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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 11, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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thank you to all of you and to my panel. the white house chief of staff john kelly facing much scrutiny over handling of domestic abuse allegations against former staff secretary bob porter. speculation rising by the oval office really should ship with his boss. hello everyone welcome to "americas news headquarters". >> the white house is not delivered the resignation a speech writer david sorensen after thanks his ex-wife that he was abusive during the marriage. as for rob porter, critics claim john kelly knew about locations for months but only to cash in after they become
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public. mick mulvaney said giving for the benefit of the doubt simply made sense. >> if your cameraman came to you and send that to you, you probably give the person the benefit of the doubt. we would want to because you know that person and trust that person. that is what the president did up until the time it became obvious when photographs came out that the person is not being honest. you don't want to throw people out on the street based upon allegations. as soon as it became apparent to us allegations were true, rob porter had to go. >> now we have more from the white house with molly. >> rob is gone but questions remain as to how he was able to stay in a position of staff secretary with such class access the president with allegations of domestic violence against two ex-wives and his past. >> this issue should have surfaced in the initial background check and initial
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security clearance process. and so they had to be a reckoning of this issue. sooner or later. and apparently he was sitting there with an interim security clearance. it's not an ideal situation and to help you with access to very sensitive documents who are operating on security clearance. quickly since that redesign falls that he resigned hours after pictures are made public. as to i still had why he had clearance bases. specular new president comes into office. >> restart administration you are flooding the fbi with hundreds and hundreds of request security security clearance to take longer. i think it will help will be an expedition that leave it
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inside. they say the president is not looking to get john kelly out and someone else in. budget director mick mulvaney has been floated as a possible new chief of staff. they said actually not facebook experience -- one of the ex-wives process they say she understands the incredulity but she does not quote - condemn their choice to support them. the white house official said the president was quote - very disturbed by the pictures. the president said on friday that porter had been a quote - very good job at the white house. >> thank you so much. >> the president making house democrats redo their counter memo on alleged fbi surveillance abuse that house intelligence committee saying republicans are not intentionally blocking the release. take a listen. first off this was not a
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surprise and this was after they are produced them of putting business to normal. we did not. just put in what we thought what the american people to know was clear front memento from the beginning that they package full of sources and methods. >> ellison barber has the story from washington. >> the white house is defending their decision to block the release of the memo drafted by democrats on a house intelligence committee. critics say the decision is partisan politics. the white house plan they are not releasing this based on national legal security expert advice. >> we begin that the congressman intensely put in their methods and sources he needed to be redacted. if we redacted it they were being out cry. we said cleaned up and we will release it. >> the ranking member schiff says the president simply does not want the people to see
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underlying facts. >> what is revealed as most quotations from the fisa application to demonstrate how misleading the republicans have been. >> democrats drafted their memo as a rebuttal to the republican memo and misusing surveillance authority when they got a warrant on carter page. friday the white house as the president is inclined unable to release the democrats memo because it contains numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages. >> the hypocrisy of this reaches out and reggie by the throat. republicans write a memo that the fbi describes is misleading and unwitting material facts. the department of justice as it would be extraordinarily reckless to release this and what does the president do? is a somewhat insecure democrats have been on t.v. all weekend. there memo is sitting at the house intelligence committee. if they really wanted to get it out they would be down there all day yesterday rejecting it.
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>> early this week republican congressman says that he rated all of the memos and in his words, neither one endangers national security. >> thank you so much. >> for more on that we have a congressman that serves now joining us from pensacola florida. did they act inappropriately? -- >> the white house is both consistent in support of the releasable memos. we have to remember that not all memos were drafted or treated equally. the newness memo was drafted over the course of the year. being very certain to exclude any sources or methods that the americans in danger. adam schiff not always hastily prepared as a political response and as the chairman newness noted is just look
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sources and methods. remember, the democrat memo is heavily footnoted for some of those are very low. many many pages so it may take some time to do the reductions but all republicans are committed to getting the democratic memo released. it is important to note every single democrat including adam schiff on the intelligence committee voted against the republican memo being released and so we are fighting as the for transparency. >> is what adam schiff just said about the democratic memo and the president is trying to not declassified rain appear. >> they want to put the investigation on trial and the president is too happy to accommodate. but he doesn't wait to see these facts from the fisa because in undermines his claims of vindication. >> do think that is true? >> artbeat between 18 version of adam schiff would agree with the 2013 version of adam schiff whom he himself expressed
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legislation to reform the fisa process because the possibility of abuses such like we have seen in this. i think it is appropriate to recognize that we continue to be committed, to releasing the democrat memo but some of the appendages, some of the footnotes are simply going to retire is to redact information that could put americans at risk. why is it not a bipartisan goal to ensure that people that are engaged in the collection of intelligence to save the country are protected? i think it should be and we should have a thorough review and release democratic memo. >> speaking of a thorough review also asked for special counsel because you have the second memo of the so-called second dossier. the start ãstate department memo. why are you troubled by that? >> there continues to be more information indicates people in washington at the highest levels of government became very politicized in the execution of duties. just let the fbi the state department has thousands of people all over the world that are patriots who fight for this country but the state department became the hillary
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clinton fan club and we will learn more about the influence they have. the coordinates that they had an element sent the dossier and i am very encouraged that devin nunes is diligent in finding the facts to ensure that we get all the information before the american people. when we do that i think we need a set of special counsel because department of justice and fbi can't possibly investigate themselves. it is their very actions that are questions. >> details about the hillary clinton fan club. are you referring to blumenthal? of course on the left. a long time and hillary clinton eight. he served in the white house. a new yorker journalist. always came to the aid of the clintons. then you have the men on the right, this is the story as it is talk to us. he writes a memorandum with similar allegations like steel. he gets into an official of the state department who is admitted that and then it ended up in the bloodstream to
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authorities. is it appropriate think for a memo that begins with unverified accusations and somehow winds its way to blumenthal and into the fisa port? do you think is appropriate? is that what you are referring to? talk about the fan club? >> it is. in that is entirely inappropriate. with this dossier we find that it was not only commissioned and paid for by democrats but along the way various operatives were working to add salacious and unverified elements to this dossier. the sacrament is that it became relied upon by the fisa court despite members of the trump transition team and despite the president himself through association. yes, i think some of the people you mentioned will be called before congress to answer questions but we see time and again that the state department existed in some part to facilitate the personal and political goals of the clintons.
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as i people who give massive donations to the clinton foundation got special treatment and contracting and other work at the state department. stephen had a special quote - for an addict. friend of bill.that was code for someone making a donation or hiring clinton. that became part of the political machine to get this false information before a fisa port. >> the clinton foundation. tonight this project will beat up. francis and this process here because whether you're republican or democrat we can never have this happen again. we can never allow cash and a political party to be convertible into a government-sponsored warrant to
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spy on american citizens. it was the state department or the fbi or the department of justice, it contributed to the inequity. to that process. we define the problem purely to drain the swamp and make sure that we institute reforms so this never happens again. >> from florida today, thank you. we shall be waiting to see what happens in the second part of these allegations. >> thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. a russian airliner crashes shortly after takeoff killing all on board. the plane reportedly disappeared from radar minutes after taking off. for a city a thousand miles southeast of moscow. russia's investigative committee is now looking into the cause of the crash. when you live in london with the latest. amy? >> the russians are saying that all lines of inquiry are open at the moment. as another cause of the crash
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remains unknown. a relatively quickly discovered the debris on a snowy field no more than 60 miles outside of moscow. some villagers near and they had a very loud boom. so not in fact, that it nearly blew windows out of houses. at around the time of the crash, emergency crews are on those fields at that site working through the night. hampered however, by wind and snow. authorities have said there were no survivors. one black box has been recovered. as have been somebody's. but so far no close about what brought that airplane down. it disappeared from radar just moments after taking off from moscow's airport. as of now it does not fit appellant made a distress call. the airline had said he was an experienced pilot. the airline was headed not far from the border.
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the airplane similar to this was not even eight years old. it continuously will be in service for those years safe for a short break when they had some parcel not airline stop international flights over some safety concerns in 2013 but those problems were relatively quickly resolved. relatives of passengers on the team at the airport hoping for good news. but the tragic reality is that it will not be forthcoming. and 2017 was actually the safest year on record for aviation. russia average per million flights, the average of crashes per million is slightly higher than the worldwide average but russia has made some very serious strides in improving safety in the last few years. >> you amy. >> back in hong kong a small ohio town is in morning after
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columbus ohio. they are mourning the loss of two of the finest who were killed in the line of a police officer, anthony morelli and eric joering were responded to a domestic disturbance call yesterday when they were fatally shot. the suspect was identified as a 30 year old smith here he was known to local law enforcement has a criminal history. reportedly getting violent crimes. the suspect was hit in the crossfire is now in police custody. he is being treated at a local hospital. >> congressional committees conduct inrush investigations are now looking into what is being called a second anti-trump dossier. the newly unearthed documents contain more salacious and yet to be verified allegations
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connecting the president to russia congressional investigators also want to talk to the man behind them. a journalist named cody shearer with long-term ties to the clintons governor where vice president of -- and retired station chief for the cia. served in moscow for five years. glad to have you here talk about this topic. i am not sure if you have, have you seen his contents of the dossiers? i have not. >> that when i'm not. it is reportedly about eight pages long. there's a lot more questions and artifacts at this point. how did he obtain the information? i do not think he traveled himself to russia. reportedly did speak with the fsb. if he did they would have interest in not informing the public influencing more than informing and there's just a lot of concerns here. who paid for this dossier and why and when.
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reportedly he was turned over to the fbi in october 2016 and that just cause some concern as well right before the election and make you wonder about the political motives. >> so reliable are these dossiers and how can you come if you can explain to us, how is it russia can manipulate the content of this dossier as well as steele dossier. >> i found three significant concerns about the steele dossier. i think they are applying well to this other dossier even though smoke and memo. first and foremost they are extremely high-profile visuals that deal with the well-known russian expert that hysterics in moscow would have been on russian intelligence radar and they would have been tracking him fairly closely everything. same thing with scherer without a lot of work on behalf of the clintons in the past including in libya in 2011. secondly, neither individual i do not believe, ever wanted to
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moscow to collect information. i do not believe so they were relying on third parties to share information and that i can say from experience as having served in russia is really no way, to collect information securely. the fsb, the internal police for the russians is extremely sophisticated and this is what they do. they hunt out those seeking protected information. and then the third concern that i would have is that the russians hacked into the democratic national committee. and so whatever the campaign was doing, i think the government of russia, the kremlin and vladimir putin would have known about it. it leads me to believe that the fsp could have resisted this wonderful opportunity to share or westernize this information. >> daniel, let me jump in here. you have the former campaign manager, paul manafort. the trump campaign manager and
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former national security advisor, michael flynn under the trump administration charge with interactions and transactions with russia. how does this connect the dots between the president himself and russia and conversely, how these charges fit the narrative that the russia investigation is a hoax? >> i do not see the investigation as a hoax. but i do believe that the dossier is as far as i can tell, not just severely flawed but not very, pretty much worthless. but the lines of inquiry and many in the congress have said, those lines of inquiry should carry on in order to determine what the facts are people know the russians metals in our election. and there have been charges brought against general flynn and paul well as gates and papadopoulos. >> necessarily change the outcome but want to russia go in so forcefully on this last presidential election? >> i believe that it reflects what america's weakness he is
1:24 pm
extraordinarily concerned about his own elections in about one month. and he knows that his protesters, his opponents will derive great inspiration from that from the united states. that if he could soil the electoral process it would make it harder for his own opponent to attack him. >> that does not make sense. i do not follow that logic. >> i think is upon us derive a lot of inspiration from the united states. and what the russians like to do, an old russian intelligence officer told me one time if you live in a nice house, and mine is not so nice i'm going to burn yours down. russia is correct and we hold them accountable. we held them accountable 2011 and 2012 and secretary clinton called out russia for massive fraud and corruption in their election. some amusing listings in march of this year when the president lenny glynn wins election who tournaments the we talking about looking on election and
1:25 pm
he will, that is what i think he was after and he also wants very much to be perceived as playing on a level playing field with the united states. and this asymmetric espionage that is news about social media and networking sites and weaponization in my view of the steele test and other things allows them to espionage. >> so it seems that the in-house, meaning inside of this country that political warfare based on the dossiers and networking together to get to the bottom of this seems like it plays right into vladimir putin hands. >> honestly, it twitter, facebook, democrats, republicans, there are no enemies there. the enemies in the kremlin. his name is vladimir putin. >> regards to what they feel how they thought they came to the information in this dossier, collect information honestly and find out what he
1:26 pm
is up to the contract he prevented in the future.>> i cannot disagree with it often at the goal of the person bickering and the use of our intelligence as partisan with political goals of running national security goals there is a great concern and does not help us deal with the russia threat. i could not agree more. >> daniel hoffman, thank you. >> after the most significant military confrontation in years, it says an iranian drone crossed the border from syria. we'll have that and israel ambassadorship to give us israel's reaction and where all of this could be headed. is not . it's a long-distance run and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for over ten years. it's the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists.
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here's something you should know. there's a serious virus out there that 1 in 30 boomers has, yet most don't even know it. a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. hep c can hide in the body for years without symptoms. left untreated it can lead to liver damage, even liver cancer. the only way to know if you have hep c is to ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning iran
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and syria that there playing with fire if they attacked the jewish state. this coming after his military launched its biggest airstrikes inside syria in years. as retaliation for an unmanned iranian drone entering the northern airspace. antiaircraft fire down and israeli warplanes returning from syria. david lee miller is live from jerusalem. >> arthel, the president of his bill is now -- along the northern border. also following a massive israeli reprisal in syria resulted in the downing of the f-16 aircraft. the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu says the rate israeli attack courting him now, severe blows to both iran and syria. he told israeli cabinet today and reaffirmed israel's policy to quote - continue to strike any attack to strike us. the intelligence minister echoed the message same visio sent a clear message to iran they will not tolerate them operating in their backyard.
1:32 pm
they have sent equipment and trips to support syria. the observatory for human rights as israel's airstrikes killed at least six syrian troops and allied fighters. the media here underscoring that sunday's hostilities marked the first time israel and iran directly engaged militarily. initial strength today, ran sober the 39th anniversary of the founding of the islamic republic. hundreds of thousands of people rallied in the streets for some shouted things like death to america. burning photos of the president trump as well as flags of the us and israel. iranian military put on display and missile that is significant because this is a weapon that has the capability of flying some 1250 miles. the bottom line here, that means that this missile could strike not only israel but us bases and and around the middle
1:33 pm
east. >> david lee miller, thank you. >> the united states is making it clear. it has the back of our closest ally in the middle east. saying in part quote - in the real is the staunch ally of the united states and we support its right to defend itself on the iranian backed syrian militia forces and southern syria. recall up iran and the allies to seize provocative actions and work to regional peace. join is that we have an israeli ambassador to the nation also a former israeli deputy defense minister. he joins us from florida. ambassador, welcome. >> good afternoon eric. >> your first, it really is brazen and old by tehran. can you imagine this they are following is a quote - series iranian attack on israeli territory. >> it was a blatant violation
1:34 pm
of our sovereignty. can you imagine an iranian drone flying over the us, over russia? what would be the reaction of those countries? what situs it was an example of what we've been warning for months we cannot have this. they are bringing troops into syria, thousands coming into syria and why? isis has been defeated. so why the iranian are bringing missiles and troops with them? the only business to threaten israel, to destabilize the region. we cannot allow iran to become the largest armed people in the middle east. >> are you concerned that directly establish a base for many bases in syria and even perhaps lebanon ? >> indeed. we have the information in this clear, we will not allow them to put that next to a reporter. we saw what happened yesterday. it was only a small example of
1:35 pm
the future. and we know they want to create chaos in syria. they want to have the same that they have in lebanon. by the way, when asked about their reading president, in their own countries also very carefully follow his company to in syria.>> had to fight back against iran, not militarily but perhaps in other ways? to prevent this? the prime minister has met several times with vladimir putin. for example, giving them the message to israel will not accept iranian bases and iranian troops on its borders. do you think that vladimir putin will listen? and how to get the world community then around to support you when it comes to iran trying to extend its reach? >> first we expect the community to speak very clearly about the violations. the security council said that the iranians not to -- i think
1:36 pm
we should expect more from the un and the international community but also when we speak about the future syria, we have to make sure that those involved in the future, we know the syrians cannot put their forces nextel border, next to the jordanian border. they have nothing to do today and syria. look at syria today. it is not as -- their payment be made to come and fight in syria against israel and to increase stability. >> at least you know what hundred tons or so they say they had iranian depots that are supplying hezbollah with missiles up there in the lebanese border. as well as the fact that in damascus they carried out this type of attacks. what is the message and how do you think the us should react
1:37 pm
and try to stop them or is even possible? or is that the first step which can potentially be a part -- a broader conflict? >> we want to see the end of violations and in syria.but we cannot ignore the fact iranians are trying to build factories of gps guided missiles that can threaten any target in israel. we cannot allow it. we do whatever is necessary. we expect for our allies and others in the region to be worried also because today, the iranians are invading into the israeli airspace and in the future it will be also a trip to europe into the us. >> is unbelievably provocative. they call this laughable. but still, the danger and the threat is that from a nation that has called for wiping israel off the map.
1:38 pm
ambassador, thank you very much. you called in the security council to condemn this. we will see what happens. thank you ambassador amb danny danon. >> thank you. >> is a prepares to open up debate on immigration the white house closed an offer to maintain illegal immigration at the current a million people per year rather than cutting it. we will discuss that. also the domestic abuse allegations with the white house as there is a second end forced to step down after rob porter. at first, this is the counselor to the president, kellyanne conway. >> i think the president, with the rest of us were shocked and disturbed by the allegations. it is not the rob porter any of us have worked with.
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1:42 pm
sunday morning shows. the white house aide rob porter
1:43 pm
amid allegations of domestic violence topped up a picture of one of his ex-wives with a black eye. he is a resident political store and has been serving as president trump staff secretary since january of last year. this morning and cnn, councils for the president, kellyanne conway said, she was horrified and shocked to limit the allegations against porter and that this is not the man she had worked with. let's it doesn't shock the conscience and you try to process it and compared against the person you work with. i believe son of his ex-wives saying that as well tissue busy is brilliant and it probably does a great job professionally. and that is who we also saw. we see all of this, we make very clear, when you meet all of this any sale of this i think we did the right thing by resigning. question know we have democratic congresswoman of michigan with a very vocal about the issue of domestic violence. congresswoman, great to have
1:44 pm
you here. with. >> i would like to start by asking your take on kellyanne conway' comment. >> i am having a really hard time with all of this this week because i counselor this actually as someone who lived in a home with domestic abuse. my father was a very influential man and nobody talk about it. and to this day my mother will not talk about. so i think what disturbs me more than anything that there was this was at the white house and the vice president has not even expressed concern. and for too many women, the shame, the violence, the consequences for them speaking up and speaking out and i again, think that women are paying the price here. when this should never -- for me, i am having that music and quite frankly just thinking
1:45 pm
about all of this. because this is never okay. and then, rob porter, a very good hiding personality. >> thank you for sharing your very personal story on this topic and i want to move not to ask you, the concerns, what concerns you most, is in the presidents reaction or perhaps the way the administration handled security clearances? >> they both do. i mean i am a human being who has lived with this in the whole #me too movement, sexual assault movement started saying that there consequences and their chimney consequences for women and we need to change a culture. there's nothing about this that has changed when we are making excuses for someone that has pictures. when fbi investigations show evidence of domestic abuse. but then i'm worried about security clearances. and what is the clearance?
1:46 pm
this is something someone contacted black male someone with. i will tase of the program sexually harassed 30 years ago with my first child they tried to blackmail me. the minute that it, the fact about being a domestic abuser. these are things that can hurt people. and we need to way that both of them. we need to not tolerate violence in society. >> from homeland security secretary, johnson was on cnn this morning. speaking about how rob porter should have been handled. >> said earlier something like this always comes out. in this particular environment, this was going to be big news. and sometimes you have to make the hard choice. to move on and try to find somebody else. >> congresswoman, how can the president make this right? >> well, you know -- i have yet to hear him say domestic violence is not okay. i mean, there is good advice on the part of jay johnson. anyone would have no must speak
1:47 pm
in public that you have to do with this. i guess it really bothers me is i'm worried about the two spouses and the other women involved and their investment -- their embarrassment and what this will do for them. i care about the constitution and due process and freedom of religion and freedom of speech. but for too long women have been trapped in domestic violence situations and they are the ones that are afraid to speak up and speak out. how about helping to change the culture so they don't have to be and we do not defend people who have photos of violence against them. >> something else that you're very passionate about his immigration. i want to talk about daca. are you disappointed that it was not incorporated in the budget deal that was passed after the brief overnight shut down? do you feel that you and other proponents of daca have lost leverage? >> will keep fighting for it.
1:48 pm
we have leaders that agree we have to do something. i am even going to take the president at his word that we have to do something about these daca kids. but we keep forgetting that these are real human beings scared to death. these kids, they are americans or their paying taxes, fighting to defend this country. the senate will begin consideration next week. paul ryan said he would bring up something that i will trusted to keep his word. >> there waiting for that is from the president. as well.>> well, the senate is, thank god. and when we get something from the senate and we can get something through that will help but will really need is tough immigration reform. we need to stop being afraid of dealing with it and we have to stop being afraid to take up these type issues. we would not have all of the problems we have. we need to keep bad people in the country. none of us want to see anybody from isis, we do not want anything to threaten national
1:49 pm
security. but when i resent is trying to label every young immigrant in this country as an ms-13 gang. we need to keep them out of this. >> congresswoman, debbie dingell i have further questions but will have to have you back to talk about two very important topics. i appreciate your personal stories, again. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> a judge is expected to rule on a legal challenge from environmentalists. the president proposed border wall. and guess who the judge is? it turns out to the same one that the president accused of being biased against him during the presidential campaign. what the judge ruling could mean. probiotics, and fiber, it could be wearing on you. tell your doctor what you've tried
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massive wall on the southern border could face a legal setback this week. california judges due to role in the legal challenge from environmental activists and not judged, the guy on the right the president once accused him of being anti-trump.we have more from will carr. >> that's right.
1:54 pm
there is already a lot of controversy when it comes to the wall but this case comes with an additional twist. the judge in -- and the president in history. they are challenging the administrations claims that they can waive the number of environmental laws in an effort to build prototypes and ultimately replace existing wall near san diego. judge gonzalo curiel is expected to rule on this case. if his name sounds familiar it's because candidates from disparate judge gonzalo curiel over a lawsuit over trump university. >> he is been extremely hostile to me. he is hispanic i believe and he is a very hostile judge. he has said it loud and clear. >> gonzalo curiel was born indiana will now decide if the trump administration can build the portable under the authority of the 2006 secure fence act. >> if this judge says wait a minute, these are procedures
1:55 pm
that need to comply with, typically it can take months. in some cases, years to clear all of the regulatory and procedural hurdles. >> the federal government argues that when it comes to national security, federal authorities supersede both state and environmental concerns. whichever way the judge rules, the case could ultimately wind up in front of the supreme court. >> we will see what he says thank you. >> a busy week ahead in washington as lawmakers lock horns over dueling memos. for the democrats version be -- will the democrats version see the light of day? it's ok that ee ignores me while i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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is a tally of medals so for. check him out starting the first gold. giving him an upset win. he is the youngest olympic
2:00 pm
snowboarding champion. and the first athlete in the 2000 to win a winter olympic medal. >> go team usa! advocating for truth, justice and the american way. >> the dow jones dropped not just significantly, not just by over 600 points but dropped specifically by 666 points. it dropped by 666, the number of the beast. it exists in the bible and it exist on jared kushner's new office building. greg: is true. everyone from holy water on your tvs. satan is our president. president trump had


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