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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 31, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in crozet, virginia where a train carrying republican lawmakers to a retreat slammed into a trash truck. the truck driver reported dead. others hurt. we'll hear from some of those on board when it happened. plus, the fbi warning the republican memo about the russia investigation leaves out important details and it's inaccurate. president trump has indicated he wants to release it. last night, he said 100%. so will the fbi warning make any difference at all? let's get to it. and first from the fox news deck this wednesday afternoon, terrifying moments for hundreds
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of members of congress and their families and their amtrak train slammed into a garbage truck. those in the truck got the worst of it with one person reported dead and two others badly hurt. some lawmakers are reported injured. those slightly. so far no reports of anything very serious. the crash happened at across way in crozet, virginia, not far from charlottesville. the chartered amtrak train was carrying gop lawmakers from d.c. to white sulfur springs in west virginia for a retreat at the green brier resort there. some lawmakers brought their spouses and children. journalists also on board. adding along with three members of congress that are trained doctors. colleagues say the doctors stepped up to help the injured before first responders could even arrive. the train has just started moving now on scene, i've just been told. there it is.
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peter doocy is live on scene. what are you seeing? >> shep, this is going to be our best look at the closest area to the impact. they towed the train in reverse. they remove the locomotive. based on that doesn't look like there's a ton of damage on the part of the train they removed. that is the train that had this very violent collision near crozet, virginia earlier this morning. i've been texting with lawmakers on board. you've heard from some of them. they heard a loud noise and felt a jolt and they could hear and feel a gravelly sound underneath them on this train that you can see is pulling out here of the charlottesville station. now these are the tracks. you can have a look here. charlottesville is a college town. they didn't know and there's just a little leftover security here. they didn't know they would get a visit from half of the congress, the controlling majority of congress.
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the republican party. they did tow them here to the amtrak station downtown as a way to bus them to eventually this retreat in west virginia. so they lined up about a dozen buses here. they waited for the appropriate amount of police to show up. they waited for air support. they had dogs come in to sweep the buses and kept the members of congress on the train about a half hour before they decided it was safe enough to move off of the train involved in the accident and take them to their retreat where the vice president, mike pence, is still expected to speak tonight. the latest word that i have from a very high-ranking lawmaker that was on one of the buses is that people are very upset, well aware that at least one person has been killed as a result of this accident. so while they are going on this retreat at a lavish resort in west virginia to talk about their agenda, there is a very
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somber mood about what happened and, again, we saw and have heard stories about some of the doctors including senator kennedy and congressman winstrop who are trained medical professionals prior to their careers as lawmakers but jumped off the train as soon as they were allowed by the capitol police and amtrak authorities to help some of the folks in this truck that the train hit and where the people were the most injured. we do not know for sure the condition of the other two. the latest word from the albemarle authorities is there are three injuries, but -- three serious injuries and there's a handful of others to congressmen and senators jolted. as you can see here, things in charlottesville, which was suddenly the center of the political universe about 100 miles away from washington d.c., shep, it's already cleared out and they're on their way. >> shepard: thanks, peter doocy.
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he mentioned a congressman that is a doctor. that congressman is roger marshall of kansas on board the train. he helped some of the people injured at the scene and performed cpr on the truck driver but was unable to save him. congressman, i understand you're on the bus on the way to the retreat. thanks for talking to us. >> glad to talk to you, shep. >> shepard: my understanding is this happened, you jumped out and headed for the truck. tell us what went down. >> yeah, basically we were riding in the train. i'm in the middle of a car. we hit a large bump, a loud noise. we assessed the situation to make sure everybody was safe. the next thing i know, the capitol police are saying do we have any physicians? come with me. so we headed to the rear of the bus. i guess we're having problems with the emergency room door and congressman -- one of my fellow fre freshmen congressman was able to
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get the door there. dr. burgess, ob-gyn from texas and senator bill cassidy were already working on a patient. they looked like they had him under control. dr. burgess controlling an airway. i liked aside and there was dr. phil rowe, an ob-gyn from tennessee was working with a patient and that was not good. >> shepard: that was the truck driver, right? >> i think this is probably one of the two people in the back. >> shepard: okay. >> the truck driver looked like he was walking away from the scene, believe it or not. i'm guessing the truck got clipped in the middle and the two gentlemen in the back didn't fare as well. >> shepard: my understanding is that you performed cpr for quite some time. >> right. so dr. rowe was working on the airway. i joined them. i could not find a pulse. so we started cpr, performed it for several minutes.
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still could not get a pulse, tried to shock him a couple times. still no pulse. >> shepard: you had a defibrillator there? >> by that point we did. the ems showed up. did a great job. these first responders are just amazing. the capitol police cleared it for us so that we could work. you know, dr. burgess is up to his knees in anti-freeze spilling out, trying to control an airway and talk to rowe. just two of my best friends on the hill working on the other patients. but still, to any extent, we worked on the second patient for quite some time. dr. rowe and i could not find a pulse. his pupils were fixed and dilated and thought it was best to call the code. >> shepard: that's tough to hear. how do you feel about continuing on the retreat? i hear there's mixed thoughts about it obviously. >> yeah, you know, i think
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somber is the right word. 's learned to not overreact to anything. i'm just -- trying to slow down my mind. you know, we're on the bus, headed that direction. we have a job to do. you know, we'll see. we'll finish this ride and see what the mood is. you know, paul ryan will do a great job. he and kevin mccarthy setting the tone and saying where to go from now. >> shepard: roger marshall, congressman from kansas. doctors on the train and on the bus on the way to the retreat. thank you, sir and all the best. >> thank you, shep. >> shepard: the other big story, the fbi's reporting it has grave concerns and that's a quote about the accuracy of that republican memo on the russia investigation. that's according to a rare statement from the fbi itself. some republicans insist the memo shows some investigators misused surveillance powers. the fbi now notes that the
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>> shepard: fbi officials are raising concerns about the accuracy and the possible
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release of the republican memo on the russia investigation. the fbi released a rare public statement this afternoon that reads in part "as expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy." bloomberg reports that christopher wray appointed by president trump warned the white house not to release the republican-created document saying some of the information is inaccurate. still, the president is all in. cameras caught him last night after the first state of the union address telling a republican congressman that he will absolutely sign off on releasing that memo. >> don't worry. 100%. >> shepard: don't worry. 100%. john kelly told fox news he thinks the memo will be public soon. >> our national security lawyers in the white house, work for me, work for the president, they're slicing and dicing, looking at
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it so we know what it means and what it understands. >> did you see it? >> i did. >> what do you think? >> it will be released quick, i think. the whole world can see it. >> devin nunes created the memo. he's house intelligence committee chairman that recused himself from the russia investigation. he made that midnight dash to the white house last year and then staged a dramatic revelation news conference that turned out to be nothing. nunes is a loyal supporter of the president and served on his transition team. some republicans are claiming the memo revealed the feds misused government surveillance powers, but democrats say that republicans distorted information to make misleading claims so americans will be less likely to trust the justice department investigation. the fbi says its misleading and even inaccurate. robert mueller is looking into moscow's meddling in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion by members of
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president trump's campaign and whether the president himself obstructed justice. president trump has denied those claims. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington, hi, catherine. >> thanks. the feud between the fbi, justice department and capitol hill took a new turn with the bureau taking on the house intelligence's republican leadership. this morning the fbi issued a statement saying the memo is incomplete because facts are missing and reads in part the fbi was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it. this comes after a source told fox news that officials could not point to any inaccuracies in the memo. when we contacted the bureau, they chose not to comment. a short time ago, the committee's republican chairman, devin nunes responded with this statement. having stone walled congresses demand for information for nearly a year, it's no surprise to see the fbi and the justice department issue objections to
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allow the american people to see the abuses at these agencies. the fbi is related to material omissions with representations to congress and the courts and they're welcome to make public to the greatest extend possible all the information they have on the abuses. fbi director christopher wray and the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein were at the white house earlier this week and voiced their concerns to the white house with rosenstein pushing back hard. lawyers at the white house are reviewing the documents to resolve questions about classification as well as sources and methods, shep. >> shepard: thanks, catherine. catherine herridge on the hill. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: so the fbi's grave concerns. will they have any impact on the president's decision about whether to block the memo or release it for everybody to see? i'll speak with an associated press reporter that just posted an update on this. that's next.
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>> shepard: the president has just spoken at the white house about the train crash and other matters and we're going to get to that in just a moment. it's one of those white house pool play-back situations. so it's less than two minutes away. we're waiting for the official decision on the controversial republican memo about the russia investigation. the trump administration showing no signs of backing away from their plans to release it even after the fbi warned of concerns about the accuracy. eric tucker just filed a report on the fbi statements. where is this back and forth, eric? >> so first of all, shep, this is a really extraordinary day. prior to today, there's been this closed-door tussle between
12:20 pm
the fbi, the justice department and the white house on the release of this memo. today with this letter from chris wray and the fbi to the public, it's burst into the open into public view. so we now have a real clear intragovernment conflict going on. the fbi has made clear to both the white house now and to the house intelligence committee that the memo is inaccurate and they are obviously very opposed to its release. >> shepard: really is extraordinary that the man heading up this unusual warning is the man this president put into his position and it is he who is saying, mr. president, don't do this. last night it was the president that said i'm 100% going to do this. we shall see. the president is speaking or the tape play back is just beginning. stay with us. we'll talk more. listen. >> i want to start by saying i spoke with speaker ryan just a
12:21 pm
few moments ago. they're doing pretty good. the train accident was a tough one. a tremendous jolt. they're proceeding to their conference. we don't have a full understanding yet as to what happened, but it was a train hitting a truck going at a pretty good speed. we'll have a full report as to what. it looks like the driver of the truck was killed. it's very sad to see that. but they're going on to the conference. i'll be going to west virginia, great state, i'll be going there tomorrow. we'll be together. but it was a pretty rough hit. that's what they all tell me. a few of the folks. they say it was tough. joining me today are some really great americans. i've been talking about reaping
12:22 pm
the rewards of the big tax cut bill and reform. the big tax cut bill. these are people that have -- they have worked hard, they have businesses, some cases they're making tremendous percentage amounts more than they were going to before the plan. we thought we would bring some of them up just to stay in front of the media and in front of the press a few words. we have sue wagner. thank you, sue. sue wagner is the bank of colorado. fort collins, colorado. a great place. $1,000 bonuses awarded to all full-time employees. that's great. that was nice, right? >> it was great. >> it was a gift for somebody that works very hard. william harmon. william. okay.
12:23 pm
total system service, muskogee -- >> shepard: again, this was tape play back. it's our understanding there's nothing else on here regarding the train situation or for that matter russia investigation. the president has been speaking during a meeting with a group of american workers there as you were seeing. and that continues for about ten minutes. i want to get back to the topping of eric tucker with the associated press that just filed this update on the fbi statement. again, it's the president's appointee that is warning the white house don't release this. >> yes, absolutely. what is really interesting is chris wray has been on the job a few months and he's been notably low key in demeanor and in style. he hasn't really made any public waves. of course, he comes in after jim comey was fired last may by the president. so this is essentially going to be a clash of wills between the president and as you said his hand-picked fbi director.
12:24 pm
>> shepard: as we reported from the beginning, this is from devin nunes whose last big act of mass distraction was seen as exactly that on the midnight run on the building behind your house when he was supposedly taking information to them and instead took it from them and came out and had a news conference and it's been widely discredited. here he is again and he's effectively changed the subject. if that was the goal to distract, they've been highly successful thus far. >> right. i think you can make that argument. one thing that he's doing that is really interesting and important to note that he has effectively handcuffing the ability of the fbi and the justice department to respond. so although chris wray says clearly we believe there's inaccuracies, devin nunes, for lack of a better word, cleverly responded by saying you present your own information, you're free to do that. presumably he knows well that
12:25 pm
that is not the standard practice for the fbi or the justice department to ever publicly discuss in any format how it goes about conducting surveillance and on whom it conducts surveillance. if there's errors in the record, it's not likely that the fbi or the justice department would be in a position to correct that or respond with their own information. >> shepard: just today's response, i don't remember the last time we got something so public of such national import. >> right. right. i mean, it is. what is so interesting, this all had been taking place privately and quietly and hopes of trying to resolve this without the world knowing about it. so a couple days ago, the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein and the fbi director, chris wray, went to the white house and spoke with john kelly. they urged against the release. there's been a letter last week. now this is out into the open. so it's actually not clear what the next step will be.
12:26 pm
>> shepard: the president said last night he's 100% that he will release it. there's a five-day review period? >> correct. >> shepard: after that five-day period what happened? >> well, then it could be released at any time. i should note that john kelly, who is the president's chief of staff, was on record this morning saying it's going to be released quickly. so it's not clear what that means. with that statement today from the fbi director, he's effectively putting the white house on notice that the extent you continue to publicly advocate or champion for the release of this memo, you will be doing it over my direct and explicit warning and opposition. so he will effectively have to cross his fbi director to advocate this release. >> shepard: it certainly does ratchet up the tension between the institutions of government investigating the president and the president who is knocking down the trust and the institutions. it appears to be an ongoing and escalating situation.
12:27 pm
>> for sure. what is unusual, this is the chairman of the house intelligence committee. so by definition, the intelligence committee is accustomed to looking to keep information classified, looking to protect the sanctity of what they believe is classified or confidential information. so it is unusual in all sorts of different ways for this committee in particular to be discussing how to publicly release information that theoretically is of a classified nature. >> shepard: eric tucker, justice department reporter for the a.p. whose work is online and at the a.p. app right now. good to see you. thanks. >> thank you. >> shepard: president trump is not following the script of previous presidents that hit the road to sell their messages after the state of the union address. we'll show you -- as you heard, he's planning to go to the retreat tomorrow. we'll give you the rest of what he's doing. republican lawmakers were headed to the retreat to talk about their priorities, families along for the annual event when their
12:28 pm
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>> shepard: headlines from the fox news deck. the disgraced sports doctor, larry nasser, back in court today facing another round of women gymnasts that say that nasser molested them while pro tending to treat them. >> he should be behind bars for the rest of his life. he wasn't treating me for the back pain. instead, he was running his own sick and twisted agenda. >> shepard: about 60 victims are set to testify at nasser's second sentencing hearing. last week a judge sentenced to 175 years in prison in a separate case. this case involved how nasser treated girls and young women at a gymnastics club near lansing,
12:31 pm
michigan. during today's hearing, the judge said more than 265 of nasser's victims have come forward. olympic champions among them. the entire board of usa gymnastics has resigned in the wake of these horrendous crimes.
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so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> shepard: republicans say they are going ahead with their retreat in west virginia but making changes after the train carrying lawmakers and their families hit a truck and killed one of the people in that truck. the gop lawmakers have a lot to talk about at that meeting should they choose to do so. after the crash, the fbi put out its statement saying that officials have grave concerns about the potential release of the republican memo on the russia investigation. congress has a couple of big deadlines coming up to keep the government running and protect the dreamers. the hundreds of thousands of immigrants whose parents brought them to the united states when they were children without documents. our chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live at the rotunda on capitol hill. we're hearing from the top
12:34 pm
democrat about this fbi statement now, mike. >> that's right. i've talked to republican sources who say they have no interest in inaccurate facts. they say if democrats could get more facts in a four-page memo, they're not disputing that. this is based on thousands of pages of information. the fbi had two opportunities to suggest corrections and they did not offer any. as for adam schiff, the top democrat on the house intelligence panel, he said "fbi confirms material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact its accuracy." nunes used this memo to mislead the house. will the president use to it mislead the country? the next move is up to the president, shep. >> shepard: what more do we know about the retreat, mike? >> they say it's a modified program. we expect president trump, vice president mike pence to speak as house republicans and senate republicans try to plan out the
12:35 pm
rest of this year. >> this is an opportunity for us to dig a little deeper. the president and the vice president will be with us again. we will be spending extended time around the infrastructure question, work force development as well as the budget process itself. then we'll have a session also where we will get into a whole host of other issues. >> we can take live pictures of the amtrak train involved in the crash earlier today. republican lawmakers have gotten off the train and are on buses heading to west virginia for the retreat. we're told part of the program will include prayer for those involved in today's crash. shep? >> shepard: and the train has moved along as we showed. i mentioned there's big deadlines approaching, mike. >> that's right. funding runs out on the eighth. you have the dreamer's deadline in early march. republican lawmakers are seeing what they can get done in a
12:36 pm
hurry. >> we need to build on the success of our tax cut bill and the successes are tremendous. >> but top house democrats do not sound impressed after president trump's state of the union address. >> we should work together in a bipartisan way is really different from actually achieving results. they're two entirely different things. unfortunately one evening's speech doesn't erase a conflict ridden, chaotic year that has driven our country even further apart. >> shepard: congressional leaders need to figure out what needs to get done before lawmakers get into campaign mode, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel, thanks. good to see you. president trump said he's glad to be heading to west virginia to meade with congressional republicans. that was before the horrible events of the day. according to the current white house schedule, he has no plans to travel anywhere else to promote his agenda after the state of the union address. most -- a lot of recent presidents have taken trips
12:37 pm
after the big speech. former president george w. bush hid the road for two months to spread his message about social security after one of his state of the union addresses. john roberts is live on the north lawn. what is the president doing to build momentum, john? >> at the moment, not a whole lot. there's some indications that there might be travel next week. other than going to the retreat at the green brier and the mar-a-largo for the weekend, there's really nothing on the schedule for the rest of the week. as you pointed out, it's very unusual. i remember covering president clinton and george w. bush and we would be up till midnight for the state of the union and at andrews air force to catch a flight to wherever in the country. the president was going to go to try to sell his plans in the state of the union because it creates a lot of momentum for the agenda for that coming year. the president did have one event that we saw just a few minutes ago in the oval office where he had workers from five different
12:38 pm
states in to talk to him about the tax reform plan. because to a person, all of those workers derive some sort of benefit from their employer as a result of tax reform. they either got a bonus, some of them got $1,000, some $1,200. they got a raise or maybe an increase to the 401(k) plan as a result of the reduction in the corporate tax rate. the president will have to now as a result of the state of the union sell democrats on some sort of bipartisan agreement for a couple of big agenda items. a fix for daca and broader immigration reform. and to hear what democrats are saying, they don't seem to be in a mood to cut a deal on anything. so the president has tough sledding ahead of him. >> shepard: the president talked about the nunes memo on the way out last night. have they been saying anything at the white house about it today? >> they've been fairly quiet about it. i mean, if you take what the president said last night, if you take what john kelly, the chief of staff said on the radio
12:39 pm
today and other things that i have gleaned in the white house throughout the day, it appears though the release of this is imminent. i would expect that that could happen sometime in the next 24 to 48 hours. sarah huckabee sanders on "fox and friends" said in the belief of transparency, they want to get this thing out. listen here. >> look, we've said all along from day one we want full transparency. at the same time, we're going to complete the legal and national security review that has to take place before putting something out publicly. that's the place where we are right now. >> a lot of people might say, shep, in the spirit of transparency, the president should release his tax returns as well. that won't happen. >> shepard: never has. john roberts at the white house. thank you. did you hear today? another republican leader has decided not to run again. this time the republican congressman trey gowdy says he's
12:40 pm
not running for re-election. remember trey gowdy from benghazi? he's played a major role in big investigations, including one going on right now in russia's meddling into our election in 2016. trey gowdy's reasons for getting out of politics and what his retirement could mean on capitol hill. that's next. julie is living with metastatic breast cancer which is breast
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12:44 pm
return to the justice system. more than 30 house republicans are returning or i should say retiring or running for some other kind of office, including nearly ten committee chairs. let's turn to peter nicholas now, a white house reporter for the "wall street journal" with which this channel shares common ownership. seems like a lot of this is going on. >> yeah, something in the water. the rash of retirements from people that have good positions in congress. >> shepard: give us the back story. what is the real on this? >> looks like it's going to be a tough year. a lot of head winds for republicans. a tough re-election season. democrats hope to nationalize this and make it a referendum on donald trump whose ratings are at the lowest in history. >> shepard: what is the word on gowdy? where does he want to go? i read about the fourth circuit. what are you hearing? >> i haven't heard his plans. his disillusioned with politics.
12:45 pm
he said the judicial system looks better than the political system at this point. it does say something about the polarization of congress and the fact that it's just not that rewarding. >> shepard: think about it. he was the face of the benghazi investigation. he was on all day every day. >> yeah. that was an important investigation. that was hung around hillary clinton's neck in the 2016 campaign. they were able to show that hillary clinton was -- the state department was not taking security at that outpost in benghazi all that seriously. >> shepard: the cry was lock her up. they didn't get anywhere near that. >> they didn't. some of the people that were crying lock her up, michael flynn, now has some problems of their own, too. so there's the irony. >> shepard: is there more of this? historically speaking these numbers are high, but they're not the highest they've ever been. of course, it's not over yet. >> well, the other thing, trey
12:46 pm
gowdy comes from a safe republican district in south carolina. so donald trump won that district by -- with 60% of the vote. so it's not so clear democrats will sweep in and retake that seat. by the same token, for a democratic challenger, it's more favorable to run in an open sit than to face a sitting incumbent. >> peter nicholas for the "wall street journal." thanks a lot. >> good to see you, shep. >> shepard: we're getting a look at new video from the scene of the gop train crash and show you that and talk to a wife whose congressman is a nurse and helped victims at the scene. that is next. megan's a lawyer. when it comes to presenting evidence, nobody does it better. she's also this close to finding bigfoot. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for megan, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans.
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>> shepard: a top story. a train crash on the way to the republican retreat. new video in from the scene in
12:50 pm
crozet, virginia. these are live pictures from crozet. we now know doctors are treating at least two people who were on the train for head injuries. now, we've said throughout this news hour that we have no reason to believe that anybody was critical and we still don't. we have of the understanding from talking to people on the train that some people were standing up when this happened. remember, they hit a trash truck at a crossing. it appears from the video that the crossing arm was down. we can't be sure of exactly what happened on this scene yet. the investigators will get in there and take a look at it. it was a jarring moment when they ran into the trash truck. anybody standing up could have been thrown around in there. we know that they don't have seat belts on those things. so a couple of head injuries. i mentioned the minnesota congressman, jason lewis was at the hospital for a possible
12:51 pm
concussion. a spokesman for paul ryan says that one of his staffers has a head injury. doctors are examining him. let's bring in congressman steve knight of california. he and his wife were on the train. she's a nurse. helped treat injured people on the scene. congressman, nice to talk to you. >> hello, shepard. >> shepard: glad you're doing well. we were all on trains, our staff this morning as welcoming back from washington. i was thinking, i can't imagine what it must be like all of a sudden the train runs into a trash truck. your wife a nurse and helping out. >> well, yeah, it was weird. it was a big jolt. as the train went passed the accident, we all got to see what we hit and the aftermath of that. and my wife is a -- she's a nurse by definition. she's a hero. she wanted to jump out there. and the doctors that were on board went out and did everything they could. >> i was wondering, you run into
12:52 pm
a truck like that. is the jolt such that people are thrown around? and i ask because one congressman was on the phone on a radio interview. he didn't realize the severity of what happened. he said we hit a bump. >> yeah, it was a bump that knocked the glasses and the cokes off the tables and things like that. you knew it was a bump. i looked at my wife and thought we hit a cow. but it was a bump that you absolutely knew that we hit something. >> shepard: i'm just thinking, you know, it was described live by one congressman on the phone on a radio interview. you thought maybe we hit a cow. it was actually a very big truck. the force of that train, the truck didn't even knock it off the tracks. it's incredible. >> yeah. the pictures of the truck.
12:53 pm
it's a big, heavy trash truck that hit the train. turned the trash truck upside-down. >> shepard: your wife, again, a nurse, i was helping. anything serious or severe on the train itself? >> no, i don't think so. you know, i didn't get to talk to jason. i understood he was taken to the hospital. i don't think so. nobody in our car -- everybody was looking at each other and okay, you knew we hit something. >> shepard: congressman knight, so glad year well as you are and we appreciate you being here. good luck the rest of the week. >> thank you. >> shepard: we'll be right back with a look at some of the biggest moments for the u.s. space program as nasa celebrates a major milestone that happened on this day in history.
12:54 pm
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>> shepard: on this day in 1958, america went to space for the first time with the launch of the explorer one satellite. that launch two months after russia beat america to space with its sputnik satellite. later that year, president eisenhower created nasa and the space race was in full swing. alan sheppard was the first american to space with a 15-minute flight. months later, president kennedy made a bold promise. >> we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they're hard. >> shepard: first nasa set its sights lower. in 1962, john glenn became the first american in orbit. just seven years later in 1969,
12:58 pm
the world watched neil armstrong, the first man on the moon. >> its one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind. >> shepard: hundreds of millions watched all around the world. since then, the space program has had setbacks. >> houston, we have a problem. >> an oxygen exploded aboard apollo 13. the astronauts made it back to earth. we've seen two space shuttled in destroyed. seven astronauts died when the shuttle challenger exploded after take-off. >> if future belongs to the brave. the challenger crew was pulling us into the future and we will continue to follow them. >> shepard: what a night that was in 2003, columbia broke apart minutes before landing. the astronauts on board were all killed. since it began, america's space
12:59 pm
program has given us an enormous understanding of our universe. in 1977, a pair of voyager space craft set off to explore jupiter and saturn. they have traveled further than any manmade object ever. in 1990, the u.s. launched the hubble telescope. space also brought together cold war enemies. in the year 2000, russia and american astronauts moved into the international space station cooperating for a cause to benefit mankind. in 2012, nasa's enthusiasm was contagious when a risky move to lower rover to mars worked. >> touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. all of these developments helped pave the way for private space companies like virgin galactic and space x and it all started when america looked to the stars
1:00 pm
and rocketed towards space 60 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: it could have been a lot worse, a train accident today that claimed one life, badly injured another. this was a train filled with republican congressmen and senators and their families. 200 and better, including speaker of the house. they're all okay. but they're obviously a little shaken up. some of them are arriving at green brier, west virginia. this was a planned sort of day away from washington to sort of regroup, strategize just as democrats plan to do on their own later next week in maryland. today it got a little scary. the event is still on. the vice president is due to speak to them tonight. the president of the united states tomorrow. we


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