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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 16, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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tonight, police say this young man has admitted to what happened at that school yesterday. the most-watched, most trusted, good night from >> no parent should ever have to fear for their sons and daughters when they kiss them goodbye in the morning. >> i love you. i don't remember if i said that to jamie. >> he wasn't afraid to lay it down. >> children are dying and all this congress has to say is let's have a moment of silence. >> you are charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder.
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>> you are watching "fox and friends" first on friday morning. thank you for joining us. let's get to that fox news alert, demons made him do it. that is with a teenager who confessed to gunning down 17 people at his former high school is reportedly telling police. he is being held without bail now formally charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. rob schmidt has new details about his troubled past. >> reporter: right outside thy school we are getting a picture of a sick young man, a 19-year-old with an obsession with guns, violence, killing animals, a young man that confessed that he committed this crime telling police there were demons in his head that made him do this. his adoptive mother died in the fall. police think this contributed to this shocking act. he was expelled from his high
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school after an altercation at the school. three days later he would buy the weapon he would use in this horrible attack we saw on wednesday. we also yesterday got a timeline of how this went down. it started 2:06 on valentine's day on wednesday in parkland outside fort lauderdale. at 2:20 when he injured the east stairwell of one of the buildings and this was down rather fast, he walked out of the building and starts going into classrooms, he shoots for only a matter of minutes, less than five minutes he was firing this high-powered semi automatic rifle into students and classrooms and hallways in a horrific act. it to:28 or little before that
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he dropped the gun and comes back downstairs and runs out of the school at 2:28, 7 minutes later among students in a panic trying to get away and at 2:50 he arrives at a walmart which is not far from the campus here, he walks or runs to that walmart, get a drink at subway at 3:01 in the afternoon he is at a mcdonald's, hangs out there for a little bit and leaves and is found in a nearby neighborhood at 3:40 in the afternoon by a police officer and is arrested. his first court appearance was yesterday afternoon and what we saw was a frightened and cowering 19-year-old young man standing there being consoled by his public defender. it was a bizarre thing to see and he is charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder as he found out in his first court appearance and his public defender showed some compassion for the person that committed this horrible crime. >> a broken child. the sadness this community is
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feeling, my children go to school in this community. i feel horrible for these families and he feels that pain. >> a terrible story all around, we are learning that the fbi had a warning about the possibility of something like this happening. he left a message on youto saying he was a school shooter in training. that message went to the fbi and nothing came of that and there are questions how he got into the school which house 3000 students in this neighborhood. he walked into a stairwell, had access to the school easily, he had been banned from the school while wearing a backpack, he was not a student, the fact that he was able to carry an ar 15 into the school so easily is another question people have this morning and will be the story as this develops.
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>> dropped off by that uber driver. the timeline release, the fbi information, the first court appearance, we will see what we learn today. that youto comment is the only red flag. classmates described him as someone likely to, quote, shoot up the school? what is the answer, bill clinton says not gun-control. >> the fbi can't track that statement to that young man, no one can. it is a mental health issue, donald trump was right this morning, he was at on. these kids, starting with teenage years, i have seen, if there is intense, significant and oil counseling, a couple with drug counseling these kids turn out to be productive decent human beings. when there isn't any of that taking place they end up going to adult court or turning out to be people like nikolaus cruz.
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the issue of gun rights is decided, there are 300 million guns in america and the vast majority owned by law-abiding americans who use them to protect themselves against people like nikolaus cruz so that is not going to happen. >> reporter: donald trump is planning on visiting florida as soon as this weekend after addressing the nation in a powerful speech offering support to all americans. >> our entire nation, with one heavy heart is praying for the victims and their families. i want you to know that you are never alone and you never will be. you have people who care about you, who love you and who will do anything at all to protect you. >> the president saying he's committed to helping secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health. a football coach and janitor, freshman soccer player and 14
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others are now -- we are getting our first look at the faces of the victims of that horrific shooting. marianne rafferty joins us with a heartbreaking reaction and stories of heroism. good morning. >> a painful remembrance, family, friends and survivors gathered last night for any mosul vigil honoring the young lives lost was all 17 victims have been identified, many of them in their early teens, they were athletes, dancers, members of the marching band and volunteers. one teacher, the effect director in football coach, all killed, being hailed as heroes protecting their students as so many other teachers are dead. >> in the stairwell, my teacher right away goes like this, opens her classroom right away, everyone get in. if it weren't for that we could have all been dead.
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>> the parkland community coming together attending assigned light during the darkest of days, one of the victims at dads finding strength to address the crowd. >> she runs out behind. i don't remember if i said that to jamie yesterday. jamie took a bullet and is dead. i don't know what i do next. my wife is home, we are broken. >> and unimaginable scenario for any parent, that tragic reality facing 17 families. ago fund me page has been set up to help those families, $630,000 have been raised. >> hopefully we can focus on these families and lives that were lost and all those kids
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that at some point have to go back to school. that does need to remain the focus, appreciate it. we have house minority leader nancy pelosi saying congress -- >> on our whole country. they are paying the price for our in action. whose political survival in this body is more important than the survival of our children? whose political survival is more important than that? nobody's. >> calling on paul ryan consider legislation to expand background checks and create a special committee to address gun violence. the state department will be closing 20 refugee resettlement offices across the us according
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to reuters and reducing operations at 40 others following donald trump's decision to downsize the program, the commander-in-chief allowing 40,000 refugees into the us cutting it from the 110,000 set by the obama administration, the state department reviewing closures before final approval saying officers are no longer needed due to the drop. steve bannon interrogated for 20 hours this week by robert mueller's special counsel, the former white house chief strategist reportedly answering all questions in sharp contrast to his appearance in front of the house intelligence committee refusing to answer questions. mueller is currently investigating possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia. and austrian snowboarder's olympic dreams coming to an end after breaking his neck during the cross quarterfinal. market share losing control on
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the final jump landing in the snow on his back. his goggles flying. he didn't show any sign of brain damage. he will return to austria for further treatment, the united states dropping to fifth in the middle countless five goals, norway leading with 6 gold medals. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour, the fbi had an opportunity to find the suspect month before the florida shooting. >> the fbi received information about a comment made on a youto channel. the comment simply said i am going to be a professional school shooter. >> a security analyst is up next to explain how the trail went cold. the disgusting video showing inmates cheering on the man suspected of murdering a police officer. the immigration debate hits a wall in the senate. what the president has to say
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of online sellers. go to and get two months free. heather: the fbi at about 5 months ago by a user on youtube. >> the fir received information on a youtube channel, the comments, i am going to be a professional school shooter, the fbi conducted checks, but unable to identify the person who made the comment. >> what was done right here? what fell through the cracks? joining me is ryan mario. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. this was a pretty interesting development that came out, they walked out, this news had leaked
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that this youtube blogger turned in this comments written on his page by another youtube user who used his actual name, nikolaus cruz, saying he wanted to be a school shooter. what did the fbi do right and what they do wrong? >> how many times have we been told if you see something say something. that happened here and it doesn't appear much was done. what the fbi is saying there are a lot of people, no way to link that youtube account and find out who it was. i find that answer to be very unsatisfactory because there are more things you can do besides that. for example this fbi contacted youtube, help us track the ip address or location of this individual. beyond checking their internal
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database. person that reportedly comment to the fbi, did the fbi follow up with that individual? >> i know they did go and talk to him. he was a bail bondsman from mississippi. the fbi did come and talk to him but he said i don't know this guy, he just made a comment on my youtube page. >> they could have asked him to engage the person making that comment, someone making a comment like that is trying to socialize. they want to talk. heather: you wonder if they did that. when the fbi made that comment i wonder if they were aware that until the shooting happens he was using his real name. >> that is true. we know that better accounting from the fbi, there is no way for us to just take a youtube user name and say who it is, i
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want to find out if that information flow was done properly. if it was lack of resources we need to know that. legally there wasn't much they could do because you can't do much when one makes a statement that is extreme and violent in intent, can't read their home and take her gun, that is something we need to know so we can have a conversation about it. according to fbi statistics about 90% of the people on terror watch lists who try to buy a gun succeed in doing so. the other 10% are blocked for reasons that had nothing to do with terrorism. even suspected terrorists are able to buy guns, people with violent intentions on social media do so. heather: going back to the fbi needing more resources, when we heard about this, nikolaus cruz, youtube incident, this isn't the first time we heard about
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someone being on the radar at the fbi, the boston bombers, you and i talked about that. the seventh multiple times, san bernardino happened as well. did the fbi need more resources? is that what is happening here? >> more resources will always be the easy answer because there will never be enough resources. we have to think outside the box. if people reported other activity where the shooter was talking about killing police and showing off his weapons. there is a high correlation between someone who hurts animals and hurts human beings. that can impact this problem as well. thinking outside the box, have a narrow focus and not call it
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political paralysis with broad gun-control debate. let's have a narrow focus if you're going to talk about gun-control and different legislation we can get something passed quickly with overwhelming support. >> a difficult situation. broward county sheriff talked about what we can do with red flags. what can you do? appreciate it. the senate still deadlocked on daca, a blistering threat to veto the bipartisan plan. a report from washington dc where lawmakers are heading back to the drawing board. griff jenkins here with that up next.
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heather: a bipartisan immigration plan fails in the
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senate after donald trump threatens to veto it, it destroys their ability to remove illegal immigrants from this country but the house is moving forward with their hard-line bill. griff jenkins is live with a look at what is happening. what is happening? >> reporter: not much. the finger-pointing begins, the senate failed to pass all four bills to protect dreamers including the bipartisan one that had the support of eight republicans and most democrats but faced a white house veto. the white house placing blame on democrats. today the schumer democrats demonstrated again they are not serious about daca or immigration reform or homeland security. schumer democrats chose to filibuster because they are held hostage by the radical left in their party which opposes immigration control but senate
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minority leader chuck schumer says the president is the one to blame. >> i regret that the only partisan effort of the group of moderate senators to come up with a bipartisan compromise couldn't get the necessary 60 votes. isolate the eight brave republicans who voted for bipartisan compromise but mister president, there's only one reason the senate will be unable to reach a bipartisan solution for daca, donald trump. >> a few democrats across the island aggressively bill which was aligned with the white house's goals although it got most vote against it. senator graham says the bill is in the president's corner. >> the only way i see a solution is for the president to grab the reins, focusing on strong border security and a fair solution to daca. >> the house will take a shot at this with conservative bob
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goodlatte bill but members are in recess until february 26th. we have the march deadline approaching. heather: they keep going on recess. you would think they would delay it but i guess not. thank you so much, appreciate it. a denver police union president of time before congress linking the heroin epidemic on its new immigration policy. nick rogers says denver's so-called st. mary city ordinance is hindering from busting the city's biggest drug dealers. >> a city that is much less safe than it was prior to this ordinance, they can no longer call and ask us for assistance. heather: accusing rogers of not understanding the city's immigration policy. despite claims that ice agents are rounding up innocent illegal
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immigrants, 90% of those arrested last year had criminal records or pending charges. the new numbers from p research showing a stark difference between the trump and obama administration. in 2009 immigrants with past convictions accounted for 60% of those arrested by ice. 11% had clean records in donald trump's first year. the time is 27 minutes after the top of the hour. i was after a teenager opened fire killing 17 people in a florida high school conversation shifted to gun-control. >> as a consequence of our in action, we are responsible. >> there will be a moment of silence, and the congress of the united states will do absolutely nothing. heather: are tighter gun laws the answer. we debate up next. for cold-blooded color, the disgusting video showing inmates cheering on the man suspected of
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murdering a police officer.
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heather: the gun-control debate raging on his jeff sessions declares we have to confront this problem. >> i think effective enforcement of our gun laws focusing on criminals and dangerous people can reduce violence in our communities. we can and must do better. heather: our gun laws, more gun laws the only answer? here to debate, washington examiner jim kearns and liberal political commentator wendy astaffoh. you can't listen to these kids involved in the shooting yesterday and not realize something needs to be done.
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what is the answer? that is a tough one. we heard the attorney general saying something does need to be done. is it more gun laws? >> general sessions is right, we must solve this problem but the answer is not gun laws, two real problems, the first is mental health problems. there is a similar factor in all the school shootings, they are perpetrated by young, male, teenage men who have anger and angst. every single one of them don't have a father in the home. the gun alone is not the problem. he had a gas mask, smoke bombs, could have used a regular bomb to kill more people, could have used his car as terrorists have been using and then a great deal of damage as school was letting out, kill many more students and the second problem and the nra,
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liberals hate the nra, nor do they love defenseless children and proof is they won't support common sense gun laws like 41% of americans believe should be done. a simple armed security guard at every school just as we have in the 60s in the civil rights era. heather: there was an armed security guard, 3200 kids in the school. >> if all we have our thoughts and prayers we have failed as a society. when we look at las vegas, the texas shooting, park the land, what is the common denominator? ar 15s. three five of the worst mass shootings. trump has rolled back obama era regulations that made it easier for people with mental
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illnesses, and an 18-year-old gets an ar 15. and has to wait until 21 to buy alcohol, that is flawed. and and this is a binary issue. >> not everyone with mental illness is a mass murderer, not everyone who owns a gun is a mass murderer. it is binary. multiple immigration plans blocked in the senate after donald trump calls one proposal a total catastrophe. is that the catastrophe? there is no bipartisanship on immigration. >> one thing we know from donald trump's art of the deal is
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sometimes you have to make the opposition feel there is no deal and bring them back to the table. that is what donald trump is doing here. this will be a catastrophe for democrats as the march 5th deadline moves quickly because they have proven after eight years of barack obama parading daca kids into the oval office and doing nothing for them. donald trump has proven he is willing to get them a path to citizenship. >> they are taking a break until february 25th. what do you? is a catastrophe? >> the catastrophe are 700,000 daca recipients use as a political football. the president is trying to torpedo this. the bill that got the most votes was that the president's bill which he sent back, that got 39 votes. we need to come together in a
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bipartisan manner. this goes for both sides of the aisle, they are going to do comprehensive immigration reform until 2019, they need to pivot and focus on the daca issue, comprehensive immigration reform won't happens this year. >> democrat colleagues who sat on their hands, we could use more bipartisanship, we will see if that happens. appreciate it, have a good weekend. the fbi, the florida school should wrap deadly plans months ago. youtuber says he contacted the fed in september after a user named nikolaus cruz wrote on his video i am going to be a professional school shooter. local fbi agents interviewed him the next day. >> very responsive, they came out very professional, got that
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information. wrote down in formation. i never thought they meant it. >> they were unable to identify the person who made the comment and we will talk with that youtubeare. the man accused of martyring murdering a chicago police commander. officers walked this suspect, the convicted felon charged with first-degree murder denied bail in court accused of gunning down commander paul bauer while running from the law. if anyone-year-old veteran of the force leaves behind a wife and daughter. the inmates who clapped will face some consequences.
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the fisa court responding on surveillance of a trump campaign advisor. rosemary collier, provided the national security court telling the health intelligence committee that the request of the first of their kind. the court figuring out how to approach it. the memo by gop staff accused doj, using information in an unverified dossier to secure a fisa warrant. the florida shooter bragged about his love for violence, leaving behind a disturbing virtual footprint. current the cyber guy with what to watch for online. saved with seconds to spare, the shooter gave one student a warning just seconds before opening fire. ♪
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>> police turning their attention to the shooter's social media pages, shocking can
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stick and posts detailing a twisted session for guns, violence and hurting animals. >> began to dissect his websites, some things the come to mind are very disturbing. heather: how did school and law enforcement officials miss these warning signs and what can prevent another tragedy? thank you for joining us. >> where are the social media companies in all of this? what did they do to help the fbi? we see some troubling things on not only youtube but instead graham where he had two accounts. what is their role helping authorities track down this type of violence. we know the signals. what have they done? heather: everyone asking about
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the fbi, this youtube blogger. it would have been easy for google. >> facebook owns instagram, you're dealing with two big powerhouse social media companies. what are they doing to help us in this country prevent this in the future and what they do in this recent case that is so tragic they could have done. there is technology that can tell the tone and tenor of violent language online. heather: the facebook says they do that, clearly they do not because they did not shut down facebook and instagram pages until after. >> warning from the fbi, they are not going to hand over any information to law enforcement and that is tragic right there. what can you do? before we rattle the cages with social media, what can we do right now? this is the moment across the
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country to pick up the phone and become aware of faster and easier ways to report trouble you see on social media. call your school and say what is your plan? what are you planning to do here? and find out the address you text to or email to, you need to get tight on fat, find out that emergency plan the school has and create -- gets you to that contact the second you have something like this happen. timing is everything on the response of a school shooting like this. have the entry inside your smartphone, you will be ready to go, any sort of threat that goes on. schools need to budget, the latest technology including technology allows them to do geosensing. you can actually put a parameter
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you can find 5 miles around the school and on campus, violent type of language gets triggered with keywords that relate to the school or the premises of the school nearby you can say we need to take a closer look at that. and automated alert system, no question they need to get it and dealing with technology like this which is once an event is happening, what are you doing to arm your teachers? a law enforcement officer -- this is called school guard was this goes on a phone of every teacher and administration, the second, this panic button does four things. it called 911. it with everyone in the school know there is a problem, and a map where the problem is and triggers hero 911 which 50,000 officers around the country
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already have. police officers that are nearby get the same information so they can respond within seconds, not minutes. heather: tells the location of the problem as well? i am wondering if that would have insisted on this particular incident, that ran out of their classrooms into the line of fire. >> before the running even started, if a teacher were to press that button, what we know now is broward county, 100 officers have this on their phone. the second that was pressed it would alert them right then to respond right then. was would have changed? may be nothing but it is important technology. heather: another tool to have in your arsenal. appreciate it. we will be back, stay with us.
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heather: brand-new details about the shooter in florida. nikolaus cruz was pegged as a loner and kicked out of school. >> someone like that, going to shoot up the school, everyone predicted it. heather: what happened here? why did kids kill specifically this one? a board-certified psychiatrist joins me live, thank you for joining us. lots of questions as more
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information came out about nikolaus cruz yesterday. >> i like to use the analogy the perfect storm. there are so many variables that make us who we are as people, so many that contribute. we have to look at totality. if you look at the way the fbi profiles mass shooters, four things basically, they look at the individual personality. how does he cope with things, deal with frustration, what does he get angry about? let's look at his family, what was his family life like? heather: he was an angry kid already kicked out of school, he had threatened students, part of the reason he was kicked out, he was adopted by two older parents, his adopted mom died a month ago. >> in a new environment, he was out of school making a transition from school to the
1:52 am
real world which is a difficult time. cool dynamic, what was he like when he was in school? how did he associate with his peers? was he a loner? was he involved in sports, things like that and the social aspects, what was he like in the community? was he isolated? profiling these individuals, we see a lot of these red flags throughout all of those domains. >> they described him specifically as a loner, strange, they felt uncomfortable, they were scared to be around him. >> here is an important point. a lot of people recall these mass shooters letters, the important thing to understand, they don't want to be loners. they are loners because they can't sit in, they have a difficult time blending in with peers and peer groups and adults.
1:53 am
heather: which is why they tend toward social media which is another issue and a lot of red flags with nikolaus cruz. gun pictures, pictures of harming animals. >> harming animals is a big thing. you see lack of empathy. of someone can hurt a defenseless animal they have no feeling, no remorse, no guilt. also they are exhibiting, manifesting anger to injure something and develop some joy in that. there is something called the mcdonald triad. a lot of serial homicide people will injure animals. injuring animals is a big one. heather: i heard a young girl speaking with martha maccallum. she was crying, she said the
1:54 am
suspect, she ran into him, the dollar store near her, her recollection of him, offered her a free balloon. had that as well. that correlates with what he was trying to reach out. >> they do try, not that they want to be isolated. there is a reason they are shooting at a school and not a shopping mall or airport. that is symbolic. that childhood where they receive the most frustration and disengagement and bullying or whatever went on. that is symbolic for them. heather: he had broken up with girlfriend on valentine's day. lots of questions. we will be right back, stay with us.
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heather: a student has his life spared moments before one of the worst school shootings in history. he claims he saw suspect nikolaus cruz loading his gun in the hallway but instead of killing him, nikolaus cruz a total stranger told him he had better get out of here, things are going to start getting messy. he ran away and found assistant football coach saying i told him i saw a gun, let me check it out
1:59 am
and he drove me to the baseball field, dropped me off and went back to the school and that is the last i saw of him. there is another survivor describing to fox news the terrifying moment in a school hallway, gunshots ringing out when another student, begging to be let inside a locked classroom. >> please let me in. the most heartbreaking because you couldn't let him in, couldn't help him. unfortunately passed away. heather: don't know how you get over that. haley betancourt and her class barricaded themselves in the classroom during that rampage. hiding from the gunshots, history repeating itself, one family in florida, tweeting this
2:00 am
is my grandpa when he was 12 years old. he hid in a closet while his family was murdered during the first mass shooting in america 70 years later, i also hid in a closet from a murderer. these events should not be repetitive. something has to change. referring to the 1939 mass shooting when a lone gunman shot and killed 13 people in new jersey. that gives you chills. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends" first about "fox and friends" first continues right now, see you back here later. >> fox news alert, the demons made him do it. and and donald trump dealing with his victims. >> our entire nation with one heavy heart is praying for the


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