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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 6, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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tune in every night at 8:00 to this show that is t the sworn enemy of lying, verbosity, smugness, and especially, groupthink, which is in profound supply. good night from washington. sean hannity is next. >> sean: in my hands tonight, vindication, breaking right now this hour, blockbuster developments, key parts of the second memo from senator chuck grassley and senator lindsey graham have now right here, they have been unredacted. the information is beyond stunning. it offers more evidence, more proof that the fbi lied to the fisa court to get the warrant is by on the trump campaign and it was the bulk, the biggest part of their we are going through this whole very slowly tonight. that is the breaking news opening monologue. ♪ in my hands, brand-new at this hour, bombshell revelations from the grassley-graham memo. major parts, the memo from
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yesterday, have not been unredacted. huge parts yesterday. now the memo was providing further evidence that the fisa court was lied to by the fbi in order to get a warrant to spy on the trump campaign and there is new information that christopher steele may have lied to the fbi about briefing media outlets. there's a lot to cover. were going to go through it slowly. we'll do it together. the memo starts with this. page one of the memo right here. on the face, the dossier, it appears that mr. steele gathered much of his information from russian government sources inside of russia. according to the law firm, perkins cory, mr. steele'slf efforts were funded by fusion gps on behalf of the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign. let's pause here. hillary clinton is paying steele to spread russian lies and russian propaganda. i'll read itse again because ths
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is important. much of the information from russian government sources inside of russia. isn't that with the media has been investigating for the better part of a year?he oh, so keep that in mind as we move forward. here's another keyno portion. it appears that either mr. steele lied to the fbi or to the british court that the classified documents reviewed by the committee contained materially false statements. and then the memo goes on to read, and response to the committee's inquiries, the chairman and ranking member received aiv briefing. march 15th, 2017, from man, director james comey, than them model goes on to say that briefing address to the russia investigation, and the fbi's ree on mr. steele's dossier in two applications that are filed for surveillance under the foreign surveillance act. march 17th, 2017, the chairman and drinking member were provided copies of the two
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relevant fisa applications, which requested authority to conductdu surveillance of carter page. both were relied heavily on mr. steele's dossier claims in both applications were granted by the foreignig intelligence court. in17 december of 2017, the chairman and ranking member and subcommittee chairman graham were allowed to review a total of four fisa applications relying on the dossier to seek surveillance of mr. carter page, as well as numerous other fbi documents related to mr. steele. the next paragraph, this is interesting, highlyhe redacted. i wonder what's the matter. the following paragraph, follow along. similarly, in june of 2017, the former fbi director comey testified publicly before the senatete select committee on intelligence that he had briefed president-elect trump on the dossier's allegations of january when he was president-elect, just before he was sworn into
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office, january 2017, which mr. comey described to then president-elect trump as salacious and unverified. when asked at the march 2017 briefing why the fbi then relied on the dossier in the fisa applications, absent meaningful cooperation and in light of the highly political motives surrounding its creation, then director comey stated that the fbi included the dossier allegations about carter page in the fisa applications because mr. steele himself was considered reliable due to his past work with the fbi. later on that page, the memo reads, it goes, the bulk -- pay close attention -- the bulk of the fisa application -- put that back up on the screen -- consists of allegations against page that were disclosed to the fbi by mr. steele, and also outlined in the steele dossier.
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the application appears to include no additional information corroborating the allegations against mr. page, although it doesn't cite to a news article that appears to be sourced to mr. steele's dossier, as well. let's stop right here. the entire bulk of the fisa application came from the dossier. this dossier, they are relying only a guy that was being paid r by the clinton campaign and by the t dnc, funneling the money, fusion gps got the money through the law firm, both the dnc and theon clinton campaign knew it. there was no verification of any of it. it was just based on the dossie dossier. the fact that they say, he was reliable in the past, imagine this. in october when i filed for the application for fisa against the trump campaign, well, three months later in january, james comey is saying that it's salacious and unverified.
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why three months earlier to the global for a fisa court and presented as the bulk of evidence? you see where we are going here? here is what page three of the memo says.he the fbi discussed the reliability of the unverified information provided by mr. steele, and footnotes eight and 18 of the fisa warrant application. the fbi noted a vaguely limited extent, the political origins of the dossier. stop right there. they knew it was funded by hillary clinton and the dnc. they never told the fisa court that important piece of information. i think the fisa court probably would have made a big impression considering this is the bulk of their case, the dossier, if it was coming from on campaign against another campaign in the lead up to the election. on footnote eight, the fbi stated the dossier information was compiled pursuant to the direction of a law firm who had hired and identified u.s. person
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now known as glenn simpson, fusion gps, then redacted, the application failed to disclose that the identities of mr. simpson's ultimate clients were the clinton campaign and the dnc. why would the fbi, and making a fisa application, against an opposition party, in an election year, and knowing it's paid for by the clinton campaign and the dnc, why would they not tell the fisa court judge? that come unto me, is a serious omission. one that states there is a political motive behind all of this. let's just go back a little further. remember, this is the same james comey, this is the same fbi that in fact, in spite of a mountain of evidence that hillary clinton mishandled classified information, destroyed and deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emailss and then used acid wash and bleach bent and
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busted up different devices with hammers, the same people that kept her in the race are now working on her behalf again and they are doing it in this case by not telling the full truth to the fisa court. we continue. the fbi stated to the fisa court that based on steele's previous reporting and history with the fbi whereby steele provided reliable information to the fbi, thee fbi believed steele's reporting to be credible. in short, it appears the fbi relied on admittedly uncorroborated information funded by and obtain for secretary clinton's presidential campaign in order to conduct surveillance of an associate of an opposing presidential candidate. this is right here, right here. it's based on mr. steele's personal carla but all my credibility and presumably having faith in his process of obtaining informatio.
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wow. they didn't tell the court any of this? they did until the court where the money came from? they didn't tell the court they also knew that steele hated trump? because steele mentioned it to bruce orr. we go to that in a minute. there is substantial evidence suggesting that mr. steele material he the fbi, one which bears on his credibility. it starts, yet the fisa applications nor the existence of a news article dated september 23rd, 2016, which in particular contains some of the same dossier information aboutmp mr. page compiled by mr. steel on which the fbi relied in its application. not exquisitely stated, this is presumably, the article written by michael is a cough, yahoo! news, titled "u.s. intel officials broke ties between u.d kremlin. "it attempts a to explain away e
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inconsistency between steele's assertion in the existence of the article. apparently to shield mr. steele's credibility on which it still relied for the renewal request of the fisa application. you got to renew it every 90 days. it says, give them of the information contained in a september 23rd news article generally matches the information about page that steele discovered doing his research. to stop for a second. they used the same information from the same person that presented to the court, two separate, yet corroborating pieces of information to put emphasis to the court, c, we've got two sources. the only problem is, the source of the yahoo news article the same source of the dossier, the same guy who didn't want trump to win in the same guy that was being paid by the clinton campaign. this is so corrupt. here is what is on page four.e, i got it right here, all of us, right here. in footnote nine of its
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january 2017ca application, the first renewal ofis the fisa warrant, in thisr. case, for mr. page, the fbi again addressed mr. steals credibility. three months later. the same january where james comey told president trump that it's salacious and unverified. that month they go to a renewal. the fbi noted that it had o suspended their relationship with mr. steele in october of 2016 because of steele's "unauthorized disclosure of information to the press." the fbi relayed that steele had been bothered by the fbi's notification to congress in october of 2016 and about the reopening of the clinton investigation. remember that happened just before the election. as a result, steele independently and against prior admonishment from the fbi to speak with only the fbi on this matter released to the reporting discussed to their end, page to an identified news organization.
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however, the fbi continued to still cite mr. steele's past work is evidence three months later of his reliability. at the same time, they areac telling donald trump it's unverified at salacious. that incident that led to the fbi suspending their relationship with mr. steele occurred after steele provided the fbi with the dossier information described in the application. the fbi further asserted in footnote 19 that they did not believe that steele directly gave information to yahoo! news that published the september 23rd news article. in the next paragraph, this is what it reads. "and defending mr. steele's credibility to the fisa court, the fbi had posted an innocuous explanation for the september 23rd article based on the assumption that mr. steele had told the fbi the truth about his press contacts and the fbi then vouched for him twice more using the same rationale and
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subsequent renewal applications filed with the foreign intelligence surveillance court in april and in june of 2017." here's the important part of page five. the first of these filings was publicly reported in the u.s. media in april of 2017. yet the fbi did not subsequently disclose to the fisa court the evidence suggesting that steele had lied to the fbi. instead, the application still relied primarily, remember, the bulk of the application as the folding clinton bought and paid for dossier. go back -- scroll down my hair, the other weight. against the application, we are six months into this thing, relying on his credibility even though he fbi knew he was not credible at that point. especially as it relates to the media incident, which pushed him out of the fbi's way in october,
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the same month the first fisa warrant was granted. here is what is on page six. whether mr. steele lied about his media contacts is relative for at least two reasons. it's relevant about his credibility as a source. second, it is relevant to the reliability of his information gathering efforts. mr. steele conducted his work for fusion gps compiling the pre-election memoranda between june and early november 2016. there was this british litigation, it talks about it and that grassley and graham memo tonight. mr. steele acknowledged briefing journalists about the dossier memorandum in late summer, autumn 2016. yeah, he was the source for isikoff. surprisingly, during the summer of 2016, reports of at least some of the dossier allegations began to circulate among
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reporters and people involved in russia issues. mr. steele also admitted in the british litigation to briefing journalists from "the washington post," yahoo! news, the new yorker, the fake news at cnn, and september 2016. simply put, the more people who contemporaneously knew that mr. steele was compiling his dossier, the more likely it was vulnerable to manipulation. in fact, and the british litigation, which involves a postelection dossier memorandum, steele admitted that he had received and included, unsolicited,ti unverified allegations. that filing implies that he similarly received unsolicited intelligence on these matters prior to the election as well stating that mr. steele continue to receive unsolicited intelligence -- pay closese attention --dash on matters covered by the pre-election memoranda after the u.s. presidential election. the next paragraph is redacted.
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one memorandum by mr. steele that was not published by buzzfeed is published october 19th, 2016. it alleges mr. steele's memorandum states that his company received this report, u.s. state department. the report was the second in a series of that the report -- pay close attention -- was information that came from a foreign sub source who is in touch with a contract of -- a friend of the clintons. who passed it to redacted. i love the redacteds here. it is troubling enough the clinton campaign funded steele's work. but now clinton associates, as we reported last night, were contemporaneously feeding mr. steele allegations. this raises additional concern about his credibility. let's head to page seven. these facts appear to directly contradict the fbi's assertion in its initial application for
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an october 2016 for the fisa warrant as well as subsequent renewal applications, the fbi repeatedlyte represented to the fisa court that mr. steele told the fbi he did not have unauthorized contacts with the press about the dossier prior to october 2016. that is false. the phis applications make these claims specifically in the context of the september 2016as yahoo! news article. mr. steele has admitted publicly before a court of law that he did have such contacts with the press at this time and his former business partner, mr. simpson, had confirmed it to the committee. thus, the fisa applications are either materially false in claiming that mr. steele said he did not provide dossier information to thepr press prior to october 2016, or mr. steele made materially false statements to the fbi when he claimed he only provided the dossier information to his business partner and thene fbi. page seven continues.
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in this case, steele's deception seems to have posed significant material consequences on the fbi's investigative decision and representations to the fisa court. his information for a significant portion of the fbi's warrant application, fisa application, relied more heavily on steele's credibility than on any independent verification or corroboration for his claims. thus, the basis for the warrant, authorizing surveillance on a u.s. citizen largely rests on mr. steele's credibility and the department of justice has a responsibility to determine whether mr. steele provided false information to the fbi and whether it be fbi's representations to the court were in error. a lot to absorb. but this is it. joining us now, former deputy assistant to the president, sebastian gorka. fox news contributor sara carter.
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fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. let me start with you on the legal side. the bulk of the application, what they didn't adhere, which was in that nunes house in tall memo, steele before the election was known to hate donald trump. very important key. so the bulk of information that the fbi gave to the fisa court was the steele dossier, which we know is unverified, which comey said in january to trump was unverified, but they used it anyway. what does this tell you? >> tells you you need a calculator to add up all the various crimes that were committed by the department of justice and the fbi. they concealed vital facts to the court. they deceived the judge in getting the. warrant approval. they knew that the dossier was phony, politically motivated, they knew that steele was biased and untrustworthy and had lied. so when they signed under
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penalty of perjury in front of the judge that these are true and honest and credible documents, they were there for longing committing perjury, and for every lie in this eight pages that you've identified, it's a separate crime. speedte wanted to separate crim. james comey committed crimes? >> as d i read this document, he deceived to the court committing a crime. >> sean: so the bulk of the warrant was based on unverified information bought and paid for by the clinton campaign against an opposing candidate that they had never corroborated? >> that'sn: correct. >> sean: isrk that how things were? >> apparently that's how the comey fbi was working and the department of justice and the obama administration. >> sean: sara, last night you were talking about the redacted, redacted names here. information coming from clinton campaign sources, i read it, and i would love to t see the names
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and those redacted parts, i read it that clinton friends and associates were feeding christopher steele information and he was running with it, and that became part of the dossier, which became the bulk of the fisa warrant bright >> that appears to be the case, sean. this is very concerning. not only was christopher steele informing other reporters, talking to other reporters on backgrounds come along the whole way through, but he was collecting information. remember by this point, the russians probably -- i said this before -- already knew who was paying christopher steele, who was paying fusion gps, they knew about the hrc campaign, they understood that the dnc was paying for this, ass well, and o they were feeding him these falsee allegations, which he wasn't even corroborating, which he was puttingng into this dossier. then two fold, to be taking information, it appears, from close friends of the clintons, and i have been told, i know other members of congress have spoken this already, from sidney blumenthal and others, code each
10:22 pm
year, and then using that information in the dossier -- >> sean: what about comey's flimsy excuse? he had given us good information in the past? before the fbi, sebastien, goes before a fisa court, applying to spy on an opposition candidate, they downplay who paid for it? they purposely hide that from a court but don't they have some obligation to see if it's true at all, beyond, we like this guy, we worked with him in the past? >> they have an obligation to verify that the information in the application for the warrant is legal. mark lavergne said at right. with this document, it is proven that hillary clinton bought a warrant to spy on and -- >> sean: stay on that thought. we'll pick it up. the panel stays with us and much more. wait until you see this tape of congressman adam schiff, straight ahead. ♪ touch is how we communicate with those we love, but when your psoriasis is bad,
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♪ >> sean: as we continue with sebastiann gorka, sara carter, gregg jarrett. effect of this memo that came out as we came out on the air tonight, we are going through a trade hillary clinton bought and paid for what they describe, and this is -- it appears mr. steele gathered much of his information for motion sources inside the russia. these efforts were funded through fusion gps on behalf of the clinton campaign and the dn dnc. so it's a bought and paid for hillary clinton russian government sourced document that then becomes not only to like the american people during the election, then we find out that clinton associates, dr. gorka, are feeding even more information to christopher
10:28 pm
steele, the bulk of the fisa warrant we learned tonight was based on this entire russian dossier and that it had unverified information. it all turns out to be lies and comey's answer is, well, we trusted him because we used him in the past. they didn't verify it. in all people in the fbi. this is not how the fbi operates. this is not our intelligence operates. the 99% of good people that serve this country, i amiv certain, are livid about this tonight because this was an attempt to steal an election and then later, as it's renewed, it was an attempt to undermine a duly elected president of the united states. by the way, to my idiotic overpaider colleagues that call themselves journalists, as they have been pushing a narrative that have been false for a year, they have missed the biggest story of their career t because now this is verified tonight. dr. gorka. >> this is the biggest story, not just of their career, but of modern politics. i want to put this into
10:29 pm
perspective and crunch everything down that you've settled into a bumper sticker. watergate was the big, big story for decades. a bungled burglary by some hired thugs. this isn't a bungled burglary. listen to t the names. andrew mccabe, dr. director. peter strzok, lisa page, bruce ohr.r. this is a conspiracy inside the department of justice, inside the fbi for the largest redacted portion of the grassley memo is about bruce ohr and his wife and i discuss is the fact that bruce ohr, senior doj employee, has a wife who works for the fusion gps, who is working on that steele dossier. can we let that sink in for a second? >> sean: the bulk of the application was thent clinton bought and paid for dossier. >> we have the people at the
10:30 pm
highest levels of federal law enforcement and the intelligence community and justice lying to get a warrant to spy on an american and let's talk about the most transient fact of all. this man, who was spied upon, is walking. today, which means wide? there was nothing there. this was about a political smear campaign against a presidential candidate, sean. >> sean: i can't believe this happened, sara, and the united states of america. i cannot believe that this was allowed to happen. and the great irony is this is roche and paid for, russian government propaganda and lies that she paid for and became the bulk of a fisa warrant to spy on an opposition party candidate just prior to an election and an incoming president-elect. what other evidence now do we
10:31 pm
need? >> i don't know. i mean, i think we need to dig deeper. i don't think it ends with carter page. this was the weaponization of our intelligence tools, of our intelligence apparatus. this needs to be thoroughlyd investigated. it should not end with carter page. sean, one more point. the fbi knew, according to all ofof the sources that i spoke with, they knew that christopher steele lied to them. they kneww that and they didn't pay him. remember, they were going to give him a big bulk payment and may stop that. they knew he was lying, yet they go to the fisa court and they put in this application -- >> sean: they want to pay him but they bought for him. they never mention the fisa court how much steele hates trump. they never mention this is paid for by clinton and her campaign and the dnc. they are purposely lying to a court, gregg jarrett. they are lying to a pfizer cord. fisa means, okay, secret,
10:32 pm
top-secret, spy on american citizens. on this case, presidential candidate, but all theom information is coming from your opponent, why bother to tell the judge that part freights because they were so many chances for the fbi and department of justice to doo the right thing and at every turn, time after time, they did the wrong thing. >> sean: who is in legal jeopardy tonight, gregg jarrett? >> anybody who signed off on this fisa warrant under penalty of perjury. anybody represented themselves as an officer of the court and committed a fraud on the court. when they first learned all of this came from the russians, experts on lies and deception, they should have said, mr. steele, goodbye, and take your dossier with you. >> sean: we are running out of time. the irony of all sll of this is hillary clinton paid for russian lies, dr. gorka and sara. >> russian collusion is right here.ou it's right here. this is a russian collusion.
10:33 pm
hillary clinton, her lawyers, the dnc, and the doj under obama. they are it, sean. >> sean: sara, that's the irony of all of this in the media betray the american people, a huge part of the story. they never had any facts. they hyped it up. they breathlessly reported false information to after day, night after night. >> i think now and hopefully now they start reporting the truth. i -- >> sean: don't hold your breath. they'llea attack you, they'll attack me, and greg gregg, and dr. gorka. >> the facts are the facts. >> sean: last word. we got to go. >> people out there at the department of justicee and fbi, even those who've left that have good criminal lawyers represent them. we need, if jeff sessions -- we need a special counsel. we needouns it now. read this report. when we come back, dan bongino, then later, jessica tarlov,
10:34 pm
jesse watters. s you got to see this congressman adam schiff top ranked by russian comedians promising dirt on president trump. i thought that was bad if you get offered dirt from russia. that's next. ♪
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>> sean: fox news chief ♪ >> sean: fox news chief national correspondent ed henry joins us. he has been going through this grassley memo that has now been unredacted. from your side, we went over a lot of it. whatat caught your attention? speak it was interesting as well is that this is a criminal referral that republican senator chuck grassley had sent to the justice department about christopher steele. want to read the potential crime? grassley is angus roof for all that steele may have lied about his contacts with the media. yahoo! news, and "mother jones" magazine, for example, because
10:39 pm
this document, this grassley memo, is saying that steele represented to the fbi that he had not talked to anyone in the media about the dossier. so the fbi took that, that he was reliable, he had not spoken to the media, and went to the fisa court with the application to get a warrant for surveillance of carter h page, s we've beeno, reporting. in this memo, grassley says, "the fbi already believed mr. steele was reliable. he previously told the fbi he had not shared the information with the press and lying to the fbi is a crime. referring to the fact that christopher steele, despite representing that to the fbi, that he had not spoken to the media, did speak at least two yahoo! news and "mother jones" about the dossier and those stories appeared on top of that, the grassley memo tonight goes on g to say that in fact the fbi then went back after learning that, wait a second, christopher
10:40 pm
steele misrepresented things ended talk to the media, the fbi never disclosed that to the fisa court, sean. they kept going back for renewals of the surveillance warrant and didn't say to the court, according to republican senator grassley's memo, that, look, things have changed. we know longer think is reliable. he lied to us. he spoke to the media. that is a problem potentially for christopher steele. potentially a crime of lying to the fbi. also potentially another problem for the fbi, misrepresenting things to the fisa court. >> sean: not for the rank and file. we always got to make that distinction.n. these were a few people, the leadership. i'm just saying that because i don't want to taint these guys that work to save our country every day. great reporting, ed henry in washington. thank you for being with us. joining a snack, former secret service agent dan bongino. also withuo us, i quoted his net book for years, tell the truth, tell. literally, tell yourself, he's back, a brand-new book,
10:41 pm
it's called the making of the president, 2016, how the fbi director james comey cost hillary clinton the presidency. i disagree with a conclusion bue you are a good writer, i love the book. former white house correspondent to the president. here's what we know. we can't argue politics with the clintons because you love the clintons. but here's what we know tonight and i think you'll agree, actually. so we know that what they were reporting in the senate report is that mr. steele gatheredn muh of his information from russian government sources inside of russia. wewe also know that hillary associates, according to this moment tonight, also were feeding him information. we know that steele was paid by clinton and the dnc through law firm. we know the bulk ofe the fisa that was brought on page in the trump campaign was because of the steele dossier, not verified,io paid for by an
10:42 pm
opposition candidate, unverified information. did you ever hear of anything like this in your life? >> i've never heard anything the way you described it in my life. >> sean: the reality is, unverified information that came from russia, of all places, and thatat was paid for, clinton pad for the dossier. that's a fact. it's indisputable, incontrovertible. it was used to apply for a fisa warrant and became the bulk of the fisa application. >> let me get this straight. this is based upon upper-level fbi management, not the rank and file -- >> sean: correct. >> james comey, who literally wrote a letter 11 days from an election, that are proven my book cost or the presidency, this is a left-wing conspiracy of fbi agents? seriously? >> with all due respect, this is a problem because these are the same people, dan bongino, that overlooked or mishandling of classified information, or deleting a 33,000 emails, acid wash, and then busting up
10:43 pm
devices so that she could continue. they wrote an exoneration for an investigation. the investigation happened in july. they were writing the exoneration and may. >> it's interesting how he never answers your question and immediately want of a conspiracy theory, look at the red squirrel. sean, let's stop calling thisst the steele dossier. it's the clinton dossier. theou information, if you read e memo tonight, is. hillary clinton's team essentially hijacked the fbi and the doj to use it to launder information they were giving to a former british spy to get it in front of a judge to spy on their political opponents. that is not in dispute any more after tonight, okay? the real conspiracy theory, people calling it a conspiracy theory, we know this happened. this is so deeply disturbing. i can't believe he is not horrified by it. >> i will respond if you want --
10:44 pm
>> sean: to get a warrant on an opposing candidate with information paid for by the other candidate that is not verified, that turned out to be russian sources, i would think, you want election integrity, that is what your book is about. why doesn't this bother you? >> let start with the fact that there is a republican attorney general -- >> sean: recused himself. >> who isn't exactly listening to you under republican deputy attorney general who donald trump praised isn't exactly listening to you, and gregg, what is a red squirrel, i'm not sure about your analogy. >> sean: i got to go. >> sean: -- >> sean: adam schiff exposed next.
10:45 pm
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>> sean: all right ban that be ntsb >> sean: wannabe msnbc contributor and atrium crusader congressman adam schiff, he still obsessed with proving trump-russia collusion, a year and half later, he got cranked so bad by russian comedians pretending to have derek and president trump. wait a minute, i thought that was wrong. listen. >> he was in moscow in november 2013, he met with a journalist -- >> she's poor journalist. she became famous because of putin is her godfather. >> okay. putin is the godfather. >> also known as a person who provided girls for escort for oligarchs and she met with trump and she brought him one russian girl celebrity, who is also known as a person with a strange reputation. >> how do you spell her name?
10:50 pm
and what is the nature of the comp are matched? >> they were pictures of naked trump. >> putin was made of mike aware of the material? >> thank you. we will be in touch with you through our staff to make arrangements to obtain these materials for our committee and for the fbi and i appreciate your reaching out to us. >> sean:n: he wants information from a foreign government, russia, to use against the president. we reached out to the soon to be wannabe msnbc see contributor and his office for comment, they are still waiting for a respons. however,ol his office told the atlantic that he suspected the call was bogus. when you look at the email trail, i'm not buying it. here is the cohost of "the five," it's his world, we live in it, jesse watters. you got to do the thing. and fox news contributor, it's not her world apparently,
10:51 pm
jessica tarlov. >> i wish it were. >> why do you want to see trump make it so bad? you keep falling for naked trump, first the dossier, he is colluding. i thought you weren't allowed to collude. >> that's why we reported it to thee authorities. >> if you knew it was a prank, why did you waste 10 minutes on it? >> i didn't get the phone call. the second memo isn't coming -- >> let see it when it comes out. >> okay. >> we know adam schiff is a leader, we know he's a liar about what he said about the nunes memo and now we know he's a sucker. he is a huge sucker. he's on the house intel committee?e he supposed to be intelligent way doesn't sound very intelligent to me. > i don't know what you wante to say. obviously, it's not ideal that he i had that phone conversation but if he reported it to the authorities and he didn't say, come to trump tower, can you be hereoe in 20 minutes, doesn't
10:52 pm
sound that bad. >> he didn't even get that endured. hillary paid for the dirt. hillary sent foreign agents to rush her to get lies to use just by trump. he's a comedian. >> come on, even the way you are saying that makes me know that that's ridiculous. the way you do your hands. >> sean: i will add another topic. the news tonight. we have hillary clinton, not only is her team feeding christopher's deal, but she's paying for russian lies from the russian government, we find out. then she is using matt -- first, tied to the american people and influence them with lies paid for lies, but then it's used as the bulk of the reason by comey, we know that christopher's's del is a trump hater, we notice unverified, the basis of a fisa warrant against an opposition party in the lead up to an election, and to undermine a president-elect and his team. jessica, please tell me you are not going to defend what is a
10:53 pm
defenseless position. >> i think i will give it a t g. you even said that it was the bulk of the reasoning for the fisa warrant, which is a recapping of a warrant on someone who in 2013 -- >> sean: the initial. slow down. >> he was a kremlin -- end of it all mike initial. carterig page had been under investigation since 2014 and the nunes memo -- >> be respectful. >> has in his memo, makes it very clear that george papadopoulos was the original person i kicked all this off in june 2016.01 >> you know who opened up this investigation from a peter strzok, the trump hater. hillary lover and trump hater. he wanted an insurance policy to take out donald trump. >> he absolutely didn't. comey is as crooked as hillary. he lied to the court, he
10:54 pm
deceived the court -- >> are you listening to me? i might hear? >> you can't defend that. >> i can. this coffee boy who was a foreign policy advisor through all of this -- >> i was a coffee person once. >> you guys make me sound -- i love all coffee people. that is not what the issue is. >> sean: i used to be a dishwasher, sorry -- >> i was a hostess at a restaurant. >> sean: okay, that's not a coffee person. >> b are we competing about thee jobs? george papadopoulos is where this all started, not carter page, who was proud of the fact that he was an alleged kremlin advisor. >> sean: it's unverified. it's paid for by hillary, and they purposely did not tell the court that hillary's campaign and the dnc -- slow down -- paid for it. >> i will say this very slowly. from the reports on this, of the fisa court was well aware of the
10:55 pm
fact that this was a politically motivated document -- >> why didn't they tell the court hillary paid for it? >> i wasn't there. >> why don't you think they were truthful? >> sean: because they never would have gotten it. >> why do you think happened from us carter page fisa more and? did trump lose the election? >> a great question because page, this guilty guy, has never been charged. where's the collusion? >> it's not with carter page, i guess. that doesn't mean -- >> sean: i gotta go. i would say -- i got a role. tko for water and his world the straight ahead.
10:56 pm
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11:00 pm
with the hillary campaign, they paid for russian lies to manipulate the american people and then it was used to get a fisa and never verified. shocking. we'll never be the destroy-trump-media. we'll see you tomorrow night. let not your heart be troubled. here's laura. what sarcastic remark you have tonight l? all these threads like this crazy quilt of facts. i love it it's like a mind-blowing experience. >> sean: my tie is not straight. i'm going to get yelled at. >> laura: do you have like post-it notes behind new your bedroom you are like okay. you are connecting the dots? >> sean: here is the weird thing if you asked me who was the guest on radio show today i wouldn't remember but ask me about the reagan economy i would rattle it off. have a great show. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham we have never jam-packed


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