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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 16, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> neil: we're awaiting a press conference from broward county sheriff scott israel. this is the first briefing after the fbi said they did not follow some key tips about six weeks ago. this has nothing to do with the youtube posting about nikolas cruz becoming a professional shooter. lots of questions about to what a and how the fbi could have botched this. phil keating in parkland, florida with more. >> good afternoon, neil. the 4:15 briefing with the broward county sheriff will be the first briefing of the day. this is the longest we've gone
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without having an update since wednesday afternoon at 2:30 in the afternoon. 150 rounds were fired by the suspect. big news today out of washington d.c., all stunning. number 1, the fbi admitting that it perhaps dropped the ball in this investigation before the shooting even happened. a rare smack down from the attorney general of the fbi and up in tallahassee, florida's republican governor calling for heads to roll. christopher wray acknowledging publicly today that on january 5 the fbi was told by a person close to shooting suspect nikolas cruz about his erratic behavior, love of guns and potential to carry out a school shooting. the fbi's miami field office should have received the information up the chain as a potential threat to life so it could follow up and investigate.
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it did not go up the chain. miami never heard about it. five weeks later, 17 students and teachers are dead and former students, nikolas cruz is charged with 17 counts of first degree murder. fbi director christopher wray apologizing saying "we have spoken with victims and families and deeply regret the pain this causes. we have spoken as well." governor rick scott quickly sent out this very statement saying the fbi's failure to take action against this killer is unacceptable. 17 innocent people are dead and acknowledging a mistake is not going to cut it. the fbi director needs to resign. an estimated five to 8,000 people turned out last night for this dramatic candlelight vigil
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held up the road in parkland florida. there were many materials and continuing grief by the community and parents and students that survived. >> for the rest of my day, this will be engraved in my mind. i don't think it will ever go away. >> yeah, you can you expect that is a feeling shared by many of the students. many say of the students and teachers that are in the three story building where the shooting happened on wednesday afternoon, which is now a massive crime scene, a lot of these students and teachers say they don't think that they can go back in the building and the florida sun sentinel quoting the school superintendent for broward county saying the building will be demolished and remain as a crime scene. it wouldn't be used anyway. just for the emotional band aid, if you can, because nothing will be a permanent heal here.
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they're going to demolish the building. >> neil: thanks. i want to go to ron hosko. this is pretty starting revelations regarding what this caller had passed along to the fbi, someone that knew nikolas cruz very well, knew enough about his abuse of animals, worries on social media behavior and things that he said to friends, colleagues, et cetera. his behavior. quite detailed, we're told and went on for quite some time we're told. how did that get lost? >> you know, neil, several years ago, the fbi centralized its tips and complaint management when i was a young agent. through several decades of my tour there, there were complaint agents. we rotated it in every field office. someone had the duty of taking complaints. whether that was someone on the phone or walking in.
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several years back probably to economize and put the agents back in the street, they centralized that. the local is in clarksburg west virginia at a facility there. a big work force. less expensive work force. however, i think when you offset anything like that, there's a risk that something falls in the cracks. whether this is a person problem, a people progress or a technology problem or a combination, we don't know. sounds as if the director ordered an investigation to start immediately i but it's unforgiveable. frankly, you know, i enjoy doing this show and adding context. i would rather sit anywhere but here today explaining this. it's horrific. >> and we do appreciate your perspective. i don't mean this to be a blanket indictment of the fbi. of course, you know, already you've heard from the florida governor. he thinks the fbi director should go. is that a bit extreme?
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>> i think it is. chris wray is new there. he's still learning about the fbi himself. if this was a failure in my estimation that was in any way tied to his leadership, to his direction to the organization, to his desire to make at this time best law enforcement organization in the world, then i'd say yes. if it was a cultural issue, politicization that has been alleg alleged, maybe so. i don't think it's the time. his the right person to lead the fbi right now and hopefully he can lead them out of this. >> neil: first when i heard this report, i thought it was referring to the september 2017 youtube posting where allegedly nikolas cruz was talking about being a professional shooting.
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everything seemed to match up be. there wasn't enough to go beyond that i was surprised with that. you guys are the fbi. you can get anything you want on anyone you want any time you want. maybe i overstated that. this concerned january of this year and what was detailed accounts. what is the procedure for that and does it remind you of intelligence agencies, for example, after 9-11 when it was proven that they were not communicating with each other or were not sharing information? >> yeah, this is, as you say, detailed to my way of thinking, this is actionable. had this occurred in a field office and frankly i think that's potentially the breakdown of this system in place where its centralized, if this had occurred in a field office, typically the agents on complaints that day know what squad would be interested in this sort of information, that you very likely know the task
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force officers spread around the field office from the other agencies and you can take that information, write it down and walk it to the squad and hand it to the superintendent. you can have action immediately. so why -- how it failed? i don't know. >> neil: any thoughts, ron -- i know it's conjecture but who might have such information and share so much because we're told in quite detail and we're told covered a lot of areas? >> yeah, right, whether this was a close family member or one of these families that had taken him in and was worried about it. you know, this is totally disrespective to the see something say something narrative that we hear from law enforcement. we did at great risk and you did nothing with it and now look at this result. it's horrible. >> neil: ron, thanks very much. you could have opt not to talk about this. i know how much you think of
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your former colleagues. i appreciate your taking the time. be well, ron. thank you. all right. you heard from phil keating earlier that they're going to destroy one of the main buildings, the freshman building, where a lot of these shootings took place. a lot of people are stressing if that is enough or whether a precautions that were installed at the time of the shooting including an armed guard on campus did the job. apparently didn't. it was quite the vast complex. 3, 500 students. so you can see just being in one area doesn't mean you've got all buildings covered. a lot of buildings. like a college campus. let's get the read on this from david katz. he wasn't near where cruz arrived. >> yes. in addition to putting somebody armed in a facility like this, when you control access one way
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in, one way out, you need multiple guards. having someone armed is very little. this is a specialized level of tactical ability to engage somebody with a handgun generally that is trying to harm other people. you need to shoot at a high level, shoot rapidly and be extraordinarily fit. if you need to run the length of the complex, upstairs and still be fit for battle, that's another assessment. i guarantee you the people that are trained and assessed in this matter are few and far between. >> neil: david, they're going to reassess from tip to toe how to deal with this in the future. they thought just having one armed person on the campus there, nowhere near where the shooter would go. but procedures are going to be
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questioned as well. what would have to change? this was an assailant that knew enough having gotten to the school to set off an alarm, to create confusion after there was an earlier alarm test. what do you make of that? >> two points that you're exactly hitting the nail on the head. number 1, you have a student. what does that mean? he knows where the guard is posted. he knows other ways to get in the building. number 2, do not train people to evacuate on alarm. the last 50 years in new york city, we're hearing a high rise office building. the alarm goes off, stay where you are until the safety director makes an assessment. could be a false alarm or someone pulling the alarm for this reason. the fact that you're training people to hear the alarm and go, unacceptable. in this particular case with respect to active shooter response in general, individual
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initiative. in other words, individuals that immediately perceive the presence of a shooter need to be trained to act and not rely on an alarm or instruction from a centralized authority. it's not going to happen. >> neil: david thank you very much. good seeing you even under these circumstances. all right. the left of the screen, that's the scene of parkland florida where we will hear from the sheriff. it's the first opportunity to respond to the reports that the fbi was a wear of a report that came to us on the assailant and somehow either didn't transfer that material, information along or just botched it period. an apology from the fbi director today on that. meanwhile, not letting you think we're ignoring the markets. we've been focusing on them and their comeback since the drubbing all started two weeks ago today on that stronger than expected employment report. with today's gains, nominal they were, the markets have recouped about half of their losses. more after this. no matter how
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>> neil: we're getting worse from john kelly, he's making changes to white house security clearances and how they're acted in light of the rob porter situation. of course, he was investigated of the fbi and found with charges of domestic abuse not one but two former wives. the crackdown is putting a stricter timeline and security procedures in place in order to get access to that information. we don't know how far and wide this will go. just that these changes are in light of those developments and post those developments. if we hear anything more on this, we'll keep you posted. waiting for this presser in florida on the part of the broward county sheriff. as soon as that begins, we'll
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begin. when we talk about security and the fbi and where things are going on the 2016 election, indictments handed out today on russian involvement. 13 russian enties including a few companies. catherine herridge, the thrust is here that they were mucking and in our investigation. >> the announcement was made today by the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein who has district oversight of the investigation. they announced the indictment of 13 russian nationals and three russian organizations with the allegation of defrauding the united states and interfering in the u.s. election and using social media accounts to help certain candidates, in this case, donald trump and to disparage hillary clinton. >> neil: sorry to interrupt you. >> i understand. >> neil: we're following the developments in florida and they concern a separate issue about what they knew and when they
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knew it and the shooter, nikolas cruz. these go back to january 5 reports on the shooter. >> today was another tough day. two of the students lost their lives, were laid to rest today. parkland continues to mourn, to try to heal, to try to take something -- try to give some comfort to these families. i wanted to kind of give you an update on the case. you'll hear from special agent in charge of the fbi in miami, rob laste and then we'll take some questions. we continue to follow up leads. our investigators working feverishly and have spoken to or contacted 3,200 students and
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3,200 staff and faculty. we to have seven people that still remain in the hospital. thank the lord that we have not added to our list of casualties. i wanted to clear up some rumors, innuendo, misinformation that might be out there. the killer never was in possession of a gas mask or any type of smoke grenades. we did recover a bella clava, which is just a face mask with eye slits. again, there was no gas mask or no gas grenades at any time. we heard that there were questions that the media had about where our school resource deputy was. our school resource deputy, deputy peterson, was on campus. he is armed. i believe the campus at stoneman
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douglas is approximately 45 acres. he never encountered the gunman. he never encountered the killer. every day we're learning something more and more about the killer. we've uncovered search warrants about electronic devices and cell phones that tell us more about him. i will not be speaking specifically about either of these devices as the investigation continues. we have uncovered at the broward's sheriff's office that we've had 20 calls for service over the last few years regarding the killer. we will continue to follow up as we do with any investigation. we want to try to find out why this killer did what he did, what we can learn for it and how we can keep our kids safe moving
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forward. so everyone of those calls to service will be looked at and scrutinized. if we find out like in any investigation that one of our deputies or call takers could have done something better or was remiss, i'll handle it accordingly. at this time i'd like to bring up rob laske, special agent in charge of the federal bureau of investigation. >> good afternoon. as you have seen, the fbi released a statement regarding information provided to our public access line january 5 of this year. the caller provided information about nikolas cruz and the potential of him becoming a school shooter. under normal protocol, this information should have been provided to the miami field office. their appropriate steps would
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have been taken. the fbi has said the protocol was not followed. the information was not provided to the miami field office and no further investigation was conducted at that time. the fbi is conducting the facts of the situation. we will conduct an in depth review of our internal procedures or responding to information. the fbi remains dedicated for keeping the american people safe. on behalf of myself, over 1,000 employees of the miami field office, we truly regret any additional pain that this has caused. the men and women that work in the miami field office are part of this community. we walk the same streets. our children attend the same schools to include stoneman douglas. we worship in the same places.
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we are part of this community. as this community hurts, so do we. i want to thank you for your time and god bless. >> are you taking questions about that? >> before we take questions, i want to acknowledge that we're so blessed to stand here right now and tell you that theson of one of our deputies was released from the hospital. he's on the mend. he will heal. and i pray one day he will be going back to stoneman douglas. behind me is our undersheriff, steve kenzie, major nicole anderson and colonel jack dale that provided exemplary leadership as we continue to work through this tragic event. to my right is former mayor of parkland, current county commissioner for parkland, michael eugene. another group of people that i want to thank enormously for what they have done for broward
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county during this is our staff at our public information staff. they have worked through some trying times. they've had request after request and they stood tall and they have been amazing. so i want to thank them as well. any questions? >> [question inaudible] >> assorted calls for service. some of the calls for service, we did not go out on. some of the people we called in were from other states. by a call for service -- a great question. a call for service simply means that our dispatch center received a call. doesn't mean we went out on something. could have been a telephonic contact with a deputy, a person in another state or we might have gone out there. we're going to dissect each and every -- >> [question inaudible] >> i'm sure talked about the psyche of the killer, how to be related to the killer. but it was a breaking of the law
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or a crime, that i can't tell you. >> [question inaudible] >> my hypothesis is probably both. my hypothesis is the killer more than the address. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't think anybody can say that. we still want to encourage our community to see something say something. you know, we want to learn. that's what -- we were so much more proficient at this tragedy than we were at the airport. we took the things away. we learn. we train. at the end of the day, make no mistake about it, america, the only one to blame for this incident is the killer himself. >> can we ask special agent one question? how does the miami field office wrap its head around that you
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guys were kept in the dark about the calls? >> it's difficult. we're professionals. like i said, i have over 1,000 agents or 1,000 employees that come to work every day and do their best to protect america. almost all of them would be making more money in the private service. but they come to do this job because they love this job. they believe in the mission and they believe in the fbi and they believe in law enforcement. >> how did you notify the families? >> [question inaudible] >> normally if a tip comes in, it involves a credible threat. life or limb. it's immediately elevated to a superintendent and provided out to the field office, the appropriate field office. >> how did the fbi notify the 17
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families? did you phone them? how were they notified? >> from what i understand, a phone conversation or a phone bridge was made to those families. given the fact that they were spread out all over and we attempted to provide them the news prior to updating the public. >> [question inaudible] >> the fbi -- the potential of the fbi to miss something is always there. we do our best. we have protocols to prevent these things. we will be looking into where and how, if the protocol broke down and we will come back stronger than we did before. >> before i take the next question, i also want to say that as we look and exercise our due diligence and look at reports and look at what we did right or might have done wrong
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and i'm not saying our deputies made any mistakes, but we're also going to look at if laws changed, if baker act laws changed what might our deputies or what might the fbi or what might police have been able to do differently if they had more empowerment. that's certainly something we'll look at as well. >> [question inaudible] >> we have no reason to believe that right now. >> [question inaudible] >> that's probably one of the 20 issues that we're looking at, calls to service. these are things we'll look at and as they come to fruition and investigated, we'll be out here in a most transparent manner letting you know what happened. >> [question inaudible] >> that's a great question. i don't know. i know there were approximately 20 to bso. i don't know if new came to --
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>> [question inaudible] was there guy on your radar? >> the school knew about him. our school resource deputies knew about him. as soon as they came on to the campus, i understand the guards tried to contact him. i won't go into that more now. we're trying to look at videos and piece that together. it's quite possible they knew who he was. >> what happened at the school when administrators said that they needed to assess -- threat assess, whatever the word is, the school district didn't follow up on that as well? >> i can't comment on that. >> is there something that the school district knew? >> can you talk about -- [inaudible question].
1:30 pm
>> the complaint made it to the field office. the january 5 call, the information never made to it the field office. the mississippi complaint made it to the jackson fbi field office. >> [question inaudible] >> we did the appropriate investigation of the information we had at the time. i don't know if i can positively identify the subject, so it got closed at that point. >> i want to thank you all for being out here. we'll continue to keep you updated and there will be a time as reports become available to us and we'll let you know how our deputies our how any other law enforcement personnel performed in those reports. right now i spoke to one member of one of the deceased family
1:31 pm
today and i asked you yesterday to use good judgment and to treat these families with respect and stay away from them, allow them to grieve and you have and i wanted to thank the media for that. thank you. >> neil: you been listening to authorities, including local law enforcement chief and the fbi assigned to that area over this apparent stunning development here where the fbi never acted on a tip about nikolas cruz. a detailed tip at that on january 5 of this year. we don't know who provided the tip on this tip line. very detailed concerns about cruz's increasingly erratic behavior, about the fact that he might harm people, his social media postings were getting more violent in tone and in nature. abuse of animals, particularly small animals. this was spelled on a quite detailed and long almost a diatribe that was supposed to go
1:32 pm
to the fbi's miami field office. either never did or never advanced from there. and it warranted an apology today from the present fbi director and already governor rick scott of florida has called for his head. he said he should resign. on the phone with us right now, judge andrew napolitano. judge, how big of a deal is this getting to be? at first we thought the reference was to the infamous september posting on the part of a guy certainly sounded like cruz. you know, talking up a possible school shooting. this is a lot more detailed, months later. six weeks ago. what do you think? >> i think it's a huge deal, neil. it comes after a couple of weeks where the -- which have not been good for the fbi. not been good for the fbi because of political bias, which has been demonstrated really beyond any doubt, but now we see really malfeasance in office, which results in the death of 17
1:33 pm
individuals. i understand what the sheriff said. there's no responsible for these deaths but the person who actually did the killing. but the ball was seriously dropped twice here and in both instances, if they had just done their jobs, if they had just followed protocol, they would have been able to stop this from happening. the one in mississippi, once they had his name they can run it through the database. say gee, there's a guy with this name that lives in florida that just bought an ar-15. let's go talk to him. that would have alerted them to him. the dropping of the ball of these very, very detailed and persistent complaints, i've not seen anything like this in recent years, neil. >> neil: obviously to your point and even the fbi director agrees with you right now saying that certain protocols were disrupted and we're going to get to the bottom of it, but it comes at a
1:34 pm
time when people are wondering how agencies communicate information. that was a 9-11 phenomenon. where the agencies, the fbi, the cia weren't talking to each other or in the case of the boston bombing, the authorities in washington had information and the brothers behind that attack, weren't communicating it to local police. this still seems to be going on. >> not only is it going on, neil, this is not a communication from a local county sheriff to the fbi. this is from one fbi office to another fbi office. the vaunted fbi, which we keep calling the greatest law enforcement agency in the united states is unworthy of that name because of this incident combined with the other things that we talked about earlier. governor scott, may be political, may be emotional, but
1:35 pm
it's moral and it's rationale for him to say there has to be serious changes at the top, how could this have happened. >> neil: judge, apples and oranges concerning the fbi or the justice department now with indicting these 13 russian nationals for meddling in the 2016 elections. is it your sense that we can ever get to the bottom of it? while they said that, you know, this was focused on russians and their involvement and disrespecting events and rallies and speeching and even igniting crowds on both sides, hillary clinton or donald trump that it can never be resolved in this respect, can't get them to come to the united states, right? it's not as if -- >> we have an extradition treaty russia. but these people were spies to use the language of the streets. they were intelligence agents probably paid indirectly, but
1:36 pm
ultimately by the government of russia. they're not going to send those people over here. the last thing in the world they want to do. this is the tip of the iceberg. i read the indictment. every time the world "defendant" or "defendants" is used, it's followed and their co-conspirators without naming them. questions, are any of those co-conspirators americans? there were three trump campaign officials referred to when had communications. who are the campaign officials? are they low level people or significant people? this was a long, methodical, serious professional attack on the united states. how could the fbi, the cia and the nsa which monitors everything we say and do not have picked any of this up? this is the tip of the iceberg,
1:37 pm
these indictments today, neil. >> neil: the co-conspirator stuff, rod rosenstein when he made this announcement talked about unwitting u.s. entities. can you be unwitting and a co-conspirator at the same time? >> no. a co-conspiracy is not unwitting. it's a person the government doesn't know the name of or doesn't want to reveal the name of yet. >> neil: all right. understood. the president has still insisted there was no russian collusion. right now, to sort of stack things up, there was that and they were trying to get involved in the election, this indictment doesn't make it fact. it makes it a more compelling case that the government now with safely assume the russians were trying to screw things up on us and they succeeded at that. more after this. which is the only egg good enough for my family?
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>> neil: we told you how robert mueller is cracking down on 13 russian agents and companies that were tried to screw around in our 2016 presidential election. they say they have the proof and the timeline and how they were trying to disrupt trump political operations and hillary clinton political operations. rana mcdaniel has more. >> i look back at 2012 when mitt romney said our biggest political foe is russian. president obama laughed at him. now we know these organizations started in 2014 to put together
1:42 pm
plans to meddle elections, create chaos. they want to hurt our democracy. we need to get to the bottom of it and find out what we can do in 2018 to prevent this from happening again. >> neil: the president tweeted a quick response on this saying that russia started their anti-u.s. campaign. long before i announced i would run for president. the results were not impacted. the trump campaign did nothing wrong. collusion. how can he be so sure? >> i think that would have come out today. it was very clear in the indictment that they worked on behalf of republicans and democrats. >> i get that part. i'm not sure if it's clear. there's talk of co-conspirators and all. they did say right new that no americans, unwitting americans could have been in this. but he keep mentions co-conspirators. do you think this resolves the
1:43 pm
issue or heightens it? the president has never discussed the russians have any role in the election at all. here it seems like they might have. >> the russians tried to meddle in the election. we know this through this indictment. the president is right. there was no collusion. we need to move on. >> neil: i don't know if the president believes that. i know you just said -- everyone -- >> the white house statement said there should be no meddling in our elections. what is interesting this, this happened in the obama administration. obama took his eye off the ball. he did not view russia as a threat and didn't properly take steps to ensure that we had good elections and that russians weren't getting involved. you know why? look at his response in 2012. >> neil: you're right. do you remember -- the fact of the matter is, this is something the president himself has dismissed. >> because the president didn't put this in place.
1:44 pm
this happened under the obama administration. democrats want to create this collusion argument. democrats should be pointing to president obama saying -- >> neil: but -- i understand what you're saying. but this president has said all this stuff wasn't even going on. now he's acknowledging it was. >> he did acknowledge it today. he said it's totally unacceptable. we need to get through with the investigations to go to governors across the country and secretaries states and make sure it doesn't happen again. russians were not trying to help donald trump. rushes want chaos in this country. they were doing things on behalf hoff republicans and democrats to hurt or democracy and we have to figure out ways to safeguard our elections. >> neil: i'll take your interpretation of those results. let me ask you, you uncle mitt
1:45 pm
romney is running to take orrin hatch's seat. has the president said he will support him? >> the president doesn't get involved in primaries, neither does the republican party. we want the voters to make that decision. i know they've had conversations recently. the president considers mitt to be secretary of state and the president wants to make sure that we keep that republican seat in utah. he needs a strong majority going into 2020. >> neil: so he wouldn't back a conservative challenger to mitt romney if one should appear? >> i don't think the president will get -- >> neil: he has gotten involved in primaries in the past. >> he has not indicated any intention to get involved in that primary. we'll see what happens. we want to make sure that we keep the majority. that's the president's number 1 majority. look how good or country is doing with more republican leadership. we need more in the senate and the house. >> neil: thanks for your time. more after this. we had long deployments in iraq.
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>> neil: all right. the president is enroute to florida. he will be visiting parkland, florida. kevin corke has more on the timeline. >> i wanted to take a moment to sort of add to the context of the conversation that you've been having all day long about the indictments involving that more than a dozen russian operatives dating back to the 2016 campaign. the president is tweeting. he said this about the so-called russian investigation. what we learned today. he said russia started their anti-u.s. campaign in 2014, long before i announced i would run for president. the respect of the election were not impacted. he goes on to add, the trump
1:50 pm
campaign did nothing wrong, no collusion. i thought your note during the last conversation was an interesting one. we just don't know if that in fact is the case, at least not legally. i also want to share sarah huckabee sanders, the press secretary who weighed in as well. she said the president said something wrong. i want to share her state. she said the president says it's more important than effort to come together as americans. we can't let discord and rankor successful. finally she adds -- >> clearly any conversation with the over at the hillary clinton campaign would say we told you so. the russians did have a part to play and the fact that she was drubbed in the 2016 election.
1:51 pm
she did win the popular vote. in spite of that, the trump campaign said there was no collusion here. the president is making his way to parkland. when he does, we'll share that with you. back to you, my friend. >> neil: more tomorrow between 10:00 and 12. we have this new show. thanks, kevin. kevin corke in florida right now ahead of the president's arrival there. it is his role as counselor in chief, consoler in chief that will be more of a focus. more after this. it's not theirs. it's mine. mine. mine. and it always will be, forever and forever. the new rx 350l with three rows for seven passengers. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. this is the story of green mountain coffee roasters dark magic told in the time it takes to brew your cup. first, we head to vermont. and go to our coffee shop. and meet dave.
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>> neil: for me, the numbers here at fox, it's easier taking stock of the markets than it is taking stock of something else. life. markets you can measure. life not so much. stocks, crazy as they are, follow a flow.
1:55 pm
life less reliable. stocks do well over time. the difference, in life you have time. maybe you have a family, have a career and have all the things we take in granted for life and look forward to in life until we realize there's no guarantees in life itself. yet, another mass shooting brought it all home this past week to 17 homes to be exact. homes very different than they were a week ago at this time when those that lived in them were no doubt just planning a weekend. now many planning a funeral. i suspect parents in those homes, particularly parents of mere teenagers in their homes are not much interested in what stocks are doing or what sectors are rebounding or how many maybe some of their investments are improving. after all, who can think college
1:56 pm
savings for whom you were saving is gone? and the future for which you were meticulously planning is shattered? it's not supposed to be this way, my friends. i mean, parents know shootings happen. they happen a lot. but if any of them are like me, they don't think it will ever happen to them. not my child, not my town. maybe like me, they look at the charts and the odds and comfort themselves and percentages showing stocks come back until they realize, until i relize, life doesn't work that same way. i'm not saying anything profound here, so i'm sorry. the latest jolting reminder that the best laid plans in life can upended at any moment in life such as the life and such is death. nobody is immune. speaking at a dad, i wish our kids were immune, but they're not. speaking as a dad, it seems crueller when it's our kids. speaking as a dad, when it's their future wiped out, speaking as a dad when the very natural
1:57 pm
order of things is wiped out. speaking at a dad, it shouldn't be the parent burying the child. it should be the child burying the parent. speaking as a dad, it must stop and the political fighting over guns and violence and who is to blame for either or both, well, that must stop, too. but it doesn't. because we are more locked in our stubbornness than looking out for our kids. no matter how many times this happens, many hope and pray it won't happen to us until it does or someone we know. we have seen their pain and cannot fathom the enormity of their less. as the loss of a teacher and a coach that saved so many other kids. random twists of fate showing how cruel life is. no matter how financially you plan for it and how humbling it
1:58 pm
is. then you see a market that managed to come back and wonder why all this tragedy can't be taken back? but it can't. the 17 innocent lives can't. and that is when it hits you. the different between something that has a price and something that is just priceless between some numbers maybe coming back on paper but an empty chair that the a dinner table for someone never coming back at all. ♪ ♪ ♪
1:59 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:00 pm
♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, jess canny waters, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: we begin with the breaking news today in the special counsel's russia probe. 13 russians and three russian entities have been charged with an elaborate plot to interfere with our 2016 presidential election. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein made the announcement earlier and there is a lot to break down. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has all the details. catherine? >> well, thanks, kimberly. i was at that news conference at main justice depart


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