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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  February 16, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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does that mean i should go for a ran tomorrow morning before my radio show? shannon bream is up next, make sure to tweet us. the fox news at night team is going to do a fabulous show, up next. >> shannon: here is a little bit of what we have coming up tonight. red flags and the telltale sign signs. the suspects social media and the warnings that were given to authorities. >> it's not good if we have gun laws that say criminals can't carry guns and they're not enforced. >> shannon: ed henry is alive. plus a former maryland high school student recently sentenced to 20 years in prison after being turned in by an unlikely source. trace gallagher has details and the senate failed to rule each a consensus on immigration. the latest on capitol hill.
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♪ welcome to fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. hundreds of people are attending a vigil for victims of wednesday's mass shooting in a south florida school. the gathering began for a moment of silence for the 17 who were killed, audible sobs for the crowd as the names of each victim were read. some held flowers while others carried signs. members of the crowned started shouting no more guns. covering the warning signs and red flags, police say has admitted to the massacre. it trace gallagher takes a look at some of the proposals but first chief national correspondent ed henry joining us from florida where one victim
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remains in critical condition. >> breaking tonight, we got our first look at an affidavit with the broward county sheriff where nicholas cruz admits that he was the gunman. laying out with everyone in the world was expecting but a confession from the killer himself. 17 dead but they were expecting those numbers could have been a lot more. the carnage they were seeing particularly at the medical center behind me, one of two hospitals were a lot of people were brought over the last 24 hours. i can tell you the doctors laid out for us just how harrowing it was. they train for a mass casualty event just like this about six months ago. they got the first call, they called a code green. all hands on deck, a
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catastrophic event, emergency personnel they could. when you look at this footage you can see because of all of the wounds, the emt personnel stopped the bleeding for so many people who could have died. they were getting phone calls, the doctors laid out for us just how difficult it was to save so many lives as the president back in washington tried to heal a broken nation. >> we kept getting phone calls, are you ready to receive more patients? are you ready to take this one, that one? always the answer is yes. >> president trump: whatever we can do to ease your pain, we are all joining together as one american family. your suffering is our burden also.
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no child, no teacher should ever be in danger in an american school. >> the president as well as as well as first lady melania trump will have an opportunity to potentially do some more healing because the president already had an event planned in orlando on friday. that has been canceled, he's still planning to come here on south florida, it's only 28 miles away. think back to what the president and first lady dead after that mass shooting in las vegas back in october. they not only met with families of victims but they also met with first responders, doctors, hospitals and medical centers. you can see them doing the same as we talk to senior officials, trying to figure out how to respond to all of this. i can tell you there is also a glimmer of hope amid all of the tragedy. all of the phone calls just 24 hours ago, one patient after
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another came in. tonight we can report, there is a handful of patients still under doctor's care and only one of them in critical condition. >> shannon: that's a bright spot, there are recoveries ongoing. we are continuing to learn more about the south florida shooter and possible warning signs. a comment he made online last year that was flagged to the fbi. what to the authorities know if anything before yesterday? >> to be clear, it's important to distinguish what real warning signs were missed in what is now in retrospect a warning sign of his alleged rampage. these are pictures from his instagram account of ammunition and weapons. him posing with weapons, a collection of which one could easily describe as unarsenal.
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also posted pictures of dead animals and tortured and terrorized neighborhood pets. psychologists will tell you the chasm separating harming animals and humans is deep but not very wide. then there is this. "i'm going to be a professional school shooter" he allegedly posted on a youtube video. the man who posted the video alerted the fbi back in 2017 to that comment but the bureau claimed there wasn't enough information to connect the online nicholas cruz with the real one. >> the fbi conducted database reviews, checks, but was unable to further identify the person who actually made the comment. >> as often happens in cases like this, students say they knew cruz had something a little off about him.
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>> definitely had some things a little off about him. >> it turns out everyone predicted it. >> not everyone who exhibits any of these behaviors becomes a mass murderer making stories like this one so easy to do after a shooting. perhaps focusing on the response to the warning signs is more important. case in point -- broward county schools expelled him for disciplinary issues. school officials reportedly before the expulsion banned him from carrying a backpack for obvious reasons. that responds to whatever warning sign they had clearly wasn't enough. >> shannon: some people if they are determined no matter what barriers put up are going to find a way. thank you very much. this case is sparking all kinds of questions about what authorities have to have before
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they have legal power to intervene. trace gallagher joins us about when a tipster can make the difference between life and death. >> across the country in washington washington state another student was in court accused of plotting to bomb and shoot his fellow classmates in everett, washington, . joshua o'connor was turned in by his grandmother who found his journal entry that said he was preparing himself for a school shooting and that his shot had gotten more accurate. he wrote that he had learned a lot from past school shooters and wanted the death toll to be as high as possible. here is what the school district said. >> it had to have been really hard for her to do that, to turn in her grandson like that. she quite honestly probably saved a lot of lives. >> could be looking at significant prison time, she's a frederick county maryland
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high school student who was sentenced to 20 years for plotting to attack her school. the 19-year-old was turned in by her parents where she detailed her plan to become the first real female school shooter. she was planning to attack the school and then kill herself. her tough sentence has some fearing that other families will be hesitant to turn in their loved ones. then this potential political solutions. after the texas masker in november, we learned the gunman was kicked out of the military for domestic assault, that would have prevented him from owning a semiautomatic weapon. except the air force failed to submit his records to the fbi. congress aimed to improve reporting of criminal records and domestic violence to the fb fbi. it was introduced with bipartisan support but many democrats backed away when it when it appears concealed carry legislation. numerous studies show that countries with tough gun laws
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have a very low rates of gun violence but u.s. states and cities with strict gun laws have high rates of gun violence. >> shannon: the number of lawmakers spoke out last night to propose legislative fixes. police teams were clearing the crime scene in florida, pressure is mounting on congress to come up with solutions. >> facebook, instagram, youtube, these are forces like ocean currents, you can't stand in and make them turn around and go back. the question is what do we do? what can we do at the margins rather than these great grandiose solutions. >> shannon: can the government solve every problem in society, if not where else should we be looking for solutions? chris stirewalt joins us to talk about that. the response to what dan had to
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say. >> he is smart and he is right. we talk all the time about the expectations people have for their government. one of the reasons people are so unselectively angry at the federal government is because they are asking it to do things that it can't do, that it is not able to do. incremental change of the margins of things is what the united states government is capable of on domestic policy. we are going to be able to wage a war on school shootings. those kinds of changes are barely satisfactory to people who say the rallying cry is always never again. just as we heard trey's talking about, who would be opposed to fixing the background checks and sinking it up? things got squarely when republicans act to ride around there and vote for this new concealed carry. and you just get the sense of
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how stupid this city is and how broken our politics are. >> shannon: we talk about a lot of things it's natural that we are going to have these discussions about gun control and security at schools. it seems like some of the deeper issues when we talk about what's happening in our music and video games, our movies, culture, the breakdown of the family -- acceptable violence. in every level of our society. people don't want to talk about those things but you have to if we are going to have a full conversation talk about our culture as well. >> we are free because we are self-governing in the sense that the ways in which american communities, wherever you hang your spiritual hat -- the way in which american communities regulate themselves and take care of each other and deal with concerns about a troubled young people. we are self-governing in the sense that we have a system of government within constitutional
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limits that allows the government to reflect the will of the people. both of those things are badly frayed right now. the fabric of these communities is badly frayed so people look to the government increasingly. as they put new pressure on the government and the government can't respond, trust in those institutions diminishes. we have this unraveling. i hate to say it because politics is my business, it's what i've devoted my professional life to. politics is not adequate to the problems that result in a culture in a country, that's not to say there aren't political answers. politics is not adequate to address the broken hardness and soul sickness in this country. >> shannon: i want to play one of the things he broward county sheriff had to say about what he would like to see politicians d do. >> give police the power if they see something on social media, if they see graphic pictures of rifles and blood and gore and guns, we need to have the power
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to take that person and bring them before a mental health professional at that particular time, involuntarily and have them examined. >> shannon: there's a lot of trash on social media how could we begin to tackle this in that way? >> we should have sheriff's deputies sitting in every county across america going through facebook accounts looking for pictures that are subjectively determined to graphic, to glory, to this, to that. china does a good job and they don't have mass shootings. you know what else china has? >> shannon: no freedoms. >> social score, it reflects all youth the things you do online. use facial recognition to track you as you go through your life, everything is pretty cool over there. very messy, often chaotic experiment in self-government, we still prize liberty in all of
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the amendments. >> shannon: which federalist paper fits best into the discussion? i will watch tomorrow to see. >> i feel ten coming. it's always an easy pick. >> shannon: other top stories tonight, election officials in all 50 states will start getting classified briefings tomorrow from top intelligence officials regarding potential voting threats. the briefings come amid dire warnings that russia is already meddling in the 2018 midterms. fox news has confirmed that former white house strategist steve bannon was question and special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation this week. he was grilled for about 20 hours, also interviewed by the house intelligence committee today. he declined to answer most of the questions. turning out to wall street.
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the new york stock exchange observing a moment of silence for the victims of this florida high school shooting. business went on, the dow rising for its fifth straight session after its very bumpy ride. broward county vice mayor says enforcement of our nations gun laws is not enough, they need to be performed entirely. former fbi special agent disagrees. some democrats call for showing the autopsy photos of shooting victims. a look at how passions are running very high on all sides of this issue. what are the odds of a daca deal before the president's march 5th deadline? grinding halt in the senate today, our congressional insider tells us where we go from here. so, from the two trucks over here... i want you to pick a new truck for your mom or dad,
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>> i think effective enforcement of our gun laws focusing on criminals and dangerous people, mentally ill people where we have the legal ability to do so can reduce violence in our communities and improve public
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safety. >> shannon: that was attorney general jeff sessions earlier today discussing how he believed senseless tragedy like this mass shooting in south florida can be avoided. both sides agree something has to be done. the divide is over what that looks like. enforcement of the nations gun laws or informing them entirely, something that's not even related to the law. vice mayor for broward county, retired fbi special agent welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: i want to ask you first how are folks doing down there tonight? >> it's been tough, on behalf of the broward county commission i would like to express our condolences to the victims of the tragedy. it's been hard on everybody. it's been an incredible horrible experience. what is appalling is that our governor the state of florida and several other elected officials come down here to express their grief, expressed
12:22 am
their outrage then they leave and they support the same laws that allow a teenager to go and buy an assault weapon. it's appalling that people come down here whether it's a governor or a state senator and on one hand to show their condolences and their sympathy for what happened in on the other hand, they support laws that allow teenagers to buy assault weapons. less than eight weeks, there have been 18 school shootings in the united states. at some point, when does it stop, when will elected officials in our state government make the proper laws to stop this? >> shannon: it's a horrific situation that happened yesterday. it's important -- "the washington post" fact-checked the 18 shootings and they said the number is not accurate. that can be debated, what happened yesterday cannot be debated. i want to play a little bit of what the lawyer for the family where the shooter had been saying, will get some reaction
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from both of you. >> there's a lot of 19-year-olds out here, this is a brutal part of the county where people hunt. this is not about firearms, this is about something that went seriously wrong with this kid and nobody can explain it right now. >> shannon: what about the rest of this equation, the fact that he was known to have problems. some reports that he lied on background checks, there were clearly things that don't add up that lead to what happened yesterday. what do we do? >> the first thing we do is there has to be some common sense. i hear what mark is saying, you want to have laws in place to protect you. having spent my life and law enforcement, there are a lot of laws on the books that people want to pay no matter what. 300 million registered guns in the united states, that doesn't include all of the illegal ones. gun control is not going to be the answer alone. you have to look at mental
12:24 am
health and getting others involved to recognize the problems. >> shannon: one of your senators representing you here in d.c. -- i want to play a bit about what he had to save us trying to find this balance with gun rights and gun control. >> even as we recognize the second amendment gives americans a right to bear arms and protect themselves can a right that i strongly supported will continue to support, we must also recognize that that same constitution places upon this government an obligation to ensure domestic tranquility and promote general welfare. >> shannon: that sounds like a sensible place to start this conversation. how does that balance get achieved? >> it's interesting they always bring up the second amendment and we are not disputing the second amendment. many of my friends who belong to the nra who have handguns are saying now that something has to be done with assault weapons. let's use those two words
12:25 am
assault weapons. in the state of florida you have a three day waiting period to buy handguns. two by an assault weapon you go in and a few minutes later go out and after a background check with no waiting period and by an assault weapon. we are distinguishing assault weapons from handguns. the topic today is let's focus in on assault weapons and start abandoning them and a stopping teenagers from buying them. >> shannon: i know a lot of people hear the word assault weapon it's confusing to them they don't know what happens there, they do have cosmetic differences and they show up a lot in these crimes. what of what mark is suggesting? >> these weapons do show up quite a bit but just as often as not, handguns show up. look at the gabrielle gifford shooting, that individual is using a handgun but was able to fire 32 rounds in just 11 seconds, killing six people.
12:26 am
that's why i think the problem goes far beyond a discussion of guns. it goes to mental health and also people learning how to protect themselves and knowing what to do in these situations. >> shannon: we thank you both for having this honest conversation about where we go. we just began this conversation. thank you both for lending your voices. the president hit a twitter today hoping to influence senate vote on immigration reform. we will analyze an update exactly what happened. plus new details tonight about the latest jane doe abortion case involving a legal immigrant minor and the fight over who gets to decide if she has an abortion or not. what's behind this very what's behind this very diyour insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation.
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unwilling to get something done. >> there's only one reason why the senate will be unable to reach a bipartisan solution. president trump. >> shannon: senate leaders mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer on immigration. long story short, this week's open debate on immigration was talk and not a whole lot more. joining us here live on the set to break down what happened, what happens next? >> nothing is going to happen in the near term because congress is out until almost the end of the month. there will be a lot of recriminations, we are already seeing some of those from the white house this evening finger pointing one or the other. the two dates to watch in the near term, some people debate whether or not that is the dates they have to move on daca. nancy pelosi the minority leader was asked a question about that. she said this can't go into deeper margins. here is the other problem, the government is funded through
12:32 am
march 23rd. we could be staring at government shutdown number three. if they don't have something resolved on daca come the president is going to continue to ask for wall funding and that could be a standoff. >> shannon: who were the losers today? >> the administration lost. they got behind the plan that chuck grassley had authored big time. grassley came out and said this is our plan. he said this is the only plan that can pass. it only got 39 votes, they needed 60, they need 60 votes. this was like invoking reverse culture. they just didn't get it. >> shannon: multiple plans, multiple votes happening today, were all of them doomed? >> some people talked about the sequencing of the vote. the most conservative plan was last. the bipartisan plan was second to last, third vote out of four votes. some people say if you look at
12:33 am
that vote and it had 54 yeas, why not make that the last one? this has bipartisan support, you might be able to get to that important 60 vote threshold. some people are saying this can't be it. we can't vote for that conservative plan but if it's something that a bipartisan coalition of senators can agree to, maybe we will vote for that at the end. that was one avenue there. >> shannon: it's almost like you have been covering the ins and outs of capitol hill for a couple of decades. now we look ahead to 2018, the impact of there, republicans have said the day they are saving this, we tried to meet them halfway with 1.8 million pathway to citizenship. they want to's save this as a campaign issue from the fall. >> there's a reason why paul ryan wanted to get tax reform done in 2017. you are going to start to get
12:34 am
into primaries very soon. here you have another issue that is just as electric and some republican members started to go with the plan that deals with immigration, some conservative coalitions don't want to touch, that's a problem for them. look at one of the votes in that series today. sanctuary cities. you are going to have a race in pennsylvania, sanctuary cities, that's his topic, he used to be the mayor of hazleton pennsylvania and casey voted no. you had four other democratic senators in trump territory joe donnelly indiana, claire mccaskill and missouri, joe manchin and west virginia. they all voted for the sanctuary cities. you see how this is playing into their elections right now because it is 2018. >> shannon: we could talk forever about the senate.
12:35 am
thank you for stopping in. this is a fox news alert, you are looking at life pictures now amid this debate about daca and immigration, we are told to the are trying to keep a crowd away from the 101 freeway. you know traffic out there is a nightmare on a regular day but the police say they are trying to block the freeway because there are protesters demonstrating against recent ice rates across california. there has been a lot of talk about them, the crackdown is beginning to happen. there are protesters who want to impede traffic. police are working on it, we will keep you updated. a new development in the case of an underage illegal immigrant in u.s. custody. they are seeking abortions, one case pending before the supreme court. the case still working its way through the court wanted to
12:36 am
represent another young woman who was in texas, she's pregnant, here illegally. after signing paperwork, the miner says she was forced to do, she changed her mind and told them she did not want to get an abortion. the trump administration got word of that she put a handwritten note out. they successfully petitioned the reports to have those guardians were moved guardian assigned. disturbing new video that might get your blood boiling tonight. the cook county sheriff's office revealing this video. inmates clapping for the suspect accused of executing a chicago police commander paul bauer on tuesday. he had answered a call about a fleeing drug suspect, tried to apprehend that suspect. the two fell down stairs and shots rang out. he was a 31-year-old veteran of the chicago pd. he had been measuring 16 years, please behind a 13-year-old daughter. after parkland the gun control
12:37 am
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>> shannon: democrats are coming out swinging in their
12:41 am
calls for stricter gun control laws. >> there's a reason why this happens in the united states and no one else. congressional inaction. if you are not working today to try to fix this, to try to stop these shootings then you are an accomplice. >> when you see the effect of this extreme violence on a human body and especially the body of a child, maybe it will shock some people into understanding. >> shannon: talking about potentially showing autopsy photos to get people's attention. if joining me to talk about it amy holmes and democratic new jersey state senate candidate michael starr hopkins. something about senator murphy and what he said, he said this only happens in the united states, that was fact-checked by politico fact and when president obama said
12:42 am
something similar they said it's not true. they pointed out other countries that do have mass shootings so we want to deal with facts here. where do we go from here? it is always a knee-jerk reaction and for a lot of people it makes sense. no one wants to see 17 children and teachers trying to protect them gunned down and dead after a situation like this, we are all scrambled for solutions. >> senator kamala harris' suggestion that we should be waving around photos of the dead bodies of teenagers is one of the most protest grandstanding. with or without parental permission. i don't think it's helpful at all. if we need to look at details of this case and what it has in common with previous cases. these shooters tend to be copycats. adam lanza had a very detailed chart of school shootings that he wanted to score higher than these other heroes of his. one of the things we can do is not publicized their photos and their names.
12:43 am
another thing we can do is the fbi, they were contacted and this person wrote his name on a comment saying he wanted to be a professional school shooter. somehow, able to outwit the fbi out of 12 people in the united states, they didn't find this needle in the haystack. i think we need to connect the dots there and finally another thing we can look at is he did have a history of mental health problems, what do we know about that? what could be factored in? i understand of the first amendment and freedom of expression .. declares that they want to be a school shooter has lost the right and their privilege to own weapons. >> shannon: door take? >> i was a public defender here in manhattan. i have seen the autopsy photos of kids that were killed. these look like pictures out of afghanistan, pictures out of yemen. we are better than this.
12:44 am
when we have kids repeatedly being murdered, we have to ask why. we have to look at not just policy as it relates to guns, as it relates to mental health and who you are as a country. we can talk about making america great again but we actually have to do it. we can't just give lip service to it. when kids are repeatedly getting killed and politicians can't find the backbone to actually stand up and say that we are going to do something about this, then i do agree with kamala harris. we have to start being uncomfortable in releasing these pictures, those kids were slaughtered. this wasn't something that passively happened whether it's sandy hook, whether it's here, those were war wounds that look like afghanistan, not something that should be happening in america. >> shannon: a lot of the conversation has gone to gun control, i want to play something that senator marco rubio said. >> most of the proposals that have been offered would not have
12:45 am
prevented not just yesterday's tragedy but any of those in recent history. >> shannon: he said something similar in .. think you do mark. they gave out pinocchio's but they found this was actually true. >> glenn kessler at "the washington post" went through a very long laundry list of mass shootings and found that none of the democratic proposals would have done anything to change it. including in senator harris' home state of california where you had san bernardino. none of the proposals on the books would have necessarily impacted the ability of those terrorists to acquire guns which
12:46 am
they acquired illegally, a friend had bought a gun and given it to them. i agree with michael we need to look at this more holistically. another question i would add to the family that took this young man in, they took him in with his arsenal -- does this not disturb ..? killing animals, posing with guns and said he wanted to be a school shooter, where the red flags being raised and what could have been done about it? >> shannon: final word to you. >> i think about where can we be safe anymore if it's not a church, it's not a school, it's not a concert, not in a nightclub. we have to have a conversation about who we are and what kind of messages we are putting forth. we are not talking about republican or democrat anymore if we have to talk about who we are as americans and what to we believe in. we need to take it step back and think about what we believe in, what matters anymore. these kids matter.
12:47 am
>> shannon: it gets to the heart of our culture and our society, what we are willing to tolerate and what we have allowed to free at the edges. much more there to discuss. great to have you with us. international security conference in germany where russia's so-called bad behavior is expected to dominate the conversation plus what secretary mattis is saying tonight about the ongoing war in syria.
12:48 am
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>> shannon: defense secretary jim manus has been meeting with defense officials around the globe ahead of the security conference in munich. many of those meetings consider in what role russia will play as war in syria is entering a dangerous new phase. general jack keane is a retired four-star general and fox news senior strategic analyst. i want to read you something, director of middle east and the north africa program, he says most of the conflicts you see now have nothing to do with syria per se. it seems like so much of this as a proxy war. >> syria started out as a civil war, bashar al-assad was trying
12:52 am
to put down his people. the civil war began in 2011 in syria but quite frankly right now what we have is the iranians and russians have successfully propped up the regime particularly with russian military intervention and huge commitment on the part of the iranians. syria is now a client state of iran. as horrible as that is, that's a fact. they are trying to drive the united states out of syria and out of the middle east. add to that that the turks have opened up a front in northwestern syria to take territory away from the syrian kurds who but they believe are threatening the sovereignty of turkey, add to that of the iranians are encroaching on israel from syria where they want to establish bases for rockets and missiles to be able to fire into syria -- into israel, they are not going to permit it to happen.
12:53 am
these are the added complications to what is taking place. >> shannon: what can they do now? do administration tackling what they what the last administration failed to. what can we do with allies in the region? >> what happened with the russians recently as they used hybrid forces, some five to 600 troops attacking the u.s. coalition base where we have u.s. forces added. they thought we were vulnerable because we had a lot of drones and other surveillance vehicles out of syria and put them in afghanistan. they thought they could get away with it. airpower saved the day. they had coalition forces on it.
12:54 am
we've got to call out and made certain, we will confront you at your base, we are not going to tolerate that to happen. the larger issue that you are asking, the complications of syria in the middle east itself with a large, iran's aggressive behavior, we need a multinational effort. the administration is well aware of that, i would describe this so our would understand, we need an arab nato to push back on the iranian and russian aligned behavior in the region much as we have successfully done with the soviet union during the cold war, post-world war ii two. we have to get the sunni arabs more involved. this is their backyard. they have to be hands on and can help. we have intelligence, capability, we are talking a at
12:55 am
a lot of u.s. forces, getting more involved. >> shannon: we all have interest in the region. we will see how well it works together as it continues on. more news righ
12:56 am
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>> shannon: hundreds attended a vigil to those who lost their lives yesterday including aaron feiss who died a hero. we are told the football coach selflessly shielded students from gunfire and lost his own life in the process. students are sharing their stories tonight, 117-year-old said this incident will be engraved in his mind forever. we will have much more coverage tomorrow is the president heads to mar-a-lago for the weekend, that isn't confirmed. he may be dropping in on victims, survivors -- first responders were waiting to find out.
1:00 am
tonight, police say this young man has admitted to what happened at that school yesterday. the most-watched, most trusted, good night from >> no parent should ever have to fear for their sons and daughters when they kiss them goodbye in the morning. >> i love you. i don't remember if i said that to jamie. >> he wasn't afraid to lay it down. >> children are dying and all this congress has to say is let's have a moment of silence. >> you are charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder.


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