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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 9, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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of flushing pet hamster. the airline refused to let pedals on board as emotional support animal. spirit denies all those claims. carley: i can't believe we are finishing off on that note but "fox & friends" begins right now. todd: have a good weekend, everybody. ♪ steve: it's 6:00 in washington, d.c. we start with a fox news alert. and a live look at the u.s. house of representatives floor where congress just passed moments ago a massive budget package. >> ainsley: that brand new deal with end an hours long government shutdown. shortest government shut down in history. pete: our own griff jenkins live with what comes next to make it official. good morning, griff. >> we shall call it the greatest government shut down of 2018 thanks to rand paul. if you are a government employee, you need to take brian's advice and please get dressed because the
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government is going to open very soon when the president signs what the senate and house just passed. surely in the house the breakdown of the vote. 240 to 186. easily passing, remember, you needed over just about 217 to get it done. and for republicans there were plenty of defections because this adds $400 billion to spending and fiscal conservatives not happy but speaker paul ryan issued this statement after the passage just shortly ago saying this is a great victory for our men and women in uniform. republicans and democrats join together to finally give our troops the resources and our generals the certainty to plan for our future our national defense will no longer be held hostage by short-term spending bills and reckless spending caps. democrats though upset. pelosi leading them in the no. she was part of the negotiations in the end she held out for dreamers and gave some passionate remarks here about an hour ago. take a listen. >> as part of it agreement,
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we have always expected that the house and the senate would address the issue of daca and the dreamers. most of our members believe that this budget agreement is a reasonable compromise to address america's military strength and critical domestic priorities. >> finally how we got here just a reminder, viewers who may just be waking up wondering what happened shortly about 2:00 a.m. the senate passed their bill that came to the house. it passed 71-28. got sidetracked last minute hours long speech that rand paul gave protesting the raising of spending caps. here is some of what he had to say. >> they are all holding hands there is only one bad guy standing in the way one guy going to keep us here until 3:00 this the morning. i think the country is worth the debate until 3:00 in the morning. frankly. the reason i'm here tonight is i want to put people on the spot. i want them to feel uncomfortable. have to answer people at home who said how come you
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were against president obama's deficits and how come you are for republican deficits? isn't that the very definition? >> so where does that leave us, guys? we have a two year budget bill plus a spending gap passed but we will be back here on march 23rd for the spending portion. this is the fifth continuing resolution since all this began. steve: i'm confused why do we have to go back if they voted on it yesterday or last night? >> good question. because they had the votes, bipartisan votes for a budget deal, but some democrats were holding out on immigration. so they said let's do the budget piece and we'll do the spending just until march 23rd so we can come backs and address as we prom missed the immigration part. we could be in for another shut down just a month and change from now because of this promise. either way they have got the budget, two year budget deal passed adding some 161 billion more for the military so folks in the
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pentagon, very happy about this. steve: all right. griff, thank you very much. let's talk a little bit why rand paul felt so shortly he drove us to the world's shortest government shut down. he wanted a vote. apparently he talked tout president of the united states yesterday, i have heard three people on capitol hill. he talked to the president and the president said what dew points? because rand said i'm going to vote no. the president said what do you want? he said i wanted 15 minutes of discussion, of debate on the senate floor and 15 minute vote. and the vote would be on getting people on the record on getting rid of these budget cap spending cans for two years. the president said that's all you want he said kwre7. what happen mitch mcconnell? he said mitch mcconnell won't give it to me. the president reportedly said do what you have to do. that's why we wound up with a government shutdown. he wanted to get everybody on the record. the leadership said if we cave in to him we have to cave in to all these other
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people who have amendments as well. ainsley: at love republicans are complaining because it's a lot of spending. military aspect. they don't like the spending part. more of a democratic bill than republican. is this what compromise looks like in order to get spending for the military? do you have to give the democrats what they want? pete: unfortunately that's the swamp. i would like to correct paul ryan though. he said republicans and democrats have joined together to fund the military. hogwash. republicans want to fund the military and defense and democrats want to extract as much money as they can for domestic spending that's their priority. republicans got a little more defense spending. ultimately lead to deaf sit of $1.2 trillion there is a lot of cronyism in this bill. tax breaks for small colleges and race horses and nasa cars and energy tax credits and electric motorcycles. all the things that get slipped in by mcconnell and everyone else at the end pork to help their buddies. this is not a great bill. on defense, thank goodness we are furensding the military the right way.
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i understand why rand paul did what he did. i wish we had more principled members in the house of representatives and senate who would stand with him. ainsley: would you do you think many republicans voted yes then. >> enough behold ton mitch mcconnell who do not want to fight this fight over and over again and fund the military. i don't think can you underestimate making sure republicans are funding our defense department is funded properly. steve: great projects, opioids, infrastructure, cancer research. >> hurricanes. ainsley: hurricane relief. steve: disaster relief as well. they wound up with so many military money. they wound up with more money than the president actually asked for. that's one of the reasons the house freedom caucus initially was a no. there were a number of republicans who ultimately did say no in the house. we will take a look at the numbers and do more on that throughout the morning. in the meantime the president was tweeting about a big story. you know, the senate intel committee is looking into the russia collusion thing.
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as it turns out the top democrat on that committee was doing some free-lancing that has caught everybody's eye. pete: that's right. mark warmer was -- let's just go with the president's tweet here that he tweeted last night based on information revealed to fox news and elsewhere. the president tweeted. this wow, senator mark warner got caught having extensive contact with a lobbyist for a russian oligarch. warmer did not want a, quote, paper trail on a quote private meeting in london he requested with steele of the fraudulent dossier fame all tied in to crooked hillary. so, the -- what's been revealed is that senator warner on his own tried to reach out through russian contacts through christopher steele to get additional information. this in february or, excuse me, march of 2017. ainsley: mark warner, the head guy on the intel committee. head democrat, i would say, he was having a conversation with this lobbyist who represents this russian oligarch who is not aloud in the u.s.
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his visa was removed by the state department for alleged -- he allegedly had organized crime ties. so, senator warner gets this text from the lobbyist, the guy who is representing the russian, on -- they begin their conversation march 16th, 2017. this is what the texts say. warmer says we have so much to discuss. you need to be careful, but we can help our country. and then that lobbyist, waldman says "i'm in." steve: adam waldman, keep in mind, is he a lobbyist. his firm has ties to hillary. ainsley: hillary clinton. steve: it gets crazier. on march 30th to adam waldman once again warner says we want to do this right private in london. don't want to send letter yet 'cause if we can't get agreement, would rather not have a paper trail. that's ver curious. wants a private meeting and doesn't want a paper trail. pete: why wouldn't you want a paper trail?
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because you are doing this off the books. there is muddy waters on this because chairman burr of the committee has said he was informed about this. but he wasn't. steve: didn't note context. peter: didn't know the context. weren't informed until october. these were in march informed in october in case it comes out. he says it's going to look back out of context. ainsley: lobbyist said christopher steele wants to come to the senate intel committee and wants to talk to all of you. we want a letter from you guys, a bipartisan letter. we need senator burr to be on board and sign this letter, too, saying you are inviting christopher steele into the capitol or wherever they would hold this meeting and talk to the whole committee. have you warner, the democratic senator who said no, no, no, no. i'm 00 only one who needs this information and i don't want a paper trail. four months ago he tells the whole committee this is what happened between me and that lobbyist that represents the russians and has ties to hillary clinton. steve: ultimately they did not have that particular meeting. senator rubio sits on this particular committee.
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he said yesterday via tweet, senator warner fully disclosed this to the committee four months ago. we know that has had zero impact on our work, #fox news. that makes sense because they ultimately had to tell each other, by the way, you know, warner was in contact with the hillary asking for the paper trail. jim jordan connects it this way. >> if the senate intelligence committee is so bipartisan why did senator warner say he just wanted to meet no one else in that meeting except him, the lobbyist, and christopher steele? why did he say he didn't want a paper trail and why was he willing to travel to london privately just to meet with christopher steele. if it's bipartisan, it should be bipartisan. i understand the statement that came from the chairman. but that's the first reaction i have is really? if this is how bipartisan bipartisanship works then i'm confused. pete: democrats are willing to go rogue so obsessed with the russia narrative to reach out to russians to get
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information to undermine a duly elected president they want to prove is discredited. that's what it all -- when you step back from this a lot of confusion on it they have been doing behind the scenes everything they can to hurt this president. steve: some on the committee have said this information is based on incomplete information. so we don't know everything. but then again at the same time i know some of these investigators who work on these committees. it's not the members who do the calling and do the leg work. it's the staff members. it's the lawyers. it's the investigators for the chairman to pick up the phone i need a private meeting, no paper trail, just looks weird. just saying. that's awesome. ainsley: we will continue to talk about it this morning. overnight, first responders escorting the body of a slain texas police officer to a dallas funeral home. that officer shot and killed in the line of duty now identified as david shared. 13 year veteran of the force remembered by his family as a jokester and devout christian who felt being a police officer was god's
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calling. he is survived by his wife and his two daughters. here's a picture. the white house defending its handling of abuse allegations against former aid to the president rob porter. the spokesman saying that the administration was not fully aware of the extend of those allegations and giving a glimpse into the president's response in this case in the rob porter we relied on the background process that process hadn't been complete weed relied on the information we h we do take violence against women very seriously. he told me was very saddened by these reports and by the reports that he saw and by the images he saw. ainsley: porter turned in resignation after pictures of of his ex-wife with a black eye surfaced. >> vice president invited fred warmbier to join him there the father of otto warmbier, the american student who died in north
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korea. they met with the defector. the same man who lyfted up crutches during the state of the union address. warmbier and defector sharing heart warming hug after the meeting. >> fred is now a great champion for the north from which he fled and the freedom of the people there and it's an honor. ainsley: the vice president not ruling out a meeting with north korean officials and those are your headlines. pete: 2018 elections are just around the corner, could the president really lose control of congress? polster scott rasmussen has his prediction next. ainsley: plus, hate shoveling snow? hire this dog to handle it all for you. that is not the only trick that he knows. ♪ anyway you want it ♪ just the way you need it ♪ anyway you want it ♪ just the way way you need it
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steve: as voters gear up for the electioning this october, the political climate is starting to look like 2010 some say. one political prognosticator cease a major different as hold a trump card. here editor-at-large scott rasmussen the guy from scott
3:18 am good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: here we are in 2018. in 2010 the republicans are now thinking wait a minute, two years earlier a democratic president was elected and then a whole bunch of democrats lost their jobs. >> that's right there was a lot of concern among republican members of congress about these similarities. the last midterm election there was a polarizing new president in office. every word that came out of barack obama's mouth or president trump's mouth is heard differently by progressives and conservatives. steve: they are polarizing to different parts of the country. >> both of them stubborn and doggedly pursued a legislative dream that didn't do well in the polls. obamacare was unpopular in the polls. we kept hearing last december how unpopular the tax cut was polling poorly. steve: we heard that a lot. >> then of course, 8 years ago a republican had been elected in new jersey as governor. that's as crazy as electing a democrat in alabama for the u.s. senate. we also had a few years ago
3:19 am
that scott brown upset victory. i mean, a lot of surprises. the result, democrats lost 63 seats. this is what republicans are afraid of. steve: right. that's why some republicans are hitting the panic button right now. they go last time around there was something like this. this is important. >> yeah. the democrats need to gain 24 seats in the house to win control. four of the last 10 midterm elections the party out of power has gained more than 24 seats. a toss-up, 50/50 by historical level. opportunities for democrats. there are 45 competitive races that will determine control. 38 of them are held by republicans. steve: that's positive. >> that's positive for democrats. those are seats that republicans could lose. steve: oh, i see. here is the big difference. this is the big slide. >> that's right. one big difference. obamacare never became popular. they passed it. it never got better in polls. all kinds of unpleasant surprises. remember if you like your doctor can you keep it all
3:20 am
sthawvment that's the reason republicans have a majority today. the tax cuts are different. we kept hearing last december how concerned people were about it because half of americans expected to get a tax hike. well, instead, 90% are getting a tax cut. we are hearing about bonuses. new jobs. and we are seeing increase in public approval. i don't know if this is enough for the republicans to keep control but it's a big difference. steve: so, going forward, just like the democrats had trouble running on obamacare back then, the republicans embraced the tax cuts? >> they should be talking about this at every opportunity. steve: i got a feel they will. scott, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. steve: he wrote a great op-ed regarding that it's at scott speaking of the mid terms presidennancypelosi is the repus secret weapon. is he right? never seen a police chase like that. what happened? we have got the back story ♪ in the fast lane
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♪ pete: welcome back to "fox & friends." quick terror headlines for you. the last two wanted members of a brutal isis beheading gang now in u.s. custody. syrian kurdish fighters capturing the pair of jihady fighters handing them over to special forces in syria. dubbed the beatles because of their british accents. hopefully they get a one-way ticket to guantanamo bay. and this guy figuring out the hard way that being a terrorist is not what it's cracked up to be. mohammed hoas telling the court he left the townhouse be a fight sis fighter. when he got to syria all he got to do is clean, cook and take out the trash for other
3:25 am
isis buddies. several other americans making similar claims. he is behind bars on terrorism charges. maybe he will join the other two at guantanamo bay as well. ainsley? over to you. ainsley: thank you, pete. president trump making it clear what he thinks about nancy pelosi and how she is hurting the democratic party and maybe even helping republicans. >> so nancy pelosi again said that's crumbs. well, she is a rich woman who lives in a big beautiful house who wants to give all of your money away. she is our secret weapon. [laughter] no, she is -- i just hope they don't change her. ainsley: so is nancy pelosi republican's secret weapon in the mid terms? joining us is author of the new american revolution, the making of a populist movement kayly mchaney, journalist and talk show host. >> hey, ainsley. kayleigh, i will start with
3:26 am
you as you a republican here. i wanted to ask you is that a good strategy in the president says in the midterm elections we need to hammer the democrats and he says republicans need to tie all the democrats who didn't vote for the tax cut plan to nancy pelosi. good plan? >> absolutely. let's be clear here. nancy crumbs pelosi has an approval rating languishing in the 20's and 2010, $50 million was spent by republicans tying democrats to nancy. nancy is the face of the democratic party. she is the person who still wants to shut down the government for illegal immigrants, putting the american citizens' needs aside. nancy pelosi is a face of the democratic party. can i promise you. this the rnc is tying every democrat to her coming up in the mid terms. ainsley: jamila, the democrats are criticized a lot for the same old same old. nancy pelosi has been a leader for the democrats for a very long time. some people say new fresh blood needs to come in. what did you make? what were you talking about at the water cooler maybe
3:27 am
not on tv but amongst your friends when nancy pelosi made that comment about crumbs? >> you know, i have to concede. that wasn't the greatest comment that she could have made. the thing that republicans really have to think about with this me too moment. with this women's taking power moment. with this fact that you have got nearly 250 women across the country who are running for some of the hotly contested races. you really have to tread carefully when you talk about nancy pelosi being this woman who is causing harm, doing problems. let's be real, the democrats definitely need to be able to pull from a wider bench, a deeper bench, a younger bench. but, you know, pelosi is one individual who does not represent most of this country. yes, she is, you know, the position she is.
3:28 am
however, as americans look at their paychecks and then recognize hey, i have got to send my kids to school. i have got to pay my mortgage, i have got to live my life. >> jamila you said we can't criticize pelosi because of her gender? do you understand what a ridiculous argument that is? make that argument, please, i promise you will lose and we will keep our majorities. that's absurd we can't criticize her because of her gender. >> yeah. she deserves criticism, if she deserves criticism. what i'm saying, however, this is a point that the republican us will do well to listen to because if you miss it, you lose. to criticize the fact that oh this woman, this woman, this woman, there are a lot of voters, a lot of women voters and a lot of men voters who are tired of that trope. >> no one is saying that except you. what we are saying is she shut down the government for illegal immigrants. what we are saying she calls the idea of giving american people their money
3:29 am
armageddon. i didn't mention gender. you did. your party cease everything through the purview of gender. ainsley: let's talk about 2020. joe biden saying he might be interested. eric holder the former a.g. said he might be interested. also, hulaian castro has been interested in running. who do you think? >> i have no clue. it's way too early and anything can happen. for awful i know kanye west might make a good stand. ainsley: he has mentioned it, too. >> we need to see what happens in the will mid terms to well progress miss at this indicate what is going to come out. >> democrats have a pretty weak feckless bench there. if you want to put up eric holder please do so. radical leftist. is he corrupt. he led a corrupt justice department that imperiled american citizens i. ainsley: have a united states weekend. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. a new budget just passing the house. still no deal on daca. dreamers are threatening to leave the country if it
3:30 am
doesn't get done. seriously? a new poll shows voters giving president trump credit for a booming economy. maybe someone should let president obama know. >> the longest streak of job creation in american history by far. a streak that still continues by the way. thanks, obama. [laughter] mom and dad got a new car... it's not theirs. it's mine. mine. mine. and it always will be, forever and forever. the new rx 350l with three rows for seven passengers. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. a trip back to the dthe doctor's office, mean just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home with neulasta onpro?
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♪ ♪ steve: well, it is 8:30 p.m. in south korea right now. and the opening ceremony of the 2018 winter olympic games officially underway. "fox & friends" is cheering on team u.s.a. with the same underarmor swag that the athletes got. under armor sent it our way. so, essentially, we are proud americans. not olympics olympians. ainsley: look at the back united states of america.
3:34 am
pete: this is a good deal. ainsley: i feel so privileged we get to have our own. this is as close to the olympics i will ever get. steve: check out this scarf. how cool is that? stars and stripes on one side. ainsley: then this is a t-shirt. ainsley: on the arm it says u.s.a. beautiful. pete: they are made in china, small detail. ainsley: are they? ainsley: maybe not after tax cuts because it's more expensive to make them here? steve: that's right. in attendance for the opening ceremony. we also understand that kim jong un's sister is going to be representing north korea. there is a possibility she could actually invite the president of south korea to north korea. so that would be interesting if that did happen. by the way, they will be the final -- you will see it tonight. they will be the final delegates in to the stadium. they will be carrying of the flag under one name korea a
3:35 am
south and north korea marching together. pete: remember, that's what kim jong un wants a union of the south korea peninsula. steve: tonight he gets it. ainsley: otto warmbier's dad and the prison who escaped north korea who held up the crutches. passing the house overnight, still no deal on daca. before this deal was reached, dreamers threatened to leave the country, some telling cnn that they're ready to up and leave work and school on their own terms rather than face deportation. they are part of the nearly 690,000 young adults protected from deportation under the obama era policy after coming into the country as children. so $1.7 billion the obama administration paid the iranians went right into the hands of iran-backed tastes.
3:36 am
"the washington times" reports the u.s. government has traced some of the transferred u.s. cash back to terrorist groups, including hezbollah. the obama administration maintains the payment made two years ago was part of a settlement over iranian claims to regime asset used for the arms deal back in the 1970s. a wild police chase ends with a pickup truck laying upside down on top of a suv. the authorities saying they spotted the stolen ford pickup truck driving down the highway. ignored requests to pull over. blowing through a red light before colliding into five other cars. four people suffered minor injuries, including the two suspects who were arrested. and people in the midwest are bracing for a lot of snow today. they might want to hire that dog right there. [laughter] the newfoundland named morgan can use a snow blower walking on her hind legs. it only took a month to teach her. and that's not morgan's only
3:37 am
trick. >> go over there and get a beer. [laughter] ainsley: that is great. that owner doesn't have to snow blow or get his own beer. pete: i trained my 5-year-old to do the same thing. steve: oh, stop it. ainsley: he also cleans up garbage and he can vacuum. steve: that is a miracle dog. holy cow. all right. meanwhile, former president barack obama has not been shy on taking credit for today's booming economy. >> we saw the u.s. economy grow consistently. we sought longest streak of job creation in american history by far. a streak that still continues by the way. thanks obama. [laughter] pete: or thanks trump. because the american voters disagree. a new poll shows 48% see the excellent economy as a
3:38 am
result of president trump's actions. ainsley: 41% see obama. why does president trump deserve this credit? here to break it all down is managing partner at benchmark kevin kelly. hey, kevin, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. steve: you bet. >> just seeing president obama talking about that. what he forgot to mention is that he presided over the weakest recovery on record. that we have ever had. and think about the american workforce. we are the deepest, strongest, most talented workforce on the planet. but we could only grow at 1.6% g.d.p. in 2016. i mean, come on. steve: kevin, look at the two different proches to the economy given the two different administrations. this one is all about cutting regulations and trying to give as many people as much money of their own, allowing them to keep it through the tax cuts as possible. whereas the last president was about, what? >> yeah, the last president was actually focused on redistributing wealth, especially back to the government. and that's called regulatory
3:39 am
capture. you had businesses couldn't invest in their people because they had to worry about alphabet soup of agencies from the fcc to the doj. if you think about it dodd frank over 22,000 pages of rules and regulations came from that that really hampered banks from growing and lending money out to the economy. steve: they said they were looking out for the little guy. >> yeah, of course they were especially because the little guy got all these bonuses oh, no, wait, that's happening under the trump economy. because the trump economy is focusing on growing the economy. that's why we are getting 3.2% g.d.p. we are going to go to 4%. you can mark my words on that. you are starting to see american manufacturing come about. you talked about oh this was made in china? guess what. no longer will you see that happen. companies now can compete on a global scale. we are at 21% corporate tax rate. that makes us even with the global tax rate. companies couldn't invest here. they would have to invest
3:40 am
overseas. pete: we have seen a couple days on the stock market. talk to us about the way we do the stock market and the real economy the wages people have seen gone up. paychecks go up. bonuses they received, tax benefits and how impactful is that vis-a-vis tracking the stock market. >> you are seeing a little bit of a disconnect between the fundamentals and valuation of the market. so no longer will the market need to be interfered by monetary policy and the federal reserve coming in and repressing bond rates. this is good for savers. so the market is just recalibrating risks. they are trying to see should we trade 16 times pe or 18 times pe? this is good. no longer is the federal reserve making decision and impacting policy. it's actually going to be the frequent that's doing it so this is very good thing that's going to happen. we saw something like this happen in january of 2016 as the fed was going to raise rates. we saw markets. after the market figured out the risk it was up 11% over the next month and ended up a year higher. ainsley: hard to argue with
3:41 am
the numbers when folks are getting $1,000 paychecks or bonuses and looking at 401(k)s and better than they have ever been or increase sod rapidly, it's hard to argue with that. >> it's hard to argue with that because people know how to spend their money better than the federal government does. pete: that's the whole promise. >> these aren't crumbs. right? think about if you are getting $1,000 back and you just had a baby. can you buy diapers for the next year and that helps the economy. pete: big miscalculation dismissing that kind of money. steve: when you put together a lot of crumbs you have a lot of dough. devikevin kealy, thank you very much. pete: one journalist says why don't we drown them or waterboard them. seriously. ♪ liberty mutual stood with me
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change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. shared online in what is considered to be the company's biggest leak in history. key piece of the phone's software called i boot get hub. experts fear scurt hackers might use to to break into apple's operating system and decrypt people's data. apple down playing the leak saying any potential vulnerabilities would be. down vote button the social media site quick to explain this isn't a dislike button. it's meant to help reporters report comments as misleading and off topic and not show a negative reaction. pete? pete: turning point u.s.a.
3:46 am
founder recently about the messages he received from conservative college students. he says i get countless number of messages from students who say professors are lowering their grades you see it right there and penalize them for being conservatived. conservative students shouldn't be targeted for disagreeing. in a now deleted tweet back liberal writer and former dead spin replied to charlie saying. this he said they shouldn't do that it's not right. they should hold the conservative students heads under water until they stop breathing instead. here to respond founder and executive director of turning point u.s.a. charlie, thanks for joining us. you are pointing out. >> good morning. pete: basically an obvious fact at this point there is bias against conservative students in the classroom either hide your view or be quiet. you get that kind of response on twitter. we should drown you instead? >> yeah. i looked at it, the interesting part of what happened after that i sent
3:47 am
out a tweet jesse must be joking, i don't think it's very funny. he responded to my tweet no, i'm not joking. i'm stunned. he is calling for the public death of conservative students via waterboarding suffocation. and then it even went to a higher level where a journalist from the independent journal review contacted dead spin and said what do you think about this? the deputy editor said well, i can't agree with the methods but i couldn't say it would make the world a better place. what's going on here? liberal journalists literally advocating that the world would be a better place if conservative students are killed. they disagree with us so much and they are so bothered by our world view and our viewpoint that they literally want us dead. and, look, i hate playing the victim. this is beyond the pale. pete: it's not playing the victim. it's about pointing out their true thoughts. the tweet you sent and response tweet as well. you tweeted back thinking it had to be a joke. you tweeted interesting. seems to call for the death of conservative students via
3:48 am
waterboarding, suffocating. i'm sure he is joking. imagine if conservatives made a joke like that against liberals? and farrar tweeted back i'm not joking. the independent journal review reached out to the current editor of dead spin on the tweet and this is what they said defending that tweet. take a listen. they said while farrar no longer writes regularly for dead spin we as a organization do support his stance of trolling white supremacist supported and associated organizations like charlie kirk's turning point u.s.a. while i would not advocate the mentioned in farra may not agree with the message but if they are dead the world a better place. >> i say commonly, some people on the left are so
3:49 am
bothered by this presidency and so bothered by conservative ideas they actually want us dead. and here they are. i mean, i was looking at these tweets, i said this can't be true. and you see it. it's this derangement syndrome against the president, against conservatives that they no longer want to debate or have any sort of discussion. they actually want us to be killed. and, look, i think this is a small indictment of what's going on in the left today that they don't want to have any sort of discourse. they would rather just delete us. they would rather have us just wiped off the face of the earth. pete: you are accused of being a white supremacist. what do you say to that. >> ridiculous. intellectually lazy and dangerous attack. if everyone becomes a racist, no one is a racist. to call our organization diverse organization 50 states different background white supremacist organization is ridiculous attack to throw upon us. it's stunning. pete: charlie kirk, the organization is turning point u.s.a. thanks for your time this morning. appreciate it? >> thanks.
3:50 am
pete: democrats attacking president trump for wanting a military parade. it turns out chuck schumer asked for a parade four years ago. where was the outrage then? plus, from the super bowl to the big screen. patriots saw rob big plans for retirement. more trending this morning with expedia, one click gives you access to discounts on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do. like the papaya playa project for 49% off. everything you need to go. expedia.
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3:53 am
ainsley: tensions are running pretty high at several schools in ohio after the school district banned prayer at sporting events. the district caving to complaints from an advocacy
3:54 am
group called the freedom from religion foundation. steve: here to break it all down is fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carley shimkus. all right, carley, we have heard this story before. carley: many times before. steve: now there is a backlash. carley: there sure is just to give some of the details first. this is happening at the west branch school district in cleveland, ohio. the school district had a tradition of airing a prayer before games, before sporting events. the freedom from religious foundation caught wind of that. they said can't do it. it's unconstitutional. the backlash that you were talking about is real and is big because most parents, students and teachers, want to keep the prayer tradition going. so much so that a mother to one of the students at one of the schools created t-shirts. steve: look at all of them right there. carley: they say prayer matters on them. 600 have already been sold. 200 in the first 24 hours. this is a really religious community. so what do we do here?
3:55 am
steve: the problem is because they were threatened with a lawsuit, they say, look, we have got to talk to our lawyers so no praying until then. ainsley: no praying until they talk to their lawyers. that's what the superintendent said. on the other side of the backlash some students wearing shirts that say coexist. those students think the school is being too inclusive and they don't want the prayers over the loud speaker. ainsley: good news is no one can stop from you praying and i can be praying right now and that group can't tell me i can't. pete: it's not freedom from religion in the constitution. it's freedom of religion. ainsley: that's true. you are right. steve: what about world war ii photo from the eagles parade there was recreation. >> there sure was. all about the love yesterday. the city of brotherly love. look at that. so, we all seen the famous 1945 world war ii picture of the sailor and the nurse kissing. so, one eagles fan posted this picture that you see on twitter would anybody want
3:56 am
to recreate this with me. another eagles fan tweeted him and said, meet me at this location. we're going to make this picture happen and they did it now it's going viral. i think they did a good job. ainsley: have you ever been to sarasota florida there is a huge statue. carley: i would never kiss a stranger not to put a damper. ainsley: have you never kissed a stranger? that's for a different day. steve: eagles won the super bowl, the pats lost what about rob gronkowski. >> questions surrounding the future of his career after the super bowl. he told a reporter. this take a listen. >> i mean, i'm definitely going to look at my future, for sure. i'm going to sit down the next couple of weeks and see where i'm at. carley: all right. he is not so sure about continuing playing football. apparently some big time actors, sylvester stallone dwayne "the rock" johnson are saying listen, follow in
3:57 am
our footsteps, start an acting career. do you think he could do it. ainsley: i think he could do it. he commercials. he can't quit is he is such a good player. carley: thanks a lot. pete: mike huckabee, ben shapiro and geraldo rivera all on deck. bp is taking safety to new heights. using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential problems before they start. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better.
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4:00 am
steve: congress just passed a massive budget package. ainsley: that brand new deal will end an hours' long government shutdown. shortest government shutdown in history. >> it got sidetracked last minute by this hours' long speech that rand paul gave protesting the raising of spending caps. >> they are all holding hands and there is only one bad guy standing in the way. >> brand new text messages are raising questions about a relationship between warner and a lobbyist representing a russian oligarch. warmer apparently tried contact christopher steele, the author of the infamous anti-trump dossier through the lobbyist. >> warner texted back march 30th, if cannot get agreement i would rather not
4:01 am
have paper trail. >> wild day on wall street with the dow dropping 1,000 points. that he was the second biggest point drop in history. >> strategists telling me the u.s. economy is solid. american corporations are delivering on earnings and sales. ♪ ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ and party every day ♪ i want to rock and roll all night. steve: it sounds like there is going to be a document heading over to the white house. and as soon as the president signs it officially, the government will open later today. ainsley: that's right it did shut down. the shortest shutdown ever in history. steve: and you slept through it. pete: you did and so did we. we got up early and read all about it so weekend bring it this morning. ainsley: happy friday. straight to this top fox news alert. massive budget package -- oh, steve, that's your read. steve: that's okay, ainsley. that brand new deal ending hours long, six hour long government shutdown which is
4:02 am
going down in the history books as the shortest in american history. pete: this is my read. griff jenkins live in washington with what comes next to make it official; griff: cue the music for the great government shutdown in 2018. don't you like what i have done with your sky. i have reopened the government and painted the sky like a portrait. here is what happened. the house just voted in the last hour and change 240-186 to pass what the senate passed at 2:00 a.m., in a vote 71-28, a two-year budget bill in a stop gap measure that funds the government through march 23rd. so we will have a budget with military spending and budget reforms. make no mistake we will be back here in six weeks. now the g.o.p. needed about 70 dems to join it. in all, that's 67 republicans that voted no. so that's a handful of defections. mostly because of that 400 billion-dollar increase in spending. but paul ryan called this a victory for our mental and women in uniform. and the man who whipped that vote, steve scalise, had
4:03 am
this to say. >> if minority leader pelosi was that serious about it, she would have handled this more directly when she was speaker of the house. prior to them losing the majorities, they never brought a bill to the floor to address the immigration problem. >> now minority leader pelosi who was part of the negotiations on the bipartisan budget deal voted no, holding out for dreamers. and was joined by many democrats like nita loy of new york. here is a little bit of what pelosi had to say. >> as part of this agreement, we have always expected that the house and the senate would address the issue of daca and the dreamers. >> so here's how we got here. okay? senate leaders have been confident of passage before the midnight deadline and we all were going to bed thinking it was okay. senator rand paul launched into an hours' long floor speech protesting the spending gaps. here is some of what he was doing. >> they are all holding hands and there is only one bad guy standing in the way.
4:04 am
one guy that's going to keep us here until 3:00 in the morning. do you know what? i think the country is worth a debate until 3:00 in the morning, frankly. >> so here is where this leaves us. they passed this big two year budget deal and given themselves six weeks until march 23rd for the appropriators to write this omnibus bill. but what's really at stake is whether or not because the only way this was going to pass is to give the democrats some assurances on daca and immigration whether or not we are going to be right back here in just six weeks, guys. steve: march 23rd, all right. >> the meter is running. griff, thank you very much. pete: thanks a lot. steve: from griff's report you hear it's a win for the u.s. military. actually a win for the democrats. because they pretty much got everything they want. but it's a loss for fiscal responsibility. there were, as he just said, 67 republicans who vote you had no because the spending, it looks like it's out of control again. they wound up giving the pentagon more money than the president actually asked for.
4:05 am
pete: yeah. go ahead. ainsley: they are just weighing out their options, though, right? republicans want to fund the military. we have to do that. we can't ask these men and women to go and fight for our country and they don't have the supplies and training they need. pete: absolutely. ainsley: have you done so many reports how we need that money. whether you have a chance to vote for a bill like, this even if it means the deficit is going to group. most of the republicans, 60, 70 voted no. most of them feel like the military is more important. pete: that's the tradeoff that the republicans have made. sequestration devastating to our military. republicans held their nose and said i'm going to vote for this because i love the military and i don't like discretionary spending we have in there. it's going to bust our budget. 1. 2 truld budget deficits by 2019. that's why people love what rand paul was doing on the senate floor. he is the reason the budget shut down. he held the vote up for four or five hours saying hey, we are republicans. when democrats are in charge. we look conservative. we are in charge and we spend just like democrats deal of a typical washington
4:06 am
type. steve: ultimately what he wanted was a 15-minute debate and 15-minute vote from mitch mcconnell so that everybody in the chamber could be on the record. are you for the budget restrictions or aren't you? because what they're doing is they are suspending them for two years so they can spend like crazy. keep in mind, it was the house freedom caucus which is a lot of fiscal responsibility there. they are the ones who said officially we say no because the spending is out of control. the heritage foundation came out against it because they said there is a back door agreement between the parties to go ahead and continue to fund the insurance companies that are bailing out obamacare and a lot of people don't realize that and they said we can't go for for that reason. pete: tax bill includes tax breaks for small colleges, race horses, nascar, tax credits, electric motorcycles. steve: i can smell the pork. smells like bacon. ainsley: this is why it is so important for you to go to the polls and vote. if you don't like what's happening in washington, they are so close.
4:07 am
they are neck in neck. have you got almost as many republicans as you do democrats there. so, it's so important. pete: this is what bipartisanship looks like. steve: a lot of people voted forever republicans and said i'm going to go to washington and cut the fat. ainsley: harder to do. steve: all right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. this goes into the you have got to be kidding me department. the vice chairman the senate. pete: new department. steve: democrat mark warner, the committee is looking into russia collusion with the trump candidacy. well, as it owrns out, that man right there in the blue striped tie, he tried to organize a private meeting with christopher steele, the dossier author through the lobbyist of a russian oligarch by the name of oleg deripaska through a lobbyist by the name of adam waldman whose firm is connected to hillary. the important words to look for here are no paper trail
4:08 am
and private meeting. why would he want to do that without the whole thing? ainsley: we will read the texts between the two. first here is a tweet from the president wow exclamation point. senator mark warner got caught having contact with a russian oligarch. warmer did not want a paper trail on a private meeting in london he requested with steele, fraud is lent dossier fame. all tied into crooked hillary. pete: steve, as you pointed out last member oftentimes it's staff members doing the outreaching. in this particular case it is the senator himself texting with adam waldman who is the lobbyist connected to the russian oligarch. here are a couple of the texts. steve: and hillary. pete: and hillary. i stand corrected. here is a couple of the texts right here. senator warner texts we have so much to discuss we need to be careful but we can help our country. waldman texts back i'm in. another text exchanged march 30th, 2017, we want to
4:09 am
do this right. private in london, don't want to send letter yet cause if we can't get agreement would rather not have paper trail there are other texts as well. ainsley: all this started back in march of 2017, after the president, inauguration is in january. two months later, you have this lobbyist who reached out to warner in the senate committee. asked me to call you. senator warner says i will call tomorrow. be careful. they try to have these phone conversations. they can't get in touch and start shooting off texts to each other. that's when senator warner says so much to discuss. need to be careful. we can help our country and waldman says i'm in. and then christopher steele told the lobbyist said i want bipartisan letter from the senate intel committee. i want a republican, head republican who is senator burr and i want senator warner to both sign this letter and safe i can come to the senate and i can speak to this committee. well, then have you senator warner who says, no, no, no,
4:10 am
no, no. i'm the only one who knows. this i'm not getting the others involved is what it sounds like. he said i would rather that the have the paper trail. steve: we don't know what was going on behind the scenes. we are just reporting what these things say. meanwhile senator marco rubio who is on that committee tweeted this out yesterday. senator warner fully disclosed this to the committee four months ago. ainsley: four months ago. not when it happened. steve: has had zero impact on our work #fox news. pete: sings months after he reported it to the committee because he thought it might look back. steve: the chairman, richard burr new the contact but didn't know the context of the mess sandals. he said we will go ahead and release that to everybody on the committee because it does not look good. looks bad. private meeting, no paper trail. ainsley: meeting with christopher steele the guy who wrote the unverified dirty dossier. pete: why does this all matter? more democrats chasing this unverified dossier as if it's the center of the
4:11 am
universe. the justification for their so-called collusion narrative and willing to do it off the books. no paper trail, text messages, six months later i better tell the rest of the committee i was doing. this bipartisan willingness to say we knew about it did we know about it in march? no. did it look above board? no it didn't. ainsley: why did marco rubio put #fox news? we the only one covering it. steve: usually. think about the hypocrisy. if richard burr, the republican on that committee the chairman had he reached out to christopher steele the chairman and said i want no paper trail and private meeting do you think that would be a big story. pete: been part of the collusion. steve: letters that big on the front of the "new york times." ainsley: turning now to your headlines, turning now a fox news alert. historic picture coming into our newsroom moments ago, the sister of north korean dictator kim jong un shaking hands with the south korean president at the olympics opening ceremony. she is the first person from
4:12 am
the kim dynasty to visit the south in 65 years. our vice president mike pence also meeting with world leaders at the olympics. his guest of honor was fred warmbier father of otto warmbier. the american student died after months of imprisonment in north korea. white house defending former aide rob porter. a spokesman saying the administration not fully aware of the extent of those allegations and giving a glimpse into the president's response. >> in this instance in the case of rob porter we relied on the background check process. that process hadn't yet been completed. we were relying on the information we have. we do take violence against women in these type of allegations very seriously. he told me was very saddened by these reports and the images that he saw. ainsley: porter turned in resignation after pictures of ex-wife with a black eye surfaced. officer sworn into the line
4:13 am
of duty is sworn in to the force on his birthday. >> promise. >> promise. >> i will be a good boy. >> i will always love my parents. >> i will always love my parents. ainsley: a florida cop welcome russell to the kissimmee police department in florida. uncle sam howard and his partner officer matthew baxter were shot and killed responding to a call in august. those are your headlines. steve: meanwhile 7:13 in new york city. democrats pushing for a deal on daca slamming president trump. >> we can't hold the daca kids hostage. >> i use this occasion as opposing this bill to speak further about social justifiable. steve: our next gels says they should keep resisting. wait until you hear why next. pete: always social justifiable for nancy.
4:14 am
we know hate president trump. who else do they hate? disgusting new texts aimed at pro-lifers from those two coming up ♪ taking it to the street.
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4:17 am
>> you can't hold the daca
4:18 am
kids hostage to the budget negotiations that was created by the president of the united states. >> deporting 1.8 million people brought here as children that is cruel and something worth fighting for. >> we have a moral responsibility to act now to protect dreamers. so i use this occasion as opposing this bill to speak further about social justice in america. steve: democrats, have you seen, have been outspoken in their opposition to president trump's immigration proposal but our next guest says they are actually handing the president a huge gift. jeremy karl is a research fellow at the hoover institute. he joins us right now from out on the west coast. jeremy, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. thanks for having me on. steve: it's great to have you as well. the president has made it very clear and we have a graphic. is he going to provide a pathway to citizenship for close to 2 million dreamers. he wants 25 billion to build the wall. eliminate the visa lottery and curb chain migration.
4:19 am
according to the polls, americans seem to be behind him on these things. but the democrats are doing, what? >> well, they have essentially sort of made very, frankly, hysterical allegations about, you know, the president is -- this is about racism and it's about, you know, all of these other things and the president is cruel to dreamers. when you actually poll, you know, kind of the package that the president is offering, which is frankly more than a lot of folks in the patriotic immigration reform community, much more generous than some of us would have liked, it's actually, he has picked the popular position on every issue. and essentially the president is making them an offer that they shouldn't be able to refuse. but they are so trapped by their radicalism and radical rhetoric right now they are refusing it anyway. steve: you think they will, you know, we are going to come to logger heads, they will walk away from the deal. what does that do to the president? >> well, i think it can be potentially quite beneficial for the president.
4:20 am
because the president is going to be able to come to voters and say, look, i offered this very generous deal. it's a lot more generous than what i said i was going to do on the campaign trail. it was going to take care of all of these folks, and it was also going to do some very common sense popular things as far as border security and the reform of our legal immigration process. get rid of chain migration and the democrats walked away from that i think that's going to be very popular with swing voters and i think it's going to energize his base. steve: jeremy, you say that's going to haunt them come november? >> i think so. because i think, you know, it may be popular in new york or los angeles, but i don't think it's going to be popular in swing districts. we have 10 democratic senators up in states that trump won. and i don't think this is going to play well with your average midwestern swing voter. steve: let's see. they are going to be talking about daca in the congress very shortly. jimmy karl research fellow at the hoover institution. thank you, sir. >> thank you so much for having me.
4:21 am
steve: you bet. very interesting. meanwhile, a conservative group taking on google in the name of free speech. is the tech giant trying to silence them? one youtube video at a time? our next guest says yes. hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. nahelps protect eyes fromue damaging blue light, filtering it out to help you continue enjoying your screens. or... you could just put your phones down and talk to each other. [laughing] nature's bounty lutein blue. because you're better off healthy. we all want restful sleep. that's why nature's bounty melatonin is made to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
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so you'll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings. because mom's love is unconditional. even at 6am. nature's bounty melatonin. we're all better off healthy. this is the story of green mountain coffee roasters dark magic told in the time it takes to brew your cup. first, we head to vermont. and go to our coffee shop. and meet dave. hey. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good, he asks? let me show you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that.
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4:25 am
march 18th. that's great. finally, $137.5 million. that is how much san francisco 49ers quarterback jimmy gaferl will get next five years. 26-year-old highest paid player in nfl history. pete: for that money the niners have r. expected the super bowl championship. restricting videos. calling out alleged bias in new video saying if you disappear on google, you will be silenced. prager u says 40 of their videos put in restricted status including one did i for them a couple months ago on the iraq war. joining us now chief marketing officer at prager u. craig, thanks for joining us this morning. give our viewers a sense of what you do at prager
4:26 am
university with these videos and why they would be restricted. >> thank you for having me, pete. we are still trying to figure out why in the world they are restricted. a year and a half discovered why videos are restricted. for anybody who has seen prager u video five minutes long and best videos in on the world life's most important topics. youtube and google started restricting about 15 or 16 of them. including one did you on the iraq war. but funny enough, if you look -- if you search for the iraq war on youtube in restricted mode, your video won't show up. but hundreds of thousands of others will with a different point of view. it's clear to us at this point that they're targeting us because we are conservative. in fact, we have it in writing from them. at first we thought it was probably just algorithm or hopes it was honest mistake we have in writing or youtube that they manually reviewed our videos after manually reviewing them they deemed them inappropriate for young people. pete: the video on the screen right now is a portion of mine. here is a few other videos
4:27 am
considered inappropriate for younger audiences according to google and youtube. how the iraq war was won and lost that's mine. gun rights are women's rights. why america must lead. what's wrong with ecigarettes and why america's military be strong. a lot of these restricted modes on youtube are used to block pornographic, sexual, violent or mature content. havhave you been able to get any other information about why they are restricted and what's the next step to change this? >> yeah. as you know, pete, your video is so edgy. too edgy for young people. actually it's almost laughable but it's actually really scary and sad they are restricting this type of content. it's educational content. clearly because we have a conservative point of view that they are restricting it what's next is we have been left with no choice to file a lawsuit. which we did in october. and, look, somebody has to fight goliath. i mean, big tech companies will keep on silencing conservative voices unless someone fights up. and at prager u we have the
4:28 am
courage to stand up and take on goliath. someone has got to do it. it's a fight that we are doing not just for prague u we are doing for america. i love though country and i know you love this country, pete. i don't want our kids to grow up in a generation where they can't go online and find something. especially when you look at google's mission statement is to organize the world's information and make the information accessible to all. people think when they google something they will find what they're looking for. they don't realize and that's why we made this video and that's why we are bringing public awareness to this issue. they may not realize they may not find everything they are looking for. steve: if they can sensor prager u. we asked google for statement about this. this is what they wrote back to us. restrictional mode feature small subset of viewers giving viewers to choice to opt in to a more restricted content. youtube says they are not censurinsoncensuring you.
4:29 am
>> it says right on their own website that many schools, libraries and public place also have restricted mode in place and the user is not able to turn it off. if you are in a public library or university library, the user, the student at that library can't turn it off. it may be optional for some people at home on their own personal iphone or device but in public places and our target audience is young people. trying to reach young people. and where young people are accessing this information is not optional. even according to their own words. pete: craig, big tech can be scary and very powerful. folks can go to prager u to go to facebook and sign petition. you are fighting on behalf of a lot of conservative voices who feel like they are being stifled. craig of the chief marketing officer of prager u. thank you for your timplet gout it, pete. pete: still ahead actress bette midler weighs in on
4:30 am
the budget showdown. wait until you hear what she says about rand paul. governor mike huckabee is here to react to that next. plus, you got to see this. a quick thinking woman avoids a horrific crash. whoa. what she is saying about this greatest escape next. quick move in the middle of the snow. ll-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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ainsley: straight to a fox news alert. congress passing a massive budget package. ending government shut down the shortest in history. steve: the senate and the house passing a two year budget deal and stop gap measure that funds the government through march the 23rd when they're going to have another vote. pete: that's right. speaker paul ryan calling it a victory for our men and women in uniform saying our
4:34 am
national defense will no longer be held hostage and the man who whipped the vote, steve scalise had this to say. >> if minority leader pelosi was that serious about it, she would have handled this more directly when she was speaker of the house. they never addressed the immigration problem. ainsley: minority leader nancy pelosi who was part of the negotiation on the bipartisan budget deal voted no, holding out for the dreamers. steve: so this is the deal she negotiated and yet she voted no. let's bring in former governor of arkansas, also a fox news contributor. you know him, you love him. it's mike huckabee. good morning. >> good morning all of you. great to be with you. steve: there is some good news here. the military is finally going to get a lot of money that they have needed although they wind one lots more money than the president actually asked for. the democrats get a lot of the stuff they want for. what's curious, mr. huckabee, is the fact that remember in the olden days when republicans used to stand for fiscal
4:35 am
responsibility? apparently they forgot about that. a whole bunch of them voted for this thing that just blows the budget. >> well, it does. i think the reality is politics of the art of the doable not the art of the desirable. everybody has something they want. unless they have enough votes to just say this is it and forget the democrats. steve: yep. >> they have to give some ground. that's what they did. i believe that the reason that some of the republicans voted for this was not because they love deficits. i want to be very clear. i don't think it's going to be fair a tack some of the republicans who reluctantly holding their noses voted for it. but they also believe they have a commitment to the military. they cannot continue to allow sequestration to cripple our ability to train, prepare, and be ready. we're asking so much of these men and women in uniform. and i think for many of them, it's almost a matter of we have got to do this, even if the results and the consequences bring us something that we absolutely loathe. ainsley: governor, rand paul was not happy with it that's why he delayed it that's why
4:36 am
there was the shutdown because he was speaking for a few hours. three hours, maybe? bette midler. steve: maybe four hours. ainsley: bette midler tweeted out where is rand paul's neighbor when we need him? your reaction? >> it's really disgusting. by the way i spoke to rand paul last night. did i an interview with him that's going to air on my show on tv on this weekend. we had a chance to have a nice conversation. i have always respected rand paul because he's a person -- he is not a show boat. this is who he really is that's a deep conviction. he went to the senate with. and i respect the fact that he will stand by his stuff, no matter. what and he knows he is not going to be invited to all the cool parties. but, what bette midler did yesterday in the tweet, which she basically wished upon him another attack by a neighbor who blind sided him while he was mowing his lawn with ear phones on and the guy came up behind him and could have killed him. he had six broken ribs.
4:37 am
three of them displaced. punctured his lung. i mean, it was a very, very dangerous situation. that neighbor has now been charged with felony assault and here's the thing. i'm sure bette midler thought that was cute and funny. can you imagine what would have been the reaction if some conservative entertainer had wished upon let's say nancy pelosi or chuck schumer or anyone on the democratic side that someone would attack them to the point of nearly killing them, what would be the reaction today? steve: yeah. >> people would be demanded that they call across broken glass to apologize and grabble in begging forgiveness. pete: speaking of hypocrisy, on another topic, we have two individuals from the fbi whose texts have given us an inside look into the conversations of those who live inside our intelligence agencies. peter strzok and lisa page. and new texts have come out this morning new people they truly hate. january 22nd of 2016.
4:38 am
strzok says bleeping marchers making traffic problems. these are pro-life marchers, page responds i truly hate these people. no support for the women who actually has to spend the rest of her life rearing a child but we care about, quote, life a holes. governor, what does it tell you about their mind set and the mind set of many in government? >> i think her affair going on inside the office gives us a lot of look inside what she is thinking and what she is about. she is entitled to hate babies and wish them dead in the womb. that's her right. she is entitled to have -- whatever political opinion she wants. what she is not entitled to do is to carry a badge, a gun, and the authority of the u.s. government and shred the constitution by trying to influence an election. we have had one year of people saying oh we are afraid the russians have tried to influence the election. you know what? they probably did try to influence it. to your knowledge, they didn't succeed in changing one vote whatsoever.
4:39 am
i expect the russians to do that kind of thing. what i don't expect is for people whose salary i pay and you pay, i don't expect them to just trample over the constitutional rights of people by trying to impact the outcome of an election. and then to have a seething rage hate and anger toward the very people who give her her job, who pay for her salary and who make it possible for her to sit around and instead of doing her job, send tens of thousands of text messages to her inoffice lover. that find i find appalling and she shouldn't be getting another government paycheck. not even if week. it should have ended long ago. steve: governor, let us ask you as well about mark warn his or her is the vice chairman opt senate intel committee. it was revealed yesterday. fox news got our hands on a bunch of text messages between him and a lobbyist who is tied to a russian oligarch who also had ties to hillary clinton. and essentially what he said
4:40 am
is he wanted to get -- mark warner on his own wanted to get ahold and speak to christopher steele. and wanted to have a private meeting, no paper trail, in london, you know, it has a lot of people, in fact, the president of the united states sent out a tweet and the first word was wow. what do you think about that? >> well, again, it shows the hypocrisy of the democrats who want to chase down every russian lead. it's just appalling to me that they're just desperately looking for something that they can prove that there was some russian connection. and they have been striking out. i mean, they have the worst batting average of all. and i know marco rubio is defending mark warner and said well, he told the committee. this look, he didn't tell america. this what he told america and i have heard mark and i like mark. he was a governor when i was and he was a friend. i'm disappointed in him because if he goes to the microphone and talks about we think there is russia collusion but he doesn't go to the microphone and say
4:41 am
and i'm looking forward it by begging to try to get the conversation with this guy who created this crazy cockamamie story about a russian collusion story that proved to be totally untrue, then he deserves -- or he owes us a full explanation and he should tell us that. and he didn't. so telling the committee i'm sorry doesn't cut it he should have told the american people as much as he told the microphones when he was standing in front of us and trying to disparage president trump. steve: well, maybe later today. don't hold your breath. pete: governor, thanks a lot. ainsley: turning to headlines to you a monster storm pounds the midwest with a storm right now. live look at the icy roads in chicago where the city could see more than a foot fall this weekend. steve: a foot? ainsley: some areas could see double that amount, steve. more than a thousand flights are already cancelled for today. check out insane video. a woman driving out of her car, -- diving, i'm sorry,
4:42 am
diving out of her car just seconds before being hit by a semi-truck. massive tractor-trailer barely missing her right there. steve: oh my goodness. ainsley: snow and ice oh my gosh. snow and ice making those roads pretty slick. pete: that's a big move. ainsley: luckily that woman did escape with only minor bumps and bruises seeing that semi come her way was the scariest thing she has been through in her life. steve: lucky knee doesn't get run over. ainsley: member of the community wearing t-shirts saying prayer matters, raising money for any legal fees in their fight against the atheist group. some even comparing tensions between supporters and critics to the civil war. west branch schools in ohio stopped praying in january after receiving a letter from the freedom from religion foundation. stating the practice is unconstitutional.
4:43 am
camels taking a leisurely stroll not in a desert but in rural missouri. the picture posted on a community facebook page catching the eye of their owner at exotic animal farm nearby. she blames unlatched gate for their escape of jersey, joe, and jed. they were gone for about an hour before walking home on their own. they missed home. pete: strolled right back home. steve: i would walk a mile for a camel. actually the camels walked a mile. 17 minutes before the top of the hour on this friday. ainsley: new york city ignoring more than a thousand requests for illegal immigrants. todd piro joins us next on why. steve: plus, he was snubbed in hollywood for his conservative views and now he is joining us with his new project, the first ever christian based soap opera. does that work? we'll talk to that guy candidate for congress antonio saboto jr. he is coming up ♪ all i want to do is have
4:44 am
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4:47 am
steve: listen to this. request to detain illegals in new york city skyrocketing after president trump took office last year. ainsley: but the police department rejected all of them. pete: our own todd piro here with details on that blatant descrap. >> numbers shocking. illegal immigrants 1526, ice, zero. but this is not a game. it is real life in the big apple. under new york city law prisoners can only hand it over to federal immigration and customs enforcement if they have been convicted of one of 170 crimes and federal officials present a warrant. but, last year, according to the nypd, police ignored all requests from ice to hold illegals for up to 48 hours. and police department responded to just two of ice's request back in 2016. this prompted the following tweet from ice, quote: the release of criminal aliens back on new york city streets continues to pose a
4:48 am
dangerous risk to our communities, as acting director thomas homan has made clear ice will dedicate more resources to conduct at large arrests to ensure the safety of law-abiding citizen of these communities. the number of ice requests during the first year of the trump administration was nearly 20 times higher than during the last year of the obama administration. in response, mayor bill de blasio's office accuses ice of, quote: overbroad enforcement. steve: todd, don't these jurisdictions who, you know, ice hang on to somebody and if they don't then they are risking some federal burn money going forward. burn grant. >> in a situation like this where have you sanctuary cities really stepping up and saying and fighting the federal government. all of this is going to end up in a court of law. the question is just when. ainsley: from the mayor, is this coming from the mayor? the police chief has to do this and tell his guys and women don't interfere with
4:49 am
ice or don't tell ice where these folks are because we are getting word from the mayor? >> without putting words or thoughts in the nypd commissioner's mind or mouth. i would guess that he would focus or he would be on the side of law enforcement. but when the mayor's office tells you to do things new york city law is going to command him. steve: todd, thank you. pete: todd, thanks a lot. the dow plunged more than a thousand points for the second time this week. stuart varney says don't worry, it doesn't show any kind of economic slowdown. he joins us next with why. ainsley: snubbed in hollywood for conservative views. now joining us with new project, first ever christian based soap opera. actor and california congressional candidate antonio sabato jr. is here next ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
♪ ainsley: it's a soap opera like have you never seen before. it's called hilton head island as in south carolina hilton head island it's a faith based series but still a whole lot of family drama. watch this. >> this isn't about prayer, big brother. this is about business. and dad built this business by putting himself in the hands of a higher power. >> calling an emergency board meeting. tell them that daniel tryst will be taking temporary leave of absence. pete: being billed as the first ever hope opera. and one of the stars joins us now. steve: antonio sabato jr. is an actor running for congress in california joins us now on the curvey couch. congratulations. it's not a soap opera but a hope on pranchts it's a hope opera. finding god and how god
4:54 am
works in their lives it waste phenomenal. donna mills. great cast. ainsley: about a family that lives in south carolina? did you have to learn the accent. >> a little bit. it was fun, man. we didn't really have to leave hollywood because screen new technology. it was fun. we did a whole series in less than a month. you know. pete: you talk about hollywood. you are someone who has been outspoken about political beliefs. you gave a speech at the rnc. you said you were blacklisted when you came back from giving that. >> yeah. and we have to speak about that. that's not right. i'm fighting for that we should have the right to speak and express our feelings especially political and that's what i'm doing. steve: there are a lot more conservatives in hollywood than people actually realize. >> yeah. steve: you have got to be quiet about it? >> have you got to be quiet. have you got to be careful. i don't think like that. i don't like the tone of that. we should be able to he is press how we feel politically. steve: why is it that way. >> i don't know. things have changed dramatically in the last several years. last decade in hollywood. it's very much a liberal
4:55 am
kind of place. steve: if you speak up, you don't work. >> you don't work. that's very dangerous. we don't want that in america at all. ainsley: have you decided to run for congress. who holds that seat right now? does a democrat or republican? >> it's a democrat. a liberal democrat. she lives in santa monica. her name is julia browny. i give her credit for doing absolutely nothing in six years. [laughter] >> i have been in congress 100 times in the last year. i will tell you, i'm going to do the opposite of that. i'm going to work very hard. steve: there she is right there. good for you. you are going from a soap opera on the small screen to you would like to go to a soap opera in washington, d.c. >> right. you know, listen, i know what it takes to be a congressman in d.c. and work for the american people. america means the world to me. pete: you have been in support of this president. you talked a lot about the wall and in support of his immigration policies. what do you make of where that specific debate could be going. >> it would be nice if both parties could actually work together for the american people and not just so be against this president. it's not about the president. it's about the american people. and that's what i want to
4:56 am
do. i want to support the american people. ainsley: what makes you want to leave these big paychecks in hollywood and go to d.c. where it's still a lot of money but not nearly as much as you could make in hollywood and you are dealing with filibusters. staying up in the middle of the night with voting and three hour, 8 hour filibusters in nancy pelosi. >> this country has done so much to me. it's my turn to give back to them. pete: you came here as a legal immigrant. >> we struggled and saved a lot of money and did the right thing and sooner or later became american citizen. and that was one of the proudest moments in my life. steve: congratulations. >> thank you. steve: if people want to see it hilton head island. >> stream it pure flicks. ainsley: pure steve: meanwhile, a flutter. it was the shortest government shutdown ever. you probably slept through it the house and the senate have been able to pass the votes to pass the magic budget deal just a couple hours ago.
4:57 am
geraldo said it shows how dysfunctional congress really is and he is coming up ♪ i give my life ♪ i give my life ♪ i give my life for you ♪ get the recipes at . . . .
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♪ steve: congress just passed a massive budget package. ainsley: that brand new deal will end an hours long government shut down. >> peter strzok, lisa page, new text came out, bleeping marchers, making traffic problems. pro-life marchers. page's response, i truly hate these people. >> she is entiled to hate people. she is not shredding the constitution by trying to influence an election. >> dow dropping 1000 points. that is the second biggest drop in history. >> u.s. economy is solid. american corporation are delivering on earnings and
5:01 am
sales. >> no matter what trials and tribulations face us, if we stay the true courses, we can live with purpose and live with the faith. ♪ steve: live from new york city, it is world's number one morning cable news show, "fox & friends." we're at the mezzanine level near the elevator. geraldo joins us. >> so proud to be number one. steve: so are we. 15 years running. we'll talk to him in a minute. first this. pete: fox news alert. passing massive budget package early this morning. ainsley: that ending a hours long government shut down, it was the shortest shutdown in history. steve: you probably slept through it. we slept through most of it. griff jenkins joins us to tell us about. technically the government is
5:02 am
shut down until what happens? reporter: until the president signs it. steve, if you got more than six hours sleep you probably missed this thing. government employees, hit the showers, because congress passed a two year budget bill and stopgap fund the government through march 23rd. house passed it shortly before dawn, 240 to 186. 67 republicans against it. with plenty of defections by fiscal hawks because of 400-dollar increase in spending. democrats held out for the "dreamers" got progress for daca. afterwards speaker ryan called it a victory for the men and women in uniform and man who whipped the vote, steve scalise, had this to say. >> minority leader pelosi was that serious about it, she would have handled this more directly when speaker of house. prior to them losing the majority they never brought a
5:03 am
bill to the floor to address the immigration problem. reporter: pelosi a key architect of budget deal voted no and tweeted this, republicans are celebrating the passage of their fifth stopgap short term continuing resolution on heels of their second shutdown in a month, continuing government by dysfunction. #gopshutdown. despite her hashtag the government will soon open when the president signs the bill this morning. why the drama overnight? senate leaders were confident of passage, but senator rand paul went to hours long floor speech, raising spending caps and causing them to miss the midnight deadline. we have a two year budget with military spending and budget reforms. we'll be back here in six weeks where the fifth continuing resolution could get held up again over immigration issues. guys? ainsley: bring if geraldo
5:04 am
rivera, fox news corresondent at large. >> if i was going to sort that out. ainsley: so confusing. we survived the second government shut down in matter of a few weeks. >> i like rand paul. i didn't mean to interrupt. the whole libertarian spirit and keeping government of prudent size. but then he goes and blahs, blahs, attracts all the attention, leads to another government shutdown. i don't know, it was a minor shutdown i would assume because of the law, some people got sent home. so they didn't get paid or pay will be delayed as a result, there was some dysfunction within the government. i think what the hell. you don't go to washington to disrupt things for no reason. pete: he would say the exact opposite. we were sent to washington to trim the budget, to be fiscally responsible. we're so-called republicans yet we are spending like democrats when we have the levers of power. great the military gets money.
5:05 am
we're out of control with our spending. we'll have trillion dollar deficits. >> i absolutely agree with your broad idealogical principles there, why didn't he make the speech during the day sometime? he could have a called a press conference? why shut the government down to make your point? doesn't it stink of the ted cruz shutdown in the 2013 or "schumer shutdown" couple weeks ago? these people thrive on attention rather than thriving on the government getting its business done. i find it disheartening. i've been around the block. steve: we've all been around the block. he is trying to bring attention to the fact that i was elected to go to washington. trim the fat. this is a big bunch fat. >> i know that. to me the far more significant visual, when you had mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer standing opposite the aisle an saying i agree with my colleague, i agree with my colleague. we'll compromise. steve: they got what they wanted. >> when was last time they saw
5:06 am
that? you're a hard nose. pete: no. you don't want bipartisanship for the sake of bipartisanship if you get something bad out of it. the idea is a good deal. there is a lot of pork in this. >> that i agree. i covered the 14,000-dollar gold toilet seat in the old c-130. but i believe that you have, what each side needed. the republicans needed to fund the military. the military was complaining. people that we trust were complaining, mattis, kelly, and so forth were complaining about pilots who haven't trained. wheels have to be replaced. there is no fuel. there is no, 80 of them died in the pacific because of lack of training. we have to get this thing where you have reasonably, competent, reliable funding sources. so that is what the republicans get. the democrats got, you know, enough of the social programs that they, that they were coveting, that they, both sides.
5:07 am
yes, we'll deal with the budget deficit. it's awful. it is going to get worse. you hear that story every year. every year you know, you have to negotiate, whether it is going to be a social program or a budget deficit and -- ainsley: geraldo, you said many times you sat right there, i wish daca would be separate from the budget. paul ryan, sounds like he was speaking to you yesterday. listen to this. >> to anyone who doubts my intention to solve this problem and bring up a daca and immigration reform bill, do not. we will bring a solution to the floor, one that the president will sign. we must pass this budget agreement first though, so that we can get on to that. so please know that we are committed to getting this done. >> i think that is very heartening. i take him at his word. you're absolutely right. daca has nothing to do with the budget. when you take daca, the "dreamers," their fate must be determined before or as part of the budget negotiations, why?
5:08 am
it is not a budgetary item. it is totally different. steve: they thought they had leverage. nancy pelosi was very disingenuous. she engineered this budget deal, the four of them, the big four, then she spent last 48 hours, i'm doing everything i can for daca. that is not true. >> you know how i feel about the "dreamers." i resent using them, first of all this is the kind of deal that should be done in secret, quietly. it is so emotional on both sides. you know how i feel about the wall. you know how i feel about the 1.8, path to citizenship. so forth. we're both americans and patriots. we want it to go forward. we want a reasonable compromise. we don't want to revisit a flood of undocumented immigrants, a year, two or three or five from now. we want to regularize the lives. how many more of these stories will you hear, the professor -- pete: do they want that ultimately or is she billing to
5:09 am
play the budget game and grandstand? >> i don't know. republicans -- donald trump last year. that is what the democrats look like. they look like they are 16 difficult parties. far left, moderate, someplace in the middle. i don't think there is a democrat party right now. they have to get their act together. talking about the big wave sweeping republicans out of the house in the midterms, i definitely do not see it. i see president trump's popularity ticking up. steve: tax cuts. >> i think tax cuts will have an effect. i think market will come to the senses. i can't figure out how good news is bad news. i know i lost a lot of money. steve: fast forward a month or two, will we have a daca deal? >> in my opinion there should be two daca deals. steve: only get one. >> 1.8, road to citizenship, southern border wall -- $25 billion. steve: that is the way it will work.
5:10 am
>> that is the deal. everything else should be negotiated in comprehensive immigration reform negotiations. that is what i suggest of the president. keep it simple. make a deal, everybody gets it. you get the wall. i get the kids. that is the deal. steve: stay tuned. geraldo, appreciate it. ainsley: you get the wall. i get the kids. thank you, geraldo. turning to headlines, sister of north korean leader kim jong-un, shaking hands with the south korean president at the olympics. first person from the kim dynasty to visit the south in 65 years. vice president pence and the first lady sitting feet away from the dictator's sister at the opening ceremony. look at that. rob porter, the spokesperson saying that the administration was not fully aware of those allegations giving a glimpse into the president's response. >> in this instance, in the case of rob porter, we relied on the
5:11 am
background check investigative process. that process hadn't been completed. so we were relying on information we had. we do take violence against women and these allegations very seriously. he told me was saddened by the reports and information that he saw, by the images that he saw. ainsley: porter turned in his resignation picture surfaced, picture of an ex-wife with a black eye. now presiding over a critical border wall case, judge gonzalo curial. jump previously suggested the judge might be biased due to his hispanic heritage. he also presided over a lawsuit against trump university that was settled for $25 million. in case you're wondering a new study proving once and for all just how long you have to eat snow after it has fall inch. a romanian university finding snow is safe to eat after a half
5:12 am
a day. and even safer to eat in colder months. scientists say within just two days the snow could be filled with potentially harmful bacteria. steve: really. ainsley: you don't think about that as a kid. as a kid you eat it. pete: i'm telling you, only principle i ever lived. steve: eat up chicago. a lot of know out there. we know those fbi lovebirds hated president trump. now you know who else they hated? pro-lifers. ben shapiro is here to weigh in on more crazy texts from those two coming up. pete: plus the dow plunging more than 1000 points for second time this week. stuart varney says, don't worry, he is here to explain why next. ♪ you do all this research
5:13 am
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♪ ainsley: another wobbly day on wall street. the dow dropping more than 1000 points for the second time this week. steve: that is wall street. apparently main street didn't get the memo. jobless claims continued to drop to near 45-year low. pete: what does it mean for the
5:17 am
economy. host of "varney & company" on fox business channel, stuart varney. >> if you ask me what it means for the economy, the economy is in very good shape, thank you very much indeed. seriously. the problem here is not the economy. when you look at the market sliding like this, don't expect that the economy is going into recession or even a slowdown. it's not. it is doing extremely well, no question about it. and every single item of economic news, that we've gotten recently, points toward a growing economy, expanding at the best rate in years. pete: is that what this selloff is about? jobless claims down, wages going up, so the economic environment is improving for average americans. so the fed says, hey maybe we might raise interest rates and market doesn't like that? >> that is part of the problem. when interest rates are rising, makes bond as little more attractive compared to stocks. there is no risk in a government bond. there is a lot of risk in stocks. that is part of the reason, rising interest rates.
5:18 am
can i say one more thing here? which is not widely understood. i'm not sure i understand it either, these program trades. this algorthymic panic. the way the market internally is structured. think of it like this. as we went into the selling on monday, we had all these program trades that were feared towards a stable market where prices haven't gone up and down that much. suddenly monday afternoon, they start to move rapidly. the program trades kick in. it feeds on itself. you're down 1000 points. same thing late yesterday afternoon. the robots have taken over. panic selling comes in. all organized by robots, not human beings that is what happened late yesterday afternoon. wait a second. those robots can be reorganized by humans to account of this volatility and i think that is what is going to go on now. so that panic, intense selling, may come to an end fairly soon, not necessarily today, but fairly soon when the humans get
5:19 am
back in control of the algorithms. steve: ultimately freed drives humans to program the machines to look for changes to make as much money as possible. the big question is, how did the government okay this kind of thing? >> not so much the government that okays it. it is internal computer models of the traders and big banks. there is some regulation, but it is very hard to regulate extremely exotic products which very few people understand and which are highly leveraged. that means, when the selling starts and you're losing money, you have to sell something else to bring the money over here so the selling intensifies. very, very hard to regulate. ainsley: bottom line, don't panic into the weekend? everything is okay? >> whatever you do do not panic. pete: real economy that hits people's wallets is improving in a way, wall street taking hits but ultimately stablizing. you see real strength to the gains today. >> no question about it, it is
5:20 am
strongest economy i've seen in maybe 10 years and getting stronger by the month. that is what's happening. steve: stuart varney will be on the fox business channel 40 minutes from thank you very much. >> thank you. ainsley: dangerous winter weather slamming the midwest right now. it might be the biggest storm of the season. flights are already canceled. what you need to know coming up. pete: one of our nation's heroes stood along line president trump during the national prayer breakfast. major scott smiley and his wife will join us next. ♪ ♪ stand up next to you and defend her still today, there is no doubt i love this land ♪ econd chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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5:24 am
♪ pete: welcome back, a couple terror headlines for you. the last two wanted members after brutal isis beheading gang now in u.s. custody. syrian and kurdish fighters capturing the pair of jihadi fighters handing them over to american special operators in syria. the terror cell was dubbed the beatles because of their british accents. now i hope they are headed to gitmo. this guy figuring out the hard way being a terrorist is not all it is cracked up to be, telling a federal court he left the u.s. to be an isis fighter but when he got to syria all he did was clean, cook, take out the trash. somebody has to do that job, right? several other americans making similar claims. he is behind bars on terror charges hopefully the rest of his life. ainsley, down to you. ainsley: thank you so much. ♪ ainsley: it is the ultimate story of grit, determination and sacrifice.
5:25 am
in 2005 u.s. army major scott at this smiley lost both of his eyes when a suicide bomb exploded fleer his unit in iraq. since that day major smiley has become the army's first blind active duty officer. he also received a standing ovation at thursday's, yesterday's national prayer breakfast, where he thanked the love of christ and his family helping him believe again. listen. >> it was the love and support that i began to understand that we're not fighting in a world that is seen but in a world that is unseen. and it is faith that we have that carries us forward every moment and we all can do all things through christ who gives you strength. ainsley: phillip means 4:13, that helped him cover he said. author of hope unseen, the book seen there, u.s. retired army major scott at this smiley, and his wife tiffany smiley,
5:26 am
cofounder of hope unseen. thank you for your sacrifice, both of you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, answer sy, good to be back. ainsley: so good to see you back again. major scotty, what was it like speaking in front of the national prayer breakfast? >> so proud to know the president of the united states was there, secretaries, congressman, other prime ministers, just to understand the power that's there and for me to be humble to share tiffany and i's story where we have been used, some of our hardships to then bless others as we have been blessed. it was again just amazing, amazing opportunity. ainsley: that is sweet. tiffany, when i saw both of you out there yesterday, good for them, both of you standing up there, because you both sacrificed. sometimes just as hard if not harder on caregiver. >> yes. ainsley: you met before the accident. tiffany, tell me what that meant for you to be up there yesterday? >> it is incredible. to share renewed hope with the world, what is truly an incredible experience.
5:27 am
thinking back to 2005 when we did feel hopeless. we wondered if we did have a future. and i think, what is true about the scripture, that we all do have a future. and, to be able to share that message, you know from tragedy, to triumph, and stand up there and proclaim the hope and like scotty said, that you know, so much of our world is unseen. and to grassp that, share that, renew hope for the president and other leaders in this nation was truly an incredible experience. ainsley: major scotty, what happened? tell our audience. some people are not familiar with your story. tell them what happened in iraq in 2005? >> in april 6, 2005, i found a suspicious vehicle, he will yelling at him to get out of the vehicle. felt very protected. raised his hands up, shook his head no, and i fired two round with my m-4 in front of his vehicle. he dissent greated himself, the
5:28 am
vehicle and sent shrapnel through both of my eyes. me, following rules of engagement, the same rules of engagement our soldiers are under, waking up a little less than a week later in walter reed army medical center blind for rest of my life. i felt devastation, i was not part of a team. in true fashion, love of my wife, family, friends, most importantly god there with me, that gave me resiliency and true purpose to live life to its fullest and begin my recovery. for me that's the adventure. that's what we always stand true to is our faith, enabling god to use us in an amazing way. ainsley: lastly i would like to ask both of you, what is your message to those over there fighting for our country and spouses here at home? we hear stories of some individuals that fight for our country, they come home, unfortunately the suicide rate is high for those individuals, what is message for those who are hurting and over there fighting now? >> for me, to fight the food
5:29 am
fight of faith, stay -- good fight of faith and stay strong. to live with a purpose. god has us here in this world for good, and if we stay true to what we believe in we will truly find our way through. >> you know i think my message, we live in the greatest country. i love this country and scotty and i, we're surrounded by the most amazing resilient people who serve our country and they are the backbone of, they are the foundation of everything that we have in this country and so for me my message to them, we're all praying for you. it was an honor to stand up yesterday with the president on behalf of everyone who has served and share our story because it is the story of so many others out there. and so i just want them all to know we are praying for them. we are fighting for them. through it all. we're all in it together. >> the president let us know that he stands behind the soldiers, the veterans and just
5:30 am
really, truly, can not thank us and the sacrifice that we and all those around us have given. so we have a president at the helm that is leading this country. ainsley: yeah, and congress has given you more money to do what you need to do to keep our country safe. $80 billion in the new budget in additional money. thank you so much. your name is fitting, the smileys, you make me smile. we love you. god bless you. >> god bless. >> thank you. ainsley: new budget passing the house as we talked about, but still no daca deal. "dreamers" are threatening to leave the country if nothing gets done. seriously? ben shapiro with his opinions. iconic world war ii picture got makeover philadelphia eagles style. the re-creation you need just ahead. ♪
5:31 am
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♪ >> i ran for office because i was very critical of president obama's trillion dollar deficits. now we have republicans hand in hand with democrats offering us trillion dollar deficits. really who is to blame? both parties. we have a 700-page bill that no one has read that was printed at midnight! steve: ultimately it passed. but after rand paul essentially a little filibuster of sorts, he wanted the senate to go ahead and vote on budget caps. he wanted everybody on the record. mitch mcconnell said nope, not going to do it. ben shapiro, editor-in-chief of daily syndicated columnist. host of the ben shapiro show, great podcast. in addition to the thing passing
5:35 am
first in the senate and in the house in the 5:00 hour today, bette midler tweeted out after rand paul had his little filibuster, said, where is it rand paul's neighbor when you need him? what do you think of that? >> what a class act. first of all, has bette midler been relevant since quote beaches" in 1988 when i was four? i best she was in hello dolly or something. rand paul on substance is exactly correct. the fact republicans spent years railing against obama deficits and democratic deficits. they have power again. they spent enormous sum of money. they wanted to remove sequestration on the military. touted sequestration in big win in 2011. it was a big win. i remember it. so do you. the idea we have to blow out a budget with republican majority in both houses demonstrates once again the american people are really inconsistent about spending. on one hand they want cuts to spending. but on other hand they start to
5:36 am
oppose some spending and they buckle to the american public. pete: a lot of people wanted military spending that that was hit by sequestration, but what it comes to debt and deficits what is it going to mean? >> continuation of deficits out to the end of time. we'll look at 30 trillion-dollar debt in the near future. a lot of this has to do with the fact that nobody wants to talk about real drivers of the debt that is not military spending at all. the real driver of debt, is social security, medicare, medicaid, that represents 60% of the american budget. empty terrellry budget is 18 to 20%. if we raise military spending that is the great driver of deficit. that is not true. i don't understand why republicans can't make the case. talk about restructuring real issues in the economy. social security is in the red since 2010. i will not see any money i put into social security. >> you're wrong. ainsley: about text messages a lot offers of fbi.
5:37 am
they apparently don't like the pro-life march pause it ties up traffic, and other reasons. this is so text exchange back in 2016. he says, strzok said, blanking marchers, making traffic problems. she writes back, i truly hate these people. no support for the woman, who actually has to spend the rest of her life rearing this child but we care about life? then she says a-holes. >> they're a classy couple. if you don't tell from the early messages. ought to be on coverage of "gq." only reason we care about them what extent their political biases ended up making a difference in terms of their buys in the investigation into hillary clinton and the investigation into supposed trump russia coy solution which there is no evidence to this point. we'll have to see what the rest of the investigation shows. this is why we have a house intelligence committee. this is why we have a house oversight committee. obviously isn't good when you
5:38 am
have fbi agents who have the obvious political bias texting with one another texts how much they hate particular segment of the american population. steve: good thing michael horowitz, inspector general from the department of justice he is also looking into things because he is the reason they're not on mueller's team anymore. he is also apparently the reason andrew mccabe, like number two guy at the fbi he's out because of sounds like animus against the president. >> the level of bureaucratic incompetence and corruption, the level of political bias inside of our intelligence agencies, there is a reason the american people don't trust the agencies. not just because president trump is railing against them. because these agencies act in non-trustworthy ways in the last election cycle with regard to hillary clinton. the american people see that with each and every breaking story. it is a good thing folks are attempting to ferret this stuff out. there will have to be a cleansing process that takes place, whether by president
5:39 am
trump, whether by members of the doj and fbi themselves. something has to be done to restore the american people. pete: budget deal was struck to clear the decks for a deal on the president's wall and border security. in exchange potentially for pathway to citizenship for daca "dreamers." some came out and said if they're not allowed basically to stay after the march 5th deadline they will self-deport. if a deal is not reached. ainsley: do they want to stay or go? >> i'm confused by the strategy. so i guess they're trying to blackmail people who want to deport them with the threat that they will self-deport which don't make a whole hell of a lot of sense. the real answer they're trying to blackmail democrats. trying to suggest democrats that democrats don't care about daca recipients. watching the nays seen warfare between daca recipients and
5:40 am
democratic party that supposedly speaks for them is rather amusing. steve: ben shapiro joining us live. check out his podcast by the same name. thank you, ben. >> thank you very much. ainsley: one of money that the obama administration paid to. some of the transferred u.s. cash was traced back to terrorist groups include hezbollah. obama administration says the payment was made a part of settlement over irrapian claims to regime assets used for an arms deal back in the '70s. now to extreme weather a monster winter storm pounding the u.s. with a storm right now. that is a look at the icy roads in chicago. the city could see a foot of snow this weekend. some other areas could see double the amount. 1000 flights are already canceled today. check out this insane video. a woman diving out of a car seconds before being hit bit
5:41 am
tractor-trailer. a massive tractor-trailer barely missing her. snow and ice causing a pile up on a missouri highway. luckily the woman only escaped with bumps and bruises. she watched semicoming toward her. it was scariest thing she ever saw in her life. jays kerlce stealing the show, honoring the annual mum hers parade with his outfit. chugging a beer before delivering a spirited speech. >> hungry dogs run faster and that's this team! ainsley: wow. another highlight coming when the two strangers created world war ii kissing sailor image. the duo meeting on twitter. steve: big day in philly. hungry dogs run faster. i love it. chug a beer. pete: that's right. the president still not done draining that swamp. he is taking the federal civil
5:42 am
service off of cruise control, ending automatic raises. steve hilton says it is about time. the next revolution host weighs in next. steve: plus it is the biggest dog competition at westminster this weekend. we're getting a preview on our plaza as they put them through the paces. ♪
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
steve: just tweeting moments ago to sign the bill. our military will be stronger than ever before. we love and need our military. gave them everything, and more. first time this has happened in a long time. also means, jobs, jobs, jobs. pete: here to react, steve hilton, host of the "the next revolution" and advisor to
5:46 am
former british prime minister david cameron. your reaction to the budget passed and president signing it. >> look, there is way too much spending in washington. you have been discussing that with ben. i completely agree. the real answer is not trying to deal with it in the short-term spending deal. the real answer is radical reform to the swamp and that is what we're going to be seeing i think with the other announcement today. as far as the spending deal is concerned, i'm pleased that the military will get resources they need. that is good news. it is great we move on to the serious long-term changes that need to be made in washington. steve: one of those things is, and you look, at exemplified with the lovebirds at the fbi. they have got thrown off the case. people are going, why are they still working at the fbi? what us did it take to get fired in washington, d.c.? steve, that is what you're talking about. where it sounds like the president is going to try to do a little better job draining the swamp and getting rid of some of the federal protections that some of these government employees have.
5:47 am
>> yes, steve, this is such big news. it is really, really good news. it could actually be the single most important thing that president trump does. i'm not exaggerating about that. because this is not just the swamp. this is the real deep state. this is the permanent bureaucracy. that hangs around in washington and pushes its own agenda, regardless who actually wins elections. so when you look at everything over the last 40 years or so, the economy, the way, wages have stagnated. the way the rich got richer and working people have been screwed, that is all because, you have had this permanent bureaucracy in washington. the lobbyists get their teeth into them. they pub their own agenda regardless wins elections. people think no matter who i vote for nothing really changes because the permanent bureaucratic class. if we take them on, get rid of them, cut them down to size, you finally plight see changes the american people want.
5:48 am
pete: at the va a bill was passed allows some form of civil service reform. you can fire somebody. automatic bonuses. is that the direction of this proposal as well? >> that's what it sounds likes, being able to fire the people who don't perform. but you know that is novel concept but a point i would add to that. you have got to actually fire good people as well, because they're too good hanging on to power and pushing their own agenda and frustrating the political aims of people who the american citizens elect. so it is not just firing the bad performers. it is firing a whole range of people so that you get power out of washington and put it back in the hands of people in the states and in local communities. steve: well, steve, during that last sound bite of yours the president of the united states just tweeted again and he says, without more republicans in congress we were forced to increase spending on things we do not like or want in order to finally after many years of depletion take care of our military. sadly we needed some dem votes for passage.
5:49 am
must elect more republicans in 2018 election. of course he's right. it would be easier for the republican majority to get everything done if they had 60 members in the senate. >> that is exactly right. he just describing the reality. in washington there in congress, so that is why it is so important that they do well in these midterm elections. looks like it will be tough for them, but with the economy improving at such a rate they have got a much better chance than i think people give them credit for right now. pete: i wouldn't bet against this president as the past has shown us. steve hilton, thanks a lot. appreciate you joining us. >> good to be with you. steve: we'll watch him this weekend. meanwhile, speaking of coming be, the westminster dog show bring as preview of the biggest canine competition. to the plaza. pete takes on the pooches next. pete: maybe. let's check in with sandra smith for what is coming up at the top of the hour. >> what a night it was after the brief government shutdown overnight. while most of us were sleeping
5:50 am
the house voted early this morning to approve that massive budget deal. went to the president's desk. he signed it moments ago. a live update from capitol hill coming up. will the white house release the democratic memo. a new report suggests that that moment may be coming very soon. the dow plunging 1000 plus points in four days. how will the weekend? we're on it. america's newsroom starts in a few minutes. like which came first, the egg? or the chicken? how would i know? but i do know that first, qualcomm connected the phone to the internet. and now, everyone is posting and scrolling and sharing everything. yessir. qualcomm invents, then the world innovates on top of their breakthroughs. invention comes first. and a whole lot of it starts at qualcomm. almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance.
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♪ steve: it is the big game of k-9 competition. >> westminster kicks off tomorrow with the fifth annual masters a gillty championship. steve: we have the director of communications for the westminster kennel club. welcome back.
5:54 am
>> thank you for having me. steve: go ahead and release the hounds on the agility course. tell us what happens this weekend. >> we have the westminster agility championship. this is the top dogs performing. we have 330 dogs coming from across the country. they are top-ranked dogs. they are going to be doing these type of obstacles. steve: how do you teach a dog to do that? >> it takes a lot of practice. a lot of practice. that is what we love about agility. you see team work and love between owners of dog. pete: is it about speed without violations? >> that is it exactly. speed without violations. we'll see the finals on fox on sunday. so you will see the top 60 dogs who have advanced. steve: this is the big day, the big weekend in the big apple with the big dog show. on monday is? >> we have the 142nd westminster kennel club dog show on monday and tuesday. the preliminary judging at the
5:55 am
piers during the day. they will appear live at madison square garden on fs one. seems like a lot of breeds stand out. folden retrievers, dogs that are easy to train and that are fast. so -- steve: very good. we'll be watching. >> these little guys are great too. steve: adorable. gail, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> not only westminster week in new york city, it is national pizza day! we'll celebrate. pete: finally. finally. ♪
5:56 am
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5:58 am
♪ when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore ♪
5:59 am
>> we've been waiting for it all day. today is national pizza day. >> we have some favorite pies. artichoke bastille pizza. it's easy to make a pizza. yours are so fancy. what do you put on them? >> it's really not that easy. we had to practice our whole lives to make it this good. good sauce to cheese ratio. >> you have to put some love in there. a little bit of new york city tap water goes a long way. >> this is your signature artichoke pie. >> yes. >> bill: it's a stand--up pie. >> what makes it so creamy and delicious? >> artichokes. >> heavy cream. a couple secret ingredients. >> you have a vodka pizza. >> yes, it's made with the best vodka in the world. >> you have locations all over
6:00 am
new york and florida as well. thank you very much. how will you be celebrating pizza day? >> we will sit down and have a pie. >> see you tomorrow. >> bill: pepperoni has my name all over it later today. breaking news at the white house. the president signed a bipartisan budget deal. so the short lived temporary government shutdown is now over and now the new deal promises billions of dollars in funding for the military and domestic programs. so they kind of met halfway sort of. i'm bill hemmer. it is friday. >> sandra: thank goodness. what a night it was, huh? all right. well, a lot going on this morning. here is friday. i'm sandra smith. president trump says the budget deal will mean big things for this country tweeting this just signed bill our military will now be stronger than ever before. we love and need our military and gave them ev


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