta where heavy fight last couple days has seen 79 people killed in monday alone and 800 or so in the last two to three weeks. 46 vehicles carrying humanitarian goods, food, water, supplies were able to get in between the fighting. they were able to get in and deliver food and supplies for 27,000 people but the red cross saying it had to can sell a scheduled delivery into eastern ghouta because the fighting continuing between the assad
7:39 am
regime and opposition forces backed by russian airstrikes as well. there is a lot of concern the humanitarian crisis is getting worse and worse. there's 400,000 people and supplies for 27,000 doesn't do a whole lot, sandra. >> sandra: connor powell live for us from jerusalem. thank you. >> bill: remarkable. history being made on the open ocean. the future of american air dominance. the f-35 joint strike fighter making its first landing ever on board an amphibious assault ship and the f-35 can support marines on shore and strike inland and provide air defense for strike groups. >> sandra: extraordinary stuff there. >> bill: how do you design this? how long does it take to get it right. >> sandra: a lot of respect for that. a fast-moving fire showing
7:40 am
how firefighters laid their lives on the line to rescue people trapped in that building. plus, we'll have this. >> there needs to be accountability. there needs to be justice for my brother. he deserves it. he spent 22 years serving the country as a marine and that's what he deserves. >> sandra: the brother of fallen border patrol agent asking president trump to re-open the investigation into the gun-running scandal that left his brother dead. jason chaffetz led the investigation into this when he served as oversight chairman. his reaction, next. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
7:41 am
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7:43 am
you've probably seen me running all over the country in search of our big idaho potato truck. but not any more. i am done with that. ooh, ooh hot - just gonna stay home on the farm, eat a beautiful idaho potato, and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today and it's really a sight to see. oh man...let's go.... (distant) you comin', boy? sfx: (dog) gulp! woof. >> bill: burning debris nearly taking the life of new york firefighters and as they battle the flames below you see the
7:44 am
firefighters. wow, look at all them. four were injured taken to the hospital. they'll be okay and everybody inside the building was okay as well. that's something else to deal with. brooklyn new york. -- brooklyn, new york. >> we need to find out the truth, exactly what happened, how it happened and why it happened. i mean, there's no one in the a.t.f., d.o.j. held accountable. everybody's still working. nobody's been punish. maybe a slap on the hand that's about it. dennis burke got a $2,000 fine and lost a lawyer's license. we paid $15,000 to put my brother in the grave. >> sandra: his brother was killed in a 2010 shootout and the weapon was part of a controversial obama era gun program. over the weekend terry pleaded
7:45 am
with president trump asking for action on the investigation tweeting this, sir, it's been seven years. my family asks you to re-open the obama gun scandal that cost my brother's live. i talked to you on the campaign trail in michigan and you offered to re-open the books on this. thank you. god bless. jason chaffetz sat on the committee the first time around on the investigation. this is obviously something that was front and center for you for some time. and you chose to immediately respond to the brother's tweet over the weekend and you said what? >> well, i told him unfortunately when i became the chairman of the oversight committee i continued the baton by darrell issa and good staff work and when attorney general sessions came in place i went to the department of justice and met with him and talked to him with the topic and the attorney
7:46 am
general said no, he wouldn't re-open it or open the documents and consequently it's still in court these many years later trying to get the documents congress deserves. >> sandra: did you ask him why he won't turn them over or re-open the investigation? >> have you an attorney general, eric holder, held in contempt, the first time in the history of the united states regarding this topic. you have an attorney general now in a deep state there at the department of justice. nothing has changed. you know, when you issue a subpoena from say special counsel mueller everybody jumps. they're afraid of going to jail. when congress issues a subpoena, whether it's the intel committee they'll consider it so we're still in court trying to extract the document the terry family should be. >> sandra: what's the reason being provided to why they won't
7:47 am
turn the documents over so the family can have answers to what led to their loved one's death? >> it's a closed case. the united states congress has jurisdiction. we've been asking for the documents and the department of justice is saying no. we think it's probably embarrassing to them. but that doesn't mean that we at congress don't get to see them and the american people and the family itself doesn't get to see them. it's infuriating. it's a double standard because they will not turn the documents over even -- >> sandra: can the president act on this? >> sure, absolutely. >> sandra: do you think he will? >> absolutely. he doesn't have an arm's length distance. if president trump wanted to do this it would be done or should be done and have you an attorney general with no backbone. i've been saying for a long time, he needs to go. how is fast and furious still an
7:48 am
issue? it's still in the court and won't turn the documents over. >> sandra: what do you say to this slain brother patrol agent's brother, and responding to him and his family we still don't have answers. you can look at the responses and he's retweeting the support and they feel like they've been lied to. >> well, i have to tell you, they've been promised answers for a long time but i can tell you from myself and trey gowdy and darrell issa they've been fighting for the documents but the department of justice will not adhere to its subpoena. again, the double standard. as soon as they issue a subpoena everybody jumps and is sweating because they're going to jail. but when they get a subpoena they don't adhere to it. that's fundamentally wrong and has to change. to the family, there's got to be people in congress that continue to fight for it. >> sandra: and we'll see what
7:49 am
happens. no response as of this morning or over the weekend from the white house specifically on this. but this is something the president told that brother he would act on. >> well, i believe the president and when i was chairman and sat face to face with jeff sessions he said no and i asked him to reconsider it and he said no and i met with attorneys at the white house and they said no. they're trying to protect the previous president. they want executive privilege. they want executive privilege on something they said the president obama was never briefed on or asked for. that's why the congress is taking them to court and the court -- it's going to be close to adecade -- a decade if we get it at all. >> sandra: i heard the man's brother speak out this morning.
7:50 am
i know it was an effort you spearhe spearheaded and stuck with for some time. thank you for being here. >> bill: john scott come up next in 10 minutes, "what's happening now." >> the top republicans are pushing back on president trump's tariff plan but the president is not backing down so what happens next? plus, the first primary of the 2018 season has democrats turning out in big numbers. could this deep red state send eye democratic governor to washington. and passengers taking matters in their own hand when an out-of-control passenger causes chaos mid flight. >> bill: there's a new theory on the beginning of time and stephen hawking has the idea but to get there you have to go back nearly 14 billion years in time and we will, next.
7:51 am
how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to,
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but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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7:54 am
>> bill: one of the biggest questions of the universe did something happen before the big bang. stephen hawking is claiming he knows the answer and we have been looking at this. cory powell is here. we have to go back 14 billion. >> we wind the clock a little bit. >> bill: you're dubious about his idea. >> if you rewind the history of the universe we know we live in an expanding universe and we all lived in one place, that's the
7:55 am
big bang, so what made it go bang and what happened before then? stephen hawking's answer is there was no time before the big bang. time as we know it did not exist. there was something called imaginary time tangled up in space. gou back there, stay with me, this sounds great like why you haven't done certain things. you go back to this moment where there was -- since time didn't move there was a moment before the universe existed but it didn't exist in time as we understand it. >> bill: it sounds deep and confusing. what does his theory do to those who believe the big bang started? what did his theory do to those who believe in creation? >> stephen hawking all along has said he doesn't need a creator
7:56 am
for his story of the universe. it doesn't mean there isn't a creator but he sees no place for it. there are a lot of other physicists and i spoke to someone and they said nobody understands it. if a big cosmologist is with me i feel -- >> bill: do you understand it? >> i understand it at this level and i recently understand a lot of cosmologists understand it at this level well. you can't have this no boundary or time before time. time has to be infinite and has to go back, which i find comforting. look, our lives are transient, the news is transient. the universe is immortal. it gives me comfort. >> bill: i think we need more than two minutes next time. cory powell from discover magazine. >> sandra: new, coming in a teachers' strike in west
7:57 am
virginia coming to an and the governor and senate agreeing to a deal to give teachers a 5% raise. more on this in just a moment.
7:58 am
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i'm proof.
8:00 am
>> fox news alert on republic leaders turning the pressure on republican leaders telling the president to back off amid fears of a trade war. >> he knows our views. there is a problem that should be addressed. we want pudenc a more prudent we surgical. >> rob portman


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